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September 2023 Conservative Article Reference List

Below are links to primarily Conservative or Libertarian-leaning articles that I have found enlightening with all that is happening in America and worldwide. I don’t always agree with their content, but if they make me think critically about that topic, I feel they are worth sharing so others can decide.

Scan the list and read what catches your eye; for some, just reading the headlines will provide enough insight into the article’s content.

Hopefully, you will take the time to read some of them which should open your eyes to the reality of the #DeepState and those promoting the #NewWorldOrder as well as consistent #MediaBias, and ongoing #FakeNews, gaslighting as well as the relentless attack on American values by Liberals and the #Progressive Left.

Liken the process of becoming better informed to working on a giant puzzle. As you read more and more about what is happening, things begin to fall into place and you finally see the big picture.

(FYI – I occasionally include links to an article that although not very newsworthy is so silly and/or outrageous that it needs to be seen to show the level of idiocy that exists in the world these days. Additionally, some articles may appear outlandish but are also believable. Hence, I leave it to readers to decide for themselves as many things we considered conspiracy theories in the past now turn out to be true.)

You can use your browser’s search function to find articles that are of special interest to you. Hold down the CTRL/CMND key at the lower left of your keyboard and simultaneously press the F key. Then enter a word in the pop-up box at the top of your screen. This will show you each article with that word in the title. Then click the up or down arrow to see other articles with that title.

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September 24, 2023 – Update In Process

ET: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has reversed his stance on stripping Ukraine aid from the Pentagon spending bill and putting it to a vote as a standalone measure

Western powers are falling behind in the development of new technologies, particularly in the military domain – This is partly caused by the perverse system of incentives that suffocates research and development work…

September 23, 2023

Department of Justice special counsel Jack Smith has added a new member to his team in the hunt to take down former President Donald Trump, and it’s someone with a history as an anti-Trumper

SCOTUS extended a hold on a lower court ruling limiting the Biden administration from communicating with Big Tech companies about content moderation. The pause will now go until Wednesday, Sept. 27…

An attorney and spokeswoman for former President Donald Trump lambasted the multiple indictments against him earlier this month while also ripping trial dates imposed by judges that occur during the heat of the primary season

Gatestone: Thanks to the Policies of the Obama and Biden Administrations, the New Axis of Evil – Russia, China, North Korea, Iran – Posing a Worldwide Existential Threat

A Tale of Two Oligarchies – Ukrainian billionaires and their friends in Washington

September 22, 2023

RFK, Jr. Has Close Shave with Gunman in LA – The Biden administration still refuses to provide security during his campaign

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with U.S. leaders hoping for increased support for his country’s ongoing war with Russia, but a letter from 29 Republican members of the House and Senate dashed some cold water on his aspirations

House Democrat Whip Katherine Clark revealed a scheme to use Rep. Matt Gaetz’s effort to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy as leverage to end the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden

Alan Dershowitz predicts Donald Trump will be convicted of some crimes before the 2024 general election – The NYT reported in August following the fourth round of indictments against Trump that he faces 91 felony counts

JD Rucker: Gavin Newsom VETOES Parent Trans-Affirming Bill… Which Means He’s Running for President – War with the trans-supremacy cult is only worth it to Newsom if he has the Oval Office in his sights

The Democrat mayor of Dallas announced he has switched political parties and will finish his final term as a Republican – Eric Johnson, also called on other civic leaders to embrace conservative ideas and said…

Senator Bob Menendez of NJ and his wife have been indicted on charges of bribery – Prosecutors announced the charges against him nearly six years after an earlier criminal case against him ended with a deadlocked jury

September 21, 2023

On Wednesday, Alejandro Mayorkas announced that an estimated 472,000 Venezuelan nationals already in the United States illegally would become eligible for temporary protected status and work authorization

JD Rucker: The Plot to Destroy Russell Brand Is a Message to All of Us and a Trial Balloon to Test Outrage – This story is far bigger than most in conservative and alternative media are reporting…

September 20, 2023


September 19, 2023


September 18, 2023


September 17, 2023

Gatestone: Despite leaked intelligence reports about Chinese interference in Canada’s last two federal elections in 2019 and 2021, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has refused to hold a public probe into the matter

September 16, 2023

Bidenomics: The national deficit and inflation soars despite the “Inflation Reduction Act” – Eleven months in, and we have already borrowed $1.5 trillion this fiscal year, compared to $946 billion at the same point last year

Gatestone: Instead of stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons the US is bribing the mullahs not to go to 90% enrichment, at least on the Biden administration’s watch ahead of the November 2024 US presidential election

Kari Lake Files A 74-Page Lawsuit Against Katie Hobbs And Election Officials – Lake claims the election was tainted by misconduct that included malfunctioning election systems and improper signature verification of early voters’ ballots

Jack Smith is asking US District Judge Tanya Chutkan to place a gag order on Trump, citing his “disparaging and inflammatory attacks on the citizens of this District, the Court, prosecutors, and prospective witnesses”

September 15, 2023

House Republicans presented a dossier of 22 instances that demonstrate Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s alleged “influence peddling schemes” in response to Democrat and media claims that there is no evidence supporting the impeachment of Biden

The IRS is hiring 3,700+ tax enforcers to audit higher earners but a watchdog worries about audits for those under $400,000 due to an unclear “high-income” definition

Colorado Governor Jared Polis issued an executive order directing all state-run facilities to “phase out” the use of gas-powered lawn care equipment saying that his goal is to “reduce air pollution” and “advance water conservation

