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August 2023 Conservative Article Reference List

Below are links to primarily Conservative or Libertarian-leaning articles that I have found enlightening with all that is happening in America and worldwide. I don’t always agree with their content, but if they make me think critically about that topic, I feel they are worth sharing so others can make up their minds.

Scan the list and read what catches your eye; for some, just reading the headlines will provide enough insight into the article’s content.

Hopefully, you will take the time to read some of them which should open your eyes to the reality of the #DeepState and those promoting the #NewWorldOrder as well as consistent #MediaBias, and ongoing #FakeNews, gaslighting as well as the relentless attack on American values by Liberals and the #Progressive Left.

Liken the process of becoming better informed to working on a giant puzzle. As you read more and more about what is happening, things begin to fall into place and you finally see the big picture.

(FYI – I occasionally include links to an article that although not very newsworthy is so silly and/or outrageous that it needs to be seen to show the level of idiocy that exists in the world these days. Additionally, some articles may appear outlandish but are also believable. Hence, I leave it to readers to decide for themselves as many things we considered to be conspiracy theories in the past now turn out to be true.)

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August 31, 2023

During testimony this week in federal court, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger contradicted claims that former Donald Trump insisted he should violate his oath of office by fabricating enough votes to win the state

Representative Russell: “I have all kinds of questions about the federal government’s response, or lack thereof, to the deadly Maui wildfires” – “I’ve never seen that level of, really cover-up, ever in my entire life of seeing hurricanes”

ZH: HOW THE MIDDLE CLASS DIES – Biden’s economic package attempts to combine the manufacturing boom of the 1940s with the wealth redistribution of the 1970s – Sadly, both of those eras had massive inflation

Another Democrat says his state can’t deal with the migrants – Governor Phil Murphy says that New Jersey doesn’t have the resources to take an influx of migrants from New York City at the direction of the Biden administration

Katy Grimes: The Great Climate Change Con Isn’t Resonating With Normal People – “Anthropogenic global warming is the biggest, most dangerous and ruinously expensive con trick in history”

California Wants Your Kids – AG Rob Bonta filed a complaint in San Bernardino Superior Court to enjoin the Chino Valley USD’s policy of reporting children’s requests to change their name, pronouns, sex, or gender, to their parents

Who knew that ISIS would try to take advantage of our porous open border? – Why would anyone be surprised that people who want to harm the country would exploit an opportunity to easily enter to harm our country?

The WH asserted executive privilege over 200 records housed at NARA concerning Hunter Biden’s business interactions with the Office of the VP during the Obama administration, according to America First Legal

On The Anniversary Of The Inflation Reduction Act, Let’s Do Something About Inflation – The Biden administration wants you to believe inflation is kaput. The Federal Reserve, another quasi-branch of government, says otherwise

Bidenomics On Housing: US Pending Home Sales Declined 14% Year-over-Year As M2 Money Growth Worst Since 1933 – Also delinquencies on auto loans, credit cards, and consumer loans are at their highest levels in a decade

The Biden administration wants to hike the threshold for overtime pay – A new rule would make 3.6 million more U.S. workers eligible for overtime pay, the most generous such increase in decades

What Could Be Causing Mitch McConnell to Freeze Up? – Parkinson’s disease can give you a freeze in its later stages said Dr. Marc Siegel, noting the senator’s staffers hadn’t reacted with alarm bells

NR: Justice Thomas 2022 Financial-Disclosure Form Clears Up Past Errors And Undermines Corruption Allegations – Financial disclosure rules have nothing to do with permitting travel or gifts, they establish reporting requirements

Victor Davis Hanson: From One Unapologetic Media Hoax to the Next – Fore Example, the media can no longer hide the reality that President Biden likely took bribes to influence or alter U.S. policy to suit his payers

Donald Trump: Victim of a Radically Transformed Federal Judiciary – The judicial persecution of Donald Trump has exposed the blatant political bias that animates many Federal District Court judges

The Trump Indictments Destroy the Constitution – A great danger emerging from the prosecutions against Trump involves the left’s all-out war against Trump’s lawyers, which marks a broader constitutional threat to all Americans

Daniel Greenfield: Why is Ilia Calderon, a Leftist, Moderating the second GOP Debate? – Do Democrats allow conservative journalists to moderate their debates? – I’m sure you know the answer

Dallas Ludlum: Where Did The $90 Million In Donations Go To Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation? – How they burned through almost $90 million in two years

Learning about the Constitution – A study by the Annenberg Public Policy Center highlighted how Americans are dolefully misinformed about basic constitutional provisions that are often taken for granted

Our Racist Military – Today’s military and its academies have been thoroughly corrupted by wokeness; anti-Americanism; and, yes, homegrown communism

Senator J.D. Vance is pressing the DOJ for information regarding its lawsuit against SpaceX which claims the company “failed to fairly consider or hire asylees and refugees” – Whether the action is politically motivated

The Google “Machine Learning Fairness” Whistle-Blower That Went Public – This courageous young man leaked documents to Veritas that showed Google’s political agenda and an editorial bias…

FBI Data on Active Shootings Is Misleading – The news media unquestioningly reports the FBI numbers, but the Crime Prevention Research Centers’ numbers tell a different story

“Nonviolent Crime” Is a Myth – Even supposedly minor lawbreaking is generally backed by the threat of violence

Why Muslims Hate Dogs So Much – Based on religious teaching and readings, starting with the young, non-Muslims are, like dogs, also good for nothing but killing

August 30, 2023

The Biden Administration Is Sending a New Equipment Package to Ukraine – “This package of weapons and equipment, which are valued at $250 million, is being executed under drawdowns previously directed for Ukraine”

Donald Trump: “The left-wing lunatics are trying very hard to bring back COVID lockdowns and mandates with all of their sudden fear-mongering about the new variants that are coming – You know what else is coming? An election

Tucker Carlson raises an alarm about the possibility of attempts on the life of Donald Trump, claiming his ongoing legal challenges suggest growing desperation by Democrats to prevent him from retaking executive power

Donald Trump has expressed admiration for Vivek Ramaswamy, suggesting he could be a commendable choice for VP but warning that the entrepreneur should tone down some of his more controversial rhetoric

AS: Vivek Ramaswamy Reveals Wisdom Beyond His Years on Foreign Policy – In a recent essay in the American Conservative, Ramaswamy identifies George Washington, Richard Nixon, and James Monroe…

Native Americans are starting to swing back at the largely white greenie left and the woke snowflakes. – The DOI blocked oil and gas leasing for the next twenty years within a ten-mile radius of Chaco Canyon in Northern NM

ZH: The Biden administration is working to reach a deal with Ukraine for long-term military support to keep backing the war with Russia that would be difficult for a future president to exit, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday

The Biden Administration will send yet another aid package to Ukraine, totaling $250 million – Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion in February 2022, the new figure marks the 45th such package sent to Ukraine

15 Questions A Biden Impeachment Inquiry Must Ask Because Corporate Media Won’t – As media and federal law enforcement shut their eyes to evidence of Biden’s corruption, an impeachment inquiry is needed to get real answers

Trump Says He Has “No Choice” But to Lock People Up if He Returns to White House “Because They’re Doing It to Us”

Tucker Carlson Makes A Chilling Prediction on How the Democrats Will Try to Steal the 2024 Election – “Once you start indicting your political opponents, you know that you have to win or else they’re going to indict you”

Tucker Carlson: “In 2008 it became really clear that Barack Obama had been having sex with men and smoking crack and a guy came forward, Larry Sinclair, and said ‘I’ll sign an affidavit and I’ll take a lie detector and he did”

Climate Change Did Not Cause The Devastation In Maui – Democrats instantly leaped upon the climate change bandwagon, but facts, as opposed to zealot-driven theory, show otherwise

ZH: Add Q2 GDP To List Of Economic “Data” Revised Sharply Lower By Biden Administration – Taking a closer look at the data, we find the following changes to the bottom line…

Dan Bongino: The Cocaine Left in WH Wasn’t an Accident, But a Delivery According to an “Insider” – “He said, “I can’t prove that it wasn’t for Hunter, but getting some traffic that it could be another family member” 

A growing number of legal experts on the left and right are coming to Trump’s defense after Smith filed felony charges against the former president over alleged actions stemming from the Capitol riot

Mitch McConnell Freezes At The Podium Again And Looks Lost as Staffers Step in to Help – This is the second time in two months that McConnell has frozen on camera

Transgender policy at Kaiser shines a light on medical care across America – A Libs of TikTok exposé about the giant HMO’s approach to children and so-called “transgenderism” reflects the accretion of leftism in medicine

More From Joe Biden’s Open Borders – Mexican cartels are behind the spike in organized retail crime and are deeply entrenched in every level of the process, according to the federal government’s chief investigative agency

So Elon Musk is getting sued by the DOJ for not hiring one of these? – The government isn’t vetting its H1B visa holders enough to keep terrorists out – What’s their vetting like for so-called “refugees”?

Farmers Insurance Lays Off 2,400 Workers In The Latest Insurance Company Flight From California – With no help from the state, and economic and climate situations not improving, Farmers announced the layoffs

Why is Homelessness Getting Worse In California? – El Cajon’s Mayor says there’s a strong financial incentive to keep homelessness a problem, with 65 homeless service providers in San Diego County

Pork prices are on the rise again, and you can blame the busybody California Democrat Party and its environmental activists – California’s “animal welfare” law was set to be enacted on July 1…

August 29, 2023

What They’re Telling You About Ukraine “Is a Lie”: Tucker Carlson Interviews Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán – “Ukrainians are losing lives every day and will eventually run out of soldiers before the Russians do”

AS: The Gathering Middle Eastern Storm: Iran’s Nuclear Program, Part Three – The country’s nuclear quest and failed U.S. efforts to stop it, 1968–2023

Gas rises 63 cents a gallon in 2023 as gloomy data casts doubt on rosy the “Bidenomics” tour – Is “Bidenomics” working? – The White House says “yes,” but fiscal experts are saying “not so fast”

Why Trump is winning the GOP primary handily – His rivals aren’t addressing the issues that matter to GOP base voters

Media rumors are swirling that U.S. Supreme Court conservative Justices Clarence Thomas, 75, and Samuel Alito, 73, could be eying retirement, raising the stakes even more for the 2024 presidential race

Gatestone: Communist China Helps Itself to Ecuador – They control the hydroelectric plants, they control the oil, a large part of mining, and they control political power – They’ve been colonized again

Newsmax host Greg Kelly says there is an audio clip of President Joe Biden about to be made public that will derail his presidency – He teased the clip to his audience but did not disclose the contents or where he heard about it

The National Archives refuses to release the 5,400+ emails Biden sent using fake names – The same taxpayer-funded institution that relentlessly persecuted Trump is now covering for Joe Biden and others

The statistical fraud of multiple counts and courts – If “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring a criminal case unless the odds of conviction were well above a mere coin toss, then what are we to make of 91 counts against Trump?…

There has been no indication that the Trump campaign or the RNC understands or has developed a strategy to win the 2024 general election – The political and electoral landscape facing Trump can be broken down into 4 parts

Using the Dictator’s and the Mafia’s Playbook Sloan Oliver It turns out that Joe Biden and his Dems are everything, and more, of the authoritarians, vote suppressors, and witch-hunters they accused Trump of being


Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden Committed The “Biggest Act of Industrial Sabotage in History” By Blowing Up The Nord Stream Pipeline – For the Climate Change advocates, it was the largest manmade CO2 emission in history

Over two-thirds of Democrat voters say Joe Biden is “too old” to run for a second term – The new survey found that Republicans and Democrats shared this common belief about President Biden

NR: Yes, Potential President Kamala Harris Is a Legitimate Issue – Democrats seek to build a defensive ring around the vice president based on accusations of racism and sexism, but it won’t work

Donald Trump retains his commanding lead over other GOP presidential candidates despite not appearing for the first Republican primary debate and the release of his mugshot, according to a new national poll

John Daniel Davidson: Democrats Aren’t “Interfering’ In The 2024 Election With Trump’s Trials, They’re Rigging It – The January 6 judge didn’t just pick a March 4 trial date at random – The aim is to get Trump off the ballot

New Hampshire Republicans are fighting over a move to keep Donald Trump off the ballot in 2024 by disqualifying him via the 14th Amendment – The bid was launched last year when Trump announced his third presidential bid

X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, will reverse a ban on political ads that were imposed in the pre-Musk era, in a move that could have far-reaching significance as the next U.S. presidential election year approaches

NR: The Media Is Running an “Extortion Racket” in Its Coverage of Mass Shootings – “When a mass killing happened in Buffalo, N.Y., the press didn’t say a word to Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York

A Maryland district court declared parents don’t get a say in what their kids read at school – Specifically, a parent’s right to opt out of a public school curriculum that “conflicts with their religious views is not a fundamental right”

Through their actions and inactions, Hawaiian bureaucrats helped clear the land in Maui – It’s easy for cynical, suspicious minds to believe that the government’s demonstrated monumental incompetence wasn’t accidental

The Maui Fires In Lahaina, What’s Up? – Geoff Cygnus has taken a special interest in the recent Maui fires of great public interest since people are starting to wonder about the many irregularities surrounding this disaster

A modest Texas town repurposed into a dumping ground for expired wind turbine blades because, at this point, they can’t be recycled – This is how the “green” aristocrats view the common man and his home

Joe Biden’s long racist record is a spectacle to behold – Anyone who believes that Joe Biden and other Democrats have been great for blacks and other minorities has been indoctrinated that Republican policies are racist

ZH: Two Elephants In The “Climate Change CO2 Production” Room – Per capita emissions in the US may be the world’s highest, but they are also crashing – Meanwhile, China’s per capita emissions are rising fast

Howard Galganov: THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT IS APOPLECTIC OVER THE RETURN OF TRUMP – Trump Has their Number & Won’t Take a Knee to a Marxist One World Government Where Unelected Oligarchs Rule…

Ten Reasons to Doubt the Possibility of a “Soft Economic Landing” – #1. Excess savings are running out – #2. Consumers are maxing out their credit cards – #3. People are having a hard time paying their credit card bills…

As the culture wars escalate, California officials push back on school boards – The system has long prioritized local control for school districts, but state officials are fighting some recent board decisions regarding LGBTQ students

August 28, 2023

Newt Gingrich: “The Real Corruption Is Hillary Clinton and Obama, Biden Is the Smallest Player” – “Their corruption is breathtaking,” – “They’re terrified of Trump and figure if they can take him out they can take out anybody

Gingrich to Levin: Trump Is Getting the Last Laugh –  The Former President’s Foes Are Reelecting Him – The famous ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu had these words of wisdom for those involved in battle…

National Archives officials found as many as 5,400 records containing the pseudonyms Joe Biden used while he was VP – “~5,138 email messages, 25 electronic files and 200 pages of potentially responsive records”

Something Incredible Happened Outside Trump Tower in Aftermath of His Mug Shot Release- In the heart of Manhattan, Trump supporters staged a rally in one of the most Democrat-dominated areas of the US

Two weeks before the 2020 election, a woman dropped off more than 10,000 voter registration forms with a city clerk in Muskegon, Michigan – Strangely, less than 4,000 voting-age residents weren’t registered to vote

Why Did the Maui PD Block The Exits from Lahaina? – Multiple witnesses state that the patrol officers made seemingly credible statements that they did not know the rationale for the order to block off this street

Biden Will The Skip 9/11 Anniversary in NYC For Another Destination – It’s the first time a president has not attended any of the observances held annually in New York City, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, just outside Washington DC

Biden’s Terrible Economy Is A Disaster For College Seniors – As families take their last road trip of the summer to drop their college seniors back to campus, the job prospects for these youngsters are frighteningly grim

Sharyl Attkisson: The debate over males playing on female sports teams as transgender athletes grows louder and more confusing – Many states are proposing or passing a rapid fire of laws on the topic – Lisa Fletcher explains…

A new poll shows Oregon residents want to repeal the law they voted to enact less than three years ago that instituted drug decriminalization – Oregon in 2020 passed by referendum a ballot measure, Measure 110…

2 Important Court Hearings Monday Involve Trump – The 2020 Georgia election case brought forth by DA Fani Willis – In DC, Jack Smith’s team is due in court to present arguments regarding his federal election interference case

Judge Tanya Chutkan, behind some of the most “extreme sentencing of January 6th defendants”  has denied a request to move Donald Trump’s federal election-interference trial until after the 2024 US election

Jack Smith’s Team Coordinated with Biden White House before Trump Indictment – The meeting raises serious concerns about coordinated legal efforts against Biden’s top political opponent going into the 2024 election

Victor Davis Hanson: Save the Rule of Law By Destroying It? – The once unbelievable has become banal, as a single generation has done its best to undo the work of a prior 12 generations – Consider the following:…

Two Presidents, Two Disasters, And Two Distinct Narratives – Somehow Joe Biden isn’t getting the poor scoring President Bush did during Katrina – Do you wonder why?

Margot Cleveland: U.S. Attorney Weiss Colluded With DOJ To Thwart Congressional Questioning – The DOJ repeatedly intervened on behalf of the DE U.S. attorney to respond to Hunter Biden-related congressional inquiries

If Democrats Criminalize Opposition And Cripple The Courts, Democracy Is Dead – Only if a critical mass of Americans “wake up to what is going on” will there be any hope of combating this onslaught

Hawaiian Electric: “Our power lines were de-energized for more than six hours in Lahaina when the “Afternoon Fire” broke out on Aug. 8 – “We were surprised and disappointed that the County of Maui rushed to court before completing its investigation”

The Left Implodes Over Tucker Carlson’s Plans To Interview Putin – The NSA prevented his pre-war interview with Putin, potentially stopping the public from insights into Putin’s view before the US-Russia proxy war in Ukraine

Biden’s Advisers Fume at Gavin Newsom’s Plan To Debate DeSantis Amid Fears He Is Running a “Shadow 2024 Campaign”

Congressional Democrats calling for widespread student loan forgiveness owe major sums in educational debt, according to a Washington Examiner analysis of newly released financial disclosures

Former GOP Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake  touts a “huge victory” for election transparency after she announced an upcoming trial date in a lawsuit to obtain mail-in ballot signatures

Did Banks Hand Private Customer Financial Data to the FBI Without Legal Process? – Banks routinely snitch on customers and even deny services to people politicians don’t like

Disney Stock Plummets to 9-Year Low Due To Far-Left Propaganda in Its Films – Consumers complained about the LGBT propaganda laden with its kid’s films and the poor story quality and hostility towards conservatives

Climate Activists Block the Road and Refuse to Move – They Have A Change of Heart When A Nevada Tribal Ranger’s Truck Comes Speeding Into View And Drives Right Through Their Road Barricade

August 27, 2023

The Gathering Middle Eastern Storm: Enduring History Lessons, Part Two – Israel’s relations with the US, 1967 to 2007 – Much of this is drawn from a study by Warren Bass of RAND covering Israel’s preventive/preemptive wars

Trump’s Lawyer Makes A Major Prediction About His Trial Dates – It’s theatrics” – “No judge is going to say that you can be on two trials at once in two different states, because there is a lot of these overlap”

Jonathon Turley: Yes, Trump was Seeking Another Recount or Investigation in Georgia, My Response to the WP – The processing of former President Donald Trump in the Fulton County jail followed a familiar pattern

Rite Aide, Who Has Some 2,200+ Locations Nationwide Is Set to File Bankruptcy – The pharmacy giant will point to its billions of dollars in debt and pending litigation as cause for bankruptcy protections in its upcoming filings

Victor Shokin, the fired Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Biden family corruption (that Donald Trump was impeached for asking about) has spoken out for the first time since 2019 – and says “The Bidens did it!”

