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Below you will find links to mostly conservative oriented articles or blog posts that I have read and find insightful or interesting in some way.

If you take the time to read some of them it should open your eyes to the reality of “The Swamp,” Main Stream/Propaganda Media bias and Fake News, The Progressive Movement and what Trump faces daily in his quest to Make America Great Again.” Think of it as solving a large puzzle, if you read enough stuff things begin to fall into place and you can see the big picture, hopefully.

I put all of my previous lists here to make them searchable. I hope you find that helpful.

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December 31, 2019

A decade in Review: Highlights of the 2010s Economy

Judge Stalls California Labor Law As It Relates To Truckers

California’s Woke Legislation For 2020: Students Can’t Be Suspended

The Top 12 Get-Trump Bloopers of 2019

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un calls for ‘offensive’ countermeasures as US misses New Year’s deadline

The Four Aces of Trump’s New Deal for Americans

The Potential Loss of Ocasio-Cortez’s District Highlights Why Democrats Fumed Over Trump’s Proposed 2020 Census Changes

The Most Absurd Politically Correct Moments of the 2010s

President Trump’s Top 10 Achievements for 2019

109 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List – Updated

Trump says he will go to Beijing for ‘phase two’ of the China trade talks

China has allegedly stolen billions of dollars worth of American science

The Top Ten #RedForEd Political Power Plays in 2019

Nasty Nancy, Shifty Schiff, and Schumer subvert the Constitution to damage Trump

‘Death to America’: Pro-Iran Mob Attacks U.S. Embassy in Iraq

US Embassy in Baghdad Is Under Attack, Gunshots Heard

President Trump responds to attack on U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

President Trump Warns Iran and Iraq on Baghdad Embassy Attack by Iran-Backed Militia Fighters

The Department of Defense Is Sending Extra Forces to The US Embassy in Iraq After Tuesdays’ Breach

Ever Wonder Why “The Left” Went After General Flynn?

The Trump administration issues the fewest regulations in 44 years, third record low

Following Big Tech lobbying money – The reach of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple goes far beyond your browser

2019: Another Year for the (Comic) Books

5 Predictions For The Next Five Years Of Global Power Struggles

20/20 Insight: Top 10 Political Predictions for the New Year

What Sort of People Would Lynch a Patriot?

Greta Thunberg: A Living Explanation of the Left

California Enacts Even More New Laws to Benefit Illegal Aliens

Medical Societies Provide Cover for the Transgender Industry’s Propaganda

December 30, 2019

Trump Voted Co-‘Most Admired Man’ in US and That Means Big Trouble for Democrats in 2020

President Trump to hold Wisconsin rally on the same night as next Democrat debate

Why Adam Schiff doesn’t want anyone talking to the whistleblower

Can the Senate Dismiss the Impeachment Without a Trial? – It can and it should

Strzok claims anti-Trump texts are protected by First Amendment, and the administration violated his rights

How does the Washington Post know that Alexander Vindman didn’t coordinate with the Ukraine whistleblower?

California sued over gig economy law. What Uber and Postmates say about AB 5

Jonathan Turley’s Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Testify For Republicans

Texas church shooting shows ‘how responsibly armed citizens can perform’ and save lives

California’s Latest Act of Idiocy: Killing Freelancer Work

The Air Force Needs More Aircraft Now

Trump jumps to 50% approval, beating Biden, Sanders, Bloomberg, Warren

Trump’s Supposed ‘Failures’

Here’s What Is What’s Going To Happen In 2020 – Looks Pretty Accurate To Me

Some of the $1.5 billion cash that Obama gave to Iran has been traced to Iran-backed terror groups

Looking Back on 2019 (Part Two of Two) – Picking up where they left off (See 12/28 for Part One)

How Has Rod Rosenstein Managed to Escape Scrutiny This Long?

Comey’s FBI vs. the FISA Court

Future Trump 2.0 Tax Reform would make more beneficial tax cuts, while Warren would raise the roof on taxes

From Utopian to Petty – Silicon Valley’s Decade of Decline

New York City Mayor DeBlasio’s war on bail is recycling Jew haters to attack again

Grade Schools Are The New Leftist Frontlines

Ivanka Trump Says She ‘Definitely Could’ Support Democratic-Led Family Leave Bill

Michael Moore’s right – Bernie would boost Democrats, for this reason

Chuck Todd is a reminder that the press treats faith as quaint and regressive

December 29, 2019

The Russiagate Investigation Now Endangers Obama

Concerns Over China Bring Fading US Lending Agency Back to Life

Dan Bongino Explains Why the Unmaskings Left Little or No Paper Trail

Revealing the Real Cause of Deep State Corruption

Are Anti-Semitic Attacks Driven By Politics?

CBS’s Major Garrett: ‘It Can Be Fairly Said’ Trump Has Done a Lot for Blacks

Democrats Attack McConnell ‘Coordination’ With White House, But Did Exactly That in 1999 Clinton Impeachment

America’s Last Frontier Strikes Back

Court Filing Indicates That Hunter Biden Received $156 Million in Ukraine

A Former NFL Star Who Regrets Voting for Obama Predicts A ‘Black Awakening’ for Trump

NBC’s Meet the Press Libels The Gateway Pundit, Rush Limbaugh, Drudge, Infowars and FOX News

Blue-Collar Workers are Now Solidly Republican

Do You Want Venezuela for New Year’s 2020?

New Year Ahead: Nothing Will Help Them

Nancy Pelosi’s Son Given Lucrative $180,000 a Year Position on InfoUSA Weeks After His Mother Became Speaker

Promises kept: Trump’s border plan is working

Looking Back at Afghanistan, the Supposed War of Necessity

The Afghanistan Papers

What ‘white privilege’ means in small West Virginia town

How Obama Negatively Impacted the Military

December 28, 2019

‘Because You’d Be in Jail!’ The Real Reason Democrats Are Pushing Trump Impeachment?

A Mexican Police Chief Has Been Jailed in Connection with The Mormon Massacre That Rocked US

California Teachers Bracing For New 2020 Law — Can’t Suspend Students Who Willfully Disrupt School Activities

‘I Think We’ve Heard Enough’: Senate Republicans Are Now Coalescing Behind an Impeachment Trial Strategy

The Decade in Review: Tucker Carlson Details How GOP Changing Under Trump but ‘Not Fast Enough’

Why Shouldn’t Pelosi Try to Strong-Arm the Republicans? It Has Worked for Decades

PG&E: Wired to Fail

For The First Time in History More People Are Leaving California Than Moving There

We now know: It’s a mad, mad Rachel Maddow — and beyond

The FISA Court Is Just As Guilty, They Knew About Lies and Omissions Years Ago

President Trump Tweets In Support Of Laura Loomer’s Candidacy For Congress

African Americans Are Taking Back Jobs Stolen By Illegal Aliens

Ron Johnson on the Sham Impeachment

The Polling Trend on Impeachment Shows the True Impact of the Democrats’ Sham

Oh, Brother: Wasserman Schultz Argues That Trump Is Working to Rig the Senate’s Impeachment Trial

Obama Appointed Federal Judge Set to Block North Carolina’s Voter Photo ID Requirement

Looking Back on 2019 (Part One of Two) – Now you’ll understand why a horse wears blinders

Making Journalism Great Again

Joe Biden goes full hypocrite: Refuses to testify in potential Senate trial

Trump Trolls Pelosi Over Her Son’s Business Dealings in Ukraine: ‘Wow Crazy Nancy, this is big stuff!’

The Biggest Single Development in the Durham Investigation to Date” – Admiral Rogers Is Assisting Him

What Should Conservatives Do About Google? – The reason for cracking down

Civil war, revolution, or nanny-state?

Twitter Caught Censoring President Trump’s Account — Deleting Several Tweets from His Homepage

An FBI Analyst Is Going To Jail For Hacking The Email Of A Political Enemy To Protect Mueller

More Fake News at the OK Corral

The U.N. Approves China-Backed Internet Convention, Alarming Rights Advocates

The Week in Pictures: Year-End Clearance Edition

December 27, 2019

Transgender Athletes Playing Competitive Sports Was a Rising Policy Issue in 2019

How Liberals Rewrote the History of the Clinton Impeachment

President Trump deserves credit for strong economy – ‘expert’ predictions of disaster were all wrong

The Trump Economy

Comey’s cabal is going down

The FBI Agent Who Interviewed General Flynn Played A Critical Role in the Trump Campaign Investigation

Schiff goes for a total coup, now he is targeting Pence in his impeachment effort

Pelosi Still Won’t Release Transcripts From Secret Schiff Basement Meetings that Exonerate President Trump and Indict Whistleblower of Perjury!

Under Trump The US Has Gone from 1/5th of Global Economy to 1/4th of Global Economy in JUST THREE YEARS

Congressman asks why Pelosi is still keeping House testimony secret in violation of House rules

The Omnibus Spending Bill Is A Swampy, Filthy Mess

Egypt and Jordan Have Been Killing Our Bomb-Sniffing Dogs, and More Are Going to Die

Virginia officials who flouted law on immigration, marriage, demand blind obedience to their gun grab

California Background Checks Had No Effect According To Johns Hopkins Study

It Was a Very Trumpian 2019: Global Stock Markets Gained $17 Trillion in Value This Year

The Democrats’ bleak midwinter as their coup attempt is unraveling

IG Report Reveals Someone’s Lying – AG Lynch, Comey, McCabe and Rosenstein Caught in Conflicting Accounts

Two Possibilities in the Trump Wiretapping, and Neither Is Good

President Trump’s Booming Economy Could Lead to a Landslide Victory, Says Moody’s Analytics

Why do so many people view President Trump as a threat?

The FBI’s FISA Frauds – Until this scandal is addressed squarely the FBI’s reputation will remain mud

John Solomon: ‘Andrew McCabe and James Comey Were at the Head of This FISA Machine’

December 26, 2019

Here’s How Bad San Francisco’s Poop Problem Got in 2019

Two Fundamental Contradictions that Doom the Left

Pelosi’s Streets of San Francisco – Mark Twain: politicians and diapers should be changed often, and for the same reason

San Franciscans Is Inundated By Feces And Now They Want To Ban Paper Cups

Happy Kwanzaa! The Holiday Invented and Brought to You by the FBI

The GOP predicting bipartisan acquittal as Pelosi stonewalls impeachment

DiGenova Calls Admiral Mike Rogers’ Cooperation With Durham Team the ‘Biggest Single Development’ in Case

IG Report Reveals Steele Funneled Claims Through John McCain After FBI Dropped Him

Judicial Watch Lawsuit demands communications of Trump impeachment ‘whistleblower’

Blue State Blues: A Decade of Fake News – 2010 thru 2019

Virginia is setting stage to jail gun owners

Durham interviewing former NSA leader who alerted court of other FISA abuses

Democrat insiders: Bernie could win the nomination

Pelosi’s Impeachment Ploy

President Trump warns of ‘carnage’ in rebel stronghold in Syria

13 Theories On Why Pelosi is holding the articles of impeachment?

The Trump administration names the world’s 9 worst countries for religious persecution

Late Night TV: The Democrats’ Ultimate SuperPAC

The Hidden Agenda Behind the Roundup Lawsuit Campaign

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Many New California Laws Taking Effect in 2020

The FBI Is Investigating Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged ‘Madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell

December 25, 2019

ABC Visits 3 Swing States, Finds Voters Believe Impeachment Will Ensure Trump Reelection

Dershowitz Meets Trump At Christmas Dinner, Fueling Speculation Of Joining Trump’s Legal Team

Trump’s Economy: Super Saturday Recorded Highest Sales Of Any Day In U.S. History

These Former Intelligence Chiefs Fit Perfectly Into Our Media Advocacy Culture

The US Joined by Nations Around the World in Cracking Down on Chinese Investment

December 24, 2019

Fact Check: No, Trump Admin Did Not ‘Begin’ Hold on Ukraine Funds 91 Minutes After Call with Zelensky

Republicans Fume Over Democrat’s Threat Of New Impeachment Articles -Time To Cut Them Off

The “Deep State” and The Impeachment Conspiracy – What did Brennan Know and When?

Two New Hunter Biden Scandals Are Brewing

A Soros-Backed Organization Fueled Trump Impeachment Efforts

December 23, 2019

Rush Limbaugh: What’s Pelosi’s Gambit?

Obama Is Working Behind The Scenes With Elizabeth Warren

China Announces Tariff Cuts on 850+ Imported Products

China is Using Huawei to Gain an Upper Hand Against the US in the Middle East: Experts Say

House-Senate Impeachment Impasse Would Mean Trump Wasn’t Impeached At All: Harvard Law Professor

Chief Justice Roberts poised for starring role in a Trump impeachment trial

Hell Hath No Fury Like A President (And His Supporters) Scorned

Crossfire Hurricane Investigation May Have Been a Joint Operation Between the FBI and CIA

The FISA Court Committed a Fraud upon America

Obamacare’s Ozymandian Ruins – The “decay of that colossal wreck” continues apace

It’s Time for Climate Sense

December 22, 2019

Federal Spending Exploded to Nearly $300,000 Per Household Since 2010

The FBI’s Darkest Hour

Homelessness Is On The Rise In The U.S. And One State Is Driving It

Trump gives us back our light bulbs

Donald Trump Is An American Hero – He has made possible a revolution in conservative thought and principles

The Era of ‘Good’ Fascism?

The Horowitz Inspector General Report: Yes, It Gets Worse

Ken Starr: The Impeachment Itself Will Have an Asterisk, and Nancy Pelosi ‘Is Certainly Asking for a Quid Pro Quo’

Van Drew Says NJ Democrat Chairman Pressured Him to Vote for Impeachment, Led to His GOP Switch

President Trump chips away at Obamacare

America is reclaiming Christmas

Why NATO Should Expel Turkey

We now know: Perps & Chumps of the Mainstream Media (Pulitzer Prize edition)

December 21, 2019

President Trump Announces ‘Unprecedented’ Gift For U.S. Military Members

On Impeachment: Senators Are Not Jurors

Trump Is Seriously Thinking About Claiming He Isn’t Really Impeached & Actually He’s Got a Point

Bongino Explains How John Brennan’s Office Became Ground Zero in the Russian Collusion Scandal

Rep. Ratcliffe Confirms Obama Deep State Lied and Spied on Trump Camp Way Before Opening Crossfire Hurricane

Don’t Look Now, But a Pro-Trump Guy Just Stole a Lefty Impeachment Slogan & Made ‘It Great Again’

The Christianity Today Editor-in-Chief Who Called for Trump’s Removal Is Now Looking for a New Job

The New York Times Dismisses Actual Historians After Getting Called Out for Pushing 1619 Project Falsehoods

California passes law threatening “independent contractor” journalists’ jobs – So they sue

AG Bill Barr Calls Out Soros For Causing “Increase in Violent Crime and More Victims” Through Targeting DA Races

California homeless population jumps by double digits  – Increase greater than total increase of other states combined

Tucker Carlson calls out conservative nonprofits for selling out and protecting hi tech bullies that censor conservatives

The Senate Can Acquit Even If House Withholds Articles of Impeachment

Has Nancy Pelosi punked her own impeachment?

Nancy Pelosi dubbed ‘swamp mistress’ on New York Post impeachment front page: ‘It’s your funeral’

Two Years On, Trump Tax Cuts Spur Job Growth in Low-Tax States

Billionaires Warn Stock Market Could Dip if a Democrat Beats Trump in 2020, Expert Says As Much As 40%

Border Patrol officials cleared of wrongdoing after investigating deaths of migrant children

The Week in Pictures: Sham-Wow-Mockery-Travesty Edition

December 20, 2019

Obamacare Is Poised For A Return To The Supreme Court

Senator Majority Lead Mitch McConnell Crushed Impeachment in One 30-minute Speech

Senator Blackburn: Pelosi ‘Has No Leverage’ – If She Doesn’t Send Articles, ‘We Go Back to Confirming Judges’

Limbaugh: There is Panic on the Left Over Pelosi and Recent Polls

Representative Mo Brooks is wary of Chief Justice Presiding over Impeachment — ‘I Don’t Trust John Roberts’ Judgment’

Sixth Democratic Debate Draws 6 Million Viewers, Lowest Figure in Current Cycle

Italian prosecutors believe that Joseph Mifsud the man who started RussiaGate, ‘is Dead’

The ‘Afghanistan Papers’ Confirm Critics’ Worst Fears About America’s Longest War

Nearly 100 MS-13 Gang Members Busted in Long Island, Including Illegal Aliens

After Bottom Falls Out, Representative Nunes Declares Impeachment Was ‘In Fact a Fake’

The Inspector General Report Hints That James Comey Was In On The FBI’s FISA Misconduct

Six ways we were blind to screaming red flags about government surveillance

Bill Barr’s Brennan Bombshell: Durham seeking Brennan’s emails, call logs and other documents from the C.I.A.

Nancy Pelosi, Not Trump, Is Provoking A Constitutional Crisis

Bizarro World — Pelosi just invited Trump to deliver State of Union…

Franklin Graham Slams Christianity Today: My Father Billy Graham ‘Voted for Donald Trump’

British lawmakers approve Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan; UK to leave EU by January 31st

After impeachment, just think of the additional states Trump can win in 2020

Blue State Blues: Senate Should Charge Nancy Pelosi with ‘Obstruction of Congress’

Former NSA Tech Chief Says Mueller Report Was Based On CIA-Fabricated “Evidence”

Schumer’s Corrupt Democrat Jurors

We now know: The FISA court finally speaks, but not to the point

The Exact Opposite of Truth –  Democrats and their media henchmen are lying about everything

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson: Let’s hear it for the disruptors!

Limbaugh: Pelosi Will Never Turn Over the Articles of Impeachment for Acquittal in the Senate

Durham Looking into Brennan’s Role in Russia Collusion Hoax

Several Democrat Members of Congress Send a Letter to AG Barr Demanding His Resignation

Democrats Sneak Amnesty Power to Future President in 2020 Pentagon Bill

Progressive Prosecutors Pushing ‘Social Reform’ Earn Praise and Criticism

Yes, criminal migrants should be denied asylum

December 19, 2019

Quid Pro Joe: Biden’s Brother’s Firm Was Handed $1.5bn Iraq Contract

Impeachment stalls until 2020: Hoyer announces no more House votes this year, as Pelosi quotes Shakespeare

Census 2020: Illegal Immigration is About to Steal House Seats From the GOP

Joe Biden Goes Full Hillary In Last Night’s Debate – Green Agenda vs. Jobs

New Poll: A Majority of Americans Believe Democrats Are More Interested in Impeachment Than Legislation

Oops! Leftist Law Professor Who Testified for Democrats: Actually, Trump Isn’t Impeached Yet

The Senate’s Trial

AG Bill Barr Full Interview Covering Horowitz Report, Durham Investigation and Impeachment…

Trump lawyers: Pelosi delay means president not really impeached yet?

Democrats’ Move to Manipulate Senate Impeachment Trial Breaks Norms

Court Strikes Down Heart of Obamacare Requiring Americans To Buy Health Insurance

Nationalism Won the British Election and It Will Win Again Here

Brother of ISIS member admits trying to sabotage U.S. passenger plane

21 Key Quotes From The Inspector General’s Testimony on his Report

McConnell Delivers Blistering Speech: Pelosi’s House Just Gave into a Temptation Every House in History Has Resisted

Mark Levin: Impeachment is About Blocking Trump From Getting Another Supreme Court Pick

Nancy Pelosi’s Scheme to Not Send Articles of Impeachment to the Senate Only Works If Mitch Mcconnell Allows It

San Fran Nan Marches the Democrat Caucus off the Cliff

A Historical Yawner – The Democrats preside over an embarrassingly unimpressive impeachment

4 Reasons Trump’s Impeachment Is The Weakest In U.S. History

Nancy Pelosi’s stomach-turning impeachment charade damages America

California Democrats cast 1 out of 5 votes to impeach Trump – Here’s how they came to power

Pelosi threatens to withhold articles of impeachment from Senate

Don’t bother, they’re here

So What’s Next in the Impeachment Process?

Trump: Democrats Lose by Default if They Don’t Show for Senate Trial

Impeachment Forever: House Vows to Continue Probes No Matter What Senate Decides

Attorney General Barr: The criminal probe of the  intelligence community is looking at “private actors” too

Lindsey Graham to Call Comey, McCabe, Others Involved In FISA Abuse to Testify

3 GOP Senators Want Interviews With Obama Officials Over Hunter Biden and Ukraine

Testimony by IG Horowitz yesterday demolishes claims he exonerated FBI of bias

We Need To Get The Hell Out Of Afghanistan Now

California’s War On Workers – People are shocked the the new law banning contractors is already destroying jobs

Secretary Hillary Clinton and the Deep State: A RICO Criminal Conspiracy

James Comey is a Pathological Liar

A New Non-Partisan Group Calls on Amazon to Drop Scandal-Plagued SPLC

December 18, 2019

3 Democrats Defect as House Votes to Impeach President Trump

Limbaugh: The 1 thing Democrats haven’t calculated in their Trump impeachment

Impeachment backfires as Trump now leads all Dem challengers in general-election poll

Flashback: When the Democrats tried to impeach Ronald Reagan

HISTORY: Trump Impeached, Holds Rally in Michigan

WH Press Secretary Grisham: Democrats ‘Trying to Overturn 2016 Because They Know What’s Coming in 2020’

Here’s How Much the Formal Impeachment Inquiry of Trump Has Cost Taxpayers So Far

Meanwhile in the U.S. Senate: ‘Cocaine Mitch’ Spent Impeachment Day Cranking Out Trump Judges

The Former ICE Director Slams New York Over Illegal Immigrant Driver Licenses

The Trump administration moves to allow prescription drug importations from Canada

Trump adviser hints at the next big trade deal – The White House targets the ‘Maharajah of Tariffs’

Two-thirds of voters say Democrats want to impeach Trump more than help Americans

The FBI’s Systematic Dishonesty

China Violates Disclosure Law to Publish Propaganda in New York Times and Washington Post

Hillary Clinton: ‘Impeachment Is the Only Remedy’ to Stop Trump

What to Expect on Impeachment Day

What Trump Impeachment Is Really About

I Cannot Believe That the Moderate Democrats From Trump Districts Are Voting for Impeachment

The Legend of Zeldin’: How Long Island’s GOP Congressman Became Impeachment’s Biggest Star

Red District Democrats Are Feeling the Heat. Here’s How They Plan to Vote on Impeachment

Thanks, Pelosi: RNC Collects $25+ Million From 600,000 New Donors Since House Took Up Sham Impeachment

Trump approval rating on impeachment day hits highest point since March 2017

Trump, Trade, and a Century of Peace

SCOTUS Decision: The Right to Destroy Cities

Lindsay Graham: FISA Reform Will Be Top Priority for Senate Judiciary Committee in 2020

Shouldn’t the media report how bad previous climate change predictions have been instead of participating in the indoctrination?

Three Major Obamacare Taxes Bite the Dust

‘An Incredible Economic Boom’: The Effects of the 2017 Tax Cuts

Judge In Michael Flynn Case Decides To Ignore Mounting Evidence Of Prosecutorial Abuse

Operation Mockingbird’s Racial Destructive Lies From Journalists and Front Groups

Would you rather your referee be conservative or liberal?

Mexico Is In Crisis And It’s Not Just The Cartels, It’s The Corrupt Elites

December 17, 2019

New Evidence Shows Hunter Biden-Ukraine Payments Flagged As ‘Suspicious’ In Early 2016

Dershowitz: SCOTUS Decision Deals Potentially Devastating Blow to Impeachment

Remember Imran Awan? DOJ Confirms He’s Now Part of a ‘Sealed Criminal Matter’

California-based freelance journalists sue over the new state independent contractor labor law

Read: The Trump letter sent to Pelosi on impeachment

These have been the best few weeks of Trump’s presidency

READ: The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Spanks the FBI

FISA Court Judge Rips FBI: Your Deceptive Behavior Calls Into Question All the Warrants Against Carter Page

We Three Kings of America Are: Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg

How FBI (or Congress) can use warrant surveilling on one American… to spy on many more

Limbaugh: McConnell Slams Gavel Down on Schumer’s Demands

The House Funds Key Programs but Adds to Government Bloat, Waste

Were “suspicious” payments to Hunter Biden flagged by Latvian government in 2016?

The Democrats Are Imploding

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Suggests Senate Will Move to Dismiss Impeachment After Opening Arguments

New Poll Shows Trump Beating All Democrat Rivals in 2020: ‘Impeachment Backfiring Horribly’

Democrats are already preparing to undermine a Trump victory in 2020

Comey and McCabe Aired Trump-Russia Claims Months Before Launch of Crossfire Hurricane

A Russian Under Every Bed

Kimberly Strassel: Great Britain Is A Warning for U.S. Progressive Politicians

Bad news for Joe Biden: Obama endorses Michelle for president … and in the most ickily avuncular way

Giuliani Forced Out Marie Yovanovitch And Provides Compelling Evidence to Explain Why

Why the Left Doesn’t Like Christmas

Taxpayers may foot $12 billion insurance bill for Obamacare failures

The Afghanistan Papers – What The Hid From Us

December 16, 2019

CNN Impeachment Poll Has Bad News For Democrats: Support Among Democrats Drops By Double Digits

The FBI, Impeachment, and The Important Question of Motive

Democrats Make Up Wire Fraud Charge to “Criminally” Indict Trump — And Suggest 20 YEARS IN PRISON!

The 17 Knowing Acts of Deceit That Led Us to Impeachment

11 More Examples of How Firearms Save Gun Owners’ Lives, Property

Supreme Court lets ruling stand that allows homeless to sleep outdoors on public property

The Dow gains its 10,000th point since Trump’s election

Former Attorney General: Horowitz missed key evidence in FBI conspiracy

Judge Rejects Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell’s Request For Brady Material – Sets Sentencing For January 28

Troubled California DMV Continues Changing Voter Registration Designations During Routine Visits

Greta Thunberg paints her German train ride as cattle car deal when she actually rode first class

Why the New York Times wanted to kill the FedEx success story

The Inspector General Report Proves Adam Schiff Has Been Lying About Spygate Since The Beginning

Chief Justice Roberts May Decide the Next Election – What evidence he admits will mold the public’s view of impeachment

Trump Attacks The Presidential Debate Commission, Hints at Something New

The House Judiciary Committee Releases Full Impeachment Report

Lindsey Graham insists that the Bidens and Burisma have no place in a Senate impeachment trial

Giuliani Reveals Damning Evidence Gathered on Trip to Ukraine, Hungary; If True, It Will End Biden’s Candidacy

Is Eric Ciaramella Connected to Rudi Giuliani’s Accusations of Biden-Burisma Money Laundering?

How To Turn The Reviving North Korea Crisis Into A Triumph For Both Nations

Industry: Medicare Plans of 2020 Democratic Candidates Will Make US ‘Pay More and Wait Longer for Lower-Quality Care’

Are Mexicans throwing a spanner in the USMCA trade pact in response to Democrat’s last-minute move?

In 2018 Trump Campaign Manager Warned the Tech Giants: Stop Targeting Conservatives!…Nothing Has Changed

Jimmy “The Weasel” Comey lives up to his nickname in a Fox News interview

Brexit Means a Three-Tier Europe – With The UK Alone In The Top Tier

How Paul Volcker Put The Country Above Himself And Wall Street

Five Ways America Should Secure the Border Against European-Style Terrorist Infiltration

The Morning Briefing: Hallmark Caves to Wokescolds Who Will Never Watch the Channel

December 15, 2019

When Hate Becomes an Agenda

Schiff and Nadler Insist Impeachment is “Not A Failure” Despite the Plunge In Public Support and Interest

‘Impeachment’ Means Ready for Trial (and They Are So Not)

Impeachment Looks Like Bad 2020 News for Democrats, Most Likely Voters Say

Trump Campaign Livid over Google’s ‘Crazy’ New Ad Policy: ‘Voter Suppression’

We now know: He’s Full of Schiff

FBI Warns You Could Lose House and Life Savings in New Sophisticated Scam

The Inclusion Delusion

Handicapping the 2024 Presidential Election

Solar power required for all new California homes starting Jan. 1, 2020

Giuliani Drops Bombshells Revealing HUGE Money Laundering Operation Involving Bidens and Burisma

Prime Minister Boris Johnson: to the victor go the spoils

Trump Clone Boris Johnson’s UK Landslide offers a Preview of 2020

Former FBI Director James Comey ADMITS ON TV HE WAS WRONG

Democrats, Impeachment, and the Cheapening of Everything

An Ode to the Constitution and the Common Man

The FBI Did Russia’s Dirty Work – And that very much included the disgraced James Comey

Behind the Jersey City terror attack by Black Hebrew Israelite

What is going on at The Drudge Report?

America’s real disease is toxic ignorance as the uninformed move left

Cory Booker Wants Democrats To Change Their Debate Rules – Because He’s Not Making The Cut

Advantage Republicans’: People like cities that work

December 14, 2019

Retired FBI Assistant Director Swecker: Comey was disgrace to FBI, falsely claims IG report clears him

The Trump economy generates self-reliance rather than government dependence

A Democrat Congressman Is Switching Parties Over Impeachment

Why Jeff Van Drew’s party switch to Republican is bigger than anything else in the impeachment saga

The Senate Needs to Stop Sniveling – Let’s have a real trial to clear Trump’s name

GOP Aims to Retake House After Impeachment by Turning Out 8.5 Million Trump Voters who Stayed Home in 2018

According To The LEFT – I’m A Deplorable . . . Always Was & Always Will Be

Representative Nadler’s Frightening Abuse of Power

Buckle Up, America

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz: SCOTUS ‘Just Crippled the Second House Impeachment Charge Against Trump’

Britain’s voters say: ‘Get Brexit done’

After Horowitz – A few of the incessant lies at the heart of the hoax

News Summary from the Week that Was (December 8th thru 14th)

Senator Kennedy Asks President Trump to Declassify The Carter Page FISA Applications

Vulnerable House Democrats counting on lag time between impeachment votes and Election Day 2020

The Press gulps as Team Trump unleashes a full-sails-ahead 2020 reelection plan

The Week in Pictures: Impeachment Edition – Some of the best political cartoons ever

What the Inspector General Report Missed, and Where to Find It

Ball of Collusion and FISA Reform

December 13, 2019

The Problem of Nationalism – A people’s “natural devotion to home and to country”

GOP Representative Flips Democrats’ Script: Trump Was Right To Ask About Biden’s Possible Ukraine Corruption

The Drudge Report has hemorrhaged 28% of its traffic in just four months

Sex Is Not an Opinion

The Left: Trapped by the Ghosts of Corrupt Administrations Past


Hidden by impeachment: One of Trump’s ‘best weeks yet’

Britain’s ‘Red Tory’ Future

The Supreme Court will decide the fate of subpoenas for Trump’s financial records

The Inspector General report shows Obama knew about spying on Trump

The Horowitz report spotlights a little-known FBI agent’s role in the Russia probe, Flynn case

Black voters shocked, shocked to see that Trump is wooing them

What, Us Worry? California Lawmakers Still Ignoring Dark Pension Clouds

McConnell Sends Chills Down Democrats Spines on Hannity Appearance, ‘No Chance’ Trump Is Removed

Trump: ‘We Have Agreed to a Very Large Phase One Deal With China’

China Gives In On Trade – Trump Signs-Off On New Deal

Democrat Lawmakers Vote to Impeach Trump in House Judiciary Committee in Party Line Political Vote

House Democrat Admits They Delayed Impeachment Vote Because It Would Have Been Too Late For TV Viewers

The New York Post Editorial Board Names Eric Ciaramella As Whistleblower

Mitch McConnell Likely to Acquit Trump, Not Dismiss Impeachment Charges

The New Far-Left Curriculum That Is Transforming Our Public Schools

How The Inspector General FISA Abuse Report Affects The Michael Flynn’s Case

The Vindication of Sean Hannity – His relentless pursuit of the truth

It’s not a coup. It’s a civil war

Boris Johnson’s spectacular win heralds a new era for Britain – The UK will leave the EU on January 31

Aftershocks from the UK election earthquake should rattle US Democrats

Boris Johnson Cracked The Code For A Reagan Coalition In Great Britain

Investigations Reveal Deep State’s Effort to Protect President Obama’s Legacy

Dan Bongino Discovers Critical New Information In Report That Directly Contradicts the IG’s Conclusions

Boris Johnson’s triumph is President Trump’s as well

Putting the ‘Christ’ Back in Christmas – God bless us, every one!

Richard Jewell Warned Us All About the Crooked FBI; Now His Words Are Literally Haunting America & Donald Trump

UNSUNG HERO: Obama’s NSA Chief, Discovered Illegal Obama Spying Operation and Briefed Trump

Wikileaks Document Shows John Podesta’s Emails Were Hacked in 2016 By the Ukraine, Not Russia

The New York Times puts a bad light on a murdered Barnard freshman teen and exculpates the city

Federal Judge Backs People-Powered We Build The Wall, Inc. – Shreds Federal Lawyers For IBCW

President Trump’s Family Policies Are a Big Deal for Working Americans

Turning Feudal Afghanistan Into Switzerland Was Always A Fool’s Errand

December 12, 2019

How 2 Years of Tax Cuts Have Supported Our Strong Economy

Horowitz’s Gift to the Nation’s Enemies

Bombshell Time Magazine report ‘destroys basis’ for the Schiff-Nadler Hearings

DOJ IG: Obama May Have Known FBI Was Surveilling Trump Campaign

The IG’s Report on FBI Spying Reveals a Scandal of Historic Magnitude for the FBI & the U.S. Media

Scot free? FBI declares it has no records of discipline against lawyers in Russia FISA case

President Trump’s Support Among Orthodox Jews Has Risen from 54% to 89%

Limbaugh: Biden Committed the Crime and We Have the Tape

What’s Really at Stake in the Chick-Fil-A Controversy

Limbaugh: Backfire! The Democrats’ Primary Objective Has Failed

Challenging Beijing’s Distortions About Human Rights in China

Expel the Saudis from U.S. Military Training

Harvey Weinstein Reaches Deal With Accusers And Won’t Admit Wrongdoing Or Pay Personally

The Inexplicable Motives of the Deep State

Feds to Open 1.2 Million Acres in California to Fracking Leases

100 scientific papers indicate CO2 has minuscule effect on our climate

Senator Graham says he won’t call any impeachment witnesses in Senate committee: ‘It’s a crock’

Senator Graham: ‘Mr. Rosenstein, Get Ready to Testify’; The Same Goes for Christopher Wray

The Truth about the Horowitz Inspector General Report

DOJ IG Horowitz: The FBI Employee Who Misled the DOJ in Russia the Probe Still Works There

After that Inspector General report, what now, Chief Justice Roberts?

Impeaching Trump as a T-Shirt Slogan: That’s All They Got?

