Catching Rabbits

MI5, CIA and KGB are having a competition

Three small parties of all three Agencies meet on neutral ground, on the edge of an egyptian forest.

For the goal of the competition, they decided that each of their parties should catch a rabbit, using their espionage skills. The party that manages to catch the rabbit the quickest, wins.

First, the MI5 leaves for the forest. When they emerge eight hours later, they carry a live rabbit in a cage. “We posted lookouts around the forest, and after spotting the rabbit, we shadowed it until it showed us his hideout, we then just placed the cage over the entrance and waited for the rabbit to fall in our trap. Neat and simple.”

Now, it’s the turn of the CIA. They leave into the forest and emerge four hours later, holding a rabbit which seems to have been shot and badly beaten several times. “We used satellite surveillance to aquire our target, but during the tracking with four inconspicious vans, the subject tried to escape, so we had to use drastic measures. Still counts.” Nobody objects.

Now, it was the turn of the KGB. The four agents disappear into the forest, and return after only an hour. But they are not carrying a rabbit, but hold a crocodile between two of the agents. The crocodile is badly bruised, has a limp and keeps his gaze to the ground. Absently, he mumbles “I am a rabbit. My parents were both rabbits.”

August Political Article Reference List

Updated Daily

Below you will find links to mostly conservative oriented articles or blog posts that I have read each morning and find insightful and/or interesting in some way.

If you take the time to read some of them it should open your eyes to the reality of “The Swamp,” Main Stream Media/Propaganda Media bias, The Progressive Movement and what Trump faces daily in his quest to Make America Great Again.” (Note: Article links added since the previous update are underlined.)

August 18, 2018

The Democrat Agenda That Dare Not Speak Its Name

The Mainstream Media’s Trump Crisis of the Week

The Press As Enemy

Why come to America if they don’t want to be Americans?

Cuomo: The Late, Great USA

Trump: Stop Censorship, Let ‘good and bad’ voices speak on social media

Gender Confusion: A Tool of the Left

John Brennan Has Long Been A Danger To US National Security

August 17, 2018

The Case for Jim Jordan to Be the Next House Speaker

Rep. Gaetz: Rosenstein Won’t Tell Us When He Learned Nellie Ohr Was Working For Fusion GPS

Manafort Judge Reveals He’s Been Threatened During Trial

Why Manafort’s Lawyers Think They Have Enough to Exonerate Their Client

Benghazi Hero Destroys ‘Kool-Aid Drinker’ John Brennan

Trump and Omarosa

Screenshots Show How Google Shadowbans Conservative And Pro-Trump Content

‘Dossier’ author to Ohr: Comey firing could expose us

Big Tech Can ‘Swing Elections as They Censor Conservative Voices’

This Is What Pushing Back Looks Like!

How the Left Is Outsourcing Censorship of the Internet

Washington Has Never Seen Anything Like Donald Trump

Iranian-Backed ‘Sleeper Cell’ Militants Hibernating in U.S., Positioned for Attack

Remy’s Latest Rap Slams The Media’s Obsession With Outrage

Debunking Socialist Myths: 90 Percent Of Scandinavia’s Wealth Is Privately Owned

COMEY DELETED EVIDENCE OF HACK: More Classified Hillary Emails Found

August 16, 2018

HUGE=> Pentagon Analyst Demoted/Stripped of Security Clearance After Questioning “Exorbitant Contracts” to Trump Campaign Spy Stefan Halper

You Won’t Believe What Kids Can Find On ‘Transgender’ At The Public Library

Just How Reliable Was Christopher Steele?

Elizabeth Warren’s Batty Plan to Nationalize . . . Everything

Bruce Ohr May Have Broken More Than The Law By Pushing His Wife’s Opposition Research To The FBI

Identity Politics Are Rapidly Destroying The Value Of College Degrees

Jurors in Manafort trial send judge four questions, including asking him to redefine reasonable doubt

Brennan’s Clearance Revocation is Anti-Swamp & Anti-Corruption

August 15, 2018

Brennan, the Spooks, and Russian Collusion

How Bruce Ohr Could Implicate High-Ranking Obama Officials In Spygate

August 14, 2018

Former FBI Agents Reveal the Real Reasons Why FBI Hack Peter Strzok Was Fired

New Info Indicates Clinton-Funded Opposition Research Launched FBI’s Trump Investigation

The Trump Tower meeting revisited

Media Conspiracy Theories About Devin Nunes Are Getting Out Of Control

Tuning Omarosa Out

Judge Releases New Mexico Jihadists on Bond After Attorneys Claim Racism

President Trump Should Pardon Pat Nolan

August 13, 2018

NOT GUILTY: How Peter Strzok SET UP General Flynn

Conservatives Are In Danger; Democrats, Media Helped Put Them There

Evidence: Trump Tower meeting set up by Hillary operatives

Embattled Agent Peter Strzok FIRED By The FBI

Is Ocasio-Cortez Afraid of Candace Owens?