Sleaze: Jack Smith’s minion met repeatedly with the WH during the indictments of Trump – The NY Post: They’ve been all over the White House, apparently to coordinate during the critical moments in the Trump prosecution case

Barack Obama the Vindictive Enforcer – Do you think Joe Biden is smart enough to have brought all this pain and misfortune to America on his own? – Obama’s list of vendettas is long and ugly 

Independent Journalists Are the Frontline Workers in the War on Truth – “Four in five mainstream journalists said they’re Democrats” – Is this prima facie evidence of a corrupt process?

NR: Why Are People Cheering The Plummeting Birth Rates? – Unfortunately, the justification for their misguided misanthropy is climate alarmism

The Fukushima water release is causing a larger ripple effect with China – Some are suggesting Beijing is capitalizing on the event to help stir up broader geopolitical tensions with Japan

August 26, 2023

A new study cements findings that autism has environmental rather than genetic causes – The research ties the disorder to changes in the gut microbiome, a community of microbes that live in the colon…

Jonathon Turley: The House Has No Alternative to an Impeachment Inquiry into Joe Biden – Section 600.3 of the DOJ’s code on special counsels requires an appointment from outside the Justice Department, for obvious reasons

From Covid To Climate Change: Vehicles For Global Authoritarianism – Many leftists admitted during the mandates, the goal was to make life so miserable for the unvaccinated that they would eventually comply to survive

DHS hides the monthly number of illegal migrants released into the US after interacting with border agents – “They refuse to disclose that information because more than 100,000 aliens per month are being released into the US”

Dis-Info-Nation: The New Censorship Is Here To Stay – The list of topics on which the government and mass media feel that they should be protecting us from and are calling “disinformation” is very long

ZH: Visualizing The BRICS Expansion In 4 Charts – BRICS an association of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, distinguished by their emerging economies, seeks to serve as a counterbalance to Western hegemony

Gatestone: The Iranian regime is advancing its ideology and increasing its influence in Shia mosques throughout the US, while Biden’s administration sits idly by, presumably still seeking to return to a disastrous nuclear deal

Do We Have A Democracy or Are We In A Banana Republic? – Ninety-one felony charges to date! – “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime,” Lavrentiy Beria, former secret police chief of the Soviet Union…

NR: Stop the “Special Counsel” Shenanigans – The AG shouldn’t be allowed to deceive the public into believing a prosecutor is independent if that prosecutor doesn’t qualify for that label

NR: The Trump Indictment of Democrats’ Dreams – Fani Willis is not just a law-enforcement official, she is an elected Democrat…

Made in Farmville – Virginia’s Oliver Anthony sits atop the charts – His music about the struggles of the common man has become a rallying cry for his community and communities like it across the country

Parents are not happy with public education – The phone at a local Catholic school does not stop ringing – Parents disillusioned with public schools are asking a single question: “How can I get my kid in your school”?

The Real Malignancy in America’s Justice System – Whistleblowers go to prison while allies of the national security state such as Hunter Biden, Sandy Berger, David Petraeus, and Kevin Clinesmith get sweetheart plea deals

Under the Radar: How California Governor Newsom Uses Clemency to Engineer Parole for Recidivist Felons and Murderers – If it were up to him, the public would never learn about those prisoners and their claimed rehabilitation

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: MUGSHOT EDITION – Only Donald Trump could turn a police mugshot into a campaign swag in just half an hour

August 25, 2023

ZH: Half Of All Americans View San Francisco As Unsafe A New Poll Finds – A San Francisco Mayor spokesman blames “right-wing attacks on the city, including in the media”

This is why insurers are fleeing California – Make price controls strict enough, and eventually, they’ll produce shortages – California homeowners are learning the hard way as home insurers flee the state

7 Reasons Why “The China Crisis” Has Finally Arrived – #2. Inefficient Allocation of Economic Goods, Activity

Trump Rolled Through a Poor Atlanta Neighborhood on His Way to Fulton County Jail – There’s a Reason The Media Won’t Play the Video – “Free Trump, the man on his way to jail does not belong there, or so the people say”

Dallas Ludlum: Donald Trump dominates the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, maintaining a nearly 40-point lead over Ron DeSantis despite a highly-anticipated debate featuring DeSantis and other hopefuls

ZH: “Bidenomics” Food Stamp Bonanza Sends Grocery Bills Soaring 15% – In 2022, the Department of Agriculture’s SNAP spending hit a record high of $119 billion, a sixfold increase over the last two decades

ZH: Transgender surgeries nearly tripled in the US between 2016 and 2019, with breast and chest procedures accounting for 56.6% of all operations, results of a study published Wednesday in the JAMA Network Open shows

NR: Maui: Climate Change or Cover-Up? – It has been all but established the fire that consumed Maui likely began due to a live power line snapping during a high-wind event, collapsing into some dry brush that was not cleared

John Leake: Basic principles and definitions for interpreting the Lahaina Fire – I’m getting lots of messages saying fuel and wind conditions in Lahaina could not generate a fire of sufficient heat to melt aluminum engine blocks

I&I: The “China Century” Is Over – China has entered a doom loop of debt accumulation, population shrinkage, and a productivity slowdown that is eroding its economic growth and threatening the economic advances it has made…

The Mugshot Heard Around The World: Eight Truths Trump’s Mugshot Reveals –  There is nothing sweeter than your opponent’s unforced error, and that Trump mugshot was it, as many responses prove

Twisting The 14th Amendment To Get Trump Won’t Hold Up In Court – Efforts to hold Trump accountable for his actions should not depend on a warping of our constitutional system – Section 3 distinguishes between “rebellion” and “insurrection”

It’s Trump’s Party Now:  In case you haven’t noticed, the old Republican party is lying quietly in the boneyard of history – Gone are the Doles and McCains –  And the Romneys and Murkowskis will soon be joining them

The apparent failure of Ukraine’s spring/summer offensive and the Biden Administration’s refusal to offer a peace plan, Joe Biden’s latest request for $24 billion in emergency aid for Ukraine landed with a thud on Capitol Hill…

Former mobster Michael Franzese, 72, describes the striking similarities between the Biden family’s alleged money laundering operation and his own experiences – How much longer must we add the word “alleged”?

Bidenomics is working, but against everyday Americans – As soon as Biden took office, he set out to destroy industries that produce reasonably priced energy and focused efforts on deficit spending, borrowing, and…

FEMA sent out letters to first responders and relief workers in Maui demanding that they stop posting images and videos of the charred disaster area on social media citing “cultural sensitivity”

They’re coming for your guns – Whenever a leftist quacks about “commonsense gun laws,” your alarm bells should go off – It’s much easier to institute control and compliance over an unarmed citizenry than it is an armed one

There is evidence that the NORD Stream bombings may very well have been an “inside job” and contrary to early reports, not the dirty sabotage of NATO’s arch-nemesis Russia, but rather Ukraine

Executive Orders and the End of Liberty – Two items expose the true extent to which the US is no longer bound by the constraints of the Constitution or popular consensus – It was LED light bulbs, now it’s EVs and more

The Georgia Indictment: Democrats’ Latest Bid to Jail Trump – There are numerous reasons why Trump & Co. smelled a rat – DA Fani Willis never made it far into the Bill of Rights or ditched her constitutional law class…

As soon as Trump’s mugshot became available, money was being made –  Joe Biden sent out a fundraising letter, Etsy vendors had many products available and the media was busy spreading the mugshot around social media

The Numbers Are In: The Trump-Tucker Team Beat Fox News in Viewership – As of Thursday, the episode of “Tucker on X” with Trump had 14.8 million views, according to Mashable, topping the debate viewership by 2 million

Biden administration officials dramatically reduced the number of criminal aliens arrested and removals by ICE, despite their claims – They refuse to cooperate with state/local law enforcement in the important 287(g) program

ZH: Jonathan Turley On The Search for Robert L. Peters: He Goes By Various Names, the Question Is Why – He is a man with many names, “Celtic,” “The Big Guy,” but, most citizens simply know him as “President Biden”

ZH: Watch: The Southern Border Is Wide Open – Thousands of illegals simply walk over the borderThe federal government leaves the gates open, saying there is a risk of floods and resulting environmental hazards

Penn State offers in-state tuition to out-of-staters, but they can’t be American citizens, and can’t have immigrated legally – Everything is “cheap” or free to the migrants pouring into our communities: from “citizenship” to college

The Liberal Echo Chamber – Progressives view conservatives as not only incorrect on the facts but also as outright evil, while most conservatives see progressives as sorely misguided and somewhat naïve but not evil per se

Joe Biden has had the most sleeping fact-checks of any President, but that’s because presidents usually don’t fall asleep at major events like visits by foreign leaders or commemorations of mass deaths in a recent natural disaster

TIPP: The GOP Without A MAGA Agenda Looks Pretty Much Like The Democrat Party – A new GOP administration would look like the Biden administration, except for a few changes to appeal to the religious right

The Goody Two Shoes are active again – Two front groups represent them, the World Federation of Advertisers and  the Global Alliance for Responsible Media that target conservative media outlets and their soldiers in the field

A massive bank failure has occurred but the media is ignoring it – This bank lost almost 1 trillion dollars on its investments, yet operates as if nothing happened – Such an enormous loss should have sent Congress clamoring

Gatestone: A Tale of Two Parties – Politicians have created two profoundly different parties – What once was a party that might leave a voter disagreeing with certain issues, at least one could respect its core principles, But no more

Dallas Ludlum: SpaceX says federal laws mandate the employment of only U.S. citizens or “green card holders” – The DOJ alleges SpaceX discriminated based on citizenship status, sidelining asylum recipients and refugees…

Canadian academics Katie Ross and Sarah Fraser say taxpayers should pay for “gender-affirming” surgeries – The demented duo penned an editorial that found its way into the Canadian Medical Association Journal

NR: Advice For Conservative and Religiously Observant Students Entering College – Don’t let your professors tell you what to think – Don’t let popular opinions on campus dictate your convictions

CA Senate Republicans Sent A Letter To The Insurance Commissioner Over The Faltering Homeowners Insurance Market – 5 insurance companies limited or completely dropped new homeowners insurance applications in the last 3 months

California Governor Newsom and state officials argue that rejecting the new LGBTQ+ curriculum would force the use of textbooks published in 2006 that don’t comply with a 2011 law to cover historical contributions of gay…

August 24, 2023

There are still 850 people missing from the Maui wildfires, but a new report from the Hawaii State Department of Education shows that there are more than 2,000 children who are unaccounted for in the public school system

TVF: Trump Talked Candidly on Newsmax And Here’s What He Said About His Arrest – Will Trump’s arrest and ongoing investigations lead to meaningful legal consequences, or will it backfire in Trump’s favor?

Former President Donald Trump has been off the Twitter platform since the old days of Jack Dorsey and the previous regime, but now he’s back – He posted his mugshot on the platform with the words, “Never Surrender”

This Republican primary debate got about half (~12.8 million people) of former Donald Trump’s first GOP debate appearance in 2015 with some 24 million people watching Trump appear in his first presidential debate

Where are Biden’s Green Jobs? – If there is to be an EV manufacturing revolution, it will be driven not by forgiving the college debt of social studies graduates, it will be forged by electricians and welders for grid expansion…

Jordan Peterson Goes to “War” – A Canadian court ruled he must undergo mandatory social media training or lose his clinical license, and the right to counsel patients because of his tweets

Officials at a Virginia high school instructed a student to remove two prominent American flags from his truck to continue parking in the school lot – Valuing his right to display the flags, he opted to pursue homeschooling

Alejandro Mayorkas granted DHS employees more than $1 billion in additional taxpayer-funded vacation time, according to staffers, who say he is using it in an ill-fated attempt to win affection from an alienated workforce

Under pending legislation, strikers could qualify for California unemployment benefits after two weeks of striking – Existing law makes employees ineligible for unemployment benefits if they leave due to a strike

ZH: The US Says A Russian Surface-To-Air Missile Took Out Wagner’s Plane  – Official Russian sources say that Prigozhin’s body has been positively identified, but there’s still much that remains murky and unknown

ZH: Lahaina residents who disobeyed government road barricades survived – Officials now face public outrage over why the emergency sirens weren’t set off and why they prevented people from fleeing to safety

“Rich Men North of Richmond” is dangerous to the Democrat party – People agree with its simple sentiments, sung with forceful emotion out of increasing frustration at the “progression” of our world toward totalitarian oblivion

Fulton County DA Fani Willis is asking for a trial date on October 23, 2023 – The updated timeline proposal comes after Trump co-defendant Kenneth Chesebro filed a motion on Wednesday demanding a “speedy trial”

Trump Replaces Top Attorney Hours Before Surrender, Hires “Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Georgia” – Drew Findling is being replaced by Atlanta attorney Steven Sadow

Bongino: Trump Should’t Not Post Bail – “Fani Willis wants to be a smart ass tyrant – “Are You gonna jail him”? – “Go ahead and let the Secret Service shut the entire jail down and see how long you’re willing to keep up this charade”

Jim Jordan calls out Fulton County DiA Fani Willis after she launched a fundraising campaign right before filing felony charges against former Donald Trump and 18 of his associates, including his 2020 election attorneys

Trump and Tucker Carlson Shatter Records With The Most-Watched Interview in History – Trump and Tucker got even with Chris Wallace for protecting Biden during the 2020 debate calling Wallace a “bitchy little man”

Trump Makes Tucker Carlson Laugh With His Impression of Kamala Harris – “She speaks in rhyme, it’s weird. … well, the way she talks,” Trump said, then continued…

In the online interview with Tucker Carlson, amid GOP debate, Trump goes after Biden: “Somebody else” is in charge – Trump says his top priority in his second term is fixing the border and deporting criminals

ZH: During The Interview Trump Warns Tucker, “There’s A Level Of Passion… And Hatred I’ve Never Seen” And That’s “Probably A Bad Combination”

The Knives Were Out for Vivek! – DeSantis flounders, Nikki Haley claps back, and the 38-year-old political newbie surges – But does Ramaswamy have a shot? – Here is a report from after the GOP debate

The Debate’s Temperature Spiked When The Subject of Former President Donald Trump Was Broached – The Moderator, Bret Baier, Had to Interrupt Debate to Tell Audience to Stop Booing Chris Christie

Howard Galganov: Will The Needle Move As A Result Of The Fox News Debate?  – THE SINGLE BIG WINNER IS DONALD J. TRUMP, FOR NOT BEING THERE

I&I: Ron’s Great Republican Comeback – His candidacy was circling the drain but he displayed energy, enthusiasm, and confidence bursting from the debate gate with pitch-perfect talking points with the right focuses

The House GOP investigating whether Fulton County DA coordinated with the DOJ in the Trump indictment – They demand the prosecutor turn over key information detailing his criminal indictment 

Law professors at elite schools including Yale, Stanford, and Harvard are open about their disdain for the U.S. Constitution – “They’re saying they want to get rid of the Constitution and they’re making no secret about it”

ZH: US Durable Goods Orders Crashed By Most Since COVID – After a dramatic surge in June preliminary July data released this morning show that  US durable goods orders tumbled 5.2% MoM in July

Katy Grimes: Californians Live in Fear of Government – It’s not just here, most “Blue State” citizens are subjected to government-supported terrorism by allowing rampant crime with their protection of the criminal element

NR: New York Upper West Side residents who’ve lived in Manhattan for decades say recent migrant arrivals are bringing lawlessness into their formerly peaceful neighborhood and disrupting an elderly residential building

The AMA published an article that explores taxpayer-funded uterus transplants as a solution for transgender women, biological males who believe they are female, to help “consolidate” their chosen gender

A transgender clinical psychologist is raising red flags about the huge cultural shift among children and teens that is fueling an explosion of gender-questioning cases – Healthcare providers must examine all contributing factors…

I&I: 1.5 Degrees “C” Of Climate Fabrication – The undeniable fact is that it’s impossible to make long-term climate predictions – It says so in the Third Assessment Report from the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Apple throws its weight behind California’s SB 244, the “Right to Repair Act” giving consumers the right to repair their own electronic devices after years and millions of dollars spent fighting against consumer right to repair

August 23, 2023

It’s been clear from the get-go that U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan is biased in the case being brought by DOJ special counsel Jack Smith who accuses Trump of four counts related to the Capitol incursion of Jan. 6, 2021

Donald Trump chose not to attend Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox News and chose to join Tucker Carlson on his show who asked him “Are you worried that they’re going to try and kill you?”

Joe Biden’s Visit to Maui Did More Harm Than Good – Kristen Goodwin, a Hawaii resident, and a former teacher put it bluntly, saying, “I’m not voting for him again, that’s for sure – I’ll vote for Trump. I will never vote for him again.”

Not Only Students, But Teachers Are Also Ditching Public Schools in Droves – Just 26% of Americans have a “great deal or fair amount” of confidence our public schools

A 14-Year-Old Girl Trolled Michigan’s Chippewa Valley School Board With Her “Hurt Feelings Report” After Members Walked Out During Her Previous Speech – This wasn’t the girl’s first interaction with the school board…

Spurred in part by a push for digital vaccine “passports,” a growing number of global governments are considering implementing biometric digital ID programs required for citizens to obtain access to public goods and services

ZH: Wagner’s Prigozhin Presumed Dead After His Business Jet With 10 People On Board Crashed – This led to speculation the private plane could have been shot down upon Putin’s orders, or his military placed a bomb, or…

House Speaker McCarthy Says He’ll Move on Impeachment Next Month if Biden Doesn’t Comply with Demands – Provide us the documents we’re asking – The whole determination here is how the Bidens handle this

The Biden administration “welded open” floodgates on the Tucson Arizona border – This is now the busiest point of illegal entry into the country as Illegal aliens arrive “from as far away as Senegal, Mauritania, India, and China”

A Forbes report has revealed that the Biden Administration attempted to forge a contractual agreement with TikTok that would have allowed the government to control features of the Chinese app to spy on Americans

Vic Hughes: The Blunt Truth about Global Warming Models – I may be one of the first scientists in the country to know that predicting long-term temperatures is not possible – Your first question has to be “What’s the error range?

John Daniel Davidson: The Media Doesn’t Care About The Maui Fires Or Biden’s Heartless “Katrina Moment” – They aren’t giving Biden the “Katrina treatment” they gave George W. Bush in 2005 because they protect their own

Joe Biden’s official government email alias in 2016 raised concern among Republicans – They are questioning why “Robert L. Peters” received an email that cc’d to Hunter Biden about Ukraine

Law Professor Jonathan Turley: The Democrats’ Plan to Block Trump Is ” The Most Dangerous Constitutional Theory I Have Seen in Decades” – Democrats are hoping to block Trump by using the 14th Amendment

A Line About Each of the Debaters – Will Ron DeSantis be replaced as the runner-up to Trump?

