January 2022 Conservative Article Reference List

Below are links to primarily Conservative, Libertarian-leaning articles and/or blog posts that I have found to be enlightening with all that is going on in America and the World right now. Scan the list and read what catches your eye, or for some, just reading the headlines will provide enough insight.

Hopefully, you will take the time to read some of them which should open your eyes to the reality of the #DeepState and those promoting the #NewWorldOrder as well as consistent #MediaBias, and ongoing #FakeNews gaslighting along with the relentless attack on American values by Liberals and the #Progressive Left.

Think of the process of becoming better informed as if you are working on a large puzzle. As you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you finally see the big picture, hopefully.

(Also, I occasionally include article links that may not be newsworthy but are so silly and/or outrageous that they need to be seen to show the idiocy that exists these days.)

Article links added since the previous update are underlined.

New links may be added after the first update of the day.

January 24, 2022

WSJ: The Dow Drops more than 1000 Points Amid Market Fall – The Weekslong selloff continues amid nervousness over The Fed and Ukraine, punishing tech stocks and cryptocurrencies

ROGER STONE EXCLUSIVE: Why They Attack General Mike Flynn

China Launches Biggest Raid On Taiwanese Airspace Since October As CCP’s Pacific Perimeter Expands

Taiwan Intercepts A Massive Swarm Of Chinese Military Aircraft As ‘Weak’ Biden Tested Around World

The Confucian Model – The economic system behind East Asia’s rise represents an epochal threat to human freedom

Kirstie Alley Puts A Spooky Spin On Sundays Gigantic Anti-Vax Mandate Protest in Washington DC, “Liberals Better Listen Up” – It wasn’t just in the US, there were protests all over the world on Sunday

The Trump ‘draft executive order’ came from outside the White House – For the secretary of defense to “seize, collect, retain and analyze all machines, equipment, electronically stored information, and material records” from the election

The Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Challenges to Colleges Using Race in Admissions Process

I&I/TIPP Poll: Americans Agree That McConnell, Pelosi, Fauci, And Breyer Should Ride Off Into The Sunset

Biden’s regulatory bender is crushing the US economy – More than three times the cost that President Barack Obama’s very left-wing administration imposed on families and businesses in its first year

The UK Begins Withdrawing Embassy Staff and Families From Ukraine and Issues a Travel Warning

Another Frantic Evacuation of Americans – For the second time in six months, the U.S. State Department is warning that it cannot evacuate U.S. citizens

The Europeans are afraid of Biden’s rush to war – The two biggest EU nations are trying to set up peace talks with Ukraine and Russia

“Dark Outlook”: Dismal NBC Poll Reveals Most Americans Think The Country Going “Downhill” And Is “Lost”

Car-Jackings Skyrocket by 510% in Democrat-run Cities amid Soft-on-Crime Policies Fanned by Criminal reform systems pushed by Democrats

During his Mark Levin interview, Peter Schweizer exposes $31 million in CCP money went to the Biden family, and more

The Biden Family Scored $31 Million from Deals with Individuals with Direct Ties to the Highest Levels of Chinese Intelligence

Is An Iron Curtain Closing Around America? – Our government is actively conditioning us to accept censorship

California’s death tax takes the greed of the government to another level

Gavin Newsom wants to open public food benefits to undocumented Californians age 55 and older

California lines up another assault against parents – A proposed bill allows children as young as 12 to consent to a vaccine without parental permission

All California schoolchildren must be vaccinated against COVID-19 under a new proposed bill

Disturbing vaccine data is coming from Scotland – What if you get more sick, not less sick, from Covid vaccinations?

UK Health Staff Hurl Scrubs at Downing Street in Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protest

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Says Annual COVID Jabs Would Be An “Ideal Situation”

Liars, Propagandists and The Great Reset – The Nature Medicine article is a glaring example of propaganda being promoted as science, and of science, in turn, being used for political aims

I Can PROVE ‘Transwomen’ Have an Advantage Over Real Women in Sports – Testosterone suppression robs a male athlete of much of his advantage, yet it’s clear that it doesn’t rob him of all such advantages

Lia Thomas Teammate Speaks Out: ‘Women Are Now Third-Class Citizens’

Click Here For Coronavirus – SARS-CoV-2 Charts, Data & CDC Information

January 23, 2022

Biden’s Intolerable Limits on Americans’ Freedoms – No return to any sort of pre-COVID normal while Biden is in office

WSJ: The State Department Tells Families of U.S. Diplomats in Ukraine to Leave – Some U.S. Embassy staff members also have been authorized to depart

Families of US Embassy Personnel Begin Evacuating from Ukraine – As fears grow that Russia is on the brink of invading Ukraine

The U.S. Not in Position to Evacuate Citizens From Ukraine, The State Department Warns

Biden Is Considering Sending Thousands of Troops, Aircraft to Eastern Europe

Germany Shocks Alliance and Throws a Wrench into Ukrainian Defense – Due to their partnership with Russia in the controversial NordStream Pipeline

A New Video Montage Of NY’s Democrat AG Letitia James Shows She’s Been On Mission To Get Trump From Day One

The ‘Mystery Man’ Ray Epps Indeed Has a Proven Link to the FBI — It’s Just Not What Everybody Thought It Was

Victor David Hanson: Wokeism Is a Cruel and Dangerous Cult – It’s natural logic will destroy the lives of people of both genders, all races, and if need be of those of every age, all to leverage an otherwise unworkable ideological agenda

CA’s New Motor Voter Program – Every driver’s license application is required to include a voter registration application

Homicides Increased 94 Percent In Los Angeles County During The Last Two Years

Wayne Allyn Root: We are in a Civil War of Good vs Evil, and Democrats are the Confederate South – Democrats hate us- Republicans, conservatives, capitalists, and most intensely- the unvaccinated

Dr. Malone’s Message to Parents: If Your Child is Harmed By The COVID Vax “You Will Carry the Burden for the Rest of Your Life”

‘Every Time You Comply, You Get Weaker’ – RFK Jr. Electrifies Anti-Mandate Rally

Vax Data: Just 0.06% of Religious Exemption Requests Have Been Granted for U.S. Marines

FOIA docs reveal Pfizer’s mRNA Covid shots caused an avalanche of miscarriages and stillborn babies 

A Covid Origin Conspiracy? – Newly released emails make more plausible the contention that Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins presided over the suppression of the lab-leak theory for political reasons

How Covid Shots SUPPRESS Your Immune System – Two microRNAs, miR-148a and miR-590, are central in this process

The  Emergency Must Be Ended, Now – We can now treat the virus as a medical rather than a social matter and manage it in ordinary ways

The Economist/YouGov Poll: One-Third of Americans Say They Haven’t Gotten a COVID-19 Vaccine

This Year’s Covid-19 Surge is Ten Times Less Deadly Than Last Year’s – Using the last 6 weeks of data for LA County, there are 138% more cases than the same period last year, and yet only 14% of the deaths

Defeat The Mandates, An American Homecoming – Freedom to work,  travel, learn, question, speak, pray, And Say NO!

The 1/6 Select Committee Witch Hunt – The power it is claiming belongs to the Judiciary branch, not Congress, and the committee’s conduct presents a very serious and dangerous civil liberties violation

China’s Censors Ban Hollywood Films, That Don’t Subtly Support CCP Agenda, As Beijing Builds Its Own “Movie Empire”

Australian Open Fans Are Asked to Remove Their T-Shirts Asking ‘Where Is Peng Shuai?’

Fox News Poll: Voters are reluctant to give Biden a second term – Economic anxiety is higher than a year ago, and many feel the pandemic is still not controlled

Democrats are showing early signs of questioning the legitimacy of the elections in 2022 and 2024 – For four years, the media conducted a pervasive anti-Trump campaign

The Systematic Smearing Of The Police – Even though we give the police an impossible job (repeat: impossible) and then we put their every split-second decision under a microscope

Why Putin wants to invade Ukraine – Ukraine may be a poor nation but it is a nation rich in natural resources like mineral wealth and agricultural land

Sharyl Attkisson: Fact-Checkers Are Used to Confuse the Public – “Nearly every mode of information has been co-opted, if it can be co-opted by some group, [and] fact-checkers are no different”

South Dakota Governor Announces 2 Pro-Life Bills That Would Ban Almost All Abortions

Newsom Torched After Asking ‘What The Hell Is Going On’ With Train Thefts – Then apologizes for calling gang, gangs

American Megabanks Including Citi & JPM Order Workers Back To The Office In London & NYC – Done with pretending to care about COVID safety precautions

Six Very Large Companies That Are Continuing With Their COVID Vaccine Mandates Despite The SCOTUS Ruling

Dr. Meryl Nass Explains the Hideous ‘Bait-and-Switch’ Used to Protect Big Pharma While Conning People Into Getting Jabbed

Researchers Worry COVID Will Quickly Develop Resistance To The New COVID Therapeutic Pills From Pfizer And Merck

January 22, 2022

Five Frontline Nurses Speak Out About What Is Really Going On In Hospitals

A Professor’s Analysis Drops A Nuke on January 6 Insurrection Narrative –They Don’t Look Like Trump Supporters

Trump Is Right About Anti-White Discrimination – The media says it’s a right-wing conspiracy that whites are discriminated against in COVID treatment and, at the same time, tell you that it’s a good thing it’s happening

Joe Biden Bans Unvaccinated Truckers From Entering The US, Further Exacerbating The Supply Chain Carnage

Biden’s Press Conference Confirms He’s Not Fit to Be President – He may think he nailed it, but a replay begs to differ

The Coming Dethronement of Joe Biden  – The unnamed committee who runs the presidency is faced with a huge and delicate problem. It can’t last

The Los Angeles Unified School District to prohibit cloth face masks for students starting Monday – Must wear “well-fitted, non-cloth masks with a nose wire” at all times, including outdoors

Miles of Truckers: Canadian “Freedom Convoy” Tries to Save Our Supply Chain From Medical-Tyranny-Induced Collapse

‘Unseemly’: NPR Refuses to Correct Story After Supreme Court Deems It False – Sotomayor did not ask Gorsuch to wear a mask

Big Tech Forcing Australian Members of Parliament To Self-Censor  – To avoid triggering online censorship from platforms like YouTube and Facebook

THE GREAT RESET – The Federal Reserve Taking Next Step Towards Launching Digital Dollar

The U.K. Releases Bold Statement About Russia – The Kremlin plans to install pro-Russian leadership in Ukraine


Eric Adams must be NYC’s wartime mayor – Otherwise, his tenure will be a failure before it gets started, a casualty of mayhem, murder, and fear

Biden’s Got Big Trouble This Fall – Powerful Trump-Era Figure, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Hauls in a Jaw-Dropping Amount of Cash in her bid for Governor of Arkansas

Israel, One of Most Vaccinated Countries in the World, Sets A New COVID-19 Case Record

Joe Biden: 3 pipelines and 3 disasters – What is it with the confused Biden and pipelines?

The End Of Natural Population Growth? – The number of countries experiencing more deaths than births in a given year is steadily increasing

Six former Navy SEALs run for Congress with one goal: To take down Pelosi

WSJ: The Nanotechnology Revolution Is Here, We Just Haven’t Noticed Yet – For years, engineers have made microchips ever smaller and more powerful. Now they’re applying the technology to a host of miniature marvels

The US Now Requires All Foreign Travelers to Be COVID-19 Vaccinated When Crossing Land Ports and Ferry Terminals –  But COVID-19 testing won’t be required

The Pandemic’s Rightest Man? – Time and time again, Alex Berenson has been vindicated on Covid-19

You only thought you were vaccinated! – “Fully vaccinated” will now be called “up to date”

What Is Really In The Covid-19 Vaccines – These panel members’ answers are enlightening as they stick to the basics

The Top 10 COVID Villains of 2021 – When will these wrongdoers be held accountable for the death and destruction they have wrought on our world?

Will These People Be Charged With Genocide? – A slew of high-power figures that pushed to mandate experimental COVID jabs have been accused of several crimes, including crimes against humanity

Dark Side Of Metaverse Exposed: Why Your Kids Need To Stay Away From VRChat

The GOP Hasn’t Suddenly Discovered Its Spine – Republicans in Congress folded like a deck of cards in the face of the pandemic and they are still behind the ball

Who are the Oath Keepers? – A loosely-knit national organization created to resist violations of civil liberties by the government


January 21, 2022

Government Data: The Triple Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome at an alarming rate

Very concerning data from Scotland – The COVID-19 age-standardized case rate is highest among the two-dose vaccinated and lowest among unvaccinated!

Women’s Rights v. Trans Rights – Where Are the Feminists and Why Aren’t They Speaking Out?

The TSA Admits It Allows Illegal Immigrants to Use Arrest Warrants as ID to Board Planes

Trump Media CEO Devin Nunes: Taking on Woke Big Tech the ‘Battle of All Battles’

Allen West, Trump’s Texas Torchbearer Overtakes Governor Abbott – Here’s Why

Biden’s Blunders Practically Beg Putin to Invade Ukraine – By words and lack of deeds, he has virtually given Russia the green light

There Is A Marxist Revolution in the Making in America, Expert Warns

Bill Maher Slams Fauci And Other Medical Doctors Over COVID Guidance And Predicts Trump Will Run in 2024

The Crisis in America’s Education Establishment Is Self-Induced If teachers want to uphold the honor of their vocation, they will have to join forces with parents against education bureaucrats

Antitrust Directives Will Not Cure Inflation – Inflation “is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon”

Dr. Robert Malone: The COVID Declaration Is Now Backed by More Than 17,000 Doctors & Medical Scientists Around the World

Bari Weiss: Justice Sotomayor’s Inaccurate COVID Statements Are the Misinformation You’re Going to Believe if You Watch Cable News All Day

Ivermectin Could Destroy Justification For Lockdowns And Vaccine Mandates 

The CDC Director Admit ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Was a Big Lie, Here is the New Term They’re Using

The Sharyl Attkisson interview on media manipulation, mistakes, and Covid – How Propagandists Co-Opted ‘Fact-Checkers’ and the Press to Control the Information Landscape

Swiss Olympic Sprinter Gets Pericarditis After Pfizer Booster – 22,193 deaths and 1,053,830 adverse events reported following COVID vaccinations

A Criminal Complaint Filed In The Office Of The Texas Attorney General Alleges Murder and Crimes Against Humanity Related To The Covid Vaccines

6 People Present at Scene of Ashli Babbitt Killing Still Not Arrested by the FBI – The family asks for the public’s help identifying photos of witnesses from January 6

California Online Voter Registration – The electronic voter registration system must provide for immediate verification

A Culture of Corruption – In Baltimore, crime-tolerant state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby seems willing to break the law herself

Biden’s Approval Hits Two Record Lows After Disastrous Press Conference – He is is now upside-down by a whopping 14.8 points

Senator McConnell Slams Biden And Says The US Must Arm Ukraine – “Joe Biden’s remarks regarding Russia and Ukraine tensions are “bizarre and devastating”

A Trump-appointed Judge Blocks  Biden’s VAXX-Mandate on Federal Employees – “The President’s Authority Is Not That Broad”

The FAA’s beef with 5G: Airplane altimeters operate in the 4.2GHz to 4.4GHz range of radio frequency spectrum. The C-band of the spectrum the wireless industry is using for 5G is between 3.7GHz and 3.98GHz, which is right next door

The Democrats’ Election-Law Circus – The procedural radicalism and rhetoric of the Democrats is alarming

If Trump Had Greenlighted Russia To Invade Ukraine Like Biden Just Did, He’d Be Accused Of Corruption

WSJ: States Are Swimming in Cash Thanks to Booming Tax Revenue and Federal Financial Aid – NY, CA, and FL are among the states planning big one-time investments in worker bonuses, tax rebates, and paying down debt

Dr. Peter McCullough: The Vaccines Failed in Stopping COVID-19 So Mandates Must Be Dropped – “The vaccines themselves have now become obsolete as the virus continues to mutate”

The CDC Has Destroyed Public Trust By Pushing Obvious Covid-19 Falsehoods – Their claims are not supported by data

Preteens may be vaccinated without parent consent, the youngest of any state, under a proposed California bill

March with Us – Hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers gather in Washington for the annual March for Life, as they’ve done every year since 1974

Joe Biden’s Election Integrity Reply During His News Conference Puts The White House in Cleanup Mode

Bombshell Voter Fraud Information Surfaces From Wisconsin – 569,277 voters have 1/1/1918 as their registration date, amounting to 1 out of every 14 voters in the system

Voters Reject Hillary Clinton as a 2024 Presidential Candidate saying she would lose to Both Biden and Trump

No wonder most people don’t trust the media –They frequently bury truthful stories while endlessly running false stories

They Knew – The FBI And Corporate Media Lied About the Texas Synagogue Terrorist’s Motives

The FBI goes after a Democrat who opposes Biden’s border policies – It looks like the FBI and DOJ are going to investigate and arrest people that don’t support the Biden administration’s agenda

My Time In The Tank – It was clear that the deep state was all-powerful, and they wanted Roger Stone at any cost to get to the bigger target—Donald J. Trump

I love California too, but… – I hate the government and what they have done to my adopted home

Three Murders in Three Days – Plus, How the Texas Jews saved themselves; a billionaire’s false moral equivalence on China; and more

It’s Long Past Time to Start Asking the Right Questions About Crime in America – Murders have not spiked everywhere

We Must Save America Now – America can’t wait for 3-years until a new President is inaugurated in January 2025

Runaway immigration makes America poorer and less democratic – “How many people are too many?” is perhaps the most important question facing our country right now

The global warming question that can change people’s minds – “What is the ideal average temperature for the Earth”?

Sharyl Attkisson: Media Mistakes in the Biden Era: the Definitive List – Updated

America’s Supply Chains Are Already Extremely Fragile – 12 Signs That Food Shortages Are Already Here

Is COVID Jobs Recession About To Get Worse? – The US remains in a serious jobs recession, one that’s much different than any in modern history

Ireland drops most COVID restrictions in wake of ‘Omicron storm’ siting advice from public health officials

Extensive UK Over-Reporting Of Covid Deaths Found – Average age of Covid death in the UK in 2021 was 82.5 years

“The Virus Stops With Every Vaccinated Person” – Eight Quotes From The ‘Experts’ That Aged Horribly

January 20, 2022

The Plot to Sabotage Trump – Ex-staffers and Bushies schemed to stop him

Twenty-one days to brainwash your child – Students forced to take a “21-Day Equity Challenge” as part of the district’s “diversity, equity, and inclusion” curriculum

‘Let the 25th Amendment Discussions Begin’ – Biden’s News Conference Was A Total Failure as Reactions Roll In

The January 6 Committee Claims Absolute Power as it Investigates Citizens With No Judicial Limits – They plotted to obtain a citizen’s financial records with no possibility of judicial review

The Leftists Lose It After Sinema Shakes Hands With A Few Republican Senators

‘Gavin Should Be Ashamed’ – The DA brands woke California Governor Newsom ‘either ignorant or a liar’ after he supported laws that downgrade felonies but now blames police and prosecutors for the rise in crime

Nancy Pelosi May Rename Biden’s Stalled Build Back Better Package to Help It Pass Before Midterms

The Chinese Communist Party is Still Buying Up American Land – They are continuing their U.S. agricultural takeover, buying hundreds of thousands of arable acres across the nation

When progressives side with criminals – Democrat politicians are ignoring the daily murders and robberies and car-jackings of their poorest constituents

The Reawaken America Tour – Clay Clark Drops a Dozen Bombshells About the Plandemic

Victor David Hanson: Go bold, GOP – 10 commandments worth running on in midterm elections

WSJ: SCOTUS Permits Continued Enforcement of Texas Six-Week Abortion Ban – Denies abortion providers’ request to allow the challenge to proceed in federal court

Biden’s Best Argument Against Voting Security Bills Flatlines as Black Americans Speak Up – 79% of black Americans polled support voter ID

Biden’s first year: His biggest blunders – Crisis after crisis and instead of his promised unity we got divisiveness

WSJ: Biden’s First Year: The Goals He Hit and the Ones He Missed – Trillions in spending through Congress, but unable to accomplish his top social and climate priorities

Exclusive: General Flynn Tells The Western Journal in Next 24 Hours Massive Corruption Will Be Exposed

The Obedient Generation – A question of whether we are here for a purpose, or whether we are all alone!

WSJ: Putin Loves to Roll the Dice And Ukraine Is His Biggest Gamble Yet – His tolerance for risk is tested as he threatens a ground war unseen in Europe since the 1940s

U.S. Allows Baltic NATO Members to Send Arms to Ukraine – Decision will enable shipments of US-made anti-tank and air defense weapons to the Ukrainian military

The January 6 Narrative is Starting to Unravel – This began when many people began to suspect that the whole thing was a setup from the beginning and started looking into it

A Scandal For Every Month –The Biggest Botches, Failures, And Mess-Ups Of Joe Biden’s First 12 Months In Office

Oregon’s governor sued for allegedly violating state clemency laws while ignoring victim rights – Unlawfully freeing more than 1,000 inmates

The secret to achieving accountability for Facebook’s and Twitter’s censorship – They own whatever they do NOT Delete

WSJ: Senate Panel Approves Antitrust Bill Restricting Big Tech Platforms – The bill would make it illegal for Amazon, Google, Apple, and others to favor their products over their competitors

Economist/YouGov Poll: Majority of Americans Say America on the ‘Wrong Track’ One Year into Biden’s Presidency

The TSA’s stunning admission about illegal aliens allowed onboard American planes – They are allowed to fly even if the only identification they have is an arrest warrant or warrant of removal from DHS related to their illegal status

Hakeem Jeffries lets the cat out of the bag on the Democrats’ “Freedom To Vote” Plan – This takeover bill is “inspired by Cesar Chavez”

WSJ: Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kuleba: Biden’s ‘Minor Incursion’ Comment Downplays Russian Aggression – Any aggressive moves by Russia should trigger an equal response

Center for Immigration Studies Senior National Security Fellow Todd Bensman Reports On The Wave of Illegals Headed Our Way From All Over The World

Inflation Wreaks Havoc On Economic Confidence In 2022 – The IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index swoons in January

Meet the 6 Navy SEALS running to defeat Nancy Pelosi

Biden’s Disastrous First Year As President Drives Voters Into The GOP’s Arms

A SENILE PHANTASM-AGORIA – The longer his press conference went, the worse he got

Will anyone ever ask Biden about Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago? – Weekend shootings have become as natural as hearing Cubs fans talk about waiting for next year

Defiant And Unapologetic: Biden’s Marathon Presser – Blamed Republicans and defended his first 12 months in Office

A Presumption Against Police: The New York Civil Liberties Union publishes a damning report on the NYPD – However, factual data refute its conclusions

Later This Month A US Army Guerrilla Warfare Exercise Will Be Conducted In North Carolina To Target “Freedom Fighters”

The Democrats’ Total War On Republicans Backfired – Resulting in a stunning 14-point shift in preference to Republicans

The IRS To Require Facial Recognition To View Tax Returns – By mid-2022, you can only log into irs.gov through ID.me

Asian Imports Take “Dramatically Longer” To Reach US As Bottlenecks Bite – 57% higher than at the same time last year

The Big City Prosecutors Backed by Soros – His money is used to elect “Progressives” to push “criminal justice reform”

DirecTV’s Plan To Remove One America News Faces Pushback From Senators – It has the appearance of targeting supporters of former President Donald Trump”

One of the World’s Oldest and Most Respected Medical Journals Just Called Out The Covid “Vaccines” and Treatment Shenanigans

How Anthony Fauci Controls Science Globally And Personally Profits From It

Fauci Helped Loosen Weak Rules For Risky Virus Research – With Fauci’s input, the review committee was stripped of its power to veto proposed research

REPORT: Mask Mandates Are Causing Over A 350% Surge In Childhood Speech Delays

After How COVID Was Handled, Never Again – Two years of COVID-1984 should have taught people that bureaucracies can never be trusted to police themselves for our protection

The Omicron Variant Evades mRNA Booster Protection, A South African Study Shows

China’s impossible COVID stats – Throughout the COVID crisis, China has been accused of suppressing their death toll

Overreach in Technology Regulation Carries Multiple Risks – California risks losing its historic commitment to innovation, consumers risk losing products and platforms that make their lives better

Special Council Durham vs. Horowitz: Tension Over Truth and Consequences Grips the FBI’s Trump-Russia Reckoning

Can Los Angeles Be Saved From Itself? – After the senseless deaths of  three people, L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva intervened and now the death penalty is on the table as a result of federal charges

Why the Covid vaccines don’t work – The original vaccines are now causing more harm than good

I’m A Triple-Vaccinated Pharma Executive – Here’s Why I Quit A High Paying Job Over My Company’s Vaccine Mandate

I’m a Public School Teacher and The Kids Are NOT Alright – They were taught to think of themselves as vectors of disease

Coming Clean: I’m Not Vaxxed And This Is Why – My experience of the pandemic in South Africa

January 19, 2022

The deep state is no conspiracy theory – Progressive monoculture has enveloped many of our private and public institutions and Aldous Huxley saw it coming

THE LANCET: COVID-19 will continue but the end of the pandemic is near

Public Health’s Truth Problem – Throughout the pandemic, medical and scientific institutions have disseminated dubious advice, flawed studies, and even outright falsehoods

How the Left Is Proving the DNC Was Not Hacked by Russia – The more that comes out about the Seth Rich case, the more plausible the “leak” theory becomes, and the more sinister the Clinton campaign and Comey appear to have been

The Brianna Kupfer murder: Alleged suspect Shawn Laval Smith arrested in Pasadena

Teachers Are Doing Violence to Books – When they teach  literature through the singular prism of race, class, and gender

WSJ: SCOTUS Rejects Trump’s Bid to Withhold Documents Related to the January 6 Probe

WSJ: Democrats Fail Their Push to Change Senate The Filibuster, Sinking Their Elections Rules 

Victor David Hanson: Is America Heading for a Systems Collapse? – As the 2022 midterm elections approach, who will stop our descent into collective poverty, division, and self-inflicted madness?