This Year, There Was Finally Only One Side Left In Charlottesville

The Ten Most Hateful Americans and Why they Matter

The Twisted Web Of Deceit That Is The Russia Collusion Lie

Democrat Attempts At Identity Politics Not Working With Own Voters

The Media Don’t Get It . . . OR DO THEY?

White House Mulls Legal Options Over Omarosa’s Secret Taping In Situation Room

128 Establishment News Outlets, and Counting, Coordinate Attack on Trump

August 12, 2018

Devin Nunes: Clinton Campaign Colluded with ‘Nearly Every’ Top Official at the DOJ and FBI

Minds Aims To Challenge Social Media Monopolies With Freedom And A Decentralized Network

Conservative Journalist Laura Loomer BANNED from Facebook

Herman Cain: Yes, Donald Trump Is the Most Pro-Black President

Antifa Activists on Video Threaten to Kill President Trump

NBC Ignores Own Reporter and Crew Assaulted By Antifa in Charlottesville

Exposed: the Deep State’s Authorship and Publication of the Steele Dossier

NBC Reporter Documents Antifa-Led Charlottesville Protests — And Then They Turn On Him

Mainstream Media covering (up) Dianne Feinstein’s major spy scandal

Celebrity Activists Do Not Help

Apoplectic critics can’t answer Dinesh D’Souza’s revelations

New Twist: Papadopoulos Told Aussie Spy Alexander Downer that Russians Had HILLARY DOSSIER not HILLARY EMAILS!

Heritage Foundation Explains The Trump Economy

Trumponomics as a Response to a Failing Globalization

August 11, 2018

Trump’s foreign policy is actually boosting America’s standing

More than 100 newspapers will publish editorials decrying Trump’s anti-press rhetoric

The War On Traditional ‘Gender Identity’

Activist Shirley Husar Says This Is “Switch Bitch 2” For Omarosa

Fake news wrapped in weasel words from the Washington Post

‘Bikers For Trump’ Event Got Rained Out, So The President Invited Them All Inside

Almost Nobody Cares About Charlottesville Except NBC, CNN, and 200 Neo-Nazis

Why the Progressives Are Wrong About the Free Market Economy

Declassified: Did Rosenstein Make False Statements to the FISA Judge?

Nellie Ohr – the “Woman in the Middle” of the FBI/DOJ’s Russia Scandal – Is a Communist Sympathizer and Corrupt Never-Trumper

WILLIAMS: Colleges: A Force For Evil

The Trump Economy and Buyer Psychology

Democratic Socialism Is Wrong for America

Of Course There Is Such a Thing as a ‘Perjury Trap’

Turns out the smear-attack on Rep. Jim Jordan was phony all along

August 10, 2018

‘Why The Left Is So Afraid Of Jordan Peterson’

CNN Plants ‘Regretful’ Trump Voter; Turns Out He’s A Socialist Who Hates Trump

The Liberal Attack on Our Right to Listen

Eric Eggers: ‘No Evidence’ that Voter ID Laws ‘Negatively Impact Minority Turnout’

Kamala Harris Unable to Name a Legislative Accomplishment When Asked

Why Democratic Socialists Can’t Legitimately Claim Sweden, Denmark as Success Stories

A Most Expected Backlash – The Left didn’t count on ordinary Americans not buying their BS narratives

New Evidence Provides Additional Support that the UK Interfered with the 2016 US Election More Than Russia!

Mystery DOJ 757 spotted at Little Rock Airport sparking hopes that DOJ HQ finally is moving against Clinton Foundation

Rudy’s Shot Across Mueller’s Bow

Conservative Confusion About Who and What We’re Actually Fighting

August 9, 2018

What would the intelligence community’s ‘insurance policy’ against Trump look like?

CA Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoed Bipartisan Wildfire Management Bill in 2016

Is climate change being falsely accused of sparking California conflagrations?