TVF: Corporate Media is the Enemy of the People: Here Are Ten Stories They Never Told You About This Month – #6 – Teachers are being decimated by aggressive metastatic cancers after vaccine mandates

California’s legislature approved a resolution in support of Governor Newsom’s call for a 28th Constitutional amendment – The amendment would enshrine a list of Democratic gun-control policy priorities into federal law

JD Rucker: New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, with pressure from every direction, including her fellow Democrats, plus a court order against her, amended her gun ban to “only” go after certain public venues

September 14, 2023

Gatestone: Europe is in “complete denial” as China spreads its influence on the continent – That is the urgent, unequivocal view of Ivana Karásková, a Czech foreign influence specialist and a special adviser…

The Fulton County District Attorney Is Accused of Burying Evidence That Could Derail Their Trump RICO Case

Federal prosecutors have charged Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, with fresh gun charges – The three-count indictment filed Thursday can be read in full here…

House Democrats acknowledged Wednesday that Hunter Biden’s then-business partner, Eric Schwerin, handled President Biden’s finances for the duration of his vice presidency

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito on Thursday temporarily placed on hold a lower court ruling that blocked the Biden admin over its social media contacts

September 13, 2023

A Federal Judge Again Declares The DACA Program Unlawful – A federal judge in Texas declared the revised version of the former Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program illegal

September 12, 2023

Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced on Sept. 12 that the House will open an impeachment inquiry to investigate the possible involvement of President Joe Biden in the business dealings of his son Hunter Biden

A former Secret Service agent on then-first lady Jackie Kennedy’s security detail in Dallas in November 1963 when JFK was assassinated came forward with new information that may place the findings of the Warren Commission in doubt

September 11, 2023


September 10, 2023


September 9, 2023

Joe Biden insists there was an “absolute wall” between himself and his family’s overseas business adventures – Too bad for him because that wall appears to be crumbling

What are Joe Biden’s unarticulated reasons for his very costly overseas intervention in Ukraine? – All signs point back to the Burisma deal

Political leaders of the world’s largest economies reached a consensus agreement at the G20 Summit coming together ahead of schedule on a broad economic agenda that addresses rising prices and climate change

An Eyewitness on the Border – “If a terrorist crossed the border right now there is about a 0% chance of him getting caught -. Most checkpoints are shut down because there are no agents to run them, everyone is processing or Ubering ‘asylum seekers’ around”

A Bill to Ban Ballot Hand Counts Passed The California Assembly And Goes To Newsom For Signature – AB 969 is a response to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors hand count decision earlier this year

ZH: The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that Biden administration officials likely breached the First Amendment by pressuring social media companies to moderate or take down content they deemed problematic

The Truth about America’s Department of Education – Former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos gives PragerU CEO Marissa Streit some really good answers in this very informative interview

A California scientist admitted he tailored research to enhance the probability of allegedly biased editors at science journals publishing his study

The WEF and the Climate Cult – The first goal of the collusion between the WEF and the climate cult is to convince the upper and middle classes of the wealthiest industrialized nations that diminished expectations are virtuous

Sharyl Attkisson: In a case illustrating the security lapses along the southwest border, an illegal immigrant sex offender previously deported eight times was caught entering the country yet again through Mexico

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham issued an order Friday suspending, for 30 days, state residents’ rights to carry guns for self-defense in Albuquerque – The ban applies to concealed and open carry

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: HURRICANE BIDEN? – Karine Jean-Paul-Pierre-Sartre keeps telling us how vigorous and energetic (P)resident Biden is…

September 8, 2023

Sharyl Attkisson: There are serious shortfalls in oversight of US billions still being sent to Afghanistan – The US is the largest donor to the Afghan people having appropriated more than $2.35 billion since the Taliban takeover…

The Democrats’ 2024 Magic Bullet: Mass Mail-In Voting – Democrats realize they cannot run a normal campaign, leading up to a normal Election Day, and win the 2024 presidential election

Jim Jordan has launched an investigation into allegations of prosecutorial abuses by the Office of Special Counsel Jack Smith – Jordan sent a demand letter to Smith, asking him to provide information on what his office is up to

Biden Plans to Trap Illegals in Texas – Governor Abbott: I won’t allow Biden’s border crisis to be a Texas-only problem – “This scam was tried years ago & was shot down by a judge. “We will add even more buses of migrants to DC

ZH: People used to say that global governance by elitists was a fantasy. – Now it’s openly admitted The CIC is tied to the WEF, UN, and IMF, in an attempt to link them more closely to the corporate world for inter-cooperation

World Economic Forman (WEF) Chairman Klaus Schwab has called on governments to merge with the corporate elite to end “the era of capitalism and allow corporate power elites to begin forging public policy

The FBI and HHS are Stonewalling Congress Over The Illegal Chinese COVID Lab In California – The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic threatened to subpoena records after they refused to produce them

Canadian Government Warning: “Some states have enacted laws and policies that may affect 2SLGBTQI+ persons that “could face certain barriers and risks when you travel outside Canada, particularly in the USA”

On Friday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s ruling that prohibits numerous federal government officials from contacting social media companies

On Friday, 41-year-old Shannon Brandt, who intentionally killed 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson after deeming him a “Republican extremist,” in McHenry, North Dakota, in September 2022, was sentenced to just 5 years in prison

US Intel Official: The Media Is Misleading Americans About Ukraine’s Battlefield Success – “There is no evidence that Ukrainian forces have gotten past the first line” – The American press is doing anything but honest reporting

ZH: Cracks Appear As Insiders Say Negotiations With Russia  Is Only Way Out – Indications are that decision-makers in Western governments are seriously considering ways to jump-start potential peace negotiation talks