Let’s Double Our Taxes! – California Democrats propose a measure that would double our taxes to pay for “free” healthcare, but even they aren’t serious about it

Single-Family Housing Starts Crash as Bidenflation Sends Construction Costs Soaring For Home Builders

Thanks, Joe Biden: Starting This Weekend, Get Ready for Produce to Burn a Big Hole in Your Wallet

At Least 19 Federal Agencies Consider Tracking Religious Exemption Requests From Vaccine Mandates – “It is likely the Biden administration is using these agencies to stealth test a policy it intends to roll out across the whole government”

Truck Drivers Become Biden & Trudeau’s Worst Nightmare – By Disrupting the US-Canada Border to Protest Vax Mandate

It’s Official: Biden Now Leads Trump In The Number of COVID Deaths Occurring During Their Administration

Hidden on page 403 of The Infrastructure Law Is a Mandate for a Government Backdoor ‘Kill Switch’ for Cars

Jordan Peterson: Why I am no longer a tenured professor at the University of Toronto – The appalling woke ideology of diversity, inclusion, and equity is demolishing education and business

These 5 Public Figures Refused to Be Canceled By Me-Too and Woke Madness – More people should follow their example

California’s Proposed Education Funding Scheme Won’t Work – Guaranteed funding for failing schools is not the answer

It Was All About Politics, Not Science – The CDC Takes Radical U-Turn on Their Pandemic Narrative

The Pfizer-sponsored CDC Foundation partnered with Facebook to fund social media tactics to increase “vaccine uptake”  –  According to Messages to The White House that have been obtained

UK Doctor’s Research: Ivermectin is 62% Effective in Preventing Covid Mortality and 86% Effective in Preventing Infection

Covid Tyranny In Australia As Applied To Tennis Star Novak Djokovic of Serbia – A Thorough Analysis of What Happened

Bombshell CDC Study: Natural Immunity Provides Significantly More Protection Against COVID Than Vaccination Only

WSJ: Procter & Gamble Says Prices Will Keep Going Up – Quarterly sales rise 6%, led by health and cleaning products, with price increases accounting for half of the gain

The Synagogue Terrorist Malik Faisal Akram Was Booted by Nearby Mosque Just Days Before His Attack

The Defense in The Whitmer case seeks immunity for the disgraced FBI agents and informants in a rare twist

WSJ: Why The 5G Rollout Is Concerning Airlines and Flight-Safety Regulators – At issue is whether the new 5G signals affect aircraft equipment that helps planes land in difficult weather conditions and avoid crashes

Many of Santa Monica’s Homeless Are Armed – Enlightenment provided by interviewing a homeless person from the area

England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, And Work Restrictions

The Pandemic Narrative Undergoes Radical U-Turn – In recent days, the CDC has made a remarkable number of U-turns, completely reversing course on several of its narrative points

The system is set up for hospitals to profit from COVID – The numbers are staggering both in money hospitals took in and the very real possibility that their actions caused people to die

Focus on Herd Immunity, Not Vaccination Rates – They claim the 26% unvaccinated population put the 74% vaccinated population at risk

Biden’s Attack On Voting Rights Far Surpasses Trump’s Election Claims – In one week alone, President Biden eclipsed everything Donald Trump and his supporters said about the validity of the 2020 election

The Biden Administration Knew the Afghan Air Force Would Collapse after a U.S. Withdrawal

These Are The World’s Largest Nuclear Power Producers – Nuclear energy generation overall has seen a slowdown since its peak in the 1990s

FDA drug safety expert Dr. David Gortler: Vaccine manufacturers and the FDA are not providing adequate warnings about myocarditis risks

Tucker Carlson: Homelessness is a manufactured crisis – “A determined group of well-funded ideologues decided to make it easier to live on the streets in this country while doing drugs”

Biden Officials Defy Critical Civil Rights Law – In their latest attempt to be Woke, the FDA decreed racial minorities will get preference over Whites in receiving the limited supplies of critically needed COVID-fighting drugs

As U.S. Athletes Face Mounting Dangers in Beijing, Blinken Wastes Time in Kyiv – While the White House will be supporting the communist Olympics event by sending 46 diplomats to Beijing

Is This A plan to take down and reconstitute the world economy? – A global digital currency is the Holy Grail of complete and efficient governmental control over our lives

Peter Schiff: This Bubble Economy Is Going To Burst – The Federal Reserve won’t fix the inflation problem, but simply put, they will make it worse

The January 6 Committee Targets Eric Trump and Don Jr.’s Fiancée Kimberley Guilfoyle – This represents a fresh escalation as the select committee for the first time targets a member of Trump’s family

Wokeness Hits the Upper Echelons of the Air Force – The gist of the story is that the Air Force Special Tactics community encountered wokeness, but resistance in the lower ranks sparked a backlash

Even Without War, Russia Has Defeated Europe Already – The painful reality that while it is too weak to defend itself, it can no longer rely on the United States to come to its rescue

China Is Chipping Away At America’s Influence In The Middle East – The US withdrawal from Afghanistan was only the latest in a string of moves from the U.S. that served to reduce its influence in the Middle East

January 18, 2022

NYT: Congress Can Trade Stocks or Keep the Public Trust, But Not Both

A Republican revolution from below – A wave of new election integrity bills is being approved by Republican-controlled state legislatures across the country

Voter ID Requirements Make Sense – The “For the People Act” would enable widespread voting fraud

A New Level of Fake News From the Left Now they think they can predict the future for the coming midterms

The Supreme Court Rejects The Request to Block Federal Airplane Mask Mandate

Two more House of Representative Democrats announce they will not seek reelection – The total is now 28

California May Soon Double Its Taxes To Pay For Influx Of Illegals – Via higher income taxes on the wealthy, a payroll tax on large companies, and a new gross receipts tax

The Murdering Of Free Speech In America – House Democrats are getting closer and closer to the constitutional line, if they have not already crossed it”

Now You Can Rent a Robot Worker for Less Than Paying a Human Worker –  Automation is reaching more companies, imperiling some jobs, and changing the nature of others

‘Much Brighter Than Before’: COVID-19 Cases Plunge Across The US

WSJ: The U.S. Aims Sanctions at Pro-Russian Separatists as Secretary of State Blinken Plans Ukraine, Russia Meetings – Sanctions will freeze the assets of at least four individuals and could be announced as early as Thursday

Federal Reserve Signals Reduced Stimulus as Inflation Soars to 39-Year High – Will end their asset purchases in March and will be raising rates during the year

Stocks plummet as Fed gears up to raise interest rates for the first time in years

No, Our Politicians Are Not Mostly Good – DON’T PACK THE COURTS . . . PACK THE PRISONS!

Are You Enjoying Communism Yet? – Biden’s Economy Shows 3rd Largest Manufacturing Drop In History In January

We All Know It’s True: 58% of Voters Now Believe Cheating was Likely in 2020 Election — Up from 54%

The Biden Admin Sued over The Unlawful Funding for Palestinian Government that Supports Terror

A Federal Appeals Court Judge Delivers Big Win for Pro-Life Movement – Allows Texas Abortion Law to Remain in Effect

The Texas Synagogue Attack Smells Like More Evidence Of FBI Corruption

The Border Crisis Is Bad, But In Mexico, A Larger Crisis Looms – Mexico has serious problems with cartel-related crime and has for decades

The Fifth Time’s the Charm – An Israeli Trial Shows 4th Shot of Covid Vaccine Doesn’t Stop Omicron

Canada Eliminates Trucker Vaccine Mandate – Eliminating this unnecessary mandate for truckers was essential for Trudeau to hold on to the last of his constituents

Why Those Ruling Class Minions Are Suddenly Doing Damage Control On Covid – An Understanding of the Term ‘Limited Hangout’ Is Needed

Fauci Must Go – It is past time for public-health policy to shift by acknowledging that Covid-19 is now an endemic disease and, for the most part, a risk for individuals to manage

The Political Timing of Declaring The End of The Pandemic – What Biden and the Democrats are hoping for is a reaction of “thank you, thank you, thank you, you’re our savior

Is Government Competent to Spend More Public Money? – Some lessons from the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act

What Many On The Right Still Don’t Understand About “Trump Populism” – Trump supporters just want their country back

Boys swimming against girls is just not fair! – The NCAA and many states are doing nothing as sporting records, placement in championships, and Title IX for women and girls crumble into dust

Boycott the Beijing Olympics – Their purpose for these Olympics is purely political, to celebrate China’s way of life

No, the American experiment is not over – Leftists like to talk about the “American experiment” as something of a failure

CDC Wonder – The Top Ten Causes Of Death During 2020 – And Covid Is Not #1

Is It The End of Lockdowns in Britain? – Boris Johnson Looks to Scrap All Coronavirus Restrictions in March

Robert W Malone MD, MS: Behavioral control and the end of the American dream – Remember those Johns Hopkins Pandemic war games that occurred over decades?

January 17, 2022

Trump’s New Rally Walk-Off Song Gives a Strong Clue About His 2024 Plans

Senators Manchin and Sinema  refuse to eliminate the filibuster to pass a pair of election reform bills – So Democrats Whip Up Fear Of ‘Rigged’ Midterm 2022 Elections

Inflation, Along With The Supply Crunch And Omicron Push US Growth Forecasts Down

Poll: 59%of Democrats Favor Government Confining Unvaccinated Americans to Their Homes – “At all times except for emergencies”

Five nurses speak out about what is going on in our hospitals – If you think our healthcare system is well run and there is no corruption, you are in for a big surprise

San Francisco Chronicle: Omicron may have peaked in parts of the Bay Area as the California COVID surge slows

The Democrats Embrace Voter Intimidation – Informed people know that the Democrat’s voting rights bill is an attempt to codify corruption

Rasmussen Reports: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Report: A ‘Dreadful’ Border Error Allowed The Texas Synagogue Terrorist Into US

The new truck driver vaccine mandate is likely to make fruit and vegetables more expensive

Victor David Hanson: From the moment COVID-19 appeared, the pandemic became inseparable from politics

The 15 Worst Covid Lies That Have Been Completely Exposed for All the World to See – #14. The vaccines are 100% safe and effective for everyone

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Predicts ‘Return to Normal’ by Spring But Expects COVID-19 to Circulate for Years

COVID Con Part 2: Billions in pandemic relief funds went to everything but pandemic relief – They went to pension bailouts, critical race theory programs, and cash grants to illegal immigrants

Sharyl Attkisson: The hidden Covid-19 vaccine-injured (Updated)

The CDC Finally Admits Cloth Masks Were Always Political Theater – It’s always been more about showing compliance than keeping people safe

Gallup Poll: U.S. Political Party Preferences Shifted Greatly During 2021 – Shifts Follow Changes in Presidential Approval

Over a Million Americans Have Fled Blue States Due to High Rates of Crime, Taxes, and Economic Regulation

Crumbling Narratives Leave the Ruling Class with Everything to Fear – “Protection” in this racket means survival but not life, equity but not fairness, financial handouts but not prosperity, and politically correct narratives but no truth

The FBI reverses its position and now says the Texas synagogue hostage case was terror and the Jews were targeted

Gallup Poll: Throughout 2021, the country moved away from the Democrat party and towards the GOP by 14 points

Funny how similar Paul Pelosi, Jr.’s & Hunter Biden’s backgrounds are – Both have few qualifications but have endlessly used their parents’ powerful position to greatly enrich themselves with high-paying positions at corrupt institutions

A Video Shows Pennsylvania Official Admitting Election Laws Were Broken In 2020

A January 6 panel member floats 14th Amendment as a way to bar Trump from holding office again

Profiting From Doom: Globalist Elites Doubled Their Wealth During Covid Pandemic – The world’s 10 richest men increased their fortunes to $1.9 trillion, at a rate of $1.6 billion a day, over the past 12 months

Inflation Could Spell Doom For Wokeness – Voters have been conned into paying an inflated price for inefficient and ineffective policies

That scene at the L.A. Union Pacific rail depot is all about wokeness, not the weird things the press is cooking up

Union Pacific Weighs Avoiding Los Angeles as Cargo Theft Rises

US Futures And European Markets Rise After China’s First Rate Cut In 2 Years

Why Trump’s Pivot Away From Pushing the Jabs Is a Bigger Deal Than Most Realize

Conservatives Will Love the Precious Gift GE Just Gave to Each of Their 56,000 Employees – They are dropping their Biden inspired Covid vaccination mandate

DATA: Nearly 50% of Democrat Voters Want ‘Detention’ for the Unvaccinated

Did 270 doctors demand that Spotify censor Joe Rogan for COVID misinformation? – 270 “doctors” or “medical experts” (which implies doctors) who wrote that letter constitute less than 0.03% of America’s practicing physicians

A Big Pharma CEO Blows a Hole in Vaccine Mandates – “Limited protection if any,” is not a strong endorsement

Australia Is the Loser in Djokovic’s Deportation – The true test of any liberal democracy is how it treats dissenters

Being Jewish in an Unraveling America – The bad guy was killed. The good guys were saved. But the reaction to the hostage-taking in Colleyville, Texas, should alarm American Jews

A new equity policy bars Seattle Police from some traffic stops and opens the door to more car theft

It Is Time to Face Reality About Covid Vaccine Effectiveness – Data-driven graphs tell the story

A Medical board suspends the license of a 25-year practicing doctor and asks for a psych evaluation because she prescribed ivermectin and HCQ for COVID and her public dissent from accepted Covid orthodoxy

Ivermectin Delivered by A Novel Product – If they get it into the market and get regulatory approval, it could compete against the COVID vaccines and avoid the need for the new Pfizer and Merck antiviral treatment drugs

Robert W Malone MD, MS: A Review of the Science – Exercise and vitamin D3 are beneficial, Omicron is mild in children and asymptomatic spread with Omicron is significant

Dr. Mercola: What You Need to Know About the COVID Shot, and More

The I-MASK+ Treatment Protocol for COVID-19

‘270 Doctors’ Called Out Joe Rogan – But Vast Majority Of Authors And Signatories Are Not Medical Doctors

The American Medical Association Falls to CRT – Their recent guide to anti-racism planning suggests that universities develop a scorecard “similar to the White Coats for Black Lives’ Racial Justice Report Card

A Football Coach Fired for Post-Game Prayers Gets Good News The Left Will Hate It – SCOTUS To Hear The Case

January 16, 2022

Biden on The Muslim Hostage-Taker: I Don’t Think There Is Sufficient Information to Know Why He Targeted That Synagogue

Ghislaine Maxwell to Expose Names of 8 Powerful Men Linked to Epstein’s Under Age Sex Crimes

Was Trump an Exception? – Republicans should focus on exposing Democrat scandals before The Left starts the mudslinging. The hell with striking a “positive note”!

Democrat Governors Using Federal Coronavirus Relief Funds to Fight ‘Climate Change

Conspiracies as Realities & Realities as Conspiracies – The Left has fought efforts to learn the full truth, as they project conspiracies to disguise conspirators

HHS Will Stop Counting COVID Deaths on Feb. 2 – How many people listed as dying of COVID were receiving treatment for another illness and only happened to test positive? This is a subject HHS does not want to discuss

Jeff Clark in His Own Words: Why I Fight to Honor Executive Privilege – The Constitution and the separation of powers are at stake

Kamala Harris Looks To Reset After Abysmal First Year As Vice President – The prospects of her being the head of the Democrat Party are looking bleak

The Biden Administration is Creating An Alarming List of Religious Americans

Goodbye Pandemic, Hello Endemic? – Things are looking very good for this recent prediction

Facebook & Google Made a Secret Deal To Corner The Digital Advertising Market – Zuckerberg Directly Implicated

Donald Trump delivered what sounds like a 2024 stump speech at his first rally of 2022

New VA Governor Youngkin Is All Business – 11 Executive Actions on His First Day as Governor & CRT is out in schools

The Left is trying to erase the meaning of American citizenship – Almost half of the people arrested for illegally crossing the border have been released into the US as a result of Biden orders

Tennis star Djokovic was ordered deported from Australia – Deprived of defending his Open title for failing to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine despite having natural immunity

The bail data debate: New numbers from New York show that supervised release is resulting in many re-offenses

CNN IS Tanking – Six Reasons For Its Failures

Robert W Malone MD, MS: Socrates, Thought Police, Ivermectin and Uttar Pradesh

‘It Is A Waste of Time’ to Keep Vaccinating People According To The  Ex-Head of The UK Vaccine Taskforce

January 15, 2022

The Truth About Vaccine-induced Myocarditis – I have a platform so it’s my responsibility to give voice to the voiceless

A Huge Crowd Attends The Trump Rally in Arizona – ‘Nobody’s Ever Had a Movement Like This’

The $94 Trillion World Economy In One Chart – The U.S., China, Japan, and Germany make up over half of the world’s GDP

Missing a Package? Far-Left Policing Policies Might Be to Blame – Deliveries are being intercepted by thieves at major ports across America, especially in Los Angeles. It’s no wonder when the penalties are rarely a deterrent

Freight Trains Are Openly Looted as They Pass Through LA – Police Frustrated with What’s Not Happening to Captured Suspects

FedEx Wants To Arm Cargo Planes With Anti-Missile Lasers – This could allow them to fly in highly contested air space that would usually be off-limits

Leaked Fauci Financials Expose How Millionaire Doctor Fauci Profited From The Pandemic

Report: Anthony Fauci’s $10M 2020 Investment Portfolio Includes Chinese Companies

Elon Musk Exposed the Pandemic Truth Right From the Very Beginning – In its third year it appears government officials are finally starting to listen to what he had to say

Dr. Joseph Mercola: More Children Die From the COVID Shot Than From COVID – Published research shows children are at risk for potentially lifelong health effects from the jab

Which Nations Have The Most ‘Powerful’ Passport? – Japan and Singapore, according to the Henley Passport Index

A tsunami advisory has been issued for the US West Coast and Alaska – In the wake of an undersea volcanic eruption near Tonga

Is Ray Epps the key to January 6, and uncovering a deep state conspiracy that many of us have suspected for years?

12 Charts That Show Why President Biden’s Ratings Are On Life Support – A first-anniversary performance report

Their agenda mostly shelved, Democrats tout few accomplishments – Their legislative agenda is now on hiatus

Ugly stuff on inflation is rolling out, thanks, Joe – PPI is now at 9.7%, which means that more price hikes are ahead as goods get to consumers who are spending less as a result

As if there weren’t enough Joe Biden calamities – Our unguarded interstate rail trade is facing unprecedented robberies as its cargo moves to its destinations

World Ranked #1 Serbian Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Detained AGAIN in Australia And Declared Public Threat

Democrats Are Attempting A Coup By Lawfare – One way to conduct a coup is to control who can run for elected office, for example, NOT Trump

7 Things We’ve Learned About the 2020 Elections – Proper elections require “transparency, inclusiveness, and accountability”

D.C. Democrats say I.D. will be needed to walk their streets, but are not needed to vote

Bombshell Admission: COVID PCR Tests Don’t Work – The CDC also admits the PCR cannot identify active infection or measure contagiousness

The WHO Recommends 2 New Drugs as COVID-19 Treatments – Baricitinib, an oral drug, and Sotrovimab that is administered as a single intravenous infusion

Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul, seems to have an affinity for corrupt businesspeople – He was involved in five companies probed by federal agencies but has never been charged himself


January 14, 2022

The Inside Scoop on McConnell’s Latest Scheme to Harm Trump and the MAGA Movement – Behind the scenes moves to  elevate candidates who are loyal to the Old GOP rather than the New GOP

A woman got charged $10,000 for a 1-mile S.F. cab ride – When she disputed the bill, things got even more outrageous

A Flurry Of Bad News For Democrats And Their Media Allies – The 2022 midterms will be a referendum on the current president, NOT the former one

COVID Shots Could Cause ‘Crippling’ Neurodegenerative Disease in Young People, MIT Scientist Warns

Myocarditis Tops List of COVID Vaccine Injuries Among 12- to 17-Year-Olds, VAERS Data Show

Failing as Predicted – Joe Biden’s Presidency is shaping up to be a historical disaster, with a collapse in confidence already well underway

It Sure Looks Like Putin Is Calling Biden’s Bluff – He doesn’t believe the US and NATO allies will do anything he’s not willing to endure

WSJ: The Putin Puzzle: Why Ukraine and Why Now? – Putin has a long history of using an aggressive foreign policy to bolster his standing in Russia

The Left Controls Almost Everything, So Why Are They So Afraid? – Perhaps knowing that their strength is a charade, it’s unstable, not organic, and coerced, so when it collapses, they fear it will collapse like a house of cards

DirecTV Cancels OAN after Joe Biden Orders Media Outlets and Tech Giants to Banish Voices that Deviate from the Regime’s Official Narrative

What Americans Lost When We Abandoned the Secret Ballot – Unintimidated voting no longer serves the purposes of the Democrat party so secret ballots seem as dead as whistle-stop campaigns

Gavin Newsom Proposes Billions for The Doomed California High-Speed Rai. Project

Big Brother Is Driving the Worker Shortage – When welfare pays more than work, why go look for a job?

How our universities became sheep factories – Our institutions of learning are now instruments of political indoctrination

A Chinese National Monsanto Scientist Pleads Guilty To Stealing Secrets For China

A retired U.S. Army Green Beret January 6 Defendant Says FBI Tried to Recruit Him to Spy on Oath Keepers

It Turns Out That States With The Highest Covid “Vaccination” Rates Are Seeing The Highest Surge in Omicron Cases

After The SCOTUS’ Covid Ruling, Companies are Ditching Their Vaccine Mandates Like a Bad Habit

Dr. Peter McCullough: The Official COVID ‘Narrative Has Crumbled’ – ‘The vaccines should be pulled off the market as evidence shows they are not solving the problem’

Was It Ever About COVID? – Hospitals Ask Infected Staff to Cut Sick Leave Short, Return to Work Amid Labor Shortage

Health Departments In Several States A Investigating Surge in Mortality Among 18–49-Year-Olds – The Majority Are Unrelated to COVID-19

Covid-19 Health Facts – Jan 14, 2022

Biden and the Democrats are colluding with Russia – The issue is Russia’s Nord Stream 2 energy pipeline and Democrats’ refusal to support sanctions against it

The US has intelligence that Putin will stage a ‘false flag’ attack on Russian troops to set up a pretext to invade Ukraine after talks between the US and Russia collapsed

A week of intensive diplomacy aimed at dissuading Russia from Ukraine invasion ends in a ‘dead end’

A U.S. Judge Refuses To Throw Out Prince Andrew’s Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Why Everything Is So Expensive – Don’t blame the checkout line for the inflated prices Washington’s debauchery is having you pay

TEAM DeSantis IS DEFIANT – ‘Florida Won’t Be the Biden Administration’s Biomedical Police’

Biden Is Out Of Touch With Reality On Inflation – Congress, which has already spent $6 trillion on post-COVID “stimulus,” wants to spend even more – doing further damage to our economy

Joe Biden Is in over His Head – Even those who rooted for him can’t ignore the evidence piling up and spilling out all over

Joe Biden promises on immigration after one year – Lead to chaos at the border and frustrated liberals

News-Nation/Decision Desk HQ Poll: Only 10% of Americans Trust The Media on COVID, 30% Trust Fauci Only, and 15.5% trust Biden

Biden abandons bipartisanship as agenda stalls – Comparing those opposing Democrat election bills to segregationists and Confederate leaders is outrageous

The RNC’s Ronna McDaniel is building a wall against illegal voters

A proposed antitrust bill would hurt Big-Tech – Legislation would forbid dominant online platforms from recommending or boosting their products and services

9 Times Senator Ron Johnson Triggered The Left — And He Turned Out To Be Right

Five Quick Things: The Vortex Emits a Giant Sucking Sound – How low will Joe go? No boosters for OSHA. Joy Reid loses it. Why can’t Mike Rounds emulate Rand Paul? And Finally, Kamala sinks lower than her boss

Bone-Chilling: Feds Launching ‘System’ to Collect ‘Religious Information’ on Unvaccinated Americans

The Best Path Forward for Omicron: Let It Rip – The freest policies are now necessarily the best policies

This is the dangerous assumption people are making about the COVID shots – Their manufacturing process is pristine

WSJ: Vaccine Makers Pursue New Omicron-Targeted Shots – U.S. officials say current evidence doesn’t support rolling them out and cite practical reasons not to

The Supreme Court’s Ruling On Vaccine Mandates Is Frighteningly Weak – Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh both acquiesced in the Biden Department of Health and Human Services’ power grab

Turning the Tables on Our Tyrants – Their Divide & Conquer Operation Wasted Because Un-boosted Now The Same As Un-Vaccinated

The “Experts” Catch Up To The Rest Of Us – In just a week, it has been amazing to watch the media narrative on Covid crumble

Democrats Move Away From Lockdowns Over Fears of Being Crushed Politically – “People have run out of patience”

Yachts To Be Exempt From EU’s Carbon Pricing Plan – The latest news shows just how pervasive the “green” hypocrisy is

January 13, 2022

Ann Coulter: The Great Epstein Cover-up, Part 2 – Now let’s look at the government’s long record of zealously trying NOT to unravel the case

Paul Manafort Breaks His Silence – Says The Mueller Team Wanted Him To Lie About Trump

All those cargo ships sitting in the San Francisco Bay are going away, maybe forever – Moving to the “Safety and Air Quality Area” 50-miles of the coast to leave bay waters open

A Democrat pollster explains Biden’s dishonest and divisive Georgia speech

Biden tells businesses to ignore the Supreme Courts Ruling and impose vax mandates anyway

Here Are the Justices That Handed Biden a Win for His Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers


16,000 Physicians Agree – Healthy children & COVID recovered should be excluded from vaccine mandates & social restrictions

Pfizer/FDA Corruption, Lethal Batches, and Autopsies Reveal Covid-19 Jab Dangerous – Pfizer’s trials were a fraud, and the FDA knowingly approved it, putting millions of people at high risk

Hope Over Experience, Once Again – Biden’s new minority-loan program resembles past small-business financing failures, with the federal bureaucracy shipping $10 billion through the State Small Business Credit Initiative

Astrophysicists Release the Biggest Map of the Universe Yet – DESI and other gigantic cosmic maps serve as a reminder of how small humanity is in the universe

Stunning Videos Show The Dystopian Scene From Constant Train Burglaries in The Democrat Hellhole Los Angeles

SCOTUS blocks Biden’s workplace vaccination-or-test mandate but upholds healthcare requirement for certain healthcare workers

Sean Hannity: ‘I Hear Peter Schweizer’s Book Is Going to Be Massive!’ – “It discloses the secret deals wealthy Americans have cut to help China build its military, technological, and economic might”

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnel Fact-Checks Biden – His speech is as good or better than the various columns exposing the disgusting demagogy and outrageous falsehoods of Biden’s speech

‘Sinema Will not support’ filibuster change: Dashes Senate Democrats’ hopes

Filibusters, Voting Rights, Mexican Border, Car 54 Where Are You? – POTUS 46 isn’t getting the job done

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are bad, especially with a demographic he needs badly – Hispanics have given up on him

A ‘Gun at Every Door’: Border Rancher Sees 2,400 Percent Increase In Illegal Aliens on His Property

And Atlas Continues To Shrug – What was left out of Rand’s story is our current reality, the emergency that enables the elite cronies to herd the masses into de facto slavery

The Fed Works to Sabotage Sound Money – It should instead allow interest rates to be set by the market

Queen Elizabeth Strips Prince Andrew of All Military Titles and Patronages

Ten Statistics to Ruin Your Day – Plus a statistic for woke people that complain about microaggressions

‘If/Then’ is no Policy for Dealing with Russia – If/then relies on two things — first, that your adversary believes you and further, that he fears the consequences

Red-hot inflation eating away at most Americans’ wage gains – Wages for all employees fell 2.4% in December

Producer prices soared by 9.7% in December, the biggest gain on record – Inflation at the wholesale level before it reaches consumers

Government Stimulus Payments Stimulate Only The Government – Economies thrive on the frequency with which money circulates

The Perils of Non-Citizen Voting  – New York City’s new law could become a fiasco

The FBI’s Broken Relationship with Us – Something fundamentally changed in the last five years

The Revolution Is Underway But Nobody Recognizes It – The hubris of the ruling elites and their lackeys is off the scale

They’re building a concrete wall around the White House – Make of it what you will

House Republicans Raise $140 Million in 2021 Obliterating Fundraising Records

Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife Is Releasing A Damning Memoir in Run-up To The Midterms

Homeschool Your Kids – 100 Reasons Why You Should Consider Doing It

The Make-a-Wish Foundation Denies A Wish to A 4-Year-Old Cancer Patient Over Non-Vaccinated Status

Progressive Democrats Push New Legislation To Get Every American Wearing An N95 Mask

Medical Supplies CEO: Government Control Led to Lack of Monoclonal Antibodies

The Nationwide Surge In Deaths Among People Aged 18-49 – A State by State Overview

Booster Bust: The Medical Community Changes Its Mind – The medico-scientific establishment are walking back boosters

San Francisco Adds New COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements – Vaccinations and boosters will be required for those 15 and up beginning February 1st

Robert W Malone MD, MS: “How Bad is my Batch” – The story of my vaccine injury

Melatonin Significantly Reduces Covid-19 Mortality

Prosecutors Added Dozens of Charges for Prime Suspect in Waukesha Parade Massacre – Declare His Actions Were Intentional

January 12, 2022

20 Law Enforcement Employees Sue LAUSD Over Vaccine Mandate

Everything you need to know about masks and P100 respirators – Cloth and surgical masks do absolutely nothing positive to protect from Covid and N95 masks aren’t much better

The Antitrust Case Against Facebook Draws Blood – The latest ruling by a federal judge is a milestone for the effort to regulate Big Tech

L.A.’s Billion-Dollar ‘Homeless” Failure – Misguided policy and poor financial management have marked the performance of the city’s well-funded Homelessness Services Authority

Joe Biden’s approval rating PLUMMETS to 33% – Majority think American democracy is on the brink of danger

Biden’s Banana Republic – His treatment of political opponents shows that he is crudely undemocratic

The Biden Variant — Not Omicron — Is Behind The Shortages And Empty Shelves Everywhere

Florida 2018: The Election That Saved America – The state was a breath away from becoming another California

110 Republican Lawmakers Call on Biden To Abandon Iran Nuclear Talks As Tehran expands weapons program

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says he won’t cooperate with ‘illegitimate’ Jan. 6 probe

