September 2022 Conservative Article Reference List

Below are links to primarily Conservative, Libertarian-leaning articles and/or blog posts that I have found to be enlightening with all that is happening in America and worldwide. Scan the list and read what catches your eye; for some, just reading the headlines will provide enough insight into the article’s content.

Hopefully, you will take the time to read some of them which should open your eyes to the reality of the #DeepState and those promoting the #NewWorldOrder as well as consistent #MediaBias, and ongoing #FakeNews gaslighting as well as the relentless attack on American values by Liberals and the #Progressive Left.

Liken the process of becoming better informed to working on a giant puzzle. As you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you finally see the big picture.

(FYI – I occasionally include links to articles that although not very newsworthy are so silly and/or outrageous that they need to be seen to show the level of idiocy that exists in the world these days. Additionally, some articles may appear outlandish, but are also believable so I leave it to readers to decide for themselves and many things we considered to be conspiracy theories in the past are now turning out to be true.)

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September 24, 2022

If China invades Taiwan to unify it with the mainland, the United States will go to war to defend Taiwan and send U.S. troops to fight the invaders – That is the commitment made last week by Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s Old Man Filter Goes Haywire Again – “It’s Elton John’s fault we are spending $6 billion in taxpayer dollars on HIV and AIDS this month”

Joe Biden’s mistakes are no laughing matter – Biden and the Democrats declared war on fossil fuels, ignoring the fact that fossil fuels are the basis of prosperity in the USA and other countries

Biden tries happy-talk about the “transitory” economy as elections loom – When the WH is talking about soft landings while the Federal Reserve chairman is using the word “pain,” that’s not always the way to bet

Newt Gingrich: The Biden Administration May Be “The Most Disastrous Since Buchanan” – “What the Republicans in the House have done is they’ve matched up solutions against Biden’s Democratic failures”

Is Biden deliberately destroying America’s military defenses? – The Air Force Academy is offering a new fellowship program for “gender minorities” only, with straight men explicitly excluded

California is losing residents and Gavin Newsom has lame excuses – The real problem is that Newsom wants to run for president in 2024, but he has to do it as the governor of a failing state

A gay man condemns transgender education – “If I tried to teach your children about my sexuality, I would be arrested. Yet when the school board does it. it’s education”

The same ideology underlying the demands of student radicals and the university’s subsequent reformations is now forming and re-shaping American K–12 education

A U.S. presidential administration teamed up with Black Lives Matter (BLM), an unscrupulous, failed, corrupt organization that promotes violence, to carry out the world’s largest racial hoax

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: MARTHA’S VINEYARD SEQUEL – You know a political stunt has landed when the new news cycle and the more important memosphere are still obsessing over it a week later

Click Here For COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 Charts, Data & CDC Information

September 23, 2022

150+ scientists who worked in a top U.S. national security laboratory were hired by the CCP to do research much of which has directly advanced Chinese military technology and threatens U.S. security

John Daniel Davidson: The Border Crisis Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg – Amid record numbers of illegal border-crossers, a much larger “Cartel Crisis” looms in Mexico, with dire implications for the United States

House Republicans created a town hall to explain how their Commitment to America agenda would help Americans and earn their trust as they strive to gain the House majority

Donald Trump: The upcoming midterms are a “referendum” on President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Schumer, and the “radical left Democrat Congress that is destroying our country”

There are two kinds of voter fraud, one is obvious – Welcome to Massachusetts, World Headquarters for Insidious Voter Fraud – The Democrats are the perpetrators and the Republicans are their victims

Castrating Your Child’s Future – What sort of psychopath terminates her child’s future by chemically castrating and surgically butchering him?

The special master has allowed Donald Trump to identify the materials that Trump claims were “planted” by investigators and gave him until Sept. 30 to answer the question of whether or not the FBI lied

An FBI whistleblower who alleges the bureau has been diverting resources to create a false political narrative that America has a violent domestic extremism problem has been suspended

As sham investigations against conservatives in the MAGA movement begin to ramp up before the 2022 mid-term election, the Democrat machine suffered a huge loss today: prosecutors will not seek charges against Trump-endorsed Matt Gaetz for sex trafficking. The bogus allegation arose in 2020

ZH: The Fed Is Finally Seeing The Magnitude Of The Mess It Created – Powell has finally come to terms with the fact that inflation is not transitory—as the Fed long insisted—and is now impossible to deny

Republicans will immediately move to reverse the Biden administration’s hiring of 87,000 IRS agents if they flip the House in the upcoming midterm elections, the top Republican in the lower chamber says

California Withholds Release of Presumably Poor Student Test Scores Until After The Election – “California Superintendent of Instruction Tony Thurmond does not want to be held accountable for the results”

Sharyl Attkisson: US home sales record 7th straight monthly drop – The Fed’s aggressive monetary policy tightening, marked by oversized interest rate increases, has weakened the housing market considerably

Pharmaceutical giants including Pfizer and Moderna are refusing to share data and technology from their COVID-19 vaccines with researchers studying alternative treatments for the virus

Social media is filled with videos showing long lines of cars at border crossings and airports, as thousands of Russian men subject to Putin’s “partial mobilization” elect to flee the country instead

The 11th Circuit’s unconstitutional ruling against Trump – SCOTUS made clear that the president himself, not any other part of the U.S. government, has the final say over what constitutes a classified document

There is no widely accepted scientific definition of when a pandemic starts or officially ends – Ending it is a political decision, and Joe Biden has made it

Australia in 2022 has so far seen an increase in deaths from cancer, dementia, and diabetes – The findings from the ABS come after elective surgeries were suspended during the pandemic years over concerns hospitals could not cope with the volume of extra patients

The first Hunter Biden whistleblowers memos unmask lucrative gas deals with China – Internal company memos show Hunter’s effort to score American LNG ports, gas deals, and drilling ventures for Beijing

The Latest Survey About Trump Isn’t Shocking at All – The media and deep state have gone so far off the reservation in their attempts to destroy him that their credibility has been destroyed

Let’s Go Grocery Shopping To Fact-Check Biden’s Inflation Is Up “Hardly At All” Claim – Among the basic items in this shopping survey, prices were up an overall average of 70% since the Trump midterms

Biden Is Mostly Mum on Student Debt Relief While Traveling Country

The Biden administration may try to oust World Bank head David Malpass, who took office during the Trump administration because they believe he’s weak on climate

The Gift of Odysseus: Ranked Choice Voting – Subversive electoral schemes like ranked-choice voting are allowed to take root because conservatives have been asleep at the wheel

The Current Crime Wave Is Unlike Any Ever Experienced In America – No longer limited to dark corners or deserted parking lots, it’s now occurring in the middle of the regular hustle and bustle of our daily lives

Unpacking the deadly discipline problem facing administrators and  teachers in our public schools – They are powerless due to a lack of support, equity, and outright fear

The Real Story of January 6 | Documentary – Free viewing through the end of September

Insidious Voter Fraud – The Democrat-dominated Massachusetts State Legislature passed a new law that gives drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants and automatically registers them to vote at the time they get their license

Where have all the white supremacists gone? – Democrats purposely lie about the number, reach, and threat magnitude of white supremacists just so they can stay in power

Fraudsters may have gotten away with tens of billions of dollars in financial aid during the Covid pandemic by filing claims in multiple states and using the social security numbers of dead people

September 22, 2022

A new 2022 Arizona Gubernatorial poll shows Trump-Endorsed Kari lake leading Democrat Katie Hobbs by close to five points just over a month before the November 8 General Elections

Parents want to know why California public school teachers won’t just let their kids be kids without forcing a sexual agenda on them in grade school, middle school, and high school

Republican governors have transported10,000+ migrants to Democrat strongholds this year, sparking a political firestorm over immigration policies less than two months before November’s midterm elections

The Special Master judge in former President Donald Trump’s records case has proposed that a government official swear that the government properly listed all items taken from Trump’s home in August

Trump Reveals A New Item The FBI Probably Took – His will is missing and he thinks the Justice Department has it

Sharyl Attkisson: Anatomy lesson: Redefining the word “migrant” – Today, resources are often used as tools to redefine and manipulate words to the liking of governments, corporations, or other propagandists

Democrats Continue Their Lies About Police Deaths on January 6 –  Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and Congressional Democrats fuel a false narrative intended to stoke outrage

DEMOCRATS MOVE TO CRIMINALIZE OPPOSITION – The DOJ has issued subpoenas to a large number of people who were associated in some way with the Trump campaign or his administration

Nearly half of DEMOCRATS feel less safe since Biden took office – Overall, nearly 7 in 10 Americans have that concern

EU Members Are Divided on Giving Asylum to Russians Fleeing Mobilization – The Baltic states and the Czech Republic have said they won’t accept Russians looking to avoid getting drafted

Despite numerous editorials from local newspapers across Pennsylvania, as well as the Washington Post, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s campaign still refuses to release updates on his medical condition

Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia Is Coercing Parents – In-house CHOP training videos teach staff how to coerce parents into accepting gender transition for their kids

A Canadian woman who died within 15 minutes of receiving a COVID-19 booster shot was in good health, according to her daughter – Meanwhile, Canada is lifting its requirement that anyone entering the country must be “fully vaccinated”

Fauci Blames ‘Divisiveness in Society’ for COVID-19 Policy Confusion and Admits to ‘Draconian’ Measures – Hospitals were being “overrun” and we were forced to take “draconian” steps

The Gates Foundation is funding studies on how to manipulate people to receive “future” COVID-19 vaccines despite studies continuing to show links between the vaccine and myocarditis

This Is Disturbing: The Covid mRNA Shots Could Be Weakening Peoples’ Immune Systems for Generations – “People who take the vaccines are not the same”

Is the Spike Protein Changing Our Gene Expression? – Several studies indicate they can damage human cell mitochondria, suppress the human immune system, form amyloid-like proteins, and cause abnormal blood clots

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Suppress, Silence, Skew and Censor – HealthCare Ethics Committee Forum: Suppressing Scientific Discourse on Vaccines? Self-perceptions of researchers and practitioners

A Top Florida Democrat Endorses Ron DeSantis, Says “Too Much Is on the Line” – DeSantis is running against Democrat Charlie Crist, the former governor of Florida, in the state’s gubernatorial race

Top ICE Official Makes Harrowing Admission – From 2008 through 2016, ICE removed never less than 230,000 illegal immigrants per year, however, in 2021, under Biden, they  only deported 55,598

The Department of Homeland Security has reportedly verified that the Venezuelan government is releasing violent criminals from its prisons and sending them to the United States

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is being investigated by the DOJ over alleged identity theft and damage to a protected computer relating to an alleged breach of voting machines in Colorado, court documents show

Americans are set to fork out an extra $11,500 this year if they want to enjoy the same standard of living they maintained in 2020, according to new estimates from NerdWallet

The Bill Barr Comes to Trump’s Defense Over NY AG’s Lawsuit – “By all accounts, James’s move appears to be a political hit job”

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Rejects Trump’s Special Master Review And Instead Trust The FBI Completely – Rather than continue to fight this losing and expensive battle, Trump should pivot to the midterms and take his case to the public

Fact-checking under President Trump was a bustling business, but under Biden, fact-checkers have simply checked out in terms of scrutinizing the many ways that he is misleading the public

The “DeSantis Is Worse Than Trump” Campaign Begins – The only reason to do so now is that his recent actions have raised his profile nationally and increasingly endeared him to conservatives

Kari Lake offers a master class in avoiding the media’s ‘gotcha’ questions – “Kari, a lot of people of color feel like they are unfairly targeted by police”

Steve Kirsch: I formally asked the CDC to answer a few easy questions – I filled out the official media request form on their website and here is what I asked them

September 21, 2022

Ron DeSantis has smashed fundraising records and has now raised more money than any governor in U.S. history. This has fueled major speculation that DeSantis is eyeing a run for president in 2024

The US Power Grid Needs Trillions in Upgrades to Accommodate Future Renewable Energy Demands – Even using nuclear energy as a crutch, the cost of upgrades needed amounts to $4 trillion

Why Does The National Education Association, The Country’s Largest Teachers Union, Want Kids To Learn Butthole-Licking? – Documents show their LGBTQ caucus provides lesson plans in perversion

A POLITICAL MYSTERY – Why do Democrats insist that little children be indoctrinated in transgender ideology?

The Democrat-dominated House Oversight Committee on Tuesday shot down an effort by the committee’s Republicans to get their hands on documents about the Biden family’s overseas interests

The Federal Reserve raised the benchmark federal funds rate by 75 basis points on Sept. 21 and indicated that further big increases were likely at two remaining meetings this year

Trump Torches Biden with Truth Bomb Regarding Where He Sat at Queen’s Funeral – “This is what’s happened to America in just two short years,  No Respect!”

Clown Show: Attorney General Letitia James Announces A Lawsuit Against Donald For Inflating Net Worth – Something That’s Already Been Debunked

Trump Reveals the Moment He Knew NY The Attorney General Would Bring A Case Against Him – “I never thought this case would be brought — until I saw her really bad poll numbers”


Biden Says Deporting Illegal Immigrants to Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua Is “Not Rational” – “There are fewer immigrants that are coming from Central America than from Mexico, it’s a different circumstance”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed that more than 11,000 illegal immigrants have been bused to the cities of New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C. this year

A Grassroot Election Integrity Movement Sweeps The Battleground States – Led by the Election Integrity Network, a project of the Conservative Partnership Institute, a Washington-based non-profit

In the aftermath of an exposé by Matt Walsh, Tennessee’s Governor Bill Lee has called for an investigation of the Pediatric Transgender Clinic at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville

Mosby’s Final Insult to Baltimore – She freed a convicted murderer on her way out the door

Steve Kirsch: Alarming Evidence Of Harm – Here is a short collection of evidence showing the COVID vaccines are not “safe and effective” – They are the most deadly vaccines we’ve ever produced

People With Jobs Are Becoming Disabled at Alarming Rates – Each one is a tragedy, but that’s just a tiny fraction of the actual number because there’s a significant underreporting factor in VAERS

There Is A Wave of Mainly Heart Deaths In England and Wales That Tops 17,800 But The Government Still Won’t Release Data by Vaccination Status

A Doctor Finds “Rectangles and Inverted Pyramids” in Degraded mRNA Vaccines – He used an electron microscope to analyze Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines exposed to room temperature for weeks or months

The mask and COVID-19 vaccine mandate imposed on the Head Start program was struck down by a judge who said the mandate is clearly outside the power of the agency that promulgated and enforced it

One Small Step For Man…Closer To World War III – Putin escalates his troop engagement and nuclear rhetoric, Xi continues to urge “prep for war” and Jerome Powell is hours away from continuing to raise interest rates at breakneck speed

Putin Accuses the West of “Nuclear Blackmail” and Announces Conscription to Boost The Russian Army

Vladimir Putin’s decision to mobilize a portion of the reserve forces to join the fight in Ukraine is an indication of manpower losses according to the White House

Western Sanctions Against Russia Spark Mayhem In Shipping As A New Threat Emerges – Concerns are growing that the limited availability of LNG vessels this winter may cause cargo disruptions

11 Republican attorneys general filed an amicus brief in support of former Donald Trump in his legal battle over the FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago home, denouncing the search as a “ransacking” at the hands of the Biden administration

Difficulty and Opportunity Lie Ahead – Normally, a  government fracturing from its ranks would immediately seek to forge unity and common national purpose among its zen, but not the Biden administration

Tucker Carlson: The Great Replacement Theory Was Supposedly A Conspiracy Theory – Now It Sounds More Like a Statistical Fact

Why has President Biden opened our southern border? – That wasn’t quite the question that he took on his way out the door of his remarks on the DISCLOSE Act yesterday (transcript here), but it was close

Questions The Media Should Be Required To Answer (But Can’t or Won’t) On Caring For The Illegal Immigrants Crossing Our Borders

Google Rigged The 2020 Election – A Senior Google engineer leaked 950 pages of internal documents that prove Google used censorship, blacklist, and machine learning algorithms to rig the 2020 election

The FBI just made the best case for dismantling itself – Tucker Carlson recently covered some disturbing allegations from an FBI whistleblower about their avoidance of investigating sex crimes against children

The war isn’t against ‘fossil fuels’ but rather the people – Here are several points the media doesn’t want us to see

Robert Cahaly of Trafalgar explains why his polls show Republicans competitive even in some of the bluest places

“The Pandemic is over” is not just another Biden gaffe – What about vaccination requirements requiring Federal workers and contractors being required to prove they are vaccinated…

Colleen Huber NMD: Since the dawn of COVID my patients and Substack readers have expressed dismay over how idiotic doctors seemed to have become – Here’s how it happened and who was involved

The Jab Put Me on a Journey I Didn’t Expect, Or Want – This is my COVID story, which is more about what the vaccine did to m than the virus

Healthy, Successful People Are Suddenly Dying Off Faster Than the General Population – Most of them were forced to take the jab to keep their job

Dr. Joseph Mercola: COVID-19 is a war against the public, to force us into a New World Order, a One World Government run by a globalist cabal, where “biosecurity” is the justification for the removal of Constitutional rights and freedoms

Criminals Won’t Give Up Their Guns – This gentleman tells it like it is and without using a teleprompter

September 20, 2022

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit upheld a new Texas law – HB 20 requires social media platforms such as Twitter, Google (including YouTube), and Facebook to stop censoring viewpoints they don’t like

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan: A Whistleblower Claims The FBI Is Diverting Resources from Child Trafficking Cases to Investigate Jan. 6

The U.S. Government’s Vast New Privatized Censorship Regime – Censorship of wrong-think by Big Tech at the behest of the government is government censorship, which violates the First Amendment

Ripping Off the Racial Preference Veil – Hiring a “diversity candidate” under a preference regime almost always means not hiring a more qualified non-diverse candidate

A grand jury subpoena indicates that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is conducting a criminal investigation into the activities of those questioning the integrity of the 2020 presidential election

Biden Arrives Late for Queen’s Funeral, Then Viewers Notice Where He’s Sitting – 14 rows back with the leaders of the Czech Republic and Switzerland as an apparent result of the tardiness

Special Master in Trump Case Says He Doesn’t Want to See Records Marked Classified – “Let’s not belittle the fact that we are dealing with at least potentially legitimately classified information”

Ron DeSantis Receives Thunderous Applause After OBLITERATING Biden’s Open-Border Policy – “When Biden is flying these people all over the fruited plain in the middle of the night, I didn’t hear a peep out of those people!”

Here’s How Much a New Monthly Mortgage Will Cost – Mortgage rates surpassed 6 percent last week for the first time since 2008

Why the Middle Class Is Being Destroyed – The emergence of a cognitive elite and  the almost total convergence of intellectuals with the financial elite explains the coming extinction of the middle class

This video from the South China Morning Post shows a row of electric buses in China combusting rather dramatically – Would you have a chance if it were in service and you were on board?

The use of face masks in classrooms made “no significant difference” in COVID-19 infection rates, according to a new study

Steve Kirsh: How do we sway the minds of people who refuse to see the negative Covid data? – The problem is getting people to consider the possibility that they have been lied to and fooled

After Biden Declares COVID-19 Pandemic “Is Over,” Fauci Interprets “What He Meant” – Biden”s comment to the CBS show prompted Democrats to scramble to shape the narrative around his messaging

Moderna’s updated COVID-19 vaccine was found to not be more effective at preventing COVID-19 infection, according to a new study

The “Big Guy” Resurrects Big Brother NewSpeak – The Democrats’ goal, aided and abetted by the complicit legacy media, is to resurrect Big Brother’s tyranny

13 True Facts from the “My Son Hunter” Movie – Although the movie takes some artistic liberties, many scenes portray true accounts of the Biden scion’s life

The depths of the Bureau’s depravity know no bounds – What kind of things would brand an American citizen as a possible terrorist threat? A stated belief in the Second Amendment, for one

John Daniel Davidson: Sorry, There’s No ‘Smoking Gun’ In Martha’s Vineyard, Just A Lot Of Left-Wing Condescension – The notion these migrants were tricked into traveling to Massachusetts is the height of leftist contempt for people they claim to champion

Judging by the intensity of the Left’s indignation over Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s decision to fly four dozen immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, last week, it’s safe to say he struck a nerve

The latest poll from the midterm battleground of Georgia shows most Republican candidates in the Peach State pulling away from their Democrat opponents with fewer than 50 days until the general election

Green Energy Transition Hits the Wall – The prospect of a cold winter without Russian gas in Europe seems to be the one thing that the Global Warming scientists didn’t think about in planning their glorious Great Leap Forward to the green energy transition

While Battling Sanctuary City Officials, Abbott’s Texas Lead Expands – Governors Abbott, Ducey, and DeSantis are forcing Democrats to taste a small fraction of what their failing policies have been wreaking in their states for the better part of two years

Democrats desperate to hold onto their emergency COVID-19 powers are hitting the airwaves to walk back comments made by Joe Biden over the weekend that the “pandemic is over”

Steve Kirsh: Dr. Paul Offit, one of the world’s most respected vaccine experts says to wait and see before getting the new Covid booster that has only been tested on mice

Shades of Mengele – Dr. Fauci falsely claimed that Hydroxychloroquine was ineffective against COVID-19, but while he promoted potentially lethal injections for average Americans, government elites received restorative cures

Advocates for people injured by COVID-19 vaccines are meeting with federal officials to discuss the problem and the need for compensation for vax-injured people and survivors of those who have been killed by the vaccine

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Latest COVID Shots Sold as Genetic Software Update – For each hospitalization prevented, the jab will cause 18 to 98 serious adverse events…

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Dr. Malone’s attorneys sent cease-and-desist letters to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, Rolling Stone, and The Scientist

September 19, 2022

A Natural Gas Shortage Is Looming For The U.S. – While natural gas prices in the United States fell after a railway strike was averted last week, it looks likely that prices both at home and abroad will spike this winter


The Cartoon Fall of the House of Cheney – Maybe this is a man who long lost touch as he represented a “heartland” that year after a year lost a little more heart

“It’s Not Just a Decline, It’s an Absolute Implosion” – Steve Cortes on Biden’s Devastating Housing Numbers Released this Morning

Joe Biden declared that the pandemic is over which could render his decision to forgive trillions of dollars of student loan debt unconstitutional as he used the COVID-19 emergency to legally justify the move

Biden Breaks from Decades of US Policy with Single Interview Answer – The U.S. previously retained a longstanding policy of “strategic ambiguity” on Taiwan intended to keep China in the dark 

The Justice Department Is Desperate to Conceal “Classified” Records – It’s all just another campaign of deceit—with reliable assistance from the national news media—to get Trump

These Five Senate Seats Could Flip in the November – Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona

Central Bank Digital Currencies are the Bullet Train to Digital Concentration Camps – “If you can empty or freeze  bank accounts at will, and tell people what they can and cannot spend money on, you’ve got complete control”

Trump Returns to Mar-a-Lago, Reveals ‘Place Will Never Be the Same’ After Raid – “The residence “was ‘ransacked,’ and in far different condition than the way I left it”

Igor Danchenko Confirms He Was Paid by FBI for Years – He provided information to dossier author Christopher Steele and was relied upon to build other cases and open other investigations

Marilyn Mosby: the Rise and Fall of a Radical District Attorney – Mosby faces federal charges for fraud and perjury, but her tenure provides a lesson in how the left-wing movement to “reimagine” policing and the criminal justice system has destroyed many once-great American cities

Gavin Newsom Vows to Run for President Under One Likely Condition – If Joe Biden does not seek a second term

Human Composting Is Now Legal in California – AB 351 was signed into law! It legalizes “human composting” as an after-death option

Woman Injured by Pfizer Shot Forced to Get Vaccine Despite Pre-Existing Heart Issue – Now she can’t work at all

In the wake of military setbacks, Putin threatens more destruction – “Indeed, we were quite restrained in our response, but that will not last forever,” If the situation continues like that, our response will be more impactful”

Liz Cheney Refuses to Go Away And Announces Huge Decision – She is expected to introduce a bill next week that will put up new hurdles to challenging electors and may also limit the role of the vice president

The truth about leftists is coming out – Ever since Obama crept into national politics, we’ve seen the inner workings of the left and progressives for what they are: socialists and communists, which is ultimate control by government, so that elites can rule

ZH: Biden Declares The COVID Pandemic “Is Over” – If “the pandemic is over” then all of the President’s emergency powers predicated on a pandemic, all COVID vax mandates, the emergency powers of every governor, Emergency Use Authorizations, and the PREP act should all be voided tomorrow

Cleanup1 on Aisle 46: Joe Biden makes a mess of his 60 Minutes interview – He made one mess after another, which has put his White House staff into full walk back, spin, and damage control mode

The Economy Weakness Is Broadening Out From Low-Income To Middle-Income Consumers – For higher-income households, which represent a large share of national income, financial conditions aren’t tightening, they’re easing

Martha’s Vineyard freak-out: Ignoring the real problem – Everything the Biden administration has done since Day One has been to increase the incentive for would-be immigrants to cross illegally into the U.S.

Who Is Spreading Misinformed Disinformation? – Quotes put that show just how important it is to automatically agree with whatever our masters in the mainstream media/government suggest to us, NOT

September 18, 2022

New High-Speed COVID Boosters Are Here, And Without Human Testing – Let that sink in, the new BA.4/5 bivalent vaccines have only been tested in mice, not humans – Will they work, and for how long?

The World Economic Forum’s Plutocracy Should Be Dissolved – The “Great Reset” is at its heart a program for driving political power away from individual citizens and toward the controlling interests of a small international class of financial elites

Academic Administrators Are Strangling Our Universities – A parasitic class of self-righteous bureaucrats has taken over campus life

The Political War President — Trump, Live From Ohio and he hasn’t lost a step – The other side has crossed the Rubicon. They’ve done more than insult us. They’ve threatened us

Few Trust The DOJ, Which Is Why Court Should Reject Its Request To Freeze The Special Master – That outcome will be the only way to regain the trust of the American people

Top Obama Propaganda Flunky Caught Attempting to Pay for Jan 6 TikTok Disinfo Campaign – USING A CHINESE COMMUNIST-OWNED COMPANY TO SPREAD FALSE ELECTION INFORMATION 

Times/Siena College Poll: Voters view the economy as the most important issue – Roughly 52% of voters said that they trust Republicans to manage the economy, compared to 38% for the Democrats

Americans Will See Right Through Biden’s Economic Falsehoods and Vote Accordingly – You cannot tell the public that there is no inflation when prices for food, groceries, electricity, natural gas, and cars are rising sharply

Martha’s Vineyard Newspaper Lists 50 Job Ads Despite Claims of No Work on Island For Migrants Bussed Out Of Area

Victor Davis Hanson: Equal Justice, They Said – We are now a revolutionary society in decline using the courts, prosecutors, the administrative state, and the law itself to punish political enemies, help friends, and declare such asymmetry “social justice”

The Jan. 6 Committee Released an Alleged Violent “Walkie-Talkie” Recording from J-6 Protests — BUT THEY LIED AND GOT CAUGHT – The People on the Call WERE NOT EVEN AT CAPITOL!

The January 6 Committee will hold at least one more hearing and release an early report into its “findings” before the 2020 midterm elections, in what is probably the least surprising “October surprise” in American political history

Goldman Sachs cuts its 2023 outlook for US growth – Goldman sees another huge interest rate hike coming this week, projecting the Fed will raise by another 75 basis points

One underappreciated economic indicator is deeply negative – The NAHB announced last month that homebuilder confidence has fallen for eight straight months

Dan Bongino: The left’s police state is here – Bongino raises concerns over the White House calling for censorship of free speech

WSJ: Electric Bills Soar Across the Country as Winter Looms – Rising natural-gas prices are expected to make it more expensive to light and heat homes in the coming months

A DC firm with Clinton ties is operating a ‘grassroots’ scheme in the shadows – In 2020 alone, Arabella doled out nearly one billion dollars, with a majority of the money going to “left-leaning and [other] politically active nonprofits”

The For-Profit D.C. Firm Staging America’s ‘Grassroots’ Movements – Supposed spontaneous local protests are funded and staffed to a large degree by a “dark money” network controlled by Arabella Advisors

Tucker Carlson: Martha’s Vineyard GoFundMe for illegal migrants won’t go to them – It is being added to a reserve being built up to assist situations like this in the future, like a university endowment

The NYT led its edition, on Constitution Day, with a front-page article identifying “twin threats” to democracy: not one from the right and one from the left, but rather 1) Republicans and 2) Republican-appointed judges

Retaining election records from the 2020 election – Does the number of people who voted in the 2020 general election equal the number of ballots cast?  – The AFPI says the records that would answer the question do not exist 

SHAPES OF THINGS: FACEBOOK EDITION – “Government censorship should scare us just as much as COVID once did”

Are US Firearm Deaths Overstated? – Per the CDC, only 1% of all deaths in the U.S. for all age groups in 2020 were by firearm. Doesn’t a 99% deserve an A+?

Policing in Democrat-run cities: Don’t say we didn’t warn you – Police departments in big cities are adopting an unofficial “react after the crime” policy instead of being proactive and trying to prevent crimes from occurring

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF), is now collapsing visibly, as its supporters and indeed some of its leaders distance themselves from it like rats from a sinking ship

Potty training: The transgender movement wants to change your bathroom habits – Don’t use urinals because it triggers transgender men

Why Are Schools Asking Children about Their Sexual Histories? – School surveys have become another means of indoctrination, so parents are right to push back

The Conservative Review’s Interactive Scorecard – Conservative Review calculates a Liberty Score for members of Congress based on their voting records – A look at the scores leads to despair for true conservatives

September 17, 2022

Why Does the Omicron Booster Contain the Wuhan Strain? – Overstock and Wastage of the Original Vaccines Is The Real Reason Behind Bivalent Vaccine Development

Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin sat on a report from the DOD’s Inspector General for three months – The report related to actions by the military indicating that its COVID mandates violated the law

Democrat DC Mayor Bowser: “We’re Not a Border Town. We Don’t Have the Infrastructure to Handle This Type of Immigration to Our City… We’re Not Texas”

Illinois’ no-cash bail law will turn the state into “The Purge” – The Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity-Today Act will eliminate cash bail for the majority of defendants charged with criminal acts

A new conservative website was released called The Ronald. It’s a high-tech version of the old-style aggregators, and every single post on the site is generated by its readers. It’s a genius spin-off of a forum and news site merged and a slight hint of social media with the users’ profiles

Honoring the world’s greatest governing document, the U.S. Constitution – The Constitution is the world’s shortest, with only 4,543 words, each protecting us from authoritarianism by the government

The Special Master Calls The DOJ And Trump Lawyers To New York ForA Preliminary Conference – Trump has repeatedly said he previously declassified everything in his possession before leaving office

Wish You Weren’t Here – In a single stroke, Ron DeSantis tore the mask off the hypocrisy of the smug faces of the liberal elites who love crowing about the virtues of “diversity” and the evils of “whiteness”

Governor Newsom’s Adolescent Put-Downs of Florida Governor  DeSantis – Is the United States threatened because Governor Ron DeSantis sent 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard?

A Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Social Media Companies in Free Speech Censorship Fight –  “We reject the idea that corporations have a freewheeling First Amendment right to censor what people say”

Inconvenient Data: Canada Purges the Evidence That More Shots Are Leading to MORE Death, Poof! Gone! Data deleted – They can’t allow you to make a negative association with the covid vaccines

The FDA Just Fast-Tracked a Vaccine for Alzheimer’s – Fast-tracking a vaccine that’s targeting an isolated element of Alzheimer’s disease that is not the underlying cause is destined to be a massive disaster

Putin Tells Allies “No Hurry” In Ukraine, Warns Of “More Serious” Action To Come – “We’re are quite restrained in our response to this, for the time being, but if the situation continues to develop in this way, the response will be more serious”

Patrick J. Buchanan: Vladimir Putin’s Narrowing Options – In the last week, the Russian army in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine was driven out of some 2,200 square miles of territory, whose soldiers are now two miles from the Russian border

The 9/11 Conundrum: Terrorists Who Should Be Put to Death but Can’t Be Tried – The outlines of a plea deal are easy to see but, for many of us, impossible to swallow

The extent of a years-long misinformation campaign by the FBI and Justice Department regarding the alleged main source of disgraced Christopher Steele’s Trump dossier has been laid bare by John Durham’s latest court filing

According to both current and former rank-and-file FBI agents, Joe Biden is so desperate to prove that “White Supremacists” are a huge threat to America that he’s been pressuring agents to make up cases

The 5th Circuit says tech companies can’t use the 1st Amendment to censor speech – The law held that social media companies cannot censor views with which they disagree (invariably, views opposing Democrat actions and ideas)

California Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday announced a sweeping package of what he called the country’s “most aggressive” climate measures to “accelerate the state’s transition” to non-conventional energy sources

The Conservative Review interactive scorecard gives A through F grades to every person in Congress – People with an A are highly committed to individual liberty – Those who have an F are pure statists

WHEN THE AXIS TILTS – The Martha’s Vineyard’s migrant meltdown illustrates the efficacy of a few of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals – Governors Abbott and DeSantis have put several of Alinsky’s rules in play, including…

Hold the open-borders Democrats accountable – This uncontrolled influx is a long-term project of the Democrats to inundate swing states with these migrants who, they think, will ultimately be Democrat voters

Border towns can’t foot the bill for DC-created immigration chaos by themselves – If we are going to leave the border open the obligations to care for those who enter cannot be borne solely based on a community’s proximity to the border

50 migrants arrive at Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence and 4 more buses to NYC – Kamala Harris accused Republican governors of “dereliction of duty” after previously claiming “the border is secure”

Despite the spin, Republicans do have a path to winning the Senate – They need to win five of the eight Senate races rated as toss-ups by RealClearPolitics: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: MARTHA’S VINEYARD EDITION – The spectacle of the left’s reaction to a mere 50 “migrants” turning up in Martha’s Vineyard has to be the most satisfying since Nixon’s Christmas bombing of Hanoi in 1972

September 16, 2022

The Safety of Hundreds of Millions Hinge on Data From 8 Mice?  – The FDA’s authorization of a vaccine containing the BA.4/5 subvariants based on partial data from another vaccine containing the BA.1 subvariant’s mRNA sequence is baffling

WARNING SIGNS: Estimated GDP by Atlanta Fed CRASHES 1 FULL POINT This Week! – Both the Atlanta Fed and the Blue Chip Consensus have taken deep dives in the past several days

Governor Baker of Massachusetts on Friday announced plans to deploy at least 125 National Guard troops to relocate the 50 illegal migrants that were flown into Martha’s Vineyard to a military base on Cape Cod one day after their arrival

Parmvir Singh: Say His Name – This store clerk gave the thieving thug everything he demanded, was compliant, and posed no threat at all to him, but the thug shot him simply because he, the thug, is an animal

ZH: Violence In California Reaches “Epidemic” Levels As Our Society Rapidly Deteriorates All Around Us – What is happening in California is going to happen to the rest of the nation if we do not take urgent action to turn things around

The EU is Speeding Towards Digital ID Systems for Tracking Citizens – The European Digital Identity integrates personal identifiers including birth certificates, medical documents, bank accounts, tax returns, education status, and prescriptions

Democrat lawmakers have introduced legislation that would prevent stock trades by members of Congress and their families, and it is obvious that the political moves are jabs at radical Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Donald Trump’s lawyers have rejected an offer from the NY AG’s office to settle a hotly contested civil investigation into his real estate business, paving the way for a lawsuit accusing him of fraud, according to three people familiar with the case

ZH: The US Army’s Recruiting Crisis Worsens – Disqualification rates for potential recruits jumped from 30-40% (pre-Covid) to a whopping 70% this year due to obesity, low test scores, and/or drug use

Steve Kirsch: The 10 Biggest Globalist Lies That MUST Be Annihilated – We need to focus more on the things that make a substantial impact – Lie #1: “The Covid Vaccines Are a Little Effective and Mostly Safe”

Steve Kirsch: Why the Israeli Ministry of Health didn’t share their safety data – After they learned the vaccines were unsafe in March 2022, they said it was simply a manpower/budget issue that they weren’t able to inform the public

ZH: Delivering his most upbeat message since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO, said that the end of the pandemic was finally near

Coleen Huber NMD: A Dr. Sues Medical Board that Stole His License – Paul Thomas MD dared to publish health outcomes comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children so the Oregon Medical Board stole took his medical license

Health Authorities ‘Strongly’ Advise Against Two COVID-19 Treatments – The warnings came as part of an update to the WHO’s  “living guideline” on COVID-19 drugs, published in the BMJ

A Taiwanese Study Finds The Chinese Herb Peimine (Zhabei A in Chinese)Stops Coronavirus From Penetrating Cells and Works Against Mutant Variants

This Is What We Know About the Special Master Named to Review Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Documents – He is one of the few judges who both sides want to appear in front of and is held in the highest regard by attorneys

At a summit at the White House on Thursday to address “hate-fueled violence,” President Joe Biden denounced white supremacists and urged lawmakers in Congress to end special immunity for social media companies

Secretary of State Blinken announced that the United States will send a further $600 million worth of military equipment to Ukraine – The latest drawdown of U.S. military inventory is the 21st authorized by Blinken since September last year

The Bidenomics Sham Is Collapsing – New data from the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s GDPNow data set shows the economy is tanking

WSJ: FedEx Stock Tumbles More Than 20% After Warning on Downward Shipping Trends  – The global shipping giant’s results should loom large over the coming earnings season

Trump Scores Two Huge Victories In Fight For Special Master – Trump’s win shouldn’t be a loss for the DOJ unless they played fast and loose – The “Detailed Inventory” must represent the full accurate extent of the property seized

Far-left agitators shut down TPUSA Tomi Lahren’s speaking event at the University of New Mexico – The event was canceled after Lahren was barricaded in a back room for 45 minutes, and she left under police escort

Germany seizes control of 3 Russian-owned oil refineries ahead of the looming EU deadline – The oil companies will be put under the control of Germany’s Federal Network Agency

Rasmussen Poll: Fifty-two percent of likely voters approve of Texas moving illegal aliens to “sanctuary cities” with only 39 percent disapproving

Martha’s Vineyard deports 50 illegal migrants to the Cape Cod military base after the billionaire’s haven declared a “humanitarian emergency” and went into meltdown following DeSantis’ decision to send them there

Poll: JD Vance grows lead over Tim Ryan in Ohio Senate race – The latest polling hints at growing momentum for the Republican candidate, expanding his lead from a month ago when he led Ryan by only 3 percentage points

Republican voters who refuse to vote hurt everyone else – People who advocate not voting are advocating surrender to the leftist mob and surrender to Democrats who have ruined a perfectly good country

U.S. Oil Reserves Are Disappearing – They Have Reached Their Lowest Levels Since the 1980s

Will Anyone Like It if Biden Ends Fossil Fuels? – Pursuing an “end to fossil fuels” as national policy willfully ignores an inescapable fact about air travel, electric airliners do not exist and it is unlikely they will ever be practical

ZH: US Energy Producers Send Ominous Warning To Europe – “No Bailout Is Coming, Not on the oil side and not on the gas side”

With the FBI seizing phones and computers, Congress should act – What about the people who lack the means to instantly replace a seized computer or telephone when the FBI refuses to return it for days, weeks, months, or years?

A Delaware Judge Rules Democrats’ Vote-By-Mail Law Unconstitutional And Prohibits It In November – Republicans say mail-in ballots without signatures and without any idea of where they are coming from is a problem

A plea bargain in a bribery case involving a USC official and a former local city council member could ensure that evidence implicating Los Angeles mayoral candidate Representative Karen Bass (D-CA) is not revealed

Complications due to mRNA vaccines have been anticipated going back 15 years – When the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out, it was already known that the toxicity of the spike protein and the toxicity of another component of the vaccine could cause complications such as inflammation, blood clots, and disruption of the immune system

Many More Will Die Unless We Stop The Covid Vaccinations – It is critically important for the public to understand that the COVID vaccines that the vast majority of people have taken are the root cause of increased death rates

September 15, 2022

Americans Make Enormous Sacrifices While Bidenflation Continues – Prices have risen by 12.6% under President Biden’s administration

Judge Cannon rejects Biden DOJ’s request for a partial stay, and appoints Judge Raymond Dearie as special master – Dearie’s job will be to comb through everything that was seized and suss out what is and is not admissible

ZH: Forecasting The Midterm Elections – It takes 218 votes to control the House, so if Republicans hold the seats they have and pick up just seven seats from Democrats, they will control the House

The Biden Administration Intentionally Weakening Military – Other countries recognize that the Biden administration is weak and indecisive on many issues, not just how the U.S. military left Afghanistan

The Fascist Attack on Mike Lindell – The FBI becomes the Stasi – What Facebook and Twitter did could easily be called rigging an election and Lindell is right to question all of this without fear of being harassed by the FBI

Illegals outside of Kamala’s house tell the TRUTH about the border – The border is wide open

Illinois Governor Pritzker issued an emergency disaster proclamation after hundreds of migrants bused in from Texas – Around 75 National Guard troops were activated as part of the emergency proclamation to provide resources to migrants

“Texas doesn’t own your body” – Gavin Newsom’s campaign launches new billboards in anti-abortion states

California Governor Newsom asks The DOJ to consider “kidnapping” charges after GOP governors ship migrants out of their state and investigate possible illegal acts by Gov. Ron DeSantis and Gov. Greg Abbott

California proposes a mandate to phase out diesel trucks – CA would require new trucks to be zero-emissions in 2040 – Large companies could gradually convert fleets, but truckers worry about the costs and practicality of electric trucks

The Unidentified and Uncharged Instigator in the Oath Keepers Case – With the reputation of the DOJ and the FBI in shreds, it is reasonable at this point to suspect that any unidentified participant could have easily been a fed

In the largest study to date on myocarditis deaths related to COVID-19 vaccination, researchers found that 100 people in England died of myocarditis soon after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine

Transplant recipients are rejecting their new organ after receiving a vaccination against COVID-19, adding another challenge for the vaccinated population, according to the new study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine

A 17-Year-Old Student Suffered A Serious Heart Attack After Finishing A Cross Country Race – Doctors Found Two Blood Clots That Completely Blocked His Right Artery And Are Baffled on Exactly What Happened

Fauci, the Master Bureaucrat, Says It’s Not His Fault – He appears to be the main architect of American lockdowns and vaccine mandates and was doing several media appearances a day for the better part of two years

In a report of its two-year investigation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the prestigious medical journal The Lancet concluded it’s possible the virus originated in an American lab

Senator Ron Johnson: Biden lied to Americans about COVID the vaccine – Big Tech executives silent when asked if they would censor president Biden’s misinformation

Major U.S. railroads and unions secured a tentative deal after 20 hours of intense talks brokered by the Biden administration to avert a rail shutdown that could have hit food and fuel supplies across the country and beyond

WSJ: Mortgage Rates Top 6% for the First Time Since the 2008 Financial Crisis – Already, higher rates are forcing some would-be buyers to continue renting or to skimp elsewhere

The Tide Turns in Ukraine – Over the last ten days, Ukrainians have achieved astonishing gains over the Russian army – What comes next will be critical as the history of warfare has shown that an army is at its most vulnerable in retreat

Russia abandoned “high-value equipment” during the Kharkiv area retreat – Ukraine’s 2nd counteroffensive resulted in recapturing more land than Russia had taken from April through August that occupies significant portions of the south

A recent report claims that Facebook has been spying on the private messages of American users and reporting them to the FBI if they express anti-government sentiments or question the 2020 election

90% of the Republican Party does nothing to oppose the Biden regime’s destructive policies and works with the Democrat Party to maintain the corrupt status quo from which they all so greatly benefit

Who was Behind the January 6 Events? – The target is not so much Trump and the MAGA movement, but the idea that electoral votes could be legally contested on a joint session of Congress

Voter Fraud: The Bottom Line – Why does the Democrat Party oppose free, fair, and credible elections?” –  The short answer is that Democrats are much better at cheating and rigging elections than Republicans

Chuck Schumer privately told other Democrat senators he expects their party will lose the House, contrasting Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s public optimism about maintaining a majority

Democrats vs. Democracy Biden’s warning that democracy is under threat is a projection – The US is not a democracy but a constitutional republic whose citizens employ democratic elections to choose their representatives

By Backing MAGA Candidates, the Democrats Embrace High-Stakes Risk – They will probably beat them in the general election, but with Biden’s approval rating so low and inflation high there’s never a 100 percent chance of victory

Americans Are Piling On More And More Debt – Americans cope with rising prices and prop up the sagging economy by using their credit cards to borrow at an excessive rate because they don’t have any other way to make ends meet

Putin will be meeting Xi Jinping in person next week to solidify Russia’s relationship with China –  The meeting is notable because it is in person, and because Jinping “has not left China since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020”

ZH: “Where Does The Buck Stop” As Yuan Tumbles Below 7 Per Dollar – If and when heavyweights China and Japan fully commit, that could be enough to finally stop the buck

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Federal officials in the Biden administration held secret illegal meetings with social media companies to suppress free speech and to ban or de-platform those who share opposing views about COVID and the vaccines

An Iowa judge ruled on Tuesday that a teenage human trafficking victim must serve five years of closely supervised probation and pay $150,000 in restitution to the family of her accused rapist, whom she stabbed to death

A Woman Escapes COVID-19 Hospital Treatment Protocols, And Says Others Not So Lucky – She is one of the few who has lived to tell her story about what she witnessed on the inside with COVID-19 hospital treatment protocols

MonkeyPox FearPorn Update – Overhyped pretty much as predicted. Yet again, when will they ever learn?

The Trump-Hillary Double Standard: For Her, the FBI Helped Obstruct Its In-House Investigation – The leniency accorded to Clinton contrasts with recent moves by Attorney General Merrick Garland to aggressively investigate Donald Trump

A Whitepaper Shows Durham Isn’t Bringing Collusion Hoaxers To Justice – His team has known of these discrepancies for years but has failed to hold responsible those who used the CIA to target a political opponent with false smears

Why Hispanics are leaving the Democrat Party – The Party’s soul has new ownership that is the property of atheistic, wealthy, woke white people and has moved so far leftward and so fast that no one in the country can keep up

California’s Senate passed a bill that, if signed into law, will give CA courts “temporary emergency jurisdiction” over any child who travels to the state seeking gender transition surgeries and cross-sex hormones, regardless of state residence

Attention Conservatives: They’re Coming For Your Podcasts Next – The liberal Brookings Institution just released what it calls “a tool to monitor political broadcasts” on increasingly popular podcasts – To combat supposed “misinformation”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent two busloads of illegal economic migrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ official home in D.C., just days after she insisted that “the border is secure”

Candace Owens Threatened With CPS and Misdemeanor Charge – This is more situational ethics and there is little concern over these medical issues from the people who claim that women have a choice over their bodies

I’m an NCAA champion female swimmer and we have to protect girls and women from Biden’s destruction of Title IX – I saw a 6’4″ biological male with male parts in our women’s locker room, which  confirms Lia Thomas is a male

A non-partisan ethics watchdog group demanded an investigation into PA’s Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, who is running for the open U.S. Senate seat, for allegedly failing to properly disclose all of his assets, which he is legally required to do

Californians Adjust To Their New Life In Texas – Our oldest daughter and her husband escaped California and moved to West Texas a couple of months ago – They are not woke or Liberal, so I know they will get a kick out of this short video

September 14, 2022

A Federal Judge Releases New Portions of Mar-a-Lago Affidavit – Biden’s DOJ Went After Trump’s Video Surveillance Cameras – They demanded approximately six months of footage, from Jan. 10, 2022, to June 24, 2022

Donald Trump has said that Mike Pence will not be his running mate should he run for the presidency again in 2024 – Trump is expected by many observers to launch a third campaign for the presidency in 2024

Trump-Endorsed Karoline Leavitt Runs Away with New Hampshire’s District 1 Primary Win Despite $5 Million in Smear Ads by Kevin McCarthy and GOP Elites! – Trump Congratulates Her!

The Energy Market’s Next Crisis: Oil Tanker Shortages – Demand for tankers has been on the rise since the European Union slapped sanctions on Russia in the spring

NOT Building Trump’s Border Wall Will Cost Taxpayers $5.4 Billion This Year Alone – The Biden administration has been spending around $3 million a day to pay DOD contractors not to finish construction on the southern border wall

Joe Biden’s Transportation secretary wants feds to ban gas cars nationwide ASAP – “We’ve got to make sure that this happens quickly enough to beat climate change”

Electric Cars Are Not “Zero-Emission Vehicles” – The notion that electric vehicles are “zero-emission” is rooted in a deceptive narrative that ignores all pollutants which don’t come out of a tailpipe

Florida governor DeSantis sent two planes full of illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, a state that has supported the Biden administration’s open-border policies

Lori Lightfoot, the GOAT of Hypocrite Sanctuary Mayors – If Chicago’s mayor is truly committed to her city’s sanctuary status, then she should welcome arrivals from Texas without complaint


COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Is Estimated to Turn Negative Over Time in Children – Effectiveness peaked at 60-70% several weeks after the first dose, then dropped nearing zero at week 18 for previously uninfected children

Denmark ends COVID vaccinations for people under 50 – Berenson reports that Denmark did not explicitly say the risks of mRNA jabs now outweigh their benefits for healthy people under 50, but that view “is implicit in the announcement”

Steve Kirsch: I found an honest vaccine scientist – He said that for medical intervention, you have to show the benefits outweigh the risks – These mRNA vaccines don’t meet this bar for people under 70

“Conscientious Objection” Is Reason Enough to Refuse mRNA Vaccines as Preventive Treatment for COVID-19 – These experimental formulations are closer to gene therapy platforms rather than the long-established and familiar vaccines”

The FSMB has taken a stand against what it refers to as “the dissemination of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and disinformation” by healthcare professionals going so far as to recommend disciplinary action and state policy changes

ZH: Ukraine wants a “NATO-Esque” bloc to call upon to defend their borders with Russia – Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev warned it is “really a prologue to the Third World War” if it gets enacted and a nuclear holocaust would be the result

The Biggest Looming Crisis You’ve Heard Almost Nothing About – Starting sometime Friday U.S. freight-rail workers could go on strike or experience a lockout, and the economic consequences for Americans could be far-reaching

WSJ: Railroad Union Says Workers Voted Against A Proposed Labor Deal As A Strike Looms – Freight railroads, union leaders are meeting in Washington to avert a possible strike

Why does Biden want to sell warplanes to unfriendly nations? – Increasingly, however, the Biden administration seeks to do just that

As the sweeping Inflation Reduction Act seeks to spend some $369 billion toward energy and climate programs over the next 10 years, those green initiatives will mostly benefit family members of top officials with ties to the Chinese regime

As if inflation brought on by government overspending weren’t high enough already, a new study shows that Joe Biden’s illegal migrant surge is costing taxpayers $20.4 billion a year, or the equivalent of $9,232 for each illegal migrant

Joe Biden shrugged off the latest unexpectedly high inflation numbers on Tuesday even as they triggered a sudden plunge in the stock market – “I think we’re going to be fine”

Trafalgar Poll: Coward Congressional Republicans Are Focused On The Wrong Issues – American priorities for  the 2022 midterms are #1 Border security, then China threat, then more oil production, Police funding, and a fix for Biden inflation

Disturbing Footage Shows Camouflaged Group Descending Southern Border Wall to Enter US – The Border Patrol has apprehended more illegals at the border than in any other year of American history in 2022

The Global “Green Energy” Push is Causing Fertilizer Shortages and Threatening The Human Food Supply – Over 80 percent of the global sulfur supply currently comes from the desulfurization of fossil fuels

A survey conducted on behalf of the Swedish online newspaper Bulletin found that 79% of people who arrived in Sweden as refugees, supposedly fleeing war or persecution, have returned to vacation in their home country since arriving there

Justice Delayed Is Justice Debauched – On Valentine’s Day 2018 Nikolas Cruz entered his Parkland, Florida, high school, systematically executed 17 classmates and staff with a semi-automatic rifle, and wounded 17 others, three critically

Attacking the Rule of Law – The mismatch between constitutional and particular incentives provides an opening for the ideological opponents of the Rule of Law to gain allies among those who can profit by undermining it

Joe Biden’s FTC Is Out of Control – Khan and fellow leftist crusaders to abandon the quantifiable agency standard of protecting consumers for a vaguer goal of protecting “the public” – This allows them to pursue Biden’s woke agenda

Sharyl Attkisson: A Pentagon watchdog opens a review of Afghanistan vetting failures – The Biden Administration evacuated 324 individuals into the US who appeared on DoD’s watchlist, which includes known suspected terrorists

ZH: Germany Calls For A “Refugee Summit” As New Migrant-Wave Strains Cities & States – A leaked report shows a 47 percent increase in illegal migration to Germany so far this year

How Big Tech Helps To Turn Kids Trans – Digital spaces are ever more designed to promote sexual and transgender content

Gallup Poll: More Americans are now smoking more marijuana than cigarettes – Only 11% of Americans surveyed said they smoked cigarettes compared to 45% in the mid-1950s

September 13, 2022

Ron DeSantis Is Conservatism’s Future – The Florida governor’s speech at NatCon3 shows that common-sense populism is where the GOP must stand

The Golden State is losing its luster – A troubling new report labels physical and sexual violence in pandemic-era California a statewide “epidemic” Indicating violence is on an alarming rise

U.S. stocks finished sharply lower Tuesday, with all three major indexes posting their worst daily drop since June 2020 –  High U.S. inflation has proven hard for the Fed to tame. The DJIA fell about 1,276 points, or 3.9%, ending near 31,104

Larry Kudlow: The highest inflation in 40 years is deeply embedded in the economy and spreading – This is due to several years of excessive federal spending, regulating, taxing and money-printing

A rail strike shutdown looms large even as Congress steps in – A “Cramdown” remedy has little chance of resolving the impasse according to John Brennan III, a former senior counsel for the Union Pacific Railroad

Tucker Carlson exposes the crime levels in Chicago and other inner cities, saying Democrats need to be held responsible for the collapse of law and order on city streets  – “The federal government also played a role”

The FBI seizes My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s phone – The seizure of Lindell’s cell phone comes amid a rise in the agency’s targeting of Trump allies, and this is not the first time his records have been subpoenaed

Brave Whistleblowers Are Exposing How The FBI IS Out To Get Trump – Senator Ron Johnson says the allegations shared with Congress indicate a level of “corruption” within the FBI and Department of Justice that needs to be ‘exposed

The FBI Paid For Russian Disinformation To Frame Trump, Plus 7 Other Takeaways From Durham’s Latest Court Filing – They made Danchenko a confidential human source, providing him and the FBI’s use of him “national security” cover

Biden’s White House Takes the Bait on Lindsey Graham’s Proposed Abortion Bill – Its denunciation of the bill reveals its extremism

The Supreme Court will consider the challenge to the University of North Carolina and Harvard’s race-based admissions procedures – The arguments will be heard on Oct. 31 by the nation’s highest court

22 Governors Are Fighting Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan – “Only 16-17 percent of Americans have federal student loan debt, and yet, the plan will require their debts be redistributed and paid by the vast majority of taxpayers”

The city of El Paso is increasing its program to send migrants to New York City – The contract was approved Monday and calls for as many as four buses a day through December 2023, with most going to NYC

Sharyl Attkisson: The Military illegally denying religious exemptions for Covid vaccine – The military “reviewed” and denied 4,500 applications for religious exemptions in one 90-day period – Federal law and policies require individualized reviews

Dr. Joseph Mercola: US Life Expectancy Falls Again in a “Historic” Decline – Even small declines  of a tenth or two-tenths of a year mean that on a population level, a lot more people are dying prematurely than they really should be

The COVID mRNA Reckoning Is Long Overdue – The damage done to children is manifest

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Natural Immunity Protects You More Than Three mRNA COVID Shots – Yet, health officials and Big Pharma are committed to a never-ending rollout of boosters, and now “updated boosters” coming out in Fall 2022

Vaccine-Linked Myocarditis Deaths for First Time – Myocarditis is defined as inflammation of the myocardium, the middle layer of the heart muscle – The CDC has not publicly spoken about death as a possible outcome of myocarditis

The Rockefeller Foundation, the NSF, and other nonprofits are pouring millions of dollars into “Behavioral Psychology Research“ to increase the uptake of COVID-19 vaccines by countering supposed misinformation and disinformation

Ken Starr, whose investigation of Bill and the Whitewater scandal that uncovered Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky and led to his second impeachment, died Tuesday at a Houston hospital due to complications during surgery

Tucker Carlson Goes There: Runs Entire Segment on John Fetterman’s Weird Neck Lump – Is this the reason John Fetterman always wears bagging hoodies?

