November 2022 Covid-19 and mRNA Vaccine Article Reference List

Below are links to articles and/or blog posts primarily covering Covid-19 and the mRNA vaccines that were mandated for the general population as a supposed cure. Because of the many problems associated with them, people are now starting to question the entire vaccine schedule.

Hopefully, you will take the time to read some of them which should open your eyes to the reality of the Deep State,  Progressive Elite, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and others that have gaslighted the public on this subject area with the help of the Mainstream Media.

Liken the process of becoming better informed to working on a giant puzzle. As you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you finally see the big picture.

You can use your browser’s search function to find articles of interest to you. Hold down the CTRL/CMND key at the lower left of your keyboard and simultaneously press the F key. Then enter a word in the pop-up box that appears toward the top of your screen. This will show you each article with that word in the title. Then click on the up or down arrow to see other articles with that title.

November 30, 2022

The Unintended Consequence of COVID-19 Vaccines Permanent Installation of mRNA Genetic Code – Forever changing the human genome for future generations must have been a large part of the safety discussion in those DARPA and NIH transcripts

Results from a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report suggest the COVID-19 bivalent booster does little more than restore protection levels to pre-vaccination levels

Top Oncologist: Cancer In Patients Is Exploding After Getting Covid Shots – The solid link between the mRNA shots and blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks, and strokes is reason enough to stop the vaccine program

The government’s big lie about ivermectin finally revealed –  Joel S. Hirschhorn shares a jaw-dropping quote from a federal attorney defending the FDA in a lawsuit

Children’s Health Defense and three other organizations seek public access to critical depositions and documents produced on behalf of plaintiffs in a lawsuit alleging the federal government colluded with several Big Tech firms to censor COVID-19-related content on social media

Post-COVID Sleep Disorders are up by 75 Percent and here are two Solutions – Most COVID patients can’t sleep well—here’s why, and what to do

The U.S. CDC knew that COVID-19 shots damage recipients’ hearts and cause other serious complications but chose to cover up the information, bombshell documents unsealed under a court order have now revealed

Death Signal: Canadian Doctors Are Dying at 4x Prior Rate Under 40 and 8x Prior Rate Under 30 After The Vaccine Mandates – “This is not just unusual. This is unheard of,” noted renowned health researcher, Dr. Paul Alexander while speaking to Canadian physician and cancer researcher Dr. William Makis

Dr. Scott Atlas, a senior fellow in health care policy at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, confirmed that the FDA took an “unprecedented” approach against ivermectin and said that their defense amounts to the FDA trying to rewrite COVID-19 history

They Died Suddenly – Updated to include another video showing long-string blood clots taken from deceased individuals and blood clots inside a human brain along with other disturbing facts

Dr. Robert Malone: Worldwide COVID-19 Religious Restrictions – Shocking Revelations About Government Control, Along With Harassment Of Religious Groups And People

Click Here For COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 Charts, Data & Related CDC Information

November 29, 2022

Blinded by COVID-19 Vaccination – Visual loss is a cruel reminder that vaccine injury can strike within days of mRNA vaccination

A Look Inside the Vaccines and the Blood of the Vaccinated – Are unlisted ingredients in these vaccines proprietary secrets or unintentional contaminants?

A 2nd Grade Student Dies Suddenly – Alberta schoolteachers break their silence on what they’re witnessing after the shots as an epidemic of sudden death by “unknown cause” is occurring in Canada

Dr. Mark Trozzi, Dr. Patrick Phillips, and Dr. Crystal Luchkiw, along with their lawyer Michael Alexander explain their strategy for countering the criminal acts of the CPSO in suspending the licenses of ethical doctors and attempting to violate the confidentiality of their patient’s medical records

Dr. Robert Malone: The facts regarding the recently filed court case, Robert W Malone, MD, MS vs Peter R. Breggin, MD et al

The Global Covid Summit: Vaccine Victim Testimonies

November 28, 2022

Recently, various health agencies around the world have approved and are actively pushing for another COVID booster shot – Many studies have found that the boosters do not make a significant difference in protection, especially in terms of protection against reinfection

California’s 4th District Court of Appeal last week upheld a decision by a lower state court, finding school districts cannot impose vaccine mandates of their own on top of vaccines required by the state as a precondition for attendance

During seven hours of questioning under oath relating to a lawsuit alleging he and other Biden administration officials colluded with social media companies to censor COVID-19-related content, Dr. Anthony Fauci said he had “no clear memory of details that would shed light on his involvement in speech suppression”

Pfizer CEO Found Guilty of ‘Misleading’ Statements on Child Vaccines – “There is no evidence that healthy schoolchildren in the UK are at significant risk from the SARS-COV-2 virus and to imply that they are is disgracefully misleading”

Politicians and Media are Trying to Foist Another Covid Winter on America – Hysterical and misleading headlines from mainstream media tell the story as Newsom clings to his autocratic State Of Emergency Powers from March 4, 2020

November 27, 2022

Tragic: 14-Year-Old Vaccine Myocarditis Victim – Another one of the many young males mislead by health authorities

Dr. Coleen Huber: 6 months ago, and working independently, I cited 300+ studies that back up the assertions made in the documentary “Died Suddenly” – Now that it’s under attack, here is the gist of that back-up of cases

Unusual Adverse Events Are Now More Common After The COVID Vaccine Rollout – Public health officials and vaccine manufacturers acknowledge the high incidence of blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, and menstrual irregularities

MIT Professor Retsef Levi: Halt The Vaccination of Young People Until Vaccine-Linked Myocarditis Is Studied – Dissenting views about the COVID-19 agenda and narrative have been censored

Dr. Toby Rogers: Covid Thinking Points – A+ for obedience, wrong theories, the FDA kills one of their own, tick-tock, fitting in, manufacturing consensus, overcoming hesitancy, false news, alpha wolves, and the imaginary door

Before the film Died Suddenly was released, various investigations received far less attention but were pivotal in uncovering the truth about the Covid vaccine-induced “fibrous clots” that are causing people to die

An Estimated 50% of Americans Now Question Vaccine Safety – The VAERS has now logged over 1.4 million adverse events associated with the COVID-19 shots, including more than 30,000 deaths, half of which are from the US – No other vaccine has ever caused as many injuries

November 26, 2022

Another cardiologist calls for a halt to COVID mRNA shots  – He counts as many as 70 patients with heart conditions tied to patients that have taken the vaccine

November 25, 2022

Roger Kimball: The Left’s COVID Social Credit System Proceeds Apace – For the Left, domination is their aim, eradication of dissent is their dream, and weaponization of state and corporate power is their means to attain them

How COVID-19 Spike Protein Accumulation Could Result in Thromboembolism – Iconic Weatherman Al Roker demonstrates a common path taken by thousands

Deposition: Fauci admits China convinced him to push lockdowns – He was also unable to cite scientific any scientific evidence for flipping his position on the wearing of masks

Covid-19 mRNA Injections: Massive Regulatory and Manufacturing Fraud – Based on the number of reported deaths and adverse events per lot, there was unprecedented variability in the toxicity of the product

Gallup Poll: “28% of Americans say they are ‘very’ or ‘somewhat worried’ they will get COVID” – “78% believe the pandemic to be over, with most people saying that everyone should “lead their normal lives as much as possible”

Pfizer and Moderna have launched trials to determine any long-term negative health impacts associated with the use of their mRNA Covid vaccines – The FDA requires this research as a condition of its earlier approval of the vaccines

November 24, 2022

Kaiser Family Foundation Report: The Majority of Covid Deaths Are Among Those Vaccinated – 58% of coronavirus fatalities in August occurred in instances where the person was vaccinated against COVID-19 or had received a booster

Are you connecting the pandemic dots yet? – The master manipulators licked their chops as they upgraded this virus from a molehill to a mountain – They’d finally figured out how to stop Trump as they used COVID to take him down

The Lancet bows down to the COVID cult – As a postscript to the recent article by Emily Oster in the Atlantic, the COVID Cult is still at it, with no signs of letting up

More links to articles on this subject matter may be found here with probable overlap

November 23, 2022

Millions of COVID Cases Avoidable If Every American Took Vitamin D Supplements – The lack of vitamin D in the human body has long been linked to poor immunity

Steve Kirsch: The CDC finally replied when asked about the DEATH safety signal being triggered in VAERS – “The study was done by a third party, so we can’t comment on their findings”

Why those that are Unvaccinated Are Concerned About Close Contact With The COVID-19 Vaccinated – Learn more about the shedding of mRNA and spike protein

Those that were vaccinated now account for a majority of all COVID deaths – The FDA’s promises of efficacy – 91% for the Pfizer vaccine and 93% for the Moderna vaccine – were always based on hope, not data

Dr. Robert Malone: Tragic: 14-Year-Old Vaccine Myocarditis Victim – Another One Of Many Young Males Mislead By Health Authorities

“Refuse genetic vaccines!” urged former Pfizer chief scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon – What they should have done, he says, is what doctors Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory, and others were advocating all along — early treatment

As Dr. Anthony Fauci officially “retired” on Tuesday, former White House Coronavirus Task Force advisor Dr. Scott Atlas eloquently summarized the legacy Fauci leaves behind, which is one of “massive harm” to society

They Died Suddenly – Unless you’ve had your head in the sand it is unlikely that you haven’t heard story after story about the sudden deaths of formerly healthy individuals, from professional athletes to high school students

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The WHO is working with Big Tech to combat misinformation online – As a result,” 850,000 YouTube videos related to supposed COVID-19 misinformation” were removed from February 2020 to January 2021

November 22, 2022

After analyzing more than seven years of Massachusetts death certificates, independent investigator John Beaudoin, Sr., uncovered evidence that thousands of deaths in 2021 may have been linked to the COVID-19 vaccines

The CMS still requires “nursing homes to educate their residents” on COVID-19 vaccines and to offer vaccines to them, also nursing homes with low vaccination rates will be referred to state survey agencies for scrutiny

The LA County Department of Public Health Is Pushing Indoor Masking Due To An Increase in COVID Cases – Other counties could follow suit in the coming weeks

November 21, 2022

The crime committed against Dr. Paul Marik and his patients – “I Had to Stand by Idly, Watching These People Die”

Joe Biden signed a G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration to adopt vaccine passports to “facilitate” all international travel. – The White House states it supports “the WHO mRNA Vaccine Technology Transfer hub” as well as other tracing programs…

Dr. Joseph Mercola: During The 2022 Legislative Session 875 Vaccine-Related Bills Filed in 44 States — What’s Happening in Your State?