The Left Attacks President Trump For His Executive Order On Combatting Antisemitism

The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel catches Glenn Simpson contradicting his own sworn testimony

Attorney General Barr: FBI Falsified Documents to Continue Spying on Trump & Co. After Election

The desperation of the Democrats is showing

Carter Page: ‘Going To Take This Right Up To The Supreme Court’

California’s The Latest Bureaucratic Attack on Gun Rights

Carter Page Is Only A Pawn In Their Game

Don’t Let Big Tech Sneak Immunity From Congress Into This Trade Deal

December 11, 2019

104 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List

Horowitz Admits The FBI Created ‘Fraudulent Evidence’ In Investigation, Implies it was ‘Illegal

Attorney General Barr Has Suddenly Become Chatty—and He’s Provided Quite an Information Dump

James Comey’s War on America – His only loyalty is to himself, at the expense of the country

‘Constitutional dilemma’: Dershowitz says nothing impeachable as case heads to Senate

The Inspector General report confirms Schiff lied, Devin Nunes is vindicated

FBI Director Christopher Wray Doesn’t Seem to Care that the FBI Deceived the Court

Of course the FBI spied on the Trump campaign

Democrats Expect Wide Scale Defections on Articles of Impeachment Vote

Are Republicans About to Screw Up Trump’s Senate Trial?

Inspector General’s Report Reveals 4 Spurious Allegations as Basis for FBI Spying on Trump Campaign Aide

Budget Office Releases New Legal Memo Indicating Delay In Ukraine Aid Was Routine

Attorney General Barr: Comey’s Actions Stymied Efforts of IG to Get at the Truth

Horowitz IG Report Catches Comey in Multiple Lies

WSJ Columnist: Democrats Tailored Trump Impeachment Charges To Protect Joe Biden

6 Big Takeaways From Watchdog’s Senate Testimony About the FBI Spying on the Trump Campaign

Unsolved from Obama era: Court finally to probe Democrats’ IT scandal

Oracle Annual Convention Flees Pelosi’s District Because of Filth

NYT Invents Contents of Trump Executive Order to Push An “Antisemitism” Narrative

Inspector General Horowitz Goes Full Comey

AG Barr NBC Interview Exposes Why The Media And Left Fear Durham Investigation

AG Barr Calmly Shapes C-4 Into the Image of Durham, Places It Under ‘Nothing to See Here’ Take on IG Report

Impeachment Is Just Another Word For Delusional Democrats Holding The Nation Hostage

McConnell Angers Democrats With His Announcement About When The Senate Will Take Up USMCA

What Obama Judges? Part One: How our underlying system was supposed to work before it was corrupted

Representative Gosar on FISA Abuse: Obama Administration ‘Weaponized’ the FBI as a ‘Criminal Enterprise’


Report Says FBI ‘Altered’ Evidence That Falsely Cast Carter Page As Russian Spy

It’s Official: The Steele Dossier Was Malarkey

The Washington Post Completely Buries the Ideology of the Naval Air Station Pensacola Terrorist

December 10, 2019

WSJ: The IG, Nunes and Schiff – The Horowitz report reveals the Democrat’s many distortions

Attorney General Barr: Obama FBI knew anti-Trump dossier was ‘garbage’

‘Corroboration Zero’: An Inspector General’s Report Reveals the Steele Dossier Was Always a Joke

San Diego federal prosecutor confirmed as 9th Circuit judge

Limbaugh: Don’t Be Fooled! The Inspector General Report CONFIRMS the Coup

Federal judge blocks Trump plan to spend millions in military funds on border wall construction

Pelosi Announces Democrats Will FINALLY Vote on Trump’s Historic USMCA Trade Deal After Stalling for Over a Year – And She Tries to Take Credit for It!

‘It’s Not a Coincidence’: Nancy Pelosi Signs USMCA After Impeachment Announcement

Small group of Democrats float censure instead of impeachment

Democrats announce impeachment articles against Trump, alleging abuse of power and obstruction of Congress

Democrats Ignore Law Professor Turley’s Warning in ‘Obstruction of Congress’ Article of Impeachment

Obama and Biden: Three Scandals in One Day –  Russian collusion, Burisma, and the Afghanistan

Inspector General Horowitz offers soundbites to Democrats and facts to Republicans

The FBI Lied To The FISA Court About Christopher Steele’s Credibility

Trump Was Right From the Beginning – Don’t believe the Left’s spin on the IG report

The Inspector General Report Confirms The Schiff FISA Memo Media Praised Was Riddled With Lies

Trump Blasts FBI Director Christopher Wray Over Response to IG Report

IG report reveals FBI misconduct and abuses in anti-Trump probe of Russia collusion hoax

Trump is surging while Democrats are tanking in the battleground states that will determine the election

Lindsey Graham: FBI Ran A ‘Criminal Enterprise to Defraud the FISA Court’

Senator Grassley Slams the FBI: Your Job is to Protect Americans, Not Harm Them

Mueller Targeted the Four Individuals Deep State Illegally Spied On – Carter Page, General Flynn, George Popadopoulos and Paul Manafort

Socialism’s Unbroken Trail of Failure

December 9, 2019

President Trump Says IG’s Findings ‘Far Worse’ Than Imagined – Read Horowitz’s List Here

The Comey FBI’s 17 worst failures, inaccuracies and omissions flagged in the Russia FISA report

6 Takeaways From the IG Report on the FBI’s Spying on the Trump Campaign

IG Report Finds FBI Team Used Info with ‘Significant Inaccuracies’ To Get OK To Spy on Trump Campaign

Another pathetic Jerry Nadler impeachment charade

Biggest Winners and Losers of Monday’s House Judiciary Impeachment Sham

Democrat Smears on Nunes’s FISA Abuse Memo Proved False by Inspector General Report

New poll numbers reveal shocking surge for President Trump

Statement by AG Barr on the Inspector General’s Report of the Review of Four FISA Applications

US Attorney John Durham Releases Statement Disputing Inspector General Report Conclusions

U.S. officials constantly said they were making progress in Afghanistan. They were not, and they knew it.

House Judiciary Report BOMBSHELL: Democrats Trying to Change the Constitution

13 Things To Look For In The Inspector General FISA Abuse Report

Christopher Steele warned that IG report contains information previously blacked out, report says

FISA abuse — Obama’s FBI turned into arm of Hillary Clinton campaign

Pelosi guarantees Trump reelection – impeachment and the continuted resistance anger Americans

Lindsey Graham does not want Schiff or other Congressmen to testify at a Senate impeachment trial

Don’t Look For What the Questions the DOJ IG Report Asks, Look For the Ones It Avoids

4 Reasons The Left’s Methods Are Far More Cult-Like Than Trump’s

Sexism Isn’t Why Elizabeth Warren Is Falling

It looks like a brokered Democrat convention is coming

7,700 Media Jobs Slashed This Year

When Impeachment Meant Something – Bill Clinton was impeached for clear reasons

Saudi Naval Military Base Shooter Assailed US as ‘Nation of Evil’

Red Tide Rising

Russia banned from 2020 Tokyo Olympics for doping scandal

December 8, 2019

Trump Praises Salvation Army Following LGBT Backlash: ‘An Inspiration to Us All’

The Legacy of a “Low-Bar” Impeachment

An Examination of Irregularities in FBI’s FISA Application on Carter Page

Why Christians Under Siege See a Cyrus in Trump

Treasury’s Monica Crowley on the Explosive Trump Economy Success: ‘Boom!’

Serious vote fraud uncovered in key battleground state

Bill Barr Indicts 8 Including Mueller Top Witness for Funneling Millions in Foreign Donations to Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and Top Senate Democrats

Rasmussen: “We don’t think Matt [Drudge] is there anymore. Word is he sold it – Waiting for confirmation.”

The Truth About the New Food Stamp Work Requirements’ Rules and Effects

Mayors Ask Trump to Import More Refugees to U.S. for ‘Cultural Diversity’

How California’s Government Plans To Make Wildfires Even Worse

Democratic and GOP narratives to clash as Horowitz report and impeachment hearing set for Monday

House Judiciary Committee Report: President Can Be Impeached for ‘Motives’ Without Breaking Law

Dershowitz: Some Democrats channeling Soviet minister’s ‘Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime’ maxim

The FBI Detains 10 Saudis After Attack And Are Searching For More

The week ended with the President Trumping A Low Pair

Adam Schiff Has Jumped the Shark – His secret subpoena of telephone logs is beyond the pale

‘I hear he’s found plenty’: Trump says Giuliani will give report on his Ukraine findings to Congress

Yes, Independent voters will carry Trump again in 2020

Lessons from Europe, or should we say, ‘Europe’

About those phone records – Part 4

Bill Clinton and all those candy stripers…On Epsteins “The Lolita Express”

Historian Doug Wead Discusses His New Book and How Trump is Bringing Peace and Prosperity to the US

Why are able-bodied adults with no kids eligible for food stamps?

My Six Months at an Amazon Fulfillment Center

December 7, 2019

Democrats Doctored the Video of Trump Used During Impeachment Hearing

Pensacola Jihad Massacre Proves We’ve Learned Nothing Since the Fort Hood Attack

NAS Killer Hosted Jihadi Snuff-Film Party, Praised bin Laden, Yet Pentagon Brass Balk at Calling It Terrorism

INTERPOL warns that Europe is threatened by ISIS 2.0

Democrats are Obsessing over Impeachment Instead of Passing Bipartisan Legislation like USMCA

Dangerous PRO Act Would Give Illegal Alien Workers More Rights than Americans

CNN Gets Triggered By a Super-cut of Their Impeachment Coverage, Has It Removed From YouTube

Trump Secures Release of American Student Held In Iran

The Impeachment Eye Test

Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff sure are working hard to re-elect President Trump

Trump Could Stall or End the Entire Impeachment Hoax by Taking the Unconstitutional Sham to the Courts

US Is in a Great Position in China Trade Deal Thanks to Trump – China Needs the Deal & the US Wins Either Way!

The Trans-Realism of the Left

Trump Economy: Blacks Outperform Whites – Minorities, Non-College Grads, Blue-Collar Workers See Greatest Gains

Why Is Our Society Degrading So Badly, So Fast?

Democrats Panic After ‘Transcribed Staff-Led Interviews’ of Alexandra Chalupa Requested

Jihad and Criminality Are Inseparable Bedfellows

December 6, 2019

Adam Schiff’s Release of Phone Records Invites Legal, Ethics Scrutiny

The House passes a bill to fight voter ID laws across the United States

On Trump impeachment, The Democrats pivot back to Russia

Trump’s tax cuts reduce US burden to one of lowest in the world

Trump approval up 6 points since November

Adam Schiff Caught in Another Lie

Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Article II’ Impeachment Rationale Exposed as a Hoax

She Lit The Fuse . . .

Limbaugh: Despite Pelosi’s denial, Democrats DO hate Trump – And Those Who Voted For Him

Pensacola Naval Base Killer Was A Saudi Arabia Aviation Student

Naval Air Station shooter wrote manifesto condemning US as ‘nation of evil’

6 Saudis arrested over Pensacola Naval Base shooting including three who FILMED attack

Trump Takes 1st Step To Cut Welfare for Nearly 700,000 Able Bodied, Single Adults Without Dependents

No Safe Spaces: A Chilling Exposé of the Left

Power Mad: The Worst of the Left – Fear Itself Never Had It So Good

The Democratic Party Isn’t – That’s Why I ALWAYS Refer To Them As The Democrat Party

EXCLUSIVE – White House Advisor Tony Sayegh: ‘We’re BULLISH’ on Impeachment

America Created 266,000 Jobs in November – The imaginary recession of 2019 is over

Limbaugh: Trump has achieved ‘peace and prosperity,’ The Democrats have nothing but ‘hatred’

Impeachment Is Trump’s Punishment for Questioning the Intelligence Community

How House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and his team tamed impeachment

Ukraine was the Origin of the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax

Why the Democrats are so crazy to impeach Trump

Newt Gingrich’s Essential Primer On The Challenges Of Communist China

Redefining ‘The Rule of Law’ – How The Administrative State Can Bind The President Is The Big Issue

The Democrats Face the Bayonets – Nancy Goes All-In With Impeachment

George Soros: A New Kind of Tyrant?

Rudy Drops Ukraine Grenade on Biden & Obama With Tweet About Billions of Missing U.S. Cash

The Democrats Are Unraveling – They Know They Are Caught Pushing a Non-Crime Sham Impeachment

December 5, 2019

Twitter Censorship Confirmed: “Shadow Banning” Is Now Written Into The Platform’s New Terms

As Drug Affordability Debate Intensifies, Trump Lists Achievements, Talks Solutions

Father of the Year Hunter Biden Must Now Give Burisma Financials to Court

Los Angeles Is Spending Over $1 Billion To House the Homeless and It’s Failing.

What Are They Hiding? Democrats Schedule Impeachment Hearing for Spygate Report Release Date

President Trump Gives Nancy Pelosi a Foretaste of the Utter Hell an Impeachment Trial Will Be for the Democrats

The Supreme Court confronts homeless crisis and whether there’s a right to sleep on the sidewalk

Sneak Preview: Ten Revelations We Can Expect From the IG’s FISA Report

Limbaugh: The American People Understand This Hateful Democrat Charade

Republican’s ‘Raise Your Hand’ Question At Impeachment Hearing Goes Viral

DOJ IG Report Has 104 Criminal or Administrative Investigations of Misconduct by FBI Employees

Limbaugh:Who Does Pelosi Think She’s Kidding?

Found Footage: Democrats’ ‘Expert Witness’ Admits Deep-Seated Hatred of Trump

‘Powerful Interests on the Left Want to Shrink Freedom of Religion,’ Senator McConnell Warns

Hillary Struck with Coughing Fit After Not Ruling Out a 2020 Run on Howard Stern Show

Pelosi Asks House Judiciary Chairman to Draft Articles of Impeachment

Trump threatens to have Schiff, Bidens, Pelosi testify in Senate trial as he dares the House to impeach

Joe Biden says he will refuse to testify in Senate impeachment trial if called

And Another One: State Street Sees No Recession In 2020

‘Democrats should be ashamed’: White House admonishes House for moving forward with impeachment

Representative Jim Jordan Nukes Democrats’ ‘Predetermined’ Impeachment Sham

‘Abuse of power’: Republicans say Adam Schiff smeared Devin Nunes and reporter John Solomon

Pamela Karlan lays an egg

Matt Gaetz Exposes the Democrats’ “Legal Scholars” as Partisan Hacks

Ironically, Democrats Argue that Obama Should Have Been Impeached

A California Teacher’s Advice to Parents Who Want to Protect Their Kids

Despite Common Core Promises, U.S. Kids Repeat Poor Performance On Latest Global Test

December 4, 2019

NATO survives and grows in strength thanks to one Donald J. Trump

The 10 biggest revelations to expect from Horowitz report

An Academic Disgrace – The Extension Of The Elitist Coup D’état

Gregg Jarrett: Impeachment-obsessed Democrats ignore logic and law as 4 professors testify at hearing

Pamela Karlan’s Long, Biased Record of Anti-Trump Prejudices and worked for Obama’s administration

Turley Turns the Impeachment Hearing Around in the Afternoon

Professor Turley: “legal case for impeachment is not just woefully inadequate, but in some respects, dangerous”

Phone records show Schiff spied on Giuliani, Nunes and news reporter

Damning Lisa Page Text to Peter Strzok: ‘You get all our oconus lures approved? ;)’

Politics News 6 Big Moments From Day 1 of the Second Round of Impeachment Hearings

Democrats Worry Over Their Latest ‘Disaster’: An All-White Debate Lineup

Professor Jonathan Turley: “The Current Legal Case for Impeachment Is Not Just Woefully Inadequate, But Dangerous”

Statement of Professor Jonathan Turley: “The Impeachment Inquiry Into President Donald J. Trump

John Solomon: The 10 most important revelations to expect from the Russia probe FISA report

Democrats Stack Judiciary Impeachment Hearing With Anti-Trump Lawyers

Adam Schiff’s other impeachment target: Devin Nunes

The Plot Against President Trump

Nadler Is Caught in His Own Quid Pro Quo – He’d hate to be ousted by the next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

What You Need to Know About Nadler’s Impeachment Inquiry Hearing on Wednesday

The House Judiciary Academic Witness List Is Filled With Trump Critics

Adam Schiff’s Report Cites No ‘Bribery’ or ‘High Crimes’; Only Tweets

Why didn’t Senator Blumenthal look into all the bribes or kickbacks Obama paid for political purposes?

The Democrats’ Impeachment Trickery – Five deceptive claims from the House Judiciary tricksters

Convicted Pedophile Used In Mueller Investigation Indicted For Funneling Millions to Hillary, DOJ Says

About those phone records Schiff obtained

Is it Time to Designate CAIR as a Terrorist Organization?

Three Reasons Kamala Harris Crashed

December 3, 2019

A Divisive, Historically Dubious Curriculum – Teachers should reject the 1619 Project

Sedition: Pelosi Tells Delegates at UN Climate Meeting “United States is Still In”- Trump Pulled US out in 2017

The House Republicans’ Report Eviscerates The Democrats’ Case for Impeachment

Senator Lindsey Graham Rebuts Reports of Rift Between Barr and Horowitz Over IG Report Conclusion

Estate Workers: Both Clintons Were Frequent Guests At Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico Ranch

3 Big Trump-Nadler Scuffles Before the Real Estate Mogul Became President

Nunes sues ‘mother of fake news’ CNN for $435 million

AG Barr disputes key inspector general finding about FBI’s Russia investigation

WSJ: PG&E Had Systemic Problems With Power Line Maintenance, California Probe Finds

Trump’s Foreign Policy: The Popping Point of Maximum Pressure

The Trump campaign denied press credentials to Bloomberg News; It has a point

Impeachment Power Can Be Abused, Too

YouTube/Google Admits to Deleting 300+ Trump Ads – And That’s Not All

Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Banker Found Swinging From a Rope Before The FBI Questioned Him

The Left Hates The Salvation Army. That’s All You Need to Know About the Left

Speaker Pelosi Chooses Climate Change over United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Jobs

Saving Stephen Miller – Every Conservative Should Be Defending Trump’s Genius Advisor

Judge Jeanine: ‘Obama started the Trump Hate’

DOJ Watchdog Expected To Downgrade ‘Spying’ On Trump Campaign To ‘Typical Law Enforcement Activities’

Top Republican urges against speculation after early leaks on FISA report findings

Catherine Herridge, now at CBS, devastates the ‘Whistleblower’s’ legitimacy

ICIG Atkinson Refuses to Answer GOP Senator’s Formal Request on ‘Whistleblower’ Ciaramella’s Far Left Bias

The Amnesia of Samantha Power – The Obama administration’s chief enabler of Iranian tyranny

What Happened To Drudge?

African Americans Aren’t The Only People Democrats Want To Disarm

December 2, 2019

REPUBLICAN REPORT: House GOP Releases 123 Page Report, Destroying Democrats’ Impeachment Fantasy

Car burglaries in some California cities are at crisis levels. Prosecutors say their hands are tied

Fusion GPS Chiefs Spin Hard Before Release of the Horowitz Report

Limbaugh: After The Slow Walk, Why Make Tracks to Impeach Now?

Schiff is withholding the transcript that exposes his prior contact with the whistleblower

Executive Summary of the Republican Minority’s “Report of Evidence in the Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry”

Did Lisa Page Turn RAT Against McCabe, Strzok and Her FBI Colleagues? – Her Lawyer Hints at ‘Immunity’ Deal

So, Just Who Are the Academic ‘Experts’ House Judiciary Democrats Called?

Recent London Bridge Attack Demonstrates the Defects of Diversity Cult

House Democrats Panic – Quietly Debate Expanding Impeachment Articles Because Ukraine is a Bust

’60 Minutes:’ More Than 300 Ads by Trump Campaign Taken Down by Google and YouTube

Sharyl Attkisson compiled a list of 101 notable media mistakes on Trump

Democrats Can’t Settle for Censure – It’s Their Only Hope Of Holding Their Base Together

21 Reasons NOT To Believe Christine Blasey Ford’s Claims About Justice Kavanaugh

Lisa Page plays the victim card a week before the Horowitz report is to be released

Trump’s Black Approval Ratings Are Not as Relevant as We Might Think

The left’s climate change hypocrisy

Forbes Calls for Recognition of Christian Persecution as Global Problem

Unprecedented Leaks Underscore Deep Discontent Inside China

Aunt Becky and the ‘Underpaid Teachers’ Myth

December 1, 2019

White House SLAMS DEMOCRATS — Won’t Participate in “Highly Partisan” Judiciary Impeachment Hearing

How America’s Students Need to Get ‘Woke’

Pelosi Flying out with Democrats to U.N. Climate Meeting in Spain

Heartland Poll Shows Voters Decisively Reject Socialism and Socialist Candidates

Law against criticizing Islam closer than you think, an expert warns

The Democrat Party’s ultimate coup d’etat

Waiting for Inspector General Horowitz’ Report

Adam Schiff Wins Ringside Politics Turkey of the Year Award

How The Democrats Fail

The DOJ seeks delay In the Flynn case

The 31 DEMOCRATS in Trump Districts Who Will LOSE THEIR SEAT If Democrats Vote to Impeach Trump

How the Great Impeachment Debacle of 2020 Can Be Avoided

Democrats are Cornered – Their Only Way Out of the Schiff Sham is to Censure or Something Similar

Republicans Who Do So Will Live to Regret Joining Climate Alarmists

Yes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s plans are all about giving away ‘free stuff’

Epstein Tapes? Sordid Case Takes A Bizarre Turn After Mystery ‘Hacker’ Emerges

Palestinians: Victims of Islamic Delusion

November 30, 2019

The Genius of Trump’s Terrorist Designation for Mexican Cartels

Schiff’s Star Witness Gordon Sondland Hit with 3 Separate Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The Rise of America’s ‘Putin-ized’ Intelligence Community

Where Have All the Alpha Men Gone?

A House Republican Urges Nadler to Expand Academic Witness List in Impeachment Hearing

The London Islamist Attacker Was a Convicted Terrorist, Judge Had Set Him Free

Is Another YouTube Purge Imminent? What Will It Bring?

Newsweek reporter fired for Trump Thanksgiving story blames editor

PG&E Fails Attempt at Avoiding Billions of Dollars in Insurance Liabilities

What if this Ukraine nonsense is actually a cover-up to distract from the crimes of the real miscreants?

Is Iran on the Brink?

The Cataclysmic Disaster the Impeachment Democrats Have Overlooked

Islamic terrorist in London knife attack had been lecturing woke university leftists about criminal justice ‘reform’

Justice Clarence Thomas Hurls His Gavel At Liberals, Compares Them To The Klan

Obama Used Deep State as Early as January 2016 to Pressure Ukraine to Provide Dirt on Trump Campaign

The Paris Climate Agreement Was Doomed Even Before the United States’ Withdrawal

Corrupt DOJ and Mueller Attorney Committed False and Fraudulent Activities to Indict General Flynn

A Pox on Progressive Virtue-Signalling! – The social media–fueled “virtue economy” bankrupts all who buy into it

The ‘horrible’ consequences of Cook County’s ‘affordable bail’ program

A Decade of Election Interference in America

November 29, 2019

Schiff Impeachment Witness Testifies Delaying Foreign Aid Is A Common Tactic

In Their Own Words: Creating An Official Record of the Trump Presidency—Doug Wead

Jerry Nadler Gives Trump Friday Deadline; Impeachment to Include Russia Collusion

Hunter Biden may need to repay Burisma

Why Americans are not paying for tariffs

Strzok’s wife, not the FBI, outed his Lisa Page affair

Blue State Blues: The White House Should Boycott Jerry Nadler’s Impeachment Farce

Christian Trump Supporters Don’t Have A ‘Branding Problem,’ The Left Has A Lying Problem

Black Entertainment Television founder says 2020 election is Trump’s to lose

The ‘Deep State’ Canard Spreads

Senator Capito on Impeachment: ‘Process Has Not Been What Our Founders Wanted’

The Media Sanitizes Spygate Again – Spying isn’t spying if liberals do it, we’re told

Afghanistan Thanksgiving: Trump makes the press look like boobs

Hey, Bezos: Check Your Privilege, Sith Lord Since when is the Pentagon your property?

And the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year Is ………. CLIMATE EMERGENCY

‘Flailing … teetering’: New York Times and Washington Post declare Kamala Harris doomed

Why Michelle Obama may jump into the race

Denny’s waitress who walked 14 miles for her work commute is gifted a car by dining couple

November 28, 2019

How Trump’s Thanksgiving Afghanistan trip was kept under wraps amid extreme security

Google search result bias to be monitored again in 2020

100 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List – Updated

The FBI Is Diagnosed With CIA Disease

Pelosi ‘at Risk of Losing Her Speakership’ — Considered ‘Too Conservative’ by Majority of House Democrats

I Am Thankful For Many Things, Especially The Things That Make Stupid People Sad

Fired Navy Secretary Confirms He’s Part of the Deep State When He Pens a Washington Post Op-Ed

The Number of Democrats Showing Up at Trump Rallies Continues to Stun

10 Things Climate Alarmists Don’t Want You to Be Thankful For

What’s Right About This Picture – Trump does right by the Ukrainians

President Trump Makes Surprise Visit To Troops In Afghanistan, Announces Resumed Peace

The Media Claims Trump ‘Tweeting and Golfing’ on Thanksgiving While He’s Actually Visiting Troops in Afghanistan

Fiona Hill’s Un-American Idea of America

Mexican Cartels Battle For Control of Multibillion-Dollar Avocado Industry: ‘Green Gold’

Democrats are between a rock and a hard place

Impeachment Makes the Best Case to Unseat Democrats

Barack Obama Started the ‘Fake University’ ICE Sting Liberals Are so Outraged About

Historian Wilfred McClay: Thanksgiving Established Fundamental American Values Centuries Before 1776

Ten Reasons to Be Thankful for President Trump This Thanksgiving

The Lefts assault on Thanksgiving

Are Trump Thought Crimes Impeachable?

Beijing’s Costly Lesson in Hong Kong – You can’t force people to love totalitarianism

You’re Gonna Need a Smaller Boat: Marines Revamp Strategy to Counter China

Trump and Thanksgiving

NYTimes Reporter On Burisma Scandal: Joe Biden’s VP Position, Ukraine Activities Gave Burisma Its ‘Rationale’ To

Crack, strippers, and lucrative Chicom crony capitalist deals: Hunter Biden is a walking security risk

November 27, 2019

Economic Positions of the 2020 Democrat Leaderboard: Biden, Sanders, Warren

Under President Trump, Washington Is Not Abandoning America’s Veterans

The FBI discovers even MORE hidden Hillary Clinton emails

Trump Signs Bill in Support of Hong Kong Protesters

Impeachment Witness Deposition Reveals Why They Were Told To Hold Ukraine Aid

Obama: Trump Had No Idea About Our Spy Operation – Rush Limbaugh Explains

The Mullahs Tell the Truth, Inadvertently

Trump Announces New Major Action Against Mexican Drug Cartels

President Trump: I did not direct Giuliani to investigate Ukraine corruption

Interesting Timing: Sondland Accused By Three Women of Sexual Harassment

Trump Vows Not To Change Name Of Thanksgiving Despite Cries From ‘Radical Left

Limbaugh: On The True Story of Thanksgiving

Two Democrat Senators Find Something New to Go After Trump Over

If Trump Designates Cartels As Terrorist Groups, He Should Go To War With Them

Washington Awaits John Durham

DOJ Requests Delay in General Flynn Sentencing Until After the IG Report Is Released

Impeachment just isn’t happening. Look at the math

White House Blasts Federal Judge for Latest Ruling on Immigration

Three Senate Committees Are Now Investigating The Bidens and Ukraine

The Victims of Race-Focused Liberals Are Blacks

More shoes to drop in the wake of divisive case of Eddie Gallagher’s fellow NAVY SEALS

WSJ Columnist: Did Anyone Else Catch Warren Admitting to This Potentially Fatal 2020 Blunder?

The FBI Lets Itself Be Taken for a Ride

The Trayvon Hoax Shines a Light on the ‘Fake News’ Industry

November 26, 2019

Judge blocks Trump requirement for immigrants to get health insurance to get visas

Limbaugh Offers Pelosi ‘Secret Formula’ She Can Use to Weasel Out of Disasterous Impeachment Mess

Google has “a chokehold on all human information” and an evil, twisted agenda to destroy human dignity and ERASE human knowledge

The Dow scores its 100th record close under Trump

The Trump Economy

Would they have the votes? – Dozens of moderate Democrats face impeachment pressure

The Indispensable Tucker Carlson

Obama Reportedly Said He Will Intervene to Stop Bernie Sanders From Getting the Nomination

Trump card: GOP lawmakers defeated last year see president as their 2020 comeback ticket

Secretary of State Pompeo Is ‘Keenly Aware’ of the Threats Posed by China

Mexican Cartels ‘Will Be Designated’ as Terrorist Organizations, Says President Trump

Another Blow to Impeachment: Mark Sandy Testimony Released, Blows Away Schiff Narrative for Aid Freeze

As Drudge Report falters amid anti-Trump shift, rivals on right gain ground

Obama operatives are creating Russian-style propaganda outfits

How Trump’s Sunshine Rules Will Boost Transparency in Health Care Prices

Tucker Carlson’s bold 2020 prediction: ‘Don’t bet against Michelle Obama’

New Fusion GPS Info Confirms The Special Counsel Probe Was A Hit Job On Trump

Blacks and Hispanics flee from Democrats on impeachment

New Polling Suggests Democrats’ Impeachment Push Could Alienate Key Voters

Is John Roberts Up To a Senate Impeachment Trial?  – He has a history of succumbing to political pressure

The Impeachment Democrats Really Don’t Understand What They Are Doing

How The Media’s Impeachment Push Harms Democrats

Adam Schiff: The Sacrificial Lamb

Quo Vadis, Democrati?

Second Adam Schiff Staffer Linked to Burisma-Backed Think Tank, ‘Close Friends’ with Alleged ‘Whistleblower’

Former White House Counsel Don McGahn Ordered to Testify Before Impeachment Committee by Obama Judge

“I Have Initiated the Destruction of the Republic!” – FBI Attorney After First Carter Page FISA App Originated

FBI Agent Infiltrated al-Qaeda; Then FBI Terminated the Top Secret Operation BEFORE 9/11 Terror Strikes

In Iran, The Trump Administration Has A Chance To Get Right What Obama Got Wrong

Transgenderism and the upcoming Summer Olympics

November 25, 2019

4 Big Questions About the IG Report on FBI Surveillance of Trump Campaign

Court Testimony: Ilhan Omar Accused of Being a Paid Agent of Qatar and Accessing Sensitive Info for Iran

A ‘Farm Kid’ Thwarts the Coup

Limbaugh: Is Pelosi Looking for a Way Out?

Washington Post reporter: Some Democrats are getting ‘cold feet’ about impeachment

Trump honors hero dog Conan and Media Goes Barking Mad

Biden Says Graham Is ‘About To Go Down,’ Claims He’ll Regret Ukraine Investigation ‘His Whole Life’

Trump Flips Another Federal Court to Majority GOP Appointees

Chinese State Media Quiet After Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Camp Sweeps Elections

The Hatred that Fuels Trump Impeachment

Impeachment inquiry: It’s a question of who should run the show

Blockbusters are Buried In The Inspector General Report On the FBI’s Misuse Of Confidential Sources

Are the Pincers Closing on the Deep State?

A Tale of Two Deep States: Bureaucrat Persecution Of Trump And Bibi Are One And the Same

Navy Secretary Spencer ousting: Swamp revolt nipped in the bud

Two separate polls find black approval of Trump at 34%

After Impeachment-TV Bombs, the Media Vomit Hot Propaganda All Weekend

Regretful Democrats locked into Trump impeachment – and are now paying a price for it

The Painful Reality of ‘Medicare for All’

ICE rages against sanctuaries, claims 90% of arrests face criminal charges

Why Republicans Won’t Abandon Trump

Unraveling the Impeachment Inquiry Testimony

How Trump’s Birther Inquiry Incited Obama’s Revenge

The Other Witch Hunt: On Impeachment and Indictment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Facial-Recognition Technology: Closer to Utopia Than Dystopia

November 24, 2019

U.S. presidential elections facing disturbing new threat: ‘Faithless electors’

The Bribery Bait-and-Switch By Democrats

20 Impeachment What-Ifs

Impeachment Is Destroying Democrats

Defense Secretary Esper Asks Navy Secretary Spencer for Resignation Over Navy SEAL Gallagher Case

President Trump Nominates Retired Rear-Admiral Braithwaite to Replace Richard Spencer as Navy Secretary

The Left’s Revealing Overreaction to Attorney General Barr’s Landmark Speech

Devin Nunes suing CNN, Daily Beast over ‘false and scandalous’ stories

With Less Than a Year in Office, How’s the Squad Doing? Here’s a Look Into their Alleged Corruption


Justice Ginsburg’s Health is a Latent Issue

It’s Time for Term Limits on the Supreme Court

Timeline of alleged “sabotage” of Trump in 2016 by the Democrats and Ukraine

Trump Coup Pushes for Release of Grand Jury Testimony

How Trump Clinches His Reelection

Progress or Devolution?

The Horowitz Report Preview

Trump takes our allies to task

Gordon Sondland: Jeb! Donor, Never Trumper, Yet Key Impeachment Witness

A bad look for the swampers: Moving against Gallagher after Trump’s sent a very clear message

November 23, 2019

Here is What the Horowitz Report Should Conclude

The Insect Politicians of the Administrative State

The Inevitable Impeachment – After Many Previous Silent Coup Attempts

President Trump on Medicare for All

Experts Examine Sustainable Solutions to Drug Pricing Problem as Trump Promotes Importation

The Swamp shuts down Rand Paul’s simple plan to pay for national infrastructure repairs

The New York Times Names FBI “Resistance” Lawyer Under Criminal Investigation For Fabricating FISA Docs

Wagon Train: Kanye West is fleeing California, too

All Three Nicholas Sandman Lawsuits Against Liberal Media move Forward… Washington Post, CNN, NBC

The Democrats Trying to Impeach President Trump Would Make Terrible Hedge Fund Managers

The Ukraine blame game – There was never a Ukrainian quid pro quo. It was props and stagecraft

The Rorschach Impeachment: Sometimes an Inkblot Is Just an Inkblot

The Arrogant Deep State at Work: Diplomat David Holmes Rolls His Eyes at Republican Jim Jordan

The Week in Pictures: Natural Gas Edition

November 22, 2019

No Matter What the Left Says, ‘Medicare for All’ Will Cost You…………. A Lot.