Leftism’s dire consequences, Chicago edition

Rep. Jim Jordan’s chief accuser loses key ‘witness’

Linda Sarsour Linked to Father of New Mexico Jihadi Who Allegedly Trained Kids to Shoot Up Schools

DNC Chairman Tom Perez Led Soros Group Lobbying for Illegal Alien Voting

DOJ & FBI Land a 757 Jet in Little Rock, Arkansas; Load It With Boxes & Documents

This Is How All Government ‘Works’ – From Fire Prevention To The DMV

Trump and the media war

To Counter Trump, Vox Defends MS-13 As Nice Kids Who Ride Bikes, Work After-School Jobs

China’s Marathon to Over Take America

August 8, 2018

November Midterms ‘Poised for a Tsunami of Voter Fraud’

The War Within

Media Omits New Mexico Compound Leader’s Muslim Ties

Left set to falsely exploit ‘Unite the Right’ again

Report: Poor Management of Forests, Not Global Warming, To Blame for Widespread Wildfires

President Trump: Google must be stopped!

The DNC Leaks and Crossfire Hurricane: A Timeline

Democrat Party’s liberal insurgency hits a wall in Midwest primaries

The Crockdown Continues: Twitter Suspends Libertarian Accounts

The New CensorshipSorry I Missed This Profound Article Published In June

Illegal Alien Who Brought His ‘Supposed Daughter’ to the U.S. Charged With Raping Her

The Censorship Of Alex Jones Takes Us Down A Dangerous Path

Dinesh D’Souza’s Death of a Nation: Rectifying revisionist history

The massive failure of democratic socialists in yesterday’s primaries

Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Ties To China Go Way Deeper Than An Alleged Office Spy

Is Collusion Criminal?

Mueller’s ‘Star Witness’ Falls Apart During Cross-Examination And Perjures Himself

U.S. Holds the Cards in NAFTA Talks

Top Government Spooks & Hackers on the FBI’s Payroll Just Dismantled DOJ Mueller’s Claims the DNC was Hacked

August 7, 2018

Judge Who Signed FISA Warrant Strongly Criticized Lynch and Clapper

FBI Hid Bruce Ohr Back Channel to Steele and Clinton Camp to Defraud FISA Court

Voter Fraud: 670 Ballots Cast in Georgia Precinct with 276 Voters

Candace Owens: ‘Leftist Media Is Inciting Violence and Hate’

Who Gave Private Big Tech Companies the Power to Decide What We Can See?

The President Is Right About the California Fires

Who’s Always Trying to Silence Their Critics?

The Crackdown Continues: Twitter Suspends Libertarian Accounts

Meet Trump’s anti-Mueller ally

How the media embraced en masse fake news about Trump Tower meeting

Hillary Asked Russia For Dirt On Trump…Where’s The Outrage?

Who Hired Stefan Halper? – The FBI Informant Who Monitored the Trump Campaign

Bolton: Trump Sanctions Working, Iranian ‘Elites are Getting Nervous’

The InfoWars Bans Aren’t About Alex Jones, They’re About Big Tech’s Control Over What We See

Identity Politics and Kamala Harris

Emails Reveal High School Teachers Plotting To Hide Their Political Bias From ParentsThe Tip Of The Iceberg

The New Face of the Democrat Party’: Charlie Kirk & Candace Owens Ambushed by Liberal Protesters

‘Socialist’ Is the New ‘Libertarian’

Refugee Who Seriously Wounded Cop Should Have Been Deported Two Years Ago

Outrageous: Media shrug off Feinstein spy scandal story

Failed Prognostications of Climate Alarm

People Who STILL Have Stars On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Despite Scandals – But They Are Removing Trumps Star

August 6, 2018

Facebook rejects Republican candidate’s ad

‘We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives’This Is How They Think

Conservative Speech Be Banned! – The Thought Police Are Working Hard

Here’s Proof the Establishment Media Encourage Violence Against Trump Supporters

Here’s A Message For The LEFT (Communist) Loving Americans

Parkland Shooter, Nikolas Cruz, Asked For Help, But The School ‘Didn’t Follow Through’

Trump Frees Obamacare Captives, Democrats Sue

Progressives betting the farm on identity politics for midterms

UNHINGED ALL-WHITE LEFTIST THUGS Attack-Harass Candace Owens at Philly Restaurant — CHANT “F*ck White Supremacy”

Chicago War-Zone Statistics

4 Things We Learned From The FBI’s Mostly Redacted Steele Documents

Robert Mueller’s Unhinged Hunt for the Big Bad Trump

The New York Times erases 52 million white people


The First Fake Media-Induced Mental Illness

August 5, 2018

More Fake news from the New York Times

EXPOSED: Fusion GPS and Natalia Played Key Role In Crossfire Hurricane Plot

Twitter Suspends Candace Owens — Then Says It Was ‘An Error’ After Backlash

Three-Card Mueller

MSNBC’s Ruhle Mocks Americans Who Fear Socialism – These People Are Definitely Out Of Touch With Reality