Biden’s Secret Nuke Deal is a Farce and Emboldens Iran – The International Atomic Energy Agency disproves Biden’s dismissing its danger and falsely portraying it as a deal that halted Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons

The Curious Case of Mar-A-Lago: A Timeline of Intrigue, Injustice, & Malfeasance – As we peel back the layers of this intricate onion, a timeline emerges that raises more questions than it answers – The timeline speaks volumes

FBI head Christopher Wray pushes for renewal of Section 702 spying power – The provision has come under harsh criticism due to the revelation that the FBI misused data collected under the provision to spy on Americans

The Democrat party, not Biden, is the problem in America – Ask people you know these questions, emphasizing whether they apply merely to Biden, or is something much broader and deeper afoot…

NR: The Answer to Injustice Isn’t No Justice – Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy contend that a grave injustice is afoot as prosecutors and judges alike expose their biases against Capitol Hill riot defendants

Boston Is another Democrat-run city overrun with crime, but their solution is off the table – There’s a residency requirement in place, requiring that an officer must be a Boston resident for ten years to be on the job

A sold-out South Dakota event to raise funds for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has fueled speculation Trump may be considering Noem as a potential 2024 vice-presidential candidate

Nancy Pelosi announced on Friday that she will seek re-election to a 20th term in the House of Representatives in 2024 – The 83-year-old California Democrat announced her run in a post on the X social media platform

Attorneys general from all 50 states and four territories sent a collective letter to Congress, calling for the establishment of an expert commission to address the exploitation of children through AI-generated child porn

Chicago’s O’Hare airport is being used to house more than 400 illegal aliens in a section of the facility that is hidden behind black curtains, according to a report from Fox News

A U.S. appeals court temporarily halted an order for Gov. Greg Abbott to dismantle a 1,000-foot barrier of floating buoys in the Rio Grande to discourage crossing into the state illegally and reduce the trafficking of drugs and children

ZH: California Governor Gavin Newsom, long thought to be the Democrats’ secret weapon against Donald Trump in 2024, announced he’s not running for president in 2024, and that VP Kamala Harris is his “natural successor”

San Francisco Is Officially America’s Worst City: 1 In 8 Home Sellers Lose Money With An Average Loss Of $100,000 –  Prices have seen annual declines for the past 8 months – In retrospect, it’s surprising that it took so long

JD Rucker: Corporate Media Backs Bill Gates’s Evil Plan – Gates plans to raze at least 70 million acres of Western forests to prevent “climate change” – If leftists can’t comprehend the contradiction here, they’re completely lost

The Biden Admin Encourages Unlawful Hiring – A list of employers participating in a worker-verification program run by ICE, the (IMAGE) program was removed from their website without explanation

The Biden administration considers forcing some migrant families who enter the country without authorization to remain near the border in Texas while awaiting asylum screening, effectively limiting their ability to travel within the U.S.

NR: Elected Democrat Officials Finally Realize the Consequences of Unrestrained Migration – If you’ve listened to NY City Mayor Adams lately, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re at a Donald Trump rally

The Biden Administration May Order Illegal Migrants to Stay in Red States And Not To Go To Blue States, Thereby Punishing Texas and protecting New York City

The Biden administration blew past its August limits on the number of asylum seekers allowed into the country, releasing a group dominated by single males into the nation’s interior, Homeland Security data shows

ZH: A Georgia Grand Jury “Went Insane” When They Targeted Lindsey Graham And 38 Others Over January 6 – You know it’s bad when it’s too much for Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis

A group of 22 left-wing organizations announced the formation of “Press Forward,” a coalition to spend over $500 million in a campaign to influence local media outlets

Harbingers of Europe – In Europe, the beginning of the end of private ownership of cars has begun due to the cost of owning a car due to “Net-Zero” – What happens there frequently happens here with about a 5- to 10-year delay

Tucker Carlson Outed Obama as Gay, But Everyone is Missing the Bigger Story – I Was Obama’s College Classmate At Columbia University And I’ve Been Trying to Warn America What He Is Up To For 15 Years!

California’s Minority-Stress Experiment – Legislative efforts to combat supposed“homophobia” and “transphobia” have produced few results other than stifling free speech

Democrats wield bureaucracy like a bludgeon – California legislation would rezone land owned by nonprofit colleges and religious institutions, such as churches, mosques, and synagogues, to allow for affordable housing

Western Heights School District in Oklahoma City hired a drag queen as principal of the John Glenn Elementary School – Shane Murnan, is “a drag queen who goes by the name of Shantel Mandalay”

University of AZ trains nurses to tell children as young as three years old that it’s normal to feel like the opposite gender or “neither, both, or someone else” and quiz them on how they “feel on the inside” about their gender… 

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The United States has been unique in its dedication to free speech, but that Constitutional right is being slowly eroded in the name of national security and protecting public health

September 7, 2023

Elon Musk Told Biden and Zelensky to Pound Sand Because He Thought They’d Start Nuclear War – He turned off Starlink access to stop a Ukrainian sneak attack on the Russian naval fleet that would be a “mini-Pearl Harbor”…

The “Bidenomics” Gaslighting That Is Going On Reveals Joe Biden’s Impotence in the Lead-Up to 2024 – There is simply nothing else for him to run on

Former Trump economic advisor Peter Navarro was found guilty of contempt of Congress by a DC jury for allegedly not complying with a subpoena issued by the House Select Committee on January 6

