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September 2023 Covid-19 and mRNA Vaccine Article Reference List

Below are links to articles and/or blog posts primarily covering COVID-19 and the mRNA vaccines mandated for the general population as a supposed cure. Because of the many problems associated with them, people are now starting to question the entire mRNA vaccine schedule. (Vaccine, Big-Pharma, Pandemic, and other health-related articles of significance will also be posted here.)

Hopefully, you will take the time to read some of them which should open your eyes to the reality of the Deep State,  Progressive Elite, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and others that have gaslighted the public on this subject area with the help of the Mainstream Media.

Liken the process of becoming better informed to working on a giant puzzle. As you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you finally see the big picture.

You can use your browser’s search function to find articles that are of particular interest to you. Hold down the CTRL/CMND key at the lower left of your keyboard and simultaneously press the F key. Then enter a word in the pop-up box at the top of your screen. This will show you each article with that word in the title. Then click the up or down arrow to see other articles with that title.

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September 24, 2023 – Update In Process


September 23, 2023

Pfizer’s RSV Vaccine Math: Kill 4,000 Newborns to Save 300 from RSV – The history of RSV vaccines has been marked by sixty years of failure due to the first RSV vaccines making the infection worse instead of better…

September 22, 2023

Dr. Peter McCullough: Inability to Work Following COVID-19 Vaccination – There Is New Data with Startling Findings for Workers Forced Into Being Vaccinated

Doctors admit they can’t tell COVID apart from allergies or the common cold anymore – A NYC Doctor said the only way we knew it was COVID was because we tested them

A Whistleblower informed Congress that the CIA bribed its agents to assert that Covid did not come out of a laboratory based in Wuhan, China

A Pfizer-Funded Study Shows Poor Effectiveness for COVID-19 Vaccine in Young Children – 3 doses of the Pfizer vaccine provided little protection against emergency room visits, urgent care encounters, or outpatient visits

TVF: New-Found Emails Prove The Biden WH Hid COVID Vaccine Harms from the Public – “You can’t kill Americans … knowingly without the okay of the President because you’re burning up too much political capital”

September 21, 2023

Dr. Peter McCullough: BREAKING–Fatal Craniofacial Cancer Five Months after COVID-19 Vaccination – A Recently  Published Report Concludes The mRNA Injection is the Cause of Cancer

Ed Dowd Makes A Chilling Prediction on How the COVID Conspirators Will Cover Up Their Crimes – “These crimes are so horrific that once this comes to light, there’ll be no place to hide on the planet, in my humble opinion”

Viral RNA Can Persist for 2 Years After COVID-19: A study suggests why some develop new medical conditions after COVID-19, while not investigating the link between persistent viral RNA and vaccination status

September 20, 2023

Cancers Appearing in Ways Never Before Seen After COVID Vaccinations – Dr. Harvey Risch talks about the new ‘turbo cancers,’ vaccination, and how the COVID virus should be managed

September 19, 2023


September 18, 2023


September 17, 2023

Steve Kirsch: Further analysis of the US Nursing home data shows the COVID vaccine increased the risk of death from COVID for the elderly – It’s easy to prove that the data shows the truth: the vaccine made things worse

Dr. Peter McCullough: The Scientific Basis for mRNA Induced Autoimmunity Was Published as Megyn Kelly Reveals Personal Vaccine Injury – The Polykretis Paper Is Nominated for Preprint Award

September 16, 2023

Steven Kirsch: Here is more evidence that nobody should wear a face mask – First of all, they don’t work – Second of all, they are detrimental to your health

September 15, 2023

TVF: Corporate Media is the Enemy of the People: Here Are Ten Stories They Never Told You About This Month – #6 – Teachers are being decimated by aggressive metastatic cancers after vaccine mandates

September 14, 2023

Dr. Robert Malone: The FDA Has ‘Gone Rogue’ in Its Approval of New COVID-19 Boosters – The FDA is flouting its own rules and “going rogue” by green-lighting updated COVID-19 vaccines with limited clinical trial data

September 13, 2023

VAIDS in Children: There Is More Hard Evidence of Negative Clinical Outcomes – An Obscure Moderna Study Shows Dozens of Vaccinated Kids Hospitalized

September 12, 2023

A New Study Detects Spike Protein in Vaccinated 6 Months After COVID-19 Vaccination: Researchers Suggest 3 Possible Reasons

CDC Data: Bivalent Booster Protection Against Hospitalization Drops to Near-Zero – A bivalent shot increased the protection to 61% but fell to 15% between 60 and 119 days and a negative one percent beyond 120 days