Judicial Watch Obtains Strzok-Page Emails Showing FBI’s Special Accommodation of Clinton Email Witnesses

John Solomon: Responding to Lt. Col. Vindman about my Ukraine columns … with the facts

The Democrats’ Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Trump Will Not Be Impeached

The Curtain Closes on ‘The Schiff Show’

What To Expect When You’re Expecting The Inspector General’s Report

The Foundations of the ‘Administrative/Deep State’

A Senate Investigation Revealed How Our Administrative State Aids Communist China

Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann Gets Good News In Lawsuit Against NBCUniversal

The California bullet train fiasco drags on and on

Fiona Hill Testifies that Obama Was Putin’s Puppet

The Impeachment Charade Proves It’s High Time To End Court Deference To Biased Federal Agencies

Horowitz reportedly finds FBI lawyer falsified FISA doc; Washington Post stealth-deletes Strzok connection

Trump’s Results v. the Mindless Democrat Resistance – Do we want peace and prosperity or nihilistic antics?

How Republicans Won Phase One Of The Democrats Impeachment Effort

. . . . . . . . . . . After the Impeachment

Unheard at the Impeachment Hearings –  The elephant — or rather the donkey — in the room

Chief Justice Roberts now dragged into Democrat impeachment process

Hunter Biden-Linked Investment Firm Granted $130M In Fed Bailout Loans While Dad Was Vice President

Fiona Hill, Alexander Vindman and the problem of dual citizenship

Impeachment Evidence Not Even Close to Bribery, Heritage Legal Expert Says

FBI Official Under Criminal Investigation For Altering Document Used To Start Probe Into Trump Campaign

How China Is Slowly Becoming The World’s Largest Imperialist Power

November 21, 2019

I Left England Because of Socialized Medicine. My Life Depended on It.

The Air Force Tried to Operate Efficiently — But Apparently That’s Not Allowed By Federal Bureaucracy

Devin Nunes Does It Again and Catches Democrats in the Act!

After Weeks of Hearings, Impeachment Evidence Still Limited to Hearsay and Presumptions

Fiona Hill Penned A Washington Post Op-ed Against Giving Ukraine Weapons in 2015

Trump’s ‘Coup’ Concerns Suddenly Don’t Seem So Far-Fetched

GOP Leader Drops BOMB on Schiff – Points to Committee Rule Allowing Republicans 1 Day to Call Witnesses

Clearing the Air on the Right

Trump Scores Major Tax-Return Win in California Supreme Court

Limbaugh: Fiona Hill Undermines Multiple Democrat Premises

6 Big Moments From Day 5 of Public Impeachment Hearings

Graham Turns Tables on Democrats, Moves To Uncover Transcripts of Biden-Ukraine President Phone Calls

Adam Schiff Connected to Both Companies Named in $7.4 Billion Burisma-US-Ukraine Corruption Case

Photo Surfaces of Supposedly Unbiased Alleged Whistleblower Shaking Hands with Obama

Here is a List of FBI, DOJ Officials Who Signed Off on Carter Page FISA Documents

Netanyahu’s Indictment Is a Fraud

The Tragedy of the ‘Trans’ Child

Were other humans the first victims of the sixth mass extinction?

The Most Important News Story Right Now Isn’t Impeachment, It’s The Crisis In Mexico

Beware of Black Friday email scams, say experts

Senator Graham Reveals Release Date of Inspector General Horowitz’s Report on Alleged FISA Abuse

A Night of Softball Questions at the MSNBC-Washington Post Democrat Debate

Beware of Washington’s Foreign Policy Establishment Blob

“Obama-Handler George Soros is an Oligarch in the Classic East European Russian Sense”

The Anti-Contractor Bill Shows California’s Aristocracy at Work

Schiff Witness Admits U.S. Aid Has Been Delayed or Withheld to Five Other Countries in the Last Year

Senator Graham Says He Is Seeking Transcripts of Biden Phone Calls With Ukraine Leader

The Democrat Debate Drones – Please, make it stop

The MSNBC Democrat debate moderators pushed impeachment and hard left policies

As Trans Locker Rooms Spread, Republicans Need To Get Woke On Education Indoctrination Already

November 20, 2019

Trump Is Doing Exactly What He Was Elected to Do – Don’t impeach him. His actions have all been within the scope of the presidency

Pro-Trans Advertising Doesn’t Reflect Most of America

TRUMP WAS RIGHT!… Head of Burisma Holdings Indicted in Ukraine! …Claims Hunter Biden and Partners Paid $16.5 MILLION

When the villain is Obama, not Trump, news suddenly becomes not worth reporting

Witnesses Confirm Reports by Journalist John Solomon in Impeachment Probe

Devin Nunes Exposes The Democrats’ 10 Most “Outlandish” Trump Conspiracy Theories

Limbaugh: The Real Bombshell: “I Want Nothing. I Want Nothing. I Want No Quid Pro Quo.”

7 Key Moments From Gordon Sondland’s Testimony on Day 4 of Public Impeachment Hearings

All Eyes On Judge In Michael Flynn Case After Weeks Of Shocking Developments

President Trump Never Impounded Even One Dollar from Ukraine Aid

The Left Freaks Out Over Study on Child Detentions…Which Happened During the Obama Administration

‘Left wing’ death threats target Trump biographer for his ‘fair book’

Why it’s wrong to investigate a Democrat’s corruption?

Gingrich: Schiff’s Lies Are on a Scale That Dishonors Congress; Here’s the Biggest One of All

Vindman Undermined Trump Administration – Told Ukrainian President Zelensky to “Stay Out of US Politics”

Could The ‘Move to Amend’ Constitutional Amendment Destroy Corporate Independence?

November 19, 2019

How “Medicare for All” Harms Working Americans

California Intensifies Fossil Fuel Fight With A New Drilling Ban

ANALYSIS: What if Trump was right about Ukraine?

More Than 100,000 DACA Applicants Have Been Arrested For Murder, Rape and DUI

Ten Reasons Vindman’s Testimony Was Bad for Democrats

Limbaugh identifies likely ‘leaker’ who spilled the beans about Trump phone call

Vindman Caught in ANOTHER LIE – Tim Morrison Testimony Blows Up Another One of Vindman’s Outrageous Claims

On the 156th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, Honoring Lincoln’s Vision

Focus groups show Democrat’s impeachment efforts are flopping with swing voters

FBI Interviews Alleged Boy Rape Victim of Bill Clinton; Chilling Details of Sex Assaults & Satanic Rituals on Yacht

Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison Finished Their Testimonies and They Were Bad for Adam Schiff

Campaign Funds Ilhan Omar Paid to Alleged Lover’s Company Swells to $370,000

Governor Newsom Freezes New Fracking Permits in California

Attorney General Barr’s Preview Of What Is Yet To Come

The Inside Story Of How America’s Intelligence Agencies Tried To Undo Trump’s Election

Jim Jordan nails it on the Democrats impeachment scam

Benjamin Franklin: A Republic, But Only If We Can Keep It

The Impeachment Clock

Only Trump can save the US now

Does the Left Hate America?

Google, Censor of the World

Since 2016, all that has mattered to most journalists, bureaucrats and other Democrats is getting their power back

The Swamp’s Swingline Stapler

Impeachment Inquiry Cheat Sheet: Alexander Vindman’s Past Testimony

Impeachment Inquiry Cheat Sheet: Jennifer Williams’s Past Testimony

Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Medicare for All’ Debacle

Leaked Xinjiang Papers Confirm The Chinese Communist Party Is Full Of Lying Murderers

November 18, 2019

How the left is trashing the Constitution to fight Trump

White House Official Sues Politico: ‘Conspired with Schiff’ to Leak False Info to ‘Further Impeachment Inquisition’

Bombshell in last week’s impeachment testimony: State Dept. witnesses are the ones who conducted “shadow diplomacy”

Pelosi Blows Off Impeachment Critics, Says It’s ‘Weak,’ ‘Dangerous’ To Let The 2020 Election Decide

Understanding ‘Medicare for All’ Could Make Seniors Vote Red

Impeachment Lesson: Cut Government Bureaucracy

Schiff’s Next Witness is Deep State Plant Under VP Pence with Connections to Whistleblower Ciaramella and Soros

Could it be that Trump has been setting up the Left all along?

Impeachment by Focus Group – The Democrats try to get traction by dumbing down the narrative

MAJORITY OF AMERICANS Against Impeachment, 76% Don’t Trust Democrats, Believe Media is Pushing the Sham

The Military Clemencies Trump Got Right – Once again the president is attacked for acting well within his powers

Why The Planned Parenthood Whistleblower Case Will Likely Hit The Supreme Court

Why Everyone Should Fear Universal Healthcare

Congress Shouldn’t Get Paid Until It Does Its Job. Why This Bill Is a Great Step.

November 17, 2019

Democrats Remove Exculpatory Information from the Summary of Tim Morrison Transcript

President Trump Did the Right Thing with the Dreamers. Will the Supreme Court?

Obama Granted Clemency to Terrorists and Traitors, But We’re Supposed to Be Angry at Trump’s Pardons

Open Society Kept Alleged ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella Updated on George Soros’s Personal Ukraine Activities

The Academic Indoctrination Of Our Children

White House Report Card: Trump survives impeachment week, 81% say ‘meh’

The Bidens and Burisma – The Facts Clearly Explained

Schiff Finally Releases Morrison Testimony — BLOWS UP Ukrainian Hoax — Destroys Schiff Top Witness Vindman

November 16, 2019

Juice Jacking: Officials warn holiday travelers of public USB charging stations infected with malware

GONE IN 30 SECONDS: Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch’s useless testimony

Democrats Dumped ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Talking Point Following Their Focus Groups

Attorney General Barr’s Speech At The Federalist Society Drives The Left Even Crazier

Honest Far left Democrat Writes Op-ed Urging Speaker Pelosi to Stop the Corrupt and Unfounded Schiff Show

Former Judge And FOX Contributor Andrew Napolitano Has Been Wrong About Basically Everything

Thank Trump: Protests Break Out in Iran Over 50% Gas Hike and Rationing

AG Barr Says Democrats Are “Using Every Tool and Maneuver to Sabotage the Functioning of the Executive Branch”

Time to Subpoena Alexandra Chalupa

The Horror of Opposition Research Conducted by the Government Itself

Dems Went All-In on SCHIFF SHOW – Unconstitutional, No Crimes and 73% of Americans DON’T TRUST DEMOCRATS!

Fireworks Erupt As Schiff Shields Questions Over Biden And Burisma

Did Former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch Lie In Her Testimony?

Hospitals must now tell you their prices. This is “HUGE.”

November 15, 2019

Yovanovitch Urged Firing of the Top Prosecutor Amid Ukraine’s Presidential Election

Will You Be Surprised Who Is Trying to Empower the Deep State at EPA?

Schiff Witness Sondland Is Believed To Have Let Russians Listen In on Trump Call by Ignoring His Training

Democrats are using focus groups to shape their impeachment effort

Big Lies Are the Basis of Schiff’s Fabricated Impeachment Inquiry

Obama Left An Ambassador to Die, But We’re Supposed to be Outraged Over Trump’s Yovanovitch Tweet?

Limbaugh: Who Is the Real Marie Yovanovitch and Why Is She Here?

Reagan’s “A Time For Choosing”: A Defining Statement of Modern Conservatism

California says it won’t buy cars from GM, Toyota, others opposing tough tailpipe standards

The White House Releases Another Phone Call Trump Had With The Ukrainian President

Did You Know Marie Yovanovitch is an Obama holdover with anti-Trump biases of long standing

Millions Went to Bidens and Kerry’s Firm from Ukrainians Connected to $1.8 Billion in Missing Funds and Latvians Connected to Whistleblower Ciaramella!

Leaked Bank Records Confirm Burisma-Biden Payments To Morgan Stanley Account

Office of Congressional Ethics recommends subpoena for Rashida Tlaib over ‘problematic’ use of campaign funds

Trump’s Indo-Pacific Vision Aims to Contain ‘Authoritarian Revisionist Powers:’ State Department

November 14, 2019

Ken Starr’s Analysis of 1st Day of Impeachment Hearings: ‘No Hope’ for Conviction

The Impeachment Inquiry Is Bad . . . . . . For Biden

New Remarks From Top Ukrainian Official Damages Democrats’ Impeachment Narrative

Two U.S. diplomat Impeachment witnesses pressed Ukraine to drop Soros-group probe

Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare Plan Demands $52 Trillion—But at What Cost?

Impeachment Inquiry Finally Sees the Light of Day – But daylight disagrees with partisan dishonesty

Elise Stefanik Stood Out on Day One of the Impeachment Hearings

LIMBAUGH ON IMPEACHMENT: ‘We’re Watching A Political Campaign Disguised As A Hearing’

The president, not diplomats, sets ‘official foreign policy’

BACKFIRE: Democrat Impeachment Hearing Accidentally Makes Case for Hunter Biden Investigation

Where Was Speaker Pelosi After the Hearing? Her Absence Speaks Volumes

The Ukraine Foreign Minister Says US Aid and Biden Investigations Were ‘Never’ Linked

Ukraine: The Democrats orthodoxy evolves

This Impeachment Inquiry Is Really About Who Sets U.S. Foreign Policy

Love him or hate him, voters say impeachment hearings will not change their views on Trump

Impeachment hearings! Is that all they’ve got?

Drudge Report Bleeds Out as Conservatives Flee; Rapid Decline Parallels the Enron Model

California Burns While Gavin Newsom Fiddles

The Left’s baseless hatred of Chick-fil-A reveals their bigotry

After Another Mass Shooting, California Must Recognize Its Gun Control Laws May Actually Be Part of the Problem

November 13, 2019

How LGBTQ Education Is Gaining in Tax-Funded Schools, From Pre-K on Up

How A Russian’s Grocery Store Trip In 1989 Exposed The Lie Of Socialism

Cross Examination Exposes Gaps in Impeachment Narrative

Exposing John Brennan’s CIA Trump Task Force

Devin Nunes blows the Democrats’ impeachment case out of the water

Jim Jordan Explains Why Trump Held Up the Money to Ukraine Without a Quid Pro Quo

Media Bias: It’s Not Just In Your Head

6 Key Moments From the First Day of Public Impeachment Hearings

Docs Released by Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office Reveal MILLIONS Funneled to Hunter Biden and John Kerry Family

The Great Gift of the Mueller Russian-Collusion Probe – Have Democrats “Cried Wolf” Too Many Times

Nunes shreds testimony of the Democrats’ star witness

The “Whistleblower” is nowhere to be found in the impeachment room

The New York Times Hit Piece on John Solomon – A Reporter They Can’t Touch, So Seek To Destroy

Elizabeth Warren and the Democrats Choose Teacher Unions over Black Families

Here’s the Real Ukrainian Corruption Story – Ambassador Yovanovitch’s Ukraine Action

Adam Schiff is wasting the nation’s time with impeachment hearings

Trump’s re-election strategy in one tweet

Trump Hails Wage and Job Growth: ‘We’ve Ended the War on American Workers’

The Return of the Moron Vote – The Democrats know who their key constituents are

On the Eve of Schiff Show: Two Head Fakes – As befits a kangaroo court

GOP memo outlines ‘four key pieces of evidence’ that are ‘fatal’ to the Democrats’ impeachment allegations

Visitors to Whistleblower Ciaramella’s White House Office A Who’s Who of Soros Connected, East European Diplomats

DACA Recipients Yell ‘Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Donald Trump Has Got To Go!’

Meet the ‘Militant Illegal Immigrant Youth Army’ Lobby

A DACA deal with Democrats? – President Trump knows what he’s doing

An Election Is Not an Election When the Government Decides It Does Not Count

Elizabeth Warren Makes Her Case for State Health-Care Monopoly

The Islamic Trojan Horse – Slow and Steady

Is impeachment possibly all about the SCOTUS?

November 12, 2019

Sr. Admin Official Set Trump Up for Impeachment, Literally Created Fake Quid Pro Quo on Ukraine Aid

President Trump vs. the ‘Policy Community’

Public hearings don’t make this impeachment drive any less of a farce

President Trump Is Releasing Different Ukraine Call, and It Could Upend Impeachment Push Entirely

Supreme Court Weighs Trump’s Rollback of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

When Winning Means More Than Country

President Trump Should Call the Democrats’ Infrastructure Bluff

Young People Might Reject Socialism If They Knew These Facts

Trump Follows in Reagan’s Footsteps in Confronting Communism

Beware Big Tech: A Panel with the Creators of The Creepy Line – A Must Watch Documentary

Dictator Adam Schiff Issues a Truly Offensive Edict Against Transparency and Due Process

Ukrainian Officials Release Records of 46 Payments to Hunter Biden from Burisma Holdings Totaling Over $3.1 Million

The Anatomy of China’s Influence Operation

San Francisco: Where It’s OK to Crap in the Streets But They Arrest People for Eating on a BART Platform

New San Francisco District Attorney okays hookers, peeing in public

CalEPA is studying ways to sunset the California economy

Alex Vindman Is Living, Breathing Proof That The Deep State Exists, And It Is Horribly Corrupt

Ten Reasons Why Impeachment Is Illegitimate

The People and the President

Democrats Went All-In on Schiff Impeachment and Now It’s Quickly Turning Into a Schiff Show

The Upsides of Bloomberg for the Left and the Right

Democrats Shift from ‘Quid Pro Quo’ to ‘Bribery’ and ‘Extortion’ Ahead of Public Impeachment Hearings

Jarrett: The Trump impeachment inquiry is already in big trouble. Here’s who Democrats have to thank

Triggered: Don Trump Jr. Resists the Resistance

IG Report Expected Before Thanksgiving, Will Contain ‘At Least Two Criminal Referrals,’ One is ‘Expected to be Comey’

Italian News Claims Spygate’s Joseph Mifsud was Kidnapped by Italians on Halloween in 2017 – Whereabouts Still Unknown!

How the Deep State Media Operate

Liberals, media claim Vindman fired from NSC, immediately bash Trump. Turns out it was completely false.

Our Education System Fosters American Self-Loathing

Why Trump is the Black Voters’ Clear Choice in 2020

Liberals Hate The Police

4 Feminist Lies That Are Making Women Miserable

November 11, 2019

PG&E helped fund the careers of Calif. governor and his wife. Now he accuses the utility of ‘corporate greed.’

Michael Savage Raw and Unfiltered on Trump, Beethoven, & the Future of America

Inside The War On Biden Ukraine Reporting

Nunes: Transcripts Are ‘Devastating to the Democrats’

Why Trump Backers Should Be Thrilled by the Battleground Polls and Especially by the Democrat Polls

Alexander Vindman’s Lawyer Makes a Fool of Himself and It Shows His Coordination With Adam Schiff

Trump Delivers Powerful Address While Becoming First President To Attend NYC Veterans Day Parade

Democrats Are the Enemy of a DACA Fix

‘11,000 scientists’ warning of ‘climate emergency’ are just ‘11,000 random people’

DACA lands before the Supreme Court: Showdown over Trump’s bid to end ‘Dreamer’ program

Will Mollie Hemingway still have a job at Fox News after naming whistleblower Ciaramella’s on live TV Sunday?

YouTube and Facebook are erasing content with the whistleblower’s name

The Media Holds A Massive Double Standard About Naming Whistleblowers

Morning Greatness: Nikki Haley Says Tillerson and Kelly Resisted The Trump Agenda

Remembering the Veteran Down the Street

Why Democrats Are Wrong About Income Inequality In The United States

Chase Bank CEO’s “60 Minutes” Interview Should Have Democrats Panicking About 2020

Schiff: We Don’t Need No Stinking Whistleblower – Won’t Allow Him To Testify

No Safe Spaces: What Happens When Common Sense and Values Disappear

The Latest Surprise-Medical-Bills Surprise Is No Surprise – Patients Will Lose Under This Price Fixing Scheme

Lucky San Francisco: With Chesa Boudin as DA, good luck getting a cop when you want one

30 Years After The Fall Of The Berlin Wall, Socialism Is Staging A Comeback

November 10, 2019

The Looming ‘1984’ Election – 2020 is going to be a plebiscite on an American version of Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty-Four

Will Durham Investigation Tank The Democrats Impeachment Efforts?

Has the Coup Already Happened? – We have an elite that does not accept the American idea of government

GLAAD: We Want ‘20% Of Series Regular Characters’ To Be ‘LGBTQ By 2025’

A New Yale Study Estimates 22.1 Million Illegal Aliens in US Today — More People Than the Population of Florida

President Trump. vs. “The Media”

Count on Big Media to Protect Anti-Trump Sources

Democrats Refuse All GOP Requests for Witnesses in Their Sham Investigation

Schiff Denies Nunes’ Request to Subpoena Ciaramella, Calls it Redundant and Unnecessary; But There is a Silver Lining

Big tech on trial

Transgenderism vs. Freedom of Expression

November 9, 2019

Reporter Uncovers History-Changing Manson Family Connections to CIA and Hollywood

The GOP puts Schiff in impeachment checkmate with 8-person witness request

The Ukraine Scandal Spreads To The Obama Administration

ABC Outed Wrong Person, Steps on Worst Landmine Imaginable

Nikki Haley Dismisses Grounds for Impeachment and Triggers Never Trumpers

The unintended consequences of split roll for California Proposition 13 property taxes

Yet another attack on Proposition 13 – Property Transferred Between Parents & Children etc.

Republicans want Hunter Biden, Ukraine whistleblower as impeachment inquiry witnesses

Trump’s Triumph: On the Way to a Second Westphalia?

President Trump Bombshell: “I Caught the Swamp. I Caught Them All. Let’s See What Happens!”

Schiff Goes Full Stalin

Is Pelosi finally sick of the terrible damage Schiff is doing to her Democrat party?

I Am the Anonymous Whistleblower – Many examples over the years

Journalistic standards have had nothing to do with the truth for a long time

Three Years Since 2016 Election – DOW Reaches 111th All-Time High – Markets Up More than 50% – Largest Increase in History!

What the Mike Bloomberg candidacy really means

The Radicalizing of Eric Ciaramella – It starts at Yale and a professor of Arabic who romanticizes terrorism.

Corrupt Mueller Team Official Van Grack Is Now In Charge of DOJ’s FARA Unit Used to Spy on Republicans

The Week in Pictures: The Epstein Meme Edition

Is Lisa Page singing to Durham’s prosecutors?

November 8, 2019

‘Popular Vote’ Movement Would Shift Power to Big Cities, Experts Warn

New Documents Shed Light on REAL Ukraine Scandal

Kamala Harris’ Skin Color Is Not Why Her Presidential Bid Is Tanking

The curious timeline for taking down Trump goes way back to Aug. 15, 2016

Actual Insider Behind Epstein Leak Breaks Silence After ABC’s ‘Seek-and-Destroy’ Mission Against Bianco


Democrats Printed Name of Suspected Whistleblower, Released to Public Without Realizing It

Alexander Vindman’s Testimony Appears to Confirm He Illegally Leaked to the Whistle-Blower Eric Ciaramella

Ukraine witness said Steele dossier was ‘rabbit hole’ and likely contained Russian ‘disinformation’

Speaker Pelosi Raises Stakes, Wants Bill Barr Arrested And Criminally Charged

California’s Housing Nightmare Is Only Getting Worse

The mesmerizing mediocrity of Trump’s opponents

The Democrats and CAIR

CODENAME “CHARLIE”: The So-Called Whistleblower

The Difference Between Schiff and Shinola – Shoe polish is more transparent

The Great Missing Topic Candidates Aren’t Talking About

How Warren Captured the White Left

California Taxpayers are on the Hook for Six-Figure Government Pensions

Liberalism Politics US Politics For some reason, Michael Bloomberg thinks he should be president

Why Drug Legalization And Hugs For Terrorists Won’t Solve The Border Crisis

Media frenzy over possible Bloomberg candidacy for Democrats’ presidential nomination reflects desperation over lame field

Democracy Dies in Darkness — Speak the Whistleblower’s Name

Who are these ‘11,000 Concerned Climate Change Scientists’? – And How Many Are Actually Qualified?

Obama’s Ukraine Ambassador Allegedly Lied Under Oath In Impeachment Inquiry, Congressman Suggests

Rich Lowry Makes A Clear And Compelling Defense Of Nationalism

Three Essential Firearms To Deal With Civil Unrest

November 7, 2019

A recent Washington Post piece exposes the rot behind the impeachment press

Donald Trump Jr. Calls the Rush Limbaugh Show

Adam Schiff Makes Up New Rules for Impeachment Inquiry; Restricts Republican Witness Questions

The Threat(s) of Chinese Nationalism – It is a powerful force that scares the Communist Party– and should scare us too

The Obama administration tried to partner with Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian gas firm but was blocked over corruption concerns

Yovanovitch communicated with Dem staffer on ‘delicate’ issue after complaint, emails show, despite her testimony

Limbaugh: The Trump Whistleblower’s Lawyer Admits It’s a Coup!

ABC And CBS Just Colluded To Fire An Epstein Whistleblower –The Hypocrisy Is Breathtaking

Pelosi Throws the Haymaker Punch That Will Cost Democrats the White House and Congress in 2020

The Next Generation of Americans Will Embrace Socialism If We Lose The ‘War on History’

ABC’s Ruthless Mole Hunt for Employee Who Leaked Epstein Bombshell Exposed in Chilling Report

Pension Bailouts Could Raise the National Debt by $7 Trillion

The Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq hit record levels after report China, U.S. agree to cancel tariffs in stages

CBS News fires staffer who had access to leaked Amy Robach audio when she worked at ABC News

‘The View’ Melts Down Over Donald Trump Jr. Visit – “The Booing Is F***ing Us Up”

The Russia Probe Was A Watergate-Like Breach of the Trump Campaign, Investigative Journalist Says

The Senate Must NOT Legitimize The House’s Sham Impeachment

Snopes Confirms Dems Tried to Impeach Every ELECTED GOP President Since Eisenhower

The reasons the Inspector General report has been delayed will delight Trump supporters

The Trump economy is really experiencing a middle-class boom — this data doesn’t lie

Ronan, Robach, and the Definition of ‘News’

CBS News fires staffer who had access to the leaked Amy Robach audio

Katie Pavlich Connects Dots Between ABC’s Epstein Cover-Up, George Stephanopoulos and Bill Clinton – All roads lead back to the Clintons…always

The Jeffrey Epstein Story Is A Giant Rats’ Nest That Needs Dogged Investigation To Find The Truth

History Has Shown That Socialism Is NOT the Cure

The Democrats’ Nomination is Hillary’s to Lose – Not as outlandish as you think

The Four Prosecutors Who Just Won Elections In Virginia Were All Backed By George Soros

Resistance (At All Costs): Kimberley Strassel’s Home Run

Donald Trump and The Art of Political Warfare

Plans by Warren and Sanders Neglect Logic, Math, and Honesty

The great Democrat impeachment confection starts to curdle

Tucker Carlson Shines Light on Corrupt Obama-Judge Amy Berman Jackson Who Should be Disbarred and Indicted

Never-ending Foreign Wars Are Keeping The United States From Fixing The Border Crisis

Columbia professor who fled communism RESIGNS, says the university is becoming full blown communistic

November 6, 2019

Small business ‘optimism’ at record high, up 160% under Trump

Mexico Massacre New Ammo for U.S. to Designate Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Years Before Complaint, Whistleblower’s Lawyer Vowed to ‘Get Rid’ of Trump

35 Reasons Why You Should Move Away From California

The Sacramento Taxpayers President Warns of Prop. 13 Bait and Switch

DiGenova And Toensing On Barr’s ‘Hatchet Job’

An Impeachable Offense Is NOT Whatever the House Says It Is

The Democrats’ star witness shatters the ‘quid pro quo’ claim

Sondland revises testimony on quid pro quo

Democrats’ ‘Star Witness’ Admits He Wasn’t On Trump-Ukraine Call, His Sole Source Was NY Times

Trump Touts Success in Appointing Conservative Judges

‘The Coup has started,’ whistleblower’s attorney said in 2017 posts calling for impeachment

Adam Schiff Calls His First Public Witnesses and It Tells Us Everything

YouTube goes apoplectic over a doctor’s accurate comment on transgenders

Hey Hannity, here’s the real reason the polls are wrong

A Witness to Public Schools Brainwashing

Truckers protest California gig-work law that could make them employees

FBI admits (or concocts) mind-boggling mistake on notes taken on General Flynn interview that resulted in guilty plea

Who Can Stop Trump Now?

Alleged ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella Worked Closely with Anti-Trump Dossier Hoaxer

14 Big Fat Tax Gimmicks Trying To Hide The Gargantuan Price Of Elizabeth Warren’s Health Plan

DOW Reaches 109th All-Time High Since 2016 Election – Obama and Bush Had NONE in their Entire First Term!

Three Cheers for Refugee Reduction

It’s Time For The United States To Wage War On Mexican Drug Cartels – Slaughter of an American family is the final straw

In a huge, shocking story, a career diplomat was fired

Florida Voters Stun NBC News By Saying They Now Support Trump ‘More Than Ever’

Impeaching America’s Future – Moving in the direction of South America

November 5, 2019

Hunter Biden’s Ukraine Gas Firm Urged Obama Admin To End Corruption Allegations, Report Says

Rand Paul teaches Republicans how to defend Trump

No, Sondland’s Revised Testimony Doesn’t Prove There Was a Quid Pro Quo

Contrapoints vs. Non-Binary Nonsense – A trans intellectual banished for questioning the value of “gender-neutral” language

Big Brother is using social media to crush freedom worldwide

The Crisis of Social Media

A Victory For the Forces of Good – Putting A Halt To Union Dues Skimming

Gingrich: Deaths of Americans in Mexican cartel shootout are a ‘wake-up call’

Trump offers to help Mexico ‘wipe’ drug cartels ‘off the face of the earth’ after murder of Americans

Leaked Insider Recording From ABC News Reveals Network Executives Killed Bombshell Story Implicating Jeffrey Epstein   . . . . . . . Click here for the video

Ukraine: the truth versus the Democrats’ narrative

The Trump Doctrine: Deterrence without Intervention?

Witch Hunt: Gregg Jarrett Scores Again

The Left-Right Divide Is About Reality Itself

The Worm Is Starting To Turn

Why the House won’t vote for impeachment

The Play-Nice approach of 2020 Democrats threatens to hand Trump a reelection advantage

The Devine Plan: A Soul-Restoring Movie For These Difficult Times

Welcome to ‘Hotel California’ – LA now boasts one of the largest unsheltered communities in the US

Should John F. Kennedy have been impeached for setting-up a back channel?

The Army Publishes a 16-Year Modernization Plan to Outpace China With a New Battle Concept

November 4, 2019

The Downfall of Conservatism, Inc. –  How Donald J. Trump made me rethink my Republican heroes

The Number of Democrats Showing Up at Trump Rallies Is Stunning

In 365 Days, It’s Weeks Like This One That Voters Will Remember

Brennan’s Spy? New Theories Emerge About Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower

House GOP to call ‘lying, leaking’ Schiff as ‘fact witness’

Pelosi’s impeachment rules guarantee a partisan circus

Jeffrey Epstein’s Death: The Plot Thickens

Impeachment Drama Is Fraught with Traps for Sane Observers

Pension costs in California are hitting home — hard

The Trump Economy

The Last Trusted Prosecutor in Washington

CIA, FBI Informant Stefan Halper Was Washington Post Source For Russiagate Smears

President Trump’s Foreign Policy Wisdom

Trump Is Derailing The Elite’s Gravy Train

Trump Immigration Policies Lead to Thousands of Mexican Migrants Giving Up on Asylum Claims: DHS

Impeach Away Democrats!

California conservatives are leaving the state for ‘redder pastures’

Pollsters: President Trump is expanding his base with the poor, urban, blacks, Latinos, and impeachment critics

It’s Unthinkable That One of the Democrats Could Be President

Nancy and Willie are warning Democrats

Has Elizabeth Warren Really Thought about Her Tax Plan?

What Should Trump Supporters Make Of The Latest Phony Impeachment Polling?

Gavin Newsom, Your California Carbon Offsets are Burning

Research Finds Conservatives Are More Happy, Generous, And Purposeful Than Liberals

November 3, 2019

FOX News Pushes Fake Impeachment Poll… 49% of Those Questioned were Democrats!

A Record Low Number of Americans Are Seeking Work

The Military-Intelligence Complex

Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Train to Nowhere

President Clinton Committed 11 Crimes for Which He Was Impeached – Trump Committed Nothing – What the Hell is Going On?

Suggested Amendments to Senate Rules for a Fair Impeachment Trial

Suddenly, Coincidences Involving the Whistleblower Abound

Former Czech Ambassador Bašta: CIA, FBI and Democrats Are Working Behind the Scenes to Remove President Trump

Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower Suddenly Won’t Testify; Lawyers Break Off Negotiations Amid New Revelations

Nancy Pelosi Warns That the Democrat Field Is so Far Left That Is Scares Even Her

OUTRAGEOUS: Mueller and Deep State DOJ Deny Allegations in Most Recent Response to General Flynn’s Attorneys

There Have Been Three Major Assaults on the Constitution Since 1973 and This One Is the Worst

Could Trump Derangement Syndrome Be a Good Thing?

Where’s the Mysterious Mifsud and Where Did He and His Associate/Lawyer Stephan Roh Obtain Their Millions?

Judge Grants Temporary Restraining Order Against Trump Health Care Rule for Immigrants

November 2, 2019

‘Medicare for All’ Proposes Economy-Crushing Taxes on Middle Class

CA Governor Newsom Names his Cabinet Secretary ‘Energy Czar?’

Justice: Antifa Thug Who Busted a Man’s Head Open Gets Nearly 6 Years in Prison

Willie Brown: Impeachment a winner for Democrats? Don’t bet on it

Doing the Impeachment Math – Are 20 Republican senators willing to commit political suicide to please Schumer, Pelosi, and Schiff?

Gregg Jarrett: So-called whistleblower is actually an ‘undercover informant and Dem operative’

How Did Democrats Get Here? – Democrats’ embrace of thuggery over democracy is not normal.

Smugglers are sawing through some of the new sections of Trump’s border wall

Trump: Do you think I would ‘say something improper’ with people listening?

So much for a quickie impeachment: Now Nancy Pelosi wants to expand their hearings beyond the Ukraine

Gingrich: Pelosi’s Halloween impeachment vote was an enormous strategic defeat – Let me explain

The Impeachment Inquiry Rules Are Skewed Heavily Against The President

The DoJ responds to General Flynn’s Lawyer

Kellyanne Conway was right about impeachment

The Deep State Meets to Congratulate Itself About the Russia Probe – An entire establishment living in deep denial

The Democrats’ Impeachment Charade is a Disaster for Them, Not the American People

Could the Ukraine phone call ‘whistleblower’ be facing indictment?