Department of Justice prosecutors are seeking a 120-day sentence for InfoWars host Owen Shroyer, who did not enter the Capitol building on January 6 claiming he “spread election disinformation paired with violent rhetoric” 

Spectator: Democrats Rebut The 2020 Rigging Accusations By Rigging 2024 Elections – It started far before Wednesday’s attempt in Colorado to remove Trump from the ballot

Harvard’s Stupidly Obvious Affirmative-Action Counter Play – Evaluating people as individuals isn’t some “Brilliantly Innovative Strategy TM”

Democrat Lawmakers Vote For Leftism In Lockstep, While Republicans Routinely Abandon Conservatism – The 10 least-conservative states based on how Republican lawmakers vote were Mississippi, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Idaho

Harvard University came in dead last for “Freedom of Expression” with the lowest score possible, 0.00, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression’s latest College Free Speech Rankings

Employer health insurance costs are expected to increase significantly in 2024, affecting both workers and businesses as hospital operating costs rise, according to data reported by The Wall Street Journal

NYT: China’s Military Is Going Global – At Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base, China nears completion of its first overseas military outpost in the Indo-Pacific region – This represents a major evolution in Beijing’s defense strategy

Donald Trump told the judge overseeing the Fulton County, GA, election subversion case that he “may” try to move his state case to federal court which could help him fight the 13 charges he faces by invoking immunity protections

Margot Cleveland: A FOIA Turns Up Zilch On The “Full Authority” Garland Claims He Gave Weiss Over Hunter Biden – The “non-existent documents” provide more evidence that Attorney General Merrick Garland misled Congress

I&I/TIPP Poll: Is Biden a National Security Threat? – 70% of respondents were either “very concerned” (44%) or “somewhat concerned” (25%) – 15% answered “not very concerned,” while 13% said “not at all concerned” 

Joe Biden has doubled the deficit – The national debt has increased by $5.2 trillion under Biden – That is a big difference from his claimed $1.7 trillion reduction

Biden’s administration finalized plans for a program it claims will reduce air pollution from heavy-duty engines and vehicles across the US, but truckers argue this will crush the supply chain and put our food supply at risk

Trump’s Movement Transcends Politics – Everybody has heard him say: “They’re not after me; they’re after you. I’m just standing in their way” – But as is the case in many instances, Donald Trump is right again

Victor Davis Hanson: What Game is Hunter Biden Playing? – He either cannot control his behavior, or he is an embittered, angry son

Mar-a-Lago’s IT Director Struck A Deal With Jack Smith To Avoid Charges Related to Trump’s Classified Documents Case – Jack Smith claims Trump, de Oliveira, and Nauta erased potentially damaging security surveillance footage

Michelle Obama Flees to Spain as Barack’s “Ex-Boyfriend” Speaks Out – Larry Sinclair has maintained for years he had a gay relationship with Barack before he ran for president – Tucker Carlson says the claims are very credible…

Families seek solid formations for their children – Biden’s border crisis adds to their hurdles, as schools across the country grapple to deal with an illegal influx that prioritizes foreign migrants above our American children

Chicago Public Schools Issues Talking Points On How to Argue With Parents Concerned About Extreme Gender Ideology – If you are aware of the filth peddled in your kid’s public school, speaking out might earn you the label “extremist”

A San Bernardino Superior Court judge granted a temporary restraining order on a Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education policy requiring parents to be notified if a student changes their gender identification

Bad Trans-Actions – The destructive transgender fad shows no sign of abating in California, but as school resumes,  resistance from parents is mounting

ZH: House Speaker McCarthy Faces House Revolt Over Biden’s Latest Slush Fund For Ukraine – He is once again facing internal revolt from Freedom Caucus members over Biden’s $40 billion supplemental spending request

3 federal judges ripped Alabama’s recent congressional district map to shreds and ordered that the work of producing a new map be taken away from the Republican-controlled state Legislature, Reuters reported Tuesday

Twitter/X owner Elon Musk revealed on Wednesday that Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, sought to shake him down for donations just like he did to Adidas, the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving

California will soon make it illegal to ‘”misgender” your child – A recently amended California bill would make any parent who doesn’t affirm transgenderism for their child guilty of abuse under California state law

September 6, 2023

Why Is Joe Biden Blocking U.S. Energy Development? – Throttling U.S. energy production hands hostile countries like China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia even more leverage over the global energy supply

California primary voters will decide whether to require hotels to shelter unhoused individuals in vacant rooms – Under the measure, hotels must report vacant rooms to the Los Angeles Housing Department by 2:00 PM each day

U.S. District Court Judge David Ezra ordered Texas to move floating buoys that were placed in the middle of the Rio Grande to block migrants from illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border

Biden’s war on domestic fossil fuels is squandering the nation’s advantage, and up-and-coming economic BRICS competitors are seizing this unprecedented opportunity to advance their position

Newt Gingrich: American Despotism – Patterns leading to this crisis of constitutional government and the rule of law are far bigger, involve far more people, and are more dangerous than the dishonesty and criminality of the Biden family

Democrats Prepare to Turn on Biden – American voters disapprove of his performance when it comes to the economy, the border, China, and the war with Ukraine, and Democrats think he’s getting too old for reelection

Democrat Ploys to Deny And Overturn GOP Presidential Wins Are Revealed in A New Trump Ad – Democrats can deny elections, it’s a First Amendment right

John Hinderaker: THE LOOMING BUDGET SHOWDOWN – I yearn for the days when people cared about the national debt, and when spending and taxes were the principal issues that divided the Left from the Right