September 11, 2023


September 10, 2023


September 9, 2023

The questions no one is asking about the Wuhan COVID leak – To understand if this was an accident or something else entirely, we must know the when, where, and how of the events

Dr. Peter McCullough: mRNA Vaccinations Make Long-COVID Syndromes Worse and Last Longer – A Lancet Paper Inadvertently Disclosed Data on These Vaccinations Worsening Long-COVID Symptomatology

ZH: People who received a new COVID-19 vaccine booster were more likely to contract COVID-19 than people who received no COVID-19 vaccine doses, according to a new study of prisons in California

September 8, 2023

TCF: This Is What Happens When You Don’t Jab Kids: Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Data Odds ratios for several illnesses are through the roof for vaccinated children

ZH: A Deeper Dive Into The Role Of Spike Protein In Myocarditis And Blood Clotting After COVID-19 Vaccination – The introduction of mRNA technology lacked an adequate regulatory framework

The COVID Killing Fields – Efforts to whip up another COVID crisis miss no beats as they scold, peddle masks and lockdowns – They can’t say it straight out quite yet, but they want to return to a dark time in our history

Amid a small increase in COVID-19 hospital admissions in recent days, a handful of schools and colleges across the United States have re-imposed mask mandates—or at least started recommending them

TVF: mRNA Vaccines Go Airborne: How to Protect Yourself from Involuntary Vaccination – It isn’t hard to believe the people willing to take away jobs or deny life-saving operations for the unvaccinated might try to covertly vaccinate you

Sharyl Attkisson: A judge reinstated a Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center nurse fired for refusing to be vaccinated for Covid, overturning an arbitrator’s decision, which said Wendy Cooper was fired with just cause

Doctors have been measuring blood pressure wrong – People with known risk factors for heart disease and stroke may benefit from having their blood pressure checked while lying flat on their backs” as well as when sitting up

September 7, 2023

This week, A congressional committee launched an investigation of the CDC, citing evidence that the agency allowed political pressure to influence its decision to recommend COVID-19 booster shots for young, healthy workers…

John Leake: Dr. Vibeke Manniche was one of the few medical professionals in Denmark who realized the pandemic response in her country and other EU countries was marked by hysteria, fraud, and gross overreach of state power

10 NYC school teachers fired for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine on religious grounds must be reinstated with back pay, benefits, seniority, and attorney fees effective immediately in what the plaintiffs’ attorney called a “precedent-setting” victory

The Death of Informed Consent – Doctors did not say, “We can give you Remdesivir, which killed 53% of patients in an Ebola trial, Or take ivermectin, a safe and effective drug successfully used for decades, and send you home

Steve Kirsch: US Nursing home data shows the COVID vaccines were a disaster for the elderly – They increased the risk of dying from COVID as shown by analysis of the CDC “gold standard” database 

Dr. Peter McCullough: A common COVID-19 vaccine injury syndrome is dysautonomia characterized by heart palpitations – There is great concern that mRNA causes Spike protein production expressed on cell surfaces

The real reason the government panned ivermectin – If there had been an approved treatment for COVID, then the Emergency Use Authorization could not be used for the mRNA vaccine

September 6, 2023

The Government Gave Millions to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to Promote COVID-19 Vaccines to Pregnant Women

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Reduce Immune Response to Other Infections – Vaccine-acquired immune deficiency syndrome (VAIDS) is the term coined by researchers and health practitioners since the COVID-19 vaccine rollout

While “Eris” EG.5 is still the dominant variant in the US, scientists are weighing in on a new strain of the COVID-19 virus, BA.2.86. Unofficially dubbed “Pirola,” it was first found in the United States in August

TVF: Megyn Kelly Says She REGRETS Taking the COVID Vaccine And Suspects It Caused A New Medical Issue – She joined Dan Bongino, becoming one of the few high-profile personalities to express vaccine regret publicly

An active 72-year-old grandmother spent over a year in the hospital due to Guillain-Barré syndrome after getting the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine – Now pain and restricted mobility are “pretty much a forever deal” for her

A recent study found that “more than half of appointees at the CDC, Medicare/Medicaid Services, and the Office of the Deputy Secretary went straight to the pharmaceutical industry after completing their service”

John Daniel Davidson: Petty Covid Tyrants Want To Bring Back Masks And Lockdowns – The new mask mandates will not be about science or data or public health but about the raw exercise of power and nothing more

It can’t be our fault so it must be you – If, in fact, the whole COVID response, including the vaccine, was a giant experiment on humans, New Zealand was the perfect test bed and subjected people to draconian control