CRIMINAL DEEP STATE: Corrupt DOJ Admits FBI LOST AND DESTROYED Original 302 Report from Michael Flynn Interview

Trump Is Redeeming America from the Sins of the Federal Reserve

Impeachment, Nunc Pro Tunc – It’s a progressive Democrat pipe dream

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch makes understatement of the year: Americans face ‘challenges in civic understanding’

The Week in Pictures: Media Blowout Edition – LOL

Democrats Eat Trump’s Dust – One more reason for all their resentments

The Reserve Army of the GOP – The white working class and the Democrat nominee

California’s Gavin Newsom is now running scared

Trump Administration Proposes Rule Protecting Faith-Based Adoption Agencies

November 1, 2019

More Good News For Workers

Was There Actually Another Reason for Electricity Shutdowns in California?

The Democrats’ Trump Impeachment Push Is Ripping The State Department to Shreds

Limbaugh: Julie Kelly Lists All of Adam Schiff’s Failed Attempts to Get Trump

Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower Suddenly Won’t Testify; Lawyers Break Off Negotiations Amid New Revelations

Schiff Strategy Backfires When National Security Council Witness Tim Morrison Undercuts Multiple Democrat Narratives

Speaker Pelosi Is Worried About 2020 Candidates’ Policy Proposals

Steve Scalise Reveals All the Ways Adam Schiff Can Cheat in Impeachment Hearings

The Deep State Doesn’t Deny Editing Flynn’s Statement Before Charging Him

Lieutenant Colonel Who Worked With Schiff Witness Vindman Says He Verbally Reprimanded Him For ‘Bashing America’

Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry Announces New Hire Andrei Vyshinsky – Esq., joins the inquisition team

Could Mitt Romney be the man to knock out Donald Trump?

Democrats Want to Limit Free Speech and Regain an Iron Grip on ‘The Narrative’

Representative Ratcliffe: Adam Schiff’s Problem Isn’t That He’s Biased, It’s That He’s Running A Corrupt Process

More non-Mexican migrants are being arrested at the border in San Diego than ever

High-tax New York in ‘death spiral,’ Florida Senator Rick Scott says

Governor Newsom throws California’s interior under the bus

California’s Prop 47 leads to rise in shoplifting, thefts, criminal activity across state

Tulsi Gabbard: The U.S. Government ‘Is Hiding The Truth’ About 9/11 Terror Attacks

The US Adds 128,000 Jobs as Hiring Remains Resilient Despite GM Strike

The impeachment Schiff show

Mark Levin Torches the Democrats in Scathing Monologue Following House Vote

‘Energized my base’: Trump says impeachment will backfire on Democrats

Faux whistleblower Eric Ciaramella: His parents must be so proud

Eric Ciaramella Reelects the President? – The Whistleblower Is Outed

‘Whistleblower’ Ciaramella May Be CIA Spy Planted in Trump White House Identified as “Charlie” in Strzok and Page Texts!

Climategate: Ten Years Later

Donald Trump Versus ‘The Interagency Consensus’

Alex Vindman’s Impeachment Testimony Completely Rested On His Personal Opinions

At the End of the Vote, Democrat Members Had to Coach Other Members ‘Not to Cheer’

The Media-Democrat Tantrum is a Fear Response

This ‘Impeachment’ Is Actually a Cover-Up To Protect Democrats

Impeachment Vote Will Cost These Democrats Their Seats – They ran as moderates in swing districts yet voted like radicals

A stunning confession from a Deep State member subverting our constitutional republic

October job creation comes in at 128,000, easily topping estimates even with GM auto strike

Why Private Big Tech Bias Is Just As Bad As Government Censorship

Leaving China Behind

October 31, 2019

I Accidentally Uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb – A Must Read Eye-Opener

Obama State Department Official in Contact with Russian Embassy ‘Political Chief’ One Month Before Trump Inauguration

The Impeachment Schiff Show – While impeachment drive is heating up, California Democrat’s Ukrainian chimera is falling apart.

A tragedy for the nation – and democracy

A Partisan Impeachment Vote – Senators demanded a fair inquiry. That isn’t what the House delivered Thursday.

Mainstream Media Ignores Key Link to California Power Grid Fires, Shutdowns

Limbaugh: Whistleblower’s Identity Revealed, Now We Know Why Dems Wanted To Hide It

Matt Gaetz Just Turned Tables on Schiff ‘Republicans Will Call Adam Schiff as a Fact Witness’

Examining the House Impeachment Inquiry Resolution

Trump to Read Transcript of Phone Call With Ukrainian President Straight to the American People

Limbaugh: The Democrats’ Articles of Impeachment – A Reality Check

‘Fireside chat on live television’: Trump says he wants to read Ukraine call transcript to American people

NSC Official Tim Morrison To Schiff: ‘I Was Not Concerned That Anything Illegal Was Discussed’ In Trump-Ukraine Phone Call

Is The Federal Reserve Rate Cut a Trick or Treat?

Limbaugh: How to Respond to the Democrats

Divided House Votes to Pass Resolution on Impeachment Inquiry

40 Conservative Groups File Ethics Complaint Against Nancy Pelosi

New Resolution Boxes Out Impeachment Critics, Gives Schiff Even More Power

Top House Conservative Derides ‘Secret’ Impeachment Proceedings

4 Keys to Understanding a Trump Impeachment Trial in the Senate

John Brennan’s tweet pretty much describes an administrative state coup

The House of Representatives is poised for a partisan vote on the impeachment process

The 2020 Election . . . When America Will Be Reborn

The Supreme Court Should End DACA

Schiff’s Star Witness Alexander Vindman Tied to Ukrainian Arms Dealers, Ukrainian Oil and Gas and the Atlantic Council

Let me Introduce the Young Man Believed to be the ‘Whistleblower’; Pssst: He Also Tried to Interfere in 2016 Election

Secretary of State Pompeo Goes to Bat For Trump: His Ukraine Call Was ‘Appropriate’ And ‘Focused’

California’s Burning

California’s Disastrous State Illustrates The Limits of Progressivism

Hillary’s Health Is Coming Up Again

The First Common Core High School Grads Are The Worst-Prepared For College In 15 Years

Report: The border crisis ‘is over,’ Trump ‘is due credit’

October 30, 2019

The 2020 Index of U.S. Military Strength

Schiff Hit with Official Ethics Complaint, Allegations of ‘Rules Broken’ and ‘False Statements’

Nunes: Adam Schiff was coaching Alexander Vindman throughout his testimony

The Beltway’s ‘Whistleblower’ Furor Obsesses Over One Name

Investigation of The Trump Campaign Started Earlier Than Official Timeline, Nunes Says

Gregg Jarrett: Adam Schiff’s drive to impeach Trump based on opinions, deception and illusions – Not facts

In Trump Impeachment Probe, Democrats Refuse to Follow Nixon and Clinton Precedents

The ‘Evil Party’ Earns Its Name With Shameful Impeachment Attempt

Well Whaddya Know: The Ukraine Whistleblower Is a Biden, Schiff, and DNC Errand Boy

Trump’s Withdrawal from Syria Is a Foreign Policy Masterstroke

What we still don’t know about the Seth Rich Murder

Representative Debbie Lesko Absolutely SHREDS Adam Schiff and his New Resolution in the Rules Committee Meeting

Schiff Impeachment Witness: Trump Call to Ukraine Originated from Nat’l Security Staffers

American Bar Association attack on Trump nominee judicial backfires

The White House Touts ‘Health Care for You’ as Better Option Than ‘Medicare for All’

Global Citizens of Nowhere

It’s No Longer an Impeachment. Now, it’s a Railroading

The Bell Is About to Toll

The Long Game on Impeachment

Why Haven’t We Heard A Peep From Islamic Powers About China Brutalizing 1 Million Muslims?

Witness Vindman Tells Committee He Shared Classified Read-Outs of Trump’s Call — When Jim Jordan Asked Who, Schiff SHUT DOWN Questioning

An Introduction to Jordan Peterson

Radical Spawn Chesa Boudin: Nation’s Most Toxic DA Candidate

Famed pathologist Michael Baden says Jeffrey Epstein’s death was a homicide

Is my ‘real ID’ a REAL ID?

October 29, 2019

5 Problems with the Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry Resolution

Schiff Directing Witnesses Not To Answer GOP Questions

China’s Intellectual Property Theft Remains a Thorny Issue in Trade Talks

History will not be kind to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Jim Jordan Obliterates Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry Talking Points: These Four Facts Have Never Changed

Adam Schiff Accused of Witness Tampering in ‘Soviet-Style’ Impeachment Inquiry

Congressman Chuck Grassley Decries James Comey’s Failure in the Hillary Server Probe, So He’s Taking Over

“Trump Knows the Truth & John Brennan is Terrified;” How He Protected the bin Laden & Al-Qaeda Terror Empire

Strzok and Ohr ‘worked regularly with each other’ on ‘illicit Spygate’

Early Leaks of Trump’s Calls With Foreign Leaders Were Intelligence Products: Devin Nunes

The Walls are Closing In — But Not on Trump

Early Leaks of Trump’s Calls With Foreign Leaders Were Intelligence Products: Devin Nunes

An Impeachment Defense: It Most Justifiably Means Going on Offense

Harold Finch Reads James Clapper’s Body Language – And It’s Glorious!

Anatomy of 2020: Weighing Issues, Candidates, and the State of Our Union

Pelosi’s deceptive ‘impeachment vote’

Obama’s Photographer Pushes Conspiracy About “Staged” Situation Room Photo Is  Proven Wrong

California Can’t Keep the Lights On – Misgovernance and misplaced priorities have left the state fighting fire with . . . blackouts

Speaker Pelosi Wasn’t Informed. So What?

Trump Was Right To Keep The Baghdadi Raid Secret From Schiff

Fired FBI Director Comey Likely Doctored His Memos In Effort to Take Down Trump and the US Senate May Have the Evidence!

Funding ‘Medicare-for-all’ with taxes on the rich ‘impossible,’ study says

Admiral James Matoon McRaven Attacks Trump in the New York Times

Trump vs. the barbarians at the gates

Our media ignores it, but Mullahs don’t: The US is assembling a devastating strike force in the Middle East

The attorney for Covington Catholic teen reacts to judge reopening lawsuit against Washington Post

NSC Official Who Listened to Trump/Zelinsky Call Reported ‘Concerns’ to NSC’s Lead Counsel to Testify Tuesday

The Origins of Banking’s Unholy Alliance With the Federal Government


China’s president’s daughter is at Harvard. That’s a big warning sign

October 28, 2019

Washington Post gets mercilessly mocked after posting al-Baghdadi obituary with glowing headline

The Real Reasons Why Legacy Media Are Freaking Out Over Trump’s Successful Baghdadi Mission

Trump says he kept Pelosi and Democrats in dark about ISIS raid due to potential leaks

Attorney General Barr On Collusion Probe: Let The Chips Fall Where They May

Obama Successfully Hunted Trump Campaign Aides Instead of Terrorists

Choices for Financing Medicare for All: A Preliminary Analysis

How James Comey’s Revenge Is Changing Our Constitution

Attorney General Barr Might Just Laugh His Head Off at This Request From Dianne Feinstein

Judge reopens Covington teen Nicholas Sandmann’s $250M suit against the Washington Post

Judge Sullivan cancels hearing in General Flynn’s case

Kamikaze Schumer Wants to Repeal Private Health Insurance

Here’s What ISIS Founder Al-Baghdadi’s Death Means For U.S. Policy

How The Obama Administration Set In Motion the Democrats’ Coup Effort Against Trump

Was it Trump’s magic wand that turned the Washington Post into a laughingstock?

Here’s How The CIA Learned About al-Baghdadi’s Whereabouts

Revenge of the Public Health Care Option

Free Flynn, Then Jail Clapper and Brennan

James Clapper’s Nuremberg Defense

Care About Impeachment When They Have 67 Senators

FBI LOVE TRIANGLE — McCabe Had Affair With Top FBI Lawyer Lisa Page, Who Also Had Affair With FBI Boss Strzok

The Mysterious Maltese Mifsud – Where Is He and Who Was Signing His Checks?

Top Terror Chief Killed in Syria

Roger Stone Says You’re ‘Naive’ If You Think A Trump Senate Acquittal Is Automatic. Here’s Why He May Be Right

Poll: 7 in 10 Millennials say they’d vote for a socialist

More Outrageous Liberal Media Reaction to Death of Islamist Mass Murderer Abu Baghdadi

Split tax rolls can’t fix what ails California

Public Pensions: An Economic Time Bomb For Cities and States

October 27, 2019

How Michael Flynn Was Set-Up

After The Baghdadi Action, Democrats Candidates Have Their Work Cut Out for Them

First Trump Gets Baghdadi, Now He Gets ISIS Spokesperson, Baghdadi’s Right Hand Man

Attention Washington Post: How about doing a story on why the Al-Baghdadi raid was named after Kayla Mueller

Our Bankrupt Nomenklatura

Representative Katie Hill resigns from Congress after leaked naked photo and alleged affairs with male and female aides

Trump Confirms Death of ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi: ‘He Died Like a Dog’

TRUMP WINS AGAIN! Syrian Strategy Leads to Death of Mass Murdering ISIS Leader and Exposes Brett McGurk’s Lie

Trump’s Syria pullout lured the big ISIS rat out of his hole and … boom!

So what is it that Sidney Blumenthal is so anxious that we not know about Russiagate?

The Reason Schiff Is Censoring a False Impeachment

What Would Pierre Delecto Do?

Fake News Versus Fake Polls

Financial crisis forecaster says Trump is a ‘genius’ and his opponents have learned nothing since 2016

Inspector General Michael Horowitz: Finalizing of FISA probe report ‘nearing completion’

Little Noticed Whistleblower Story Involving ONA Director, James Baker, Takes on Greater Significance in the Wake of Flynn Filing

October 26, 2019

Multitasking the Intelligence Community Roundup

McLaughlin poll: 52% say impeachment is a ‘stunt’

Inside ‘Objective Medusa,’ Devin Nunes’ Historic Investigation into the Spygate Scandal

The Russia hoax: The Left’s willful ignorance and total denial of known facts

Resistance (At All Costs): A case study

Impeachment just got more difficult

Impeachment Attempt Is Backfiring: GOP Polling Memo Shows Public Turning Against Democrat Efforts to Oust Trump

How Low Can the Fed Go?

Josh Hawley Has Had Enough Of The Federal Government In The Swamp

Young Adults Are Fed Up with SJW and LGBTQ Tyranny

October 25, 2019

The Pentagon is accused of leaking Flynn phone calls to Washington Post, fueling Trump-Russia probe

New York Times Piece Blows Gaping Hole in Quid Pro Quo, Confirms Ukraine Had No Idea Aid Was Held up

Court Filing: With Lisa Page’s Help, FBI Framed Flynn by Doctoring His Interview

Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell: FBI ‘Ambushed’ Flynn, Deceptively Manipulated 302 File

Trump Sticks to His Principles for Our Troops . . . and the Democrats stick to their wrongheaded politics

Fires and Blackouts Made in Sacramento – Newsom tries to deflect blame, but PG&E is the agent of his policies

‘No Safe Spaces’ Film Featuring Dennis Prager Premieres Today As PragerU Goes to Court

All The Russia Collusion Clues Are Beginning To Point Back To John Brennan

Cowardly Republicans Showcase Disloyalty to Voters –  Congress never authorized military presence in Syria in the first place

Data: 80 Percent of Illegals Freed by Sanctuary Cities Commit More Crimes

California Is Burning and It’s NOT Because of ‘Climate Change’

California’s power blackouts, energy nightmare and more are coming your way, America

Limbaugh: The Race Is On! Can the Deep State Get Rid of Trump Before AG Barr Can Indict?

Limbaugh: What We Don’t Know Yet About the Barr/Durham Investigation

“Under today’s process, Mr. Schiff gets to make up the rules as he goes along. Behold the Lord High Impeacher.

Trump accuses Obama of treason for ‘spying’ on his 2016 campaign

Elizabeth Warren is the Hillary Clinton of 2020

Four Different Reports Released Last Night Indicate the Days Ahead Will be Devastating to the DEEP STATE!

The Globalists’ Race Against Time on China Aggression

In the age of Leftism – A long list of their crazyness

MUST READ: Attorney Sidney Powell’s Entire Filing Released in General Flynn Case Requesting Dismissal

Marcellus Fracking Means Farewell to the Democrats in 2020

There’s A Lesson In Disney CEO Bob Iger’s Cowardly Silence On China

William Taylor The Impeachment Star Witness Has Long Relationship with Burisma-Backed Think Tank

Major Development: The Deep State Is in Deep Trouble

Republicans want public testimony from whistleblower after storming closed-door Trump impeachment session

So . . . . . . Hunter Biden followed his dad around to Romania, too?

October 24, 2019

The Codevilla Tapes – The ruling elite and the rise of the techno-surveillance state

Rep. Crenshaw Busts Schiff, Points to Exact Rule in House Rules Book That Gives GOP Access to Impeachment Documents

Durham Investigation Is Now Criminal: Which is a Disaster for the Mainstream Media

The Barr-Durham Investigation Is Now Officially a Criminal Investigation

Who Will Fall First: Trump or the ‘Praetorian Guard’?

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats 2020 campaign IS impeachment, But not really

In Flagrant Violation of House Rules, Pelosi Bans Crenshaw from Seeing Schiff’s Secret Transcripts

Graham, McConnell Demand House Democrats Conduct A Fair And Open Impeachment Probe

Whistleblower’s Last Shred of Credibility Gone as Fox Reports 3rd Source of Anti-Trump Bias in His Background

Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged – It’s Happening Here Now!

Woke Math Aims to Teach Seattle Kids That ‘Western’ Math Is Racist

Jet-Powered Hypocrisy: Globalist Elites, Celebrities Leave Massive Carbon Footprints

Of Course President Trump Is Being Lynched

Bring Impeachment into the Light

Senate to vote on measure condemning ‘illegitimate’ impeachment proceedings

The Case for Indicting John Brennan

Gaetz vs. Schiff, The Sequel

The Deep State Vows PAYBACK After Trump Disrupts Millions In Illegal Drug Trafficking Cash & Kickbacks from Syria

The Real Coup

Impeachment Misfire: William Taylor’s Smokeless Gun

Shockingly, the Media Absolutely Loved Disruptive Congressional Sit-Ins Until Republicans Did It

Liz Cheney Calls Out the Democrats’ New House Bill Intended to ‘Circumvent the First Amendment’

California Egalitarians Target Car Insurance

The Democrat Debate: 10 Questions Left on the Cutting Room Floor

October 23, 2019

The United States Files Lawsuit Against State of California for Unlawful Cap and Trade Agreement with the Quebec

10 Politicians Who Used ‘Lynching’ the Way Trump Did, and the Left Didn’t Care

Focus of the Durham Probe Shifts to Senior Obama Officials

Schiff’s Secret Bombshells

Adam Schiff Is Desperate to Hide William Taylor Testimony that Would Kill His Ukraine Hoax

Mittens, the Deep State, and the Ongoing Coup Against POTUS

Newt: Pelosi is handling impeachment ‘the opposite’ of 1998


Why Retired Military Officers Need To Shut Up About Politics

GOP Senator Drops A Bomb: ‘Foster Kids Are Being Sold Into Sex Slavery’

Democrats form a lynch mob and the GOP holds the rope

Hong Kong government withdraws unpopular extradition bill that sparked weeks of protests

Morning Greatness: Democrats Claim Impeachment ‘Game Changer’

Every headline is basically reads the same: “Orange man bad!”

Russian Asset Number One: Hillary, Not Tulsi

What’s Behind The  Dreamworks’ Chinese Propaganda Map In ‘Abominable’ Movie?

Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Shut Up?

Trump and Syria: The Myth of Betrayal

Did The FBI Give Trump And Hillary Different Counterintelligence Briefings in 2016?

The March of Death by Anonymous Sources

The Media Doesn’t Bat One Eye Over Democrat Congresswoman’s Alleged Affairs With Staffers

The Atheists v. Bill Barr

Transing Children Is Child Abuse And Should Be Punished

Why Did the Miami Herald Abandon Journalism?

October 22, 2019

Flashback: Top Democrats, including Biden and Nadler, called Clinton impeachment ‘lynching’

Impeachment Will Fail – The Democrats are being led by a coalition of constitutional renegades and political tricksters

Republican lawmaker ‘destroyed’ latest impeachment inquiry witness argument

Limbaugh: Democrats’ impeachment witnesses are ‘crapping out’

Senator Grassley Suspects The Deep State May Bury The ‘Spygate’ Report

The Permanent bureaucracy is a mortal threat to America

Forget Syria. What Is The U.S. Doing About The Failed State On Its Southern Border?

Democrats Are a Clear and Present Danger to Internet Freedom

Durham’s probe into possible FBI misconduct expanded based on new evidence

America split: Poll shows who really wants Trump gone

Chuck Grassley Just Came Out and Accused Inspector General’s Office of Being Controlled by ‘Deep State’

Laws against seditious conspiracy have real legal teeth

President Trump Understands What Congress Does Not: Syria Is Not America’s War

Trump Gave Ukraine What Obama Withheld

Was Obama One of 38 Individuals Identified in State Report on Hillary’s Emails? And Will They Disclose This?

Newt Gingrich Eviscerates Mitt ‘Pierre Delecto’ Romney: ‘He is a fossilized element of a party that’s disappearing’

Is It Time For America To Begin Decoupling From Communist China?

October 21, 2019

PAY ATTENTION: John Podesta Was The Mastermind Behind Tulsi Gabbard’s 2016 Win!

Gingrich: “What Pelosi’s Done is a Total Mockery”

The Deep State Comes Out Of The Shadows

Poll: Majority believe Obama officials broke law to stop Trump

House Democrats Block GOP Resolution to Censure Schiff

Limbaugh: Washington Doesn’t Really Care About the Kurds

Democrats Consider Undermining Administration’s Crackdown on Tax Avoidance

Limbaugh: How Obama and Clinton Created the Mess in Syria

Judicial Watch: New Benghazi Documents Confirm Clinton Email Cover-Up

Like Him or Not, Trump is Uniquely Suited for Such a Time as This

Trump Will Win in 2020 Because of Impeachment

2020: The Left Goes to War – Antifa is the paramilitary arm of the Democrat Party

The Behind Closed Doors “Impeachment Inquiry”

What Is Conservative American Nationalism?

A Drug Cartel Just Defeated The Mexican Military In Battle – Mexico is in a state of collapse and the crisis won’t stop at the border

Pew Pushes Polling Propaganda

FIRED for Saying What? The Downward Spiral of American Culture

CIA Analysts Lawyer Up As Brennan, Clapper Ensnared In Expanding Russiagate Probe

Endless War in Syria via Iraq

Lindsey Graham reverses himself on Syria withdrawal: ‘I see a way forward now that really quite frankly is historic.’

US and Turkey Tie-Up Important to Stabilize Multi-Faceted Conflict in Syria

The State Deptartment finds nearly 600 violations in Clinton email probe, says 38 people ‘culpable’

On Elizabeth Warren’s Character

Liberals just don’t think like us

Hopefully Boris Johnson Is Close To Getting Brexit Done

October 20, 2019

What Trump Actually Asked Ukraine to Investigate

Pelosi and Schiff Travel to Jordan to Undermine President Trump in Shadow Diplomacy and Violate Logan Act

An Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi and the New York Times; ‘A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag’

Trump’s Labeling of ‘Fake News’ Was an Vast Understatement

When Does It Count as a Coup? – They want to subvert Trump and make sure they never lose an election again

California’s War on Citizenship

Barack Obama Blocked State Dept From Looking Into Hunter Biden’s Burisma Connection in 2015

Don’t grade on merit, state university tells professors – Workshop warns against maintaining ‘white language supremacy’

‘Liked’ Tweets from Mitt Romney’s Secret “Pierre Delecto” Twitter Page Show Man Obsessed with Trump Hatred and Leading GOP Resistance

‘True North’ Document Outlines 14 Conservative Principles

Climate Rebellion Group’s true target is not climate: It’s idea that heterosexuality is ‘normal’

For Peggy Noonan and her elitist pals…………Here’s a little “PlainSpeak” for you

Schiff Team In Ukraine Met with His Star Witness Taylor – The Former Ukrainian PM Connected to Biden, Hillary and Mueller!

The Devil and the Democrats

It’s a middle-class boom — How Americans are really doing under Trump economy

Some perspective on Hunter Biden’s gigantic Burisma compensation

To help the homeless, California turns to a dumb idea loved by the left – And guaranteed to fail

October 19, 2019

Adam Schiff’s ‘Gossip Girl’ Probe

The Endgame in Syria – Americans are getting the retreat they voted for

What the Framers Knew That Hillary Doesn’t

Trump Resort Will No Longer Host G7 Summit

Supreme Court to Hear Case Challenging the Constitutionality of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Does Everyone Believe Hillary Is Crazy Now?

Democrats Seek to Drown Trump in Drama

America First or Kurdistan First — Take Your Pick

Stunning Data from Trump’s Texas Rally Shows American Voters are Smarter than Democrats Think

Decorated Federal Agent Just Took a Flamethrower to the FBI

State Department official told Congress he raised concerns about Hunter Biden’s Ukraine dealings in 2015 but was ignored

When a Scholar Meets China’s Red Guards

Democrats call for repeal of HIV disclosure laws

October 18, 2019

Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Witness Tampering

Schiff Tried To Strong-Arm Kurt Volker but It Backfired When Volker Exposed Schiff Instead

State Department Concludes Clinton Email Review, Says It Found Nearly 600 Security Violations

Leaked Memo Shows Democrat Party Advising Candidates on Using Impeachment for Political Gain

Why Portland’s Homeless Problem Is the Worst in the Nation

PG&E CEO Says It Could Impose Blackouts in California for a Decade

Dr. Strangesсhiff, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Impeachment

Trump campaign to sue CNN over pro-impeachment bias, demands ‘substantial payment’

Conservative veterans will fan out in Washington to defend Trump’s Syria strategy

Impeachment Out Of Mind, Trump Receives Warm Welcome From Record-Breaking Crowd In Dallas

Elizabeth Warren tells voters economy not working for them – Most voters disagree

Elizabeth Warren Is Not Honest

Rush Says Real Reason Schiff and Pelosi Balked at ‘Impeachment Vote’ is Because #SpyGate Indictments Are Coming

Diplomat tells investigators he raised alarms in 2015 about Hunter Biden’s Ukraine work but was rebuffed

President Trump Trolls The Democrats With His Announcement of His Doral Resort as G-7 Summit

Schiff Pressured Witness To Say Trump Pressured Ukraine To Investigate Biden, Report Says

How Mulvaney Responded to Claims That He Admitted to Quid Pro Quo

Schiff caught tampering with another witness

The Truth About China That LeBron and the NBA Don’t Understand

Deterring Chinese Military Ambitions Before It’s Too Late

Kurdish-Led Forces Were Used as Wedge Between US and Turkey, Says A Former Insider

San Diego officials say the new border wall is helping bring numbers down

Another Major Clue: Documents Reveal Schiff Staffer Met with Key Impeachment Inquiry Witness on August Ukraine Trip

Media says pointing a finger at President Trump ‘shames’ him, but pointing a finger at Obama was rude and racist

What Changed What Changed Conservative Christian Eric Metaxas’ Mind About Trump

The Expose CNN Videos

6 Crazy School District Responses To Parents Mad About LGBT Indoctrination Of Preschoolers

October 17, 2019

Inside TurboTax’s 20-Year Fight to Stop Americans From Filing Their Taxes for Free

A Million People Are Jailed at China’s Gulags. I Managed to Escape. Here’s What Really Goes on Inside

Trump rally in Dallas marked by enthusiasm, in sharp contrast to chaos in Minneapolis

‘Orange Man Bad’ Becomes Foreign Policy

Gingrich: Bye Democratic Party – You’re being transformed into an anti-American engine of radical change

AG Barr’s special Russia investigator obtained BlackBerrys tied to launch of FBI Russia-Trump probe

Rush: What Pelosi’s White House Walkout Stunt Tells Us

FBI Director Christopher Wray Has Some Explaining to Do

Mifsud’s Cellphones Mean Barr Investigation Heating Up

The 2020 Election: Mike Rowe Burns Democrats With His On-Spot Post-Debate Observations

4 Big Indicators of What’s Next in Impeachment Process

Planned Parenthood baby body parts testimony brings jury to tears

Boris Johnson Strikes a Brexit Deal

Of Electricity and Ideology – California’s policies to combat “climate change” have made the state more vulnerable to wildfires

Why It Matters That Sidney Powell Wants Data From Joseph Mifsud’s Smartphones

Biden’s toast — and the big bucks Dem donors know it

Trump Touts the Great Deal of China

Is America Becoming Sinicized? – China does not fool around

Twenty Unasked questions at the Democrats’ debate

Adam Schiff Repeatedly Threatened Impeachment Witness

Progressives Are All Too Willing to Cut Constitutional Corners

Gavin Newsom’s California Gas-Tax Switcheroo

After receiving letter from Trump about the Kurds, Erdoğan threw it in trash and invaded Syria

Is Mass Immigration Killing Two-Party Democracy in the U.S.?

Ranking the States by Regulation – I bet you can guess who has the most

Inside Turbo Tax’s 20-Year Fight To Stop Americans From Filing Their Taxes For Free

October 16, 2019

WH Releases Menacing Letter Trump Sent Turkey’s President – So Intense People Thought It Wasn’t Real

After Running Fake Footage of Turkey Attacking Kurds, ABC Makes Fake Trump Quote Go Viral

Farmers Welcome China Deal Expected to Boost US Farm Exports by Tens of Billions

National Security Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings – We are in the Middle East for one reason

CIA Officer: Adam Schiff’s Anonymous Whistleblowers May Not Even Exist

Republicans Slam Schiff for Running ‘Soviet-Style’ Secret Basement Impeachment Hearings

Another Democrat Pivot on Impeachment

Trump to Pelosi as She Stormed Out of Meeting: “Goodbye! We’ll See You at the Polls!”

Pelosi announces House won’t vote now on whether to begin impeachment inquiry

Schiff pushed Volker to say Ukraine felt pressure from Trump

Female High School Track Athlete SPEAKS OUT Against Transgender Athletes

US Apaches Give Turkish-Backed Fighters Brutal Reminder with Show of Force

Pension costs continue to drive tax hikes across California: Susan Shelley

The Democrats are using impeachment to consolidate power

CNN Cements Its Bias Reputation at Tuesday’s Debate

CNN Pretty Much Just Confirmed Project Veritas’s Whistleblower Is Telling The Truth

Five takeaways from the Democrat debate in Ohio

Chinese President: Anybody Who Tries To Split China Will Have Their ‘Bodies Smashed And Bones Ground To Powder’

The US retaliated against Iran with a secret cyberattack after the Saudi oil strike

ABC News Interview Didn’t Help Hunter Biden’s Credibility At All

Why impeachment, and why now?

About the CNN Debate

That one little question the moderators all forgot to ask at that long fourth Democratic debate

Clinton Foundation-Linked Fraudsters Arrested: The Shady Duo Are Poised To RAT Out Bill & Hillary

Swirling down the Ukraine

Joe Biden’s Worst Moments From Tuesday’s Democrat Debate

CNN Slammed by CNN Staffers: Jeff Zucker as Captain Ahab

Conservatives Are Being Censored Online, Warns Dennis Prager

How Wokeness Is Turning Back the Clock

Turkey Throws Wrenches Into the War on Terror

Obama Broke NATO

California’s deliberate blackouts were outrageous and harmful. – They’re going to happen again.

October 15, 2019

Brutal wipeout for Democrats in Louisiana, and the press trying to keep it quiet

Mark Levin Exposes ‘Shady Stock Deals’ That Made Nancy Pelosi a Multi-Millionaire

Pelosi Informs Democrat Caucus There Will NOT be Formal Floor Vote to Launch Impeachment Probe – It’s a Scam!

Klobuchar, Buttigieg Criticize Warren’s Refusal to Admit She Would Raise Middle-Class Taxes

CNN Staged Elizabeth Warren Town Hall Question! Project Veritas Exposes More

Leftists Threaten to “Bring Out the Guillotine” If Theaters Show The Jordan Peterson Documentary

ABC’s False Turkish attack ‘combat video’ raises many questions, cautions for media

Schiff’s Monday ‘Witness’ Fiona Hill was NOT at WH at Time of July Call & Worked for George Soros for Six Years!

Congressman Jordan Rips Adam Schiff’s Closed-Door Impeachment – ‘They’re Making the Rules Up as They Go’

Undercover Video Shows CNN Reporter Saying Hunter Biden Was Trading On Joe Biden’s Name

In Trump Ammunition Fact Check, CNN Fact-Checker Leaves Out …the Facts

The Supreme Court has no problem with a teacher forcing a Christian student to voice an Islamic prayer

Schiff’s Democrats plot a secret impeachment, with leaks

Exposed: The CNN Trump Hate-Fest

The Corrupt Senators That Took Ukraine Cash

ABC busted for outrageous fake video intended to make Trump responsible for fake atrocities against Kurds

The Real Democrat Contest Is Between the Old Left and the New Left

ABC News Perpetrates a Fraud on the Nation and the Intrepid Media Fact Check Organizations Are Totally Missing in Action

Elizabeth Warren Is Theft – Private property, goodbye

An Open Letter to Sergey Brin About Free Speech

Why Sex And Gender Are Not Two Different Things

Political Correctness Versus Common Sense

October 14, 2019

Explosive Undercover Video: CNN Employee Discusses Network Head’s ‘Personal Vendetta’ Against Trump

2020 Democrats Want to Empower Russia and Iran, Undo Trump’s Biggest Foreign Policy Success

What are the Democrats hiding about impeachment inquiry?

Ukraine: The Poorly Written Hoax Sequel – The deep state needs new writers because this story isn’t selling

Trump Could Be Impeached Based On A Parade Of “Whistleblowers” That Won’t Even Testify In Person

Fiona Hill WAS NOT EVEN WORKING IN WHITE HOUSE at Time of Trump Call – But was Very Upset with Call – Huh?

Anonymous Accusations and Their Dangerous Purveyors – Even the Romans refused to use them against Christians

ABC News “Syrian Genocide” Video Actually Shot in Kentucky!

California Turns Off a Lot More Than Just the Lights with Forced Blackouts

China’s Intimidation Campaign

Democracy Dies In Darkness: Adam Schiff Just Banned A GOP Lawmaker From Attending Key Ukrainegate Deposition

Building China’s Comac C919 airplane involved a lot of hacking

WSJ: Power outage is the last straw for some fed-up Californians

Kurdish Forces Make Deal With Assad Government After US Withdrawal

Why Trump Is Absolutely Right To Get U.S. Troops Out Of Syria

Trump Stands between America and Tyranny

Schiff is getting nervous

Schiff: We Don’t Need a Quid Pro Quo to Impeach Trump

What Whistle Blower?

The Whistleblower and the ‘Schiff-Biden Dossie

The First Illegal Alien To Commit A North American Terrorist Attack Is On Trial, But Don’t Expect The Media To Cover It

Liberal Judges vs. Trump’s Immigrant-Welfare Rule

Hunter Biden swears no more corruption if his Dad wins

California’s Gavin Newsom decides state’s big, voter-approved gas tax won’t be for repairing highways after all

The California blackouts and solar power

Three Well Known Nations That Tried Socialism and Rejected It

What Do U.S. Companies That Do The Bidding Of Communist China Owe To America?

