Road To The Beach

The old photo shows the California Incline that was used to get from California Avenue in Santa Monica to Pacific Coast Highway. It still looked this way when my parents drove it on numerous trips to my Mom’s best friend who lived in Malibu. It still looked like this when I got my drivers license in 1959 and used it to get to the beach after driving over Sepulveda from our house in Sherman Oaks in the San Fernando Valley.

I don’t know how many times I have traversed it over the years, but it has to be in the hundreds.
After I got married and eventually moved from the “Valley” to Orange County and eventually parts far North, I would think about this road and how happy I always was on my trips to the beach with friends.

After a day of fun it was time to return home via the same route.

Over the years my wife and I have traveled down this road when in the area to visit old family members. This road has changed considerably and turned into just another California traffic jam. What a pity.


Track Drive-In Restaurant

In 1949 a new drive-in restaurant called The Track opened, at 8201 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

Purdy’s invention, in addition to speeding food delivery also eliminated the carhop and the eatery promoted that feature with its no tipping signage on the building.

Fast food at less cost apparently was the sales line.