Off Road Electric Wheelchair For Cambry

Jerry from JerryRigEverything built this fully electric wheelchair and says it was super fun and surprisingly simple.

He used a few bars of metal tied into the naturally existing supports and holes on the bikes for great seat supports. This Off Road wheel chair has a top speed of 20mph and a range of about 20 miles.

The bikes used cost about $1400 each, so after factoring in the $50 dollars worth of metal and random odds and ends, the whole thing cost about $3000 dollars to build, which is less than half the price and twice the performance of other off road wheelchairs on the market right now.

Now watch Cambry using her new off-road electric wheel chair.


Trapped Cougar Release

When these Utah conservation officers heard that there was a cougar caught in a trap, they were determined to help. They knew it would be a dangerous mission, but were prepared to do all that they could to free the poor animal.

Get ready for your heart to skip a beat, because this is pretty frightening to watch!

In the video, will see a cougar on a mountain top with his arm stuck in a trap. As the officers proceed to help him, he hisses and jumps at them.

I bet it will give you chills as you watch, as it gave to me!