Politicizing COVID-19 From the Start – Thousands of Americans have died needlessly because of weaponized disinformation about China’s culpability, vaccines, useful drugs, lockdowns, racial preferences, and long-term care facilities

A Top Immunologist Slams The  Global Response to COVID-19 – Eviscerating the disaster driven by “false propaganda”

A Federal Judge Rules The DOD Can’t Block Discovery of Evidence in The Military Vaccine Mandate Trial

European Union Regulators and the WHO Call for an End to COVID Boosters, Citing Evidence The Strategy Is Failing

Biden’s Disgraceful Voting Speech – To push two sweeping Democrat voting bills federalizing a swath of election rules, he  identified opponents of the bills as domestic “enemies” on par with some of the most reprehensible figures in U.S. history

Poll: A Majority of voters support keeping the filibuster – 53% of likely voters support the filibuster and 27% oppose it

WSJ: Why Biden and Democrats Are Pushing For The Voting Bills Against  All Odds – They believe left-leaning voters want to see them fight for them

Gallup Honesty and Ethics of Professions Survey: Reporters, Congress, and lobbyists do poorly – Those that should have the high standards are graded low in the survey

Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan step forward to fight Pelosi’s January 6 political witch hunt

The FBI refuses to deny any involvement in the events on January 6 – Ted Cruz’ questions are of pivotal importance

The Olympic Horror, & other things – If someone is neutral regarding both the persecutors and persecuted, they in effect  are siding with the persecutors

Biden’s Education Secretary Planting an NSBA Letter Takes A Page From The Russia Collusion Hoax Playbook – If corrupt federal law enforcement agencies can run a covert smear campaign against a U.S. president, they can do it to you

Senator Daines: Voting Rights Bill Would Ensure Democrat Control ‘Forever’ – Expanding voting rights about Democrats “wanting to grab more power” 

The ascendance of the inner-city predator – Never before have predators received affirmation from the criminal justice system

Bidenomics cost the average worker nearly two paychecks in 2021 – With the highest inflation rate since 1982

US Consumer Prices Soar At The Fastest Rate In 39 Years As Real Wages Tumble For 9th Straight Month

What To Expect From The December Inflation Report – The White House is bracing for a “brutal” inflation report

Tough Luck Zuckerberg: A US District Judge Rejects Facebook’s Request to Dismiss The FTC Antitrust Lawsuit

WSJ: Will Record Omicron Cases Cause a Surge in the Severely Ill? – So Far the rate of hospitalizations associated with Omicron doesn’t appear as high as with prior variants

Bari Weis: Bringing Sanity to the Omicron Chaos – Talking to three doctors who have been islands of reason in a sea of confusion

The Media Fakes The First ‘Omicron Death’ – Had underlying conditions and tested positive but can’t confirm OF Covid

SARS-COV-2 Vaccines & Neurodegenerative Disease –There are several mechanisms by which these vaccines could lead to severe disease

A Note to restaurants about having to ‘show our papers’ to enter your establishment – If you do we will go elsewhere

Ivermectin ‘Works Throughout All Phases’ Of COVID – According To Leaked Military Documents

Mass Formation Psychosis And The Coronavirus Narrative – A Definition and Discussion

Top Immunologist Slams Global Response to COVID-19 Pandemic – A shameful disaster driven by “false propaganda”

Fauci wriggles like a fish on a hook when questioned about DARPA documents

The ‘gender gap’ is in reality a ‘marriage gap’ – The gap shrinks to almost nothing when comparing married men to married women

23 Million Afghans On Brink Of Starvation As Mainstream Media Has ‘Moved On’

January 11, 2022

Is It Time To Sell Your Single-Family House In California? – What you should know about SB 9 and SB 10 that allow multi-unit and multi-story buildings on single-family lots across California

Stop Gigi Sohn Now: The Dangerous Radical Trying to Undo Free Speech for All Americans – A fellow with George Soros’ Open Society Foundations

Why Israel Should Not Engage With the Palestinian Authority – Until the PA stops inciting violence, it’s a waste of time

The Supreme Court Is Likely to Rule Against Biden Administration Vaccine Mandates – But will likely do so in a limited way

Biden’s Big Elections Lie – He has decided to preemptively undermine confidence in the 2022 and 2024 elections

WSJ: Biden Endorses Filibuster Rule Changes if Necessary to Pass His Proposed Voting Rights Legislation

Tucker Carlson: Why Won’t The FBI Deny That Any FBI Agents Or Informants Were Involved In Capitol Riot?

Who Is Ray Epps? The DOJ Won’t Say – Top federal law enforcement officials decline to answer numerous questions about him

Tucker Carlson Questions Sham 1/6 Committee’s Sudden Acknowledgement and Defense of Ray Epps: “It’s Clear the DOJ Had a Role on Jan 6th”

US Marshals are admitting the truth about the Jan. 6 jail

The Fairy Tale That Is California’s High-Speed Rail Project – Voters approved almost $10 billion in bonds in 2008 and were promised that it would be built without a tax increase and operated without a public subsidy

How High Will California’s Taxes Go Before There’s No One Left To Tax? Taxes lawmakers are proposing to fund a universal health care system will likely drive even more Californians out of the state

Inside the Fight to Remove Sexualized Content From School Libraries – ‘I am sickened to think that there are books like this in any classroom of a middle school for any child to read’

Is There a Limit to The Amount of Leniency with Criminals Can We Afford? – Progressive prosecutors claim that a soft-on-crime approach will make us safer, but the evidence tells a different story

What Elon Musk Has Taught Us About The Left – Musk doesn’t play their game

‘Mass Formation’ Is a Two-Headed Coin – Mass-formation on one side is likely to increase anger in a destructive feedback loop

John Daniel Davidson: I’m Never Getting A Covid Vaccine, And I’m Not Alone – As more vaccinated people become infected with the omicron variant, we’re going to have to learn to live with Covid — and with each other

Robert W Malone MD, MS: A Tidal Wave of Documents on Gain-of-Function and the Leak of the Virus Stuff is starting to get interesting (and undeniable)

Proof That Fauci Lied to Congress? – Project Veritas documents show military officials rejected dangerous gain-of-function experiments that Dr. Anthony Fauci later funneled, through EcoHealth Alliance, to the Wuhan lab


An Autopsy Confirms That A 26-Year-Old’s Death From Myocarditis Was Directly Caused by Pfizer COVID Vaccine

The Capital Police Cop Who Killed Ashli Babbitt Was Cleared of Criminal Wrongdoing And An Without Interview Or Even A Statement

Ted Cruz grills the FBI on Ray Epps and asks if the FBI had any informants on January 6

Senator Joe Manchin Reiterates: It Takes Two-Thirds of Senate to Change the Filibuster Rules

Mystery Surrounds FAA Order To Halt All West Coast Air Traffic After A North Korean Missile Launch  – Aircraft across the western U.S. were simultaneously ordered by the FAA to land or stop on the ground without explanation

China Covid-19 Lockdowns Hit Factories and Ports in Latest Knock to Supply Chains – Toyota, Samsung, and Volkswagen are among companies with production impacted

VOTING RIGHTS, LIES & VIDEOTAPE – Biden and most Senate Democrats want to make “voting rights” a hill to die on

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell: Inflation Poses a Major Threat to Job Market – Will raise rates more than now planned if needed to stem surging prices

Trump Rises 6 Points in a Biden Rematch and Nearly Ties Hispanic Vote – 10 percent of voters prefer another candidate

Why it must be Trump in 2024 – DeSantis is a fine governor but has never garnered a single vote outside of Florida

Kevin McCarthy: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has no place in the modern Republican Party and they won’t be welcome when Republicans are back in power

Republican leaders in two powerful House committees demand that Fauci answer questions under oath regarding his knowledge and cover-up of the Wuhan lab leak and gain-of-function research used to create Covid-19

‘#ExposeFauci’ Trends After Military Documents Concerning Wuhan Research Made Public – Documents released by Project Veritas show that gain-of-function research was rejected by the military in 2018 as too risky

Project Veritas: Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath – Links to referenced documents are provided

Fauci shut down the lab leak theory despite notable scientists lending it credence, according to emails

The media spreads disinformation, campaigns for a powerful government run by leftists – Do we want Supreme Court justices who are so misinformed to determine what our laws and rules should be?

Peter Schiff: The Fed Can’t Do What It’s Saying It Will Do About Monetary Policy

Hollywood’s New ‘Woke’ Diversity Rules – The old boys club is dead and a new one with litmus tests of its own is rapidly replacing it

Let’s not have a path to citizenship for illegal aliens – Many, if not most, of them, have engaged in federal felony identity theft to enroll in school, obtain employment, get a bank account, etc.

America’s U-Haul Revolution – It’s not a civil war as no shots fired, just people moving for personal freedom and growth

‘An Urgent Reset Needed’ – Democratic Insiders Come Forward To Admit Biden The Administration Has ‘Gone Backwards’ On COVID Policy

Is the tide finally turning? – Covid-Alarmists have already begun The Big Skin-Back – Their many lies for so long are becoming so obviously lies that they need to get ahead of the story

Why Is the FDA Hiding the Pfizer Vaccine Data? – The package inserts for medical professionals in the Moderna and J&J vaccines are intentionally left blank

Vaccinated Can Volunteer to Wear Colored Identity Wrist Ban to Prove Jab or Recovered Status in a German City

COVID: Sue the Person Denying Your Legal Rights – Taking legal action is the only recourse open to those bullied by unqualified HR mandate enforcers

An Airline Pilot Says 80 Percent of Fellow Pilots Will Refuse to Get Vaccine Booster Shots

Vaccine Apartheid: Was Making the Covid Vaccinations ‘Compulsory’ the Plan All Along?

The UK Government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization Advised Against A 4th COVID Vaccine Dose

Professor: COVID Survival Rate For People Below Age 20 is 99.9987% & 97.1% of over 70s not in care homes survive

Those Who Brutalized Children To Grab Power Aren’t Experts, They’re Evil – They could have told the truth back when it could have saved the generation that comprises the world’s future

The Truth About COVID Treatments & The Supposed Vaccines – One of the best things I’ve seen that summarizes the relevant facts in an easily understandable way

Sharyl Attkisson: What are the Biden Covid-19 vaccine mandates? – SCOTUS will soon decide on their constitutionality

Much of the Biden administration’s vaccination mandate about large private employers went into effect January 10, despite the fact it is currently facing legal challenges in the Supreme Court

The Covid Vaccine-Related Death Rate Is 21 Times Higher Than For All Other Vaccines!

January 10, 2022

California ‘gas tax holiday’: Newsom proposes a pause on the upcoming tax increase scheduled for this summer

The JFK Assassination: What’s In The Newest Batch Of Declassified Documents?

The Likely Cause of the Media Blackout on Imploding Whitmer Kidnapping Plot – It is impossible to report on the Whitmer case without connecting it to January 6

Jim Jordan Responds to J6 Committee Request – “This request is far outside the bounds of any legitimate inquiry, violates core Constitutional principles, and would serve to further erode legislative norms”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy: I’m Kicking 3 Democrats Off Their Committees If Republicans Win Back House In 2022

Conrad Black: The Sinking Ship of the Democrat-Media Alliance –  They gambled everything on 2020 but tied themselves to a sinking ship

The California legislature is showing the nation what not to do with these five bad bills

Even Mark Zuckerberg is leaving California for Texas – Meta (formerly Facebook), announced it will lease offices in a massive new building in Austin, Texas

San Francisco Advises Resident To Not Call 911 Unless For A Life-Threatening Emergency – Hundreds of emergency workers are out due to COVID measures and precautions

Smash-and-Grab Retail Is Rising  – Store crime now plagues many communities across the nation

Governor Gavin Newsom’s Plan to Model California Gun Control Bill After Texas Abortion Law Just Happened


He once claimed their shots “100% effective” – Pfizer CEO now says 2 COVID shots “offer very limited protection, if any” against COVID-19

UK Health Security Agency: Tells The NYT That That Too Many Booster Shots Could Cause “Immune System Fatigue”

Wuhan Institute of Virology Job Applications Are Only Open To Candidates The CCP and ‘Willing To Serve Socialist’ Goals

NOW THEY TELL US! – The CDC and other government agencies grossly overhyped the Covid epidemic and many people suspect it was done intentionally

Sharyl Attkisson: ‘A Pandemic of the Vaccinated’ – The trend should have been just the opposite: more vaccination: fewer cases, illnesses, and deaths

A Research Study Funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Confirms the Safety of Continuous Administration of Ivermectin

2030 Psychological Agenda & Obedience Training for PreK-Adults Part 5 – The US Dept. of Education & Multiple Agencies Are Involved

Surveillance video shows shocking the moment mom a18-year-old throws her living newborn into a dumpster

Senator McConnell Gets Burned After Trying to Compromise With Democrats on The Electoral Count Act – But does National Review know it’s been burned?

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Lays Out GOP ‘Commitment to America’ – A Clear Contrast Between Republicans and Democrats for upcoming Midterms

Representative Jim Jordan Indicates He Won’t Cooperate With Jan. 6 Committee as It Is Not ‘Fair-Minded and Objective’

The ‘insurrection’ that never was – Last week’s spectacle was theater, intended to frame arguments that will be aimed at every single Republican for years to come

Google Want You to Know About ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’? – A search for it on Yahoo and Bing returns Malone’s article as the #1 organic result, but for Google, the article is not listed as one of at least the first twenty organic results

CDC Director Walensky Won’t Say How Many Americans Died “FROM” Covid vs. How Many Died “WITH” Covid

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Finally Admits The Truth About Covid Deaths! – “Over 75% occurred in people who had at least four co-morbidities, so they were unwell, to begin with”

Amy Coney Barrett Asks Key COVID Question During Oral Arguments on Biden’s Mandate – When does the emergency end?

Britain Will Lead World in Learning to Live with COVID – Prime Minister Johnson drafting plans to return to normality

America Is Angry…And Here’s Why – We have gotten away from the true vision of our Founders and Framers

Taxpayers Expecting a Big Refund Could Be In For a Nasty Surprise – Due to Child Tax Credit Eligibility Changes

I&I/TIPP Poll: Finally, Something Democrat And GOP Voters Agree On — Don’t Kill The Filibuster

Trump Drops Blistering New Response To People Blaming Him For The January 6 “Insurrection”

To Make America Great Again, Does Trump Need To Sit Out 2024? – Like it or not, Trump’s style of politics turns people off

Stock Market Speculative Mania – Was 2021 The Peak Or Will It Continue in 2022?

Constitutional Carry on the Move in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Nebraska, and Ohio

January 9, 2022

Robert W Malone MD, MS: MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS – Or Mass hypnosis, the madness of crowds

Thousands of people attend San Diego ‘Freedom Revival’ event to promote ‘Courage and Faith over Covid Fear’

Stanford Professors Lobbied the DOJ To STOP Fighting Chinese Communist Party Infiltration – CCP academics were exploiting American universities for intellectual property theft and espionage

The CDC Director Disputes Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor’s Claim About Children Seriously Ill With COVID-19

Victor David Hanson: What Makes Riots, Conspiracies, Cabals, and Insurrections ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’? – Shut up and keep quiet; that is all ye need to know

Dov Fischer on Kamala: It Is Frightening That Someone That Empty Is a Heartbeat From the Presidency – One heartbeat away used to be a cliché. Now it’s a Hard Truth

What Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said about the filibuster when the shoe was on the other foot

New Mayor Eric Adams Approves Massive Rule Change to NYC Elections – Citizenship not required to vote

California’s The Voter Bill of Rights – All voters must be citizens of the United States

Stop Calling It a ‘Voting Rights’ Bill – Proposed federal legislation doesn’t protect democracy. It protects Democrats

Former Border Commissioner: ‘We Have Lost Control of the Southwest Border’ – Pulling agents off the front line and leaving large swaths of the border unpatrolled is allowing illegals and drugs to easily flow in

WSJ: Omicron Makes Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Obsolete – There is no evidence so far that vaccines are reducing infections from the fast-spreading variant

The CDC Website Reveals Police Power Will be Used at Quarantine Stations for the “Benefit of Society”

This Washington State Bill Authorizes The Use Of A ‘Strike Force’ To ‘Involuntarily Detain’ Unvaccinated Families

The Biden administration guidance prioritizes race in administering COVID drugs – New York and Minnesota among states prioritizing race in COVID treatment distribution

How Hollywood Used the “Pandemic” to Groom America’s Kids

What is the truth about January 6, 2021? – Unarmed and unorganized, the idea of calling it an “insurrection” is absurd

The Six Biggest Lies About January 6th by the left and their media accomplices

A Thought Experiment – “I Am Sidney Poitier” or How About “I Am A Woman”

The Progressives’ Logic of Build Back Better — And Its Inherent Dangers

WSJ: Americans’ Finances Got Stronger in the Pandemic – Stimulus payments brought millions out of poverty and allowed them to clear debt and households of all income levels built up savings

Gavin Newsom’s Abortion Sanctuary Policy Could Provide a Safe Place for Sex Traffickers

Sharyl Attkisson: The DOJ will not withdraw its controversial memo on targeting parents at school board meetings

Washington Post Editors: We Need Vaccine Passports, and Also to Rebuild Trust – See if you can spot the contradiction

CA Says COVID-Positive Health Workers Can Go Back to Work Amid Shortages – If The Don’t Show Any Symptoms

Are those that get Covid vaccinations harming their immune systems?

‘Think Twice Before You Vaccinate Your Kids’ – Dr. Robert Malone Warns Parents on COVID-19 Shots

“I Do Not Want To Have A Vaccination” – A National Health Service Doctor Tells The UK Health Secretary On Camera

January 8, 2022

Manchin’s $1.8 trillion spending offer is reportedly no longer on the table

Jan 6, 2022 Mandate – Things that need to be done to make America Great Again

The Supreme Court signals that it could BLOCK Biden’s vaccine mandates

The January 6 Panel Announces It’s Biggest Move Yet – Mike Pence to Be Tapped

Republican Lawmakers Accuse Biden of Massive Border Cover-Up – The annual report from Immigration and Customs Enforcement Not Released

The Biden Administration Touts Vaccines for Children – Although 0.00% to 0.02% of Child Coronavirus Cases Are Fatal

The CDC May Be Committing Fraud with Its Reporting on Covid Deaths – Here’s Where They Seem to Admit It

COVID is ‘Big Business’ in California – Newsom Announces Another $2.7 Billion COVID-19 Emergency Response Package

CA Senate Going Back to Remote Voting for Members – It’s unconstitutional for legislators to cast votes by ‘calling it in’

A new big data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse  not better (cases and deaths)

South African Study: Omicron May Signal End of Acute Pandemic Phase – A significant decline in in-hospital deaths and ICU admissions

Agricultural Pilot: People Injured by The COVID-19 Vaccine Are Being Left in the Dark

Despite continued idiocy, COVID sensibility is finally winning out

Sharyl Attkisson: Media Mistakes Made in the Biden Era: The Definitive List

MSM Is “Being Swallowed” By Joe Rogan – “He brings viewers wherever he goes, so he’s going to be tough to cancel”

Why The Kazakhstan Crisis Is A Much Bigger Deal Than Western Mainstream Media Is Letting On

A Yale transgender swimmer beats a Penn State transgender rival in a women’s Ivy League race

One Year Ago, Big Tech Declared Open War On America – Here’s What’s Coming Next

The fight over opening schools pits teachers unions against Democrats

The American public isn’t buying the Democrats’ Jan. 6 ‘narrative’ foofaraw, poll shows

A New study of Pfizer’s early COVID vaccine protocols has some disturbing findings

WSJ: New Omicron Studies Help Explain Why the Variant Is Mild but Spreads Fast

Surprise! – Los Angeles Parents Show Us a Way to Push Back on School On Covid Vax Mandates

Shareholders ask Google & YouTube to divulge how they take orders from Joe Biden’s White House on COVID Actions


Why are Caucasians Vanishing in TV Commercials? – At the heart of this nonsense is political correctness in a form even  George Orwell could not have foreseen

Sharyl Attkisson: Danish Study – Omicron spreads faster than Delta among fully vaccinated and boosted

COVID CHRONICLES: A concise look at the pandemic, answering questions that have left many people scratching their heads – Free viewing until 1-10-22 – This article expires the evening of the 9th

New Research Shows Why the COVID19 “Vaccines” are Killing Professional Athletes – During intense play their cardiac muscles cannot pump enough blood to the whole body

Government Deception: Up to 3.8 Million ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Austrians To Be Declared ‘Unvaccinated’


January 7, 2022

All federal politicians are liars – Their programs promise to stimulate the economy and have failed or will fail in the case of BBB

Academia’s Real Race Problem – The use of racial preferences in university admissions

The Democrats’ Top Priority Before Fall Elections Is Rigging U.S. Voting Rules

REVEALED: Pfizer’s Link to the Wuhan Lab – The Big Pharma giant and the Wuhan Institute of Virology meet

America’s Omicron Wave Already Looks More Severe Than Europe’s

Trafalgar Group Poll: 76% of voters disagree with Pelosi think members of Congress have an ‘unfair advantage’ in trading stocks

The Newsmax Documentary ‘Day of Outrage’ Exposes Abuse of Jan. 6 Political Prisoners And The Media Lies Surrounding The So-Called ‘Insurrection’

What Role Did the FBI Play on January 6? – During the Trump era, Democrats and Republicans abandoned their traditional positions on federal law enforcement….. And with good reason

Prediction Consensus: What The Experts See Coming In The year 2022

Conservative Supreme Court justices grill Biden lawyer on OSHA vaccine requirement – Justices seem to be split along ideological lines on vaccine requirements

Rasmussen Poll: Vaccinated and Boosted Americans Are Most Concerned About Coronavirus

Research Indicates Vaccines Provide Reduced Effectiveness Against Omicron – The virus evolved in a way to dodge vaccine-induced immunity

Fact Check: Liberal Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Claims 100,000 Children ‘in Serious Condition,’ on ‘Ventilators’

The 7 Worst Lies Told by Liberal Supreme Court Justices during the Biden Vaccine Mandate Hearing

Federal Judge Issues A Stunning Rebuke to FDA for Trying to Cover-Up Pfizer’s Clinical Trials Data for 75 Years – “A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people”

Sharyl Attkisson: How January 6 would be covered if we had a neutral press

Red Alert: If You See This AirTag Message Pop Up on Your iPhone, You Are Being Tracked

New data shows 51% of patients in NYC hospitalized *With* Covid not *For* Covid

MEDIA BLACKOUT: 5,000 Show Up Strong to the New York Capital to Protest Vaccine Mandates

Report: Omicron Could End Up Being Less Deadly Than The Seasonal Flu – Justification for maintaining restrictions is disappearing

Oregon Health & Science University Study: COVID-19 Vaccines Linked to Change in Menstrual Cycles

‘White Coats for Black Lives’ Calling the Shots at America’s Medical Schools

The Supreme Court Seems Skeptical of Biden Vaccination Mandates

The Four Horsemen of the Left’s Artificial Apocalypse – Tyranny exploding across the planet because everything necessary for a freedom renaissance is here

8 Times Left-Wing Protesters Broke Into Government Buildings And Assaulted Democracy – They have a long history of attacking, infiltrating, and occupying government buildings

If you want to dismantle society, start with dismantling law and order – Law and order is a dam consisting of many bricks, so if you remove them one by one you open the floodgates of chaos

Another Disaster: The U.S. Economy Added Just 199,000 Jobs in December And  Misses Expectations by 223,000

China Secures A Foothold In The Strategic Middle East Oil State Of Oman

Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev Issues A Shoot-to-Kill Order to Quell Protests

Joe Biden’s most disgusting and dishonest speech – It was ultimately an argument for his right to power, by fair means or foul

The Covid-Vaccine Mandates Are Unprecedented – These requirements are not like anything we’ve seen before

Sharyl Attkisson: The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Biden vaccine mandate cases today

Ted Cruz goes on Tucker to try to walk back his statement regarding January 6

Trump social network TRUTH Social gets launch date – February 21, Presidents Day

A Federal Judge Rejects FDA’s 75 Year Delay On Pfizer Vax Data To License Their Vaccine – Cuts To Just 8 Months

Mass Formation Psychosis may explain America’s crazed COVID reaction – Societal disconnect leads to “free-floating anxiety”

Stigmatizing the Un-Vaxxed and Un-Boosted – You Cannot Comply Your Way Out of Tyranny

CDC Study: All Vaccinated People With Severe COVID-19 Had at Least 1 Risk Factor

More Children Die From the Covid Shot Than From Covid – Children are having “terrifying” reactions to the COVID shots

Five COVID Books You Must Read – These books stretch our minds, challenge our presuppositions, and lead us to a perspective on COVID-19 that is compatible with reality

Expect A “Blue Wave Of Gun Control” In 2022 – Governing By Executive Fiat. It’s something that the Biden Administration knows quite well

January 6, 2022

More Good News on Ivermectin – It’s on the World Health Organization’s list of essential drugs, but its benefits are being ignored by public health officials and buried by The mainstream media

Tucker Carlson Tonight – Video Of His Full Show Dedicated Information On “January 6th”

Population-wide Observational Study in Brazil: Prophylactic Use of Ivermectin Reduces COVID-19 Mortality, Hospitalization & Infection

Renewable: Lithium production promises a revival for California’s dying Salton Sea

Supplies Are Still Limited More Than a Year After Monoclonal Antibodies Were Authorized for Treating COVID-19

Medical Experts Reveal the Scientific Reason Why Covid Vaccines Cannot ‘Stop the Spread’ or Prevent Infection

Vaccines Don’t Stop Covid Outbreaks, They Cause More of Them – Areas being hardest hit by new “variants” and waves of disease and death are those that have the highest injection rates

Coronavirus: Scientists Uncover Why Some People Lose Their Sense of Smell

Texas Governor Abbott Sues the White House –  Tells The Texas National Guard Biden’s Not Their ‘Commander-In-Chief’

Masks, Vaccines, & Government Lies – 2022 is the Year of The Tiger, Hopefully in the US it will be the year of the truth

Canadian Study: Risk Of ICU Admission Or Death From Omicron The Variant Is 83% Lower Than From Delta

Democrats Call January 6 an ‘Insurrection’ – But Has a Single Capitol Rioter Been Charged with Sedition?

Why So Many Conservatives Blow Off the Left’s January 6 Rhetoric as Kamalarkey – All we need to know is that January 6 never was about an insurrection

FINAL THOUGHTS ON JANUARY 6 – Democrats want to discredit those who worry about election integrity

January 6: A Legacy of Troubling Questions – Our Political Divide Widens

WSJ: Biden Assails Trump in Speech Over January 6 Efforts to Overturn 2020 Election Results

JANUARY 6 PARTICIPANTS IGNORED BY THE MEDIA ELITES AND FBI – These 20 Individuals Appear to be Connected to Antifa and Other Far-Left Groups

Hollywood Producer and Director Nick Searcy Tells Sean Hannity the Sinister Plan Behind All the Media’s January 6 Lies


Democrats explore barring Trump from holding office through the application of an obscure portion of the 14th Amendment

Trump fires back at Biden after his January 6 speech –  “Biden, who is destroying our Nation used my name today to try to further divide America”

There Was No Insurrection But There Was A 2020 Coup – The cabal behind the coup didn’t have to affect 150 million votes. All they had to do was affect (or create) 100,000 well-placed votes, which is exactly what they did

A Known capitol riot leader got special treatment and spent one day in jail while 80 others languish in ‘DC Gulag’

The Democrats’ Problem With Democracy – Now, along with their media allies, they’re challenging elections before they happen

Are Democrat Efforts Regarding voting democratic? Certainly Not H.R.1 – Most people are aware of the Democrats’ constant attacks on states that have attempted to tighten their rules on voter identification and mail-in ballots

How to Explain to Your Child Why They Should Never Be a Democrat – Younger generations appear to want socialism

Voters’ Bottom Line To CEOs: Woke Leads To Broke – Business leaders should remember that before they choose to continue putting ideology first and their customers second

Federal authorities won’t say why armed Capitol rioters disappeared from FBI’s most wanted list

Judge Considers Tossing Ghislaine Maxwell’s Guilty Verdict and Re-Doing Trial After Sexually Abused As A Child Juror Blunder Is Discovered

NASCAR Bans Brandon Brown’s ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Sponsorship

Biden Plans Searing A Critique Of Trump And GOP As Democrats Make Jan. 6 All About Their Version of ‘Democracy’

Totalitarianism: Can it happen in America? – It is now being presented to us with a different face and we should be very wary of just the same

The Covid Vaccines are a Dud – They do not prevent the vaccinated from contracting or transmitting the virus

mRNA Scientist Dr. Malone Says Omicron Looks Like Something A Vaccine Designer Would Create on Purpose

NYC Is Turning COVID Treatment Into A Racial Hunger Games – The race of its citizens is becoming a major consideration in the distribution of life-saving coronavirus drugs

How Dr. Brian Tyson “persuaded” CVS to fill his ivermectin prescriptions – He retained an attorney to draft a letter that was hand-delivered to the pharmacy

Un-vaxxed Aussies In The Northern Territory Are Told They Won’t Be Allowed to Exercise or Go to Work

It’s Walensky Vs. Fauci After The CDC Director Says There Are ‘No Plans’ To Change Definition Of ‘Fully Vaccinated’

California Gov. Newsom Extends CA Statewide Indoor Mask Mandate to February 15th Because Of ‘Omicron’

California in Decline –  The state blames COVID for the latest population drop, but the real reason is the state’s miserable business climate and poor policymaking

Why Blue State COVID responses will keep pushing Americans to freer Red States in 2022 – People don’t like harsh government restrictions abetted by grinding official promotion of fear

The Time To Resist Vax Passports Is Now – Once QR code scanning becomes habitual, a social credit system is inevitable

January 5, 2022

Judicial Watch: New CDC Records Detail Agency Head Walensky Wanted Details of the Death of a Teenager Reported to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

Ann Coulter: The Great Epstein Cover-up, Part I – Didn’t it occur to the FBI to leave an agent behind to guard the CDs?