Venezuela: Always a bad sign when your military scatters and runs

Double Standards Are The Only Standards Liberals Have

Portland Antifa Monsters Attack TWO GRANDMOTHERS — Transgender Trump Supporter Steps in To Save Them

August 4, 2018

Republican Candidate Heng Got Facebook Blocked – Political Ad Too Truthful

EPA Released A Long-Delayed Report Showing Ethanol Hurts The Environment

Palestinian official who pays murderers’ salaries now in bull’s-eye

Sean Hannity: CNN’s Outrage Is About ‘Intimidating’ People Who Call Out Their Bias

Inspiration: Trump and the Bannister Effect

Kellyanne Conway Reveals What The Establishment Media Is Doing And Attacks Them For It

Trump’s Approval Rating Improves; Democrats Won’t Like One Big Reason Why

Six things that the New York Times probably didn’t think about when hiring and defending Sarah Jeong

Is Trump Emerging as ‘the Grown-up in the Room’?

To those who say, ‘Just let the Mueller investigation run its course’

Our robed master Bates strikes again

Good For A Laugh: The Last Straw Man Edition

August 3, 2018

Obama lawyers ‘kowtowed’ to Clinton over second server email evidence

Gutsy: Liberal Feminist Pens Op-Ed Calling On Democrats To Stop Attacking Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

Jim Jordan on Running for Speaker: ‘We’re Best When We Do What We Said’

Congress: Let’s see Bruce Ohr interviews

Dinesh D’Souza Talks About His Provocative New Film, Death of a Nation

The Socialism Debate: Ronald Reagan Wins

Trump and his war on fake news

8 Insights From Heartland Reporter Salena Zito’s Book About Trump’s America

Why Trump is fighting the trade war – IMPORTANT, Read this carefully

Three Leaders Are Better Than One = Nunes Is A Good Guy

Justice Department Is Silent About Why It Has Failed To Preserve Comey Emails In FOIA Case

Hispanics push Trump’s poll numbers to 50%

Never Forget the Brennan-Brit Plot to Nail Trump

Iran’s Regime Is Falling Apart

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

August 2, 2018

Here’s Why Trump’s Greatest Talent Terrifies Dems and Baffles Republicans

Yes, Anti-White Racism Exists

Google: King of Trump Derangement Syndrome – I tried it and they are definitely anti-Trump

Trump Creates 830,000 Manufacturing Jobs in 19 Mos. — 804,000 More than Obama in Previous 19 Months

Hey, Media, You Started It!!

The Time Is Now — The Imposters Are Preparing The Final Act in Their Coup d’état

Mueller prosecutors go low in Manafort trial and are rebuked by judge

Trump Approval Surges, Blows Past Obama’s

TUCKER CARLSON Calls On GOP Lawmakers to Read Entire Unredacted FISA Memo on House Floor

O’Keefe catches antifa teaching activists how to inflict pain

Open Borders Are Not Libertarian So Long As America Is A Welfare State – Substitute “Illegal Alien” for Immigrant, While Reading

It’s Not ‘White Threat’ Harming Our Politics, It’s Tying Race To Destiny

K-12: Frightening Parallels with Venezuela

CNN Anchor Asks Same Question 3 Times, Farmer Knows Exactly How to Answer

Politico reporter calls Trump supporters ‘garbage people’ – and then lectures us

Black pastor: Trump more pro-black than Obama

Vox Condemns Trump for ‘Harassment’ of Acosta, But Celebrates Maxine Waters as a Hero

August 1, 2018

The Biggest Reason Liberals Keep Falling for Socialism, Despite Its Failures

A Little Learning Is A Dangerous Thing

The ACLU Won’t Rest Until Every Illegal Gets In

Understanding the Trump-Rudy Campaign Against Mueller

27 Times People Predicted Political Catastrophes For Trump That Didn’t Materialize

Freeing People from Left-Wing Lies

Trump Administration Deals Another Blow to Obamacare, Removes Ban on Short Term Health Insurance Plans

Five mega-issues facing America

DHS Official on What Would Happen If Dems DO Abolish ICE

Trump Gives $400,000 to Repair Military Cemeteries — Of Course, Liberal Media Ignores the Story

Trump Predicts Demise Of The ‘Fake News Media,’ Taunts CNN’s Acosta

The Wicked Witches of Silicon Valley

Being a Socialist Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Democrats Have A Very Serious Socialism Problem

California Urges Residents to ‘Resist’ Citizenship Question on U.S. Census in 2020

Hey, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro has a clue for you!

Maxine’s Waters daughter paid $750,000 for helping produce flyers for her mother’s campaign

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