January 2021 Political Article Reference List

Updated Daily: Below are primarily conservative-leaning articles or blog posts that I have read and found enlightening with all that is going on in America and the World right now.

If you take the time to read some of them it should open your eyes to the reality of  the #DeepState,” #MediaBias and #FakeNews, the #Progressive Movement, and what Trump faces daily in his quest to #MAGA.” Think of it as working on a large puzzle, as you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you can see the big picture, hopefully. (Article links updated or added since the previous update are underlined.)

January 23, 2021

The WHO Changes CCP Virus Test Criteria to Reduce False Positives – Significantly fewer new daily case are expected

I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then – Important things that I didn’t know five years ago or now 

China sends 8 bombers, 4 fighters over Taiwan’s air defense zone – They are testing US protection of Taiwan under Biden

Isn’t it great that the oil from Canada will now be moved by trains and trucks?

Democrats Have Released a Roadmap to One-Party Rule

Rand Paul: Trump Senate impeachment trial an ‘illegitimate procedure’ without John Roberts

Video Shows Trump’s Washington Hotel Lobby Serving as Rest Area for Police Officers on Inauguration Day

So who ordered the National Guard troops stuffed into the icy underground parking garage? 

With Biden Safely in Office, the Media Suddenly Decide to Tell the Truth About Trump and the CDC

The Democrats $15-an-hour national minimum wage canard – A basic college Econ 101 exposes this idiocy

Shocker: MSNBC host actually admits that ‘Trump would be getting crushed’ if he had done what Joe Biden did 

Paul Harvey: What Our Forefathers Gave Up To Start America

Five Reasons Why Killing Keystone XL is a Bad Idea


The Rt COVID-19 Site Provides Up-To-Date Values for Rt, a Key Measure of How Fast the Virus is Growing

California COVID-19 Re-Opening Tracker

Los Angeles Times: Tracking the coronavirus in California

The COVID Tracking Project

Coronavirus Tracker – Coronavirus (COVID-19) U.S. Deaths


LIVE Coronavirus Database – Global Cases Tracked by Johns Hopkins University and Hospital

CTUP Tracking of Nursing Home COVID Deaths

Center for Disease Control – Coronavirus Symptom List

Whitehouse Guidelines: Opening Up America Again

COVID-19 Curve Projections – Charts and supporting data for each state

January 22, 2021

Trump impeachment trial delayed until the week of Feb. 8, Schumer says

Limbaugh: Are Democrats Insecure or Just Putting on a Show?

Trump plays cards close to his chest when asked about future plans

Clinton’s Russia collusion research started much earlier than thought and made Steele nervous

Joe Biden Is Manufacturing A Crisis At The Border

Yes, Biden Wants to End Fracking – Because he explicitly asserted as much on numerous occasions

Why Was Amazon Waiting? – The timing of their offer to assist vaccine distribution efforts raises some eyebrows

Just Like the Good Old Days: Biden Invades Syria with Convoy of US Troops and Choppers on First Full Day as President

Mitch McConnell privately supports Trump impeachment, wants him gone

Tucker Exposes Full Biden Jailbreak Order for Illegal Aliens – He is not only stopping deportations but setting them loose

White House Announces It Will Codify Federal Abortion Law – So SCOTUS Can’t Overturn It!

Biden Rescinds Trump Order Banning Chinese Communist Involvement In US Power Grid

Google Threatens to Remove Search Engine in Australia Over Proposed Law To Share Ad Revenue With Source

During Biden inauguration, MSNBC openly calls for silencing of conservative voices

A New Tax on the number of miles you drive? Incoming Transportation Secretary Buttigieg likes the idea

Biden’s trans order undoes decades of feminist progress

Biden Doesn’t Salute Marines During Inauguration – Looks Lost – Kamala Harris Waves at Him Trying to Bring Him Back

Donald Trump is NOT Starting His Own Political Party – Because “Third” Parties Dilute The Vote

The Texas Attorney General Threatens to Sue Biden Administration Over ‘Illegal Deportation Freeze’

National Guard Troops Return to Capitol After Being ‘Banished’ to Parking Garage

Newsom Recall Gathers Momentum Over Policies ‘Atrocious and Polarizing’

Kevin Kiley: Gavin Newsom’s Delusional Letter to Joe Biden

Who shot Ashli Babbitt? – We Should Certainly Know By Now

Schumer: Pelosi Will Transmit Trump Impeachment Article Monday

Industrial-Scale Election Fraud – Did It Actually Happen?

California spent $19 million to shield Capitol from protests

Breaking Norms And Precedent, Biden Attempts To Purge a Highly Qualified Career Intelligence Official

Tucker Carlson’s Grave Warning About The Biden Administration – Democrats Are Planning War on Half of Country

Beware of President Biden’s Call for a Return to America’s Role in the World Stage 

Is Biden’s order about ‘transgender’ athletes a great thing?  – Not for Those Pursuing Female Athletic Scholarships

Blue State Blues: 9 Ways Joe Biden Has Already Broken His Promise on Unity

The Keystone Cancellation and Biden’s Climate Cronyism – A sign of dark things to come for America’s energy economy

The Biden administration, Democrats, and media peddle bogus story about ‘no vaccine plan’ by Trump administration

Tucker Carlson: Biden cancels Keystone Pipeline, opens the border, and shows America who he really is

YOUTUBE CAUGHT RED-HANDED removing dislikes from Biden White House page 

The Fracturing Of America: A Weak Government, Complicit Media, And Radical Silicon Valley Radicals Might Have Finally Set It All Off

The National Guard’s Degrading ‘Logistical Mess’ – Its D.C. occupation has been a disaster, start to finish

President Trump Gives Permission for US Troops to Stay at Trump Hotel in Washington DC

The most important legal pathway that would allow Trump to reclaim the Presidency – By using a writ of quo warranto.

Antifa in Seattle and Portland Smash Property, Oppose Biden, Police: ‘We Are Ungovernable’

It’s a secret: California keeps key virus data from public

Los Angeles District Attorney Gascon Prohibits Deputy DA From Opposing Parole for a Serial Child Rapist

This Is How Democrats Spell ‘Unity’, C-A-N-C-E-L

Senator Chuck Grassley: Don’t let Biden, Democrats exploit COVID to enact liberal laundry list

Google threatens to remove its search engine from Australia as the Big-Tech titan takes on an advanced nation-state 

Fauci assures the World Health Organization that the Biden regime is committed to funding abortions

The Problem Isn’t in Palestinian Numbers

Slouching Toward Post-Journalism – The NYT and other elite media outlets openly embraced advocacy over reporting

January 21, 2021

Supporters Turn Out in Force to Give Trump a Warm Welcome as He Returns to Florida

The Big-Tech Titans ignore incitement to violence against conservatives

A judge appointed by Jimmy Carter rules that Amazon won’t be forced to host Parler

Fauci Says Coronavirus Infections Might Be Plateauing

I Watched Biden’s Inauguration First-Hand – I’m Haunted and Numb in a Horribly Sanitized City

Representative Dan Crenshaw Reveals Who Biden’s Day 1 Policy Changes Really Help

States Can Reject Critical Race Theory – Even Though Biden has reinstituted this pernicious philosophy

Lindsey Graham Delivers Serious Warning to Anti-Trump Republicans – “If you’re wanting to erase Donald Trump from the party, you’re gonna get erased”

Mitch McConnell Proposes Postponing Impeachment Trial Until February to Keep Trump Under His Thumb

Limbaugh: Two Pieces That Come Close to Explaining What I Felt Watching the Inauguration

The Biden Administration Pauses Federal Permitting for Oil and Natural Gas

Biden Orders Nationwide Cover-Up Of Differences Between Men And Women In Orwellian Crusade For ‘Equality’

Biden signs ‘wartime’ COVID-19 executive orders, imposing national mask mandate on public transportation

Biden Releases National COVID-19 Strategy, Will Require That Overseas Travelers Test Negative

Senate Republicans Warn McConnell Ahead of Impeachment Trial

Poll: Over 80% of voters favor limiting the power of Big Tech in the U.S.

Shanghai Announces New CCP Virus Outbreak, Including Hospital Workers

Beijing Building Military Drones to Rival US in War, Leaked File Shows

Thousands Lined the Streets in Palm Beach Wednesday In a Bittersweet Moment to Welcome America’s President Home

A Trump Impeachment Trial Puts A Fundamental Question to Chief Justice Roberts

Those who celebrate the Biden presidency will be disappointed

Biden Can’t Restore Unity – His early actions on policy matters like Israel and abortion prove his pledge lacked credibility

U.S. Chamber of Commerce to Joe Biden: You Can Help Americans by Importing More Foreign Workers

COVID-19 Epidemic Ravaging Northeast China, Villages Evacuated, Livestock and Crops Left Behind

Representative Crenshaw Explains Who Biden’s Agenda Helps Most – And It Is NOT America

The Biden Administration’s LEFTIST Problem

Day One Biden Markers: The US as Exporter of Energy, Unemployment Rate, Plus The Military and Foreign Policy

National Guard troops gave their backside visual response to Democrat insult

Joe Biden’s DOJ Will Resume Extorting Money From Corporations To Benefit Leftist Groups

The Big-Tech titans continue to ignore incitement to violence against conservative voices 

Trump’s Impeachment Is Unconstitutional and Undemocratic – An attempt to deprive Americans of their right to choose their political leaders

Biden’s spokeswoman refuses to answer abortion policy questions and whips out the ‘Devout Catholic’ card instead

1776 Commission Web Page That Promotes American Values Deleted From White House Site – After Biden Swarn In

Iran’s Mullahs Turn to Bitcoin Mining

January 20, 2021

Words of Division – Cloaked in an appeal to unity, Biden’s inaugural hit expected themes of racial resentment and blame

Before His First Day Is Out, Biden Nukes 8,000 Union Jobs With Keystone XL Pipeline Executive Order

Antifa and BLM Block Streets, Sets Fire in Seattle Inauguration Day Protest

Biden Just Picked A CIA Director With A 7-Year-Long Relationship With Chinese Communist Party Front Organizations

New York Times: Biden’s 17 Executive Orders and Other Directives in Detail

Trump Bids Farewell to DC with 4 Classy Words and 1 Huge Promise

The World Health Organization Finally Updates Its COVID-19 Testing Policy… 1 Hour After Biden’s Inauguration

Amazon, Google, and Apple are sued by Freedom Watch for suspending Parler

Parler Claims Amazon Deliberately Left Security Hole for Hackers to Target Platform

Minutes After Biden Takes Oath of Office, China Announces Major Action Against 28 Trump Officials and Their Families

A Biden Senior Advisor Ranks Mao Zedong Among “Favorite Political Philosophers”

Aide Reveals Worrying Instance of Biden Forgetting His Own Words

Biden to Cancel Trump’s 1776 Commission That Promotes American Founding Values

A New Video of Trump Supporter at Capitol Riot Completely Defies The Media’s Narrative

New Alignment Pushes America Toward Totalitarianism – A nexus of big tech, big media, and big government

Biden Signs Executive Orders on Federal Face-Mask Mandate, Keystone Pipeline, Paris Accord

Biden Admin Embraces ‘Racial Equity’ Ideology in Slew of Executive Action Announcements

‘We will be back in some form’: Trump bids presidency a final goodbye

The Biden administration immediately deletes 1776 Commission page from the White House site

Joe Biden to Issue Executive Order Ending Border Wall Construction

Joe Biden is Sworn In as the 46th President of the United States

TUCKER CARLSON: McConnell Ordered Trump Not To Pardon Assange, Suggested Senate Will Impeach If He Does

WSJ: Biden’s First-Day Orders Will Include Mask Mandate, Blocking Keystone Pipeline

Among first-day actions, Biden ordering agencies to revisit vehicle emissions

Trump’s Anti-Communist Legacy – He didn’t campaign on it, but his efforts over the past four years have been clear

Biden poised to make sweeping executive changes after he’s sworn in as president

Joe Biden Plans a Day of Executive Action: Trump Policies to be Axed as Obama Programs are Restored

Democrats Are Framing Americans As Domestic Terrorists So They Can Do To Us What They Did To Trump In Spygate

Joe Biden is making enemies of America’s allies

WSJ: Joe Biden to Be Inaugurated as 46th President Under Tight Security

Donald J. Trump: On the Threshold of Greatness 

Trump Pardons And Commutes 143 People On His Last Day — But Doesn’t Pardon His Family

Trump revokes lobbying executive order

Tucker Carlson: Mitch McConnell Coerced Trump Into Not Pardoning Julian Assange

America Is Now a Country of Victorious Socialism

Biden to rejoin Paris climate agreement, revoke Trump ‘Muslim ban’ in first executive orders

First Trump declassified Russia document: Christopher Steele’s 2017 confession to the FBI

Paul Harvey’s If I Were The Devil – This Is from 1965. Think of all that has happened since then.

January 19, 2021

Biden Plans To Put Big Tech In Charge Of Its Own Regulation

Hollywood Celebrities Rip Trump in his Final 24 Hours in Office: ‘F**k Every Single Trump Voter’

Writing a speech for Biden can be hell, and that was before the inaugural – I would never say that, but he did

The Brave browser makes a bold step toward allowing a decentralized web

The Uhaul 2020 Report Ranks California Last on One-Way Arrivals

There is Clarity in Trump’s Wake – The United States of America is now a classic oligarchy

Tucker Carlson Thinks the Real Reason for the Massive DC Military Presence is to send a message about who’s in power now

Why the Left Has To Suppress Free Speech – Leftism is essentially a giant balloon filled with nothing but hot air

Resisting the Left’s Bogus Narrative About Trump’s Presidency – It’s full of lies, lies, and more lies

Moderna “Does Not Know How Many Doses Went Into Arms” In California Adverse Vax-Reaction Cluster

Anti-Gun Pelosi Ordered Crew-Served Automatic Weapons on Light Armored Vehicles for Inaugural – Message, We will crush any decent

Trump Declassifies ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Documents – To the maximum extent possible

CIA Director Gina Haspel Announces Her Resignation

Limbaugh: Former Bush Guru Mark McKinnon: Talks Underway to “Leach Out the Poison” of Talk Radio

Stabbing Hector’s Corpse – All these frenzied efforts to mutilate the political corpse of Trump are reviving him

The media are lying about the 1776 Report – Created to counter the leftist narrative taking over our public schools

German quarantine breakers to be sent to detention centers

Schumer looking for ‘power-sharing’ agreement after meeting with McConnell – Similar to an arrangement when Senate was split in 2001

A New Sub-Hunting Drone Completes Successful Test Off California Coast

Newsom’s COVID-19 briefings often leave more questions than answers, some officials say

AWFUL! Mitch McConnell: Capitol “Insurrectionists” were “Provoked by the President and Other Powerful People”

Senator Ernst Questions Constitutionality of Post-Presidential Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump Cites The Almighty Creator in One of His Final Acts as President

Full Text of The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission Report

Trump’s big decision on family pardons may give clue to his political future

Joe Biden must make clear that immigration laws still apply

Joe Biden’s Foolish Sabotage of the Keystone Pipeline

The Issue That Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden Share Regarding Their Donors

Big questions on the eve of the inauguration – Why do things seem so surreal and so tense?

Tucker Carlson Explains What Message Dems Are Sending With the Militarization of DC

The Taliban Calls on Biden to Honor Trump’s Deal to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan

The painful symbolism of the 26,000 National Guard troops in D.C. – What Does It Really Mean?

Secure The Vote – We need to harden our electoral system against disaster

Democrats have a newfound love for physical barriers 

Byron York’s Daily Memo: Trump Derangement Syndrome in a post-Trump world

Joe Biden Selects Pennsylvania Transgender Health Official Rachel Levine for HHS

President Trump Issues Executive Order for January 22, Two Days After Biden’s Planned Inauguration, Proclaiming the Sanctity of Life

What happened to the unity thing the Democrats were talking about a while ago?

Will the Tech ‘WOKE-Force’ Be With Us, or Against Us, If We Go to War?

STOP THE STEAL – The title of this article that really rubs Democrat socialists the wrong way

January 18, 2021

Prager: Why the Left Has To Suppress Free Speech

‘Not my president’: How 2021 inauguration anger compares to 2017 resistance movement

Project Veritas Drops Another Video on Twitter, This One on their Plans for Global ‘Political Censorship’

WATCH: Katie Couric says Trump supporters need to be ‘deprogrammed’

Melania Trump’s Farewell Message: ‘Violence Is Never the Answer’

A New Fairness Doctrine? What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – Down With Conservative Outlets

WSJ: Joe Biden Rejects Trump’s Push to Lift Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

Washington Post Columnist Max Boot: Blacklist Fox News ‘as We Do with Foreign Terrorist Groups’

Dick Morris: Polls Manipulated to Hurt Trump as He Exits

Election Lawsuits Move Forward Despite Silencing Crusade – The Supreme Court can still rectify the election’s many wrongs

Politicians, Trump Allies, Nobel Winners, and More Sent Formal Letter to President Urging Pardon for Assange

Tucker Carlson makes a plea for President Trump to pardon Julian Assange

Impeachment Backfire – Every impeachment before this one was a bad idea and a failure, and this one will be too

Iran loses the right to vote in the UN General Assembly for failure to pay dues

Joe Biden’s Givebacks to Unions and the Bernie Sanders Coalition Will Force Regular Americans to Pay

Critics reject $1.9 trillion Biden COVID plan as ‘liberal wishlist’ – It  may enact racially discriminatory spending priorities

Letter by senior US military raises questions about who is really committing ‘sedition and insurrection’ – Due to The timing of when the rioting started

Hundreds of Publisher Employees Working to Block Trump from Yet Another Platform

The Anti-Trump ‘Lincoln Project’ Funneled Over $10 Million To Its Own Founders’ Companies

2,000 National Guard Troops in DC Sworn in as Special Deputy US Marshals – To give them temporary, limited, law enforcement authority pertaining specifically to the safety and protection of the inauguration and related events

The FBI is reportedly vetting National Guard troops in D.C. amid fears of an insider attack

China ‘Sought to Influence’ 2020 US Election – DNI Assesses Senior CIA officials pressured analysts to withdraw the assessment

What’s going on in DC.? – 25,000 armed troops parading around, dividing the city into zones, barricading it, and walling it 

What’s Next? A Great Awakening or A Great Reset? – In Trump’s poker game with the ruling class Is he holding a royal flush or a pair of threes? 