Fox News is furious over the airing of Tucker Carlson’s Donald Trump interview during their debate – Chadwick Moore: Let Tucker and Justin do their thing and they won’t bite, any war will be super ugly – “That’s a guarantee”

Trump’s PAC Released An Explosive Border Security Ad Ahead of the GOP Debate – The ad drives home that only Trump can secure the border, stop the Mexican drug cartels, and end fentanyl flowing across the border

JD Rucker: The Adversary Is Shifting Strategies and We Must Do the Same – It’s been a busy week and things are changing – It’s time to address the future right now

Gatestone: Justice Requires Fair Procedures – Lately, progressives have been willing to ignore procedural safeguards and due process in their campaign to get former President Donald Trump by misusing the law…

JD Rucker: They’re Trying to Normalize the Cancelation of the 2024 Elections – This once seemed impossible, but their goal is to maintain UniParty control of Congress and to retain control of the White House

Federal “Housing First” homeless policies are out of step with reality – Voters and state policymakers are pushing back – Cities across the US, but particularly in the West, have seen debilitating growth in their homeless population

Dr. Joseph Mercola: What’s In Those Vapes? – Chemical analyses have found e-cigarette liquids, aerosols, cartridges, and the heating coils within the e-cig tank can contain many toxic and carcinogenic ingredients

ZH: Home Purchase Applications Plummet To A 28 Year Low As Nobody Can Afford To Buy One Anymore – This is bad news for Americans hoping to buy a home sometime soon, or at least afford to do so once in their lifetimes

August 22, 2023

Dick’s Sporting Goods Company Struggles to Deal with Rampant In-Store Theft- This problem is not one of Dick’s making as many retailers are struggling with theft that is taking place on a massive scale

More than 100 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) workers are staying in five-star hotels in Maui on the taxpayers’ dime while thousands of people are homeless due to the wildfires

Joe Biden’s Ukraine defense falls apart – Joe has always had a penchant for bragging, but one recollection is problematic – “I’m leaving in six hours, if the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money” – “He got fired”

ZH: It’s unlikely Ron DeSantis will be able to use the debate to revive his floundering campaign. – Election Betting Odds: Ron DeSantis’ odds of getting GOP nomination – From 52.6% in December, down to 7.4% this August

ZH: Ukraine Is Not Tracking Where It’s Using US Cluster Bombs Even Though It Agreed to – Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said Kyiv will keep a strict record but he suggested that there was no documentation plan

Does Ukraine need to compromise? – The so-far lackluster results of Ukraine’s long-awaited counteroffensive have rendered the entire debate moot: Right now, there is no incentive whatsoever for Russia to enter into negotiations

The expiration of the US/China Science & Technology Agreement on August 27 offers the Biden administration an opportunity to protect America’s innovative edge and ensure continued American leadership in emerging tech

A Drone Was Remotely Grounded Upon Nearing The Maui Fires Origin – The Pilot Quickly Visited by Government Officials – Why the secrecy in this area? Liability? Accountability? Why no clarity on the origins/cause of the fire?

A whopping 82% of New York voters said the unrelenting influx of migrants to the state is a serious problem and a strong majority of 58% now say it’s time to “slow the flow”, a new poll released on Tuesday revealed

The latest NFIB survey shows more than half of US small business owners believe the economy is already in a recession – This is despite most firms reporting their financial condition was strong

US payroll growth through March may have been weaker than previously reported, to the tune of 500,000 jobs, resulting in numbers that could make the Fed think twice about further rate hikes, according to a recent report

Can Democrats Constitutionally End Donald Trump’s Campaign? – Such a move would not only dispose of former President Trump, but it would also dispose of Joe Biden

Various Types Of Political Fraud – Would this include election interference, for example, politically motivated indictments in the middle of an active presidential campaign? – Would that be considered fraud?

A Sober Look At Trump’s 4 Indictments – 3 cases are pretty weak – The Florida documents case is the exception – The DOJ could have used its discretion not to prosecute but, Trump owns this one due to his behavior

GA Republican lawmakers work to sanction “Trump Indicter” Fulton County DA Fani Willis through the use of a new state law that creates a commission with the power to punish or throw out prosecutors

NR: The GOP Race Is Not Quite as Over as It Looks – Trump’s current lead is substantial, but his confidence and other factors could be a two-edged sword

Trump’s Ultimate Problem – What if Judge Chutkan requires Trump not to campaign or make public speeches while he is out on appeal in 2024? – This is going to be a crazy election year even before the Republican convention…

Joe Biden lied to survivors, makes it all about himself in Hawaii – Even by Joe’s low standards, this trip was a debacle – He does a fly-by of the island, then turns around to go back on vacation. Mission accomplished!

How Google Shoos You Away From The Biden Family Corruption And Other Big News – Google’s little “Come Back Later” message wasn’t an invitation to see the truth about the Biden family, it was an attempt to hide it

The Decline and Fall of a Once Great Company – USAA’s extreme emphasis on DIE, CSR, and ESG metrics comes as a surprise and to the dismay of many of its loyal military family customers

Marin County residents finally experience the crime they effectively voted for – It’s doubtful that any of these Democrat voters will learn their lesson after voting for progressive policies

Citing misgendering, Davis, CA library staff halted a forum on “Fair and Safe Sport for Girls” hosted by local parents on the CA Interscholastic Federation’s participation policies for transgender athletes in high school girls’ sports

The Biden administration takes action to restrict oil and gas development after settlement with ecology groups – This targeting is taking place at a time of continued inflation with prices rising at the pump

Biden Redistributes Student Loan Debt…Again – “The SAVE plan upholds the promise we make to those seeking a quality education – Monthly payments will be based on income, rather than their total student loan balance”

Dallas Ludlum: Donald Trump announced his intention to surrender in Atlanta concerning charges linked to efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss in Georgia – Many argue the former president is facing political persecution

Dallas Ludlum: “Bidenomics” faces scrutiny following significant financial indicators showing economic distress – The U.S. banking sector is particularly hard-hit

THE DAILY CHART: SUPPLYING EXAMPLES OF RACISM – The demand for racism appears to outstrip the supply, hence the need for defining racism in various ways  Academia and the media are driving this trend

Another racial hoax is exposed, this time in Canada – Canada writhed in self-disgust when it emerged about the “genocide” of indigenous children at Christian and government schools but, of course, it wasn’t true

How The Left Uses Public Nuisance Lawsuits To Change Your Life – Progressive cities form alliances with trial lawyers to get them to demand untold $billions and directly or indirectly reshape the products people can buy

Barack Obama’s Gay Fantasies and the Gay Men in his Life – With his strong relationships with gay and bisexual men throughout his formative years, it seems likely he did not restrict “making love to men” just to his “imagination

ZH: Gas Stations Won’t Turn Into EV Charging Points Anytime Soon – The unfolding reality is that the majority of gas station owners can’t afford the investment required for this bet on the future

August 21, 2023

The Gathering Middle Eastern Storm: Enduring History Lessons — Part One focuses on the Suez Crisis of 1956, which reshaped the Middle East and influenced U.S. relations with key powers from then to the present

John Solomon: New memos undercut the Biden-Ukraine narrative Democrats sold during the 2019 impeachment scandal – US officials faced pressure from Burisma emissaries in the US to make corruption allegations go away…

Vivek Ramaswamy Warns America: “Biden Is Not Running the Country, It’s the Managerial Class Wielding Him as a Puppet” – He is now polling in second place behind Donald Trump and said this at a conservative conference

Working-Age, but Not Working – The labor force participation rate  of U.S.-born men has declined dramatically since the 1960s – A look at the decades-long decline and its implications for immigration policy

CBP Released Bad Border Numbers on Friday – Last month agents at the Southwest border apprehended more than 132,652 illegal entrants – That is a 33.3 percent increase over the numbers for June

Judge rules against Antifa defendants and awards Andy Ngo $300,000 in damages over Portland attack – Corbyn “Katherine” Belyea, Madison “Denny” Lee Allen, and Sammich Overkill Schott-Deputy were found liable 

Deepfake Imposter Scams Are Driving a New Wave of Fraud – Artificial intelligence in particular is being used to “turbocharge” fraud with computer-generated children’s voices so realistic they fool their parents

California Rolls Out Face-Scanning Digital IDs to Replace Driver’s Licenses – Californians enrolled in the “mDL” system no longer carry physical licenses and instead have their information saved on an app

WP: How Ukraine is exploiting Biden’s cluster bomb gamble – “The main benefit is that the enemy is now very scared to go on assault,” said Stanislav

Gatestone: After Destroying Lebanon, Iran-controlled Hezbollah Threatens War with Israel – All evidence of weapons and explosives, proves beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Hezbollah, backed by the mullahs in Iran

A judge has begun setting bonds and release conditions for Donald Trump and some of his 18 indicted co-defendants in the Georgia case – Judge Scott McAfee set bond for President Trump at $200,000

NR: Former AG Bill Barr believes the US should use lessons it learned from the War on Terror to fight the Mexican drug cartels – Barr’s proposed operations included “the use of units to go in and destroy” drug labs

Center Square Poll: Government spending is less important than inflation (44%); crime/violence (27%); illegal immigration and climate change (both 25%); economy/jobs (23%); and abortion rights (20%)

Despite his dumpster-fire presidency, Joe Biden appears to be a shoo-in to win the forthcoming Democrat primary  – That is as long as former first lady Michelle Obama stays out of the race

Legal Experts Call For an Investigation Into Biden’s Favorite Super PAC Over ‘Serious’ Financial Discrepancies – Future Forward’s reporting errors are “beyond troubling,” a watchdog says

Sleepy Joe jets to billionaire donor’s home for vacation yet the media see “Nothing” – The media and Democrats seek to destroy Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito for alleged “ethics” or violations so they will stay in their lane

Is Joe Biden so senile that he is no longer qualified to be commander-in-chief?  – The outward signs of dementia are everywhere – He usually appears confused, unsure of his next move, and is unable to remember his speech

Aside from the fact that it wasn’t an insurrection, and President Trump didn’t cause it, Biden and his corrupt DOJ are using it to remove Biden’s likely political opponent, banana republic-style, ahead of the 2024 election

Appointing “Special Counsel” David Weiss Is Not A License For the DOJ To Obstruct Congress – Capitol Hill should resist this lie with every constitutional power it can muster

Hunter Biden’s attorneys are reportedly pushing the Justice Department to prosecute IRS whistleblowers after the House Ways and Means Committee voted to approve the public disclosure of IRS whistleblower allegations

New York City’s Self-Made Migrant Crisis NYC pays hotels up to $300/ day to house migrants who are not even legally in the US – The city is diverting from essential services that the city’s residents paid taxes for…

The Rising Rule Of Idiocracy In The West – Our deterioration is the result of a systemic process promoting and empowering those loyal to the ruling establishment’s agendas and purging those who dissented

The Ruling Class Sits Atop A Boiling Pot – If any spectacle could convey their contempt for the people, it is Hillary Clinton’s sit-down with Rachel Maddow during which they celebrated the regime’s political persecution of Trump

A federal appeals court overruled the severe sentence handed down to a Jan. 6 prisoner – The ruling could impact dozens of low-level cases – Little entered the Capitol but didn’t join in any destruction or violence

Several top Democrats have turned against Joe Biden over his open border policies – From Massachusetts to Arizona, city, and state officials have been expressing frustration over the flood of illegal border crossers

Elites Rush to Embrace Clinton Global Initiative 2023 – Their annual call for contributions follows a controversial tradition with the CGI, which infamously had its genesis on a celebrity-laden private plane flight to Davos

An employee of a Democrat-linked company submitted “hundreds” of voter registrations that were flagged for “irregularities” – The story first broke in 2020 but resurfaced after a public records request to authorities…

Struggling to fill police officer ranks, some blue states are turning to a strange option, hire illegal immigrants – A California law that took effect earlier this year allows noncitizens to sign up if they are protected from deportation…

Oxford Professor Sarah Harper claims declines in fertility and the prospect of a population collapse are “good for the planet” – Once a “right-wing conspiracy,” de-population is now being acknowledged by some news outlets

An intelligence analysis of voter sentiment shows businessman and retired Navy SEAL Tim Sheehy surging in the Montana GOP Senate primary and Representative Matt Rosendale, a possible candidate, in complete free fall

The Biden administration and its media allies keep acting as if the massive southern border invasion is something out of their control – In reality, the administration has done everything possible to keep the border open

John Daniel Davidson: Everyone Knows Why Joe Biden Used A Pseudonym: Corruption – It’s not some big mystery. The Bidens were selling access and taking bribes, and not even trying very hard to hide it

I&I/TIPP Poll: Half of Democrats Want Biden Gone If Bribery Charges Are True – A 67% majority responded that Biden should either “resign immediately” (24%) or “be impeached and removed from office” (43%)…

Victor Davis Hanson: When You Think About It, Joe, All Your “Objectives” Have Turned Out to Be Abject Failures Failures – Here’s a partial list of what you and your administration should apologize for…

Five indicators that Joe Biden will not run in 2024 – To start with, you don’t see Biden on the campaign trail defending his presidency or touting his accomplishments…

I&I: The Trump Indictments Are NOT Really All About What You Think – This overkill is really about inoculating Democrats regarding efforts already underway to rig elections in 2022 and beyond and the precedent is set…

Plans to hold a hearing on a protective order for classified evidence in the Mar-a-Lago documents case against Donald Trump on August 25 have been tentatively canceled by US District Judge Aileen Cannon

ZH: Representative Matt Gaetz is introducing a resolution to censure U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan and open an investigation into her “for showing open bias and partisanship in her official duties on the bench”

Much of Today’s “Racism” Is Manufactured – Woke elites understand the charge of “racism” is a meal ticket and guarantor of institutionalized political power, so they have a large stake in perpetuating the reign of claimed racism

How I Exposed the Biggest Pharma Scandal of Our Lifetime – The Netflix hit ‘Painkiller’ shows how Purdue Pharma’s greed and deceit fueled a nationwide opioid epidemic – Barry Meier was the first to uncover the truth

ZH: The Biden Administration Accuses China, Germany, and Canada of Dumping Steel Used to Package Canned Goods – The result will be higher prices for everything canned including soup, sauces, and vegetables

ZH: Young working adults from Gen Z, born from 1997 to 2012, so far have a different relationship with their employers than other generations – When it comes to work: 62% of them are actively/passively looking for new jobs

3 Methods Make Up Almost All Cases of Suicide in the U.S. – Suicides in the U.S. hit an all-time high in 2022 – When Americans do take their own lives, they primarily do so by one of three methods: firearms, hanging, or poisoning

Rupert Murdoch Has Personally Asked Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin To Jump Into the 2024 Presidential Race – The  Media Tycoon’s Faith in Ron DeSantis Wanes

Advice for the “T” in LGBTQIA+ – If we accept the science of genetics, we can’t ignore the “X” & “Y” chromosomes, just because they’re inconvenient to useful idiots with gender confusion – Chromosomes are not imaginary

ZH: A UCSF School Of Medicine Professor Says Children Can Be “Gender Minotaurs” – Don’t worry, it’s not like she’s in a position of prominence anywhere important, she’s just the director of mental health and chief psychologist 

The Defense of Freedom Institute claims that powerful teachers’ unions, the NEA and AFT are “working to change American society by advancing their radical gender ideology into the classroom.”

The truth about this trans powerlifter’s first-place picture: The runners-up were the ONLY female competitors willing to compete… and that cuddly toy on the podium was an especially cruel twist

Teaching proper English to black children is “white racial superiority” say California “educators” – Leftist academics have deluded themselves into thinking that they are obliterating society and destroying innocent people

How easy It Is to call someone a racist? – “Yesterday’s race baiters were brutal white bullies,” says author Ben Shapiro – “Today’s are left-wingers invoking fictional white racism to achieve their goals”

Snow White: Possibly Disney’s Next Woke Flop – Rachel Zegler’s characterization of the original Disney animated film is indicative of her joyless and cynical woke point of view

August 20, 2023

The War in Ukraine Is No Game of Drones – Both sides have made good use of drones, but they will likely not become the weapon that wins the war – Jamming radio and radar signals is essential to modern warfighting

New Zealand Is Finally Sobering Up to Coming Chinese Threat – Now is the time for the United States to bring New Zealand into the fold of a regional alliance

A Report From the Southern Border: An Interview With Todd Bensman – U.S.-bound immigrants pay close attention to U.S. policymakers’ statements and court rulings that make it easier to enter the USA illegally

Medicaid’s Dark Money: How States Launder Funds to Evade Program Rules – No limit currently exists on the federal matching funds that states can claim to provide Medicaid benefits to eligible beneficiaries

House Republicans prove “without a shadow of a doubt” that Joe Biden abused his power as VP to protect his son – The discovery comes after investigators found that Joe Biden was using a pseudonym name in emails

Hunter’s Lawyers Threatened the “Spectacle” of Joe Biden on The Witness Stand Was a Key Part of The Biden-DOJ “Sweetheart Deal” Talks – Hunter Biden’s lawyers were ready to pull the biggest card they had

Gatestone: “The Taliban are working to completely erase Christianity or any religious minority from the country – Many Christians have gone underground to avoid being kidnapped by the Taliban courts

14 American cities have set a “target” to comply with the WEF’s green agenda goals by banning meat, dairy, and private car ownership by 2030 – C40 Cities pledged their residents will comply with the following list of rules…

Donald Trump’s legal team may request his case be taken out of the hands of Fulton County DA Fani Willis and moved out of the county court and to a federal court

Peter Navarro: United States v. Merrick Garland, Jack Smith, Fani Willis, and Alvin Bragg – Should the Indicting Prosecutors Be Indicted? – You the jury will decide the outcome, so please vote!