Among nonvoters, many agree that elections are rigged – By 2-1, non-voters say they would support Trump over Biden, an exclusive USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll finds – Their participation would change the political landscape

Donald Trump says he will “absolutely” testify in a trial court next May in connection to over thirty charges brought against him for storing 300,000 classified documents in his private residence at Mar-a-Lago

JD Rucker: A Note to Republicans About Mitch McConnell – It’s crystal clear that Mitch is done – If Republicans are calling on Democrats to step down over mental acuity issues, they should do the same with McConnell

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., affirmed Wednesday afternoon that he has no plans to step down amid continued questions about his health following two freezing episodes this summer

TVF: Tucker Carlson Interviews the Man Who Claims He Had Sex With Barack Obama – “It definitely wasn’t Barack’s first time [sleeping with a man], and I would almost be willing to bet you it wasn’t his last”

Special Counsel David Weiss will indict Hunter Biden before the end of the month – “The Speedy Trial Act requires that the Government obtain the return of an indictment by a grand jury by Friday, Sept 29, 2023, at the earliest”

The Trees of Lahaina – An interview with an arborist sparks firestorm controversy about the possible use of Directed-Energy Weapons

Replacing Offshore Oil With Offshore Wind Is Biden-Level Stupid – Anybody who builds giant windmills in the Gulf of Mexico can quite foreseeably be made very sad when a big hurricane comes bounding through

Google is moving a technology conference out of San Francisco, as the city struggles with high crime and rampant drug use – The company will host its Google Cloud Next conference in Las Vegas next year, SFGATE reported

Gatestone: Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping is rapidly militarizing his country and has instructed its army to “prepare for war” and “fight and win” it

While Vice President During The Obama Administration, Joe Biden Signed Off on a Hunter Business Partner’s Burisma Talking Points an  Email Reveals

The Biden dilemma – Biden’s list of accomplishments are deeper fiction than the bookshelf in Target. He claims the economy is strong, whereas most Americans are forced to deal with rabid inflation daily, also…

USA Today: Two years of high inflation has people shopping in different places, scouring for discounts, and learning to do without –The typical household spent $202 more in July than a year ago for the same goods and services

Trump is my choice for 2024 – I have concluded that the biggest threat to the Deep State right now is Trump. And for that reason, he has my vote

Why are Democrats working so hard to keep Trump off the ballot if he is so easy to beat? – Every headline like this is an attempt to interfere in the 2024 election, by intentionally misleading the public

It has been reported that Mark Meadows is laying the groundwork to help Georgia prosecutors in their efforts to convict Donald Trump of racketeering and conspiracy charges related to Trump’s challenge of the 2020 election

I&I: The Washington Post let it slip that all is not well in Bidenomics land – The deficit, it reports, could end up hitting $2 trillion when the current fiscal year ends in three weeks, which it describes as an “unexpected deficit surge”

Biden wandered off during the Medal of Honor ceremony, breaking all protocols as well as common decency – Is there anyone less fit to be around men of authentic valor than cowardly, self-dealing Joe Biden?

For “Wokism” to Live, Free Speech Must Die Along with the First Amendment – “Wokism” is the “highest stage” of Marxism, the final descent of that malign, murderous ideology into intellectual degradation and absurd triviality

The Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight, long known as one of the only conservative stars in Hollywood, spoke out this week to issue a chilling warning about the “appearance of Satan in our community”

Who Are the Real Racists? – DEI is often described as the practical application of Critical Race Theory (CRT) – Not surprisingly, CRT is also closely associated with the development and efforts of Black Lives Matter (BLM)

September 5, 2023

Troubling numbers for U.S.-born workers buried in “Bidenomics” bluster – From July to August over 1.2 million U.S.-born workers dropped out of the labor force whereas around 688,000 foreign-born workers had found employment

JD Rucker: Newsweek reports the FBI interrogated American J-6ers over whether they knew a Ukrainian Spy operative, Sergai Dybynyn, who the FBI knows penetrated the US Capitol on J6 with other Ukrainian operatives

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer subpoenas Mayorkas, Secret Service over tip-off of 2020 Hunter Biden tax probe interview – They are investigating alleged misconduct in the DOJ’s Hunter Biden probe

A co-founder of Wikipedia warned that the site has been hijacked by the U.S. government and used as a tool for “info warfare” – Wikipedia is often viewed as an authoritative source of information on the Internet

The “Poop Rampage” in Wyoming is an important insight into today’s homeless problem – These are the same people who have taken over the streets in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles: They are drug addicts

Oil prices rose to their highest since November, after Saudi Arabia and Russia extended their voluntary supply cuts to the end of the year, worrying investors about potential shortages during peak winter demand

Cartels and Smugglers Understand Immigration Policy Better than the Biden Administration – The Washington Post just released early border data, showing an inevitable migrant family surge

Mitch McConnell’s health episodes show “no evidence” of being a stroke or seizure disorder, a Capitol physician said in a letter on Tuesday, offering little further explanation for the apparent freeze-ups

Tucker Carlson released a teaser for an upcoming interview with Larry Sinclair, who claims to have had sex with Barack Obama – Sinclair said he met Obama at a Chicago bar in November 1999, where they did drugs before sex

ZH: Laws to ban disinformation and misinformation are being introduced across the West, with the partial exception being the US, which has the First Amendment so the techniques to censor have had to be more clandestine

The Anti-Defamation League (“ADL”) has declared outright war on X – Not because X is antisemitic – It’s because the ADL is a branch of the Democrat party – But Elon Musk is vowing to fight back

