Bill Hader Channels Tom Cruise

I heard about the arrival of “deep fake” videos a few months ago but didn’t think much about it.

That is until I saw the video below, which is truly amazing. Watch it closely a couple times and pay close attention to Bill Hader’s face. The transitions and likenesses are stunning, to say the least.

You are hearing more talk lately that digital Hollywood tech might replace live actors in some films—or that it could be used to bring back long-dead ones.

What is potentially VERY creepy is its use on videos of political figures to distort the truth. Be watchful as this could happen sooner, rather than later.

A List Of Climate Information Websites

Embracing climate-change politics enriches and empowers those who embrace globalism—corporations, governments, the financial sector, nonprofits, academia, and of course the useful idiots in mainstream-media as well as those in the entertainment industry.

Fossil fuels will continue to be most inexpensive and abundant source of energy for at least the next 20 to 30 years, and cheap energy is the prerequisite for prosperity. Cheap energy worldwide can only be delivered in the near term by continuing to develop fossil-based fuels, but this is being denied by the globalists.

Only a handful of websites still seek to reopen the debate as to just how dangerous or imminent the threat CO2 emissions are to humanity and the planet.

Below, sorted by most viewed on top, are links to independent climate skeptic websites that currently remain active. Visit these websites. Bookmark them. Share them. While you still can.

Climate Skeptic Website Links

For more detail and videos on this topic, CLICK HERE for the source article on these links at American Greatness.