Our Fly Boy

Scott is married to our youngest daughter, Amber.

He is a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force reserve and flies the A-10 “Warthog,” truly a beast of an aircraft.

Here he is showing his nephew, our grandson, Kyle the cockpit of an A-10 several years ago.

Click Here to see A-10s in action.

He joined United Airlines as a First Officer a couple of years ago and flies 737s.

He is a great guy, father, and husband.

We are proud of you Scott and thank you for your service.

The Elephants That Came To Dinner

Inviting big, exotic animals inside probably wasn’t the plan when the Mfuwe Lodge was built in Zambia in 1998, but that’s what wound up happening.

The lodge surrounds a mango tree that a local group of elephants likes to feed on and sits on the path they traditionally used to get to it.

When Mfuwe opened for business, the elephants made it clear they had no intention of changing their route. They walked in like they owned the place, shuffled through the lobby and out into the courtyard to feast on mangoes.

The spectacle, no doubt concerning to whoever was working the reception desk the first time it happened, has become one of the lodge’s main draws, and attracts crowds of tourists every year.

According to the lodge, the group that makes the annual stroll through the lobby includes three generations of one elephant family, including their matriarch “Wonky Tusk” and the young “Lord Wellington,” who was born on the lodge grounds in 2009.

Wildlife cameraman Nathan Pilcher recently (2014) went to Mfuwe to see the elephants for himself and created the video below. (A very cute segment is when a baby elephant takes a nap in the lobby.)

Our Award Winning Police Officer

Casey is married to our middle daughter, Lori.

After moving to Redding he started in patrol for the RPD.

During this time he had two canine partners, a German Shephard and a Labrador Retriever.

He worked his way up to Sargent and then managed the Motor Squad.
After that, he moved to administration. While there he earned various awards for programs he instituted. One was a class that taught people about the quick life and death decisions officers must make in the field, so the general public has a better understanding of what officers face on a daily basis.

He is a great guy, father, and husband.

Thanks for your service, Casey, we are very proud of you.