Nike and Washington State University are two of the latest employers to face lawsuits from employees who lost their jobs over COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Dr. Robert Malone: David Marks presents a comprehensive overview of how pandemic data was skewed to serve the interests of Big Pharma and Government agendas. It is from a new website just launched by the Children’s Health Defense

The FDA tries to weasel out of ever claiming it told people not to take ivermectin – Well, now we know why there was all this sudden amnesty talk going on to coddle and excuse COVID’s tyrants

November 20, 2022

Cardiologists Come to the Same Conclusion  – “The Covid mRNA vaccines have likely played a significant role or been a primary cause of unexpected cardiac arrests, heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrhythmias, and heart failure since 2021…”

The Truth About Ivermectin, Medical miracle or notorious lynchpin of misinformation? – In a social media message that has gone viral, the FDA labeled it as a drug for horses and not fit for human consumption

Dr. Robert Malone: The Dilemma of the Vaccinated – The earliest smoking gun was the accumulation of deaths and injuries in the US VAERS database and equivalent Eudra Vigilance database for Europe

Dr. Eric Nepute is being sued by the Federal Government for promoting the use of Vitamin D against COVID-19 infection – A recent study was conducted and it concluded that Vitamin D does help against COVID and it does save lives

Authorities in Oregon say they’re looking into a report they published that falsely claims sky-high COVID-19 hospitalization rates among children

ZH: They Will Lock You Down Again – The lords of lockdowns barely escaped their worst possible fate, namely that the topic would become the national and international source of scandal that it should be

The FDA Now Says Telling People Not To Take Ivermectin for COVID-19 Was Just a Recommendation

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The COVID Jabs’ Mechanisms of Injury – Two specific microRNAs have been found in people who got the vaccines, and these microRNAs interfere with Type 1 interferon response, a key part of your immune system

The Band-Aid Has Been Ripped off the Vaccine Agenda – 30% of Parents Now Question the Entire Schedule

November 19, 2022

The foreign data set was gutted this week in VAERS and the cancer signal was halved – Additionally, the myocarditis dose 3 response signal was lost, and 994 spontaneous abortions/stillbirths were dropped

In the face of, now, 93 Canadian physicians succumbing to sudden death post-vaccine rollout, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is doubling down on pushing COVID injections

Dr. Mark Trozzi: What You Need To Know About The Covid mRNA Vaccines

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion – Government, Big Tech companies, and the media only added to the scandal by suppressing free speech and open debate about the safety and effectiveness of the Covid mRNA shots

November 18, 2022

Dr. Peter McCullough: Seeing COVID up Close Makes It Difficult to Deny Its Existence – Electron Cryotomography of SARS-CoV-2 Virions

The Impact of Mass Vaccination on strengthening the SARS C0V2 Virus – Dr. Vanden Bossche provides a forecast for what lies ahead and some advice for our survival

Five COVID Investigations the GOP House Needs to Launch on Day One After Taking Over The House – #5: Legal immunity from liability for pharmaceutical corporations

Pfizer and Moderna are launching clinical trials to track long-term health issues following a diagnosis of vaccine-associated myocarditis and pericarditis in teens and young adults, but some experts said the risks are already clear

The Mask Parade Charade – In Canada 70% of the public want mask mandates back, even though study after study, peer-reviewed, top-of-the-line researchers are all saying these masks do very little good if any

The Massachusetts DPH is facing a class action lawsuit for allegedly working with Google to install “spyware” onto the Android devices of a million state residents without their knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic

Japanese Pharmaceutical Company Shionogi Says New Oral COVID-19 Drug Ensitrelvir Achieves Primary Endpoint – The a stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, cough, feeling hot or feverish, and low energy or tiredness

Vaccine Disaster: Myopericarditis Rates Are Off The Charts – 23,300 Suspected Cases Per Million! Equally as worrying, “Cardiovascular manifestations were found in 29.24% of patients”

November 17, 2022

Case Report: Severe Panic Disorder After Vaccination With the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA Vaccine

Australia has experienced a 63% drop in births after they introduced the covid “vaccines” – It is likely nobody in Australian politics says a thing about this damning data because it exposes the Fauci Flu shots as a depopulation too

G20 leaders have issued a joint declaration promoting a global standard on proof of vaccination for international travel and are calling for the establishment of “global digital health networks”…

November 16, 2022

The Senate Votes to End The COVID Emergency Declaration On A Bi-Partisan Vote – Joe Biden Says He Will Veto The Bill If It Passes In The House  of Representatives

“An Anti-Science Institution”: Long After End Of COVID Pandemic, Notre Dame Imposes A Vaccine Mandate On All Students, Even Remote Ones, For The 2023-24 School Year

A New Study Finds Heart Inflammation After COVID-19 Vaccination Higher With Moderna Than Pfizer – Some 269.5 cases of myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation, were estimated for men aged 18 to 29, researchers concluded

Steve Kirsch: Myocarditis in kids under 18 cases is up by over 100X in Canada – But the CDC says it’s only “slightly elevated”

The unusually intense coverage of a new study showing the benefits of the Pfizer antiviral drug Paxlovid can best be explained by the collusion between the media and the big drug industry

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Historic Negative Scholastic Impacts of Social Distancing – We are now beginning to see the negative effects play out in the form of historic learning setbacks, falling test scores, and developmental delays

November 15, 2022

How to Use Resveratrol for COVID Spike Protein-Related Symptoms

A St. Louis chiropractor could face more than $500 billion in civil penalties through a federal lawsuit that alleges that he profited from selling Vitamin D and zinc products in violation of the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act

Something Horrible Is Going On And The Longer They Ignore It, the More Criminal It Is – As many are aware, there is a “silent crisis” happening right now — excess deaths are occurring at rates we’ve never seen in modern history

Former White House COVID-19 adviser Dr. Scott Atlas sees multiple reasons for an investigation into Dr. Anthony Fauci, the outgoing director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

Australian health officials said they will not make any changes to their existing recommendations for COVID-19 boosters so won’t recommend a third booster (fifth dose) for any age group, despite rising case and hospitalization numbers

Steve Kirsch: Did Doug Brignole die from COVID or the vaccine he received a week before his death? – I have the coroner’s report. The answer is we’ll never know for sure

November 14, 2022

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Is Long-COVID the Elephant in the Room? – Long COVID refers to symptoms that persist for four or more weeks after the initial COVID-19 infection., and many are reporting symptoms after getting the COVID shot

November 13, 2022

Is myocarditis rare, or common? Let’s find out – The claim is that myocarditis is rare and that are only around 1,000 cases in young people. Really?!? Let’s find out. If you work in healthcare, please fill out my myocarditis/pericarditis survey

November 12, 2022

New evidence in the scientific community indicates that there is a strong correlation between COVID-19, its related vaccines, and the reactivation of other viruses which have previously infected the host – We dive deeper into the nuances

New evidence in the scientific community indicates that there is a strong correlation between COVID-19, its related vaccines, and the reactivation of other viruses which have previously infected the host

November 11, 2022

Health Officials Are Nowhere to Be Found as a “Silent Excess Death Health Crisis” Sweeps Over Europe – The data on children is especially disturbing

Dr. Joseph Mercola: A new Scandinavian study confirms that vaccinated individuals are at greater risk for circulatory concerns and issues involving the larger organs, the same signals popping up in the FDA surveillance data – So why aren’t doctors and officials concerned, and worse, why are they hiding the data?

