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First Love vs True Love


Shared by meganlouann.

Your first love…

Your first love hits you like a ton of bricks.

Your first love teaches you what it feels like to honestly, wholly love a person.

Your first love teaches you more about yourself.

Your first love opens your heart.

Your first love sweeps you off your feet.

Your first love shows you how to sacrifice.

Your first love escalates too quickly.

Your first love punches you in the face.

Your first love takes your breath away.

Your first love drives you insane.

Your first love allows tears to fall to the ground.

Your first love lets you go when you run.

Your first love often doesn’t reciprocate.

Your first love is temporary.

Your first love is usually not your true love.

Your true love…

Your true love completes you.

Your true love makes you laugh eternally.

Your true love shares in your joys.

Your true love pushes you to be and do your best.

Your true love inspires you.

Your true love wipes tears away.

Your true love is your best friend.

Your true love chases after you when you run.

Your true love sacrifices for you.

Your true love shares the same dreams as you.

Your true love stays.

Your true love loves you honestly and wholly.

Your true love is not perfect, but right.

Your true love does not fail in rough waters.

Your true love is forever.

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