Two videos show exactly why the world needs men, willing to be men – In the rugged terrain of the West two men free a savage feline from a snare – In the leftist NY subway, a man can break a cane over an elderly woman’s body

Zelensky sacks his defense minister as war enters new phase – It’s not the dramatic breakthrough many hoped for, but Ukraine’s counteroffensive has made “notable progress” in the southern Zaporizhzhia region

Dallas Ludlum: Cuba recently exposed a human trafficking operation that coerces Cuban nationals to participate in Russia’s conflict in Ukraine – As tensions escalate between nations, vulnerable individuals are being exploited…

Have the Chinese started their war with us? – With Biden in the saddle and the Pentagon focused on pronouns, a series of Chinese “tourists” were caught trying to penetrate U.S. military bases, supposedly by accident

We’re all witnesses to an attempted political murder – The American people have never been subjected to the  spectacle of a former president relentlessly pursued by partisans using government taxpayer-funded resources

Truth is beauty and beauty is truth and it’s really beautiful when you can manipulate the truth to suit your ends – Welcome to the world of PolitiFact, and every other “fact-checking” service operating today

Margot Cleveland: Emails confirm David Weiss and his top deputies were fed a false New York Times story that was presented as “Highly Credible,” which raises the question: Which FBI agent fed the Times the lies?

The Judiciary on Trial – Can the system rise above partisanship to produce results that will be considered fair by the majority of Americans, however reluctantly?

Gatestone: Iran and its Palestinian terror proxies openly state that their goal is not only to “liberate the land” (meaning the elimination of Israel), but also to thwart normalized relations between Israel and Arab countries

I&I: Can Biden’s Jobs Number Be Trusted? – Based on its initial estimates, the economy should have created 2.2 million jobs in 2023. Now Commerce says that number is less than 1.9 million – It’s exaggerated job gains by 19%

Just say no to bailing out Biden’s border crisis – Democrats are begging President Joe Biden for more federal money to help them house, clothe, feed, and educate the floods of immigrants overwhelming their communities

Conservatives are pressuring the Biden administration to scrap remote work for thousands of federal employees – The effort is led mostly by Republicans, but local officials from the Washington, D.C., area are on board as well

The FBI admitted as a result of a FOIA request filed by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) that it found 1,200 document pages related to their unlawful targeting of supposed “radical traditionalist” Christians

The Massachusetts AG is poised to decide this week if supporters of a petition to end the state’s standardized test requirements for graduation will be permitted to collect signatures to force a statewide referendum

The Arizona desert is becoming a deathtrap for many migrants journeying into the United States – The Tucson Sector has the distinction of being the deadliest in the nation for migrants crossing the border from Mexico

US gun sales top 1 million for 49 consecutive months – The heightened number of gun sales comes even as the Biden administration tries to crack down on firearms

Last Monday, California AG Bonta sued the Chino Unified School District over its new policy that sensibly requires schools to notify parents within 3 days when their child requests to be treated as the opposite (or neither) sex

September 4, 2023

John Solomon: As Biden scandals move toward impeachment, what Obama knew and when looms large – Private emails, ethical conflicts, foreign money, etc. hangs over a former president who boasted he was scandal-free

Organizers of trucker protests against Justin Trudeau face criminal trial this week – Lich and Barber have both been charged with mischief, obstructing police, counseling others to commit mischief and intimidation

Most of Kentucky’s state government is run by Republicans except the state’s governor Andy Beshear, who is a Democrat – Should Mitch McConnell have to be replaced Beshear won’t commit to naming a Republican

A Majority of Americans Say The Economy Is Bad And Getting Worse – 63%f of registered voters say the economy’s is “not so good” or “poor” – Just 32% say the economy is “good” and only 5% say the economy is “excellent”

A Virginia High School student ran away from home and was sex-trafficked through multiple states, in part because her HS failed to tell the child’s parents she identified as a male and was relentlessly bullied for it, a suit alleges

Why The Far Left Hates “Sound of Freedom” – Ultraliberals would have to admit their wrongs to curb child sex trafficking – The message of “Sound of Freedom” is strong and simple: “God’s children are not for sale”

Americans are fleeing blue states in droves over taxes and crime with Illinois leading the pack – After Illinois, California, New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania round out the list of top 5 outbound migration states in 2022

President Joe Biden is too old to serve in the White House effectively, according to more than 75% of Americans participating in a recent survey from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) claimed on Sunday that Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is trying to enact a government shutdown as a means to help him “hang on to the U.S. Senate”

Why I Will Always Support Donald Trump – From the moment he came down the escalator, he has offered a genuine conservative alternative to the Uniparty that Republicans always foist upon us

MAGA vs. the DoJ – Along with all its other efforts to hamstring Donald Trump’s legal defense in the D.C. case, the DOJ dumped 12.8 million documents on Trump’s defense team leaving them inadequate time to prepare by March

Victor Davis Hanson: The Left brags that it now controls corporate boardrooms, media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the administrative state, academia, foundations, social media, entertainment, professional sports, and Hollywood…

Shrinking Bidenomics: Alarm grows as jobs, GDP data revised downward, again – Under the Trump administration, job growth was higher than expected every year

ZH: The 10-Year US Treasury is on course for a 3rd consecutive loss (after -3.9% in ’21, -17.0% in ’22, and -0.3% in ‘23), something which has not occurred once in the 250-year history of the US republic since 1787

The Democrats and Labor: The Democrat Party was once the party of labor, but that has changed – The private sector labor force has effectively been abandoned by the Democratic Party

Disaster and corruption in the Valley Isle of Maui – Hold people accountable – Distractions like “climate change” deflect focus away from elected officials and others responsible for the safety of their citizens and maintenance of state property

Are Mexico’s cartels going to control our food supply, too?  – Crushing federal and state regulations are forcing California’s farmers to move operations to Mexico – What could go wrong?

