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April 21, 2018

Kim Jong Un Is Shutting Down Nuclear Test Site and Suspending Missile Test

McCabe got the order to shut down Hillary investigation from…Obama?

McCabe: Leaking and Lying Obscure the Real Collusion

DAVID LIMBAUGH: The Fall of James Comey

As good news cascades from North Korea, Dems betting against Trump (and America)

April 20, 2018

What Cowardice Looks Like: More on the Philadelphia Starbucks Controversy

Guess Who Was CNN DOJ Reporter When Comey Told Trump He Was Being Pressured by CNN about Dossier?

US Attorneys Investigating McCabe Will Have More Impact than Mueller

Comey’s Memos Indicate Dossier Briefing Of Trump Was A Setup

Eric Holder for Prison, Not President

Comey’s Memos Indicate Dossier Briefing Of Trump Was A Setup

McCabe Is Going to Have to Cut a Deal – Which is bad news for “truth-teller” James Comey

Detailed Analysis: Comey Lies and Lacks Candor At Least 40 Times in Private Memos

Obama CIA Chief John Brennan Made Secret Visit to Russia Around Same Time as Fusion GPS Produced anti-Trump Memos

Meadows Sees ‘Growing Body of Evidence’ Comey Lied on Clinton Probe

Hillary’s Deleted Emails Have Been Found, Court Orders Them RELEASED

Starbucks, and all those staged events and phony outrage

Counter-Revolution in the Sanctuary State of California

April 19, 2018

6 Things You Need To Know About The Released Comey Memos

Obama Ordered Wiretaps on Trump Before Election

American Teens Securing High-Paying Jobs in Trump’s Tight Labor Market

Transition of Power in Cuba: What You Need to Know

California school district says parents can’t pull kids from new LGBT sex ed

America is overlooking its biggest gun problem

Despite a Deluge of Negativity, Trump Is Still Popular

Trump’s Art of the Deal in North Korea, Israel and Syria

North Korea Makes Total Reversal… Ready For Complete Denuclearization

The Facts Are In. The Real Story At Starbucks Is Entitlement, Not Racism

Revealed: Robert Mueller’s FBI Repeatedly Abused Prosecutorial Discretion

Zuckerberg Has a Problem, And So Does His Industry

April 18, 2018

Gingrich Sees Growing Anti-Sanctuary Rebellion in California

People Are Losing Their Minds Over Starbucks

Lawmakers Make Criminal Referral on Clinton, Comey, Lynch to DOJ on Steele Dossier

Congress Sends Criminal Referral To Sessions, Wray and Prosecutor Huber

Hillary Clinton’s Judges Destroy Attorney Client Privilege

No, Republican Presidents Aren’t Responsible For Most Of America’s Debt

Comey and Brennan, Leaders of the Coup – That these two reckless partisans headed up the FBI and CIA is the real scandal.

Trump should start cranking out the pardons

Why Chemical Weapons Are Banned

Judge Buys FBI’s Bogus Rationale For Hiding Leaked Comey Memos

The Enemy in Our Schools

California’s Simmering Political Revolt

Watch FOX News Reporter Griff Jenkins Destroy Open-Borders Hack Gov. Jerry Brown

California has eight of 10 most polluted U.S. cities

April 17, 2018

Who is Kimba Wood? Judge on Cohen case officiated Soros wedding, was Clinton AG pick

Backfire: Plurality Now Want James Comey Prosecuted for Leaks

Documents show ‘concerning level of coordination’ between FBI, DOJ in Clinton email probe

The Liars Say We’re Outliers – Again

The Changes That Made California Become a Liberal Fiasco

Judge in Cohen Case Has BIG Clinton Conflict of Interest

Colluders on the Loose

Has Giving Leftists What They Want Made America Better?