Fox News is Joining the Fake News Pollsters

The Origins of the Transgender Movement

October 13, 2019

Biden Floundering: Former VP’s Campaign Reportedly Pressures Media To Block Trump’s Ukraine Ad

Whistling Past the Graveyard – Adam Schiff and his whistleblowers seem to have been made for each other

Representative Collins: Schiff wants interviews kept secret because Democrats ‘can’t win this in the public eye’

US–China Trade Deal Boosts Optimism for Farmers, Banks, and Markets

No Surprise: Schiff Reportedly Hired Two NSC Aides Who Worked With Ukraine Whistleblower

NSC Staffer Reportedly Responsible For Discussing Ukraine Call With Others

My Socialist Hell: 20 Years of Decay in Venezuela

A New Dark Age: California’s Blackouts Are Self-Inflicted

Nixon: The Glaring Exception to Grand Jury Secrecy

October 12, 2019

Smackdown: Mickey Kaus exposes the Dems’ shifting impeachment goalposts

The incredible shrinking whistleblower

Is Trump Luring Kim and Xi into a Death Trap?

U.S. and China Move Forward on Trade

Archives: Appeasing China Is Old Hat for Prestigious U.S. Institutions

Missing the Bigger Picture in Kurdish Syria

Ask Yourself This . . . Where’s Obama?

Will We Ever Prosecute The Obama Gang?

Crazy California is actively working to drive middle class voters out of the state

Fight the Good Fights, Normals Tell Trump

The Clintons: Flesh-eating disease of the American body politic

Turns out Biden’s family not the only one to benefit from Ukrainian fossil fuels

October 11, 2019

We’re in a permanent coup

ICE Chief Says ‘Judicial Overreach’ Is Threatening Public Safety

The Media Celebrates An 8-Year-Old Climbing Border Wall Replica, But Leaves Out Major Problems

By Bending the Knee to China, Corporate America Endangers Democracy

The Greatness of Donald Trump – You can judge him by the real “deplorables”

You Can’t Ignore Politics in Impeachment

Andrew McCarthy Unravels The Real Russia Collusion Narrative

What makes Fox News’s ‘Trump impeachment’ poll Totally Unreliable

The Ukraine whistleblower wants to testify in writing instead of appearing in person

Trade With Communist China Has Turned Into Giving Away Our Values For Their Money

The Transgender Craze: WTF?

President Trump Is Right On Syria

The Frightened Old Woman with Her Trump 2020 Flag

October 10, 2019

Ukraine Smoke and Mirrors

Biden Spox: Hunter Was Cleared by Obama White House to Serve on Burisma Board

Zugzwang: Why Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Hold an Impeachment Vote

Joe Biden worked with the whistleblower when he was vice president, officials reveal

Andrew McCabe Opens Up About Steele Dossier, Origins Of Trump-Russia Probe

Is the Whistleblower Tied to Biden?

Limbaugh: If the Senate Removed Trump, It Would Be the End of the Republican Party

Ukraine President Says ‘There Was No Blackmail’ from Trump, Thinks Call Transcript ‘Matches Completely’

Limbaugh: The Democrats ‘are not gonna wait on evidence this time around’

If Woke Corporations Had Police Power, They Would Act Exactly Like Communist China

Ukraine President Frightens Democrats: We’re Ready to Investigate Meddling in 2016 US Election To Help Clinton

Luckily, Democrats Never Have ‘Personal, Political’ Motives, Or Do They

Ukrainian Lawmaker Says Joe Biden Took $900k from Burisma While Still in Office And Has Documents Proving It

Woke History Is Making Big Inroads in America’s High Schools

What’s Next After Trump?

Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan

Newt Gingrich: The resistance against Trump began the day he was elected — This is not an impeachment process

The Bluffpeachment

“There Was No Blackmail” – Ukrainian President DOUBLES DOWN- Says President Trump DID NOT Pressure Him on Burisma or Joe Biden

Vice-President Pence Is Working to Release Records of His Ukraine Calls, Says They Would Exonerate Trump

We Now Have a Genuine Constitutional Crisis

14 Times American Companies Self-Censored Or Apologized To Appease Communist China

Liberal Idealism Was Wrong: Selling U.S. Manufacturing To China Did Not Make It More Free

California passes same-day voter registration, rigging elections even bluer

If Anyone Should Be Impeached, It’s the Liberal Media

CIA Whistleblower ‘Professionally Tied’ To 2020 Candidate; 2nd ‘Whistleblower’ Was First One’s Source

Five questions for Inspector General Atkinson

Turkey and the Kurds: It’s More Complicated Than You Think

California’s Gavin Newsom calls power outages needed

Democrats turning California into a third-world hellhole: Going without electricity edition

BOMBSHELL: Burisma Paid Vice President Joe Biden $900,000 for lobbying – Ukrainian MP

Politifact Gets Wrecked After Attempting to “Fact-Check” Claims About an DACA Obama Quote

She’s Not just a fake Indian!

Ominous Signs of Hatred in Politics

October 9, 2019

Damning Transcript of Bill Clinton Call Shows He Asked for Tony Blair’s Help To Influence Election

Lindsey Graham Warns House Democrats: Release the Full Volker Transcript on Ukraine or I Will Have Him Testify Publicly

BOOM! RUDY DROPS BOMB ON JOE BIDEN – Reveals Burisma Holdings Paid Joe Biden $900,000 For Lobbying Activities

Jon Voight: Democratic Party ‘doesn’t represent America anymore’

Document Shows Ukraine Reopened Probe of Hunter Biden’s Company Well Before Trump Phone Call

Democrats Don’t Care About Democracy

Fired Anti-Trump Ukrainian Ambassador Was Monitoring Communications of John Solomon and US Journalists Prying into Ukraine!

Ronan Farrow: Hillary pressed me to spike Weinstein sex-abuse story

Twitter gives judge the ‘middle finger,’ and finds out that was wrong response

President Trump Moves to Increase Transparency in Government Regulations

Michelle Malkin: Surrendering to Southern Poverty Law Center’s Lazy Media Lemmings

Here Is Why Democrats are now a party of total anarchy

Intelligence agent arrested for spilling secrets to journalists

Senators: Where are charges against Kavanaugh accusers?

DC Is Abolishing Columbus Day. Here’s the Truth About Columbus

Imagining Chelsea Clinton’s America – Insight Into Progressive Thought

No Quid: Ukraine Reportedly Opened Probe Into Hunter Biden Position Months Before Trump Phone Call

Exclusive poll: Most think Trump will be impeached and win 2020 reelection

John Durham Has Expanded Investigation Of CIA, FBI Activities

The Democrats’ Fear of Durham Is About to Reach Panic Level

IT ALL LEADS TO OBAMA – First Biden, Then Hillary, Then Three Others, Then OBAMA!

Turkish president announces military offensive into northeastern Syria

China’s COSCO Dalian Ships Shut Off Their Tracers After US Sanctions Announced

James Clapper just admitted Obama ordered him to ignore 2016 Russian election interference

For Trump It’s All About Corruption, Not Politics

Senator Lindsey Graham tells Pelosi GOP won’t impeach Trump over Ukraine call

Middle-class Americans faring better than ever during Trump presidency

This Week’s Outrage: An Alleged ‘Quid Pro Quo’

Elizabeth Warren Is Wrong on Fracking

Mitt Romney Wonders, Why Joe Biden?

Pelosi Hasn’t Really Started the Impeachment Process

Resolution Introduced in House to Expel Nancy Pelosi

White House Clarifies: Donald Trump Moving 50 Troops Within Syria, Not Out of the Country

The unmasking witch is unmasked

The Border Crisis Isn’t Over, And Mexico Isn’t Going To Fix It

Tucker Carlson Exposes More Democrat Hypocrisy, Digging Up a 2004 Comment From John Kerry About Foreign Leaders

China Slam-Dunks on Daryl Morey and the NBA

How Illinois Schools Teach Preschoolers To Celebrate Transgenderism

Ilhan Omar’s Divorce Proves She’s A Liar As Well As Being Antisemitic

October 8, 2019

Giuliani Says He Won’t Testify for House Intel Committee As Long As Schiff Is Around: ‘Let Them Hold Me in Contempt’

The Ukraine Hoax is About Protecting the Side Hustle

The Extreme Measures Democrats Are Considering to Hide Whistleblower Identity

BIG: James Clapper Admits He Was Following Orders From His ‘Commander-In-Chief, President Obama’

Limbaugh: Schiff’s Impeachment Strategy Explained

The Unfairness of the Left’s Impeachment Push Against Trump

Anti-Trump Whistleblower Wrote ‘Dramatic’ Memo After Ukraine Call; Has Ties to 2020 Democrat Candidate

Congressman: FISA report on ‘spying on Trump’ coming in 2 weeks

President Trump Refuses to Participate in the Impeachment Farce

Trump Refuses to Participate in the Impeachment Farce

There is No Middle Ground with Today’s Democrats or the Deep State

Mueller Was Pursuing FBI Director Job When He Met With Trump, Contrary to What He Testified to Congress, Admin Officials Say

Limbaugh: The “Whistleblowers” Are Deep State Spies

Trump Rids Major U.S. Container Port of Chinese Communist Control

Hey, Congress: Take Back Your War Powers, Or Shut Up About Syria

Our Take: Trump is Right on Syria

When will the timid GOP wussy boys step up to the plate?

Fox News Report Claims Joe and Hunter Biden’s Ukraine Corruption Involves Two Sitting Democrat Senators

The Trump campaign accuses Minneapolis mayor of extortion with extremely high rally security fees

Basketball Commissioner addresses NBA’s China, Hong Kong controversy and says league won’t regulate free speech

The NBA Is Just One Of Many American Firms In Thrall To China

How The Federal Anti-extortion Hobbs Act Could Sink Joe Biden

Patriot Trump vs. the Leninist Impeachment Pushers

Pelosi and Schiff Updated House “Impeachment Process” The Same Day as Whistleblower Complaint Received!

How impeachment works: A Clinton impeachment veteran lays it all out

There’s A Reason Democrats Are Screaming About Conspiracies

The Whistleblower Lawyer Is an Ex-Hillary, Schumer Staffer

A New Poll Finds That Trump Is Gaining More Support From Independent Voters Than His Democrat Challengers

“I Am With Mueller”: Newly Released Rosenstein Emails Reveal Crusade To Investigate Trump

China TV drops NBA exhibition games, escalating pressure amid tweet uproar

What The First Nonbinary American Wants The Supreme Court To Know About Transgenderism

October 7, 2019

Liberal professor warns Big Tech will go ‘all out’ to shift votes in 2020: ‘The Biggest threat there is to the free and fair election’

Limbaugh: Bombshell Admission: Clapper Says Obama Made Them Do It

Audio, Email Evidence Shows DNC Colluded With Ukraine To Boost Hillary By Harming Trump, Report Says

That Latest Elizabeth Warren Lying Scandal Just Got Much Worse

What You Need to Know About the Transgender Case at the Supreme Court

Thousands Who Underwent Transition Surgery for Their Gender Dysphoria Now Want Reversals

The NBA’s Shameful Hypocrisy Over China

Biden Campaign Insider: ‘We Can’t Stop the Bleeding’ — Stressed Out Joe Lawyers Up

Everything You Need To Know About Democrats’ Demands For Impeachment – They opened the impeachment box, and they can’t close it

Code Words . . . Trigger Words – Woke . . . and the BS of the New LEFT

The Curious Case of the Incurious Press

Intel Community Inspector General Is Stonewalling Congress On The Backdated Whistleblower Rule Changes

After Trump, We Are Next

Democrats are wrong. Middle-class incomes surging – Thanks to Trump policies

Clinton Appointed Judge tosses Trump lawsuit seeking to keep his tax returns hidden

BUSTED: Joe Biden Rant at Ukrainian President Reveals His Role in 2016 DNC Election Interference

Joe Biden’s brother was also involved in the Ukraine scandal and the media ignores it

Dilbert’s rules of reading – If a fact is reported the same by both the left-leaning and the right-leaning press, it’s probably a fact

Can a Socialist Win in 2020?

The Attorney for Impeachment ‘Whistleblowers’ Actively Sought Trump Administration Informants

Jerry Nadler’s Partisan Hijacking of the Judiciary Committee

Trump Co-opts Louisiana Gubernatorial Election To Gauge Impeachment Crisis

A Strong Economy Will Trump The Democrats Impeachment Antics

Mulvaney Thinks Democrat Impeachment Process Will Bring Landslide Victory For Trump

What’s at Stake in Supreme Court’s ‘Sex Discrimination’ Case

Thesaurus Gone Missin’: Trump Forever Mislabeled –  Ideologically driven headline writers are mental dullards

If You Think Politicians Cater to Seniors Now, Just Wait

What Everybody Is Missing About The Police Chief Who Favors Illegal Aliens Over Americans

October 6, 2019

American Greatness Itself is at Stake in 2020, and Trump Knows It

The Madness of Progressive Projection – The only Trump “crime” was in his winning an election he was not supposed to win

Sharyl Attkisson: Puerto Rico’s Federal Hurricane Aid by the Numbers. An original investigation

The ‘Never Trump’ Coalition That Decided Eh, Nevermind, He’s Fine

Glenn Beck Releases Audio of Ukrainian Official Admitting He Interfered In U.S. Election to Help ‘Hillary’

Domestic ISIS Arrests Are on the Rise Again

There is mounting pressure on Pelosi to hold a vote on the impeachment inquiry

The Supreme Court Will Decide Whether ‘Sex’ Includes Sexual Orientation

So no one who worked for Obama should ever be investigated?

Trump Knows Ukraine Owns the Democrats

Sharyl Attkisson: Inside The “Trump” Resistance

The Kavanaugh Confirmation: What We’ve Learned One Year Later

Mr. Trump Goes to Washington – “End of Trump” Attempts Keep Boomeranging and Hitting the Democrats

Socialism Makes People Selfish

Trump’s Godfather moment and his street-fighting genius

New Book That NYT Promoted That Smears Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanuagh Sells Only About 3,000 Copies

Trump vs. Warren: Trump Builds and Warren Destroys

October 5, 2019

Hunter Biden’s Wild Ukrainian Ride

If the House Won’t Vote, Then The Impeachment Inquiry Is Just a Democrat Stunt

McConnell Stands Firmly with Trump and Says Impeachment Stops ‘with Me’

93 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List

President Trump Needs to Fix America’s Dependency on Foreign Uranium

Anti-Trump Fraternity and NeverTrump Sorority Members Collude in Impeachment Scam

Trump Says No to Migrants That Will ‘Burden’ The US Health Care System And Suspends Their Entry

US Committed To Talks With North Korea, Proposes Accepting Swedens Invitation For Another Meeting

Kickstarter kicks conservative comic book creator for bashing the MS-13 gang

851,000 Arrests for Illegal Crossings of the Southern Border are the Most in 12 Years


President is right: Inquiry is not impeachment!

Will Fake News Liberal Media Report This?… Democrats are Sending Letters NOT Subpoenas to Trump People

Documents heighten scrutiny on Biden-Ukraine dealings, indicate Hunter may have made ‘millions’

Why is No one Talking About the Most Crucial Part of Trump’s Call With Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky?

A Way for Trump to Drain the Swamp

Ukraine Donated the Most Cash of Any Country to the Clinton Foundation

John Brennan Hears Barr’s ‘Chilling’ Footsteps

The Week in Pictures: Epicycle Edition – There are some excellent ones this week

October 4, 2019

Governor Newsom redirects gas tax money. – It won’t fund highways, railway system

In Whistleblower’s Zeal To Take Down Trump, He May Have Committed a Felony

Sorry, Democrats: It’s OK to ask for foreign help in a criminal justice investigation

Ex-Child Actress Accused of Plotting to Take Down Silicon Valley Billionaire Peter Thiel’s Firm

Three Big Things: The Most Important Forces Shaping the World

Adam Schiff Needs an Intervention NOW!

The Anti-Trump Whistleblower Concealed Contacts With House Democrats From Inspector General

Trey Gowdy: Adam Schiff has made himself a ‘fact witness’ in Trump-Ukraine whistleblower case

The ‘Whistleblower’ not ‘just a guy who votes for Democrats’

Limbaugh: Trump Won’t Make the Same Legal Mistake This Time

Testimony From The Ukraine Envoy Kurt Volker Directly Contradicts The Democrats’ Impeachment Narrative

Pelosi and Schiff colluded in complaint – ‘Have been working together to gin up this impeachment inquiry for a long time’

HE LIED! Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham Has REFUSED to Call any Hearings on FBI, CIA, Spygate, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Mueller, Stefan Halper… SEE THE COMPLETE LIST

Ex-Fed. Prosecutor McCarthy: Despite The Democrats Antics, No Impeachment Inquiry Is Actually Happening

Limbaugh: Impeachment Not Going as the Mainstream Media Planned It

Trump is Calling the Democrats’ Bluff, He Will Reportedly Slap Pelosi with Ultimatum for a formal vote

Limbaugh: John Kasich and Mitt Romney Dream of a Primary Runs Against Trump

Where Is Joseph Mifsud? – Is he hiding because of fear for his life?

US unemployment rate falls to five-decade low of 3.5%

The U.S. Supreme Court takes up major Louisiana abortion case

Impeachment Through Swamp-Covered Glasses

Ukraine top prosecutor says Biden-linked Burisma case will be reviewed

Schiff Collusion with Whistleblower is the Last Straw

Donald Trump’s Art of the Strategy

President Trump Is Absolutely Right To Assume Federal Agencies Are Against Him

If The  New Paul Sperry Report About The Whistle-Blower Is True, It’s a Game Changer

CIA Whistleblower Failed to Follow Law by Going to House Intelligence Panel Before Inspector General

Unmask the Whistleblower – Let’s read the Constitution, shall we?

The Democrats Are Doomed

U.S. Adds 136,000 Jobs in September, Barely Missing Expectations

CrowdStrike and the Impeach Trump Frenzy

The Deep State and Never-Trumpers Are Not Telling the Truth About the Ukrainian Investigator of the Bidens

New Documents Include Rosenstein Email to Mueller: ‘The boss and his staff do not know about our discussions’

Hillary’s going to get in the 2020 race

October 3, 2019

Judicial Watch releases documents on Rosenstein, Mueller communications

Schiff’s Shifty Timeline – What did the House Intel Committee chairman know and when did he know it?

Democrats Went Into Meeting Expecting Impeachment Evidence, Left With ‘Propaganda’ About Democrats Collusion With Ukraine

Laura Ingraham looks into Adam Schiff’s alleged Ukraine connection, asks why the media ignores it

The New York Times’ 1619 Project Reeks Of Herbert Marcuse’s Divisive Ideology

Scandinavia is Not Socialist, It Just Soaks their Taxpayers

The Joseph Mifsud Story: The Great Movie Hollywood Will Never Make

President Trump Signs An Executive Order To Improve Medicare

Three Reasons Why Democrats Chase Impeachment

By Releasing the Transcript, Trump Turned the Tables on Pencil Neck Schiff

President Trump DARES Nancy Pelosi To Hold An Impeachment Vote

Huge Blow to Democrats as Files Show Giuliani Learned of Ukraine Issues 3 Months Before Biden Became A Candidate

This Is Why You Love President Donald Trump

President Trump Stands Against the Lies of Medicare-For-None

Trump’s Approval Rises in New Poll After Democrats Launch Suicidal Impeachment Proceedings

Phony Impeachment Attempt Backfires on Democrats

How China Finally ‘Woke’ America

New York City Will Fine You for Saying ‘Illegal Alien.’ – That’s an Assault on the Constitution

Media Horrified That President Who Always Punches Back Keeps Punching Back

Ukrainian Officials Didn’t Believe Trump Used Funding As Bargaining Chip

So the whistleblower went to Adam Schiff first, not the designated intelligence authorities?

Trump suggests that China investigate the Bidens

The Biden campaign fires back at Trump over China remarks

Schiff’s lies about no advance knowledge of Whistleblower complaint make the impeachment efforts look like a conspiracy

The Former Ukraine Prosecutor WAS Told to Back Off Investigation of Hunter Biden-Linked Company

Impeachment Is About Putting Down the Peasants’ Revolt

The Democrats’ Trump Impeachment Push Is a Bonanza for Republicans

Inside Whistlegate

“Trump-hating Democrat Unfit to Lead Impeachment Inquiry” – Rep. Andy Biggs Introduces Motion to Censure Liar Adam Schiff

Records: Former Ukrainian prosecutor was told to back off Biden

The Clintons’ Wheeling and Dealing – Bill and Hillary have their own shady history in Ukraine

Twitter Removes Viral Biden Meme With Golf Photo Posted by Trump

Good News Is Bad News in California – The state’s economy is slowing and troubling new laws suggest hard times ahead

October 2, 2019

Flynn Lawyer’s Letter to Barr: Flynn Was Set Up to ‘Take Out’ Trump

The Walls Really are Closing In . . . On the Elite

Dick Morris: How Trump Will Survive The Most Recent Attach By Democrats

Judicial Watch Court Victory: Ruling Strikes Down California’s Attempt to Require Candidates to Disclose Tax Returns

Now Reuters Appears Panicky Over Trump 2020 Win, Warns SCOTUS Could End up 7-2 Conservative

ADL, Antifa and Koch: Toxic Anti-Trump League

New York Times: Schiff Got Early Account of Accusations as Whistle-Blower’s Concerns Grew

NYT: Adam Schiff Knew About Whistleblower Complaint Before It Was Filed

Adam Schiff Hid CIA Whistleblower Concerns from Republicans on Intelligence Committee

Limbaugh: Schiff Colluded with Leaker, Suggested He Become Whistleblower

Impeachment Attempt #2 May Have Jumped the Shark – Some new problems emerge

Limbaugh: What We Learned from Pelosi and Pencil Neck Schiff

Trump’s Worldwide Dragnet to Catch the Hoaxers

Six ways to Sunday? Intelligence chiefs not only altered rules about firsthand knowledge to file whistleblower report…

Liz Cheney to Pelosi: How Did You Get to See Full Ukraine Call Transcript Before White House Authorized Release?

Gaslighting American Voters

Australian View Of Trump Impeachment Efforts

Americans Have Every Reason To Be Suspicious Of The Whistleblower Complaint

A Deep Cleansing of the Deep State Is Coming

Top ally says Hunter Biden’s Ukraine dealings could ‘blow up’ Joe’s campaign

Impeachment Creates an Opening for a resident of Chappaqua

Inspector General Admits to Changing Whistleblower Form Due to Media Scrutiny

Trump Intensifies Criticism of Impeachment Inquiry by Calling It a ‘Coup’

Biden Busted as Pelosi Pushes Coup d’Etat

Trump dares Congress, brandishing deep-red 2016 election map: ‘Try to impeach this’

The Anti-Defamation League, Antifa and Koch: Toxic Anti-Trump League

Pelosi’s Assistant Connected to Ukrainian Government and Military, Also to Obama’s Corrupt Ukrainian Ambassador and Alexandra Chalupa, the Woman Behind the Russia Collusion Hoax

Judge temporarily blocks law aimed at Trump’s tax returns

In migrant-surged Sweden, now it’s the Swedes who are fleeing

October 1, 2019

Resume of the Inspector General Behind ‘Whistleblower’ Tells Us All We Need to Know

A deeper dive into one poll shows what Americans really think about impeachment

Impeachment is regime suicide – The ruling class still believes in a consensus that doesn’t exist

Giuliani: ‘Pretty Close To Overwhelming Evidence’ That Obama Ordered Hillary, Democrats To Dig Up Dirt In Ukraine On Trump

Jason Chaffetz: Trump’s transparency is driving the left nuts (and messing up their impeachment dreams)

Intel Community Admission Of Whistleblower Changes Raises Explosive New Questions

Kamala Harris is the Winner from the Impeachment Push But the Game is On

Politico Oped by Senator Inhofe on April 4th Clears President Trump from Pelosi and Schiff’s Garbage Allegations

Newly Discovered Letter from Aussie Ambasador Exposes NYT Hit Piece on Trump as Fraud

Listen to ADAM Schiff Destroy Own Credibility When He Asks ‘Ukrainian Insider’ for Dirt on Trump

Impeachment is Not About Trump, It’s about Protecting the DNC from their Voters

Red-state Democrats worry their impeachment efforts may spin out of control

How Trump wins

The Left Tries To Wave Away IG Changes Allowing Whistleblowers To Weaponize Hearsay

Keep It Steady and Cool with Iran, America

Top Lawmakers Tell Intel Community Inspector General: Come Clean On Secret Changes To Whistleblower Rules

Documents counter claim Biden-China scandal debunked

The impeachment project media factor

U.S. Adversaries Will Exploit Our Washington Crises

New Evidence Suggests Prosecutors Pressured Michael Flynn To Lie

Schiff aide’s trip to Ukraine 12 days after whistleblower filed complaint that was sponsored by Burisma-funded NGO

No One Noticed When Clinton and Obama Abused Whistleblowers

The Media’s No Good, Really Bad, Terrible Two Weeks

A 12-Year-old black girl apologizes for concocting a race hoax – Now it’s the leftwing media’s turn

The State Department knew of the Clinton email scandal in 2010!

Double fake news! ‘Hate crime’ that was used to attack Karen Pence was a hoax

If This Article is Correct, Republicans May be Disappointed with the IG’s FISA Abuse Report

Limbaugh: America is in the middle of a ‘Cold Civil War’

Democrats, Media Wet Themselves Over a New Trump “Scandal” Involving the Australians

September 30, 2019

Nancy Pelosi’s ’60 Minutes’ whistleblower comments prompt GOP concerns of ‘a political setup’

Confirmed: AG Barr and U.S. Atty. John Durham Traveled to Italy to Question Officials About The Russia Hoax

Bring On the Biggest Nothingburger of Them All

What An Idiot: Democrats Want to Impeach Trump But Schumer Expects Him to Work With Them On Gun Control

Limbaugh: Everything You’re Hearing About Impeachment Is a Lie

GOP Rep. Gaetz Digs Up Audio of Schiff Telling ‘Ukrainian Politician’ He’ll Accept Dirt on Trump

Living in a Post-Truth World – Where Truth Is now Obsolete

Did The Inspector General’s Office Help The ‘Whistleblower’ Try To Frame Trump?

McConnell: Senate would have ‘no choice’ but to take up impeachment because it is required under Senate rules

Trump and his Supporters are the Real Whistleblowers Because Of Efforts To Expose “Deep State Wrongdoing”

Whistleblower attorney says ’60 Minutes’ ‘misinterpreted’ key letter

The Actual Whistle-Blower Complaint

Video: Dan Bongino explains why President Trump must protect the office of the presidency

The Democrats plan to march in lockstep to create their impeach-Trump ‘narrative’

Why Nancy Pelosi Now Supports Impeachment Even Though It’s Insane

President Trump: I ‘Deserve’ To Meet The Whistleblower

A Seinfeld Kind Of Impeachment (It’s About Nothing)

The Democrats are Gaslighting Americans……..Again

Intel Community Quietly Scrapped Requirement For “First-Hand Knowledge” Before CIA ‘Rumorblower’ Relied On Hearsay

Hunter Biden: The Most Comprehensive Timeline

Just how bad was Hunter Biden’s ‘booty from the coup’ appointment to Ukrainian gas company?

Flu vaccine selections may be an ominous sign for this winter

September 29, 2019

Durham’s Ukrainian Leads – What the prosecutor has found may be quite different from what the Democrats are looking for

House Democrats Resist a Win for American Workers

Sacramento Contradictions: Poop Patrol, Plastic Straws and the Constitution

Impeachment Coup Analytics – Democrats are running out of time before November 2020 election

SPEAKER PELOSI AND ADAM SCHIFF Connected to Prominent Ukrainian Arms Dealer – WITH PHOTOS

Biden Campaign Pressures Major News Outlets to Stop Booking Giuliani

Former Government Directors, Attorneys and Agents Livid with Deep State CIA Whistleblower

A Total Fail for the Khamenei Regime

Democrats Reveal The Real Purpose Of The Impeachment Investigation

The demise of the Democrat Party

Dossier 2.0: ‘Whistleblower’ Complaint Relies on Soros-Funded ‘Investigative Reporting’ Group that Partnered with BuzzFeed

If The Democrats Case For Trump’s Impeachment Is So Strong, Why Are Liberals Lying About It?

Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Fun Playhouse

Islamic Modernism: Reality or Illusion?

Three Cheers for the Trade War With China

September 28, 2019

Sharyl Attkisson: Here’s how Russia’s enemy, Ukraine, figures in to anti-Trump efforts

The State Department Intensifies Investigation Into Hillary’s Email Server

The Little Engine That Couldn’t – Democrats think their impeachment push is enough tarnish his reputation for 2020

The Pot Calling The Kettle Black – Whaaat, Paul Ryan A Fox Corporation Board Member???

Rush Says Biden Only Part of What Trump’s Working on with Ukraine President, He’s Going for Mueller Origin Too

The 800-pound gorilla in the impeachment room

How about a Bipartisan Treaty against the Criminalization of Elections?

Trump Exposes Paul Ryan and Romney Republicans

Hillary Clinton’s Attorney Is Preventing Roger Stone from Obtaining ‘Evidence’ of Russia Hacking from Crowdstrike!

September 27, 2019

Amid the political frenzy, eight keys to the coming Trump impeachment fight

It Turn Out That The Whistleblower Was A Deep State Plant From The CIA

The Intel Community Secretly Gutted Requirement Of First-Hand Whistleblower Knowledge

Ukrainian prosecutor: I WAS FIRED for investigating Hunter Biden

The Whistleblower Complaint Conflicts With Trump–Zelensky Call Transcript

Was the “Whistleblower” Part of a Plan?

The Ukraine Bureaucrat ‘Whistleblower’ Isn’t really a Whistleblower

Trump Killed the Seriousness of Impeachment

Dershowitz Warns Democrats: ‘Neither is Congress above the law’

Limbaugh: There Is No Whistleblower, Just a Leaker! We’re in the Midst of a Cold Civil War

Nancy Pelosi’s Trojan Horse for Medicare for All

The Democrats impeachment frenzy is the prelude to the coming time bombs about to explode in their faces

Congressional Democrats Have No Credibility On Impeachment

Who is actually responsible for the current over-hyped impeachment frenzy?

Trump: The Man Who Had All the Luck – And now, Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats come through for him again

Will the gutless GOP senators sell out Trump the way their predecessors did Nixon?

Adam Schiff, ‘Shakespeare artist of evil’

Despite Rampant Speculation of Ukraine Quid Pro Quo, Evidence Drops That Completely Blows Up That Narrative

As Biden falters, Hillary attacks Trump and positions herself to enter the 2020 presidential race

CIA Whistleblower Report Links to Soros-Funded Project Three Different Times

Ukraine’s Former Top Prosecutor Swore He Was Fired Over Refusal to Drop Biden Probe

WHAT DEMOCRATS DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE: Overview of Crowdstrike – Firm that Claimed ‘Russia Hacked’ the US

September 26, 2019

How the Impeachment Process Works

Adam Schiff and Democrats are twisting words to smear Trump


Trump Has the Bad Guys Surrounded in Ukraine

To Hell with the Crooked Elites

Limbaugh: Democrats in Media and Democrats in Politics Collude to Create Another Fake Scandal!

House Intel Chair Schiff Fabricates Trump Quotes During Hearing, Later Calls It ‘Parody’ When Lie Exposed

7 Highlights From a House Panel’s Hearing on Trump’s Ukraine Call

When Hillary Clinton Colluded with Ukraine

What Is Joe Biden Hiding?

US Oil Independence Is Key Weapon Against Iran

Wall Street Journal columnist and editorial board member Kim Strassel: “The Media got this all so wrong”

Impeachment Isn’t Supported by Evidence or the Electorate

How The House Plans To Use Its ‘Inquiry’ To Instigate Impeachment

The Death of American Citizenship

September 25, 2019

After failing on Russia, Democrats try a new hoax

After failing on Russia, Democrats try a new hoax

‘The Battle Lines Are Drawn’: 231 House Democrats Vote to Proceed with Impeachment of Donald Trump

Limbaugh: Everything You Need to Know About The Ukraine Manufactured Scandal

‘Ukraine-Gate’ Is About the Russian Hack That Wasn’t – Remember CloudStrike?

The Letter Democratic Senators Sent to Ukraine Urging It To Investigate Trump Resurfaces

6 Key Points From Trump’s Call to Ukraine’s President

Trump Didn’t Pressure Ukraine to Probe Biden, Transcript Shows

House Democrats Target Tax-Exempt Status of ‘Hate Groups’ as Defined by Southern Poverty Law Group

Donald Trump Taunts Impeachment Democrats: ‘Got Them by Surprise’ with Transcript Release

Transcript of Trump-Zelensky Call Shows No Pressure in Request to Probe Biden

Transcript of Trump-Zelensky call released, impeachment now likely

Why India Is The United States’ Best Bet For Balancing China

Rudy Giuliani tells Democrats they’ve walked into a trap

Poll: Majority against Trump impeachment proceedings

Pelosi’s impeachment surrender proves Democrats still can’t get beyond 2016 – And that’s risky

3 Sickening Truths About Aborted Fetus Trafficking We Learned From The Daleiden Hearings

Jarrett: Impeachment move will blow up in faces of Democrats and mainstream media like an ‘exploding cigar’

The Realities Of Democrats Push For Impeachment

Trump’s Crime? Asking Zelensky to Reopen Investigation Ukraine was Forced to Close After Biden’s Thuggish Threat

Why Brit Hume Thinks Pelosi’s Impeachment Inquiry Move ‘Was Really Quite Clever’

The Democrats’ UKRAINE HOAX

Document Shows Alleged Whistleblower Had ‘Political Bias’ in Favor of ‘Rival Candidate’

September 24, 2019

Trump Declassified Call With Ukrain President Zelensky

Schweizer: Biden set up son’s deals with Ukraine and China

Democrats Wrote to Ukraine in May 2018, Demanding It Investigate Trump

Will Impeaching Trump Lead to Indictments of Obama and Biden Over Ukraine?

