Why The Dominion Voting Systems Security Directors Deposition Was Sealed

In early October Attorney Sidney Powell announced that her legal team had been granted the opportunity by a Colorado court to depose Dominion Voting Systems security director Eric Coomer.

Powell’s team was granted questions in a deposition on Sept. 23. Coomer was reportedly deposed for about an hour.

But, thanks to Judge Marie Avery Moses, Coomer’s testimony was withheld from the public. One day after the deposition, Judge Moses issued a protective order, effectively sealing the transcript.

The Judge issued this order sua sponte, which means that no one asked her to do this. She just did it on her own the day after Coomer gave a train-wreck deposition in which he was very clearly emotionally unstable, arrogant, and repeatedly failed to give direct answers to questions. He was clearly playing games and his testimony was simply not credible.

Coomer sued several Trump supporters, media outlets, and media personalities following the 2020 presidential election, including Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Michelle Malkin, Joe Oltmann, The Gateway Pundit, and Jim Hoft, among others.

The media was then blocked from downloading Coomer’s testimony.

Judge Moses ruled that Coomer’s deposition “should be protected from disclosure outside of these proceedings at this time and until otherwise modified by subsequent order of the Court.”

In early October of 2020, a week before early voting started in Georgia, 11 Alive news reported that Dominion updated all the voting machines in the state: The state said that the update was routine. But the sheer scope of the update of the state’s 34,000 or so voting machines raised eyebrows. The biggest update occurred last week at Fulton County’s voter warehouse in northwest Atlanta. Critics filed suit to scuttle the voting machine because they said the update was more than Georgia’s 159 counties could safely handle.

The Gateway Pundit reported at the time that Coomer was the individual who updated the machines.

Andrew Bostom, MD, MS – @andrewbostom
In GA, during (late?) Sept, Dominion’s radical Leftist Eric Coomer made a “critical software change” to GA’s Dominion voting machines “without adequate testing or certification from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission”. From this 9/29/20 AJC story
Click Here for a copy of the PDF with the damaging testimony that Eric Coomer made under oath.
After reading it you will better understand why Judge Marie Avery Mose blocked it for political reasons back then.

Local Teacher Admonished For Having An Opinion On Covid Vaccine Mandates

Enterprise High School Teacher Mr. Marty Reid: Consider your future. Do you want a future of FREEDOM or CONTROL? I, for one, will not stand for this control. I will be fired first.”

Reid shared the letter below with all staff members and says all of his emails are now being monitored closely.

He starts by stating this, “I am gravely alarmed by the rapidly increasing government overreach which has occurred in America over the last few years, but I am especially concerned about the most recent government overreach: Covid vaccine mandates for K-12 children and educators.

To be clear, I am not anti-vax, nor am I anti-science. That rhetoric is trite and foolish. I am simply pro-liberty.”

It’s time for more to stand up for liberty and push back against increasing government totalitarianism.