Mrs. Winchester’s House

Over 50-years ago we took the Winchester House tour accompanied by our two oldest daughters who were around three and five at the time. Around mid-way through the tour, the youngest complained that she had to go potty. I told the tour guide about our predicament and was advised that she would just have to hold it.

I picked her up and we continued into a large ballroom with a beautiful parquet floor. Just about then she said, “I can’t wait.” and started to pee. I held her out away from me and she let go. Her panties must have been kind of loose because the stream missed them, and me, and formed a good-sized pool on the floor. To this day I don’t think anybody noticed what happened except me. We continued and I told my wife as we exited the tour. She checked her panties and they weren’t event wet. By the way, the tour was very interesting.

Below is a TV documentary film from 1963, about the life and legend of heiress Sarah L. Winchester, who financed and built what came to be known as the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, between 1884-1922. The film is subtitled: ‘A legend told by Miss Lillian Gish’ and features extended, point-of-view shots taken around the Winchester House, as Gish narrates how Sarah buried her daughter and husband in New Haven, Connecticut and then moved to San Jose in 1884, to begin remodeling what was then an 8 room house. Gish describes how the house eventually grew to accommodate over 150 rooms and reflects on Sarah’s eccentricity and how it may have influenced local rumors that she was providing shelter for the ghosts of people killed by Winchester rifles (the family business).

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