JD Rucker: John Fetterman’s Radical Marxist Wife Is the REAL Play In PA –  They’re Looking ahead at the possibility of having a mentally impaired Senator, so some believe the Democrats are crazy – In reality, they have a very ugly plan

Malia Cohen, a Democrat running for California State Controller Studied Socialism in Venezuela on a Trip in 2006 – “The last thing we need as California’s fiscal watchdog is someone who extolls the virtues of socialism”

The Democrats’ Empty Celebrity Candidates – The GOP and the Democrats have celebrity candidates, but if defeated, the GOP’s celebrity candidates are likely to go away – Can Democrats say the same?

WSJ: U.S. Inflation Remained High in August – Consumer prices excluding food, and energy rose sharply, showing broad price pressures strengthened

Thousands of Biden supporters will join the president at the WH to celebrate the passage of the “Inflation Reduction Act,” the same day the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report showing inflation had continued to rise in August

The demonization of Americans continued on the anniversary of 9/11 when DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas suggested the biggest terror threat was ‘domestic extremists’ radicalized by “false narratives propagated on online platforms”

Tucker Carlson warns that Biden is actively criminalizing political opposition – As all totalitarian regimes do, Biden is using the instruments of government to persecute his political opponents

The January 6 Pipe Bombs Get Curiouser and Curiouser – The DNC has two CCTV cameras that surveil the area, so making the recordings public from these cameras on January 5 and 6 would make clear what happened

Who Will Save Americans From A Weaponized IRS? – The IRS is more than a mere revenue collector for the federal government. It has often been used as an instrument of intimidation, even terror, against political foes

Republicans, don’t get rid of Trump – In 2025 and thereafter, a second-term Trump should rely on his VP to drain the swamp and focus on making the MAGA program a permanent fixture of the freedom-loving American people

Claremont Institute Delivers Historic Remarks on the Virtues of President Donald Trump –  He is a fighter and that is what you need when dealing with cut-throat Democrats that will do almost anything to gain and maintain power

Why Trump will run again – He views this as his obligation to the greatest country on Earth that supplied him with so much. He made America great again, and now needs to finish flushing that nasty national toilet and Take America Back Again

Senator Graham’s Preemptive Surrender on Abortion – Graham would make that triumph short-lived and impose a one-size-fits-all Washington solution that would pull the rug out from under the pro-life movement

Twitter shareholders approve Elon Musk’s bid to buy the company – The vote comes as Musk seeks to scrap the deal alleging the company was not as forthcoming as it should have been with its explanation of the fake account calculation

Super-lawyer Leslie McAdoo Gordon calls out our broken legal system – Our legal system is costly, inefficient, unfair, and at the mercy of judges more interested in politics and ideology than in justice and following the letter of the law

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan called the leaking of the draft abortion opinion “horrible” and signaled there will be an update by the end of the month on the high court’s efforts to track down the leaker

ZH: US Consumer Prices Rise For 27th Straight Month – This tug of war between goods moderating and services remaining strong and both moved up. .. The Fed is going to be looking at this with a lot of concern

For The Love Of God, Would You Please Stop Being Stupid? – Republicans did not fight in Alaska to prevent ranked-choice voting, so the Democrat who got 40% votes won over the Republican candidate who got 60% of the vote

The Man Accused of Beheading A Woman Is an Illegal Alien Previously Convicted of Child Rape – Jose Rafael Solano Landaeta, 33, was arrested and charged after killing his ex-girlfriend, 27-year-old Karina Castro outside her apartment

When you are sick, do you want Dr. Woke or Dr. Smart? – Nearly three-quarters of these institutions — and 80% of the top 10 — ask applicants about their views on diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and other politicized concepts

California Governor Newsom launched a new abortion website Tuesday that will serve as a one-stop shop for those seeking to end their pregnancies, whether they are residents of the state or not, and even if they are illegal aliens

Something Is Seriously Wrong With John Fetterman – Tucker eviscerated him for being a man who lived off his parents for decades and managed to do what so many Democrat politicians have done over the years, and that is to fail upward

ZH: Germany’s Power Grid Faces Collapse As Millions Stock Up On Inefficient Electric Heaters For The Winter – Europe will be short on natural gas supplies this winter and over the next several winters

Nearly every major fact-checker has completely ignored Karine Jean-Pierre’s statements since taking over for Psaki –  PolitiFact has done just two fact-checks, while others have done zero

The FBI Refuses to Release Documents Detailing Their Relationship with Dead Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein – It’s likely the records might embarrass them as the DOJ and FBI have been known to abuse the FOIA law to their advantage

The CDC Admits It Gave False Information on COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring – The CDC did not analyze certain types of adverse event reports at all in 2021, despite the agency previously saying it started in February 2021

Mom Demands Autopsy After Her Healthy 18-Year-Old Son Dies Suddenly – He was a lifeguard and reportedly a healthy young man with a normal lifestyle

The CDC has issued an alert to doctors and parents about a rare respiratory disease that is affecting children – The enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) virus has similar symptoms to influenza or the common cold according to health officials

September 12, 2022

‘Who Could Have Foreseen This?’– Oregon Decriminalizes Hard Drugs And Has A Massive Increase in Overdoses – In February of 2021, ballot Measure 110 decriminalized the use of hard drugs in the state

I&I/TIPP Poll: By 2-To-1, Voters Call Biden MAGA Remarks Divisive – Most Americans think President Biden’s rhetoric is divisive, threatens free speech, and misuses his office

Communist China’s Plot for World Domination – Ian Easton sounds the alarm about an existential threat to our way of life

Trump and the Secret Documents – Whatever they amount to, FBI raids and likely indictments of the former president are political actions as bogus as the efforts to impeach him

Oz Opponent’s Commutation of Convicted Murderer Becomes an Issue – Pennsylvania Senate race: Fund the police — but release the convicted killers?

A 5-point plan to secure a Republican majority come November – Kevin McCarthy’s “Commitment to America” is going to be a wonderful contrast with the negative attacks and failed performance of Biden and the Democrats, so talk about it

ZH: A Perfect Storm Is About To Hammer The Dollar – The coming Fed pivot will come not because an “inflation target has been hit” but because the dollar is soaring, and recently hit an almost daily all-time highs

The U.S. annual inflation rate came in at 8.3 percent in August, higher than the market forecast of 8.1 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is slightly down from the 8.5 percent reading in July

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has agreed to one of the special master nominees proposed by former President Donald Trump’s legal team to review documents seized by FBI agents from Mar-a-Lago

Tucker Carlson, obtained a copy of the DOJ subpoena issued to at least 35 Trump allies – With this information fresh in hand, he let America know what was contained within it on his show Monday night

The DOJ escalates Jan. 6 probe, targets Trump allies ahead of midterms – They subpoenaed several Trump associates as part of an ongoing probe that critics describe as an intimidation campaign meant to instill fear in Trump supporters

A Troubling clue emerges about Biden’s ‘secret’ election-takeover plan – Biden’s directed the heads of all government agencies to send the White House their “strategic plan” to actively promote “voting rights”

Joe Biden Gets Lost Again, Has No Idea Where to Go After Cancer Moonshot Speech – Biden’s speech was full of gaffes and awkward moments

Dobbs Was Definitely Worth It – There’s little evidence the Dobbs decision is sinking Republican chances as we continue toward the mid-terms

There Is A Need for a Gubernatorial Debate Between Gavin Newsom and Brian Dahle –  A debate would allow Californians to hear perspectives they don’t usually hear

Age is the most important risk factor associated with deaths in individuals who have received COVID-19 booster shots – Compared with a 50-year-old, the “hazard ratio” or “HR” for an 80-year-old individual was 31.3 percent

EIN Presswire Shuts Down Naomi Wolf’s Account Without Notice, A Closer Look at Their Background Is Very Revealing – The Chairman of Newsmatics, which owns EIN served as a political strategist for deep swamp radical Democrats

Alabama Prepares to Use A New Execution Method on a Triple Murderer – Nitrogen hypoxia causes death by replacing oxygen with nitrogen has also been authorized in two other states for executions but never used

The tide has turned in Ukraine’s favor – Military experts are gushing over Ukraine’s military advances over the past 72 hours – They broke through Russian lines in the Kharkiv region, reclaiming 1,200+ square miles of occupied territory

WSJ: Russia Withdraws More Forces From Northeast Ukraine as Kyiv Presses Advance – Following strong gains in recent days, Ukraine’s progress slows as it begins to consolidate control

The Danger from a Wounded Putin – Every Russian defeat makes Putin and his cronies more desperate to salvage something out of this wide-ranging military debacle

Joe Biden’s Trip to the Queen’s Funeral Gets Complicated as British Officials Tell Him He Has to Take the Bus Along With Other Visiting Dignitaries

On 9-11, In Response To A Question From Liberal Media Host Chuck Todd, Kamala Harris Compared the Islamists Behind the September 11 Attacks To The Threat Of Trump Supporters

Defensive gun use is 4 times more common than violent gun crime, according to a comprehensive survey – This survey once again proves that the right to bear arms in self-defense is a clear net positive for society

Joe Biden’s DOJ Doesn’t Want To Disclose ‘Classified’ Mar-A-Lago Documents, Except Through Selective Leaks To Leftist Media – Their latest motion suggests the Biden administration is all-in on pursuing a criminal case against Donald Trump

The National Archives REFUSES to Turn Over Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential Records on Meetings with Hunter and James Biden – The SAME National Archives behind the raid on Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago – The Swamp is deep and wide

Biden Quietly Loosens The Tech Export Rules Relating To The Chinese Communist Firm Huawei – This Was Done Just Days After Their Lobbyist Tony Podesta’s Brother John Podesta Joined The White House

Childish voters get what they deserve – The willingness to wait “Marshmallow Test” turned out to be an extraordinarily good predictor of children’s life outcomes

Fired CNN host Brian Stelter lands a new teaching job at formerly prestigious Harvard University – He will host discussions on “threats to democracy,” the university announced Monday

Electoral Fraud Goes Mainstream – The Heritage Foundation recently added 9 new cases to their Election Fraud Database, bringing the total number of entries of proven instances of voter fraud in their database to 1,374

The House returns to Washington facing the prospect of a funding bill crisis to avert a government shutdown – Some Democrats refuse to approve the Schumer-Manchin deal easing oil and gas permitting

The Democrat establishment wants a one-party system – Their most audacious election-denying disinformation campaign was the Trump-Russia collusion hoax

Why Joe Biden can’t change course on greenie madness – For the past two decades, the career of Biden’s newest political appointee, John Podesta, seems inextricably tied to the reclusive foreign billionaire Hansjörg Wyss

Could This Be What Putin and the Mullahs Are Cooking Up? – Within a week of Putin’s visit to Iran, Gazprom announced it would reduce “the daily throughput” of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany to 33 million cubic meters…

It’s Presidential Poker And The Intelligence Community Is Playing For Keeps – Without revealing the documents’ contents the DNI gets to say how bad things could be, and your role as the public will be to believe them and vote accordingly

ZH: The US Navy’s “Death Star” Destroyer Will Be Armed With Laser Guns And Hypersonic Missiles – “They will be commissioned in the mid-2030s and will launch us into the next generation of ships”

Obama Says We’re “Better Off” Under Biden – Let’s review just how much “better off” we all are thanks to Biden and his fellow Democrats

ZH: Why This Recession Is Different – There are now various structural dynamics that won’t go away in a few months or years

ZH: Swiss Social Media Abuzz Over ‘Rat Out Your Neighbor’ Energy Use Posters – There are new drastic measures to reduce its gas use this winter, including fines and up to three years in prison for citizens who violate new regulations

The world is grappling with the worst energy crisis in generations however the U.N. has warned Europe that a return to fossil fuels in response to soaring prices and winter shortages must not be considered under any circumstances

ZH: A meeting of European Union energy ministers on Friday has suggested that each EU country implement strategies to reduce overall electricity consumption by a minimum of 10 percent

ZH: Europe’s Newest Nuclear Reactor Eases Finland’s Power Problems – The reactor in the Olkiluoto #3 plant exceeded the landmark 1,000-megawatt power mark on Friday, easing the strain on Finland’s electricity grid

Musk’s lawyers sent a 3rd termination notice to Twitter to end his acquisition deal, objecting to Twitter paying a severance package to its former security head Peiter Zatko in June because it violated a clause in the acquisition agreement

The Woke Plot Against Academic Freedom – Today, if an academic says the “wrong” thing, they can be fired or even physically attacked

Governor Newsom Pays Unions Back for Saving Him From the Recall – He is rewarding labor with hundreds of thousands of new members (Fast food workers), and signed legislation providing tax credits for union dues of its members

Ranked Choice Voting Leaves Behind A Rank Odor – Alaska’s experiment in voting had its intended result, the defeat of  Sarah Palin and the election of the first Democrat member of Congress from the state in more than 50 years

Oberlin College has finally agreed to pay out over $36 million in damages to Gibson’s Bakery for defaming the small family business as racist because they dared to stop an underage black student from stealing bottles of wine

Dr. Joseph Mercola: A Data Leak Reveals Disturbing Facts About mRNA Instability – Health officials don’t want individual vaccine vials examined by independent scientists because they are all different and the mRNA in the shots is not intact

Lawsuits were filed on September 7th against three California health care providers on grounds they used failed Ebola drug Remdesivir on patients without getting informed consent, resulting in the wrongful deaths of several patients

According to a recent “World Economic Forum” (WEF) article – “As scary as chip implants may sound, they form part of a natural evolution that wearables once underwent”

From AOL To Google: Visualizing The Most Popular Websites From 1993-2022 – This stunning animated graphic provides a historical look at the evolution of the internet, showing the most popular websites over the years

September 11, 2022

Can California make its power grid 100% green? – Tuesday’s test of the power grids came just days after SB1020 passed at Governor Newsom’s behest to speed up California’s conversion to a carbon-free electrical grid by 2045

What Trump Should Do Now – To achieve greatness, he needs to step aside and indicate he will make an endorsement after the debates. He will then become the founder of a movement, not just another ambitious politician

GOP Leader Says Homes of Trump Supporters May Soon Be Raided by FBI – The FBI is ready to serve warrants – “Three of our clients … did either get search warrants or subpoenas, and these subpoenas are extremely broad”

In October 2020 and January 2021 General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called his communist Chinese military counterpart and provided him with warnings of U.S. military intentions and actions

As global threats grow, concerns mount that Pentagon is deprioritizing war fighting – China cares very little about whether its sailors have access to educational opportunities or whether their spouses can transfer their work skills…

U.S. military prosecutors are reportedly negotiating potential plea deals with 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other conspirators imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay – The timing of this news, today, should be alarming to many

Residents of Seattle Washington’s Chinatown are fighting back against city officials over their plan to build a homeless megaplex in the center of their neighborhood

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released new data suggesting that cases of post-COVID-19 vaccine-linked heart inflammation among young males have risen

A Canadian Nurse Details Dangers of Covid Vaccines – We quickly started to see issues such as miscarriages and myocarditis. We’ve seen Guillaume Barré and Bells Palsy before with other vaccinations, but not at this level or rate”

9/11/2001: Do Americans Know All That Happened This Terrible Day? – Do our schoolchildren know or understand the attackers were Islamic jihad terrorists and what jihad is, or what the objective of the 9/11 attacks was?

September 11th – Never Forget – On September 11, 2001, 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda hijacked four airplanes and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the United States

9/11- Never Forget – We are hated by fanatic Muslim extremists, but unfortunately, we cannot identify many of them who walk among us, or on their way through our porous Southern border

How the TV Networks Hid the Twin Towers’ Demolition on 9/11 – 36 Mainstream Media Voices Reported Explosions That Betray Narrative of Fires Bringing Down the Towers

Republicans push to restrict mail-in voting ahead of November – At least 18 states, most of which are run by Republican-controlled legislatures, have placed new limits on mail-in voting in an attempt to fight voter fraud

The Biden Administration Is Engaged in a Massive Censorship Campaign – In a federal lawsuit, discovery reveals a multi-agency effort to censor and suppress voices that disagree with the Biden administration’s policies

The DoJ Argues that the Intelligence Community Overrides the Judiciary – Why is the DOJ so desperate to prevent a Special Master, even one with security clearance, to view those documents the department asserts are classified?

Americans are fed up with Biden and a majority want him impeached – It matters that a Rasmussen Reports survey shows that 50 percent of Independents would like to see Joe Biden impeached

Could It Be The Covid Shots? Deaths are soaring in an area with a 95% COVID vaccination rate – Australia drew global attention for its strict Covid measures

“Nothing To Do With Man” – Astrophysicist Says Climate-Cultists “Are On A Gravy Train” To Make Money as climate and weather are dictated primarily by cyclical activity on the surface of the sun and not carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

September 10, 2022

Joe Biden’s Justice Department is proposing that a Democrat donor and former Clinton-appointed judge serve as “Special Master” in the Trump Mar-a-Lago investigation

A Huge Twist in Eliza Fletcher Case – It’s Beginning to Look Like She Wasn’t His Only Recent Victim

Tulsi Gabbard: The Biden administration is “weaponizing” federal agencies against political opponents –  That problem has grown gradually over several years, from Obama all the way through to the current administration

ZH: Twitter Ramps Up Its Wrong-Think Apparatus Ahead Of Midterms – Twitter will be “pre-bunking” election claims during the 2022 midterms and expanding their “Birdwatch” fact-checking program

Massive Increases in U.S Natural Gas Exports are Driving Up U.S. Energy Prices – The author accurately refutes the notion that exports do not drive-up domestic prices

23 House Democrats Request $50 Million to Cope With The Illegal Immigrants Bused From Texas and Arizona

“Unethical” and up to 98 Times Worse Than the Disease – A team of nine experts from Harvard and Johns Hopkins has published research about the COVID-19 vaccines and why mandating vaccines for college students is unethical

The FDA Refuses to Provide Key COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Analyses – In their most recent response, the FDA records office indicated that it would not provide any of the analyses, even in redacted form

The Department of Justice and attorneys for Donald Trump submitted a list of potential nominees to be appointed as the special master over the investigation into classified documents found at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home

“Irrefutable Proof” That mRNA Vaccines Cause Vascular and Organ Damage – mRNA vaccines don’t stay at the injection site, but instead travel throughout the body and accumulate in various organs

The COVID policies—shutdowns and lockdowns; “stay home, stay safe;” mandatory masking, social distancing, testing, and vaccines; and so on—perpetuated by the American left and those like-minded were the greatest demonstration of fascism the United States has ever known

ZH: Rigged, Pfizer Clinical Trial Hid Injuries – Maddie de Garay signed up for Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot trial when she was 12; previously a healthy preteen, her life has been forever changed due to health problems caused by the shots

Why are Children Coming down with Monkeypox? – Monkeypox sores anywhere on a child are a clear indication that sex with minors has occurred — but it is being effectively censored by the mainstream media

A Woman Was BEHEADED In Broad Daylight In California and The Suspect Was Known To Law Enforcement – The man, who appears to have been in a relationship with the victim, fled but was arrested blocks from the scene

It’s (Almost) Always the Feds: How the FBI Fabricates Schemes To Entrap Would-Be Radicals – The FBI’s long history of using informants and manufactured plots to prosecute perceived extremists

Inside the saga to uncover who spilled Supreme Court’s Roe secret – It’s been 131 days since a Supreme Court draft opinion signaling the overturning of Roe v. Wade leaked to the press with no signs as to where it originated from

Credit card firms will code gun and ammunition purchases, making them easier to track – The decision comes a week after NY and California asked American Express, Mastercard, and Visa to support a new merchant category code

Governor Newsom Signs The Extreme Heat Warning and Ranking System Bill into Law – “It isn’t about climate change – it’s just simply about hotter temperatures and putting out a system to help warn people”


September 9, 2022

The disturbing news that there were ’35 FBI raids’ on Trump allies yesterday amid a nearly complete media blackout is even worse than we thought – A new Tucker Carlson report out Friday night puts that figure potentially even higher

European governments, citizens gear up for worsening energy crisis – Protests over high energy bills have erupted in several European cities

Federal Reserve Governor Christopher Waller on Friday echoed recent sentiments from his colleagues, saying he expects a big interest rate increase of a .75 percentage point later this month

ZH: The “Scariest Paper Of 2022” Reveals The Terrifying Fate Of Biden’s Economy: Millions Are Predicted To Lose Their Jobs – “To bring price increases down to 2%, we may need to tolerate unemployment of 6.5% for two years”

More than 185,000 illegal immigrant arrests were made at the U.S.–Mexico border in August, according to provisional U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics

The California Air Resources Board has bolstered its climate roadmap with several new strategies, including offshore wind development, climate-friendly housing construction, cleaner aviation fuels, and reducing miles traveled in vehicles

Why doctors aren’t speaking out Written by a doctor – Everyone should read this. We are headed for a perfect storm with escalating health needs and a shortage of doctors because of how we treat them

America’s Frontline Doctor Simone Gold Was RELEASED From A Florida Prison EARLY After Being Imprisoned For Walking Inside The US Capitol on January 6

Big-Pharma’s Criminal Business Model Benefits The US Government –  The DOJ has levied billions of dollars in fines against pharma companies that support government budgets but dose nothing’s done to reform their criminal behavior

Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, said that Fauci’s comments about having no time for clinical trials on new Covid vaccines were “reckless” since regulators didn’t rush to have vaccine companies update the vaccines during previous periods, such as when the Delta variant was dominant in 2021

The Heritage Foundation released its inaugural ranking of the states concerning school choice and educational outcomes on Friday – Florida came in 1st place, followed by Arizona…

In their court filing arguing against the appointment of a special master, The DOJ claimed former President Donald Trump’s team may still be holding onto allegedly classified records following last month’s raid on his Mar-a-Lago

WSJ: King Charles III’s Reign Dawns as Britain Mourns Loss of Queen Elizabeth II – Under leaden skies, thousands gather at Buckingham Palace to pay respects to U.K.’s longest-serving monarch

Are Democrats looking to provoke riots by arresting Donald Trump? – They need an incendiary event to cause normally calm Republicans to riot, so they may arrest the former president and march him in leg irons in front of TV cameras

One of Trump’s longtime allies now seeking to boost other 2024 contenders – The Club for Growth conducted polling to examine how Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) would fare against Trump in a GOP primary

The Media Give Democrats A Pass On Utility Failure Disasters – Too many in the media are willing to lament infrastructure problems and issues like “environmental racism” right up until that discussion involves Democratic Party culpability

ZH: The Fed Is About To Start Losing Money; What Does That Mean? – The most obvious impact is the US government will see a reduction in revenue which will increase the federal budget deficit

California’s Net-Zero Energy Model Is Already A Disaster — So Why Should The Rest Of The U.S. Copy It? – What business would want to relocate there or expand there if it can’t be guaranteed a steady, reliable supply of reasonably priced energy? 

The GOP’s Unifying Midterm Strategy Should Treat Democrats’ Green Agenda As A Culture War – The left’s agenda is increasingly entangled with the interests of elites, from environmentalism to student loan bailouts to marriage to policing

WEF Globalists Crown a ‘Great Reset’ King in England – #TheGreatReset initiative is designed to ensure businesses and communities put sustainable business practices at the heart of their operations 

Welcome to the Green New Deal, California – California is following in the footsteps of Germany, which over the past 10 years closed down most of its nuclear power plants and engaged in national decarbonization of the economy

A Legal Immigrant’s Defense Of The MAGA Vision For America – An uplifting and unifying vision of America

September 8, 2022

The Florida First Freedom Alliance presented evidence to election officials and law enforcement officers that more than a thousand mail-in ballots were voted from undeliverable addresses in Orange County in the Aug. 23 primary election

CDC Data Show ‘Local and Systemic Reactions’ Were Reported in More Than Half of Children Following COVID-19 Vaccination – The CDC collected the information with the help of a program called V-Safe

Joe Biden and his handler Dr. Jill traveled across town to sign the condolence book for Queen Elizabeth at the British Embassy in Washington DC – His handlers wrote down his message on a card before he signed the condolence book

WSJ: The DOJ to Appeal A Judge’s Order Appointing A Special Master in Trump Mar-a-Lago Probe – Prosecutors also ask the judge to put on hold part of the order blocking the government from using seized materials in a criminal investigation into the alleged mishandling of classified documents

William Barr: The New Alyssa Farah – The ex-AG wants to portray himself as an expert in all things classified and pre-judge Trump’s guilt. But when he could have shown that mishandling classified material is a serious crime, he punted

The FBI Raid Backfires – Trump Celebrates After Document Shows Precisely What He Has Said – In a new statement, Trump revealed that among the seized items were his medical records, which show he is in excellent health

Adam Kinzinger Hit With Cease And Desist For Abusing His Position To Attack A Private Citizen

Environmental, Social, and Governance: The Left’s Latest Destructive Tactic to Bully Business – Rating corporations by their adherence to wokeness is an outrage, any way you look at it

The Biden Administration Rolls Back Trump ‘Public Charge’ Green Card Regulation – The rule rolls back regulations considering supplemental public health benefits such as Medicaid and nutritional assistance as part of the public charge 

A new peer-reviewed study concluded that the mortality rate in people who used ivermectin regularly was 92 percent lower than in non-users and 84 percent lower than in irregular users

Jan. 6 Prisoners and Families Expose The Brutal Truth About The Jail Lockdown And Guard Attack Because An Inmate Didn’t Wear A Mask When Leaving His Cell To Get Medications About 25-Feet Away

Parents sue to block schools from secretly “transitioning” kids Class poster – “If Your Parents Aren’t Accepting of Your Identity, I’m Your Mom Now”

Donald Trump Mourns Death of Queen Elizabeth with Stirring Message

Trump and Biden Both Released Statements on Queen Elizabeth’s Death, But There’s a Shocking Difference – Unlike Trump, in his statement on the Queen’s passing, President Biden failed to mention God once

WSJ: Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96 – Britain’s longest-serving monarch became a symbol of stability in a fast-changing world

Who is in line for the throne after Queen Elizabeth II’s death? – Her son Prince Charles is the immediate heir followed by Prince William, then by Prince George. After that, it’s Princess Charlotte, followed by Prince Louis of Cambridge

Will King Charles III do his duty and abandon politics? – The royal family’s immediate problem is that his comfort with political intervention, ie. global warming, is incompatible with his new responsibility to stand aside from politics

The Strange Case of Ghislaine Maxwell – Are we as a people willing to ignore our government’s complicity in protecting the anonymity of the powerful and elite they know to have participated in the sex trafficking of children

ZH: Moments ago the ECB hiked its deposit rate by 75bps from 0% to 0.75bps – This is the first time European rates are positive in over a decade (since July 2012)

Australia Is The First To Warn A Pivot Is Coming – RBA Governor Philip Lowe said further rate increases would be needed to contain inflation but the RBA Board was not on a pre-set path and was aware rates had already risen sharply

Joe Biden Is Now Compromised: A Hunter Email Surfaces About Introducing Business Associates To Top CCP – Details like this about the Biden family would cause anyone else major problems

End Biden’s suppression of oil and gas leases – According to WSJ analysis of Interior Department data,  Biden has leased fewer acres of federal land for oil and gas production than any other president going back to the Kennedy era

The Political Party Built On Lies – The Democrat tower of lies have been constructed with the help of the media, which are mostly no longer objective, or even pretend to be, and are instead now propagandists for the party they are loyal to

If You Want to Win the Midterms Listen to Ron DeSantis – DeSantis is no Elmer Fudd hunting wabbits – He’s smart, tough, relentless and he’s right on the issues that are important to most Americans, that’s why he wins

John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee in the state’s high-profile U.S. Senate contest, on Wednesday said he’ll debate Republican rival Mehmet Oz after a Pennsylvania newspaper questioned if he was not fit enough for office

Restaurant owners took steps to block AB 257 law on Wednesday, California’s new fast food worker law, by filing a referendum request with the California Attorney General – Wages could rise to as high as $22 an hour under the law

Will Californians Freeze In The Dark? – A major problem will arrive around the winter solstice, as solar energy plants can’t provide full “installed generating capacity” due to the low elevation of the sun at LAN and the shortened daylight hours

ZH: Elon Musk got a huge boost from former Disney CEO Bob Iger, who revealed he backed out of a 2016 deal to purchase Twitter because a “substantial portion” of the social media platform’s users were bots and “not real”

Citizens for Sanity Ad Attacks Woke Leftist Politicians – They released a powerful ad on the devastating impact woke leftist politicians have had on so many of America’s big cities

The 1776 Project PAC Triumphs Yet Again – This group is helping to flip school boards’ red

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Scientists Recreated The World’s Deadliest Flu Virus – They wanted a more dangerous version of the Spanish flu so they can make better vaccines for it, even though it no longer existed in nature

Conservative Country Music Star Jason Aldean CANCELED By His Publicity Team Over His Wife’s Comments – “I want to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase, as I love this girly life”

After Denying Student Learning Loss, UTLA Opposes Teaching Days to Catch Kids Up – The same teachers’ union that kept L.A. schools closed, denied learning loss exists – Now, it stands in the way of helping students catch up

More States Move Toward Banning Gas-Powered Vehicles – Oregon will update its Advanced Clean Cars II law proposal to include a gas-powered vehicle ban in 2035 and Washington will adopt a version of California’s rule by year’s end… outright ban soon

September 7, 2022

The Energy Transition Could Be Derailed By A Looming Copper Shortage – If copper shortfalls follow projected trends, climate goals will be “short-circuited and remain out of reach

Young Adults Are Dying in Record Numbers, but Not From COVID-19 – One-off news articles about high-profile athletes, actors, and celebrities dying only tell part of the story.

After a federal judge required that a special master be appointed to oversee the documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago, the contents of those documents were leaked to the Washington Post

Eyes Are On Newsom as CA Looks to Pass A Law to Punish Doctors for COVID “Misinformation” – AB 2098 awaits his signature and will subject doctors to disciplinary action, including loss of their licenses to practice in medicine in CA 

THE UKRAINE GRIFT –We know plenty of aid is going to waste, but we don’t know how much we have already or will yet commit. However, some estimates can be made

A new nuclear deal between the US and Iran is off the table and will not be signed in the “foreseeable future” – This message was conveyed to Israeli during recent conversations with President Biden and other US officials

Victor Davis Hanson: The World Wants No Part of Woke, But It’s Glad Our Military Does – China can likely sink any $12 billion American aircraft carrier and its 5,000 diverse “they/them” crew that dares to venture into the Taiwan strait

Europe is importing over a million barrels of Russian oil per day, before the EU-wide embargo on Russian crude imports comes into effect – Oil prices have fallen and Europe is taking advantage of those lower prices to stock up now

California Praises Residents for Reduced Energy Use Following Their Emergency Text Message Tuesday – Energy supplies have been limited by state carbon-free goals that have shut down a lot of necessary energy plants

The Washington Free Beacon reports that the Biden administration is spending $3.6 million “to deploy vending machines filled with drug supplies in rural Kentucky” – The goal is to “reduce stigma for drug users,” the report explains

The CA Teachers Union Did Opposition Research on Parents Who Wanted Schools to Reopen During COVID – “Dedicating personnel to politically target moms and dads protecting their children is startling and disgusting”

A federal judge ordered Biden administration officials to hand over all relevant emails sent by either Dr. Fauci or WH press secretary Jean-Pierre to social media platforms regarding misinformation claims and social media content censorship

“We Need More Details” – Fauci Emailed Collins About The Chinese Laboratory Before A Secret Call – Fauci repeatedly stated he thought the virus started naturally

Lake Mead Is Draining, Not Climate Changing – The media is promoting disinformation on the cause of the reservoir’s record-low level

A study by well-known American and British scientists has found the experimental mRNA Covid shots are nearly 100 times more likely to cause a student serious injury than prevent hospitalization with COVID-19

How FEMA Tried to Bribe Ernest Ramirez to Change His Son’s Death Certificate to COVID – The autopsy showed heart enlargement – The teenager’s heart was twice the size expected for his age. He died within five days of the shot

Vaccine injury is very expensive: Vaccine injury in children roughly doubles educational costs and vaccine injury in all ages massively increases healthcare costs –  That’s why it’s Big Pharma’s business model

The UK Government BANS COVID Shots for Children 11 Years Old and Younger – Why? perhaps because Amy Kelly exposed the shots “literally harm the chances of your little boy to grow up normally as a male human adult”

Apple Is Killing the Password: Here’s Everything You Need to Know – With iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, Apple is introducing passkeys—a more convenient and secure alternative to passwords

ZH: A majority of Americans, 56.8% think Biden’s declaration of war on Trump voters was a “dangerous escalation in rhetoric” which was “designed to incite conflict amongst Americans,” according to a new poll by the Trafalgar group

Did The Trump Raid Make Bill Barr Forget About All The Deep-State Deceit? – Barr’s opinion rests on the assumed veracity of leaks, spin, and misleading narratives

A Judge Orders Fauci And Other Top Officials to Produce Records for A Big Tech–Government Censorship Lawsuit – Some of the officials refused to cooperate, among them,  Fauci, who serves as director of NIAID 

Today, the highly anticipated theatrical film My Son Hunter has opened to rave reviews and leftist panic, as the movie’s trailer has crested to over 4.5 million cross-platform views and climbing

PA Senate Candidate John Fetterman’s Fitness for Office Is a Legitimate Issue – He still has trouble speaking as a result of his stroke and has used closed captioning to help understand what media interviewers are saying to him over Zoom

The IRS Commissioner’s Warning of Audits to Come – Instead of fixing our tax code we’re empowering the IRS to step up its enforcement game

U.S. Border Patrol agents caught 10 illegal immigrant sex offenders, four gang members, plus a murderer, and seized a slew of deadly drugs in the last three days, according to the latest report from Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz

Democrats Copy The Tactics Of Famous Fascists – The Biden administration’s threatening, intimidating, and jailing of its opposition set the backdrop for Joe Biden’s extraordinary speech on September 1, when he stated, “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic”

How Bad Is It And How Bad Is It Going To Be? – What The World Badly Needs Now Is A Two-Fisted Street-Fighter and the only person with that type of Attitude & Ability . . . Is None Other Than Donald J. Trump

January 6 was Not a Real Insurrection, I Know Because I Lived Through One – What distinguishes a true insurrection from a riot is the end goal. An insurrection, by definition, has a goal of dismantling the ruling government

FNC’s Carlson: ‘Our Entire Country Will Be Memphis if We Don’t Put a Stop to This Insanity’ – We should respond with as much force as is required to protect innocent citizens

The Real State of the Consumer – Many consumers’ real wages are declining, so to compensate they are increasingly relying on savings and credit which both have limits. Unfortunately, many consumers are likely at or near those limits

Behind the “Grid Emergency” – The ideology that has captured politicians and regulators is climate change. CA has been more aggressive than any other state in setting renewable energy targets, currently aiming to be 60 percent reliant on renewables by 2030

Days after signing a greenie law mandating that Californians buy only electric cars by 2035 and calling it a model for the nation, Gavin Newsom pleads with Californians to turn off their electricity to prevent the electrical grid from blowing out

Donald Trump’s Rally in Pennsylvania – A Pivotal Moment In History – Maybe now more than ever, it’s clear to him — and all of us — that he is fighting to protect every one of our little Mar-a-Lagos

Dopes and Dupes – In immigration, perhaps more than any other policy issue we get to consider the relationship between bad actors and sheer stupidity, as the American immigration system is, in its current makeup, irreparably broken

Is the tide turning in Holland In Favor Of Dutch Farmers? – We are getting strong graphic evidence that the entire green agenda is deadly and will leave us sweltering in the heat, freezing in the cold, afraid in the dark, and, invariably, starving

According to a WPA Intelligence survey, 22% of Democrats think that “some men can get pregnant” and it is not surprising that 36% of White, college-educated Democrat women think men can get pregnant

“Civil Rights” and community leaders refuse to address the disproportional abuse and injustices of Mayor Bowser and  D.C. schools via mandated COVID vaccines – Community leaders’ silence confirmed injustice is typical

A Teacher In Ireland Arrested And Jailed For Refusing To Use Student’s Preferred Pronouns – The self-described devout Christian teacher was first suspended from teaching for not using the pronoun “they” instead of “he” for a student

September 6, 2022

Higher Educations’s New Woke Loyalty Oaths – A ballooning number of hiring and tenure decisions require candidates to express written fealty to favored political doctrines

A Former Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Says Climate Change Based on False Narratives – “The environmental movement has become more of a political movement than an environmental movement” he said

What, exactly, is the Biden administration’s purpose? – What is its agenda besides a haphazard rehashing of Absolutely Everything Progressives Have Ever Thought Of?

8 hours of torture: Jan. 6 prisoner repeatedly maced by “bully guard” – There have been many reports of abuse unleashed against those arrested for something nothing more than being at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021

World Economic Forum Futurist: “We Just Don’t Need the Vast Majority of the Population” – Klaus Schwab’s eugenicist lieutenant, Yuval Noah Harari – the Himmler to his Hitler – said the quiet part out loud in a recent TED interview

EVs Facing Total Scarcity of Their Most Critical Component – Spells Disaster for Biden Goals – “There’s going to be a real crunch to get lithium. We don’t have enough in the world to turn that much-needed production in the world by 2035”

More embalmers report they have seen the emergence of bizarre “fibrous” clots in a substantial portion of their cases since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines – Preliminary research suggests they are produced by spike proteins

Adults Aged 35–44 Died at Twice the Expected Rate Last Summer According To Life Insurance Data – Death claims for adults aged 35 to 44 were 100 percent higher than expected in July, August, and September 2021

U.S District Court Orders Biden Officials to Turn Over Big Tech Collusion Docs, Including Dr. Fauci’s – More than 50 Biden officials in 12 federal government agencies were exposed for colluding with Big Tech to censor their political opponents

College Aid Could Top $270 Billion A Year – Biden’s student loan bailout is likely to be $1 trillion over the next decade, on top of the massive amounts of money taxpayers already fork over each year to subsidize college education

Canadian Policy Would Reduce Global Emissions by One One-Thousandth of a Percent And Cripple Their Agriculture Industry – Trudeau plans to cut his country’s fertilizer emissions by 30 percent by 2030

International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors find damage to Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia buildings housing “fresh” nuclear fuel and radioactive waste  – The UN report details the threat to Ukraine’s nuclear security amid the Russian invasion

A Body Found in Tennessee Confirmed as Missing Heiress Eliza Fletcher – This development comes after Cleotha Abston, a 38-year-old male, was charged in connection to Fletcher’s kidnapping and tampering with evidence

Tuesday Trafalgar Group Poll: Fifty-six percent of general election voters view President Joe Biden’s speech, where he cast Republicans as “threats to the foundations of our republic” as unacceptable

Special Counsel John Durham Must Choose: Risk A Russia Hoaxer’s Second Acquittal Or Expose More Deep-State Dirt – Will Durham highlight the complicity of the deep state in the Russia collusion hoax? If not, it might cost him

Joe Biden was behind the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid all along – Page #2 & #3 of Judge Cannon’s ruling cites a quote from the DOJ’s legal filing that Biden ordered the NARA to provide access to the FBI to review the Trump records

Special Master Order Reveals Biden’s Direct Involvement In Trump Raid And Six Other Bombshells – #1. President Biden Was Directly Involved – #2. The Timeline of the Trump Targeting Is Suspect

Trump’s rally in PA, was a pivotal moment in history – Supporters came not only from around the Commonwealth but from across the country – When Trump came out on stage faces lit up as we listened in rapt attention

As in 2020, Trump speaks to tens of thousands while Biden speaks to tens – Trump is still filling stadiums, and Biden, with his supposed “81 million votes,” still can’t fill a high school gym

Senator Lindsey Graham suggested Donald Trump could be posed to make “one of the greatest political comebacks in American history” should he decide to run for president in 2024 and has a “pretty good chance” at winning the election

ZH: “Putin Has Pushed Europe Into An Inflationary Depression And Currency Collapse” – Russia has made it clear that unless sanctions on it are dropped, no gas will *ever* flow through Nord Stream 1 again

Will it be a long, cold, lonely winter for Europe? – Will America observe and learn from the European’s folly or foolishly follow the same failed energy path?

ZH: 12 Numbers That Show We’re Getting Close To An Economic Crash As The Fall Approaches – That we are seeing so many parallels between what is transpiring now and what transpired 14 years ago should deeply alarm all of us

Amazon has put a halt to some of its planned facilities in the US and Europe, according to a consulting firm – In April, Amazon reported its slowest growth in roughly two decades as revenue fell by 3%, the worst performance since 2016

Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” achieves a new, unenviable level of deception – It increases inflation rather than reduces it as the bill is primarily a further expansion of Washington DC’s regulatory control of healthcare

Money Trouble at the Fed – M2 was moving steadily along until a little uptick around 2009, but ever since it has increased faster than before the Great Recession – What will be the consequence of suddenly holding M2 constant?

Earnings Decline: There Is Likely A Ways To Go Before We Are Done – We previously noted that earnings estimates were overly optimistic and would need to come down to align with economic realities. That process has now begun

WSJ: Schools Are Back And Are Confronting Severe Learning Losses – States have directed billions to tutor students and other efforts to reverse the pandemic declines in reading scores but have little sense of what works

A plea for help from Chicago comes although only two buses have arrived from Texas, totaling around 125 people who illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border and were then processed and released by Border Patrol

The FERC Gaslights America – Our power grid is in shambles, and our ability to consistently meet changing demand has been weakened as intermittent sources like wind and solar have steadily displaced ultra-stable sources like nuclear and coal

Title IX Expansion Tramples The First Amendment – New federal guidelines curtail speech with one little phrase, “creating a hostile environment”, The DOE is using Title IX to curtail freedom of thought and speech in educational environments

President Biden’s Student Loan Debt Relief Is Just the First Step – The Democrats’ long-term goal isn’t just to cancel the debt, it is free higher education for all who want it

The economy appears headed for a hard recession landing – To achieve its goal, the Federal Reserve must thus continue to raise rates aggressively, another 150 basis points and more

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis holds a commanding lead in his reelection campaign against Charlie Crist – “The governor led 50-42 among the 94% of poll respondents surveyed in English, and 38-29 with the 6% surveyed in Spanish”

The Slight, Slow Improvement in the Prognosis of Dr. Oz – If recent polls are accurate, Oz finds himself in the odd position of winning self-identified independent voters, but still trailing overall because he hasn’t unified Pa Republicans behind him

CA’s new law regulating fast-food wages will destroy jobs – It’s a targeted bill that sets a fast-food industry minimum wage, and it’s a big one: almost $7 higher than the regular state minimum wage

The CDC passed misinformation to Facebook as the partners worked to combat misinformation, according to newly released emails, in the most recent example of CDC officials making false or misleading claims

A new lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on behalf of parents seeks to immediately halt any plans to bring back an indoor mask mandate on school children, claiming that the Department of Public Health “is using erroneous hospitalization metrics”

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The New COVID Vaccines Have Only Been Tested on Mice, Without Safety or Effectiveness Data Based On Human Trials – Antibody levels tell us nothing about its effectiveness

Biden officials say annual COVID-19 shots are now the norm with the latest boosters – Current NIAID director Fauci said COVID-19 shots updated for new variants would be recommended once a year rather than every six months or so

29 MORE Reasons (Not) To Inject Your Child –  Inspired by Margaret Anna Alice’s  “50 Reasons to Give Your Child the COVID Shot” 

A first-in-in-the-nation bill that would protect kids’ privacy online passed out of the California Legislature – Here’s what it does, and what happens next

Why Federal Legalization of Cannabis Is Finally Here – On July 21, 2022, three senators sheepishly launched federal cannabis legislation into the future, with the introduction of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act

September 5, 2022

Studies show blood damage in those who got COVID vaccinations – Frightening research results are coming out of Italy and Germany – If you have had a COVID vaccine/booster, what this article presents may cause you stress and anxiety

Federal Judge grants Trump’s Special Master request for review of the material confiscated by the FBI/DOJ during the Mar-a-Lago Raid – Parties have until September 9th to submit a filing that includes special master candidates

FBI agents in August seized medical documents and financial information from former President Donald Trump when they raided his Mar-a-Lago resort, a new court filing revealed on September 5th

Federal agents who are investigating former President Donald Trump may still be working on the case despite being exposed to potentially privileged information, according to a new court filing

Former Feds Give The Justice Department a Bad Name – The nonstop partisan gaslighting justify accusations by Trump and his supporters that the Justice Department largely exists to criminalize political dissent in America

No, Trump’s Presence In The Midterms Is Not “Risky” For The GOP – Without Trump, The GOP Struggles To Turnout Voters

Maryland Democrat Representative Raskin Admits Democrats Are Fascists – Two of the hallmarks of a fascist political party are one, they don’t accept the results of elections that don’t go their way, and two, they embrace political violence

Industry And Infrastructure Are Collapsing By The Day Across Europe And The US – Three of the pillars that allow modern society to function are being severely crippled by economic sanctions and sky-high energy prices across Europe

The Prominent Investigative Reporter Who Spearheaded Coverage of the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre Was Found Dead Outside His Home – Jeff German was found stabbed to death and his killer remains at large

Governor Newsom Signs Legislation to Unionize CA’s 556,000 Fast Food Workers – A new “Fast Food Council “will set minimum health, safety, and employment standards across California’s fast food industry

ZH: The Commodity Crisis Has Unfolded for Europe. Who’s Next? – On Friday, G7 nations announced they had come up with a worldwide scheme to impose price caps on Russian oil

Constitutional law professor and commentator Jonathan Turley: Conservatives law students fear losing their freedom of speech  – “A question I never heard from students is now routine”

TIPP Poll Asks: Does America Have A Two-Tier Justice System? – Many Americans, mostly in the center and right, believe they are treated unfairly by the media and the law

Sharyl Attkisson: The federal government is spending billions to promote electric vehicles, but most Americans still view them as impractical – Recent Rasmussen polling shows only 28% of American adults think electric cars are practical

Joe Biden doubled down on his ‘Battle for the Soul of the Nation’ speech from hell last week, tweeting on Sunday that “MAGA proposals are a threat to the very soul of this country”

It Seems Like Biden Wants To Reelect Trump – What we need is a president who wants to do the hard, necessary work of uniting

Joe Biden Has Spent 40% Of His Time As President On Vacation – He’s been away 23 days just in the past month

The Missing Laborers – The U.S. economy is in the peculiar situation of relying on a shrinking workforce to serve a growing population

ZH: Europe’s Energy Crisis Was Created By Political Interventionism – An energy policy that bans investment in some technologies based on ideological views and ignores security of supply is doomed to a boisterous failure

An Australian Bank Chain To Stop Lending For Gas-Powered Cars In 2025 – Loans Will Then Only Be Available For Electric Vehicles

California Goes Over the Edge – 1st it was the electric auto mandate with an inadequate electrical power grid and now it’s the Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act

TikTok is now a marketing tool to coax children into the “trans” abattoirs – The agenda to mangle our youth is brazenly promoted, particularly on social media – Children are to be cherished and protected

John Daniel Davidson: The Transgender Movement Isn’t Just Targeting Kids, It’s Targeting Families – The point isn’t just to break down the “gender binary” it’s to break down the family toward the goal of reshaping society

Mayor Lori Lightfoot lashes out at Texas Governor Abbott after 50 more migrants are bussed to Chicago – Lightfoot accused Abbott of using the illegal migrants as human pawns and said he is “manufacturing a human crisis’

Students at colleges in Washington, D.C., are facing significant COVID-19-related restrictions compared to their counterparts in Virginia and Maryland, even as the coronavirus continues to recede from the public consciousness

Challenge Big Pharma and Go to Jail – At least 83 governments worldwide have used the Covid-19 pandemic to justify violating the exercise of free speech and peaceful assembly, according to Human Rights Watch

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Four large systematic meta-analyses show that low vitamin D levels raise your risk of COVID while higher baseline levels and/or supplementation lower all risks by 1.5 to three times

Victor Davis Hanson: What One Had To Believe To Believe Jussie Smollett’s Story – During a speaking engagement, he let loose with a two-minute comedy riff that had his listeners convulsed with laughter

September 4, 2022

California Extends Its “Flex Alert,” Warning Drivers Not to Charge Their Electric Cars – The alert has been in effect for several days in the midst of a heat wave that is slated to last through Labor Day

50 Reasons to Give Your Child the COVID Shot – A handy list of reasons you’ll want to rush your child to the nearest injection site stat, NOT!

The Origins of Woke – A forgotten satirical book from the nineties predicted our current “cancel culture”

ZH: Biden Puts The ‘Total’ In Totalitarianism – America has come perilously close to the edge of the point of no return…

Glenn Greenwald’s Prediction in October 2020, ahead of the elections and after the mainstream media and Deep State takedown of the Hunter Biden laptop story Is Spooky Accurate – He Nailed it, unfortunately

BIDEN KEEPS HIS PROMISE TO SCREW AMERICAN MOTORISTS – WSJ chart shows the Biden Administration leased far fewer acres for oil-and-gas drilling than any other administration in its early stages dating back to the end of World War II

The Biden Administration’s Border Cover-Up Becomes A Border Standoff – A reporter and the WH press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre get in a row over the administration’s denial of the crisis

Donald Trump: “This election is a referendum on skyrocketing inflation, rampant crime, soaring murders, crushing gas prices, millions and millions of illegal aliens pouring across our border, race and gender indoctrination…”

Anticipation for Trump 2024 Run Builds up at PA Rally – An energized crowd packed the 10,000-seat Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday night as Trump arrived in the battleground state to rally for Republican candidates and his supporters

COMPARE AND CONTRAST: Trump and Biden Both Hold Rallies in Wilkes-Barre — TRUMP FILLS THE ARENA WITH AN OVERFLOW CROWD – Biden Can’t Even Fill A High School Gym

China Moves to Buy Off Africa – Here Is more evidence of its “world-island” ambitions

Margaret Thatcher-Style Leader Likely to Become The New UK Prime Minister – “She is a limited-government, low-tax politician who believes in reining in the role of the state”

More Than Half of Babies, Toddlers Surveyed Had ‘Systemic Reaction’ After COVID-19 Vaccine – Parents reported 6 percent of young children were unable to do normal activities after the second dose

The Bed Bath & Beyond CFO Plunges to Death From NYC Skyscraper Following Mass Layoffs – On Friday police responded to a 911 call and found a 52-year-old man dead near the building who appeared to suffer injuries from a fall

The Bed Bath And Beyond Executive That PLUNGED To His Death From A NYC Skyscraper Faced A Massive Lawsuit For Stock Price Manipulation

Taiwan warns that China aspires to open a “naval outpost” in Nicaragua as part of a plan to dominate the Indo-Pacific – Taiwanese Vice Foreign Minister Alexander says “They have a very large plan”

WSJ: Federal Oil Leases Slow to a Trickle Under Biden – The President cites climate change and spurns resources his predecessors, Donald Trump, relied on to boost U.S. energy production

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday revealed that FBI agents “rifled through” former First Lady Melania Trump’s closet and “even did a deep and ugly search of the room of my 16-year-old son, Barron”

WSJ: Consumers Feel Worse Now Than They Did During The Covid Lockdowns – Sentiment has fallen to levels typically associated with worse financial and economic conditions than today’s

So was it presidential historian Jon Meacham who wrote Biden’s Mussolini Meltdown speech? – The visuals and speech didn’t help Biden any politically, and the internal polls must have been horrific

The recipe for a Democrat October surprise – The corrupt mainstream media are already working overtime to set the stage by playing up the “civil war” potential and predicting violence from “white supremacists and far-right extremists”

Never has the “buck stopped” with Biden as he’s always had a scapegoat for his disasters. First, it was Putin; now, it’s MAGA Republicans, but in reality, it is his failed policies and incessant WH disinformation

Biden Sr. Advisor Keisha Bottoms: The so-called “MAGA Republican agenda” has “no place” in American democracy – “The MAGA agenda has been about misleading people, it’s about putting out information that inflames people”

The Rise of the Unprincipled Left – The left’s principles are not grounded in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Leftists regard those documents as mere quaint relics of a bygone past

Another BLM Leader Is Accused Of Fraud – Black Lives Matter leader, Shalomyah Bowers, purportedly siphoned more than $10 million of donors’ money

A Heartbroken Grad Watches The Woke Descent Of The US Naval Academy – There is so much wrong with having midshipmen, future naval leaders, indoctrinated with woke inclusion and diversity

The Latest Attack on Proposed “Sites Reservoir,” Not Enough Water – Drawing 1.0 million acre-feet or more from the Sacramento River to fill the Sites Reservoir during wet years, and over a half-million-acre feet even in dry years, would not significantly reduce the flow of water into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

The Curse Of Cultural Marxism – Pat Condell makes the point that Progressivism is Marxism attempting to wear a liberal mask, and failing – His analysis is excellent and very thought-provoking

September 3, 2022

Canada’s rules for tourists entering Canada are being cited as a reason Americans are not visiting  – The focus of concern is the ArriveCAN app, according to CBC as Canada requires visitors to be vaccinated against Covid for entry

Dr. Joseph Mercola: A hospital study published in June 2022 revealed that hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mouthwash, gargle, and nasal rinse protected against COVID-19 better than the jab

Russia Shuts Down Nord Stream 1 INDEFINITELY – The entire western world is going to start feeling massive pain thanks to weak, ignorant, narcissistic European leaders who balked at sensible advice given to them by President Trump

Tim Pool, the host of the popular “Tim-Cast” IRL podcast, heralded the production of My Son Hunter as an important example of creating cultural content to compete with and dissent from the woke corporate entertainment establishment

ZH: California Governor Newsom Reaped $10.6 Million In Campaign Cash From 979 State Vendors Who Pocketed $6.2 Billion – Newsom has embraced the highly unethical practice of soliciting campaign cash from state contractors

Judge Denies Steve Bannon’s Request For New Trial – He was on trial in July for two misdemeanor charges related to him not showing up to testify before the committee in charge of investigating the Jan 6th events at the U.S. Capitol

Embalmers across the country have been observing many large, and sometimes very long, “fibrous” and rubbery clots inside the corpses and are speaking out  – They have been seeing them starting from either 2020 or 2021

SHEDDING CONFIRMED: mRNA-Generated Covid Spike Proteins Found in Skin Lesions MONTHS After “Vaccination” – Did Pfizer and Moderna create ZOMBIE injections that simply do not die?

17 states with vehicle emission standards tied to CA rules face weighty decisions on whether to follow CA’s strictest-in-the nation new rules that require all new cars, pickups, and SUVs to be electric or hydrogen-powered by 2035

Biden’s great walk-back only manages to remind us again “who he is” – It is pretty clear that his “soul of the nation” Independence Hall speech didn’t go over the way he thought it would go over with American voters

US Treasury says the request for Hunter Biden records must come from a Democrat-led committee, not Republicans – That could change if Republicans take the majority in Congress this November in the Midterms

The Green Surrender – I sometimes wonder which policy of President Biden‘s has been or will be the most destructive of them all as there are so many possibilities, but at the top of the list is his Progressive energy policy that weakens America

Winners and Losers in the Ukraine War – Perhaps we ought to invest as much time and energy trying to end this war as we do to defeat and humiliate Russia

WSJ: Enough, Bosses Say: This Fall, It Is Time to Get Back to the Office – After more than two years, corporate leaders say time is up on avoiding in-person work

Claremont Review of Books Essays: Why Are We in Ukraine? – A steep bill comes due for decades of democracy promotion

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: LENI RIEFENSTAHL EDITION – Who thought the setting and lighting for Biden”s speech was a good idea? The millennials who run the WH may live in a media-academic bubble, but can they be that clueless?