How to tell if someone famous died from the vaccine  – A handy guide for determining the probability the vaccine caused their death

Nancy Pelosi is Again Confronted on Not Giving Americans The ‘Full Story’ On The Happenings Of January 6

U-Haul Just Released Its Yearly Rental Report and The Biggest Losers Are California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania

Federal Reserve Minutes Point to Earlier Rate Hikes and Faster Balance-Sheet Rundown to Thwart Bidenflation

‘People Are Going To JAIL’ Over Massive Georgia 2020 Election Fraud Findings

Kyrsten Sinema Tells Chuck Schumer to Pound Sand and Leaves Democrats With Nowhere to Go On Filibuster Efforts

Who Are the Real Insurrectionists? – Stone-cold sober elites are systematically waging a far more dangerous and insidious revolution in the shadows than anything threatened by the American Right

State’s Attorney Jim Rowe – While responding to a ‘dogs barking’ call, an Illinois police officer begged for her life before she was fatally shot with her department-issued gun

Price of Dissent – A Reuters Corp. data scientist questioned the Black Lives Matter narrative, so the company fired him

AG Garland’s Remarks About Jan. 6 and ‘One Rule’ of Law Defy Belief – You can’t just lie to the public when they’ve been wide awake and have seen what’s happened over the past several years

Mayo Clinic Fires 700 Unvaccinated Employees Just Weeks After Nurses’ Warning Of Staffing Shortage

Insurance companies are reporting a “stunning” 40% increase in the death rate among 18- to 64-year-old adults compared to pre-pandemic levels

Government Data Reveals Over 946K People Suffered Injuries Or Death From COVID-19 Vaccinations – Well worth your 5-Minutes

Fauci Rolls Out a Telling New Term to Replace “Fully Vaccinated”‘ – “Keeping your vaccinations up to date”

Ontario (Canada) Admits 50% of “COVID” Hospitalizations Not From COVID, Death Count May Also Be Misleading

The Omicron Variant Is Less Likely to Cause Lung Damage or Death, Studies Find

The Whitmer ‘kidnapping plot’ disintegrating as FBI loses credibility  – Did the alleged extremists or the FBI fuel the plan

CNN’s 4th Quarter Primetime Viewership Collapses 73% to Just 642K

Legendary American Car Manufacturer to Go Full Electric, Will No Longer Offer Internal Combustion Vehicles

The CA State Water Board Announces Mandatory Water Restrictions For 2022 – Water experts say a better plan would be to wait to see what precipitation levels look like as a result of early record snowfall

Manhattan’s New Soros-Backed DA Orders Armed Robberies to Be Charged as Mere Misdemeanors

Joe Biden did it: Worse than Trump on economy and US might

New York Times telegraphs the left’s intent to use the January 6 anniversary to repress conservatives

The Left Launches Effort to Win Midterms by Disqualifying Republicans for ‘Insurrection’

The Top five mainstream media lies of 2021

Trump mysteriously CANCELS his January 6 press conference and reveals other plans

The DOJ Announces New Rule for Firearm Safety and Storage Taking Effect in February 3rd

Two brilliant doctors explain the reality of Covid happenings – Gain a deeper understanding of the duplicitous nature of the powers that be in manipulating the public about COVID

The Covid Truths Come Out –Once-taboo notions are now becoming mainstream

COVID Is Dead and Energy Is The New Crisis – The Consequences Of Energy instability Could Be Dramatic

Fauci Says ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Now Includes Having “Up To Date” Boosters

A New Report Says Omicron Infections Have a ‘Very Strange Symptom’ Not Seen in Other Variants – Night Sweats

Everything You Need To Know About Covid – With extensive links to Covid related articles and experts

Shaming as a COVID Strategy – Shaming exploits basic human vulnerabilities

Praise The Lord And Pass The Ivermectin – There is considerable medical research literature supporting its use

January 4, 2022

Blue America’s Messaging Problem – Try getting a woke person to say, “White people aren’t uniquely and inherently evil” or “the United States is no longer structurally racist” and then report back on how it goes

Coming Clean – My South Africa pandemic experience & the case for more inclusive conversations about Covid & the vaccines

Why Are They Changing the COVID Narrative? – Failure of these experimental shots is impossible to ignore at this point

Any Severe Covid Patient Can Produce More Virus Than All The Children in America – Children were never a danger to society

The FBI Trained for January 6 Days Before Capitol Riot and Deployed Secret Commandos with ‘Shoot-to-Kill’ Orders – Contrary to the narrative it was a spontaneous event that the authorities did not see coming

DEI Must DIE – The damaging “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” racket needs to be extinguished

Tucker Carlson Demolishes Biden’s ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’ Canard

Democrats Use Jan. 6 Bloodlust to Push Fake Voting Rights Bill  – GOP and moderate senators should not cooperate

Big Left-Wing ‘Dark Money’ Groups Fund Schumer’s Secretive Anti-Filibuster Ally

Manchin rejects Build Back Better revival – ‘There have been no conversations’ ‘I feel as strongly today as I did then’

Joe Manchin Signals He’s Ready to Drive a Stake Through the Democrats’ Plan to Nuke the Filibuster

The 25th House Democrat won’t seek reelection in 2022

The Jan. 6 Committee Wants to Interview Sean Hannity Despite The Fact He Was Nowhere Near The Capitol Riot

The Manhattan District Attorney will stop seeking prison sentences in a slew of criminal cases

The Other Epidemic A new book documents the grim realities of America’s never-ending drug crisis

The Kids Are Unhappy Victims of the government’s misguided attempts to parent us out of the COVID crisis

Is Niacin a Missing Piece of the COVID Puzzle? – B vitamins can also play an important role, niacin (B3) in particular

COVID-19 Vaccine Creator: It is “not sustainable” to continuously provide booster doses to people twice per year

CDC: Omicron Now 95 Percent of All New US COVID-19 Cases Diagnosed in the Week Ended Jan. 1

22 Ways To Stop Vaccine ID Passports in 2022 and Why We Must Do Something Now!

Narrative Smasher Dr. Malone Reveals How the Medical Community Has Felt About Fauci ‘for Decades’

Ted Cruz Predicts ‘Serious Investigations of the Biden Administration and Suggests ‘Multiple Grounds for Impeachment’

Propaganda and Gaslighting – How Our Government Is Handling January 6 Like China Handled Tiananmen Square

Senate Majority Leader Schumer exposes the left’s desperation to build fraud into our elections

Longtime Congressman Bobby Rush Announces Retirement, Joining 23 Other Democrats Leaving Congress

What If The Largest Experiment On Human Beings In History Turns Out To Be A Failure?

Rand Paul Vows To Bring Fauci To Justice If The GOP Wins Back The Senate In The Midterms

Why SCOTUS Should Nix Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

A lesson from Ronald Reagan on appeasing dictators – Tyrants respect only raw power, either the threat or its swift application

Biden declares war on ‘Big Meat’ – So Big Meat’s the bad guy in this inflation crisis, and Joe’s here to solve the problem

Verizon And AT&T Agree to a Two-Week Delay of Their 5G Rollout After Previously Rejecting Regulators’ Request

WSJ: Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Found Guilty on Four of 11 Charges in Fraud Trial – Claimed to revolutionize the blood-testing industry

Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Duped the Establishment Elites with Rainbows and Unicorns

The Big Lie & Elastic Truth – Words are expected to mean whatever Democrats and their media enablers want them to mean

What Will Surprise Us In 2022? – The central bank regime incentivized speculation by rewarding those who borrowed and leveraged the biggest bets

There Was A BIG Parent Rally at CA Capitol Protesting Gov. Newsom’s Ongoing COVID School Mandates – Attorney says the ‘mandates’ are not mandates because they are non-binding

Democrat Governor of New York Admits COVID Hospitalization May Be Inflated By 50%, Announces Change in Counting

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January 3, 2022

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Yet Another Solar Scam – AI-enabled solar power turbines using supercritical CO2 are a mostly theoretical technology

The Coming Retirement Crisis Will Affect Everyone – Surging investment risk, an interrupted business cycle, and demographics are coming together to form the perfect storm

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Californians Composting For Climate Change – Their new mandatory composting law just took effect January 1st

January 2, 2022

Big Tech site YouTube removed podcaster Joe Rogan’s interview with Dr. Robert Malone from its video-sharing platform

The Chair of January 6 Committee Reveals They Will Pursue New ‘Intelligence-Gathering’ Legislation – To attack Republicans with approaching the midterms

The Mainstream media begins their character assault on Ashli Babbitt ahead of the January 6 anniversary

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January 1, 2022

Trump Ally Former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik Handed Over Memos to Jan. 6 Committee –  They Don’t Show What Democrats Hoped To Find

Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother says she won’t rat them out to receive a lighter sentence

Biden Federal Judge Nominee: ‘Proof of Citizenship’ is ‘Voter Suppression’ – The left-wing activist has a contentious past

Why is the placebo effect getting worse, but only in America? – The fact that it is getting stronger is not good

New Polling May Be the Death Knell for Biden’s Mandates – 53% prefer personal choice over 37% who prefer mandates

SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts: Judges Must be Ethical, Over 100 Caught Violating The Financial Interest Rule

Omicron Offers An Off-Ramp From Our Failed Pandemic Policy – Politicians will go to great lengths to avoid responsibility

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Conservatives must be ready to deal with the fact that Democrats will be cheating, where possible, in the 2022 midterms

Counting down Biden’s Biggest Wins and Losses from his first year in office

Democrats worry that 2022 won’t be merry and bright for Biden OR the Democrat party

HAPPY NEW YEAR – New laws take effect across the US on abortion, policing, and taxes

The New Year in Pictures: The World Ushers in 2022 With Scaled-Down Celebrations

COVID is a very useful disease for the bad guys – Communism can only survive through fear, cruelty, and coercion

Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Hollywood Hills elites are arming up – After decades of blaming guns on the streets for violent crime

The United States In 2040 – 10 predictions, although all bets are off if China and Russia realize how broken we are

The Covid Insanity Has to End – Strong-arming people into compliance with increasingly irrational protocols is not working

Pfizer Whistleblower Exposes Vaccine Data Cover-Up – The FDA did not follow up on his complaint or investigate the allegations

With a straight face, the IRS says criminals must now report their illegal earnings


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Totalitarianism: Can it happen in America?

What does totalitarianism look like?

In the 20th century, it took the form of secret police violently silencing anyone who spoke out against the government.

Now, it is being presented to us with a different face — But one we should be very wary of just the same.

Rod Dreher, author of Live Not By Lies, explains in this PragerU video.


Here’s the good news:

The secret police are not coming with guns to take you away to a prison camp in a frozen wasteland for speaking out against the government. They did that in Communist countries in the twentieth century. It’s not going to happen here in America or in Western Europe.

Here’s the bad news:

The secret police aren’t coming for you because they don’t have to. There are ways to shut you up and keep you quiet that don’t involve physical force. The powers that be—and that now includes major corporations, the educational establishment, the media, and the government—can just kick you off the Internet, put you on a no-fly list, and bar you from using the banking system.

We can describe scenario number one as hard totalitarianism and scenario number two as soft totalitarianism.

There are big differences between them, but in the end, you arrive at the same place—submission and silence.

To grasp the threat of totalitarianism—hard or soft—it’s important to understand exactly what it means.

According to the famous political scholar Hannah Arendt, a totalitarian society is one in which an ideology seeks to displace all prior traditions and institutions, with the goal of bringing all aspects of society under control of that ideology.

The state literally defines and controls reality. Truth is whatever the rulers decide it is.

These rulers might say something like…

Men can have babies.


Skin color is more important than character.


The American Revolution was fought not for freedom, but to protect the colonists’ slave interests.


Those who resist a vaccine mandate are enemies of the people.

And insist that you not only believe it but affirm it.

If you don’t, you might lose your job, your business, and your good name.

That dystopian future, of course, is now. And, we’re only at the beginning of this process.

Where does it lead?

To less freedom—that much we know.

Again, no guns, no violence—we just go along. Nobody kicks the door down. We open the door and invite them in.

The more information the government has about you, and the more the tech sector can see what you’re doing and saying online, the easier it is to monitor your behavior.

How long before the government creates a digital profile of each citizen?

And how would the government use that profile?

It might go like this:

If you do socially positive things—as defined by the government—nothing really changes. You can do whatever you want. Maybe you’re even rewarded for good behavior—a faster internet connection, preferred medical treatment, or even the best seats at a concert. If you do socially negative things—again as defined by the government—you lose privileges. You’re pushed to the margins of society. You become a non-person.

Sound far-fetched?

It shouldn’t. It’s happening right now in China.

It happened in Russia and Eastern Europe not that long ago. Talk to anyone who lived behind the Iron Curtain, and they will tell you we are headed down a dangerous road.

“No,” you say, “It can’t happen here—in the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

I wouldn’t be so sure.

Ronald Reagan famously observed that freedom can be lost in a single generation. That’s because the human inclination is not toward liberty, but security.

Freedom is a value, not an instinct.

It entails personal responsibility and risk. Security requires little risk and little personal responsibility. So, it comes with little freedom.

That’s why every new generation must be taught the supreme importance of freedom and develop the strength of character to maintain it.

Of course, the people who want to take away our freedom say they’re doing it in the name of compassion—for the many victims of oppression.

Unlike the Bolsheviks of the old Soviet Union, the left of today’s America gets its way not by shedding blood, but by shedding tears.

Don’t be fooled. The objective is always the same—submission and silence.

So, how do we stop the drift toward soft totalitarianism? This is not an easy question, but we can create a base from which we can start to act.

Let it be this:

You may not have the strength to stand up in public and say what you really believe, but you can at least refuse to affirm what you do not believe.

You cannot overthrow this soft totalitarianism on your own, but if enough of us find within ourselves, our families, and our communities the means and the courage to live in the dignity of truth, no matter what it costs, we can keep America free.

Otherwise, we will learn how easy it is to become a totalitarian country—soft or hard.

I’m Rod Dreher, author of Live Not by Lies, for Prager University.

Facts and Sources:

Totalitarianism led to the deaths of more than 100 million people over the last century.

Over the course of the last century, totalitarian regimes caused the deaths of over 100 million people. In the Soviet Union alone, more than 20 million Soviet citizens were put to death by the communist government or died directly as a result of its repressive policies.

View source

A U.S. report on the internal workings of the Soviet Union details the degree to which Joseph Stalin’s communist regime used totalitarian tactics to control citizens: “By the time the Great Terror ended, Stalin had subjected all aspects of Soviet society to strict party-state control, not tolerating even the slightest expression of local initiative, let alone political unorthodoxy. The Stalinist leadership felt especially threatened by the intelligentsia, whose creative efforts were thwarted through the strictest censorship; by religious groups, who were persecuted and driven underground; and by non-Russian nationalities, many of whom were deported en masse to Siberia during World War II because Stalin questioned their loyalty.”

View source

Related video: “Is Communism Moral?” – Dennis Prager

View source

Totalitarian society seeks to displace all prior traditions and institutions to bring all aspects of society under control of one ideology.

As renowned political scholar, Hannah Arendt explained, a totalitarian society is one in which an ideology seeks to displace all prior traditions and institutions, with the goal of bringing all aspects of society under control of that ideology.

View source

The totalitarian Chinese government has suppressed its citizens since the Chinese Communist Party seized control in 1949. The government is now creating a digital profile of individuals and companies for its “social credit” system. Those deemed by the government to have engaged in socially “negative” behaviors are to be placed on various blacklists and lose important privileges.

View source

Russia and Eastern Europe during Joseph Stalin’s totalitarian regime saw similar oppressive systems.

View source

Related reading: “Live Not by Lies” – Rod Dreher

View source

Soft totalitarianism controls people through political and cultural institutions rather than physical force.

In the U.S., major corporations, the educational establishment, the legacy media, and the government are using soft totalitarianism to control society, including limiting the ways people are able to voice their views and distribute information on the internet. Big Tech is increasingly blocking access to social media platforms, marginalizing and silencing individuals and entities.

View source

Big Tech has partnered with banks to bar people for their views. The Heritage Foundation highlights a few notable examples: “Wells Fargo made the ‘business decision’ to close 2020 Republican Delaware Senate candidate Lauren Witzke’s account. Two of the more prominent digital payment services, PayPal and Stripe, have also become active cancel culture participants. PayPal has admitted to closing accounts flagged by the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2019, now, PayPal has announced a partnership with the left-leaning Anti-Defamation League to focus on ‘further uncovering and disrupting the financial pipelines that support extremist and hate movements.’”

View source

Airlines have also blocked people from flying based on their views and alleged behavior. In January 2021, Alaska Airlines banned 14 supporters of former President Trump for what the airline deemed “unacceptable” behavior.

View source

Ronald Reagan famously observed that freedom can be lost in a single generation because the human inclination is not toward liberty, but security. Freedom is a value, not an instinct, and it entails personal responsibility and risk, while security involves little of either.

View source

Leftist institutions in the U.S. use soft totalitarianism to enforce left-wing ideology and political agendas.

Leftwing ideology is increasingly dominating the culture, promoting and enforcing radical views, including about sex and gender.

View source

Radical leftist racial theory teaches that skin color can be more important than character.

View source

The New York Times’ “1619 Project” seeks to rewrite American history to make slavery and racism its defining elements. For example, the project claims that the American Revolution was fought not for freedom, but to protect the colonists’ slave interests. That claim and several other central claims in the leftwing project have been discredited by distinguished historians.

View source

During the Covid-19 pandemic, left-leaning media policed what kinds of information about the virus and mitigation strategies, like mask-wearing and vaccines, were allowed on the internet.

View source

Those who resisted mask and vaccine mandates were villainized, silenced, and even threatened with the potential of losing their livelihoods.

View source

Political leaders and activists in the U.S. pushing to trade freedom for more government control claim they are doing it in the name of compassion for the many victims of oppression.

Joe Rogan Interviews Dr. Robert Malone

When the vaccine industry interests that pull strings with government and Big-Tech go “All-In” to censor information, you should make it your business to learn more about what it is they are trying to hide from you.

Ask Yourself: Why don’t they want me to have access to this information so I can make up my own mind?

In the video below, Joe Rogan sits down with Dr. Robert Malone and discusses the deadly dangers associated with the mRNA Vaccines and the never-ending censorship by those trying to keep him from warning the world about them.

What Dr. Robert Malone Could NOT Tell Joe Rogan – I don’t want to believe this article, but what if it is true?

But then I saw this articleThe people dying are not the ones you think and for the reasons you think – More Americans are dying since the vaccine than ever before

After posting this interview video I discovered there was a transcript of this interview available. After reviewing it I have concluded it was generated using voice-to-text technology. Consequently, capitalization and other grammatical anomalies can be found. I am adding this because it enables anybody so inclined to search for specific keywords to find something of particular interest to them.

You can use the search function to find areas of interest to you by holding down the CTRL-key at the lower left of your keyboard and simultaneously pressing the F-key and then entering a word in the pop-up box that appears toward the top of your screen. This will show you how many articles there are with that word in the title. Then press the up or down arrow to see each article title.

Transcript of Joe Rogan Interview With Dr. Malone

Joe Rogan: So, first of all, thanks for coming and uh very nice tie.

Dr. Robert Malone: Thanks Christmas present um actually Ryan Cole is the one that first got these and uh my wife has been jealous ever since so this is what I got for.

JOE ROGAN: Where does one get a Covid tie?

ROBERT MALONE: I don’t know she looked it up on on Amazon or some place and and found it

JOE ROGAN: you gotta love how industrious some folks are they’re just you know they find a niche like I know what I wanna sell: Covid ties and there you go.

ROBERT MALONE: I gotta have a tux for an event that’s coming up in Texas in a couple of months and so my wife is writing to the guy that does the ties and to see if he can make a bow tie that’s got the virus on it

JOE ROGAN: are you uh I mean are you tired of this.


JOE ROGAN: .dealing with this do you feel a duty to talk about this like we should just say uh because uh historically we should just state what’s happening here so today is the 20 no the 30th of December and yesterday you were kicked off twitter correct


JOE ROGAN: Um, we scheduled this in advance. It’s just coincidentally that you were kicked off twitter. What were you kicked out first of all before we even do this please tell everybody what your history is and what your what your degrees are and what you do?

ROBERT MALONE: okay so I’m going to do the short version okay um some you know this can last for an hour um if we go into the whole history of mRNA vaccines and all that kind of stuff uh my history I I am uh I was originally a carpenter and a farmhand uh in the central coast of california and decided that I wanted to go back to school and uh did two years of computer science and then decided that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life

looking at a computer monitor in a basement bad decision and decided that I wanted to try to become an MD which was a hard thing to try to do in the in the late 70s so that was a real stretch objective. Went to uc davis after two years of undergrad at san barbara city college and uh and wanted to work on this new tech space called molecular biology in particular on cancer my mother was deathly afraid of breast cancer and so I looked around and found laboratory at uc davis with a guy named bob cardiff and another guy named murray gardner that were working with retroviruses and their links to breast cancer and it just happened that while I was in there this is circa 83 84. um this whole thing cut loose in san francisco with the immunodeficiency syndrome in men and uh the lab ended up right at the forefront of that you know davis is just down the street basically from san francisco and at the davis primate center they had discovered that there were monkeys that had immune deficiency and so I was there in the lab as an undergraduate as a total bench rat m when preston marks and murray gardner and others made the first discovery of a retrovirus basis for emitter deficiency in primates and uh then murray went to the pastor brought back the virus literally in his pocket um he went with there with bob gallo met with a guy named Luc Montagnier that you may know and uh that kind of kicked off the whole vaccine effort for aids so I that’s kind of what I cut my teeth on uh and so I came out of that I you know I was uh it was it was really bold to think that I could get into medical school um and I kind of overshot the mark I got an MD PhD scholarship at northwestern university in chicago and uh so I went from having grown up in santa barbara with my wife, we were high school sweethearts, to chicago and that was kind of an abrupt uh transition so um we decided I would do my graduate work at san diego and i’d been accepted into a program at uc san diego that had two of the top gene therapy specialists I really wanted to do gene therapy with retroviruses that was what I thought was going to be my life and so we moved down to san diego and I started working in the laboratory of indoor verma which is in the molecular biology and virology labs at the salk institute and this is a place where graduate students normally aren’t allowed to go it was there was seven nobel laureates at the time plus Jonas a really intense competitive environment carved out a little niche that I was going to work on for my graduate work which was asking questions about how retrovirus RNA is packaged and from that I had to develop a series of technologies to manufacture RNA and structure it and eventually put it into cells and that through a cascade of events being at the right place the right time asking the right questions surrounded by geniuses led to the series of discoveries that now performs the basis of the RNA technology platform that gives rise to these vaccines and 10 issued patents from they were all filed in ‘89. So, that’s kind of my origin story that it relates to this virus and vaccine and this but since then went on finished my md did two fellowships at uc davis top pathology for years set up a gene therapy lab had many other discoveries came out to the east coast created the technology platform that is now the basis of the company called inovio we actually originally founded inovio in the United States this is uh pulsed electrical fields they have one of the DNA vaccines for Covid then the planes hit the towers the investors pulled back and I went to work for a company called dynport vaccine company that had the prime systems contract as government speak for all the biodefense products for the department of defense for advanced development which is to say clinical trials through licensure and that’s my kind of transition from being an academic to focusing on actually making things that work in people and the big epiphany there was that the world is full of these academic thought leaders that publish in big journals and stuff but that doesn’t really lead to products and I really wanted to make products that would help people and so since then for the last I guess about 20 years I’ve been focused on actually doing stuff regulatory affairs, clinical development, getting necessary training, etc. completed a fellowship at harvard university medical school in uh global as a global clinical scholar to round out my cv and I’ve uh run you know over 100 clinical trials mostly in the vaccine space but also in drug repurposing I’ve been involved in every major outbreak since aids this is kind of what I do um I’ve won literally billions of dollars in federal grants and contracts I’m often brought in by nih to serve as a study section chair for awarding you know 80 to 120 million dollar contracts in vaccines and biodefense I’ve spent countless hours at the CDC at the AC ACIP meetings um I have multiple friends at the CDC I work closely with defense threat reduction agency which is a and it’s one of my favorite uh clients partners teaming partners and I work with the chem biodefense group there’s other branches um including the other this is not the branch that funded the wuhan labs that’s another branch of DTRA um I’ve got many friends in the intelligence community so I’m I’m kind of a pretty deep insider in terms of the government I know Tony Fauci personally I’ve dealt with him my whole career and then and then we had this particular outbreak and um I was uh tip of the spear on bringing the ebola vaccine forward that we now call the merc ebola vaccine I’m the one that got Merk involved.

JOE ROGAN: now when the pandemic broke out previous to that I mean you’re you’re kind of thought of as a heretic now in some strange way…


JOE ROGAN: yeah it’s probably a better word and the fact that you’ve been banned from twitter is it’s it’s very confusing because I’ve been following your tweets and I’ve been reading all the things you’ve written and I don’t understand how it justifies a ban and I don’t know what was the partic particular tweet did they tell you what the particular tweet was or what the offense was that

ROBERT MALONE: they never tell you

JOE ROGAN: they never told you

ROBERT MALONE: well they never tell anybody

JOE ROGAN: they removed you for not going along with whatever the tech narrative is because tech clearly has a censorship agenda when it comes to COVID in terms of treatment in terms of the whether or not you’re promoting what they would call vaccine hesitancy they can ban you for that they can ban you for in their eyes what they think is a justifiable offense and they’re doing this and I don’t know who these people are that are doing this but they’re doing these this one of the most important things about you reading out your history like that is to one of the most qualified people in the world to talk about vaccines

ROBERT MALONE: well thank you for that I I think that that’s so one way that some people put it is and of course since this has happened I’ve been contacted by multiple lawyers that are looking at filing a suit just like alex berenson has one against twitter um and and the point is made just with what you just made uh um if so the point that I I think is kind of succinct on this is um if my voice if if there’s no merit to my voice being in the conversation whether I it’s true or not whether I’m factually correct or not let’s park that just for a minute whether or not I’m right in everything I say and I freely admit no one’s perfect I’m not perfect it’s one of my core points is people should think for themselves and I try really hard to give people the information and help them to think not to tell them what to think okay um but the point is if if I’m not if if it’s not okay for me to be part of the conversation even though I’m pointing out scientific facts that may be inconvenient then who is who can be and whether you’re in the camp that says I’m a liar and I didn’t invent this technology despite the patents when there’s a whole cohort of that no one can debate that dispute that I played a major role in the creation of this tech and virtually all other voices that have that background have conflicts of interest financial conflicts of interest I think I’m the only one that doesn’t I’m not getting any money out of this so I think that it starts to touch on some fundamental constitutional principles about rights of free speech I suspect that’s kind of where you’re going on that

JOE ROGAN: well most certainly but also how disturbing it is for someone who’s not an academic like myself to watch people like you get silenced and silenced in this platform of social media where people are exchanging information they’re posting up studies and you’re discussing different parts of this pandemic that are in the news and what the issues may lie in and where your background and your expertise allows you to explain this in a way that maybe it’s not being explained because of the narrative that’s being discussed in the mainstream news and to watch you get silenced first of all to watch you get ostracized I’ve seen that I’ve seen people distance themselves from you I’ve seen people call you a crazy person and criticize you but with no specific thing to point to it became like a tag they put on you like oh that guy like I brought you up to someone and he goes oh that guy’s crazy I go how so there was no answer


JOE ROGAN: okay so this is a thing you’re gonna just say someone’s crazy when they say something that’s inconvenient or say something that makes you uncomfortable because you’ve decided to accept a certain narrative. Did twitter warn you?