Dershowitz: ‘Sessions Should Un-Recuse Himself’

Somehow, media don’t care that Comey’s cut-out in leaking classified memos claims to be his lawyer

New AP U.S. History Textbook Implies Christians Are Bigots & Reagan Is A Racist

So, it is supposed to be a scandal that Sean Hannity asked Michael Cohen for advice on real estate law

The Perversion of America

April 16, 2018

10 Things Teachers DID NOT Have to Deal With 10 Years Ago

MAJOR SCANDAL UNCOVERED=> Internet Sleuths Put Together Bombshell Hidden in Friday’s DOJ IG Report – Involving Weiner Emails

In California, Resistance To The Trump #Resistance Grows. Here’s Why

REPORT: Obama Justice Department Tried To Shut Down FBI Investigation Into The Clinton Foundation

5 Big Takeaways From Comey’s Big ABC News Interview

To Fire or Not to Fire Mueller

All ‘integrity’ and out to Get Trump: James Comey’s nauseating interview

After Syria, Will Never Trumpers Apologize for Russia Smear?

On War Matters, Where Is Congress? Shirking Its Duty.

April 15, 2018

It’s all downhill for Comey now

Andrew McCabe and James Comey Deserve Each Other

April 14, 2018

DOJ OIG McCabe Report Finds Obama’s FBI and DOJ: Corrupt, Dishonest, Coordinated and Conspiring …See The Complete List of Points

Inspector General First Release – Chris Farrell: “I don’t think the FBI recovers from this”

A $76,000 Monthly Pension: Why States and Cities Are Short on Cash

An Open Letter to my Fellow American Jews – They are coming for us

Magazine editors turn blind eye to Melania

Never Trumpers Protect Mob Boss Robert Mueller

The Inspector General nails McCabe

The clear and present danger of Google and Facebook

US, allies launched 105 missiles in Syria, ‘successfully’ hit all three targets

This Is War, and There Will Be Blood

If You Don’t Know That The Revolution Has Already Started

April 13, 2018

Trey Gowdy: James Comey’s memos should be released

Trump’s full remarks on the Syria strike

Andrew McCabe’s ‘very dramatic’ call with top Obama DOJ official about Clinton Foundation probe raises questions

Conservatives unconvinced by Zuckerberg’s visit to Congress

Are Democrats Creating Sympathy for Donald Trump?

Hilarious: Elizabeth Warren gets a taste of her own cooking from CFPB’s Mulvaney

FLASHBACK: Comey Reveals He Leaked Memos Containing Classified Info

How Comey Lied About Spying on Trump Tower

A bias towards conflict? The coverage of Trump’s Syria tweets

Memoir: James Comey Apparently Did Not Tell Trump that Hillary, DNC Financed ‘Pee’ Dossier

Comey Is A Liar

Turns out Comey gave Hillary a pass on emails because he thought she would win election

Hysterical: Guess who’s heading the UN Conference on Disarmament!

WALSH: If Your Sex Life Is None Of Our Business, Stop Demanding That We Celebrate It And Fund It

April 12, 2018

Zuckerberg Obfuscates on Helping Obama Harvest Your Data

School Rules That Allowed Parkland Shooter To Get Guns Coming Soon To Your District

Meet the Man Whose Hometown Defense of the Second Amendment Went Viral

Silence Of The Patriots?

Mueller at the Crossroads

Shifting Tactics to Take Down Trump

Judicial Watch demands details of Russia’s influence on Hillary Clinton/

Advice to Trump: Make Mueller defend his raid

Watergate Every Week: Using the FBI to Suppress a Political Revolution

Obama judge oks lawsuit forcing companies to hire DACA recipients

April 11, 2018

Trump Hears Echoes of Reagan as the Establishment/Swamp Strikes Back

Concrete Examples of Google, Facebook and Twitter Violating ‘Net Neutrality’

Paul Ryan’s Globalist Legacy: Ignoring America’s Working Class at the Behest of Billionaire Koch Brothers

Guess Whose House Wasn’t Raided by the FBI

Mark Zuckerberg Lied: Here Are Ten Charts to Show How Facebook Is Censoring Conservative Publishers

Former Federal Election Commission chairman debunks pretext used for raid on Trump lawyer

The Student Data-Mining Scandal Under Our Noses

MS-13 Member Posing as Unaccompanied Minor was Part of the ‘Migrant Caravan

San Francisco’s Homeless Encampments Expose The Failure Of A Liberal Utopia – Let’s Face It, Most Of Them Are Druggies

April 10, 2018

Trump just took a giant step toward actual welfare reform

Samantha Power had ‘political bias’ while unmasking Trump-linked names

California Media Re-Writing Violent Abusive History of Stephon Clark

Frustrated teacher urges parents to stop ‘coddling and enabling their children’ in viral Facebook post

Ted Cruz Grills Mark Zuckerberg Over Facebook’s Political Bias, Censorship

Just The Good Stuff From Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate Testimony

Why was Ted Cruz grilling Mark Zuckerberg on Palmer Luckey?