September 2, 2022

Police Captain Identified Who Beat A Woman with Metal Baton Nearly to Death and Bashed Her in the Face on Jan. 6th – Not once does the DOJ report describe the brutal pummeling she received at the hands of the Capitol Police officers

Steve Kirsch: Israel didn’t start to gather safety data until a year into the vaccine program – They gathered 6 months’ worth of data and found that the vaccines weren’t safe … so they lied to the world about it

CA Lawmakers Just Passed Two Bills to Punish Physicians and Curtail Free Speech,  AB 2098 and SB 1018 – Physicians would be punished for doing what they believe is best for their patients and sharing legitimate information

Joe Biden’s “Ghost” Gun Ban Lasted Less Than 1 Minute – Retailers require separate component orders or refuse to sell all four component packages to the same customer so that no single retailer ever actually sells a “firearm”

Civiqs Poll: 69% of Voters Say Joe Biden’s Economy Is Fairly Bad or Very Bad – The Civiqs tracking model captures the shifts in attitude of various groups over time across all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

CNN White House Correspondent Leaves The Network Just Hours After Strongly Backing Biden’s Aggressive Rhetoric – John Harwood has been described by multiple outlets as having a significant pro-left bias

Sharyl Attkisson: Senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley want to know why the FBI has interfered in their investigation of Hunter Biden – “The FBI has consistently failed to respond in full to requests and provide critical records”

According to Virginia Democratic Representative Elaine Luria, the Inflation Reduction Act is in reality a huge environmental bill that includes a lot of things, such as the tax credits necessary to make these kinds of developments

Minutes Before Biden Gave His Vile Speech, Bannon’s House Was Swatted – The practice of calling officers to a home under pretenses in hope that harm will come to them has become known as “swatting” 

ZH: CNN Caught Color-Shifting Biden’s Hell-Red Rant Mid-Speech – The optics were so bad that CNN shifted the color from blood-red to a ‘less Hitlery’ pink in the middle of Biden’s speech

Watch: Kari Lake Epically Shuts Down Journalist in 90 Seconds – During her response to Biden’s national address Thursday, she was asked by a left-leaning reporter about the results of the 2020 election

Democrat Hobbs formally refuses to debate Kari Lake in the Arizona governor race –Hobbs’ campaign says she wouldn’t participate in something that will make Arizona “the butt of late-night TV jokes”

Biden Gives Clinton and Obama Insider John Podesta Control Over Nearly $370 Billion in ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Funds – He will chair the President’s National Climate Task Force

Fossil Fuels Are Vital to Human Flourishing – Oil, coal, and natural gas have enabled billions of people to climb out of poverty and enjoy longer, higher-quality lives

There Is no longer evidence to suggest anyone should get the COVID-19 vaccines, a British mathematician said as the UK government rolls out another booster campaign ahead of the winter season

Covid-19 “Vaccines” Reprogram the Immune System to ATTACK Important Organs – Science continues to prove what many have speculated about – Will corporate media, Big Tech, and government continue to keep people in the dark?

A secondary analysis of the data from the original clinical trials for the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines has found that those vaccinated were at higher risk of serious adverse events than the unvaccinated placebo group

ZH: These Are The Most Popular Fast Food Brands In America – A graphic uses data from a report on America’s top 50 fast food chains by Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Magazine

Over 1,000 reports of adverse events have been lodged with U.S. authorities following COVID-19 vaccinations being given to children aged 5 and younger

Former President Donald Trump reiterated Thursday that he would pardon some Jan. 6 defendants and revealed he’s “financially supporting” some of them. “I mean full pardons with an apology to many,”

In a rare primetime address, President Joe Biden accused former President Donald Trump and so-called “MAGA Republicans” of having an “extreme ideology” that effectively threatens “the very foundations of our republic”

Biden’s “Democracy” Lecture Reminds Americans How Relentlessly Democrats Undermine It – Biden and Democrats are guilty of all of the sins against democracy he blames Trump and “MAGA Republicans” For

Joe Biden Isn’t Qualified to Lecture Us on the Soul of the Nation – He and his handlers are hard at work tearing the country from its moral base

Hours before Biden’s broadcast that declared anyone who disagrees with him to be a violent extremist, his Press Secretary told reporters that those who do not agree with “the majority” are exhibiting “an extreme way of thinking” and must be treated as a threat

America: Amid a Communist Revolution – Following the playbook of past communist revolutions, erasing our history began immediately with the destruction of historical statues and monuments by Antifa and BLM mobs, the unofficial paramilitary arm of the DNC

“Let’s Go Brandon” Chants Grew Louder as President Biden Attacked MAGA Americans in A Dark Philadelphia speech – “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic”

Donald Trump responded to Joe Biden’s bizarre speech, in which he angrily denounced over 74 million Americans as ‘extremists,’ by suggesting Biden “must be insane or suffering from late stage dementia”

Biden’s hateful rhetoric against Americans presents the GOP with a sterling opportunity – Whenever political leaders lose all political capital due to their misgovernance and have no real issues to campaign on, they often resort to the symbolic

While Republicans have roundly criticized President Biden’s so-called “soul of the nation” speech as unnecessarily demagogic and divisive, many Democrats and liberal commentators have praised it as an optimistic and inspiring pre-election battle cry

The FBI Used A Phony Photo to Try and Frame “Neatnik” Trump – Who removed those documents from whatever container they were in and spread them all over the floor to mislead the public?

Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski reportedly fears the recently departed former FBI agent Timothy Thibault buried the information he conveyed to the FBI about his Chinese business dealings with the Biden family

5 Times The Anti-Trump FBI’s “Trust Us” Promise Fell Apart – After the lies exposed during SpyGate, the DOJ and FBI’s current entreat to an angry public to “trust them” will be rightly ignored

When candidate Joe Biden promised that he would unite the country if elected, did he think he could do it by alienating roughly half the population? Or he would unite the Democrats and independents against the “MAGA Republicans”?

FBI agents seized over 11,000 documents and photographs without classified markings from the home of former President Donald Trump, according to an inventory released on Sept. 2.

ZH: The WH received Tehran’s awaited response to prior US stipulations regarding the final text of a restored nuclear deal – The initial reaction strongly suggests that negotiations are once again in peril even as the deal is at the “finish line”

Over 50 Biden Administration Employees Across 12 US Agencies Involved in Social Media Censorship Push – They publicly pressured social media companies to take action against a group of officials dubbed the “disinformation dozen”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday said that illegal aliens apprehended along the U.S.-Mexico border are now also  being bused to Chicago in addition to New York City and Washington as a result of Biden’s “open border policies”

Democrats across the U.S. are using the proceeds of the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to pay for things not intended – Democrats across the U.S. are using the proceeds of the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to pay for things not intended

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, at least 1.1 million incarcerated criminals were given checks for COVID stimulus money as a result of Joe Biden’s stimulus bill, with the final total amounting to about $1.3 billion

This New Ivermectin Video Is A Must See – It is only 13-minutes long and shows how NIH deliberately twisted the facts to make it look like the drug didn’t work while the media slammed it with repeated claims of being a horse de-wormer

Ivermectin Vindicated Two Years Too Late: Horse Paste Has Officially Been Listed as an Antiviral COVID Treatment on the NIH’s Website – The suppression of this drug “is one of the greatest stories of our lifetime, and we’re not going to let it go”

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Emerging statistics on excess mortality rates paint an alarming picture – Far more people died in 2021, after the rollout of the COVID shots, and in 2022, than during the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020

ZH: Around 22,000 households in Colorado lost the ability to control their smart wi-fi connected thermostats after the power company seized control of them during a heatwave

A California Backlash over Order Not to Charge Electric Vehicles During Heatwave – Electric car and zero emissions supporters say car buyers are looking elsewhere

September 1, 2022

Does the Republican Party have the courage to fight – It’s become clear the DOJ and FBI are little more than politicized, corrupt, and weaponized agencies of the government that exist to go after the Left’s political opponents

630 Days Later: Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday that Florida is suing the Biden administration as a last resort so that it can implement a plan to import prescription drugs from Canada

Why Did the FBI Raid Mar-a-Lago? – Trump’s ‘stash of supposed nuclear secrets’ is this summer’s Kremlin collusion conspiracy, but this latest chapter of Russiagate may end with a bang

The Florida judge presiding over Donald Trump’s request to appoint a “special master” did not issue a ruling after the hearing but plans to unseal an inventory of what agents took, as well as a status report from the investigative team

WSJ Opinion: American Federation of Teachers chief Randi Weingarten Flunks the Pandemic – National test results reveal the damage resulting from school closures

The COVID-19 Vaccines Didn’t Work, so CDC Changed the Definition of Vaccines – Tech companies quickly censored and de-platformed doctors who discussed potentially-effective treatment options as any scientific debate was silenced

The FDA authorized updated COVID-19 vaccine booster shots despite no clinical trial data being available for the modified formulations – They granted emergency use authorization to Moderna and Pfizer for the updated boosters

We Beat Big Pharma on Its Home Turf — A California Grassroots Movement Stopped The Teen Vaccine Consent Bill – Senator Wiener will not put his teen vaccine consent bill up for a vote because it does not have enough support

China’s Forced Organ Harvesting Demands A U.S. Response – Although China announced that it banned this hideous practice in 2015, transparency is lacking and mounting evidence indicates that it continues

Amazon Is Under Investigation for a String of Warehouse Deaths as Scrutiny Grows – Warehouse deaths are worrying in light of complaints over high heat and the pace of work, advocates and workers say

Former US Intel Chief: The FBI ‘Didn’t Find What They Were Looking for’ in Trump Raid – The DOJ’s arguments against appointing a special master “tells you that the government didn’t find what they were looking for”

The Biden administration is blocking DeSantis from letting Floridians access cheaper medication – The governor’s office has been waiting 630 days for approval from the FDA for its proposal to import cheap, safe medications from Canada

WSJ: Service Is Slow – Luggage Is AWOL – Blame the Influx of New Hires – The U.S. economy has recouped the 22 million jobs lost early in the pandemic, but the tight labor market is burdening many employers with unseasoned staff

After Alaska, where ranked-choice voting is headed next – Ranked-choice voting allows voters to list a second choice and third choice (and beyond) on their ballots rather than forcing them to select one candidate but is complicated to tabulate

Inflation remains the top issue for Americans heading into the 2022 midterm elections, while only one percent of voters said the economy is in “excellent” shape, according to a Wednesday Quinnipiac poll

The cost of attending a four-year college has more than doubled over the last two decades, along with student loan borrowing – Experts are skeptical the loan forgiveness plan announced by the Biden administration will change things

The top schools in the country are weeding out applicants who are NOT sufficiently devoted to the leftist creed of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), according to a new report released by the non-profit organization, Do No Harm

Arizona’s leaders blow off Biden, and build the border wall themselves – Texas has been leading the charge, and now Arizona is stepping up to the plate

A recent court filing submitted by former President Donald Trump’s lawyers said the Department of Justice (DOJ) never contacted his lawyers after FBI agents took documents during last month’s raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence

ZH: There’s No Alternative but Total Systemic Collapse – Nearly a month after Jerome Powell said, “We have moved to the neutral rate,” the Fed is now singing a different tune. What’s behind the switch?

ZH: A Fed Paper Admits The Central Bank Can’t Control Inflation; Finger-Points At Federal Government – In plain English, the central bank can’t stop inflation when the federal government needs inflation to survive

The Stock Market Rout Has Only Just Begun – “Mean reversion,” the rule that all things eventually revert to normal, in the case of the stock market means it will be “painful” at best due to previous QE & Zero Interest Rate Policies

Nikki Haley Reveals Who Leaked Her Group’s Donor List to Press – The same liberal that is targeting Donald Trump, New York Attorney General Letitia James

Border Patrol agents have described White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as “extremely dumb” or flat-out lying following her claims earlier this week that migrants are not “walking across” the southern border

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) announced numerous new gun controls going into effect in her state Thursday and made clear her belief that good guys with guns do not stop bad guys

More Bad News For The Eco-Radicals – For the first time in more than 80 years, the Atlantic Ocean hasn’t produced a named storm between July 3 and August 31

California Democrats in the State Assembly and State Senate have advanced legislation that would make the state a sanctuary where out-of-state parents can take their children to undergo sex change procedures

A California School District Textbook Claims There Are EIGHT Genders – The different ‘genders’ that the book lists include agender, androgynous, bigender, cisgender, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning

Big Tech Takes On Truth Social – It wasn’t a matter of “if,” but “when” and “how” big tech would target Donald Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social – But Now, Truth Social has been barred from the Google Play Store

It’s Newsom’s Call Now: Tracking California bills passed in the 2022 legislative session – Here are some of the interesting and consequential bills that CalMatters is tracking

Democrat Chicago Mayor Lashes Out After Border State Begins Bussing Illegal Migrants to Chicago – Another sanctuary city mayor is being forced to put their money where their mouth is concerning illegal aliens invading America

Newsom Declares A State Of Emergency And Signs An Executive Order To Boost Electrical Resources Across The State in Preparation For A Coming Heat Wave – Newsom “is only doing it for an emergency and to save his skin”

An Unhappy Labor Day for California Workers – “California state lawmakers just can’t keep their laws off our livelihoods”

Joe Biden Doesn’t Say Unfunded Mandate, But Now It Is – The Biden administration has announced its intent to stop paying for COVID vaccines and treatments

Officials from the Biden WH and other federal agencies repeatedly colluded with social media companies, including Twitter and Facebook, to censor COVID-19 stories – This was unearthed through a lawsuit filed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry in May

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Promoting Unlicensed Vaccines is Lawbreaking – These reformulated mRNA vaccines were added on by amendment to the existing EUA by the FDA without first being tested in humans

A California bill that would have allowed vaccines for teens without parental consent made it to the final days of the legislative session, but it failed to pass as some legislators saw the bill as an “overreach” undermining parental decisions

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Government Health Care Kills More People Than It Helps – Despite widespread failures and blatant corruption within the CDC, the NIH, and the FDA, HHS is asking for a bigger budget

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Identifying Discrimination – UC Berkeley is targeting religious and conservative students over vaccine compliance

Will I Ever See the $36 Million Oberlin College Owes Me? – My family was falsely accused of racism by a powerful school in a small town. Our business was destroyed and we won our case, but the school is refusing to pay

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July 2022 Conservative Article Reference List

Below are links to primarily Conservative, Libertarian-leaning articles and/or blog posts that I have found to be enlightening with all that is happening in America and worldwide. Scan the list and read what catches your eye; for some, just reading the headlines will provide enough insight into the article’s content.

Hopefully, you will take the time to read some of them which should open your eyes to the reality of the #DeepState and those promoting the #NewWorldOrder as well as consistent #MediaBias, and ongoing #FakeNews gaslighting as well as the relentless attack on American values by Liberals and the #Progressive Left.

Liken the process of becoming better informed to working on a giant puzzle. As you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you finally see the big picture.

(FYI – I occasionally include links to articles that although not very newsworthy are so silly and/or outrageous that they need to be seen to show the level of idiocy that exists in the world these days. Additionally, some articles may appear outlandish, but are also believable so I leave it to readers to decide for themselves and many things we considered to be conspiracy theories in the past are now turning out to be true.)

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July 31, 2022

January 6 Will Go Down as a Disaster for Democrats – A Harvard report on the 417 January 6 protesters arrested on federal charges finds only 8 percent of them qualify as “insurrectionists”

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis president warns the current rate of inflation is troubling and will spread across the country – “We keep getting inflation readings, new data and we keep getting surprised it’s higher than expected”

Victor Davis Hanson: Are the New Progressive Rules Reciprocal? – Will the radical Left really wish to live by its own novel normality when it loses power after the midterms?

The FBI and Director Christopher Wray are in for a rude wake-up call over Hunter Biden investigation – House Oversight Committee members will grill him on the mounting evidence that something is very rotten inside the agency Wray runs

A Zogby survey found that 17% of adults who received at least two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine were diagnosed with a new condition within weeks to months after getting the shot – The figure was 15% for those who received one shot

The Myth and Grift of Long COVID – Official definitions aside, to have “long COVID,” there’s absolutely no need to ever have had acute COVID

Why Did Biden Get COVID Twice After 4 Shots, Paxlovid? – If you, or friends and family, are worried about contracting COVID, you’ll want to know this first

Scientists Question Pfizer’s Paxlovid Data On Rebound Cases as Biden Tests Positive for COVID-19 Again

A Newborn Baby’s Arm AMPUTATED After Mom Took Covid “Vaccines” and Baby Suffered Blood Clots in the Womb

The LA School District Faces Lawsuit After Son Was Bribed With Pizza Into Getting COVID-19 Vaccination – One of the ladies told him to sign my name and sign his name and he is now experiencing ill health

These 2 Republicans Voted for Radical ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban – The bill passed the House on a thin 217-213 vote

Arizona IT and Elections Expert: The Elections Assistance Commission Was Aware That Machines Could Be Hacked in Minutes – CISA issued a “Security Advisory“ that listed mitigation steps that CISA recommends be followed

Is it time to shut down the royal houses of Europe? – Six of Queen Elizabeth’s realms, Belize, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, and St. Kitts and Nevis are on the verge of giving the old dame the heave-ho

Is Nancy Pelosi Bluffing or Did She Cave? Taiwan Is NOT on Her Asia Itinerary – When news broke that Pelosi was going to China, China threatened to attack her plane if she tried to visit – Has her bad plan been reconsidered?

Senator Ron Johnson expects a “deal” to conceal Hunter Biden’s indictment – “They may indict Hunter Biden, but they’ll probably seal it and do a deal to seal all the information, so the American public will never get the full truth”

WSJ: How the Covid-19 Pandemic Changed Americans’ Health for the Worse – Heart disease and drug overdoses are among various afflictions exacting a higher toll than before

ZH: Why The EU Could End Within A Year – Germany was, until recently, the industrial motor of the EU, with the most to lose from reduced and far costlier energy supplies; but this has now happened, and will escalate in the coming winter

ZH: No Farmers = No Food = No Life – Current policies in many parts of the world place a priority on climate change for realizing a green new deal – More negative pressure on farmers and the food system is asking for a catastrophe

The ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Is A Lie, Pure And Simple – President Joe Biden claimed last week that “this bill will reduce inflationary pressure on the economy,” but it won’t and was never meant to

What Do The Facts Show? The Data Behind Manchin and Schumer’s “Inflation Reduction Act” Contradict The Name

The World Economic Forum attacks the idea of private property, and natural rights – For example, it suggests the dramatically expanded use of “car sharing platforms” that let users briefly rent vehicles rather than own them

Click Here For Coronavirus – SARS-CoV-2 Charts, Data & CDC Information

July 30, 2022

Biden Tests Positive for COVID-19 Again And Returns to Isolation – Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the White House physician, said in a letter that it’s a rare “rebound” case that usually is observed in a small percentage of patients treated with Paxlovid

The Biden administration confirmed a plan to give ID cards to illegal immigrants – The pilot program from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is aimed at modernizing “documentation provided to some noncitizens”

The US Postal Service Announces A New Election Division To Handle Mail-In Ballots – The USPS says that the creation of the division will help the service better respond to issues with election mail in every community

The Globalist World Economic Forum urges people to give up car ownership – A spokesperson explained, that it is “part of a broader transition from ownership to usership”

So Where Is Our Food Going to Come From? – Climate Change Stupidity Is Going to Kill Us  – Don’t you find it strange that all of these governments are obsessed with targeting food production?

Study: COVID shots are linked to an increase in overall deaths – The lead researcher, Andre Redert, said the result is “alarming and calls for more research on the effect of current covid vaccines on all-cause mortality”

A host of The Hill’s morning show says she abruptly resigned because she was blocked from taking part in a recent interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser

Obama Appointed Judge Doesn’t Recuse Himself Then Gives Dr. Simone Gold A Harsh Sentence – The judge once asked her out and was denied, and now he sentences her to 60 days in prison for a public trespassing misdemeanor

Elon Musk Hits Back At Twitter With lawsuit Of His Own – Musk’s countersuit was likely filed under seal because it includes information that Twitter shared with Musk under a non-disclosure agreement or other restrictions

A Maricopa County 2020 election report from Verity Vote used public records requests to discover that more than 20,000 ballots were illegally counted – Arizona’s 2020 Presidential Election was decided by less than 10,500 votes

ZH: California Recession Incoming – The CA Department of Finance calculated the personal income tax (PIT), “Cash receipts for June were $3.345 billion below the forecast of $16.939 billion.” The actual receipts were $13.594 billion

The Los Angeles City Council Votes 11-1 To Keep The Eviction Moratorium in Place – Landlords plead for relief as more are being financially hurt

A California Superior Court Judge Overturns San Francisco Law Allowing Noncitizens to Vote – New York City’s identical law was recently struck down by a judge

China’s Warning Exposes Biden’s Weakness – If anyone had any doubt that America’s “unipolar moment” is over, the Xi–Biden phone call regarding Taiwan and a possible Pelosi visit confirms it in the worst way

Democrats are increasingly vocal in discouraging President Biden from seeking reelection in 2024, but there is disagreement about whether his making a one-term pledge could help the party before the elections this November

Democrats and the FBI Collude Again on a Russia Smear against Republicans – This time, they’ve been able to turn Democratic collusion with foreign powers into an illusion of disinformation

Biden ‘quietly’ filling holes in the border wall in Arizona … but not in Texas – If Biden’s administration cared about migrant safety and border control, why aren’t they completing the entire border wall, instead of just a few parts of it?

JD Rucker: Democrats’ Hypocrisy Over Border Wall Is Enlightening – If this wasn’t an election year, the Democrats would still be fighting against building the border wall, but they’re facing electoral extinction, so suddenly they want the wall

Just Who Is This Gavin Newsom Guy? – He seems like an ideal liberal candidate, until you look at the effects of his policies – His gubernatorial term has been disastrous for the state, and his behavior less than exemplary

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Who Is Behind the Economic Collapse? – Bankers are destroying the global financial system to replace it with social credit scores, digital identities, and CBDCs to control individual finances and freedoms

Propaganda and Disinformation in the INFO Age – Soviet programs using denial, deception, disinformation, and propaganda worked, but few understand how they all worked together to feed into Reflexive Control (R.C.) operations

Ketanji Brown Jackson will rule on one affirmative action case despite her recusal pledge – She will weigh in on a lawsuit surrounding alleged discriminatory college admissions practices

When Will There Be, If Ever, a COVID-19 Truth and Reconciliation Commission? –  As those in positions of power will certainly resist one

While we remain complacent, the Caliphate marches on…in Houston – No country can survive a huge fifth column dedicated to its destruction, Islam is not shy about the fact that it’s dedicated to defeating every non-Muslim nation

Queer TikTok video ‘educator’ proclaims preschoolers need to be taught about gender and sexuality – We’re Queer Kid Stuff! An edutainment company that brings LGBTQ+ and social justice media to kids and families!


July 29, 2022

Jan 6th Committee Producer Posted About Assaulting Trump Supporters With a Car, As AntiFa Rioted Through D.C. – This is the latest piece of evidence undercutting the alleged independent, nonpartisan efforts of the committee

Biden plans to spend $90 a barrel on oil to replenish the Strategic Petroleum Reserve even though Democrats in Congress halted President Trump’s plan to do that when the price was less than $19 a barrel

The House of Representatives voted to pass an assault weapons ban, with legislators narrowly approving the bill with a 217-213 vote – The legislation will now head to the Senate, where it’s unlikely to break the filibuster

The Biden Administration to Complete More of Trump’s Border Wall Project Tow Close 4 Gaps – After spending millions last year to halt construction of the wall

Elon Musk Countersues Twitter, Files Response in Lawsuit – “The core dispute over false and spam accounts is fundamental to Twitter’s value. It is also extremely fact and expert intensive, requiring substantial time for discovery”

Twitter Censors All Content From The Epoch Times – The social media company ‘must explain itself for this outrageous act of censorship,’ Senator Marco Rubio says

With One Logical Question, FL’s Dr. Ladapo Shows Why He’s the Best Surgeon General in the Nation – “How can you force people to take a vaccine to stop transmission when that vaccine is not effective at stopping transmission?”

ZH: “Paving The Road To Hell”: Digital ID Systems Could Lead To Severe and Irreversible Human Rights Violations – The actual and potential” human rights violations arising from the digital ID model can be “severe and potentially irreversible

On Criminal IN-Justice – For example In NY, about 3.5% of street segments see about 50% of the city’s violent crime; and for over a decade, a minimum of 95% of shooting victims are either black or Hispanic (with most of them male)

Defining Recessions Down: Biden’s Pollyanna Act To Redefine What Recession Is Now Won’t End Well – This is gaslighting at its best

Former Trump attorney general Bill Barr is publicly urging incumbent Biden attorney general Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel in the ongoing Biden investigation, which is said to focus on the president’s son Hunter

Biden’s Cabinet: Let us Count the Ways – His collection of incapable, bumbling cabinet members is an assemblage of special-interest box-checkers chosen for their demographic makeup, instead of needed expertise and experience

Pay Attention To The Dutch Farmer Protests Because America Is Next – The same climate policies that are set to destroy private agriculture in the Netherlands are eventually coming to America

A recent University of Chicago Institute of Politics poll showed most Americans think our government  and mainstream media are corrupt and rigged against them – Based on this poll, they are mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore

A Massive Chinese Debt Bomb Is Set to Explode as Mortgage Holders and Suppliers Refuse to Make Payments on Their Loans –This is a jarring case study of what happens when a Ponzi scheme goes into reverse

The GOP Has Threatened Trump, If He Announces A 2024 Run They Will Stop Paying His Legal Fees – The Old Guard likes their hold on power at the local, state, and federal levels, and corrupt actors have invaded the GOP at all levels

Trump Warns Something Worse Than A Recession Is Coming – “Where we’re going now could be a very bad place” –  “We’re going to have a much bigger problem than a recession, we’ll have a depression”

The bill Manchin and Schumer agreed on has nothing to do with inflation – The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is crammed with the very same spending, corporate welfare, price fixing, and tax hikes that were part of Build Back Better

WSJ: Kyrsten Sinema Is A Critical Vote on Manchin-Schumer Climate and Tax Deal  – The Arizona centrist senator has forced changes in past Democratic packages

Democrats in Congress have proposed a new spending bill that would allocate $80 billion for the sole purpose of expanding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), ostensibly to fight inflation by raising government tax revenues

ZH: The Flaw In Biden’s Electric Vehicle Charger Plan – “There is no way to build out the infrastructure needed to charge vehicles without private investment – To just do it with public money, that’s not going to happen,” Doug Kantor said

Representative Jordan Lays Out 8 Different Lies from the Jan. 6 Committee – They lied about Kerik’s travels, Loudermilk and the tours he gave to constituents, Jenna Ellis’s documents, the note Cassidy Hutchinson said she wrote

Health Care Workers Who Sued Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Win $10 Million Settlement – About a dozen workers  lodged the suit in October 2021, arguing that the facility was illegally not granting religious exemptions to the mandate

It was never a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ and official public health data prove it – People who’ve received four doses or more are around 100 times more likely to be hospitalized than those who are unvaccinated against COVID-19

Fully vaccinated, Claire Bridges, a previously healthy 20-year-old model from Florida tested positive for COVID-19 – Her symptoms started with severe leg pain, then myocarditis and multiple organ problems, so her legs had to be amputated

Will California declare a monkeypox state of emergency? – On the same day L.A. County decided not to mandate masks, San Francisco declared a state of emergency over monkeypox


J.D. Vance Is Right on E-Verify – His support will give him a leg up in the Ohio Senate race – E-Verify is an online system run by the federal government that enables employers to confirm the immigration status of every person they hire

July 28, 2022

Americans Are Asking If Biden Has Body A Double After His Face Looks Totally Different in 2 Separate Videos Posted on The Same Day

They Can’t Let Him Back In – Anti-Trump hysteria is not about TrumpOur rulers’ wealth and power rise as a result of open borders, trade giveaways, and endless war. Trump, at least in principle, and often in practice, threatens all three

Sharyl Attkisson: Confidence and trust in the news media is at an “all-time low point” – Just 16% of U.S. adults now say they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in newspapers and its even lower at 11% for television news

Xi Warns Biden Over Taiwan in 2-Hour Call – Xi reportedly told Biden that it was the duty of “the two major powers” to manage global security and urged Biden not to view the CCP through the lens of “strategic competition”

The Budget Office Debunks Biden’s Claim He ‘Reduced’ The Deficit – The CBO report predicts a dramatic long-term increase in the federal deficit, debt, and spending

Biden’s ‘Biggest Fear’ for Ukraine War Just Happened – Vladimir Putin’s Russia has further tightened the flow of gas being fed to the European Union as the cold northern European winter looms mere months away

Suspicions Rise After Officials Notice Disturbing Travel Patterns in Federal Reserve Employees – Trips to China and reports of their employees’ “close ties” to the People’s Bank of China

Adam Schiff Is Maneuvering for a Monumental Change in The House and a Huge New Role for Himself – He has been positioning himself to become Speaker and Nancy Pelosi’s successor as House Democrat leader

DC mayor requests National Guard activation to deal with the flood of illegal immigrants in the city  – “In the last month the pace of arriving buses and the volume of arrivals have reached tipping points”

Mid-afternoon Thursday, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health announced it is “pausing” the latest mask mandate – not canceling, but “pausing” – Perhaps exposing the fraud is what we needed!

Sharyl Attkisson: The Average expected retirement age among non-retirees is now 66, vs. 60 in 1995, And the average retirement age among retirees is up to 61, from 57 in the 1990s 

SCOTUS Restores Religious Liberty – The Court’s religion cases concern more than the activities of religious people; they relate to speech in general and to Americans’ ability to express their most profound sentiments and thoughts

A U.S. District Judge Orders The Air Force Not to Punish Members Seeking Religious Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

The Regime Wants You to Get Monkeypox – Rather than face disapproving comments from gay activists, public health experts, the media, and politicians prefer to let a deadly disease turn into an epidemic

Are Over Half a Million Americans Dead from the Covid Vaccines? – Nobody Wants to Debate Steve Kirsch About This,  “Instead of killing one person per million, you’re killing somewhere in the order of 1000 people per million”

A woman had acute kidney renal failure soon after receiving her first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine – This injury adds to evidence that these vaccines may promote the development of autoimmune diseases, or worsen existing cases

Doctors Said the Vaccine Was Safe – Doctors will need someone to blame so they will say“we were just following orders,” when the whole truth comes out – So where have we heard that before?

After Killing The Delta Tunnels in 2019, Gov. Newsom Resurrects the Behemoth Jobs Project – He is ignoring that California voters passed more than $30 billion in water bonds to build additional water storage and two new reservoirs

It’s Not a National Model, It’s a National Warning – Gavin Newsom’s rhetoric doesn’t match California’s declining reality as people are voting with their feet to reject Newsom’s model and heading to the very states that he criticizes

Amazon Makes a $3.9 Billion Bid to Buy A Healthcare Chain – This proposed acquisition gives Amazon too much power in the healthcare sector and raises a host of concerns around privacy and the future of Medicare, critics say

American citizens have long been the largest segment represented in Mexico’s vital tourism industry, but the trouble now seems to be with the Americans who aren’t leaving and the locals in Mexico City particularly are getting fed up

Argentina’s Government Collapsing And People Are Refusing to Work Amid Major Subsidy Cuts – Only 43 percent of adults have a job, as inflation soars above 60 percent

We’ve got confirmation that Joe was ‘the Big Guy’ all along – Meanwhile, Merrick Garland is seriously contemplating indicting Donald Trump for daring to do what Democrats did in 2000 and 2016, question an election’s validity

The DOJ May Have Obstructed Important Biden Corruption Investigations – It appears the FBI either improperly withheld information or presented inaccurate information to the U.S. attorney’s office in Pittsburgh and possibly also Delaware

More than 50 Republicans insist Biden submit to a cognitive test – All presidents, “regardless of gender, age, or political party,” should follow the example set by President Donald Trump and “document and demonstrate sound mental abilities

WSJ: What’s in Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer’s Reconciliation Deal on Climate, Health, and Tax Policy? – The two Democrats agreed on an inflation bill after months of negotiations, reviving crucial parts of President Biden’s agenda

Say It Ain’t So, Joe – Senators Schumer and Manchin announced an agreement on a slimmed-down Build Back Better Package, absurdly renamed as an inflation fighter. How shameless can you get? How stupid do they think we are?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell appears to have been caught flat-footed by a deal between Manchin and Schumer  a  bill dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, a scaled-back alternative to the Build Back Better Plan

FBI: The man charged in the attempted assassination of Kavanaugh hoped to kill three Supreme Court justices – The FBI said Roske looked up terms such as “most effective place to stab someone” and “quietest semi auto rifle”

Capitol Police Use of Force Reports Expose Brutality of Unprovoked Attacks Against Jan. 6 Protesters – Conflicting timeline reports and identical language used by numerous officers in separate reports raise questions

Governor DeSantis takes a stand against the scourge of ESG – Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a metric that measures whether a nation or corporation can demonstrate the maximum amount of corporate virtue-signaling

The Bankruptcy of ESG Is Being Exposed – The claim that ESG comes at “no cost” and involves no trade-offs ought to ring some alarm bells as basic laws of economics tell us that there is no such thing as a free lunch

Watch! As Crime Skyrockets And Democrats Deny Blame, Remember What They Said About Police [Video] – There is no better example of gaslighting by today’s Democratic Party than when it comes to the issue of “Defund the Police”

The Uvalde City Council in Texas announced Tuesday that it will investigate every city police officer who responded to the Robb Elementary School massacre – We will act on it, and we promise that to you,” City Council member King said

Why Trump Is Essential To The MAGA Movement – He is a fighter and that is what you need when dealing with cut-throat Democrats that will do almost anything to gain and maintain power

Democrats Are Dangerously Close To Changing Laws So Our President Is Elected By Popular Vote – The left’s push for a popular vote for the presidency directly undermines the electoral system established by our Constitution

ZH: A reporter made Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre look like a total fool Wednesday by expertly exposing how she and other Biden minions are attempting to redefine what a recession is to claim America isn’t in one

 A second consecutive quarter of negative GDP growth officially signals the U.S. has entered a recession – U.S. GDP decreased by 0.9% in the second quarter of 2022  and also shrank in the first quarter of 2022, by 1.6%

Lots of People Saw This Recession Coming – Once the U.S. experienced one quarter of declining GDP, there was always a good chance that the next quarter would be lousy as well because inflation continued to rage out of control

ZH: Pelosi ‘Appears To Have Taken Advantage’ Of Inside Information: Former Dallas Fed Chief Fisher – “Clearly people have taken advantage of inside information forever”

ZH: The Fed Just Got Rid Of “Forward Guidance” Because It’s Making It Up As It Goes – This frees up the Fed to make more last-minute decisions

No, We Don’t Spend ‘Too Much’ On Health Care, Here’s The Proof – Household Disposable Income Comparison Provides The Proper Context

The Coordination Was Explicit – Public and private censorship during the pandemic was partly due to explicit coordination between the CDC and the social-media networks

How bad is monkeypox? – The WHO & FDA want to leverage their latest virus into another round of pandemic fear porn – Since we cannot trust them or their spokespeople, now is a good time to review what official research tells us

Why Is The CDC Hiding Excess Death Data? – There are 50,000 Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) & cancer deaths that have gone missing

Anthony Fauci Is STILL Funding China’s Military-Run Labs With U.S. Taxpayer Cash – The National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant database shows two studies that have received funds from Fauci’s agency in 2022 so far

COVID Vaccine-Induced Infertility? – Every Man and Woman Should Be Concerned – The Spike protein “almost certainly is causing death and destruction of those precious ovarian cells”

JD Rucker: New documents obtained by America First Legal show how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) worked directly with tech giants to crush dissent against the COVID-19 vaccine regime

The Global Air Travel Logjam Stumps Airlines, Disrupts Countless Summer Travel Plans – To prevent issues, savvy travelers are increasingly entrusting delivery services like FedEx or UPS to transport luggage to their destinations

NCAA swimmers felt ‘extreme discomfort’ sharing locker room with Lia Thomas – Earlier this week, the NCAA announced Thomas would not be eligible for Woman of the Year honors

California Homelessness Worsens And Governor Newsom Looks To Shut Down Its Oakland Encampment – Like bees are attracted to honey, it is the state’s welcoming public policies of tolerance and assistance that are the true draw

California’s Oil and Gas Workers Send Warning to States About Newsom’s Devastating Energy Policies – Industry workers want to caution others about the impacts his policies have had on California communities and their careers”

July 27, 2022

With The Push For More Green Energy, Plan For A Dark Future, And Sheltering In Place – Weather-dependent sources of power are not dispatchable, as they cannot be turned up or down based on demand like nuclear or fossil fuel systems

The Biden Administration Is Using The DOJ to Launch A Criminal Investigation Into Trump – Even though the FBI found little evidence that the attack on the Capital was the result of a coordinated plot to overturn the election results

One of Hunter Biden’s former business partners referred to Joe Biden as “the Big Guy” in a panicked message the same day The Post broke the news of the infamous laptop from hell left behind by the president’s son

Victor Davis Hanson: The Ukrainian Verdun – The United States is nearing a gut-check on Ukraine as the war increasingly will depend on endless U.S. aid and escalation

Trump Reveals Why He ‘Can’t’ Leave Politics – I had a “much simpler” life away from politics but can’t stay away “because I love our country, and I can’t do that because I love the people of our country, so I can’t do that”

WSJ: Joe Manchin Reaches A Deal With Chuck Schumer on The Energy, Healthcare, Tax Package – The  announcement comes after the West Virginia senator blocked earlier legislation over inflation fears

How West Virginia v. The EPA Changed the Administrative State – It represents a sophisticated attempt to balance the requirement that Congress make major policy decisions with the needs of the modern administrative state

JD Rucker: Following Revelation of a Blacklist and “Vogue” Photoshoot, Is the Zelensky Fraud Finally Being Recognized by the Masses? – More Americans are realizing he’s not the paragon of freedom that we’ve been told he is

“This Is Not Science!” – Dr. Naomi Wolf Reveals the Tactics Pfizer Used to Overtly Skew Their Clinical Trial Data – “They didn’t let them report the actual side effects”

In Portland, Oregon, The Sexual Revolution Starts in Kindergarten – The city’s public schools teach K-5 students to subvert the sexuality of “white colonizers” and begin exploring “the infinite gender spectrum”

California’s Minimum Wage Certified to Be $15.50 on January 1 – Inflation has grown so dramatically that this increase to $15.50 is required by the 2016 law

With a decision expected tomorrow on whether Los Angeles County will re-impose an indoor mask mandate due to COVID-19, the cities of Long Beach, Pasadena, and El Segundo said they would not follow such an order

A new lawsuit filed on behalf of parents seeks to immediately halt any plans to bring back an indoor mask mandate on school children, claiming that the Los Angeles Department of Public Health “is using erroneous hospitalization metrics”

Joe Biden’s Justice Department has opened an investigation into Trump’s actions to “overturn the 2020 election results” – The Biden Regime is jailing its political opponents and now they are investigating a former US President

Justice Clarence Thomas would be forced into semi-retirement under the Democrats’ Newly Proposed Supreme Court legislation – The measure aims to have justices serve a maximum of 18 years on the court

Conflicts of interest aside, the Biden corruption investigation exceed the capabilities of the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office – If any single one of the dozens of issues had been alleged about the Bush or Trump families, a special counsel would have been appointed immediately

The first report of the week does not go well for President Biden – US consumer confidence declined in July to the lowest level since February 2021 on dimmer views of the economy amid persistent inflation

ZH: Inflation or Recession, Which Concern Is Driving The Market? – Jerome Powell can tackle inflation but risk a recession and lower stock prices. Or he can try to avoid a recession and risk persistently high inflation

ZH: FOMC Preview: Here’s What The Fed Will Do Today – The Fed will likely reiterate that any future rate decisions will depend upon their assessment of the economic outlook, particularly inflation

The Federal announced it would increase its interest rate target by three-quarters of a percentage point – They typically raise rates by just 1/4%, so the move signals that the Fed remains desperate to slow down price growth

ZH: Yellen: “Recession” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means – The gaslighting and ignorance of the “experts” and the policymakers in 2008 provides helpful context to attempt to control the narrative over what a recession is

WSJ: The US Senate Approves A $280 Billion Bill to Boost U.S. Science, Chip Production – The Chips act goes to the House, where speaker Pelosi has promised quick action

I was wrong about Trump – I was wrong. I allowed my distaste for Trump’s personality to override his considerable virtues

The 42 Policy Proposals Donald Trump Outlined at The America First Summit in Washington D.C.

The Demise of American Citizenship – These so-called undocumented immigrants are becoming legally indistinguishable from citizens as they openly reside in 500 sanctuary jurisdictions

Yep, it’s true! They’re coming for your guns – If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard a thousand times: all they want is “commonsense,” “sensible,” or “reasonable” gun control… Except they never define those terms — on purpose

22 states sue the Biden administration over their transgender rule for school lunch programs – They argue the school lunch decision misinterpreted the 2020 Supreme Court case, Bostock v. Clayton County, which expanded the definition of sex in employment law to include gender identity and sexual orientation

Sharyl Attkisson: The Top ranked hospitals in the US for 2022-23

I&I/TIPP Poll: Voters Give Biden Team Of Advisers Failing Grades – Respondents were asked to assign a grade of A (excellent), B (good), C (average), D (poor), or F (unacceptable). The poll has a margin of error of +/-2.5% points

Small Businesses (Still) Can’t Afford ‘Build Back Better’ – Congress continues with a slimmed-down version of the Build Back Better legislation, which threatens to worsen the inflationary spiral creaming workers and their employers alike

What beachfront property mortgage loans tell us about global warming – If the market believed in global warming and rising sea levels, there would be no market for loans on oceanfront properties, at any interest rate

Critics roasted Biden’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci after the NIAID chief falsely claimed he never advocated for lockdowns, deeming him the “biggest cheerleader” for such restrictions, rules, and invasive mandates

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Biowarfare and the Brave New World – I was asked by a Newsmax producer to comment on two recent articles, So, unfortunately, this is not Fear-Porn, and the threat is real

Republicans Need to Investigate the Pandemic Response – Millions of people deserve to have someone in public life affirm that they weren’t crazy and that public health organizations intentionally misled them

Scientists announced Monday that the terrifying insects’ official moniker, “Asian giant hornet,” has been changed to “northern giant hornet” — in what they say is an effort to prevent anti-Asian hate crimes

July 26, 2022

OAN is at risk of being completely blacklisted by the corporate left after Verizon Fios, the largest pay-TV network still carrying OAN, effectively blacklisted the conservative channel following pressure from leftist advocacy groups

The Chinese government carried out a decade-long information theft campaign against the Federal Reserve – Top Federal Reserve Officials With Known Links To China Still Have Their Jobs

ZH: The Fed Hikes 75bps: What Happens Next Has Wall Street Hopelessly Split Tyler – What the Fed says at Wednesday’s meeting is going to matter much more than what they do

6 terms Biden has redefined to further his agenda, and stigmatize opponents – From “recession” to “disinformation,” the president and his team have weaponized language for political purposes

The Biden Administration to Sell 20 Million More Barrels of Oil From Strategic Petroleum Reserve – According to a notice of the sale filed on July 26. Interested parties were told to submit offers to the U.S. Department of Energy by Aug. 2

Two more Texas counties declare invasion at the southern border – Parker County and Atascosa County became the seventh and eighth Texas counties to make this declaration

A New TPUSA Straw Poll Finds Gov. Newsom is Seen as the Democratic Candidate For a Republican to Beat in 2024  – Trump receives nearly 80% of the vote as the GOP candidate to beat

Trump Should Announce His Candidacy Before the Midterms – Trump’s announcement and presence during the last two months of the midterm campaign would be a stark reminder of “What Was” compared to “What Is”

City of Broken Windows – Baltimore’s tragic record provides clear evidence that disorder breeds more disorder—and even death

The Dehumanizing Tyranny of Densification – The movement to increase the population density of cities and reduce rural populations is already enshrined in California law and is rolling quietly across the rest of the nation

Another Fauci flip: We were ‘always aware’ of natural immunity to COVID – He contradicted his researchers in the promotion of vaccine

A US Senator Asks CDC to Clear Up Conflicting Statements on Vaccine Safety Research – Neither the CDC nor Walensky have responded to the requests for comment

A New Study Shows How Much ‘Pathogenic’ Bacteria & Fungi are on Most People’s Masks – “Nature” has published research showing that masks can harbor bacteria and fungi, in some cases harmful, even if one changes the mask daily

The Beverly Hills City Council Votes Unanimously to Not Enforce The Los Angeles County Mask Mandate – More lawmakers continue to announce opposition to the new mandate

California Readies New Approaches for Concealed Gun Carry – California lawmakers are throwing everything at the wall to see just what will stick, knowing full well that many of their efforts will not pass muster before the courts

What’s REALLY behind today’s youth transgender craze? – Child sexual abuse on a scale never seen or even imagined, before in America

The National Tragedy of Hunter Biden’s Laptop – How a country’s political corruption, institutional decay, and moral decline can be summed up in one sad family saga

Chief Just Roberts Lobbied Justice Brett Kavanaugh and possibly Justice Amy Coney Barrett to Save ‘Roe’ – That Became All But Impossible After The Leak

Biden Officials Attempting To Change The Definition Of ‘Recession’ … It’s not a recession, it’s a “transition” what once constituted a recession, two continuous quarters of negative GDP growth, somehow doesn’t apply anymore

The FBI’s False Labeling Of Biden Laptop As Disinformation Is Even Worse Than It Seems – It’s no longer just about the Bidens’ but about law enforcement and intelligence communities who put our country at risk by failing to do their jobs

President Trump Authorized National Guard for Jan. 6, But Congress and DC Did Not Request Its Use, – Under the law, a president cannot order the National Guard for domestic deployment; local officials must request it

Indications are that the Pentagon worked with the DOJ and the FBI in the lead-up to President Trump’s January 6 rally that ended with Antifa activists and other agitators enticing people into the Capitol –  That’s a big no-no if true

Cell towers containing equipment by Chinese telecom giant Huawei are capable of intercepting and blocking high-level U.S. military communication and relaying it to China

The New York Post and Wall Street Journal Get Trump All Wrong – And then there are the Jan. 6 editorials from the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal

Teacher Grooming Remains A Real Issue Despite The Media Caricatures – Over 140 educators have been charged with sexual misconduct-related crimes against students this year alone

‘You Will Own Nothing, And Like It’ — The Real ‘Clean Energy’ Future – If you like socialism, you’ll love it because it involves a radical transformation that brings the end of private ownership of things like cars, phones, laptops, etc 

What Greenies don’t get about volcanoes, oceans, and the weather is that Recurring Ice Ages, not global warming, pose the greatest threat to life on Earth. Man’s coal, cars, and cattle are puny compared to what volcanos and nature can do

Why Saudi Arabia is buying Russian oil – Oil is sold on a global market, so restricting sales via refusing to buy oil from one producer like Russia does not mean that the Russian oil stays in the ground or accumulates in storage facilities

The William F. Buckley Legacy: Now It’s Controversial on the Right? – The New Right has turned on him because they don’t understand what coalition conservatives are

The All-Out Commitment To Destroy Fossil Fuels – Investment in all phases of the industry has dropped sharply in recent years, due to government interventions and the takeover of the Wall Street energy narrative by the ESG nonsense

In a recent interview, Fauci said he has an “open mind” but still believes that Covid occurred naturally – Former CDC Director Robert Redfield rejected Fauci’s claims

Three Reasons the CDC Is Sacrificing Kids for Big Pharma – #2, Big Pharma wants permanent immunity… for themselves, and getting the jabs approved for children will extend their protections against lawsuits indefinitely

The FDA recently added a warning to the labeling of puberty blockers—saying the drugs may cause a series of symptoms in children that include headaches, pressure buildup inside the brain, and vision loss

California Threatens New Indoor Mask Mandates as The Other States Mostly Ignore Them – How can Gavin Newsom think he is a viable Presidential candidate as California prepares to go into lockdown mode again?

July 25, 2022

The Biden regime is planning to hand out ID cards to illegal aliens who invaded the country so that it is easier for them to access housing, healthcare, transportation, and other benefits

Here Are Some Of The Extremist Votes The Senate Democrats Can’t Run From If The GOP Nationalizes The Fall Races

Canadian ministers told federal government officials on Friday that Prime Minister Trudeau’s plan to limit fertilizer used on farms as a way to reduce Canada’s carbon emissions will ultimately undermine the nation’s food security

Use-of-Force Expert: Ashli Babbitt Was Murdered on January 6 – There was no video evidence to indicate Byrd should have felt his life was in danger or that he was at risk of serious harm from the 5-foot 2-inch, 110-pound woman

A Robot Dog Outfitted With A Machine Gun Autonomously Lights Up Targets On A Firing Range – A glimpse of the Globalist’s vision for Agenda Dystopia 2030, and, unsurprisingly, it’s nothing short of a “Black Mirror“style nightmare

SCOTUS and media silence: Whatever happened to the leak probe? – Chief Justice Roberts promised an investigation and the pool of suspects is small, the justices themselves and their clerks, three months later, and still nothing 

Several whistleblowers within the FBI are alleging that the bureau and the Department of Justice have selectively observed federal guidelines, launching investigations into conservative-aligned figures without sufficient basis to do so

A doctor punished for criticizing COVID vaccines sues hospital for $25 million – “The way they came after me to news media and social media platforms was unprofessional, unprecedented and against the spirit of bylaws of their bylaws”

Republicans Probe Biden’s Firing of Judges Appointed by Donald Trump – It appears as if Biden is taking his ‘marching orders’ on border issues from NGOs who are demanding more access to the USA for all the world’s migrants

42% of Women With Regular Cycles Are Bleeding More Than Usual And those who aren’t supposed to be bleeding are, oddly, now bleeding – The NIH confirms that COVID-19 vaccines are linked to a small increase in menstrual cycle length

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: The PANDA WHO Review – A must-read by anyone interested in public health, global COVID-19 WHO policies, and the full extent of the corruption by the WHO, global leaders, and governments

Willing Accomplices in The Greatest Crime of Our Lifetimes – It is worth watching every minute of Tucker’s monologue because the truth is in plain sight; we only need to have the willingness to look for it

ZH: Delusional Biden Admin Front-Runs A Recessionary GDP Print… By Redefining Recession – It’s not a recession until the White House gives economists on its payroll permission to declare it a recession

ZH: A Flood Of Repossessed Vehicles Poised To Hit The Used-Car Market – Now is one of the worst times ever to buy a car. Wait six months or a year and things will be different

Biden takes a victory lap on gas despite families paying $120 more monthly than one year ago – The national average price of gas is $4.36 per gallon as of Monday, according to AAA, 38% higher than it was one year ago

WSJ: What Does Gas Cost Today Where You Live? – An interactive map of the current average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in each state

The White House’s new Deputy National Cyber Director – Former Google executive, Camille Stewart Gloster, specialized in removing “disinformation” from their app store, and in her spare time rants about “systemic racism” in America

Biden’s LGBT Executive Order Seen by Some as an Attack on Civil Rights – The order describes conversion therapy as “efforts to suppress or change an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression”

In Show Of Pro-Abortion Brutality Governor Whitmer Just Slashed Care For Pregnant Women From Michigan’s Budget – Hiding behind activist judges, her budget vetoes show she and fellow Democrats value abortion over women

Climate Emergency? What A Crock – Thankfully Biden did not declare a climate emergency last week as his Democrat colleagues urged him to do – Just because much of the country has been hot, it doesn’t mean the entire Earth is on fire

The Distinction between Hyperventilation and Actual Evidence – The Jan 6 committee’s goalposts keep shifting and have changed into accusations of obstruction of Congress, seditious conspiracy, conspiracy to defraud, or dereliction of duty

Recently, the people of Sri Lanka showed the world what a real insurrection looks like because they are starving – A result of disastrous farming policies enforced by that country’s government, ostensibly to counter “climate change”

Ranchers Are Selling Off Their Cattle in Unprecedented Numbers Due to the Drought, and That Has Enormous Implications for 2023 – North Texas has become the epicenter for this rapidly growing crisis

Preferred Pronouns and More: What I Saw at The National Education Association Convention – Nearly half of the motions dealt with identity politics, social justice, and ways to promote the goals of the Democrat Party

A Former Olympian Swimmer Says The Trans Hate Mob Has ‘Made My Life A Living Hell’ – Former swimmer Sharon Davies says standing up for women’s rights in sports has led to death threats and left her financially destitute

ZH: A “Women’s Bill Of Rights” Has Been Introduced To Counter Transgender Ideology – “Gender ideology is just one strand of a much bigger, radical, Marxist agenda, and that is critical theory,” Carrie Sheffield said

Monday Morning Consult Poll: Senator Lisa Murkowski, who is supported by Senator Mitch McConnell is underwater with Alaska GOP voters as the primary nears – Trump-endorsed Kelly Tshibaka has a higher approval rating from voters

What Else California Could Have Done With the High-Speed Rail Funds – That California’s High-Speed Rail network is not going to be built is at this point, a given

Parents Push Back Against Pharma and the FDA and Steer Their Children Far Away from These COVID Jabs – EUA approvals mean nothing when 98% of parents stand up and say, “not for my child”

The Novavax vaccine contains armyworm and baculovirus proteins and a bit of their DNA too, which is included in each dose – Also, the Novavax company has no manufacturing plant, so the vaccine is made at the Serum Institute of India

The FDA Violated Own Safety and Efficacy Standards In Approving Covid-19 Vaccines For Children – The evidence they used for those decisions violates at least three safety and efficacy standards from earlier FDA publications

The COVID-19 vaccination rates for small children have already peaked just weeks after two of the vaccines were authorized for the age group – According to an analysis of CDC data by the Kaiser Family Foundation

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Covid Jabs Impact BOTH Male and Female Fertility – Many countries are now reporting sudden declines in live birth rates, including Germany, the U.K., Taiwan, Hungary, and Sweden

Wayne Allyn Root: A Sampling Of Truths About The COVID Vaccines

Sharyl Attkisson: Even though scientists say the Covid vaccines have proved stunningly disappointing in terms of preventing infection or the spread of Covid, the CDC just approved another Covid-19 vaccine, one from Novavax

When employers steal wages from workers – This is done when employers deny workers overtime premiums, ask them to work “off the clock” or take their tips

July 24, 2022

“I don’t question Biden’s Covid diagnosis at all, But Think They Are Just Trying to Hide Him” – Greg Gutfeld Suspects Something Wrong with Timing of Biden’s COVID Diagnosis

As Biden’s COVID Symptoms Multiply, So Do The Lies About His Condition – He has fooled us again and again during his 50-year career in politics and has become infamous for gaffes, blunders, and outright lies… And they continue

The Return of the Marlboro Man – Physically and spiritually strong men preserve the nuclear family, society, and the nation, so they must be the first element destroyed to achieve the“liberal world order”

The Guilty Verdict In Bannon’s Trial Likely To Be Overturned – Dershowitz, “Entirely predictable and entirely in violation of the Constitution as the only provision of the Constitution which appears twice is trial by jury, and in front of a fair jury”

Democrats Discover Another ‘Threat to Democracy’ – SCOTUS will hear the Moore v. Harper case during their next term regarding improper interference by state courts in congressional elections

From oil to monkeypox, truth is elusive to mainstream media – More people than ever realize the media are gaslighting us, but I wonder if they know just how much

American Frontline Doctors: An AFLDS Issue Brief for Citizens and Policymakers – If you’re looking for an interesting story, the monkeypox virus isn’t it -The real story is about manipulating human beings using fear Read on to see exactly how this is being done

It’s Time to Award the Covid Nobels But they shouldn’t go to you-know-WHO – Anders Tegnell, the state epidemiologist of Sweden kept calm and while leaders elsewhere crippled their societies, he kept Sweden free and open

Baltimore’s Progressive Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Was Defeated In Her Reelection Bid – Her opponent, Ivan Bates criticized her on the campaign trail over what he called the mismanagement and incompetence of her office

The Scandal of Liberty in Shasta County – The Guardian, to its alarm, discovers democracy in California’s far north, but it sounds to me like a place where the spirit of American liberty is in very good health indeed

With Strategic Petroleum Reserve at its lowest level since 1985, the US sells stockpiled oil to China – Every House Democrat voted against a ban on selling oil from the SPR to China

Victor Davis Hanson: How To Erode the World’s Greatest Military – Alienating half the country is not a wise strategy for military recruitment as the U.S. Army met only 40 percent of its 2022 recruiting goals

In the first five months of the year, England’s “fully vaccinated” population accounted for more than 90 percent of the deaths attributed to COVID-19, according to official government data

A Toddler And a Non-Resident Infant In The US Tested Positive for Monkeypox and CDC Chief Says Both Had Contact with Gay Men – The infant was “transiting” through the US when the test was done that confirmed Monkeypox

If you have been paying any attention at all to academia in this country, you know it has entered a dark age, neglecting what was once described as its function – A place for the sifting and winnowing of ideas

Trump Electrified 5,000-Strong Young Conservatives At Summit With Hint of a Presidential Run – He railed about the policies of his successor, Biden, and he touted his administration’s policies and accomplishments during his 4-year term

Some Lessons from January 6 Committee Finale – First, the Democrats of both parties are interested only in convincing people not to ever vote for Trump again

JD Rucker: Three Doctors Die Within Four Days Shortly After Hospital Begins Injecting Staff With Fourth Covid Shots – This story broke yesterday, so we attempted to confirm it, but nobody in the Mississauga hospital system is willing to confirm or deny any of it

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The mRNA Platform Inventor Sifts Through the Lies – The CDC and FDA are also ignoring the reality of immune imprinting, which is causing COVID-jabbed individuals to contract COVID more frequently, and repeatedly

Mark your calendar for Liz Cheney’s downfall – Trump somehow manages to bring out the worst in his enemies, and while Neither Trump nor Biden is on this year’s ballot, they both loom large over the impending contests

The Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary redefines what a ‘female’ is – They added a new definition for “female” which reads: “having a gender identity that is the opposite of male”

July 23, 2022

A Top US Officer Reveals the Frightening Way China Has Developed as Pacific Threat – U.S. military officials have said Beijing wants to be ready to make a move on the island by 2027

COVID Response Coordinator Gives A Strange Update On Biden’s Health Following COVID Diagnosis – Has an official statement made an American President sound weaker than the White House doctor saying Biden, ‘cleaned his plate’ and held it up to show him?

