Some Of Leonard Nimoy Thoughts

Despite being primarily known for playing Mr. Spock, one of science fiction’s most beloved characters, Leonard Nimoy was also an accomplished writer, photographer, and musician.

However, it was as the Starship Enterprise’s logical and unemotional science officer that he made his biggest mark on the world.

In this iconic role, he inspired people to become scientists, artists, and astronauts, but most all to be themselves.


So, to celebrate his long and prosperous career, it’s only fitting to share some of his thoughts on life and on Spock.

  1. “I’ll never really understand why I was chosen to play Mr. Spock. In a metaphysical sense, there seemed to be a sort of inevitability involved…. When I was called to meet Gene Roddenberry, I assumed I was to be auditioned. I didn’t quite know how to react when I discovered that I was being “sold” on the role.”
  2. “Spock is definitely one of my best friends. When I put on those ears, it’s not like just another day. When I become Spock, that day becomes something special.”
  3. “You know, for a long time I have been of the opinion that artists don’t necessarily know what they’re doing. You don’t necessarily know what kind of universal concept you’re tapping into.”
  4. “Art, if it is successful, needs no explanation. Star Trek and Spock, if they are works of art, can be discussed. But finally the response comes in individual terms. Each viewer sees what is there for him, depending on his frame of reference.”
  5. “When you let me take I’m grateful. When you let me give I’m blessed.”
  6. “The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have.”
  7. “Whatever I have given, I have gained.”
  8. “Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.”
  9. “I am not Spock. But given the choice, if I had to be someone else, I would be Spock. If someone said, “You can have the choice of being any other TV character every played,” I would choose Spock. I like him. I admire him. I respect him.”
  10. “Live Long and Prosper.”


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