Donald Trump says he is skipping GOP primary debates amid his massive polling lead – The former president has previously hinted that he would not participate in the Republican presidential debates

MAKING FUN OF, OR WITH, TRUMP – There’s a new X/Twitter entrant worth following called Trump History – It’s very meta and hard to tell if it is intended to mock Trump, or mock the people who hate him so…

A video has gone viral that shows several top Democrats denying the results of various elections – The video has resurfaced after a Georgia grand jury indicted Donald Trump for challenging the 2020 election results

Alasdair Gunn: Transgenderism Has “Parasitized People’s Emotions” – “Even though the gender industry presents itself as some sort of social welfare group, it is purely a business exploiting people’s feelings”

As US relations with China deteriorate, Mexico has emerged as the new manufacturing base for America – Due to rising costs, experts believe that Mexico has overtaken China to become the top manufacturer for US companies

A reliable source told Newt Gingrich a request was made from DC to Fani Willis that she had to bring charges against Donald Trump because they needed a distraction from the “screw up” with Special Counsel David Weiss

The DOJ planned to let Hunter Biden off the hook without charges until two whistleblowers came forward to expose political interference in the investigation, despite the claims of Attorney General Merrick Garland

Daniel Greenfield: Hunter Biden Lawyers Used A Joe Biden Threat to Force The Sweetheart Deal “President Biden now unquestionably would be a fact witness for the defense”

Democrats take gaslighting to a new level every day – They know facts don’t matter anymore, and the media will simply their lies verbatim in between continuing wall-to-wall coverage of the “Trump Indictments…

The Biden administration is quietly selling off parts of Donald Trump’s border wall to thwart Republicans who want to force it to be extended – GovPlanet listed hundreds of unused parts of the southern barrier in recent months


The National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, Congress should revoke the unique federal charter of the former, and federal agencies should ensure both groups comply fully with labor laws

August 19, 2023

As the war in Ukraine begins to wind down, Africa could become the next theater of geopolitical instability – Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger all recently experienced military coups overthrowing Western-friendly governments

ZH: Rare Earth Elements And National Security: Reclaiming U.S. Control Amid China’s Monopoly – Rare earth elements (REEs) are crucial to the U.S. military, but China holds the key

ZH: These Are The Most Dangerous Cities In The US – Bessemer, AL – Mobile, AL – Monroe, LA – Saginaw, MI  Memphis, TN…

Retail Owners Are Frustrated With Governor Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Bass – Responses to Multiplying Robberies “Bass keeps finding new ways to disappoint us – She’s not even doing the bare minimum”

The Hawaii Utility Pursued Green Energy Goals While Fire Mitigation Projects Were Delayed – Hawaiian Electric is under scrutiny for allegedly slow-walking modernization and repairs of its electrical grid before the fire

Chinese-American Mom: Gender-Confused Children Are Victims of an Enormous Lie – “Never send your children to public schools, the school board displays rainbow flags and harm your children, turning them against you”

Assisted Suicide Surges in California – A 2021 law has increased pressure on the state’s hospice programs to assist those who want to die

The NYT cites US officials who estimate those total war casualties in Ukraine among both sides are at nearly 500,000 dead and wounded – “The number includes as many as 120,000 deaths and 170,000 to 180,000 injured troops”

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army released a video showing troops practicing a coastal invasion of Taiwan that features waves of PLA soldiers storming beaches, including armored vehicles and tanks driving into attack positions

Gatestone: America Is Funding Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program – Biden’s Administration reached a deal with Iran with the US paying $6 billion and releasing some Iranian nationals who are serving prison sentences in the US…

Dr. Joseph Mercola: What Caused the Deadly Maui Fires? – Four years ago an environmental management expert, warned that allowing non-native, highly flammable grassland savannas to take over native ecosystems was risky…

Vivek Ramaswamy surged past Ron DeSantis to take second place in the primary race polls as DeSantis’s campaign turns cold – Donald Trump has a 40-point lead over his challengers and is the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination

The DoJ Charged Trump with a Fake Crime – A conspiracy indictment can’t merely list a provision of a criminal statute as the object of a conspiracy, it must identify a specific result intended by the conspirators that is a crime

Reasonableness and the Trump Indictments – Following the principle of interpretative charity, it is safe to say that Donald Trump’s basic idea regarding the 2020 election is that his belief that the election was stolen is reasonable

The Feds Have Charged Donald Trump With a Fake Crime –  This corrupt Justice Department thinks it is illegal for Trump to do things the Constitution allows all of us to do

Donald Trump Isn’t Just the Target, He’s the Pretext – There is no other GOP frontrunner, so he remains not just the target, but the pretext and excuse for the Democrats’ despicable weaponization of the police powers of the state

Former AG Bill Barr slammed Fulton County DA Fani Willis’s indictment of Donald Trump as “too sweeping” and “too broad” calling the charges against Trump a “political hit job” – “It’s just too sprawling.”

An unavoidable connection one makes when exploring the “deep state” is its ties to child trafficking rings – The downfall of Jeffrey Epstein brought this issue into the limelight, but few people truly know how long stuff like this has been going on

The 50s: A Pop Culture Tribute – Those wonderful times helped shape values that have served me well – If only today’s youth could be provided with such a happy and safe environment to enable them to be the best that they can be

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: THE PETER PRINCIPLE EDITION – The “Peter Principle” holds that within any hierarchical organization, many people will eventually be promoted to their level of incompetence

August 18, 2023

The Hawaii official who has been accused of withholding water from firefighters during a critical point in the Maui wildfire was previously named a “leader” by the Obama Foundation in 2019

California Bill SB 596 would criminalize “substantial disorder” by attendees at school board meetings, in what critics say is an attempt to crack down on parents’ opposition to transgender and racial ideology in curricula

A Federal Judge Dismissed Hunter Biden Tax Charges – Hunter Biden did not pay any taxes in 2017 or 2018 despite earning large sums of cash in both years – The charges are likely to be re-filed in either California or Washington DC

ZH: Which Country Consumes The Most Oil Per Day? – The US consumed 19 million barrels of oil per day, followed by the People’s Republic of China, with 14 million barrels this past year

Gatestone: Will China, Russia, and North Korea Launch Their Nukes? – Of greatest concern is that all three regimes [China, Russia, and North Korea] share a nuclear weapons doctrine of “escalate to de-escalate” or “escalate to win”

ZH: Rep. Andy Harris, co-chair of the congressional Ukraine Caucus, said this week that he’s not sure if the Ukraine war is “winnable” and called for the US to pressure Ukrainian President Zelensky to pursue peace talks

JD Rucker: According to the NY Times reports are coming out on corporate media that Donald Trump is not going to attend the first Republican presidential debate – Instead, he’s going to interview with Tucker Carlson

ZH: Yet Another Biden Regulation That Will Increase Costs And Promote More Inflation – The Biden administration is redefining the Davis Bacon Act so that your tax dollars buy fewer and fewer services

ZH: According To A Goldman Trader We’ve Reached An Inflection Point In The Market – Here is a check-down of the local issues, reduced to two lines, followed by two podcasts, two quotes, two charts, and two tweets

ZH: New York City plans to convert vacant offices into as many as 20,000 new housing units by creating a multi-agency group to help developers cut through red tape and accomplish rezoning of Midtown South

The International Chess Federation bans trans-identifying biological men from competing in women’s competitions – If a male’s gender is changed to female the player has no right to participate in official FIDE events for women

Sanctuary City” Chicago is considering plans to bus illegal border crossers out of the city – They will bus illegal aliens to surrounding suburbs – Mayor Johnson is coordinating with Cook County officials and various counties

I&I: The Southern Poverty Law Center has its “hate map” of conservative groups it hopes to marginalize if not kill off entirely – Meanwhile, the feds are looking for vicious, bloodthirsty right-wingers under every bed…

I&I: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services just proposed a rule supposedly designed to improve transparency in Medicaid – The proposal is a back-door effort to expand price controls in Medicaid and beyond

Maui Emergency Management Agency Chief Herman Andaya resigned a day after defending his decision not to activate the island-wide alarm system during catastrophic wildfires that swept across the Hawaiian island of Maui

ZH: A pre-winter rally of LNG tanker charter prices has started amid expectations of high demand for the winter and uncertainties over a potential strike in Australia that could curtail 10% of global LNG supply

ZH: “Rich Men North of Richmond” Artist Turned Down $8 Million From Stunned Music Executives, Saying There Is “Nothing Special About Me” – “When is enough, enough? When are we going to fight for what is right again/?”

Hurricane Hilary has reached Category 4 status – The National Hurricane Center issued its first-ever tropical storm watch for Southern California as the southwestern region braces for heavy rains, high surf, and flash flooding

Public Employee Unions Rule California – Expect more strikes, fewer government services, and more tax increases to pay for pension obligations

Hardly anyone owns a hydrogen car – California may pay up to $300 million to build fuel stations anyway over the next decade

August 17, 2023

The Biden Administration Is Working to Bring Racial Equity to Towns and the Suburbs – HUD says local communities must take action to “affirmatively further” diversity and foster inclusive communities

Donald Trump Seeks April 2026 Trial Date in January 6 Case – The government turned over “8.5-terabyte totaling over 11.5 million pages, together with native files, recordings, and other electronic data not amenable to pagination”

Environmentalists Blocked The Release of Water Needed to Fight The Maui Fires – Global warming doesn’t cause natural disasters, environmentalists such as these cause natural disasters

Critics, including some Democrats, say the administration’s effort to grapple with America’s foremost adversary is contradictory, illustrated in the White House’s Beijing-empowering pursuit of ambitious climate change goals

As House Republicans continue their investigation into the Biden family, the WH announced its top attorney Stuart Delery will depart next month after serving President Biden since he joined Biden’s transition team in Nov. 2020

Leaked Photos Show Jan 6 Prisoner Ryan Samseld Held in Horrific Conditions Since January 2021 – The cell is the size of a closet with a light on 24 hours a day, with no bed and he has been moved some 17 times…

Judicial Watch has filed a FOIA lawsuit against the CIA for its role in the infamous intelligence community letter that claimed the Hunter Biden laptop story was “Russian disinformation” in the run-up to the 2020 election

Explosive new court documents exposed links between Barack Obama and deceased child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein – Epstein acted as a “middleman” between an Obama’s WH attorney and JPMorgan Chase

Suspicions Arise After Trump’s Georgia Trial Date Proposed – Look What’s Scheduled for the Next Day – It’s the date during the presidential primary season that usually determines who’ll end up being the party’s nominee

A new report claims the grand jurors who voted to indict former President Donald Trump in Georgia this week were doxxed and had their photos posted online

Two New Polls Show Biden Immigration Approval Further Slipping – This is even while the government appears to be hiding the truly horrible July border numbers

WSJ: Meet the New IRS, Same as the Old IRS – Even with $80 billion in new funding and 87,000 new agents, the agency is as dysfunctional as ever

Artificial intelligence (AI) products targeting kids promise entertainment and connection, but experts worry that, without adequate safeguards, the technology could distort children’s development and compromise their privacy

NR: The China Bust – The real reason the Chinese government has been releasing less and less economic data over the past few years is that the Chinese economic picture is becoming less and less positive

The Biden administration considers plea deals for 9/11 mastermind and 4 co-conspirators that would shield them from the death penalty – Still no trial date for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who was behind the idea of the 2001 attacks

Biden Used Pseudonyms for Ukraine Dealings – James Comer demands that NARA hand over all documentation in which then-Vice President Joe Biden used pseudonyms such as “Robert Peters,” “Robin Ware,” and “JRB Ware”

NR: The Hunter Biden Scandal Is Breaking Through – 48% of Americans do not feel the DOJ is handling its Hunter Biden investigation in a fair and nonpartisan manner, with only 32% expressing confidence in the investigation

Extensive Edits To Hunter Biden’s Wikipedia Page Prove The Site’s Extreme Bias – Wikipedia enables outside sources to retroactively scrub its pages and lace its articles with propaganda to support their agendas

WSJ: Mortgage Rates Hit 7.09%, Which Is The Highest in More Than 20 Years – Interest rates have hit the housing hard as would-be buyers are locked out, and would-be sellers are staying put

WSJ: Too Many Vacant Lots And Not Enough Housing – The Real-Estate Puzzle In Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Detroit, where houses are surrounded by empty lots, causes authorities to bulldoze obstacles to development

Victor Davis Hanson: The Great China-American Abyss – One way to get along with China is to deal with it exactly the way it deals with the U.S. – But obviously, China would not tolerate America treating it as it does to Americans

Don’t Take Your Eye Off the Border – You don’t have to accept the “new normal” that is being thrust upon the American public – This border crisis is a man-made disaster of a completely novel scale

ZH: SFO Fed researchers penned a note indicating excessive savings of US households would be depleted by the end of the third quarter – A perfect storm suggests the outlook for consumers is grim in the era of “Bidenomics”

How NewsGuard Became the Establishment Guard Against Independent –The company makes a profit from US government funds and a business model that leads to the defunding and censoring of independent media

What is Biden up to in the White House?  – Is he simply a placeholder, forwarding Obama’s agenda while paving the way for a Michelle Obama presidency to cement Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America”

Advice to Fani Willis from the WSJ – This Democrat district attorney in Fulton County, GA. has assembled a 98-page charge sheet with 41 counts and 19 defendants, yet offers little fresh evidence regarding Donald Trump

What just happened in Georgia on Monday is a big-time game changer – If America starts locking up its former leaders to get even, or for other reasons, we’re done – End of story, and you thought it couldn’t get worse

CNN Legal Analyst: There Is No Way That Donald Trump’s Trial Will Start When Georgia DA Fani Willis Says It Will – It may sound unbelievable, but state jury selection is way slower than in federal cases, it’s more of a PR move

One Year After Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s MAGA Movement Won’t Be Silenced – MAGA Americans refuse to give up on their country, even as the political left pulls out every last stop to put an end to Trump’s bid for the White House

NR: Survey after survey shows the people the Republican Party needs to re-take the White House, the people who decide elections in America, do not share the primary electorate’s positive assumptions about Donald Trump

Total Silence: Where is Speaker McCarthy and who will he align with, the establishment or the American people?  – Will we be working to encourage the best from McCarthy, or sitting on the sidelines complaining?

During a speech about the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” Joe Biden challenged anyone to “Name me a single objective we’ve ever set out to accomplish that we failed on,” prompting critics to provide entire lists such as this

Daniel Greenfield: How the DOJ Outsourced Trump’s Indictment to House Democrats  – Let’s start with the fact that Attorney General Merrick Garland lied about the Trump investigation from the beginning…

John Solomon: The Biden probe shifts to the National Archives with the discovery of private emails from Joe to Hunter – The House Oversight Committee requests records, including emails from private accounts of Joe Biden

I&I: Climate Change For Absolute Power – The president said last week during an interview with the Weather Channel that he had already “practically speaking” declared a climate emergency

I&I: Trump Indicted for Citing Data From Ph.D.-Vetted Study On Election Fraud – The indictment claims that Trump lied because he “was notified repeatedly that his claims were untrue, but if he didn’t believe that, then…

Gatestone: Palestinian terrorists… have turned the Gaza Strip into a base for firing rockets toward Israel – Now, the terrorists, with the help of Iran, are trying to use the West Bank to launch rockets at Israeli civilian communities

The head of Maui’s Emergency Management Agency does not regret refraining from activating the emergency sirens  – Herman Andaya argued Wednesday that the sirens are generally intended for other purposes

Hawaii’s Democrat Governor Josh Green announced his administration plans to “acquire” the land ravaged by the wildfires – As residents grapple with the loss of homes and loved ones, developers look to capitalize on the tragedy

ZH: Why Is There A Frenzy To Buy Up The Properties Burned Down During The Fires In Hawaii? – Imagine calling up a family that has just seen their home burn to the ground and offering to buy their land for below-market value

Biden finally says he will visit Maui, but first, he needs a six-day Lake Tahoe vacation – Joe goes on vacation, faithfully, — every single time there is some sort of major catastrophe

Numerous residents of Maui would prefer that Joe Biden not bother visiting the island – “I don’t want him here,” Lahaina resident Jay Awan said. “He’s just coming to Maui to look good in front of the cameras”

August 16, 2023

China stands accused of intellectual property at a cost estimated by the FBI at $225 to $600 billion a year – Yet American corporations with the most to lose from IP theft are eager to augment their research in China…

John Stossel: College has become a total ripoff – Normal incentives to be frugal and make smart judgments about who should go to college were thrown out when the federal government took over granting student loans

Biden’s Open Border Is Angering Democrats – New York City Eric Adams admits migrants may decimate the Big Apple, and now others are chiming in as well

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Just Had His “What Difference Does It Make?” Moment – Americans should ignore Biden’s mounting scandals, “These investigations, they don’t matter to the ordinary American people”

The Porous Border Crisis Undermines Our Democracy – Migrants are overwhelming shelters in border and destination cities due to our porous southern border – Beneath the surface, there is a much deeper problem…

BLUE CITIES ARE GETTING IT GOOD AND HARD – The general breakdown of order, morality, and accountability across Liberal American cities has given rise to an epidemic of robberies that afflict retailers of all kinds

Combatting Academic Hucksters in the Sciences – As standards of morality and respect for the rule of law decline generally, they also decline in academia as researchers manipulate data to justify their conclusions…

The Mayfair Hotel in Los Angeles sustained $11.5 million in damages while the city used it as a federally sponsored homeless shelter – The city quietly paid for the damages – Social workers lamented its condition in emails

Another Biden Foreign Policy Fiasco – The latest Biden crisis is in Africa’s Sahel region, with Vladimir Putin emerging as the power broker

A State official refused to release water to fight the Lahaina fire until too late – “DLNR’s deputy director for water resource management, initially balked at West Maui Land Co.’s requests for additional water, why?”

It Was Not Climate Change: Downed Power Lines Are A Likely Cause of Deadly Hawaii Fires – Videos put scrutiny on downed power lines as a possible cause of deadly Maui wildfires

Dr. Joseph Mercola: What’s the End Game for Cybercrimes and Ransomware Attacks? – Hackers accessed the SolarWinds supply chain database, then infected networks, systems, and data of more than 30,000 organizations

Why is Ron DeSantis faltering in the polls? – He has a great record as Governor of Florida, so, we are left to inquire about his style of presentation and his apparent lack of charisma

Morning Consult Poll: Donald Trump is boasting a 41-point lead in the Republican primary roughly one week ahead of the first GOP debate, which will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on August 23

Biden’s Maui Disaster Response – Neither he nor Kamala Harris visited the area – Then he went on vacation – Upon returning and asked about the scope of the disaster by a reporter, he responded “No comment”

The WH announced that President Joe Biden will visit Maui after former Donald Trump criticized him for smiling and saying, “No comment,” when asked about the rising death toll from the wildfires there last week

John Daniel Davidson: The Purpose Of The Trump Indictments Is To Demonstrate The Left’s Power – Once again, this isn’t hypocrisy, it’s hierarchy and amounts to this threat: Imagine what we can do to you…

Democrats Know They Will Never be Held Accountable For The Trump Indictments and Biden Cover-Ups  – Their alliance with the deep state, the legacy media, and social media allows them to do as they please…

JD Rucker: NOW Is the Time to Share the Evidence of Massive, Widespread Voter Fraud – Did you hear about the Minnesota ballot harvester caught on camera bragging about having a car full of absentee ballots?