Transgenderism is a tragic money-making scam – Simply Tom Boys and Effeminate, No Longer – It is a scam to pretend that a desire or delusion to be of the opposite sex is actually attainable, or even natural

September 3, 2023

The Gathering Middle Eastern Storm: Israel’s Dilemma: Part Four – The timing issue and lessons not yet learned – If a nuclear Iran strikes Israel, a nuclear retaliatory strike would likely be launched by Israel…

ZH: The Real Shocker In Friday’s Jobs Report – 1.2 Million Native-Born Workers Lost Their Jobs, And Were Replaced With 668K Foreign-Born Workers

ZH: Censorship of the Internet has been getting worse, but we just reached a new level – On August 25th, a new law known as the “Digital Services Act” went into effect in the European Union allowing bureaucrats to decide…

ZH: The Air Force Wants To Replace The Highly Effective Modern A-10 With  A “Flying Tinderbox” –  “By scrapping the A-10, the Air Force is guaranteeing more Gold Star families will be created”

The Biden admin proposes a crackdown on dishwashers – Industry and consumer groups issued a scathing criticism of the plan -Dishwashers are the latest appliances to find their way into the green agenda’s crosshairs

Cancel Culture Trickles Down – In a small Republican-leaning town, the local library board felt free to “disinvite” from speaking a mainstream conservative author with a dozen C-SPAN Book-TVs under his belt…

Alex Soros, the son and heir of billionaire George’s empire, declared his primary mission in 2024 is defeating MAGA and preventing Donald Trump from winning the White House

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection has partnered with Fivecast to deploy social media surveillance software that can detect “problematic” emotions of social media users and report them to law enforcement for further action

There is damming evidence of organized election fraud in Michigan, implicating city clerks and a multimillion-dollar Democrat NGO, GBI Strategies – They question the integrity of the 2020 election and cast a shadow on law enforcement agencies…

NR: The Generation That Forgot History – The superiority and messianism exhibited by many young people and the leaders of postmodern progressivism, are unjustified and demonstrate ignorance of fundamental historical events

The Post-Constitutional Episode – The media and the judiciary double down on the hoax prosecutions of Donald Trump and the J6 protestors – The federal courts in the District of Columbia are almost uniformly left-wing partisans

Everything Wrong With Obama’s Legacy – Obama’s assault on Americans’ constitutional rights/protections and constitutionally defined governmental institutions and their respective authority entailed myriad particulars…

LoTT: BREAKING: A Wisconsin school district defends offering kids guides to anal sex and sex kinks by claiming the content passed the “selection guidelines”

September 2, 2023

ZH: Rusty Tanks, Exchange Rate Hysteria, and Borrowing Like There’s No Tomorrow – A look at the economies of Russia, the UK and America

ZH: The Left’s Relentless War On Donald Trump And Everyone Who Disagrees – It’s never been about Trump, it’s about forcing Americans into submission…

WSJ Poll: Donald Trump’s Primary Lead Just Doubled, Spelling Trouble for Primary Opponents and Biden – The former president is the top choice of 59% of GOP primary voters, up 11 percentage points since April

TVF: A Pollster Reveals How Donald Trump Shapes Up Against Joe Biden in the 2024 Election – “I was blown away by these numbers”

Mitch McConnell’s Obvious Cognitive Deficiencies Cause Democrats To Panic – The Kentucky senator’s senility can’t be denied, and Bidenites begin to worry they’re on the verge of losing their greatest ‘bipartisan’ ally

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has formed a team of “equity experts” that seeks to end private car ownership – These “experts” insist that “all cars are bad,” including EVs

USSOCOM has enlisted the services of Accrete AI, a New York-based company, to implement a software solution designed for identifying what they deem to be “real-time” disinformation hazards across social media platforms

John Leake: Lahaina Was A Predictable & Predicted Disaster – Government agencies cannot be trusted to prevent catastrophes – There Is More Coming On This Story

Giant Grift: Biden administration has only recovered a few of the $280 billion in stolen COVID aid – Congress fears most of the money stolen by Russia, China and Nigeria isn’t being investigated

Is “Fragile Masculinity” The Problem With Our Men? – We’ve discarded the biblical view of protective and dutiful manhood – We need to bring it back before it’s too late

A distraught ‘transgender’ person’s video brings important truths to light – You’ll learn that homosexuals may finally be done with “transgenderism” and understand why having a world with boundaries is important

Almost Everything Is in the Hands of Teachers – A good teacher marks you for life. The training of students will depend much more on the teacher than on all the political, propaganda, and legislative mess of the government

Doom Loop City of San Francisco – Let’s hope another defund-the-police wave doesn’t slam the pendulum in the wrong direction

Gavin Newsom’s plan to bridge the digital divide is becoming a boondoggle – His Administration’s Public Utilities Commission is turning a COVID-era promise into the reckless spending of billions of dollars

Pirates Are Starting To Emerge In The San Francisco Bay Area – Moving fast to become Mogadishu-by-the-Bay, San Francisco’s leftist policies have brought the emergence of sea pirates targeting Bay Area boats

Katy Grimes: Sacramento California Ranks 2nd Dirtiest City in America – Only Baltimore Maryland is dirtier than California’s State Capitol in sanitation-related 311 complaints