Victor Davis Hanson: The Left Should Be Happy With Biden – They should be ecstatic because Joe Biden has given them everything they wanted

About 45 percent of small business owners in the United States are freezing their hiring of new workers because of high labor costs and skyrocketing inflation, according to the Alignable July Hiring Report

The Jan. 6th committee just got more bad news – Nielsen figures show their latest primetime hearing brought in only an estimated 17.7 million viewers,11% lower than their first hearing which brought in less than a normal night for the network

A January 6 Defendant Dies by Suicide While Awaiting Sentencing – By late June, around 840 individuals were arrested in connection with the Jan. 6 incident. Over 300 had pleaded guilty, with 80 receiving jail time

Dr. Birx Says The COVID-19 Vaccines Were Never ‘Going to Protect Against Infection

ZH: The Talented Mr. Pottinger – The US Intelligence Agent Who Pushed For The Lockdowns

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Monkeypox or Moneypox? – Tedros overrules his panel and declares Monkeypox a Public Health Emergency of International Concern

The first major peer-reviewed study of monkeypox infections has found that the virus is primarily transmitted through the sexual activity of gay and bisexual men in the United States and around the world

The Backlash against progressive, Soros-backed DAs continues as violent crime soars – Nationwide, prosecutors are under fire for being soft on crime while criminals devastate major cities

ZH: Mapped: The Top US Exports & Imports By State

ZH: Land Of Waste: American Landfills By State – Each American produces a whopping 1,700 pounds of waste every year, making the United States the world’s most wasteful country

Hunter Biden Is Poised To Receive A “Generous” Plea Deal – He Will Likely Avoid Indictment

The Democrat narrative about Ohio child rape victim completely falls apart – As more facts come out about the case, it appears to be more of a tale of federal, state, and county officials protecting illegal aliens that ought to be deportable

Big Government Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry – So they will never apologize for ordering shutdowns that were only supposed to last two weeks, But Didn’t

The World Health Organization said this morning that the expanding monkeypox outbreak in more than 70 countries is an “extraordinary” situation that now qualifies as a global emergency

Dr. Joseph Mercola: This Can Prevent COVID-19 Infection – A hospital study published in June 2022 revealed that hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mouthwash, gargle, and nasal rinse protected against COVID-19 better than the jab


July 22, 2022

States must stand up against the Biden administration’s moves for a takeover of elections –‘ Bidenbucks’ are being used to run up the tally of Democrat voters before the midterms

Hunter Biden Hasn’t Been Charged For Same Crimes Others Are Facing Up To 10 Years For – Hunter Biden appears to have violated the same firearm crimes that have sentenced several individuals to years in prison

“If I Go to Jail, I Go to Jail. I Will Never Back Off — I Support Trump and the Constitution!” – Steve Bannon BROUGHT THE FIRE on Tucker Carlson Following The Friday Court Verdict

Legal Expert Mike Davis: The Judge Screwed Up By Not Allowing Steve Bannon to Put Up a Defense in Court — This Case Will End Up at The Supreme Court

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that people vaccinated against COVID-19 remained contagious with the virus for a longer period than their unvaccinated counterparts

Putting “Long COVID” in Perspective – It’s more complex than the public discourse suggests because we don’t even have a proper definition for long COVID

Biden Administration Policies Enabled Migrant Kids As Young As 12 To End Up Working At A Hyundai Auto Manufacturing Plant In Alabama

WSJ: Steve Bannon Found Guilty of Contempt of Congress – A Jury determined former Trump adviser defied a subpoena issued by the House Jan. 6 committee

Is the Government Directing Big Tech Censorship? – Details in a federal district court case suggest government-directed censorship on social media and the most comprehensive interference in a domestic election in the history of the nation

Digital ID Systems Could Lead to Severe, Irreversible Human Rights Violations –  Open debate is needed “with full transparency and involving all relevant stakeholders”

The Economist Plotting the Brave New World Order – You’d think that the experiences of communist regimes in the 20th century would’ve made every sane person in the Western world immune to this prattle about planned economies

Supreme Court Blocks Biden Admin Policy Narrowing Detainment, Deportation of Illegal Aliens

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, appointed by Barack Obama, has claimed at a conference that the court must follow “public sentiment” in its decisions or it risks losing its legitimacy

Dr. Anthony Fauci will receive a tax-paid annual federal retirement pension benefit of $414,667—more than the President’s $400,000 annual salary—if he leaves the civil service in January 2025, as he has said he plans to do

Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed several studies that suggest COVID-19 vaccines weaken the immune systems of vaccinated individuals on Thursday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”

Dr. Deborah Birx: I knew shots would not prevent COVID infection – “I think we overplayed the vaccines”

Wayne Allyn Root: 33 Dead & Sick Friends Since Our Wedding Only 8 Months Ago – All 33 Were Vaccinated – This Is A “Vaccine Death & Disease Cluster” – The Covid vaccine is dangerous and deadly

Border Patrol Agents Call Out Biden Admin Officials as ‘Liars’ Over Recent Border Security Claim – 200,000 migrants entered the U.S. per month for the past four months

Californians still won’t get a chance to vote on a minimum wage hike this November, after a judge ruled late today that the campaign was at fault for missing a key deadline to get the measure on the ballot

California’s Electric High-Speed Rail: No Power, No Money, No ‘High Speed’ – If it is ever fully built, California’s High-Speed Rail would be the largest public works project in state history

Hollywood Is a Horrifying Hell Scape – The Land of Make-Believe has been abandoned to its very real vices

A Shocker Out of NASCAR – No institution is out of the reach of the woke pandemic, not even a Southern fried one like NASCAR, which has let it out that it will be launching an electric car racing series next year

ZH: The Texas GOP Training 5,000 Election Workers, Poll Watchers To Improve Election Integrity – Poll watchers will observe the conduct of the election and report irregularities and violations of the Election Code

ZH: These Are The 20 Nations With The Fastest Declining Populations

Trump Plots Purging Administrative State Employees – If reelected in 2024, Trump plans to cut about 50,000 government employees to rein in unelected technocrats that have great influence over policies impacting American workers

During an exchange with Senator Josh Hawley, the head of the Transportation Security Administration, David Pekoske, admitted that hundreds of illegal aliens have been allowed to board planes using arrest warrants as identification

Take a look at some of the outtakes of Trump’s speeches from the January 6 committee – The footage makes Trump look good and reminds us of the good old days when we had a president whose cognitive abilities were fully functional

Trump gave an order to make sure the Jan. 6 rally was a safe event, a Pentagon memo shows – Gen. Milley’s recollection undercuts the months-long effort by Democrats to suggest Trump wanted to incite violence

Former First Lady Melania Trump Breaks Silence on Jan. 6 –“Ms. Grisham was not in the White House on January 6, and her behavior in her role as Chief of Staff ultimately amounts to dereliction of duty”

Donald Trump, but with softer edges: Kari Lake makes her pitch for Arizona governor – Former president Trump is headlining a massive rally for Lake Friday night in Prescott Valley, one of the state’s most conservative areas

WSJ: U.S. Business Activity Slid Into a July Contraction – Purchasing managers’ surveys indicate the sharpest pullback for the U.S. economy since early in the pandemic, with the eurozone and other economies also showing weakness

The Ridiculous New Covid Panic – Joe Biden has Covid and earlier this month, Dr. Anthony Fauci, an 81-year-old, also had Covid – Neither experienced even remotely serious symptoms, so why can’t we just move on?

A Chinese Intelligence Operation in America’s Great Plains? – One such spying outpost, an agro-industrial plant of China’s Fufeng group, is in the development stages on American soil in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Democrats double down on selling American oil to China – That should tell you all you need to know about Democrats’ priorities – They want to Make America Prostrate Again

Who Gains from Ukraine? – Ukraine earned the title of the most corrupt country in Europe for a reason and since winning independence, corruption has been the predominant pursuit in Ukraine

The US is Already in World War IV – The success in the infiltration and Psychological Operations of The WEF and the CCP are widespread but poorly understood – A substantial course change for America is long overdue

ZH: The man who attempted to assassinate Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) was charged with attempted assault in the second degree – David G. Jakubonis, of Fairport NY, was then released on his recognizance hours after the attack

WHO IS DAVID JAKUBONIS? – Not much is known about him, but Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul viciously smeared her opponent in the gubernatorial race, Lee Zeldin as a “dangerous far-right extremist” and published his campaign schedule

Russia And China Officially Announce A “New Global Reserve Currency” Challenging The Dollar – And as often happens with consequential news in the United States and the West, no one has noticed and no one seems to care

Biden’s Approval Rating Hits a New Low That Is Fueled by Democrats Jumping Ship – Only 36 percent of Americans now approve of the job that Biden is doing

Is The Joe Biden Crime Family Finally Breaking Apart? – It’s become increasingly obvious over the years that Joe Biden has far more to answer for than Hunter does

Joe Biden’s Game-Plan That Will End Women’s Sports Is Right Out Of The Marxist Playbook – One Montana mother asked plaintively, “why don’t we have to go with the science on this issue?”

The vaccines don”t prevent Covid transmission per WH sources – Yet, Novak Djokovic, a 35-year-old athlete in excellent physical health, is being prevented from entering the US to compete in the upcoming US Open tennis tournament

Preparing For The Real Threat: The Ascendance of Globalism – Their agenda involves shutting down the productive economy (in the name of saving Mother Earth) and reducing the global population in the process

A House Agriculture Committee member wants Bill Gates to testify over his massive farm purchases – The Microsoft billionaire has bought thousands of acres of farmland across several states

Ivermectin vs. Paxlovid – This is how you know you are living in an upside-down world

The NIH accidentally unmasks an official who hid Chinese-submitted coronavirus data in March 2020 – The agency then asks a court to seal records related to the FOIA lawsuit that name the NIH “curator” 

July 21, 2022

Biden’s pathetic anti-crime package is an empty press release – His new $37 billion anti-crime plan is a grab-bag that wouldn’t help reduce crime

ABC, NBC, and CBS have given Hunter Biden a pass despite a federal probe into his tax affairs reportedly reaching a “critical stage” as corporate media organizations continue to look away from damning news related to the president’s son

Hunter Biden Was Involved in A Russian Deal to Sell Oil to China – The Biden family made millions when they aligned their financial interest with China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin

An Experiment in Chaos – Oregon’s decriminalization of drug possession is proving disastrous as Police in Portland report that all categories of crime jumped in reaction to Measure 110

The House Judiciary Committee Moves Forward On Assault Weapons Ban with Zero Republican Votes –  A crime to “import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess a semiautomatic assault weapon or large capacity magazine

The Biden administration’s “climate agenda” is a “hoax” that is designed to increase government control over Americans, according to Steve Milloy, a senior legal fellow at the Energy and Environment Legal Institute

A National Farmers Group President Sends Warning to Biden: ‘We’re Heading for a Food Shortage’ – Farmers paid less than $400 per ton for fertilizer just a year ago, and now they are paying $1,100 per ton

The Next Big Government Scheme Is Taxing You for Every Mile You Drive – It’s an underhanded way to decrease your carbon footprint and Virginia is the latest state to initiate such a program, purely voluntary, of course … for the moment

Top-ranking Biden officials and five social media giants have 30 days to respond to subpoenas and discovery requests in a lawsuit alleging they colluded to suppress freedom of speech “under the guise of combatting misinformation”

Joe Biden, Hurricanes, and the Depleting Strategic Petroleum Reserve – House Republicans call for an SPR investigation

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: TrialSite News Truth Bombs – Pfizer and Moderna Evidence of Scientific and Regulatory Fraud Along With HHS Administrative State Collusion

Fight The Climate Change Hoax – The Global Oligarchy of Elites is now prioritizing Climate Change to create fear, and to continue their Covid-Hoax-Enabled control and Freedom restrictions

Guns and Grandpas We need a nation of decent law-abiding Americans who can control themselves as well as their aim – Once upon a time in America, young boys learned to shoot, brace yourselves snowflakes, at school. Yes, school

If Democrats suffer significant losses in November’s midterm elections — as widely expected — and Republicans take control of both the House and/or Senate, President Joe Biden will likely face impeachment proceedings by Republicans

Trump or DeSantis: Who Is the Man for the Times? – Trump did not slink away after the 2020 presidential election,  and as a result, he is even more powerful than he was before

Rasmussen Poll: Voters say ‘No’ to 2024 retreads, especially Hillary Clinton – Even those who almost won their party’s nomination are getting the cold shoulder, including Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders

WSJ: The Heat Wave Sends Natural-Gas Prices Soaring – Futures have climbed 48% in July as power plants guzzle this fuel to keep air conditioners humming

WSJ: The House passed a bill that would protect access to contraception on a federal level, as Democrat lawmakers say they fear the recent Supreme Court Dobbs ruling

SCOTUS Ruling On Indiana Parental Notification For Abortion Law – Patients under 18 years old must notify a parent or guardian to get an abortion unless a juvenile court rules otherwise

Workers in the Red States Are Quitting Their Jobs at Higher Rates and That May Be a Good Sign – Employee quitting rates tend to be higher when workers are confident about finding another job, which demands a robust economy

Public education is as bad as, if not worse than, you’ve heard – If things have gotten too extreme for a declared leftist in a blue state then they have moved so far left that it is no longer anything approaching a functional educational entity

We, the people, want the truth! – In 2022, many questions hang over America with no answers, and the journalists who are supposed to bring us the facts refuse to investigate, even worse, they seem to want to keep the truth from us

Justice Won’t Be Served In SpyGate Without Durham Investigating More Human Sources – Rodney Joffe  deserves a close look, and it appears Stefan Halper and Christopher Steele received, as most, a glance in their directions

Saving the Planet, or Themselves? – The real danger lies in useless spending on climate change that will bankrupt societies and make it impossible for their people to protect themselves

California’s AB5 Regulation Triggered A Truck Driver Protest, Which the Supreme Court Refused To Review – The state is about to get the labor law it wants and deserves, along with the consequences, good and hard

Crap Economics – The current fertilizer crisis is as sure a sign as any that our overlords have no idea what they are doing

‘This Is Very Dangerous’: If You See Folded Money on the Floor Like This, Do Not Pick It Up—Here’s Why – The paper bills could be lethal envelopes carrying deadly fentanyl, which can kill with just one dose

Dr. Birx’s Book, Silent Invasion, Damages Trump and Disqualifies Pence – Not much reading between the lines is needed to realize that Birx and her task force buddies did everything they could to lie their way into a COVID-19 lockdown

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Scamdemic 2.0: BA.5 Is the “King” of Coronavirus Variants – While the most infectious of Covid variants, it is also considerably less deadly than the original Wuhan Covid strain

ZH: ECB Preview: Their First Rate Hike In 11 Years And Another Major Policy Mistake – Discussion will be over 25bps or 50bps

ZH: The Number Of Americans Filing For First-Time Unemployment Claims Soared To 251,000, an 8-Month-High Last Week – The highest since Nov 2021

Why The Labor Shortage Isn’t Going Away – There are multiple systemic reasons including demographics, the rigged economy, extremes of inequality, limits of technology, and lifestyle/health issues

I&I/TIPP Poll: Americans Want Their Old Fossil-Fuel Economy Back – 57% either said they disagreed with Biden’s policies and want more and cheaper energy

Most Americans Think The Economy Is Currently In A Recession – Believing the economy is in recession, they are taking steps to make do with their paychecks, which haven’t kept up with inflation

ZH: Occupancy is an engine for local economies – Unfortunately, There’s An Amazing Glut Of Office Space In Every Major Metro Area

Leftist Judges Rule Alex Jones May Not Discuss The 1st Amendment, Say He Is Innocent, or Claim The Court Case Rigged – Effectively, they ruled he is guilty before proven guilty and will instruct the jury to determine just how guilty he is

ZH: The White House is reporting that 79-year-old President Biden has tested positive for COVID-19 this morning – He is fully vaccinated, twice boosted, is experiencing very mild symptoms, and has begun taking Paxlovid

Forget Fake News, News Blackouts Are More Dangerous – Several conservative news and/or opinion websites have pointed out that the mainstream media has ignored important news events or details

Starbucks Faces Consequences of Wokeness – CEO Howard Schultz abdicates responsibility while accusing city Democrats of abdicating responsibility for his store closings

CA’s teacher shortage forced many school districts to hire teachers who aren’t fully credentialed or are teaching out of their subject areas – Many of them are teaching classes at schools with high percentages of low-income students

July 20, 2022

Wayne Allyn Root: These Things I Know To Be Truth – Get Ready for Liberal Heads to Explode

ZH: Congress Pushes Ahead with its Digital ID Effort – One application of digital ID that highlights how the technology could be used against citizens is highlighted in the EU’s recently passed Digital Services Act

The California EPA Asserts A Shockingly Broad Domain Over Private Property – Jared Blumenfeld, Secretary for Environmental Protection tells well owners they now must install meters and pay for the well water on the property

Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn commented on current university teacher education programs – Exposing the cronyism and professional incest that has emerged between university graduate programs and university bureaucracies

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is helping fund the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of Science and Technology, assisting the brutal regime in its efforts to lure foreign scientists in to boost China’s scientific advancement

New details from Sunday’s mass shooting at a Greenwood, Indiana mall – Elisjsha Dicken fired at the Greenwood gunman from 40-50 yards away with his 9mm handgun, and hit him with the first shot, quickly followed by seven more

Mystery solved: The DOJ secretly thwarted the release of Russia documents declassified by Trump – They used last-minute privacy concerns to halt their release, then ignored a direct order from the president to make them public

The Hunter Biden probe reaches a ‘critical stage,’ as officials weigh possible charges – A source says officials are weighing possible charges for tax violations, foreign lobbying, and false statements

Biden’s Green Energy Future Relies Too Much On China’s Solar Boondoggle – The hoped-for transition to producing electricity from renewable sources can’t happen without cheap Asian-made solar panels being allowed into the US

Biden announces executive actions on ‘climate crisis – It includes $2.3 billion in funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities program

GM Is Moving Their Electric Car Manufacturing Jobs to Mexico After Biden Praised Them Over Tesla

The UNs’ 2030 Agenda for sustainable development informs government policies to restrict farming and transform the food systems in different parts of the world – Instead of being independent nations, now we will all be interdependent

The “Russia collusion” case takes an abrupt turn – Halper’s lawyer told his client ‘may have made clear misstatements to the FBI’

Facebook May Have Your Medical Records – FB may be collecting sensitive health data in insidious ways, including tracking you when you’re on hospital websites and even when you’re in a personal, password-protected, health portal

Antibodies From Vaccines Interfering Instead of Neutralizing Because of Spike Protein Changes – The antibodies triggered by COVID-19 vaccines are interfering with people’s immune systems as newer virus variants emerge

Public Health Officials running the COVID circus have failed our country – Our government wants to sweep the whole stinking mess, that is rotting from the inside, under the rug and only question is, will they get away with it?

A lawsuit accuses the government of stonewalling because officials won’t release documents about potential conflicts of interest involving Christine Grady, chief of the NIH Department of Bioethics and wife of Dr. Anthony Fauci

What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You – Advisors to the CDC on Tuesday unanimously recommended Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine, claiming the unvaxxed are the product’s “primary target population”

JD Rucker: 4 Ways the Globalist Elites Are Ramping Up The Great Reset Ahead of Midterm Elections – Winning the midterms for Democrats is part of it, but there’s a bigger agenda at play

Sure, Ron DeSantis could beat Donald Trump in 2024 – Is Donald Trump’s lock on a third presidential nomination all that secure? Recent polling suggests the answer is no

Vote by Mail Expands in the East – States in the South and Midwest are making it harder to vote at home, while those in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic are making it easier

Election Heroes Are Stopping Fraudulent Voting – Democrat-leaning organizations run voter registration drives in edge communities, collecting identities they expect will never vote as placeholders later used by vote-harvesters

Post-Pandemic, a Strong Majority of Americans Favor a Constitutional Amendment That Further Limits Federal Government Spending and Control

The Judge In The Stefan Halper Case Drops A SpyGate Bombshell – Halper Likely Lied To The FBI On Purpose

Social media are showing signs of plans to turbo-charge the censoring of conservative voices — particularly ones who criticize Democrats — leading up to the midterm elections

Here’s the Proof the Squad’s Fake ‘Arrest’ at the SCOTUS Protest Was Staged – Ilhan Omar’s communications/strategy adviser Jeremy Slevin, also arrested with the Democrats, gave the game away before the arrests

Presidential emergency powers are a serious problem – News is coming out that Biden is planning to use emergency powers to promote abortion and to implement the “Build Back Bankrupt” agenda he cannot get through Congress

Democrats are using the latest heat wave to push Biden to declare a climate “emergency” so he can bypass the legislative branch because Joe Manchin won’t sign onto a bill that includes carbon emission mandates

The Bottom Is Falling Out for the Biden Administration – It has reached the point that Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon are now making jokes about Biden’s age and unpopularity

The Secret Service Texts That Would Prove The J6 Committee’s ‘Star Witness’ Lied About Trump’s Limo Driver Attack Have Disappeared

Kevin D. Williamson: The Dog Ate Their Accountability – From sea to shining sea, ‘delete, delete, delete’ has become standard operating procedure for government officials seeking to evade public scrutiny

Morning Consult/Politico Poll: 78 Percent of Voters Say Joe Biden’s America Is on the Wrong Track – A majority of voters believe he is unfit to be president and doubt his mental ability

At least 181 K-12 teachers, principals, and staff have been arrested for child sex crimes in the United States so far this year on a litany of charges, including sexually assaulting students and possessing child pornography

Bannon Makes A Major Statement During The Trial That Triggered His Prosecution – He did not ignore the subpoena but rather Bannon’s team was still in negotiations with the Jan. 6 committee, which was a surprise to many people

Gavin Newsom Measures the Drapes in the White House While Keeping California Under A State of Emergency – Newsom is hedging his bets, but he hasn’t ever been tested

ZH: Existing Home Sales In The US Plunge In June As Affordability Collapses – Analysts expected a decline of 1.1% MoM in June, but were severely wrong in magnitude as existing home sales slumped 5.4% MoM in June

Legislative Republicans called Tuesday for an independent state audit to find out “why the California DOJ briefly published the personal identifying information of 240,000+ concealed carry weapon license applicants late last month

Why Vaccinated People Are Getting COVID at Higher Rates Than The Unvaccinated? – This is an excellent summary of most things I have read from prominent experts on this subject over the last two years

Fraudulent Fauci Is Protected By His Wife! – The Cesspool for Conflicts of Interest That Is the NIH “No university, no IRB would allow an advisory committee to make decisions with all that conflict of interest”

The Vast Majority of CDC Workers Work Remotely – Of their approximately 12,679 full-time workers, 78 percent are either not working in person at all, or are only doing so part of the time

Rationalizing Transgender Sports – Whatever you choose as your explanation, the fact remains that empirically, in the trans domain, trans-women outperform cis women and trans-men do not outperform cis men

The Great American Doctor Shortage – As national health declines, this country is utterly failing to train new medical professionals – The doctor shortage is not only a matter of quantity but is also becoming a matter of quality

AR-15 and AK-47 rifle sales surge to 24 million – According to NSSF, it  is popular in part due to its “accuracy, reliability, modularity and low recoil.”

July 19, 2022

Gavin Newsom won’t save the Democrats – Reality will catch up with America’s Great White Hope as things have not been particularly good for the minority Californians he was voted in to look after

A panel in the Department of Homeland Security has issued a memo that essentially rebukes Joe Biden for his agenda to create a “Disinformation Governance Board” and impose its ideologies on Americans

Fauci Responds to Reports on Him Leaving And Says He’s ‘Not Going to Retire’ – He is going to step down from his current position

The CDC Blatantly Uses Weekly Reports to Spread COVID Disinformation – They were flawed to an extent suggesting more than mere incompetence or negligence, they were deliberate attempts by the CDC scientists to mislead the public

A New Study By The University of Southern California and the University of California–Davis Adds to The Growing Body of Evidence Suggesting Mask Mandates Are Ineffective

WSJ: Netflix Loses Nearly 1 Million Subscribers, But Vows Rebound – The streaming giant says the launch of an ad-supported tier along with a password-sharing crackdown will happen next year

WSJ: Ukraine Faces Difficulties Getting Western Weapons to the Front Lines – The country has been given multiple complex systems with not much in common

Authorities identified the three victims killed in an Indiana mall shooting Sunday, their disturbed killer, and the hero bystander who shot him dead and likely saved countless others from being gunned down

The Left’s Blackmailing of Biden has Unleashed National Chaos, Stagflation, and Systemic Uncertainty – Now we know what happens when a truly compromised president succumbs to extortion from both domestic and foreign interests

Joe Biden and Hunter’s Colombia connection – It’s hard to imagine a son traveling all around the world trading on his father’s name and position and the father not knowing a single thing about it as Joe Biden claims

As much as the media and Democratic leaders try to hide the issue, not only are most voters paying attention to first son Hunter Biden’s money scandals, but they believe Joe Biden cashed in and that they won’t face any charges

ZH: The place where Joe Biden face-planted into the concrete falling off his bike last month has been named ‘Brandon Falls’ on Google Maps

A federal court has granted a request by Missouri and Louisiana officials to obtain information and documents from top-ranking Biden officials over its alleged collusion with social media giants to censor and suppress free speech

Kari Lake Delivers Receipts Showing RINO Arizona GovernorDoug Ducey Is Doing the Swamp’s Bidding

Mike Pence Campaigns AGAINST Donald Trump And Kari Lake In Arizona, And Cheerleads For Establishment Candidate

The Blue-State War on Nuclear Power – The irrational and ideologically driven effort to decarbonize without using nuclear energy is a fool’s errand, but some countries are reconsidering

Democrats Won’t Wake Up To Their Self Destruction – We’re talking about people who always find new ways to believe that “true socialism has never been tried”

The Most Self-Destructive Force in the World – Those that pursue the green agenda impede human endeavor while doing next to nothing to impact global temperatures

A New York Supreme Court Judge ruled that Governor Kathy Hochul’s “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures” regulations are unconstitutional, “violate NY State law and therefore are null, void and unenforceable as a matter of law”

After intense backlash from local bodega workers and city tabloids, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg dropped all charges against bodega clerk Jose Alba, who was acting in self-defense when he fatally stabbed a man who was attacking him

WSJ: The Twitter-Musk Trial is Set for October in The Lawsuit Over The Stalled $44 Billion Takeover – A Delaware Chancery Court judge grants the social-media platform’s request to fast-track the proceedings

Elon Musk Planning Countersuit As Way to Blow Up Twitter Deal – “The core dispute over false and spam accounts is fundamental to Twitter’s value”

National Security Concerns Mount as a Chinese Company Builds a Major Plant Near North Dakota Military Base – Why did they choose a location near a base that houses sensitive drone, satellite, and surveillance technology

Moderate Democrats will play a key role in the coming midterm election and very likely handle the U.S. House to the Republicans, according to analysts – The main reason for the rebelling moderates is President Joe Biden’s policies

The Great Reset Starts with Farms – Heads of state are embracing the World Economic Forum’s agricultural agenda. Will farmers be able to push back?

ZH: The Real Policy Error Is Expanding Debt And Calling It “Growth” – Waste is not growth, and neither is the unlimited expansion of debt and speculative bubbles

ZH: Nuclear fusion research has attracted more than $2.8 billion in new investment over the past year – The industry is quickly gaining traction as scientists hone in on breakthroughs

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Big Pharma is pushing legislation that would require premarket approval for dietary supplements – In short, this would require supplements — which are food — to undergo the same approval process as drugs

Sharyl Attkisson: Autism rate jumps more than 50% in 5 yrs: 1 in 30 US kids has autism – It estimated there was a 52 percent increase in ASD diagnoses among children and adolescents in the U.S. during 2017-2020

Colleen Huber NMD: The Tyranny Pilot Project At My Clinic?? – I know that doctors in California are losing their medical licenses for writing medical exemptions, but this is why I do not fear losing my Arizona medical license for writing them

The Epoch Times sought the names of employees on three CDC teams charged with analyzing data from VAERS, including a team that looks at data about post-vaccination heart inflammation – The CDC denied the request in full

Some activists and anthropologists are pushing those within the field to stop identifying human remains as male or female – They are suggesting scientists might not know how people identified themselves while they were alive

LA County will probably issue an indoor mask mandate by the end of the month – Officials say they’re just following the guidelines, but have no regard for freedom and refuse to acknowledge the data that show mask mandates are useless

Data Shows California Exodus Isn’t Subsiding, It’s Accelerating – The state that was by far the biggest draw of California residents was Texas, the destination for more than 7,500 California families during the four years in the study

July 18, 2022

Yes, Things Are Really As Bad As You’ve Heard – A Leftist Schoolteacher Struggles To Say Aloud the Things He Regularly Witnesses That Are So Outlandish They Sound Like They Were Made Up By Right-Wing Provocateurs

Nearly 400 officers were on site in Uvalde before a single person finally breached the school and took down the shooter who had barricaded himself inside. Their inaction resulted in the death of 19 children and two teachers

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is withholding records related to high-profile investigations, including the probe into President Joe Biden’s son, according to a new lawsuit

INVESTIGATION: Hunter Biden Frequently Met With Joe Biden After Foreign Business Meetings – Hunter”s calendar on his laptop revealed locations and dates of meetings and interactions with international leaders and businessmen

We Finally Know Who The Uvalde Police Chief Was Calling During The Shooting, And It Will Make You Sick to Your Stomach – Rather than send in the officers who were on standby he chose to negotiate with the gunman

Congress Can No Longer Hide Behind the EPA – Each branch of government must stay in its lane and consider some of the problems that occur when you treat CO2 as a pollutant

White House COVID-19 adviser Anthony Fauci revealed that after about five decades in the federal government, he’s planning on leaving his position by the end of President Joe Biden’s term

Dr. Deborah Birx admits she deceived Trump to push COVID measures – “I couldn’t do anything that would reveal my true intention”

The Borg of the Gargoyles – How the government, Big Tech, the financial community, and law enforcement converged into an all-knowing criminalization complex, and how to resist it

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the ballot drop boxes used in the 2020 election were illegal and harmed Wisconsin voters – The media has spun the opinion as a mere change of rules concerning future elections

Kamala Harris and Governors Gavin Newsom and Jared Polis are among a group of Democrats who are making moves their associates say appear to be steps to prepare for a White House run if Joe Biden opts not to seek a second term

Truckers Lane: The U.S. Supreme Court Rejects The Plea from Trucking Companies – The Questions Surrounding California’s AB5 Law

The Progressives’ Carpet Bombing Of America – The push by the government for “equity” – the assurance of equal outcomes – may be the napalm of this campaign

Federal prosecutors drop charges against Colbert team members arrested at Capitol – They were invited by Congressional staffers to enter the building in each instance and were never asked to leave by the staffers

Dr. Toby Rogers: Trans messaging is too sophisticated to be the work of a small sexual minority dealing with severe health issues – It appears to me that someone else is driving these messaging campaigns, so the big question is who?

Oil Jumps After Biden Fails to Win Saudi Pledge to Pump More Crude

CNBC All-America Economic Survey: Biden’s economic approval rating is at 30%, a decline from April of 5 percentage points – When looking at the same survey from last summer, it stood at 42%

Sri Lanka Is Just The First To Topple In Globalists’ Green Energy House Of Cards – Riots, famines, societal collapse, and cultural invasion — the globalist agenda has created the perfect storm for national instability

Gallup: Confidence that TV and print media are delivering trustworthy news has plummeted to the lowest level in nearly 50 years – Those expressing “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in print news are 16% and just 11% for TV news

Is Liz Cheney toast? – A Casper Star-Tribune poll shows Cheney losing big with Hageman’s support at 52% and Cheney’s at 30%, with minor candidates or undecideds making up the rest of the total

A good guy with a gun stopped an armed bad guy on a murderous rampage – He began to shoot into the mall, killing three people and injuring two others. Fortunately, a 22-year-old man with a legal gun and a good eye killed the shooter

The Acting Police Chief During Uvalde School Shooting Has Been Placed on Leave After Report Details ‘Systemic’ Failures

Greg Abbott’s ‘publicity stunt’ busing illegals from Texas to Washington, D.C. … is working – The DC Mayor is effectively saying as she complains that she wants Texas to pay all the costs of illegal migration, instead of her city

Joe Biden uses $171M in taxpayer money to help illegal aliens break the law – The Soros-related organization arrangement lasts until March 2023 but can reach as high as $983 million if renewed until March 2027

Inflation Has Now Devoured All of Biden’s COVID ‘Rescue’ Checks – Despite repeated WH promises that it would not happen, the CPI shot up 8.3% in the first half of this year and June’s reading showed year-over-year inflation at 9.1%

The 2024 Horserace is Underway, Who are the Favorites? – A Siena College poll finds 64% of Democrats, not even waiting for the midterm election results, want their candidate in 2024 to be someone other than Biden

Green Energy Threatens Reliability of Texas, US Electric Grids – Why did energy-savvy Texas build an electric grid dependent on such unreliable energy sources? Renewable energy subsidies have totaled about $23 billion in Texas

ZH: Russia’s Gazprom Reportedly Declares Force Majeure, and Will Halt Gas Flows To Germany Indefinitely

ZH: The Countries Most Reliant On Nuclear Power – Germany’s nuclear share is the lowest on the list, last year hitting just below 12 percent of total electricity generation

“A How-To Guide in Using Covid To Subvert a Democratic Superpower from Within” – Multiple sources over the weekend dug into Birx’s new book and some common themes were uncovered

The Return Of Covid Fearmongering – How seriously should we take Long Covid?

ZH: As Mask Mandate Looms, LA Hospital Officials Mock The COVID “Media Hype” – Of those who are admitted, they’re 90% of the time not admitted due to Covid, and only 10% of our Covid-positive admissions are admitted due to Covid

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Pfizer Made Insane Profits From the Pandemic – Kaiser Health says the COVID-19 pandemic has been a real boon to Pfizer, not only in terms of profits but given unusual weight in determining U.S. health policy

Death by Vaccine – A massive increase in deaths reported to the VAERS – An increase so massive that in the last 4 months alone, VAERS has received over 40% of all death reports it has ever received in its entire 30+year history

Monkeypox: What You Need to Know – At the moment unless you are a gay man with multiple anonymous or casual sexual partners, you are probably not at much risk

Women Don’t Matter – Former college athletes slam Lia Thomas’s NCAA nomination

Paul Harvey’s “If I Were the Devil” – Essentially, everything he mentions in this radio broadcast from 57 years ago has come to pass

July 17, 2022

NIH Emails Show Fauci’s Department Not Only Knew About Gain-of-Function but Raised the Alarm Years Before The Outbreak

Sharyl Attkisson: About 87% of 650 children tested had detectable levels of glyphosate in their urine, according to a new analysis by the CDC – Food was identified as the main route of exposure for the children, aged 18 and under

On the heels of Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid signing a joint declaration vowing to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, a senior Iranian official said the Islamic Republic already can make one

ZH: Destroying The Planet To Save Ukraine? – Before the West came to Ukraine’s defense, Ukraine was held in low regard by Europeans, viewed as a kleptocracy run by corrupt oligarchs with only the faintest hint of the rule of law

Joe Biden’s America: Trans Soldiers Are Given Special Privileges in the US Military While Christian Soldiers are Persecuted – The left continues its assault on our country, our culture, our history, and our way of life

A 77-page report released by the Texas state House of Representatives said there were systemic failures on behalf of some 400 enforcement officers who responded to the May 24 mass shooting at a school in Uvalde

Amid low morale fostered by “bad science,” frustrated and alarmed experts with the NIH, CDC and FDA are quitting, creating serious staffing shortages, reports Johns Hopkins University professor Dr. Marty Makary

INSIDE THE BIDEN FAMILY BUSINESS – Their business is corruption and the cover-up remains operative with reporters like Thompson and Tani, who don’t want to admit that 150 is one helluva lot of Suspicious Activity Reports

WSJ: Inflation Has Outpaced Wage Growth And Now It’s Cutting Into Spending – Sales are sluggish compared with how much prices have risen, except when it comes to dining out

WSJ: Federal Officials Are Preparing to Lift Interest Rates by Another 0.75 Percentage Point – Policy makers are leaning against a full-point increase despite the June inflation surge

The Biden and Democrats set to sharpen ‘ultra-MAGA’ attacks as a third Trump Presidential bid looms – Democrats are “desperately” looking for anything, or anyone, to distract the public from the “dismal” economy

KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON: Joe Manchin Didn’t Kill the Democrats’ Climate Agenda – The Democrats’ climate agenda is not on ice because of Joe Manchin it is on ice because it is not a very good agenda

It doesn’t cost $100 million to train 30 Ukrainian fighter pilots – Why do we need this extra $100 million on top of all the other funding headed their way?

COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Effectiveness Quickly Wanes – After 150-plus days, the effectiveness dropped to just 12 percent

WSJ: SIM Cards Are Going Away And That’s a Good Thing – Already popular in Europe and Asia, eSIMs let you connect to a wireless telephone network without a physical card

A 27-Year-Old Transgender Inmate Was Moved to Youth Facility After Impregnating Two Female Inmates at a Women’s Prison – Demi Minor, 27, is serving a 30-year sentence for manslaughter

July 16, 2022

The CDC Directs Kids To Secretive Online Chat Space To Explore Sex Change Operations, Polymorphous Relationships, Having Multiple Genders, and The Occult

Bowing Again to Manchin, Biden Tells Dems to Pass Pared-Down Economic Package Fast

Zogby Poll: The Democrat base abandons Biden – 64% of Democrats hope he doesn’t run for reelection and 94% of younger voters (a group he won by 24 percentage points in 2020) agree

ZH: Satellite Imagery Shows Global Crop Declines – Except For Russia And China – Staple crops such as wheat are in poor condition and are in sharp decline among major exporters including Ukraine, the US, and India

ZH: These Are The Countries With The Highest Default Risk – Bloomberg’s Sovereign Debt Vulnerability Ranking is a composite measure of a country’s default risk and is based on four underlying metrics

Senator James Lankford: The Biden administration “not only doesn’t want to stop illegal immigration, they’re trying to accelerate this” –  “They’re not working to stop it but rather working to make it more efficient”

Roger Kimball: Regime Propaganda, Ray Epps, and the New York Times – To understand what the Times is up to, one needs to approach its stories as one would approach those emitted by the Soviet Union or other totalitarian regimes

The Words of the Woke: The woke’s impulse to control language stems from narcissism and insincerity – Almost anyone who writes on the topic of free speech today mentions George Orwell, and for the best of reasons

Former Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Rejects DOJ Plea Offer – Navarro had pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor counts of contempt of Congress and refused to cooperate with the January 6 committee’s probe

Ted Cruz Finds Child-Sized Wristband at the Border and Unveils Cartel Scheme Enabled by Biden – The  bands are used by the different cartels to determine which of their human cargo is fully paid up and which still owes a debt

GLOBAL FREEDOM DAY 7/23/22 – People all over the world are having their Freedom destroyed by Government Actions establishing a New World Order, based on World Economic Forum principles and guidelines

ZH: A Major Study Confirms COVID Vaccines Alter Women’s Periods – 42% of women with regular menstrual cycles said they bled more heavily than usual after vaccination while 14% reported a lighter period

ZH: The Feds Pile Up Vaccine ‘Adverse Event’ Reports And Decry Scaremongering – Yet the VAERS database compiled more than 1.3 million “adverse events” running the gamut from mild to severe, including 29,000 deaths

Corey Digs: I Have Nothing To Hide – I once dreamt of having a beautiful home in the country, raising a few children, and living life to the fullest, but now I own nothing, and I’m happy as I have nothing left to hide

The Center for Organizational Research & Education: California has spent up to $500 million on diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in its local government, K-12 school districts, and higher education between 2020 and 2022

JD Rucker: A Campaign Insider Claims Jill Biden Gave Joe Pills Before Public Appearances: He Was “Like a Child” Otherwise – Does this surprise anybody?

Why Should We Believe Biden? – Biden’s rhetoric feels performative as he recycles the standard lines not to state policy or rally public opinion but simply so he can move on to the next question

Joe ‘Mr. Magoo’ Biden: The Magoo cartoons were high-quality award-winning works – Biden’s presidency can be described by substituting “high-quality” with “low-quality” although “Cartoonish” may be an apt descriptor

The media, seeing a political opportunity, turn on Biden – The media collectively embraced activism, and the New York Times has led the way

The January 6 Committee’s Bid to Prove Trump Criminally Liable for Violence Falls Short – If anything, the panel has bolstered Trump’s defense rather than undermining it

Let’s Teach Joe Biden Why the Palestinians Are Not like the Irish – In simple terms, the Irish have almost nothing in common with the Palestinians — not in their history, not in their culture, and certainly not in their situation

ZH: Nancy Pelosi Urges Support Of $50 Billion ‘CHIPS’ Bill Hours After Disclosing $8 Million Nvidia Stake

Ivana Trump’s Death Determined to Be Accidental, Medical Examiner Says – Ivana Trump died Thursday due to blunt force trauma and injuries to her torso from a fall

Environmental Extremists Unleash Their Fury Against SUVs – The tree huggers are now becoming car-killers as the eco-extremist Tyre Extinguishers activist group struck in three cities across the country on July 3 and July 8

The New Batteries That Will Make You an Electric Car Believer – Sodium-ion batteries ignore temperature changes that bedevil current EV batteries, charge many times without degradation, naturally extinguish, and are not a toxic headache

San Francisco Pays $60K Per Tent Supporting Homeless and Crime – Their homeless can sleep in one of 260 tents, with three meals per day, security, and bathrooms provided 

Another Kamala staffer jumps ship – Her chief speechwriter, has jumped ship, and is getting the hell out after less than four months on the job

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Will 100 Million Die From Covid Injections by 2028? – Some think there may be nothing to be concerned about while others say we should be talking about billions dead from the jabs – It’s probably in between

July 15, 2022

Starbucks CEO Says Stores Are No Longer Safe in Democrat-run Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, L.A., and D.C. – They will close permanently six stores in Seattle, and six more in the Los Angeles area, along with two stores in Portland, etc.

Could a California labor law derail the supply chain? – On Monday, truckers are expected to protest AB 5 at the Port of Oakland, as they did Wednesday at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

Saudi Crown Prince MBS Laughs at Biden to His Face as He Begs for More Oil – Biden took a tour of humiliation in Saudi Arabia on Friday, as part of a Middle East trip that had earlier included stops with Israeli and Palestinian leaders

ZH: An unfavorable midterm election scenario is taking shape for Democrats as inflation and gas prices remain very high and left-wing news outlets begin turning on the Biden administration, according to analysts and pollsters

The Latest Poll Has Liz Cheney Down 22 Points in The Wyoming Race Against Trump-backed Challenger Harriet Hageman – Cheney is a top cheerleader for Pelosi and one of the top people running the January 6 Committee

John Solomon: There are now 21 confirmed illegalities and irregularities from the 2020 election that undercut the claims of bureaucrats, journalists, and Democrats that the November 2020 general election was flawless

Two Senators want answers from Milley about a plan to ‘usurp’ presidential power – They are waiting for Milley to answer questions about a report that charges he attempted to usurp control of the American government briefly from Trump

A new twist in J6 investigation: Missing Secret Service texts – The Secret Secret deleted its text messages from that time, after being asked for them

House Democrats push assault weapons ban – The bill makes it illegal for anyone to import, sell, manufacture, or transfer semi-automatic rifles with a detachable magazine or fixed magazine with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds

The Stealth Attack on ICE: The Left seeks abolition by other means, ex-agency boss warns – “They are abolishing ICE’s mission, making the agency ineffective,” said Tom Homan

WSJ: The House Passes Bills Protecting Abortion Access in First Votes After Supreme Court Ruling – The legislation is not expected to advance in Senate as House Democrats try to draw a contrast with Republicans ahead of the midterms

20% of Deaths Reported After COVID Vaccines Are Related to Cardiac Disorders – VAERS data show 1,341,608 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 29,460 deaths and 243,466 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and July 8, 2022

A few years ago westerners touted the Chinese as the way to go and the example of world economic success – Today the country’s economy is falling apart in large part due to its dependence on the real estate sector

California’s AB 5 bans work by many independent contractors – The law has been brutal to independent truckers, forcing them either to work for someone else, to re-form their businesses completely, or quite impacting the supply chain

The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know About The Massive Protests Going On Around The Globe – As of July 5, Carnegie had recorded protests of more than 120,000 people in France, 100,000 in Spain, 10,000 in Greece…

Former WH physician Ronny Jackson says that Joe Biden “won’t finish his term” because “his mind is too far gone” –  Jackson served as the personal physician to both Barack Obama and Donald Trump

Patrick Byrne on His December 2020 White House Meeting With Trump – Patrick Byrne met with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Dec. 18, 2020, to urge him to investigate allegations of election fraud

Mike Pence has got some explaining to do – Dr. Deborah Birx admits she sabotaged the Covid policies of President Trump and claims she did so with the tacit approval of then-VP Mike Pence, who was appointed the Covid point man

NOT THIS YEAR! – If there is any year for patriots to say, “Hell no, we won’t vote for House Never-Trump RINOs,” it’s the 2022 midterm election

Biden committed to providing hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars to the Palestinians at a meeting with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas on his Israel trip while reaffirming his commitment to the “two-state solution”

Manchin says he won’t support the climate and tax provisions in Schumer’s sweeping Democrat reconciliation bill

You’re Being Lied To! The Truth About Bidenflation And Its Consequences – The price shock is tanking Americans’ view of the economy and risks pushing the Fed into moving aggressively to cool inflation, possibly triggering a recession

ZH: Is Recession Imminent? Spending Is Fueled By Debt As Personal Savings Run Dry – The US personal savings rate is near a five-year low as pandemic fiscal stimulus savings run dry

ZH: Los Angeles Port Boss: Fix Rail Service Or Risk “Nationwide Logjam” – The Port of Los Angeles released record results for June on Wednesday,  Neighboring Port of Long Beach followed suit with its records later in the day

Tesla is asking its customers in Texas to avoid charging their electric vehicles during peak times to avoid putting added stress on Texas’ power grid as the state faces an ongoing heatwave

Confidence in Public Schools Crashes to 28% – That’s a drop of 13 points in only two years, down from a high of 62% in 1975

Homeschooling as a Safe Haven – Homeschooling is no longer a niche education alternative, but rather a sanctuary where children can learn math, science, English, and history without being sexualized

The DEA seizes million fentanyl-laced pills in record-breaking drug bust – The seizure is the largest ever made by the DEA in California, according to the agency

The new “988” federal number debuts across the country this weekend is an alternative to 911 for people experiencing mental health emergencies – Advocates say it makes it simpler for people to reach Suicide Prevention call centers

A judge in the Canadian province of Alberta has ruled that a woman did not have her rights violated when she was denied an organ transplant due to not being vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus

New Cases of Mental Disorders Emerged after Vaccination – So far, a total of 10 pieces of medical literature have reported cases of newly developed mental illness after the patients were inoculated with the COVID-19 jabs

July 14, 2022

While Guilty for Sex Trafficking, Ghislaine Maxwell Takes The Fall for The Alleged Sexual Blackmail Operation Run by Western Intelligence Agencies – So whatever happened to the tens of thousands of hours of videos seized by the FBI

WSJ: The 2022 Referendum on Crime – District-attorney primaries show that voters are fed up with left-wing prosecutors

Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump, the mother of his three eldest children died on Thursday – She was 73 and her cause of death was not announced

A federal district court blocked the Biden administration from enforcing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on thousands of U.S. Air Force service members who remain unvaccinated after having opposed the shot on religious grounds

RINO’s wanted Joe Biden and worked hard to get him, so they got Joe Biden – They claim to be Republicans, and now the results produced by all those Never Trumpers in the anti-Trump Republican Accountability PAC are in

What is Adam Schiff Hiding? – Schiff tucked an amendment into the National Defense Authorization Act that would prohibit any evidence collected in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act from being used in investigations – Why?

The Electoral Count Act: A bipartisan group of U.S. senators is ‘very close’ to brokering a historic deal that would make it extremely difficult for Americans to challenge the results of contested elections

The Hidden Agenda Behind the NY Times’ Desperate Puff Piece on Ray Epps – It is important to note that the piece contains no explicit denial by Epps of association with military intelligence, DHS, JTTF, or any cutouts or intermediaries

Working Class and Hispanic Voters Are Losing Interest in the Party of Abortion, Gun Control, and the January 6th Hearings – White College-Educated Voters, On the Other Hand, Are Totally On Board

Austria’s Medical University of Innsbruck: Paxlovid “overuse in low-risk people can breed resistance and spawn new virus mutations”

Sharyl Attkisson: The Feds are withholding info about the deletion of Covid genetic data – The NIH has admitted in the lawsuit that it failed to meet deadlines required by FOIA in responding to Empower Oversight’s request

Coffins for Children Are Ordered in Bulk For The First Time in Over 30 Years – A Toronto-area casket manufacturer has seen a dramatic rise in orders for smaller-sized coffins since the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Los Angeles County Enters CDC’s “High” Covid Alert  Stage – Mask Mandate Will Kick in On July 29

The WH Diversity Hire’s Utter Incompetence Highlights Identity Politics Failure – Karine Jean-Pierre is the most monumental failure at the podium in recorded history – Her answers baffle reporters, and even made colleagues wince

Trump on a 2024 White House bid: “I’ve already made that decision” – Trump’s third bid for the White House appears to be a matter of when, not if, according to multiple recent reports

AOC says Capitol Police were ‘opening the doors’ for Jan. 6 rioters – She tore into U.S. Capitol Police for failing to forestall the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, alleging some officers were sympathetic to the event

House Democrats Are Slammed for Passing ‘Orwellian’ Measure Regarding ‘White Supremacy’ in the Military – The Democrat-majority House of Representatives is expected to pass the NDAA this week

ZH: Initial Jobless Claims Soars To Highest Since Nov 2021 – 244,000 Americans filed for unemployment benefits for the first time last week, which is the highest since November 2021…

ZH: It Is Official: A Crash is Coming – The financial system is now screaming “RECESSION!” as the yield curve, which is perhaps the single best predictor of recessions in the world indicates

WSJ: People Have Money but Feel Glum, So What Does That Mean for The Economy? – Strong job market and savings have shielded consumer spending so far, but it is endangered by inflation that has some households running scared

Producer prices soared by 11.3% in June over a year ago as consumers continue to struggle with skyrocketing prices for just about everything

China Urges World to Disregard Protesters Storming Banks for Cash – Roughly 1,000 people in Zhengzhou, China demanded several rural banks release millions of dollars of deposits after unceremoniously freezing them in April

China’s Global Times described Joe Biden’s visit to the Middle East on Wednesday as an attempt to go “cap in hand” asking Gulf states to produce more oil, a mockery of Biden’s inability to harness his leadership to lower fuel prices

China is set to report a grim second-quarter economic performance on Friday, adding to concerns about the prospect of a global recession, after coronavirus lockdowns in major cities hobbled trade and daily life

Cataloging Biden’s Ineptitude On Inflation – Here is a handy chart showing the annualized rate of inflation each month since January 2020

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on July 13 said he’d favor former President Donald Trump over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis if both run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024

Joe Biden’s embarrassing first day in Israel – Catching his gaffes, blunders, dementia, and lies can be amusing but it’s extremely disturbing that the man at the head of the American government is a demented liar who gets worse every day

Gas-Station Owners Aren’t the Enemy – Biden’s demagogic attacks on retailers betray a fundamental misunderstanding of the gas market — and of price changes more generally

Biden Begs The Middle East Nation To Give Us Oil After He Throttled U.S. Energy – The trip represents an about-face from the president who campaigned in 2019 on making the Saudi state out to be the pariah that they are

Twelve Serious Questions Regarding Happenings Over The Next Twelve Months – #4. When will President Biden pardon his son Hunter?

