A Memorial For Fallen Warriors

The Portrait Of A Warrior Memorial Art Gallery, in Baytown, Texas was formed by Ken “the dauber” Pridgeon to honor fallen military personnel from Texas that served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These soldiers are memorialized in art, with portraits and stories of each fallen soldier displayed in the gallery and each family receives, at no charge, a copy of the portrait.

The gallery is open seven (7) days a week to the public. Future plans include displays of military uniforms, military history regarding the conflicts, and at some point purchasing a much larger building to accommodate the growing collection of portraits, as the Fallen Soldiers numbers keep growing.

The Gallery has received national attention, and with future plans, will be an international destination for those that wish to honor these brave men and women.

The “Portrait of a Warrior Memorial Art Gallery” is located at 308 W. Texas Avenue, Baytown, TX 77520. If your travels take you somewhere near there, why not drop by and honor these fallen warriors with your presence.

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