1961 Corvette

When my wife and I were young and lived in the San Fernando Valley, we lived in three apartments before moving to Orange County and buying our first house.

Our second apartment was a 2-story unit in downtown Van Nuys. One of our neighbors had a beautiful white ’61 Corvette just like the photo below.

I used to love hearing him slowly drive by our unit to reach the street. What a great sound it made.

Once he hit the street, it was pretty much what you hear in the video below, as he stomped it and accelerated down the street.

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB

In 1964, Ferrari introduced the 275 GTB, a huge step forward in the manufacturer’s quest for sports car dominance. (A friend gave me a hair-raising ride in a 1960 Ferrari similar to this that I will never forget.)

With an independent rear suspension and a rear-mounted transaxle, the 275 GTB had nearly perfect weight balance and excellent handling.

This 1965 275 GTB is one of the rare long-nose Series II models with a lightweight alloy body. First sold in Milan, this 275 made its way across the Atlantic to Ohio, where it remained for over 50 years.

The car has been immaculately restored to its original silver with black interior.