JOE ROGAN: Was there any tweets where they said that this is misleading or anything?

ROBERT MALONE: no no they never do.

JOE ROGAN: do you have any idea what the final tweet was or what the context was?

ROBERT MALONE:I think I do and there’s no way to confirm it until the lawyers you know do their lawyering um now I did have in the case of when I was banned from LinkedIn remember this happened um

ROBERT MALONE: I wasn’t aware of that

JOE ROGAN: yeah I was de-platformed from linkedin many months ago and uh it was uh there was actually two events of of de-platforming in linkedin and in both cases I was able to get an explanation for what the specific crimes were the thought crimes and in in the first one it was a tweet a linkedin posting in which I pointed out that the chairman of the board of Thomson Reuters also sits on the board of pfizer and and I simply wrote um is does this look like a conflict of interest to you okay and this gets to your core question about tech it’s not tech it’s it’s the horizontal integration across all major industries now under the control of common funds all of these industries the harmonization of the tech censorship the interests of pharma um big media etc and governments all being harmonized in their messaging globally I mean I travel a lot okay I see the same and I have physicians coming to me all the time about what they’re experiencing the same playbook is going on every continent okay but getting back to linkedin so this is this is the first event and steve kirsch intervened called up a vice president of linkedin and steve kirsh is a tech guy right yeah yes he’s a silicon valley entrepreneur um who you may or may not recall that I was on the brett weinstein dark horse podcast with steve that kind of lit this whole fire up months and months that’s right okay that’s where I first saw him yeah so so he he has great network connections in silicon valley he invented the optical mouse um and so he he called this vice president linkedin the guy looked into it meanwhile um people started dropping off of linkedin in protest and there was major press articles all over the world and then they reinstated me and I actually got a very kind letter this is unprecedented personal letter from this vice president apologizing and saying and saying specifically that they didn’t have the talent to fact check me and uh then therefore they were gonna let me go now then subsequently I got dropped again and a phone call was made and they got put on. In that case, the sin was that some one of their fact checkers because remember this is microsoft one of their fact checkers had identified the atlantic monthly article attack article was written about me and concluded that I was an anti-vaxxer and therefore I should not be allowed on linkedin now the context for that that’s fascinating is that atlantic monthly attack article that is often cited by my detractors and it’s a fascinating read um we could go down that rabbit hole but no reason um it was written a few days after peter navarro and I came out with an op-ed in the washington times in which we criticized biden policy on vaccines and said that they should be reserved for those that need the most and not used universally and we said some other things about the need of of testing and um tools so that people can assess their true risk it was a political retaliation intended to take me off the map as I was starting to interact more of a public policy sphere now with this this twitter event my wife and I have racked our brains about what was the what is likely to have been the tweet that triggered this and you know you never know the last two that I can think of that went out was one that was on our sub stack in which we um referred to a fantastic video that has been put out by the canadian COVID care alliance group that summarizes all the malfeasance and data manipulation misinterpretation associated with the pfizer vaccines and their clinical trials it’s a super video and um of course that’s I guess that is uh interpreted as something that would cause people to become vaccine hesitant that’s the sin in general is saying things that cause people to become vaccine hesitant the other thing that I put out immediately before that was a post a link to a website for the world economic forum that lays out their entire strategy for how they manage media how they’re managing COVID 19 and all of their core messaging it’s a fascinating website with links those are the only two things I can think of that would meet the criteria. So, you know my position all the way through this comes off of the platform of bioethics and the importance of informed consent so my position is that people should have the freedom of choice particularly for their children um and that in order to con to appropriately choose to participate in a medical experiment they have to be fully informed of the risks as well as the benefits and so I’ve tried really hard to make sure that people have access to the information about those risks and potential benefits the true unfiltered academic papers and raw data etc. and the policy that’s being implemented is one in which no discussion of the risks are allowed because by definition they will elicit vaccine hesitance so it can’t be discussed but that’s the fundamental background that’s the backbone of informed consent so informed consent is not only not happening it’s being actively blocked that makes sense.

JOE ROGAN: it does make sense and it’s unprecedented I mean I can’t recall a time ever where people weren’t able to discuss the side effects of medication whether or not the studies are accurate whether or not people should universally take these things or whether it should be done on a person-by-person basis this is a it’s a very strange time and so when someone who’s an expert like yourself has a dissenting opinion and you see that dissenting opinion immediately silenced or si- or at least immediately criticized and then these attempts at silencing it it just signifies how confusing and how troubled the times were in are when Covid first hit when the lockdown started happening in march of 2020 what was your position on all this.

DR. ROBERT MALONE: so you’re kind of asking my origin story with Covid

JOE ROGAN: yes I mean were you initially um have you taken the COVID vaccine

ROBERT MALONE: so the answer is yes I’ve also been infected twice

JOE ROGAN: after you took it um

ROBERT MALONE: once before I was infected at the end of February because I was attending a MIT conference on drug discovery and artificial intelligence so this is pre-lockdown February 20. you but it goes back further than that um there’s a CIA agent that I’ve co-published with in the past named Michael Callahan he was in Wuhan in the fourth quarter of 2019 he called me from Wuhan on January 4th I was currently managing a team that was focusing on drug discovery for organophosphate poisoning ergo nerve agents for DTRA, defense threat reduction agency, involving high-performing computing and biorobot screening um high-end stuff and he told me Robert you got to get your team spun up because we got a problem with this new virus I worked with him through prior outbreaks and so it was then that I turned my attention to this started modeling um a key protein a protease inhibitor of this virus when the sequence was released on January 11th as the Wuhan seafood market virus and I’ve been pretty much going non-stop ever since to that point with with drug repurposing so I’m the one that originally discovered famotidine as an agent um because I was self-treating myself after I got infected with agents that we’d identified through the computer modeling.

JOE ROGAN: so February of 2020 you get infected and how bad is your case

ROBERT MALONE: bad I thought I was going to die you got to remember I was up up up on all the latest information from china and everywhere else I knew all about this virus I knew you know I I’ve been watching the videos of people dropping in the street my lungs were burning until I took famotidine and that relieved that

JOE ROGAN: and what is famotidine?

ROBERT MALONE: it’s otherwise known as pepcid so just to on this tangent since I’ve said it um I’ve got some good news to announce um first time here uh today we believe we should have the first patient enrolled in our clinical trials of the combination of monitoring and celecoxib for treating SARS-CoV-2. This is trials being run by the company lidos which is one of my clients that I’ve helped design that’s based on my discoveries they’re funded by a defense threat reduction agency so this is another drug combination now I work with all these folks like Peter and Pierre um that I know you know

JOE ROGAN: Peter Mccullough, Pierre Cory

ROBERT MALONE: but I haven’t pushed this drug combination I just felt it was inappropriate until we got the trials running but they’re now open and we’ve passed through the FDA screening process by the way we tried to get we had data showing that adding ivermectin further improve the combination but the FDA created such enormous roadblocks to us doing an ivermectin arm that we had to drop it and by we what I’m saying is the FDA created so much grief that the DOD decided it the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze and they just dropped that arm

JOE ROGAN: why do you think that is what do you think is going on with the pushback on ivermectin

DR. ROBERT MALONE: So it’s not just ivermectin, its hydroxychloroquine and just to put a marker on that there are good modeling studies that probably half a million excess deaths have happened in the United States through the intentional blockade of early treatment by the U.S. government that is familiar

JOE ROGAN: half a million

ROBERT MALONE: half a million that is a well-documented number okay and it’s the combination of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin now when you ask me why you’re asking me to get into somebody’s head what I can say as a scientist is what I observe um the behaviors, the actions, the correspondence, these bizarre things like uh you know don’t you know it’s a horse drug y’all right which is amazingly pejorative I live in virginia okay I can tell you the people around me I live in a rural county and I raise horses um that was deeply offensive um to use that language in that way um but there’s clearly been an intentional push and Zeb Zelenko who’s a buddy the guy that came out with the original protocol zlanco protocol and was the one by the way that wrote the letter to um to trump advocating for hydroxychloroquine okay kind of important to put that together he’s put together a great little video clip in which he clearly documents the conspiracy between Janet Woodcock and Rick Bright to make it so that physicians could not administer hydroxychloroquine outside of the hospital

JOE ROGAN: and who is Janet Woodcock and who’s Rick Bright

ROBERT MALONE: rick bright was the head of BARDA the biomedical advanced research director which is the group that for instance funded the JNJ vaccine and operational warp speed etc so they’re the big-ticket funder in health and human service of biodefense products

JOE ROGAN: and who is she

ROBERT MALONE: Janet Woodcock um was head of operation warp speed for drugs and until very recently head of the FDA she is uh known as the person who kind of gets the credit let’s say for the opioid crisis for her role at the FDA

JOE ROGAN: so between the two of them was there was some sort of a concerted effort to suppress the use of hydroxychloroquine

ROBERT MALONE: Rick Bright in in videotaped explicitly spoken about how they conspired to cook on a strategy using emergency use authorization to make it so that hydroxychloroquine could only be administered in the hospital which by the way is too late for when hydroxy should be used

JOE ROGAN: and why do they do that

ROBERT MALONE: that is what is the unknown and there’s so many why’s in-house behind this I like to say there’s a stack of stuff that doesn’t make sense it’s about this high um now there is I can’t prove I can’t get into rick’s head I know rick quite well um I don’t know what he’s currently working for the Rockefeller he did a whistleblower case and then he left the government but um all I know is they did this and rick admits on it on videotape that he did it and um and he states that the reason was is that he believed there was no evidence of hydroxychloroquine being useful for this virus now that’s false hydroxychloroquine was known to be effective against sars-1 that

JOE ROGAN: wasn’t that regular chloroquine

ROBERT MALONE: hydroxy hydroxy hydroxy and chloroquine are closely related molecules hydroxy is slightly less toxic by the way one of the nice things we had actually filed in during zika I did a lot of drug repurposing I filed patents on the use of hydroxy in zika one of the reasons is because hydroxy is one of the few molecules that have antiviral activity that are safe in pregnancy um and you remember zika was a pregnancy issue


ROBERT MALONE: so hydroxy’s been out there for a long time as having viral antiviral effects and um the other part of Rick’s story that kind of doesn’t make sense that there was no data on efficacy is that um I was the guy that first acquired because I had Chinese connections the Chinese protocol for treating this virus I got it in late February and I sent it in to my buddies at the CIA and at DTRA at the assistant secretary for preparedness and response the government had those documents when rick made those determinations so the assertion that there was no data on hydroxychloroquine at the time when this decision was made is just patently false it’s there. So, what is the motivation you’re right what this none of this makes sense on the only thing you know this is a journalist problem um and you know the classic guidance is follow the money


ROBERT MALONE: and um so it it it is bizarre that Merck would come out with these explicit statements about the safety of ivermectin. Both ivermectin and hydroxy are on the who list of essential medicines they have been administered for millions and millions of doses they’re among the safest medicines we know when administered within this acceptable window pharmaceutical window um they the ivermectin is even safer than hydroxy so merc coming out of the blue and saying ivermectin isn’t safe is really inexplicable now another thing is that I sit on the active committee for drugs as an observer. What is the active committee? This is the NIH committee that’s guiding the clinical trials for these various repurposed and novel drugs I saw listened to heard witnessed the representative of Merck that’s on the committee because the committee is full of pharmaceutical representatives even though it’s an NIH public committee explicitly attack the decision for the federal government to test ivermectin she said there’s no reason to do this now what’s happened since then is is active sticks is still testing ivermectin and they’ve had to go to a higher dose because as we pointed out essentially their initial trial design was designed to fail it was a short course with inadequate levels of drug and so now they’ve upped it to I think it’s five days and 600 micrograms per gig that’s the current dosing in active sex but there is clearly a concerted effort on the part of multiple players in the pharmaceutical industry in concordance with the federal government to kill ivermectin as a potential alternative early treatment strategy

JOE ROGAN: and if you’re going to follow the money the problem is there’s not a lot in ivermectin because it is a generic drug and any compound pharmacy can make it and

ROBERT MALONE: it’s fairly cheap because it’s easy to make and you know we you can get ivermectin um and you know at in bulk at less than a penny a dose

JOE ROGAN: wow so um the original sars was is it 90 similar to sars ko v2

ROBERT MALONE: uh it’s that those terms 90 or 96 or 98 um it’s those are really not they’re kind of um irrelevant uh you know that you can have something that’s 99.9 similar and uh the difference is all the difference

JOE ROGAN: but if chloroquine worked on the original sars or it showed efficacy in original sars is it safe to assume like without adequate tests that hydroxychloroquine would work on

ROBERT MALONE: it’s the decision that was made by the Chinese government okay that’s my point I got the original Chinese protocols this is what they were using

JOE ROGAN: and they were using it effectively


JOE ROGAN: yeah so uh were they using ivermectin as well


JOE ROGAN: no uh but other countries have like Japan and India and

ROBERT MALONE: Uttar Pradesh as you know has crushed COVID

JOE ROGAN: yeah can you explain what they did to do that because it’s kind of fascinating

ROBERT MALONE: it’s it’s not clear um what are the drugs so what they did do what we do know and there there’s some backstory to this that we could go into if you want to but the observation is there was a decision made the virus was just ripping through uttar pradesh it has almost the same population as the United States it’s huge okay dense urban poor all the characteristics of the stereotypes of the indian countryside and uh the virus is just ripping through there and causing all kinds of death and disease and the decision was made out of desperation in that province to deploy early treatments as packages widely throughout the province and it included a number of agents the composition has not been formally disclosed it was done in coordination with unite with who and whatever was in those packages um was rumored to include ivermectin um but there was a specific visit of biden to Modi and um a decision was made in the indian government not to disclose the contents of those packages that were being deployed in uttar pradesh which they’re still thereand utter pradesh is flatlined right now the rest of the world is yelling about Omicron and and in hospitalizations well south africa isn’t but utter pradesh is still flatlined in terms of deaths

JOE ROGAN: so they were visited by someone in the Biden administration

ROBERT MALONE: there’s a meeting between Joe Biden and um Modi and you believe that out of that meeting I don’t know what they said I didn’t wasn’t invited all I know is that immediately afterward there was a decision not to disclose the contents of what was being deployed in Uttar Pradesh

JOE ROGAN: It’s so crazy to imagine that in the middle of a pandemic there’s one place one area of India that’s extremely successful in combating the virus and they’re not going to say how they did it I mean that’s nuts

ROBERT MALONE: that’s I you know so that’s where I kind of my stance in all of this is to say here are the facts here are the verifiable data draw your own conclusion

JOE ROGAN: okay now February of 2020 you catch it what did you take

ROBERT MALONE: Famotidine.

JOE ROGAN: Famotidine and anything else

ROBERT MALONE: no there’s nothing else available

JOE ROGAN: so this was so early on the pandemic how did they did you want to being hospitalized



ROBERT MALONE: I did have I did develop lung COVID and people always I always get the why did you take the vaccine well I took it fairly early on I took moderna because that’s what the national guard was deployed in my very rural county in basically central-northern Virginia

JOE ROGAN: isn’t there some evidence that the vaccine actually helps people with long covert that was the um that was the rumor at the time that was then that was I took it for two reasons I had long covered it was supposed to help with that and I knew I was going to have to travel internationally to France um and Portugal in the near future

JOE ROGAN: now is there any evidence that the vaccine helps against long covert or is there anecdotally is there anything

ROBERT MALONE: anecdotally there was and I have not seen a peer-reviewed solid publication or or um preprint that supports that now but that was the act of rumor at the time and since then what we do know for sure well documented if you’ve got prior COVID and natural immunity you you have a higher risk of adverse events from the jab now the other part of my story that often gets overlooked so I took two doses of moderna with the second dose I developed stage three hypertension with systolic blood pressure of up to 230 okay I’m lucky to be alive you know what it means is I’ve had a stress test of my aorta and my cerebral vascular system and I didn’t have a stroke and i didn’t tear my aorta all to shreds but it’s a good thing I had I had irregularities of heartbeat incredible hypertension, pot syndrome, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, these are all known side effects that are associated with the vaccine they’re relatively less frequent than the myocarditis in the children, in male children in particular, but they’re all known on the list of adverse events and it’s very clear that people that have natural immunity have a much higher risk factor um for this whole spectrum of adverse events but even if they get jabbed

JOE ROGAN: even though that’s known there are so many people out there telling people who’ve just recovered from COVID to get vaccinated

ROBERT MALONE: it is um there is a number of things here that um are not supported by the science I’ll say gently um to be less gent since gentle since we’re on the Joe Rogan show I can speak freely it’s nucking futs this is just wrong it’s not consistent with the data

JOE ROGAN: Well it’s it doesn’t make sense either what we know about natural immunity is that natural immunity at least according to that study in Israel which is like what 2.5 million people I think they said that it’s between 6 and 13 times more effective than the vaccine

ROBERT MALONE: that is six or 13 times more effective in hospitalized preventing hospitalized COVID it’s more like 20 or more fold or yeah 27 fold better at protecting against developing the disease remember infection does not equal disease

JOE ROGAN: right

ROBERT MALONE: um and that’s only one of over 140 studies that document that natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity and oh by the way as a vaccinologist and an immunologist I wouldn’t expect anything different

JOE ROGAN: but the CDC recently disputed this this

ROBERT MALONE: it was a fascinating uh play so the CDC uh for most of us that are at all objective in the science world look at what’s going on at the CDC aghast I mean the CDC has just compromised it what they did with that was a very small study with intrinsic bias all over the place much much smaller than the Israel I study that you’re citing much less rigorous less statistical power and they pushed that out as their um justification for their position concerning uh natural immunity but

JOE ROGAN: who funded that study

ROBERT MALONE: CDC it would be the federal government

JOE ROGAN: so they funded this study they did it themselves and do you believe they did it with the intent of coming to the conclusion

ROBERT MALONE: you’re asking me to apply intent and I’ve had too much time with lawyers and I’m not going to do it good for you

JOE ROGAN: so either way there are many many many studies that point to the fact that natural immunity is superior

ROBERT MALONE: absolutely

JOE ROGAN: having recovered from COVID

ROBERT MALONE: Like over 140.

JOE ROGAN: and also multiple studies that show that people who have had COVID who get vaccinated after the fact have a higher risk I think it’s between two and four-fold right

ROBERT MALONE: you’re on top of the data

JOE ROGAN: two and a four-fold risk of adverse side effects

ROBERT MALONE: increased risk

JOE ROGAN: yeah increased risk so for you uh you did not know this when you got vaccinated


JOE ROGAN: What was your thoughts I mean since this was a technology that you were a pivotal part of the creation of and so you’re getting this vaccine you probably were thinking look at this all my hard work come to fruition it’s gonna protect me from the virus

ROBERT MALONE: I actually said to the nurse when I took the first jab um I bragged a little bit I usually don’t um I’m usually you know keep it on the down-low um I don’t like to wear it on my shoulder but um I did say you know I I invented this tech she’s like oh that’s really cool can I take a selfie um but

JOE ROGAN: she aspirate before she uh shouted into you

ROBERT MALONE: I have that whole aspiration thing yeah I’m sure she did yeah yeah she’s a well-trained nurse

JOE ROGAN: when you say that whole aspiration thing…

ROBERT MALONE: any skilled medical practitioner when I inject my horses right I breed horses I’ve got 20 on the farm okay I give them drugs all the time I always aspirate

JOE ROGAN: but I saw the shot where Joe Biden got it on tv and they didn’t aspirate them they just

DR. ROBERT MALONE: I don’t know what to say um

JOE ROGAN: I’ll tell you what to say

ROBERT MALONE: yeah so so

JOE ROGAN: That’s not the way to do it.

ROBERT MALONE: yeah and was that really a vaccine right then we go down that whole rabbit

JOE ROGAN: that’s my favorite rabbit hole um because of the fake set remember

ROBERT MALONE: yeah so you know there is there it’s okay so you know Joe you’re in media I guess what what we’re experiencing is coordinated media warfare the level of which we have never seen before and I and my peers who were experienced in multiple outbreaks have never seen this level of coordinated propaganda

JOE ROGAN: Is this because there’s never been an outbreak that coincided with the use of social media because there really hasn’t been I mean H1N1 was was it 2009 that that broke out

DR. ROBERT MALONE: I was pretty active uh through zika

JOE ROGAN: but okay and that was

ROBERT MALONE: I don’t remember the years but I was on LinkedIn and Twitter all the time

JOE ROGAN: the thing about what’s going on now it’s there’s a heightened aspect in terms of like it’s the influence on society that social media has that is it’s stronger now than it was two years ago it’s stronger two years ago than it was two years before it’s ramping up exponentially in some sort of a strange way that’s affecting society and then the censorship aspect of it which is kicked in and as you said that they’re stepping in line with tech doing it with the pharmaceutical companies, doing it with the government they’re all sort of on the same page when it comes to the messaging

ROBERT MALONE: yes so now you’re going to the next level of you know wtf


ROBERT MALONE: um and uh um how to open that can of worms first off you don’t see um you’re aware of the trusted news initiative

JOE ROGAN: yes can you explain it to people

ROBERT MALONE: yes so um there uh the bbc announced uh to the world last fall that this organization that they had led the development of which ties together big tech and big media in service of the government uh and was built expressly for the purpose of protecting the democratic voting system you know small d on the democracy um and in voting integrity from undue influence from hostile offshore players through media information campaigns which you’ll recall was the claim that was made against Russia and so this was the response of the western nations to to build this new structure called the trusted news initiative that would survey all information about um elections and prevent the intrusion of foreign information into the democratic process and creation of undue influence by foreign actors shortly after it was created it was um there was an awareness in the pharmaceutical industry that this could be used to um address a a particular devil challenge that they had which was the pejorative label anti-vaxxers that’s also been deployed against climate spect skeptics okay so anti-vaxxers you’ll recall is the the label that is used to to basically take anybody out that is raising any concerns about vaccine safety um it’s it’s the pejorative that’s applied and it makes it really easy for the media to basically um take off the table anybody that’s saying something that is contrary to the interests of the really the vaccine industry

JOE ROGAN: right

ROBERT MALONE: um so there was a decision that this same toolkit this same integrated um international media and high-tech um organization led by the BBC would be pivoted to resisting vaccine misinformation and disinformation and uh they put out a proud press announcement last fall that this is what they’re gonna do and um they defined these things misinformation and disinformation as anything which was going to lead to vaccine hesitancy and which was contrary to the official statements of the world health organization or their respective

national health organizations so if CDC says the world is flat then the world is flat and there will be no discussion about whether or not the world is flat I’m using obviously an ex a simplified um silly example um so whatever the CDC or tony fauci or tedros etc says is truth by definition and any any information or discussion which is contrary to that truth will be suppressed it will be deleted and those people will that are are expressing these opinions that would lead to vaccine hesitancy which to some eyes would be informed consent and and decisions by an individual that they believe the risk benefit ratio doesn’t matter doesn’t make sense to them that will that information will not be allowed and those people that are spreading that information will not be allowed to interact in the public sphere in social media okay so that’s this kind of if you want to unpack this whole thing it starts by understanding the trusted news initiative and we’ve got um great links about that that have been put out explain explanatory and links for instance I put out a sub stack recently that talks about the trusted news initiative and the censorship in which I link to both the bbc’s trusted news initiative website so you can see what they have to say and a video that describes the trusted

news initiative from my point of view is somebody who that’s been on the receiving end of the trusted news initiative now that’s the starting point but it doesn’t explain the global coordination because TNI is mostly western and it doesn’t cover a lot of the other you know Latin America for instance or Spain or Israel and the only way that I can understand how all of this messaging censorship um you know what it really is is canceling

and Bobby Kennedy makes the point that the first real example of cancel culture that we can track is Tony Fauci canceling the esteemed virologist Peter Duisberg because he was raising questions about the origin of HIV and its role in the disease calls it called aids I remember when that happened I was a

JOE ROGAN: I had Duisberg on my podcast a long time ago and it was the first time I ever got ike extreme pushback from people that were like I mean this is after protease inhibitors had been used so it didn’t even make sense and people are saying you have blood in your hands people are going to die because of this podcast and I’m like what are you saying right like this is a guy who’s a biologist university, university of California Berkeley.

ROBERT MALONE: Full professor.

JOE ROGAN: Yeah, I mean a brilliant guy.

ROBERT MALONE: Yeah, totally one of the best virologists of his generation, full stop.

JOE ROGAN: And, um, very controversial opinions, but the only way to find out if someone’s controversial opinions are valid is to ask questions, talk to them, and let them express themselves and then I wanted to have someone come on and debate him. I could not find anyone willing to do that no…

ROBERT MALONE: It’s this is covered in detail in Bobby Kennedy’s book about Tony Fauci. It’s one of the great case studies now we have a more recent example of this cancel culture as it’s played by NIH and by Tony in the emails that came out recently when you have Cliff Lane, Tony Fauci and um the director of the NIH Francis Collins um^


ROBERT MALONE: Basically coming out and saying that they’re gonna ridicule and destroy um fringe epidemiologists and what was their sin these fringe epidemiologists that warranted a concerted effort on the part of the federal government to destroy them? Their sin was raising questions about the effectiveness of vaccine lockdowns, okay? And who were these fringe epidemiologists as stated by Francis Collins, who by the way has no background in epidemiology or public health, okay? He’s a sequencing guy that’s his claim to fame as the human genome project and the cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulatory protein he has no background in immunology, no background vaccinology, no training in public health, but who are these three fringe epidemiologists well they happen to be full professors from obscure universities; Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford, okay?

JOE ROGAN: They were warning about lockdowns.

ROBERT MALONE: They were warning about lockdowns in the Great Barrington Declaration that’s what prompted that.

JOE ROGAN: Can you explain the Great Barrington Declaration?

ROBERT MALONE: So, these three esteemed high-profile academic epidemiologists came together and said and did a comprehensive analysis about everything that was known about lockdowns and their impacts during infectious disease outbreaks and they came out with a specific statement. You can find it on the web lookup great Barrington declaration and they came out with a specific statement that these lockdowns were going to cause more harm than help which was contrary to the messaging that was being put input out by Tony and so Tony decided that they had to be destroyed and then you had Francis Collins recently coming on Fox News after these emails were FOIed and brought out into the open and saying that if we had followed their advice millions of people would have died. This is the fallback anytime you criticize these guys. What they say is oh you’re killing people I mean they do it to me too.

JOE ROGAN: So, if they had just done what Sweden had done and some other countries where they didn’t institute lockdowns and they sort of let people just live their lives and make their own choices they were saying that millions of people would have died?

ROBERT MALONE: So it would be so it seems.

JOE ROGAN: But time has shown that Sweden actually had a more effective take on the virus. I mean it was highly criticized in the beginning people were really concerned that they weren’t taking it seriously enough and then there was also some concern that it wasn’t you couldn’t compare they weren’t comparable because the way Sweden is it’s like small towns they’re separated from each other it’s not a high-density situation like new york or Los Angeles or Chicago, but overall in time we’ve seen that this vest respiratory disease spreads period no matter what. It just it seems to make its way to people no matter where you are and what it’s done in that country is it’s kind of burned through the population and their mortality rate is lower than most places their infection rate is lower than most places and it didn’t do the devastating economic damage and the devastating damage to children that were forced to isolate and not be with their friends and not go to school and not socialize.

