This New Ivermectin Video Is A Must See

This video is approved by Doctors Pierre Kory and Paul Marik and many others. It is NOT approved by the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, CNN, Pfizer, Moderna, or the White House. Producer: Mikki Willis, Length: 15 min

Ivermectin Is Vindicated, But Two Years Too Late: It Has Now Officially Been Listed as an Antiviral COVID Treatment on the NIH’s Website – The suppression of this drug “is one of the greatest stories of our lifetime”

Here’s how the NIH deliberately twisted the facts to make it look like the drug didn’t work:

  • The subsequent STOP COVID 2, a Phase 3 randomized controlled trial ( Identifier NCT04668950) that enrolled >700 participants in the United States and Canada, was stopped for futility by a data safety monitoring board after lower than expected case rates and treatment effects were observed

Pfizer Vaccine Study’s Massive List Of “Adverse Events of Interest” Released – Updated

We have been constantly told by health officials and politicians that the COVID vaccines are safe and any adverse events are either rare or unrelated to the vaccines. Now we know that is just not true, and Pfizer’s previously confidential data proves it.

Pfizer and the FDA wanted to delay the release of adverse events data of their COVID vaccine for almost 50 years, until the year 2070. Now we know why.

Fortunately, a Federal Court did not allow them to do so.

Many of the things shown below coincide with the published VAERS (vaccine adverse events reporting system) database.

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Pfizer CEO On The Effectiveness Of Their Vaccine

This video is no longer generally available to the public!

Pfizer filed a copyright claim to have it taken down so it couldn’t be shared widely.

In the video, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says “Two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection if any.”

It is no secret that they are trying to hide any possible proof that their vaccine is useless, harmful, and dangerous.

Don’t stay silent and blind!