California Fleein’ (Beach Boys Parody)

Compliments of the Babylon Bee.

What do 4 handsome guys gotta do to flee California?

This parody of The Beach Boys’ “California Dreamin” is a totally tubular cover of The Mamas & the Papas and the Beach Boys singing about California’s legendary brown streets, iconic muggings, and world-famous traffic.

I’ve lived here my entire life and have sadly observed why what was once referred to as the “Golden State” deserves a new title as “The Turd Capitol Of America.”

The Collapse of the U.S. Southern Border

Title 42 (which allows the U.S. to expel migrants to Mexico without the opportunity to seek asylum) is scheduled to end today.

Border Patrol, National Guard, law enforcement, and residents in the border communities of Texas have braced for an expected flood of migrants, smugglers, and human traffickers to enter the U.S. illegally.

Your voice matters in this fight. Complain to your Senator or Congressman, unless they are Democrats, in which case you will just be wasting your breath.