Top Biden Official Gives Migrant Caravan a Telling Message – Trump’s policies and efforts to protect the nation’s southern border cannot be done away with overnight


CNN Demands That Cable Companies Blacklist OAN and Newsmax TV

De-platformed Social Media Website Parler CEO ‘Confident’ His Platform Will Return by End of January

When The Left Refuses Service, They’re Preventing Violence. But When The Right Denies Service, They’re Bigots

The US Prepares for One of the Most Unusual Inaugurations in History

Joe Biden Will ‘Make America California Again’ – Not the Ronald Reagan version: rather, the contemporary left-wing bubble

Leftists are successfully persecuting those who questioned the election results and aiming to destroy careers

Parler CEO ‘confident’ platform will be back ‘by the end of the month’

Insane request from Biden team…Regarding National Guard Units in DC

Fascism Is Back – But not who the legacy media, big-tech, and the CCP says they are

Trumpism After Trump – Left-behind’ voters who make up his base are not going away

Our Mail-In Elective Dictator – The mail-in voting surge is bad for American democracy regardless of whether widespread fraud occurred

Biden begs 7,000-strong Central American caravan to not surge across the border now – But later is OK

President Trump Helps Joe Biden by Extending The Border Emergency to 2022

How Joe Biden Will Open The Floodgates To Transgendering Public Schools

Don’t Pack the Courts – Joe Biden shouldn’t repeat FDR’s big mistake

The vaccine has exposed teachers unions’ true priorities – Increasing demands and power

Republican-Governed States Can Stop Social Media Censorship

The Trump administration slams China’s Huawei by halting shipments from Intel and others

January 17, 2021

U.S. says Wuhan lab workers became sick with COVID-19 like symptoms weeks before the pandemic started

Trump’s Inauguration Day Plans Revealed – He Will Reportedly Head to His New Home in Florida at Mar-a-Lago

The Media’s Incitement Campaign – January 6th timeline shows that Trump speech didn’t cause simultaneous violence two miles away

Former Facebook official suggests cable providers drop OANN and Newsmax: ‘Turn down the capability of these conservative influencers’

Film Crew Releases Never Before Seen Footage of 2017 Inauguration Riots

Biden indicates plans to cancel Keystone XL pipeline permit on 1st day in office – Which will strain Canada relationship

All Eyes on the Gig Worker – Biden wants to take California’s dangerous Assembly Bill 5 nationwide

Biden Is Already Rewarding Failure – When He takes office on Wednesday, the old gang will be back in the saddle again

Dershowitz: Impeaching Trump After His Presidency Is ‘Plainly Unconstitutional,’ Senate Shouldn’t Accept

RAND PAUL: If Mitch McConnell Impeaches Trump One-Third Of Republicans Will Leave The Party – At a minimum

Lindsey Graham Asks $64,000 Question: ‘Should We Impeach Barack Obama?’ – For His Handling of Benghazi?

Big Tech’s Big Brother Moves – No chance Orwell would have supported unelected billionaires deciding what ideas the public should have access to

CENSORSHIP: CNN discusses plans to ban conservative news organizations and influencers

The Five Most Obvious Acts of Fraud in the 2020 Election that You Are No Longer Allowed to Discuss

Parler’s Website Back Online With a Message From Its CEO – Suggest ng Parler was able to find another hosting service

A lawyer who represented the Trump campaign Ousted as Chapman College Law School Professor

Why Democrats demonize good GOPers, too – It is a deliberate tactic designed to intimidate and silence conservatives

Ric Grenell: Who We ‘Need to Watch’ as ‘Shadow President’ in Biden Administration: It’s Not Who You Think

During the current COVID wave, Florida is outperforming California with fewer restrictions

Oregon Considering Bill for Emergency Seizure of Private Property

NBC Poll: Trump Approval Unhurt by Impeachment, Capitol Riot

China ‘Sought to Influence’ 2020 US Election, Director of National Intelligence Assesses CIA Management Pressured Analysts to Withdraw Assessment

Biden Day 1: Major MAGA Reversals, Mask Mandate and Rejoin Paris Accord

Winston Churchill and President Donald J.Trump were both betrayed from within

Trump Impeachment is Trial Pending, McConnell Calls It ‘Vote of Conscience’

Census Bureau: Citizenship Data Won’t Be Released Until After Trump Leaves Office – Puts his push to exclude illegal immigrants from apportionment in jeopardy

The Biden Team is Already in Talks with Iran over a Return to Nuclear Deal

The organized disappearing and banning of Donald J. Trump – By Big Tech, Big Media and Major Entertainment

Washington Highly Militarized Ahead of Biden’s Inauguration

Joe Biden’s party seeks to divide and destroy, not unite and heal 

Photos Expose ANOTHER #FakeNews Media Lie: Rudy Giuliani Seen Back at the White House on Saturday

January 16, 2021

Why are Some California Doctors Refusing to Prescribe Certain Medications to COVID Patients?

Apple’s Tim Cook Just Comes Right Out and Says It About Canceling Parler: ‘We Don’t Consider That Free Speeck

Gina Haspel threatened to resign over Trump plan to install Kash Patel as CIA deputy

The FBI Arrests Left-Wing Activist Plotting an Attack on Pro-Trump Protesters

Welcome to DC, now show me your papers – The pre-inauguration lockdown of DC is an overreaction

Joe Biden Plans Immediate and Overwhelming Action on Immigration, Groups That Have Seen It Are ‘Stunned’ by How Bold It Is

Migrant caravan demands Biden administration ‘honors its commitments’

So Far 55 People Died in the US After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines

40% of L.A. Firefighters Decline to Show Up for Coronavirus Vaccine

Betsy DeVos Warned Congress Before Resigning from Trump Administration – Don’t Forgive Student Loan Debt

The White House Showcases List of Trump Presidency Accomplishments

Biden Team Furious After Twitter Refuses to Transfer a Single One of Trump’s 33 Million @POTUS Followers

Parler CEO forced into hiding with family after receiving death threats

Dershowitz: There’s One Big Reason I Won’t Be on Trump’s Impeachment Team

Fox News reportedly considering top executive firings over their post-election rating collapse 

Washington braces for unrest as the level of threat unclear

The Totalitarian Left Moves to Silence All Dissent 

Capitol Riot Prosecutors Run a Big Risk in Pursuing a ‘Sedition’ Case


Amazon Goes Mad – “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” —Euripides

MyPillow CEO Visits Trump in Oval Office Carrying Mysterious Notes

Now it’s the no-fly lists – Before 9/11 the national no-fly list contained 16 people, It now may be  as many as 47,000 people 

Swalwell demonstrates, yet again, why he doesn’t belong anywhere near his national security committees

You Can’t ‘Just Build Your Own Twitter’

Antifa Activist Daniel Alan Baker Arrested for Plotting to Murder Trump Supporters —Says He Received Soros Money


January 15, 2021

WSJ: The ‘Common Carrier’ Solution to Social-Media Censorship – Dorsey’s Jan. 13 Twitter thread displays “a rare combination of hubris and ignorance

Democrats were for occupying capitols before they were against it

Canadian Doctor: The “Cure” for Covid is Roughly Ten Times Worse Than the Disease

U.S. Department of State Fact Sheet: Activity at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

Andy Ngo’s Antifa book is Number One weeks before the release

DOJ Officials Walk-Back Assertion That MAGA Rioters Wanted to ‘Capture and Assassinate Lawmakers’

I Stand With Trump And against the high-tech/big-media lynching of this outsider president

‘Trump Nation’ Numbers At Least 150 Million Americans – Every time they tell another lie, or silence another voice, the number grows

Feel Good Now and Pay Later – The Biden stimulus is crammed with goodies but makes no economic sense

Scientists at Wuhan Virology Lab Had CCP Virus-Like Sickness in Autumn 2019, State Department Says


Lincoln Project Co-Founder John Weaver Admits ‘Inappropriate’ Messages to Young Men, and It Gets Worse

As Democrats Prepare for Full Assault on 2nd Amendment, NRA Makes Bankruptcy Announcement And Move To Texas

EXCLUSIVE: Trump slashed aid to China by 52 percent

Parler said Amazon shut it down to prevent Trump from joining their social platform

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham Releases Transcripts From Russia Probe and FISA Abuse Investigation

Impeachment Witness Fiona Hill Connected Christopher Steele To Dossier Source Shown In Declassified Document

The Rush to Judgment on Trump? – Multiple leftists have been arrested for The Capitol Riot

James Sullivan, the brother of accused leftist provocateur John Sullivan, claims 226 Antifa members started Capitol riots

YouTube Removes GP Video Investigation of Antifa-BLM Organizer John Sullivan That Is Now On BitChute

EXTRAORDINARY NEWS: Chat Logs Reveal Alleged Plan To Turn Trump Rally Into A Violent Riot

An Obsessed de Blasio Is Purging The Trump Organization From City Contracts

Leaked Video Reveals Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Internal Discussions Before Trump Was Banned From Twitter

How Big Government And Big Tech Conspire Against VotersHow Big Government And Big Tech Oligarchs Conspire Against Voters

Collective Guilt And The New Witch Hunt – Hatred is at an all-time high in Washington DC

Mexico’s president blasts Trump-hating social media censors, vows international action 

Pelosi Selects Swalwell for Homeland Security Committee, Despite Extremely Questionable Past With A Chinese Spy

The IRS delays the start of tax filing season to February 12th

Beyond the Lab – As the vaccine rollout progresses, the public-health establishment is revising its protocols based on real-world demands

CDC: A More Highly Transmissible Variant of CCP Virus Detected in 10 States

The COVID response — Lots of questions but still no answers

Atilis Gym says NJ ’emptied out every single dollar that we have’ from bank account amid COVID-19 lockdown battle with the state

A Big Tech Coalition Is Developing a Digital COVID Vaccination Passport

Liz Cheney reveals her inner Deep State – Liz apparently read the tea leaves wrong when she cast her vote to impeach

A Canadian Expert Confirms Revolver’s Finding That Lockdowns Cause 10 Times More Damage Than Covid

Trump Signs Memo to Secure Government-Backed Research and Development Against Foreign Interference

How the CCP Infiltrates American Universities – They’ve given millions of dollars in undisclosed donations

The Black Lives Matter Activist Who Stormed Capitol on January 6th Charged

Tucker Takes Twitter CEO Apart After Project Veritas Drops Video on Jack

Big Tech v. America: How to Fight Back and Win

Big Tech’s Conservative Purge Changes the Free Speech Debate

Stephen Malthouse MD — Coronavirus Vaccine “very, very likely to cause harm”

January 14, 2021

NYT: High Tech Workers Can’t Leave the Bay Area Fast Enough

An Impeachment Incitement – It was a Parthian shot to discredit President Trump’s supporters

Democrats Cling Desperately to Trump Hatred – They can’t hide much longer behind their Trump hatred. But it’s really all they’ve got

Parler Claims That Amazon ‘Repeatedly Asked’ if President Donald Trump Joined Their Platform

Trump Team’s Peter Navarro Drops Third Major Report on Historic Election Fraud — Confirms “Trump Won”

Parler, Amazon reinstatement feud in judge’s hands

The Assault on the Capitol Has Let Loose the Electronic Octopus

What is this latest impeachment gambit really about? – It was a Parthian shot to discredit President Trump’s supporters

BLM instigator of Capitol riots, John Earle Sullivan, arrested

Trump Set To Release Over Foot-High Stack Of Classified Documents FBI And DOJ Have Been Keeping Hidden From Public For Years

Twitter insider leaks video of Jack Dorsey saying the ban is ‘bigger than Trump’

The suspicious link between population control advocates and COVID vaccines

Los Angeles schools demand COVID-19 vaccination before return to campus

America’s Biggest Owner Of Farmland Is Now Bill Gates

NASA Researcher Pleads Guilty to Concealing China Ties

The New York Post is banning CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, and the New York Times as primary sources

Bizarre CADEM Party Press Conference: RecallGavin2020 is ‘Coup’ and ‘Treasonous’ – Recall groups thank CA Democratic Party for the boost

President Trump’s Executive Order from Yesterday Directly Impacts the Bidens’ Investments in China

Twitter, Facebook: $51 Billion Combined Market Value Erased Since Trump Ban

White House Trade Adviser: Amazon’s Suspension of Parler Is ‘Chilling’

Twitter’s twisted logic – They not only banned Trump but restricted his access to the @POTUS account

Vaccine Passports Trialed in the UK, as EU Leaders Push for ‘Standardised’ COVID Travel Passes

Axios/Ipsos Poll: Republican Voters Side With Trump Over McConnell

4 Reasons McConnell’s Terrible Impeachment Blunder Is Doomed To Failure

The public sector purge of Trump supporters is beginning

A Major Twist in US Capitol Storming Might Gut Democrats’ Narrative on Trump Impeachment – It Was a Planned Attack

Assault on the Capitol Has Let Loose the Electronic Octopus – Big Tech and the Left unleash a tidal wave of censorship meant to silence foes and settle old scores

Why the Right will Neither Forgive nor Forget 

Why It’s So Dishonest to Accuse Trump of Having Sought an Insurrection and Coup – Short answer: Because He Didn’t

Capitol Protesters Speak Out: ‘We Just Wanted Our Voices To Be Heard’

The Republican Party Killed Itself – The particular poison it swallowed is the hatred it harbors for its own voters

Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle Rumored to be Moving to Florida – Fleeing Socialist Politicians and Policies of NY State

A message to RINOs — It’s time to choose – You cannot compromise with people whose values are diametrically opposed to your own 

Johns Hopkins scientist: ‘It’s A medical certainty’ Pfizer vaccine caused the death of a Florida doctor

From the Weather Underground to Twitter Bans  –The pieties of liberalism are hard to take

Re-Open Cal Now Recap: Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones Talks Law Enforcement and Your Constitutional Rights

The Disney company adds to the list of reasons for boycotting it 

Newsom Recall Is No Riot California – Democrat officials reactions highlight their growing level of fear and desperation

January 13, 2021

Blue State Economies Will Soon Crumble – But Will They Take Red States With Them?

A New Poll Delivers Bad News to Any Lawmaker Voting for Impeachment

Democrats and 10 Republicans Vote for 2nd Impeachment of Trump

Why four Republicans didn’t vote at all on impeachment

McConnell will not reconvene Senate for an emergency session impeachment vote

Impeachment 2.0 – No, the Senate cannot convict Trump after he leaves office

Jovan Pulitzer Confirms Numerous Countries Interfered In 2020 Election – Millions of Invalid Ballots Were Inserted 

FBI Reverses What It Told America, Confirms Agency Knew People Were Coming to Capitol ‘Ready to Fight’ and Cause Trouble

The Insurrection Lie – We know, for instance, that many of the troublemakers were not Trump supporters.

The Supreme Court May Finally Reverse Kamala Harris’s Attack on Free Speech

A Domestic Terrorism Bill Only Antifa Could Love – It’s About propagandizing a dangerous narrative and enforcing political bias

Trump Strengthens Ban on US Investments in Chinese Military Companies

President Trump releases video, says no true supporter of his could ever endorse political violence

Pompeo says Big Tech censorship is ‘authoritarianism’ disguised as ‘moral righteousness’

Woke Elementary –A Cupertino elementary school forces third-graders to deconstruct their racial identities, then rank themselves according to their “power and privilege.”

California’s technology woes deepen – California’s government just can’t make technology work well

Statement from the President – In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence……

Trump Calls on Americans to Help Ensure Peaceful Transition: ‘NO Violence’ and ‘NO Lawbreaking’

Mike Pence Issues Forceful Response to Nancy Pelosi’s 25th Amendment Demand

Jim Jordan Calls Out Democrats’ ‘Double Standard’ In Fiery Speech During Impeachment Proceedings

The Attack On America’s Fundamental Right

Kamala Harris Reveals Biden Administration’s Aggressive Immigration Plan

Steve Mnuchin Met With Dem Leaders Last Night to Plot One Final Betrayal of President Trump

91% of Trump voters sticking by him despite the Capitol Hill riot that Democrats say he incited

Democrats Are Drafting a Bill To Erase Trump’s Legacy

Arizona Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Hold Big Tech to Account for Censoring Political Views

Democrats Are Using The Recent Capitol Riot To Consolidate Power

Lawmaker Urges House Leadership to Stop Distributing Communist Propaganda Paper China Daily

UNMASKED: Documents reveal GovernorNewsom’s secret $1Billion CCP deal

Trump allies warn Republicans they risk political peril if they back impeachment

PBS fired their chief counsel for saying what Democrats really think 

Pompeo: ‘History Will Reflect on the Good Work’ Trump Has Done

The Left Closes In – The Left is imposing complete destruction of First Amendment rights to half of America’s citizens 

Abe Lincoln’s Warning About the Perils of Mob Rule

Newt Gingrich: ‘Enormous Danger’ to Dictate Whether Trump Can Runs Again

Western Strength or Softness: Which Do Muslims Respect? 

The “Dons” Behind Joe Biden – Why Biden thinks the Chinese Communists are “not bad folks” and “not competition for us”

Biden inaugural committee planning a star-studded TV special

Trump’s EPA Skips typical Waiting Period, Making It Harder for Biden to Repeal

The US Executes First Woman on Federal Death Row in Nearly Seven Decades

Will COVID Numbers Now Miraculously Shift for Biden’s Benefit? 

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney: World War III has started – He describes new information about the manipulation of the 2020 election

We can’t just let the Tech Tyrants destroy us – The conservative Facebook group StopTheScalpings (STS) Expunged

A Short History Of How Anthony Fauci Has Kept Failing Up Since 1984

PGA Cancels Tournament at Trump’s golf course – Sports should be above politics, not controlled by politics

January 12, 2021

Good Morning from New Iran! We are now far removed from the constitutional republic we were promised

Incitement, Insurrection, Impeachment, Imperiousness, and Idiocy – Pelosi’s move to purge the WH of Trump hit a new low

60% of all voters call impeachment a ‘waste of time and money  & 74% say it is to keep Trump from running again

The threats and violence that Twitter won’t police

The Destruction of Parler Exposes One of the Biggest U.S. Shams

Most Illegal Immigrants Arrested by ICE in 2020 Had Average of Four Criminal Convictions or Charges

Joe Biden Personnel Chief Served At Chinese Intel Org Flagged By FBI For Recruiting Western Spies

Rush to Judgment? Three crucial questions remain unanswered about the Capitol siege 

There Was No ‘Insurrection’ – Overstatement of the year

Byron York’s Daily Memo: The crazy impeachment

Ahead of impeachment bid, Democrats pass resolution pressuring Pence to remove Trump

Democrats want to bring down anyone who ever backed Trump

Amazon vows to work with Biden to crush the competition with $15/hr mandate – Small biz will be hurt by it the most

Dan Bongino Regarding Free Speech and Parler

How Silicon Valley, in a Show of Monopolistic Force, Destroyed Parler – A Clear Explanation & MUST READ 

Apple and Google Control 99+% of the US Smart Phone Market

YouTube SUSPENDS Donald Trump’s channel

Los Angeles Taxpayers and the Homeless Are Just Pawns in Scheme to Buoy Leftist Donors

The California exodus intensifies as retirees, teachers, musicians seek cheaper, less-crowded pastures

Tucker Carlson’s frightening summation of what’s happening in America – They are “de-personing” anyone who questions the election outcome supports Trump

World Leaders Denounce Big Tech Censorship of President Donald Trump

The Trump Administration Directs States to Release All COVID-19 Vaccine Doses

Billionaire GOP Donor and Trump Backer Sheldon Adelson Dies at 87

Joe Biden’s CIA selection led secret ‘back channel’ negotiations for Iran deal

Antifa Pressures a Portland Bookstore to Stop the Sale of Andy Ngo’s Book that Unmasks Their Tactics

Rush Limbaugh tells Americans, ‘Wake the hell up!’  – After two known communists were elected to the Senate in Georgia

Fox News Doubles Down On Anti-Trump In Daytime Lineup Shuffle As Network Goes From #1 Ratings To Worst On Cable

Purging and Pulverizing President Trump and America, Communist-Style 

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Boomer – A sense of grievance turned the People’s Justice into a bully

Aldous Huxley’s Warning: Totalitarianism in the 21st Century

January 11, 2021

WSJ: Save the Constitution From Big-Tech – Congressional threats and inducements make Twitter and Facebook censorship a free-speech violation

Trump and Pence Signal President Won’t Resign or Be Removed

Limbaugh: What Trump Supposedly Said to Incite Violence – Nobody is replaying Trump’s speech, WHY?