The Curse Of Cultural Marxism – Spot On Analysis Of Progressivism

The Ideology of Illegal Immigration

The Cohen Raid and Mueller Madness

Robert Mueller Laid A Trap For President Trump By Marking Him An Investigation ‘Subject’

Liberal Professor Shatters Media Narrative Yet Again With Brutal Reality Check About Mueller

Yes, rogue prosecutors do try to take out elected leaders; one of them may face jail

Mark Zuckerberg’s Insufferable Tripe

Facebook caves on banning Diamond and Silk after creating a United Airlines-sized PR problem

Freedom Center at the University of Texas at San Antonio Banned for Exposing a Terrorist Threat

It Begins: California Senator Introduces Bill to Kill Free Speech, Requires State-Sanctioned Fact Checkers to Approve Online Content

April 9, 2018

4 Areas Where Democrats Once Backed Trump Immigration Agenda

The FBI Escalates Its War on the Trump Administration

We’re Not the Thought Police – That being said, what are you thinking?

Trump’s Strategy

Data Indicates Illegal Immigrants Are Exploiting U.S. Asylum With False Claims

Michelle Obama seems to have a bad case of memory loss

At the University of Texas, the Left Lynches Its Own

April 8, 2018

50 ways to spin the phrase ‘Trump said’

London’s Mayor Declares Intense New ‘Knife Control’ Policies To Stop Epidemic Of Stabbings

Washington Post Caught Deleting Explosive Article on Mueller Witness

Springing Forward – Comprehensive Overview of Important Items

Chappaquiddick Wasn’t the Only Scandal – Here’s one tailor-made for the media’s Russia obsession

There Are Good Reasons for Felons to Lose the Right to Vote

As U.S. and China trade tariff barbs, others scoop up U.S. soybeans

List Of Nicknames Used By President Trump

April 7, 2018

99-Page FISA Court Report – The level of corruption within Obama’s NSA, FBI and DOJ is shocking

Germany’s Die Welt Proclaims Donald Trump ‘Most Successful Climate Protector in the World’

It Would Still Be Foolish for Trump to Talk to Mueller

MRCTV’s Brittany Hughes Talks Leftist Narratives And The YouTube Shooting

‘Unsafe to the community’: Facebook takes on pro-Trump Diamond and Silk

Congressional Investigators Given “Extraordinary Accommodation” To Access Secret FISA Documents

Trump signs order ending ‘catch and release’ of illegal aliens

Mueller Investigating Manafort for Working with Former Ukrainian President in 2013 When Mueller Was Also Working With Him

Why It Is Misleading to Compare Murder Rates in the US and Select Western Europe Countries

Black Man Writes Ignorance is The Greatest Threat to Black Americans

Chicago officials caught short-circuiting required review of Obama Presidential Center

April 6, 2018

Mueller Star Witness Against President Trump Is A Convicted Pedophile – Media Buries It

ICE carries out largest workplace raid in a decade

Teacher Told Not to Teach the Constitution

BET Founder: Trump Economy Bringing Black Workers Back Into Work Force

Governors could be powerless to deny Trump troop request

Oregon Governor Kate Brown Accepted Large Soros Donation Three Days Before She Refused to Send National Guard to Protect US Border

US Phone Database to Fall Under Foreign Control, Unless Trump Stops It

U.S. gathers biometric data on migrants in Mexican jails

Texas, Arizona announce troop deployments to Mexico border

Trump signs memo ending ‘catch and release’ immigration policy

Why the FBI Is Dodging Nunes – It is concealing the depth of Obamagate

The New EPA And Why The Radical Left Is Losing It

America is rising up, rejecting left’s stranglehold

Ted Kennedy: Lion or Jackal?