A former NFL defensive tackle and a champion motorcycle racer are the latest examples of apparently healthy people dying suddenly amid evidence the COVID-19 mRNA shots are causing serious heart damage at a rate exponentially higher than for previous vaccines

Protection From 4th Dose of the COVID Vaccine Wanes Completely Within Four Months

The United States is likely to keep in place the public health emergency status of the COVID-19 pandemic until at least April of next year as the Biden administration gave no signal to states Friday that it would rescind the rule next year

November 10, 2022

Dr. Robert Malone: A Board-Certified Obstetrician cries “STOP” (Updated) – Promoting SARS-CoV-2 genetic vaccination in Pregnancy is an unprecedented ethical breach

South Korean Researchers Develop Neutralizer for New COVID-19 Strains – The more the virus mutates, the better the effect

Dr. Robert Malone: The Dilemma of the Unvaccinated, But We Won’t Forget – They celebrated our deaths and danced on our graves

November 9, 2022

COVID Vaccine Shedding, Canaries in the Mine – Pfizer had confessed to the FDA in 2020 their awareness of spike protein shedding

Where Spike Proteins Deposit in the Body After COVID or Vaccine (Full Chart) – Many doctors now blame the myriad of debilitating conditions reported after COVID-19 infections and vaccinations on the spike proteins present in both the virus and after vaccination

A Population-Based Analysis of the Risk of Glomerular Disease Relapse after COVID-19 Vaccination

Lots of links to articles on this subject matter may be found here with probable overlap

November 8, 2022

COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia – The spike protein produced in response to the vaccine genetic code causes hemagglutination and micro blood clotting – There is an excessive antigenic presentation of platelets to the spleen and reticuloendothelial system

The risk of rare heart inflammation may be higher after taking the Moderna rather than the Pfizer COVID vaccine

The Department of Defense Is Driving Mass Vaccination While FDA and Vaccine Companies are Powerless to Stop It

Pfizer Appears to have Corrupted the Entire Western World – The people have been lied to, everything that various governments did to infringe on people’s rights was based on a gigantic lie

ZH: The Funeral Business Is Booming (And Not Because Of COVID Itself) – How bad is the rise in the overall mortality rate? –  So bad funeral companies are starting to worry

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The COVID Dictators Are Now Pleading for Amnesty – While some now argue ignorance as their defense, there was no lack of data proving their positions were wrong, dangerous, destructive, and deadly, right from the start

November 7, 2022

Citing the available scientific evidence, renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough believes the best explanation for the “sudden and unexpected” cardiac events and deaths in otherwise healthy people is the COVID-19 vaccines

Myocarditis and Death After COVID Vaccines: Is the Risk Greater Than Public Health Officials Claim? – If the staggering rates of myocardial injury revealed by numerous studies are causally related to sudden cardiac death, the consequences may be catastrophic

Pfizer and Moderna are developing a combination vaccine using mRNA coding for the BA4/BA5 Omicron subvariant and new mRNA coding for antigens contained in the influenza virus, which is a terrible idea

Mainstream doctors and scientists who expressed dissenting COVID-19-related views reported censorship and suppression by media and medical authorities in a recent study – The study found “significant involvement of the media and the medical establishment in censorship and suppression of dissenters

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: The European Union Vaccination Roadmap, 2018-2022 – In case you were skeptical about The EU vaccination passport planning, here are the receipts

November 6, 2022

The Association Between Vaccines and EXCESS MORTALITY Is Getting Stronger and is Discussed in UK Parliament –Even a casual glance at the data shows that there’s a VERY STRONG CORRELATION between excess DEATHS & the level of vaccine uptake in that country

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: A Death Tsunami – “They Found a Way to Slow-Kill People With This” and “We now have over 900 professional athletes now that have died”

Signs You Have an Abnormal Spike Protein Blood Clot, and What to Do About – How they form, how to detect them early, and how they’re being treated

The FDA cheerleads bivalent boosters, Paxlovid as research and “rebounds” raise efficacy doubts – The vaccines chief may have been cut out of the White House-Pfizer loop on early trial data for the Omicron-targeting booster, recalling the White House making the original booster decision

According to Dr. Scott Atlas, restrictive pandemic policies shouldn’t be forgiven after the “massive harms and destruction” the lockdowns caused to the American public. Atlas, a COVID-19 adviser under the Trump administration

November 5, 2022

What’s in the Pfizer Covid shots? Graphene oxide? Nanobots? – Dr. David Nixon decided to find out by putting droplets of the Pfizer vaccine and the blood of vaccinated patients under a dark-field microscope

Data Indicates School Closures Didn’t Reduce The Number Of Child COVID Deaths – Claims of teachers unions and Democrats, now having faced the test of history, loom large in 2022’s elections

Researchers with the Food and Drug Administration concluded after an analysis of the agency’s data that there is an elevated risk of myocarditis in children as young as 12 after taking the Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Robert Malone: Propaganda Exposed [UNCENSORED] – This 9-Part Documentary Blows the Lid off The Collusion, Corruption, and Conspiracy between Government, Big-Tech & Big-Pharma Surrounding The Covid Pandemic

Is the Boston University Lab-Made Claim Of A “80 Percent Lethality” COVID Virus Real? – Through the use of the scientific deduction method, the Boston University-made recombinant virus has a mortality rate of 2.4 percent in humans

Why The Spike Protein Causes Abnormal, Foot-Long Blood Clots, 200 Symptoms –  In this 2-part paper, we provide discuss COVID-19-related abnormal blood clots, how they form, how to detect them early, and how they’re being treated

TSA Continues Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine Proof for Non-US Citizens to Enter The Country – The  United States is now the only western country to require COVID-19 vaccine proof for entry

Let’s Demand a Covid Mea Culpa – Pandemic measures that closed businesses, churches, and schools had serious costs and caused real damage. We cannot and should not allow our leaders to escape blame for their failures

The West has been given a rare, intimate look inside the confines of a Chinese Covid-19 concentration camp after Financial Times Shanghai correspondent Thomas Hale was ensnared by President Xi Jinping’s zero-Covid regime

November 4, 2022

In research led by the University of Queensland (UQ), COVID-19 was shown to activate the same inflammatory response in the brain as Parkinson’s disease and create a future potential risk for neurodegenerative conditions

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Do You Understand Your Risk of Dying From COVID? – For people under 70, the death rate was 0.014%, for under 50 years of age it was 0.002%, equating to a risk of 1 in 50,000, about the same as dying from a fire

A Record Surge of Infections in Children – Censored scientists and doctors have long warned that the mRNA COVID jabs destroy people’s immune systems, and we’re going to see an avalanche of infections as immune system failures set in

November 3, 2022

Dr. Peter McCullough: COVID-19 Vaccine Creates Life-Altering Surgical Emergencies – An arterial shower of blood clots could cause permanent damage

The severe measures imposed on society in response to the COVID-19 pandemic were based on wrong assumptions and, as it turned out later, were ineffective in stopping the spread of the coronavirus

A New Study Details How Media And Big Tech Censored Doctors and Scientists Who Challenged The COVID Narrative – It details their experiences and how they responded to efforts to suppress them

Sharyl Attkisson: In what is believed to be a world first, China introduced a new type of Covid-19 vaccine that is inhaled rather than administered via injection – Chinese regulators approved the vaccine for use as a booster in September

Now the Disgraced COVID “Experts” Want Amnesty? – “The experts” failed us when we needed them most. Then they demonized us for doubting their “expertise.” And now they admit they weren’t “the experts” at all — only “well-wishers”

Dr. Joseph Mercola: A Genetic Fingerprint Reveals Synthetic Origin of SARS-CoV-2 – That fingerprint shows the work of Ralph Baric was used in the creation of the virus as there is a direct match between his published research and the genetics found in SARS-CoV-2

Pfizer Uncovered: The Ultimate Goal of COVID Shots Was To Prevent Financial Loss – They chugged along year after year, trying to recoup losses until governments’ response to a coronavirus outbreak became a game-changer for them

November 2, 2022

The Covid virus Hits 7:1 Vaxxed Over Unvaxxed – Data analyst Ethical Skeptic concludes from CDC, Worldometers, and Walgreens data: “A 7:1 appetite in the virus for those recently vaccinated”

4 Reasons the Official COVID Narrative Is Falling Apart – It’s becoming clearer that the most influential health authorities around the world are blatantly lying to the public, given the current status of scientific and medical information

California Doctors Sue Governor Newsom and the Medical Board over the New Law Censoring Medical Advice – Attorneys say AB 2098 is unconstitutional and in violation of the 1st and 14th Amendments

It Is Time To Vote Against Covid Insanity – Now is the time for all smart, sensible, and informed Americans to think about the need to NOT vote for Democrats in the House and Senate races!

The Pfizer Way: Produce the Sickness And Then Sell the Cure – Pfizer’s shots may cause myocarditis and blood clots, but Pfizer has drugs for that!

The CDC replaced the word “woman” with “pregnant person” in their flu vaccine guidance – Woman, mother, and she/her pronouns were all replaced with gender-neutral language such as “pregnant people” and the gender-neutral pronoun “their”

November 1, 2022

Dr. Peter McCullough: Vaccinating After Recovering From COVID-19 Begging for trouble with blood clots

No, It’s Not Just Like the Regular Covid Vaccine – Critics of the bivalent COVID booster say the FDA is spreading propaganda

Officials Across US Are Spreading Misinformation on COVID-19 Vaccines – Their claims include unsupported or misleading statements about vaccine effectiveness and safety and don’t provide evidence backing their claims

An Endocrinologist Forecasts More Hormone-Related Diseases as Spike Proteins Found to Deplete Endocrine “Reserves” – The endocrine system, colloquially known as the hormone system, is critical for our health

Unexplained Excess Deaths Are on the Rise – A half-million excess deaths in the US are unaccounted for and the usual suspects do not add up to that many – These numbers cannot be dismissed. The sample sizes are too big

Infertility Concerns and Dropping Birth Rates: A Million Missing Babies in the European Union – “There’s this terrible drop of about 20% in multiple countries”

It’s the Covid Response, Stupid! – The government’s authoritarian mandates and shutdowns overreach has shifted voters’ allegiances and redrawn the political map

Censorship and Suppression of Covid-19 Opposition: Tactics and Counter-Tactics – The emergence of COVID-19 has led to a proliferation of disputes and disagreements over COVID-related knowledge and policy, including the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

“Pandemic Amnesty”? Not a Chance – How about a COVID reckoning instead along with a red wave to get it rolling?