Senator Joe Manchin: Senate does not have the votes to convict Trump if he is impeached by the House of Representatives

Limbaugh: If Democrats Can Erase Us from Social Media, Can They Erase Our Votes?

Navarro: Trump ‘Itching to Defend Himself’ Against Impeachment

Limbaugh: The Democrats Want to Make Sure That Trump Can’t Run Again

Trump Approves Emergency Declaration in Washington

It’s NOT About Trump: Big Tech Went from Temporary POTUS Suspension to Delisting an Entire Free Speech Platform in 72 Hours

Facebook Removing All Content That Mentions ‘Stop the Steal’ Ahead of Inauguration Day

FB shuts down Ron Paul – Let that sink in – No politician has displayed honesty or integrity and he’s also a peacenik

The Conservative Purge Won’t Stop With Big Tech – Democrats and Mainstream Media are encouraging a political cleansing

WATCH: Parler CEO Describes How Big Tech Is Trying to Keep His Site Offline

Parler finds refuge with a right-leaning web hosting service that doesn’t discriminate against free speech

YouTube rival Rumble sues Google for ‘unfairly rigging’ search algorithms – The latest antitrust action taken against them

EX US Attorney General: Social media dominance needs to be monitored ‘carefully’ at federal level

Left-Wing Terrorists Bombed The Senate In 1983. Bill Clinton Let Them Out Of Prison Early — At Jerry Nadler’s Request

Tucker Carlson: Big business, Big Tech and the Democrats are fully aligned and ready to crush dissent

Elon Musk Speaks out on Big Tech Monitoring Free Speech, Sparks Rumors

NYT: Trump dropped by biggest lender Deutsche Bank for future business

Where Does Trump Go From Here? – The idea that Washington D.C. will return to the status quo is nonsense

The Rise and Fall of the ‘Steele Dossier’ – A case study in mass hysteria and media credulity

Free Speech Is a Value, Not Just a Right

WSJ: Cuba Named a State Sponsor of Terrorism

Republican Blocks House From Bringing up 25th Amendment Resolution

Cops, Kids, Reporters & Activists Were Murdered As Democrats Incited 2020 Riots… Now They’ve Accused Trump Of Their Tactics

Democrats Release Laughable Article Of Impeachment For ‘Inciting Violence’

Polling Shows NO CHANGE In Trump Approval Ratings Despite Media, Big Tech Onslaught

A snapshot in time as America falls apart

North Korea’s Kim vows to bring ‘arch-enemy’ US ‘to its knees’

House Democrats’ quick 25th Amendment push urging Pence to remove Trump blocked by Republicans

Parler sues Amazon for antitrust violations

Big Corporate Uses Capitol Riots To Push Communist-Style Social Credit System On Americans

It’s Time to defeat Big Tech’s ‘jamming’ of conservative communications 

Only prosecutions can ensure future election integrity

Second Round of Impeachment Against Trump is Officially Here

A Few Questions For Democrats

Representative Matt Gaetz: Trump Not Resigning, Will ‘Not Leave the Public Stage at All

Forbes boldly announces its intention to discriminate against staffers of President Trump 

The Social Media Powderkeg – 75-million patriots mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore

Why Cowardly Republicans Got Hysterical about the Capitol Riots 

There’s Only One Way to Save Our Union and Bring the Country Back Together and It’s Not Impeachment – Validate The Vote

We Will Not Be Lectured by the Violent, Anti-American, Revolutionary Left 

Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley: Profiles in Courage – Fearlessly defending the Constitution when it counts

“Incitement” Timeline Debunked As Ex-Capitol Police Chief Says that Pelosi, McConnell’s Sergeants-At-Arms Refused Security Measures

The GOP Can’t Afford To Leave Trump’s Voters Behind

A First-Hand Account at The Trump Election Protest – The true story is getting lost in the propaganda

The Ghost Who Votes

Why Some Strong Trump Backers Now Are Abandoning – As you’ve probably noticed, that’s the way many people are

Tax hikes are back on the agenda in Sacramento

January 10, 2021

Representative Devin Nunes Calls for Criminal Charges Against Tech Giants

WSJ: The Progressive Purge Begins Tech’s stampede against the right will lead to more populist anger

Pelosi Gives Pence 24 Hours to Invoke 25th Amendment Or Else

Did Pelosi Just Reveal the Motive Behind Her Last-Minute Attacks on Donald Trump? – So He Can’t Run In 2024

General Thomas McInerney: Special Forces Grabbed Traitors’ Laptops

Big Tech Oligarchs Collude To Ban Parler From Internet And Phones

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Mocks Parler after Coordinated Big Tech to Take Down His Competition

Mitch McConnell Explains Why It’s Highly Unlikely Trump Will Be Impeached and Removed

Big Tech’s War on Free Speech – Americans who support President Trump’s  are in a fight for their lives

Big-Tech’s assault on Parler proves it’s gone full cartel

The ACLU Breaks with Liberal Establishment, Warns America of Big Tech’s ‘Unchecked Power’ After Ban of Trump and Conservatives

Biden Says He Will ‘Defeat the NRA’ While in Office

Leaving California? A guide to what state is best to move to

Congressman Nunes calls for racketeering investigation of Big Tech

WSJ: Trump Isn’t Guilty of Incitement – Inflaming emotions isn’t a crime and he didn’t mention violence or provoke it

The timing doesn’t line up for Trump to have incited violence at the Capitol 

Parler CEO ‘Prepared to Take Full Legal Action’ After Big Tech Companies Target Platform

Mozilla Chairwoman: ‘We Need More Than Deplatforming’

The Night Of The Big-Tech Long Knives

Free Speech Platform Gab Reports a 750% Increase in Traffic – So will bring ten new servers online to handle the increased traffic volume


Twenty-First Century Rules for Revolutionaries – Ten rules that explain what the radical left is planning

Dennis Prager: “There Is No Example of the Left Having Power and Not Suppressing Speech Because Is Its Dire Enemy”

3 overseas leaders who know how repression and tyranny work speak out on censorship of Trump and election skepticism

#Twexit Movement Picks Up Steam After Trump Banned from Twitter

Political distraction: Purging conservatives is about the left’s war against faith

January 9, 2021

Pelosi Tried to Foment a Military Coup Against Trump

Pearl-Clutchers on Parade – We’ve had nearly eight months of rampaging criminality and violence in many Democrat-controlled cities

Mozilla Threatens To Go Beyond Deplatforming In Creepy Statement

Candace Owens Releases Damning Video Exposing Facebook “Fact-Checkers” Showing That They Are Funded By A Chinese Corporation

Limbaugh: The Swamp Is Really Scared of Trump – They’re terrified that is gonna unleash classified documents

A list of all the platforms that have banned or restricted Trump so far

Nikki Haley Likens Trump Twitter Ban to Act of Chinese Communist Party

Twitter’s Totalitarian Path – This threat to free speech precedes the Trump presidency

Armed Antifa Attack Trump Supporters, Cops in San Diego

Democrat Senator Dick Durbin Reintroduces Domestic Terror Bill That Singles Out Those on the Right

Rush Limbaugh Deactivates Twitter Account in Support of President Trump, But Boy Is He Kickin’ Butt on His Show

Defense Officials Confirm Trump Is Still Commander in Chief, Refuse to Participate in Military Coup to Oust Him

Amazon eliminates Parler app from its servers – To Cancel Conservative Voices

Twitter’s Ban of Trump Just Opened an Entire New Line of Criticism

Former CIA Director John Brennan Calls Public Humiliation Sessions for Trump Supporters Before They Are Accepted Back into Society

Google bans two Steve Bannon YouTube channels following interview with Rudy Giuliani


Twitter Is The Enemy Of The American People – Twitter is destroying American freedom to enrich itself

The Breach of the Capitol Was Obviously a Set-Up

‘Like hell, am I going to let California track my mileage’

The Big-Tech monopolies have sprung into action Big Time

The All-Out Assault on Conservative Thought Has Just Begun

Mark Levin suspends own Twitter account over the removal of Trump from their platform

Jonathan Turley Issues a Warning to Democrats About Impeachment 2.0

Mitch McConnell Destroys Democrats’ Hopes for a Senate Impeachment Trial

Shapes of Things Now on Social Media – So What’s Next?

Michelle Obama Gave The Order for Big Tech to Delete President Trump From Social Media Platforms

The Capitol Incident: So Much Suspicious Evidence

Who Is Really Running the Biden Gang? It’s Not Joe Biden, So Who Could It Be? Obama or Soros?

The new American aristocracy, like the old European one, hates the peasants 

The Left’s Class Realignment of 2020 – America’s elite bar none are soaking in money and hate middle America

Silence Will Be the Next Hate Crime – This slippery slope eviscerates the First Amendment

POTUS Cut Off from Supporters as Even Email Distribution Company Suspends Trump’s Service

Congress Has Learned Nothing and Left America More Divided 

The Media Word of the Week Is ‘Insurrection’ – The media team are at it again

Tucker on Trump’s Statement About Being Banned From Twitter: Crackdown on Civil Liberties ‘Is Here Now’

Why Trump Will Weather This Nonsense – He’ll be back

Did Twitter cut its own throat in banning President Trump? 

The Purge Is Here: Twitter Banning Influencers on the Right and Removing Followers

The Woke Mob Versus The Trump Mob – Clearly, some mobs are more equal than others

Petition to Recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom Draws 1 Million Signatures


January 8, 2021 

New Footage Shows Pro-Trump Demonstrators Being Let Into Capitol, Orderly Protesting Contested Electoral Certification

Lindsey Graham is ‘more determined than ever’ to strip tech companies of legal protections after Twitter bans Trump

President Trump Responds to Twitter’s Permanent Account Suspension


Nancy Pelosi: Trump ‘Deranged, Unhinged, Dangerous’ and Should Be Prosecuted

The Political Future of the Trump Family – The MAGA agenda is NOT Going  Away, 75 million people won’t give this up

Capitol Siege: Four Veterans Give Their Firsthand Account on Thursday’s Protest at US Capitol

The Consequences Of The Capitol Assault

Black Lives Matter Activist Took Part in Storming of Capitol

Rush Limbaugh: The MAGA Agenda Won’t Go Away — And That’s What Bothers The Democrats

Twitter Suspends Accounts of Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn

Parler Removed From Google Play Store, Apple Threatens Ban


President Trump: I Won’t Attend Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Pence to Oppose Pelosi and Schumer’s Calls to Remove Trump From Office Using 25th Amendment

Top House Democrats Make Major Second Impeachment Announcement

NIA: The election theft was an Italian job


Media Outrage Over Capitol Riot Isn’t About Defending Democracy, It’s About Wielding Power – And cleansing the country of Trump supporters

The Left Finds Time for One More Big Lie Against Trump – No, the President did not incite Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol

Trump Supporters Take Stock of January 6th and Feel Mischaracterized by Media

Remember when the Democrats rioted?

The Transition Integrity Project Admitted That Outside Actors Would ‘Turn The DC Protests Violent’

False Flag Operation? You Be The Judge!

Democrats Want Impeachment, but They’ve Already Screwed That Up

Yes, it was a Fraudulent Election

Wall Street Journal Editors Call for Trump to Resign After an Apparent Three-Martini Lunch. Hic …!

Had enough yet? – The Georgia results were 100% predictable

January 7, 2021

Elon Musk is now the richest person in the world, passing Jeff Bezos

28 Times The Media And Democrats Excused Or Endorsed Violence Committed By Left-Wing Activists

Facebook will block Trump from posting at least for the remainder of his term

Victor Davis Hanson Provides Sage Advice But Only One Side Listens

Actress Emily Ratajkowski: If Mark Zuckerberg Can Shut the President Off Facebook, He Can Shut Any of Us Off

Congress Certifies Stolen Election Republican Establishment ignores Pennsylvania evidence

Georgia had even more vanishing votes than I realized

Activist Interviewed by CNN Who Stormed Capitol Building Is Radical Leftist from Utah Who Threatened on Video to “Rip Trump from White House”

Video Shows Trump Supporters Attempting to Stop People From Breaking Into the Capitol

Black Lives Matter boomerang: How media flipped the script on violent protests after Capitol riot

Supreme Court Rejects Gohmert Lawsuit Over Counting Electoral Votes

Michelle Obama Goes Full Metal Orwellian: Urges Big Tech to Permanently Ban ‘Infantile and Unpatriotic’ Trump

Speaker Pelosi Openly Calls for VP Pence and Cabinet To Remove Trump From Office

Trump cabinet member on 25th Amendment: ‘We’re not doing it,’ says Trump wants a smooth transition

55 Charged After DC Protests, Top Prosecutor Says

As Democrats Secure Total Control of US Government, China Makes Its Move

Trump Commits to Orderly Transition of Power: ‘End of the Greatest First Term in Presidential History’

Californians shouldn’t travel more than 120 miles from home according to the California Department of Public Health

Is the Wisdom of Homer Immune to today’s Cancel Culture?

President Trump Concedes to Biden (We Think) After Congress Certifies the 2020 Election

All Eyes on Mike Pence as Democrat House Panel Calls for Vice President To Invoke 25th Amendment

Facial Recognition Firm XRVision Claims Antifa infiltratedTrump Protesters

The Georgia Senate Run-Off Election Confirms The Pre-Trump GOP Is Dead And Gone

A Democrat-controlled Senate Spells Doom for Kamala – She will cast tie-breaking votes on almost Every Single Senate Bill

It’s Time For Mitch To Go – Younger leadership needed that is ready to build a new party to serve the middle class, not the ruling class

Mitch McConnell lied on the floor of the Senate – There are mountains of evidence, especially from the six contested states

Dr. Peter Navarro’s The Art Of The Steal

Why did the Capitol Police fail to protect the Capitol? – They Literally Removed The Entry Barriers

Life Under Liberalism’s Lies – It grows stranger and stranger

The Rocky marriage between Donald Trump and the GOP establishment appears headed toward divorce

Get Ready For The Californication Of America – The far left wants to turn the nation into a California-style one-party state

January 6, 2021

Healthy Miami doctor, 56, died of a blood disorder 16 days after getting Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine

New Videos Emerge From Capitol That Show an Alternative Viewpoint – There are always two sides to every story

Photo Slide Show of Capitol Hill Chaos

Her Name Is Ashli Babbitt: Unarmed Protester ‘Shot Dead by Capitol Police’ Identified As 14-Yr Air ForceVeteran

Facebook, Twitter Lock Trump Out of His Account – Remove video of Trump calling on protesters to leave in peace

Sarah Palin: Stop Labeling Protestors ‘Trump Supporters’ – It is unclear at this point whether all of them are Trump supporters or not

Joe Biden taps Merrick Garland as attorney general nominee

The Republicans Blow It – The GOP appears to have lost in Georgia and forfeited the Senate, amidst a chaotic identity crisis in the party

United Van Lines Study Finds The 10 Cities Losing The Most Residents: They’re All Run By Democrats

Protesters Breach Capitol Building, Vote Objection Deliberations On Hold

Trump Makes Statement to Capitol Protesters, Calls on Them to ‘Go Home Now’

National Guard en Route to Capitol on Orders From Trump

A pipe bomb found at RNC headquarters, DNC building is also evacuated A suspicious package was also found at the DNC building

The Second Most Evil People Amongst Us – Will Trump Invoke The Insurrection Act?

Pence: I Can’t Claim ‘Unilateral Authority’ to Reject Electoral Votes

Trump Responds to Reports That Pence Believes He Can’t Block Electoral College Certification

Chuck Schumer Declares Himself Senate ‘Majority Leader’ Despite Uncalled Race

What Can Be Done in This Age of Election Fraud? Whom Can We Count On? 

Republican Lawmakers Objecting To Biden Electors Have A Point: Americans Need To Trust Elections

Full List: 89 Representatives, 13 Senators Pledge to Object to Electoral Votes

The Big Steal’s Big Picture: Cyber Warfare – The rigging is real

A Huge Number of State Legislators From the Contested States Now Join Battle on the Electoral Count

Tens of Thousands Of Trump Supporters Have Already Gathered At Washington Monument For The “Save America March” Today

The Post-Republic Comes To Visit Josh Hawley – All empires fall, eventually

Warnock declared the winner over Loeffler in Georgia as Democrats close in on Senate control

The vanishing vote problem may have struck again in Georgia – Where did the 5,000 votes go? 

Barack Obama was behind funding of subversion campaign and coup against President Trump

President Trump Officially Instructs DOJ to Classify Antifa as a Domestic Terrorist Organization

L.A. Mayor Garcetti Accidentally Reveals Who’s Responsible for CA’s Coronavirus Surge Crisis

January 5, 2021

Apple Maps Cancels Directions To DC As City Gears Up For Protests

Evidence China Was Colluding with the Bidens and Providing Information on How to Defeat President Trump in the 2020 Election

Dr. Peter Navarro Presents His New Report – The Art Of The Steal

Ted Cruz Has Something Big Up His Sleeve for Electoral College Vote

President Trump Committed to Challenging Election Beyond Joint Session on January 6th

State Legislators Officially Ask Pence To Delay Electoral Vote Count

Communist China Is Preparing To Eat Joe Biden’s Lunch

Trump Administration Task Force Determines Russia ‘Likely’ Responsible For ‘Most Or All’ Of Massive Federal Hack

The officer who shot Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, will not face criminal charges

Cuomo and de Blasio’s deadly failure on the COVID-19 vaccine

NY Governor Cuomo threatens to fine NY hospitals $100,000 for slow vaccine distribution caused by his own guidelines

Trump hits 450-mile goal for 2020 border wall construction

I Now Better Understand the ‘Good German’ Concept

Radicals in the Classroom – San Diego’s school district says white teachers are guilty of “spirit murdering” black children

L.A. paramedics directed to not transport patients with ‘little chance of survival’ because ICU beds are at capacity

Recall Movement Against San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin Grows

Report: Joe Biden Advisers ‘Privately Skeptical’ of Chances in Georgia Runoff Election

Explaining the Twelfth Amendment for Those in the Media Who Seem to Be Reading Impaired

The election will not stand – Facts are pouring in from every quarter that fraud of unprecedented magnitude has been perpetrated on the American people 

The GOP wants to win Georgia to check the Biden administration. Trump says there won’t be one

Why Are We Vaccinating People Who Have Recovered from COVID-19?