ROBERT MALONE: So, here’s an even more fun one, okay, that’s that just cuts right to it um you know the pejorative these days is the country’s name is actually “Pfizreal”. It’s no longer Israel um the Israeli people are very compliant with their government and the government has a financial deal with Pfizer, okay, and they only have Pfizer vaccine and they’re now on jab number four there’s a natural experiment that’s occurring in the Palestinian territory in the surrounding states those surrounding states in the Palestinian territory does not have that level of vaccine uptake at all. The mortality in the surrounding states in the Palestinian authority is substantially less from this virus than the mortality in Israel.

JOE ROGAN: Now is that factored by age? Is it like what is so what are the variables?

ROBERT MALONE: Good question and this is akin to this mystery sorry of what’s

going on in central Africa and the malaria belt where you have really low levels of mortality um and what you’re hitting on appropriately or getting right to the core of the issue

is confounding variables and in general the Israeli population is a little bit older than the Palestinian territory on average, so, that’s a lower risk neither one of them are associated with high rates of mortality of morbidity of obesity and so that variable seems to be out that may be one of the major variables in africa is that in that malaria belt people generally aren’t fat, um, they happen to also be taking ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for the indigenous parasites that they have to deal with. Um, so, a lot of people were saying well that must prove that hydroxy and ivermectin protect, well not so as you point out there’s a lot of moving parts here and um so this is why you know I’m glad you didn’t ask me well why is that Robert um because I would have said i can’t say because there are too many confounding variables, however, it is a fascinating observation um that we have this um intensively vaccinated cohort in Israel and in much much less vaccinated cohorts in the surrounding states and you can look it up on world of meter you don’t have to, believe me, you know your audience is smart enough they can go on world of meter and look it up and look at the mortality and morbidity in these different countries and figure it out for themselves.

JOE ROGAN: Is the rate of infection comparable?

ROBERT MALONE: Hard, you know rate of infection is a really hard variable because it’s a function of the density of testing and so you know this is one of the situations the more you look for it the more you find which is why you really can’t use that as a denominator is the incidence of infection because the incidence of infection is totally contaminated by the frequency of testing and the density of testing so you have to rely on things the only really the only thing close to a decent outcome indicator that isn’t subject to all this bias that’s all over in the system except in a few states Iceland, the Scandinavian states, generally have relatively clean data the UK to some extent um has cleaner data it’s now clear that the Israeli data set is contaminated by all kinds of a monkey business in terms of what gets deleted but the only thing that seems close to a reasonable outcome variable is all cost mortality so because in people get kind of wrapped up around this and they say well you know that this vaccine, these deaths, that was I mean this is the everybody argues both sides of the coin with the VAER system oh that means nothing and then oh well the CDC uses it it means everything right um and and it’s okay for them to use it to the numerator but it’s not okay for anybody else to use it .

JOE ROGAN: And for people who don’t know we’re talking about the vaccine adverse event reporting system that’s VAERS.

ROBERT MALONE: Which is which the FDA explicitly said in the licensure packet for commeritynis inadequate detect rare to detect rare adverse events that’s why they forced if if they ever market community in the United States they’re gonna have to do a bunch of clinical trials which I think is one reason why they’re not doing it um because the FDA has told them that VAERS is basically junk but it’s best we got okay so you know when you when you look at these uh ratios you you the argument is well just because somebody died within X number of days of receipt of vaccine it doesn’t mean their death is vaccine caused, it’s vaccine correlated, that’s fair but it’s the only variable we have and it’s consistent in that we’ve had that variable in that outcome measure for decades. Okay, so then we can look at trends but what we see is this explosion of vaccine-associated deaths and you and to kind of pick that apart people say you know well if you had a car accident or a bullet to the head and you went to the hospital and they tested you with a pcr test that’s non-specific and they ran it up to 42 cycles and they said oh look there’s the virus, and by the way they have a financial incentive to do that, um, that results in a false positive death; true, but the other side of the coin is that if somebody’s having brain fog or they have a stroke while they’re driving the car and they crash and die and they’ve had it within you know 48 hours of when they took the jab and we know the jabs cause blood clotting and strokes well then it could well be that an auto accident is vaccine-related, catch my point? Yeah so so all of these kind of things you can’t sort out what’s what you just kind of have to take the aggregate value and hope that you have a large enough sample size that it contracts corrects for all that stuff, all that noise that’s inherent in the system.

JOE ROGAN: Now you just glossed over the financial incentive to report a COVID death. What is that? What is the financial incentive? Because there’s all these rumors that you would hear about what a hospital gets paid per COVID death and that the government gives them money and that they’re incentivized to make something mark it down.

ROBERT MALONE: It’s not rumors.

JOE ROGAN: It’s not rumors.

ROBERT MALONE: Well now I don’t have the specific numbers at the top of my head I’m not a hospitalist. I’m not a hospital administrator, but that the numbers are quite large there’s something like a three thousand dollar basically death benefit to a hospital if it can be claimed to be COVID. There’s a financial incentive to call somebody COVID positive the CDC made a determination in year one this is why all of our baseline data is junk.

JOE ROGAN: What is the financial incentive to say that they’re COVID positive? That’s why the pcr cycles are ramped up so high?

ROBERT MALONE: I, again you’re asking causation. I can tell you that there the hospitals receive a bonus from the government I think it’s like three thousand bucks if someone is hospitalized and able to be declared COVID positive they also receive a bonus I think the total is something like 30,000 in incentive if somebody gets put on the vent then they get a bonus if somebody is declared dead with COVID. Okay, so they have an incentive at the front end to declare somebody COVID, a COVID case. The CDC made the determination that they were going to make a core assumption if PCR positive the and you die that is death due to COVID, and so the extreme example just to to show the absurdity um if the patient comes in with a bullet hole of the head um and they do a nose swab and they come up pcr positive they’re determined to have died from Covid when in fact they died from lead poisoning.

JOE ROGAN: That’s real?


JOE ROGAN: So they’ve really done that with gunshot victims?

ROBERT MALONE: I don’t know about, yeah, yeah for sure trauma and other things.

JOE ROGAN: I, I’ve seen that said, but I’ve always thought that’s ridiculous there’s no way a hospital would do that.

ROBERT MALONE: It’s, it’s not, it’s not it’s not a question of what hospital would do it’s a question of med codes.

JOE ROGAN: So the code is set that if you swab that person and you are you’re supposed to swab them? DR. ROBERT MALONE: And, and you get a positive signal and…

JOE ROGAN: Are you obligated to swab them no matter who they are if they come in with an injury?

ROBERT MALONE: I believe it’s the common practice. I don’t know whether there would be an obligation that would be a hospital by hospital policy.

JOE ROGAN: So that it really is true that if someone has a gunshot wound and they’re dying of that gunshot wound and you check them for Covid and if they’re COVID positive and they die they marked it off as a COVID death?

ROBERT MALONE: That is a that is by definition from the CDC that was a decision that was made early on. JOE ROGAN: That seems insane.

ROBERT MALONE: That, there is, that there is, that’s why so many of us are so much in arms up at arms and and I’m really pretty aggravated about what’s going on is all the way through this the information. Let me put it this way Joe; Part of the reason, I know you’re somebody who is really committed to bringing everybody together and the idea that we’re really one America um we’re one people we shouldn’t be divided like this.

JOE ROGAN: I’d like that for the whole world.

ROBERT MALONE: Amen, yeah, amen okay we’re aligned.

JOE ROGAN: We’re just humans.

ROBERT MALONE: Thank you, okay, but we’ve been divided in this way in and it’s all been politicized and the data have been so thoroughly manipulated that it’s hard for any of us to make sense out of it and all the way through our government at least I can’t speak to great Britain or Germany but our government has had a series of checkpoints where they have a job to do and I know this because this is what i do for a living, right? I do regulatory affairs and clinical development. We wouldn’t be having all of this conflict about what is true if the FDA had done its job. What the FDA didn’t do was force the pharmaceutical manufacturers to do their job.

Now, we can we can wrap around you know, well, maybe, it was just they were all in a rush we were all panicked but the bottom line was they didn’t do their job and they didn’t force pharma to do its job and they didn’t employ the standard requirements for testing and verification that pharma was doing its job that I would expect to experience as a clinical researcher on one of my studies, okay? What’s gone on with Pfizer if the whistleblower comments hold true and for instance the Maddie Degary case, this young woman who was listed as having a stomach ache that participated in the Pfizer trials when in fact what she had was a seizure and she’s now wheel bound wheelchair-bound with a nasogastric tube, one of a thousand subjects.

JOE ROGAN: This is a 13-year-old girl right that was a part of the study and they wrote it down as what?

ROBERT MALONE: Gastric distress.

JOE ROGAN: That’s literally what it says in terms of the adverse effect, gastric distress? Like what is gastric distress?

ROBERT MALONE: Stomach ache.

JOE ROGAN: That’s it? But, what, how do they account for all the other injuries.

ROBERT MALONE: They don’t they take her off the study

JOE ROGAN: How’s that possible? That’s totally unethical. Who’s signing off on that? How are they allowed to do that?

ROBERT MALONE: So the way the rules work in regulatory affairs so this is law right this is regulatory affairs law in common practice at the FDA and globally there’s all kinds of treaties and things that regulate how these things are supposed to be done. The rule is it used to be that a pharmaceutical company could kind of offload all the liability for bad stuff that might happen in a clinical trial and be mismanaged, etc.. On to the performer, the subcontractor used to be that pharma actually did the trials themselves and then they found it was cheaper more efficient and they could push off their liability if they engaged companies like I’ve been working for for decades contract research organizations, clinical contract research organizations, and so that was done for a while and if anything that went bad in the trial then the pharma could say oh it wasn’t us it was those guys. Now over the last few years the FDA got wise to that and they made policy that the responsibility vests with the sponsor that’s fancy regulatory speak for it it’s pharma owns it. Okay, so you ask the question whose responsibility is it to ensure that the data isn’t contaminated and manipulated the answer is Pfizer.

JOE ROGAN: Wow, so they’re responsible for the data they’re allowed to say that this was just some sort of a gastric distress.

ROBERT MALONE: And the job of the FDA always is to ferret out monkey business which happens all the time whether intentional or unintentional and there’s all kinds of ways you can craft clinical trials and craft clinical trials study reports, final study reports, to hide the bad stuff and highlight the good stuff.

JOE ROGAN: So in this clinical trial that this young lady was involved in how many children were involved in the study?

ROBERT MALONE: It’s 2000 approximately but they’re split into placebo and experimental groups and so she was in the treatment group.

JOE ROGAN: Now one of the things that people have said in response to the vaccine injuries is that it’s approximately one in a thousand that are getting these significant injuries like myocarditis and so you think…

ROBERT MALONE: There’s a, there’s a, well, um, it’s important when we talk about these things to make a distinction between an event that is clinically significant and might result in hospitalization versus something that might be undetected unless you did a laboratory test or you know maybe like for instance myself when I started to experience those things that I experienced after moderna. I was confused it was not listed as among the side effects. I thought I just suddenly developed um rampant hypertension um until the data started coming out and I you know fortunately I had an astute cardiologist that got me into control and got me under medical management um and then I looked into it oh this is one of the known side effects and then time went by and it became more and more clear so the point is that what gets reported in a study is often biased by how the study is structured because one list when you when you write the study protocol you list expected adverse events and so people if those things happen often times they get checked but I guarantee one of the expected adverse events was not seizure and paralysis okay now what they did one of the things there’s all kinds of tricks you can play with the data if you if you’re so inclined um and that’s why it’s so important. People like me that do clinical research for a living, we get drummed into our head bioethics on a regular basis, it’s obligatory training, and we have to be retrained all the time so that because there’s a long history of physicians doing bad stuff monkey business and the most notable of course in common knowledge is the Tuskegee experiments, but so it happens um there’s all kinds of financial incentives to make bad stuff go away and highlight good stuff; makes the sponsor happy um and then you get another contract these are not little contracts you know a modest clinical trial is 20 million dollars. A big one is 100 million or more. Okay, so, these are big money deals you want to keep that money flowing and you want to keep your sponsor happy so that’s what’s come out with the whistleblower with Pfizer is that the contractor, I think it’s here in Texas, that ran a bunch of those clinical trials um appears to have manipulated data in a variety of ways um and and this is done at the level of of checking the data and reconciling the data and deciding which things go into the database and which things don’t go into the database and whether or not well if somebody had an adverse event after shot one and then they’re dropped because they won’t take shot two you know do we drop them out of this overall study analysis that’s why there’s there’s we have all this specific language that we use in ou business the intent to treat cohort the per protocol cohort these are separate analyses they describe these differences and how because it’s known that you can manipulate the data in these different ways and it’s clear now and basically this was the subject by the way just to bring it back around to our first topic this is the subject of that um presentation that the canadians put out that I put in that twitter post was all the different ways that the Pfizer data was manipulated.

JOE ROGAN: The fact that that is grounds for being removed from Twitter is so astonishing it’s it’s just it blows my mind that that’s the number one platform for distributing information right now and that things like that are happening there cause it is I mean it’s essentially a number one that would and Facebook I don’t know which one’s bigger but for distributing information.

ROBERT MALONE: So, um what’s recently taken place so so remember looping back I talked about the interconnectedness at the board level between Pfizer and Thompson Reuters


ROBERT MALONE: Okay, Thompson Reuters has become the def-, the fact-checker of choice for determining, you know I quote “fact-checker”.


ROBERT MALONE: And we know we so we can go into the Facebook lawsuit that recently um broke that whole story open but Thompson Reuters is tied to Pfizer um they have common corporate ownership and they are the fact-checker of Twitter now they’re integrated okay so it’s Thompson Reuters is making the decision um which has connections to Pfizer about what information will be allowed to be discussed on Twitter.

JOE ROGAN: That is crazy, that it’s so crazy to even hear I and I don’t know how we ever pull out of this mess I mean I think we are at a 45-degree downward angle headed into a mountain I really do. It’s so strange to me that no one’s up in arms about this other than a few people that have been censored, a few people that have these uh opposing viewpoints that are you know deemed to be something that can’t be discussed.

ROBERT MALONE: Well, it’s, Joe, it’s even deeper than that okay then there’s the hunting of physicians. So I myself you know Peter Mccullough is the textbook example of hunting physicians right the guy is 150, 150,000 in debt right now in the hole in trying to defend his medical license this is one of the most highly published authors in the world um he’s an exceptional researcher you know and and apparently a pretty good podcaster too.

JOE ROGAN: The guys published more in his field than any other physician in history.

ROBERT MALONE: And Baylor’s trying to take him out and it’s not only Baylor it’s some entity outside of Baylor that’s come in and is financing the attacks on him but just to bring it home in a really not to make it all about me, but to be able to speak in the first person, okay, so I went to Maui with a bunch of physicians a few months ago and we gave talks and did training about early treatments we didn’t talk about vaccines. There’s only one hospital on Maui, in the island of Maui. It’s owned by a, it’s basically a Kaiser Permanente satellite, okay, um so we went there we gave that talk that hospital and the hospitalists associated with it are actively involved and have kicked out Kirk Milhoan because he’s giving early treatment with the horse drug ivermectin okay now who’s Kirk Milhoan you know why is he in this hospital what is he qualified okay he’s an MD Ph.D. pediatric cardiologist with his Ph.D. training at UC San Diego in vascular inflammation. He is among the most qualified individuals in the world for managing um COVID and commenting on cardio myocarditis in children and they’ve kicked him out of the hospital.

JOE ROGAN: Just for prescribing ibm for early treatment.

ROBERT MALONE: Okay, he also happens to be a pastor at a local country congregation he runs a food bank his whole life he has traveled to emerging economies to provide free treatment this is the kind of exemplar person that you know we all sh we all should be in in the best of all possible worlds.

JOE ROGAN: and did they give an excuse for this are they saying that his prescription of early treatment promotes vaccine hesitancy like is there anything

ROBERT MALONE: He’s prescribing um uh enough ineffective drugs and putting people’s lives at risk but here’s the point I’m not even there yet okay we’re just winding up on this one.


ROBERT MALONE: So the other day right before christmas three days before christmas I get a package from my licensing agency which I’m licensed through the state of maryland so the state of maryland medical board sends me a package um and it is a complaint that’s been filed against me I have six days to respond, basically, I end up having to respond on christmas day okay or earlier to this attack claiming that I should lose my medical license and the citations are that I didn’t actually invent mRNA vaccines the a copy of the atlantic monthly attack article on me um claims that I’m licensed in virginia which I’m not, claims that I didn’t graduate from harvard medical school which I did, okay so I have to respond to all this stuff now I’m going through it and and it’s just false, false, false, false, all coming and and pulled a bunch of stuff off Twitter and Linkedin and send it in and saying well this is the reason why this guy should lose his license okay because he is responsible for millions of deaths he said it straight out okay I’m responsible for millions of deaths um because of what I’ve said on social media now who is it that’s filing this it turns out it’s the director of recruitment and external affairs of this hospital in maui. This guy felt that it was necessary to send this little package of happiness right before Christmas to my licensing board to try to get my license taken away that what we’re seeing across the united states and across the world is it’s the hospitals and the hospitalists that are attacking outside physicians

JOE ROGAN: do you have any knowledge as to why they’re doing this other than speculation

ROBERT MALONE: um if I was to follow the money I’m gonna put it that way okay again I can’t get into their heads of course I don’t know what’s making them do this it’s crazy okay never been done before right it’s happening you know we’ve went and and did a presentation in alaska and the same thing was being done for the physicians that came out and spoke about early treatment in alaska and the fortunately the alaska licensing board put out a very terse statement that they don’t want to get involved in politics in this kind of uh tit-for-tat and that this is outside of of their role medical licensing boards for this kind of stuff are usually involved in making determinations about somebody’s suitability because of drug abuse or sexual activity or other things which are are outside or malpractice overt malpractice okay this kind of political weaponization of medical licensing boards is new now here’s the uh here’s the the observation that I can make if we follow the money is that hospitals are incentivized to to treat COVID patients the thing that ties all this little part of this story together including the suppression through the government of early treatment hospitals are incentivized financially to treat COVID patients if COVID patients are being treated outside of the hospital and prevented from going to the hospital such as the case in the imperial valley um where brian tyson george fareed have saved thousands and thousands of lives of indigenous latinos that are coming across the border and working the fields I mean they’re they’re breaking their backs to save the poor amazing story there with early treatments um and I guess they’re left alone because they’re in the imperial valley nobody cares they’re all poor but in these urban environments there’s all these incentives for hospitals to treat COVID patients and if people are giving treatments that are keeping those people out of the hospitals then they’re not getting that revenue

JOE ROGAN: so your speculation if I just could unpack this that doctor in Maui who was giving early treatment you re you think that the reason why he was targeted because he was directly costing the hospital money because people weren’t going in

ROBERT MALONE: I’m not saying I I’m saying that the observation is that early treatment keeps people out of the hospital and that hospitals have financial incentives including death incentives Rogan: to discourage early treatment

ROBERT MALONE: and the in the other data point is these that are doing the attacking are almost universally hospital administrators and hospitalists

JOE ROGAN: so these aren’t physicians these aren’t

ROBERT MALONE: by hospitalists I mean hospital-based physicians

JOE ROGAN: okay what does that mean then what why are they doing it because they’re part of that system of that hospital system the administrators they would be doing

ROBERT MALONE: that because they’re making but they’re making so again I don’t want to make accusations right I’m observing facts

JOE ROGAN: Right um I want to bring this back to something we were talking about earlier but we kind of moved past it we were talking about the one in a thousand statistics.

ROBERT MALONE: Right, so a recent paper out of Hong Kong comprehensive analysis cardio uh myocarditis in boys hospitalized okay that makes sense that’s…


ROBERT MALONE: that’s word string so that’s the data analysis so that’s saying the myocarditis was so bad after vaccination and these are all verified post vaccination the myocarditis was so bad that you went to the hospital incidence rate is 1 in 2 700. now the there’s all kinds of hand waving that oh myocarditis is mild and they recover from it, okay those statements aren’t let’s say gently based in fact the historic incidence of death post myocarditis about 27% now the assertion is well this is a different kind of myocarditis and therefore it’s not going to kill these kids or young adults okay but that’s being said in the absence of data it’s pure speculation.

JOE ROGAN: right and why are they doing that because they keep saying that the the the instances of myocarditis are mild I keep hearing that it’s mild myocarditis and that it eventually goes away but not citing any studies and i don’t think there are any long-term studies of children that are vaccinated

ROBERT MALONE: no, there can’t be

JOE ROGAN: there can’t be right

ROBERT MALONE: by definition

JOE ROGAN: right right

ROBERT MALONE: because we haven’t done what we have always done okay so let me say this person ask me Robert you’re the inventor of this tech you’re a vaccinologist why are you speaking out this was the whole topic of the Atlantic monthly attack article you know why is this person become a vaccine skeptic the uh the did they talk to you extensively and the three days before this thing came out the journalist who’s it’s a fascinating young man he previously publishes basically on woke issues in the chronicle of higher education this is his first big article okay he was clearly hired and they explicitly say the article was funded by the Robert wood johnson foundation the Zuckerberg chan initiative, okay? Robert wood johnson is the major shareholder in JNJ and Zuckerberg chan of course is Facebook, okay? so Facebook and Zuckerberg chan have funded this attack article by this guy that normally writes about wokeness in the journal of higher education um and he was totally obsessed over this question: Robert, why are you saying these things you must have some financial incentive there must be some reason why you’re doing this

JOE ROGAN: did you meet with this man in person

ROBERT MALONE: no just over the phone okay and i told him repeatedly because it’s the right thing to do. I get this you know this consternation, but see the thing is I think I’m maybe the only one that has been involved deeply in the development of this tech that doesn’t have a financial stake in it so for me the reason is that what’s happening is not right. It’s destroying my profession, it’s destroying the practice of medicine worldwide it’s destroying public health in medicine I’m a vaccinologist I’ve spent 30 years developing vaccine a stupid amount of education learning how to do it and what the rules are and for me I’m personally offended by watching my discipline get destroyed for no good reason at all except apparently financial incentives and I don’t know political ass covering

ROBERT MALONE: now uh back to this number because we keep going past it and going off on tangents the the number that keeps getting cited is one in a thousand people have adverse events and including myocarditis um if myocarditis that requires hospitalization it’s one in 2700


JOE ROGAN: in boys but there’s also issues of people that have something like fatigue that has last vaccination but I mean there’s a lot of those there’s a huge number of dysmenorrhea and metametroraja

JOE ROGAN: what are those?

ROBERT MALONE: this is alterations in menses in women

JOE ROGAN: oh right there’s that’s a huge issue

ROBERT MALONE: there’s and they deny it

JOE ROGAN:: With menses we menstrual cycles um women going to menopause very young like I know a girl who’s 36 who got the vaccine hasn’t had her period in eight months.

ROBERT MALONE: and then there are the women who are post-menopausal that suddenly start bleeding.


ROBERT MALONE: so here’s the thing about this Joe that kind of ties this together I’m I’m in the business it’s basically the part of what I do is like a detective um figuring out because I’m trained in pathology why is this happening what are the things that connect these things okay so what is it that drives menstruation the answer is the ovary the ovary is the controller okay through hormones and ovulation okay what did we learn early on from the pfizer data package which by the way when that was disclosed by byron bridle from japan and sent to me was the first thing that really lit me up and let me know that something here was rotten okay and when I got that I picked out as byron had done I was given the task of independently evaluating it and then I took that package and I gave it to a more senior regulatory professional that I respect and I said these are the things I see this looks really bad he looked at it and he said oh you missed this thing that the other thing okay these these missing things include reproductive toxicology evaluations of teratogenicity birth defects standard stuff that’s always done genotoxicity not done what was done was a cobbled together group of data that didn’t even involve the vaccine and used other mrnas in non-glp that’s fancy talk for not done with rigor studies not done according to the rules all cobbled together and sent in to the regulatory agencies of the world to justify going ahead and giving jabs to everybody under emergency use authorization that’s the truth of it that’s the short version that’s you know using common language one of the studies they did do was administer these lipid RNA complexes to rodents and showed the distribution of the synthetic lipid component that’s the fats that package the rna that let it slip into your cells it’s a it’s a synthetic chemical positively charged molecule it’s a fat with a charge on the end it goes to the ovary at a very high rate like 11% of the lipids now this wasn’t supposed to happen it was supposed to stay in the arm where it got jabbed but it doesn’t it goes all over the body and one it goes to two places that are really kind of anomalous bone marrow and ovaries now the overarching signal is really clear because it doesn’t happen in testes now so now you got a molecule synthetic molecule going to an organ the ovary that controls menstruation in a non-clinical model um rodent and subsequently it’s deployed widely in humans and you have this phenomena of alteration in menstrual cycle. Now one of the things that was fascinating I was asked to testify to the hasidic jew rabbinical court in new york a lot of interesting things happen with that it’s like sitting around with 15 different gandalfs um one of those bucket list things I guess uh I’m talking to him it turns out that the rabbis in the hasidic jew community carefully monitor we don’t need to go into how the menstrual cycle of the fertile women in their um congregations closely monitor it because there is strict um guidance about cleanliness and intercourse and they had a major problem because they these these you know these are all 60 plus up to 80 long beards right here that had exquisite understanding about the menstrual cycle in all the women in their congregations and they all knew that these menstrual cycles were being disrupted all the time and for them this was a major crisis because it meant that if you’re if you’re in the hasidic community increasing the size of the population of hasidic jews is kind of important to you um it’s centrally important to them and this was a major threat to reproductive health in their communities now they they took all this testimony they thought about it and they came out with a clear statement that children should not be vaccinated this this has the power of law in this community should not be vaccinated in adults it’s strongly discouraged and part of the reason is because of these alterations in reproduction um and again the point what’s the common variable is the ovary this is why I say in my little statement that’s gone all over the world this little four-minute clip that’s kind of gone viral and triggered governments to attack me now like israel and spain and italy um in the same systematic pattern of you know um uh trying to demean me and delegitimize me but um that’s why I say in that that that think twice about giving these jabs to your kids among other things your your girls are born with all the eggs they will ever have and these lipids are going to the ovaries and they appear to be affecting menstruation in some way but menstruation is just one of these adverse events you picked out some of the other ones the fatigue brain fog all kinds of things

JOE ROGAN: and to be fair people get that from COVID as well

ROBERT MALONE: true absolutely true and that’s another fascinating variable is we have Covid we have mRNA genetic vaccines and we have DNA virus administered genetic vaccines that’s the JnJ here in the United States adenovirus, okay and they all have these symptoms of clotting, brain fog and other things okay and so as you know this is basically does it walk like a duck and quack like a duck what is the common variable between those three very different systems natural viral infection mRNA genetic vaccines and DNA genetic vaccines now we don’t see these problems by the way adenoviral vectored vaccines have been in development for my entire life 30 years they’re licensed adenoviral vector vaccines they don’t have these problems, okay so it’s something that’s not intrinsic to the platform what is it the common variable is spike just to cut to the chase.

JOE ROGAN: Spike protein.


JOE ROGAN: And so the spike protein is probably causing all these problems with people who have caught Covid and also people who are getting the vaccine but then the lipo- what is it lipo nano Particles?

ROBERT MALONE: That’s fine, that’s a good term.

JOE ROGAN: How do you say it?

ROBERT MALONE: I call them lipoplexes um lipid nanoparticles is another.

JOE ROGAN: Nanoparticles so these are the ones that are affecting the ovaries?

ROBERT MALONE: No it’s the lipid part of it in particular that goes to the ovaries not the RNA

JOE ROGAN: And that aspect of it is not affecting men but with men you have a higher instance of myocarditis and why is that?