ZH: Lockdowns: The Great Gaslighting – More than two years since the lockdowns of 2020, the political mainstream, particularly on the left, is just beginning to realize that the response to Covid was an unprecedented catastrophe

Sharyl Attkisson: The head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Rochelle Walensky has tested positive yet again for Covid-19 – Walensky initially tested positive for Covid-19 on October 21

Data analyst Ethical Skeptic concludes from CDC, Worldometers, and Walgreens data: “There is a 7:1 appetite in the Covid virus for the recently vaccinated” – For example, we have seen repeat bouts of COVID among such vaccine promoters as the Biden’s, Fauci, Walensky, et al.

SCOTUS refused to hear an appeal leaving in place a federal appeals court ruling that allowed the TSA to require the wearing of masks on airplanes, trains, and buses during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Joseph Mercola: On October 20, 2022, the CDC’s ACIP unanimously voted to add unlicensed COVID-19 shots to the U.S. childhood, adolescent, and adult vaccine schedules, and Pfizer announced it will raise the price of its COVID jab by about 400%

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Click Here For October 2022 Covid-19 and mRNA Vaccine Article Reference List

October 2022 Covid-19 and mRNA Vaccine Article Reference List

Below are links to articles and/or blog posts primarily covering Covid-19 and the mRNA vaccines that were mandated for the general population as a supposed cure.

Hopefully, you will take the time to read some of them which should open your eyes to the reality of the Deep State,  Progressive Elite, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and others that have gaslighted the public on this subject area with the help of the Mainstream Media.

Liken the process of becoming better informed to working on a giant puzzle. As you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you finally see the big picture.

You can use your browser’s search function to find articles of interest to you. Hold down the CTRL/CMND key at the lower left of your keyboard and simultaneously press the F key. Then enter a word in the pop-up box that appears toward the top of your screen. This will show you each article with that word in the title. Then click on the up or down arrow to see other articles with that title.

October 31, 2022

Dr. Peter McCullough: Aortic Dissection After COVID-19 Vaccination – Some injuries are for keeps

COVID Vaccines and First-Time Seizures: Is There a Link? – If someone you know was diagnosed with epilepsy or new-onset seizures in the past few years with no obvious source, ask if they took one of the COVID-19 vaccines

The Disappearing Flu Data: 5 Experts Discuss Changes in How Health Officials Calculate All-Cause Mortality – In 2020, Public health officials changed how they calculate all-cause mortality statistics to make flu deaths look like deaths from COVID-19

The “Religious Accommodations Appeal Generator” is the “digital tool” that at least one branch of the U.S. military has been using to mass-deny soldiers who apply for an exemption to the Pentagon’s unlawful Covid-19 injection mandate

A Potentially Lethal New Super Strain Of COVID Has Been Created In A London Lab – Renowned Molecular Biologist Dr. Richard Ebright describes the development as pure “insanity”

A Peer-Reviewed Study Confirms A Fatal Flaw In PCR Testing: There Is A 42% False Positive Rate for SARS-CoV-2 when using the “nonQ-RT-PCR Test” – This means COVID-19 Vaccine Outcomes Rate Data is Unreliable and Invalid

Dr. Joseph Mercola: An Unholy Alliance, “Faith Leaders” Are Pushing Big-Pharma’s Fraud – According to Walmart, many of the company’s most successful vaccination clinics have been held after Sunday services

October 30, 2022

A recent Swiss study found elevated levels of the protein troponin in all of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine recipients it analyzed, indicating the shots are routinely causing heart injury

A new study by Swiss scientists has concluded that shots for COVID-19 increase the risk of heart failure in young people by 800 times – The study found a sharp increase in myocarditis among those who had received mRNA vaccinations

A 2019 coronavirus ‘simulation’ was planned at a Davos meeting – The pre-pandemic drill took place weeks before the first COVID case in Wuhan, China

Dr. Robert Malone: An update of Theo Schetters’ survey of public Covid vaccine data from the Netherlands – Excess Mortality Is Out Of Bounds

Shocking Poll: 44% of Vaccinated Australians Express Regret And 2/3 Say Measures Taken By The Government Were Too Heavy-Handed – “Not a single person said they were unvaccinated and regret the decision”

Dr. José Luis Domingo, Who Has Served As Editor-In-Chief Of The  Prestigious Scientific Journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT) Has Been Ousted for Publishing Science Questioning COVID-19 Vaccine Safety

COVID-Related Risks of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases: Here Is One Way to Protect Your Brain – COVID-19 Can Increase the Risk of Dementia by 69 Percent

Steve Kirsch: We Now Have A Pandemic Of The Vaccinated – It is those who are vaccinated that are populating the ICUs, not those that haven’t been vaccinated – This is why they aren’t talking about it

October 29, 2022

An NZ funeral director says 95% of the corpses he has been seeing received a COVID-19 vaccine within 2-weeks of their death – He has been a funeral director for the last 41 years, with his own mortuary business for the last 26 years

Young People Who Have Died Suddenly – 100+ Headlines From Just 10 Days Relating To Serious Heart Issues & Severe Complications

Evidence Suggests the COVID Shots Are Responsible for Soaring RSV Cases Throughout the U.S. & Canada – “Across the board, you see more cases of Respiratory Syncytial Virus in the vaccinated group than in the placebo group”

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Covid Reset: The Day of Reckoning Is Coming – The crimes committed by governments, Big Tech, media, Big Pharma, and the bioweapons research industry are now so numerous and so egregious, it’s hard to fathom they’ll get away with it forever

Pfizer confessed to the FDA in 2020 their awareness of spike protein shedding – The media ignored it, people found out the hard way, and most no longer discuss it, but some symptoms remain

Dr. Peter McCullough is being progressively stripped of his medical credentials –  One of the most respected doctors in the world who has been a beacon of light throughout this Covid pandemic is being stripped of his credentials

October 28, 2022

Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole has observed alarming health trends since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, including unusual cancers, other immune system diseases, heart damage, and deaths

The European Union’s drug regulator on Friday said it is recommending adding “heavy menstrual bleeding” as a side effect to both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines, as a result of an advisory panel meeting

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: An Analysis of the Origins of the COVID-19 Pandemic – Interim Report, Senate Committee on Health Education, Labor and Pensions Minority Oversight Staff, October 2022

Have You Been Hurt by an mRNA Injection? Doctor Offers a Way to Help – It is the spike protein itself that is dangerous to the body, with scientists arguing that the mRNA vaccines impair the body’s natural immune response

VAERS data released Friday by the CDC show 1,447,520 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 31,696 deaths and 263,462 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Oct. 21, 2022

Systemic Reactions to COVID Vaccines Are Now Being Sold to the Public as a “Feature” – Mainstream media is now putting a positive spin on systemic side effects by reframing them as signs of vaccine effectiveness

Dr. Harvey Risch Reveals The Biggest Lie About COVID-19 That “Led To Hundreds Of Thousands Of Unnecessary Deaths” – “The FDA’s Webpage on Hydroxychloroquine”

YouTube Announces It Will ‘Certify’ Medical Information In Cahoots With The World Health Organization – Applicants for certification must fall into line with the “authoritative sources”

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Your Digital ID of the Future Has Arrived – The ID2020 Alliance is a public-private partnership founded by Bill Gates’ GAVI: The Vaccine Alliance, The Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, Accenture and

Over 107,000 UK citizens signed a petition for the UK government to open a public inquiry into Covid “vaccine” safety, but the UK Parliament is doing everything it can to bury its head in the sand

October 27, 2022

Megyn Kelly Interviewed RFK, Jr.: How Pfizer Killed the Vaccine Safety Commission + More

Considerable evidence points to the COVID-19 pandemic being linked to the high-level laboratory in Wuhan, China, that’s located near where the first cases were reported, a U.S. Senate report released on Oct. 27 states

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: mRNA Vaccines and EUA – Emergency Use Authorization will end, so what then? – From the standpoint of the vaccine manufacturers, EUA is a preferred pathway for marketing their products

How Can We Trust the CDC with Our Children’s Health? – The CDC has blown its credibility and Americans should not be forced to comply with mandates that rely on recommendations from them

Biden puts U.S. children at grave medical risk – As a pediatrician (and cardiologist) for nearly fifty years, I cannot remain silent while Biden, an unlicensed, untrained, wanna-be physician, practices bad medicine on our nation’s children

Dr. Robert Malone: mRNA Vaccines, FACT vs. Fiction – My purpose here is not to overwhelm you with evidence, but rather to help you to comprehend the technology and why it’s being pushed, and how it’s being pushed

Sharyl Attkisson: Fiscal watchdog “Open the Books,” in partnership with Judicial Watch, obtained access to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s “official” work calendar – An hour-by-hour timeline from November 2019 through March 2022 details some of what Dr. Fauci was doing on a day-by-day basis

The WHO Assembles Superpowers With “One Health Plan” – The World Health Organization already has too much power; this new initiative will only give it more

Calls Mount for a Criminal Investigation into the European Union  Chief over Shady Pfizer Deal – It recently emerged that von der Leyen and Bourla secretly cut a massive multi-billion dollar deal to purchase Pfizer vaccines

October 26, 2022

A Closer Look at COVID’s Mortality Rate – For those aged 0–69, which covers 94 percent of the global population, the fatality rate was 0.095 percent, meaning the survival rate for nearly 7.3 billion people was 99.905 percent

IHME Model: COVID Deaths Will Flatline This Winter — IHME foresees an almost eight-fold reduction in COVID deaths compared with last winter

