A Lucky Grandson

Car nut Bob Whitter from Yulee, Fla., has been enjoying and collecting cars for about 40 years, so when his close friend wanted to restore and upgrade his 1957 Chevrolet using 21st century technology, he was more than happy to assist.

“He was more of a brother than a friend,” Whitter said. “He fought cancer for many years.”

The car was completely restored inside and out, with no expense spared.

But, the most important request was that his friends grandson get the car, and Whitter made that happen.

When I was in high school a ’57 Chevy Bel Air was the car to have. and this one is a beauty. What a lucky kid.


Our Fly Boy

Scott is married to our youngest daughter, Amber.

He is a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force reserve and flies the A-10 “Warthog,” truly a beast of an aircraft.

Here he is showing his nephew, our grandson, Kyle the cockpit of an A-10 several years ago.

Click Here to see A-10s in action.

He joined United Airlines as a First Officer a couple of years ago and flies 737s.

He is a great guy, father, and husband.

We are proud of you Scott and thank you for your service.