ROBERT MALONE: Good question what is driving the myocarditis so there’s a couple there are a variety of hypotheses about this what we do know is that both the virus and these vaccines are associated with here’s another fancy medical term microcoagulation or micro coagulopathy the latter one being a disease of microcoagulation small blood clots there are multiple ways in which that can happen it’s clear that spike is associated with a variety of mechanisms that cause the trigger coagulation including an autoimmune one, okay so there’s something about this protein spike is whether it’s in the vaccine or not it binds to the surface of key cells through a key regulatory protein called ACE2. ACE2 is involved in controlling blood pressure vessel blood vessel tone all kinds of stuff. If you activate ACE2 on the little tiny smooth muscle cells that wrap around your capillaries that control your vascular tone, that’s your blood pressure locally okay. The ability of blood to go through those tubes okay that’s controlled basically you’ve got these little muscles cells cellular muscles um that control the contraction it’s kind of like peristalsis- if you know what that is that the kind of process that can move uh something down a tube like in our gut- um you know the way we move food and waste material through our gut and eventually excrete it. That’s

peristalsis the thing that brings it down through our esophagus. Same thing happens with your blood vessels and when ace2 fires off when it gets activated it causes contraction of parasites and blocks these micro vessels and if you get stagnant blood in blood vessels it clots like that that’s what it does. Okay, it’s a normal homeostatic mechanisms so there’s that there’s the whole cast so there’s there’s the effects on the local tissue and there is direct effects triggering coagulation through a number of pathways. Now what can cause myocarditis pericarditis a number of things; autoimmune processes which we also know are involved in some of the coagulation problems and this kind of process of clamping down on blood vessels um which we know is happening.

JOE ROGAN: And the autoimmune response is this also in response to spike protein like what is causing the autoimmune response in people?

ROBERT MALONE: It’s observed that it is happening and it’s happening with these um uh RNA vaccines um it’s happening with the adenoviral vectored vaccines. I don’t know, I don’t recall literature that it’s happening with the virus itself but it may very well be.

JOE ROGAN: I know uh quite a few people that have had viral outbreaks post uh like things like shingles, herpes outbreaks.

ROBERT MALONE: That’s another one okay so now you’re opening the puck, the compartment. Before we were talking about cardiac and blood vessels. And we talked a little bit about the brain we didn’t talk about the strokes we talked about the brain fog and it’s known that spike will open the blood-brain barrier is this kind of concept it’s a little loose but it has to do with the structure of the cells that line the blood vessels in your brain and what it allows to go through and doesn’t go through. Spike causes that to become more like an open sieve- so things can go into your brain that shouldn’t go into your brain. So that can trigger brain inflammation and that is one of the that is the risk that people like Luc Montagnier are concerned about with neurofibrillary tangles and that’s why they talk about prions or Alzheimer’s-like symptoms. That’s part of what happens when brain gets inflammation because it’s got stuff going on in there that’s not supposed to have.

JOE ROGAN: Hence the brain fog.

ROBERT MALONE: The brain fog could be due to microvascular blockade. It could be due to this clamping of blood vessels that I was talking about. It could be due to leaky blood vessels- that’s the blood-brain barrier breaching. Hard to say multifactorial all we know is that it’s happening.

JOE ROGAN: And that’s also something that’s happening to people with COVID as well.

ROBERT MALONE: Correct. I’ve experienced it myself okay when I had when I wasn’t sick um and not only brain fog. Um, you can remember uh the broadcaster Cuomo, when he had COVID he was talking about seeing hallucinations. Um that is that is a common consequence of primary COVID infection is not just brain fog but overt hallucinations.

JOE ROGAN: Now after the vaccines started to be administered it was a couple of months later I believe that the Salk Institute published their paper on spike proteins.

ROBERT MALONE: Right and I cited that in the Brett Weinstein Dark Horse Podcast and um was immediately attacked by Reuters uh for uh spreading disinformation because I was speaking that the spike protein was a toxin. And there’s actually that’s one of many papers that have come out since then or before and I didn’t say the spike protein on the vaccine- I said the spike protein. And Reuters basically took my words twisted them and then attacked me about it.

JOE ROGAN: Is the spike protein in the vaccine different than the spike protein in the virus?

ROBERT MALONE: The answer is yes um in a way that matters is the question. Um so the difference is now we’re going to get into molecular virology- I’m sorry but you asked the question- um so spike kind of you can think of it as having a stem part and a head group you could point to your time and then and then yeah right just these things sticking out here but but I wanted to illustrate that it also has this little it’s like a catcher’s glove that sits on top that is the receptor binding domain okay so it’s got these these elements that are really important to understand it. And this, this part of the spike protein that is kind of straight and thin the stock is responsible for the business part of what spike does. Spike causes fusion between the virus and the cell it’s what enables the virus to infect the cell and it’s a complex set of events and it changes its structure as it goes through those it’s fascinating stuff if you’re into this. Okay um you can lock it into the pre-fusion conformation you can make it so that it will not trigger cell fusion after binding with two little tiny mutations substituting proline in the s2 domain and that’ll make it so that it can never trigger fusion which is one of the things that it can do to bake toxicity. That has nothing to do with whether or not it can bind two up here whether or not that catcher’s mitt will grab on to ACE2 by the way spike exists as a trimer- like a treble hook you know on a fishing lure- so so these two mutations are in this um s2 domain that’s kind of the stem and it makes it so that it can’t fuse. And that’s what’s in the vaccine but the rest of the spike is the natural spike and yes it does get cut off and it does go in the circulation that’s all been proven and so what matters about that is all the things I’ve been talking about about spike interacting with ACE2 and turning on ACE2 that can all still happen none of that’s changed. Now one of the attacks that’s made against my staying this is oh no they engineered spike so that it’s non-toxic okay that fails two tests. Number one at the time they did this engineering I’ve carefully reviewed the papers okay it’s all about making it more immunogenic there is nothing in there about making it less toxic okay. And by definition it will make it less toxic as a fusing fusion protein but it won’t do anything about it the other parts of of spike in its activities. Then then there is this fundamental logic flaw, in in clinical development and non-clinical development and safety and pharmacology I like to say the French judicial system applies. What that is is you’re guilty until proven innocent. It’s the job of the pharmaceutical companies to prove that their engineered spike is safe. They never did that. And so all of this pressure that comes back you know from folks like me saying hey this isn’t right okay- and it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck it’s probably toxic. Because it’s the common variable I get criticized because oh well you know well prove that it’s not safe I’m sorry that’s not the way it works. It’s pharma’s job to prove that it is safe, not my job to prove that it’s not safe. I’m observing the safety signal is there. It is associated with vectors that express spike whether it’s the vaccine the virus or the adenovirus you know the MRNA the virus itself or the adenoviral vectored spike. Those toxicities are there and the common variable is the spike protein. And the comment well it’s not a toxin- I’m kind of in the Forrest Gump school of toxicity. You know if it causes toxicity it is right um uh it is a toxin by definition it is you know toxin is as a toxin does and um uh you know we can argue about the meaning of toxin just like so much of the rest of our language has been perverted during this but the simple explanation you know the simple definition is does it cause toxicity in people I think the answer is pretty clear now it does. The question that we’re all arguing about is how often and how bad.

JOE ROGAN: This is the question so why do so many people take the vaccine and have no adverse effect at all?

ROBERT MALONE: Great question and that is a normal situation in any drug. We talk about bell curves- there’s a response curve. Humans are genetically complex and they’re phenotypically complex. I am not a jiu jitsu champion. I am not the same body mass index as I was when I was 25. It seems that um the common factor across many people that get both the vaccine adverse events and the disease- and by the way there’s a great paper out that tried to dissect long COVID and differentiate it from post-vaccination syndrome which is what we’re talking about- and they did statistical analysis large cohort of patients basically they’re indistinguishable long COVID and post-vaccination syndrome in terms of the spectrum of the syndrome their incidence that kind of stuff they’re indistinguishable. They’re the same thing. So why? One of the factors that seems to be common is this kind of hyperglycemic index people that are not necessarily diabetic but they may be pre-diabetic or they have problems with carbohydrate metabolism or they’re eating too many sugars or whatever the thing is so they’ve got elevated hemoglobin h1c etc. People that have high glycemic index indices seem to be particularly susceptible to these effects now that is a syndrome associated with an inflammatory state in blood vessels. So you know this what you’re asking again and again um because you are who you are is in plain language the big you know picture issues that are sitting out there that haven’t been adequately addressed.

JOE ROGAN: Not only haven’t been adequately addressed but when you do address them you get demonized even if you’re just asking questions as far as like what are the numbers? What is the data? Where can I see this data?

ROBERT MALONE: If you’re an academic you get run out. Now we’ve talked I don’t want to avoid you talked about some of the other adverse events and you started talking about um the ones that relate to immune response. And um that is the the tip of the iceberg that most people are familiar with is the common- CDC never talks about it – but it’s clearly there in the literature you know in places even new england journal of medicine it’s clearly there in the VAERS database is latent virus reactivation and the most obvious one is shingles. I mean if you get shingles- I’ve had shingles­it hurts you you don’t you don’t miss it when you get it. But Epstein-Barr virus, other herpes viruses, cytomegalovirus, what are these all in common they’re latent DNA viruses. So what latent DNA viruses well we have a bunch of DNA viruses that basically hide inside our body and they are kept suppressed. Matter of fact there’s a whole um thread in vaccinology we talk about immunosenescence the aging of the immune system part of that has to do with the Thymus and it’s shrinking that’s what educates t cells- by the way that’s one of the reasons why children basically shrug this disease off- is they haven’t had that thymic involution but one of the things that happens is your t cells become increasingly focused on suppressing the DNA viruses that we’ve all been parasitized by um like cytomegalovirus. And so you can watch over time the the diversity of t cells in person’s body who’s infected by CMV over time as they get older and older their t cells get more and more and more focused on just trying to keep cmv in the box and not let it out okay. So when we see DNA viruses you know pandora’s box is opening and they’re jumping out of there- okay well the thing that keeps pandora’s box closed is t cell responses. And then we have you know I hope someday you get a chance to have Ryan Cole on- pathologist deep understanding of this- um as he points out he’s seeing referrals from oncologists of cancers that are unusual. They’re occurring early they’re behaving irregularly they’re behaving very aggressively. Now right now this is still anecdotal I don’t want to get the audience all wound up we’re all going to die of cancer. No. Dr. Malone is not saying we’re all going to die of cancer. But um this is another of those little uhohs because the thing that keeps cancer suppressed is t cells. Then we have the laboratory data that um we’re seeing abnormalities in the key signaling molecules that t that t cells use to talk to each other toll-like receptors that are associated in particularly with the MRNA vaccines so something is happening okay that is causing release of t cell suppression, reactivation of latent DNA viruses, maybe some signals relating to oncology, um some changes in t cell signaling behavior. And then there’s this this increasing awareness that there’s some window of time not sure how long after vaccination when you’re actually more susceptible to infection. And this may have something to do so not only is the vaccine efficacy waning but the multiple jab strategy is actually creating more and more windows where people have this period of t-cell suppression. So there’s a whole lot in this box of immunology and what are the jabs doing to our immune system and how long does it last that is let’s say gently a little worrisome to some of us that have a background in these things.

JOE ROGAN: This T cell suppression are there any studies on the amount of time that it takes before your system rebalances itself post jab and is it a cumulative like if you’re dealing with three shots or four shots?

ROBERT MALONE: That’s this is this is the I’m sorry this is the obscenity for me of this whole well we’re going to give four shots uh because we don’t really know but we know we need to do something. I like to talk about the metaphor as a father- I don’t know if you’ve had kids I’m a grandfather okay. Um you give a three-year-old a hammer and everything becomes a nail. Okay that’s that’s kind of a simple way of saying people that aren’t well trained given a powerful technology or tool will abuse it and overuse it. In this case there’s multiple reasons not to do the multiple jabs. The simplest one for everybody to understand is when your son develops seasonal allergies to ragweed pollen or whatever and it’s so bad that he can’t go to school his eyes are running he can’t play in sports whatever you’re like oh we got to do something about this I’m going to take him to a rheumatologist an allergist and see what they can do. Well they do a bunch of tests and they say oh your son is allergic to ragweed pollen or whatever the thing is okay. What do they do well they give him shots- what are those shots? They’re high doses of antigen that are administered repeatedly to your child and what it does is induces something that as immunologists we call high zone tolerance. High zone tolerance basically amounts to an ability by giving multiple injections at high levels of antigen to shut down t cells against in an antigen specific fashion so there’s that. The other thing with the multiple jabs is that these are multiple jabs that are mismatched. Okay they don’t fit.

JOE ROGAN: Can I pause for a second before you continue so you’re saying that by if like if someone is allergic to things and they go to an allergist and they start getting shots- those shots shut down t-cell response?


JOE ROGAN: So those shots by doing so and shutting down t-cell response the idea is that it kicks your immune system in and it’s supposed to fight off these things?


JOE ROGAN: Does it make you more vulnerable to other diseases?

ROBERT MALONE: Because they’re using that antigen okay the ragweed pollen right- it’s causing deletion or down regulation of the t memory population responsible for responding to ragweed pollen. So what it’s doing is selectively shutting down the t response against that antigen.

JOE ROGAN: But what about everything else?

ROBERT MALONE: No- I won’t say it won’t affect it but it the effect on the overall immune response is negligible in that this is done clinically routinely. So there’s there’s those two things there’s this short term issue we don’t know how long it lasts. There’s the um high zone tolerance issue, and then there is with the multiple jabs that are mismatched for the current circulating virus. That’s akin to repeatedly taking a flu vaccine from two seasons ago and hoping it’s going to protect against this flu.

JOE ROGAN: Well that’s one of the more confusing things about this push for people to get boosted now with Omicron because they keep saying with Omicron we need to get but that’s a vaccine escape variant isn’t it?

ROBERT MALONE: Yeah um among other things. Do you want to open that can of Omicron?

JOE ROGAN: Well I want us what we know so far is uh at least Peter Mccullough said this and I believe several other people have said this as well that the immunity that you may have had to the Alpha variant or the Delta variant it does not seem to work very well against Omicron.

ROBERT MALONE: That’s true.

JOE ROGAN: Nor does the immunity imparted by vaccines.

ROBERT MALONE: By the way since we were down this little rabbit hole let me just say one thing: Peter called me he said “Robert make sure you talk to Joe and make it clear that although I spoke clearly and forcefully about one and done when I was on his show that was before Omicron.”


ROBERT MALONE: And so Peter wanted me to make sure that your audience knew.

JOE ROGAN: Yes we’ve actually talked about that because I have several friends right now that have tested positive for Covid for a second time and that is post that podcast with him. He was pretty sure that if you got Delta you would never get it again but I know people that have had not I honestly I don’t know anybody who had Delta which was the last phase I know people had the original version of Covid who have now gotten Omicron.

ROBERT MALONE: In my case I had the original Wuhan strain and I got infected with Delta and I had disease for about three days and that’s after taking the two jabs.

JOE ROGAN: And then how far after taking the two jabs was it?

ROBERT MALONE: About four months.

JOE ROGAN: Four months?

ROBERT MALONE: Yeah four or five months.

JOE ROGAN: So that’s still inside the window of efficacy?

ROBERT MALONE: Uh that window of efficacy seems to keep shrinking- that’s another thing.

JOE ROGAN: Oh that is another thing. When you were vaccinated post your infection how long after your infection were you vaccinated?

ROBERT MALONE: Nine months.

JOE ROGAN: But you still had a horrible reaction to it?


JOE ROGAN: And then even that- this is pure speculation. The waning efficacy of the vaccine- does that have an effect on your natural immunity that you have?

ROBERT MALONE: So you’re now opening up the big can of whoop ass.

JOE ROGAN: Is that the ADE?

ROBERT MALONE: ADE- so that’s a whole other rabbit hole and I like to call it vaccine-enhanced infection or disease because ADE is just one subset of that. But there are signs in some data and we were we were talking about this just before the broadcast from Denmark among other places of negative efficacy against Omicron as a function of the number of vaccinations up to three. So um negative efficacy- positive efficacy means it protects you- negative efficacy means your probability of being infected is higher if you’ve taken the vaccine and it’s compared to unvaccinated it seems to be somewhat higher um if you’ve had one jab. Even worse even more likely to get infected if you’ve had two jabs, even more likely to get infected if you had three jabs now don’t jump straight to ADE because the problem just to illustrate this confounding variable problem which is what all the statisticians argue about endlessly. Um is that there’s all kinds of things that can complicate this interpretation. I’m going to give you the simple one if somebody feels that they’re fully vaxxed and they’re living you know their young person in Denmark or whatever in Europe okay they’re more likely to go engage in risky behaviors, such as maybe they’re gonna go out clubbing whereas before they may have said no I’m not gonna go out clubbing you crazy. Now they feel like they’re Superman they’ve got a shield right and so they engage in more risky behaviors and so there’s an example of a confounding variable one of many. So I want to caution that I’m not saying that this shows that we’re having vaccine-enhanced infection I’m saying that this is a risk which the FDA knew about explicitly identified, told the vaccine manufacturers they should set up studies to detect whether or not it’s happening. But didn’t force them to do it. This is another one of the huge FDA fails here they had the right and responsibility to ensure that we had good data about this and they took a pass. They said vaccine manufacture we think you should do this but you know it’s optional and so they never did it. No surprise. That’s like first rule of clinical development when you’re in big pharma you never ask a question that you don’t want to know the answer to. Unless you’re absolutely forced to do it. That’s why the FDA is supposed to do its job but in this case with enhanced disease a known risk of all prior coronavirus vaccine development efforts including veterinary um chronic complication with those efforts the reason why I focused on drug repurposing instead of vaccine development at the start of the outbreak when I got the call from Michael Callahan I said hmm past history ADE this is going to take a long time we’re going to need drugs best way we can get drugs is drug repurposing. Yay, and then I got my team to focus on that. That’s why we did that. Um so FDA’s known that this is a risk all the vaccinologists know it’s a risk it’s in the literature we’ve all been kind of watching carefully I have is this risk going to manifest.

JOE ROGAN: Can I pause you for a second? When you’re saying statistically it seems that one jab makes you more likely to get Omicron than unvaccinated. Two jabs even more so. Three jobs more so- where is this data coming from?

ROBERT MALONE: It’s a series of analyses there’s a a really active group of biostatisticians worldwide and are you now that are picking apart the primary data that’s coming out. There was a paper that was published from the Netherlands as I recall that had or or it was a publication from official publication by the government that had the primary data and then this primary data has been analyzed re-analyzed discussed on Sub-stack blah blah blah torn apart and re-built. Now we put out a Sub-stack statement that summarizes some of this that you can easily find from us but it’s an ongoing debate but the the effect size is now now what the statisticians are arguing about is well whether or not they had the right number for the denominator of total cases. This gets back to my point that the databases are all contaminated because the incidence of the virus in the population is a function of testing. Um, in other words you don’t look for it you don’t see it then you assume you’re not having it right and in the Netherlands they have one of the best testing systems so they have rigorously testing everybody for whether or not they’re getting the virus. And so those numbers are a little you know sketchy and that’s what everybody’s arguing about is is should we be looking at only the 12 and above cohort you know it’s all this is. But the effect size is so large that it’s we can we can argue about these confounding variables until the cows come home but it’s a big effect. Um it’s going to be hard to account for otherwise it is not in peer-reviewed publications. This kind of stuff is wicked hard to publish these days and it takes months.

JOE ROGAN: So would the assumption be that there’s something that’s happening to people that are vaccinated where it makes them more susceptible to this particular strain of Covid because this particular strain of Covid, this Omicron, is a vaccine escape variant meaning that it’s sort of tried to find its way around the protection of the vaccine and selected for that?

ROBERT MALONE: So now you’re trying to um impose- what you’re doing is generating a hypothesis- which is good and one of many possible hypotheses and so in a world a proper world where we are allowed to debate these things and do these kinds of studies and examine these kinds of variables without being right in social media um we would have a very active discussion about this hypothesis and many others now that’s my my way of not answering your question.

JOE ROGAN: I understand well is there a mechanism that would point to one of two things whether it is a decrease in an immune response of a person who’s been vaccinated or some opportunity…

ROBERT MALONE: So let me throw out so you just hit let me go down the rabbit hole of that first comment you made okay. So what we’re doing is with with administering a mismatched vaccine is we’re driving the effector and memory cells, b and t, towards a population that is focused on a virus that no longer exists. So it’s not in in immune response you don’t get everything um and with what I think you know you didn’t ask me the question but I’m going to answer it anyhow what is your hypothesis for the poor durability of the vaccines. My answer is it looks to me like original anagenic sin. Well that’s kind of a cool terminology what that means- let’s unpack original anagenic sin. I think what could be happening with these data as you’re just following your hypothesis you just shared consistent with that is that we’re driving the immune response towards responding to an antigen receptor binding domain a spike that no longer exists with Omicron. Um now it it has become clear it was initially denied but it’s become clear that all of us have a background immune response against Beta coronaviruses these are naturally circulating cold coronaviruses that have significant immunologic crossreactivity with SARS-CoV-2. And the problem with that in original anagenic sin is that those existing memory cells will dominate the immune response when you get infected and when you get vaccinated. Let me unpack that in a way that kind of makes sense for the common person. We all know that in war the homily is we’re always best prepared for the last war. Okay in your life your the sum of your prior life experiences biases how you respond to- I mean in in your martial arts you must know this right deeply um- what you’ve experienced in the past in prior fights is gonna um bias how you respond to a new opponent okay. Same happens with your immune system. Does that make sense?


ROBERT MALONE: Okay super. You now understand original antigenic sin. Okay because the prior exposure of your immune system to an antigen that is closely related to a new antigen. You know if you are are having martial art um competition with us a person of a certain ethnic background or physical um characteristics or whatever and they have certain strategies that they use, the next time you encounter somebody that looks like that and seems to move like that you’re going to say oh they’re going to use the same kind of strategies. Your immune system acts the same way with viruses. And it could be that they’ve they’ve got a whole different toolkit and you’re busy fighting this war and they come in and boom you’re dead. Right um same kind of thing. Okay so we’ve got a new pathogen but it’s got a series of of overlaps with the old ones that we’ve seen before and our immune system is biased to respond as if it’s the old one. Now to make matters worse we’re taking the spike protein only one of the proteins the dominant immunologically dominant protein and we’re jabbing everybody multiple times, and driving memory cells and effector cells that are to a virus that is not the one we’re encountering. So it could very well be that as you’re taking more jabs you’re further skewing your immune response in a way that’s dysfunctional for infection to Omicron compared to somebody that is immunologically naive they only have- presumably- they’ve either recovered from an earlier because we got to remember the baseline group the non-vaccinated group is actually complicated because it’s got those that haven’t had the virus before but they’ve had Beta coronaviruses and those that have had prior infection and are naturally immune. So you can appreciate that looking at these things kind of get squirrely there’s a lot of moving parts. But when you see a signal this strong it’s saying something’s going on you ought to pay attention to it in my opinion.

JOE ROGAN: What is the difference between the spike protein that’s generated from the injection of the vaccine versus all of the variables that your body encounters when it’s been infected by Covid?

ROBERT MALONE: That is another brilliant question I’m not saying this to butter you up and thank you for asking. That’s a it was a very broad question and um this is a peel the onions onion layers um situation I mean you said what are the differences so let’s start at a high level. When you get infected or I get infected it’s typically nasal or oral pharynx. It’s coming in through the mucosal membranes of your head okay and by the way that’s one of the other things that’s kind of cool about Omicron in a good way, is that the prior strains infect mostly deep lung and there’s really fascinating data from Hong Kong suggesting that Omicron is infecting upper airway more. That is a characteristic of less pathogenic influenza viruses and hopefully what we know about Omicron is even though it’s more infectious and replicates the higher levels it’s less pathogenic. It’s a paradox well that could explain it okay so there may be some good news in Omicron. But getting back to your question when you take the jab you get a I don’t know how say a spike of spike, you get a bolus a peak fairly rapidly of this viral protein and it’s in your body, and it’s circulating in your blood. We know that. There’s a Harvard study, Brigham and Women’s nurses, spike protein circulation after vaccination.

JOE ROGAN: Can I pause you one one second? When you test for Covid you go in through the nose. If someone is getting Omicron are they less likely to test positive because you’re swabbing their nose?

ROBERT MALONE: More. All of these are initially coming in here.

JOE ROGAN: So it still would exist in the nose even though it’s affecting the back of the throat.

ROBERT MALONE: It seems to be well it’s it’s clearly producing equal or higher levels. Delta was significantly higher in the nose by PCR with all of the caveats about the problems with that cycle number, and um Omicron seems to be even higher significantly higher. Okay so hits your nose and then it goes down okay.

JOE ROGAN: Okay and it’s affecting the throat for some reason. A lot of the people that I know that got Omicron had a throat ache a throat a soreness of the throat before.

ROBERT MALONE: That is paradoxically really good news by the way- it’s called primary data anecdotal primary data- but it beats modeling data from the CDC which is what the New York Times has been reporting that we’re all have by this point we’re all supposed to have 70 or 80 percent of all the virus in the United States is supposed to be Omicron that is based on what is now known to be erroneous modeling and all of us that were inside when we saw this come out we knew the group in the UK that did the modeling and we were like oh these guys have over promised they have basically put out scare modeling all the way through this outbreak and we should take this with a grain of salt and now the press is all backpedaling and the CDC is backpedaling saying oh I think we got it wrong um and there’s still a lot of Delta in the population. But you know your buddies if it’s circulating here in in Austin and you’re hearing people that are having more of the sore throat and runny nose and less of the my chest is burning, and I’ve lost taste and smell just to kind of open that up a little with H1N1 influenza just to take one example we have high pathogenicity and low pathogenicity versions of H1N1 what that means is some of them will kill you and some of them won’t. Um more or less. The difference seems to be the virus the receptor the nuances of the receptor that the virus is hitting and using to initially infect cells and the the low pathogenicity H1N1s infect the upper airway and the high pathogenicity H1N1 is infected deep lung. The prior SARS-CoV-1 have been hit in deep lung so this report that you’re giving me from your buddies that you think is probably Omicron is consistent with the Hong Kong data and it all fits into a box and we know from South Africa for sure that Omicron and where you know the WHO made the statement there are no known deaths associated with Omicron in the world now there may be a couple somewhere.

JOE ROGAN: I thought it was just the United States I didn’t know they were saying for the world yeah because there was a we we just read something that said there were several that were associated.

ROBERT MALONE: Now there’s there’s as I said over time there will be deaths associated remember we talked about the difference between causal and association.

JOE ROGAN: Yeah okay and also the fact that 95 of the people who have died from COVID had an average of four comorbidities.

ROBERT MALONE: You’re on it, and and now it’s been documented at least two cases when they were reported deaths from Omicron and people actually went back they got picked up in the legacy media and circulated as oh my God it’s going to kill us again more fear porn then people went again like they did with the ivermectin story remember about the hospital it was all full of ivermectin toxicity and then someone bothered to call the hospital- same story sorry nope those weren’t Omicron deaths. Just something that got reported and amplified in the legacy media. So regardless the mortality of Omicron is remarkably low I think we can all agree on that.

JOE ROGAN: It’s essentially like a cold.

ROBERT MALONE: That’s the list of symptoms from Omicron published in Nature I think recently are pretty much 100 percent overlap with common cold.

JOE ROGAN: And there are coronaviruses that are common colds?

ROBERT MALONE: That’s the Beta coronaviruses that I was talking about when I was talking about original antigenic sin.

JOE ROGAN: So if you test positive for the common cold do you test positive for a coronavirus like if you take a Covid test…

ROBERT MALONE: The common cold is a generally

JOE ROGAN: That’s not common?

ROBERT MALONE: Um no it’s it’s a it’s a grab bag of stuff right okay it’s rhinoviruses it’s coronaviruses it’s influenza you know it’s a lot of things um there’s a lot of respiratory viruses that are floating around. But getting back on on track with Omicron it is absolutely looking like Omicron is a mild variant. It is absolutely um able to escape uh prior vaccination the control of prior vaccination typically with mismatched vaccine. Um it seems to be also able to infect a subset of people that are naturally immune probably less than the subset that get infected with um vaccination. But and this is a kind of a key message to your audience- the reproductive coefficient that’s more fancy language- um the reproductive coefficient but many of your audience is going to know that that’s the R naught. The R naught of the original Wuhan strain was about two to three that means that if I’m infected on average without any other interventions i’ll infect two to three other people okay, and for Delta the R naught was more in the range of five to six. If I’m infected no vaccination no social distancing no masking blah blah blah the average rate of transmission would be I would infect five or six people. In the case of Omicron the R naught the base reproduction coefficient is the range of seven to ten, okay that is wicked high. That is measles territory. What that means I’m going to translate that into simple language- we are all going to get infected. Whether you use masks or not use social distancing or not unless you’re going to go live on your trail and not talk to anybody when you pass them you’re going to get infected. So this gets to the key point you know find a doc that’ll administer early treatments um and you know what they are and you just had the expert on Peter McCollough.