Limbaugh: Desperate Democrats Launch Impeachment Because They Know They Can’t Beat Trump

Why the Democrats Have Gone Insane

“They Have Walked Into a Trap!” – Rudy Giuliani Destroys Democrat Party, FBI and BIDEN CRIME FAMILY

Goodwin: Pelosi’s impeachment flip-flop changes everything

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Blasts Pelosi’s Impeachment Inquiry Announcement

Senate GOP vows to quash impeachment articles

White House preparing to release whistleblower complaint to Congress

Going (pro)rogue in the UK

John Solomon devastates Democrats on The Ukraine

No, Don’t Listen to Greta Thunberg – She is a pawn being used by adults for their own interests

If You Can’t Sell Your Global Warming Hysteria to Adults, Try Kids

Gen Z-ers Like Me Are Being Seduced by Socialism

A Thrilling New Novel Reveals Who Really Is America’s #1 Enemy

September 23, 2019

McCabe Memo Details How DOJ’s Rosenstein Proposed Wearing a Wire into Oval Office to Record President Trump

John Bolton fought Trump for release of delayed Ukraine military aid

Whoa: Text Messages Reveal The New York Times Reporter Told Her Kavanaugh Source What To Say

Limbaugh: The Ukraine Scandal Threatens to Take Out Biden, Not Trump

Trump ‘accused of what Biden admitted he did’

Andrew McCabe Opened Trump Investigation A Day Before Rosenstein Announced Mueller’s Probe

Joe Biden bristles when cornered on Hunter’s business deals: ‘Ask the right questions!’

U.K.Prime Minister Boris Johnson Says Iran Is Responsible for the Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities

Surge: 14.3 million illegal immigrants in US costing taxpayers $130B

Trump scored bigly at the amazing ‘Howdy, Modi’ event in Houston

Media Corruption Is On Perfect Display In One Washington Post Paragraph

The Democrat Left is the Party of Racism, Divisiveness, and Balkanization

The Ukraine ‘Bombshell’ Will Explode in Democrats Faces

The Ukraine Hoax is replacing the Russia Hoax

Indian Prime Minister Modi Invites Trump to Rally in Show of Unity in Houston

A hearsay complaint sets off another round of hysteria — even though the law is clearly on the president’s side

Abortion Stops a Beating Heart — Unless It’s Being Harvested for Research – Revelations from the organ harvesting trial

It’s Time For Trump To Update His Supreme Court Nominee Short List

Another day, another coverup for Democrats by the New York Times

California Democrats want to kneecap ballot measures

California’s Dirty Baker’s Dozen: Veto-Worthy Policy Proposals that Should Not Be Law

September 22, 2019

Iran’s president warns America to ‘stay away’ as it unveils long range missiles they say could strike US bases

Was the Muslim Migrant Airplane Mechanic Who Sabotaged a Plane Really Just a Disgruntled Union Man?

Trump To Skip UN Climate Summit And Will Host His Own Religious Freedom Summit Instead

SURPRISE! The Official Escort for 16-Year-Old Global Warming ‘Expert’ Greta Thunberg Is a Leftist Hack Funded by George Soros Org

Senator Elizabeth Warren comes under new pressure over Medicare for All and higher taxes

Joe Biden son’s questionable business deals in Ukraine become campaign liability

The fiction of non-partisan judges and Justices

One brave young man takes on gender inequality at USC

Why Trudeau Could Lose  – Canadians sense that their young prime minister isn’t quite ready for prime time

Donald Trump, is a force of nature

President Trump Is Stacking The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Trump goes on the offensive against Biden and whistleblower amid Ukraine controversy

Iran Will Strike Again

Former Secretary of Defense Mattis says Iran regime is ‘trying to craft a foreign policy that pushes others around’

It’s Simple – More Fracking, or More War?

Stallone’s New Rambo movie tells the brutal truth about Mexico

Facebook Has a New Excuse to Ban and Block Pro-Trump Conservative Content

Trump Is Right: San Francisco Needs to Clean Up Its Act

Trump Administration to UNC and Duke: Quit Promoting Islam on Our Dime

It appears that the president prefers Pocahontas

China’s Communist Party is looking at the beginning of the end of one-party rule

September 21, 2019

Trey Gowdy Rips into ‘Deeply Partisan’ Adam Schiff: ‘Leaking Like a Sieve’

Another Week, Another Trump Pseudo-Scandal, But Further Investigation Will Expose Biden Dealings

Twitter Suspends The Entire Leadership Team Of Latinos For Trump

A New Group Targets Big Tech’s ‘Harm’ To Conservative Society

Candace Owens Scorches the Democrats On White Supremecy Claims

America Has a Long Lever in Trade War With China  – Don’t look now, but Trump is winning

Limbaugh Goes on Record with Early Talk of 2020 Trump Landslide

Australian Broadcaster Takes Down the Spoiled Climate Protesting Students In Epic Fashion

‘Perfectly fine and routine conversation’: Trump defends call with Ukrainian president

The Unholy Alliance Between Special Prosecutors and Congress

What 18 Years After 9/11 Have Wrought

Democrats Veto Red Flag Law for Gangbangers

Joe Biden’s fractious relationship with the truth

The climate ‘strike’ that really wasn’t one

What Comes After Transgender?

George Soros and the ‘Whistleblower’ Non-Scandal

September 20, 2019

The Electoral College Process Encourages Candidates to Get to Know All Kinds of Americans

Abortion Advocates Attack Justice Kavanaugh Because They Are Losing The Argument

The Whistleblower May Not Be A Whistleblower At All

The Real Cure for Inequality – Income gains are now rising faster for low-wage workers

Did Mark Judge’s Memoir Cause Christine Blasey Ford to Revise Her Assault Story?

The Media Blame Trump and protect Obama – – – Always

The Mueller inquiry was an attempted coup – We should call things by their real names

Trump Urged Ukaraine’s President To Reopen Their Investigation Of Hunter Biden

How Elizabeth Warren used fake Native American identity to get ahead

This Woman Just Slapped Down Soy Boy Beto’s Gun Confiscation Proposal Right Right To His Face

The Russian Spy Who Wasn’t? Defamation Case Accuses U.S., U.K. Intelligence Of Using Michael Flynn For Spygate Hoax

Pelosi Unloads On Nadler; Tells Him To Drop ‘Moby Dick’-Like Impeachment Obsession

The Left’s Kavanaugh Smear Implodes — Again

The Kavanaugh Smear is an Escalation of the “Court War”

Why Trump Will Trounce Biden or Warren

Matt Drudge Predicts Which Democrat Has The ‘Nomination to Lose’

The Iran Dilemma, the Saudi Dilemma, and the Iran–Saudi Dilemma

The First Casualty of War Is Truth

Trump Isn’t Bulletproof, But Even With The Ukraine Story He’s Far From Toast

Hearings Expose How Kamala Harris Used Prosecutorial Power To Benefit Abortion Businesses That Support Her Campaigns

September 19, 2019

Inspector General Horowitz Speaks

Toward a Nationalist Economic Policy

Federal Judge Blocks California Law That Requires Trump to Release Tax Returns to Be on Ballot

New Evidence Suggests Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Others Were In On the Jussie Smollett Hoax

The Propaganda of the Left Is a Weapon of War

Photos: Trump rocks it at the border wall in San Diego

DOT, EPA announce ‘one, and only one’ national fuel standard, to hit California

Little Rocket Man’s Rockets – How does Kim imagine they fit with his strategic goals?

What’s Happening Inside The Fight To Break Up Big Tech

Groundbreaking $4.8M Lawsuit Threatens to Unearth Southern Poverty Law Centers Secrets

The walls may finally be closing in on Ilhan Omar

Corey Lewandowski’s Home Run

The Entire News Media Is Biased. They Should Just Embrace It

Trump Admin to Slap San Francisco With Environmental Citation Over Homelessness Problem

By Its Own Definition Antifa is Fascist

President Trump’s New NSA Could Help Drain the Swamp

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Wearing “Brownface” Is the Scandal We All Need Right Now

Competition, Not a Cartel, Can Cure What Ails Health Care

Gun Control: Wrong Solution to the Wrong Problem

September 18, 2019

Unwilling To Address Homelessness Crisis, California’s Governor Newsom Instead Seeks To Shift The Blame

Saudi oil attacks an ‘act of war’ by Iran, not Yemen rebels, Pompeo claims

American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging jet may have terrorist ties, feds say

Inside the Pelosi-Nadler impeachment schism

California lawmakers want to ignore immigration laws, as if it were an independent nation

California’s Ban on School Suspensions Invites Another Parkland

Did FBI and CIA have an agent provocateur who tried to entrap the Trump Organization in a Russia deal?

President Trump Announces a New National Security Advisor

The Pentagon Cancels President Trump’s Proposed Border Wall Expansion, Citing Lack of Funds

Corey Lewandowski Launches Website for ‘Potential Senate Run’ During Congressional Hearings – Hilarious

Who Should Defend Saudi Arabia’s Oil Interests From Iran?

The Democrats’ Impeachment Obsession Is a Danger to Democracy

The 1917 Project: ‘Founded On Slavery’ Looks Like Communist Russia

Stand by your sham: Ilhan’s name game

7 Things I’ve Learned Since My Child Identified As Transgender

Why won’t the media tell the truth about guns and murders?

The Kavanaugh Clownshow Cavalcade

President Trump Says He’s Ordered A Substantial Increase on Iran Sanctions

September 17, 2019

‘Fed up’ with homeless camps, L.A. County joins case to restore its right to clear them

The NYT Kavanaugh smear shows why the press is the least-trusted institution in America

Why Soft-on-Crime Democrats Are Tough on ‘Gun Violence’

4 Key Moments From House Panel’s First ‘Impeachment Hearing’

Former CIA Spook: “Clear To Me That Spying On Trump Was Ordered By Obama”

We’ve lost sight of the real scandal

Howard Kurts: How I realized the NY Times Kavanaugh story was a train wreck

Google and Its Pals Are Worse than Anyone Thought

Democrats are headed for a subpoena showdown with the White House

Waiting In Juarez: How Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program Could Ruin The Smugglers’ Trade

The mother of all racial hoaxes

Trump heads to heart of the resistance in California

Writers of NYT’s Hit Piece On Kavanaugh: They Included Exculpatory Information, Editors Removed It

As Trump calls for resignations, NYT finger-pointing begins on deceptive the Kavanaugh hit piece

HUGE: New Evidence Emerges That Rep. Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother and is Using a Fake Name

Mainstream Media Loves The Term ‘If True’ When Reporting On So-Called ‘Facts’

Christine Blasey Ford’s Friend: Her Story Didn’t Make Any Sense…And Her Allies Bullied Me Into Revising My Remarks

September 16, 2019

Democrats hit the panic button after internal polling shows stunning public opinion on impeachment efforts

Wake Up! The New York Times Didn’t Make a Mistake — They Smeared Kavanaugh on Purpose!

Lindsey Graham, Start Fighting For Justice For Brett Kavanaugh

Michael Flynn Graymails the Government – Will the FBI risk disclosure of its dirty tactics in his persecution

Everything We Know About the Saudi Oil Attacks and the Escalating Crisis in the Gulf

Trump Says the US is ‘Locked and Loaded’ After Saudi Attack Amid Oil Price Surge

What have the Houthis wrought?

Trump ramps up rhetoric on Iran

Trump Must Punish the Mullahs Severely for Attack on Saudi Oil Fields

Ballot harvesting — California’s model to steal 2020

Rasmussen: 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance

After Running Smear Filled Story on Kavanaugh, New York Times Issues a ‘Correction,’ Then Continues Lying

The Real Reason For The Kavanaugh Smear Job

Senator Chuck Grassley never even received the latest Kavanaugh ‘allegation’

Democrats will regret their latest Brett Kavanaugh smear

Guns and Poses: Democrats Demagogue Death – Welcome to the jungle of phony stats and irresponsible policy proposals

An Interview with “The Trayvon Hoax” Film Director Joel Gilbert

Russia carried out a ‘stunning’ breach of FBI communications system, escalating the spy game on U.S. soil

Do Insurance Companies Not Make Enough Money? – The Lower Health Care Costs Act has a plan for that!

5G Wireless Makes Net Neutrality Even A Dumber Policy

Here’s Just How Much of a Dumpster Fire That New Kavanaugh Hit Piece Is

Google/YouTube Censors Top Trump Media Outlet Right Side Broadcasting – Removes Live-Stream Capabilities

September 15, 2019

The Latest Kavanaugh Accuser Was Hillary’s Lawyer in the Clinton Impeachment

As Democrats Renew Calls For Kavanaugh’s Impeachment, The GOP Should Investigate These 6 Glaring Inconsistencies In Blasey-Ford’s Story

Trumped Out?

Democrats Reject ‘Red Flag’ Amendment So Law Enforcement Can’t Target Gang Databases

Christine Blasey Ford’s Attorney Debra Katz Strikes Again

The latest New York Times hit job on Brett Kavanaugh is a clear miss

Navy Yard Massacre Survivor: The only way mass shootings will end

Iran Keeps Asking for It – Peace with Iran will only be achieved through strength

The technological sophistication and audacity of Saturday’s Saudi Oil attack will linger over the energy market

What Will Democrats Destroy First: Themselves Or The Country?

“The Enemies Within”

Kevin D. Williamson: Resist?

Have you ever had a Shocking Experience from a Liberal ‘friend’ on Facebook?

Women’s rights are not the same as transgender rights

The Electability Myth of Joe Biden

Why Has the Overpopulation Myth Remained So Persistent When It’s So Easily Disproven?

September 14, 2019

Google and Facebook chastised for latest attempts to ‘save’ the news

Drone Attacks Knock Out Half of Saudi Arabia’s Oil Supply, Pompeo Names Iran

Obama Bro Ben Rhodes Bursts In Like the Kool-Aid Man to Shill for Iran After Deadly Attacks

The DOJ Files a Devastating Brief Exposing Jerry Nadler’s Impeachment Inquiry Scam

Schiff’s Latest Impeachment Ploy: An Intel Official Withheld an ‘Urgent’ Whistleblower Charge

The Left Lets the Rat Out of the Bag

Immigration Groups Challenge President Trump’s Executive Order On Collecting Citizenship Data

So Far, Trump Is Winning the Democratic Debates, But Elizabeth Warren has revealed herself as a formidable adversary

The New York Times Publishes New Uncorroborated Allegation Against Brett Kavanaugh by Former Classmate

REPORT: Over A Million Households Have Risen To Middle Class Under Trump, According To Census Data

Democrats vs. the Constitution

Are Comedians Finally Fighting Back Against the Far Left’s Political Correctness Cultural Clampdown?

Red Flags About ‘Red Flag Laws’

Trump Says He Discussed Possible Mutual Defense Treaty With Israeli Prime Minister Ahead of Their Elections

The Justice Department Opposes Nadler’s Request For Secret Grand Jury Material in the Mueller Report

The Democrat debate was terrifying – Who are these people?

Nadler: Impeachment inquiry is a ‘made-up term’ but it’s essentially ‘what we are doing’

Why It’s Unlikely the McCabe Grand Jury Voted against Indictment

Will McCabe Bring the FBI Down with Him?

Why Polls Now?

Socialism Offers ‘Security’ of State Control But Demands Surrender of Individual Responsibility

How AR-15s Became the Plastic Straws of the Gun World

Was Israel spying? Or was the StingRay story an anti-Bibi sting operation?

Hands Off the Electoral College

The Great Texas Courtroom Blunder Could Cost Us All

The Week in Pictures: Democrat Debate Edition

Why Do Young Americans Struggle Financially? It’s Certainly Not the Economy’s Fault

September 13, 2019

Google Insider Turns Over 950 Pages Of Docs And Laptop To DOJ

Yes, They Are Coming for Your Guns

Love It Or Hate It, Trump’s Tariff Policy Helped Stem The Tide Of Illegal Immigrants

Limbaugh reveals the Democrats 2020 ‘platform’ – ‘Gut the 2nd Amendment, destroy capitalism and raise taxes’

Inspector General Horowitz Submits Draft Report to DOJ, FBI on Alleged FISA Abuses

Democrats Are Buying Votes — At Only $34,500 a Pop

Brexit, Trump, and the Elite’s Last Stand – The stakes could not be higher

Elizabeth Heng Shuts Down AOC’s Meltdown Over Critical Ad – Reminds Her Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings

The FEDS: Epstein Did Not Die in His Prison Cell

The Democrat Debate: For those who couldn’t stand to watch, here is a quick roundup reference guide

In last nights debate, Democrats steer clear of the economy

Winners and Losers of the Third Democrat Debate

No Matter Who Wins in 2020, There Will Be Blood

Trump’s Carrot-and-Stick Middle East Policy – The ayatollahs are learning the hard way

Following The DOJ’s Rejection of McCabe’s Appeal, CNN Colleagues Worry His Presence May Undermine Network’s ‘Journalistic Credibility’

Houston Hatefest: Democrats Go Nasty – The LEFT is in no mood to take prisoners, and the debaters last night knew it

Pelosi is running again, will be 80 on Election Day, the oldest speaker ever

It’s Not The NRA Stopping Gun Control, It’s America’s 100 Million Gun Owners

Make No Mistake: The GOP is Losing Texas

House antitrust panel seeks internal records from Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook

To Affirm LGBT Ideology Is to Support Abuse

September 12, 2019

Why California Keeps Making Homelessness Worse

Over a Million Households Climbed to Middle Class Under Trump, Census Data Shows

Democrats’ division over impeachment explodes

Judicial Watch: Rosenstein Plotted The Trump Coup

Breaking Down the Report of an Imminent McCabe Indictment

About That Russian ‘Spy’ These stories always seem to leak at the most convenient times—for the FBI

Trump keeps winning on immigration – against all odds. Supreme Court decision is victory for all

Bloodshed in Houston: The Winners and Losers of the Democrat Debate

Wow! It’s Not Just Donald Trump That’s Broken The Minds Of Liberal America

How I Did Not Meet Your Mother –  Progressive women are finally getting what they asked for

Why Flushing the Obama ‘Clean Water Rule’ Was the Right Thing to Do

CA’s “median household income” adjusted for COL is worse than all but 10 states. Actually, all but TWO states!

Robocall ‘hijacking’ is on the rise, a new report warns

US attorney recommends proceeding with charges against McCabe, as DOJ rejects last-ditch appeal

SCOTUS delivers big Trump win and implicit rebuke to San Francisco federal judge’s 50-state injunction on asylum rules change

Sidney Powell’s Latest Motion In Michael Flynn’s Case Is A Russiagate Bombshell

New York Times: Airplane violence caused the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001

Trump Campaign to Fly Giant Banner in Houston Before the Democrat Debate – Here’s What It Will Say

Rule Over Law or Rule of Law?  – China’s Intilectual Property Theft Dilemma

College Bias Leads to Grade A Intolerance

K–12: The Real Threat is Red Supremacists

U.S. Beats Saudi Arabia to Become Top Oil Exporter on Shale Boom

There’s A Good Reason People Hate The Media

Progressivism Without Guard Rails  – California’s Legislature embraces idiotic far-ranging measures

SNBC Anchor Asks Condoleezza Rice If Russia’s Interference Elected Trump; Rice Leaves Her Speechless

Footage Shows ISIS Island Stronghold Blown to Smithereens by the US Military

Why NC-9 Should Frighten the Democrats – Minority voters are starting to walk away

Why buying and selling a house could soon be as simple as trading stocks

September 11, 2019

Russian Spy Revelation Raises Questions on CIA Information, Potential Links to Steele Dossier

President Trump’s Message for the Taliban

The Democrat Nomination Is Warren’s to Lose — and That’s Dangerous

Bible holidays are too ‘sexual’ to allow, says Facebook

America Needs Jobs, Not Chinese Imports

‘Historic milestone’: Senate confirms 150th Trump judicial nominee

Black Americans Are Doing Great Under Trump

The Supreme Court allows Trump administration to enforce toughest restriction yet on asylum requests

‘A Force for Good’: Pompeo Explains the Trump Administration’s Vision for America’s Role in the World

September 11th – Never Forget!

Memories From 8 Americans That  Explain Why They Can Never Forget 9/11

Where I Was on That September 11th Saved My Life

Terrible, Horrible September 11th

On 9/11 Anniversary, NYT Blames Airplanes For Taking Down WTC

On the Anniversary of 9/11, We Must Counter the Enemy Within

The Divine Right of the Democrat Party

How Obama’s Iran Deal Funded Terrorism

Reasons to Bet for or against Brexit

Media Blacks Out Abortion Industry Admissions Of Baby Body Part Trafficking And Kamala Harris’ Abuse Of Power

Malkin: 7 Democrat Debate Questions Jorge Ramos Won’t Ask

The United States Carpet-Bombs ISIS-Infested Island in Iraq

Election Interference Real and Imagined – A scandal that rocked the nation

Jon Scott: 9/11 was an unimaginable event – Here’s my hope and prayer on this somber anniversary

Is Christopher Wray Protecting Andrew McCabe?

Elizabeth Warren’s Plans Don’t Just Add Up

Climate Change and the Democrats

Why Is Elizabeth Warren Endorsing Far Left Candidates Running Against Members Of Her Own Party

The Latest College Lunacy: Correct English Grammar Is ‘Racist’

Anti-Gun Laws Will Never Solve Gun Violence in America

Tucker Carlson hails firing of John Bolton: He was ‘fundamentally a man of the left’

Republican pulls off a critical win in North Carolina

September 10, 2019

How to ‘Inconvenience’ Walmart’s ‘Semi-Woke’ CEO – A friendly boycott of the Walmart triffids

Obama’s State Department ‘central to conspiracy to smear Trump’

Never Forget How U.S. Intelligence Failed You

By Firing Bolton, Trump Set a Massive Bear Trap for Leftists, the Media & North Korea

4 Ways the Left Is Grabbing Power in America

Gun sales surge 15%, driven by self-protection and Pelosi-Schumer demand for limits

Trump Blasts Obama: I’m President of the United States, Not the World

The Real Warmongers in DC – Falsely claiming Trump is provoking Iran actually push the two countries closer to war

Taliban Terrorists Have No Place at Camp David

‘Hillary Clinton, part two’: Democrats fear that Biden could be a ghost of losers past

Arizona GOP Cancels Republican Primary, Says Party Backs Trump

The Equation That Explains Evil

Joe Biden Isn’t Even Close To Being A Moderate

Group Attacking Kavanaugh And Other Trump Judicial Nominees Being Fueled By Dark Money From George Soros

9/11: You Said You Wouldn’t Forget. You Did.

How the Obama Administration Made the Military More Politically Correct

Federal Court Orders Resentencing For Rand Paul’s Attacker

Former Defense Secretary General Mattis refuses to follow the media’s anti-Trump script

Soros calls Trump’s China stance his ‘greatest’ foreign policy achievement, but warns on Huawei

Venezuela tells UN it’s not going to ‘lose sleep’ over complaints about its last 57 death squad killings

September 9, 2019

Attorney General Barr is getting better at fighting rogue judges, but more is needed

USMCA is a needed upgrade from NAFTA. – Let’s get it passed

Nadler Accuses Trump of ‘Crimes and Corruption’ – Schedules Vote on Procedures For Impeachment Investigation

Trump’s Economic Warfare Is Working

Democrat contenders rally around a carbon tax, but may soon regret it

Teacher Refuses To Call Transgender Student by Preferred Pronoun, Now Staff Has To Go Through Training

The Bullying of Conservatives at Colleges Needs to End

6 of 7 People Arrested in Brutal Stabbing Murder Are MS-13 Gang Members in the Country Illegally: ICE

Trump’s tariffs are keeping the US out of a recession

2020 Political Polling: A trip down short-term memory lane

Jim Jordan: Americans Want to Know “When Someone’s Going to Jail”

The US Charges Chinese a Professor in the Latest Shot at Huawei

Comey may not be off the hook in the FISA investigation

Nadler’s Fake Impeachment Inquiry- A PR stunt designed to look like an official investigation

Ideological Discrimination in Academia Is More Complicated than You Think

John Ratcliffe Predicts An Indictment For CNN’s Newest Contributor, Andrew McCabe

Got Google? Scarier than milk

On Abortion, Democrats Are Living In A Fantasy Land

“Climate Change” Is A Hoax

Guns, Bernie, Liz, and Joe –  The underlying insanity of the current debate

Why Criminals Looking To Victimize Women Love Gun Control

Is ‘Social Credit’ Coming to the West?

Winners and Losers in the Marriage Marketplace – For better or worse, women are the more selective

So famous lefty feminist lawyer Lisa Bloom offered to plant stories to trash Harvey Weinstein’s victims?

An illegal immigrant racket so big that migrants can now leave Yelp ratings?

The Air Force Completely Destroys The Media Narrative About Crew Favoring Trump’s Scottish Hotel

September 8, 2019

Big Labor Said to Exploit ‘Weakness’ in State Laws Despite High Court Ruling on Dues

DOJ Emails Reveal Internal Response to ‘Wiretap’ Allegations Against Rosenstein

Google Censored Search Content in Favor of Democrats in Orange County in 2018

It’s Official: Democrats Just Want You Dead – They have their own violent, armed wing, it’s Antifa with their black masks

WSJ: China Says Growth Is Fine. Private Data Show a Sharper Slowdown

The Feds are fighting manipulated ‘media’ with algorithms

It’s Up to the Queen to Resolve Brexit – The question of a snap election is hers to decide

Trump’s plan to stem border crossings gets results

China Loosens Lending Restrictions, Turns on Debt Spigot

The Greek Burden – Muslim Immigration Flood

Biden or Bust? – The Democratic establishment has apparently decided they must embrace him

CA Democrat Lawmakers Releasing Violent Criminals From Prison, While Imposing Gun Control Laws on Citizens

Climate Change Hysteria and the Democrats

Unlike Barack Obama – President Trump Calls Off Planned Peace Talks with Taliban after Kabul Terror Attack

Democrats want an election recession. Should we expect one?

Congress faces sprint to avoid another government shutdown

The More Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats Talk, the More Likely They Are to Lose

So Hillary Clinton is now the éminence grise behind Elizabeth Warren?

Lawyers accuse Kamala Harris of defying Supreme Court by hiding evidence from defense attorneys

Mark Sanford will take on Trump for the 2020 Republican presidential nomination

Even the New York Times sees that Chinese leadership is divided and wavering

September 7, 2019

Is China Trying to Elect a Democrat who would be more compliant than Trump?

Tolerating Ourselves to Death with Google and China

Robert Mueller helped Saudi Arabia cover up its role in 9/11 attacks: Law Suit

Lies the Left Tells Us About Guns

Bi-sexual atheist teacher orders students to identify ‘sexuality, gender’ of parents, etc

Biden coughs repeatedly and calls Trump ‘President Hump’ at New Hampshire Democratic gathering

Trump Unloads on Obama DACA Order, Calling It ‘Totally Illegal’

The Brexit Saboteurs

The Democrats impeachment investigation keeps expanding

Reminder to Liberals: The USA Is a Representative Republic, Not a Democracy

John Dean: The James Comey of Watergate

Politicians as Folk Heroes?

The Turn Toward a Pre-9/11 Mindset

Chick-fil-A opens its first international store as eager customers step over bodies of ‘die-in’ protestors

CNN Climate Change Town Hall Misdiagnoses America’s Ills  – The main issue plaguing our country is health care

There are solutions and then there is what we saw on CNN

Elizabeth Warren’s vampire plan seeks to drive a stake through the heart of capitalism

Epoch Times Video:14 Strange Facts in the Flynn Case

September 6, 2019

Federal Judge Criticizes State and Justice Departments on Clinton Email Cover-Up

Delaying Tariffs Is Not the Answer to China’s Trade Practices

Why socialists in Congress are holding up new NAFTA

StemExpress CEO admits selling beating baby hearts, intact baby heads in Daleiden hearing

Fed Chair Jerome Powell: “Our Main Expectation Is That There Will Not at All Be a Recession”

Limbaugh: Spectacular Jobs News, Democrats Hardest Hit

Leprosy Could Be The Next Public Health Crisis To Hit Los Angeles

Trump honors Jerry West, the New York Times implies racism

Grey’s Anatomy Actor, Isaiah Washington, Chooses Policy Over Partisan Politics

Illegal Alien Convicted of Stabbing 3-Year-Old Girl to Death on Halloween

Just the facts! Americans don’t care what biased reporters think

Comey Tickles the Wire –  Wiretapping the president — an FBI first

What Happened During Flynn Lawyer’s Secret Meeting With Judge This Week?

The Left’s determination to destroy us from within

It’s All Out War & Brexit Is The Battlefield

Media Bias Goes International In Coverage Of Amazon Fires, Brexit, And More

New Info Explodes CNN’s Story That Stronger Gun Laws Would Have Prevented Odessa Shooter From Obtaining Gun

Yes, Gun Ownership Is a God-Given Right

Record 157,878,000 Employed in August; Record Low Unemployment Rate for Blacks Under Trump

From Cradle to Jihadi

New York announces antitrust investigation into Facebook, kicking off bipartisan effort

The Obamas Are in the Middle of a Trademark Dispute…and They’re Not Taking the High Road

Save the Planet: Reform the Endangered Species Act

September 5, 2019

End Nationwide Injunctions – The Dreamers case shows how willful courts can ruin the chance for political compromise

The Mainstream Media Fails to Note That 6 Murder Suspects are Illegal Immigrants, MS-13 Gangbangers

Sharyl Attkisson Reports On European Immigration Crisis: Greece “A Storage Facility For The Rest Of Europe”

Trump Says ‘Close to 500 Miles of Wall’ Will Be Completed Before End of 2020

Walmart’s ‘woke’ capitalism

Mueller and Horowitz reveal Fusion GPS role in both Trump Tower meetings

Only the Press Could Get Away With This – Score another victory for the anti-Trump thugs and bullies

Rush Limbaugh explains why libs are terrified of climate change

The Case for High-Speed Police Car Chases

Nunes sues Fusion GPS for racketeering

America Isn’t the 47th Best Place to Live in the World!

Your Tax Dollars at Work – Half a Million to Study the Mating Calls of Frogs?

Hong Kong’s Withdrawal Of Their Extradition Bill Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

Fed Lines Up Another Quarter-Point Rate Cut

CNN’s Presidential Climate Change Town Hall Was Insane

Mattis: Obama Failed to Respond to Iran’s Bomb Plot on U.S. Soil Because of The Nuclear Deal

The Media Cancel James Mattis After They Learn His New Book Criticizes the Wrong President

In 2020 Trump Will Reduce the Blue Wall to Rubble

Why Republicans Shouldn’t Cave To Democrats On Guns

Are They Sending Us Their Best?

In Court Hearing, Planned Parenthood Employee Admits To Trafficking In Baby Body Parts

Analyze This – So why didn’t the FBI call Rick Wilson?

Poll: 73 Percent of Republican Students Have Hidden Their Politics over Fears about Grades

Four years after allowing universal ‘concealed carry’ law, Maine rated the safest state in the nation for crime

The NeverTrump Nitwits Should Just Go Away

Trump questioned Pence’s interest in becoming vice president: ‘I need killers! Do you want this thing or not?’

September 4, 2019

James Q. Wilson Lecture: Entrenched interests and newcomers in its economic, political, geographic, and generational dimensions


Welcome to the ‘Great Undoing’ – Globalization has found its fortunes radically shifted thanks to President Trump

The Feds Are Going After Kate Steinle’s Killer After California Overturns Sole Gun Conviction

Experts Say China Is Using Fentanyl as ‘Chemical Warfare’

Antifa Gives Progressives a Tin-Pot Dictator High – Their violence is a feature, not a bug

Antifa Thought It Could Get Away with Violence Against Boston’s “Straight Pride Parade,” but a Judge Is Ruining Their Day

Dennis Prager challenges PG-13 rating for his new documentary

Red Flag: San Francisco Declares NRA a Terrorist Organization

Cowardly Congress Won’t Condemn the Anti-Semitic BDS Movement

THE Hill joins FEC in war on Drudge ANDonline media

Christine Blasey Ford’s Attorney Admits Protecting Abortion Was Part of Her Motivation

Biden’s eye fills with blood during CNN climate town hall

Jussie Smollett Lawyer Claims Even if He Did Lie, It’s the Police’s Fault for Taking It So Seriously

Hong Kong Leader Announces Withdrawal of Extradition Bill That Sparked Protest Movement

Recalling the Tragic History of Gun Control The war on law-abiding gun owners resumes

Criminologists Mislead Us

The U.K. Parliament Gave A Full-Fledged Finger To The British People

No, Boris Johnson isn’t defeated

The 10 counties that will decide the 2020 election

The American Dream beats the Socialist Dream every time

Stop Mental Health Data Mining of Our Kids

Michelle Malkin Honors Immigrant Family Who Lost Son to Eleven Time Deported Illegal Alien

Democrats Propose First Gun Grab Since Lexington And Concord

September 3, 2019

Global Warming or Bad Data? – Garbage in – – – Garbage out

The Two Ticking Time Bombs of the Coming Election

Why Comey Escaped Charges Last Week and Why His Luck Is Likely To Change

Trump allies plan to investigate news reporters

What Doing Business With China Actually Costs

Omar’s husband confirms she was married to her own brother

An urgent plea to Sacramento: Don’t bail out PG&E

Mayor of Democrat Dominated Chicago Places Blame for the City’s Extreme Violence On Republicans

Does Comey deserve an apology? Not if you read the Inspector General’s report

Michael Flynn’s Attorney Accuses The Feds Of Hiding Exculpatory Information About His Case

The National Popular Vote Contract (NPVIC) is an unconstitutional attempt by Democrats to game our electoral system

Even The Strongest Balloon Bursts With Too Much Air

Israel’s Good and Bad New Realities

Congress is set for a chaotic fall sprint

The Right Needs To Adopt This Revolutionary Higher Education Reform Plan Now

If Anyone Can Be A Woman, Then No One Is a Woman

So much for the lunatic charge that Trump is ‘in Putin’s pocket’

Why Harris, Booker, and Klobuchar will never become President

Death of the ‘Gay Gene’

September 2, 2019

14 Real Obama Scandals That Have Nothing to do with His Wearing a Tan Suit

Denunciation Defeats Discourse – Revolutionaries don’t converse with the opposition. They silence and then destroy it

Central Americans now represent a shocking percentage of federal arrests

The Inspector General’s Report Exposes Another ‘Russia Collusion’ Myth

‘Racist America’: The left’s biggest lie

The Ethanol fight divides key groups in Trump’s base

This Labor Day, Unions Are Gunning for Workers’ Free Speech Rights

Trump in a Landslide: Here’s Why

The Memo: 2020 Democrats enter crucial stretch

The Comey-Brennan Conspiracy to Violate Trump’s Civil Rights – It could get them an additional five years

Are American Voters Helpless In Stopping The Soft-Jihad?

The Democrats’ Growing Threat of someone initiating a Third-Party Run

September 1, 2019

Amazon, Google Reap 15 Percent Discount to Hire Foreigners over American Graduates

Election 2020: Will America Be the New China?

Coulter: Can’t America have a little self-respect on immigration?

Deficits Are Secondary to What You’re Paying For

Unlike his predecessors, Trump gets China

From Icon to Just a Con

The Feds Launch Raids on Homes of UAW Brass

How California’s voters may have saved Trump from releasing his taxes

We Need to Talk about Joe Biden

‘Secret asset’: Joe Biden leans heavily on wife Jill as he battles to overcome campaign stumbles

Coming Legal Attractions

Could the 2020 Election Be Another 1980?