Solid evidence of vanished votes in Pennsylvania – Data Integrity Group exposes, though the magic “-1 ballots” and “transfer ballots”

How Georgia Trump Votes Were Removed And Switched To Biden

Why An Electoral College Challenge Is Imperative – State legislatures, courts, and the media brazenly shirked their duty

How The 2020 Election Could Have Been Stolen – A political scientist examines the evidence and concludes that widespread fraud took place

Some Hard Truths We Face as Patriotic Americans as We Near January 6th – A List Of Things To Think About 

In accepting his medal, Nunes assails an ‘unscrupulous media’ for ‘information warfare’

Patrick Byrne is back with more astonishing election assertions about printing extra ballots and shredding evidence

Patrick Byrne: Folks, I’m going to tell you a bit more about what is happening

Biden, Inc Looks to Massively Ramp up Regulations

Leaked Documents Reveal the Chinese Regime’s Orders to Steal Foreign Technologies

Appeasing China – While the 90-million strong Chinese Communist Party (CCP) celebrates a good half-century

China’s Secret Aid to North Korea Exposed by Leaked Government Documents

January 4, 2021 

The White House is Planning to Refer Brad Raffensperger to Secret Service for Investigation Under the Espionage Act

Pulitzer’s Investigative Team Being Shot At After They Were Given Directive to Identify Fraudulent Ballots in Fulton County

Georgia State Senators Call on Pence to Delay Jan. 6 Electoral Vote Count – There are things going on that just doesn’t past the smell test

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Dodges When Asked If He Leaked Trump Audio to Washington Post

Over 70% Of Republican Voters Want Their Lawmakers To Be More Like Trump

Republic… Or Oligarchy? – When asked what kind of government the Framers had created Benjamin Franklin responded: “a republic, if you can keep it”

DC mayor calls in National Guard for Trump supporters but refused to during BLM/Antifa riots

The Next Border Crisis Will Be Biden’s – Relaxing enforcement will invite mass suffering in the name of compassion

Did Coronavirus Come From A Lab?  – Ten Key Takeaways From A Shocking New Report

Anti-competitive Google – Once again they have fallen under the microscope of the government

Governor Newsom Admits Only About 1/3 Of California’s 1.3M Vaccine Doses Have Been Administered

How big was San Francisco’s pandemic exodus? – Look at U-Haul traffic rates for a better understanding

The Wokest News Stories of 2020 – They took aim at everything from Beethoven to mermaids to skyscraper

Congress Approves Rules Regulating The January 6th Electoral Vote Count

Over 432,000 Votes Removed From Trump in Pennsylvania, Data Scientists Say

DATA: Report Shows EVERY Midnight Ballot Dump Boosted Biden

Vice-President Pence’s appointment with destiny – If Called, Will He or Won’t He?

Kamala Harris Was Sworn in as a US Senator on Sunday

January 6th Showdown Updates for January 4th

The 2020 Insurrection – A coup d’état.is any “sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force” 

President Trump to award Medal of Freedom to Rep. Devin Nunes

Senator Ted Cruz: Google Is The ‘Most Dangerous Company On The Face Of The Planet’

2021: The Left Is Dead Serious Now

Devin Nunes Tells The Truth Until It Hurts – The more he was attacked, the more he wanted to understand what was behind the Russia collusion narrative

Where Is Alibaba Founder Jack Ma? – What the Saga of One of the World’s Richest Men Reveals About China Under Xi Jinping

JUAN O. SAVIN – PICK YOUR LANE – Can Trump Pull A Rabbit Out of a Hat on the 6th?

Georgia Secretary of State’s Update to GA’s Voting Machine Software Right Before the 2020 Election Was Unlawful

Trump’s Call With the GA Sec. of State — A Case Study in Media Duplicity That Trump Has Battled From Day One

Californians doing as their elected leaders do — ignoring lockdown orders

Opinion: West Point, Soon To Be Yet Another Casualty of the Left’s Long March. (Part II)

A New Strain of Coronavirus: What You Should Know

Shifting Goalposts – COVID Deaths versus Vaccine Deaths 

The greenies’ tales about Hawaii’s vanishing beaches miss one important fact 

A UK judge refuses US extradition of WikiLeaks founder Assange

Lin Wood bombshell: Sex trafficking, blackmail, and pure evil afoot – His latest bombshell is either absolutely insane or the key to exposing the powers and principalities ruling this world

January 3, 2021

Trump’s Call Actually Reveals A President Deep Into Detail, With Establishment Republicans Dismissive, Unwilling, And Rejecting Transparency

Defenders of Civilization? – Politicians seem too exhausted, guilty, or ignorant to pass on and improve the civilization they inherited for others to come

Grennell: Democrats moved from there’s no fraud to not widespread fraud and now not enough fraud to overturn the election,”

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows: Over 100 House Members Plan to Object to Electoral Votes

‘Morale Is High’ as Trump Meets with Lawmakers Preparing To Challenge The Biden Electors

President Trump announces he will attend the January 6th Trump march in downtown Washington DC

Senator Toomey Abandons the Constitution – Comparing Toomey vs. Mark Levin

President Trump Files Two Lawsuits Against GA Secretary of State Raffensperger for Leaking Confidential Litigation Call

The Washington Post Misled About What Trump Said – Full Audio And Transcript Of The Trump-Raffensperger Call

MAGA Patriots Must Win the GOP Civil War – The grassroots need to destroy RINOs in primary contests and more…

Biden and Schools – Federal education policy is likely to take a sharp left turn

President Biden Will Try to California-ize America – Strangling the auto industry, contract workers, and small businesses for the progressive cause

The Opening Prayer of Congress Shows How Far Our Nation Is From God

Pelosi Reelected as House Speaker in Tight Vote – 216–209 to the chamber’s narrowest majority in two decades

January 6 Updates for today, Sunday, January 3rd

64 Days of Angst for Trump Supporters – January 6, 2021, will be one of the most monumental days in American history

A 6-Person Team Briefed Hundreds of State Senators on 2020 Election Irregularities

President Trump: The Georgia Secretary of State is ‘Unable’ to Answer Questions About ‘Ballots Under Table, etc.

More Senators are stepping up to challenge the Electoral College vote 

Vice-President Pence Backs ‘Dirty Dozen’ Bid To Block Biden Electors and Prove Trump Won the Election

These Democrats Are Having a Fit Over Cruz’s Plans to Challenge the Election Results

Proof of fraud may lie in vanishing Trump votes – How were votes subtracted?

Report: A Group of 400 Former U.S. Intelligence Officials Are Investigating ‘Blatant’ Election Fraud

If the SCOTUS doesn’t act soon, Roberts will end up the scapegoat – The chief justice is in dire peril of ruining the reputation of his Court 

This Tuesday and Wednesday Are Going to Be Bumpy for the United States of America

Still, No Chain of Custody Documents Produced in Georgia for 76 Percent of Absentee Ballots Cast in Drop Boxes

Trafalgar Poll: Georgia’s Kemp Would Lose To Doug Collins

There’s something peculiar about the vandalism at Pelosi’s house – There’s something strange about no paint on the bricks?

A Surprising Number of Health Care Workers Are Choosing Not to Receive COVID Vaccine

Pelosi Faces Close Speaker Vote Sunday amid Fears of Coronavirus Absences

January 2, 2021 

In 2020, Vote Fraud Claims Were Not ‘Baseless’ – Here Are Some Examples

11 More GOP Senators to Object to Electoral College Votes

Pence Welcomes Efforts by Lawmakers to Object to Electoral College Votes on Jan. 6th

Federal Court Rules Trump Can Bar Uninsured Immigrants From Entering the United States

‘Growing body of evidence’ shows COVID-19 leaked from Chinese lab: US official

Hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, remdesevir, and more: The evidence on proposed COVID-19 treatments

A Top Biden ‘Pick’ Led Group That Took Sponsored Trips To China For a Pro-Beijing Organization & Co-Authored Reports

Portland Mayor Admits Failure in Dealing with Antifa, Asks for Federal, State Help

A California bar owner could get 1 year behind bars for repeated openings during the pandemic

The 55% Increase in Chicago’s Murder Rate Is Astounding – Defunding the police force, reducing officers on patrol, and reforming bail laws is nonsense

Data Scientist: Georgia Election Data Shows 17,650 Votes Switched From Trump to Biden

The Stupid and Gutless Party strikes again – Why are we not surprised

Iran Is Planning Its Revenge for the Death of Soleimani

Gaslight with COVID: Joe Biden declares scaled-down inauguration 

The strange story of Georgia’s pallets of ballots 

Trump and others linked to the Soleimani killing ‘will not be safe on Earth,’ Iran official warns

The AZ Firm that Allegedly Sent Fake Ballots to Georgia, Runbeck Election Svcs. Is Closely Tied to the Democrat Party

Democrats plan rules changes for incoming House that weaken rights of GOP minority and eliminate ‘gendered terms’ 

WSJ: Newly Reported U.S. Covid-19 Cases Plunge as Hospitalizations Remain at Record Levels

The Politics of BLM, Patrisse Cullors – A curious mix of Marxism, identity politics, and race and gender confusion

HOW TO READ A SOCIETY – Political correctness has now been absorbed, enhanced, and spread in the tyranny of cancel culture that permeates our institutions

Trump supporters ‘un-cancel’ the Rose Parade – At least 600 vehicles participated along the usual Rose Parade route

To Reform Health Care, Make Prices Transparent

Hollywood: No Man’s Land – Only beggarly “male feminists” and posturing macho women survive, and then barely


January 1, 2021

Gavin Newsom recall effort gains momentum – The people of California are in dire straits, Newsom and his friends are not

Gavin Newsom’s recall campaign draws big donors. Here are the top funders

From The Rose Bowl To Silicon Valley, Texas Is Eating California’s Lunch

Proposition 22: California’s new labor landscape – What is an employee and What is an independent contractor?

Hundreds of Israelis get infected with Covid 19 after receiving PfizerBioNTech vaccine reports

Trump says ‘massive amounts of evidence’ of voter fraud will be presented Jan 6, BIG ‘protest’ rally planned for DC

Trump Declares Georgia Senate Runoffs ‘Invalid and Illegal’

Pence May Choose 2020 Election Winner ‘As He Sees Fit,’ GOP Rep Says in New Court Filing


VIDEO RELEASED of Vans Removing Ballots from GA Warehouse with Armed Guards to Sheriff Jackson’s Office

REVEALED: The Senior U.S. Officials Taking CCP-Subsidized Trips, Dinners For ‘Favorable Coverage’ (LIST)

The Senate Overrides Trump’s Veto of NDAA, 13 Members Uphold Veto

Pompeo mocks Xi Jinping’s ‘fragile dictatorship’ after China unveils jail terms for Hong Kong 12


Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Pence Over Electoral College Vote Count

Georgia Runoff Elections Set A New Voting Record

How will California’s new laws affect you?

China Is Getting Away with It And Emerging Stronger Than Ever

China is encircling Australia

Coronavirus vaccine means the masks can come off……….. Eventually

Lin Wood Interview On ThriveTimes

Dr. Fauci: We Won’t Get Back to Normal Life Until Fall of 2021

The NYSE to Delist China’s Major Telecommunications Operators

The House of Representatives Asks the Court to Dismiss Effort to Clarify Vice President’s Power in Electoral Counting

Every one of Trump’s Russia hoax pardons corrected a legal injustice

January 6th is NOT the final deadline for correcting the election – There’s only one constitutional date and that’s January 20th

The Dangers of Government Debt – When debt has no immediate consequences, gratification rules

FDA Fines Distilleries $14K for Producing Hand Sanitizer Their good deed comes with a huge cost

What AG Barr’s Departure Means for Google – The easy ride for Big Tech is over 

Who Are California’s Winners and Losers of 2020?

PG&E bills to rise amid electricity upgrades to combat wildfires But gas bills expected to drop in 2021

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Stephen Malthouse MD — Coronavirus Vaccine “very, very likely to cause harm”

For now, my wife and I have decided to wait and see what kind of reactions other people are experiencing and whether they are mild or more severe before taking the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. What solidified our resolve on this issue was the recent death of a Formerly Healthy 56-year-old Miami doctor that died of a blood disorder 16 days after getting the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

In the meantime we are taking recommended precautions and are willing to take our chances because of the very few people in the 70+ age bracket we know personally who have had more than minor symptoms or who are friends of friends, nobody has died. One great thing in America is that we still have free choice, at least for now. 

Stephen Malthouse MD is a Canadian physician who has been in family medical practice for more than 40 years and a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia since 1978.

He is a passionate advocate for homeopathic healing which he practices.

Dr. Malthouse came into the public eye after writing an open letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry, the provincial health officer for BC, about the lack of evidence for lockdowns, masks, and social distancing.

If that is not enough, here is another video with Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors along with several links to articles addressing the issues raised in these videos:

Stephen Malthouse, MD OPEN LETTER: To Dr. Bonnie Henry, British Columbia Provincial Health Officer

Healthy Miami doctor, 56, died of a blood disorder 16 days after getting Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine

Stephen Malthouse MD — Coronavirus Vaccine “very, very likely to cause harm”

COVID testing: We’ve been duped – Molecular tests & PCR are highly sensitive and prone to false positives 

Dr. Fauci Tells Us to ‘Bite the Bullet and Sacrifice’ Thanksgiving – The dirty little secrets about PCR testing revealed

CDC Quietly Changes COVID Guidelines to say MASKS DON’T WORK – Anyone who has symptoms or tests positive is a risk to others even if masks are worn

DO MASKS WORK? – Experience shows that they don’t

More New Research Shows Only Those With Symptoms Spread COVID-19. Masks School Closings & Lockdowns Couldn’t Have Been More Pointless

Facebook Denies ‘Science’ – Blocks Danish Study Questioning Efficacy Of Masks

If Masks Don’t Work, Why Do We Keep Wearing Them? – Countries without mask mandates do just as well or better than those with them

Why Are Fauci, Redfield, and the Presstitutes Deceiving Us About Masks? – Because fear is needed for future mass vaccination acceptance

Twitter removes top White House coronavirus adviser tweet claiming masks don’t work

The CDC director has doubled down on masks, but is he wrong? – This mask expert proves he is wrong 

If Masks Work, Then Why Don’t They WORK? – Neither the masks nor the lockdowns really stopped COVID-19

The CDC Accidentally Admits Cloth Masks Are Not Effective For Protection From COVID

Masks do not work, – Period

December 2020 Political Article Reference List

Updated Daily: Below are primarily conservative-leaning articles or blog posts that I have read and found insightful or interesting.

If you take the time to read some of them it should open your eyes to the reality of  the #DeepState,” #MediaBias and #FakeNews, the #Progressive Movement, and what Trump faces daily in his quest to #MAGA.” Think of it as working on a large puzzle, as you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you can see the big picture, hopefully. (Article links updated or added since the previous update are underlined.)

December 31, 2020

Jovan Pulitzer says Georgia Called in Trucks to Get Rid of the Evidence in Fulton County He is Supposed to be Scanning!

California Governor Newsom hires Bill Clinton’s spin doctor as pressure mounts for his recall

California spent millions on ventilators. Why they’re sitting unused during COVID surge

Senate Report Blows The Whistle On Obama’s Treasury Department For Paying Group That Funded Terrorists

US votes against UN budget over ‘anti-Israel’ measure, lack of Iran action – The US is the top UN financial contributor

President Trump Extends Order Halting Visas to Prioritize Americans for U.S. Jobs

President Trump returns to DC early to contest election certification

Ruling in Gohmert Lawsuit Against Pence Could ‘Be Big Game-Changer’ for Vote Count on Jan. 6, Expert Says

140 House Republicans may vote against certifying the Electoral College vote on Jan. 6

Vice-President Pence Asks Judge to Reject Push to Expand His Powers to Decide Electoral College Votes

Georgia Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner, Stacey Abrams’ sister, reverses her controversial voter eligibility ruling

2020’s Big Winners: Billionaires, Silicon Valley Tech Lords, and Communist China

Incriminating facts emerge from a Georgia Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections hearing the media buried 

27 Pennsylvania Lawmakers Urge McConnell and McCarthy to Dispute PA Election Results

The Top 15 MAGA Moments for President Donald Trump in 2020

Donald Trump Has Been The Most Illuminating President In Decades – His administration brought much-needed clarity to the GOP and the country

McConnell again blocks quick vote on $2,000 stimulus checks, slams ‘socialism for rich people’

JANUARY 6th – Updates related to the joint session of Congress when they meet to vote on the Electoral College results 

The Most Dishonorable Election In American History – BETWEEN 2016 & 2020 . . . AMERICA HIT THE BOTTOM OF THE HONOR BARREL

“This Is Absurd”: Ted Cruz Weighs In On Stacey Abrams’ Judge Sister, Abusing Her Judicial Power

If enough senators challenge the election results, Trump wins – See The Important the Twelfth Amendment’s language

Lies, Damned Lies, And Insane Statistics – It is easy to prove that the election was stolen from Donald Trump

Without Our Constitution, We’re Under Occupation – 2020 exposes that we are now under occupation by a hostile governing force 

The Top Ten Scoops Of 2020 From The National Pulse

Hey, GOP, WAKE-UP: This Is Your Do or Die Moment 

Amid claims of unexplained ballots, Pennsylvania officials unsure how many voted in 2020

President Trump’s Top 10 Accomplishments of 2020

Hunter Biden’s Guilty Laptop –The most charitable reading of the sleazy saga is that Joe Biden is an incredibly gullible idiot

Uncovering the Chinese Government’s COVID Pandemic Deception

Britain’s Brexit Triumph – The U.K. will continue trading relatively freely with the European Union

California 9th Circuit Judges Reopen ‘Flores’ Border Gate for Coyotes, Cartels, Migrants

Apparent Radical Leftist Attack on Gas Lines in Colorado, Leaving Thousands Without Heat

December 30, 2020

Senate deadlocks on $2K checks as GOP demands Section 230 repeal, election review

Campaign Adviser Jason Miller: The Trump Team Wants to Present ‘Specific Evidence’ on Jan. 6th

Inventor Jovan Pulitzer DESTROYS Georgia’s Corrupted 2020 Election Results

Georgia Senate’s Election Law Study Subcommittee Requests Forensic Audit of Fulton County Absentee Ballots

The Number of GOP Congress Members to Object to Electoral College Votes Grows

The 10 Worst Legacy Media Abuses in 2020

Details Emerge Regarding Congressman-Elect Letlow’s Heart Attack/COVID-Related Death

Why the US fears an Iranian attack on or around Sunday, Jan. 3 –  The first anniversary of the killing of Qassem Soleimani

REVEALED: A Full List Of Western Media Outlets Participating In Chinese Communist Propaganda Events

Wonder Woman vs. Kamala Harris – A new superhero movie subverts the core message of modern Western life

Joe Biden accidentally admits who he believes really won the 2020 election

Hawley Becomes First Senator Committed to Challenging Electoral College Results

Congress Inches Closer to Trump Veto Override as Republican Tensions Grow

IRS and Treasury Begin Sending Stimulus Checks to Millions of Americans

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: The Greatest Horserace Fixer of All- Time Says Democrats Stole Election, Here’s How

Georgia’s Twin Runoffs Will Likely Drag Out Results for Days

A Call to Arms for All Patriots to Come to the Aid of Their Country 

Some States May Be Well on Their Way to Herd Immunity

China’s ‘unrestricted war’ against the United States – Using Five Type of New Warfare

Nashville bombing suspect’s girlfriend told police in 2019 that he was making bombs

Hunter Biden Laptop Lawsuit Gives Twitter Unpleasant Legal Choices

December 29, 2020

Companies Are Fleeing California……They Blame Bad Government

The Power of the Vice President to Count or Reject Electoral Votes Disputed

“For Five States to Stop Counting on Election Night Is Absolutely Unprecedented” – Sidney Powell Lays Out Evidence of Rampant Election Fraud in Her Latest Interview

Did Rasmussen Polling Just Call on Pence To Make Game-Changing Move To Give Trump the Election?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Introduces Competing Bill Combining $2,000 Stimulus Checks With Other Trump-Backed Issues

US Turns Tide on Huawei, Ending CCP’s 5G Master Plan

Sidney Powell: The 2020 election was a masterpiece of deception

All Major Western Media Outlets Take ‘Private Dinners’, ‘Sponsored Trips’ From Chinese Communist Propaganda Front

Politicians Are Arguing Over $600 While China Still Owes Us $2 Trillion

Chinese State-Run Media Steps Up and Defends Eric Swalwell

The Virus Is Not Invincible, But It’s Exposing Who’s Irreplaceable

California has extended regional stay-at-home orders for Southern California for at least three weeks

How can California have 0% ICU capacity and 1,300 available ICU beds?