NR: A Storm Is Coming – Everyone should be seeking the obvious ways of sparing the country from what’s brewing in the clouds and God willing, we’ll see some of these creeps in their final political ditch soon enough

WSJ: Scott McAfee Has Been a Judge Six Months And Was Assigned Trump’s Georgia Case – The 34-year-old has ties to both Georgia’s governor and the Atlanta prosecutor who brought charges against the former president

Video: A stark warning about the Trump indictment from Newt Gingrich – He explains what this is about with eloquence in an eighty-second statement about the dangerous implications of the recent Georgia indictments

Andrea Widburg: An intelligent response to the Georgia indictment helps to understand things – I’m not a fan of Ben Shapiro, and Ben Shapiro is not a fan of Donald Trump, but his analysis is astute, whether one likes it or not

Tipp Insights: Donald Trump Is Not Guilty Of Racketeering; The Deep State Is – Six important things for which the Deep State must be held accountable – Election Law Changes, Suppressing Biden’s bad new stories…

Gatestone: Attorney General Garland Illegally Appointed Weiss as Special Counsel – A “Special Counsel” is supposed to be independent of the current government, not an employee…

JD Rucker: America Under Attack – The Massive Blaze in Pensacola Marks The NINTH Recycling Plant Fire in First Half of August Alone – Every such event is an opportunity for corporate media to blame climate change

A document outlining charges against Donald Trump released hours before his official indictment is being called a “fictitious document” and a “sample” that made it to the internet as a “test,” according to Georgia court officials

Biden Allowed A Major Donor Throughout His Political Career to Hand Advanced Military Tech to China – DuPont sold off its biomaterials unit to the Huafon Group of China. Huafon, a massive chemical and finance organization

Joe Biden’s Environmental Tent Cannot Stand – The Biden administration” ‘s electricity plan, unveiled this spring, will suppress natural gas and coal – These are the generation sources that today provide 60% of U.S. power

Hawaii Governor Josh Green Is A Puppet for the United Nations – The Governor doubled down on a commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals just one month before Maui fires

If you like paying for sky-high gas, groceries wish Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act a happy anniversary – In the months since the Inflation Reduction Act was passed by Congress it has not fixed America’s inflation problems

When It Comes To The Energy Needed For The Modern World, Thorium Can Save Us! – It is safe and such a dense source of power that a hardball-sized chunk contains enough energy for all the needs of one person’s lifetime

Government Healthcare Is A Proven Failure  – As we watch the collapse of government-run healthcare in GB and Canada, Bernie wants more federal control of healthcare – Patients will suffer if “BARRCOME” expands further

All Hail, “Artificial Intelligence,” the Coming Computer King – Expecting an ever-evolving AI “intelligence” to remain constrained by its programmers’ national interests may prove hopelessly naïve

Government unions are not fighting power structures, they are the power – They use it to further their agenda, higher pay, and more workers, which in turn means more government programs that lead to higher taxes

I&I: An Asinine Sentence About Supposed “Climate Change”? – Judge, they “have a fundamental constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment, which includes climate as part of the environmental-support system”

An American Airlines Pilot’s Message About Good Conduct Goes Viral – Not only have we stopped dressing like mature, self-controlled people, but we’ve also stopped acting like them, too

August 15, 2023

The ham sandwich indictment in Fulton County – This grand jury’s ability to hear, process, and consider 41 counts and the intricacies of racketeering in a mere 10 hours is nothing short of remarkable

American Mind: Debunking Jack Smith’s Latest Indictment Against President Trump – The winner of the 2020 election was not declared by most networks until November 7, four days after polls closed…

Legal Scholar Jonathan Turley Overrules DA Fani Willis: The “It’s The Jackson Pollock School of Prosecution, She Threw It All against the Canvas” – “I think she is hoping that some of these other co-defendants will flip”

Howard Galganov: Is There A Low Too Low For The LEFT? – Not Only Do They Want To “Kill” Trump Any Way They Can, But They Also Want to Take Down Trump’s Associates, Including His Lawyers, Advisors & Confidants

I&I: After His Navy And ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Confessions, What Will Biden Admit To Next? – Here’s A List Of Possibilities – Obama is calling the shots, He knew all about Hunter’s business dealings…

Is It Time to Ban Electric Vehicles? – The NYFD reported that so far this year there have been 108 lithium-ion battery fires that injured 66 people and killed 13 – These fires are “very difficult to extinguish and dangerous”

World-renowned Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. John Clauser has now officially put his name to the World Climate Declaration (WCD) which states that “There Is No Climate Emergency”

Can you imagine calling up a family that has just seen their home burn to the ground and offering to buy their land for below market value? – This is happening in Lahaina right now, and on a massive scale

California’s China Syndrome Exposed – Governor Newsom’s state is grasping at plastic straws but ignoring a covert Chinese bio-lab

A New Report Exposes Biden Had 2 Real Chances to Prevent Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing – 9 days before the attack, U.S. officials had intelligence showing ISIS-K planned to strike U.S. and international forces at the airport…

News emerged about Chutkan’s openly stated belief that Donald Trump should be behind bars, so she should be taken off of Trump’s case since she is incapable of the kind of integrity and impartiality required of federal judges

Donald Trump and 18 others indicted in a Georgia election probe – Also facing charges are former Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Trump campaign official Mike Roman

Alan Dershowitz: “All 4 of these cases are designed for quick convictions in jurisdictions heavily loaded against Donald Trump” – “If you bring a Rico case, that increases your chances of winning at trial and losing on appeal”

Donald Trump claims he would be exonerated of all charges in the Georgia indictment after he releases a “detailed” report on the alleged voter fraud in the state during the 2020 election – Trump will hold a press briefing on Monday

JD Rucker: Trump Has Been Charged by a Kangaroo Court, But There’s a Bright Side – This case provides the first real opportunity Trump has had to expose massive, widespread voter fraud in a court of law with national attention

Donald Trump’s request that the Manhattan judge overseeing his criminal hush-money prosecution reassign the case has been denied – Justice Juan Merchan said he “carefully weighed the competing interests”

ZH: Hunter Biden’s Lead Criminal Defense Attorney Asks To Withdraw From The Case – He filed the motion because he could now be called as a witness in future proceedings

ZH: RFK Jr. and Tucker Carlson sat down for a lengthy interview with the two discussing Ukraine, bio-labs, and who killed JFK – The interview begins by discussing the Biden administration denying RFK Jr. Secret Service protection

Gatestone: Palestinian Prime Minister Shtayyeh Lied to Official US Delegations – He claimed Israel was responsible for obstructing Palestinian elections and that Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip enjoy democracy

Rich Men North of Richmond: A Stirring Ballad for the Real Forgotten ManThis young man, and not those rich men north of Richmond, truly exemplifies what America should be

Megyn Kelly Reveals Why Conservatives Love Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North Of Richmond” – “Americans are disgusted by the current state of the government as those in power break the law then sit back laughing at us”

Joe Biden finally admitted the real point of the $740 billion Inflation Reduction Act – It has less to do with reducing inflation than it does to do with dealing with providing for alternatives that generate economic growth”

Ballot Harvesting: Only The Brain Dead Believe It Now! – The world of U.S. election fraud tactics changed forever last week with the Gateway Pundit publication of the alleged 2020 Michigan ballot manufacturing factory

ZH: New York’s “Right To Shelter” Law Has Mayor Adams Saying “Go Away” – Last week the Mayor groused that local hotels and shelters are overrun with migrants whose care will cost the city about $5 billion this fiscal year

NR: Eric Adams Has Vindicated Immigration Restrictionism – All that it has taken to explode the lazy clichés that defined the progressive position on this issue is a heavy flow of illegal immigration eating up resources

Seven Prominent Democrats Turn on Biden Over His Soft Border Policies – They expressed concern about Biden’s immigration policies after their sanctuary city or state experienced effects from surges of illegal aliens into the U.S.

US HHS officials advised employees to work remotely due to safety concerns outside the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building In San Francisco – The general area is the home to one of the city’s most brazen open-air drug markets

Jonah Goldberg one of the intellectual authors of the “MAGA Resistance Movement” entered the friendly confines of CNN to expose how small political donors pose a mortal threat to what he describes as democracy

NR: Oregon’s attempt at drug decriminalization has been “an unmitigated disaster” – Ben West, a commissioner in Clackamas County, pushed his colleagues to do something about it during a June 7 board meeting

Oregon and Utah have mandated GPS trackers be added to every electric vehicle so they can be taxed by the mile, with Michigan next – This is another government’s camel nose moment, wedging its way into the liberty tent

Parents as Obstacles to Education? – Decades of research into children’s educational achievement demonstrate the absolute necessity of parental engagement – The NEA itself in 2006 called for including parents…

Facebook’s parent company Meta has banned ads across its social media apps for Mark Levin’s new book before it has even gone on sale –  His book, “The Democrat Party Hates America,” will be available September 19th

August 14, 2023

Republican consultants say that if Donald Trump is not on the ballot in 2024, it could spell a turnout catastrophe for the GOP next year – “If f Trump’s not the nominee, his coalition will take their ball and go home”

Biden Budget Deficits Look Like Those Seen In Recessions – The deficit for fiscal 2023 now stands at $1.61 trillion, after the federal government charted another massive shortfall in July, and Biden wants to spend even more

Hunter Biden’s Attorneys Make A “Suspect” Move After the Special Counsel Appointment – They declare a section the unsuccessful plea agreement wasn’t needed to handle a gun possession charge through a diversion program”

Joe Biden Is “Close” to Declaring A “Climate Emergency” to Ration Gas, Electricity, and Meat – According to the Heartland Institute the Biden administration has been working with the UN to prepare for these restrictions

Joe Biden Has Heartless Two-Word Response When Asked About Death Toll in Devastating Maui Fires – “No Comment” – Before returning to his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach

Biden Offers Maui Fire Survivors A “One-Time” Pittance The Same Day $200 Million Is Announced for Ukraine – One group is getting individual “one-time” payouts of a whopping $700 While the other group is getting $200 million

Davos Man Becomes Beijing Man: The World Economic Forum Meets in China – The language used in virtually all of the talks was technocratic bafflegab – The purpose of using such language is to create fog from reality

Engineers Discover A Nationwide Cellular Network Connecting Election Equipment That Gives Federal Government Access to Election Systems at Precinct Level – A growing majority of Americans feel the 2020 election was rigged…

Criticized for making more than 1,500 square miles off limits to potential oil drilling, Joe Biden wishes he could do more – “I wanted to stop all drilling on the East/West Coasts and the Gulf, but I lost in court, but we’re still pushing”

Washington state follows California above $5 a gallon as fuel prices heat up nationwide – California is still king when it comes to high prices at the pump, beating out the Evergreen State by 13 cents per gallon this week

California cities adopt rent control after their policies lead to reduced housing production – Neighboring LA County cities of Maywood, Bell Gardens, and Cudahy, long known for their affordability, have now adopted rent control

Half of America’s so-called unsheltered live in California – It is a welcoming place for drug addicts, petty thieves, and anyone else attracted to beachside living, free government food, and no requirement that they work

Gump’s is a luxury home furnishings retailer, founded in 1861 in San Francisco, California – The company published a full-page letter warning they may close if the city doesn’t immediately reassess its “failed public policies”

NR: California’s crime wave is the foreseeable result of specific policy choices – Without any concern of arrest, some 30 to 50 criminals ransack a Nordstrom in Topanga and leave with nearly $100,000 worth of merchandise

A GA court briefly published a document with apparent charges against Donald Trump, then took it down – But not before screenshots were taken showing 13 charges against Trump, including violation of the state’s RICO statute

NR: The Chinese Economy’s No Good, Very Bad Week – The Economist summed it up this way on Thursday: “China’s export boom is long over, but Its property slump is not, therefore, deflation beckons”

Biden’s Favorite Super PAC Used Illegal Scheme to Conceal Its Donors, Experts Say – And Biden just months ago condemned dark money as a threat to our democracy

A former FBI supervisory special agent (SSA) confirmed that the bureau’s headquarters tipped off Joe Biden’s 2020 transition team about its plan to interview Hunter Biden, a newly released congressional transcript shows

Jack’s Schizophrenic Indictment – He claims Trump and his 6 co-conspirators violated the ECA, the “bedrock” function of our federal government – Because he knows the Trump team will show that state certifications were impacted by fraud

New Evidence Shows Just How Biased The Trump Judge Is In Jack Smith’s Case – Judge Chutkan’s apparent unethical conduct in ignoring Canon 3, regarding impartiality, is entirely in line with my expectation of America’s judicial class

A Georgia indictment of Donald Trump expected this week could depend on a grand jury’s interpretation of an often-misreported phone call that Trump had with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in the aftermath of the 2020 vote

Peter Navarro: Will Trump Be Out-Foxed By RNC Debate Jackals and Keebler Elf Mercenaries? – Whether he will join the first Republican presidential primary event on August 23rd in Milwaukee is the question Donald Trump will answer soon

INDICT THIS: Summoning the spirit of Leo Amery from the vasty deep, Victor Davis Hanson compiles a bill of particulars that indicts the Biden administration – See the list…

The Biden Administration has asked Congress for $2.7 billion in funding, including money for new housing facilities for illegal immigrant families as they navigate an “expedited” process to determine whether they get asylum in the U.S.

Comparing Democrat Tactics That Of The Nazis Is No Longer Unreasonable – A majority of Republicans agree the Biden regime’s political persecution of Trump to the political persecution of a political opponent by Nazi Germany or the USSR

6 Takeaways From The Biden Admin’s Court Quest To Keep Censoring Americans Online – This major case is likely to hit the U.S. Supreme Court as the Biden administration tries to stop American citizens from sharing messages they don’t like

A Wisconsin judge denied a request to dismiss a civil case against 10 fictitious electors for former President Trump and two of Trump’s attorneys for submitting phony elector slates for Trump including Wisconsin, where Biden won

I&I/TIPP Poll: Even After Three Indictments, Trump Support Rises – A total of 1,253 registered voters were polled with a margin of error of +/-4.3 percentages points Among that group, 57% said they would support Trump for president

15 Reasons Why Trump Should Be Favored Against Biden in 2024 – There’s no way the polls should be close, but they are, and way close – Remember, the pollsters have underestimated Trump twice before

Republican Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy vowed Sunday that if elected his priority will be to “clean house, shut down the FBI, and refurbish the DOJ”

Dallas Ludlum: The True North Challenges Career Politicians – The True North Initiative seeks to challenge this norm by backing individuals who aren’t part of the political establishment but share a genuine commitment to their communities

Victor Davis Hanson: Joe Biden’s Race Against the Truth – What is the long-term Democrat strategy that requires such short-term stinky skullduggery? – Deals were cut with millions rerouted to Biden accounts to avoid scrutiny…

Biden wants to suck from the sky an essential ingredient for food – The Biden administration is throwing its weight behind technology that sucks supposed planet-warming carbon dioxide out of the air to stop the worst effects of climate change

Of Course, our climate Has Always Been Changing – Bingo, short-term weather patterns and cycles, measured over 30 years have little if any bearing on long-term climate trends

Biological women in the United States are being subjected to genocidal violation, we could call it existential rape of a certain type, by misogynistic biological males posing as trans-women – These fake trans women hate real women…

The Space Force Is Launching A Swarm of Tiny Satellites – Defense satellites used to be big, costly, and targets for attack – The Pentagon aims for a more resilient network of nearly 1,000 mini orbiters that will be a harder target for rivals to strike

Joe Rogan has recently brought attention to Kari Lake’s claims of election fraud during her 2022 gubernatorial race in Arizona – With Rogan’s extensive reach and influence, his statements have given a significant boost to Lake’s allegations

The Faux Science Of Gender Dysphoria – Puberty brings many physical and emotional changesInstead of nurturing a girl through normal transition, it fosters a suggestion of gender dysphoria with all its attendant dire consequences

The Biden administration’s sudden concern for the Rio Grande’s fawns foot mussel – Clothing and non-biodegradable migrant garbage covers habitat in pads hundreds of yards long in one area of Brownsville, across from Matamoros…

ZH: iPhone Maker Foxconn Slashes Full-Year Sales Outlook On Sliding Smartphone Demand – The downgrade comes as consumers and corporations reduce spending on increasing macroeconomic headwinds as China’s recovery stalls

THE FUNNIEST THING YOU’LL READ ALL YEAR – Wired magazine interviewed Wonder Boy Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg – This should be read aloud at cocktail parties for the rest of the year as it is true comedy gold

August 13, 2023

Trump Can Win: 2024 Isn’t Like 2020 – What he has going for him is a variant on the three Eisenhower slogans – Instead of Korea, Corruption, and Communism Trump’s 2024 variant should be Ukraine, Corruption, and Moral Permissiveness

The Republican Pseudo-Party – Between the MAGA-Trumpers, never-Trumpers, and those who won’t vote Democrat, there is no unified Republican party – Until/Unless the GOP pulls itself together we don’t have two competing parties

David Weiss: A Not So Special Counsel – The man behind the failed plea deal orchestrated to protect Hunter Biden should not be leading the investigation into his various misdeeds

“Shoeless Joe” and the Fixing of the Biden Scandal – This is the same Weiss who headed an investigation that was trashed by whistleblowers, who alleged that his investigation had been fixed from the outset

Iran’s Piracy May Require the Tripoli Treatment – The Pentagon contemplates placing U.S. military personnel aboard civilian shipping vessels traveling through the Strait of Hormuz

A GOP Lawmaker Introduces Bill for US Gov’t to Take Over Democrat-Run City After Rising Crime Rates – The bill would repeal the D.C. Home Rule Act, and shift authority of the district to Congress

Why we often fail to see malfeasance and malevolence – The American healthcare industry in its close relationship with U.S. government agencies/funding closely resembles what President Eisenhower called the “military-industrial complex”

Howard Galganov: Zelenskyy Is A Performer & We’re All Actors Upon His Stage – Until We Can Settle All The Problems In Our Own House – What’s Happening in the House of Another Should Not Be Our Business…

The Brutal Truth Of “Gender-Affirming Care” – Trans mastectomies are the lobotomies of our time – Every word of detransitioner Chloe Cole’s testimony to Congress last month was harrowing…

Beware the “Community Schools” Trojan Horse: Teacher’s union controlled indoctrination centers – California, Maryland, and NY’s new vision for public schools as one-stop centers for medical and social services, for kids’ families as well

Anti-Woke Is Not Enough – The right Red response to Blue is to build its high-tech “AI Future” – In other words, a lot of economic action is on the move as blue money seeks, redder pastures, and it’s having a measurable effect

5 Congressional Democrats asked AG Garland to investigate Justice Clarence Thomas over gifts he reportedly received from conservative billionaires – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jerrold Nadler Jamie Raskin, Hank Johnson, and Ted Lieu

Gatestone: Will Congress Save Itself by Stopping the Iran Deal and Biden’s Imperial Presidency? – The continuing trend of broad expansions of presidential powers is seriously eroding the powers of the legislative branch

JD Rucker: Here Are a Couple of Things That Make You Go “Hmmm” About the Recent Maui Fires – Conspiracy theories have been popping up since none of it makes sense – Something strange seems to be afoot

World Sports Organizations Wake Up to the Absurdity of Trans-Athlete Policies – These policies were “adopted with practically no evidence and very little consultation” – “People are having to do so much work to persuade themselves to undo these policies”

California Has Another Planet-Saving Idea – They’ve come up with a creative solution to their electricity shortage, just mandate that all the new E.V.s incorporate bidirectional charging — as Senate Bill 233 proposes

The emergency siren system in Maui, Hawaii failed to go off as the devastating fire approached, leaving residents with “no warning” – The Hawaii Emergency Services Administration revealed that the sirens failed to alert residents

How much is all this shoplifting costing us? – Shoplifting increases the cost of goods for all people – The thief does not “stick it to the man” rather the thief sticks it to the neighbors

