DNA, COVID Shots & Transhumanism

In the video below, Dr. Carrie Madej presents her PowerPoint presentation on the nanotechnology used to create the COVID-19 vaccines and relates it to a transhumanist agenda. This is relevant to understanding a possible agenda behind the COVID pandemic and the subsequent drive to inject something that may be more than we are being told into every human being.

I have noticed bits and pieces of the things she describes regarding transhumanism over the last few years but found it somewhat hard to believe. She connects the dots and ties many loose ends together into a cohesive argument that has me wondering if what she claims about an underlying transhumanist agenda could actually have some merit.

At this point, I really don’t know, but some of the powerful actors that she reveals who are involved behind the scenes make me wonder, What If?

Screenshots of her presentation slide are provided below the video.

I’m Carly, A Cardiac Sonographer And I Choose NOT To Get A COVID Jab

Meet Carly whose is about to be terminated from her job as a Cardiac Sonographer because she’s smarter & wiser than the fools she works for.

“Hi, I’m Carly, a Cardiac Sonographer since 2013. Come September 30th, I will be terminated from my job for not getting the Jab.

I love my job. I love my career and I love my patients. But I love myself more.

My decision hasn’t been influenced by what I’ve read, who I’ve listened to, a political party, a podcast, or going down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories. My decision has been made by what I’ve seen with my own eyes.

The influx of patients dealing with brand new symptoms such as subdural hemorrhages, arrhythmias (a.fib, palpitations, tachycardia, etc), pericardial and pleural effusions, strokes, profuse bleeding, etc and connecting the dots that these patients all have 1 thing in common.

The typical story goes “it all started after I received a COVID vaccination”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to take a step back and question what’s happening here. However – you would think it does.

If a doctor gave you a brand new medication and a few days later after starting the new prescription you start experiencing symptoms that are new to you – your physician would change your medication. Why is this common critical thinking not happening now?

Have we killed those brain cells by breathing in too much CO2? I mean really. Where has critical thinking gone? Where has our oath of “Do No Harm” gone? Why are so many people afraid to question something from a category that has ALWAYS taken 5-7 years to be medically approved until now?

Have we placed on blinders because we are in such high hopes of a cure so we refuse to look anywhere other than perfection? Fear does a lot to people. Have you heard of fight or flight?

I’m not here to sway your decision of getting vaccinated or not.

I’m not here to judge your CHOICE on what you put into your body.

I am here to stand for FREEDOM of choice based on my own experiences, and I choose NO!”