Why Aren’t California Officials Mobilizing More Hospital Beds? Newsom Does Not Explain in His Presser

Customs and Border Protection Chief: Joe Biden Will Spur ‘Waves’ of ‘Uncontrolled Mass Migration’ to the U.S.

California Legislative Counsel Legal Opinion Disputes Constitutionality of Alex Padilla Appointment Without Election

51 Celebrities Inserting Themselves into Georgia Senate Runoffs to Push For Democrats – I Doubt You Will Be Surprised

Dozens of House Members Will Challenge EC Vote on Jan. 6, Says Rep. Mo Brooks

President Trump leaves behind a transformed judicial branch

Biden signals that he’s planning to double down on climate change madness

Politics vs Faith: Which will drive Mike Pence’s actions on January 6th? – If Pence is driven by faith, as he often indicates, then there is no way he can righteously accept the fraudulent election without a fight

Trump Bolsters Order Barring Investment in Chinese Firms

WHO says the COVID pandemic is ‘not the big one’ the world needs to brace for – So does that mean we have overreacted?

Gallup: After 12-Year Run, Obama Falls to Trump as Most Admired Man

Nikki Haley: 2020 Will Go Down as the ‘Year Socialism Went Mainstream’

What Will ‘Breaking Biden’ Bring?

What Big Tech Didn’t Want You To See On The Federalist In 2020

The Worst People In Media 2020

No More Auto Manufacturing In California

Will Washington, DC lockout Trump supporters on January 6th? – It’s Already Started!

3 Of Nancy Pelosi’s Power Grabs That Congress Needs To End In January

New Los Angeles DA Gascon Almost Got Away With Giving Accused Gang Murderer a “Sweetheart” 7-Year Plea Deal

December 28, 2020

Egg on Their Faces: 10 Climate Alarmist Predictions for 2020 That Went Horribly Wrong

California Supreme Court: Non-Violent SexOffenders Can Qualify for Early Parole

REVEALED: Hillary Clinton Met With CCP ‘Undercover Intel Ops’ Group While Bill Floated Paid Speeches

Help Wanted: One GOP Senator With Guts – Someone needs to decide to have a backbone on January 6th

Ukraine Confirms Joe Biden’s Corruption With Audio Recordings, Bank Records & Witnesses

Arizona GOP Electors Join Lawsuit Against Pence, Asks Court to Define VP’s ‘Exclusive Authority’ to Reject Electors

Tour de Force: Here Are the Top Ten Kayleigh McEnany Smackdowns of 2020

The Supreme Court Requires Lower Courts to Exclude Illegal Aliens From Census Count

Nashville bomber told a neighbor the world is ‘never going to forget me’ Said he didn’t think much of the remark at the time

The House passes bill for $2,000 stimulus checks – leaving it up to GOP-controlled Senate

Heroes, Villains, and Victims of our 2020 Horror Show – Who were they And which figure fits the bill for all three?

The Coming Global Backlash against China – Xi Jinping’s policies of repression at home and aggression abroad have backfired

The CDC reports record-low positive seasonal flu tests

Will Blue State Refugees Ruin Red States? – Actually, there’s less cause for worry than you think

‘A Direct and Severe Violation’: Court Strikes Cuomo’s COVID-19 Orders on Churches, Synagogues

Los Angeles County Requires Anyone Returning from Traveling to Quarantine for 10 Days

House Representative Mo Brooks: ‘Dozens’ of House Members Joining Jan. 6 Electoral College Challenge

GOP Lawmaker Sues Pence to Give Him ‘Exclusive Authority’ to Overturn Election Results

U.S. Stocks Rise on Stimulus Bill Passage

House to vote on $2,000 stimulus checks after Trump signs coronavirus and spending package

Dominion’s Intimidation of Melissa Carone

Trump Urges Supporters to Gather in DC on Jan. 6

The unspeakable, duplicitous cowardice of the Republicans in Congress – Do They Actually Think We Will Forget?

Another COVID lie exposed – Asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 didn’t occur at all, study of 10 million finds

Hypersensitive COVID tests, ‘sick’ fruit, and the mendacious Dr. Fauci 

Top Pandemic Scientist Admits Emulating Communist Chinese Model To Strip Civil Liberties Away

Senator Marco Rubio Sounds Off on Anthony Fauci For ‘Lying’ About Masks, Changing Goalposts on Herd Immunity

This Brave Woman Reported on COVID-19 in Wuhan. China Will Lock Her Up for Years

A rather silly video illustrates YouTube’s anti-Trump extremism – Be sure to watch the video at the end of the article 

White House Testing Chief: The New COVID strain is ‘not any more serious’ than the common version

What Denying Election Fraud Accomplishes – Five Things Stand Out

The Real Reason Your Kids Can’t Go Back To School (It’s Not COVID-19) – More benefits & money for teachers

5 Big Things We Learned About Our Elites In 2020

Americans Beware: New Civics Mandates Will Be Woke

The biggest Supreme Court cases of 2021

Biden Turns His Back Against Those Banking on Student Loan Forgiveness Order: ‘I’d Be Unlikely To Do That’

December 27, 2020

Hispanic, Asian vote shifted sharply to the right in 2020 presidential election

Mathematician Bobby Piton Finds More Than 500,000 Unique Last Names in Pennsylvania – No familial match found

Trump invokes Impoundment Control Act of 1974, redlining areas of concern in COVID-19 relief bill

330,000 Americans Died ‘With’ COVID – CDC says Number Who Died “From” COVID Is Much Less, Around 6 Percent

Anthony Quinn Warner Is Named as Nashville Bomber

Dominion Lawyers Send Blistering ‘Cease and Desist’ Letter to Trump Campaigns ‘Star Witness’

Sydney Powells Full Kraken Document in PDF Format

Tell Only Lies – Americans are increasingly afraid to express themselves honestly

Did Americans Come to Love Big Brother? – Millions may come to resemble Winston Smith in the book, 1984

The fate of California hangs on the Georgia election

Dominion’s Anti-Trump Executive Eric Coomer Owns Patents on Adjudication Process That Investigators Found Skimmed Votes From Trump in Michigan

If It’s Biden, Expect Wholesale Rejection of American Core Values – Starting With Critical Race Theory 

GOP China Hawks Voice Fresh Concerns on Lloyd Austin: ‘America Needs a Wake-Up Call’

Study Finds ‘No Statistically Significant’ Link Between Gyms and COVID Cases

Gun-buying activity shatters records in 2020 amid lockdowns, riots, presidential election

Regulations Take California Policies Nationwide – Biden’s climate warriors will move more jobs and space overseas

Trump: The American David – One of his most prescient statements was, “They’re not after me, they’re after you, I’m just in the way.

Trouble for Democrats: Rebellion in the California suburbs begins 

December 26, 2020

CDC Quietly Changes COVID Guidelines to say MASKS DON’T WORK – Anyone who has symptoms or tests positive is a risk to others even if masks are worn

Pressure mounts for Trump to declassify report on Swalwell and Chinese spy

‘Racially Diverse’ Cops Dumping Portland in Favor of Lower Paying Jobs in Places Where They’re Appreciated

Reclaiming the Swamp: The Issue of Our Time

Police Identify Person or Persons of Interest in the Nashville Christmas Day Explosion – May Have Been Killed In Explosion

Joseph Epstein, In Brief

Dianne Feinstein’s Husband is in Discussions for Ambassador Post – Which would allow her to gracefully leave Senate

An Essential Man – In this battle of our culture war, we need to win or be prepared to lose in ways beyond imagining

The Pope’s Christmas Speech – He decries division while creating it

The FBI, ATF and Police Raid Nashville House Linked to Christmas Day RV Bombing

NSA Whistleblower Exposes Massive Election Fraud Through CIA’s HAMMER and SCORECARD Software

Soros Devotee, Smartmatic Chairman Lord Mallach Brown Named the New Chairman of Soros’s Open Society

Why Sidney Powell gets the Galileo treatment

Trump rebukes FBI, DOJ, Congress, and Supreme Court in morning Twitter tantrum

Vice-President Pence will have to Judge whether a Presidential Election Was Held at All 

Here’s what Biden is promising to do to curb emissions in his first days in office

Nashville: A bomb blast unlike any other on American soil

President Trump Doubles Down on Sending $2,000 Stimulus Checks to Struggling Americans

Newt Gingrich: Why I Will Not Accept Joe Biden As President

In California, the craziness never stops – Every year, California enacts new laws that have an increasingly leftist tilt

December 25, 2020

Joe Biden’s Fast Track to Reregulation – The Congressional Review Act could swiftly undo Trump successes

A doctor reportedly has a severe allergic reaction to the Moderna COVID vaccine

Think Tank: China to Leapfrog US as World’s Biggest Economy by 2028

Giuliani: Election fraud evidence ‘going to blow up’ after Christmas, become clear ‘all at once’

Wisconsin Lawmakers Join Lawsuit to Block Certification of Presidential Electors

Heroic police officers lauded for preventing massacre during Nashville explosion

New California laws going into effect in 2021

Fauci Admits He’s Been ‘Deliberately’ Moving the COVID-19 Goalposts—Partly Based on His Gut

A Merry Brexit Christmas – No doubt it will go down in history as something like the “Christmas Treaty”

Casinos, cruises, and Costco: How federal workers abuse their travel credit cards

We Need A Re-Vote In States Where Voting Fraud Was Likely

Sidney Powell Says White House Aides Are Blocking Her Efforts to Help President Trump

7 Ways Governments Used the Coronavirus Pandemic to Crush Human Rights

A Communist Christmas Story – How the Communist regime in Hungary tried and failed, to coopt Christmas

The Amazing History Of Christmas

The U.S. will require a negative COVID test for all airline passengers returning from Britain starting Monday the 28th

The World Health Organization continues to politicize science 

Netflix Is Fueled by Oil and Gas in New Mexico

An Explosion Rocks Downtown Nashville on Christmas Day

December 24, 2020

Biden Throwing a Conniption That Twitter Wouldn’t Automatically Transfer Trump’s Followers to Him

Alice Stebbins Noticed $200 Million Missing, Then She Was Fired By The California Public Utilities Commission

Apocalypse Now: New COVID Strain 56 Percent More Contagious

Why Democrats Should Read the Navarro Report

A 2020 White House Christmas – The East Room transcends these perilous times by combining themes of humanity, reason, and revelation

Donald and Melania Trump Thank God for ‘The Greatest Miracle in Human History’ in their Christmas Greeting

President Trump ‘Resolved’ in Election Challenge, Says Pa. Lawmaker Who Met With Him

5 Reasons I’ll Always Resist Joe Biden and the Democrats (and You Should Too)

What the Lockdown Leviathans Don’t Get – We want lives of meaning, purpose, connection, and contentment

Christmas in a Dark Time – Meaning and meaninglessness, and a year of trials

Dr. Fauci admits to LYING about herd immunity numbers to encourage vaccinations

Californians are following Newsom’s lead and ignoring his latest lockdown order

Effort To Recall California Governor Newsom Reaches 870,000 Signatures

Congress’ Christmas Tree Bill is Loaded with Climate Ornaments – It might not be the Green New Deal, but close enough

NYC: Man Murders His ‘Americanized’ Daughter Who Didn’t Want to Wear a Hijab

China is testing a new fleet of warships amid ongoing, rising tensions in the disputed South China Sea

House GOP and Democrats stymie requests to reconsider stimulus, spending package after Trump grievances

A Bombshell New Legal Memo To Give Trump Supporters Hope on Christmas Eve

Back To Square One: GOP To Block Pelosi Bid For $2,000 Checks, Will Offer CR Separating State From Foreign Aid

Eric Swalwell and the truth about communist infiltration in the USA 

Rush Limbaugh Gives What Could Be His Last End-of-Year Monologue Ever, And It’s Incredible

Hunter Biden investigations are poised to cast a pall over his father’s presidency

Mike Pence is being held out as the potential savior of a fair election 

Our Upside-Down Post-Election World – Funny how the media have taken all those pre-election truths and flipped them

Tucker Carlson: Kamala Harris Is Bringing California-Style Governance to America — ‘You Need to Pay Attention to That’

COVID Relief and Trump’s Revenge – A pocket veto of the coronavirus package is payback for McConnell’s disloyalty

The COVID Vaccines Have Arrived — Along With More Answers and More Questions

A Trump rally in D.C. is planned for Jan. 6, the day Congress counts Electoral College votes

A parade of Republican losers and traitors advances 

Trump issues stern warning to Iran after a 21-rocket attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad

Bill Clinton’s Profitable Pardon Business – Trump’s pardons are nothing like his: Bill was giving them out for cash

MERRY CHRISTMAS: Another New Strain of COVID-19 Found in England

December 23, 2020

Why Joe Biden Is Headed for Failure – He will lose his footing in the first foreign-policy crisis that comes along

“Mike Pence Must Do This” – President Trump Retweets “Operation Pence Card” Urging His VP to Act on the Fraudulent Election

China Demands Biden Return U.S. to Iran Nuclear Deal

Trump vetoes $740 billion defense bill

It’s a ridiculous relief package: Trump right to criticize the 5,593-page COVID-19 relief boondoggle

Key Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Confirms Democrat Ballot Fraud

Americans Are Sick of Arbitrary COVID-19 Restrictions

DHS Fights Back Against China – The new advisory provides practices to follow when doing business with China

Trump Pardons Another 26 People, Including Roger Stone, Paul Manafort

Arizona Senators Sue to Enforce Subpoenas for Election Equipment, Records


One More Round of Chaos Delivered By President Trump – And Rightly So!

President POLITICS Trump calls Covid relief bill unsuitable and demands Congress add bigger stimulus payments

Representative Taylor-Greene: Some Republican Senators Are on Board With Electoral College Challenge

Georgia Senate Report Devastates Left, Says Nov. 3 Election Results ‘Cannot Be Trusted’

Joe Biden has outlived his usefulness

Beijing’s Iron Grip on Corporate China – Joe Biden has a China problem.

Trump Urges Americans to ‘Stop the Theft of the Presidential Election’

Trump Explains Why He Is Fighting Back Against The 2020 Presidential Election Fraud – This is NOT on YouTube So Cannot Be Deleted

Giuliani Teases ‘Big Revelations’ About Voting Machines in Georgia

Everything you need to know about SmartMatic

The Only ‘Foul Play’ In The Hunter Biden Investigation Was The Media’s Suppression Of The Story

Amistad Project Says State Legislators, Not Executive, Need to Certify Presidential Electors

Emails obtained by FBI detail how Hunter Biden landed Ukrainian gas gig in 2014

An Absurd Call for ‘Vote Reparations’

December 22, 2020

Rudy Giuliani Says Arizona Lawmakers will Likely Vote Wednesday to Certify President Trump as Winner

President Trump authorizes John Durham to share classified info with the grand jury

Dennis Prager: The Sovietization of California – At a given point, I am sure that I will leave this Soviet satellite for a free state

Trump SLAMS Congress for wasteful COVID relief bill, demands $2000 checks for Americans

President Trump: Relief Bill Provides More Money for Families of Illegal Aliens Than for American Citizens

Congress’s 5,593-page porky ‘relief’ bill is the essence of the swamp

More GOP Lawmakers Back Electoral College Challenge

High-Level Biden Staffers Consulted For Chinese Communist Party And Are Linked Drone Firm Banned By US Govt

Pelosi and Schumer Agree to Trump’s Demand for $2,000 Stimulus Checks

President Trump deserves the gratitude of all Americans for the Warp Speed COVID vaccine

MN Senator/Physician Blows Whistle: The Bizarre, Non-COVID Types of Deaths Being Blamed on COVID

SCOTUS Election Challenge: Will Politics Defeat Law? – The first in the series “Murder by Gavel,” about the 2020 election

San Diego Schools Eliminate Grading In Anti-Racist Education Push

After 51 years, you can finally hike Palo Alto’s, Foothills Park. I did, and it made me furious.

Trump Pardons Former Campaign Aide George Papadopoulos For Process Crime

“A 68% Error Rate in Votes Proves Intentional Fraud” – Trump Attorney Demands Investigation of Systemic Fraud in 2020 Election

Target: America – China is anxious for Trump to leave so it can return to a global status quo tolerating its myriad abuses that harm the U.S.

Alex Padilla selected to replace Kamala Harris in the Senate

RIP OFF: U.S. ‘Stimulus’ Sends BILLIONS To Sudan, Venezuela, Cambodia, Nepal, Pakistan

Airlines to Bring Back Thousands of Workers After Passage of Covid-19 Aid Bill – Relief covers payrolls through March

The Republicans and Democrats just come together to rob American taxpayers 

If media weren’t scared of vote fraud claims, they wouldn’t censor them 

The 2020 voter fraud cover-up has exposed the enormity of powers, principalities, and their multitudes of minions

Hatred for D.C. Percolates After Digging Through the Itemized Outrage Found in the Enraging COVID-Relief Bill

Impeaching Trump Was A Distraction From The Real Scandal: Hunter Biden

The Arizona Republican party moves to intervene in the legal battle over access to the voting machines

Rand Paul Slams ‘So-Called Conservatives’ While Opposing the $900 Billion COVID Bill on Senate Floor

2020 exposed the teachers’ unions for the frauds they really are

The cybersecurity agency where Trump fired boss was flagged repeatedly for poor performance

December 21, 2020

Newsom says California stay-at-home order in four regions will likely be extended

Hacked Documents Expose China’s COVID-19 Cover-Up – Will Biden and Harris do anything about it? Unlikely

Attorney General Barr Makes Major Special Counsel Announcements – I Will Do NOTHING!