Non-COVID deaths are still way higher than normal, Why? – The increase in total deaths from all causes, not just COVID deaths, is up significantly – This chart is very alarming

September 5, 2023

Anthony Fauci knew in extraordinary detail the breadth of novel coronavirus research underway in Wuhan, China, within a month of the world learning of the Wuhan novel coronavirus – January 2020

Humetrix Cloud Services was contracted by the U.S. military to analyze vaccine data and found that the proportion of total COVID-19 cases among seniors was increasingly comprised of vaccinated people

The Spike Protein Linked to Alzheimer’s Acceleration SARS-CoV-2 Spike amyloid fibrils specifically and selectively accelerate amyloid fibril formation

Scott McKay: Sure, Try Bringing Back the Masks, This’ll Be Fun – Now the people who suck say we’ve got to go back to the days of COVID

Masks Are Back! – They are still using the PCR test, which is overly sensitive – How many of these “COVID” cases are influenza or a bad cold? – Remember how flu cases disappeared once COVID came to town?

The Elephant in the Center For Disease Control’s Room – The agency ignored or downplayed the numerous notifications it received regarding incidents of myocarditis in 2021

September 4, 2023

A PA High School QB Collapsed Mid-Game – Rampant speculation has emerged on social media, including a post from X owner Elon Musk suggesting that the cardiac incident was associated with the COVID-19 vaccine

JD Rucker: Jill Biden’s Latest Covid-Positive Test Means for Pandemic Panic Theater 2.0 – As they ramp up their “Election Variant” fearmongering and gaslighting we can expect a steady flow of such stories to drive their narrative

Steve Kirsch: CDC Nursing Home Data: The vaccine increased the risk of the elderly dying from COVID – The COVID vaccine did the opposite of what the CDC promised you: it made things worse, not better

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that Americans who have received mRNA shots for Covid are now at a higher risk of infection from new variants of the virus than those who are unvaccinated

The numbers are in, and we can say with certainty that the Pandemic lockdowns were worse than useless – The school closures, ruined businesses, debts, and authoritarianism, were caused by a moment of lightheaded panic

JD Rucker: We Appear to Be Entering Stage Five of the Covid “Vaccine” Con Job – I truly pray that I’m completely wrong about all of this because that would be a blessing

TVF: The Pfizer clinical trials were a disaster and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explains why – From the angle of absolute risk, it took 22,000 vaccines to save just one life from COVID

Anthony Fauci refused to back away from the recommendation of face masks Saturday as CNN (of all networks) confronted him with a study showing that they do not affect preventing the spread of COVID

September 3, 2023

In a blow to the COVID-19 “silent spreader” narrative used to push for universal masking a recent study published in The Lancet suggests that non-symptomatic people rarely can infect others

CNN host Michael Smerconish got Fauci to begrudgingly concede that masks don’t stop transmission at the population level, which was the justification that was used by “public health officials” to implement mask mandates

Dr. Peter McCullough: A Lab Finds mRNA Derived Spike Protein in Blood for Months after Vaccination – Mass Spectrometry Detects Synthetic Spike Tag from mRNA Vaccination

September 2, 2023

Sharyl Attkisson: An appeals court has replied to the FDA’s 2021 warnings about using ivermectin to treat Covid with “You are not a horse – The ” “FDA is not a doctor or physician,” the  “FDA cannot endorse, denounce, or advise

Pfizer tested its Covid “boosters” on fewer than two dozen people before Joe Biden’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the mRNA shots for full public use, explosive unsealed documents have revealed

Sharyl Attkisson: Some scientists say children who get autism from vaccination may be damaged because they have a reduced ability to get rid of the small amounts of toxic metals in some vaccines as adjuvants and additives

September 1, 2023

Giant Grift: Biden administration has only recovered a few of the $280 billion in stolen COVID aid – Congress fears most of the money stolen by Russia, China and Nigeria isn’t being investigated

Researchers in Australia found that one month after getting Pfizer’s vaccine, children experienced a sharp decline in immune proteins or cytokine

Dallas Ludlum: Discrepancies in Reporting COVID-19 Vaccine-Related Deaths – The discrepancies between federal and state-level data on deaths where COVID-19 vaccination is listed as a contributing factor

Dr. Panda: A 12-year-old Dies After Collapsing During P.E. Class – Where are the AUTOPSIES? – Yahshua collapsed and became unresponsive – Despite being rushed to the hospital, he “Died Suddenly” of cardiac arrest

The New Push For Masks & Covid Shots – The two short videos below should make any thinking person think twice about the masks and COVID tests

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