Corrupt US Attorney Jesse Liu Is Now She’s Involved in Decision on Whether to Indict Crooked Andrew McCabe!

New tariffs go into effect in US-China trade war

A Huge Transgender Case will be heard by the Supreme Court in October

When Obama Tried to ‘Red Flag’ Vets and Seniors

August 31, 2019

A Chance at Exoneration for Michael Flynn?

Educating Idiots . . . By Idiots

Prager U vs. YouTube [Updated]

20 YEARS TOO LATE: Trial Date Set For Five Muslim Terrorists Charged With 9/11 Islamic Attacks

What James Comey And Hillary Clinton Ironically Share When It Comes To Inspector General Reports

Retire the ‘Boneless Wonders’

The Deep State Will Face Justice Soon! Right?

Women In Ranger School, The Politicization Of Our Military

The Kindness Of Socialism

Twitter’s Political Bias

Why do elected officials embrace the same Islam that wants to destroy them?

August 30, 2019

Defining Nationalist Environmentalism – If “eco-fascism” ever takes hold in America, it will come from the globalist Left, not the nationalist Right

20 YEARS TOO LATE: Trial Date Set For Five Muslim Terrorists Charged With 9/11 Islamic Attacks

What James Comey And Hillary Clinton Ironically Share When It Comes To Inspector General Reports

Retire the ‘Boneless Wonders’

The Deep State Will Face Justice Soon! Right?

Women In Ranger School, The Politicization Of Our Military

The Kindness Of Socialism

Twitter’s Political Bias

Why do elected officials embrace the same Islam that wants to destroy them?

What Illegal Immigration Costs Americans

How do you solve a problem like James Comey?

DOJ Inspector General: Comey Set a Dangerous Example

Trump’s personal assistant resigns from White House amid tensions surrounding shared personal information

So where is the evidence Trump’s tariffs are hurting the U.S. economy?

The Amazon Scam

Leftists Wage War on ‘Dude Walls’ in Pursuit of Socialist Utopia

Historic Asset Boom Passes by Half of U.S. Households

Early court ruling sides with Johnson in fight to suspend Parliament

Here’s What People Who Used To Be Transgender Are Telling The Supreme Court

Trump’s confidence about Texas vexing GOP insiders

The biggest question mark about Apple’s new TV service is price — and it’s going to be a huge factor

August 29, 2019

Look Who is Interfering With the 2020 Election – I’s CHINA

Citizenship Change Fake News Is Part of a ‘Misinformation Campaign,’ USCIS Says

Boris Johnson leaves Remainers reeling with masterstroke to close Parliament to push through Brexit

It’s official: No U.S. warming since at least 2005

President Trump Just Nominated More Judges and One is Especially Good News

Only one-third of Americans believe Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide

Highlights From the IG’s Report on Former FBI Director James Comey

There Is No ‘Gay Gene,’ A Comprehensive Scientific Study Finds

What Is Justice for McCabe?

A Fellowship of Losers Marxism — Never has there been anything so destructive yet so alluring to the modern Democrat

How Free Trade With China Politically Impoverished Both Countries

Why Socialism, and Why Now?

The Media Puff Up Trump’s Republican Primary Challenghers

‘Sources Say’ – The media’s hatred of Trump is destroying American journalism

Recession indicator everyone’s freaking out about isn’t a ‘harbinger of doom’

Bill De Blasio: Merit Is Racist, So We Won’t Allow It In NYC Public Schools

August 28, 2019


Office of the Director of National Intelligence is Still Stonewalling the DOJ on Trump-Russia Documents

Red Pills for the Outsider Class and Truth Serum for the Ruling Class

MSNBC’s O’Donnell Issues Humiliating Apology After Trump Sent in His Lawyer To Deal with Malicious Report on Financial Documents

A Mystery Gmail Account Revives Questions About The Clinton Email Probe

The DOJ Inspector General is preparing separate report on Comey

Everyone is Apparently “Exhausted” Because Conservatives are Finally Fighting Back

California electricity costs far more than the national average – And the “delta” is getting worse

Big Tech Censors Strike Again

China and the 2020 Election

Trump Is Right on the China Threat

3 Big Obstacles To Senate Democrats’ Health Care Vision Becoming Reality

Mueller Gang Caught in Major Lie – Withheld Evidence from Innocent Russian Woman Then Incarcerated Her!

Boris Johnson asks Queen to shut down Parliament to stop Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to block No Deal Brexit

The Equality Act: Therapy Bans Are Just the Beginning

Women Surpass Men To Comprise Majority Of The College-Educated Labor Force

China Finally Snuffs Out a Beacon of Liberal Thought and Democracy

Time to confront the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC)

August 27, 2019

John Kerry’s son cut business ties with Hunter Biden over Ukrainian oil deal

How to baffle the boycott brigade

Majority of Federal Arrestees are Foreigners, Thousands of “Unknown Citizenship”

Americans’ View of the Current Economy Is the Highest in 19 Years

Comey Confidant Sounds the Alarm: Expect Andrew McCabe to be Indicted Any Day

The Great Amazon Fire Fraud

The New York Times Discovers Desert Summer Is Hot, and Blames Climate Change

Michelle Malkin: Get off the sidelines and #StandWithICE

Bill Barr Booked a Party at Trump’s Hotel and the Left Lost Their Minds, Then the Facts Came Out

New York City Diversity Committee Says Programs for Gifted Students Are ‘Racist’

Trump – – – Or What, Exactly?

In A Nod to Trump, G-7 Leaders Make A Joint Statement on Fair Trade

The Times Outraged: Panics as Media Matters Tactics Turned on Paper

Democrats Brace for War over Supreme Court Seat

The Pundit’s Guide To Handicapping The Democrat’s Nomination

The Hate Factory

If The Left Cares About Women, Why Do They Let Homeless People Attack Women In San Francisco?

Conservatives hit back at the media

UK’s Boris Johnson Gets Trump Backing as He Eyes Brexit Endgame

Garbage In, Garbage Out – Bias in the latest pessimistic poll on the electorate

How The Media Enables Destructive Climate Change Hysteria

7 Reasons Taylor Swift Shouldn’t Support Equality Act

August 26, 2019

Did Trump’s 2016 Rallies Trigger a 226% Increase in Local Hate Crimes? Not Really.

China Caves — Announces Willingness to Seek Calm End to Trade War After Asian Markets Crash

Donald Trump: ‘I Do Nothing for Politics, I Do What’s Right’

What Happened to the Epstein Story?


Forbes: Why Everything They Say About The Amazon, Including That It’s The ‘Lungs Of The World,’ Is Wrong

Anti-Semitic Democrat Ilhan Omar Accused of Committing Perjury 7 Times in 2017 Court Documents

Beheading journalists, the N-word, and racist Obama voters: Joe Walsh’s long history of incendiary statements

The Revolving Door Between Government and Cable News

Google Warns Against Blocking ‘Cookies’ Entirely, Triggering Criticism

Now totalitarian ‘social-credit scoring’ hits America

China announces it seeks ‘calm’ end to trade war, as markets tank and currency hits 11-year flatline

Get Ready For Apocalypse Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Trump’s Response To China’s Trade War On The U.S. Is Working

Lawsuit: HuffPo Falsely Blamed Black Student For Killing A Kennedy, All To Smear Brett Kavanaugh

The Clinton emails, cont’d

Despising The Government(s) Makes Good Sense

It’s The Media, Stupid

Target’s recently pulled Monopoly Socialism game commanding high prices on Amazon, eBay

Uh-oh: Silicon Valley is building a Chinese-style social credit system for America

Trump, Israel, and the Jewish Vote

An Honest Discussion about Race in America

August 25, 2019

Limbaugh: There Is No Recession. Look Across America & You’ll See the Media’s Lying

A Conservative Group Has Started Making Journalists Play by New Rules and Journalists Are Terrified of What’s Coming

The Mythical Trump Hydra – Have we forgot these are mythical creatures and only the delusional believe them to be real

Countering Progressive Nihilism

Straight pride vs. leftist haters

Recession? Headlines in Search of a Story –  Refusing to take the economy’s soundness for an answer

Left-Wing Institutions Are Mainstreaming Hatred

A Special Place In Hell

White House Says Trump Regrets Not Raising Tariffs Higher

Jeffrey Epstein: Another Clinton-related ‘Suicide’

Construction begins on border wall funded by $2.8 billion allowed by SCOTUS decision last month

The Podcast Revolution

August 24, 2019

Trump Is Right: ‘China Should Not Have Put New Tariffs on American Products’

Here’s Why Democrats Should Be Scared of a Supreme Court Vacancy in 2020

Get Greenland Before China Does – In the long race with Beijing, controlling natural resources is vital

ANOTHER Conservative Website Censored by Facebook for Posting Pro-Trump Meme

Nancy Pelosi Just Delivered A Kill Shot To House Democrats’ Impeachment Hopes…For Now

Iran Issues Sanctions on Top Trump Administration Officials and Senator Cruz

If Obama Believes in Climate Change, How Come He Bought a $15 Million Beach Home That’ll Soon Sink

In the face of rising political violence by Antifa and others, Nancy Pelosi tells Democrats to ‘be ready to throw a punch”

Six ways Donald Trump can blow up the G-7 summit

Finally, conservatives have a street fighter as president

McCabe and Papadopoulos: Two-Tiered Justice

2 New York Muslimas Planned Islamic Terror Attack Using Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Left soils itself in toxic vulgarity at the death of David Koch

Cities Are Saying ‘No’ to 5G, Citing Health, Aesthetics—and FCC Bullying

August 23, 2019

Fellow Millennials: Here’s Why We Must Reject Socialism

Google’s Power to Shift Elections—Zachary Vorhies, Greg Coppola and Dr. Robert Epstein

DOJ: Feds Arrested More Mexican Nationals than Americans in 2018

Investigative Reporter Confirms Existence of ‘Highly Classified’ Clinton Email Evidence That Comey Ignored

California pension system falls deeper into the hole

Democrat Dilemma — Base Disconnected From Front-Runner Biden

The Path Forward for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Trump Hits Back at China With More Tariffs Following China’s Retaliation

Trump Is Over The Fed And He’s Over China

Leftists and ChiComs Join Forces Against Trump and U.S.

The Left’s ‘Three Rs’: Russia, Racism, and Recession

DOJ: 64 Percent of Federal Arrests Are of Non-Citizens

It Sure Seems Like AOC Was Being Propped Up By Her Former Chief of Staff

Palestinian President Abbas: ‘Millions Of Fighters’ Will Take Over Jerusalem

Conspiracies Are Common as Dirt –  Why it’s so easy to believe Jeffrey Epstein was murdered

The Left Don’t Actually Believe What They Are Selling About Climate Change

Trump Challenges Birthright Citizenship

Overstock Founder Claims He Got ‘Fishy’ Orders from Peter Strozk, Set Top Obama Officials Up for Felony Charges

The US flexes oil muscle to the world

Cut the Payroll Tax

The End of America’s 30-Year Engagement With China?

A Republic, If You Can Keep It: Or, Why Victimhood and Fear Won’t Preserve Liberty

Democrat Hypocrisy on Family Separation at the Border

Netflix Debuts Its Obama Manifesto

A New York Times Reporter Solicited $30K From Jeffrey Epstein While ABC Killed Stories From His Victims

California continues to favor PR (and PC) over its citizens’ needs

The Left’s Neverland Utopia

Slavery In America Did Not Begin In 1619, And Other Things The New York Times Gets Wrong

August 22, 2019

Newly-released Fast and Furious documents (…still keeping government secrets)

A War . . . Thus Far – Without Bullets

The Trump Admin Is Considering Using Amazon Echo And Apple Watch To Determine If Citizens Should Own A Gun

‘Criminal referrals’ are expected to follow the Horowitz report

The road not taken: Another FBI failure involving the Clintons surfaces

What Could Sink Trump’s Chances in 2020?

Mueller Overlooked Italian Ex-Minister Tied to Joseph Mifsud

Who Benefits from the New York Times 1619 Project?

Hiding the dark parts of our history on campuses is bad for our democracy

Why Obama dropped Biden

The DC Court of Appeals Agrees to Hear Laura Loomer’s Lawsuit Against Google on Tech Censorship

Why Trump’s ‘public charge’ rule is required to save immigration

Bureau of Justice Statistics: 64% of federal arrests are non-citizens, a 200% increase

Trump Says His Administration Is ‘Very Seriously’ Looking At Ending Birthright Citizenship

Rasmussen: Voters Don’t Trust Political News, Say Most Reporters Want to Stop Trump

The Political Perils Of Supporting Israel – On Jewish votes, Trump, and dual loyalties

End Student Evaluations of Professors

We Must Say No to the Progressive 1619 Project in Schools

All The People Who Think They Are Better Than You Are Much, Much Worse

Illegal Who Made False Claim Against ICE Finds Herself With a Felony Indictment

San Francisco board rebrands ‘convicted felon’ as ‘justice-involved person,’ sanitizes other crime lingo

More media recession-mongering

Why the U.S. Dollar Will Remain Strong

Another Jeffrey Epstein Development That Will Fuel The Conspiracy Theory Fires

Pelosi heckled by protesters demanding Trump impeachment at San Francisco award dinner

August 21, 2019

109 U.S. counties have become majority nonwhite since 2000

Federal Court Hearing on Clinton Emails – Judicial Watch Asks for Deposition of Hillary Clinton

The Budget Is at a Crossroads. Which Path Will Congress Take?

Trump takes aim at automakers that ignored his emissions proposal

Limbaugh makes a stunning prediction on the Democrats next effort to boot Trump

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy says Trump was investigated for Obama

John Solomon: 10 secret documents capable of ‘rocking’ the deep state

Minorities Don’t Believe Trump Is a Racist

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals throws a monkey wrench into future U.S. presidential elections

‘You Don’t Talk To The United States That Way, At Least Under Me,’ Trump Tells ‘Nasty’ Danish Prime Minister

How much for Greenland?

Why NBC, MSNBC’s Reporting on The Epoch Times Is Textbook Fake News

Tucker Carlson: Stunning things ‘you didn’t know about Joe Biden’

How California Environmental Law Makes It Easy For Labor Unions To Shake Down Developers

Sweeping tax reform plan unveiled to help Americans ‘keep more’

Mystery Solved: Why Evangelicals Support Trump

Scholastic’s New School Catalog Hawks Books To Saturate Kids With Identity Politics

This Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Gets Social Conservatives (and Trump Supporters) Way Wrong – Yet Again

Trump’s Promise

No! America Was Not Built On Slavery, But Faith That All Men Are Created Equal

President Trump Gets It On Israel And The Democrat Party

Triggering the Google Social Credit System

The Media’s Intersectional Embrace of Anti-Semitism

Socialism: An Indifferent Government Made of Fallible People

Academia and Republican Presidents

The Myth of Jewish Influence in the Democrat Party –  Meet the Three Stooges: Schumer, Nadler, and Schiff

Why Kamala Harris Is Fading in the Democrat Primary

August 20, 2019

President Trump Is Fighting the Battles No One Was Willing to Fight

Rasmussen Poll: 63% expect Trump reelection, up from 43%

10 declassified Russia collusion revelations that could rock Washington this fall

San Francisco homeless stats soar: city blames big business, residents blame officials

Facebook Bans “Women For Trump” Ads

Lindsey Graham to advise Barr on rollout of Russia investigation and FISA documents

‘This is satanic’: Limbaugh explodes on dark, new strategy to defeat Trump

Tlaib, Omar all about weakening Israel, but they stay silent on Hamas, Palestinian Authority Terrorist Activities

Chief of doctors group doubts Epstein autopsy

Hobbled NRA shows strength with Trump

New US Space Command Will Launch Next Week, VP Pence Says

Trump Administration Seeks To Terminate Flores Settlement Limiting Detention Of Migrant Families

Miss Nevada Disqualified from Miss America Pageant and Shamed Over Trump Support

Shutting Down the Outrage Machine – Neil Postman was right about American mass media

Can Facebook Be Saved?

Dilemmas of the 21st-Century American Parent

Why Farmers Aren’t Going To Abandon Trump Over The Trade War With China

Federal Judge Orders FBI to Search for More Christopher Steele Documents

The Ghost Of John C. Calhoun Haunts Today’s American Left – The irony of the New York Times’ 1619 Project

Democrats Finally Admit That Planned Parenthood Was Always About Abortions


Figures Don’t Lie, but Liars Can Figure

Scaramucci Claims He’s Putting Together Group of Former Cabinet Members to Stop Trump in 2020

House Democrats Are Silent on Omar and Tlaib Ties to Miftah

CAIR: An Islamic Trojan Horse

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 1 to Weaken Prop. 13 Fails to Pass Assembly

August 19, 2019

Trump and the Black Vote

Newsom signs landmark California police use-of-force bill

California’s Ethnic Indoctrination Agenda Would Dump the Melting Pot

Trump Highlights Research Showing Google Shifted Millions of Votes to Clinton in 2016

Judge orders FBI to compile Steele communications

Don’t Fall For Omar And Tlaib’s Lies About Israel

Trump Calls for a Big Fed Rate Cut, Again Criticizes Central Bank Chairman

MUELLER TEAM LIED! Attorney for Joseph Mifsud Confirms He is Western Intelligence Operative — And NOT a Russian Operative

It’s hard to imagine the New York Times recovering from what its executive editor admitted last week

Video: Antifa Snuck In Concrete Chunks to Throw at Trump Supporters at Portland Event

Why Trump’s Approval Ratings Are Up Among Minorities

New York Times Magazine Declares War on America and History

Election 2020: It’s the Crowds, Stupid!

Senator Lindsay Graham Predicts The Inspector General Report Will Be ‘Ugly and Damning’

The Unmasking of BDS – Congress will need to do much more

The Authorities Should Assume that Epstein was Murdered

New Poll Shows Gen Z Is Pretty Confused About Socialism, Capitalism, And More

UPDATE: San Francisco Victim of Assault BLASTS City Officials After Attacker is RELEASED from Custody

August 18, 2019

Trump Accuses NYT of Going on ‘Racism Witch Hunt’ Following Leaked Remarks From Top Editor

Former MCC Inmate: No Way Jeffrey Epstein Could Have Killed Himself – Complete List of Inconsistencies in Prison Policy

Hollywood parrots the Chinese Communist party line

Why Israel Made the Right Move with Omar and Tlaib

America’s Other ‘Special Relationship’ Remains Worth Preserving

Nellie Ohr Documents Indicate Obama Deep State Involved in Scheme to Set Up Trump with Hillary Emails Using Italian Spies

Does anyone have a right to practice sharia in America?

August 17, 2019

Trump and Tone

So Much For Being ‘Peaceful’: Antifa Attacks Reporters And Conservatives In Portland (Again)

Sorry Elton, Fire marshal says Donald Trump’s boast that he smashed pop star’s attendance record at MAGA arena is TRUE

Bill Maher Blasts Democrats’ Latest Litmus Test: This Is ‘Bulls**t’

Is Snopes Involved In Research Misconduct Or Is It Simply Incompetent

The Bogus Story That Launched a ‘Russia Collusion’ Probe

The Hillary Clinton Email Saga Just Got A lot Weirder

The War Is On . . . And They’re Coming Hard

REPORT: Obama Told Joe Biden’s Campaign Staff Not To Let Him ‘Embarrass Himself’

The Battle for Faith and Reason and Western Civilization

Congresswomen Tlaib, Omar, and the ‘Three No’s’

Trump Pushes Back Against ‘Fake News’ Reports of Empty Arena at New Hampshire Rally as Official Confirms Record Crowd

Renewable Energy Hits the Wall

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is adrift without chief of staff Chakrabarti

August 16, 2019

Answers to Common Questions About “Red Flag” Gun Laws

The very liberal in America are different

Study Shows It’s Mathematically Impossible To Fund The Left’s Welfare State By Soaking The Rich

No, Prop. 13 changes aren’t about ‘the kids.’ They’re about the pensions

The New York Times Admits ‘We Built Our Newsroom’ Around Russia The Collusion Hoax

Hillary’s 30,000 deleted ‘yoga’ emails found – The IT aide who misled FBI, used BleachBit, but kept a secret cache

Hillary Clinton Emails With Classified Info Sat in Gmail Account Two Weeks Before Comey Exonerated Her

Deep State Spy Stefan Halper Claims He Cannot Be Sued for Lying About General Flynn Because He’s a Government Agent!

High School U.S. History in California Taught ‘From Perspective of Marginalized Groups’

Trump Renaissance vs. Democrat Dark Ages:- Curtis Ellis compares current energy policies with those of ‘green machine’

Elizabeth ‘Woodrow’ Warren: The scariest candidate of them all

A Directory of Inconvenient Climate Information Websites – Bookmark them. Read them. Share them. While you still can.

An Anti-Semitic outfit sponsored the proposed Omar-Tlaib trip to Israel

The Mountebank Left Is Banking on You – Introducing the 1619 Project

ISIL is building a new caliphate from inside a Syrian refugee camp, and the West has no plan to combat it

The Unraveling of the Failed Coup to Take Out Trump

Trump Restores UK to the Front of the Queue – The Special Relationship is back on good terms

As U.S.–China Talks Meander, U.S.–A U.K. Pact Could Revive Free Trade

Blaming Every Bad Economic Indicator On The Trade War Just Proves You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About

The Election Is Legitimate Only If The Democrats Win

The mainstream media seek to keep or put Democrats in power by misleading the public

Israel Bans Jew-Haters Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib – A reassuring no-brainer from Benjamin Netanyahu

Trump Is Reportedly Considering Buying the Largest Island In the World

Yes, Immigrants Should Be Less Dependent On U.S. Welfare, And So Should Everyone Else

Federal judge rules against Maryland as Judicial Watch wins big to uncover obvious vote fraud potential

Tlaib and Omar: Ineligible to hold public office in America

August 15, 2019

Senate Finance Committee Probes Biden-Linked, Chinese Military-Boosting Tech Sale

Why the Worldwide Left Is So Opposed to Donald Trump

New evidence shows why Steele, the Ohrs and TSA workers never should have become DOJ sources

China company got Hillary’s emails – Address embedded in Clinton files ‘metadata’

The FBI agreed to ignore Hillary evidence, documentss reveal

Democrats Oppose Brexit, Back China for Fear of Anglosphere Resurgence

The Complete List of Inconsistencies in Prison Policy Surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

Cops keep getting shot by criminals who aren’t allowed to have guns

How Immigration Made 14 Million Millennials Homeless – Homeownership rates only tell half the story

Climate Change Causing Hurricanes? Get Serious

California Is Headed Toward a Titanic Battle Over Raising Property Taxes By Rolling Back Prop 13

SHOCKING FOIA DOCUMENT Shows FBI Agreed to Cover Up and Ignore All Hillary Crimes in Its 2016 Investigation!

China joins Mainstream Media and Federal Reserve in trying to tank the stock market

To Save a Bad Gun Law, Democrat Senators Threaten the Supreme Court

Trump Was Asked to Call Out Cummings Over Baltimore Conditions

A Shining City upon a Hill, Besieged

Trump Green Card Rule: Three Lefty Lies Debunked _ Just when you thought left-wing mendacity couldn’t get any worse

You Should Totally Trust Our Elite Institutions……..NOT

How the Democrats’ Social Security Plan Could Finance a Tax Cut

Google Blacklists American Thinker, Along With Many Other Conservative Sites

Radical Radical Democrats Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar BANNED FROM ISRAEL Over Suspected Provocations

Does Sovereign Debt Matter?

Has ‘Conservative’ Forbes Magazine Embraced the Climate Delusion? – A very sad day in journalism

Jeffrey Epstein autopsy reveals broken bones in neck, cause of death pending

Worse Than Ever: Government Schools After 35 Years

Study: More Students Are Graduating College Because It’s Gotten Easier

Ben Shapiro: It’s a ‘you problem’ if you ‘had to work more than one job’

August 14, 2019

The Drive-By Media Is Hell-Bent on Talking The US Into a Recession

New DOJ Docs Show Nellie Ohr Sent DOJ/FBI Anti-Trump Russia Dossier Materials Through Her Husband Bruce Ohr

FBI Documents Detailing Bruce Ohr Conversations Shed New Light on Spygate Scandal

Trump Ties Trade Deal to China Action in Hong Kong, Suggests Meeting With Xi

Americans Say Murder More Likely Than Suicide in Epstein Case

The Bloomberg-Ellison Corruption Connection

Hillary Ruins the Plan

Google “Machine Learning Fairness” Whistle-Blower Goes Public

ANALYSIS: Who and what the Horowitz report is likely to cover

Google Insider Releases Hundreds of Internal Documents on Google’s Deceptive and Totalitarian Tactics Against Conservatives

My Son’s Freshman Orientation At Virginia Tech Was Full Of Leftist Propaganda

Can the Democrat Party Govern America?

‘Stand With Hong Kong!’ Where Is the Free World’s Reaganesque Response?

Senate Democrats Issue A Strange Warning to Supreme Court

Democrats: The Party of Dirty Language

The long string of errors and excuses around Epstein’s death raises even more questions

August 13, 2019

‘Spygate’ Professor Claims Immunity Against Russian-British Academic’s Lawsuit

California’s Trump tax return law raises fears of Republican lockout

California School District Will Not Allow Parents To Opt Children Out Of LGBTQ Curriculum Content

Democrats & Media Collude with China to Influence 2020 Election – Carping about “the Trump trade war” is bad policy and bad politics

Open Borders Inc.: Who’s funding the wicked war on ICE?

A Week in the Life of ABC ‘News’ – Trump-bashing, race-baiting, and fear-mongering.

Limbaugh: Andy McCarthy’s New Book Will Answer All Your Questions about the Trump-Russia collusion story

Study demolishes ‘racist cop’ narrative – Finds white officers not more likely to shoot black civilians

‘Shrieking’ Heard from Epstein’s Cell the Morning He Died

Dennis Prager: Meanwhile, This Is What LGBTQ Groups Are Doing to Society

Acknowledging Trump’s robust economy – Democrats won’t say so, but the evidence is there

Senate Democrats deliver a stunning warning to Supreme Court: ‘Heal’ or face restructuring

The Dow surges more than 500 points after the US postpones some China tariffs

Who Killed Epstein? – And What About The BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) Agenda

California Readies Its New Anti-Semitic Curriculum for High School Students

Those Socialists Will Love You — Literally — to Death

Recession warnings could pose a 2020 threat to Trump

Three Years of Misery Inside Google, the Happiest Company in Tech

Why Mass Illegal Immigration Probably Costs More Than You’ve Been Told

Illegal Immigration Hurts Black Workers Most

The Pro-Democracy Movement Is the Only Thing Taking Off at Hong Kong Airport

Politifact and Snopes Flagged ONLY 4% of Fake News Stories from Mueller Witch Hunt — MISSED 96% OF THE FAKE NEWS

The Biden Gaffe Machine: A Running List Of Joe Biden’s Best Slip-Ups

The Past Week Proves That It’s More Than ‘Just Gaffes’ For Biden

Tarantino Unchained

August 12, 2019

Who Makes the ‘Rules’ in a ‘Rules-Based’ Liberal Global Order? Hint: Not necessarily people who’ve been elected to anything

Guns and the Do-Something Fallacy – An honest debate on mass shootings starts by admitting limits to federal solutions

Mass shooters seek notoriety, and we, the media, provide it. Is there another way?

Attorney General Barr Says Epstein Case Will Continue, Says ‘Co-conspirators Should Not Rest Easy’

The Trump administration tightens the “public charge” rule

Jeffrey Epstein Fallout Shows How Little Trust Americans Have in Media and Government

Is Epstein dead or alive? – Body photos raise questions – ‘Nobody trusts anything that the government says, except the left’

7 compelling reasons for Michelle Obama to run – ‘I’m not interested’ claim: Don’t be fooled

‘Red Flag’ Laws Are the Wrong Solution to Mass Shootings

Jeffrey Epstein’s Week in Pictures: Special Edition

Pastor Bob Fu: China’s Communist Regime is “The Largest Threat to the United States” (Video)

Jeffrey Epstein was “Considering Cooperating in Naming Names” to Reduce His Sentence — Then He Was Found Dead

Both Ohrs are in Troubled Water

Most “Assault Rifles”…Aren’t

Washington Post Honors Deaths of All Those from Mass-Shootings Since 1966, Ignores Greater Amounts by Other Illegal Causes

The fiction of manmade global warming

August 11, 2019

Clinton operatives fed false information to FBI on Trump, review of interview reveals

Elizabeth Warren’s Ferguson Lie

There’s no video of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide according to sources

The Strange Case of ‘White Supremacy’

California’s Ethnic studies time bomb explodes

Job Security Is Not Coming Back

Jerry Nadler’s Other Fishing Expedition

My Life as a Racist – This Old Gal Speaks Mountains of Truth

Former Metropolitan Correction Center inmate: There’s ‘no way’ Jeffrey Epstein killed himself

Complete List of Clinton Associates Who Died Mysteriously or Committed Suicide Before They Could Testify

David Brock group issues talking points for “The Left” on Epstein’s death

2020 Democrats shifts to taxes

The Trump Obsession Comes for California’s Water

Trump labor nominee Eugene Scalia played key role changing rules on tipping

Steve Scalise: Trump no more responsible for El Paso than ‘Bernie Sanders is for my shooting’

A Party Of Frauds

Mass Killings vs. Mass Shootings

Libel Suit Against NPR Related to Seth Rich Case Proceeds – The Murdered Operative Linked to DNC and Clinton Campaign

August 10, 2019

Officials Disclose That Epstein Was Not on Suicide Watch When He Died

Attorney General Barr announces DOJ inspector general investigation into Epstein death

White Supremacy: Like Manna to the Left

Quoting famed black author James Baldwin gets white New York proffessor in deep trouble

Lindsey Graham Politely Explains to Idiot Reporters Why He needs an AR-15

Will the Democrats end up saving the California Republican Party?

Nationalism Is the Key Ingredient for Space Exploration

Canada Allows Jihadi Who Stabbed Three Soldiers to Roam Free Despite ‘Significant Threat’ to the Public

We Know Obama DOJ Prevented FBI from Obtaining Weiner Laptop – The Tie-In To Now Dead Seth Rich

Bannon on China – “We Can Take the Whole Thing Down…the Whole Thing’s Built on a House of Sand”!!!

Jeffrey Epstein Reportedly Found Dead in His Jail Cell

Epstein’s death just entered the hall of fame for conspiracy theories– rightly so

Jeffrey Epstein dead, of purported suicide

Jarrett: If You Are on Suicide Watch — It’s Hard to Commit Suicide Unless The Prison Violated Its Own Protocol

Moral Degeneration Has Consequences –  After 50-plus years, what else were you expecting?

Education Is Failing Young Americans…Yet Again

Labor unions officially abandon the interests of their members

Losing the War in Forgotten Afghanistan

The Week in Pictures: Trite Supremacy Edition – Some Good Ones Here This Week

Is the film ‘The Hunt’ a misfire or a direct hit in our left-right divide?

August 9, 2019

Obama Is Wrong: We Don’t Lead the World in Mass Violence

The FBI used Steele dossier in FISAs despite knowing about flaws and bias

Sadly, Why the mass shootings will continue

Has anyone actually read the El Paso killer’s manifesto?

Limbaugh: Trump Denies White House Press Corps TV Face Time

‘Victory!’: Twitter Unlocks Mitch McConnell Campaign Account After GOP Boycott

President Trump Lashes Out at Hollywood Over Universal’s Violent MAGA-Killer, ‘The Hunt’: It’s Tinseltown That’s Racist

MSNBC talker calls for ‘pitchforks’ outside Trump supporter’s home

Nancy Pelosi Meets with Soros-Linked Activists During Guatemala Vis

Snopes targets satirical evangelical site Babylon Bee as ‘fake news’

Rush Limbaugh warns Trump against compromise with Democrats

‘They Are Laughing at Us’: Emboldened by Army War College Victory, CAIR Sets Its Sights on Congress

Newly Released FBI 302s Show Abuse Of Power By Top Obama Administration Officials

China’s Currency Devaluation Will Hurt China More Than It Hurts The United States

Why target Tucker Carlson? – It’s part of the left’s war on the right

Trump being careful about legislation as he weighs gun options

The Left Is on a Mission to Annihilate Conservatism

‘All’ immigration ‘cheaters’ to face prosecution. Marriage, fraud lawyers targeted

America Needs Four More Terms of Donald Trump – To Clean-Up The Deep State

Federal Inspectors General: Independent or Congressional Tools?

A Health Care System That’s the Envy of the World – Oh Really?

Your Guide To Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s Lawsuit Demanding His Job Back

August 8, 2019

Is California’s ethnic studies plan too politically correct even for California?

Warning to Big Tech: Trump Won’t Brook Bias at White House Summit

With Latest Trump Dossier-DOJ News, How Many Heads Are Going To Roll With Pending Report On Obama FISA Abuses?

“It’s Called Fascism”: Dan Crenshaw Unloads on Joaquin Castro’s Doxxing Tactics, Says Censure Should Be Considered

US Says China Acts Like ‘Thuggish Regime’ Amid Hong Kong Row

Lindsey Graham: New Bruce Ohr docs show FISA warrant against ex-Trump campaign aide a ‘fraud’

The Hunt: A most dangerous game the Democrats are playing

Limbaugh: The Great Backfire Is Underway

Baltimore neighborhood cleaned up – No thanks to government

Woke-Star Wars Toys and Theme Park Attractions Underperform

Trump Faces Down the China Threat

U.S. weekly jobless claims fall; labor market strong

Heading for civil war

Tucker Carlson Isn’t Wrong About White Supremacy

After Mass Shootings, Trump Blamed for ‘Increasing Racism’ — But Is White Racism Really Increasing?

They Will Still Hate You Even If You Disarm

The Media’s Disgusting Bloodlust

Madness: Twitter and beyond

It’s Time to Restore Our Judicial Branch

Trump Off the Ballot in California? Newsom Confirms Critics’ Fears

Study: Transgender Male Athletes Keep Physical Advantages Even After Female Hormone Injections

Why are government cost projections always so utterly wrong?

Here’s Why Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax Is Completely Unconstitutional

Iran is reportedly jamming ship GPS navigation systems to get them to wander into Iranian waters

The business strategy behind the descent of the New York Times into Trump-hatred

The truth about plastic straws

August 7, 2019

Guns Saved These Americans From Assault and Robbery in July

Mueller Tied to Double Deception: First in Court, Then Before Congress

2016 access to State exposes ‘big money’ hypocrisy of Democrats


Dr. Robert Epstein: 15 Million Votes Can Be Unknowingly Shifted if Big Tech Supports Same 2020 Candidate

Everything They’re Telling You About Mass Shootings Is Wrong

The Media Crossed a Line This Week and There’s No Going Back

President Comforts Victims in Dayton and El Paso, Thanks First Responders

White House drafting executive order to tackle Silicon Valley’s alleged anti-conservative bias

Limbaugh: Because “Racism” Lost Its Impact

The Associated Press Doxxes Israel Supporters

WARNING: How the VA “red-flags” patriots

News Media: Either White Supremacy Doesn’t Exist At All Or It’s As Bad As The Islamic State

Big Tech’s Ability To Change Election Outcomes

Dennis Prager on Google restricting PragerU videos: The left does not support freedom of speech

Big Tech would be smart to sit out 2020, but can they?