New studies find the new COVID boosters no better than the original version, which contradicts the Feds’ official messaging – Researchers suspect “immune imprinting” is responsible

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pressured U.S. regulators to clear COVID-19 boosters without clinical trial data, according to newly released emails

British Medical Journal: The FDA is silent about vaccine danger signals in its data – A study was promised in July 2021 – Their preliminary estimate of the increased risk of cardiac adverse events from the vaccine ranged from 42% to 91%, but they never released the results of their study

U-Penn Professor Jeffrey Morris just provided a major gift – His recent article has two tables showing that the death rate after vaccination is not flat, confirming that the mRNA vaccines are causing huge numbers of excess deaths

The Australian government could be paying up to A$77 million (US$49.35 million) in vaccine injury claims over the next year, according to recently released budget estimates

Californians are being inundated with advertisements pushing Covid vaccines and masks by the CDPH – The ads are everywhere on radio, TV, online, social media, and iHeart radio…and radio hosts are being paid to read the CDPH ads

Now that some level of sanity has returned to the public health arena, we can have a sensible discussion about COVID – Is it a unique virus or just another flu virus? – Mysteriously, there were no registered flu deaths during the panic

Rand Paul Demands Answers Over Vax Company PR Firm’s Have “Embedded Staff Within The CDC To Promote Vaccines” – This “raises serious concerns about the independence of CDC and ACIP’s vaccine recommendations”

Tens of millions of US citizens were given a “COVID-19 decree violation” score as a result of a data harvesting program conducted during the first lockdown by voter analytics firm PredictWise

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Masks Now Found to Contain 2B Carcinogen – A meta-analysis called for a rethinking of nano-TiO2 safety, citing numerous toxic effects in humans and aquatic animals

October 25, 2022

Why mRNA Vaccines Are Different – # 1, They contain mRNA, not protein or inactivated virus. RNA is an active molecule that is used to hijack the protein-making machinery of your cells and produce a foreign protein with no off switch built into this process

COVID-19 and the Psychology of Totalitarianism – Based on new ideology, institutions were created to make plans about what future society should look like and how the ideal future society should respond to various crises

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Dr. Meryl Nass, a board-certified physician with special expertise in vaccine safety and mandates, is one of the countless healthcare professionals who have been targeted for speaking out against the COVID-19 narrative

Steve Kirsch: Prion diseases, which are always fatal, have been associated in the scientific literature with the COVID vaccination.

The Triple Vaccinated More Likely Than Unvaccinated to Get Symptomatic COVID-19

Texas Rejects The New CDC Recommendation to Mandate the COVID Shot to School Children

President Joe Biden and his administration are launching a renewed campaign to convince Americans to get the new, unproven COVID-19 vaccine boosters, with Biden supposedly scheduled to get one on October 25

Joseph Mercola: The V-Safe Database Confirms The COVID Shots Are Hazards – The CDCs formula used to trigger a safety signal is seriously flawed – The more dangerous a vaccine is, the less likely a safety signal will be triggered

The head of the FDA’s vaccine division suggested that it may be time to move on from using mRNA COVID-19 vaccines – The two most commonly used vaccines, made by Pfizer and Moderna, use mRNA technology

THE COSTS OF COVID SHUTDOWNS, PART 2 – The U.K.’s Daily Mail, one of the world’s top news sites, published a major story yesterday on the economic damage inflicted by covid shutdowns in the United States

That COVID Vaccines Cause Death Can Be Proven – There are various ways to show that COVID vaccines can kill people. Likely the best is conducting a very good autopsy

Joseph Mercola: Do You Understand Your Risk of Dying From COVID? – Emerging evidence suggests the shots are causing immune deficiency in some people, thereby actually raising their risk of dying from SARS-CoV-2 infection

THE COSTS OF COVID SHUTDOWNS – It was obvious early in the covid epidemic that the benefits of lockdowns were speculative and hypothetical, while the costs were large and undeniable

October 24, 2022

Military Officers Injured After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine Call for End to Pentagon’s Vaccine Mandate

A Judge Strikes Down The Vax Mandate For  New York City Employees – “The city’s vaccine mandate is unconstitutional, violates the separation of powers … arbitrary and capricious”

A new study finds Dr. Fauci’s ‘fingerprint’ on the origin of COVID virus – “All of it says, my God, there was a big, very risky research agenda underway”

A Swedish study has demonstrated and confirmed that the mRNA in the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid injections infiltrates cells and transcribes its message onto human DNA within 6 hours, altering a person’s DNA

Hospital Email Reports an Increase in Stillbirths, COVID-19 Vaccine Suspected – Since the rollout of the vaccines, the fetal death rate has skyrocketed from its pre-COVID-19 vaccine average of one to two every three months in this hospital alone

October 23, 2022

There Is Less Than 1 in 100 Million Chance That COVID-19 Has A Natural Origin – The three authors examined tiny fingerprints left behind in the process in which viruses are assembled in laboratories

Military Whistleblowers Sound Alarm on ‘Devastating’ Consequences of Pentagon’s Vaccine Mandate

Steve Kirsch: A Covid Vaccine Check – This list of sanity checks provides objective evidence about the reality of what is going on

Steve Kirsch: The COVID vaccines are adversely affecting women’s reproductive health as shown in these graphs – Due to underreporting, compared to previous vaccines, the discrepancy here may be 5.4X larger than they appear

Spike Protein Disrupting Immunity in Millions After COVID Infection or Vaccination – The spike proteins cause inflammation, turn off type 1 interferon response, and reduce autophagy all of which add up to a dysregulated immune system

Why Florida’s Surgeon General Is Not Recommending mRNA COVID Vaccines for Healthy Young Men

October 22, 2022

Any state that requires COVID-19 vaccination to attend school will face a lawsuit from ICAN – The Informed Consent Action Network has pledged to finance up to 50 lawsuits and  financially support a challenge against any state

Steve Kirsch: A Covid Vaccine Check – This list of sanity checks provides objective evidence about the reality of what is going on

Steve Kirsch: The COVID vaccines are adversely affecting women’s reproductive health as shown in these graphs – Due to underreporting, compared to previous vaccines, the discrepancy here may be 5.4X larger than they appear

Spike Protein Disrupting Immunity in Millions After COVID Infection or Vaccination – The spike proteins cause inflammation, turn off type 1 interferon response, and reduce autophagy all of which add up to a dysregulated immune system

Steve Kirsch: A Covid Vaccine Check – This list of sanity checks provides objective evidence about the reality of what is going on

Steve Kirsch: VAERS Myths Busted – There are more reports for these vaccines because there are more events observed, which proves the vaccines are unsafe

Steve Kirsch: The COVID vaccines are adversely affecting women’s reproductive health as shown in these graphs – Due to underreporting, compared to previous vaccines, the discrepancy here may be 5.4X larger than they appear

Spike Protein Disrupting Immunity in Millions After COVID Infection or Vaccination – The spike proteins cause inflammation, turn off type 1 interferon response, and reduce autophagy all of which add up to a dysregulated immune system

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky just announced that she has COVID-19 – She received the bivalent booster exactly one month ago at a CVS pharmacy – It’s time, to be honest about bad evidence and bad leadership

October 21, 2022

Fauci and Baric’s Fingerprints on Pandemic Bug – Critics have long asked why the NIH would fund experiments by UNC-Chapel Hill to develop a technique for hiding evidence of human tampering in laboratory-created super viruses

Japan Institute of Pharmacovigilance: COVID-19 Vaccines 4X+ The Myocarditis Risk than The Background Population – “Extremely High Myocarditis Death Odds”

Steve Kirsch: A new study shows that nearly everyone getting the mRNA COVID vaccines are experiencing some amount of heart damageIf the YouTube video has been banned and no longer works, click here to view it on Rumble

These Are The GOP Governors Dismissing COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for School Entry – Five Republican governors announced their states will not require COVID-19 vaccinations for children to attend public school

Much of the conversation surrounding mRNA “vaccines” revolves around their impact on humans, – A recent mass Covid “vaccination” campaign of an Australian cattle herd resulted in 35 of the 200 vaccinated animals dying immediately

Stanford tells doctors to give false information to overcome vaccine hesitancy here is the Stanford course used to train doctors worldwide on how to overcome vaccine hesitancy

Meet the 15 CDC Members Who Voted to Add The Deadly COVID Shots to Kids’ Vaccine Schedule – These ACIP members, people hiding in plain sight, have just condemned many children to death

Proof Dr. Fauci Covered Up The Biggest Medical Mistake In History – The COVID vaccine antibody has no path into the lung and Fauci, along with many other people were alerted to this fact, but they all ignored it

An NZ Funeral Director Confirms UK and US Embalmer Reports That 95% of Corpses Had Received A Covid “Vaccination” Within 2 Weeks of Death

October 20, 2022

People Dying in Their Sleep Linked to Vaccines, Explains Dr. Peter McCullough, Cardiologist – Sudden unexplained age-inappropriate deaths seem to be happening more than usual, both in the United States and in several other countries

An Alberta doctor is calling on the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) to look into what he says is a significant jump in doctors’ “sudden deaths” after 80 doctors die following the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines beginning in December 2020

Steve Kirsch: The median IFR for kids is just 0.0003% – If your kid gets COVID, the risk is 3 in 1 million that your child will die from COVID, and that is likely an over-estimate because today all early treatment protocols are suppressed worldwide

Steve Kirsch: The ACIP committee approves mRNA vaccines for the childhood schedule 15-0 – This allows the EUA to end, but provides full immunity protection forever for the COVID vaccine manufacturers