The Trucker Convoy Protest Against AB5 Causes Traffic Jam at a Crucial Port – The law, backed by labor unions, sought to reclassify many independent contractors as employees and resulted in many workers seeing their hours cut or laid off

The Party of Violence – Democrats are openly the party of violence and death – Their policies fail so they must advocate violence to get them implemented

HISPANIC VOTERS ON THE MOVE – Shifts in the demographics of the two parties’ supporters — taking place before our eyes are arguably the biggest political story of our time

Flashback: Zuckerberg Warned That Covid-19 Jabs Are “Experimental” and “Unproven” – The concerns that he expressed back then are the concerns that users are not allowed to express now, lest they get banned

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Why is USG rewriting the history of the mRNA vaccines? – State-sponsored media and the US Government is erasing the Covid vaccine inventors from history

New York Supreme Court: The New York COVID-19 Quarantine Rules Are Unconstitutional and Illegal

Birth Rates Drop Post Vaccine as the WHO’s goal is coming to fruition – New data show steep declines in births, so people who hope to have children should avoid the vaccine magic juice when it has already been shown to be toxic

Should NATO Admit Sweden and Finland? – Putin’s war on Ukraine has changed the debate about Sweden and Finland’s potential admission to NATO

July 13, 2022

China uses AI to ‘improve’ courts with JUDGES forced to submit a written explanation to the MACHINE if they disagree – China has been developing a ‘smart court’ system since at least 2016

Police in San Jose, CA, found an underground homeless encampment with rifles and thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods – The shelter was in Coyote Creek and Wool Creek Drive according to the San Jose Police Department

9.1 Percent Inflation Is the Bill for Trashing Our Currency – Government greed did this

Ship of Fools: 62 Percent of Biden Officials Who Handle Economic Policy Have Zero Years Business Experience Per Report by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity

Just 18% of Americans say President Biden should run for reelection in 2024, according to the latest Yahoo News/YouGov poll — This is the lowest number to date as nearly two-thirds (64%) say he should bow out

Biden’s cognitive decline, happening right before our eyes as he shuffles along, struggles to read teleprompters, and regularly makes gaffes or utters incoherent sentences, has drawn scrutiny to Washington’s cadre of aging lawmakers

Victor Davis Hanson: Gavin Newsom’s Weird Idea of ‘Freedom’ – Newsom resembles a pathetic owner of a once successful but now run-down, high-priced gas station without clients

Dov Fischer: On the Wisdom and Sensitivity of Dr. Jill Biden and Dear Uncle Joe – They have a history of comments and decisions rooted in a racist worldview

I&I/TIPP Poll: Americans See The Jan. 6 Hearings As Politically Biased And Anti-Trump – The makeup of the committee has come in for ridicule since the two GOP members of the nine-member panel were handpicked by the Democrats

‘This Defies All Belief’: House Dems Block Measure Increasing Penalties for Child Sex Traffickers – They appear to be unconcerned about the optics of shutting down efforts to increase penalties for child sex traffickers in an election year

Biden May Choose Salmon Above Americans Which Will Jeopardize Power Supplies in the Pacific Northwest – And worsen the supply chain crisis

Dutch Dairy Farmer Faces Having to Cull 95 Percent of his Cows – People living further from areas protected under Natura 2000, a European Union (EU) agreement for species and habitat preservation, can own more cattle

Republicans Are Favored to Win the Senate – Republicans need to net just one seat to win control of the Senate

JD Rucker: The Monster Who Raped the 10-Year-Old Ohio Girl Is an Illegal Alien – Now Watch the Story Vanish While leftists demonically cheer about the news there was a 10-year-old girl who was raped

The DEI Regime of Corporate America – Every Fortune 100 company has now adopted “diversity, equity, and inclusion” programming

A federal court has granted the request of two attorneys general for discovery and documents from top Biden officials and social media honchos so they can get to the bottom of their collusion efforts to suppress and censor free speech

Mexico’s President Urges Americans To Buy Cheaper Gas Across The Border During WH Visit – But even if gas is considerably cheaper than in the US, crossing the border to fill your gas tank isn’t as practical as it might seem

Speaking during a Fox News interview, Fauci said “one of the things that’s clear from the data [is] that … vaccines—because of the high degree of transmissibility of this virus—don’t protect overly well, as it were, against infection”

At least 260,000 American troops — or about 13 percent of the 2.1 million total force — are not fully vaccinated despite a Biden administration vaccine mandate for the military, and many of them could face discharge

The Woke Democratization of Monkeypox – Public-health bureaucrats again favor waging PC campaigns over informing and protecting those at risk – Early data suggest that men who have sex with men make up a high number of cases

ZH: US Consumer Prices Soared In June As Americans’ Real Wages Fall For 15th Straight Month – The CPI soared 9.1% YoY (vs 8.8% expected and 8.6% prior)

WSJ: U.S. Inflation Hits New Four-Decade High of 9.1% – Prices are up broadly across the economy, with gasoline far outpacing other categories

ZH: The US Bureau Says “Leaked” 10.2% CPI Report Was Fake, So Here’s What To Expect – The US CPI report will be the main highlight tomorrow, and will also serve as what JPMorgan calls a “market clearing event”

Why It Has To Be Trump In 2024 – Dick Morris, an American political author, commentator, former pollster, and political campaign consultant, gives 4 main reasons for this

The January 6 Committee Avoids Probing Security Failures As Their Hearing Finally Covers The Capitol Riot – Why is the committee soliciting testimony from former D.C. government employees instead of the Capitol Police Intelligence Unit?

Here’s who will lead House investigations of Biden if Republicans win the majority and their likely targets

Tucker Carlson’s latest on Green Energy is mandatory viewing – Biden has unchallenged executive powers and the EPA has unlimited regulatory power as the Democrats are relentlessly clamping down on our available energy supplies

Kevin D. Williamson: The (Political) Assassination of Joe Biden – Progressives that believe Joe Biden is the Democrats’ problem are fooling themselves

The Biden Administration’s New HHS Guidance Shoehorns Unfettered Abortion Into Existing Law – Their sleight-of-hand is telling to those well-versed in the rhetoric of abortion apologists

Proxy advisors are at the root of misleading ESG claims – It originated so corporations could show they are responsible actors, but now functions as a credit score where those who don”t play the game are denied access to investor capital

No wonder Americans are so confused when the media intentionally lies while burying truthful stories – Here are some of the lies the media intentionally spreads as they push the leftist agenda and seek to destroy anyone who gets in their way

Pew Research: Most liberal reporters OK with news bias – Asked about equal coverage for all sides, 69% said that “it is not always deserved”

The New SF DA Brooke Jenkins Announces Large Reversal of Boudin Policies Over Drug Arrests  – The City to once again crack down hard on drug dealers

Biden’s million-dollar salary gal, Pamela Karlan, exits the DoJ one step ahead of a FOIA release – It seems the Biden administration has figured out a way to make “sacrifices” something just the little guy does

Biden’s Energy Department Drag Queen Gets A Top Secret Q Clearance Alongside A Six-Figure Government Salary –  SAM BRINTON IS AMONGST THE TOP ONE PERCENT OF EARNERS ON THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PAYROLL

The LA County Board of Supervisors approved a proposal to give themselves the power to remove law-and-order Sheriff Alex Villanueva from office – He refused to enforce Covid mask mandates and would not enforce their vaccine mandates

The WHO has reconfirmed its status as a politically driven globalist body by officially stating that there are more than two biological genders and intends to update its “widely-used gender mainstreaming manual”

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Dutch Farmers Rise Up Against Food System “Reset” – The decision to decimate cattle farming in the name of environmental protection rings hollow in the face of looming food shortages and potential famine worldwide

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Is Paxlovid Triggering Covid Mutations? – The drug that has been touted by Anthony Fauci and others may not only be ineffective. It may make people sicker, and even worse it may be helping Covid mutate

Happy 80th birthday, Harrison Ford – On his 80th birthday, let’s revisit some of Harrison Ford’s underrated films, in no particular order of importance

July 12, 2022

Taxes will go up for millions of lower- and middle-income taxpayers under the House Democrats’ version of Biden’s Build Back Better plan, according to two new analyses by the non-partisan professional staff of the congressional JCT

The Video Footage Is Finally Released from The Uvalde Shooting And It Shows Exactly What Officers Did

Three Illuminating Quotes About the War in Ukraine – From the earliest days of the invasion it was clear that the western world was being smashed with a deluge of propaganda unlike anything we’ve ever seen before

ZH: Why All The Attacks On Dissent? – It’s not just alternative media sites like ZeroHedge or Mercola. Mainstream media turns on their people the second they ask the wrong questions

The ‘Chekhov’s Gun’ of Political Intimidation – Having brought the weapon of political intimidation onto the stage, the Left intends to use it at every turn. Groups like Shutdown D.C. and Ruth Sent Us are just the latest examples

Twitter sues Elon Musk over his attempt to back out of $44 billion deal – The legal battle has officially begun

Joe Biden is bragging about the “record” number of foreign visa workers his administration has brought to the United States to compete for working and middle-class jobs against unemployed Americans

Liz Cheney Epitomizes Never Trumpers’ Betrayal Of Our Nation – Like the rest of the Never Trumpers, Cheney’s campaign is about destroying the GOP, not ‘saving’ it

Democrats Prepare a Mid-Term October Surprise to Influence the Election – Before the 2020 election, Democrats used the threat of COVID as an excuse to push through election law changes in a variety of states, will this happen again?

It Doesn’t Start With Guns – Our country’s problem with violence is much deeper, so if you want to bring civility into our public places, you can start with our culture. Clean it up

ZH: London’s Heathrow Airport asked airlines to stop selling summer tickets as travel chaos worsens amid severe staffing shortages – The new limit will be 100k daily passengers meaning 4k passengers will be cut from flights daily

Dr. Robert Malone warns of immune imprinting after Fauci pushes for second COVID-19 vaccine boosters for all Americans aged 5 and older – “I couldn’t design a vaccine if I wanted to, to be more likely to drive immune imprinting”

Joe Biden’s director of the Centers for Disease Control, Rochelle Walensky, has unleashed a new demand – for seniors to get their second booster shot against COVID-19 “right away”

Our Future Is At Stake: The Climate Agenda’s True Power & Supreme Court Ruling on EPA – The Case Against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a Nutshell

Small business sentiment plunges to a 48-year low as inflation worries mount – 34% of small business owners said rising prices are their single most important problem

ZH: The Euro Tumbles To Dollar Parity For First Time Since 2002 – The weakness of this single currency reflects concerns over European gas supplies from Russia and an economic slowdown

ZH: China And Russia Want To Replace US Dollar With BRICS Currencies – BRICS is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, they held a summit on June 23

Meet Joe Biden: The New 1968 Lyndon Johnson – Once again, a once-popular Democrat president whom Democrats loved because, if nothing else, he was not Trump, is in increasing trouble with his party and their media allies

Use the RICO Act to get to the bottom of Seth Rich’s Murder – The DNC refused to give the FBI physical access to their servers. Why? Instead, CrowdStrike was hired by the DNC to do the forensic investigation of the servers

The Jan. 6 Committee is abusing its power by asking inappropriate questions about Americans’ beliefs and associates, and publicly portraying witnesses who exercise their Fifth Amendment rights as guilty — all to put on a show trial

In October 2021, 67% of Republicans said Donald Trump “should run” for president again in 2024, and today, 66% say the same – To put it another way, the Rigged Kangaroo Court Known As The January 6 Committee, is a total flop

Gallup Poll: Trust In The Media Hits A Historic Low – The criminal justice system and banks are more trusted than the media at this point

Democrats would abolish SCOTUS – A new Rasmussen Reports survey found that 39% of Democrats would let the U.N. reverse SCOTUS decisions it viewed as human rights violations. A Roe vs. Wade reversal could fall into that category

The Global Warming Golden Goose – In his farewell address, President Eisenhower warned against the scientific-technological elite being dependent upon government grants and feared they would warp public policy for their benefit

The global warming fraud is revealed in a single graph that compares the predicted temperatures of the global warming models with the actual temperature record

ZH: Two months ago Biden read off of a teleprompter: “We’ve built a strong economy with a strong job market” – Two months later, cash-strapped Americans are using micro-loans to afford gas and groceries amid crippling inflation

Tucker Carlson: Forget the hookers and crack and focus on the first family selling us out to China – This is damning material, but nobody in law enforcement seems to care – Will “the Big Guy” ever be held to account?

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Says What the Rest of Us Have Been Thinking About Blackmailed Beijing Biden

Democrats Want To Dump Biden, But They Have A Problem; A Major Problem, And It’s Related To His Replacement

There Is No Despot So Tyrannical As A Green Politician – These political officials don’t care about the effects of their tyranny because they are so dedicated to demonstrating before the world their great green credentials

The girlfriend of a thug who was stabbed to death by a New York City bodega worker he was attacking WON’T face charges for knifing him three times because “prosecutors say she was defending her beau”

Sacramento Homeless Grows As City/County Spend Million$ More on Accommodating Them – “If you want more of something, subsidize it; if you want less of something, tax it”

Twenty Questions For Your Favorite Leftists That They Will Never Answer? – #5. Why are all your gun laws aimed at law-abiding citizens rather than criminals?

Jill Biden spoke at a Latinx IncluXion Luncheon in San Antonio yesterday – Relating the diversity of the community as beautiful as the blossoms of Miami, and as unique as breakfast tacos didn’t go over well

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Update regarding Omicron BA.5 – Why is Dr. Anthony Fauci and the HHS Administrative State So Wound Up about Boosters?

Dr. Joseph Mercola: How Masks Make You Sick Instead of Protecting You – One of the ways masks cause harm can be attributed to the “Foegen effect”

Amazon Threatens Local Restaurants – Amazon’s new partnership with GrubHub to provide free delivery for “Prime” members will make it harder for small restaurants to compete with deep-pocketed chains

July 11, 2022

Hunter Biden’s payments to a Ukrainian woman linked to an Eastern European escort ring were flagged by JPMorgan Chase in late 2018 and early 2019 in a report filed with the federal government, according to a new report

JD Rucker: The Planned Demolition of the Biden Regime Is Happening in Real-Time  – If we look at the big picture things are not going well at all for them

Political Analyst Dick Morris makes stunning 2024 prediction for Trump – “He has never, for a moment, taken his eye off the ball” – “He will be the Republican nominee and he will win”

As Whitmer Plays the Victim, the DOJ Moves to Conceal More Evidence – It appears that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and possibly one of her top advisors, were accomplices, not innocents, in a “foiled” kidnapping plot

Top ‘7 whoppers’ that have come from Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 committee – The Democrats’ political agenda ‘has showcased numerous false allegations’

The January 6 Trial Is Blown Wide Open By An FBI Informant Who Proved The Proud Boys Are Innocent – Exculpatory evidence proves the DOJ was aware that a group of Indicted Proud Boys were innocent, yet being prosecuted anyway

Oath Keepers founder Elmer Stewart Rhodes III challenges the Jan. 6 Committee to let him testify on a live broadcast so he can pit the truth as he sees it against the committee’s “pack of lies – Public televised testimony is the only condition

Newly obtained emails confirm that the CDC changed its definition for both “vaccine” and “vaccinated” because people were pointing out that definitions did not seem to apply to the COVID-19 vaccines

The  U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday granted full approval of Pfizer-BioNTech’s Comirnaty COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents 12 through 15 years old

“We Didn’t Make It For The Critics” – The Author Of “The Terminal List” Responds To ‘Triggered’ Critics Trashing The New Chris Pratt Series

ZH: The  WaPo and NYT Go For Biden Blood In a Scathing Moment Of Honesty – Over the past month or so, mainstream media has overtly abandoned  Biden – the man they relentlessly shilled for during the 2020 election

The January 6 Committee’s Gamesmanship on Cipollone’s Testimony – The January 6 committee publicly presents only what it wants you to hear, not everything it is learning

World Economic Forum: Gas Prices Must Go Even Higher to Save Democracy – The WEF released a position paper Monday that inexorably links two claimed global crises as one – “climate change” and the “decline of democracy”

Flight prices are set to rise even further as fuel prices continue to soar, Willie Walsh, director-general of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), has warned

Many of the top jurists in our country care no more about election integrity than the Democrat politicians trying to sell the myth that the 2020 election was spectacularly safe and error-free

The Biden Regime and Feds are Buying Cell Phone Location Data on Millions of Americans From Brokers – The Same Type of Data Used by ‘2000 Mules’ Investigators – Little is known about the specifics of how this data is being used

GOP Lawmakers Blast Return Of Swampy ‘Slush Fund’ Settlements Under Biden’s DOJ – The White House plans to revive “slush fund” settlements, wherein federal agencies redirect taxpayer dollars to third-party interest groups

We Finally Have A Guilty Verdict In The Migrant Whipping Story But It Isn’t Border Patrol, It’s The Media – The media that lied to cover up Biden’s border crisis

Do Democrats have any comprehension of how intentionally destructive their energy policies are, or do they care at all? – These are just some of the things that make absolutely no sense at all

The Second Great Inflation – When Biden announced his plan, economists and prominent Democrat ex-officials strongly warned that implementing his program would have inflationary consequences, but the administration ignored them

Look Deeper, And The Jobs News Under Biden Sucks – The unemployment rate tracks only those who are looking for work or who have a job

The Age of Donald Trump – He has as much clout today in America that only the most notable presidents in American history have ever seen and could become a seminal figure in American history on a par with Washington and Lincoln

Left-wing activist group ShutDownDC put out a call on Twitter offering $50 & $200 bounties for information relating to sightings of justices Roberts, Kavanaugh, Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, and Barrett

How To Recognize Civilization When You See It – We are living in an age when civilization itself is under attack — or at least Western civilization, which has made the fruitful lives we lead today possible

Turning Point USA, an advocate for conservative values in high schools & colleges, took a chance on expanding during the COVID-19 shutdowns, and it paid off as donations, revenues, and influence jumped, according to their financials

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Systemic Harms to our Children – On protecting our youngest peoples from our government – Face masks disrupt holistic processing and face perception in school-age children

The Covid Vaccines and Infertility – Why are birth rates plummeting in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, and Taiwan — nine months after mass covid vaccination?

July 10, 2022

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The Shocking Truth About the Global Depopulation Agenda – The World Health Organization’s intentions to produce an anti-fertility vaccine in response to perceived overpopulation

CIVIQS Poll: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Sinks to Historic Low of 29 Percent – Five presidents have sunk into the 20s; Harry Truman (22%), Richard Nixon (24%), Jimmy Carter (28%), George H.W. Bush (29%), George W. Bush (25%)

The U.S. Department of Energy is sued over Biden’s ‘political’ oil-reserve releases – The SPR was created for real emergencies, “not falling poll numbers caused by failed energy policy”

Transgender, Black, and Homeless Voters All Say They Regret Voting For Biden – Many feel he is exploiting their identities, playing on sympathies, manipulating talking points, and ignoring real problems

It has been roughly four months since Russia invaded Ukraine – The United States has spent more money keeping Russia at bay than it did in the first five years of the Afghan conflict

Steve Bannon Tells The January 6 Committee He Will Waive Executive Privilege, But Wants to Testify in Public

Elon Musk responds with laughing meme to the Twitter lawsuit over broken buyout – Twitter has reportedly retained lawyers to sue Elon Musk for moving to drop his $44 billion takeover of the company

Dov Fischer: Abortion Sounds So Much More Soothing Than ‘Infanticide’ – Of course women have bodily rights

The recall L.A. County DA George Gascon effort hit a huge milestone as the L.A. County Registrar-Recorder confirmed the collection of 715,833 signatures, far more than the 500,000 required to put the matter on the November ballot

The U.S. has passed what’s become a critical EV tipping point – 5 percent of new car sales powered only by electricity. This threshold signals the start of mass EV adoption, the period when technological preferences rapidly flip

Anatomy of a Vile Bit of Propaganda – The story of a 10-year-old who was raped and had to travel to Indiana from Ohio to get an abortion was highlighted in multiple media everywhere and used to discredit the Supreme Court justices

One week’s headlines reveal deep and pervasive dysfunction in American culture – They revealed some of what has gone dangerously wrong in American culture

A retired general is under investigation for insulting Jill Biden – What’s fascinating is the difference in how the Pentagon treats Volesky and what past retired Generals and Admirals have gotten away with when the president was Trump

ZH: Asked to assess public health recommendations aimed at limiting Covid-19 spread, only about half of Americans now think masks and vaccines have been very effective or extremely effective, according to a Pew Research poll

July 9, 2022

The DHS anticipates as many as 161,000 children coming across the border without a parent or guardian this year, surpassing last year’s record, according to federal data obtained by the Washington Examiner

Washington Post fact-checkers are unable to verify the abortion story Biden has been telling about a 10-year-old needing an abortion and having to travel across state lines to get it

The Trumped Up J6 Hearings Pump Trump Up – If Trump is the candidate, Americans will vote for him not despite January 6, but in part because of it—especially the deep-state response to it

The short-lived “Disinformation Governance Board” reminds us that DC is now dangerously out of touch – In 1964 as many as 77 percent of Americans trusted the federal government to do the right thing almost always or most of the time

Joe Biden Signs Emergency Executive Order On Abortions – He is directing his staff to convene volunteer lawyers to provide women and providers with pro bono legal assistance to help them navigate new state restrictions 

JD Rucker: DC Has Spent More on Ukraine This Year Than the First 5 YEARS of the War in Afghanistan – There’s a difference between supporting the Ukrainian people and wasting taxpayer dollars to fuel corruption and a lost cause

The Economist Who Correctly Predicted Inflation Is Now Predicting More to Come – Based on their calculation, economists expect inflation to continue, though somewhat diminished, for perhaps two more years

Why Exactly Do Babies and Toddlers Need COVID Vaccinations? – The clinical trials did not prove the injections are safe and effective for babies and toddlers, In fact, quite the contrary

Uptake of COVID-19 vaccines has been low so far in young children, with a small fraction of those newly eligible for a vaccine receiving one, according to new data

U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) vaccine advisory panel member: It ‘Felt Like the Fix Was In’ Before FDA Panel Voted to Reformulate COVID Booster Shots

The protection against severe illness from so-called natural immunity remains superior to the protection bestowed by COVID-19 vaccines, according to a new study

Ten Times the White House Refused to Answer Questions About Hunter Biden –  Biden and his staff refuse to answer any questions about Hunter Biden’s corrupt foreign business dealings and information found in his abandoned laptop

Democrats position themselves to primary Biden in 2024 – Several top Democratic politicians are positioning themselves for the 2024 election

Jobs data show two post-COVID Americas – Democratic states have yet to recover the jobs they lost in the pandemic, yet states that voted for Trump in 2020 have recovered every lost job and added almost half a million besides

Read Elon Musk’s Letter to Twitter Calling Off $44 Billion Buyout – “Twitter has not complied with its contractual obligations, Musk has sought the data on the prevalence of fake or spam accounts on Twitter’s platform”

‘The Purge Is Coming’: Twittersphere Explodes After Elon Musk Tanks $44 Billion Deal

Is the EU driving the first nails into the Green Energy coffin? – Suddenly, Europeans realized that, just as Trump had said, they had made a terrible mistake when they closed down their coal plants and relied on Russia for their energy

Dr. Joseph Mercola: If you think Blackstone & BlackRock are just greedy, think again – They manage enough resources to make money regardless of where the economy goes, their goal is to control, and they’re pushing The Great Reset

Critical race theory, transgenderism, and ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ are destroying our military – Military recruitment in the US is way down at the same time as the Biden Administration is driving out their so-called “White supremacists”

Trans Skepticism Goes Mainstream – American liberals are now increasingly willing to speak out against transgender orthodoxy

And We Remain Silent – This Harvard student condemns Anti-Americanism in her senior speech

Studies Show Americans Were In Even Worse Health Than We Thought Going Into COVID – Only 1 in 5 U.S. residents had ‘optimal heart health and just 1 in 7 had ‘good cardiometabolic health


July 8, 2022

Representative Gohmert: ‘Violations of American Rights’ of Jan. 6 Prisoners ‘Mind Blowing’ – “It’s about vengeance. It’s about intimidation and the tactics that we’ve been seeing from this DOJ and the disregard for rights…”

Everything You Need to Know About Abortion Laws In All 50 States – Abortion laws are rapidly changing across the U.S.

Being “dad deprived” is a leading factor in males’ increased mental illness, addiction, and suicide – Evidence includes mass shootings in 53 developed countries to boys and men who lacked a father figure

ZH: A Biden Communications Staffer Lies About His Extremely ‘Senior Moment’ With The Teleprompter – Then White House Lies Too

The Media Pushes the Lie That Women Will Be Prosecuted for Having Abortions – It’s a deceitful political ploy to rile up anger and fear

Trump in 2024? You Can Bet On It! – After another two years of the current disaster, people will be begging for someone to get things back to normal, and that someone will be Donald Trump

U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals: Joe Biden’s administration cannot ignore federal law that says authorities must arrest, detain, and remove illegal aliens convicted of certain crimes and/or aliens who are ordered deported

The first Russian ‘doomsday’ submarine, armed with underwater nuclear drones, was put into active service in a ceremony Friday in the northern Russian city of Severodvinsk, the headquarters of their Northern Fleet

Why Ukrainian Refugees Are Different From Third-World Migrants – The reception accorded Ukrainian refugees cannot become the template for all migrants

ZH: China Holds War Drills Around Taiwan “Directed” At A US Senator’s Visit – China’s Defense Ministry, “China firmly opposes the visit by a US senator which severely damages the relationship of the two countries and two militaries”

Justice Kavanaugh forced to leave steakhouse after leftist ShutDownDC group protests outside – The protesters received a tip that Justice Kavanaugh was dining out at Morton’s

Call Your Local “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” Council What it Is: The Commie Thought Police

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has filed to exit from his multi-billion-dollar deal with Twitter over concerns about its spam bots, a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing shows – Twitter will sue

Twitter Is in SERIOUS TROUBLE – Filing Materially Inaccurate Representations with the SEC Could Be Entity Ending

70,000 Self-Employed Truckers in California Face Shutdown – A new statewide worker classification law designating them as employees will impact the supply chain in a bad way

The numbers are in and red states are winning – People are moving away from California and into Florida and Texas

Two Prominent senators who have investigated Hunter Biden’s various international business schemes for months are demanding that the DOJ investigate whether he financed a “prostitution or human trafficking ring” that is tied to Russia

Joe Biden to Sign Major Abortion Executive Order Amid Pressure from the Left – His administration said the executive order would be “safeguarding access to reproductive health care services, including abortion and contraception”

The US FDA Allows Pharmacists to Prescribe Pfizer’s COVID-19 Pill Paxlovid – It was cleared for use and free in the US since December, but fewer than half of the nearly 4 million courses distributed to pharmacies have been administered

Here We Go Again: The New “Ninja” COVID Variant Is “The Most Dangerous One Yet” – The reality is that people who have gotten three and four shots are the ones filling up the hospitals because unvaccinated people don’t get that sick

A 16-Year-Old High School Student Rescues 3 Drowning Teens and 1 Cop as a Car Sinks, After Saying “I Can’t Let None of These Folks Die”

A Couple Towed A Trailer Behind Their $80,000 Electric Truck And Had to Stop Every 100 Miles on Their 2,700-Mile Trip

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated in a shooting while giving a speech on a street in Nara in western Japan Friday – The suspect reportedly told police that he was dissatisfied with him and wanted to kill him

Biden did not weigh in with a response until nearly half a day after he was shot and then hijacks the assassination of Shinzo Abe to lament “gun violence”

A conservative legal group has filed an unprecedented 11 Freedom of Information Act lawsuits claiming that President Joe Biden and his staff are hiding their “woke Marxist agenda” and the impact it will have on the nation

A big story the mainstream media doesn’t want to tell you about – Illegal alien invaders planned a July 4 terror attack with assault weapons…  Why isn’t this big news?

The Biden administration sold roughly 1 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to a Chinese state-controlled gas giant which Hunter Biden had a stake in as recently as 2015

The Inevitable Fed-Induced Recession – As the Federal Reserve continues to tighten rates in response to inflation, it seems that we may already be in the midst of a recession

Gallup Poll: Confidence in American Institutions Plummets – Congress calls half of the country deplorable insurrectionists and runs social engineering experiments only deranged and misguided atheists would approve of

McConnell’s Disastrous Culture War Surrender Is Wrong On The Year, Issues, And The Nature Of The Fight – His goal is to “downplay contentious issues on which suburban voters may be more sympathetic to Democrats”

ZH: Wall Street Stunned As June Payrolls Unexpectedly Smash Expectations As The Labor Force Shrinks And The Household Survey Tumbles

Glenn Greenwald Slams Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup As “Biggest Media Fraud” In A Decade

The recent surge in myocarditis and pericarditis cases is not associated with a natural Covid-19 infection – For those who were not vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2, we observed no increase in the incidence of myocarditis or pericarditis

Dr. Joseph Mercola: How Vaccine Trials Routinely Rig the Results – The fact that 3,000 of the 4,526 children (aged 6 months through 4 years) enrolled in Pfizer’s pediatric COVID trial were excluded is a huge red flag

Twitter Sale ‘In Serious Jeopardy’ After Elon Musk’s Team Comes to Troubling Conclusion About Company’s Data – Twitter personnel have not been cooperative and their data is not verifiable

July 7, 2022

How California’s legal cannabis dream became a public health nightmare – It’s a class B drug in the UK but in this US state it’s led to spiraling addiction, psychotic illnesses, and hospitals facing a deluge of poisonings

The FBI, MI5 Issue Dire Threat Warning About China In First-Ever Joint Statement – The agency chiefs said that China is “covertly applying pressure across the globe” in an attempt to undermine the West and the U.S. in particular

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday issued an executive order instructing the Texas National Guard to capture illegal immigrants in the U.S. and take them back to the southern border

Republican Voters Want ‘Blood’—After the Durham probe ends with a whimper and House Democrats ratchet up their public pursuit of Trump associates, the Republican base wants action, not more sternly worded letters

WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? – The DOJ Denies FOIA Request on Ray Epps and Why He Was Removed From FBI Most Wanted List – Epps interviewed with reporters on Jan. 5th after urging the crowd to enter the US Capitol the next day

JD Rucker: The Coverup Begins: Adam Schiff Files an Amendment to NDAA to Hide Democrat Wrongdoing Ahead of The Midterms  – His dirty deeds have hit ludicrous speed with his most recent coverup attempt

Dutch farmers are protesting new climate policies they say will force them to kill off livestock and drive them out of business – Policies which some argue also will drive up consumer food prices and contribute to the global hunger crisis

Police Open Fire on A Dutch Farmer Claiming His Tractor Was Coming at Them – But Video Tells A Different Story

The Epidemic Of Fatherless Boys Is Unraveling Our Society – Boys who have an absent father are less likely to graduate college, more likely to idle in their 20s, and more likely to go to jail

The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) Files Its First Lawsuit Against Hospitals Denying Transplants to Unvaccinated Patients


Jake Sullivan’s $600 Billion Blunder – The National Security Adviser’s tactless approach and skewed views on continuing the Ukraine conflict will almost certainly leave America footing the bill

Will $5/Gal Gas Be The Death Knell For Biden’s ‘I Did That’ Presidency? – Gasoline prices have soared 108% since he became president, promising to wage war against the oil industry as part of his 10-year, $1.7 trillion “climate action” plan

The Biden Administration has “been flying or driving minors from Texas shelters to other states for abortions

Good Government Groups Ask State Officials To Stop Biden’s Federal Takeover Of Elections

Follow the COVID $$$$$ – If the COVID-19 vaccines have been a disappointment from a public health standpoint then why is Big Pharma as well as its government allies in the FDA, CDC, and NIH still pushing them on the public

Representative Chip Roy Questions Top Texas University Scientist Over Links to Wuhan Lab – Why does the “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU), contain a so-called “memory-hole” provision

Why Biden’s gun control solutions can’t possibly work – If you want to see just how ineffective a gun ban would be, all you need to do is take a glimpse at a recent FBI report and consider how constitutional carry would thwart crimes

MONTANA FOR ME, BUT NOT FOR THEE – Having sought to pick a fight with Ron DeSantis, Gavin Newsom has been exposed yet again as a lowdown hypocrite of the kind we love to hate

Germany Labels Journalist ‘Criminal’ & Seizes Her Bank Accounts For Ukraine Reporting – They closed her YouTube channel, blocked her PayPal account, and sentenced her to three years in prison without a trial 

Why I’m Giving Up Tenure at UCLA – The ideological takeover of my now woke university has ruined academic life for anyone who still believes in freedom of thought

July 6, 2022

A plan to mandate COVID-19 vaccine shots for hundreds of thousands of students in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) will remain on pause after a judge ruled on July 5 that the district lacks the authority to do so

Director-General of the Danish Health Authority Admits Vaccinating All Kids was a ‘Mistake’

IT’S HAPPENING, HE’S BACK! – President Trump Releases a Video of His Revamped Plane — It Includes SECRET PHOTOS of TRUMP 2024 FLAGS in The Background!

His father enabled the suspect in the July 4 massacre to buy guns after police had flagged him as a ‘clear and present danger’

A Uvalde Police Officer Had Sights on The Gunman Before He Entered School – He didn’t pull the trigger as he waited for permission to shoot, then when he turned back to address the suspect, he had entered the west hallway unabated

Tucker Carlson: Biden Selling U.S. Emergency Oil Reserves to China is Impeachable And Possibly An Indictable Offense

Joe Biden knew about his son’s corrupt foreign business dealings and covered it up – A ‘Smoking Gun’ Voicemail to Hunter is Evidence America Was Sold Out to China!

Sheer craziness: Biden makes deported illegals eligible for citizenship  – They were previously required to wait up to 10 years outside the country, but no longer

The Labor Dept. Made $77.2 Billion in Improper Unemployment Insurance Payments in 2021 – And published an unknown payment rate of 0.21 percent, which resulted in estimated unknown payments amounting to $865 million

An Uruguayan Judge Demands That Government and Pfizer Turn Over Documents as The Court Considers A Request to Halt COVID Vaccines for Kids

A New Study Proves Once Again School Mask Mandates Were Useless for Stopping Covid – The new study reinforces the conclusions of more sweeping studies, such as one published in “The Lancet” in May

It’s Time To Act America – Here are just some of the things going on right under our noses

America-Bashing at TIME and the L.A. Times – How else to commemorate the Glorious Fourth?

Journalists’ Test To Tow A Camper Behind An Electric Truck Ended in a Stunning Failure When They Only Made it 85 Miles

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) announced on Tuesday that they will be applying to receive funds from a federal government program to remain open well past the current 2025 shutdown date

Judges and other officials from 4 Texas counties declared an invasion at the southern border because of the severe challenges they’re experiencing as a result of escalated illegal immigration under the Biden administration

More than 5 million barrels of oil that were part of a historic U.S. emergency reserves release to lower domestic fuel prices were exported to Europe and Asia last month – The oil released was always destined for the highest bidder 

The DOJ Sues Arizona Over A Law Stopping Illegal Aliens from Voting in Elections – The law requires voters to provide proof of U.S. citizenship to vote in the country’s elections

I&I/TIPP Poll: Just 34% of Americans say they trust the “traditional” or established news outlets, while 58% say they have no trust and only 12% describe themselves as having “a lot of trust” in them

The Biden Administration Sets Its Sights on K-12 Education – The 14 members of The National Parents & Families Engagement Council (NPFEC) shows it represents a small segment of elitist, left-wing views

The former football coach of the suspect in the Highland Park, Illinois, parade shooting says he remembers all kinds of red flags, but not about the alleged shooter –  It was the suspect’s parents who made Jeremy Cahnmann nervous

When Gun Laws Don’t Prevent Gun Crime – Because mass shootings, relatively speaking, are so rare and so unpredictable, and because America is so free, mass shootings remain one of the most intractable forms of crime

With its New Gun Law, New York is Just Begging to Get Slapped Down – New York’s new gun law is an in-your-face, single-finger salute to the Supreme Court in response to the Bruen decision

LIBS OF TIKTOK: I Exposed the Progressive Left With Their Own Words and Actions and “They Are Furious”

Student Reflections: Looking Back on School during the COVID restrictions – 7 out of 10 public schools reported that more of their students are seeking mental health services

COVID-19 Fatigue: California County Health Departments Push For More 17 and Under Vaccinations with a New Variant  – The announcement only adds to growing COVID-19 fatigue across California

WSJ: Covid-19 Vaccine Doses, Once in High Demand Are Now Being Thrown Away – Drugmakers and health authorities are discarding tens of millions of doses

Colleen Huber NMD: Soon pharmacists, and perhaps physicians, will be pressured to give COVID vaccines and/or other mRNA injections – Here are some thoughts on the time-honored stance of conscientious objection

The Corruption of Healthcare, Informed Consent, and the Physician-Patient Relationship – Physicians should not recommend vaccines when complete transparent data are not publicly available and appropriate testing was not completed

July 5, 2022

ZH: Why is the IRS Armed to the Teeth? – As of 2019, the IRS had amassed 4,600 firearms and over 5 million rounds of live ammunition to arm its Criminal Investigation Division

Joe Biden Breaks Another Precedent – At this point, it would be surprising if he passed on any opportunity to trash conservatives

The White House dodges questions on a voicemail Joe Biden allegedly left for Hunter Biden on business dealings – Hunter Biden is currently under federal investigation for his tax affairs predicated by suspicious foreign transactions

The Biden administration sues Arizona over a law requiring proof of citizenship to vote in federal elections – The Justice Department contends Arizona’s H.B. 2492 violates the National Voter Registration Act and the 1964 Civil Rights Act

How Much Fossil Fuel Is Left? – Fossil fuel powers the economic engine of civilization, and without energy, civilization dies, and in 2020 fossil fuels continued to provide more than 80 percent of all energy consumed worldwide

The Highland Park July 4 shooting suspect was charged with 7 counts of first-degree murder – “These are just the first of many charges that will be filed and I want to emphasize that there will be more charges,” said States Attorney Rinehart

Judge J.P. Boulee of the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia upheld the parts of Georgia’s Election Integrity Law challenged by an organization that sends prospective voters prefilled absentee ballot applications

Germany went all-in on green energy and now its economy is on the brink of collapse – They are preparing for a recession after pouring billions into woke policies

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Have You Seen This Warning Hidden Inside Your Cellphone? – It advises you to keep the device at a certain distance from your body to ensure you don’t exceed federal safety limits for radio frequency (RF) exposure

The lawyer representing whistleblower Brook Jackson said Pfizer is arguing the court should dismiss the lawsuit alleging fraud in Pfizer’s COVID-19 clinical trials because the U.S. government knew about the wrongdoings but continued to do business with the vaccine maker

“The Whole Narrative Is Crumbling” as the Wall Street Journal Sounds off on the FDA – “We’re having people that have been so into the narrative break ranks now that it does cause hope that we’re finally getting there”

The FDA says COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers need to update fall boosters to target BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron sub-variants, a day after the WH announced a $3.2 billion vaccine deal with Pfizer to include new boosters for sub-variants

A Wall Street Journal editorial board member questions the motives behind the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s decision to extend the emergency use of Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines to infants and toddlers

Dr. Toby Rogers: Even when one realizes that SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon, the rest of the story still does not make sense – So I turn to you dear reader to help fill in the gaps

Harvard-Harris poll: Six in ten Americans doubt Biden’s “mental fitness”

Only 18 percent of independents approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance, while 68 percent disapprove and 13 percent neither approve nor disapprove, according to the CIVIQS average as of July 3

There are “well-founded concerns” that President Biden may be compromised by China because of revelations from Hunter Biden’s laptop involving contacts with Google executives and top U.S. officials engaged with China policy

Joe Biden rambled about something his grandmother used to say to him while wrapping up a July 4th speech, Jill reminded him to say ‘God Bless America’, which he still didn’t do – Instead, he said “god protect our troops

Biden’s EPA snubs its nose at SCOTUS – The EPA is preparing to cite the United States’ largest oil field for violating ozone pollution standards, a move that will threaten the end of oil and gas production in the region

The Biden Administration And Universities Launch A Sneak Attack On Free Speech – The First Amendment supersedes the authority and whims of the Department of Education

WSJ: The Red States Are Winning the Post-Pandemic Economy – Workers and employers moved away from the coasts to the middle of the country and Florida, sparking swifter recoveries there

Iran, Russia, and China are gearing up to run a series of major war drills in Latin America in a show of force meant to signal how these militaries can reach the United States

The Highland Park Shooter Was Known to Law Enforcement – How many times are we going to hear that regarding a mass shooting? He had mental health problems going back to middle school

Police reveal the Highland Park suspect fired 70 rounds using an illegally purchased rifle and wore women’s clothing during the attack specifically to help cover up his face tattoos

JD Rucker: There is massive gaslighting to try to tie suspected mass murderer Bobby Crimo III to the MAGA movement. This is based on minimal evidence while evidence to the contrary is tremendous

Huge Find on Street Where Police Say Jayland Walker Fired at Them Changes Everything – Video footage shows a muzzle flash from a gun spotted on surveillance video, and the sound of a gunshot can be heard on the officer’s bodycam footage

The Biden Administration will allow some migrants with terrorist ties into the country, raising security concerns – The new administration rule could potentially endanger Americans, security experts warn

The 2022 House Midterm Elections By The Numbers – The six meaningful midterm numbers below should help historically ground your anticipation of what is likely or unlikely to happen in this year’s House elections

EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT WATERGATE IS WRONG, PART 2 – We draw some parallels to the January 6 investigation today, noting what social scientists might call “pattern recognition”

HHS secretary Xavier Becerra ‘exploring’ abortion facilities on federal land

Sharyl Attkisson: A proposed bill would prohibit the IRS from acquiring ammunition – Representative Matt Gaetz recently reported on the IRS purchase of $725,000 worth of ammunition

The Green Agenda Is Taking Us Backward – The narrative says EVs are greener but that’s because the true believers just look at tailpipe emissions, they don’t consider pollution generated by the manufacturing process

Come And Take It!  –  A Remarkable Number Of Americans Now Willing To Resist Federal Tyranny – 28% of Americans said that it might “soon be necessary to take up arms” against the US government, according to a new poll

Elizabeth Warren Wants Federal Abortion Camps On Native Lands In Red States – Native Americans are not rushing to help build abortion destination villages on tribal lands. And why should they?

A Pathologist Speaks Out About COVID Vaccine Effects – The DMED, one of the best databases in the world, shows a dramatic increase in medical visits for malignancies, neurological and autoimmune diseases, and infertility

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Will Pfizer Be Charged for Mislabeling Vaccine Side Effects? – Pfizer classified almost all severe adverse events that occurred during its Phase 3 trials as unrelated to the injection

Starting Tomorrow, All New Vehicles in the EU Will Have Surveillance Black Boxes – Greasing the skids for speed-limiting technology

July 4, 2022

The Covid-19 Vaccines cause AIDS – Here Is All Of The Evidence

WSJ: Why the Rush for Toddler Vaccines? – Covid was a health emergency for adults in 2020, by contrast, the urgency now feels like it is political

The Biden Administration’s Liberal World Disorder – This is what arrogance, incompetence, and ideological blindness gets you

Here’s What We Know About The Alleged Highland Park Parade Shooter – Social media users re-posted the suspect’s last Facebook post from May 29, 2021, which says, “You’re all sinners”

THE ETERNAL MEANING OF INDEPENDENCE DAY – Abraham Lincoln’s speech of July 10, 1858

Another January 6 Lie: There Was No ‘Armed Mob’ – If January 6 was truly so bad, why do they have to keep lying about this and other things?

Liz Cheney and the Corruption of the Establishment – The un-American targeting of Trump and Trump supporters

How The Declaration Of Independence Inspired George Washington’s Underdog Army To Win – Deeply moved by the power of the Declaration’s words, George Washington ordered copies sent to all generals in the Continental Army

Biden and Mayor Pete have found the solution to flight delays and cancellations – Destroy the fossil fuel industry as fast as they can

The Guatemalan President Suggests Biden Is Letting Drugs In from Venezuela to ‘Negotiate Oil’

Joe Biden’s Job Approval Hits A New Low – It’s sunk to a negative 27 percent

This July 4th – If you want to talk about the corporate media’s waning influence over public opinion… Donald Trump is currently the most popular politician in America

Will Transgendered Athletes Now Give Back Their Medals and Titles? – IOC, Scientific papers show people who have undergone male puberty retain significant advantages even after taking medication to suppress their testosterone levels

A sprawling, privately run detention center in the wind-swept California desert town of Adelanto could house nearly 2,000 migrants facing the prospect of deportation – These days, though, its nearly empty

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Why the Ukraine War Is a Scam – Most wars are a means to an end, and that end is corporate profits. The Ukraine conflict appears to be more of the same, as NATO warns we should expect a long, protracted war

July 3, 2022

Independence Day 2022 Is The New 1776 – America was founded as a Constitutional Republic with a defined role for our Federal and State Governments (including the Rule of Law), and a defined Citizen’s individual Bill of Rights

Victor Davis Hanson: Who Are the Real Insurrectionists? – In truth, “insurrection” has been fueled by the Left since 2015

The Real Reason American Military Recruitment Is Failing – Who would want Joe Biden as their commander-in-chief?

A PINCER MOVEMENT TO DUMP BIDEN IS TAKING SHAPE – The left’s move to force Biden to step aside will have three parts which you can expect to show up every week in the news cycle, accelerating after the midterm election

ZH: Reset This! – The “Great Reset of Capitalism” is the brainchild of the World Economic Forum, which hosts an annual conference in the Alpine village of Davos, and the goal, as always, is power—the eternal fixation of the socialist Left

ZH: The SCOTUS Marshal sent letters to Maryland Gov. Hogan, Montgomery County Executive Elrich, and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin demanding they put an end to picketing and “threatening activity” outside SCOTUS justice’s homes

ZH: The Cyberspace Administration of China issued new regulations on June 27 requiring all online platform operators to authenticate users’ identities and verify the account information submitted by users during registration

Dov Fischer: Kill the Babies and Hold the Formula – In their disturbed thinking, Democrats are confident abortion will forever save them from any political setbacks related to all the things going wrong in America because of their actions

From Burning American Flags to Pride Flags – I bet they would be willing to declare it a hate crime to burn a Gay Pride flag

Rape, Extortion, And Death As Migrants Pay Inhumane Prices To Reach Biden’s Open Border – Front-line officers say Democrats have created a humanitarian crisis with policies that put the vulnerable in hands of heartless cartels

Text Messages Show Cassidy Hutchinson Referring To January 6 Committee As ‘BS’

Biden Picks An Anti-American For Presidential Medal Of Freedom – Ignoring Rapinoe’s incessant hypocrisy and lack of intellectual consistency, describing her as a “prominent advocate for gender pay equality, racial justice, and LGBTQI+ rights”

DeSantis Fires Back After Gavin Newsom’s Pathetic Anti-Florida Ad Is Revealed

Dementia Joe and Gruesome Newsom Wanted This: Video Shows Tesla Charging Station Lines in California – It takes 40+ minutes to charge a Tesla at a Supercharging station vs. the four to five minutes it takes to fill up a gas tank

Court Document Reveals Likely Cause of Texas Mass Human Trafficking Deaths – A Malfunctioning Air Conditioning System

Idiot Biden’s Attack on Gas Station Owners – The U.S. Government Makes Nearly 5 Times as Much per Gallon on Taxes than Gas Station Owners Do in Profit

Jeff Bezos Responds After Biden Demands Gas Stations Lower Prices – When 40 percent of the dollars in the world were printed in one year, inflation sets in, and prices skyrocket

Rush toward green energy has left the US ‘incredibly’ vulnerable to summer blackouts – Expert says renewable energy doesn’t work and could lead to more blackouts

ZH: The FCC granted Elon Musk’s SpaceX permission to provide Starlink high-speed satellite internet to users in vehicles, vessels, and aircraft, potentially improving dial-up level speeds on commercial jets and cruise ships

President Biden has proposed blocking all new drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as the world cries out for more energy from more sources far from Russia, the Middle East, and the OPEC oil cartel

Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen should be fired – They are supposed to be economic experts, yet they continue to show their pure ignorance on what causes inflation or when it will occur

WSJ: Americans Have Had It With Inflation – Consumers are cutting back on spending as they contend with historically high gas prices and increasing inflation

How the Constitution Advances the Common Good – Conservatives shouldn’t move beyond our Constitution, but through originalism, they should seek another, worthy task, Its Restoration

As the Supreme Court comes to recess after a groundbreaking term, newly sworn-in Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson will face a litany of significant cases when the high court returns in the fall

A SCOTUS Guide for the Perplexed – You don’t have to be a constitutional law scholar to wade through all the footnotes, citations, and legal disputations because Francis Menton has done the heavy lifting for you

Tyranny through Complexity – The U.S. Constitution has only 4,400 words, yet every two-year Congress since WWII has enacted 4-6 million words in new laws – If a law can’t be written in a single sentence, it has no business restricting Americans’ liberty

Kevin D. Williamson: Lessons from the Left’s Implosion – When all your power is invested in a handful of institutions, losing one is a devastating setback; far better to eschew fanaticism and build a broad-based movement

California’s latest plan for illegal aliens will cost it a lot of money – Last week, California became the first state not only to guarantee free health care for all low-income immigrants but also to ensure that this promise extends to illegal aliens

July 2, 2022

The Biden Administration Blocks Offshore Drilling, Limiting Oil Production, After Begging Oil Companies To Produce More and Attacking Gas Stations

Bank of America Issues Chilling Forecast: No GDP Growth – Their previous estimate was for 1.5 percent growth

ZH: 33 Problems With The Media In One Chart – Harmful practices and negative externalities occurring in the media ecosystem

Elon Musk Breaks His Unusual Silence After More Than A Week – He is negotiating right now with Twitter about a lower price and his lawyers have essentially told him to lay off Twitter while this negotiation goes on

ZH: Leaked Documents Reveal Wide Scope Of China’s Human Rights Violations In Xinjiang – One document contains a “shoot to kill order” for watchtower guards, confirming that these work camps are indeed prisons

The House Appropriations Committee has approved a ban on sending funding to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chinese lab at the heart of the controversy over the origin of the virus that sparked the COVID-19 pandemic

New York Law Now Requires Social Media Background Check for Handgun Permits – Concealed carry license applicants must list any social media accounts they’ve used in the last three years in their application

Dozens of sailors confirm their warships were swarmed by “at least 100” otherworldly UFOs, as their accounts contradict the Navy chief’s effort to dismiss them as drones – They possessed unexplainable capabilities far beyond traditional drones

ZH: Several NYC Election Sites Had ‘No Republican Ballots’ During Last Week’s Primary – The Board of Elections botched everything from polling locations opening late, to missing equipment, to unannounced relocations of voting sites

A Seattle man was arrested for reading the Bible in a park as a “Gay Pride” event was taking place – He was on public property reading aloud, without the benefit of amplification, when he was rousted and then arrested by Seattle’s Finest

“Our Country’s Gone To Hell” – A 100-Year Old WWII Veteran Who Fought In The Battle of Guadalcanal in1942 Breaks Down in Tears in a Heartbreaking Interview 

ZH: 86 percent of student debt borrowers say Joe Biden’s campaign pledge to cancel at least $10,000 of college debt affected their decision-making – A big majority think he’ll do more than that

New York Moves to Nullify Supreme Court Decision Upholding Gun Rights – NY Senate Bill S51001 defines nearly every public area except for a road or sidewalk as a “sensitive area” where a permit holder is forbidden to carry concealed

Kinzinger Undermines the January 6 Committee – The anti-Trump Republican foolishly brands a Secret Service agent a liar on Twitter, amid the fracas over Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony

The Endangered Democratic Dozen – These are the top Republican November 2022 campaign targets

Texas Democrat Sheriff: Law Enforcement Leaders See ‘Complete Absence from Washington’ on Border

Poor Cassidy Hutchinson: Naïve, used and abused, or shamelessly ambitious? – Her “testimony” was fraught with “I was in the vicinity of a conversation,” “I heard something to the effect of,” “ I overheard,” she could testify only to hearsay

WSJ: Crypto Currency’s Domino Effect Is Widening, Threatening More Pain – Losses are blowing holes in balance sheets and pushing firms in the industry to near bankruptcy

A complete list of the US companies sponsoring abortion tourism

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Former Pfizer Exec: Leaky “Vaccine” Was Intentional – The use of the spike protein in the shot was diabolical, as 90% of the immune response mounted after natural COVID-19 exposure is not to the spike protein

Good Samaritans Rescue An Old Man And His Houseboat


July 1, 2022

Financial Times of London: A soft landing is becoming a distant dream – Airplane metaphors do little to disguise the fact that central bankers are struggling with the inflationary overshoot

Gavin Newsom Signs More Gun Control Legislation – Refers to AR-15 as a “Weapon of Mass Destruction”

The Army Announces That Beginning July 1, 2022, Unvaccinated National Guard and Reserve Soldiers Won’t Drill or Be Paid

The Texas Supreme Court blocked a lower court order late Friday night that said clinics could continue performing abortions, just days after some doctors had resumed seeing patients after the fall of Roe v. Wade

China, Not Russia, Still Poses the Greatest Challenge to U.S. Security – Preventing China from establishing this hegemony over Asia must be the priority of U.S. foreign policy—even in the face of what is happening in Europe

Emerson Poll: No Democrat Bounce from The Roe Repeal – Voters continue to disapprove of Biden and favor Republicans

California is now the only state to offer free healthcare to low-income illegal immigrants – The budget allocation will give an estimated 764,000 people free healthcare coverage at an annual cost of $2.7 billion annually, beginning in 2024

A Massive Migrant Caravan of Thousands of Military-Aged Males March to US Border After The Supreme Court Overturns Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger’s Vendetta Politics – The January 6 Committee is running a Stalinesque show trial against Trump and his supporters as Cheney gives it the old college try as she pursues her anti-Trump vendetta

SCOTUS will hear a major case on election integrity that promises to strip away the ability of states to rig elections via the courts or executive decrees – Moore v. Harper, is docketed to be heard in the nation’s highest court next session

ZH: US Oil Drillers Are Running Out Of Spare Well – US producers have been restarting projects that had stalled, but they’re starting to run low on these extra wells, which could limit future domestic production

WSJ: Biden’s People Seek to Block New Offshore Drilling in The Atlantic & Pacific – Their 5-year drilling plan could allow limited new oil leasing off Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico even though the oil industry sought more significant expansion

The Biden Administration Must Think $5 Gas Isn’t Painful Enough – The EPA Is Attacking America’s Largest Oilfield by considering an “ozone violation designation” for portions of the Permian Basin, the largest oil field in the US

A second Joe Biden presidential run could spell disaster for the Democrats, not to mention the rest of the country – Polls have shown repeatedly that Americans aren’t happy with what he’s doing to the country

Central banks’ only real option for tackling inflation is to reduce demand – But even as interest rates rise, a recession can be avoided if policymakers recognize the large role that supply-side measures must play in restoring price stability

Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls A For Committee to Investigate Epstein/Maxwell Clients – Highlights The Clinton Foundation Involvement

DESPITE EVERYTHING, VOTERS PREFER TRUMP TO BIDEN – After years of non-stop hysteria from the Left, you would think Donald Trump would be–politically speaking–deader than a doornail

Today, the Biden administration ordered 2.5 million more doses of the monkeypox vaccine. In contrast, the CDC said it was seeking to expand the vaccine for children, despite no known cases yet in children in the U.S.

