Elon Musk Interview

This is an interesting TED interview of Elon Musk, an amazing and inspirational man.

During the interview, he says “People are mistaken when they think that technology just automatically improves. It does not automatically improve. It only improves if a lot of people work very hard to make it better, and actually, it will, I think, by itself degrade, actually. You look at great civilizations like Ancient Egypt, and they were able to make the pyramids, and they forgot how to do that. And then the Romans, they built these incredible aqueducts. They forgot how to do it.”

So what he said is: If you’re not progressing, you’re regressing; so, keep moving forward.

It is fascinating to watch him thinking as he answers various questions. His observation about the future, at the end of the interview, actually choked me up.

Love him or hate him, Elon Musk is enjoying a spectacular run

The Dead Zone – 2003 Episode – “Plague”

This Episode Predicts a Coronavirus Outbreak and Chloroquine Used For The Cure
  • Someone takes a flight in from China into the US and they come down with an unknown virus.
  • After identifying the virus as a SARS-related Coronavirus, one doctor figures out that they can stop the Coronavirus dead in its tracks using a malaria drug called Chloroquine.
  • The writers have claimed that the information and research used to make this episode came directly from the CDC in 2003.

Pretty Eerie, Huh?

It kinda makes you wonder!