Russia has on Friday announced its Sarmat ICBMs are on “combat duty” – RIA has quoted the head of the country’s space agency Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov, to confirm: “The Sarmat strategic complex has been put on combat duty”

Gatestone: Iranian Regime’s Mullahs Are Pocketing Billions Thanks to the Biden Administration – The Biden administration continues to ratchet up its appeasement policies with the ruling mullahs as they continue lying…

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said if House Republicans move forward with an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, the move would come from a formal vote on the floor of the House

A California-based energy company the Biden administration greenlighted for a Michigan electric vehicle battery plant project has considerable ties to the Chinese Communist Party 

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Wikipedia Is an Information Warfare Tool – Wikipedia is the most biased encyclopedia in history, having been hijacked by U.S. intelligence, industry, and the political establishment years ago

In a genuine double-take moment Thursday, Tucker Carlson casually lumped both the incumbent president and his top GOP rival as “too old” to run this country

NR: The Coming Student-Loan-Repayment Fiasco – The transition back into repayment will be rocky, thanks in no small part to the Biden administration’s politicization of the student-loan program

It’s often said that “birds of a feather flock together.” Now, as the 2024 election nears, anti-trump RINOs and radical anti-constitutional Democrats have become birds of a feather, who share a common philosophy…

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: GEEZER EDITION – Mitch McConnell, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Biden, and John Fetterman are making me pine for the youthful vigor of the old Soviet Politburo

September 1, 2023

ZH: The Justice Department announced a new rule to amend ATF regulations and expand the definition of a firearms dealer to include those who sell even a single firearm

Preparing to Lose Two Wars – The establishment says that defending Ukraine will keep Taiwan safer – This couldn’t be further from reality as the aid being given to Ukraine is making Taiwan even more vulnerable

NR: Ready for the consequences of China’s collapse? – The most enduring effect Donald Trump’s presidency had on DC was that it put the entire town into a new attitude of realism about China and its “wolf warrior” diplomacy

New Emails Explain Why Burisma Offered Hunter Biden That Cushy Board Seat – Hunter’s chummy relationship with Obama’s State Department, which garnered further attention when he met with then-Secretary of State John Kerry…

The Biden administration has spent the August congressional recess ramping up its defense strategy in preparation for what increasingly appears to be an inevitable impeachment push from the Republican-controlled House

United States voters believe by a 2-1 margin that dealing with the crisis on the Southern border is more important than aiding Ukraine to resist Russian invaders, according to a recent Rasmussen Poll

John Daniel Davidson: Wealthy Democrats Aided And Abetted The Biden Border Crisis, Now They’re Whining About It – Democrat-aligned CEOs in sanctuary cities can cry me a river about the migrant crisis they fomented

ZH: Time To Name The Clients – JPMorgan flagged over $1 billion in suspicious transactions linked to deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, which the bank reported to the US government

Donald Trump’s Georgia prosecutor, Fani Willis is the daughter of a black nationalist activist, a lawyer, and a political aide who founded the Black Panther party chapter in Los Angeles, California

The Biggest Missed Story of the 21st Century – The dumbing down of the American public with a large portion of the adult population no longer willing or able to exercise independent critical thinking on a wide range of issues…

The Key to Understanding the Global Warming Fraud – Al Gore and his Goldman Sachs partner were among the first to see the profit potential and established their firm in 2004, a year before the Kyoto Protocol became effective

A DC-biased judge sentences January 7 defendant to 17 years, pioneering a new era of cruel and unusual punishment – Draconian punishments reduce public respect for the rule of law, and this judge is doing his part

ZH: 8 Signs We’re On The Verge Of A Credit Card Debt Crisis – Americans increasingly depend on their credit cards to make ends meet from month to month while the average rate of interest balances has risen above 20%

A Barack Obama-appointed judge swiftly dismissed a lawsuit from a group arguing that Donald Trump shouldn’t be able to appear on the Florida primary ballot because of the events of Jan. 6, 2021 – “They lacked standing to bring the challenge”

Judge Scott McAfee  ruled that court proceedings in the election interference case against Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants in Fulton County, Georgia, will be televised and live-streamed and pool coverage will be allowed

Whistleblower Reveals Private FB Group Where MI Clerks Discuss STUNNING Evidence of Organized Fraud in the 2020 Election – There is more to this story than ONE city clerk receiving boxes of suspicious voter registrations

As average Americans struggle to put food on the table and pay their bills Joe Biden submitted paperwork giving federal government workers a massive pay raise while credit card and auto loan delinquencies are skyrocketing

Border Apprehensions Have Risen More than 30% for 2 Consecutive Months – Joe Biden’s deputies allowed a record-breaking inflow of roughly 300,000 migrants across the U.S. border in August

I&I: Unions and now the DOT portray their self-seeking agenda as providing benefits for all – Reality reverses their story – They worsen, rather than improve, the options of virtually everyone except union members

Dr. Joseph Mercola: RFK Jr.’s mini-documentary “Midnight At the Border” investigates the humanitarian crisis at the southern border – The Biden administration has effectively outsourced U.S. immigration to the Mexican cartels…

Fulton County’s DA Possesses Evidence Exonerating Georgia’s Alternate Electors – Fani Willis has evidence exonerating Republicans she’s targeting in her 98-page Georgia indictment

A Democrat Governor Overrules Biden And Humiliates Jean-Pierre – Massachusetts Governor Maura T. Healey issued an emergency order activating up to 250 National Guard members to deal with the migrant crisis

California’s Many Failures Have Governor Gavin Newsom Growing Desperate – Newsom is desperately trying to salvage his future presidential chances

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