The $3.2 Billion Taxpayer-Funded Deal With Pfizer Will ‘Enrich Shareholders of Most Profitable Industry in History’ – Biden’s administration to purchase 105 million doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine with options to buy up to 300 million doses


Robert W. Malone MD, MS: VAERS Analysis Shows That COVID Vaccines Increase Menstrual Irregularities A Thousandfold And Fetal Abnormalities A Hundredfold

Author Matt Palumbo details billionaire George Soros’s connection to American politics and illustrates how Soros controls not only what is written about him, but also influences how the American public perceives news events

The proposal to boost California’s minimum wage to $18 won’t go on the ballot – An initiative bankrolled by a wealthy investor and backed by a slew of labor organizations failed to qualify for the November ballot for lack of signatures

Google will begin deleting location history data for users who visit abortion clinics or fertility centers to address concerns that law enforcement would weaponize the information in states where abortion is now illegal or restricted

Two cases regarding lower court rulings on abortion bans and a third abortion-related case were thrown out of the Supreme Court on Thursday as a result of Roe v. Wade being overturned

SCOTUS followed up its June 23 ruling recognizing a constitutional right to carry firearms in public for self-defense, by reversing federal appeals court decisions that upheld gun restrictions in California, New Jersey, Maryland, and Hawaii

The January 6 show trial is partly about persecuting political opponents – It is also about covering up the truth that the 2020 election was irregular, faulty, and not the perfect election in the history of humanity

The Biden administration tells Americans to suck it up on that $5 gas – “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm”

The WH Press Corps Demands The Biden Admin Change Unprecedented Restrictive Rules – One of the top grievances listed in the letter was the White House’s method for deciding which reporters have access to specific events

Which Crisis Will Be The Next To Catch Biden ‘Off Guard’? – 500+ days into his presidency, he has an unblemished record of being “caught off guard” by every major crisis that has engulfed the country since January 2021

Who’s Actually In Charge? – Throughout his 18 months as president, Biden has been confused, uncertain, sluggish, and behaves as if he is guided by unseen forces as he moves on a course set by hidden captains

Immoral Democrats Make Excuses, Blame Others, and Divide – Many Americans believe elected officials put their interests ahead of the country’s, and the idea of a “moral politician” in D.C. strikes most Americans as laughable

ZH: The Fed Is Quietly Handing Out $250 Million To A Handful Of Recipients Each Day – The Fed’s QE may be over, and QT may be just starting (it won’t last long), but don’t think the Fed free money giveaway is ending any time soon

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Trump-endorsed candidate Harriet Hageman traded barbs over the 2020 election and the January 6 riot at the Capitol during a debate on Thursday evening

40,000 Unvaccinated National Guard Members Set to Be Fired! – Medical tyranny is alive and well in the American military – This is an outrage that will weaken our nation, but that seems to be the plan for the Biden regime going forward

1,000 Covid Vaccinated Athletes That Collapsed, Died, Or Developed Heart Problems Or Blood Clots

The California Nanny State Invades Household Kitchens And Gives Orders On Handling Food Scraps As Covered In Senate Bill 1383 – At some point Californians have to wake up and demand sanity from their legislators and bureaucrats

Despite its relentless promotion in virtually every sector of society, belief in the reality of trans ideology is falling amongst Americans, a new Pew Research poll shows

Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused the Supreme Court Thursday of instigating a “coup” and called for it to be completely abolished in a series of rants on different subjects

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June 30, 2022

THE BIDEN ECONOMY  Is Officially in Recession – A Key Fed GDP Tracker Turns Negative

The Credibility of the January 6 Committee Implodes  – The Secret Service refutes their “star” witness Cassidy Hutchinson

Dan Bongino Uses A Video to Explain Why Cassidy Hutchinson’s Story Can’t Possibly Be True

Liz Cheney’s Debate Thursday Night Closed to the Public Because She Is So Hated By Voters – She is running for reelection but rarely travels back to Wyoming because she’s too busy leading the January 6 Committee’s show trials

Joe Biden said Thursday that U.S. drivers will continue to pay record-high gas prices for “as long as it takes” to stop Russia’s war in Ukraine, acknowledging that consumers are unlikely to see relief at the pump anytime soon

A Tale of Two Crises: The Gas Pump and the Border With Biden, it’s always the worst of times

The American People Won in West Virginia v. The EPA – The Supreme Court guts the administrative state

Was This the Most Significant Case of the Historic Supreme Court Term? – SCOTUS defends Congress from the EPA and other bossy bureaucratic behemoths

JD Rucker: Regime Apparatchik Lets the Cat Out of the Bag, Admits “Liberal World Order” Is Behind the Insanity – Any “world order,” whether it’s a New World Order or a Liberal World Order, invokes the tenets of globalism

Former President Trump said he’s not ruling out Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as a possible running mate in a potential 2024 presidential bid

Judge Clears Trump Of Contempt Charges – As a result of a New York judge’s ruling on Wednesday, Trump is no longer deemed to be in contempt of court for failing to deliver the documents demanded by NY Attorney General James

‘Space Is A War Fighting Domain’: U.S. Space Force Activates New Unit Within Branch – Recent reports show both China and Russia have used anti-satellite capabilities

Biden Jumps The Gun Again: Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema Will Not End Filibuster to Pass Abortion Legislation

Evidence keeps piling up that Joe Biden lied about his family’s foreign influence-peddling scheme that reaped tens of millions of dollars for his son and brother and potentially put at risk America’s national security

ZH: Poland Completes The Belarus Border Wall To Repel the Middle East And African Migrants

Beginning this fall high schools in California can’t start before 8:30 a.m. and middle schools can’t start before 8 a.m. under a 2019 first-in-the-nation law forbidding earlier school start times

WSJ: The Markets Head Toward The Worst First Half of a Year in Decades – Investors gird for more volatility; almost everything, from stocks to bonds and crypto falls to the start of 2022

At the NATO Summit in Madrid on Thursday, President Biden called for eliminating the filibuster in the Senate to pass legislation that would make a right to abortion the law of the land

Ranking Member on the House Judiciary Committee Representative Jim Jordan unloads on all the lies being told during the January 6 Committee hearings

Fighting the Title IX Menace – Biden’s new regulations would destroy female-only sports, spaces, and services, betraying the original purpose of Title IX

WSJ: President Biden endorsed making an exception to filibuster rules to pass legislation codifying Roe v. Wade into law, an effort that would likely face obstacles because of key Democrats’ opposition to the move

The Big Picture Reason Why The Left Is Violent About Roe’s Demise – Karl Marx saw “class” as the struggle to be pushed – That struggle no longer works so they now focus on group identity and fomenting hatred and division between groups

WSJ: The Supreme Court Limits The Power of The EPA and Other Regulatory Agencies – The high court says the agency overstepped its authority in restricting greenhouse gas emissions in a ruling with ramifications for other regulators

WSJ: The Supreme Court agreed to consider a major election-law case that will examine whether state lawmakers have the authority to adopt voting rules for federal elections without oversight by state courts

Google Intercepted 100% of RNC Donation Emails on Biggest Donation Days of Month – for 7 Months Straight – They were categorized as Spam by Google algorithms

John Daniel Davidson: The January 6 Committee Is Causing Never Trumpers To Lose Their Minds – So many right-of-center commentators want so badly to be liked by the left they’re willing to ignore the truth about the committee

The Democrats’ Crime Problem – Their unwillingness to get serious about this surge is going to cost them dearly

ZH: On Thursday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson laid bare the Biden administration’s escalating war against its political enemies – “Here’s a list of the things they’ve done because no one has assembled them,” said Carlson

ZH: Initial Jobless Claims Are At 5-Month Highs As Layoffs Accelerate – In the past week, companies including Netflix Inc. and Tesla Inc. have laid off hundreds of employees amid concerns about the economic outlook

ZH: Welcome To The Recession: Atlanta Fed Slashes Q2 GDP To -1%, Pushing First Half Into Contraction – Confirming the economy is in a technical recession

ZH: The Biden administration said it has signed a new agreement with Pfizer and partner BioNTech for 105 million doses of their COVID-19 vaccine for a fall vaccination campaign, with the deal worth $3.2 billion

Americans Are ‘Collateral Damage’ In Democrats’ Insane War On Energy – 83% of U.S. households are cutting their spending and travel due to soaring inflation, and energy costs have spiked nearly 35% in the past year

Trust in Government Is Lower Now Than After Watergate Scandal – The government’s role is to encourage civil society and listen to what it has to say, while largely staying out of the way

The Boulder Valley School District in Boulder, Colorado, says transgender students have a “right” to be addressed by their preferred pronouns and that a person’s failure to do so violates school district policy

ZH: SCOTUS ruled in favor of the Biden administration, which sought to end the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy requiring asylum seekers to wait in Mexico until their case is heard, instead of being allowed to await their hearings in the US

ZH: Why The Housing Bubble Bust Is Baked In – The source of the current housing bubble is the explosion of financial speculation fueled by central bank policies

Fauci Gets COVID Again After Taking Paxlovid and It’s Worse Than His First Go Around – Quadruple vaccinated Fauci says he had recovered from his initial bout of COVID-19 earlier this month, testing negative after taking Paxlovid

Germany’s experience with Covid vaccines suggests they increase the Omicron infection rate – Former East Germany is outlined in green on the map and you will note it has a lower infection rate than former West Germany

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Why Three COVID Jabs Are Worse Than Two – COVID-19 is more than twice as prevalent among the boosted, compared to those who quit after the initial series

Fix Fatherlessness And You’ll Fix America – A child who grows up without a father in the home is more likely to experience homelessness, commit a crime, serve time in prison, abuse drugs, drop out of school, or be obese…….. 

The owner of 13 Businesses Pulls His Company from Chicago Amid Their Crime Crisis: ‘Enough Is Enough’ – Suffering from a 35 percent increase in crime over a year ago, business exits are on the rise

A New Generation Discovers Thomas Sowell – There are several Millennial and Generation Z  individuals reacting to excerpts from books by, or old long-form interviews featuring him that have been posted To YouTube

Fragile students just need a hug – Neglected children are more likely to be woke

California ballot measures: What you need to know – This November is no different. Voters will be asked to consider about 10 thorny policy proposals, from abortion to zero-emission vehicles

June 29, 2022

Do mask mandates work? – Bay Area COVID data from June says no!

The Great Reset in Action: Ending Freedom of the Press, Speech, and Expression – At the recent WEF meeting in Davos, it was stated that “freedom of speech is not the same thing as a free for all,” so “we will need a recalibration of a whole range of human rights that are playing out online

The Sinister Link Between Biden’s Admin and a Soros-Funded Group – Is President Biden’s new proposal to push transgender participation in sports for public schools just following marching orders from George Soros’ activist empire?

California legislators are considering a bill to require websites and apps to authenticate the age of users before allowing them access – Lawmakers say this is aimed at protecting children, but it would in effect end online anonymity in the state

When will California’s ‘inflation relief’ payments go out? – The payments are set to start in late October, reports Nexstar’s California Capitol Bureau and all payments should be issued by early next year

California sending out ‘inflation relief’ checks of up to $1,050 – Here’s how much you’ll get

Biden Announces Major US Military Expansion in Europe – The U.S. will now have a permanent troop presence in Poland and will add 100,000 troops to what it now has in Europe

Now 85% of American adults think the country is on the wrong track under Joe Biden and 79% say the economy is poor in yet another dire poll

The sanctuary state of California will make history by becoming the first state in the nation to give food stamps to illegal aliens

Poll: Republicans Still Leading Generic Congressional Ballot – For those that thought that the Supreme Court sending abortion back to the states would be a game-changer in the midterms, they would be sorely mistaken

Justice Stephen Breyer sent a letter to President Biden saying he will be retiring effective Thursday at noon – Breyer will be replaced by Ketanji Brown Jackson, – The court is slated to issue its final opinions of its current term on Thursday

HHS Sec Almost Leaks Illegal Plans for Abortion, Clams up When He Notices A Camera – I Can’t Say It now, We’re Being Recorded

The Party of Death in All Its Ugliness – These post-Roe comments of Democrats confirm their moral bankruptcy

Pro-Choice Advocates Should Aim Their Rage at Harry Blackmun – He cobbled together an outrageously weak hunk of juridical gobbledygook

Are We A Republic, or a Juristocracy? – More significant than the immediate consequences of recent Supreme Court decisions may be the Court’s effect on how Americans understand their country

The Best Takedown of the CDC’s ‘Politicized’ Covid Response You’ll Ever See – The FDA, NIH, and CDC together with The WHO cooperated to restrict, demean, and deprecate the use of multiple currently available licensed drugs for the treatment of COVID-19

Big Tech banned claims online that the vaccinated could spread Covid – Now the government admits their claims were “Hope” not “Science” – That’s the problem with Big Tech being chosen as arbiters of truth

Dr. Toby Rogers: On June 28, the FDA decided that henceforth THEY will choose the variants for reformulated Covid-19 shots and NO clinical trials will be conducted to evaluate safety – Because Of The Science, NOT!

Buzz Hollander MD: The “Safe and Effective” Moderna Covid Vaccine for Infants Might be Neither – The more I look, the less I like their safety data

A January 6 witness ludicrously claims Trump tried to choke his Secret Service agent – There’s good reason for hearsay’s inadmissibility, hearsay is inherently unreliable, especially against eyewitnesses

With the help of former President Donald Trump, Republican Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois defeated a long-time incumbent who had voted to create the House panel investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion

Tucker Carlson: We’re finally getting to see what the Democrats’ planned utopia looks like – Fact after fact on what led us to where were are today

ZH: How Representative Is The G7 Of The World It’s Trying To Lead? – G7 countries currently represent 43 percent of the world economy, down from nearly 70 percent three decades ago

It looks as though the war is widening in Ukraine – There is little, if any, movement toward a negotiated solution to the war

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Did The Rockefeller Foundation Predict the Future? – “Reset the Table” was published just one month after the World Economic Forum (WEF) officially announced its plans for a “Great Reset”

Beware America, Gavin Newsom Is Running For President – It’s no secret that he’s been groomed for White House occupancy by rich, progressive San Francisco elites

The media is aggressively pushing the Trump-against-DeSantis narrative – Fears in the minds of Democrats that Trump will be re-elected in 2024 haven’t allayed

The Biden Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) rolled out a new website aimed at helping people find access to contraceptives and abortions, following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

How Much Rising Mortgage Rates Could Cost Homebuyers in California – The national average 30-year fixed mortgage rate is now approaching 6%, up from just 3.79% in January

The Sexualization of Children – Who should decide when and how to discuss issues like sex and gender with young children?

In the wake of the US Supreme Court upending Roe v. Wade’s federal abortion protection, California is moving to codify the life-ending procedure through a ballot measure amending the state’s Constitution

Sharyl Attkisson: A Rasmussen Poll shows that most Americans view Covid-19 danger as ‘mostly over’ and the vaccination of kids as ‘unnecessary’

June 28, 2022

The Army Drops High School Diploma Requirement as They Face Unparalleled Challenges Under Biden’s Administration – In addition to lowering almost every single physical qualification for recruits to pass their initial training

The California Attorney General’s office leaked the names and addresses of the state’s legal gun owners – It was posted in publicly-accessible files to the California Department of Justice’s 2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal

The FB Oversight Board, colloquially known as the “Facebook Supreme Court,” received more than a million appeals from FB and Instagram users hoping to overturn censorship by the company, according to the Board’s first annual report

Another J6 Trump ‘Bombshell’ Outed as a Hoax! – “The lead agent, and the presidential limousine driver are prepared to testify under oath that neither man was assaulted and that President Trump never lunged for the steering wheel”

Cassidy Hutchinson’s BS About Guns On January 6 – I filmed the entire event at the Ellipse where Trump spoke, and after at the Capitol Building. Not a single person had a gun except for the police and Secret Service – Here are the videos

A Former January 6 Key Witness Unexpectedly Dies Hours Before Special Hearing – Stenger had called for an investigation into the role of “professional agitators” during the incursion

The Federal Reserve is likely to reverse course and continue to print substantial amounts of money because doing otherwise would threaten the federal government with insolvency, according to macroeconomic analyst Luke Gromen

What Caused The 2020 Homicide Spike? – The Black Lives Matter protests and subsequent  pullbacks by police

US Consumer Confidence Slumps to Lowest Level in 16 Months – Consumers’ grimmer outlook was driven by increasing concerns about inflation, in particular rising gas and food prices

More than 100 sheriffs in Georgia have blasted Stacey Abrams, the Democrat’s candidate for governor there, for her participation in a group that advocates their defunding

A California Sheriff is Infuriated: A Tulare County court ordered the release of two drug traffickers from Washington State less than a day after they were arrested with over 100,000 fentanyl pills

Why Big Pharma Is Desperate to Get COVID Shots Into Babies – Once the vaccine is on the childhood vaccination schedule, the vaccine makers are permanently shielded from liability for injuries and deaths that occur in any age group

The Moderna Vaccine Increases Myocarditis Risk by 44 Times in Young Adults According To A Peer-Reviewed Study –  The risk was 13 times higher with the Pfizer vaccination

AB 2098: California Doctors Who Spread Supposed COVID ‘Misinformation’ Risk Losing License to Practice – Use of the stigmatizing label ‘misinformation’ in a medical disciplinary environment is both anti-scientific and unethical

A bill negotiated by environmentalists, the plastics industry, and lawmakers is likely to keep a California recycling measure off the ballot – The bill passed a key committee two days before the deadline to withdraw the ballot initiative

Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 in prison Tuesday for her role in helping powerful pedophile Jeffrey Epstein abuse young girls, capping off a dramatic fall from grace for the British socialite turned-convicted sex-trafficker

A case before SCOTUS that started years ago as a battle over how much authority the EPA has to force power plants to cut down their pollution, but it’s turned into a bigger fight over how much power federal agencies should have

Russian missiles destroyed a crowded shopping mall with more than 1,000 people inside in central Ukraine on Monday, but the Russian Ministry of Defense claims they struck a nearby weapons depot

Macron Gives Biden Painful News About His Arab Oil Strategy as Cameras Are Rolling – “Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan told me I’m at a maximum capacity and the Saudis can only increase by 150 thousand barrels per day”

The Left-wing Insurrection Intensifies – For 1.5 years, the Left and its media allies have peddled the narrative of a Republican insurrection. Meanwhile, Democrats and their supporters burn federal courthouses, attack property rights, etc.

Wyoming Voters Fed Up With Cheney As Polls Show She’s Down Double Digits In Her Bid For Re-Election

TYRANTS USE DEMOCRACY TO DESTROY DEMOCRACY – What The Left Have Achieved In America Is Nothing New . . . It Is A Repeat Of Tyrannical Societies Throughout History

John Eastman, former President Donald Trump’s election attorney, accused the federal government of unlawfully seizing and searching his phone and would provide a copy of the search warrant, according to a new court filing Monday

The Oath Keepers FBI Interviews Contradict Their Indictment Charges – May 2021 interviews with Indiana leader say there was no plan to attack The U.S. Capitol or interfere with the transfer of power

What’s next for the anti-liberty left’s gun confiscation agenda? –  Bluntly speaking, their non-solutions will lead to more mass murders, so they are going to be agitating again in the future, but that was always part of the plan, wasn’t it!

The Phantom Hunt for the Supreme Court Leaker – The longer the investigation goes on without any conclusion, the more people will suspect that identifying the leaker would compound the damage already done to the Court’s reputation

ZH: COVID Falls From G7 Agenda And Now It’s Russia, Russia, Russia – The Infection Fatality Rate of Covid was way too small to warrant all the doom-mongering as the vast majority of people have nothing to worry about from the virus

ZH: The “Soft Landing” Myth, Inflation Will Be Around a Lot Longer – The Fed has done next to nothing to stop inflation as rates are at levels you would usually find during easing cycles and their balance sheet is ~$9 Trillion

Unions Have No Qualms Making Supply Chains Worse – A glance around the world shows that organized labor in the transportation sector is emboldened and willing to strike

The ESG recession – The ESG movement and related anti-fossil fuel movements have promised to run the fossil fuel industry out of business and discouraged investment in growing the fossil fuel industry

ZH: Another Food Processing Plant Shutters Operations, Adding To Long List Of Closures – The reason for the closure was not disclosed and has caught local officials by surprise

How Will The United States Re-arm After Our Extreme Support For Ukraine? – Weapons are a limited resource, and it takes time to produce more. How will we replace the ones we sent to Ukraine?

Texas Governor Abbott lashes out after 46 migrants found dead in tractor-trailer: ‘These deaths are on Biden – Abbott blamed Joe Biden’s border security and immigration policies

Tucker Carlson’s opener from Rio – Tucker launches a major expose into China’s influence in Brazil, but his lead-in on abortion is a must-watch as he asks, why has it gone from “safe, legal, and rare” to something to be celebrated?

Antifa’s Violent Attacks On Pregnancy Clinics Continue – The ‘night of rage’ appears to be turning into an entire Summer, again and Democrats still refuse to condemn the violence

As the national debate over teaching gender ideology to children in schools rages, some schools are putting in restrictions while others are doubling down

The Left Aborts Its Right To Be Called Tolerant … Or Intelligent – Here are several examples why

Democrats Say They Could Erect ABORTION TENTS In National Parks And Hand Out Abortion VOUCHERS – They want to create slush funds of tax dollars to pay for women to travel to federal-owned land for unconstitutional procedures

The California Assembly Passed an Abortion Rights Constitutional Amendment Bill for The November Ballot –  ‘SCA 10 is extreme, even for a state like California’

China’s Economy Is Collapsing And Here’s Why You Should Worry – Xi Jinping, however, wants to march on neighbors, so peace in Asia depends in considerable measure on whether the Chinese people can restrain him

June 27, 2022

The 29-year-old transgender skateboarder who beat teenage girls at a NY City women’s competition this past weekend is in-fact a former Navy man, and father of 3 that was also rejected from the Olympics for his high testosterone levels

The Witch Hunt Never Ends – The company that is in the process of merging with Trump’s social media platform Truth Social  and board members of DWAC are all under federal investigation and have received subpoenas from the SEC

Presidential Greatness Arrives for Trump – A historic record of appointing constitutionalists to the federal bench finally overturned Roe vs Wade

A Former White House Staffer Confirms The January 6 Committee Lied About The DOJ Attorney – ‘This isn’t about truth, but about making it impossible for conservatives to enter and leave government successfully’

Democrats suffer a 30-year high for House retirements, setting the stage for a Republican ‘Red Wave’ and bad news for Joe Biden

China’s COVID Surveillance State and Its Western Imitators – The pandemic may be retreating, but Big Brother isn’t

China’s Share of Ukraine – It’s on permanent standby, neutralizing Ukraine’s cyber efforts and acting as Putin’s silent partner

ZH: The BRICS Summit Reaffirms That Russia Is Not As Isolated As NATO Suggests – There will be no breakup with Russia and BRICS markets will continue to remain open to them

I&I/TIPP Poll: Will The New Gun Control Bill Do What The Public Wants? – While they get the most media coverage, “semi-automatic” rifles, even if banned, would likely have little impact on overall gun deaths

Non-binary Pronouns Are Conquering the West – George Orwell outlined this concept in “The Principles of Newspeak,” his appendix to 1984. Referring to the official language of the dystopian nation of Oceania

The WHO Is Behind The FDA Scheme to Skip All Future Clinical Trials for COVID Vaccines – The “Future Framework” comes from them and the Gates Foundation is their biggest voluntary contributor so he is likely running the show

Federal Vaccine Mandate Blocked Again as Appeals Court Dissolves Earlier Ruling – The vaccine mandate for federal employees will remain blocked at least until a September court hearing

Cracks are developing in the FDA’s “Future Framework” narrative – Even the NY Times voices doubts about this Kafkaesque scheme to abandon science in the name of progress

There Is No Safety Data to Back CDC’s Recommendation on Co-administering COVID-19 Injections and Other Vaccines in Children On The Same Day – Yet, the CDC went ahead admitting that there was a lack of safety data

China’s Killer Doctors  –  The People’s Republic of China’s lucrative transplant industry kills donors by removing their organs – Since the 1990s it has been well known that the PRC traffics organs from executed prisoners

CA’s new budget includes another round of tax rebates – Here are other highlights of the agreement, including spending to support abortion access, extending the social safety net, and more money for schools and small businesses

Gov. Newsom and Legislative Leaders Announce $17 Billion Inflation Relief Package – Californian households to receive up to $1,050 in relief checks and 23 million people are to be covered

Biden At 500 Days – On virtually every point of domestic and foreign policy, Joe Biden’s administration has been a flop – Biden predicted Republicans would have an “epiphany” after Trump left office, but that has not materialized

It is far more than just pain at the gas pump – Biden and his administration have no idea what the overriding American national interest is or what our national security strategy should be in Ukraine, Iran, China, or anywhere else

Huckabee: There is a ‘specter haunting’ U.S. threatening ‘to destroy American normalcy’ – The threat is from the Democrat Party, which seeks to subvert American law and order and use it as a tool to suppress their political opponents>

Covid Vaccines and Infertility – Birth rates are plummeting in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Taiwan nine months after mass covid vaccinations<

YouGov/CBS News Poll: Most Americans Are ‘Concerned’ About Their Ability to Afford ‘Day to Day Things’

A Mississippi Republican That Supported Formation Of The January 6 Commission Faces A June 28 Runoff – He lost the initial June 7 primary election, receiving just 46.9 percent of the vote to his opponents 47.5 percent, forcing the runoff

WSJ: Sanctions Push Russia to First Foreign Default Since Bolshevik Revolution – A debt default has been long in coming since Western sanctions created payment obstacles Moscow couldn’t overcome

CLASSLESS Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Incites Concert Crowd…Shouts: “F**k You, Clarence Thomas!” – One Month After She Made “Call to arms” Against Supreme Court

ZH: G7 Is Set To Impose “Price Caps” On Russian Oil, But It Is Unclear What This Is Suppose to Do – Using a price-capping scheme, Europe will limit the availability of shipping and insurance services needed for its worldwide transport 

ZH: There was an unexpected jump in new home sales and larger than expected drop in existing home sales in May, as homebuilder sentiment soured and mortgage rates and applications soared

As an American, I fear for our children’s and grandchildren’s future – Four clear examples of troubling trends

Portland is about lawlessness, not the Dobbs decision – Portland is exhibit #1 on what happens when a local government or an impotent governor decides that people can destroy property or burn buildings in the name of something

GOP Gaining 1 Million+ Voters as Democrats Bleed Support – Democrats are now happily switching to Republicans, voter registration analysis released Monday shows

The New York Supreme Court has struck down a New York City law, passed by Democrats late last year, that sought to give municipal voting rights to nearly a million foreign nationals

The Proud Boys gave their members directions to obey police lines and avoid other protesters on January 6

Most Hospital Operation Prices Are Not Compliant With Transparency Rules – The CMS hospital price transparency rule states that all hospitals must provide a list of standard charges for all services and items online in a downloadable format

The Biden Administration Pays Big Bucks For Pfizer’s Latest Flop – They are paying $10.6 billion in taxpayer money for Pfizer’s unoriginal and ineffective Covid-19 drug, Paxlovid

Border Patrol: Big Tech Platforms Being Used To Recruit Child Smugglers – Authorities have arrested drivers working on behalf of TCOs as young as 13 years old

Mayra Flores Responds to Video of Pelosi Elbowing Her Daughter – “I am so proud of my strong, beautiful daughter for not allowing this to faze her. No child should be pushed to the side for a Photo Op, PERIOD!!”

Mainstream Media is no longer trying to deny their hostility toward Republicans – And those in the media wonder why so few people trust them now?

SCOTUS Tosses Victory to High School Football Coach Who Lost His Job Over Praying At The 50-Yard-Line

As California vows to protect abortion rights, it lacks the data that would help estimate how many out-of-state women may seek services –  Currently, the state does not collect abortion data, including comprehensive numbers

California is working on denying gun permits based on a person’s “ideological viewpoints”

America’s Frontline Doctors: Free Doctor Gold – How Did This Happen?

The Middle Class Needs to Start Thinking About Asset Protection – Do it before creditors start coming after your money because if you wait too long, it might be too late

June 26, 2022

Massive Recall Announced Due To Potential Fire Hazard – Solar LED Market Umbrellas” produced by SunVilla Corp. and sold at Costco

Dov Fischer: When the Fetus Has More Brains Than ‘Pro-Choice’ Demonstrators – Roe v. Wade was so poorly constructed, so bereft of case law to sustain it that it waited patiently for Donald Trump to reach the WH and begged to be overruled

The Roe Decision Won’t Save the Democrats – The vast majority of voters have more important things to worry about than abortion

Why The Biden Administration’s Green Energy Policy Will ‘End in Tears’ – Some wind and solar power lessons to be learned by America based on the experiences of Germany’s ‘Energiewende’

Concerned Generals Who Graduated From West Point – Write a letter protesting against mandatory vaccinations, CRT classes, sanitary conditions, progressive political activism, and other “woke actions,” in the military academy

Biden G-7 Statement: The US aims to raise $200 billion in private and public funds over five years to fund needed infrastructure in developing countries under a G-7 initiative aimed at countering China’s  Belt and Road project

Biden G-7 Statement: His administration pledges $200B to a new Global Infrastructure Partnership that includes major health projects like a massive vaccine plant to produce “hundreds of millions” of doses for Covid-19 and other diseases

Donald Trump shreds top “conservatives” – “Where do these people come from? They have no idea what the MAGA movement is, and even less of an understanding of America First”

Project Veritas: Democrat Senate candidate urges leftist ‘sleepers’ to ‘run as Republicans – “We need them to run as the other side, even though they for our side, we need people to run as Republicans in these local elections”

Let Musk and Market, Not Regulation, Fix Social Media Sites – Regulating social media will always play into the Left’s hands

Tom Cruise’s Anti-Woke ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Sets Box Office Record, Passes $1B Mark – It is the studio’s highest-grossing original release at the domestic box office behind Titanic

CA threatens to punish physicians who dissent from the approved medical agenda regarding COVID, according to a former professor at the UCI School of Medicine and currently a senior scholar at the Brownstone Institute

Dr. Joseph Mercola: COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ Are Gene Therapy – They fulfill all the definitions of gene therapy and none of the definitions for a vaccine

Loss of Social Bonds Leads to Mass Formation Psychosis, Enabling The Rise Of A Totalitarian State – When many people feel disconnected from their social environment they become prone to fanatical belief in an unreasonable narrative

William Barr: Public Schools Are Now So Hostile To Christians, They’re Unconstitutional – Religious devotion, the keystone of ordered liberty in the West, has been under systematic assault by anti-religious “atheocracy”

Outrage Ensues As A Trans Woman, 29, Defeats a 13-Year-Old Girl In a New York City Skateboarding Championship

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Testimony and Remarks, Pandemic Response In preparation for Texas Senate hearings testimony on June 27th

Dr. Toby Rogers: Newly released documents show that the W.H.O. is orchestrating the FDA’s scheme to skip all future clinical trials for Covid-19 shots – Injections forever with no safety data brought to you by the WHO, Gates & CCP

Sierra Pacific, California’s largest private landowner, closes all forestlands to the public indefinitely due to wildfire, drought danger

ZH: Biden will attend the Gulf Cooperation Council meeting in Saudi Arabia next month, with the explicit goal of convincing the GCC to increase the production of crude oil as a tool to reduce gasoline prices in the U.S.

Sharyl Attkisson: The Biden administration is ‘obstructing’ an Afghan investigation – The Biden Administration’s obstruction of the Special Inspector General’s investigation is unprecedented

A mass exodus from the Democrats’ America – What towns and cities gaining population generally have in common both before and during COVID-19 is that they live under laws made by Republicans


The Biden administration signed a five-year contract to take over a facility and will begin housing unaccompanied migrant children smuggled by cartels across the southern border in a North Carolina community

THE O’KEEFE PROJECT – What did O’Keefe do wrong? What makes it a federal case? This much is clear to me: the Biden Justice Department is out to get James O’Keefe

Dr. Toby Rogers: They Are Pushing Covid Shots For Kids To Eliminate The Control Group – The FDA is willing to sacrifice the health of 19 million little kids to cover up the evidence of a crime

A New Museum Bears Witness to Communism’s Horrors and Honors Its Victims – In total, more than 100 million have been killed under communist regimes in the past 100 years

At Least 15 Shot Friday into Saturday Night Across Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

June 25, 2022

The CDC Confirmed A Post-Vaccination Death From TTS Blood Clotting Two Weeks Before Finally Alerting The Public

Up to 40,000 Unvaccinated Army Guard Troops are at Risk of Being Dismissed as the Vaccine Mandate Deadline Looms

Sharyl Attkisson: Media Mistakes in the Biden Era, The Definitive List (Updated)

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is using the recent Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe v. Wade to assert his role as a future national leader of the left and the Democratic Party  – Possibly with a view to a forthcoming run for president

Donald Trump Basks Victory at Rally After Supreme Court Dobbs Decision – Trump praises Supreme Court Justices for not being intimidated by Left-Wing Violence and condemns Democrats for not speaking out about threats more strongly

Undoing the Supreme Court: Pelosi leads Democrats in an effort to codify Roe v. Wade into law – “Our summer of rage has just begun,” vowed the Women’s March, a left-wing advocacy organization. “We’ll see you in the streets”

‘We are Proud Antifa Scum’ –  Radical Activists Publish SIX SCOTUS Justice Addresses And Launch An Intimidation Campaign

The Pentagon has announced that it will refuse to recognize any abortion laws springing from the Supreme Court’s decision that there is no guaranteed right to abortion in the U.S. Constitution

Leftists’ Turn Their Rage on Former Heroes Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Barack Obama in the wake of Roe Ruling – Ginsburg was sick for many years but did not leave the court until she died in 2020

The Biden Administration Is Erasing Immigration Court Cases To Provide ‘De Facto Amnesty’ – Federal prosecutors are to throw out backlogged cases, which could “effectively pardon 1 million people by 2024

Airlines Say An Understaffed FAA Is Responsible For “Crippling” East Coast Traffic – In response to Buttigieg’s warning  that they faced federal government action, presumably including fines, over mounting flight cancellations and delays

ZH: The World Is Failing In Both Energy Affordability And Climate Goals – Nearly half of the $2B increase in investment in 2022 is likely to be eaten up by higher costs rather than bringing additional energy supply capacity or savings

Biden’s Gas Tax Non-Relief – The president’s plan is woefully inadequate, or as some might say, A Complete Joke

Government transparency dims under The Biden Administration – The DOE has withheld records sought under a FOIA request from November and the Department of the Interior has taken down its litigation transparency website

The Ahistorical Secularism of Justice Sotomayor – She takes her cue from the ACLU, not the Founding Fathers

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: The TruthLion Cometh – Testimony and emerging scientific data regarding the Covid genetic inoculations reveal the truth

Plandemic 2.0 Must Be Stopped – Awareness is building that the Covid-19 Pandemic was a “Government Take-Over” We must stop government overreach and people must be held accountable

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Immune Imprinting, Comirnaty and Omicron (part 2) – More details emerge on why the mRNA vaccines are not preventing Omicron infection

Roe Was Never Real Law – A controversial subject that should never have been wrested from the people in their states has now been returned to them

WSJ: Overruling Roe v. Wade, 50 years in the making – The culmination of a conservative judicial movement that rejected the interpretation of constitutional rights underpinning the 1973 decision, taking far longer than many expected

WSJ: Where Abortion Is Legal and Where It Loses Its Protections Without Roe v. Wade – Abortion access across the U.S. now depends on state laws

Are you now or have you ever been a supporter of Donald Trump? – Obviously, the primary purpose of the pseudo-hearing is twofold: Destroy Trump and keep the January Sixth narrative alive, until the November primaries

WSJ: Iran Nuclear Talks Will Resume Soon, Says EU Foreign-Policy Chief – Further negotiations will begin in the coming days, according to Josep Borrell, after talks broke off in March

Biden heads overseas, leaving a world of trouble at home – He is leaving for Europe this weekend for high-stakes meetings with G-7 and NATO allies and partners as Russia notches advances in Ukraine’s east

The Biden administration is quietly dropping charges against tens of thousands of unvetted illegal border crossers and visa overstayers, leaving them with clean records and incredibly, the “right” to apply for green cards and U.S. citizenship

A Father Makes all the Difference – The rise in school shootings correlates with the destruction of the family and the declining number of fathers in the home, with the consequent decline in the moral values of young people

ZH: Satellite imagery revealed that the United States is constructing a new military facility in the Pacific – Possibly preparing an alternative landing site for The US Air Force should their military bases on Guam become inoperable

The FDA’s Proposed “Future Framework” Is The Worst Idea In The History Of Public Health – If approved on June 28, all reformulated Covid-19 shots will skip clinical trials

Covid Vaccines and Fertility – Why is there a substantial decrease in births in Germany and Switzerland – nine months after the beginning of covid mass vaccinations?

New Monkeypox Study Holds Possible Clue to Fast Spread of Virus – Researchers say they have discovered that the virus contains an unusually high number of mutations, which may represent “accelerated evolution”


June 24, 2022

According to a massive survey that looked at the state of media all across the world, America has the least-trusted media on Planet Earth

In a statement released by California Governor Gavin Newsom, the states of California, Oregon, and Washington have come together to guarantee access to abortions for women in the U.S.

What Russia Just Announced About 2 American POWs – Suggesting they are mercenaries, so wouldn’t qualify for the protection of the Geneva Conventions afforded lawful combatants

Obama Calls on Shock Troops to Protest Following Supreme Court’s Decision to Overturn Roe v Wade – “Join Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion troops on the front lines”

Thanking Trump and What Reversing Roe Really Means – He governed as the best pro-life president ever

Mad Maxine Watters Endorses Judicial Nullification and Confrontation – A voice of insanity at a critical moment in our country’s history

Crowds of protesters gathered in America’s major cities to protest the Supreme Court decision on Friday to overturn Roe v. Wade – Traffic in Los Angeles was forced to a standstill as pro-abortion protesters mobbed the freeway

Merrick Garland launches legal insurrection against the US – “We respectfully disagree with the SCOTUS conclusion that the 2nd Amendment forbids NY’s reasonable requirement  for self-defense need to get concealed handgun permits”

Nancy Pelosi Readies New Articles of Impeachment Against Trump, Says ‘Third Time’s The Charm – “Sixteen months is too long to go between Trump impeachments,” she told her Democratic caucus in a secret meeting

ZH: Did Durham Play Us For A Fool? – The federal government doesn’t really investigate itself to successfully prosecute Democrats

The director of the CDC on June 23 falsely claimed that COVID-19 was one of the five top causes of death for children since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic

ZH: Here Comes Deflation: Toyota Asks Suppliers To Lower Prices As Volumes Ramp – Toyota has a history of asking suppliers to share price savings that occur as a result of buying in volume

Activists’ Ideological War On Energy – As they engage in a relentless disinformation campaign to hide the challenges of renewable energy sources, that without sufficient fossil fuel or battery backup will produce rolling blackouts

California tax relief: What’s in the tentative deal? – It includes payments of as much as $1,050 to California residents, but officials caution that the deal isn’t final

Goldman/JPM on Gas Tax Holiday: Don’t Bet on It  – Why Gas A Panic Could Be Worse Than The Toilet Paper Panic

WSJ: The House Approves A Landmark Gun Bill After The Senate passed the measure with bipartisan support – The House follows suit and sends it to President Biden’s desk

SCOTUS Strikes Down Roe v. Wade  – The ruling also reversed the 1992 companion precedent known as Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which held that states can’t impose significant restrictions on abortion before a fetus becomes viable for life outside the womb

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, in issuing an order Friday striking down Roe v. Wade, said that abortion presents a “profound moral question” and notes that the “Constitution does not refer to abortion”

Abortion Laws On A State by State Basic – What Overturning Roe v. Wade Means in Your State With the Supreme Court ruling, access to abortion has shifted dramatically in many US states

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Are Your COVID-injected Friends and Family Members Brain Damaged? Neurological damage is slow to manifest – The list of complications, conditions, and diseases resulting from the COVID shots is nearly endless

Sneaky Joe’s new plan to steal the midterms – The Biden administration doesn’t want the public to know about their federal takeover of election administration – Dozens of members of Congress have repeatedly asked for details, to no avail

Read the Communist Manifesto and you will feel you are reading the marching orders for the Modern Left – It is virtually a complete list of their grievances, such as victimhood, religion, borders, the family, private schools, and private property

Rand Paul: The Gun Control Bill Was Kept ‘Secret’ And Senators Not Allowed Time To Read It – “There doesn’t appear to be a willingness or time provided to read, understand, debate or amend this bill”

6 Ways Mitch McConnell Betrays the Republican Base – I wish we could find an effective way to compel Republican senators to move on from McConnell (and his lackeys) as their leader

The Biden Administration’s Revised Title IX regulations will change the rights of the accused on college campuses, change how children as young as 5 years old are allowed to speak and who is allowed to participate in women’s sports

Putin didn’t cause the gas price to rise – The cost of gasoline was $2.096 a gallon on Election Day 2020 – The date of the invasion of Ukraine was February 24; at that time the price had risen to $3.517 a gallon

Economic Sanctions On Russia: Mission Failed – When you strike at a king, you must kill him.” The West failed to kill the king; if history is any guide, he will come back with a vengeance

ZH: Inflation Is Causing More Americans To Be Nervous About Their Savings – The rise in everyday living expenses due to inflation throughout the country has forced Americans to reassess their household budgets

ZH: Where Things Are At With Elon Musk’s Twitter Purchase – For Musk, three issues need to be resolved: fake accounts, shareholder approval, and debt financing

Ukraine’s Refugees And The Breakup Of The West – The balance of power in Europe is shifting as displaced Ukrainians flow westward

California children’s hospital transgender youth center offers treatments to patients as young as age 3 – UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals says it’s prioritizing “social justice and health equity

The Biden administration declares war on nicotine while giving addicts crack pipes by allocating $30 million for a “harm reduction” program that distributes crack pipes so drug addicts so can use illegal drugs “safely”

Divers Spot Humpback Whale Trapped in Driftnet, Cut Her Free — And Then She Waves ‘Thank You’

June 23, 2022

They Biden administration ordered Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac to develop a housing “equity” plan to hand out down payment money and provide lower interest rates based on race, for buyers with bad credit scores, etc.

Ray Epps Was Worried The Fast-Moving January 6 Crowd Might Interfere With ‘The Plan’  – Man also witnessed Epps directing group that removed 2-by-4 lumber and a long cardboard tube from utility hatch at U.S. Capitol

Biden’s FBI raids Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark, GOP officials, and staffers in multiple states – This comes as the Jan 6 Committee is scheduled to hold their hearing on Jeffrey Clark the same day the story was leaked to The New York Times

The Senate passes a bipartisan gun control bill – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the Safer Communities Act was the first major gun safety legislation to be passed since the Brady Bill in 1994

Joe Biden showed off a card at a WH meeting that gave him simple instructions on what to do or say –  Among the directions on the cheat sheet, captured in a Getty Images photo, was “YOU take YOUR seat” after entering the room

Biden’s Green Hypocrisy – The president’s attempt to lift the federal gas tax exposes the hollowness of climate-change rhetoric

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Deal With the Devil – Xi has emulated Mao in both the political power he has accumulated within China and the aggressive approach to the outside world

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi shoulders much of the blame for the security breakdown at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, a preliminary report from Republican investigators Reps. Jim Banks and Rodney Davis determined

Running Dry in the American West – The drought is especially pronounced in the Colorado River Basin, which supplies water to 40 million people across nine states and irrigates 4 million acres of farmland

Electricity use would surge under California’s new climate plan – California’s sweeping climate plan would increase electricity consumption by as much as 68% by 2045 – which would put an immense strain on the power grid

Legislators, Newsom negotiating behind closed doors over energy deal – The Newsom administration is making the inclusion of certain energy provisions a high priority in the negotiations over his revised budget

In a pathetic bid to reclaim her congressional seat, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney is mailing instructions to Wyoming Democrats on how to vote for her in the state’s upcoming Aug. 16 primary

Are BlackRock and a Mysterious Figure Named “Kimberly Lang” Running the U.S. Government? – When someone is meeting with leaders in and out of our nation almost every day at the White House, there’s a reason to be concerned

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Immune Imprinting, Comirnaty and Omicron (part 1) –  More details emerge on why the mRNA vaccines are not preventing Omicron infection – They are not working, and they are not completely safe

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows two doses of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine yield negative protection against symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection, while a previous infection without vaccination offers about 50% immunity

Media, Health Officials Should ‘Just Tell the Truth’ About COVID Shots for Kids –  Vinay Prasad, M.D. called out the “lies and exaggerations” about COVID-19 vaccines and kids being spread by media and public health officials

Rumors will swirl swiftly after an Arkansas judge sealed the death records of an aide to former President Bill Clinton – The Little Rock, Arkansas, businessman reportedly introduced then-President Clinton to disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein

Yes, The Biden Administration Is Hiding Its Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections – The White House is refusing to share details about its coordinated efforts to engage in a federal takeover of election administration

The Supreme Court Strikes Down The New York Law on Carrying Concealed Weapons – In the widest expansion of gun rights in a decade, the decision puts in question similar laws in at least eight other states and DC

A WELL-DESERVED 2ND AMENDMENT GUT PUNCH TO THE LEFT – This Judgment Didn’t Give The People More Rights . . . It Restricted Government From “Infringing” On Citizen’s Rights

Fed Chairman Powell throwing Biden under the bus – “Would you say the war in Ukraine is the primary driver of inflation?” “No. Inflation was high before the war in Ukraine broke out”

WSJ: Mortgage Rates Continue Rising, Hitting 5.81% – Some lenders are already quoting rates of 6% or more

Clarence Thomas: Expanding The Administrative State Comes At The Expense Of The Constitution – “The whole point was to keep the government in this box … the structure was the main way to protect your liberty”

REDISTRIBUTION, THE ILLEGAL ALIEN EDITION – Suspected illegal immigrant flights are impacting almost every state in the country. They often land in the dark of night at small airports and change airports once locals catch on

Under Biden’s DHS, all dissenters are now ‘domestic extremists’ – By linking border policy opponents to “domestic violent extremists,” the WH can now weaponize its federal security agencies to target them for harassment and persecution

Does the J6 Committee threaten our democracy? – Several House rules were discarded to ensure the right narrative prevails, including jettisoning minority party voices and seemingly lacking any legislative purpose for the Committee’s existence

WSJ: Nuclear Power Is Poised for a Comeback –  The Problem Is Building the Reactors as countries have lost their expertise in building nuclear plants after shunning them for years

Tucker Carlson: We have a Uniparty system in and outside of DC in which the Republican Party does nothing to stand against the Biden regime’s policies – They may object on small issues, but they are all in on the big ones

Red Wave? Please! Don’t Forget What George Wallace Said Back In The Day – “There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties, Democrats and Republicans”

The Federal Gas-Tax Holiday Is a Trap – It would set up a real regulatory basis for hounding retail sellers for alleged “price gouging,” thereby intensifying the assaults on the energy sector

ZH: BIDEN’S GAS TAX HOLIDAY IS DEAD ON ARRIVAL IN CONGRESS – Here Is What Biden Actually Could Do To Lower Gas Prices… But Is Blocked By Environmentalists


Dov Fischer: How Israel’s Government Collapsed as Biden’s Soon Will – When Never Trumpers and Never Netanyahus coalesce with the Left, chaos, and instability ensue, and what follows are collapsing governments

ZH: Biden’s Economic Adviser Asserts That More Government Spending Will Solve Inflation Crisis – Apparently, Americans just don’t understand a good thing when they see it?

ZH: Their Inflation Solutions Are Even Worse Than The Problem – The inflation-fighting plan announced by the White House mostly involves spending more money

Did SCOTUS Just Tip Its Hand For a Friday Drop of Roe v. Wade Decision? – Normally, the Supreme Court does not issue opinions on Friday, but their official website indicates that this Friday opinions will be issued

Trump: “SCOTUS must find reveal and punish the leaker” – “Go to the reporter who received the leak,” he said, calling it “a tremendously serious matter that has never happened, to anywhere near this extent, before”

Restoring The Founders’ Vision Of Religion – The SCOTUS ruling in Carson v. Makin helps restore the meaning of the First Amendment

The Inconvenient Truth About COVID-19 Relief Scandals – It’s very clear now what a scam and waste so much if not all of COVID spending amounted to

A Red Flag for Red Flags – This would allow almost anyone to accuse a gun owner of mental instability, suspected violent tendencies, affiliation with a violent organization, etc., that might conceivably lead them to use a gun against others

The Senate ‘gun safety’ bill is worse even than I thought – Most provisions are useless and it’s unlikely the face-saving demands in the provision funding red flag laws would matter, as judges will rule for seizing guns to be on the safe side

Biden Tries to Dupe Parents – Fearing backlash in the fall, Biden forms a bogus “council” to bamboozle them at the Department of Education

The Candidate That Almost Beat DeSantis May Now Be Headed To Prison – Allegedly, Gillum and Lettman-Hicks diverted money from his political committee to pay Gillum directly, defrauding campaign mega-donors and other organizations

The Push For Permanent Vote-By-Mail – A progressive activist you’ve never heard of sits at the center of efforts to remake the American election system

June 22, 2022

Victor Davis Hanson: Why the Left Will Cut Biden Loose – Democrats will soon find no further reason to cover for Joe Biden’s own serial abhorrent personal behavior on matters of financial probity, sex, race, and truthfulness

The Jan. 6th Committee is More Dangerous to Democracy Than Jan. 6th – We’re less than two weeks into their televised kangaroo court during which they’ve already admitted they do not plan to make any criminal referrals to the DOJ

The ‘I Guess We Should Do Something’ Gun Control Bill Does Little But Erode Rights – In their rush to ‘do something,’ Republicans are supporting a vague, open-ended bill that will almost surely be abused

Sizing Up The Proposed Gun Bill – The Senate’s compromise legislation would likely have a modest impact—on both firearms violence and Second Amendment rights

Retired US Major General Vallely: People Have to Stand Up Before We Have A Civil War – He is concerned about a potential communist takeover and also about the mandatory COVID vaccination of all members of the military

A Warning Was Just Issued Of Biden’s ‘Five Stages Of Grief’ – Some suggest that the crises America is going through are not by accident but by design so socialists can implement their Green New Deal

Inflation as a Political Power Play Gone Wrong – As a result, the West’s authorities now face an impossible choice: push conglomerates and states into cascading bankruptcies or allow inflation to go unchecked

ZH: Russia is done with the West and the divorce is nearly complete –  In the past few days we’ve heard from all major Russian leaders the same thing –  “The West will play by our rules now”

Clarence Thomas: How liberal policies have killed black communities

An analysis of Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccine trials found the mRNA shots are more likely to land a recipient in the hospital than to protect against a severe adverse event

Reactivation of The Chickenpox Virus Following COVID-19 Injections is on the Rise – Federal health authorities, however, say there is no connection between the vaccinations and shingles

A Pfizer and Moderna Analysis Re-do – Combined, the mRNA vaccines were associated with an absolute risk increase of serious adverse events of special interest of 12.5 per 10,000 (95% CI 2.1 to 22.9)

A study published last week in Environment International showed 29 endocrine disruptors — at levels more than 100-fold greater than acceptable exposure rates — in the urine samples of 98 Danish men

A senior Army official says the U.S. Army is strongly considering pushing the June 30 deadline for compliance with the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate far into the future, but will not announce the date change until closer to, the new deadline

Sharyl Attkisson: The watchdog group Judicial Watch has obtained over 600 pages of records that reportedly reveal “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) instruction is taking place at the US Military Academy, West Point

The Rise & Risks of Central Bank Digital Currencies – Issues raised in the House Committee hearing on CBDCs included risks to the public of mass surveillance and targeting of citizens who are critical of the regime

Bill Gates Buys Massive Amount of Farmland in North Dakota, But the State AG Just Stepped in – Gates’ position as the single largest owner of American farmland puts him in a unique position to potentially harm ranchers and cattlemen

The 2,670-mile Freedom March of James Topp from Vancouver, BC to the Nation’s Capital in Ottawa is close to completing for Canada Day. He is gaining significant Citizen Support which will help in forming a new Canadian Citizens Coalition

The dirtiest and cleanest beaches in California, according to Heal the Bay

The Senate compromise ‘gun safety’ bill is here – At a first hasty glance, it does seem that Republicans at least tried to insert some level of protection

Here Are the 14 Republicans Who Just Voted to Advance the Senate Gun Control Bill Opposed by the National Rifle Association – The 64-34 vote was the first procedural hurdle facing the legislation

Most independent and Republican voters believe that the government would ultimately abuse “red flag” laws, according to a Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey released Wednesday found

J6 Committee, Spare Me Your ‘Insurrection’ Hysteria – Democrats and the MSM tried to distract and avoid truthfully reporting on Biden’s disastrous administration. If there was enough evidence of criminality to indict Trump, it would have happened already

NPR visits a swing district — and much to its surprise learns that voters don’t care about the Democrats’ January 6 hearings – Nobody cares about the January 6 shit show while inflation is ravaging the country

Rasmussen Poll: Only 11 percent of Americans believe the Biden administration’s narrative that Vladimir Putin is to blame for record-high gas prices, with the majority blaming Biden’s poor energy policies instead

Inflation: Raise rates or sell assets – Powell needs to begin quantitative tightening and sell off the Fed’s balance sheet, but Chuck and Nancy want to continue the borrowing and spending, and expect the Fed, to keep printing the money

Here are five unassailable reasons that justify impeaching Joe Biden – This is not meant to be a complete list, but it will do for starters

What do rising mortgage interest rates mean? – Your loss of purchasing power goes to the government when it uses the newly created money, via inflation, to buy things that it could not otherwise afford

Biden to Ask Congress to Suspend Gas Tax for 3 Months Amid Soaring Energy Prices – Amounting to a reprieve of 18 cents a gallon on gas and 24 cents a gallon on diesel through the end of September

JD Rucker: Biden’s Travel Crisis: Over 1,000 Airline Pilots Protested in Impressive Display of Coordination and Solidarity – They expressed various messages highlighting the challenges they’re facing

A new study on Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine showed that men receiving the jab suffered a sustained loss in sperm count. – The news comes after years of mockery by corporate media outlets over the concern, as well as false “fact checks”

Memo To The Clintons: Please Go Away And Don’t Come Back –  The Clintons are back at the top of the news, claiming in recent separate interviews that we are at risk of “losing our democracy”

A New Bloomberg Study Estimates A 72% Chance the Fed’s Rate Hikes Will Trigger Recession by 2024 – The report came out just as the Federal Reserve made its largest hike in interest rates since 1994 in an attempt to cool down inflation

The Real Question Is… Why Would Pelosi Welcome an Attack on the Capitol on January 6? – So many still unanswered questions

Milton Friedman – “There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”

JD Rucker: ANOTHER Young Professional Athlete Dies Mysteriously and Nobody’s Mentioning the Covid Vaccines – Just yesterday, similarly-aged former NBA player Caleb Swanigan died of “natural causes”

June 21, 2022

ABC/Ipsos Poll: Just nine percent of Americans are following the January 6 committee’s televised hearings “very closely” – The partisan Committee will delay its congressional hearings for several weeks

There Are Still Pioneers in America And Cole Summers Was One – By 10 years old, the Utah boy had bought and was running a 350-acre farmstead. This is what it looks like to be unafraid to try

The real cause of recent flight delays – The primary cause is not weather or similar routine disruptions, but ripple effects caused by vaccine mandates demanded by the Biden administration and the Democrat Controlled Congress

Biden lets in 1 million illegal border crossers or perhaps 2 million – Court filings in the case are giving us the best picture yet of what the Biden administration is doing on the U.S.-Mexico border. And the news is very, very bad

Biden’s Relentless War on the Border Targets Law Enforcement, Not Illegals – While Biden gives illegals free cell phones and tickets to ride virtually anywhere in America, he punishes diligent Border Patrol agents for doing their jobs


Democrats are supposedly very serious about inflation – But one of the biggest drivers of inflation, at least according to the most recent Consumer Price Index report, has not elicited even a peep from the political class: the soaring cost of housing

ZH: EIA: US Refining Capacity Sinks To Near Decade Low – Falling this year to 17.94 million barrels a day as of January 1, down from 18.09 million BPD on January 1 last year. U.S. refining capacity is now the lowest it’s been since 2014

The Fed’s Controlled Demolition To Leave Workers With Less Bargaining Power – Employees will be worse off as the number of open positions evaporate amid the ongoing (but soon to change) shortage

Biden wants money to fend off a second pandemic and says all American babies should get a Covid vaccination – “We don’t just need more money for vaccines for children, we need more money to fend off the second pandemic” 

Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children – Two-thirds of the children dropped out of the vaccine trials!