Media Treat Mueller Like He Is a Judge — He Is a ‘Rogue Prosecutor’ Investigating Nothing

How an Obscure Author Made Chappaquiddick a National Story

April 5, 2018

Ann Coulter on Masters of the Universe Controlling Speech: ‘It Is Actual Censorship and It Is Terrifying’

Obama Admin Pressed for Pre-Election Warrant to Spy on Carter Page

The Sinclair Controversy Is About the Legacy Media’s Fear of Losing Control

Trump’s EPA pick effective – ‘That’s why left wants to bring him down’

It’s a Myth That Liberals Care About People

On the Cowardly Firing of Kevin Williamson

Wow! Must-see evisceration of Rod Rosenstein and the Mueller investigation

‘Who Made Google the Guardian of the Internet?’

Trump Is Cutting Old Gordian Knots

American Journalists are Hysterical Knuckleheads

Why Big Tech Needs To Fix Its Image Problem With Conservatives Pronto

How Trump beat the left at its own game with the caravan to our border

John Bolton’s Appointment Rattles The Muslim Brotherhood Echo Chamber

Just what is the FBI hiding in its refusal to fork over documents for Nunes committee?

Is the Second Amendment for Just the Militia?

Under Obama, Your Tax Dollars Went To Fund George Soros Group

Producer Who Accused Sinclair Network Of Conservative Bias Is Left-Wing Activist

April 4, 2018

Open-borders churches, caravans, and criminal sanctuaries

Nunes Demands Document That Started Russia Investigation, Threatens Legal Fight

Facebook Labels All Breitbart Stories ‘Intentionally Misleading’ with Wikipedia Pop-Up


Central American ‘caravan’ to end in Mexico City, migrants defiant

Why Ben Shapiro Thinks Media Will Quickly Ignore YouTube Shooting

Good riddance! Trump’s EPA transition chief blasts Obama’s fuel efficiency

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll – Trump Hits 51%

Scott Pruitt Is Trump’s Biggest Asset. That’s Why The Left Wants Him Gone

Why a 53-Year-Old Big-City Lawyer Who Has Never Shot a Gun Joined the NRA

Snowflake Syndrome

Is the Migrant Caravan a Trojan Horse?

YouTube Shooter ID’d as Iranian Azeri Vegan Activist Nasim Aghdam

Sadistic YouTube Deletes Channels, Demonetizes and Censors Content and Refuses to Respond to Press

April 3, 2018

Stop the Crucifixion of Scott Pruitt

The 1,200 Migrants Heading For The U.S. Expecting Amnesty Are Playing Right Into Trump’s Hands

The Census Freak-Out

Take it from this Redding resident, don’t do business in China

Trump cracks the whip on phony leftwing Consumer Protection Financial Bureau

Elizabeth Warren’s Sad Sick Joke

5 Things You Need to Know About Fake Net Neutrality

On Political Nihilism: The Census, Citizenship, and Civic Pride

Scammed by a Black, a Woman, and Now a 17-Year-Old

James Woods Posts Lethal Tweet About Anti-Trump London Mayor

California Supreme Court lets stand law allowing DNA collection upon arrest

CNN’s Fawning Over JFK’s Philandering Shows Stormy Daniels Is Irrelevant

The Natural Right of Self-Preservation and the Second Amendment

Most Americans Now Say Mainstream Media Often Report ‘Fake News’

Mexico claiming it will disband Central American caravan heading toward US border