August 12, 2023

Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla. introduced articles of impeachment against President Biden – While several congressional committees are building a multi-pronged case to remove Biden from office, Steube said it was past time to take action

Two prominent climate scientists have taken on the EPA’s new rules to cut CO2 emissions in electricity generation, arguing in testimony that the regulations “will be disastrous for the country, for no scientifically justifiable reason”

ATF Set Its Sights on Banning Private Gun Sales with New Rules – The new rule would bar gun owners from selling firearms for a profit without a Federal Firearms License, according to an agency leak

Simon Ateba, Chief White House correspondent for Today News Africa, filed a discrimination lawsuit against the WH, alleging officials are “leaving biased journalists in charge of who gets to ask the tough questions” during press briefings

AG Garland’s appointment of David Weiss to serve as special counsel in the Hunter criminal probe raises alarm as legal experts who say it explicitly violates the DOJ’s regulations requiring such appointments come from outside the agency

NR: Jack Smith Pressures the Courts to Rush Trump to Trial While Slow-Walking The Biden probe – Biden DOJ not only failed to indict Hunter on well-known crimes but has intentionally let the statute of limitations lapse on 2014–15 crimes

Dallas Ludlum: The appointment of David Weiss as special counsel to investigate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has unleashed a storm of criticism and raised questions about the impartiality and the credibility of the investigation

Gatestone: The Biden Administration Abandoning Israel for Ruling Mullahs of Iran? – “For the last year and a half, Iran stated clearly that its main strategy is to make the Samaria region [of Israel] another Gaza”

Biden More Than Doubles The U.S. Deficit in 2023 and the Fiscal Year Isn’t Over Yet! – The United States budget deficit hit $1.6 trillion in the first 10 months of the fiscal year

The Biden family-tied accounts at the heart of the GOP ‘foreign influence’ inquiry – Congressional investigators have now detailed in three memos the various Biden-linked accounts they say hauled in over $20 million

Media reports indicate that some Fox News personalities have entertained the idea of leaving the network to join former  host Tucker Carlson, who has been posting a version of his show on Twitter for months despite warnings from Fox

The Los Angeles Housing Department announced that 17 owners of residential hotels were warned over letting out rooms to tourists, highlighting that they are breaking city law if the rooms aren’t being rented out to city homeless instead

August 11, 2023

The Dark Side Of Bidenomics: 16.2% Bidenflation – Nowadays, you need $1,000 in earnings to purchase what $862 could buy when Biden assumed office

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared Thursday that if he was elected President he would “absolutely reserve the right” to drone strike Mexican drug cartels

Rep. Dan Goldman’s disastrous cross-examination of the IRS whistleblowers last month might have paved the way for today’s special counsel appointment. US Attorney David Weiss has been tasked with investigating the president’s son

Following the appointment of David Weiss to investigate Hunter Biden and the lack of action by the DOJ on allegations against him, 2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump expressed skepticism on the independence of Weiss

Sam Bankman-Fried heads to jail after a judge sided with a request by federal prosecutors to revoke the FTX founder’s bail over alleged witness tampering – He was remanded to custody directly from a court hearing in New York

Gatestone: The Massive Transformation of India and the Middle East – Ethnic cleansing against the indigenous Hindu people of Kashmir was one of the occurrences that drastically changed the demographic balance in the region

ZH: Seniors Told To Brace For Far Lower Social Security Payment Boost In 2024, Perhaps 3% – A nonpartisan seniors group found that some eight in 10 retirees report they’re still reeling from inflation

ZH: Never Forget: Leftists Showed Their Authoritarian Colors During COVID – 1) The lockdowns did nothing to stop the spread, 2) The masks were useless, 3) The IFR of COVID was a tiny 0.23%, 4) The vaccines did not prevent transmission…

August 10, 2023

RFK Jr. Identifies “The Real Shooter” Behind His Father’s Death – “When I sat down and read the autopsy report, it was clear to me, as it would to anybody who read that report, that Sirhan could not have killed my father”

DHS has drafted a proposal that would allow some unauthorized immigrants living in the U.S. to hold jobs for up to five years, more than twice the current limit, according to documents seen by The Washington Times

While serving as mayor of San Francisco, California Gavin Newsom spearheaded a program to bus the homeless out in a voluntary program called “Homeward Bound –  It is still an ongoing program, spending an average of $180 per return…

The White House secured the release of five Americans imprisoned in Iran in exchange for several Iranian nationals imprisoned in the United States as well as the release of nearly $6 billion in seized Iranian oil funds

Multiple reports say Biden will unveil a Ukraine aid package request north of $25 billion – It could include $13 billion in military assistance and $12 billion for disaster relief…

Senator Joe Manchin is “seriously” considering becoming an independent, contending that the Democrat brand has “become so bad” – Manchin says that Democrats in Washington D.C. have tarnished the Democrat Party’s image

Ron DeSantis dropped to 3rd place in the Republican primary race – Cygnal’s August poll shows Vivek Ramaswamy edging him out with 11.4 percent support, pushing DeSantis, who garners 10.4 percent support, to third place

Mollie Hemingway: Biden Won In 2020 The Same Way Soviet Basketball Won Gold In 1972 – Corporate media rightly question the rigged 1972 Olympic men’s basketball final, so why not the 2020 election?

Mark Hemingway: How I Learned to Love Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate – His Kapiolani Maternity birth certificate must be genuine, otherwise, my birth certificate at the same hospital would have to be fake…

The sustained government attacks against Donald Trump have implications that extend far beyond his presidential campaign. They present a serious constitutional crisis that has the potential to destroy America

The tactics that destroyed the revolutionary Tucker car in 1948 are being used to indict Trump – Here are seven tactics used to destroy Tucker’s dream based on information gleaned from Steve Lehto’s AACA presentation

A leftist just admitted to what Donald Trump has been saying all along – Trump is correct when saying “They are after you, I’m just in the way,” but it’s time we stood up to the extreme leftists who are turning into Nazis without the uniform

Joe Biden’s State Department pushed Pakistan to remove Imran Khan as prime minister because he did not support the war against Russian aggression in Ukraine – They promised better relations if he was removed and isolation if he wasn’t

Media Ignore Gold Star Families Criticizing Biden After Hyping Khizr Khan’s ‘Suckers’ Story – A Gold Star mother noted Joe Biden lied to her about seeing his son, Beau, arrive from Iraq in a flag-draped coffin – Beau died of brain cancer

Individuals from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to be resettled into the US as refugees straight from Mexico – Unlike previous pathways that offered temporary lawful presence in the US, this one gives access to U.S. citizenship

Ecuador, the little jewel country of the Andes, just saw a very ugly event – The assassination of a leading presidential candidate eleven days before the election that came just after he threatened to put cartel drug leaders away

Ohio’s Issue 1 Rope-A-Dope: This issue was marketed by both sides of the issue incorrectly and deceptively – The moral of this story is that every voter needs to research to determine the truth regarding proposed laws and bills

Eric Trump Blasts DOJ For Going Through Little Brother Barron’s “Underwear Drawer” – “They are doing anything they can to take down my father” – People forget that Jack Smith’s wife was the one who did the Michelle Obama documentary

Hunter Biden’s Text Resurfaces About Joe Forcing Him To Pay Up Over Half His Salary – DC Democrats continually insist there is no evidence that Joe Biden directly received any money from his son’s business dealings with foreign countries

Victor Davis Hanson: Who Will Say No More to the Current Madness? – Most know what must be done, but few will tell the truth – We need to balance the budget, return to legal-only immigration, and restore a well-funded, but un-woke Pentagon

Welcome To JoeBiden’s Grand Illusion Of Prosperity – President Biden is writing $200 billion in hot checks every two months

NYT: What We Lose To Shoplifting – Some $94.5 billion nationwide was lost in 2021 – Store employees expect to fold shirts, handle customer requests, etc. but not to confront brazen and sometimes hostile shoplifters or organized theft rings

ZH: US inflation is poised to begin accelerating again soon – Stocks and bonds are unpriced for this outcome – Markets are most sensitive at economic turning points because they tend to linearly extrapolate trends

ZH: Money supply growth fell again in June after turning negative in November 2022 for the first time in 28 years – June’s drop continues a steep downward trend from the unprecedented highs experienced during much of the past two years

ZH CPI Preview: “Dovish More Likely Than Hawkish” As Headline Inflation Posts First Rise In 12 Months – If these forecasts are accurate, the annual headline CPI will post its first increase in 12 months, since peaking at 9% in June 2022…

Inside Tucker’s World: A Biography of the X-Man by Chadwick Moore – The leftist hostility directed at Tucker comes close to rivaling that directed at Donald Trump whom he, more than anyone else on cable news, is so strongly identified

“Right To Repair” Policies Could Exacerbate Cybersecurity Threats – Opening the tech and intellectual property on some types of devices could open vulnerabilities of hospitals and health care facilities, which are growing in frequency

After devastating the fires on Maui, lefties jump right in with “climate change” canards – Some characters are yawping the stupidest, most unhelpful, knee-jerk explanations on a disaster they cannot possibly know the cause of, such as these...

Popular acid reflux medicine is linked to a higher risk of dementia – The report examined patients who take medications called proton pump inhibitors, such as omeprazole (Prilosec), esomeprazole (Nexium) and lansoprazole (Prevacid)

August 9, 2023

China sent navy ships and fighter jets toward Taiwan, continuing its military pressure – China claims self-ruled Taiwan as its territory and has regularly sent flights toward the island in reaction to the island’s political activities

The Russia/Ukraine War Must End in Compromise – A face-saving compromise can bring an end to this war – One such compromise would be to cede to Russia irredeemably Russian territory that doesn’t surround Ukrainian territory

More than 1,100 people have now faced Jan. 6 criminal charges – Trump’s indictment outlined a five-part plan that he followed in a supposed effort to cling to power, including exploiting the violence on Jan. 6 to delay election certification

Bill O’Reilly has said that Biden’s weaponized DOJ will lose its case against Donald Trump and argues the only chance Joe Biden’s DOJ has of convicting Trump is if former VP Mike Pence testifies against his former boss

A Federal Grand Jury Indictment is Meaningless Because They Indict 99.9% of the Time – Grand juries declined to return an indictment in only 11 out of 162,000 cases

Dollars to Dining: Bank records show the proximity of Joe Biden meetings to his son’s foreign payments – Money changed hands mere weeks or days before Joe Biden’s dinners with son’s clients, Congress alleges in an explosive new memo

Florida Governor DeSantis Suspends Democrat State Attorney Monique Worrell for Neglect of Duty and Incompetence – “It is my duty as Governor to ensure that the laws enacted by our duly elected Legislature are followed,” said DeSantis

ZH: Biden’s Subsidies Fuel China’s Panel Dominance, It’s Not Clean Energy! – The IEA based its assumptions on how much CO2 is produced in manufacturing solar panels based on European energy data rather than Chinese energy data

In violation of a Federal statute, the Biden administration will not provide a full accounting of the number of illegal immigrants in two Alternatives to Detention programs

50+ years of psychological data show conservatives report greater levels of happiness and emotional health than liberals – It is so well documented that today’s social scientists have given up and have instead tried to just explain why

RFK Jr: Zelensky was to sign a peace agreement with Russia over a year ago – Putin was withdrawing troops, then Boris Johnson went to Ukraine to kill the agreement – US objectives were regime change in Russia and debilitation of their army

Special counsel Jack Smith obtained a search warrant for former Donald Trump’s Twitter account in January Court documents reveal that the warrant was served with a nondisclosure order that prohibited Twitter from making it public

The judge in Donald Trump’s DC criminal case issued one of her most important decisions – Federal District Judge Tanya Chutkan rejected a plea from Trump’s team to move a hearing on a possible protective order past her Friday deadline

The House GOP released bank records on Hunter Biden payments from Russian and Kazakh oligarchs totaling over $20M – The redacted bank records are related to Burisma, Yelena Baturina, and Kenes Rakishev

A Major 2020 Election Voter Fraud Scheme Has Been Exposed in Michigan – A Muskegon City Clerk reported seeing an individual dropping off a large bundle of completed voter registration applications at the city clerk’s office

The January 6th committee never turned over the records it accumulated over 2 years to the House of Representatives – This is blatantly illegal and one might almost call it an attack on the Constitution and our legal system

Multiple FBI field offices were involved in drafting a memo targeting Catholics as potential domestic terrorists –This discovery contradicts testimony from Christopher Wray, who claimed under oath only one field office was involved

A Conservative Journalist Reports She Was Told Who Brought Cocaine Into WH And Joe Biden Knows Who It Is – The investigation into the cocaine ended with no one being interviewed and no suspects publicly identified

The public has a right to know details about the bag of cocaine found in the White House on July 2 – It should not be a closed case, even though the Secret Service claims it can’t identify the culprit – This claim is on its face is utter nonsense

ZH: Oil’s price advance since the start of the second half appears to be regaining momentum as the global market continues to tighten – A looming price level may determine whether the rally reaches this year’s highs

California has partnered with the Chinese province of Hainan to “fight climate change – What a strange marriage, considering China remains the #1 producer of CO2 in the world and emits more than twice as much as the US

ZH: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. changed his mind on the need for a border wall – “I went to the border feeling  Trump made a mistake on the wall, but people need to be able to recalibrate their worldview when they’re confronted with evidence”

ZH: The discovery last month of a Chinese COVID bio lab in California shocked the nation, but likely came as no surprise to the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom who funded the Chinese COVID Lab known to Biden’s FDA

The federal government is borrowing an average of $5.3 billion per day according to the Congressional Budget Office –This new estimate comes just days after a top international creditor downgraded the U.S. credit rating

Turning California Purple – California will turn purple, then red, if and only if the Republicans spouse messages and policies that attack the heart of the Democrat agenda – The foundation of Democrat power is also its ultimate weakness…

The FBI Took Down An International Child Abuse Network – 100 Suspects Were Arrested and 13 Children Rescued – Authorities in the US and Australia conducted sweeping raids in a joint operation to take down the network

Katy Grimes: More Dire Climate (Weather) Predictions: Prophets of Doom and Gloom Agitating for Control – “Why science is becoming more corrupt, and how it is being abused for political and economic gain”

Those honest enough to report such things have talked for years about what it costs to build, transport, install, and maintain windmills – They can never produce as much energy or financial value as was expended in their creation

Months ago Gavin Newsom said he would be “all in” on a debate with Ron DeSantis, who later accepted – Some are wondering if Newsom’s offer was sincere because he acts as if he wants to avoid a debate, which makes sense…

We have today people who are extremely dogmatic and under no circumstances will view, listen, or read anything that contradicts their worldview – Not only are they stupid and dogmatic, but now are also vicious and insulting

August 8, 2023

ZH: A New Report Shows San Francisco Has The Worst Recovery of Any City From the Pandemic – San Francisco Downtown has 32% less foot traffic than in 2019; office building vacancies at 33%

WSJ: Impeaching a Trump Impeachment – The Latest Hunter Biden bribery details justify the infamous 2019 Ukraine phone call made by then President Donald Trump

Why Did Biden Elevate CIA Director William Burns to His Cabinet? – Two of the Biden administration’s biggest blunders, the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the initial phase of the war in Ukraine were based on incorrect CIA analyses

Former President Trump Reveals the Dirty Jan. 6 Committee Illegally Destroyed their Records and Documents Now that He Has Full Subpoena Power

Special Counsel Jack Smith, who indicted Trump for a second time last week, is now reportedly investigating the 2024 GOP frontrunner’s Save America PAC

McConnell warns House GOP representative against a Biden impeachment – Once we go down this path it incentivizes the other side to do the same thing” – “Impeachment ought to be rare,” he added – “This is not good for the country”

Watch This Upcoming Censorship Roundtable For Free – Glen Greenwald, Sharyl Attkisson, RFK Jr., Jenin Younes, and Jamal will participate – Each one of them took action in the past to support First Amendment rights

The Government Lied To Us – They are forcing consumers to buy EVs claiming the public would be forced to buy “gas guzzlers” because that would be all the car industry (in cahoots with the oil industry) would sell them otherwise

California’s new math framework ignores decades of scientific research – Its overt political content aims to achieve “equity” by holding back advanced students and “inquiry learning” has virtually zero grounding in research

Dallas Ludlum: China’s deflationary factory gate prices declining for the tenth consecutive month, has raised concerns globally – This article explores what deflation means for China’s economy and how it may affect the United States

China Exports Unexpectedly Plunge – Exports declined by 14.5% YoY in dollar terms, worse than the -12.5% expected, worse than last month’s 12.4% drop, and the steepest fall since the outset of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020

The Ukraine aid battle will resume when Congress returns from recess – An expected aid request by Congress could be “north of $10 billion” as America and other NATO countries continue support for Ukraine

Putin Handed His Political Rival A Lighter Sentence Than Biden Wants To Give Trump – What does it say about our country that Putin goes easier on his political rival than President Joe Biden and his cronies do to his?

