That Extra Shoelace Hole

Have you ever wondered why there is an extra shoelace hole at the top of your shoe?  Many running and hiking shoes have an extra hole and most people don’t ever use it.  Instead, they skip threading the lace through the last top hole and tie them as usual.  After watching the video below you will now know why they are there and how to use them properly.

These extra holes can be used to prevent blisters on your heels and stop your feet from cramming forward into the front of the shoe.  When you tie laces using the “heel lock” or “lace lock” technique it creates more friction between the laces at the top of the shoe which are closest to your ankle.  This serves to make and keep the heel/ankle area tight and snug in place without having to re-tighten your whole shoe.  Even if you do not have the extra shoelace hole you can still use the method on the top hole instead.

From An A-10 To A 737

GoPro cameras were used in the cockpit of Air Force A-10s to capture scenes for the video below.

It may be close to retirement, but the “Wart Hog” remains one of the most bad-ass aircraft around.

The video was filmed by pilots of the 25 Fighter Squadron belonging to the 51st Fighter Wing at Osan Air Base, South Korea.

My son-in-law, Scott, was stationed here for a year early-on in his Air Force career. Since then he graduated from Air Force “Weapons School” and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Now he is embarking on a new career with United Airlines and will be flying the Boeing 737. His first flight carrying passengers will be this coming June.

We are all very proud of you Scott.