April 2, 2018

Concealed Carry on Campus Is More Common, and Useful, Than You Thought

Why The Left Will Finally Admit They Want To Repeal The Second Amendment

Fox News Says Laura Ingraham Will Return

David Hogg Isn’t a Bully, His Adult Allies Are

Trump’s Idea of Using Military Resources for Border Wall Isn’t Unprecedented

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll – Trump At 50%

There Is No Ban on Studying Gun Violence

Hillary Just Accidentally Exposed Media’s False ‘March For Our Lives’ Narrative

How the Left Created Nikolas Cruz

Clear Backpacks Probably Won’t Prevent School Shootings

Boss Hogg and His Ingraham Angle

A Caravan Of 1,200 Migrants Will Soon Arrive At The U.S. Border

Hugh Hewitt ‘Impressed’ by Bolton, Pompeo Pick

Incoming U.S. national security advisor ‘fears North Korea is buying time’

Trying to Delegitimize the Prosecutor Is Not Obstruction

Why ‘The Good Doctor’ Is Bad Medicine for Autism

The Constitution Is Very Hard to Amend – And Rightly So

Walmart is trusting itself to expand into healthcare better than Washington ever might

April 1, 2018

California Commits Massive Medicaid Fraud and has its wicked way with the American taxpayer

Google & Facebook control of speech is threat to nation – And don’t forget Twitter

Trump Declares ‘No More DACA Deal,’ Border-Crossers Want ‘In On’ Amnesty

Trump Says Democrats Create Logjam in Diplomat Confirmations

iPhones and iPads need multi-user support now

Exposing Obama’s Real Agenda – An Interview with Don Fredric (Well Worth Your Time)

David Hogg the exploited child of Media Matters

The Fake News Follies on local TV stations

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Like this one => He Fights! (A Must Read)

The 60-Year Old “Dear John” Letter

As Erik walked home one freezing day, he stumbled on a wallet someone had lost in the street. He picked it up and looked inside to find some identification so he could call the owner. But the wallet contained only three dollars and a crumpled letter that looked as if it had been in there for years.

The envelope was worn and the only thing that was legible on it was the return address. He started to open the letter, hoping to find some clue. Then he saw the dateline–1938. The letter had been written almost sixty years ago.

It was written in a beautiful feminine handwriting on powder blue stationery with a little flower in the left-hand corner. It was a “Dear John” letter that told the recipient, whose name appeared to be Michael, that the writer could not see him any more because her mother forbade it.

Even so, she wrote that she would always love him. It was signed, Hannah.

It was a beautiful letter, but there was no way except for the name Michael, that the owner could be identified. Maybe if I called information, the operator could find a phone listing for the address on the envelope.

“Operator,” he began, “this is an unusual request. I’m trying to find the owner of a wallet that he found. Is there anyway you can tell me if there is a phone number for an address that was on an envelope in the wallet?”

She suggested he speak with her supervisor, who hesitated for a moment then said, “Well, there is a phone listing at that address, but I can’t give you the number.” She said, as a courtesy, she would call that number, explain my story and would ask them if they wanted her to connect me. He waited a few minutes and then she was back on the line. “I have a party who will speak with you.”

He asked the woman on the other end of the line if she knew anyone by the name of Hannah. She gasped, “Oh! We bought this house from a family who had a daughter named Hannah. But that was 30 years ago!”

“Would you know where that family could be located now?” he asked.

“I remember that Hannah had to place her mother in a nursing home some years ago,” the woman said. “Maybe if you got in touch with them they might be able to track down the daughter.”

She gave him the name of the nursing home and he called the number. They told me the old lady had passed away some years ago but they did have a phone number for where they thought the daughter might be living.

He thanked them and phoned. The woman who answered explained that Hannah herself was now living in a nursing home.

This whole thing was stupid, he thought to himself. Why was he making such a big deal over finding the owner of a wallet that had only three dollars and a letter that was almost 60 years old?

Nevertheless, he called the nursing home in which Hannah was supposed to be living and the man who answered the phone told me, “Yes, Hannah is staying with us. ”

Even though it was already 10 p.m., he asked if he could come by to see her. “Well,” he said hesitatingly, “if you want to take a chance, she might be in the day room watching television.”

He thanked him and drove over to the nursing home. The night nurse and a guard greeted me at the door. We went up to the third floor of the large building. In the day room, the nurse introduced me to Hannah.

She was a sweet, silver-haired old timer with a warm smile and a twinkle in her eye.