In response to a Freedom of Information Request, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week admitted it never analyzed the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System for safety signals for COVID-19 vaccines

The case reports included in Pfizer clinical trial documents, released June 1 by the U.S. FDA, reveal a trend of classifying almost all adverse events — and in particular severe adverse events — as being “not related” to the vaccine

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) violated drug reimbursement rules for low-income patients in a blistering decision that the media is largely ignoring

Gun bill details agreed to by a bipartisan group of four key Senate negotiators  – A final gun bill text released in wake of several mass shootings, could pass before July 4

Trump-endorsed Katie Britt defeats Rep. Mo Brooks in the Alabama Senate Republican run-off

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) pledged on Tuesday to sell out the American people by trying to advance amnesty for illegal aliens after striking a deal on gun control

Hard-Left @FiveThirtyEight declares Biden the most unpopular president in recorded history at this point in his tenure – More so than any of his predecessors where polling data exists, going back nearly 90 years

Deutsche Bank says the US is heading for a deeper recession than previously expected, with unemployment set to jump – Since the Fed hiked interest rates by 0.75% last week, more Wall Street analysts agree

SCOTUS: The First Amendment Bans States from Excluding Religious Schools from School-Choice Programs – A huge victory for religious parents to educate their children in the school of their choice on the same terms as non-religious parents

SCOTUS: With only 13 opinions left to hand down before the end of the term, a consequential ruling over abortion access will likely be one of the last decisions announced before the high court’s July recess

SCOTUS rejected Bayer’s appeal to shut down thousands of lawsuits claiming that its Roundup weedkiller causes cancer – This lawsuit had served as a test case for thousands of similar lawsuits

WSJ: U.S. Existing-Home Sale Prices Hit Record of $407,600 in May – Home sales decline 3.4% as mortgage-interest rates climb

New York’s attorney general Letitia James has President Trump in a Catch-22 – She has accused him of following the rules of accounting, which she claims is a violation of the law

Twitter’s board of directors unanimously recommends Musk’s takeover bid – Elon Musk’s deal would take Twitter private at $54.20 a share

Elon Musk Says 3 Issues Must be Resolved Before Twitter Buyout Can Move Ahead – Experts Say Zero Chance Deal Closes as Currently Structured

ZH: Ukrainian authorities have banned the country’s main opposition party and seized all its assets – This undermines the narrative that President Zelensky is presiding over a beacon of democracy

ZH: Oil Jumps, Crack Spread Near A Record After The Market Ignores The Latest Idiocy From The Biden Administration

ZH: The Netherlands is following in the footsteps of neighboring Germany and lifting a cap on production by coal-fired power stations to prevent a winter energy crisis amid a drop in gas supplies from Russia

ZH: DEFCON 2… Or Cutting Off The Nose To Spite The Face – I remain extremely worried about food inflation

ZH: We Now See The Fed Moving Toward An Attempted Controlled Unwind Position – Inflation is forcing central bankers to allow price discovery

An 18-year-old explains why young White men are becoming radicalized – It’s almost like the goal of the left is to demoralize and demonize young men — the group most likely to challenge our ruling class

Gallup Poll: The Number Of Americans Who Believe In God Takes A Dive – The Gallup poll found young adults and people on the left of the political spectrum is where a belief in God is declining

The Progressive Grievance Parade – Young woke progressives are exceptionally hard to work with, and they see each other that way, so a staff of young woke progressives makes progressive organizations nearly impossible to manage

Gun arguments are similar to identity scrums; facts, research, and science do not matter – Few rifles, including the AR-15, are used for murder as the weapon of choice for more than half of the nation’s homicides is a semi-automatic handgun

Sharyl Attkisson: Republicans raise ethics concerns over Biden student loan forgiveness – The WH proposal is to reportedly forgive at least $10,000 in student debt for millions of federal student loan borrowers with household incomes up to $300,000

JD Rucker: Covid Jabs INCREASE The Risk of Infection According to New England Journal of Medicine – This isn’t news to those who have been paying close attention, but that it’s finally getting acknowledged is a breakthrough

Democrats loathe Lauren Boebert, an outspoken supporter of Trump, gun rights, and an opponent of vaccine mandates, abortion, and green energy mandates – Here is a hit piece ad against her, which Google’s YouTube has no problems with

The Liberal Mind In Action – Somehow, I am not surprised they would do something like this

John Daniel Davidson: Border Dispatch, Part II: ‘The Cartel Controls Everything Here Now’ – The ongoing border crisis has transformed illegal immigration into an industrial-scale international smuggling black market

Our military exists to defend America against foreign enemies, whether the battle is fought overseas or ends on American soil – Unfortunately, as we face today’s various threats, our Navy is focused like a laser on pronouns

Tip of the invasion iceberg: DHS released nearly 100K, illegal aliens, in just one month – This is, in fact, a controlled and purposeful mass migration, although there are many more that got away by funneling through our border during the chaos

The Lies Behind Lab-Cultured Fake Meat – It is produced from animal tissue cells grown in a fetal bovine serum made from the blood of cow fetuses and relies on the slaughter of cows and unborn calves, which are drained of their blood while alive

A Japanese Court Ruled That Gay Marriage Is Not Protected By Their Constitution And Said Marriage Is For Bearing And Raising Children, In Their Ruling To Uphold Their Gay Marriage Ban

A kidnapped Florida man saved himself by driving erratically to get pulled over by the police – After a search of the vehicle, officers found guns, knives, and large amounts of cash

BIG TECH Big Tech’s Sticky Fingers Are Still at Work in Washington – Predatory infringement works as a business strategy because Big Tech has lobbied its political allies in Washington to rewrite the patent laws in its favor

The Disaster Continues: CNN Ratings Keep Falling At Historic Levels – CNN is in lock-step with the Democratic Party, acting as essentially another branch of their communications department

June 20, 2022

5 Reasons a Republican Congress Must Subpoena Adam Schiff – Schiff has been the main culprit in the abuse of congressional powers to persecute the opposition

Liberated Ethnic Studies Comes to California K-5 Classrooms  – The foundations of ‘teaching hard history’ are identical to the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory

Biden and the Loss of Respect for America – Putin’s contempt for Biden has been confirmed

The Democrat Incendiaries – From Schumer to “Jane’s Revenge” to Joe Biden, they are setting the stage for political violence in reaction to a final ruling in Dobbs that could overturn Roe vs Wade

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review a dispute over voter ID laws in North Carolina just months before November’s crucial midterm elections

A Police Report Proves Plainclothes Electronic Surveillance Unit Members Were Embedded Among Jan. 6 Protesters –  Embedded ESU members wore a specific “bracelet on their left wrist identifying them as MPD personnel”

Five major cities are on track to surpass their 2021 homicide totals – Numbers spiked 25% in Milwaukee, 13% in DC and Atlanta, and more than 7% in Baltimore and Los Angeles

The Assault on Children’s Psyches – California’s ethnic-studies curriculum is fueling a mental-health crisis among teenagers, schools compulsively tell children how awful it is to be white and white people enjoy unearned privilege

WSJ: Semiconductor Dependency Imperils American Security – The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act is only the first step in preventing Chinese dominance

Merrick Garland’s shameful inaction  – His failure to prosecute pro-choice extremists that harassed SCOTUS Justices is indefensible

Conrad Black: The Trump Haters Are Now Desperate – Americans remember that he was a very successful president, despite unrelenting partisan harassment, much of it illegal, so barring terrible tactical errors, of which he’s capable, Trump will be back

Ghislaine Maxwell Touted Her Connection to Bill Clinton As A Reason For A Lesser Sentence Because She Helped Launch His Global Initiative

DeSantis: ‘There Is No Proven Benefit’ For Babies To Get COVID Jabs, ‘We Recommend Against It’  –  Florida will not require infants to receive COVID-19 vaccines, and he stressed that his government recommends against it

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome – Underlying factors include undiagnosed myocarditis, inflammatory conditions, and other conditions that cause irregularities in the electrical system of the heart, thereby triggering cardiac arrest

The first interior image released in the Uvalde school shooting shows officers with more firepower than previously believed – Officers stood in a hallway armed with rifles and at least one ballistic shield

Nearly three-fourths of NIH grantees fail to properly report their researchers’ ties to foreign countries and companies, according to an investigation by the Department of Health and Human Services Inspector-General

A Freedom Manifesto – We are defending the Freedom to live, love, raise families, be safe, speak openly, educate our children, prosper, and pray without Government Tyranny; and we are peacefully joining together to “Take Back Our Lives”

CA Democrats Abandon Gas Tax Holiday And Announce A New Committee to Investigate Gas Price Gouging –  Californians don’t need another dead-end study, they need relief now

California lawmakers on Monday finally sent Governor Gavin Newsom a hot potato of a bill that would bar police from making arrests on a charge of loitering for prostitution, nine months after the measure passed the Legislature

What La Niña means for California’s summer – Now it’s summer, California’s driest season and drought conditions are only expected to worsen as NOAA is predicting a hotter-than-average summer for the entire state

The radical left targets Amy Coney Barrett – Pro-choice activists protested outside her house over the weekend, donning fake-blood-stained clothes and holding baby dolls

The misleadingly named “Civics Secures Democracy Act” (CSDA) reintroduced in Congress will allow the administration to push CRT on public schools – The $6 billion grant creates a de facto national curriculum, just like Common Core

January 6 Was Not A Coup Attempt – There had to have been a realistic path by which some action on that day could have resulted in Donald Trump remaining president of the United States

D’Souza’s Mules Left Tracks -It provides compelling evidence of a massive, centrally coordinated conspiracy to commit vote fraud, prima facie evidence of central organization and management

Jesse Watters Reveals Who Is Actually Running America

A WH Health Official Made A False Claim About COVID-19 Vaccines  Saying No serious Vaccine Side Effects – Severe allergic reactions, blood clotting, heart inflammation, and paralysis are among the serious side effects that have been reported

Who foments violence in America? – Criminals run free in Democrat-run cities throughout the country as Soros-backed D.A.s allow the homicidal, drug-addled among our increasingly violent population to run free to do what they do

Biden pledged that the U.S. will collaborate with foreign and domestic partners to ensure that refugees stateside have access to healthcare and shelter, and opportunities to pursue livelihoods and education that allow them to rebuild their lives here

Biden is making already-high gas prices higher – Demand destruction or demand slowdowns will not a fix this problem – There is only one long-term fix to this problem, and that is an increase in investment in production

Professor of Economics: The Biden Administrations Sanctions on Russia and Anti-Oil Policy Give A Competitive Edge to China – They’re now shipping much more of their fossil energy to China and India, who are willing still to deal with Russia

ZH: Inflation Is Dominating Headlines, But Deflation Is What Investors Should Fear – We need to look at the difference between the consumer price index (CPI) and the producer price index (PPI)

I&I/TIPP Poll: 64% said Biden “is responsible for inflation” choosing either “very responsible” (38%) or “somewhat responsible” (26%). – 25% answered “not responsible”, with 17% saying “not very responsible” and 8% saying “not at all responsible”

Average monthly car payments hit a record high in May as the cost of new vehicles soared – In part due to higher interest rates and a dwindling supply chain as the average price of a new vehicle rose to $47,418

A brave nurse describes the devastating carnage related to forced Covid vaccinations she witnessed in Australia

THE O’KEEFE PROJECT: TUCKER GOES TO TOWN – He opened his show Friday evening with an 18-minute segment on Ashley Biden’s diary, and while it has seems that the government is out to get O’Keefe, it hasn’t panned out for them

The war on America’s suburbs has opened a new front – Buried in President Biden’s proposed budget for 2023 is a $10-billion bribe for suburban communities to remove zoning barriers to high-density housing

Disney’s Woke ‘Lightyear’ Bombed All over the World – Do you have any idea how insane and out-of-touch Disney must be to invest $300 million in a movie that includes homosexuality? And not just any kind of movie—a kiddie movie

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Most Journalists are Scientifically Unqualified – Why does anyone rely on reporters to interpret scientific articles?

More than half a dozen affordable housing projects in California are costing more than $1 million per apartment to build, making it harder to house the growing numbers of low-income Californians who need help paying rent

Juneteenth: Only 24 States Give Workers Day Off Since Biden Declared Federal Holiday in 2021 – Only 60 percent of Americans in 2022 are aware of why the day was designated a holiday, up from 37 percent in 2021

June 19, 2022

The CDC says “severe reactions” to the COVID vaccines are rare. – However, a new poll of Americans shows that 1% of people who get the jab (2M Americans over 18) are so seriously COVID vaccine-injured that they are unable to hold a job

THE NEXT WAR? – It is very likely the case that the next major war has started. No, not the Russia-Ukraine War, which could yet spread to the rest of Europe if we’re unlucky we are talking about an Israel-Iran War

Dov Fischer: How Donald Trump Saved the GOP – Unlike all his Republican predecessors since Ronald Reagan, he fought for his beliefs and was never afraid, and in so doing, he gave a dead party new life

Lawmakers see major security hole after 15 suspected terrorists cross the border  – Agents are overwhelmed processing the nearly quarter-million illegal migrants who are crossing monthly so more dangerous players are sneaking across undetected

Tucker Carlson: What Should Be Done to Colbert’s Staffers Arrested Inside The Capital After Hours Without Authorization – They should be locked up in “solitary confinement” for 1 1/2, based on the precedent set by the treatment of Jan. 6 prisoners

Joe Biden’s Energy Jihad – Biden, “I want you to just take a look, I want you to look into my eyes. I guarantee you, I guarantee you, we are going to end fossil fuel and I am not going to cooperate with them”

Victor Davis Hanson: Biden and Oil: Destroy America to Save It – Our current oil shortage didn’t arise from a foreign war, but from a deliberate policy to curtail oil production to force a more rapid transition to battery-powered transportation

RENEWABLES ARE GOING NOWHERE – The fundamental problem with wind and solar power is that they generate electricity less than half the time, and as a result, the ballyhooed “green revolution” has fizzled

Joe Biden’s approval rating is down to the lowest in his presidency, at only 32 percent approval and 57 percent disapproval, according to the CIVIQS rolling job-approval average as of Saturday

Compassion Is Conservative, Contempt Is Communist – Educated, white, suburban women thought they would have a friendly grandpa when they voted for Joe Biden, instead, they’ve lost their 401Ks and they have to buy expensive groceries

ZH: Fed up with the red tape or troubled by their country’s trajectory, one in four American expatriates are either planning to renounce their citizenship or seriously considering it

Texas Republicans passed a resolution on June 18 stating that President Joe Biden was “not legitimately elected,” and that “substantial” election fraud in key metropolitan areas influenced the results of the 2020 presidential election in favor of Biden

Health experts claimed the FDA “fully approved” the Pfizer Inc.-BioNTech COVID-19 shots called Comirnaty, but Pfizer now revealed they won’t be available,  ever! – So Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot has been for emergency use, and experimental

The Lords of Scarcity – Corporations and financial special interests have long realized that environmentalism is a means to control markets and capital – These water owners are the Lords of Scarcity, and California is their citadel

An appellate court has ruled that an insured restaurant can seek COVID-19 shutdown damages – The Oceana Grill had originally lost their request to seek damages from its insurer, but that decision has now been reversed on appeal

ZH: The Criminal Order Beneath The ‘Chaos’ Of San Francisco’s Tenderloin – Crime in the Tenderloin is out of control, everyone knows it’s organized and cartel-backed – They don’t think it’s worth it to stop it, because nothing’s going to change 

FINA Restricts Transgender Swimmers: Lia Thomas Banned from Women’s Events Under New Standard – The new policy dictates that transgender swimmers must “have completed their transition by age 12 to be able to compete”

WSJ: Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal have dramatically raised the probability of recession, now putting it at 44% in the next 12 months – A level usually seen only on the brink of or during actual recessions

Texas ‘Triple Threat’ Leads Hispanic Voters’ Seismic Shift Toward GOP – Republican Mayra Flores’s special election victory Tuesday is the latest of the mounting evidence that Hispanic voters are inching away from the Democrat Party

A Trump 2024 launch before November could become a problem for the GOP – An early candidacy would dilute Republican messaging focused on Biden and boost moribund Democratic enthusiasm, shrinking the size of the red wave

Kevin D. Williamson: Here Comes Fiscal Armageddon – Without some serious policy changes, we won’t stave off a catastrophic economic crisis forever

Rep. Matt Gaetz: Biden’s IRS Spent Approximately $700,000 on Ammo ‘Between March and June 1’ – He painted a dire scenario where the government reduces ammunition production “and, on the other hand, [soaks] up the supply of it”

Does Nuclear Energy Have a Future in the US? – Outside the US, nuclear is entering a golden era, especially in China – According to the U.S. Department of Energy, GENERATION IV plants “offer impressive safety features, are easy to construct and affordable to maintain

Anti-Trump Peggy Noonan is out of control – The gist of her recent column was to advise Mr. Trump’s voters to abandon him in 2024 because he “would surely lose”

Colleen Huber NMD: Unvaccinated Kids Are Alright – Old dogma, made new again, asserts that COVID itself has caused injuries that are more likely attributed to lockdowns, masks, and the vaccines themselves

SCHADENFAUCI – Fauci’s terror campaign pushed that Covid-19 was the end of the world unless we ceased all social and economic interaction, locked ourselves in the basement indefinitely, and wore six multiple masks

Meet Kitty Demure, a drag queen who tells the truth about drag and children – Not all drag queens want to perform in front of children

June 18, 2022

Three things Biden has done that increased gas prices – Drilling leases, chocking regulations, and negative rhetoric

The Deeply Satisfying Destruction of the Ruling Elite They’ve earned every humiliation that’s coming to them – The recent San Francisco recalls could be but a small taste of what’s coming in November

ZH: Our Economy In A Nutshell – The economy has reached an inflection point where everything that is unsustainable finally starts unraveling, as the days of cheap energy disappear

ZH: House Democrats Propose A 1,000% Tax On AR-15s – Which would of course mean only people with lots of money, such as drug dealers and rich people, could afford them while punishing lower-income Americans

Sharyl Attkisson: Senator Johnson says data from The Department of Veterans Affairs shows Covid vaccine & mandates are ineffective

A Possible Link of Neuromyelitis Optica After A COVID-19 Vaccination – It occurs in healthy individuals around two weeks after Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines. Patients already affected experience an exacerbation of symptoms

Tucker Carlson Hits Joe Biden on His Use of FBI as “Secret Police” to Bury Details of Showers With His Young Daughter

Did Ashley Biden reveal her father, Joe, is a creep to the point of pedophilia? – It’s no secret that Joe Biden has an unwholesome obsession with little children, especially little girls as can’t seem to keep his eyes, his hands, or his nose off them

Sharyl Attkisson: The DHS’s Disinformation Governance Board was planning to serve as a central clearinghouse to respond to matters that the government unilaterally deemed to be mis-, dis- or mal-information (MDM)

How Trump Became the Only One – The biggest unintended consequence of “The Left” trying to turn the world against Donald Trump by constantly dwelling on him is that he is the only one whose name everyone in the world knows

The D.C. Swamp hates Trump because he represents the real America – Why was it necessary to pack the January 6 Committee with Trump haters? The answer: Because Trump is an existential threat to the DC swamp!

WSJ: The Crypto Party Is Over – The cryptocurrency industry was built on swagger, enthusiasm, and optimism. All three are in short supply these days, as losses and layoffs mount

ZH: A Housing Crash Imminent Is As Mortgage Rates Explode Price Cuts Soar And Buyer Demand Collapses – 30Y mortgage rates soared to above 6%


June 17, 2022

Biden abuses Defense Production Act for solar panels – The Defense Production Act is supposed to promote the national defense, not used by the president authoritarian to temporarily nationalize select industries for political purposes

ZH: Why Food Inflation Is Only Getting Started – The US has just experienced an 8.8% increase in food prices, but this doesn’t take into account the spiraling costs farmers are now experiencing and will be passed along as we move forward

In Battle Against Soaring Inflation, Fed Chief Powell Is Out-to-Lunch – Some Fed officials had questionable stock-trading activity dating back to 2020 and the start of a massive quantitative easing (QE) program

Read a transcript of Elon Musk’s first Twitter all-hands meeting – Topics ranged from layoffs to aliens to who will be CEO and what will change once he takes control

The January 6 Committee’s Bogus Insurrection Incitement Charge – Trump did no such thing, and whatever happened at the Capitol that day, calling it an insurrection has always been a stretch of ludicrous proportions

A Cretinous Beltway Reproduction of a Stalinist Show Trial  – Are January 6 Committee Members Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger accomplices after the fact?

One Year Later: 5 Republicans Who Voted for Trump’s Impeachment Have Learned What It Cost Them

The Age of Active Shooters – There are sensible answers to a senseless problem – We know beforehand who is going to commit these acts because they invariably exhibit a network of behavioral cues that scream trouble

A Tyranny Brews In DC – One of the hallmarks of authoritarianism is the crushing of free expression – speaking against the state is not allowed. What, then, are we to make of the Biden administration’s efforts to silence Americans?

The New White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse – With amorphous powers similar to the Disinformation Governance Board, the task force has until Dec. 13 to tackle the issue, which includes working with Big Tech 

ZH: A Deflationary Tsunami Is On Deck: A “Tidal Wave” Of Discounts And Crashing Prices – “We are likely to see a tidal wave of discounts that carry us through December because 2022 inventory orders have already been placed”

ZH: China Launches 3rd, Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier, Making PLA Navy ‘World’s Largest Multi-Carrier Force – The Type-003 carrier is comparable in size to the U.S. Navy’s Nimitz and Ford classes

ZH: Only 28% Of Americans Support Trans Athletes Being Allowed To Compete In Female Sports – The WP/University of Maryland survey asked whether “transgender women should not be allowed to compete in college or professional sports

1.3 Million Reports of Injuries After COVID Vaccines, VAERS Data Show, as CDC Meets to Rubber-Stamp Shots for Kids Under 5 – Includes 28,859 deaths and 238,412 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and June 10, 2022

More Vaccine-Injured Pilots Speak Out as Groups Pressure Airlines And Regulators to End Mandates – Pilots discuss COVID-19 vaccine injuries and the “hostile” industry environment injured and unvaxxed pilots must navigate

Rand Paul slams Fauci for ‘not having any evidence to back their recommendation for Covid boosters for kids

A New Dating App For Young Conservatives Made By Former Top Trump Aide John McEntee – The Right Stuff, promises to help young conservatives, primarily in large liberal cities, to meet and date each other

Pablo Nava-Jaimes, 31, whose bail was cut from $5 million to $100,000 after firing ten rounds at police officers while fleeing in a 100-mph car chase is an illegal immigrant who has been deported seven times

The Gun deal in jeopardy after senators fail to agree on gun confiscation red flags – Republicans walked out of the talks on Thursday evening after hours of negotiations

Biden a large illegal migrant caravan move into the U.S. with no effort to stop it, but  Texas’s governor, isn’t – Abbott and his Mexican counterpart in Coahuila, signed a security agreement two months ago to keep the border area secure

Biden’s Oil Tantrum – Environmentalist activism is one of the reasons for declining refinery capacity in the U.S. – refineries can’t be built in places where people live, and they can’t be built in places where people don’t live, so they just don’t get built

The European Union’s executive arm on Friday recommended making Ukraine a candidate for EU membership, a morale booster, and a first step on what is expected to be a long road for the war-torn country to join the 27-nation bloc

ZH: Hold On To Your Seat! – The S&P is in “bear market” territory, a decline of 20% or more from recent highs. – Since WW II, there have been 14 bear markets, with a median loss during these bear markets of 30%, and they lasted about a year

The establishment media this week finally slammed President Joe Biden for his war on American oil amid average national gas prices upwards of $5.00 per gallon

ZH: “The Country Is Going To Learn That A Recession Is Worse For Votes Than High Inflation” – Maybe, hiking 75 bps into a rapidly weakening economy isn’t the best idea

WSJ: Recession Fears Surge Among CEOs, Survey Suggests – More than 60% of executives see a recessionary period in the next 12 to 18 months, according to the Conference Board survey

The Senate Armed Services Committee panel advances an $858 billion bill that supports Ukraine and Taiwan, boosts munition production, kills the A-10, and requires women to register for the draft

The January 6 Committee Completely Ignores Clear Evidence Of Mass Illegal Voting, Systematically Broken Election Laws – In its attempt to blame former President Donald Trump for the crimes committed on January 6, 2021

VP Kamala Harris to lead the Biden’s latest disinformation task force, which appears to be disguised as programs and policies – White House officials claim it is intended to protect “political figures” and journalists from “misinformation” as well as “abuse”

Sharyl Attkisson: Why America doesn’t trust the CDC – Here’s one example illustrating why

The Democrat Party Finds a Scapegoat at our Seaports – Shipping lines aren’t in the business of moving freight anymore as they are in the business of moving equipment in 20′, 40′, and 45′ containers that most cargo is shipped in

ELON MUSK MEETS THE TWITTER CREW – “I think it’s essential to have free speech, multiple opinions should exist on Twitter to make sure that we do not sort of driving a narrative”

Five SpaceX Employees Who Publicly Complained About CEO Elon Musk Just Paid the Price – “Your Fired”

Must-see TV: A new TV ad holds Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer accountable for his threat to Justice Kavanaugh

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks has been ordered to be extradited from Britain to the US to face charges of espionage and hacking – Assange was on the run for seven years before his incarceration in a London prison

The troubling implications of Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s hot mic revelations regarding The troubling consequences of Jake Sullivan’s hot mic revelations

June 16, 2022

Dr. Joseph Mercola: 97.8 Percent of Mass Shootings Are Linked to This – This debate leads them away from the elephant in the room and one of the fundamental issues  — Mental health and anti-depressant prescription drugs

ZH: California’s latest attempt to Drive Business out of the state – Detailed pay data reports based on race, ethnicity, and sex within each job category would be submitted and also made available to the public under SB 1162

Bidenflation blast: Dow falls below 30K while mortgage rates skyrocket – Yesterday’s ‘unexpected’ report on a drop in consumer spending in May doesn’t help with investor confidence, either

A Blight on the Presidency and our Nation – The Biden administration’s executive order encouraging “Affirming Care” and gender transition is final confirmation that the support for procedures deforming and sterilizing children goes to the top

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was at a loss to explain how the new internet policy task force formed on Thursday is any different than the dissolved Ministry of Truth

Why Is Merrick Garland Smiling?  – The unprecedented collaboration between the Justice Department and Congress to target political foes of the regime endangers the rights of hundreds of Trump-supporting Americans

Exxon Mobil fired back at Biden’s letter calling on U.S. energy producers to bring “near-term solutions” to address rising gas prices – “In the short term, the U.S. government could enact measures often used in emergencies”

Pfizer will stop enrollment in a clinical trial for Paxlovid, its COVID-19 antiviral pill for standard-risk COVID-19 patients after the latest results suggested the drug did not reduce symptoms or hospitalizations and deaths to a statistically significant degree

Don’t read this if you’re vaccinated – A new Science Magazine paper suggests the vaccines are useless if not harmful against Omicron – Breakthrough Omicron infections occur their T-cell response is biased toward earlier versions of Sars-Cov-2

38,983 Deaths and 3,530,362 Injuries Following COVID Shots in The European Database as Mass Funeral for Children Who Died After Pfizer Vaccine Are Held in Switzerland

Vaccine Response to COVID-19 Was Pre-Planned – There were 1,223 deaths within 90 days of the release of the Pfizer program, worldwide – The standard is typically 50 deaths for some widely used product, [and it’s] taken off the market”

The Biden administration plans to extend the emergency declaration over COVID-19 before it expires, a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) official indicated on June 16

‘A Great Night!’: Trump Celebrates Primary Wins in Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina – Former President Donald Trump was excited to see many political candidates he endorsed have secured victory in recent primary races

A Teen Who Allegedly Opened Fire at High School Released on Bail Less Than 24 Hours After Incident – The teen was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm, disturbing school activity, and also possessing a dangerous weapon

California would be the first state to require gun owners to buy liability insurance to cover the negligent or accidental use of their firearms if lawmakers approve a measure announced Thursday

How I Almost Didn’t Graduate From Stanford Due To Their Covid Booster Mandate – I haven’t lived on campus since November and Stanford announced its booster mandate in December

The Biden Recession Has Arrived – Bad fiscal policy, bad monetary policy, and terrible energy policy created this record-high inflation, so let’s review just some of the economic carnage of recent days

A New Poll Is Going to Make Democrats’ Heads Explode – They have been trying to save themselves by smearing Republicans, but when it comes to the “preservation of American democracy,” American people prefer the Republicans

Joe Biden must reject China’s illegal claim over the Taiwan Strait – Escalating its global assault on democratic sovereignty and international law, China has now declared sole ownership over the Taiwan Strait

Gaslighting: Former President Barack Obama installed propane tanks at his Martha’s Vineyard property as he backs green initiatives amid rising gas prices in the US

The Biden Administration’s Perpetual Search for Scapegoats – Everyone knows why Biden wants to blame oil barons for his disastrous energy policy and why he wants to shift attention from the crisis at the border to nonexistent Border Patrol agent crimes

The January 6 Committee’s ‘Criminal Referral’ Kerfuffle – Rest assured that the politically fraught and not entirely coherent meanderings of a congressional committee’s “criminal referral” will carry little if any weight

John Daniel Davidson: Border Dispatch, Part I: ‘Everyone Who Arrives Here Has Paid’ – In the dangerous and volatile border towns of northern Mexico, a black market for illegal immigration is exploding

Only about 30% of U.S. adults believe transgenders should be allowed to compete in female sports at the professional, college, high school, or youth levels, according to a new poll from the Washington Post-University of Maryland

Liz Cheney is given a 10% chance of winning reelection to her current office – Before she voted to impeach the 45th president, Donald Trump, Cheney had a 26% disapproval rating, but that number now sits at 72%

President Joe Biden and his staff are considering declaring a public health emergency if Roe v. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court, according to a new report

Extreme acts of alleged attempted murder and vandalism are cropping up ahead of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling – Some prominent Democrats are working to instill subtler but more prolific fears with their messaging about the case

The Communist Plot behind School Shootings – Evidence of the moral bankruptcy and hollowing out of the American home with similar profiles of the shooters found profiles in the school shootings at Uvalde, Parkland, Sandy Hook, and many other places

On Gun Control and Mental Health, Who Decides Who’s Crazy? – Inevitably, such “solutions” do almost nothing to solve the and instead burden Americans with a host of new problems that are often much worse than the original

Major Baby Formula Plant Forced to Shut Down Less Than Two Weeks After Reopening – At the time of the shutdown, the plant was making EleCare specialty formula, intended for children who can’t tolerate other formulas

The Supreme Court ruled that illegal immigrants can be detained indefinitely without a bond hearing and federal judges cannot grant immigrants class-wide relief in a pair of opinions issued Monday

Sharyl Attkisson: Experts say Covid-19 measures compromised immune systems causing children. to face ‘multiple viral infections’ at once

JD Rucker: Why Did 49 Governors Pre-Order Deadly Covid Jabs for Kids Under 5?  – DeSantis won’t get with the program but the real question is why the 49 other governors have, especially Republicans

A Rare Brain Disease Developed After COVID Vaccination Has a Surprisingly High Mortality Rate – Recently, adverse brain and neurological events brought about by vaccination are gradually attracting the attention of scientists

Senator Rand Paul Presses Fauci on Royalty Payments – ‘Why Don’t You Let Us Know?’ – Recently disclosed information showed that Fauci was one of several hundred scientists at the NIH to receive royalty payments

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: ARPA-H, a branch of the IC within NIH – Intelligence Community infiltration into the health research bureaucracy continues

Yes, transgender transformation is child abuse – How is permanently altering a child’s body based on the child’s “feelings” not child abuse? So if a child “feels” like jumping off a cliff, do we let him?

Biden Energy Secretary Tells Americans To Stop Complaining Because BRAZILIANS Have To Pay Same Amount For Gas – Shut up and buy an electric car, says former electric car company director and electric car stock millionaire

Californians, gas prices are set to tick up due to a scheduled increase in the excise tax rate, – This will add nearly 3 cents per gallon, as drivers are already paying an average of $6.44/gallon of regular gas, compared to the national average of $5.01

Biden, Pelosi, and other top Dems sent kids to private school but oppose school choice – Many private schools stayed open while public school systems across the country closed in-person learning for entire semesters, even years

Trump’s Predictions On What Biden Would Do If Elected Were Spot On! – This video cleverly pairs a Biden speech with interlineations from statements that Trump made about Biden while on the campaign trail

In Congress, it’s time for Change! – Mitch McConnell is 80 years old and a RINO and Kevin McCarthy is a soft conservative or most likely RINO and Paul Ryan wannabe

The Abundance Choice, Part 15: Our Fight for More Water California’s first water plans exemplified the best of that century’s ideas and potential

June 15, 2022

The Great Reset: Turning Back the Clock on Civilization – Globalists, who are obsessed with societal control, decided to take advantage of the pandemic to increase their authoritarian power

On Wednesday, Biden issued an executive order promoting transgender procedures for children, calling them “gender-affirming care”  – To “fight back against the onslaught of hateful anti-LGBTQI+ legislation that we’re seeing in the states”

The Fed hiked interest rate by 75 basis points, the highest increase since 1994 – The increase comes following the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics report released last week that showed inflation had risen 8.6 percent from May the year prior

ZH: The Bank That First Correctly Predicted A 75bps Hike Now Sees 50bps In July Due To A Economic Slowdown

ZH: ‘Big Oil’ Responds To Biden’s Threats – 10 Things You Can Do To Ease Gas Prices

Victor Davis Hanson: What the January 6 Committee Might Have Been – A real committee would also investigate the other, far more extensive and more lethal riots on iconic federal property months earlier

With Progressives In Charge, Stein’s Law Gives Way To Murphy Corollary -t is not inconceivable that Stein’s Law will give way to a Murphy’s Law corollary: if anything is going wrong, immovable progressive policymakers can make it worse

The Los Angeles DA George Gascon recall group says it has collected the required signatures to put the matter on the ballot  – Gascon has come under fire as crime continues to plague LA County and even his prosecutors speak out

The Supreme Court Again Strikes Down a California Arbitration Decision – As a result of the SCOTUS decision, a PAGA plaintiff’s claim can be compelled to arbitration

Governor Newsom and Fellow Democrats Are Fast-Tracking New Gun Control Bills – ‘Our policy leaders advertise ‘gun-free zones’ inviting those people to do what they do’

What the Victory of Mayra Flores Portends for the Democrats – The Hispanic Republican won in a blue congressional district by repudiating Biden’s agenda

“Stopped While Black” Becomes a Legal Defense – The Washington State Supreme Court makes it harder for cops to detain nonwhites

Biden Is Quietly Hosting Defund The Police Groups At The White House – Control over police departments is a tenant of the left’s Marxist Revolution, without these co-conspirators, Biden is all alone in the world

Anthony Fauci Tests Positive for COVID-19 – Fauci, 81, is “fully vaccinated and has been boosted twice,” the statement said. He is “experiencing mild symptoms” and will isolate, it added

An FDA Advisory Panel Recommends Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines for Babies and Toddlers – The FDA has yet to choose whether to accept the recommendations, but it is expected to do so

The Evidence Is Clear: Healthy Children Simply Don’t Need COVID Vaccines – Epidemiological evidence shows infants, children, and adolescents never needed COVID-19 vaccines and certainly do not need them now

The Capitol Police were first warned about possible violence two weeks before Jan. 6 – Emails, intel documents flagged social media posts on Dec. 21, 2020 warning of troubling threats

Religious Schools Are Progressives’ Next Target – Catholic and Jewish educational institutions are not invulnerable to CRT and related pathologies

Biden Sends Threat Letters To Big Oil: Help Ease “Putin Price Hike” Or Face Our Tools

The U.S. government is set to release another 45 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve over the coming months as part of the Biden administration’s efforts to combat nationwide shortages and sky-rocketing gas prices

Biden announces $1.2B in additional Ukraine aid The U.S. will provide additional artillery, coastal defenses, and advanced rocket systems

A must-see video revealing Trump as the prophet of what to expect from the Biden era – Trump predicted it, then Biden fulfilled the prediction, and hopefully, the American people learned a lesson

The Jan 6 committee flouts the rules of Congress to deliver its propaganda – When a congressional committee seeks to use the implied authority to compel testimony, it must respect the Separation of Powers

An Implicit Admission That The ‘News’ Is Slanted – A study by George Mason University economics professor Tim Groseclose reckons that media bias is worth 8 to 10 percentage points to the Democratic candidates in a typical election

The Top 5 takeaways: What you missed from last night’s primaries – Voters in four states headed to the polls Tuesday night, determining several contested races in key states that might sway control of Congress in November

Seventy-nine buses of migrants have been transported to Washington DC under the Abbott-Ducey initiative – Yuma has seen migrants from all over the world illegally cross the border over the past year

The perils of anti-democratic Red Flag Laws – A judge will be able to order the seizure of firearms merely based on the suspicion that owners of firearms will use them to hurt themselves or others

Joe Biden is either stupid or thinks you’re stupid – How else does anyone explain a speech like this, to the supposed working stiffs of the AFL-CIO Tuesday?

With gas at an all-time high of $5.014 a gallon and inflation at 8.6%, the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s subcommittee charged with looking out for consumers will hold its first hearing of the year to discuss Pet flea collars

Even With The Media Tossing Her Softballs, Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Can’t Get The Bat Off Her Shoulder – There’s no other way to say it: She is really bad at her job

Elon Musk Says He Voted for Republican Mayra Flores Who Responds with a Welcome to All Democrat ‘Walk Aways’

The South Carolina Republican Who Voted to Impeach Trump Loses His Seat – The Trump-backed conservative Russell Fry defeated incumbent Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) in South Carolina’s primary Tuesday

Shocking Microscopy Photos Of Blood Clots Extracted From People That Suddenly Died – I believe these structures  are the result of mRNA protein synthesis instructions that have been injected into people under the false umbrella of “vaccines”

In the Transgender Debate, It’s Language vs. Reality – Transgender activists seem to think that by changing the language used to define sex, they can change reality

The Zombie War against Covid – The last remaining restrictions on leading a normal life is a national embarrassment

June 14, 2022

Real estate firms Compass and Redfin announce layoffs as the housing market slows

Senator Ted Cruz Confronts FBI Official Point Blank About the Feds’ Role in the events of January 6 – “No, sir,” Sanborn responded. “I can’t, I can’t answer that”

Biden Admits His Plan To Destroy Oil Industry In Leaked Video – Joe Biden in 2020: “No more subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. No more drilling including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill period. It ends”

Tucker Carlson: New Biden Regulations are Putting American Travelers at Risk and Forcing Thousands of Flights to be Canceled

Washington Post: Markets and households lose faith that Fed can handle inflation – Most Americans expect inflation to get worse, according to a Post-Schar School poll

Ballotpedia: Pelosi has more bad news – In total, 55 members of Congress will not seek re-election, including 6 senators and 49 representatives. Among the 49 members of the House not running for re-election, 32 are Democrats

The red wave is starting early for Republicans – The GOP just flipped the Texas 34 special election seat, the seat is in a direct Biden won by +13 – Republican candidate Mayra Flores defeated Democrat candidate Dan Sanchez

An Election Scandal in Kansas May Be Underway in the Other States – Leftist groups are trying to influence elections when voters aren’t looking — and some in government are playing along

Bill Barr’s Detachment From Reality – Yes, there were problems in the 2020 election, for instance………..

Iran appeared to be readying for a space launch Tuesday as satellite images showed a rocket on a rural desert launch pad, just as tensions remain high over Tehran’s nuclear program

The Daily Caller contacted all 50 Senate Democrats repeatedly and asked if they would support President Joe Biden in his 2024 presidential bid. Five Senators said “Yes”

The House of Representatives approved a measure that extends security to family members of Supreme Court justices after Democrats failed to get a provision they wanted into the legislation

Chinese authorities thwarted a protest planned by hundreds of bank depositors seeking access to their frozen funds  – They did that simply by flipping the health code apps on the phones of the protesters from green to red

Young males suffered heart inflammation at higher rates following a booster dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, according to newly released data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Early COVID Treatment works – Yet more examples Two independent Italian teams validate earlier reports

A survey of monkeypox cases by the UK Health Agency has found that 151 out of 152 participants are men who “identify as gay, bisexual or men who have sex with men”

High Prices Due To A Recently Enforced California Law Is Killing Bacon and Eggs – Animal rights groups like PETA are making our food “ethical” which means expensive

A Federal Judge finds Apple may have benefited from a gift card theft scheme by allowing thieves to steal gift card codes and make purchases in apps where Apple gets a cut of the proceeds

On Monday, Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States responded to the partisan January 6 committee’s baseless charges he was at the center of a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government

The partisan January 6 Committee postponed Wednesday’s scheduled hearing – This comes after members disagreed Monday evening on whether or not former President Donald Trump would be referred to the DOJ on criminal charges

The moment Hunter Biden says his father will do anything he tells him to – Hunter recorded himself boasting that his father will adopt political positions at his command

Where’s Ray Epps? – Videos capturing Ray in D. C. on January 5-6, 2021, show him as a mover and a shaker, and like the fictional Mission Impossible character, Ethan Hunt, the FBI and DOJ disavow any knowledge or connection with him

The Democrats’ Kamala Harris Problem – She’s the Democrats’ single best argument for trying to prop up Joe Biden, No Matter What

It is time to admit that the American left is malevolent – The bottom line is the Democrat party has become a criminal organization committed only to getting and keeping power

If you want federal gun control intervention, here’s an idea for you – Make localities’ and/or states’ receipt of federal funds contingent upon their successful enforcement of violent-crime laws — in particular, gun laws

ZH: The Worst-Case Market Scenario Begins To Materialize – Central banks last week reminded us that inflation is their prime concern, with activity/growth and markets a lesser consideration, this is behind the latest selloff in equities

Bidenflation Accelerates – Prices charged by U.S. businesses were up 10.8 percent in May compared with a year ago, the sixth straight month of the government’s producer price inflation gauge running at or above 10 percent

ZH: Peak Inflation Was A Fairytale Just Like Transitory Inflation – Prices rose in all 11 CPI categories (Click The Link To See The Charts) Nine of those 11 categories charted price increases above the 12-month average

ZH: The Market Is “On The Edge Of A Huge Collapse” – Inflation and prices keep rising at close to 20% while at the same time, the majority of Americans can’t pay for food, energy, and gas without diving deep into their credit card limits

Chevron CEO: There May Never Be Another Oil Refinery Built in the US Again – There hasn’t been a new refinery built here since the 1970s and the federal government’s current policy is to reduce the demand for oil

Americans Strongly Oppose Including Men in Women’s Sports – Transgenders competing against women at the professional, college, and high school level

Republican senators pressed for a hearing on Biden’s “Truth Ministry” on Tuesday – New documents revealed that it planned to spy on the public and even included a “domestic terrorism branch” to look into election “misinformation”

The Abundance Choice, Part 14: Infinite Abundance – This phrase epitomizes the ongoing promise of CA’s tech culture. Despite the political shortcoming CA may suffer, its technology sector continues to set the pace for the rest of the world

The California Legislature Approves $300 Billion+ State Budget Proposal – The budget is slightly more than Gavin Newsom’s $300.7 billion budget he sent in last month, but with many differences on where the money is going

ZH: Elon Musk To Take Questions At An All-Employee Twitter Meeting This Week – It will be a virtual meeting and it is planned for Thursday morning

A new study set to be published later this week has found that thanks to social isolation caused by lockdown, many children entering elementary school are unable to say their name

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Even Pro-Vaxxers Can’t Believe the FDA Is Making A Covid Jab Decision Based based On Only 1,678 Children, With 10 Who Got Sick, Which Pfizer Claims Is An 80.3% Effectiveness Rate

What Is ‘Paxlovid Rebound,’ And Should It Concern Us? – In a small number of patients treated with Paxlovid, an improvement of symptoms while taking the drug, only to have them return after completion of the five-day course

Amazon confirms it will finally launch its Prime Air drone delivery service in California later this year in Lockford, CA – The latest MK27-2 drones can carry loads as heavy as five pounds in packages

June 13, 2022

The January 6 Pilot Flopped – The ratings show that America is not enthralled, despite unprecedented coordination on behalf of the mainstream media to synchronize coverage of the Democrats’ mock-documentary

All Stock Market Gains Erased Since Biden Took Office – The S&P 500 took a sharp downturn, closing on Monday 151 points below where it was in January of 2021

The Fed is likely to boost interest rates by three-quarters of a point this week – Bond yields on the 10-year Treasury shot up to 3.37%, while the 2-year yield, which most closely tracks Fed intentions, accelerated to 3.34%

AAA reports a national average of $5.014 per gallon — California’s prices greatly top the national averages with an average for a gallon of regular gas at $6.436 per gallon, and a gallon of diesel at $6.991

Biden’s Approval Hits Yet Another Record Low as Gas and Food Hit Record Highs – At this point, Americans don’t believe Biden gives a damn and a big part of that is the lack of response from Biden and the Democrats

Five questions you won’t hear from the January 6 Committee – #1 To FBI Director Wray and Attorney General Garland, answer Yes or no answer to this question, Did Ray Epps work for or with the federal government?

Representative Jim Jordan Says The House January 6 Committee Altered Evidence And Is Showing Nothing New – They had to issue a statement saying, “We regret the error,” which is government-speak for, “We got caught lying”

A January 6 Prisoner Who Was Denied Cancer Treatment Is Now In Dire Straits – Not only were conditions sub-human in the January 6 pods but they were equally and even more so in other parts of the jail

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Origins and Trajectories of the COVID Phenomenon – The philosophical foundation of the PANDA group, one of the leading international teams (A long article with lots of insights)

Bankrate Study: The LA metro area is the worst city for first-time home buyers in the US, with Riverside and San Jose joining LA in the bottom five – LA was ranked worst due to low-average incomes and high housing prices

State energy officials warned that CA will likely have a shortage of electricity this summer – So why are local and state regulators trying to force Californians to rely on increasingly unreliable electricity sources?

Biden To World: Russia, Oil Sheiks, And China Control The U.S. Economy – Biden Goes Begging on His Knees to Country He Spurned

WSJ Poll: The S&P 500 Falls Into Bear-Market Territory as Stocks Drop – Investors raise bets on aggressive Federal Reserve interest-rate increases after U.S. inflation data

The J6 Committee’s Real Target Is You – The D.C. Establishment is deathly afraid of the patriotic Americans that support Trump and is desperate to divide, distract, and dilute

Stocks Open With 5th Largest ‘Sell Program’ In History – Bloomberg notes that sell programs of this size are typically not single events and tend to happen in clusters hat probably means stocks might be in store for bigger losses

Are Sanctions Hurting Russia? – So far, sanctions have done little to alter Putin’s geopolitical calculus or undermine his domestic support

Gas prices continued to climb on Monday, reaching a record high for the sixteenth consecutive day, AAA data shows

When Democrats Want Gun Control, It’s Not to Protect You – The reality is that America does not have a gun problem, America has a societal problem

The RINOs are out in force on the ‘framework’ for new gun laws – Contrary to leftist and RINO promises, there is no such thing as perfect safety. Everything comes at a cost and those costs must be balanced

Top Democrats Want Biden Replaced On the 2024 ticket

Why Democrat Poll Numbers Are Worse Than You Think – For some strange reason, their polls have been undercounting Republicans

Republicans: To Win the Midterms, Hit Black Lives Matter Where It Hurts – Sun Tzu’s Art of War: Attack what the enemy cannot defend and defend what the enemy cannot attack

January 6th Committee Ratings: The Democrats Threw A Party, And Nobody Came – As bad as the numbers look, in reality, they are even worse because primetime typically have even higher ratings

Why Are So Many Farms And Food Processing Facilities Going Up In Smoke? – The actual number we are aware of listed here is very high and makes one ask, what the hell is going on here?

It’s the Mental Health System, Stupid – According to Johns Hopkins University: “An estimated 26% of Americans ages 18 and older — about 1 in 4 adults — suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year”

June 12, 2022

HELP WANTED Signs Everywhere, But Where Are the Workers? – Are they disabled? Or are they dead? This question may sound sensational but hear me out

Covid-19 Vaccine Pharmacovigilance Report – The report was prepared to determine whether sufficient pharmacovigilance data exists on WHO VigiAccess, CDC VAERS, EudraVigilance, and UK Yellow Card Scheme to establish a safety signal on Covid-19 vaccines

The US economy is already entering a recession, according to an economist specializing in how sentiment affects markets – A large amount of poorly invested capital will be wiped out and those historically resistant to crises are in jeopardy

A ‘Surprise Witness’ Called by J6 Committee Reveals Big Conflict for Liz Cheney – He’s currently advising Rep. Liz Cheney’s opponent, Harriet Hageman – Could this be some form of intimidation

Dov Fischer: Sex, Lies, Videotape & Hypocrisy: A Tale of Two Jan. 6 Hearings The law is a complicated matter. But it acquires allegiance to the pursuit of truth. Nancy Pelosi’s committee of frauds does nothing but traduce the truth

Five important numbers that tell the story of Biden’s presidency – From inflation to illegal immigration, Americans not only disapprove of Biden’s job performance but also think the country is on the wrong track

BofA Declares A ‘Technical Recession’ – U.S. annual inflation up to 8.6 percent in May, the highest level in 40 years, as key drivers show no signs of abating. Markets now anticipate a more aggressive response from the Federal Reserve

Food prices set to soar even MORE –  Kraft, Tyson, and McDonald’s owners say higher fuel, labor, and ingredient costs will be passed on to customers

Rasmussen Reports:  55% of American adults say they think it is likely the US will enter a 1930s-like depression over the next few years and that includes 25% who say they think another Great Depression is “very likely

California’s Crazy Vote Count Is a Warning to the Other States – In election integrity, California ranks 49th in the nation with all 22 million registered voters — including those listed as “inactive” — automatically getting ballots in the mail

A pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole, who heads one of America’s leading labs is finding unusually long blood clots, as long as one foot, as well as mushy and inflamed  organs in the bodies of deceased people who received COVID-19 vaccines

A survey of 300,000 people who didn’t get the COVID-19 shots revealed the unvaccinated didn’t place a disproportionate burden on health systems and experienced very low rates of hospitalization and severe COVID-19

UCLA Study: Nearly half of the 1.6 million Americans who identify as transgender are teenagers or young adults, and some of the highest rates of youth transgenderism occur in blue states

It’s alive? Google’s A.I. said to become ‘sentient’ A top engineer was placed on leave after going public with his bombshell

WSJ: Earnings Are Under Threat, Another Blow to Sagging Stock Market – Microsoft, Target warn results will be lower than expected as forecasts are trimmed across industries

WSJ: Senators Reach Framework for Legislation Addressing Gun Violence The bipartisan agreement focuses on mental health, school security, red-flag funding, juvenile records

The Democrat Party: ‘A Criminal Organization’ – Again, we see the force of criminal justice brought harshly to bear on one side, even for legally protected conduct, while the worst criminal behavior that advances the Democrat party’s interests is ignored

Google, the wokest of companies, settles a huge gender discrimination claim – Under the terms of the agreement, Alphabet will pay $118 million to 15,500 women who worked (or work) for the tech giant

Teaching The Virtues Of Resistance To Communism – Communism is the deadliest ideology, by far, that has ever plagued the planet. Its practitioners have killed more than 100 million people worldwide

The January 6 House Committee repeats the Trump ‘Stand by, Proud Boys’ myth – Trump asks, “What do you want to call them? Give me a name. …” indicating that he doesn’t know specifically who Chris Wallace is talking about

Kevin D. Williamson: The January 6 Hearings Are a Story without a Hero – This is fundamentally a political and moral problem rather than a legal one

Sharyl Attkisson: Atlanta-based Northside Hospital is the first health system in the nation to be fined by CMS for violating federal price transparency laws – Northside was fined more than $1 million

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has jumped to a commanding lead in the early results of the Alaska primary for the state’s only House representative – 48 candidates are campaigning for the job

Summit of the Americas: Joe Biden turns America into a beggar – When your standards are that low, and the declaration is non-binding, sure, anyone can get uniformity

The Left Owns Too Much Cultural Ground Without The Few Conservative Harbors Like Fox News Giving It Away – Fox aired a segment about a family who transitioned their now-14-year-old daughter when she was only 5 years old

COVID UPDATE: THE TRUTH! – This pandemic is one of the most manipulated events in history, characterized by an unending stream of official lies, from government bureaucracies, medical associations and boards, the media, and international agencies

HELP WANTED Signs Are Everywhere – Where Are the Workers? – The May 2022 US News and World Report jobs report listed a record 11.5 million available job positions available – twice the number before the pandemic

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Technocracy, It’s Now Crucial to Understand What We’re Up Against – Controlling the populace is crucial for the system to function

Sheriff Issues Urgent Warning Against Picking Up Folded Dollar Bills: ‘This Is Very Dangerous’ – Individuals picked up some bills and found a white powdery substance between the folds that turned out to be methamphetamine and fentanyl

ZH: Visualizing The Global Decline Of Fertility Rates – Over the last 50 years fertility rates have dropped drastically around the world. In 1952, the average global family had five children—now, they have less than three

June 11, 2022

Press Release: Independent Pharmacovigilance Report Confirms Evidence for Recall of Covid-19 Vaccines – Adverse Reactions for Novel Covid-19 Vaccines More Numerous Than for Similar Products by Factor of Between 10 and 169

An Increasing Number Of Democrats Express Doubt Over Party’s Future With Biden And Are Concerned About GOP Momentum Moving Toward The Mid-Terms

CDC Wants Its COVID Regime Made Permanent – The bureaucracy has now codified rules into a new online tool that instructs cities and states precisely what they are supposed to do given a certain level of community spread

China’s defense minister threatened all-out war over Taiwan’s independence during a meeting between top Chinese and American military officials at a meeting of U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe

Elon Musk’s Starlink Makes China Very Scared – Musk’s SpaceX company is the only thing keeping the U.S. in the Space Race with China

DC Is Lying To You About Inflation, The Real Annualized inflation just peaked at 17% – The Fed altered its CPI model in 1980 to no longer measure a constant “basket of goods” but instead a strategic group of goods

Why the Skilled Trades Are Essential for a Free People – A cultural shift away from teaching the trades and a growing lack of qualified talent to perform vital work has helped make America more passive and dependent

Patrick J. Buchanan: A Countdown For Joe Biden – How can the aging president expect his agenda to survive the coming midterms? And here are some of the reasons why!

The Biden Admin Suffers ‘Massive Defeat’ as Federal Judge Strikes Down Attempt to Abandon Immigration Enforcement – Unless they had recently entered the U.S. or been identified as a potential threat to public safety or national security

The State of Logistics in a Supply Chain Crisis and Struggling Economy – Destruction of demand is making it harder for the industry to recover as inflation and other economic woes put a strain on Americans’ pockets that impact consumer spending

Roger Kimball: The ‘Get Trump’ Show – It is never the pretext—assumed Russian collusion or protests at the Capitol—that is at issue, but rather the alleged unacceptability of Trump and all he stands for

The FBI knew the Trump-Russia collusion narrative was utter BS even as it suggested otherwise to Congress, the courts, and the public early in 2017 – Evidence revealed by special counsel John Durham proves it beyond dispute

What Biden and the IRS Are Conspiring On Is Big – The IRS is to create a new government health care subsidies affordability test that the CBO and health experts estimate will likely cost taxpayers $225,000 per person covered

The Largest Pork Company in the US Shuts Down Its California Plant Due to High Costs – Their utility costs in California were 3.5 times higher per head than those in the 45 other plants in the country run by Smithfield

ZH: Starbucks CEO Considers Walking Back ‘Open Bathroom’ Policy To Protect Customers – “Increasing threats to public safety and an expanding mental health crisis make it difficult for employees to manage stores under these policies”

ZH: Why Progressives Love Government “Experts” – As long as we defer to this unelected ruling class of “scientists and scholars,” the Progressives have won

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky Says Monkeypox Is Not Airborne – No deaths have yet been associated with the disease

The Covid-19 Resurgence in the Fall Will Be Caused by “Vaccinated” People – It doesn’t matter how many vaccines people get. They will still get sick because the vaccines are not doing any good in the first place

JD Rucker: Elon Musk Exposes the Pure Hypocrisy in the Manufactured Gender Debate

How “A Bug’s Life” Revealed the Immorality of Socialism – There is no ethical or moral reason why somebody should work tirelessly to support a bunch of bureaucrats, and the 1998 Pixar hit seems to grasp this

The Iran Crisis Is Here – As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, this week Iran escalated its war against the West – Biden must abandon his quest for a nuclear deal

WSJ: Gasoline Prices Reach $5 a Gallon Nationwide for the First Time – The rise in fuel costs is expected to persist throughout the summer as U.S. consumer inflation hit its highest level in 40 years and crude oil prices remain high

A New Poll Finds Most Americans Believe Biden Administration Is Intentionally Letting Gas Prices Rise – To get the country off of fossil fuels

The Biden administration’s feckless diesel policy – How can these leftists not realize that America runs on diesel fuel in the over-the-road trucks that deliver our food, pharmaceuticals, building supplies, and even the gasoline

The FBI warned Friday it will not “tolerate violence, destruction, or interference with government functions, or trespassing on government property” after an armed man was arrested near SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home

LA Times: Air quality worsens as the drought forces California growers to burn abandoned crops

The Show Trials Begin – Democrats knew Trump was going to win an overwhelmingly on November 3, 2020, and conceived an intricate, nationwide plan to steal that victory, with the Jan. 6 Committee, they are hoping to complete the cover-up

The real surprise in the January 6 TV show trial – How thoroughly corrupt, complicit, and in cahoots with the Democrats and how thoroughly on board with this charade America’s so-called journalistic establishment has revealed itself to be

Noted Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz: Regarding The Primetime January 6 Televised Broadcast – They Defrauded Viewers – Trump Committed NO CRIMES!” 

