Changes To This Sites Appearance

After hearing from followers they were being redirected to the wrong place on this site I contacted support and was told they are no longer supporting the design theme I have been using for many years and any necessary programming bugs will not be fixed.

I was then told that I needed to build a design using their “Block Architecture” which I am not familiar with. This means I will have to research things and make changes accordingly.

Consequently, new posts and updates to my link pages will have to wait while I make the necessary changes and build something close to what I had before.

Due to their lack of “live” support, I decided to move my site to a new website hosting company that provides live telephone support to assist me in configuring my replacement design. Once this is done will be switched to the hosting site and the new design will be activated.

The site migration process was authorized on 9/28/23 and to be truthful, I suspect some strange things will happen until it is completed.

I apologize for any inconvenience this causes anyone.