He told her about finding the wallet and showed her the letter. The second she saw the powder blue envelope with that little flower on the left, she took a deep breath and said, “Young man, this letter was the last contact I ever had with Michael.”

She looked away for a moment deep in thought and then said Softly, “I loved him very much. But I was only 16 at the time and my mother felt I was too young. Oh, he was so handsome. He looked like Sean Connery, the actor.”

“Yes,” she continued. “Michael Goldstein was a wonderful person. If you should find him, tell him I think of him often. And,” she hesitated for a moment, almost biting her lip, “tell him I still love him. You know,” she said smiling as tears began to well up in her eyes, “I never did marry. I guess no one ever matched up to Michael…”

Erik thanked Hannah and said goodbye. He took the elevator to the first floor and as he stood by the door, the guard there asked, “Was the old lady able to help you?”

He told him she had given him a lead. “At least he had a last name. But he thought he would let it go for a while. He spent almost the whole day trying to find the owner of this wallet.”

He had taken out the wallet, which was a simple brown leather case with red lacing on the side. When the guard saw it, he said, “Hey, wait a minute! That’s Mr. Goldstein’s wallet. I’d know it anywhere with that right red lacing. He’s always losing that wallet. I must have found it in the halls at least three times.”

“Who’s Mr. Goldstein?” he asked as his hand began to shake.

“He’s one of the old timers on the 8th floor. That’s Mike Goldstein’s wallet for sure. He must have lost it on one of his walks.”

He thanked the guard and quickly ran back to the nurse’s office. He told her what the guard had said. We went back to the elevator and got on. He prayed that Mr. Goldstein would be up.

On the eighth floor, the floor nurse said, “I think he’s still in the day room. He likes to read at night. He’s a darling old man.”

They went to the only room that had any lights on and there was a man reading a book. The nurse went over to him and asked if he had lost his wallet. Mr. Goldstein looked up with surprise, put his hand in his back pocket and said, “Oh, it is missing!”

This kind gentleman found a wallet and we wondered if it could be yours?”

He handed Mr. Goldstein the wallet and the second he saw it, he smiled with relief and said, “Yes, that’s it! It must have dropped out of my pocket this afternoon. I want to give you a reward.”

“No, thank you,” he said. “But I have to tell you something. I read the letter in the hope of finding out who owned the wallet.”

The smile on his face suddenly disappeared. “You read that letter?”

“Not only did I read it, I think I know where Hannah is.”

He suddenly grew pale. “Hannah? You know where she is? How is she? Is she still as pretty as she was? Please, please tell me,” he begged.

“She’s fine…just as pretty as when you knew her.” I said softly.

The old man smiled with anticipation and asked, “Could you tell me where she is? I want to call her tomorrow.” He grabbed his hand and said, “You know something, mister, I was so in love with that girl that when that letter came, my life literally ended. I never married. I guess I’ve always loved her. ”

“Mr. Goldstein,” he said, “Come with me.”

They took the elevator down to the third floor. The hallways were darkened and only one or two little night-lights lit their way to the day room where Hannah was sitting alone watching the television. The nurse walked over to her.

“Hannah,” she said softly, pointing to Michael, who was waiting with him in the doorway. “Do you know this man?”

She adjusted her glasses, looked for a moment, but didn’t say a word. Michael said softly, almost in a whisper, “Hannah, it’s Michael. Do you remember me?”

She gasped, “Michael! I don’t believe it! Michael! It’s you! My Michael!” He walked slowly towards her and they embraced. The nurse and man left with tears streaming down their faces.

“See,” he said. “See how the Good Lord works! If it’s meant to be, it will be.”

About three weeks later Erik got a call at his office from the nursing home. “Can you break away on Sunday to attend a wedding? Michael and Hannah are going to tie the knot!”

It was a beautiful wedding with all the people at the nursing home dressed up to join in the celebration. Hannah wore a light beige dress and looked beautiful. Michael wore a dark blue suit and stood tall. They made him their best man.

The hospital gave them their own room and if you ever wanted to see a 76-year- old bride and a 79-year-old groom acting like two teenagers, you had to see this couple.

A perfect ending for a love affair that had lasted nearly 60 years.