What the January 6 Committee Hearing Left Out – This is not a traditional investigation, much less a fact-finding exercise – Imagine a criminal trial in which only the prosecution got to call witnesses

TV Ratings for Jan. 6 Hearing: Viewers Changed the Channel in Droves – Each of the three major networks that aired the hearing ended up with a smaller audience than if they had simply provided their usual news content

Observing Our Way to Third-World Elections – Could you continually review eight signatures every five seconds? The only thing observers can do is stand like statues i.e., quietly observing the process and obvious fraud

Sharyl Attkisson: Recently revealed records show the Department of Justice (DOJ) recommended “that the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia declined for criminal prosecution in the fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt”

The newly formed Dissident Project seeks to connect those who have fled socialism with America’s young people to learn about the “evils of socialism

Top Gun And American Decline – The film shows an America in which every catastrophic policy decision of the last 40 years never occurred

More trouble for Biden: Nuclear threats emerge from North Korea and Iran – Since he was inaugurated in January 2021, there has been a constant barrage of bad news from both within and beyond the U.S.

Joe Biden effectively tells Americans to ‘lie back and enjoy’ his new round of Bidenflation – The inflation report came in, and once again, it was worse than the last one

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Are You Prepared for the Coming Food Catastrophe? – Across the world, experts and analysts are now warning of skyrocketing food prices and catastrophic food shortages

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: CAROWNERVIRUS EDITION – With gasoline now above $5 a gallon nationwide, the Bidenistas are doubling down on telling everyone that they should drive electric cars

June 10, 2022

Downtown S.F. on the brink: Before the pandemic, office work was responsible for a whopping 72% of the city’s gross domestic product – Workers were heavily concentrated in the Financial District, the Market Street corridor, the Embarcadero, and Mission Bay

Dr. Joseph Mercola: A Large Study From Israel Show That The Pfizer Vaccine Increases Myocarditis Threefold – Other elevated risks were also identified, including swollen lymph nodes, appendicitis, and herpes zoster infection

Altercation: What the Death of Newspapers Means – What fills the void is what’s threatening democracy

Jan. 6 Hearing Review: A Tour De Force That Demands To Be Seen On The Largest Screen Possible – The Babylon Bee Nails The Stupidity of The January 6 Committee’s Prime Time Special

Brett Kavanaugh — and America — Dodges a Bullet –  A foiled plot to assassinate the Supreme Court justice exposes the Democrats’ double standards on political violence

DEMOCRATS PUT OUT A CONTRACT ON JUSTICE BARRETT – The attempt on Kavanaugh’s life has only emboldened the Democrats’ efforts to intimidate conservative justices

Amid Our Energy Crisis, A Mysterious Explosion Occurs In Texas That Takes One of The World’s Largest Natural Gas Liquefaction Plants Offline

Joe Biden misleadingly claimed Friday that inflation had gone down “if you did not count food and gas,” even though overall inflation went up

LA Times: What inflation looks like in Southern California – Shoppers are cutting grocery budgets, businesses are scaling back operations and low-wage workers are seeing their paychecks eaten away at the gas pump

The Cost of Forced Unionism Soars by Over 50% – Year after year, far more taxpayers have been leaving forced-unionism states than have been moving into them

The Likely Next House Administration Panel Chair Delivers A January 6 Committee Document Preservation Demand to Preserve All Records

Transgenderism and the Therapeutic Attitude – Matt Walsh’s What Is a Woman? skewers the irrationalities of “gender ideology”—but a broader belief system that underpins it will be harder to defeat

An electoral court in Brazil has said it will strip election winners of office, including the president if they are deemed to have shared “disinformation” during the campaign – The Big Question Is, Who Decides What Is “Disinformation”?

85% of Top Economists Reject Elizabeth Warren’s Latest Foolish “Price Gouging Prevention Act” Proposal, A New Survey Finds

ZH: According to a new report by Accountable.US, the top 10 public apartment companies saw net income collectively rise 57% to about $5 billion

Uvalde school police chief: Uh, I didn’t know I was in charge at the scene

The White House Earmarks $10 Billion for More COVID Vaccines as The CDC Says 82 Million Doses Were Wasted Since The Rollout

The Murder of Wisdom? Before social media, at least you couldn’t put a television on the table when out dining with friends – Now you can watch the boob tube in the palm of your hand

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, this week Iran escalated its war against the West – Biden must abandon his quest for a nuclear deal

The mullahs have reportedly removed 27 cameras intended to let the IAEA think it is monitoring their dearly beloved nuclear program – The IAEA has gone so far as to censure Iran over its lack of cooperation with nuclear inspectors

Tucker Carlson calls out lies about Jan. 6 – Democrats claim it was an attempt to overthrow the government as the U.S. economy careening toward a devastating recession at best and has never in its history been closer to a nuclear war

The Other Front in Biden’s War on Driving – Ultra-high gas and car prices are not enough; his administration also wants to stop road construction

Biden Is an Old Man Overwhelmed by Events – He is holding the most taxing responsibility on the planet at a time of international peril and profound discontent in the country

Biden polls his worst yet – The RealClearPolitics average of the polls it studies fell to 39%, “the lowest of his presidency.” Rasmussen put his disapproval rating at 59% today, 1 percentage point shy of the Democrat’s worst

The Biden Administration Overrules Trump Policy on Palestinians – A dramatic yet partial reversal of Donald Trump’s closure of the consulate to the Palestinians in Jerusalem by opening a “U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs” in the city

ZH: The Biden administration has finally dropped a Covid-19 testing requirement for travelers entering the country – Airlines and others in the travel industry have pushed Biden to drop testing for months

JD Rucker: The Pentagon Quietly Reveals How Many Biolabs They Have in Ukraine and It’s a Lot More Than Their Original Claim of Zero – Buried in the Pentagon’s release, they have 46 “peaceful” Ukrainian labs in operation

SPEAKING OF DISINFORMATION – We haven’t heard much about the “whistleblower” who has stepped forward with documents that belie the Biden administration’s line about its Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board

Politico/Morning Consult Poll: A plurality of Americans say economic issues will be the top set of problems on their minds when they cast their votes in the upcoming midterm elections

“Warning Flags Are Everywhere”: Kenny Polcari On The ECB, Inflation And U.S. Stocks – “We’ve gone from ‘transitory’ to ‘prolonged’ inflation…”

WSJ: U.S. Inflation Hit 8.6% in May – Energy, groceries, and shelter costs drive the fastest rise in consumer-price index since December 1981

ZH: A Shocked Wall Street Reacts To Today’s “Scary” CPI Print – Year over Year headline CPI inflation reached a new 40-year high of 8.6%

ZH: There are several signals that the US economy is getting weaker even as inflation gets stronger – In other words, we are hurtling toward stagflation

ZH: Expect Still Higher Food Prices Globally – Talks between Turkey and Russia aimed at providing safe passage for Ukraine’s grain harvest failed

ZH: Since January, the price of a 20-pound box of avocados from Michoacan, Mexico (the central hub of Mexican avocado production), has risen from $20 to now $50, a mind-numbing 150% jump

Reactions to Jan. 6 Presentation Indicate The Committee Failed Miserably – It took 9 minutes for the hearing to show something other than a politician delivering a teleprompter speech

The House committee’s grand unified theory of Jan. 6 – You knew something was up when the leaks about the House Democrats’ Jan. 6 committee began to change a month ago, and then came the downplaying

The Jan. 6 committee: An exercise in brainwashing the American people – It seems the hearings are a desperate attempt to brainwash the American people into delegitimizing the Republican Party

JANUARY 6, 2021 . . . THE CONTINUING COUP D’ÉTAT AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP – The LEFT Are So Terrified Of A Return Of Trump – They Will Do Whatever Nefarious Thing They Can To Stop Him

Liz Cheney is 28 POINTS behind her GOP primary opponent Harriet Hageman – Recent polling show she is not going to have that job much longer

Democrats Target Another Black Republican Candidate With Massive Spending Campaign – The last thing they want is for the multi-billionaire Pritzker, whose family owns the Hyatt hotel chain, to have to face off against a black Republican

The Democrats’ ‘Insurrection’ Against The Supreme Court – Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals, “Accuse your opponent of what you are doing, to create confusion and to infuse voters against evidence of your guilt”

TGIF: Political Violence Edition – The attempted assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. – The January 6th committee. – And cockroaches

The Truth About Gun Control, Guns and Crime Control – They are trying to curtail a constitutional right by violating other constitutional rights

In a vote on June 6th, Portland, Maine residents learned that they’d be paying an additional 4.8% on their property tax bill so that federally-placed asylum seekers could remain and live in their crumbling city free of charge

Redfin: The median monthly rent surpasses $2,000 in the U.S. for the first time – That’s 15% higher than the same time last year

The three phases of transgender ‘progressivism’ – #1. “It’s not happening and is a harmful right-wing conspiracy theory” #2. “It’s happening and it’s good that it’s happening” #3. “We’re making it mandatory for your children”

The Paul Pelosi DUI arrest: The Napa County DA’s office refuses to release body cam footage taken during the investigation – He was arrested on May 29 by California Highway Patrol

June 9, 2022

Democrats Don’t Just Fail To Apologize For Violence That Pushes Their Agenda, They Actively Incite It – Disagree with Democrats and you’re an insurrectionist. But if you’re a Democrat inciting violence, you get away with it

Russiagate Misunderstood – The FBI was Hillary’s collaborator, not her victim – When is a lie not a lie? When it’s a cover story

Mexico’s Summit of the Americas Boycott Casts A Cloud On The Biden Summit – Is Mexico’s attempt to embarrass the United States, its largest trading partner, motivated by rising Chinese influence in the region?

Sudden vaccine deaths are so common now they’ve been assigned a SYNDROME: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) – The medical regime knows that covid vaccines are killing healthy young people at an alarming rate, so did this to distract people from the truth

10,000 Reasons Pelosi Is to Blame for Security Failures on Jan. 6 – Instead of addressing her willful negligence, she is pointing her finger at the person whose help she ignored, President Donald Trump

Biden ‘Jokes’ About Sending Political Opponents to Jail – The FBI Ends Up Doing It the Very Next Morning When They Arrested a GOP Candidate For Governor In Michigan

Biden Glitched so Badly During His Interview That Jimmy Kimmel Had to Cut to a Commercial – Kimmel, wise enough to see the train wreck unfolding before him, did his best to carry Biden throughout the interview

ZH: The Housing Market: Could This Be Worse Than 2008? – Nick Gerli, in his interview with Wealthion, alludes to several figures which spell future trouble for the residential market

WSJ Opinion: The Boiling Over of America Even California voters are fed up with progressives. And the Supreme Court faces a mounting crisis

Doctors are now saying that COVID-19 vaccines cause cancer, and not just at the site of injection, but throughout the body due to toxic spike proteins that travel to cleansing organs

The Latest Pfizer Doc Dump Indicates That mRNA Covid “Vaccines” Will Result in Depopulation – Data on Flu injections during pregnancy and lactation show that 90% of pregnant women who took the shot ended up losing their babies

Our Freakout Nation – America is in the midst of a nervous breakdown and becoming increasingly defined by a burgeoning victimhood culture

The State Department Is About To Announce A New Worldwide Chief – As part of its Equity Action Plan, the State Department will announce on June 17 a Special Representative for Racial Equity and Justice

A nonprofit group that boasts of stripping advertising dollars from Breitbart News and other conservative sites says it now is targeting Fox News’ online presence – Boasts of causing Breitbart to lose 90% of ad revenue in 3 months

OBAMA WAS IN ON IT: More Information Comes Out Showing That Obama Was Behind The Russian Collusion Hoax

What the Real Stats Say About Black and White Crime: The Woke Crowd Will Hate Every One of These – White people are not the biggest source of hate crime or interracial violence in the U.S.

A Michigan County Limits In-Person Responses To 911 Calls After Blowing Through Gas Budget – Deputies have been instructed  to attempt to manage whatever calls are acceptable over the phone

A Thousand Oaks CA animal shelter to require those adopting pets to support gun restrictions – At the end of May they added the question, “Where do you stand on gun control?” to their standard adoption interview for potential pet owners

The Abundance Choice, Part 13: The Lords of Scarcity Often the motive for the land buyers isn’t even to grow food, but merely to acquire the water rights – Energy scarcity in CA is the result of political choices, driven by economic special interests

The Biden Administration Makes Available 10 Million Doses of COVID Vaccine for Kids Under 5 — Before FDA Authorizes Shot

The FDA Is Sued Over Hiding Records From Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Approval – Lobbyists from pharmaceutical companies including Moderna have entrenched themselves within Washington, D.C.

A new CHD Films documentary, “Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda,” exposes a World Health Organization program resulting in the sterilization of African women without their knowledge or consent

Gas Prices Soar to a National Average of $5 per Gallon – The $5.00 mark has never been reached before and a JPMorgan commodities analyst predicts gas prices may increase to more than $6.00 per gallon before Labor Day

If You’re Reading This, You’re Ready to Resist Tyranny – Great Reset. Green New Deal. Build Back Better. New World Order. Bilderberg. Davos. Council on Foreign Relations. WHO. These secretive global societies and their goals are daunting

To slow the catastrophe plunge he’s seen in his approval rating from American voters, now under 40%, he is threatening to use “executive orders” to reverse a likely Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade

Republican candidate for Michigan governor Ryan Kelley was just arrested by the FBI on misdemeanor charges related to his involvement on Jan. 6  – He was seen at the Capitol on that day but says he never entered the building

The January 6 Committee’s Futile Prime-Time Political Ad – Desperate to avert a midterm disaster, Democrats have decided to play their Trump card, but it won’t work

JD Rucker: According to Congressman Troy Nehls, The Prime Time January 6 Witch Hunt Is ALL About Stopping Trump 2024 – This is all about winning elections, not keeping people safe

Five Questions That Must Answered Before The J6 Committee Begins Its Theatrical Production – #5. Were FBI Informants Present On Jan. 6? If So, How Many, and What Did They Do?

Senators Grassley and Hawley demand details on the Disinformation Board after a whistleblowers revelations revealed its true objectives – Was the Board another attempt by Washington to criminalize political opposition?

Top People at NIH Getting Big Bucks From Secret Royalty Checks, Probe Reveals – Through FOIA, Open the Books discovered payments totaling more than $134 million were paid to more than 1,600 executives, scientists, and researchers

ZH: The Labor Market On Edge: Jobless Claims Jump Most Since Last July, Hit 5-Month High – The jobs market is cracking, with initial claims jumping from 203K to 229K

ZH: The Inevitable Recession – A recession seems inevitable even if the US can absorb the eternal shocks to the supply side of the economy, the central bank’s response to the wage-price spiral will cause a recession from within

ZH: More Members Of White House Press Team Departing As Biden Approval Rating Hits Record Low – Biden’s diminishing standing should be alarming to Democrats working to hold control of Congress in the midterm elections this fall

Is Joe Biden’s most important and closest adviser…Hunter Biden? – According to Australian columnist Miranda Devine, the person closest to Joe and the one giving him the most political coaching is Hunter!

An Illegitimate Court Gets Ready To Convene – Congressional committees do have the power to investigate, yet, they can only do so in pursuit of a “legislative function,” e.g., to enact new rules, regulations, or policies

Why Peter Navarro is on the Biden Administration’s Hit List – In the chaos of the aftermath of the 2020 Presidential Election he organized, clarified, and presented a myriad of evidence of voting irregularities in six swing states

The Senate Seats Most Likely to Flip in 2022 – This is shaping up to be a worse environment than either of the last three midterms, all of which were nightmares for the party in power

Former FBI Chief Comey Misled Congress’s ‘Gang of 8’ Over Russiagate, a Recently Discovered Lisa Page Memo Reveals

The WHO and WEF Globalists Coordinate Their Global ‘Reset’ – They plan to track your carbon footprint and want to track where you travel, how you travel, what you eat and any other resources you might use in your day-to-day life

Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund Report – The 75 Soros-Linked Radical US Prosecutors Who Are Wreaking Havoc in American Cities

Twitter again yields to Elon Musk – If they don’t provide the requested information and Elon Musk walks, the Board of Directors can expect a massive shareholder suit against them

Facebook, now Meta, Is Hit With 8 Lawsuits Claiming Its Algorithms Hook Youth and Ruin Their Lives

June 8, 2022

The COVID Vaccines Linked to New Type of Incurable, Fatal Degenerative Brain Disorder – Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)

Federal law enforcement is a real threat to our republic –  Unequal and unfair application of justice brought about by the politicization of federal law enforcement

Larry Elder: Voters’ Top Reason for Disliking Trump Because He “Mocked” A Disabled Reporter Turned Out to Be a Total Media Fabrication

The CDC scrubbed a recommendation from its website that U.S. travelers wear masks to protect against monkeypox – Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services doubled its order for monkeypox vaccines

Steve Kirsch: Twitter banned me for life for saying the COVID vaccines cause Prion diseases – I was right. They were wrong. This should be a stopping condition for the vaccine, but they will ignore it

House Democrats blocked a bill to provide more security for SCOTUS justices and their families – It passed unanimously in the Senate, yet Speaker Pelosi refuses to bring it up for a vote despite the foiled plot to kill Justice Kavanaugh

The Jan. 6 Show Trial Won’t Play in Peoria – No amount of insurrection theater will distract Americans from our very real and immediate economic problems

Andy Biggs: Why I Won’t Testify Before the Illegitimate January 6 Committee – Even people who attempt to cooperate are attacked, and when documents are given to the committee they are leaked, and in some instances doctored

Orange County D.A. Spitzer Sails to Victory, Signaling the Beginning of the End of the Soros-funded Criminal Justice Reform

Victor Davis Hanson: The Subordinate Citizen – Americans feel that ordinary citizens like themselves who follow the rules are treated more harshly by their government than are both noncitizens and our progressive elites

Dov Fischer: On Guns and Democrats: Schumer, How Would You Like It If Someone Tried to Reap Your Whirlwind?  – Schumer bears enormous co-responsibility for the attempted assassination of Justice Kavanaugh

Liberalism’s Phony Solution to Gun Violence – It pushes for more laws while destroying the civil society that makes citizens virtuous enough to follow them

Trump’s Pentagon first offered the National Guard four days before Jan. 6 riots – A memo shows the Official Capitol Police timeline validates the Trump administration’s account and shows the Democrats’ fateful rejections of the offers

Mexico Vows To Tank The US 2022 Election – The President of Mexico anticipates he and Mexico will have a potent influence on the 2022 mid-term elections

Jesse Watters Drops Bombshell Live On Air About Paul Pelosi’s Arrest – Nancy Pelosi’s husband was arrested by the CHP at the end of May for drunk driving, but her nephew, Governor Gavin Newsom was able to get the charges dropped

In a letter to the FBI’s director Tuesday, Ohio’s GOP Rep. Jim Jordan claimed the FBI is purging agents for conservative views, just two days before the hearings on January 6 begin

Rash Optimism on Social Security’s Solvency – A careful look reveals that Social Security’s future remains grim

Bill Gates: We didn’t know COVID targeted elderly sick people! ‘We didn’t understand that it’s a fairly low fatality rate’

Where’s the Emergency? – 18 Congress Members Demand Answers as the FDA Prepares to Approve COVID Shots for Kids Under 5

Healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly from a mysterious syndrome that has caught the eye of epidemiologists who have documented an alarming rise in excess deaths they believe is connected to the COVID-19 vaccines

The CDC Changes Monkeypox Mask Recommendation Amid Criticism – About 35 cases have been reported across 14 states and Washington, D.C

Americans will pay $450 more for gas in 2022 than they did last year on an inflation-adjusted basis, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimated this week

The House on June 8 voted to pass the “Protecting Our Kids” Act, a Democrat-sponsored omnibus package of gun control legislation, and now heads to the Senate, where it is doomed  o overcome the 60-vote filibuster threshold

Soros Backed Prosecutors Run Half of America’s Largest Jurisdictions  – The Progressive megadonor funneled more than $40 million to elect 75 prosecutors in the last decade

Tucker Calls Liberal Recruiter Threatening Ottawa Truckers ‘Satanic’

A new UK poll released shows U.S. sentiment toward the Ukraine crisis – More Americans believe that it would be better for them for Biden to be removed than Putin and Russia is only seen as the fourth biggest international threat

Democrats Hit Panic Button As Florida Keeps Getting Redder – That Has Never Happened Before

The Formula Crisis Takes an Economic Toll on Families in Gas Money and Wasted Hours – The shortage comes as inflation is squeezing household budgets, and hits low-wage workers especially hard

168,000 deleted files recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop – The existence of recoverable deleted user files adds another layer of authenticity to the hard drive

Please stop these ten bad bills in Sacramento – Here is what you need to do

The clear threat against SCOTUS, to which Biden’s DOJ turned a blind eye, escalated to its inevitable next phase with the arrest of a California man early this morning for allegedly plotting to murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Nicholas John Roske was arrested outside Brett Kavanaugh’s home with a chilling arsenal of weapons

McConnell to Pelosi: Stop Dragging Your Feet on The Bill to Protect Supreme Court Justices and Their Families

The Big National News Waiting to Drop on Friday Morning – The May 2022 Consumer Price Index data are scheduled to be released on June 10, 2022, at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time

If Biden Intended To Destroy America, What Would He Be Doing Differently? – Deliberate and intentional, two words you can expect Republicans to utter a lot more as they make the case that what ails America now isn’t an accident

A Democrat senator says it doesn’t matter — to her — how high gas prices are now that she finally has an electric car

Domestic Solar-Energy Companies Are Upset by Biden’s Plan to Boost Domestic Solar Energy – They Are Bringing a Lawsuit Because Of His Action To Waive Tariffs On Solar-Energy Imports From Southeast Asia

ZH: Consumers are being squeezed by negative real wage growth and inflation at 40-year highs and as a result, consumer sentiment is declining, and personal consumption habits are changing as people struggle to help make ends meet

ZH: Shocking Consumer Credit Numbers: Everyone Maxing Out Their Credit Card Ahead Of The Recession – Any model that projected that US spending will be fueled by “savings” can now be trashed

Progressive America is the Twilight Zone – America’s accelerating tumbling is the handiwork of a corrupt, ideologically driven, incompetent — dare say, venal — elite

The dystopian state of our nation – We now are confronted with the result of at least fifty years of the left’s official campaign against all things traditionally American

In reversal, Twitter plans to comply with Musk’s demands for data – The billionaire is in a protracted battle with the company over information about spam and fake accounts

The Fatal Flaw In Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Common Sense’ Gun Plan – It would be outlandish to hand the power to restrict gun rights to institutions that have deliberately destroyed the rule of law in this country

What Terrorists Learned from Covid – A conventional bomb can kill hundreds or even thousands, but a biological weapon can surreptitiously invade, spread, mutate, and kill millions

The NIH deleted a webpage from 2004 detailing research into vaccine efficacy against the monkeypox virus which included Anthony Fauci praising the findings as “important” and referencing a potential “bio-terror threat involving smallpox”

There are solid societal root causes for our rising violence and criminality – The gradual weakening of consequences for bad behavior has reached the point where they threaten the very fabric of society

A June University of Sydney study highlighted concerning trends of increased screen time, alcohol use, and poor sleep for teenagers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, indicating the increase has implications for teens’ long-term health

Mexico waves through a 15,000-strong migrant caravan – The Mexican government has offered work visas to migrants, which would allow them to travel freely through the country

Republican Lanhee Chen is leading the statewide race in California for the office of Controller, which oversees public funds, as of primary election results reported Wednesday morning

Progressive San Francisco DA recalled by voters in one of the nation’s most liberal cities – Mayor London Breed will be tasked with finding a new district attorney for San Francisco

Opponents of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón warned Tuesday evening that he will soon be “walking the same plank” as San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who was recalled by voters by a wide margin

JD Rucker: Water, Energy, and Medicine: The Resources Being Using to Build Control Mechanisms – For the New World Order  to achieve its vision of The Great Reset, essential resources need to be completely under their control

A new poll by YouGov finds that 73 percent of Trump voters believe that Democrats are “trying to replace white Americans with immigrants and people of color” who overwhelmingly vote for Democrats

I’m a female collegiate athlete fighting for the future of women’s sports – Women racers can’t  physically compete against trans athletes, but they don’t have a choice but to compete

The FBI Is Hit with $1 Billion Worth of Lawsuits from 90 Women, Including Olympic Gold Medalists – The FBI knew that Larry Nassar was a danger to children when his abuses were first reported in September 2015

June 7, 2022

The Biden Administration is Expected to Reinstate Price Controls, Bringing Back 1970s Gas Lines, Experts Warn – The legislation grants the president the power to declare an energy emergency for up to 30 days, with the option to extend the declaration

Over the last month (WTI) crude oil prices have surged nearly 20 percent to around $120 per barrel. Despite soaring energy prices, U.S. output is still below pre-pandemic levels, with analysts pointing to DC and cash discipline

Nancy Pelosi and the Dems’ Jan. 6 dog & baloney show – They’re going to make it hard for you to refuse to watch their performance because all their media handmaidens have signed on to provide live coverage

Jan. 6 hearing is to spotlight President Trump saying ‘stand by’ Proud Boys – The partisan panel claims ‘conspiracy’ after FBI found no evidence of an organized plot

Bannon subpoenas Pelosi and House January 6 committee members – His attorneys are seeking to challenge the makeup of the House select committee, question lawmakers’ motives for targeting Bannon, and argue executive privilege

John Solomon: Internal Capitol Police review found sweeping intelligence and security failures – Widespread ineptitude and inadequate riot squads and the closing of the open-source intelligence unit may have contributed to the tragedy

ZH: Beware Of The Hidden Messages From The War-Games Conducted by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), a Washington-based think tank

What a surprise: Rebekah Jones, once hailed as a “whistleblower” hero for claiming Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis had fudged the state’s COVID-19 numbers, has been revealed as a complete fraud

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) vaccine advisory panel voted on Tuesday to recommend the emergency use of Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine – The advisory voted 21–0 with one abstention

Studies suggest a link between a rapidly progressing, incurable, and fatal prion disease known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and COVID-19 vaccines

ZH: Youth Blood Harvesting: Another ‘Conspiracy Theory’ That Is Now Vindicated as Fact – It is no longer a “conspiracy theory” because the gatekeeping corporate media now acknowledges it

Sharyl Attkisson: 15 evidence-based reasons why Johnny Depp won his lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard

Apple recently began testing future iPhones with USB-C charging ports and now is scrambling (amid supply chain disruptions) as new European regulations mandate all smartphones and other electronic devices to use USB-C chargers

A Jan. 6 Committee Adviser Confesses: ‘”There Is No Smoking Gun” That Trump Planned The Capitol Riots – In fact, Riggleman confessed there was no direct evidence showing the riot was even a premeditated attack

Devin Nunes: The unusual circumstances surrounding Peter Navarro’s arrest at the airport provide more proof it’s all for Jan 6 primetime ratings

A CNN data reporter lays out a devastating case why Republicans are in the ‘best position’ to dominate midterm elections

Why Handwritten FBI And DOJ Notes The Special Counsel Just Released Are Huge – The notes reveal the FBI either lied or U.K. intelligence fed information to the U.S. agents investigating Donald Trump and his associates

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a “heightened” terrorism advisory ahead of the Supreme Court’s expected reversal of the nation’s landmark Roe vs Wade abortion rights ruling

WSJ: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in Senate testimony that she expects inflation to remain elevated, underscoring the challenge facing the U.S. economy and the Biden administration as inflation runs at its highest rate in decades

Canadian Center of Science and Education: Based On Ten Cost Factors, Energy Transition to Wind and Solar Is More Expensive and Environmentally Nonviable

Why Donald Trump Should Not Run for President in 2024 – Even though he was the right president at the right time and will go down in history as among the nation’s indispensable presidents

Be aware of the coming major attacks on free speech from Democrats – Democrats know that, as the country and the world lurch from bad to worse under their aegis, their hold on the country is weakening

What the January 6 Committee Hearings Won’t Cover – For example, it is doubtful the committee will release 14,000 hours of surveillance video that shows what happened inside and outside of the Capitol building on January 6

The New York Times on Tuesday admitted the Democrats’ upcoming January 6 Committee hearings are an attempt to “recast” the party’s failing midterm election message against Republicans to help Democrats “to stay in power”

The Biden administration releases 7,000 COVID-infected illegal border crossers into McAllen, Texas – Leftists claim the illegal migrants with COVID being admitted are asked to move to quarantine units, that are reportedly full at this point

Obama Approved Accusing Russia of DNC Hack Before The FBI Received DNC Server Images


Exhausted Russian fighters complain of conditions in eastern Ukraine – Long deployments and a lack of training, support, food, and equipment are all impacting morale as the war drags on

WSJ: Chernobyl Workers Pick Up the Pieces After Russian Occupation – Catastrophe was averted, but employees at the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster say the facility was ransacked and poop was left everywhere

HOW THE LEFT LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING… …and love domestic terrorism – A couple of domestic terrorists are getting their day in court and it is enlightening to see how the Justice Department is handling their prosecution

Will the Supreme Court put a stake through the heart of gun control? – Coming this June is the Bruen case, which should strike down the granddaddy of all American gun control laws: New York’s 1911 Sullivan Act

Hollywood’s China Breakup Is Long Overdue – Why should the American movie industry keep placating a cultural pariah?

JD Rucker: Democrat Deep State Collusion – Crooked Hillary’s Former Attorney Michael Sussmann had a special KEYCARD that allowed him to Get Into FBI Headquarters whenever he wanted

ZH: Goldman Again Hikes Oil Price Target, Now Sees Barrel Hitting $140, Up From $125

ZH: California Lawmakers Want To Buy Up Water Rights And Cut Farming To Stave Off Drought

Have We Become Amerika? – Unlike the Americans in the the1987 television miniseries “Amerika,” we didn’t surrender to the Soviets, we have simply handed power over to the radical left

The Biden Administration’s CDC: Put The Masks Back On For Monkeypox – The U.S. has only 31 confirmed cases of monkeypox

ZH: Nuclear Energy Is More Relevant Now Than Ever – Global energy market is in turmoil, with electricity bills around the world soaring and scant options when it comes to securing new supply

Responding to questions about record-high gas prices Monday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre completely copped out by saying that Americans aren’t as bad off as people in Europe where prices are higher

June 6, 2022

SCOTUS Overturns a 4th Circuit Ruling, Unanimously Strikes Down Part of Bankruptcy Law – When Congress boosted bankruptcy fees but exempted filers in Alabama and North Carolina, it violated a uniformity requirement in the U.S. Constitution

Burger King in Austria found a new way to endorse “Pride Month” with their new “Pride Whopper” – This new whopper has two identical buns on top and bottom to signal equality for all

The New Russian Offensive Is Intended to Project Power It Cannot Sustain – One of its main purposes for Moscow is to create the impression that Russia has regained its strength and will now overwhelm Ukraine. That impression is false

Democrats hired James Goldston, who served as president of ABC News when it allegedly quashed reporting of accusations against Jeffrey Epstein, to “produce” the Prime-Time Jan. 6 Committee hearings

Liz Cheney and the Cult of Washington Insiders – The corrupt January 6 committee goes public

NBC Poll: “Fewer Americans Now Say Trump is Responsible for Jan. 6” – The Percentage Drops to 45%

Tucker Carlson: Peter Navarro’s arrest is a huge step toward the politics of the third world – Carlson argues that the left is using the judicial system for political revenge

Warnings From Watergate for the January 6 Committee – Fifty years later, Democrats are up to their dirty “select committee” tricks again

Wall Street Journal-NORC Poll: Economic Gloom Hits Worst Level in 50 Years – Eighty-three percent of Americans describe the state of the economy as poor or not so good

I&I/TIPP Poll: Americans Are Disgusted With Big Media – 56% have either “little trust” or “no trust at all,” for an overall negative trust reading of -19 points. An abysmal reading considering the informational role the media play in our daily lives

Pew Research Center: Americans’ Views of Government: Decades of Distrust, Enduring Support for Its Role – 65% say most political candidates run for office “to serve their interests”

They Don’t Want You to Watch What Is a Woman – Matt Walsh’s blistering critique of transgender activism has the Left in full cancel mode

The Federal Government’s Study Concluded Its Ban on ‘Assault Weapons’ Didn’t Reduce Gun Violence – Other studies, including two published in 2020, reached similar conclusions

The Biden Administration Is Accelerating Obama’s Push for a ‘Woke’ Military Which Is Undermining Combat Readiness According To Analysts

Instead of funneling resources to alleviate the pain of soaring gas prices in the U.S., the Biden administration has turned its focus to solar and clean energy – Biden will authorize the Defense Production Act to boost domestic manufacturing of solar panels

It’s Not Just Gas Prices… Electricity Rates Are Up 77% to 233% in the Last Year as Democrats Declare War on the US Middle Class

The Abundance Choice, Part 12: Numbers Don’t Lie – Wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal power will not be sufficient to replace existing electricity generation in California

Another Bizarre Fire: Tens of Thousands of Chickens Killed in Massive Farm Fire In An Egg Processing Plant In Wright County, Minnesota

“Masks Don’t Stop Viruses …and It Turns Out They’re Harmful” – Dr. Simone Gold from America’s Frontline Doctors

Consumers can expect food prices to increase by as much as 8 percent in 2022 due to the war in Ukraine, higher interest rates, and avian flu, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 2022 Food Price Outlook

5 Reasons America’s Birthrate Is Plummeting – 44 percent of non-parents between 18 to 49 say it is not, or not at all likely they will procreate

ZH: As a stagflation storm looms over the UK economy, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) chairman warned of a tsunami of ~500,000 small business closings without new support packages from the government

A Cancer Trial Using Monoclonal Antibody Finds Remission in Every Patient – Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer” was conducted among 12 rectal cancer patients, all of which had a “clinical complete response

The family of a onetime Clinton family associate is working to keep concealed the circumstances of his recent death, adding fodder to the longtime suggestions that the “Clinton Body Count,” as Wikipedia describes it, has risen again

The Immoral Heart of Biden’s Student Loan Cancellations – They undermine the spirit undergirding our political community

CDC Study: Reports of Melatonin Poisonings in Children Surged 530 Percent Over 10 Years – “Increasing use of over-the-counter melatonin might place children at risk for potential adverse events”

Sharyl Attkisson: Media Mistakes And Supposed Corrections in the Biden Era – The Definitive List

The Terrifying Reality about School Shootings – Don’t you find it illogical that the California Legislature ended a standing legal requirement that school employees report threats of violence

Three progressive prosecutors in California will be put to the test on June 7 – All 3 are founding members of the Prosecutors Alliance, a first-of-its-kind prosecutor organization pushing progressive changes in the CA criminal justice system

An ABC News survey has concluded that Joe Biden is a “serious drag on Democratic candidates nationwide,” as his approval numbers on all major issues are “badly underwater”

9 Big Things We Learned From The Michael Sussmann Prosecution – While we have learned much from the Sussmann prosecution, we still don’t know whether Durham intends to hold the Crossfire Hurricane team responsible

Abbott Restarts Its Baby Formula Plant – The Crisis-Inducing Government FDA Shutdown Was Likely Needless In The First Place

Is The Red Wave Starting In California? – A ghastly result in the Golden State on Tuesday could spell not just trouble for President Biden and the Democratic Party, but impending doom

Wokeness, the Highest Stage of Managerialism – Well-educated progressives wield institutional power to impose a new political and social order

Musk accuses Twitter of ‘resisting and thwarting’ his right to information on fake accounts – Musk reserves the right not to complete the deal according to his attorney

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), spoke with several union leaders one day before tightening school masking guidelines

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The War Against the Unvaxxed Will Not Be Forgotten – Fabrications are used to brainwash the public into hating truth-tellers and anyone who points out discrepancies in the narrative

June 5, 2022

22,000 Workers want raises while the shippers want robots – The supply chain hinges on the bargaining table in San Francisco, where the union representing all West Coast dockworkers is hashing out a new contract

Brandon Strikes Again As Gas Prices Double on Sleepy Joe’s Watch! –  Forget talk of World War III. His real war is the War on Oil

No One Knows How to Tackle Inflation – It’s worth remembering that everything that has happened recently—the 2008 recession and the current inflationary episodes—happened at the hands of the supposed experts

Hillary Clinton’s Role in the Russia Smear – The Sussmann trial provides more evidence that she directed the effort

Guns Are Not The Problem It’s The Culture, Stupid – Gun violence is the penalty for our failure to uphold a moral functioning society

Dov Fischer: To Purgatory With Black Lives Matter and With Critical Race Theory – Where is the will in our land to challenge and resist tyranny’s encroachments?

Victor Davis Hanson: The Sovietization of American Life – Behind our disasters looms an ideology, a creed that ignores cause and effect in the real world without a shred of concern for the damage done to those outside the nomenklatura

Most cases of monkeypox have been in gay and bisexual men, the UK’s Health Security Agency announced Friday –  “Investigations to date have identified links to gay bars, saunas and the use of dating apps in the UK and abroad”

Sharyl Attkisson: The unintended consequences of Covid-19 vaccine policy – Why mandates, passports, and restrictions may cause more harm than good

It was a fun ride for the Democrat Party, but recent polling shows that black voters are abandoning support for the Biden administration in droves, joining Hispanic voters as minority groups turn against the Democrat presidency

America’s great cities are gripped by decline and disorder – Voters have had enough of “progressive” leaders who are presiding over spiraling violence and crime

Despite a setback at the WHO’s 75th annual meeting in Geneva in late May, the push to further empower the United Nations agency is moving ahead, remaining a major threat to U.S. national sovereignty and self-government

At least two states are pressing forward with legislation that would allow trained school teachers to carry firearms on public school grounds in the wake of the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas

Two new clinical studies have begun to establish an alarming link between an incurable, degenerative brain disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) and the experimental Covid-19 vaccine

Former President Donald Trump endorsed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) for another term in Congress – Trump gave his endorsement of McCarthy on Sunday

ZH: Onshoring Semiconductor Capacity Is Crucial To National Security – A steady source of uninterrupted, trusted chips is necessary for the security of the nation

The Abundance Choice, Part 11: The Desalination Option – If you’re trying to eliminate water scarcity, desalination is an option you can’t ignore

California Is No. 1 in Gun Control and Yet No. 1 in “Active Shooter Incidents”

ZH: Visualizing The World’s 50 Biggest Data Breaches From 2004–2021 – As we become increasingly reliant on technology and data stored online, data breaches have become a threat to users, businesses, and government agencies

Jonathan Turley: Are Democrats Ensuring Their Destruction With Their Jan. 6 Committee Moves – Knowing they will get wiped in the midterms, the only thing they have left is using the committee hearings to smear Republicans

Five things to know before the Jan. 6 panel hearings start on prime-time TV

Disarming Victims Is a Dumb Way to Fight Crime – How can it be “common sense” to adopt the same policies that have made Chicago; Washington, D.C.; and Detroit human target galleries?

Feckless Biden Says Americans Have to Get Ready for More Blackouts as Energy Infrastructure Nears Breaking Point – The reliability crisis could create dangerous outages in Texas, California

Don’t Fall for the ‘Price Controls Worked Before’ Argument

We Would Do Well to Remember What Happened on June 4, Given the Threats We Are Now Facing – “Radicals” are no longer “radical” but the driving force of the Democratic Party

It’s not the guns that kill; it’s culture-fueled anger – Rational thinkers know that guns are not the problem, angry people and some with mental instabilities are the problems

From deaths due to vaccine-induced myocarditis to a significant increase in heart attack risk among youth, the risks tied to COVID-19 shots continue to grow while their effectiveness in children reached an embarrassing low

Remote work may not be working anymore – A growing number of corporate executives want to put an end to the work-from-home revolution, but workers are used to the flexibility and they have the leverage to demand it

The Naked Truth about Energy Transitions – Energy sources have historically taken decades to transition from old methods to new technologies. How do you deal with the lack of petroleum byproducts?

June 4, 2022

The CDC Announces Indoor Mask Mandate Recommendations for 13 Northern California Counties – “In the home stretch like this with people just beginning to recover financially, it may do more harm than good”

Ketanji Brown Caught on Video Applauding Pervasive ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban – During her confirmation hearings, she sought to appear neutral on issues that might come before the court after she replaces retiring Justice Breyer

Sharyl Attkisson: A Recent Gallup Poll Indicates Economic Confidence is at its lowest level since ’09

How Biden’s Response to the Baby Formula Shortage Made Things Worse – In a famous lecture, economist Ludwig von Mises showed how government intervention begets more intervention

Poll: ‘2000 Mules’ Documentary Convinces Voters, Including Democrats’ – 77% of those Likely U.S. voters who have seen it say the movie strengthened their conviction that there was systematic and widespread election fraud

Elon Is Asking Some Big Questions About the Media, Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell – Why haven’t we seen the client list from Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?

Washington Post/Ipsos Poll: Poll: Black Americans Are Fed Up With Joe Biden – They are bolting away from Biden in herds, and it’s unlikely the president will win them back

Five Medical Schools Violating Federal Law With Scholarships Offered to Select Races

Pinkerton: All of America Must Be a Hard Target to Prevent Mass Shootings – We Can Defend What We Choose to Defend

Can Reservoirs Be Part of the Solution? – An examination of what Californians intended to build in 1957 to achieve water abundance, compared to how it might be possible today, uncovers some encouraging insights

Drug overdoses spike 700% after Oregon decriminalizes the use of illegal drugs – Officials admit the failure of promised treatment-center alternative

House Representative Chris Jacobs (R) of NY announced Friday that he would not be running for re-election – He believes his endorsement of gun control policies destroyed his chances of winning the Republican primary

Yet Another New Study Shows Covid Jabs Cause Incurable Prion Disease, But The Media and Governments Continue to Ignore This So They Can Perpetuate The Universal Jab Agenda

U.S. Officials Admit They Have Lied About Ukraine Success and Russian Failures

The Democrat and RINO Full Court Press on the Second Amendment

The worst shortage you haven’t heard of – DEF is required by the EPA in diesel engines manufactured after 2010 to reduce vehicle emissions and truckers are reporting increasing DEF shortages around the nation

Immigrants are replacing American health care workers fired over vaccine mandates – They are cheaper and have far less negotiating power since their immigration status requires employment

The Biden administration arrested former Trump official, Peter Navarro – He refused to testify before the January 6 commission, which is arguably improperly constituted and therefore lacks the power to issue subpoenas

A Democrat finally says out loud what they all think about the Constitution – “Spare me the bullshit about constitutional rights”

June 3, 2022

Val Kilmer recently returned to the big screen in Top Gun: Maverick, but cannot speak due to throat cancer complications. The solution? An AI system that perfectly recreated Kilmer’s voice

Biden’s Victory Over Fossil Fuels It goes hand in hand with his victories on the inflation front

Rasmussen: Poll: Republicans Continue to Lead, Gain Momentum on Generic Congressional Ballot

ZH: Americans Will Never Forget The Historic Economic Collapse During Joe Biden’s Presidency – What we have been through already is just the beginning

ZH: Will Trump Run? – A historic blowout will spur Trump. In the end, even if most Republicans would prefer he not run, they will likely vote for him over any hard-left alternative

ZH: The Top 10 Creepiest & Most Dystopian Things Pushed By The World Economic Forum – #4 “Recalibrating” freedom of speech

WSJ: David McCormick Concedes to Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania GOP Senate Primary  – This sets the stage for an apparent contest against Democrat candidate John Fetterman that could determine Senate control

The Biden administration finds a back door to shut down gun sales! – There is a 500% increase reported in retail closures as they are forced out of business over technicalities, as small as typographical errors in paperwork

5 Things Patriots MUST Do Now to Stop Biden and McConnell From Passing More Gun Control  – They’re calling it “common sense” but on the leftist’s scale, today’s common sense is tomorrow’s gun confiscation plan

Here We Go: California’s Alameda County Reinstates Indoor Mask Mandate Due to ‘Rising Covid Cases’

Pfizer quietly admits it will never manufacture the original FDA-approved COVID vaccines – The company claims it is manufacturing Comirnaty product with a new formula

VAERS data released Friday by the CDC show 1,287,595 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 28,532 deaths and 235,041 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and May 27, 2022

3 COVID Stats — What They Tell Us and How They Divided Our World – Based on interpretations

Staff with the U.S. FDA on Friday flagged the risk of heart inflammation following the administration of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine, although they concluded the shot reduces the risk of mild-to-severe COVID-19

Menstrual Irregularities, Uterus Shedding Cases Spike After COVID Vaccine Rollout: Peer-Reviewed Study –  ‘What we’ve seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg’: Dr. Northrup

White House: COVID-19 Vaccination for Children Under 5 May Start by June 21 – 10 million doses would be initially released

CDC: Current Monkeypox Cases Suggest Community Transmission – Cases have been confirmed in nine states in the US: California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Utah, Virginia, and Washington

Joe Biden Surrenders to Saudi Arabia – Less than three years after he pledged to make Saudi Arabia a pariah state for killing and dismembering Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi

Employers Added 390,000 Jobs in May; Unemployment Steady at 3.6% – Jobs grew at the slowest pace since April of last year, hinting that the labor market is starting to cool

Who Killed Seth Rich? – With new information and the demise of the Russian Collusion narrative, it’s time for a new look at the untimely death of Seth Rich

Former Attorney General William Barr called the Russiagate “a dirty political trick” against former President Donald Trump and criticized the justice system as “rigged” to target Republicans

Elon Musk Makes ‘Rare’ Endorsement of Political Candidate – He is endorsing LA mayoral challenger Rick Caruso in a rare backing of a political candidate

Why The Special Counsel Needs To Fight For More Spygate Documents, Stat – Certain documents will likely reveal Fusion GPS peddled Danchenko’s lies directly to reporters

The Davos Meeting Is Over But the REAL Meeting of Globalist Elites Just Started – The Bilderberg Group began its annual meeting today, and you won’t hear much about it, but their agenda is quite interesting

So the Washington Post’s pooh-poohing of the ‘2000 Mules’ documentary on voter 2020 fraud gets a little comeuppance in Arizona – Unfortunately, (for them) yesterday’s news from Arizona tells a different story

ZH: Where Military Aid To Ukraine Comes From – Primarily The US

ZH: The Biden administration is considering a proposal to tax oil and gas windfall profits to provide a gas subsidy for American consumers struggling with high energy prices

ZH: Elon Musk To Slash Tesla Jobs, Has “Super Bad Feeling” About Economy

WSJ: Biden Urges Crackdown on “Assault-Style” Weapons Following Mass Shootings As talks continue in Senate

How “Rockefeller Medicine” Is Now Killing Us All – Since then corporate interests have established near-total control of the medical field, both though pharmacology and through their impact on medical education

Will Monkeypox Replace COVID as the Next Great Democrat Scam? – The evidence of the COVID scam is incontrovertible, they lied to us  fabricating life-or-death medical threats to justify a massive power grab, knowing it was no more dangerous to most Americans than the seasonal flu

The Great Reset Snakes Are Slithering Together in Davos – The World Economic Forum is an organization that profits from famine and disease; it uses tragedies and fear to further its agenda

On Gun Control – Whenever someone constantly complains about something but refuses to take any steps to remedy the situation, you know that they already have a plan in mind and do not want other measures to derail that plan

Homeschool Students Soar Above Pre-Pandemic Levels as Public School Enrollment Drops – Since the onset of COVID-19, parents have taken the reins of their children’s education and made homeschooling mainstream

Biden threatens to starve schools that don’t adopt the trans agenda – This may put schools in states with bills protecting women’s spaces and sports in a difficult position

June 2, 2022

Just What Exactly Is the US End Goal in Ukraine?  – Biden and other liberal internationalists seem committed to no-questions-asked, no-strings-attached, and possibly indefinite funding

Joe Biden unleashed another passionate call for gun control, using the bully pulpit of the White House to make his case – Biden Says Radical Gun Control Should Be ‘Central’ to Voting in November

Yes, They’re Coming for Your Guns – What the un-American Left wants is to destroy the American people’s right to self-defense

Yes, Biden deserves blame for inflation – He has mismanaged what should have been a slam-dunk recovery

The CEO of JPMorgan Chase warns an economic ‘hurricane’ is coming

A new study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests that people who report symptoms of a medical condition known as “Long Covid” may be suffering from depression and anxiety, particularly in women

True The Vote Drops NEW Bombshell VIDEO of Whistleblower – “You have to give your ballot opened to them so they can see who you are voting for, or who you supposedly have to vote for”

The CEO of the Parlor social media platform warns that tech layoffs are ‘just beginning’ – Sixty-six tech firms laid-off employees at the highest rate since 2020 in April

Los Angeles DA George Gascon ‘overstates his authority,’ can’t ignore California 3-strikes law – The court ruled Thursday as the embattled district attorney faces a second recall effort


WSJ: John Durham vs. the Beltway Swamp – Michael Sussmann’s trial showcased the incestuous culture of elite Washington

Bill Barr says Trump should not run for president again in 2024 – He would be a 78-year-old lame duck the day he took office

Another Justice Department Fail: The Flynn Unmasking – Classified information was leaked to the media by several Obama intelligence officials, but no one will be punished

California Progressives Use Reparations Their Report to Enact Intersectional Agenda – The Democrat task force asserts California is racist

The media’s role in creating mass shooters gets less attention than it deserves

The WEF Launches ‘Metaverse’ Initiative and Predicts Digital Lives Will Become ‘More Meaningful to Us Than Our Physical Lives’  – Corporate are stakeholders jockeying for a role in defining, developing, and profiting  from the technology

The Depp-Heard verdict is the defeat of the toxic #MeToo Movement

Pfizer asks the FDA to clear COVID shots for babies – While science shows kids don’t need jabs, vaccines are ineffective, risky

Peer-Reviewed Studies Confirm The Vaccines and Mask Mandates Did Not Stop COVID Spread in Schools and Universities –  ‘These school and university mandates beg the question: what are they hoping to achieve?’

You may commute over one of these structurally deficient bridges in California – The ARTBA trade group  said in its 2022 report that 5.8% of California’s bridges can be categorized as “structurally deficient.” That’s 1,493

WSJ: OPEC and Russia-led Group Agree to Increase Oil Production – The partners known as OPEC+ agreed to a bigger-than-expected oil-production increase of 648,000 barrels a day in July and August

Six critical questions that need answers as investigators probe the Uvalde police response to the school shooting

The Real Reason Why Mass Shooters Kill – These shooters, mass murderers, a majority of the terrorists, and essentially all violent criminals (plus many drugs addicts and a majority of the homeless) share one quality, they are all fatherless

Kevin D. Williamson: The Gun-Control Delusion – Democrats dream of banning particular kinds of firearms, but it is not going to happen as this issue has, in fact, already been litigated by the Supreme Court

JD Rucker: Is This How They Stole Arizona in the 2020 Election? – One does not need to watch 2000 Mules see how the 2020 election was stolen because buried reports by corporate media outlets like the AP show it clear as day

Open primaries open the door to suspiciously fraudulent victories – California has a total of 26 candidates running for governor in its June 7 primary: four Democrats, 11 Republicans, eight independents, and two Green Partiers

The California Reparations Task Force released their first report documenting the harm made against African-Americans in CA since 1850 and calling for reparations to be given to all slave-descendent blacks in the state

The Party’s Over! Musk Tells Employees To Get Back To Work Or Get Another Job – “Anyone who wishes to do remote work must be in the office for a minimum (and I mean *minimum*) of 40 hours per week or depart Tesla

What’s going on with the electric power situation in the United States? – Even Texas is expecting rolling blackouts. This is an energy state with abundant natural gas

Joe Biden is sleepwalking into a summer energy crisis – His administration is dismissive of warning signs that the nation’s electrical grid can’t handle the summer heat

ZH: The Food, Fuel, & Inflation Crises All Stem From Globalist Policies

Joe Biden said on Wednesday it was unlikely his administration would be able to bring down the cost of inflation, including gas and food prices, any time soon

Harvard-Harris Poll: Most Americans Reject The Idea Of Kids Choosing Their ‘Preferred Pronouns’ – Predictably, 61 percent of Democrats are in favor of children using preferred pronouns

The WHO Plan For 10 Years Of Pandemics – Shocking evidence that the first pandemic was planned and abundantly announced right before it happened

Millions Face Severe Hunger as War, Drought and Bad Government Policies Exacerbate Global Food Shortages

Are They Unsafe At Any Speed? – Electric Cars Keep Catching On Fire

June 1, 2022

Gas prices are through the roof – That’s just how the Biden administration wants it

All Eyes Are On Arizona’s Blake Masters as He Surges Ahead in Heated Senate Race – The Trump endorsement stands as the most powerful force in American electoral politics

The Daily Wire came under a sustained DDoS attack during the world premiere of “What is a Woman?” It was intended to disrupt people’s ability to access the highly anticipated film

The Uvalde PD and Independent School District police force are no longer cooperating with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s investigation into the massacre at Robb Elementary School and the state’s review of the response

JD Rucker: Three-Minute Video Depicts Clear Evidence Joe Biden Was Involved in Hunter’s Shady Business Deals  –  He’s always been directly involved, albeit shielded from the outside

Victor Davis Hanson: Trumpology – The path to the 2024 presidential election will be shaped entirely by how things look for Donald Trump in the wake of the 2022 midterms

N.Y. Times makes bombshell admission about masks and COVID – The data show that in U.S. cities “where mask use has been more common, Covid has spread at a similar rate as in mask-resistant cities”

Microplastics used to make surgical masks were found in 11 of 13 lung surgery patients. Data demonstrate how these particles may cross into the bloodstream and could enter organs, the brain, and developing babies

The COVID Cult Did Lasting Damage to Our Kids – In the spring of 2020, Dr. Jeanne Noble witnessed an uptick in teens and adolescents going to the emergency room in mental health distress

THE GEEK IN PICTURES: A RAMBLING POTPOURRI  – An overdue look at what is going on through charts and graphs, with no particular main theme

ZH: The monkeypox virus has sprung up in countries around the world, including in places where the virus does not usually exist

Climate TRACE: A Framework for ESG Initiatives and Social & Climate Credit System – This colossal data-collection project aims to replace the current self-reporting system of greenhouse gas emissions by countries and companies

The election integrity group True the Vote presented AZ lawmakers with cell phone tracking data showing ballot traffickers visited drop boxes in two of the state’s largest counties no less than 5,700 times during the 2020 election

REVEALED: Anti-Trump Shadow-Money Fueling Idaho Politicians — Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Pouring into Idaho from Out-of-state

‘Lia’ Thomas Is a Con Man It is a fraud from which our insane culture has no defense – “Trans people don’t transition for athletics,” said swimmer “Lia” Thomas this week in his first televised interview.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed is facing widespread criticism after announcing a plan to end homelessness in the city…but specifically for transgender people

Recently uncovered records documenting the Maricopa County 2020 general election show that while more than 20,000 ballots were transported from the USPS after Election Day, they only rejected 934 late ballots 

Justice Alito Blocks Appeals Court Ruling That Could Decide PA Primary – He blocked the decision of the federal appeals court that ordered the counting of undated ballots, that were received on time, in the Pennsylvania election

The Illegal immigrant population soars to 11.6 million – Biden’s open borders policies have led to a more than 10% surge in the United States’s illegal immigrant population, according to a new review of federal data

Biden Names Two GOP Senators Ready to Cave on New Gun Control Bills – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator John Cornyn have indicated they would support working with Democrats to craft new gun bills

48 Senate Republicans Tell Schumer They Will Block Any Bill Undermining The Hyde Amendment – The Hyde Amendment ensures that U.S. tax dollars are not spent on abortions

ZH: The world faces a “much bigger” energy crisis than was experienced in the1970s – “Back then it was just about oil, but now we have an oil crisis, a gas crisis, and an electricity crisis simultaneously”

ZH: No, OPEC+ Isn’t About To Break Up And No, Saudis Aren’t About To Pump More Crude Oil

Biden’s Energy Inflation Is No Accident – In a press conference last week Biden praised the escalating price of gasoline as a positive step toward realizing the Democrat Party’s dream of enacting the Green New Deal

The Congressional Budget Office confirmed that Joe Biden is blameworthy for the record-high inflation that is punishing workers – Further, this nonpartisan source says that Biden’s preferred fix, raising taxes, will only make the economy worse

Biden’s pathetic inflation plan – It is striking how meager Biden’s anti-inflation three-part plan is with shades of President Ford’s “Whip Inflation Now” plan back when inflation was at 12