JOE ROGAN: It’s incredibly difficult to get the stuff now that’s what’s incredible.

ROBERT MALONE: And then as if that isn’t bad enough we’ve got the Federal government monkeying around with availability of the um monoclonal antibodies.

JOE ROGAN: That was the next thing I was going to ask you about why would they do that when what is the percentage of Delta versus Omicron out there and how do we know?

ROBERT MALONE: So here that’s I just alluded to that a minute ago and this is another fascinating story and it’s kind of being covered up it’s starting to be covered by the press but they’re not going back to the cause. Okay remember I said that there was a group in the UK Imperial College didn’t give the specifics before there’s a group in the UK that does modeling and they came out with some modeling projections that basically the entire UK hospital system was going to be inundated with uh um Omicron shortly basically Christmas time. And a lot of us looked at that and went yeah those are the same guys that have predicted that we’re going to have you know millions and millions and millions of dead and and they’re going to be bodies stacked up and you know coolers in the UK. Um and uh it sure looks like they may have overshot again. The CDC seems to have taken those modeling projections and those models and they put out you remember in mid-December right before Christmas, Merry Christmas, oh you’re all going to get infected by

Covid and and it’s going to sweep through and we’re going to have 80 percent of Covid by this time of this month.

JOE ROGAN: Well how about that ridiculous press release from the White House that said we’re the winter of the unvaccinated death you’re gonna experience a winter of death and overwhelming hospitalizations.

ROBERT MALONE: All I can say is that the political genius behind that should be taken out in the behind in the woodshed and given a good whooping um because that was just horrible political messaging.

JOE ROGAN: Horrible and in the terms in terms of Omicron so inaccurate.

ROBERT MALONE: Yeah um but it doesn’t matter and that’s that’s that’s the core thing of of this chronic angst of of what the heck is going on this doesn’t make any sense at all um, you know I don’t want to get too off your topic, but um our government is out of control on this and they are lawless. They completely disregard bioethics. They completely disregard the Federal common rule. They have broken all the rules that I know of that I’ve been trained on for years and years and years. These mandates of an experimental vaccine are explicitly illegal. They are explicitly inconsistent with the Nuremberg Code. They’re explicitly inconsistent with the Belmont Report. They are flat out illegal and they don’t care. And the only thing standing between us and it’s too late for many of our colleagues including my you know the unfortunate colleagues in the DoD um hopefully we’re going to be able to stop them before they take our kids.

JOE ROGAN: What’s wrong with the DoD?

ROBERT MALONE: The mandated vaccines for everyone in the DoD. So uh you know what’s going on in the White House is a whole another hour’s talk.

JOE ROGAN: Yeah I’m sure it is. Back to Omicron and Delta, how do we know? When I was tested and I came out positive for COVID I have no idea what I got I assume it was Delta because that’s what Ii’d heard was going around, but when they release these numbers where are they getting that data from?

ROBERT MALONE: So in terms of this specific one I’m sorry I got off track, so I was talking about Imperial College modeling then the CDC seemed to picked up on that yeah and the last data they had it’s actually um Peter that sent me the data we did a podcast about it um so he sent me the the modeling data and and he sent me um the documentation that the modeling data that the CDC was putting out in the New York Times and the press and all amplified you know when we all said oh we’re going to have 70 or 80 percent uh Omicron in the population by this time of this year, um the only actual data they had was up to about December 4th as I recall, and it showed only a tiny fraction of omicron in the population but then they applied their mathematical models that they apparently got from Imperial College and they said oh the curve is going to look like this and therefore that’s where we’re going to be at this point in time and therefore we’re going to have 70 percent infection and the press all picked it up and they just assumed that that was based on real data, not modeled data okay. What I’m hearing from docs in the field again and again and you know I had a bunch of people call me before I came on your show everybody was like Robert say this to Joe, but uh you know you’re so important that everybody wants to get their angle in. But what I’m hearing in the field is that Delta is still dominant and these are hospitalists and people treating disease and so they’re seeing a skewed population but it’s important to remember that when the CDC says those kinds of numbers they’re talking about incidents that is that is the moment you know how many have actually been infected at that slice of time. But what you see in the hospitals and this is something that press misses all the time so you’re hearing all this fear porn about how the hospitals have filled up in New York City and blah blah blah blah okay. Um Omicron causes a short-term limited illness. Delta is wicked bad and it puts you in the hospital. When it puts you in the hospital you can be there for a month to two months okay. What you’re seeing in hospitalized cases right now appears to be dominantly Delta because the CDC overestimated the fraction of the population that was they overestimated how aggressively Omicron was going to move into the U.S. population maybe that means are social distancing and masks are working I don’t know- but it’s not moving in as fast as they had been projecting and the bulk of the disease that the docs that I’m talking to are seeing in hospitals appears to be Delta.

JOE ROGAN: Wouldn’t that be because the people that are catching Delta are the ones that need to be hospitalized versus the people that are catching Omicron?

ROBERT MALONE: Precisely- but here’s the rub and you I’m looping back now to your antibody point, okay is the geniuses in our public health system said oh no Omicron based on this modeling data is going to be moving into the population it’s going to dominate things we need to pull the monoclonals that are Delta specific and only administer only allow people to use the monoclonals that are Omicron specific because it’s going to drive further evolution otherwise. I guess that’s their logic.

JOE ROGAN: But I haven’t heard that logic at all. All I’ve heard is that the monoclonal antibodies are ineffective against Omicron.

ROBERT MALONE: You’re saying the same thing.

JOE ROGAN: But I’ve never seen any data that the monoclonal antibodies

ROBERT MALONE: There are data.

JOE ROGAN: Where is that?

ROBERT MALONE: It’s in peer-reviewed literature now.

JOE ROGAN: That it’s ineffective against Omicron?

ROBERT MALONE: I wouldn’t say ineffective- less effective based on laboratory neutralization assays.

JOE ROGAN: So in vitro?

ROBERT MALONE: Correct. So um you know Joe Lapado um surgeon general in the State of Florida has put out public statements now on I think it’s twitter, among other things, um decrying what the Federal government has done of pulling all of the regular monoclonals. What I’m hearing from frontline docs is those those you know older regeneron monoclonals etc. are still very effective in their hospitalized population presumably because it’s still predominantly Delta. And yet they’re no longer able to get it.

JOE ROGAN: So the government has literally stopped the distribution of medicine, effective medicine, for a disease that exists currently. When has that ever happened before?

ROBERT MALONE: Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

JOE ROGAN: Yeah but on this level. Where like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were off-label uses. This is something that has emergency use authorization. This is wild.

ROBERT MALONE: It is. Are they brain dead?

JOE ROGAN: Are they trying to just are they encourage vaccination? Is that what all this is a money grab? Okay what is that?

ROBERT MALONE: So here’s another um version I mean there’s that when you see this kind of decoupling of a public policy from logic then it causes thinking people like yourself to say what the hell’s going on here right um and then we go down the rabbit hole is it this that or the other thing. One of the things in that spectrum of what’s going on is that the emergency use authorizations are predicated on um policy determinations that were in a state of emergency. Those are now two years old. They’re expiring. I’m not saying this is what’s going on in their head but there is another perverse incentive here to amplify the fear porn and to amplify- if you buy into the hypothesis that for some reason there are incentives for the government to maintain the state of emergency, um that is one explanation given that those declarations are expiring and will have to be re-implemented. Because if they’re not then all of this emergency use authorization vanishes like dust.

JOE ROGAN: So are you saying, are you implying that perhaps one of the reasons why they’re removing monoclonal antibodies is to enhance the amount of people that are sick?

ROBERT MALONE: I’m saying it is in the spectrum of the range of possible just the same as the withholding of early treatments is inexplicable.

JOE ROGAN: And this is inexplicable in that we know that they’re very effective. I have personal evidence that they’re very effective. They worked great on me. The fact that they’re removing this and that you would even consider that the reason why they’re doing it is to extend the emergency use authorization is insane that’s terrifying.

ROBERT MALONE: It’s hard for me to reconcile the behavior of the government and its public health decisions with the data. And it’s like there’s two bins is it incompetence or maleficience. Is there some ulterior political motive or are they just dumb stupid?

JOE ROGAN: If if there’s some political motive if that’s written anywhere someone’s going to jail I mean if that if that comes out if that somehow another gets leaked Jesus fucking Christ that’s scary.

ROBERT MALONE: I wish it was so.

JOE ROGAN: I wish it was so too I’m saying that and I might be completely wrong, I may be totally naive.

ROBERT MALONE: But the lab leak. You know the for me- the disclosure of emails that um Cliff Lane, Tony Fauci, and Francis Collins actively conspired to destroy any discussion of the appropriateness of lockdown strategies and in the mainstream press hardly covers it and there are no consequences. The document trail having to do with the gain of function research and the implication of NIH and by the way DTRA in that, having absolutely no consequences for anybody we’re in an environment in which truth and consequences are fungible. This is modern media management and warfare. The truth is what those that are managing the Trusted News Initiative say it is.

JOE ROGAN: That is wild and uh for me personally it’s so confusing that I find myself in a situation where I feel compelled to have people like you on because I don’t know where else this is gonna get out.

ROBERT MALONE: So um thank you on on behalf of, you know in my case, I’m the president of the Iinternational Alliance of Physicians and Scientists we’re over 16,000 people from all over the world physicians and scientists and you can find our website at www.globalcovidsummit.org. We are gobsmacked about what’s going on and we are shut down, censored, demeaned- fill in the blank all over the world.

JOE ROGAN: And over a period of two years the world’s completely changed in that regard.

ROBERT MALONE: And they’re taking our licenses and license to practice medicine because we are speaking about these matters and you can label me however you want to label me I don’t care I’ve done what I’ve done in my career I’m at a stage at 62 years old I’ve got a farm it’s almost paid off, I raise horses, I love my wife you know I’ve been married a long time, my kids are both married, I got grandkids you know I don’t need this. There’s this claim I’m doing all this because I seek attention- trust me this is not a fun thing to be doing at this stage. Physicians at FLCCC in senior positions highly, like Peter Mccullough, people at the at the culmination of exceptional careers. Paul Merrick an exceptional physician by any standards- run out of his hospital demeaned destroyed actively attacked trying to take his license. This medicine is being destroyed globally. People are losing faith in the whole system. They’re losing faith in the scientific enterprise. They’re losing faith in our government. They’re losing faith in the vaccine enterprise. I mean what is going to be the long-term consequences of public health when you have a large fraction of the population who wasn’t anti-vaxxer, that pejorative, before they’re now saying oh my god if this is how these people make decisions I don’t want anything to do with it. I certainly don’t want to jabbed into my kid.

JOE ROGAN: Well that’s one of the more disturbing things, the the opposite of that, is one of the more disturbing things about this pandemic is how people have just decided because they’re scared and because they want a solution that the pharmaceutical companies have their best interests at heart and that they’re not these machines that are designed to make money. And they sell drugs and the drugs are often beneficial but their main goal is to make money and if they can fudge the data if they can move the numbers around if they can delete negative consequences. DR. ROBERT MALONE: Pfizer is one of the most criminal pharmaceutical organizations in the world based on their past legal history and fines. What do those fines include? Bribing physicians okay it is a cost benefit analysis in the pharmaceutical industry about misbehavior. They are not grounded in the ethical principles that you and I as average people believe in. They don’t live in that world. As you appropriately point out they are about profit- return on investment. And furthermore the overlords that own them BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street etc. these large massive funds that are completely decoupled from nation states, have no moral core- they have no moral purpose. Their only purpose is return on investment. And that is the core problem here. That and the fact that we as a society have become grossly fragmented through social media, electronic appliances, the stress of what we’ve experienced, and this leads into this whole issue of mass formation psychosis that Matthias Desmond at the university of Ghent has promoted. That for many of us when Matthias a you know psychologist and statistician, interesting combination, made public a lot of us as we listened to Matthias we said oh that makes sense, that that was like the brain that what happened when I encountered the Trusted News Initiative I said oh. I don’t know if you saw the Brett Weinstein podcast with me and Steve Kirsch where that lit this whole fire all over the world. Brett ends with the with the basically the question if you listen to the long version um of what’s how does this happen how do we have this emergent phenomena the how question, right, and you know behind the how question is the why question. Um that the the how question of a third of the population basically being hypnotized and totally wrapped up in whatever Tony Fauci in the mainstream media feeds them whatever CNN tells them is true. Let me illustrate that the other day I was looking through New York Times recent articles about Omicron and pediatrics in preparation for this and for making some slideshows and um and I saw this headline in the New York Times um epidemiologist and a vaccinologist and the title was how you should think about children and Omicron. It was blatantly saying this is how you should think- we’re going to tell you how to think okay. People kind of got to get that in their head that’s the world we’re in right now. Now what Matthias Desmond has has shared with us brilliant insight is another one of those aha now that part makes sense which is that this comes from basically European intellectual inquiry into what the heck happened in Germany in the 20s and 30s you know very intelligent highly educated population and they went barking mad. And how did that happen? The answer is mass formation psychosis. When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety in a sense that things don’t make sense we can’t understand it, and then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis, they literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere and one of the aspects of that phenomenon is the people that they identify as their leaders the ones typically that come in and say you have this pain and I can solve it for you I and I alone okay can fix this problem for you then they will lead they will follow that person through Hell. It doesn’t matter whether they lie to them or whatever the data are irrelevant and furthermore anybody who questions that narrative is to be immediately attacked they are the other. This is central to mass formation psychosis and this is what has happened we had all those conditions. You remember back before 2019 everybody was complaining the world doesn’t make sense blah blah blah um and we’re all isolated from each other we’re all on our little tools we’re not connected socially anymore except through social media and then this thing happened and everybody focused on it. That is how mass formation psychosis happens and that is what’s happened here. Now there’s ways to get out of it um Matthias’s recommendation is you got to get people to realize that what we’ve got is a situation of global totalitarianism. In his experience in Europe making people realize there’s a bigger threat than the virus can cause a separation psychologically in this fusion this hypnosis that has happened the problem is then you’re just substituting a bigger boogeyman for the current one and somebody else can come in and manipulate that. The real problem and it gets back to your core point- we’re sick as a society and we have to heal ourselves and one of the things we have to do is come together we have to recreate our social bonds, we have to buy into integrity, the importance of human dignity, and the importance of community. That’s how we get out of this and I think that this insight of Matthias Desmond is really central to kind of making sense of all of this crazy. We got a world in which the press is incentivized to push a storyline because they’re all controlled by the same large funds that Pfizer is and so is tech. I don’t know how we’re going to get out of it but it’s got to start with us all of us finding common ground.

JOE ROGAN: I think one way we’re going to get out of it is by realizing what it is and by the way you just explained it and the way Peter Mccullough explained it and he was on the podcast as well this mass formation psychosis that we’re currently experiencing most people are unaware of this even happening all these events take place and it’s this perfect storm of the social media aspect of it, the the fact that we are disconnected, the the Covid the separation, the isolation from society, the lockdowns, also coming off of the four years of Trump where we’re so polarized politically and this it’s become very not just common but accepted to other people to to point at those the others whether it’s the Republicans or the Democrats or the independents whatever you choose or the unvaccinated that was I was going to get to yeah. And that’s one of the things that I find very bizarre about the tribal aspect of this is that people want me to get vaccinated and like my friends who’ve been vaccinated want me to join the team- like go ahead get the tattoo- like what are you saying and I’m like I’ve gone through the virus I have immunity I also have antibodies I just checked them last week like I could show you the test a matter of fact I have it right here. There it is.

ROBERT MALONE: And I had to be tested when I came in the front door at your shop here.

JOE ROGAN: Yeah we test everybody but the point being is it doesn’t make any sense for me to get vaccinated but they want me to join.

ROBERT MALONE: It’s worse than that it puts you at higher risk okay they’re asking you to take more risk for your health in order to join their club.

JOE ROGAN: That’s what it is and that’s what it is and it’s a tribal formation and it’s people who don’t have personal sovereignty and people who uh aren’t confident with standing by their own thoughts and objectively analyzing things outside of an ideology outside of the tribe. Those people are very susceptible right now and those are more common than not.

ROBERT MALONE: So Joe um again this is not me buttering you up but this is why you’re providing such a service to your country and humanity because you’re one of the few voices that um has an audience that is not Democrat or Republican or black or white or vaccinated or unvaccinated all these dipoles that we create artificially, and you are trying to speak to that persuadable middle and do so with an open heart um and an open mind and in a world in which all of the information is being so carefully manipulated and so pervasively distorted. And I’m grateful sincerely my colleagues are grateful um and I think the world uh should be grateful for your leadership.

JOE ROGAN: Well I’m very grateful that there’s courageous people like yourself that do put your reputations and your careers on the line by speaking out against the stuff when it is very difficult and when you do get deplatformed for doing that they know that by censoring you they’re not just censoring you hey’re also making others like you self-censor.

ROBERT MALONE: Absolutely I’ve been self-censoring for months. I mean every morning when we post on twitter my wife and I have this active dialogue um can we post this? You know how do we say this so we’re not going to get de-platformed blah blah blah blah blah we’re constantly self-censoring.

JOE ROGAN: And it’s crazy because you’re self-censoring about your area of expertise which is insane because the people are censoring you don’t have any education in it.

ROBERT MALONE: Yes I agree it’s insane. It’s the world we’re in.

JOE ROGAN: I’m just hoping that that clip where you explained this mass formation psychosis makes the rounds and uh I think everything you laid out today is about as clear and as rational and as well documented as I could have hoped and more um so thank you very much for being here thank you very much for everything that you’ve done and jesus christ twitter put the fucking guy back on.

ROBERT MALONE: It’s okay you know so you do martial arts and so you get the idea of using your opponent’s energy against him okay. Um I was immediately contacted by multiple lawyers. This this could be an excellent examplar case.

JOE ROGAN: I think it is between you and Alex Berenson…

ROBERT MALONE: Who’s already filed one. I’ve been through the legal grind I don’t want to sue anybody frankly but it just sucks the blood out of you um not to mention your financial resources. I mean it’s just a ugly process. I hate it but um there’s two hills that are willing I’m willing to die on one is stopping the jabs and the children and one is you know resisting the erosion of free speech. Which is the fundamental principle on which our democracy, our society, civilized western culture is built on. I like to say when I give rallies do you remember back a couple of years ago when you felt sorry for the people in the People’s Republic of China because their internet was filtered, they weren’t allowed free speech, their government told them what to do and think? Okay now here we are. And the next thing that we all feel sorry about social credit system okay? Wake up folks.

JOE ROGAN: Wake up it’s coming. If we give in to this, we give in to vaccine passports, and having an app on your phone that shows everything you’re doing in terms of your medical history, and they’ve even offered people extra credit there was a article on yahoo about having access to your browser history and they they framed it in this very positive way that having access to your browser in history may allow you to receive extra credit so you would be available you you’d have credit available to buy a home or a car.

ROBERT MALONE: So bingo okay we already know what social credit systems feel like um we call it our credit rating agencies, okay and you know what those guys do it doesn’t matter whether or not if it’s on your record doesn’t matter whether or not you did it or what the extenuating circumstances were it’s in their algorithm and you will get your score and your score basically will determine the tax on your access to credit in the form of the interest that you pay on the money that they have been given by the Federal government. That’s the way this ecosystem works um they get that money at a huge discount and then they decide how worthy you are to receive it if you want to have credit and so if you want to understand a little tiny version of the social credit system it’s right there in your credit score.

JOE ROGAN: I think the only thing that helps us here is that this may be the one subject where everyone loses. People on the left, people on the right, people in the center everyone loses if they impart a social credit system if there is some sort of social credit app that you have to carry around on your phone that determines where you’re allowed to go what you’re allowed to do we’re all going to lose.

ROBERT MALONE: No I disagree the oligarchs win.

JOE ROGAN: A very small percentage of the population wins yes right. But I mean the general public the people that are divided about Covid, the people that are now othering each other and you know you losers who got the jab and look at you unvaccinated plague rats this nonsense that’s going on maybe this would be the one thing that unites us because we’ll realize that this is tyranny. DR. ROBERT MALONE: Or if it won’t welcome to the new boss you know welcome to the new overlords guys um and uh it’s your choice I’m I’m gonna be dead. You know I’m I’m 62.

JOE ROGAN: You look good

ROBERT MALONE: Thanks you’re kind.

JOE ROGAN: You got some years in you bro settle in

ROBERT MALONE: It’s our children.

JOE ROGAN: Yeah it is our children it’s our you know I mean they’re there’s they’re challenged uniquely already because they’re growing up with social media, they’re growing up with tik-tok and these invasive apps that are tracking all their movement and everything they do and buy and see and what they look up and they cross-platform, they share this data across platform, it’s very sketchy stuff and that the fact that it’s happened and it happened so quickly and that our data which seemed to be nothing, became one of the most valuable commodities in the world. And then that data is used to manipulate all the people on the planet.

ROBERT MALONE: So we’re touching on some deep stuff about the kids and forgive me for an unabashed promotion for the unity project which I serve as chief medical and regulatory officer for so that’s unityprojectonline.com. We’re totally focused on the kids and if you go on that site you’ll see a podcast that I did with a pediatric psychiatrist out of LA and a pediatric cardiologist who’s also a PhD in vascular inflammation Kurt Millham and I got those two guys on to talk about what’s happening to our children, in particular, the psychological damage of these lockdowns, this mask use, the school policies, the bullying of children who are unvaccinated- the psychological damage is huge. We’re having a worldwide epidemic of suicide in children. We are having a huge surge of drug abuse in adolesents. We’re having demonstrable drops in IQ and fundamental developmental milestones in the very young, like 20 IQ points, okay children have to see faces to learn how to speak and to interact socially. You’re talking about social intelligence, which you’re deep in, and connectedness. We’re raising a generation of children in that have been blocked from their ability because their brains are developing extremely rapidly at this age the ability for their brains to assimilate the information necessary for them to become functional citizens and parents. We’re destroying it without a second thought and the damage is going to last for generations and as if that’s not bad enough we’re allowing the state to insert itself into the family and make decisions by mandating vaccination. This is why his these childhood vaccines mandates are obscene we’re setting up a situation in which children are going to see peers who have been vaccine damaged as a consequence of the policies that their teachers and their government have forced on them. The damage here is going to be with us for generations I’m not being chicken little here this is deep profound stuff it’s way beyond myocarditis and no one seems to care. No one talks to children there was a big breakthrough we all celebrated a week ago- Face the Nation on the annual roundup of stories that have been under-reported one of the speakers got up journalist and and and said to the other group I think one of the most underreported stories has been the damage that’s happened to our children.

JOE ROGAN: I saw that yeah.

ROBERT MALONE: And did you see what happened with other journalists no nobody said a word. They moved on. It was hardly covered in the media.

JOE ROGAN: Well she even glossed over the damage by the vaccines.

ROBERT MALONE: Agreed- how could she speak about the vaccines? I suspect she may lose her job she’s not going to be invited back on that program again. I mean how could she speak about the damage of the vaccines?

JOE ROGAN: She really just briefly touched on it.

ROBERT MALONE: Yeah so so the point

JOE ROGAN: Is because it’s dangerous

ROBERT MALONE: Insanely dangerous to speak truth to power right now.

JOE ROGAN: Before we wrap this up why is the vaccine uniquely dangerous to children?

ROBERT MALONE: Good question. I’m not complete so the data here’s the problem with the myocarditis bias in uh children in uh the data set, particularly boys okay. One of the things there is clearly an androgen component to the risk of both the vaccine and the disease of the the virus and that’s why anti-androgens, by the way Pierre Kory shout out to him for a champion of anti-androgens being added to his math plus protocol, okay particularly for men. Um so why are boys, there there’s probably a component of that that has to do with um an artifact in the data, that being that when us old codgers in general as a population have a much higher risk of cardiac events and so if there’s a heart attack in one of us it’s really hard to say is it just because we’re old, um or is it vaccine-related okay so then the vaccine if there are vaccine-related events buried in that we’re not going to see them statistically, it’s really hard to pull it out whereas kids don’t have heart attacks and they don’t have strokes so you can see those things really clearly against the background of virtually nothing. So that’s it may be partially an artifact of reporting and bias because of confounding variables and it may be their other effects. Um in terms of your over broader question moving outside the myocarditis why are children more susceptible to these adverse events I think they’re not. I think the problem is that we’re seeing it in the kids but it’s present in the adult population also. I think there is a significant reporting bias going on against reporting adult vaccine injury. I think that we have more in- and why would I say that oh because I’m a vaccine denier I’m a bad guy and I have some perverse incentive to have that media hit me. Um no. We have these reports from hospitalists and nurses the ones that- often it’s the nurses that are able to speak for some reason the nurses are disclosing things that they’re seeing in their hospitals and the physicians are all shutting up is it because they have financial incentives or because they’re all owned because they have such debt burdens I don’t know. But the nurses are speaking out and they’re saying hey we’re seeing strokes and heart attacks and these other types of problems that are known to be associated with the jabs- well it’s hard to say because we got the virus in the vaccines overlapping you know is it chicken or egg um we know that they’re happening. We know that the deaths are happening that’s like the um excuses that are made about the sudden deaths in high-performing athletes that are being observed all over the world particularly in footballers um that where they’re just suddenly dropping is it because they’ve been infected or they because they’ve been jabbed? And I think it’s a mixture of both but if it’s from the vaccines the thing about the vaccines is that’s in you know we have this principle we used to of do no harm and um if a virus naturally infects you and you have a damage from it I haven’t caused that damage as a physician. If I’m recommending that you take a drug an intervention they didn’t need to have you may or may not have gotten infected and it causes damage well I gotta kind of own that as a physician as a representative of the medical industrial complex and a participant in it. And so for whatever reason there’s a under reporting bias clearly in the adult population and I think that people being be a little more sensitive to adverse events and deaths in their children.

JOE ROGAN: Robert thank you for everything I really appreciate you. Appreciate you being here. If people want to read more of your work now that you’ve been banned from Twitter where are you where are you? Are you still on LinkedIn?

ROBERT MALONE: I’m still on LinkedIn. I’m really cautious on Linkedin. I’m on Gettr, um and I’m on Substack so that’s RW Malone MD

JOE ROGAN: Substack’s probably the best place though right?

ROBERT MALONE: the problem with Substack yeah it is least censored, and I would love more Substack subscriptions- but I have a financial conflict of interest there so I don’t want to pump it but that is I try to use Substack for more in-depth intellectual pieces, thought pieces not just, I mean Alex bless his heart he blasts everything out as if Substack is Twitter that’s not my style right so I’m going to be using Gettr for that thread.

JOE ROGAN: Gettr what is that?

ROBERT MALONE: That’s a that’s a Twitter alternative

JOE ROGAN: oh never heard about Gettr been waiting for one though

ROBERT MALONE: I’m using Gettr um and and again @rwmalonemd

JOE ROGAN: is it spelled like g-e-t-t-e-r

ROBERT MALONE: g-e-t-t-r

JOE ROGAN: do you you want it Jamie? No? G-e-t-t-r.

ROBERT MALONE: Yeah so getter is is branded as the Twitter killer, it is explicitly a Twitter alternative.

JOE ROGAN: Is it all right-wing crazy people?

ROBERT MALONE: No it’s it’s a lot of people that have been

JOE ROGAN: it’s a lot of people that have been kicked off of Twitter.

ROBERT MALONE: You know they are committed to um not censoring.

JOE ROGAN: Beautiful well I support that entirely I mean I just did there’s a problem with some of these that they do get infected by people that were shit posters you know what shit posters are?

ROBERT MALONE: I mean I’ve I’ve been on social media a long long time I’m sure I used to be on yahoo stock chat boards that’s kind of where I cut my teeth

JOE ROGAN: Well um Robert thank you very much just thank you for everything and uh I hope this helps

ROBERT MALONE: thank you thank you so seriously thank you for your service to your nation and to the world Mr. Rogan.

JOE ROGAN: my pleasure thank you thanks for everything bye everybody.