James Comer: More Biden family bank records will be released this week – Comer predicted in June that newly subpoenaed Biden bank records would show the family accepted up to $30 million from its foreign business dealings

Good old Tucker Carlson is giving us a look behind the curtain as a result of his conversation with Hunter Biden’s pal Devon Archer – And he gave us a look at how the world works Way Up High for the well-connected

A former stripper who appeared nude in multiple photos found on Hunter Biden’s laptop calls him a “shady dude” in a new interview – She says “During the time she knew him, crack cocaine was Hunter Biden’s true love”

Jack Smith Responds To Trump Attorney Court Filing And Demands A Protective Order – But the purpose of criminal discovery is to afford defendants the ability to prepare for and mount a defense in court, not to wage a media campaign

Did Mike Pence admit he could have stayed the Senate count? – Appearing on Fox News, Pence admitted he could have rejected the electors on January 6, 2020, which would have turned the matter over to the House of Representative

Representative Chip Roy in the fight over appropriations and government spending issues an ultimatum – In exchange for his support on the must-pass legislation he requires the ouster of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Howard Galganov: Only A Fool Or A Hater Can’t See What Is Happening – The LEFT will do anything to Destroy the Man they Deem Capable of Stopping their Crusade for One World Government presented as a Utopian Communist Society

The Biden administration has provided more than $2.35 billion in taxpayer dollars to Afghanistan since the Taliban retook control – Lawmakers and government oversight officials warn that these funds could be propping up the Taliban’s

Sharyl Attkisson: Widespread waste, fraud, and abuse are taking place within the DOD as recently evidenced by their fifth consecutive failed audit – They couldn’t account for 61% of assets and admitted sending an extra $6.2 billion to Ukraine

The power to regulate and tax is wisely bestowed on only those who are elected by the people – However, when the power to regulate is subsumed by bureaucrats, employees of the government, we no longer have the Rule of Law

The American Library Association President Admits She Is a “Marxist Lesbian” as States Look to Cut Ties – “My political viewpoint is a target right now, but my agenda doesn’t drive the association,” she said

A New Day and New Types of Election Fraud – In the election fraud space we now have some new variants in the form of SMURFS, algorithms, and shapeshifters

Texas’ Operation Lone Star troopers recently rescued over 900 children being smuggled into and through Texas from Mexico by human traffickers according to DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez

Can Donald Trump Get a Fair Trial in DC.? – Congress should set the trial outside of Washington, D.C., among the American people, as opposed to under the eyes and influence of the government that is alleging it has been attacked

ZH: Days after Ron Desantis’ largest individual donor warned he’d cut off funding if DeSantis doesn’t start appealing to moderates, the Florida governor replaced his campaign manager with his Florida Chief of Staff, James Uthmeier

With some banks under financial stress due to higher interest rates, Congress and the Federal Reserve want to raise bank capital reserve requirements – This means holding more government bonds, many of which dropped in value last year

Massachusetts is the latest “Sanctuary State to declare a state of emergency over its inability to handle migrants arriving from the US/Mexico border – Governor Maura Healy: “This is a national issue that demands a national response”

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we are seeing a lot of social media videos, both homebrew and news reports, of people responding to the breakdown of law and order with heartrending stories about what a nightmare they live in…

Harvard’s Move to Get Around the Affirmative-Action Decision – Harvard’s required admission essays for fall 2024 -“Harvard has long recognized the importance of enrolling a diverse student body,”  How will your life experiences…

EV Owners Suddenly Realize They’re Being Conned – “I’ve been road testing EVs regularly for more than two years and not once have they met their claimed range ” per Neil Winton – “The average shortfall is close to 20%”

Proterra, an electric bus manufacturing company promoted by the Biden administration, had everything it needed to succeed and failed anyway – Their Chapter 11 filing came after the California-based firm cut hundreds of jobs…

August 7, 2023

Yet More Jack Smith Indictments: Prosecution of 2020 alternate electors in six of seven states likely – The seven states with alternate electors were Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania

Numb to Trump: Data shows a drop in scandal interest – The arrest and arraignment of Donald Trump, along with the usual flurry of angry social media posts and cries of a political witch-hunt are starting to feel routine, experts say

The Third Trump Indictment Is a Replay of History – Parallels of personnel and procedure from “Get Hoffa” to “Get Nixon” to “Get Trump” are hard to ignore

Trump’s Lawyers Say His Post-Election Conduct Was Constitutionally Protected – When he alleged fraud and sought help from government officials, they say, Trump was exercising rights guaranteed by the First Amendment

DeSantis Won’t Admit The 2020 election was rigged – The governor failed to mention that journalist Mollie Hemingway, among others, has extensively documented one episode after another of election rigging in 2020

Donald Trump tried hard to get America to focus on the real risk, China – Recent stories show he was correct and a new one has just been added to the list – Chinese citizens (foot soldiers?) are being smuggled into America

An FBI agent who “investigated” the false claims that President Donald Trump’s campaign had ties to Russia in 2016, is changing his tune – Mr. McGonigal will take a guilty plea in a case accusing him of illegally working for a Russian oligarch

An FBI Agent is Exposed for Lying Under Oath to Congress About Knowledge of Hunter Biden Laptop – FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan was present at a pivotal meeting on October 14, 2020, with Facebook…

“Scotland cut down 16 million trees in the process of developing wind farms” – Peat bog carbon repositories are also being dug up

The Foundation for Freedom Online says work done by the University of Washington Center for an Informed Public used  taxpayer grants to devise strategies like “virality circuit breakers” and “nudges” to censor users without their knowledge

NR: China Is Not “Eating Our Lunch” Economically – You wouldn’t know it from many American politicians’ rhetoric, but China’s economy is in big trouble right now. The country’s economy is setting off alarm bell after alarm bell

3,000+ U.S. Sailors, Marines Reach Red Sea as Biden’s Middle East Build-Up Continues – The U.S. military says Iran has either seized or attempted to take control of nearly 20 internationally flagged ships in the region over the past two years…

Portland, Oregon residents fled rampant homelessness and crime, taking their tax dollars with them – IRS data shows Portland hemorrhaged 14,257 persons filing taxes during 2020-2021, resulting in a record loss of $1 billion in revenue

Sources claim Jill Biden is wielding a lot of influence over President Joe Biden’s decisions as she participates directly in vetting administration officials, sitting in meetings, protecting her husband from long events, and many other duties…

Joe Biden blatantly lied to the American people about Hunter’s dealings – Yet reduced to its essentials, Biden’s DOJ indicted Donald Trump because he allegedly lied to the American people

Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner visited the Obama WH and VP residence more than previously known – A former President Obama appointee and top executive at Hunter Biden’s now-defunct firm visited WH at least 36 times

The Curious Effect of Insular Liberalism – Hard Left Elites are a tiny minority but have amazing power in the media, courts, government, business, and politics – These self-proclaimed “elites” are largely in control of what we see and hear

Joe Biden’s woke housing plan for all of us – The proposed regulation encourages taxpayer-funded housing agencies to abandon ensuring fairness in the market and instead pursue the elimination of all inequality in housing and income

Joe Rogan Says Trump Can’t Be Beat In Primary – Rogan described Trump as an “effective” president he’d love to interview about the “deep state” and pointed out that others have adopted various Trump policies, such as building walls

Trump’s message for the GOP: “We’ve already defeated the Republicans” – Trump’s segue into telling Alabama Republicans not to count on seeing him at the first Republican National Committee debate in Milwaukee later this month

The motion for a protective order is a sneaky effort to extort Trump into silence – Evidence that Trump needs to have for his defense against the indictment against him, but that the DOJ won’t produce it unless Trump is gagged about the case

Donald Trump calls for recusal of the judge assigned to his January 6 case – U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan was nominated to the bench by President Barack Obama and was assigned to preside over Mr. Trump’s case

Gatestone: Can Trump Get an “Impartial Jury” in DC As The Law Requires? – In all likelihood, prosecutors will vigorously fight all efforts by the Trump defense team to ensure an impartial jury and judge

A federal judge hurt Jack Smith’s prosecution of Trump for alleged mishandling of classified documents by denying the DOJ’s request to keep fillings sealed in the case and asked for prosecutors to provide additional information…

Dallas Ludlum: Donald Trump is requesting the recusal of Judge Tanya S. Chutkan due to bias – She is overseeing his case related to 2020 election results in Georgia – Trump also requested a change of trial venue from Washington, D.C

The Georgia DA is expected to charge Trump under their anti-mafia RICO law – “Signs are certainly pointing in that direction,” said law professor at Georgia State University Anthony Michael Kreis

Biden’s Biggest Gaslight: Joe Claiming His Bid to Jail Donald Trump is “Justice Chugging Along” – Polls show that much of the American public believes that the DOJ and its state allies are targeting Trump for political reasons

The FBI lied about the extent of its communications with FB regarding the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020 – Newly disclosed communications reveal the FBI’s claim it only met with FB once is “completely false”

Did Obama’s chef drown in three feet of water? – The Massachusetts Estuaries Project document shows most, the water where he drowned was three feet deep – Tafari could have saved his own life just by merely sitting up

Divergences: The DeSantis vs. Newsom Debate – This should prove valuable and revealing for the American people – Here is Part One of three, detailing the key fault line divergences separating their records and ideologies on the economy

ZH: Perhaps one of the most bizarre recent developments in economic news has been the attempt by establishment media (and the White House) to declare US inflation “defeated” despite all of these facts to the contrary

7 Trends Which Indicate Economic Disaster Is Rapidly Approaching – The economic meltdown that is coming should not be a surprise to anyone – #6 The fact that delinquency rates for commercial real estate mortgages are skyrocketing

Victor Davis Hanson: The Remaking of America – Every aspect of American life and culture is under assault including how we govern ourselves, and how we live10 upheavals that the Left has successfully wrought

Classical schools are seeing surges in enrollment and expected hatred from legacy media – Children achieve more when taught with systematic phonics, traditional math and science, the humanities, and a conscious effort at instilling virtue

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has made history once again in her state – Sanders appointed Cody Hiland to the state Supreme Court, giving Republicans control of the state supreme court for the first time

President Biden is a miserable failure across the board but few examples are quite as vivid as his failure in Latin America  – He is doing nothing as the area goes to hell in a hand basket and Democrats are embarrassed about it

Fox News Tops July Ratings With A Retooled Primetime Lineup – The Five, Jesse Waters, and Greg Gutfeld were largely responsible…

NR: Are Republicans Tiring of the Wokeness War? – The latest New York Times poll produces just the misleading result their poll was designed to produce

Ridiculous: Just when it appeared that a law-abiding business owner scored a victory against a scumbag shoplifter by subduing him with an almighty thrashing, the police have stepped in to criminally investigate the shopkeeper for assault

Over two dozen House Democrats proposed legislation that would slap “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines with a 1,000% excise tax – This would raise the price of a $500 weapon to $5,000 in their bid to reduce access to guns

Temperatures above 86F begin a precipitous decline of EV performance – Also, “to decrease the negative effects of heat on EV batteries at rest, it is ideal for parking in shaded areas or garages whenever it’s especially hot or sunny”

Another Sport Joins in Banning Transgender Athletes in Women’s Competition – British Rowing has introduced a policy barring transgender women from competing in women’s events at its competitions

The US women’s soccer team’s “polarizing” politics put them at risk of being “irrelevant” – The team became “unlikeable” after a group of players refused to sing the national anthem at the Sunday game

NR: Former Minneapolis police officer Tou Thao has been sentenced to 4 years and 9 months in prison for his role in restraining bystanders while his former colleague, Derek Chauvin, fatally restrained George Floyd

August 6, 2023

Why didn’t the West negotiate an Austrian-style neutrality deal with Russia? – Canadian writer and journalist Aaron Maté just published a very intelligent and illuminating conversation about the war in Ukraine based on European history

Warships from a joint China–-Russia naval operation buzzed the coast of Alaska last week in the biggest combined Russia/China battle group to approach U.S. shores – The U.S. Navy mobilized four destroyers to escort them away…

Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News exclusively in a long-form video interview of his major policy vision for a return to the White House should voters send him back to the Oval Office next year

Howard Galganov: Some Things Aren’t So Black Or White – WHO’S TO SAY THE SAME ISN’T TRUE ABOUT VIVEK RAMASWAMY?

WSJ: Democrats vs.SCOTUS – They want conservative Justices disqualified from hearing cases that they fear won’t turn out the way progressives want – This needs to be understood as an attempt to usurp the judiciary and control the Court

ZH: The film “Sound of Freedom” which reveals the brutal reality of child sex trafficking has been greeted with muted enthusiasm from the political left, which begs the question: Does silence equal complicity in this unspeakable crime?

More than 10,000 Americans were polled from May 30 to June 4 of this year by the Pew Research Center – They found that overall, 59 percent of those surveyed do not want the sale of new gas-powered cars to be eliminated by 2035

Trans Individuals Seek Euthanasia After Getting “Gender-Affirming Care” – They suffer from high rates of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse

Change Cities Or Enter rehab – San Diego’s new homeless camping ban leaves many facing tough decisions – Leaders of one Chula Vista nonprofit said they were seeing a surge of people fleeing San Diego for the South Bay

Five (Possibly) Good Things from the Trump Indictments – Destroying President Trump’s wealth or fighting spirit has always been a long shot, so their current goal is to destroy his support…

Jonathan Turley: The Foulness Of The Trump Indictment – Hidden behind the legal language is an obvious effort to punish him for daring to speak his mind about the chicanery he (and half of the American voters) perceived in the 2020 election

NR: The Miraculously Changing Narrative around Biden’s Involvement in Hunter Inc. – The media are committed to defending the first family, no matter what facts emerge…

A Brief, Sad History Of Bias In The News – The real issue is the nature of the bias that has permeated modern “news” publishing and broadcasting over the last several years…

Roger Kimball: The Joe Biden’s Weather Report – Unfortunately for Them, Folks Aren’t Buying What They’re Selling – Dan Bongino summed things up the best, “Outside of the bank records, the suspicious activity reports, the wire transfers…

The DEI Threat To Our Military Academies – Cadets have shared how mandatory DEI training has devastated morale among their peers, leading many to question whether the military is still an institution worthy of their service and lives

An Iranian woman from Berkeley catfished an American, met up with him in a hotel room, and then stabbed him in the neck, as “revenge against U.S. troops for the killing of terrorist leader Qasem Soleimani’ – Yet she got probation

Elon Musk: If you were unfairly treated by your employer due to posting or liking something on this (Twitter) platform, we would fund your legal bill – No limit – Please let us know

August 5, 2023

The WH Threatens Reporters With Expulsion If They Continue to Interrupt KPJ Press Briefings – The White House is taking heat for purging more than 400 reporters from presidential press briefings following a new rule aimed at journalists

Homelessness has “exploded” in this California city, making it the “land of milk and fentanyl,” – Oakland has created an “unlivable” situation for residents as the homeless population explodes, according to activists

China is Preparing for War, But Are We? – From reclaiming farmland and building ships to massive investment in foreign countries and AI, all signs point to improving their war readiness

An ex-top NYC prosecutor working with DOJ special counsel Jack Smith on investigations related to Donald Trump has given large donations to campaigns for top Democrats, including President Joe Biden, records show

ZH: The Orchestrated Cases Against Trump Explained – Charges against Trump brought by corrupt Democrat appointees are for propaganda purposes and for sidelining the candidate who the Democrats know will win the next election

The New York Times Asked Voters What Kind of Animal Best Describes Joe Biden And Some Of The Democrat Responses Were Brutal – “Dinosaur,” “Hippopotamus,” and “Sloth”

ZH: US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm had multiple conversations with the Chinese government’s top energy official days Biden they would be tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to combat high gas prices in 2021

ZH: Visualizing America’s Import-Reliance Of Key Minerals – The U.S. is 100% reliant on imports for at least 12 minerals deemed critical by the government, with China being the primary import source for many of them…

ZH: The US Cities With The Most Vacant Offices – San Francisco’s vacancy rates climbed by 19.8%. in just over three years while New York City added over 16.8 million square feet, equivalent to 293 football fields since Q4’2019

Critical Race Theory In Their Own Words – Let us delve into the history, intellectual antecedents, objectives, and methods of CRT in its founding father’s own words, as we would any potential foreign adversary’s work on such strategy

The Los Angeles Humanitarian Crisis Right Before Your Eyes – How could 6,000 shelter beds be unoccupied, given the miles of homeless encampments that occupy area streets and sidewalks?

Members of Congress as well as lawyers for former President Donald Trump, want the nation’s highest court to weigh in as federal cases against Trump continue to mount

Who Are Democrats Kidding? Of Course, Trump’s Indictment is Political – Trump is being punished for refusing to recant his belief that 2020 was fatally corrupted and that Biden is illegitimate

NR: The Historic Trump Indictment Looks Like a Stretch – With charges unlike any in American history, the DOJ must present a watertight case on both the facts and the law, and Jack Smith hasn’t done so, at least not yet

Still Doubting the 2020 Election – Let us just look at the official results…from the official federal government figures…

I don’t always agree with the strategies but one of them is brilliant: Trump is demanding that his trial in Jack Smith’s poorly disguised “insurrection” case be televised

The DOJ has requested a protective order in Donald Trump’s election fraud case – Jack Smith claims that Trump needs strict orders forbidding his publicly sharing key details about the four-count indictment handed down Tuesday

As President Trump is indicted for January 6, more evidence emerges that it was a set-up – January 6 has been enormously useful to the Democrats for the reasons below:

Gatestone: Because of the Biden administration’s weak leadership, policies of appeasement, and reluctance to seriously enforce sanctions have Russia and Iran been able to create so much devastation at such an unprecedented level

ZH: Due to “Bidenomics”, interest on US debt is projected to hit an unprecedented $1 trillion in just a few months and is set to rise exponentially now that the US has crossed the “Minsky Moment” and entered the endgame phase…

Biden’s Migrant Detention Facilities Exceed Capacity as Border Crossings Increase, Again – Daily migrant detention numbers exceeded 17,000 in recent weeks

The U.K. government is moving away from its green agenda goals for renewable energy – During last winter, energy prices climbed so high that many feared they wouldn’t be able to afford to survive the colder months

NR: The Myth of an Overheated Planet – This year’s hot temperatures are part of a slow warming trend on a planet where far more people die from cold than from heat, and where we need fossil fuels to protect us from both

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: WHAT NEXT? – Another week, another Trump indictment and some say another one may be coming next week. Yawn

August 4, 2023

A 16,000-plus word interview with Barack Obama has raised eyebrows for an assortment of reasons, including his renewed allegation that Obama’s first memoir was fictionalized – Here are the most eyebrow-raising tidbits…

Dallas Ludlum: 2024 Presidential Candidate Bios: Vivek Ramaswamy – We Begin Our Presidential Candidates Bio Series, Part I

Howard Galganov: IF YOU WANT A ONE-TWO PUNCH THEN THIS IS THE TICKET . . . TRUMP/RAMASWAMY – Neither Man Will Take A Knee. And Both Men Have Clearly & Publicly Stated Their Intent

How can the Biden administration implement a new nuclear agreement with Iran that is far more dangerous than the 2015 JCPOA agreement and avoid criticism? – By negotiating a secret, oral agreement so there is nothing to see

SCOTUS is still giving Biden’s administration trouble – As a result of the court’s recent decision that President Joe Biden’s $430 billion transfer of student debt was illegal, the government may soon see its proposals to tax the wealthy reversed

An evil cabal took control of the Democrats via a pact between Joe Biden’s camp and Bernie Sanders’ camp signed in July 2020 – Their 110-page position paper has page after page of supposed horrible things that must be fixed in the US

Global leaders expect the war in Ukraine to continue for the next few years, and Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjártó says  the European Union (EU) is planning to continue funding the endless war for at least another four years

John Solomon: A Chinese energy conglomerate struck a deal in 2017 with Hunter Biden hoping to seize on the “Biden” name to provide cover for its ambitious plan to buy up energy assets inside the United States

Democrat party fundraising has significantly diminished in 2023 – Enthusiasm is traditionally seen in grassroots fundraising numbers since people who are excited about voting tend to be more willing to open their wallets

Jack Smith’s Corruption of the Justice System – An indictment filled with lies of commission and omission, especially in light of Pennsylvania’s long and very documented history of election fraud

During his arraignment on Thursday, Donald Trump was warned that he could be “held pending trial” if he violated the strict conditions of his release – He was allowed to leave only after agreeing to the stiff conditions…

US employers added 187,000 workers to their payrolls in July and the unemployment rate fell to 3.5 percent – Compared with a year ago, average hourly wages are up 4.4 percent

These eight states Electoral Votes will likely decide who wins the 2024 presidential election: Arizona/11, Georgia/16, Michigan/15, New Hampshire/4, Nevada/6, North Carolina/16, Pennsylvania/19, and Wisconsin/10

A Tale Of Two Legal Systems – If you burn a historic church and attack the WH as rioters did in 2020, you are a protester – If you protest and you are then invited into the Capitol Building, you are branded an insurrectionist and get jail time…

Scott McKay Has Five Quick Things: Abbott’s “Killer” Rio Grande Barrier, Tucker Carlson’s interview of Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund regarding January 6 that Fox News tried to HIDE…