An officer abruptly censored a Naval Academy midshipman’s questions about the Navy’s COVID vax mandate, and experimental shots documented to injure and even kill people – The scene was caught on video and posted online

6 Main Factors Increase Risk of COVID-19 Vaccine Injury – Varied Loads In Vaccine Batches, Genetic Factors, Underlying Chronic Diseases, Immune Deficiencies, Vitamin Deficiencies, Age, and Sex…

6 claims lodged with the CICP have now been determined to be eligible for compensation, a Health Resources and Services Administration official told a meeting on vaccines and all the claims are related to COVID-19 vaccines

October 19, 2022

“A Reappraisal is Long Overdue’ – Mainstream Scientists, Doctors, and Parents Speak Out About Harms Caused By The COVID-19 Vaccines

Paul Marik: Ivermectin Is Key for Early COVID-19 Treatment – The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), which Marik helped start, features ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in its early treatment protocol

A Top cardiologist ties “unexpected” deaths and collapses to COVID shots – “I have to urgently inform doctors, patients and members of the public about my findings”

The CDC votes to add Covid-19 vaccine to ‘Vaccines for Kids’ program The 15-0 vote took place during Wednesday’s committee meeting – A vote will be held on Thursday on whether to include the vaccine in children’s immunization schedules

WSJ: As Covid Hit, Washington Officials Traded Stocks With Exquisite Timing – Some sold in January 2020 when the government began mobilizing against the threat and others bought shares as a market-rescue plan was taking shape

Given this bleak medical landscape, one would expect ACEP to be tackling America’s biggest health problems at their annual meeting – NOT 1. Maintaining COVID pandemic billing profits, 2. Climate change, and 3. Racism in medicine

In a rare moment, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel admitted that COVID is akin to seasonal flu and that only older people and those who have compromised immune systems need to get vaccinated

Steve Kirsch: Two top cardiologists implicate COVID vax in all unexplained heart attacks since 2021 – The odds are that the vaccines played a significant role in their deaths

October 18, 2022

An alarming spike in the deaths of young Canadian doctors since the COVID-19 vaccine was mandated for healthcare workers demands an investigation, a physician and cancer researcher told the Canadian Medical Association

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced an eventual end date of February 28, 2023, to the COVID-19 state of emergency on Monday, stopping the statewide order just short of three years

October 17, 2022

The complex myriad of symptoms in people suspecting of COVID-19 vaccine injury has been given a new name and an extensive treatment protocol – “Post-COVID-19 vaccines syndrome”

The Science Behind Florida’s Recent Recommendation Against mRNA COVID Vaccines for Men 18–39

The Biden administration is running an elaborate propaganda campaign to “educate” Americans on the importance of getting inoculated against Covid

A new study confirms the Covid death risk is near zero for the vast majority – The Covid vaccines, mandates, lockdowns, and school closures were unnecessary

Anthony Fauci falsely claimed that he had “nothing to do” with the nationwide school closures during Covid that have caused consequential damage to the country’s youth

Boston University Created A New COVID Strain That Has An 80% Kill Rate For Mice – The scientists also infected human cells with the hybrid variant and found it was five times more infectious than Omicron

October 16, 2022

Steve Kirsch: Dr. Ryan Cole is the only pathologist in the country willing to test for Covid vaccine “fingerprints” – He’s looked at 3 cases of unexplained death so far and all three implicated the vax

Steve Kirsch: Covid Vaccine-Regrets: The Masses Are Realizing They Made a Mistake and Are Getting Scared  – These two articles need to be shared because now more than ever we have an opportunity to wake even more people up

ZH: Two weeks after Pfizer CEO bailed on EU testimony in the wake of a report highlighting a ‘secretive’ vaccine deal between himself and European Commission President, the EPPO has opened an investigation into the EU’s Covid-19 vaccine purchases

October 15, 2022

New research conducted by Moderna and Kaiser Permanente reveals that the company’s mRNA-based Covid-19 “vaccines” cause the immune system to turn against itself in just a few months

Sharyl Attkisson: Projections in the US for uptake of new Covid-19 booster are off by more than 90% – CDC data shows only 11.5 million eligible people have received an updated booster, less than 5% of the 240 million people who qualify

The EU has come under fire after it emerged that the bloc bought 4.5 billion doses of COVID-19 for its 450 million population – European Parliament member Mislav Kolakusic is demanding answers and blasted the deal as the “biggest corruption scandal in the history of mankind”

October 14, 2022

VAERS data released Friday by the CDC show 1,437,273 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 31,470 deaths and 261,738 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Oct. 7, 2022

End This Covid-Emergency Farce –The government’s pandemic powers just got extended another 90 days

Sharyl Attkisson: The CDC forced to turn over ‘v-safe’ data on Covid-19 vaccines – The new data raises some alarming questions

October 13, 2022

The Unvaccinated Deserve Reparations – Those who refused Covid shots endured vitriolic attacks by their government and peers, were labeled as antisocial, and denied access to society, with many losing their means of income

The FDA and CDC Authorize New COVID Boosters for Kids as Young as 5, With No Data And No Independent Review – No clinical trials complete yet, but vaccines ready to ship “immediately”

Who Benefits When The Pharma-Funded FDA Fast-Tracks Drugs and Vaccines? – According to experts, the push to get drugs fast-tracked has clear advantages for Big Pharma, but iffy benefits for consumers

Scientists Sound Alarm As Gates And The WEF Promote Gene-Editing Technology for Everything From Fake Meat to Designer Babies  – Scientists interviewed by The Defender warned about the technology’s flaws and risks

Steve Kirsch: The Israeli Ministry of Health confirmed to Reuters that the leaked vax safety video is legit – Top Israeli researchers told the Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) that they are lying about the safety of the COVID vaccines

Sharyl Attkisson: The FDA has refused a FOIA request to release the autopsy results of people whose deaths were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) after receiving a Covid-19 shot

October 12, 2022

The Pfizer executive’s admission in testimony before the European Parliament that their vaccine was never tested during clinical trials for the ability to prevent transmission of COVID-19 was completely ignored by mainstream media

Steve Kirsch: In this video one of the world’s most respected vaccinologists admits that there are no benefits to the Covid vaccine boosters – He’s not taking the boosters, so why should you?

Pfizer Taps Marvel’s Avengers to Push COVID Boosters to Kids – Marvel this month released a customized Avengers comic book urging them to become an “everyday hero” by staying up-to-date with the latest Pfizer COVID-19 boosters

October 11, 2022

Joseph Mercola: The Trail of Blood From the COVID Jabs – Two doctors claim they’ve discovered a way to test for spike protein in human tissue, and they’ve found spike protein in individuals who were injured or died from the shots

Lancet Commission Report: 6 Reasons The COVID Response Was “A Massive Global Failure”

A Pfizer Director Admits To European Parliament the “Vaccines” Were Never Tested For Their Ability To Stop Covid-19 Transmission – The only shocking part of this video is Pfizer finally admitting to what we knew all along

The CDC has been performing abstractions on reports of post-vaccination myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation, submitted to VAERS, but the agency is saying that federal law prevents it from releasing the results

S. Big Pharma Partners With A Chinese University Tied To Military and Espionage Efforts – The school is the alma mater of regime leader Xi Jinping and hosts a “Marxist” journalism school

CAN WE HAVE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE COVID SHUTDOWNS? – From early in the covid epidemic, it’s obvious the shutdowns ordered by nearly all governors and many municipalities did little good and caused tremendous damage

October 10, 2022

A vaccinated Army pilot was reprimanded and denied promotion for questioning the Covid vax – “After a second Inspector General complaint he was exonerated and they are not removing those things,” which “will kill his career”

Waking Up The Sheep: A group exposes deadly hospital COVID protocols – Many families who have lost a loved one to COVID-19 blame hospital protocols rewarded by federal funding that ban certain treatments while promoting others

The effectiveness of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine remained above 50 percent after 150 days against BA.1, a subvariant of the Omicron virus variant, but against more recent strains, the effectiveness turned negative

Joseph Mercola: Why Is Fauci Continuing to Fund EcoHealth Alliance? – Numerous experts have called on Congress to issue a subpoena to investigate this risky gain-of-function research

Joel S. Hirschhorn: The Pandemic Is Not Over And Excess Deaths Tell True Story – The vaccines ruin people’s immune systems and damage their blood, so people are dying from various ailments and diseases, including cardiac problems

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo: An 84% Increase In Cardiac-Related Deaths Occurred One Month After Receiving An mRNA COVID Vaccine

Covid-19 “vaccines” are injuring and killing far more people than the government is letting on – Using EUDRA and VAERS data as a base, as many as 20 million people have died so far from the shots and another 2.2 billion have suffered injuries

October 9, 2022

Kaiser Permanente finds that triple-vaccinated are more likely to get COVID than unvaccinated – They are not only more likely to be infected with COVID-19, they are more likely to suffer severe illness and die from the disease

The National Guard lost about 7,500 members over the past year and could lose even more due to potential future discharges of up to 14,000 soldiers amid the U.S. military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, according to reports

Joseph Mercola: The War on Ivermectin – The outcome could have been much different – and many lives saved – if Big Pharma hadn’t been so successful at suppressing this generic pharmaceutical that was found to work against COVID-19

October 8, 2022

FLORIDA: COVID VACCINES ARE DANGEROUS TO YOUNG MEN – Analysis found that there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination

First the Pandemic, Then the Purge – A Coast Guard technician is about to lose his job because he won’t get the jab

JD Rucker: China Stockpiled PPE Months BEFORE The Covid Release – Many have suspected that China and possibly others released Covid-19 intentionally and knew what would happen long before 12/2019, Now, We Have Evidence

Joseph Mercola: Why Doctors Are Lying to You About The Covid Vaccines – Doctors are afraid to speak out about COVID treatment and the dangers of the COVID shots because they can lose their ability to practice medicine if they challenge the mainstream narrative

Steve Kirsch: Australia has solved the vaccine hesitancy problem by offering a free funeral gift card with your vaccine if you die from the vaccine, so now, you have no reason to say No right, but your next of kin still has to apply

October 7, 2022

The Lockdown Effect – Record numbers of children are being hospitalized with colds after their immunity was weakened by social distancing and masks, a CDC report reveals

Joseph Mercola: The FDA And CDC Urge All Adults to Get 5th COVID Shot Despite No Safety or Efficacy Data – The emergency authorizations for the boosters are based on preliminary test results from only eight mice, and that data hasn’t even been made public

A recent peer-reviewed study using a Dark-Field microscope shows blood samples develop abnormalities after people are vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna Covid vaccines – Researchers report “strange phenomena in the blood

TICKING TIME BOMB: A Swedish study presents evidence that the mRNA COVID “vaccines” progressively increase hospitalization and death risk over time

Steve Kirsch: Florida study shows mRNA COVID vaccines kill kids  – Their analysis found an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination

October 6, 2022

Steve Kirsch: Kaiser Permanente admits that the COVID vaccines make you more likely to be infected after 150 days  – So you’ll likely need a shot every six months for the rest of your life or you’ll be more at risk than the unvaccinated

Jennifer Margulis examines the likely motivations of those who lied to the public about the COVID vaccines – A fish can’t see the water it swims in – They have too much skin in the game  – Their oversized egos won’t let them stop lying

Americans Injured by the COVID-19 Vaccines Have to Prove Causation to Receive Compensation – Without the development of a vaccine injury table by the HRSA, the burden of proof lies with the petitioner and not the government

Covid Emergency Rule Is Killing Small Businesses – While most governors have taken steps to let their emergency powers expire, over a dozen states still live under COVID-19 disaster declarations

The family of a 20-year-old nursing student who died suddenly last week is blaming COVID-19 vaccination mandates for the loss of their loved one

October 5, 2022

Two doctors have filed a federal lawsuit against the Medical Board of California and the state Attorney General over a freshly signed law that aims to punish physicians for spreading supposed Covid-19 “misinformation” or “disinformation”

Peer-Reviewed Study: 94 Percent of Vaccinated Patients With Subsequent Health Issues Have Abnormal Blood – The study was published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research this past August

Steve Kirsch: Why did the CDC hide the v-safe data from the American people for almost 2 years? – Because it clearly shows that these vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines we’ve ever created, that’s why

Major paper: Scientists doubt Pfizer’s claims about vaccines – Die Welt reports the scientists are demanding an independent review of the studies that led to the approval of the BioNtech/Pfizer and Moderna shots

3 New Studies Add to Mounting Evidence That COVID Vaccines May Not Be Worth the Risk – One about thyroid eye disease and one about encephalitis highlighted negative health outcomes and a third study suggested the COVID-19 vaccine provided only 15% protection against the risk of “long COVID.”

Steve Kirsch: A new study shows a simple nasal wash reduces the risk of being hospitalized for COVID by >8X – Which indicates that the entire response to the pandemic was unnecessary and harmful

COVID Mandates Are Being Lifted But Still Continue, So End The “National Emergency” – Many companies are dropping mandates involving COVID inoculations as the fight for bodily autonomy persists elsewhere, including the armed forces

October 4, 2022

Unsettling Research Links COVID Vaccine to Parkinson’s – Studies paint a concerning chain of evidence suggesting COVID vaccine-produced spike proteins can affect brain health and Pfizer knew, here is their document

Hospital Workers Speak Out About COVID Protocols From Coast to Coast – CDC and NIH protocols were given to upper hospital administration that then handed them down to clinicians, so if nurses or doctors stepped outside the protocols, they would no longer be shielded from liability under the PREP Act

The Right Response to Mandates, Propaganda and Censorship – Dr. Meryl Nass shares astonishing figures on the blatant PCR testing and case count frauds that occurred during the pandemic

Two doctors call for an investigation into the Federation of State Medical Boards’ funding and whether ties to Big Pharma are behind their attacks on physicians who question the government’s COVID-19 narrative

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October 3, 2022

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October 2, 2022

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October 1, 2022

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California Governor Newsom Signs Bill Forcing Doctors to Push Covid Vaccines, AB2098, declares that a physician or surgeon commits professional misconduct if they disseminate “misinformation or disinformation” about the nature and risks of COVID-19, its prevention and treatment, and the development, safety, and effectiveness of the vaccines

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Proof Dr. Fauci Covered Up The Biggest Medical Mistake In History

The text below has been modified slightly, where appropriate, for grammatical purposes. Dr. Lee’s analysis and logic make sense to me, especially after Pfizer’s announcement, only recently, about never testing whether their vaccines stop viral transmission. Click Here To See The Original Unedited Version.

By Joseph Lee, MD


The COVID vaccine antibody has no path into the lung.

When I discovered this, I let Dr. Fauci know and I ran it by my mentor, the Director of Ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins.