Ex-Democrat Turned Trump Advisor: 379,000 Possibly Illegal Ballots in Michigan Alone

All Eyes are on Congress as Republican Lawmakers Vow to Oppose Electoral Votes

Coronavirus Relief Bill Makes Illegal Streaming a Felony

A New Federal Lawsuit Accuses Gov. Newsom of ‘Gross Abuse of Power’ and Violation of Due Process Clause

Career Intelligence Officials’ Delay of DNI Report on Foreign Interference Draws Ire

A Pandemic of Misinformation – The media’s politicization of Covid has proved deadly and puts Americans’ freedoms at risk

Horowitz: Comprehensive analysis of 50 states shows greater spread with mask mandates

Billions Going to Foreign Aid in Spending Bill: ‘Gender Programs’ in Pakistan, Sri Lankan Ship Refurbishments

Beijing ‘Substantially Involved’ in US 2020 Election, China Analyst Says

Congress Defunds ICE, Opens Door for Migrant Wave

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin: The New round of relief checks to hit bank accounts next week

A viral tweet about the election may be wrong but this viral poster says a lot and matters 

Trump Said He Spoke With Senator-Elect Tuberville, Who Has Weighed a Challenge to Electoral Votes

President Trump: ‘We’re Getting Closer and Closer’ to Successful Challenge to Election Results

GOP Representative Crenshaw: Hold China Accountable for Coronavirus Lies and Economic Damage

Georgia Senators: Coordinated Illegal Actions Appear to Have Taken Place During Election

Fighting On! – So Mitch McConnel Thinks It’s Over and That We Should Just Walk Away From Massive Voter Fraud

The Biden Administration Faces A Legitimacy Crisis – A substantial number of Americans believe there was systemic election fraud

Health Experts Need To Get Out Of The Society Manipulation Business – People will decide for themselves what risks they’re willing to take

World Economic Forum: Digital Davos 2021 to Reveal Their ‘Great Reset Initiative’

COVID Vaccines, A Deeper Dive into the Data – Some Excellent Questions Are Raised Here

Were COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers Covered Up Prior to FDA Authorization?

Dr. Birx flouted her own strict travel warnings then took her family to Delaware Thanksgiving weekend

We are Done! An Open Letter to Every Damned Politician! On the Election, Selective Lockdowns, Corruption, all of it!

From Communist China, With Love – Or Whatever Else It Takes

What if Democrat senators use the Willie Brown plan to control the Senate? – Anything Is Possible With RINO Romney!

December 20, 2020

Thousands Negatively Affected After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

Devin Nunes: FBI Was Lying to Congress — ‘This Is Really, Really Bad, and Somebody Needs to Pay a Price for It’

Congress agrees to $900 billion Covid stimulus deal after months of failed negotiations

California and hard-pressed cities lose in COVID stimulus deal as Blue-State Bailout Funds aid is left out

‘Simple Math’ Shows Biden Claims 13 MILLION More Votes Than There Were Eligible Voters Who Voted in 2020 Election

‘An Unprecedented cover-up’: Mounting evidence in Hunter Biden scandal suppressed

The Chinese Spy Representative Swalwell Was Sleeping With Is Pictured with Chinese Agent Who Spied on Senator Feinstein for 20 Years

Squishy Data Calculations Surrounding Deaths Associated with COVID-19 – Counties and state using every death possible to boost morbidity numbers

Matt Gaetz Election Promise for January 6th – The Electoral College certification vote will not be business as usual

The Radical Left’s Vaccination Policy: Let Vulnerable Old White People Die – The Left sees the pandemic only through the lens of race

YouTube Removes Trump Lawyer’s Opening Statement From Senate Committee Hearing

COVID, Woke Science and Death – Will we be pruning back the elderly altogether by credentialed “ethicists?”

Former Wisconsin Judge: ‘Our Court System Has Been Deeply Intimidated by the Left’

Google confirms it notifies children if parents are monitoring their accounts – They cite UN resolution on child privacy

The Trump Camp Files 267-Page Certiorari Petition To Supreme Court

Flynn: Foreign Intelligence Agencies Were Monitoring US Election, Willing to Provide Information to Trump

Here’s What America’s Largest Ammo Manufacturer Has to Say About the Shortage

The ‘Christmas Star’ Will Make an Appearance the Night of December 21 and Here’s How You Can Watch

Representative Matt Gaetz Says He Will Challenge Electoral College Votes on Jan. 6

Who has the power to appoint Arizona presidential electors? 

Congress Set to Vote on COVID Aid Package After Key Compromise

There’s Nothing Unfair about Investigating the Bidens’ Shady Dealings

House Democrats face obstacles governing with a slim majority

Drug Overdose Deaths Far Outpace COVID Deaths in San Francisco

CDC: Overdoses Hit Record 81,230; Accelerated During Coronavirus Pandemic

As runoffs loom, Georgia’s election integrity is a joke 

The CDC Is Tracking Severe Allergic Reactions to New COVID Vaccine

Chinese Drones Are Spying on Americans

Zoom Employs the Chinese Communist Party, Huawei Techies

California Sued over One-Gun-a-Month Purchase Limit

December 19, 2020

Analyst: Redacted Information in Dominion Audit Report Shows Races Were Flipped

The Banality Of Bill Barr – Is He Just Another DC Swamp Creature?

Armed Group Breaks Into Family Home; Only Half Make It Out Alive After Dad Rains Hellfire On Them

Trump Says Voting Machines May Have Been Breached by SolarWinds Hack During Election

Employers Can Now Legally Fire You for Refusing COVID Vaccine

Trump Floats Sidney Powell as Special Counsel on Election Fraud

Analyst says redacted Dominion report ‘shows very clearly’ problems with voting machines

Dominion Whistleblower Accuses CEO of Lying During Michigan Hearing

Maricopa County AZ Defies Subpoenas, Won’t Even Release Ballot Images for Inspection

Data Analyst: Joe Biden Appears to Outperform in Counties Using Dominion or HART Voting Machines

Georgia election officials were told election software updates not covered by open records requests

District Attorney of Los Angeles County George Gascon, Prop of the Techno Tyrants

The CDC Issues New Guidelines for the COVID Vaccine Following Reports of Allergic Reactions

Starting Sunday, December 20th, cable companies can no longer ‘rent’ you the router you already own

Trump as a One-Term President Would Become The DC Deepstate Swamp’s Biggest Nightmare 

Pompeo says Russia ‘pretty clearly’ behind massive cyberattack against the U.S.

Georgia Official Warned Counties Not to Grant Open Record Requests for Voting Software

Maricopa County refuses to comply with Arizona legislative subpoena for election evidence

Lin Wood Sues Georgia Over Administration of Senate Runoff Elections

California is becoming a Wuhan virus epicenter – In Spite of Newsom’s Draconian Lockdowns


December 18, 2020

Trump Taps Conservative Giants to Lead 1776 Commission

Supreme Court Green-Lights Trump Removal of Illegal Aliens From Census Count

Michigan Recount Confirms Trump Won County That Went to Biden

MI Sec of State Official Caught On Video Telling Volunteers To Count “Multiple Ballots with the very Same Signature” During “Audit” Of Votes In Antrim County

Lin Wood Sues Georgia Over Administration of Senate Runoff Elections – Must follow voter signature and identity verification in accordance with state law

The FDA Grants Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine Emergency Authorization

Joe Biden’s ‘First Hundred’ Daze – Did anyone truly expect a known plagiarist wouldn’t claim to have authored the pandemic’s ending?

The U.S. Media Are Suppressing the Truth about Hydroxychloroquine

Independent Restaurants Won’t Survive Another Lockdown – COVID restrictions have dealt the hospitality industry a major blow

The Federalist Papers and ‘The Violence of Faction’ – We Must Vindicate The Honorable Title of Republic

Tulsi Gabbard: Redirect Profits from Corporations Allowed to Remain Open to Small Businesses Forced to Close

California Appeals Court Blocks Judge’s Order Allowing San Diego Restaurants to Resume Indoor Dining – Keeps Newsom’s Lockdown in Full Effect

Trump: Republican Senators Should Object to Electoral College Votes

SCOTUS Throws Out Challenge to President Trump’s Bid to Exclude Illegal Aliens from Being Counted in Determining Congressional Seats

History’s Weakest Impeachment: The Trump Russian Collusion Case, One Year Later

All The People Who Should Be Embarrassed About The Latest Hunter Biden News, Ranked

Trump Attorney: ‘Extensive Fraud’ in the Presidential Election

Recount Confirms Trump Won Michigan County That Reported Biden Win on Election Night

Executive Order 13848 and the Stolen Election

Another GOP Congressman Says He’ll Likely Challenge Electoral College Votes in January

Recent Leaks Expose Communist China’s Extensive Infiltration Of The West

Why the Left Is Outraged Over Carlson’s COVID-19 Vaccine Monologue

Corporate Media Are Ignoring Trump’s Role In Developing A COVID Vaccine

Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine Could Widen Immunization Effort – This vaccine can be more easily shipped and handled

If Lockdowns Work Then Why Is California a Global COVID-19 Hotspot?

California Governor Newsom Recall Petition Can Be Obtained Here 

There’s a message behind Buttigieg’s lack of qualifications – Obama and the Deep State are the ones in charge 

Which GOP Senator Will Be a Profile in Courage? – The time to oppose the Electoral College vote is here

Biden may finally get his presidential library, but who, exactly, will be sitting behind the Resolute desk?

Georgia Poll Worker Whistleblowers Get Fired

Dr. Jill v. Dr. J – There are doctors, and then there are doctors

LIFE with Steve McQueen: Rare Photos of the King of Cool, 1963

December 17, 2020

NEWS ‘Theft By A Thousand Cuts’ Report Conclusive On Election Fraud, Slams Media Cover-Up

You can’t sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Covid vaccine side effects. The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either

LIN WOOD: Supreme Court justice from San Francisco colluded to dump Trump

18 members of the House GOP demand emergency hearings on election fraud

An advisory panel to FDA endorses Moderna COVID vaccine for emergency usage, setting up final approval

PR DISASTER: Nurse Faints 17 Minutes After Getting COVID Vaccine on Live TV

Explainer: Dueling Electors and the Upcoming Joint Session of Congress

DNI Ratcliffe confirms foreign interference in the 2020 election; Other intel agencies defy White House

Leaked CCP Member List Shows 70-member Strong Unit at NYU Shanghai

Mike Rowe Calls Out the Hard Truth Behind the Democrats Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

California Is Now The Top US Net Importer Of Electricity

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein says she hasn’t considered leaving Senate early

Jenna Ellis to the American People: ‘Take Heart, This Is Not Over Yet’

Peter Navarro Releases Damning Report on 2020 Election Fraud

Sidney Powell on DNI Ratcliffe Election Report: ‘It’s Going To Blow The Mind Of Every Citizen In The Country’

Senator Rand Paul: The Election was ‘Stolen’, Voter Fraud ‘Happened’

Does Vice-President Pence want to save America? – Does He Have The Guts To Do The Right Thing?

Maria Bartiromo drops the mother of all bombshells 

Hunter Biden, James Biden, Former Top DOJ Leaders, and a China Billionaire Held a Last-Minute Meeting in 2017 with New York Governor Cuomo – Why was That?

Dominion Whistleblower Says CEO Lied During Michigan Testimony — Personally Witnessed Internet Connections Between Machines

Scrutiny of her doctoral dissertation will make ‘Dr. Jill Biden’ wish she had stuck with ‘Mrs. Biden’ 

An Alleged Jeffrey Epstein Accomplice Who Has Been Missing for Over a Year Was Just Arrested

George Soros reshapes prosecutor landscape with crucial victories despite Democrat down-ballot struggles

Multiple Witnesses Testify on Election Irregularities at Senate Hearing

Trying to figure out why they hated Trump so much 

Judge deals blow to Gavin Newsom’s lockdown order in landmark strip-club ruling that could allow EVERY restaurant in San Diego to reopen

The Trump Admin Blocks Hundreds of Millions of Dollars from California as DOJ Takes Legal Action

Continuing Education During COVID-19 – For the sake of our children, we need to fix the pandemic schooling fiasco

December 16, 2020

Breonna Taylor: The True Story of a BLM Hero

Truth be told, or not: Intel officials misled Americans to help elect Biden

Top scientist questioned virus lockdowns on Fox News and The backlash was fierce

Jenna Ellis: State Legislatures Key in Trump’s Path to Victory

Senator Rick Scott: We’ll See What Happens With The Electors on January 6th

‘This Fight Is Not Over’—Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Talks Legal Options and Starting Recall Petitions

MAGA world unloads on Mitch McConnell for congratulating President-elect Biden

Limbaugh: The Turtle Is Determined to Stop the One Long-Shot Scenario Left for Trump

Arizona Representative Anthony Kern: Dual Electors Could Lead to Victory

Hunter Biden Sent Chinese Chairman ‘Best Wishes from the Entire Biden Family’ While Asking for $10 Million

Health Care Worker Hospitalized with Serious Allergic Reaction to Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine

Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis: ‘We’re Gonna Fight Regardless of What Happens’ in January

How China Has Infiltrated the U.S. And how we should fight back

Texas and nine other states file a new antitrust lawsuit against Google — here’s the full complaint

REPORT: Zuckerberg Spent Half A Billion Dollars Coercing States To Adopt Pro-Dem Turnout Measures

“This Is a RICO Case and It Involves Potentially the Incoming President of the United States, Assuming He’s Installed” – Tom Fitton on Hunter Biden’s Criminal Case

Project Veritas Releases Shocking Never-Before-Heard Phone Call Between Julian Assange and Hillary Clinton’s State Department

COVID stats demonstrate that very little COVID is transmitted through gyms, hair-cutters. bars and restaurants

Florida Is Open, New York Is Closed, And The Latter Has More COVID Deaths

The World Economic Forum Wants Government, Central Banks, Big Business to Help ‘Vaccinate the World’

Trump to McConnell: ‘Too Soon to Give Up’ on Election

Don’t Be Fooled – Trump Hasn’t Actually Lost To Biden – There Is Much More To Come

Trump’s End Game – It’s still entirely possible for Donald Trump to be reelected, but he needs help from the RINO’s 

Senator Hawley: Election Process Not Over Until Jan. 6

Republicans Better Learn How to Fight Dirty Like Democrats or Continue Being Losers 

6 Experts Predict Their Worst-Case Scenario With China Under A Feeble Joe Biden Foreign Policy

December 15, 2020

Have COVID-19 Lockdowns Saved Any Lives? Let’s Take a Look at What Federal Data Tells Us

Orange County Sheriff refuses to release 1,800 inmates from Orange County jails despite a judge ruling 

California Governor Newsom Says Lockdown Will Continue Into February, Ruins Christmas

DO MASKS WORK? – Experience shows that they don’t

When (Just-Turned) 2-Year-Olds Are Thrown Off Planes, You Know America Has Changed

With the election over, duplicitous AMA can say HCQ is safe without risking helping President Trump

‘Stirring Up A Russia Scandal To Vilify Trump’: Declassified Brennan CIA Notes Prove Claims Were Political Hoax

Nevada GOP Subpoenas DMV And Finds Data Revealing Thousands Of Non-Citizen Voters

Flight of the Icons – California’s Anti-business policies are driving flagship firms out of the state

DHS Promises 450 Miles of Border Wall by 2021

Attorney General Barr resigns: Everyone (except Biden) wins

Dominion Audit: Ballot Error Rate Was At Least 85,000 Times Higher Than FEC Allows

President Trump: Audit of Dominion Machines in Antrim County ‘Shows Massive Fraud’

Biden Coughs Up a Storm During His Speech and Sets Tongues Wagging As Dr. Jill Lead Him Off Stage

The Biden transition team is filled with Big Tech insiders

A witness of the 2004 Venezuela Election Alarmed by seeing the same Voting Machine Anomalies in the US

Something historic happened with America’s electors on Monday 

Where Did the New Mad Left Come From?

We know now that our judges and justices are abject cowards – When the going got tough, they folded like cheap tents 

The Media Abandons Democracy – Mark Levin warns of the threat from the Iron Box

Dominion Voting System “Designed…to Create Systemic Fraud”

Fauci made a ‘joke’ in 2018 that gave the COVID game away 

No More Camaros for You! – California’s ban may put the brakes on the auto industry across the country

Los Angeles DA Gascon Gives Disgusting Rationale For Not Seeking Life Without Parole for Cop Killer, Gang Murderer

December 14, 2020

Electoral College hands White House to Biden

Conrad Black: The Perilous State of America’s Republic

William Barr out as Attorney General, Trump Announces

Alan Dershowitz: Barr Did as Well as He Could

On the COVID-19 vaccine, Trump was right and the fact-checkers were wrong

America’s Union Agenda at a Crossroads – Do America’s Unions Actually Care About American Workers?

The Supreme Court’s Rejection Of Texas’s Election Lawsuit Failed The Constitution

Arizona Senate Judiciary Chair Is Seizing Voting Machines for Forensic Audit

Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona Republican Electors Cast Votes for Trump

Hunter Biden Appears To Have Known About Investigation Into Business Dealings Long Before He Claimed

Oracle’s Larry Ellison Says He Has Moved to Hawaii, Fleeing California

Box Office Revenue Crashes 80 Percent to 40-Year Low – Are The Studios Trying To Undermine Theater Owners

Wisconsin Supreme Court rules coronavirus is not the reason for voters to be exempt from proving identity

Forensics Report Claims Dominion Error Rate Of 68%, ‘Intentionally Designed To Create Systemic Fraud’

Forensics Report: Crucial Logs Are Missing From Antrim County Dominion Voting Machines

An overview of the latest election fraud information – Note Red notations from Trump-Hating Twitter

2020 Election Investigation: Who Is Stealing America?

Time’s Person Of The Year Reveals The West’s Stunning Weakness Under China’s Deadly Threat

Obama lets the cat out of the bag: He’s got plans to make Joe Biden his stooge 

What McCarthy Says Pelosi’s Change in Tune on Congress Voting in Person Is Really About

Hunter Biden News Should Shame Dismissive Media Outlet – What Took Them So Long?

Report: Hunter Biden’s Attorneys Reject Cooperating with Congress

Fake Illegal ballots can be quickly and scientifically identified 

Communist China’s Far-Reaching Espionage Efforts Threaten U.S. Under A Joe Biden Presidency

In a Comprehensive Interview, Sidney Powell Discusses the Current Status of the 2020 Election Fraud Lawsuits

Brave New World Prediction by Aldous Huxley – His brilliant mind foresaw the “Great Reset” in his 1933 book

Mark Zuckerberg, Venture-Capital Radical – His LLC allows him to blur the lines between business, charity, and politics

Electoral College members meet Monday across the United States to pick the president

Newsom getting alarmed at California’s growing support for a recall referendum 

How Newsom’s likely 2022 challenger Kevin Faulconer handled the pandemic in his city

December 13, 2020

US companies riddled with members of the Chinese Communist Party

California Tribal Casinos Are Exempt from Stay-at-Home Order

The COVID Vaccine’s Free-Rider Problem – What happens if people avoid getting vaccinated?