Jim Jordan just published documents that prove Biden’s administration pressured Facebook to censor conservatives – The evidence is in the form of meeting notes recently turned over to Congress by Facebook’s parent company Meta

Dallas Ludlum: Tony Bobulinski contacted the DOJ reiterating his claims of having proof that both Hunter Biden and his father partook in questionable transactions with international entities, including China and Ukraine

Red states following pro-growth policies have vastly outperformed Blue states – They suffered less during COVID by not  embracing lockdown mania and recovered faster because they rejected Biden’s get-paid-for-not-working policies

More Americans now say they can never retire – When asked why not, three-quarters of the never-retire group said they could not afford to stop working

Why Americans Left Church – Contemporary America simply isn’t set up to promote mutuality, care, or common life, rather, it is designed to maximize individual accomplishment as defined by professional and financial success

August 3, 2023

Oklahoma’s Governor issued an executive order legally defining what constitutes biological male and female sex – A female is “a natural person whose biological reproductive system is designed to produce ova…”

Alan Dershowitz: Conviction Of Trump By A DC Jury Won’t Survive A SCOTUS Review – The government must prove beyond any doubt that subjectively Donald Trump believed that he lost the election and acted contrary to that belief

“Everything Appears to Be a Cover-Up”: Former Capitol Police Break Their Silence on J6 Conspiracy –  A Tucker Carlson show clip taped before his exit from Fox reveals bombshell revelations from the former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund

The House Oversight Committee Releases The Devon Archer Transcript – Page 45 Looks Bad for Biden – At one meeting Burisma executives asked Hunter to “call D.C.” concerning the heat they were feeling from Ukrainian prosecutors

The Federal Report on the Death of Jeffrey Epstein is Rife With Evidence of Foul Play – More than a dozen facts indicate officials repeatedly endangered Epstein’s life and mishandled evidence that could incriminate others in his death…

Trump said little in a court other than entering his “Not Guilty” plea – He later said, “This is a very sad day for America and it was also very sad driving through DC and seeing the filth, decay, broken buildings and graffiti”…

NR: The American Academy of Pediatrics Takes a Half Step Back from “Gender-Affirming Care” – There is now significant pushback from doctors who practice in relevant specialties and socially progressive countries…

Over Half Of San Francisco’s Homeless Refused Shelter Space According To New City Data – A recent encampment caused the fire, and data raise concerns that the city is not doing enough to shelter city homeless

Dianne Feinstein, 90, cedes power of attorney to her daughter but still serves as A US Senator – Since returning to Washington DC after health problems, she has appeared frail and has had several public mental lapses

Pelosi: “It’s Interesting To See How Similar” The Trump Indictment is to The Proposed J6 Charges “I’m so proud of them” – The media is openly talking about the similarity between the J6 committee charges and the Jack Smith indictment

The Public Rightly Thinks The Biden Administration Is Unethical – The latest Gallup Poll results should come as no surprise, as the Biden administration is giving the public new reasons to doubt its ethics almost every day

Using Jack Smith’s name and “integrity” in the same sentence is an oxymoron – He was in charge of the DOJ’s public integrity when the IRS targeted Obama’s opponents and had to know that Hillary mishandled classified documents

Jack Smith’s January 6th Indictments Are An Attack On Political Speech – His indictments read as a political opposition document cobbled together by partisan staffers who perfunctorily tacked on some last-minute novel legal reasoning

Donald Trump, ahead of his arraignment in Washington, D.C., insisted a change of venue is needed because getting a fair trial is “impossible” there – He noted that he had previously called for a “federal takeover” of the nation’s capital

Ex-VP Mike Pence threw down another timely gauntlet on Trump, – But Mr. Pence made a career-defining mistake as Ben Whedon at JustTheNews has discussed how he changed his story from a week before the 2020 election…

Secret Agents, J6, and Whitmer’s Kidnapping Plot – The FBI official who headed the Detroit field office where Whitmer’s kidnapping plot was run is the same one that oversaw the J6 investigation in DC,  “Now THAT’s a coincidence”

UNLIKE THE TRUMP INDICTMENTS, THE CASE AGAINST BIDEN IS STRAIGHTFORWARD – Mounting Evidence shows that during Biden’s tenure as VP, Hunter exploited his ability to sway U.S. policy for the family’s financial gain…

Gordon Chang via Gatestone: The Fresno Lab Is China’s Operation to Exterminate Americans – There were on-site at least 20 potentially infectious pathogens, including those causing coronavirus, HIV, hepatitis, and herpes

The Democrats’ “Freedom to Vote Act’” like the “For the People Act” and “John Lewis Voting Rights Act” before is a cynical measure designed to federalize elections and cement Democrat power for generations

A new political action committee in Texas is being funded by hard-left billionaire George Soros –  The Soros-backed Democracy PAC shipped $750,000 to the Texas Majority PAC in the first six months of this year

The Biden administration is using its new fuel efficiency rules to target trucks the large number of trucks sold – Their new standards force automakers to improve the fuel efficiency of their trucks by 4 percent each year from 2027 through 2032

When securities rating agency Fitch downgraded US sovereign debt, it was a big story in the financial world – Instead of blaming the government’s continued overspending and increasingly high national debt,  Fitch blamed January 6th

The swamp sends up a weather balloon about bringing back the military draft – The military needs to reform itself first and move away from its “woke agenda so that more people want to join before any talk of a draft should come up

“Elites” Cannot Hide from the Consequences of Their Actions – “Elite” ideology has caused as much suffering as communism for a simple reason: it is a false doctrine that feeds on hubris

Victor Davis Hanson: Two Sets of Laws for Two Americas – Leftwing Democrats are systematically dismantling the constitutional foundations of the U.S.

Dallas Ludlum: A federal judge has ruled that the (ATF) cannot enforce its controversial rule that would classify millions of pistols with stabilizing braces as short-barreled rifles subject to the National Firearms Act (NFA)

A handful of Democrats introduced a bill imposing a progressive wealth tax on millionaires and billionaires and called it a threat to democracy – Apparently, anything and everything the left doesn’t like is now a threat to democracy

ZH: The new district board overseeing Disney World in Florida has eliminated its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs, including a DEI board

Parents of school-age children be warned!  –They will learn Marxist critical theories, hyper-sexualization, anti-American propaganda, social justice advocacy, hatred of Whites and to hate themselves, others, and their country

The theme of this year’s Pride Month is “We’re coming for your children” – Parents are speaking out against their kids’ exposure to CRT, and pornographic materials in school libraries, and telling six-year-olds how they can change their sex

ZH: Ridding the world of fossil fuels is likely to leave scores of human beings poor, hungry, and destitute – There must be something we can do to insist that policymakers reexamine this reckless course of action

August 2, 2023

Obama Visited the WH to Warn Biden About Trump – Obama raised concerns about Donald Trump’s political strengths, “including an intensely loyal following, a Trump-friendly conservative media ecosystem and a polarized country…

Joe Biden was “privately” giving orders to the (DOJ) to take out his political rivals – The NYT reported that Biden held meetings behind closed doors where he told advisors to push for Donald Trump to be prosecuted for Jan. 6…

Al indictment only a Democrat could love, but honest Americans should despise – Alan Dershowitz demolishes the latest effort by special counsel Jack Smith to turn former President Donald Trump into a criminal

Trump’s Jan. 6 Trial Judge Is Known for Tough Capitol Riot Sentences – She has a liberal background and swiftly ruled against the former president in his 2021 attempt to keep White House papers secret from the congressional inquiry

A Blacklisted Chinese Military Manufacturer Acquired U.S. Stealth Technology and CFIUS Approval – Guess who partnered with AVIC in that acquisition? – That’s right Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Chris Heinz’s BHR

The House Homeland Security Committee Interim Report Lays Out Case for Impeachment of DHS Secretary Mayorkas – Over the past 2 years, Mayorkas has repeatedly ignored or refused to enforce immigration laws passed by Congress…

Dov Fischer: Bigotry in Motion: The Frenzied Woke Attacks Jason Aldean’s“Try That In A Small Town” shows the small-mindedness of the Left – Those on the left are the actual racists as everything in the world to them is about race

Presidents Joe Biden and Lopez Obrador promote open-border extremism – The movement of clandestine migrants, urged by candidate Biden to “surge” to the U.S. southern border, is producing billions in new criminal cartel profits

A Nationwide Sex Trafficking Bust Rescues 200 Victims, and 59 Children, With 194 Suspects Arrested – The nationwide operation focused on identifying and locating victims of sex or human trafficking and apprehending those involved

The Best Predictor Of Happiness In America Is Marriage – Americans who are married with children are now leading happier and more prosperous lives, on average, than men and women who are single and childless

ZH: The Ukraine war illuminates 3 military-related problems – We are unprepared for it Right Now, there is a shortage of shells for conducting the war we are in, and going forward we likely have more of these types of wars to fight

ZH: Russia kicked off a major planned naval drill in the Black Sea, dubbed the Ocean Shield-2023 – This comes after a series of close encounters with NATO in the form of recent aerial intercepts over both the Baltic and Black Seas

John Daniel Davidson: DOJ Indictment Of Trump Is A Declaration Of War Against American Voters – It’s Not about Trump. It’s about criminalizing dissent and punishing the millions who voted for him — and warning them not to do it again

NR: What’s Missing from the Third Trump Indictment – A serious problem with bringing this case as a federal criminal prosecution is finding anything in it that looks like a traditional criminal act

Three takeaways from Jack Smith’s Trump indictment, a dangerous criminalization of dissent – #1. There is nothing in the indictment that directly ties Trump to the uprising…

Jack Smith’s team admits in its case against former President Donald Trump, in a new court filing, that it failed to turn over all evidence to Mr. Trump’s legal team as required by law while falsely claiming it had

Mike Pence Turns on Trump for Good and Sides with Biden Regime After Trump’s Third Indictment – “Today’s indictment serves as an important reminder: anyone who puts himself over the Constitution should never be President of the U.S.”

Mike Pence’s secret notes Are revealed in Jack Smith’s Trump indictment – Pence’s previously unreported notes are presented as evidence against Trump in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s indictment of the Trump

Steve Bannon has reiterated his preference for a Trump/Kennedy ticket for the 2024 presidential run, suggesting that the combination would produce a “massive landslide” win, even as the possibility remains almost nil

JD Rucker: RIGGED: The Obama-Appointed January 6 Hating Judge That Is Presiding Over The Trump Case Worked at The Same Law Firm as Hunter Biden –  You just can’t make stuff like this up, but  the Deep State can, and they did

Trump Sends A Message Directly to His Supporters After His Indictment: “I Have Never Had So Much Support on Anything Before” – His message declared the indictment “awoken the world” to the failures of the Biden administration

The “I Stand With Trump” Movement Strengthens After Donald Trump’s Third Indictment And Biden’s DOJ Interference Alarms Americans – More and more people are speaking out against the weaponization of the justice system

Why A Kinder And Gentler Donald Trump Cannot Exist – Would he maintain the fervent support of his base, whose loyalty borders on religious devotion? – The answer, it seems, is highly unlikely

Joe Biden’s Job Approval Rating Is The Lowest Of All Post WW-2 Presidents Except Jimmy Carter – According to the recent Gallup poll, Democrats’ approval rating of Biden is 86%, Republicans’ is 2%, and Independents’ is 38%

It is now indisputable that Joe Biden actively participated in Hunter’s efforts to cash in on his father’s proximity to power as Vice President of the United States and that Hunter and the Biden family profited handsomely as a result

The Biden brand is an “abuse of soft power,” Devon Archer told Tucker Carlson – Archer was Hunter Biden’s best friend in their business – They sat on Burisma Holding’s board and co-founded BHR Partners, a Chinese state-backed investment fund.

I&I/TIPP Poll: 63% suggested that Joe Biden should be impeached (33%) or resign immediately (30%) if the charges prove true. Just 20% said Biden should “Stay in office and run again in 2024 if he wishes.” Another 17% said they weren’t sure

A new audio recording emerged of First Daughter Ashley Biden confirming a controversial diary is hers – In the diary, Ashley reveals her father Joe Biden, and blames the “inappropriate” interactions for her “sex addiction” in later life

Biden says he “created” 13.4 million jobs since taking office, but BLS stats show slightly more than 2 million more people are employed today than on the eve of the pandemic – People just went back to work after the shutdowns ended

Dallas Ludlum: We Are Not Alone – Witnesses Testify Under Oath About UAPs and Non-human Craft – This was the second public congressional panel this year, following a report indicating UAPs pose a challenge to national security…

California’s homeless population skyrocketed since the state adopted housing policies critics say enable drug users and fail to treat the mentally ill – The Biden administration is spending more than $3 billion to replicate those policies

The climate official who spearheaded a Biden rule boosting EVs at the expense of gas-powered cars wants you to live a “simpler life” to combat climate change – She acknowledges “most people” will not do it “unless forced”

WSJ: “How Do I Do That?” The New Hires of 2023 Are Unprepared for Work Remote learning during the pandemic left students short of basic skills – Now companies are trying to teach them on the job

The Establishment Uses “Hate and Fear” to Manipulate Voters – They saturate the population with fear and urge them to hate anyone who is allegedly responsible and hate anyone who attempts to diminish or deny their supposed threat 

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell’s office released a memo directing the SPD to limit the number of white male officers and those with military backgrounds in recruitment materials – This was part of his diversity and inclusion strategy…

With Conservatives Like These Who Needs Enemies? – Rinos like McConnell, Romney, Graham, Cheney, and Cornyn have no principles whatsoever and go along with Democrats on matters even if they destroy the country

Truth, Accuracy, and Election Fraud – 45,260 registered voters switched from purged to active, 14,604 with new first names, and 7,898 with new birth dates, within New York, in a single year, looks like suspicious activity to me

Ramaswamy Donor Memo: “Vivek on Track To Eclipse DeSantis” – The 37-year-old first-time candidate is surging as others stumble, going farther with fewer resources, and will soon “eclipse DeSantis”

BlackRock and Its ESG “Voting Choice” Ruse – It is very unlikely that red states will allow BlackRock to use its so-called Voting Choice ruse as a shortcut around its fiduciary obligations

The Chevron doctrine as adopted by the Supreme Court in 1984 – When the language of a statute is ambiguous, a court must defer to the regulatory agency’s interpretation and may not substitute its judgment – SCOTUS now says “enough” 

27 Billion People And Climate Change Is Not High on Their List – Political elites use climate change as a pretext to seize total control of the economy, and our private lives forcing working people into climate change servitude

The UN went from global warming to climate change and now the Earth is boiling – These people cannot tell the truth with dire predictions just because July was warm, telling us this is the hottest in recorded history

Islam’s Sexual Fantasies of European Women Come True? – Based on what recently happened in Italy and Spain, who can honestly blame Muslims for their onetime warped, but increasingly confirmed, views of the West

The Culture War is Making Teenage Boys Conservative – “Only 13 percent of boys identified as liberal or very liberal” – The Left keeps claiming that they control the youth of tomorrow but they’re not doing so well with boys

Governor Newsom Clings to His Emergency Powers – “The SMARTER Plan is not just for COVID-19, we can use these strategies and systems for future emergencies” – Shots, Masks, Awareness, Readiness, Testing, Education, and Rx

August 1, 2023

Donald Trump has been indicted for challenging the results of the 2020 presidential election – Charges include several weighty felonies, with one for which the death penalty can be applied, 18 U.S.C § 241, “Conspiracy Against Rights”

Donald TRUMP: Either “the Deep State destroys America, or we destroy the Deep State” – In his op-ed, he details the insanities coming from his political opponents as they pushed the completely unproven idea of Trump-Russia collusion

A Pennsylvania state judge ruled Monday that a county election worker cannot sue former President Donald Trump for statements he made while President questioning the integrity of the 2020 election…

More FBI FISA Abuses, This Time Using Fake News in the Washington Post – Last month FBI Director Christopher Wray  told Congress he instituted reforms in response to FISA surveillance abuses while hiding their extent under redactions

Dov Fischer: On Jason Aldean, Sinéad O’Connor, And Our Morally Befuddled Society – Middle America is sick of lawlessness – Jason Aldean’s message is universal, transcends national borders and ethnic, religious, and racial groups

California Is Set To Criminalize Passionate Parents At School Board Meetings – The SB 596 bill means “don’t dare to even think about going to a school board meeting and question their narrative or policies

Thinning the Ranks: U.S. military leaders wrecked combat readiness and morale, current and former soldiers say – By the time the Pentagon ended their mandate, 96% of service members across the armed forces had been vaccinated

CJ: The Poison of Accusation – Among the elite’s projection and cynical opportunism over the past few years, the concept of systemic racism offers a blessed distraction from the purges of #MeToo and the agenda-driven media

Democrats lie and cover up their lies to gain and maintain power – We have a corrupt, incompetent, president that is destroying America because the media, DOJ, and other Democrats said Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation

In light of the information hitting the news cycle regarding Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s past business dealings, I thought it would be interesting to see what he had to say on the subject back in 2020

Jonathan Turley: Joe Biden and his family are shaping up to be one of D.C.’s greatest scandals – Archer’s testimony adds further evidence to the allegations of influence-peddling, bribery, and money laundering against the Bidens

Molly Hemingway: The Evidence Of Biden Burisma Corruption Is Overwhelming – What an amazing series of events led to Joe Biden fulfilling what Burisma was paying Hunter Biden to accomplish – What are the odds?

Hunter’s Former Business Partner: Burisma Would Have Gone Out of Business Without Joe Biden – Joe Biden was “the brand” and the 20 phone calls were to sell ‘the brand'”

Joe Biden’s Perfect Phone Calls – Like the gradual shift from the Hunter Biden laptop going from not real to not a big deal, the WH goalposts have slowly moved from the Biden’s not talking shop to them never being business partners

When Hunter Biden’s “Art Patron” Hit The Federal Contribution Limits, Her Underage Children Kept the Money Flowing –  Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali who sent millions to liberal politicians and causes, regularly visited the White House

Why Isn’t the Far Left Honest About Their End Game On Guns? – Gun confiscation has always been the ultimate goal of every collectivist authoritarian throughout history since firearms were invented…

ZH: A Big Drop In Cardboard Box Sales Screams of Recession – Good news, the looming US recession has been canceled, or has it? Head of Petroleum Analysis Patrick De Haan said refilling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) is pushing up oil prices, noting that Russia and Saudi Arabia cutting production is another reason for the jump in oil prices

Is This The End of the Encampments? Americans have lost patience with homeless advocates’ arguments that letting people sleep on sidewalks and in parks is an acceptable part of urban life – Promises that handouts would solve things were a mirage

Why do Environmental Activists Intentionally Inconvenience the Public? – Activists now appear to be engaged in incoherent disruptive activities because they have an urgent emotional need for attention, but nothing important to tell us

The auto carrier ship burning off Holland is now reported to have had nearly 500, not 25 electric vehicles on board – There is no conclusive evidence that lithium-ion batteries were at fault in the fire, but it does raise the odds considerably

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