  • I couldn’t believe the size of the mistake so I mulled over it and then talked to a lot of people. No one had an answer. Isn’t it ridiculous? The COVID antibody never enters the lung. Wasn’t that the whole point of the vaccine, to help the LUNG in an infection?
  • Finally I wrote a page or two letter and sent it to Dr. Fauci and several other directors, along with certified letters to every member of CONGRESS. When I had previously discussed it with my mentor, he listened quietly, and then told me I would be going to Stockholm.
  • I really thought that would end the COVID vaccine. This was about two years ago, or so before the vaccine’s approval. But, no. I received a reply from Dr. Emily Erbelding, who thanked me for sending the letter to several directors, including Dr. Fauci.
  • However, a few weeks later, when Dr. Erbelding replied, what she generally seemed to say in her email was, well, sorry but our clinical results are awesome, and here’s a 1985 paper that will give you more information on the subject.
  • I was shocked. Hadn’t I just told them that the COVID antibody will never go into the lung? I told my mentor and showed him the email. He was very disappointed and sad that they couldn’t keep an open mind. He said all they had to do was throw a couple of million $ into it.
  • So, being, wordy, but precise and detail-oriented, I wrote back a 73-page letter to Dr. Fauci explaining every aspect of this huge mistake. No reply, of course, so I sent him email after email and even one to Dr. Francis Collins who happens to be the NIH director.
  • Dr. Collins happened to be my genetic professor in medical school (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor). No reply. I couldn’t believe it, I just couldn’t. By this time, I knew there was something horribly bad going down.
  • I then tried to contact the CDC. I must have emailed at least a couple dozen directors over and over. And I must have called at least half a dozen. The massive mistake is simple, isn’t it? The COVID antibody will never enter the lung.
  • The CDC directors were very curt and short, and rude to me, but of course, not when I first call because I’m a Lasik surgeon trying to give them some important information… and isn’t it easy to explain to CDC MDs that the Blood Lung Barrier can stop water and antibodies are huge??
  • And then, invariably, they rush to get off the phone, and I often just hear a click. The coldest shoulders, I got from them. Now, I knew aargh, as my highly educated double fellowship MIT friend kept telling me, you’ll never stop it!
  • This timeline isn’t expanded. I did tons in between every tweet. But now I will fast forward.
  • I sent ALL my information to Pfizer. 73 pages, then 12 pages, and finally 3 more pages. All the stuff I’ve been writing. I even explained that the PREP act gives them legal immunity, UNLESS…
  • Pfizer, UNLESS you’re involved in WILLFUL MISCONDUCT, how will you explain this to mothers whose children had severe side effects later on? Dr. Lee INFORMED you of your HORRIBLE MISTAKE? and you continued to sell your vaccines??
  • Pfizer, CEO, and directors do you ALL want to ruin a huge company, for ONE vaccine? Why don’t you just do the right thing?
  • Fast forward again. about a week ago, I called Moderna and taped a 25-minute conversation explaining all this, and showing that their antibody has no path into the lung, that we had another way of healing, ribonucleases function, and that there are a lot of questions.
  • I told Moderna I would release the tape on Twitter. Fast forward. A couple of days ago, big news broke, and it’s huge on Twitter, Pfizer admits that it did not test for viral transmission.
  • Now, current, the day I’m writing these tweets is for teaching purposes, purely speculation about different actions organizations or companies can take, from very ethical, to very unethical as it’s hard to know the truth. So, we have to examine every possibility.
  • Speculation. Now, If I’m Moderna and they thought their vaccine saved the world, and this Lasik doc calls up and tells them about this ridiculously HUGE mistake, write under their NOSE, and it is SO simple EVERYONE can see it, they should have panicked. And then, say.
  • Speculation on Moderna still. They should have said, this guy probably talked to Pfizer too. With more lawyers, more experienced lawyers. Moderna would think we need to talk to them as we might be on the same side as Pfizer.
  • More speculation. But that’s what detectives do, play out different scenarios to find the bad guy, if there IS one. So, don’t SUE me for clearly labeling this as SPECULATION. That’s to YOU BIG PHARMA!
  • Speculation. Now, on Pfizer. What a bad version of Pfizer might have done. If Moderna calls them again, this is a scenario. And Moderna says, hey did this Lasik doc talk to you guys too? What’s your plan? Is this a real issue? That our antibody doesn’t go into the lung?
  • Speculation again. Pfizer now KNOWS this news will break once the audiotape of the Lasik doc and Moderna conversation comes out, so they need to get ahead of it so, they KNOW they have to have LEGAL immunity and KNOWING that they did something willful will be a problem.
  • Speculation STILL. If the bad version of Pfizer only wants to protect themselves, because for a year they have known about this HUGE mistake (because that’s when the Lasik doc told them) now there is legal liability.
  • Speculation, so then IF Pfizer comes out with this “Never tested for viral transmission” which went huge on Twitter, they can say, we didn’t EVER plan to have no viral transmission, so when this Lasik doc says we are involved in willful misconduct…. (continued)
  • Speculation still. If that doc says we were involved in bad deeds, we can say, we NEVER said the antibody was in the lung, or another way of saying that they did say, we DID NOT TEST FOR VIRAL TRANSMISSION. So, now even if the Lasik DOC says, you’re doing something bad you’re off the hook.
  • Speculation still.. We (Pfizer, the bad version) can say, no. we made the vaccine to decrease severe morbidity and mortality. Then, the LASIK doc’s claim that we were doing something wrong because the antibody isn’t in the lung, doesn’t matter.
  • Speculation still. Pfizer still the (bad version). If we weren’t trying to ever get the antibody into the lung, then when this Lasik doc tells us and the world the antibody isn’t in the lung, it doesn’t matter legally for us.
  • Speculation still. Pfizer (bad version, I’ll get to the good version, but that one is short) then can’t directly say, we never planned to get the antibody in the lung. But, what they CAN say is, “we never tested for viral transmission” which is the same thing, but clever
  • Speculation again, No need for lawsuits as detective work requires imagination.
  • So, NOW the world is upset because Pfizer ADMITS that they “never tested for preventing viral transmission”. But, Pfizer gets itself OFF the hook legally because NO ONE told them to test for that.
  • Speculation. Pfizer would be off the hook because if I told them something that was a horrible mistake because their WHOLE goal was to get the antibody into the lung to protect the lung, but if they can say, that was NEVER our intention, then they didn’t do anything intentionally wrong
  • Speculation still. Now Pfizer has clever attorneys and a lot of them. So if this is why they did it, wow! Dirty. But again, I was just speculating about the bad version of Pfizer.
  • So, continuing on the subject of vaccines… Are ALL vaccines ONLY to prevent SERIOUS issues with the patient only?
  • Speculation still. See, if vaccines are ONLY to prevent serious issues with a vaccinated person and NOT to reduce viral transmission, then guess what? Pfizer, in this situation, ALL YOUR VACCINES other than COVID can NOT be mandated. Measles, mumps, rubella, you name it.
  • Speculation still. Pfizer, if this is what you were thinking, pick and choose. You are playing around with the definition of vaccines so you can escape legal liability? Why did Dr. Emily Erbelding at the NIH responding for Dr. Fauci feel the need to defend antibodies in the lung?
  • Backing up and explaining the stupidity of the COVID vaccine hypothesis. Our lung is a pocket of air and our body is mostly water, in the range of 55-75%, depending on age. If our lungs couldn’t keep water out, we would drown in our own fluids, but our lungs have this waterproof barrier..
  • This waterproof barrier can keep tiny little water molecules weighing only 18 daltons, OUT of our lungs.
  • So, COVID enormous antibody molecules are made in the blood/lymph. So to get into our lungs, they have only one option, to pass through our LUNG BARRIER.
  • These crazy big COVID antibody molecules weigh 145,000 daltons. If a water molecule looks like a diet coke, covid antibodies are the size of a mini SUV, so, the lung barrier that keeps water molecules out, will never let COVID antibodies into our lungs.
  • There isn’t a single peer-reviewed paper ON EARTH that describes an active transport system that can ferry these crazy gargantuan COVID antibodies across the very tight waterproof lung barrier, into the lung.
  • Even crazier, in 2020, NOT one person in the US who got COVID for the first time (or anyone else for that matter) had a SINGLE COVID antibody in their system. Millions got COVID and healed within a week to 10 days WITHOUT COVID antibodies.
  • To have helped anyone who recovered from COVID in 2020, the COVID antibody would have needed to actually BE there. It wasn’t. To have helped, it would have needed a TIME MACHINE. Per Fauci, follow the science? or the science fiction?
  • So, the COVID antibody would have needed a time machine to have helped anyone in 2020…. and when the antibody FINALLY arrives late to the party, either naturally or via vaccine, IT CAN’T GET THROUGH THE LUNG BARRIER, or it can,  VIA A TELE-PORTER compliments of Fauci’s science fiction?
  • Very importantly, SOMETHING saved us in 2020, and it was NOT the COVID antibody. So, whatever that certain SOMETHING was, it’s important to identify it, because if we know what it WAS, we can FACILITATE IT.
  • That SOMETHING that saved us in 2020, I call it the LEE Enzyme (For fun). It’s the ribonuclease enzyme. Why wouldn’t this be it? IT was actually THERE in the year 2020. Not the COVID antibody. It was actually IN our lung cells, NOT the COVID antibody.
  • The FUNCTION of a ribonuclease enzyme is to DESTROY RNA, not just OUR RNA, COVID viral RNA TOO, very interestingly, COVID VACCINE RNA TOO. Does anyone wonder why the COVID mRNA vaccine was FROZEN, because of this LEE ribonuclease.
  • Yeah, the mRNA vaccines were FROZEN because this “contamination” (or what Pfizer and Moderna feel is a CONTAMINATION) chews through ANY RNA. Irony? Pfizer considers this enzyme CONTAMINATION and this enzyme is what SAVED HUMANITY. Scientists are so clueless sometimes.
  • So can you trust anything someone says when they call the REAL HERO of the day a “contamination”? The solution to COVID WAS in their vials, it JUST WAS NOT THEIR VACCINE’s mRNA. You can’t make up stuff this crazy, as sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.
  • Now, this LEE enzyme that saved the world from COVID in 2020. Why would it STOP working in 2021 and 2022 and forever in the future? It probably IS the reason why we survived in 2021 and 2022. It probably was NOT the COVID antibody, EVER.
  • See how logically the COVID antibody wasn’t the hero? Fauci wanted it to be the hero. Maybe because the path from any VACCINE to MONEY had been vetted MANY times? Well, he should have checked the path from the blood into LUNG for the antibody. Follow the Money Much Fauci?
  • “But the mRNA vaccine clinical trials showed such good results”. Ha. Can we clearly say it was NOT the antibody that can’t enter the lung? Maybe.. it was the SIDE EFFECT of the vaccine, tricking the body into making chemokines and interferon, giving us muscle aches?
  • So, I told money Fauci, repeat the clinical trial. Compare the COVID mRNA vaccine to the FLU vaccine. What? Why? The flu vaccine doesn’t make a covid antibody. It DOES ALSO have the main similar side effects of muscle aches and tricking the body into making chemokines.
  • If the FLU vaccine ALSO works just as well as the COVID vaccine, against COVID… hmmm. just maybe the side effects of tricking the body into producing interferon (anti-viral by the way), is what resulted in the good results??? (even tetanus shots protect against COVID).
  • So then, the COVID vaccine works, very temporarily, AS A MEDICINE??? It’s NOT then a VACCINE? Cuz the reason why it’s working is the induction of chemokines by the BODY? holy cow. Then, should you REALLY give people a Medicine when they don’t have the illness??? hmm.
  • I guess? you can’t mandate a “medicine” when you don’t have the illness? Silly scientists can’t keep their definitions straight. and .. once people start re-defining things.. you know, they’re lying.
  • That was just a side trip for all the idiots who want to say “the vaccine works, who cares how it works”. Yeah, well, in science, IT DOES MATTER HOW SOMETHING WORKS. That is almost the DEFINiTION OF SCIENCE.
  • Back to what saved us in 2020. The ribonuclease. The SECRET and the CURE is HOW to activate this enzyme to destroy RNA. FASTING. Fasting activates this ribonuclease and ACTIVATES MORE of these ribonuclease enzymes. FASTING FOR TWO DAYS IS THE CURE.
  • In layman’s terms. Viruses do NOT grow on their own. They grow within OUR cells and when OUR cells are growing more slowly during fasting, guess what? the virus grows much more slowly and our cells are less sick, we cough out less virus, and the pandemic over.
  • Here is the biochemistry behind it. Fasting increases reactive oxygen species, which oxidizes 6 sulfhydryl groups on the ribonuclease inhibitor, which then releases the ribonuclease which is extremely efficient at destroying RNA.
  • The anti-vaxxers were right (of course, any time someone wants to poke the boundary between nonself and self, your skin, tell them to fuck off), their instincts were spot on. The pro-vaxxers? their uppity logic, “any bit of good is good”, is pure stupidity.
  • So, on a positive note (for now), your elderly relatives and at-risk friends, can worry a LOT less. Stupid masks, STOP the virus from replicating AT the source. FASTING FOR TWO DAYS. Just know, when infected with COVID, next two days, FOOD CAN KILL YOU.
  • I’ve been canceled everywhere online before. I really can’t believe I’m not canceled yet on Twitter. My comments wouldn’t show up on doximity. On FB, comments are gone in a day. My Lasik forums canceled me. LinkedIn, said I’m gone for life. So, can we do this fast?