Huge Data Leak ‘Exposes’ CCCP Members ‘Embedded’ In Western Companies & Governments

‘Collusion’ vs. Collusion – To speak the truth about collusion is to be smeared as “xenophobic,” “racist,” and “nativist”

Sidney Powell: Trump Could Trigger 2018 Executive Order on Foreign Election Interference

Susan Rice Returns – One of Obama’s worst advisers is resurrected for the Biden administration

Sidney Powell Reveals She’s Been Building a Massive RICO Case Against Dominion, Smartmatic

MI Attorney Responsible For Forensic Examination Of 16 Dominion Machines Gets Threatening Call From MI State Bar

Trump Says ‘It’s Not Over’ After Supreme Court Decision – Will Continue With Legal Cases

Joe Biden’s Fracking Malarkey – Against it, then for it — But what he’s definitely not for is continued U.S. energy growth

Portland MSM Shocked When Antifa Attacks Them for Covering Armed Takeover. Mike Strickland and Andy Ngo Say Told Ya So

For Those California Business-Climate Deniers Out There

Trucks With First COVID-19 Vaccine in the US Are on the Road

Regarding the Supreme Court, Dick Morris says an unsayable truth – Are They Afraid of Potential Court Packing 

The Working-Class-Party Myth, and What Really Motivates Voters

A Chinese espionage wake-up call

How the Supreme Court committed an egregious dodge on the 2020 election 

The Constitution Is Basically Fine the Way It Is

Why’d a Michigan judge issue an order to conceal the results of a forensic audit of Dominion voting machines? 

Why American Children Stopped Believing in God

China Is NOT our Friend – China Is National Security Threat No.1

Australia Stands Up to an Unhinged Beijing Bullying Campaign

The Broken-Hearted Bee Gees

The Honor of the Legal Profession – Or Alarming Lack There Of

The Babylon Bee NAILS the Biden-Media Love Affair and It Couldn’t Be More LOL Perfect

The Beggaring of the Middle Class – How can we restart a new period of national vitality?

December 12, 2020

Hunter Biden Slapped with Subpoena for Records of Dealings with Burisma and Chinese Companies

Powell Asks Supreme Court to Immediately Order States Decertify Election Results

Gavin Newsom Recall Effort Gets Endorsements from Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee, Increasing The Momentum

President Trump Flies Over DC Ralliers in Marine One

Here’s What Hunter’s Latest Email Dump Revealed About Joe’s Involvement in Chinese Business Dealings

Antifa Seen Cowering Behind the Police Last Night in DC After Being Confronted by the Proud Boy

Biden Reportedly Planning an Executive Order on Firearms Right Out of the Gate, But His ‘Big, Bold Changes’ Won’t Stop There

Guiliani: Trump Approves Filing Retooled Texas-Style Election Challenges

Tens of Thousands Rally in Washington to Demand Election Integrity

America needs Joe Biden to face the grim facts about China

Is America still a Democratic Republic? – Can We Keep It?

It’s Time to call in a special counsel on Hunter and Joe Biden: Goodwin

Superior Court Judge to California’s 3rd Largest County: On Account of COVID, Release Half of Your Convicts

Scientists Link This Superspreader Event in February to Around 300,000 COVID Cases

Pro-Trump Groups Rally in DC to Call for Election Integrity

Republicans Must Not Cave on Blue-State Bailouts

Stability or Justice: A False Choice – The PA court’s response was a Declaration of Intimidation

The FDA Authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech Coronavirus Vaccine

Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine: Side effects included injection-site pain, fatigue, headache, chills, and joint and muscle pain

We Don’t Need SCOTUS to Win – States may appoint electors after a controversy (“controversy or contest”) 

Guess who irrelevant Time Magazine chose for its latest Person of the Year 

An Open Letter To President Donald J. Trump From Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Should Blanket Trust be Granted Muslims? – “Hidden Enemies: An American History of Taqiyya”


December 11, 2020

California’s Health Secretary Concedes There Is No Empirical Basis for the State’s Ban on Outdoor Dining

President Trump’s Unique Political Strengths – In 2020, the Left has destroyed itself while Republican populism found itself

Game-Changing Video Shows Blank GA Ballots Turned Into Votes Using Dominion Machine

Barr’s DOJ Intentionally Hid Hunter Biden Investigations for Months

Giuliani Says Trump Team ‘Not Finished’ After Supreme Court Defeat – It was rejected on standing, not on the merits

HOW TRUMP CAN WIN: SCOTUS, State Supreme Courts, Legislatures, And The 12th Amendment

Nobody’s trying to ‘overturn’ the election. We’re CORRECTING fraudulent results

Senate passes defense authorization bill with a veto-proof majority

The Trump Administration Secures More Middle East Peace – Morocco announces normalization of relations with Israel

Covid-19 Vaccinations Could Start ‘Monday Or Tuesday As FDA Set To Approve Pfizer Vaccine, HHS Chief Says

Techno-Fascism Strikes Again – Big Tech’s ever-expanding ability to shape and control public opinion

Facebook ‘fact-checking certifier’ is a Hillary Clinton superfan and outspoken anti-Trump Twitter activist

Team Reality or Team Gender?

Oracle is moving its headquarters to Austin, Texas — The latest tech giant to flee the tech capital for the Southern state

California Governor Newsom’s Team is Increasingly Concerned as the Latest Recall Effort Reaches a Major Milestone

A Former Special Forces Officer Warns of Color Revolution Tactics Used Against Trump

A Bright Light . . . Kills Infections – Will SCOTUS be MACCABEES or SUPPORTERS of the AMERICAN SELEUCIDS?

FBI Has Files From Seth Rich’s Laptop Computer

How Judges And Democrats Colluded To Force DACA On Americans Even Though It’s Illegal

Why the media is now reporting Hunter Biden’s corruption – In the world of Democrat politics, there are no coincidences 

FNC’s Carlson: ‘No Choice’ for Hunter Biden DOJ Special Prosecutor if Media Don’t Start Doing Its Job

Biden Is Poised To Hand Republicans An Incredible Tool To Investigate The Hunter Corruption Scandal

Why We Question The Election Results

HHS Sec. Azar: The FDA Will Approve The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine in Days

Joe Biden is not the coronavirus messiah – The media should not abet him in this deception

A little known clause of the Constitution has a huge bearing on the Texas election lawsuit 

What Really Happened in Atlanta on Election Night

The District of Corruption Has Overplayed Its Hand  – Common sense tells us the 2020 election for president was a sham 

Hunter Biden Laments Diamonds Are Forever – And so are certain laptops

Why Are Tech Stocks at Record Highs? – Modern financial economics values firms based on future cash production

December 10, 2020

How the media covered up the Hunter Biden story — until after the election

President Trump Signs One-Week Spending Bill, Averting Government Shutdown

Sidney Powell Lists Four Co-Conspirators as She Prepares Massive RICO Case Against Smartmatic and Dominion

Texas AG Pax­ton: Six States Join Texas in Law­suit Defend­ing the Secu­ri­ty of the 2020 Election

Presidential Scholar and Trump Counsel: The Pressure on SCOTUS to Hold Elex Fraud ‘Trial’ Is ‘Extremely Strong’

Limbaugh: The State of Texas Isn’t Asking SCOTUS to Pick a Winner – They’re asking who gets to change voting laws

Former National Security Adviser Flynn fires back at FBI, DOJ: ‘I’ve seen corruption up close and personal’

BLM Founder Verified 2015 Venezuela Election On Behalf Of Smartmatic-Linked Org

Georgia Election Supervisor Shows on Video How Dominion Software Allows Changing, Adding Votes

Senate Republicans Can’t Be Bothered With Election Cheating, But Beg voters to keep them in power

Californians Are Fed Up With Newsom’s Draconian Shutdowns

Media disgraceful in trying to suppress Post’s Hunter Biden reporting

Limbaugh: As Predicted, the Hunter Biden Story Returns – Obama is running the Democrats political operation right now

The Washington Post’s Lies – Editorial board stands up for democracy dying in darkness

How Toxic Leftist Wokeness Killed The Vibrant Bon Appetit YouTube Channel

Two-Thirds Of California Residents Get Texts From The State Telling Them To Remain Home

Google/YouTube is now erasing all evidence of election fraud 

Facebook Fact Checker Funded by Chinese Money Through TikTok

As Lockdowns Kill Businesses in California and New York the Politicians Ensure that Hollywood Is Thriving

Trump: ‘… you’ll see a lot of big things happening over the next couple of days’ 

The Pentagon to End Military Support for CIA Counterterrorism Missions

FNC’s Carlson: ‘If You’re Looking for Election Rigging, Look No Further’ Than Media’s Treatment of Hunter Biden Saga

A Senate Committee Plans It’s First Federal Hearing on Election ‘Irregularities’ Next Week

A Summary of the Texas Election Lawsuit Going Before The Supreme Court

Three Democrats That Had A Very Bad Week

Byron York’s Daily Memo: Hunter Biden news embarrasses media defenders

My Prediction: If Joe Biden Is Sworn in, the Investigation of Hunter Biden Will Lead to Joe’s Resignation

Los Angeles is about to get Mad Max rules – Thanks To A Healthy Heaping of Soros Funding for George Gascón

Georgia Governor Kemp Awarded $107 Million Contract to Dominion Two Weeks After Meeting With People’s Republic of China Consul General

Rep. Dan Crenshaw rips into Pelosi for her moral corruption – Nothing was better than something — but better for who? 

The Hunter Biden investigation that took way too long to get started

Biden’s Pledge to Repeal DeVos’s Title IX Fix Is Misguided and Hypocritical

Joe Biden, the Manchurian President

A Clinton associate wrote the anti-Trump dossier in 2016 claiming he had a Russian FSB source

December 9, 2020

Trump administration’s national space policy formalizes Space Force role

The Hunter Biden Criminal Probe Bolsters a Chinese Scholar’s Claim About Beijing’s Influence With the Biden Administration

6 Things To Know About Texas’s Supreme Court Petition Over 2020’s Messed-Up Election

Limbaugh: It’s Hard to Ignore the Violations of Law Described in the Texas Lawsuit Going Before The Supreme Court

What Happened in Atlanta on Election Night – See The Detailed Infographic Provided Here

Ann Coulter: Voter Fraud Never Happens! (Except in These 10,000 Cases)

Secretary of State Pompeo: ‘So Many of Our Colleges Are Bought by Beijing’

The ’12 Studies’ Used by LA County Supervisor to Justify Banning Outdoor Dining Didn’t Analyze Outdoor Dining

A Firm co-owned by Representative Omar’s husband received hundreds of thousands in COVID-19 relief loans

New Information Indicates Democrat Eric Swalwell Is Lying About Breaking Ties With Chinese Honeytrap

The media “RIGGED” the election! – Tucker Carlson on new Hunter Biden scandal

The Trump administration and 48 states seek to break up Facebook

Mitch McConnell Takes to the Senate Floor To Blast ‘Schizophrenic’ Nancy Pelosi, Dems Over COVID Relief Obstruction

Insurrection Act of 1807: The Case for President Trump Invoking Insurrection Act to Restore Election Integrity

Governor Newsom Bans Indoor Services, Multi-Household Gatherings Through Christmas in Most of California

Republican Officials Join Recall Effort Against Gov. Newsom for Coronavirus Restrictions

Report: Gavin Newsom’s team ‘increasingly concerned’ about recall efforts

California Bans the 2021 Chevrolet Camaro SS and ZL1 Over Environmental Concerns Over Break Pad Contents

Questions persist over early dismissal of Atlanta poll workers, alleged secret ballot counting

Trump Says He Will Intervene in Texas’ SCOTUS Election Case – An intervention is a legal procedure that lets a nonparty join ongoing litigation if the case affects the rights of that party

YouTube to Remove Content That Questions 2020 Election Results

Nearly two dozen House Republicans urge Trump to demand special counsel investigate 2020 election integrity

A Chinese professor boasts about China’s dangerous power in America

Migrant Caravans Are Heading to US Border – Because Biden pledged to abolish many of the migration policies of Trump

Secretary of State Pompeo: Thanks to Trump, Chinese Communist Party ‘Has Now Shown Itself’ and Is Exposed

The RNC Files Suit in Georgia to Prevent Shenanigans in the January Senate Election

The Data Analysts Who Believe They’ve Uncovered Widespread Illegal Voting in Georgia

America Surrenders to China – When the donkey and elephant make war upon each other, few in America benefit

Why Does Corporate Media Amplify John Brennan’s Neverending Lies?

Republicans set to pounce on Biden over planned executive order spree

WSJ: U.S. Stocks Rise on Stimulus Bets

San Francisco Puts Another Nail in Its Own Coffin – Very Poor Timing For A Wealth Tax

Cornell exempts non-white students from its flu vaccine requirement – Like most colleges, Cornell is a leftist institution 

SWALWELL’S SWILL – Tucker Carlson drew attention to the Chinese spy who infiltrated California politics and them fled

How to Steal an Entire Country – A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth

A California Judge Blasts LA’s Ban on Outdoor Dining with a Preliminary Injunction

California’s Shutdown Double Standard And The Looming Economic Backfire

Time to throw Eric Swalwell off the House intelligence committee

WSJ: As Covid-19 Vaccines Roll Out, States to Determine Who Gets Shots First

Testing Positive for Coronavirus – What does “testing positive for coronavirus” actually mean?

Experts Issue COVID Vaccine Warning to Allergy Sufferers

No to Becerra – He Has No Experience To Qualify As Head of The Department of Health and Human Services

December 8, 2020

Will This Texas Lawsuit Overturn the 2020 Election?

The Trump legal team insists their deadline is actually January 6th

The Texas Lawsuit Is On The Docket – The Supreme Court Will Determine The Fate Of The 2020 Election

EXPERT: The Odds of Biden Overcoming Trump’s Lead in the Four Swing States Was ‘Less Than One in a Quadrillion’

Joe Biden Faces Democrat Blowback on DoD Pick: ‘Possibly Worst of All Options’

A 2020 Election Redo in 4 States? – Here Are the Details About Texas Lawsuit

Ted Cruz Issues Rebuke Of Supreme Court Snubbing Republican Challenge In Pennsylvania

PATHETIC: ‘Veteran’ GOP Lawmakers are Too Scared of ANTIFA/BLM Reprisal Call Special Session in Georgia

Liars, Loons, Morons, Cowards, Hypocrites, & Ruin – America’s political class on both sides of the aisle have turned septic

Law professors say Pence could reject contested Pennsylvania electors under the 12th Amendment

Michigan House Chairman Tells Dominion CEO to Appear or Be Subpoenaed

Ted Cruz Announces He Has Agreed To Argue Massive Pennsylvania Case in Supreme Court

The Dark Truth About the COVID Vaccine That Even Fauci Admits

The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies Fails to Pass Resolution Acknowledging Biden as President-Elect

Tesla seeks to sell $5B in stock; CEO Musk moves to Texas

Troubling Foreign Ties Behind Voting Machines Used in the US

Byron York’s Daily Memo: How Pelosi’s TDS hurt America

Our Brave New Biden World – Why have Antifa and BLM have all but disappeared from their heroic barricades?

It’s Time For Mass Civil Disobedience Against Lawless Lockdown Order by Bureaucrats

Who said that everything is over by December 14th? – It’s January 20th that matters most. Just ask President Hayes 

Tucker Carlson’s Monologue on a Chinese Professor’s Recent Speech Should Terrify You

Grenell: Secret intelligence shows ‘much more’ on US-China collusion

Wall Street Loves When Communist China Tells Sweet Billion-Dollar Lies

How Come he LEFT Never Lose In Court? – This Isn’t Just About An Election, This Is Communism Versus Freedom

The Science and Politics of COVID-19 – Epidemiological models are predicated on assumptions and statistical data that can be manipulated to conform to a variety of desired outcomes 

Will Texas’ Lawsuit Overturn the 2020 Election?  – The lawsuit seeks to declare the selection of electors in four states void

The Judge who tossed the Michigan legal case is a stereotypical activist judge 

Judge Sullivan dismisses the Michael Flynn case following Trump’s pardon

Bernie Sanders Now Admits Democrats Are Holding Back COVID Relief Bill

Biden’s Latest Nominee Proves He Comes Not To Bring Peace, But A Sword To The Culture War

Dr. Corsi Files “Corsi v. Biden” Lawsuit with the Supreme Court

Why The 2020 Presidential Election Results Are Deeply Puzzling – If only cranks find the tabulations strange, put me down as a crank

Blowing The Whistle On Election Fraud – “I drove thousands of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania” 

Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis: ‘An Independent Team’ is Involved in Forensic Audit of 22 Dominion Machines in Michigan

Why the 2020 Presidential Election Was Neither Free nor Was It Fair

Texas Asks Supreme Court to Rule Election in Four Battleground States Unconstitutional

Sidney Powell Files Notice of Appeal in Georgia Election Lawsuit

Fox News’ Media Suicide – Like the other networks, they were broken by Trump, who understands the TV business better than any of them

Chinese Spy Raised Money For Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell, Planted “Intern” in His Congressional Office

The Real Debt When it tells us how much we owe, the government excludes trillions of dollars in obligations

Joe Biden’s Illegal Immigrant Gravy Train

Facebook Fact-Checker PolitiFact Relied on China, Fails to Update COVID Numbers

December 7, 2020

Out of Patience in California – Residents are fed up with officials’ blatant disregard for the public interest

Apple and Google’s COVID contact tracing tech is finally coming to their home state of California

GOP State Legislatures: Cowardice Under Fire – Republican lawmakers in the battleground states surrender without a fight

Trump And Biden Policy Stances – The Differences Are Frightening

America First: Trump Signs Executive Order Prioritizing COVID Vaccine for Americans

Mark Levin: Why Pennsylvania Mail-in-Ballot Changes Are Unconstitutional

‘America’s greatest Pilot’ Chuck Yeager, the first person to break the sound barrier, dies at 97

The House of Representatives Rams Through TPS Amnesty for Hong Kong Residents and Chinese Citizens

Arizona Supreme Court Agrees to Hear GOP Election Challenge Lawsuit

Georgia Election Workers Sealed Ballots Before Observers, Media Left on Election Night

Sidney Powell to Appeal Dismissal of Georgia Lawsuit

Trump Campaign Asks Michigan Supreme Court to Declare That Election Process Violated State Constitution

California DAs Blast Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Apathetic Response to $1 Billion Prisoner COVID Benefit Scam

CA Churches Finally Got Help from SCOTUS and It Was a Huge Blow to Gavin Newsom

Ex-FBI director clears Papa John’s founder of racial bias, slams ‘clearly inaccurate’ media

How Trump Can Stop Biden From Funding Left-Wing Groups

The ‘Safe Harbor’ Deadline Is upon Us

Director of National Intelligence: Election ‘Issues’ Need to Be Resolved Before Legitimate Winner Declared

A 6-minute video sums up 2020’s impossible election paradoxes – Patrick Basham provides a clear explanation for the peculiarities surrounding the election 

Another Blow to Cuomo and De Blasio: Financial Titan Goldman Sachs Considers Move from Blue NY to Red Florida

Richard Grenell: ‘We’ve Developed A Very Long List of Concerning Episodes’ From The Presidential Election

An overflowing toilet of corruption: Biden picks Xavier Becerra as his health chief

Trump Questions GOP Governor Kemp on Signature Verification

Expert Identifies 200,000 Votes Hi-Jacked from Trump to Biden in Georgia at the Precinct Level

No, The Georgia Vote-Counting Video Was Not ‘Debunked.’ Not Even Close

Reported Burst Pipe in Atlanta Ballot Counting Area Was Overflowing Urinal: Investigator

John Brennan on Fox News Sunday blatantly lies to Chris Wallace about the Steele dossier and he doesn’t call him out 

The 3rd Suspect in GA “Suitcase Scandal” is Also the Same Man Who Spread Lies that Water Main Broke in State Farm Center!

