Lauren Boebert DESTROYS the Marxist Left and Propagandist Nina Jankowicz

Last week Representative Lauren Boebert took to the House floor and eviscerated the Democrat’s Disinformation Tzar, Nina Jankowicz.

The speech took place on Tuesday during the floor debate on funding the Democrat Party’s unconstitutional Ministry of Truth.

The Biden administration recently launched their version of a “Ministry of Truth” department as a part of Homeland Security. and to head it, they appointed a smug, leftwing, lunatic as their “Director of Misinformation.”

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced that Nina Jankowicz will head up this new Ministry of Truth earlier this month.

This left-wing lunatic has been completely wrong on most major news stories in the past 5 years and says only “trustworthy” people like herself should be verified on Twitter and able to add context to other people’s tweets.

This trashy lounge singer sings about sleeping her way into power.

Enjoy the short video below as Boebert absolutely destroys Jankowicz and her Democrat accomplice protectors.

The Future of America’s Blue States

The further I got into the video below the more it occurred to me that this will be “The Future of America’s Blue States.”

Watch it and see whether you come to the same conclusion.

If the Blue States continue their liberal socialist agenda pushed by the Progressive Left, it is definitely in the cards. The best and brightest won’t put up with it, they will just leave.

Once states like California are left with only takers, and the producers are gone, they will be sunk.

I urge you to watch this video and think carefully about what you see.