How Anesthesia Works

I’ve been put under full anesthesia once for a major operation and a couple of other times a lighter version was used when I was having a colonoscopy.

Just before they put me under, I remember hoping I would wake up after the major surgery.

Here’s how anesthesia affects you and what makes it risky enough for your doctor to warn you about it before surgery

The video below goes into the details, but if you don’t have 5-minutes to watch, here are the basics.

There are three main types of anesthesia: regional, inhalational, and intravenous.Regional anesthesia prevents electrical pain signals from going from one part of your body to your brain.Inhalational anesthesia affects your whole nervous system, including your brain and is often used together with intravenous anesthesia to put you under and keep you unconscious during major surgery.

Anesthesia affects your nervous system and brain, but also other vital organs like your heart, lungs, and liver, which is why it is so important the anesthesiologist mixes the right balance for you. They also monitor your vital signs during surgery so they can adjust the anesthesia as needed.


The Reason For 19-cent Bananas At Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s sells its bananas individually rather than by the pound like most grocery stores do.

When first entering the store I always notice the banana stand and have always wondered why they sell them this way.

In a podcast where Trader Joe’s employees reveal company secrets, CEO Dan Bane explained the unusual reason why.

Like most other grocery stores, Trader Joe’s used to sell bunches of bananas by the pound. There were no scales in stores, so bananas were weighed before leaving the warehouse and packaged in little plastic bags of four or five bananas.

In an episode of the Trader Joe’s podcast where the grocery chain’s employees reveal company secrets, CEO Dan Bane explained that years ago, he was at a store located not too far from a retirement complex. A woman walked up to the bananas, looked at all of the packages, and walked away without putting one in her cart, Bane said.

He described their interaction in the podcast: “I asked her, I said, ‘Ma’am, if you don’t mind me asking, I saw you looking at the bananas but you didn’t, you didn’t put anything in your cart.’ And she says to me, ‘Sonny … I may not live to that fourth banana.‘”

Makes sense to me.