SCOTUS vs. Pennsylvania – The Constitution was directly violated in the 2020 election in PA and half a dozen states 

“They Didn’t Disqualify a Single Ballot” – MICHIGAN WITNESS Claims He Also saw Systemic Voter Fraud in Detroit

Santelli vs. Sorkin: A perfect microcosm of The Left vs. The Right 

Statistical Analysis of PA Voting Data Shows Troubling Patterns – Evidence suggests their election neither free nor fair

Lin Wood: Consider the Source – Perhaps no one is better equipped or proven at correcting a false narrative than Wood 

Big News: Judge Orders Forensic Audit of 22 Dominion Machines in Michigan, Trump Lawyers Celebrate

China’s Lies Confirmed – The CCP misreported and obfuscated COVID-19 information, and now they’re profiting from it

How Google Falls – The high tech world is shifting under our feet with massive disruption is happening now

Biden’s Neoliberal Climate Cronyism – They’ll have their climate cake and eat it, too and we will pay for it

10 Pearl Harbor Facts

California Lockdown Insanity: 27 Million Told To Stay at Home as State Bans Camping but Allows Movie Production

On COVID Regulations, SCOTUS Sides With Religious Liberty – With the addition of Justice Barrett, they now have the votes

SCOTUS declines to hear Oregon transgender bathroom case

December 6, 2020

These 10 Things Could Help Subdue Power-Hungry China

Can Assemblymen Kiley and Gallagher Take Down Governor Newsom’s ‘Legal House of Cards?’

Ware County tested Dominion tabulators: An equal number of votes fed into machines yet yielded 26% ‘lead’ for Joe Biden

Trump calls for sweeping election reform, ID verification after irregularities in 2020

Legal Expert: There is No Deadline to Choose Presidential Electors Before Jan. 20 Inauguration Date

Former Obama WH Doctor: ‘Something Is Going on with Joe Biden’s Health,’ He Won’t Be Pres. More than 1 Year

SCOTUS Justice Alito Moves Up Supreme Court Deadline in Key Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Case

The Trump Administration Blocks Plan That Would Have Taken Away Thousands of Alaskan Jobs

John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence Urges John Durham To Release Interim Report To Protect Investigation

Study Finds That Asymptomatic Spread is Not a Significant Source of the COVID Pandemic

Soros’ Open Society Foundation President Steps Down, Paving the Way for Potential Biden Admin Job

Voter Rights Group Notifies DOJ of Pakistani Link With Nevada Election Email System

Lin Wood Plans Supreme Court Petition After Court Rejects Georgia Appeal

Georgia County Can’t Find Chain of Custody Records for Absentee Ballots

If vote fraud wins in 2020, prepare for life to get ugly 

Sheriff Slams Newsom in Message to Public, Refuses To Enforce Governor’s ‘Ridiculous’ Orders

Full Video: Trump Addresses the Nation Alongside Loeffler and Perdue in Georgia

Melissa Carone, a Michigan election witness, becomes a ‘star’ 

The Same Organized Fraud That Took Place in Michigan Took Place In Georgia on Election Night – Republicans Were Removed from the Counting Area and then Massive Spike in Biden Only Votes is Recorded

More suspicious voting data arise in Virginia

The Burden of Proof – What happened in the cities of Milwaukee, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Detroit, not to mention Maricopa County, Arizona?

Government officials’ coronavirus hypocrisy has created another public crisis

December 5, 2020

Citizens Surround Michigan Court House To Prevent Dominion Machine Wipe – Michigan Counties Were Forced To Buy Dominion Machines, Paid For By Zuckerberg Entity

An Oregon Doctor Has His License Yanked After Saying This About the Coronavirus

GEORGIA: Trump Calls Dominion ‘A Joke’, Then Plays Video of Ruby Freeman Rigging Election At Rally

Trump Wants The WaPo To Provide Names of Congressional Republicans Who Say Biden Won the Election

Trump Campaign Engages Nuclear Option, Seeks To Order a ‘New Election’ in Georgia

Trump Says He Will Win Georgia If ‘Simple Signature Verification’ Conducted

China Whistleblower with Royal Ancestry Steps Forward – Reveals Video, Photos of Alleged Chinese Counterfeit Ballot Printing Operations of US Ballots for MS, FL, and NC

Something Strange in SFO – As San Franciscans were heading for other cities and states, what happened to their ballots?

Navy Secretary Calls for Radical New ‘Expeditionary-Oriented’ Fleet Right on China’s Doorstep

Republicans brace for a Trump rally in Georgia that could make or break the Senate runoffs

The Owner of a Shut Down LA Outdoor Bar Gets ‘Slapped in the Face’ By California’s COVID Double Standards

Joe Biden explains how he’s going to remove himself from the presidency

Georgia Poll Observers Say They Were Effectively Told to Go Home

Poll: Majority of GA Voters Believe Election Was Compromised Enough to Alter Results

Rudy Giuliani Not Discouraged by the Judges, Says ‘We Don’t Need Courts’

I’m a Legislator in Pennsylvania, and I’m Suing the Governor for Election Fraud 

64 State Legislators Beg US Congress To Reject PA’s Electors Over Dem Gov’s ‘Undermining’ of Election

I Have a Huge Bag of Shredded Ballots in My Office — Raffensperger and Gabriel Sterling Should Be Investigated

The War on the Electoral College Has Only Just Begun

California Sheriff Sends a Loud Message to ‘Hypocritical’ Gavin Newsom About ‘Ridiculous’ Shutdowns

The Second COVID Wave Was Avoidable – Each of the HCQ-using countries reported virtually no deaths and zero surges 

The Party That Failed, An Insider Breaks With Beijing – Read this if you want to understand the Communist Mindset

Good News: We’re Heading Back to the Moon. Bad News: China Beat Us –  If Trump’s loses his second term we may lose space for the United States

Is a Judicial Revolt Against Trump Brewing in the Flynn Case?

Carroll Shelby In His Own Words

The State Bar of California wants to know if I am a two-spirit, cisgender pansexual

The Great Reset and Klaus Schwab – He knows that the most effective enabler of the Great Reset has been the pandemic 


December 4, 2020

L.A. is looking at layoffs for as many as 1,900 workers, including 951 police officers

Nancy Pelosi Let Millions Suffer To Win An Election

Does This Study Shift the Covid-19 Narrative About When the Virus Was in the US?

Gordon Chang: China Engaged in ‘an Act of War’ by Enflaming Antifa Riots in the U.S.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has told friends and associates he plans to move to Texas

Joe Biden says he’ll ‘develop some disease and resign’ if he and Kamala Harris disagree

The Amistad Project argues in a new report that Electoral College deadlines are not set in stone

Michigan Judge Orders Forensic Review of 22 Dominion Voting Machines, Giuliani Says

Michigan Secretary of State Orders Deletion of Crucial Election Records to Halt Investigation

Arizona Legislature Calls for Immediate ‘Forensic Audit’ of Dominion Voting Machines

Trump’s Case To Change the Electoral College Vote Is Much Stronger Than Democrats’ Was in ’16

Former Senior CIA official: What’s Happening in US Election Matches What Happened in Venezuela, Expert Says

A Clinton Appointed Federal Judge Orders Trump Administration to Restore DACA Program for ‘Dreamers’

Dow jumps more than 200 points to a record even after a big U.S. jobs report miss

Laura Loomer Exposes Republican ‘Sabotage’ of Pro-Trump Congressional Candidates in Florida

An Ultralight plane flew over the border wall and dropped $500,000 in hard drugs in a California town

Trump puts the screws to China

Nancy Pelosi admits she blocked the COVID relief bill for months because she just really doesn’t like President Donald Trump

Wisconsin Supreme Court Ducks Trump Campaign Claims of Election Improprieties

Project Veritas Strips CNN Naked – Their slogan should be “We won’t fully report so you can’t knowledgeably decide”

Does a forgotten surveillance video prove Georgia’s election fraud? 

Trump Nevada Lawsuit: Double Ballots Cast and Dead People Voted

Dominion Voting Machines Were Updated Before Election, Georgia Official Confirms

Georgia Governor Urges Secretary of State to Order Signature Audit Over Unusual Fulton County Video

A Short History Of Democrats’ Vicious Tactics For Controlling The Judiciary

The Road to Hell …………….. Is paved with government intervention

It’s Just A Mask – My Version – Based on a letter by Patti Tillis to PA Senator Doug Mastriano

Biden’s Unhelpful Mask Stance – Wear a Mask until the End of April

Joe Biden: Unity, Fraud, and Power  – He keeps calling for America to unify under his rule which is likely to provoke unrest

Did Biden Just Say the Quiet Part Out Loud? ‘I’ll Develop Some Disease And Say I Have To Resign’

Biden’s Cabinet: The Obama Administration 3.0

Joe Biden’s DHS Nominee Is The Absolute Picture Of DC Political Corruption

In an Exclusive Interview, Sharyl Attkisson Chronicles The Decline and Fall of Media

Trump And Netanyahu Team Up To Hammer Iran On The Way Out

Follow the Science When It Comes To COVID (Except When the Results are Inconvenient)

A 1991 study may have found the root cause of transgenderism 

Flynn knocks Comey: ‘I know where he’s going’

December 3, 2020

What Up Close and Personal Illuminates about what Journalism has become

Situation Update, Dec. 3rd – Trump invokes foreign interference provision of his 2018 executive order, authorizing military response to cyber warfare, see NSPM 13

John Kerry reveals Biden’s devotion to radical ‘Great Reset’ movement

California Governor Gavin Newsom sidesteps questions on whether data supports new business closures

JOHN RATCLIFFE: China is National Security Threat No. 1

Oregon Gave Antifa Your CARES Act COVID Relief Tax Dollars During the Riots. Wait, It Gets Worse

Pfizer chairman: We’re not sure if someone can transmit the virus after vaccination

A California Family Thanks Unknown Man for Saving Four-Year-Old From Sneaker Wave the Day Before Thanksgiving

Voting Machine USB Drives Had Totals Altered Overnight, Witness in Nevada Election Contest Alleges

The Firm That Conducted ‘Audit’ of Georgia Voting Machines Has Long History With Dominion

Trump Legal Team: We Have ‘So Much Evidence’ of Fraud in Nevada ‘We Had to Rent a Separate Car’

Governor Gavin ‘French Laundry’ Newsom Imposes Draconian Lockdown … Just in Time for Christmas

Is outdoor dining spreading coronavirus? As California faces a ban, here’s what the experts say

The Department of Justice Sues Facebook for Discrimination Against Americans in Favor of H1B Visa Workers

Seattle’s New Untouchables – Policymakers want the city’s underclass to have blanket immunity for misdemeanor crimes

Tucker Carlson: Senate GOP Trying to Pack Foreign Workers into U.S. Jobs While 18M Americans Are Jobless

The Net Neutrality fight will come roaring back when FCC Chairman Ajit Pai steps down when in January

The Trump Administration Just Issued a Significant Crackdown on China

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe highlights China as the top threat to the United States

California Churches Score a Big Win as Supreme Court Deals Blow to Newsom’s COVID Restrictions

California Newsom announces regional stay-at-home-order

On Wednesday, Trump gave ‘the most important speech’ of his life

Thousands of Ballots Were Scanned Numerous Times in Dominion Machines: Contractor Witness

Georgia State Farm Arena Footage Shows Poll Workers Staying Behind, Pulling Out Suitcases With Ballots

Sidney Powell Files Suit in Wisconsin to Block State From Certifying Results

Speaking Up for the Voiceless Victims of the COVID-19 Pandemic –They’re everywhere, and they deserve to be heard

Just Why Do Certain People So Hate Trump? – Is It Because He Accomplished All Of This In His First Term?

Delusional Never Trump Losers Think We’re Going to Take Them Back

Most of what we see as news is based on rumors to trash Trump, while truthful news stories are ignored 

Scientist, Spy Chief, Apologist For Torture? Meet Biden’s New Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines

Were Insecure Voting Processes This Year’s ‘Insurance Policy’ For Democrats?

LA Mayor Issues Stricter Stay-at-Home Order – ‘Stay Home, It’s Time to Cancel Everything’

Why Identity Politics’ Speech Controls Will Cancel Self-Government If We Don’t Resist

California OKs Jobless Pay for Inmates – As officials complain about a lack of money and misspend as much as $1 billion

A Renowned scientist tells Laura Ingraham the COVID-19 vaccine is ‘downright dangerous’ and will send you ‘to your doom’

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is moving headquarters to Texas

NETANYAHU LIVE – This is an incredible — incredibly rich and educational discussion

December 2, 2020

L.A. County must give just cause for issuing outdoor dining ban, judge says

Trump Calls for ‘Full Forensic Audit’ of Mail-In Ballots


Trump: Election System ‘Under Coordinated Assault and Siege’

Trump at White House Christmas Party: “We’re trying to do another four years. Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years.”

Stacey Abrams-Founded Group Under Investigation for Soliciting Voter Registrations from Dead and Out-of-Staters

Making John Durham a special counsel will cause problems for Biden

CNN’s Jeff Zucker Is Heard Spiking Hunter Biden Laptop Story in Latest Project Veritas #CNNTapes

Thomas Sowell: Walter E. Williams 1936-2020

New Trump Team Lawsuit: 40,000 People Voted Twice in Nevada – This could potentially erase Joe Biden’s lead

MI Poll Challenger’s Response To Unhinged MI Dem Rep Who Called Her A Liar and It Is a Mic Drop Moment

Austin Mayor Tells Residents To Stay Home…From His Condo In Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Sidney Powell Releases the Georgia Kraken – Detail after detail of the lawsuit indicates a stolen election

Attorney Sidney Powell Accuses Dominion of ‘Lying,’ ‘Massive Fraud’ After It Disputes Election Fraud Allegations

The Evidence supports Sidney Powell’s claim about global election fraud

Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots Shipped by the USPS from New York to Pennsylvania – So who Was Behind This?

Rushing it Out: UK Becomes First Country to Approve the Coronavirus Vaccine

J. D. Rucker: I’m 90% certain Trump will win. The reason for my 10% uncertainty will likely surprise you

Suspicious? Biden Office of Management and Budget, Neera Tanden, Deletes Over 1,000 Tweets Amid Nomination

Republican Senators Find Body Bags and Anti-Trump Messages on Their Doorsteps

CDC panel sets distribution plan – Health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities will be first to get shots

A Red/Blue Risk Divide – The pandemic revealed strikingly different outlooks on the balance between safety and freedom

This Coronavirus Hysteria Is Simply Too Ridiculous to Continue – 70k reported  “cases” across 50 U.S. colleges and universities with only three hospitalizations and zero deaths! 

Dr. Fauci and my dying brother Mark

Has Isreal Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu Boxed Biden In On Iran?

Attorney General Barr appoints special counsel in Russia probe investigation

What nobody noticed in Barr’s appointment of Durham as special counsel – Brennan nor Clapper are off the hook 

Is Bill Barr a bad guy or helpfully spreading disinformation? 

This Election Stinks –  The Pennsylvania hearing did it, YES, There Is Something Rotten In Denmark!

BOOM! Here Is Some Undeniable Evidence Democrats Bought Votes in Nevada

“When an election can be manipulated by foreign countries working with American traitors, our freedom is facing extinction”

4 Life Lessons I Learned Caring For The Elderly That You Need To Read Now

CNN’s daily nightmare is unfolding courtesy of James O’Keefe and Project Veritas

You’ll Never Guess Who Ran the Investigation Into WhetherBill Clinton Got Paid for Pardoning Marc Rich

Google’s Biggest US Employee Tally Is Probably Its Lawyers

While Lecturing Americans On Racism, Woke Big Business Opposes Ban On Using Foreign Slave Labor

Woke Nasdaq Should Mind Its Own Business – To require “token” women, minorities, and LGBTQ people in listed companies’ leadership

California paid $400 million in jobless benefits to prison inmates

December 1, 2020

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk: Electric Cars Will Require a Lot More Electric Power Than We Currently Have

A global team of experts found 10 FATAL FLAWS in the main test for COVID and is demanding it’s urgently axed

Up to 280,000 Ballots ‘Disappeared’ After Trip to Pennsylvania From NY: Amistad Project Director

Dominion contractor drops BOMBSHELL that what she witnessed in Michigan was ‘complete fraud’

Michigan witness testifies that military ballots looked like photocopies with ZERO votes for Trump

How Trump Gets Justice for Election Irregularities – The path to remedy is through state legislatures of relevant states

James O’Keefe Releases First Round of Private Calls as CNN Threatens Legal Action: ‘This May Be a Felony’

CNN’s Zucker ‘Encouraged’ Invoking 9/11 Terror To Urge Trump To Allow A Biden Transition

Trump Threatens To Veto Defense Authorization Act Unless It Fully Terminates Section 230

Lou Dobbs Erupts in Rant Against Bill Barr: ‘Either a Liar or a Fool’ And May Be ‘Compromised’

DOJ Not Done Investigating Election Fraud, Spokesperson Says

Billionaire’s Row Buys a Big, Beautiful, Biden Cabinet

Democrat California Gov. Newsom Ignores SCOTUS, Doubles Down on Worship Restrictions

Sidney Powell claims election fraud witnesses are being threatened and beaten up

The Supreme Court Didn’t Overlook COVID, It Required Equal COVID Rules For Worship

More Lies Exposed: Leaked Documents Reveal China Lied About Covid-19 & Mishandled The Pandemic

How spineless and traitorous are most of the GOP – It is as though they’ve been gelded

Is America to Be First, Second, or What? – Future foreign policy should build on Trump’s strategic gains for the U.S. and the West

Georgia Attorneys and Secretary of State Defend Dominion Voting Systems Instead of Voters – What Are They Hiding?

A County Judge Lets Arizona GOP Review Sampling of Ballots as Part of Election Lawsuit

Facebook is clearly censoring information about the election

Attorney Lin Wood: Trump Will Be Inaugurated Based on Voter Fraud in Dominion Voting Machines

Who and where are those split-ticket voters who hated Donald Trump so much but voted Republican down-ticket?

Five Quick Things: After the censorship, gaslighting, and outright lies no one is obligated to accept The Lefts narrative

Conservatives, this is no time to go wobbly

Trump Lawsuit: Wisconsin Absentee Ballot Abuses Affected 220K Votes

Where Is The Mainstream Media Coverage of Election Fraud?

Joe Biden’s Socialism Will Be Green, Not Red

Donald Trumps Long Road to the White House – How It All Began

Who Funds The Statue-Topplers?

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