Google Leftists Condemn CPAC as ‘Circus Platform for Hate’ in Leaked Discussion

The Trade War Isn’t The Only Reason For The Dow’s Big Drop

Trump Renews Powell Attack: “I Was Right… Fed Must Cut Rates BIgger And Faster”

It’s Time to Declare War on Identity Politics

Joaquin Castro Is Begging For Lunatics To Attack Trump Supporters In His District

Far Left Dayton, Ohio Mass Shooter Attended Antifa Rally in May Armed with Likely SAME GUN He Use In Massacre!

Why Going After Guns And Everything Labeled White Supremacy Won’t Solve Shootings

4 myths about mass shootings debunked

When will journalists and other Democrats tell the truth about the tax cuts and the economy as a whole?

Democrats to Seniors: Drop Dead

The FBI should have fired Peter Strzok sooner

Judicial Watch Finds New FBI Documents Showing ‘Lenient Treatment for Evident Criminal Activity’

Meanwhile, back in the Democrat-controlled shoot-’em-up cities…

Thoughts on Mass Shootings: 75 Days is Ample … and Some Longer-Term Thoughts

The real cause of the shootings

New Poll Says Kamala Harris Has ONE PERCENT Of Support Among Black Democrats

Democrats exploiting mass shootings for political gain have forgotten the lessons of the Wellstone funeral

August 6, 2019

Ensuring a Twenty-Second Century America

Igniting Civil War

More on Omar’s Mystery Man and Omar’s Multiple Frauds

Limbaugh: ChiComs Blink After Trump Calls Them Out

Gordon Chang: On the Hong Kong Protests, Chinese Economy, Trade War, & Trump’s New Tariffs

China Opens New Front in Trade War, Manipulating Its Currency

Mass Shootings Can Be Contagious, Research Shows

Limbaugh: Trump 2020 Theme: Our Success Has Taken Every Issue Away from Democrats

Dialing Back the Bloodshed

Mass Shootings: The Elephant in the Room

You are led to believe the typical mass shooter is a white male? Think again

Dayton Shooter’s Ex Pens Essay Revealing Shooter Had Deep Mental Health Problems

Democrats See The Dead As An Opportunity

Dozens Are Dead – Crocodile LEFTIST Tears . . . A News Media Bonanza

America Is Drowning in The Left’s Lies About Trump

What Are The Consequences Of Being Named A Currency Manipulator

The biggest lie of Big Tech is exposed in a Big List

Uncovered Texts Show the Deep State FBI’s Peter Strzok Met with the UK’s MI5 as Early as August 2016

Gowdy On The FBI In 2016: ‘Was Their Target Russia Or Was Their Target The Trump Campaign?’

California Sued Over Election Law Requiring Presidential Candidates on Primary Ballot to Release Tax Returns

Democrats Are the Ones Who Have Been Inciting Violence against Their Political Opponents

New York Times headline of Trump’s remarks on mass shootings ignites Liberal backlash

Today’s Comic Relief from the New York Times

This mama’s idea of gun control

Google’s history of clashing with conservatives

“We Are Watching Google Very Closely”: Trump Slams Search Giant For ‘Making Sure He Loses In 2020’

Patterns in Republican Retirements from the US Congress

2020 sweepstakes: Dem candidates compete to give away billions in taxpayer $$

August 5, 2019

Manufacturing Racial Anxiety to Blame President Trump

Obama Speaks Out After Mass Shootings, Conveniently Leaves Out Dayton Shooter’s Apparent Leftist Ties

It’s Not Guns Or Mental Illness. The Problem Is Deeper Than That

What’s Really Behind the ‘White Supremacy’ Terrorism Scare

Trump Denounces Beijing for Letting Currency Fall to 11-Year-Low as Trade War Escalates

US Treasury Department designates China as a currency manipulator

On Trump’s Excellent Speech About The Mass Shootings

Limbaugh: I Dread These Days Because the Left’s Attacks Are Always the Same

Limbaugh: The Social Media Giants Threaten Our Elections

The Common Thread Binding These Mass Murderers – Hint: It’s not political ideology

We have studied every mass shooting since 1966. Here’s what we’ve learned about the shooters

El Paso: The Real Root Causes of Mass Shootings

Hopelessness and Hate – Why have nerds and losers become a terrorist threat?

Trump Calls For Expanding Background Checks On Gun Purchases, But Wants Legislation Tied To Immigration Reform

5 Foreign Policy Questions Democrat Presidential Candidates Need To Answer

Wind Energy Is Collapsing In Germany

Do Democrats Really Have Anything to Offer Their Base in 2020?

Democrat leaders seek to have it both ways on impeachment

The Charlottesville Lie About Trump Saying Neo-Nazis Are Very Fine People

Dealing US Out of Afghanistan – Are we resigned to allowing the Taliban to retake most of the country?

Antifa is arming

August 4, 2019

FBI Implicated In Destroying Evidence To Help Hillary Clinton

Democrat Corruption, Not Racism, Ruined Baltimore

Trump Condemns Mass Murders in Ohio and Texas, Orders Flags Flown Half-Staff

Chuck Norris: Forget Russia – Watch Big Tech!

Neil deGrasse Tyson Ticks Off the Internet By Stating Mass Shooting Facts

The Mueller Dream Team Loses to the Nobodies

Lawyer for Epstein’s Victims Says His ‘Suicide Attempt’ May Have Been A Hit Gone Wrong

Terrorists exploiting the U.S. Southern border is not ‘hypothetical’

The Cowardice Of Mass Shooters And The Easy Prey They ALWAYS Target

The Democrats Break Left

Democrats Offer Salvation….…With Strings Attached

SAY WHAT? Joe Biden Claims The Economy Is Collapsing Because Of The Trump Presidency

Advice to the College-Bound from an Old, White Professor

Comey’s Memos Were the Key to Mueller’s Obstruction ‘Trap’ and New Evidence Shows They Were Likely Doctored by Comey

How Comey set a trap for prosecutors when leaking his memos

The left’s big blame game after El Paso: Guns, Trump, and white supremacy

August 3, 2019

Senator Hawley Is Asking the Right Questions About the Relative Strength Of The Dollar

Candace Owens Calls Out ‘Senseless Hatred’ of Trump Over Left’s Defense of Baltimore

Former Google Engineer Says Google Will Try to Prevent Trump’s Reelection

The Opioid Epidemic from a Rural Prosecutor’s Perspective

The Declining Prestige of Higher Education

The U.S. Deal with China Saves Huawei, But Threatens America

Fraud and Corruption Bring Big Payoffs

The Feds are probing AOC’s chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti after his sudden resignation

Grand Jury Secrecy and Jerry Nadler – Watergate abuses continue to inform President Trump’s pursuers

Baltimore black kids escape to Trump country

What ails the US press?

Turmoil: AOC’s chief of staff and spokesman both leaving her congressional office

New Defense Secretary Esper Has Begun Draining the Swamp

US Natural Gas Will Soon Run the World

August 2, 2019

Calling us ‘racist’? Bring it on! Exclusive: – ‘You know it’s a lie, and we know it’s a lie’

One Cheer for #BlackLivesMatter – Kamala Harris was verbally killed by four-term U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard

Unbelievable! Deep State FBI Helped Hillary Clinton Erase and Bleachbit Data Off Laptops and Hammer Phones

WARNING: Don’t Ever Try to Out-Troll the Master

Equal, Not the Same: Identity Politics Is Toxic to Our Republic

Biden’s Corruption Problem

Lindsey Graham bypasses Dems’ stall of border bill

‘Really damaging’: Retirement wave could sink GOP effort to win back House in 2020

Senator Josh Hawley Reveals the Nasty Truth Behind Confucius Institutes

California Scrubs Arrest Reports from Kamala Harris Years

What Have You Got To Lose (Redux)

Record 157,288,000 Employed in July

Big business virtue signaling is bombing with consumers

How China Tries To Take Its Totalitarian Social Control Tactics Global

The Machine Coerces A Retraction From Mario Lopez

US withdraws from cold-war era nuclear treaty with Russia

Democrats Don’t Care About Baltimore

The Double Murder That Ended Ally Kostial’s Life Is An Indictment Of Abortion Culture

Joe Biden’s Obama Problem

Only 12 Years Left Until They Change The Timeline On Global Warming Again – It’s Sad When Satire Is So True

August 1, 2019

Donald Trump Is No Racist

Good for Google, But Bad for America

Trump Single-Handedly Changes the Political Calculus

An Unprecedented Assault by Congress on the Executive Branch

Single payer? Elizabeth Warren lets slip that she’ll ram it down our throats whether we like it or not

Another fired conservative engineer exposes ‘bully’ Google

Mark Mobius: US markets will go ‘haywire’ if Trump loses 2020 election

Trump Confronts Immigration Lies: ‘Cages for Kids Were Built by Obama, I Ended Child Separation!’

Court Strikes Down Effort To Punish Trump For WikiLeaks Release Of DNC Emails

Why the GOP Has Declined in California

Liberal Watchdog Group That Targeted Google And Devin Nunes Paid Fusion GPS $140K For Research

5 Real Solutions For The Troubled Cities Democrats Helped Cripple

Trump Says The Things You Can’t Say – But Would Like Too

The Navy Rescinds Awards To Prosecutors In Case Of SEAL Acquitted Of Murdering Captive

IG Horowitz reportedly has made a criminal referral on James Comey

The Next U.S. Ambassador to the UN Has Been Confirmed

Political Correctness: The Tool of Totalitarianism

The Dangerous Invective against Trump

Baltimore’s Homicide Rate Is So High, Residents Could Claim U.S. Asylum If They Weren’t Americans

Trump Exposes the Real Rats

The US is paying $475G toward a border wall — in Zimbabwe

July 31, 2019

Judicial Watch: New Docs Show FBI Agents Went To Comey’s Home to Retrieve Memos

Tech Censorship, Leftist Bullies and the Short Term Solution

Stepping Over Mueller’s Cadaver

There Is No Epidemic of Racist Police Shootings

Criminal probe of Obama officials ‘set to release declassified documents

Democrats turn on Obama’s legacy as they hit out at Biden in debate

Five takeaways from Democratic debate brawl

Biden stumbles over statistics, phrases, and titles in 2020 debate

Joe Biden at Democrat Debate: I Will Eliminate Coal, Fracking, Fossil Fuels

Winners And Losers Of The Democratic Debate (Part Two)

Can we trust Democrats after they lied so much about Obamacare?

Mystery surrounds Rashida Tlaib’s dead donor

Flood of illegal migrants to the border outpaces last two years with 1.1M expected in fiscal year 2019

HUD Administrator Wants to Know Where $16 Billion Given to Baltimore Is


5 takeaways from combative Democratic debate

Did Robert Mueller Defy A Court Order To Stop Lying About Russian Companies?

The Baltimore murder rate worse than Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, driving asylum surge

Second Dem Staffer Pleads Guilty In Brett Kavanaugh Smear Job

Being a Racist Is Easy Today

Al Charlatan — The Race Baiter’s Race ta Wanna a Brawl[ey] – Baltimore was made for him

FBI Director Goes To Court To Protect Document Which Was Previously Released In Redacted Form; Hmmm

Capitalism vs. Free Enterprise — The Rose by Another Name –  So why is “capitalism” regarded by so many as a dirty word?

While Cities’ Homeless Populations Surge, California’s Homeless Industrial Complex Grows

Freedom of Assembly Under Fire

American Tech Firms Surrender to China

Snopes Spreads Fake News to Blacklist Christian Satire Site the Babylon Bee

I guess Google is also racist now

July 30, 2019

U.S. Soccer Releases ‘Fact Sheet’ Showing Women’s Team Actually LOST Millions Yet Was Still Paid More Than Men’s Team

Trump Just Got Another Win In Court, Democrat Party Lawsuit Is Dismissed With Prejudice

Baltimore’s $1.8 Billion Stimulus Boondoggle Proves Trump Right

The debate that was and the debate that wasn’t

Rats! A large rodent photobombs Baltimore TV live shot

Which Party Can We Blame for Poverty and Crime?

California Requires Trump to Release Tax Returns for Spot on Primary Ballot

Winners And Losers In The Democratic Debate (Part One)

Illegal Immigrant Bought Baby for $80 in Guatemala to Get Priority Release in US

Limbaugh: Keep a Sharp Eye on the Obamas

Tragedy, and the national media, invade Gilroy

Chris Wray’s FBI continues to cover for Team Comey’s Russia shenanigans

Your Guide To The Second Round Of Democratic Debates

Democrats’ Embrace Of Al Sharpton Exposes Their Hypocrisy

Michael Savage Backs Trump on San Francisco: ‘Junkies Shoot Up in Front of Children’

Here’s The Real Reason Most Conservative Elites Ignore Concerns About Free Speech

Jerry Nadler Is Lying About Robert Mueller’s Claim He Would Have Indicted Trump

How to Tell If a Trump Supporter Is Racist

Ben Carson: Trump’s Baltimore Tweet About Spending Some Time Working More for People ‘Who Are Suffering’

ACLJ Has Obtained Obama DOJ’s Immunity Agreements With Hillary Clinton’s Attorneys

The Joseph Mifsud mystery

House GOP fears retirement wave will lead to tsunami

Democrats Flock to Defend Racist, Anti-Semitic Sharpton – He’s the conman. What’s their excuse?

Baltimore: Charm City Gone Terribly Wrong

Baltimore Received $1.8 BILLION of Obama’s 2009 Stimulus – Where Did it Go?

Democrats Declare Racism To Protect Their Own

The Seven Dumbest Things Democrats Demand You Believe

July 29, 2019

The Democrat Washing Machine

Racism – Democrats . . . Two Peas In The Same Pod

Trump is absolutely right about ‘con man’ Al Sharpton

How Obama’s Justice Dept managed to evade Freedom Of Information Act laws to protect Hillary

Baltimore’s Dem Mayor Complained About Rats, Housing Last Year, ‘Just Take All This S*** Down’

Ex-FBI chief of staff: Russia conspiracy came from Obama White House

7 Times Robert Mueller Played Dumb Before Congress For Partisan Advantage

How Extreme Is the Equality Act?

ACLJ: ‘We will find out exactly what Comey was up to

Empowering Idiots At The Expense Of Freedom

American Movie Studios Are Wrong to Appease Censors in China

Democrat Prospects Are Bleak As The Wacky Pack Takes Over

A failure to assimilate

Why Trump Will Win The Independent Voters in 2020

What the change at the office of the Director of National Intelligence means

Pelosi’s Nightmare Advances As Nearly Half Of House Democrats Support Impeachment

Just ask the people who live in Baltimore

The Covington Catholic Teen Lost His First Court Battle, But Will Probably Win His Next

The 2020 Democrat race enters do-or-die phase

July 28, 2019

Woke Racism

Baltimore IS a mess: Schools where NO kids can read, do math — and employees are ripping off taxpayers

The Democrats, Not Trump, Are the Racists

How Mueller’s Lawyers Spun the OLC Guidance on Indicting a Sitting President

What SCOTUS’s wall decision says about Chief Justice John Roberts

Hard of Hearings – Robert Mueller has been pilloried, but Congress didn’t exactly distinguish itself either


Impeachment Dreams Die; Wall gets Built

Democrats Have Lost What Was Left Of Their Minds

Some Questions for the Democrat Candidates

Trump Was Right: Orkin Lists Baltimore as One of Most Rat-Infested US Cities

Border Patrol agents sickened by toxic raw sewage flowing in from Mexico

Facebook’s privacy settlement is such a joke, Mark Zuckerberg likely celebrated its signing

July 27, 2019

SILICON VALLEY SHARIA: Amazon Removes ‘Killing Europe’ Documentary Exposing Islam, Mass Migration Impact

President Trump: Consideration Being Given to Designate Antifa a Terrorist Organization

Google’s Algorithms Threaten Free and Fair Elections

Pro Mass Migration Republicans ‘Equally to Blame’ for Border Crisis, Say Experts

Seriously? The Mainstream Media Makes A Sudden Discovery About ‘Anchor Babies’

It Wasn’t Racist When Bernie Sanders Said That Elijah Cummings’s Constituents Were Living In Squalor and It Isn’t Racist Now

130 Times the FBI, DOJ and/or Mueller Gang “Deviated from Standard Practice” or Committed Crimes in Efforts to Exonerate Hillary and Indict President Trump

Mitch McConnell Did the Right Thing By Killing The Democrats Two Fake Election Protection Bills

The Mueller Report’s Fundamental Dodge

Impeachment You Say? Trump Gives Barr Authority To Turn The #SpyGate Documents Over To Nunes

Winning: The Supreme Court finally ends The Wall of irrationality over the Southern border

Secret FBI Informant In the Maria Butina Case Says He Was Part Of A “Soft Coup” Against President Trump

The mysterious Mister Mifsud and why no one wants to discuss him

The Week in Pictures: Mueller Time Edition

Resistance Inc.

Pronoun Anxiety –  Gender fluidity is threatening one venerable part of speech

The 2020 Census Citizenship Question Controversy Exposes The Democrats True Open Borders Agenda

Why Do Jews Ignore the Democrats’ Rising Anti-Semitism?

How the Democrat Party, The Republican Party, and the National News Media Created Donald Trump

The False Promise of the Minimum Wage Hike

July 26, 2019

The Supreme Court Was Right to Rule for Trump in Border-Wall Case

Democrats dub Supreme Court’s border wall ruling ‘regrettable’ and ‘nonsensical’

Robert Mueller Can’t Recall

Rasmussen: Most Still Say Political Correctness Kills Free Speech

Limbaugh: The Makeup of the Two Parties and the Current Game in Washington

Amazon Purges Positive Reviews of Bestselling Anti-Obama Book

Mueller was Weissmann’s Sock Puppet

The Slippery Slope Toward Single-Payer Health Care

Financial Advisor Explains How Democrat Policies will Destroy America?

The Impeachment charade deepens the divide between Democrat leaders and voters

Dershowitz: Mueller wrongly introduces dangerous concept of ‘exoneration’ in review of Trump actions

Opposition To Judicial Nominees Skyrocketed From 3 To 70 Percent After Trump Took Office

CAIR is bringing American Muslims together — In support of extremist Shia leaders

DOJ’s Russia probe review focusing on ‘smoking gun’ tapes of meeting with Trump aide

July 25, 2019

Democrats Denied Transgender Athletes Have Advantages In Women’s Sports. Science Says They’re Wrong

What Mueller Was Trying to Hide – His investigation was about protecting the actual miscreants in the collusion hoax

Limbaugh: Robert Mueller Doesn’t Deserve Your Sympathy

Google Punishes Whistleblowing Engineer with Administrative Leave

Don’t Let Mueller Fool You

Obama Appointed Federal judge in California delays Trump’s latest asylum restrictions

Descent to the Mueller miasma – Includes Key Video Super-cuts

Robert Mueller Just Killed Impeachment

No Joy In Watching A Man Self-Destruct

Boris Johnson Puts Together a Brexit All-Star Team

Does a Guilty Conscience Explain Mueller’s Fumbling Testimony?

Mueller’s serial senior moments revealed he was a front-man for Trump-haters

Ilhan Omar: Americans ‘Should be More Fearful of White Men’ Than of Islamist Terrorists

Former Federal Prosecutor on Mueller: ‘He Clearly Did Not Run This Investigation’

Limbaugh: Is Mueller Hearing This Stuff For The First Time?

Who has the most egg on his face after the Mueller hearings? Adam Schiff

Epstein Visited Clinton White House Multiple Times In Early ’1990s, Contradicting Clinton’s Claims

Time to Wheel Robert Mueller Away

Robert Mueller Isn’t Senile; He Was a Dirty Cop Forced to Take the Witness Stand

Epstein found injured in his cell last night – Another instance of Arkancide?

Democrats Demand ‘Civility,’ But When Have They Practiced It?

Obama judge blocks Trump’s latest sweeping asylum rule

Alex Marlow Speaks At Turning Point USA Conference

July 24, 2019

‘Dazed and confused’: Mueller undermines own credibility

The Mueller Hearings Were an Unmitigated Disaster for the Democrats

Jim Jordan nails Mueller on instigator of Russia probe – Why didn’t you charge man who ‘put the whole country through this’?

Limbaugh: Is Mueller Hearing This Stuff for the First Time?

Nunes confirms it: The Democrats actually ‘colluded with Russia’

The ‘Marlene Effect’: Why Our Reasonable Neighbors Are Blind to the deceptions of theDeep State

Jim Jordan nails Mueller on instigator of Russia probe – Why didn’t you charge man who ‘put the whole country through this’?

WOW! Robert Mueller FALLS APART! Caught off Guard, Mumbling, Bumbling, Stuttering, Confused, Doddering, Nervous — COMPLETELY LOST!

Google Engineer: Google News Search Results Are Intentionally Biased Against Trump

Video: Robert Mueller Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee

Republicans Blast Mueller’s Last Minute Request For Testimony

And So Robert Mueller Is Their Last Great Hope (Again)

The Co-Conspirators in the American Left’s Takeover of the Democratic Party

A Celebrity School Purges a Conservative Teacher and Betrays its Values

Ted Cruz Wrecks the Lie that the Vote On the Anti-Israel BDS Resolution Was “Divisive”

Wall Street, Main Street, and 2020

Yes, the U.S. Exports Oil, but We Are Not Energy Independent

Has Durham Found A ‘Smoking Gun?’ The Mother Of All Omissions In Mueller’s Report May Await

Mark Levin exposes current journalism as a source of progressive socialist partisanship

July 23, 2019

Robert Mueller soon may be exposed as the ‘magician of omission’ on Russia

Pew Research: 5 key takeaways about the state of the news media in 2018

The Shaky Standings of The Mueller Report’s Footnotes

Justice Department to Open Broad, New Antitrust Review of Big Tech Companies

New Report Reveals Mueller Omitted Key Details on Joseph Mifsud and Papadopoulos

Robert Mueller soon may be exposed as the ‘magician of omission’ on Russia

Barr says Mueller asked DOJ to send letter limiting testimony to ‘boundaries’ of report

Judicial Watch Files House Ethics Complaint against Rep. Ilhan Omar over Potential Immigration, Marriage, Tax, and Student Loan Fraud

Graham says he will call Papadopoulos to testify

Gallup: Mentions of Immigration as Top Problem Surpass Record High

The Economy, Father of Us All

Solidarity between Trump and Khan could herald a new future for U.S.-Pakistan partnership

Comey’s Cyber Spy in The White House Stole Classified White House Material — He Is Now Working for CNN

The Stronger Case for a Census Citizenship Question

Here’s The No. 1 Question To Ask Robert Mueller In Tomorrow’s Hearing

Why Iran Wants to Get Bombed

Mueller and Comey: A Cozy Relationship That Goes Way Back

The Fake Science of Global Warming

A New Poll Just Obliterated The Core Of The 2020 Democratic Agenda

Mueller deputy Weissmann’s offer to a Ukrainian oligarch to drop prosecution in exchange for damaging testimony on Trump

Boris anoints himself ‘The Dude’ to ‘deliver Brexit

Israel vote will expose Democratic divisions

Elizabeth Warren’s economic plan so bad even CNN says it will crash the economy

6 Times Freshman Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema Has Opted For Productive Over Partisan

Trump, back in 2015, raised prospect of Bill Clinton being ensnared by Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes

Rep. Tom Rice: I saw the crisis at the border with my own eyes — Congress can fix it

Political Silly Season – The death of pronouns in Berkeley, California

July 22, 2019

Republicans, Don’t Screw Up the Mueller Hearing

Is the Electoral College done for? Bypass movement faces sudden headwinds

America, Google, and Me – Dennis Prager’s Senate Speech

Justice Dept. Watchdog Has Evidence Comey Probed Trump, on the Sly

MUST READ: Vladimir Putin Discusses Russian Interference in US Election and the Attempted Coup d’état with Oliver Stone

Although Anti-Trumper Chris Wallace Tried To Stop It, Stephen Miller Shattered His AOC, Omar Narrative

Why left-of-center Western politicians are pushing for open borders

No, Amy Wax Is Not A White Supremacist For Wanting Immigrants Who Support American Norms

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

An Outpouring of Support From “Legal” Immigrants For Trump’s ‘You Can Leave’ Comments

The Democrats’ 2020 Campaign Theme Is “You Americans Are Terrible”

As #MuellerIsComing Trends, Disappointment Looms Large Again

A War On The West

The Antifa Antidote

Ted Cruz: Build The Southern Border Wall with El Chapo’s Money

Representative Ilhan Omar would prefer not to talk about accusations that she married her brother

The Leftists’ Effective Dirty Trick

Why Can’t America Fill a Pothole? – Environmentalist’ & Labor Unions Are Why

Bernie Sanders refuses to learn from experience

Socialist Democrats Are Utilizing Covert Influence Tactics, But We Can’t Give Into Them

July 21, 2019

A Former CIA agent exposes the Deep State

Investigation reveals holes in Mueller’s conclusions

20th-Century Progressive Politics Continues to Unfold

No Wonder Google Execs Cried When Hillary Lost – They Funded Crowdstrike

Illegal Immigrants Are Coming to US for Surgery

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then look at this

The Banality of Google’s Wokeness

New Data Highlights Partisan Divide Over Attainment Of The American Dream

Trump has nothing to fear from Mueller testimony

10 questions for Robert Mueller

The Dangerous Democrat Political Strategy of Distortion

Facial, Speech and Virtual Polygraph Analysis Shows Ilhan Omar Exhibits Many Indications of a Compulsive Fibber!!!

Representative Ilhan Omar Deserves Her Day In Court

Mogadishu Mon Amour

Two Parades in Hong Kong This Sunday Have a Direct Message for Beijing

Goodbye, Mr. Bond – Lashana Lynch will be lackluster as the next agent 007

Media and other Democrats peddling story that ‘The Squad’ faces extraordinary level of threats. Capitol Police disagree

The Electric Obamaphone – The Telsa 3 is like every other electric vehicle: lean, green, and mean on buyers’ wallets

California wildfire bailout results in electric rates 70% higher than the national average

July 20, 2019

SLIP? Omar calls Somalia ‘my country’ during ‘welcome home’ party at Minneapolis airport

And Up We Go: LA’s Homeless Sue the City for Its Property-Destroying Street Sweeps

What In The World? Miss Michigan Had Her Crown Stripped Because She Refused To Wear A Hijab

The Coming Socialist-Libertarian Feudalism

Did Alienating Conservatives Cause Netflix To Lose Subscribers?

What The Hell Is A Citizen Journalist?

Trump has not built a single mile of new border fence after 30 months in office

Star Tribune Political Editor Kevin Diaz Speaks About Their Ilhan Omar Article

University Study Finds US Less Racist Under President Trump than Whitey-Bashing Obama

Border Crossing Migrant Death Rate Under Trump 20 Percent Lower Than During The Obama Years

This university’s speech guidelines now call ‘American’ a forbidden word

The ‘Squad’ and the Democrats have proven that the shoe is on the other foot in regard to racism in America

Trump’s ‘Accidental’ Win on the Citizenship Question

Throw Her Out –  Learning when to throw punches and when to hold back

The Week in Pictures: Mod Squad Edition – Some excellent ones here

IRONY: Bernie Sanders Campaign Battles Its Own Workers Who Demand $15 Minimum Wage

Iran Holds Up 2nd British-Linked Oil Tanker in Gulf on Same Day, Then Releases It Later

Trump Backs Britain: ‘Iran Is In Big Trouble’

Democrats, Transsexuals, and Women’s Sports

Tommy Robinson Transferred to UK Prison Known as a “Jihadist Training Camp”

Beauty queen, a Trump fan, dethroned after conservative views ruled ‘insensitive’

Leftists are ignoring settled science when it comes to those referred to as “The Homeless”

Angel Mom And Senior Chaplain from Remembrance Project Suspended from Facebook for Posting Cartoon

July 19, 2019

The Obama State Department’s Meeting on ‘Russia Matter’ in 2016

Left Goals: Abolishing Citizenship

In a Post-Roe World, Pro-Lifers Would Still Have a Lot of Work Left to Do

Documents Reveal Obama State Department Advanced Russian Collusion Hoax Before 2016 Election

No One Really Wants to ‘Send Her Back’ – Don’t exaggerate the significance of raucous chants

The New York Times Covers Up for Ilhan Omar In A Big Way

The Mainstream Media react to claim Omar married brother: ‘It’s A Smear’

Leftists Already Losing It As Trump Nominates Justice Scalia’s Son

Limbaugh: We Have a Choice to Make, Folks

Trump is telling aides to look at potential spending cuts if he wins reelection

The Green New Deal — It’s Here And It’s Happening NOW

Trump and America Vs. the Commie Quad Squad

The Latest Development In Flynn Case Proves Special Counsel Was A Cover For Taking Down Trump

Democrats decry Omar’s resolution defending Israel boycott: ‘Dead on arrival’

Snatching Defeat from Their Own Jaws — The Left Refuses to Stop Crippling Themselves Regarding Trump

Beware of the ‘Inclusive Language’ Minefield

For Planned Parenthood, No Doctors Need Apply

The Squad is laying bare the Democrat Party

Mainstream Media Abandons Journalism for Activism on Climate Change

Democrats Hate America and Americans

Is Corporate America Selling Out Our Country?

The real reason why Trump distanced himself from ‘Send her back’ chants?

‘Top Gun’ Memoir Warns American Military Air Superiority Is In Danger

July 18, 2019

The Labyrinthine Ways and Wages of Stefan Halper

Congress warned that Google can sway votes to Democtats

Shame on Robert Mueller—Again

Media Use 27-Year-Old Video in Latest Attempt to Tie Epstein to Trump

Here’s Your Guide To The Latest Wild Developments With Michael Flynn

Growing evidence Ilhan Omar married her brother in immigration scheme

Did Planned Parenthood Fire Leana Wen for Refusing to Use Transgender Language?

Democrats Can’t Take Their Own Medicine

Ilhan Omar Introduces Anti-Israel Resolution

Tucker Carlson Reports On New Allegations About Omar’s Marriage to Her Biological Brother

New AP Stylebook change triggers warning – ‘Shouldn’t start encouraging one opinion over the other

Loose threads in the curious case of Ilhan Omar

An Angry Old White Guy on ‘AOC Plus Three’

Welcome to the Democrats’ ‘Truman Show’

House Votes Top Trump Officials Barr and Ross in Contempt in Census Dispute, Ross Calls It ‘Political Theater’

AOC’s Trust Fund ‘Sugar Daddy’ Behind Radicalization of Congress

The Left’s Demonization of Conservatives Becomes Dangerous

SHAPIRO: The News Cycle Without Trump’s Tweets

Why Trump Matters to Women

McConnell Defies Media on Live TV, Says Trump’s Comments on ‘the Squad’ Didn’t Go Far Enough

Polls, 2020 and Beyond

3 Republicans Defect To Help House Democratss Pass Massive Minimum Wage Hike to $15/Hr

David Steinberg: Tying up loose threads in the curious case of Ilhan Omar

July 17, 2019

Nearly Two Dozen MS-13 Members From Central America Charged For Horrifying Murders in ‘Sanctuary’ California

The Far Left Prepares To Throw Barack Obama Into The Dustbin Of History

The New Face of the Democrat Party

The House of Representatives beats back impeachment resolution, Democrats divide

A Different Take on Trump’s Tweet Storm About ‘Progressive’ Democrat Congresswomen

Top Democrat Nadler Openly Defies Pelosi on Impeachment… News Indicates She May Have Lost Control

Ocasio-Cortez Gets Jamaican Immigrant 2020 Challenger, And She Comes Out Swinging

July 16, 2019

Nolte: Donald Trump Makes Telling the Truth Great Again

Aiding and Abetting Criminal Illegal Alien Immigrants

McConnell Defies Media on Live TV, Says Trump’s Comments on ‘the Squad’ Didn’t Go Far Enough

Tech giants brace for Washington anti-trust showdown in echo of Bill Gates and Microsoft

Trump Pledges to Look into Google After Peter Thiel Accuses The Tech Giant of ‘Treason’

Trump’s immigration deal with Mexico is working

22 Los Angeles-Based MS-13 Gang Members Charged In Series Of Grisly Murders

What Happens When Psychiatric Abuse Begins To Affect Politics

Trump Troll Level: Grand Master Trump’s tweets cement the Democrats congressional leadership to its least-viable radical fringe

Trump: Democrats Are Too ‘Petrified’ to Confront The ‘Anti-USA, Pro-Terrorist’ Squad

The Selfish Actors of Illegal Immigration

LGBT asylum-seekers are exempt from ‘Remain in Mexico policy and can stay in the US

In The Face A Of Massive Border Crisis, Democrats Tell Americans Citizenship Means Nothing

The Democrats Hold a Terrible Hand of Race Cards

Fundraising numbers highlight growing divide in 2020 race

Ilhan Omar’s Father and Other Somalian War Crimes Perpetrators Are Now Living Illegally in the US

Soros sleaze infests U.S. government media agency with Obama holdouts still refusing to go

Mick Mulvaney, conservative hero

Beware, the IRS is eyeing your inherited money

It’s Almost Like AOC’s “Squad” Wants Trump To Win

Love It Or Hate It, There’s No Reason Not To Understand Trump’s Tweets

Is This the Moment Where the Revolution Eats Its Own?

July 15, 2019

Were Trump’s Controversial Tweets a Trap That Democrats Walked Right Into?

Who Is for Middle America?

Trump to Boost Domestic Content for Made in America

Federal Appeals Judge Gives Trump Big Win in Fight Against Sanctuary Cities

Limbaugh: Andy McCarthy Answers a Key Question on the Epstein Case

Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway Ignores Congressional Subpoena

Confirmed: The ‘Trump Is Delaying the Harriet Tubman Bill Because Racism’ Narrative Was Totally Bogus

Millennial “Snowflake” Writer Cries at Work, Puts Mother on Speakerphone after Editor Boss Corrects Her Spelling

Pro-Family Advocates: Opposition to California’s Graphic Sex-Ed Curriculum Grows

Peter Thiel: FBI, CIA Must Investigate ‘Treasonous’ Google

Why John Roberts’ Citizenship Question Decision Is Legally And Politically Corrupt

Trump administration announces major crackdown on asylum seekers via new rule

Meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Brain: Saikat Chakrabarti

Did Trump really take a political risk in telling Omar to go back to Somalia?

Pelosi Loses Control Of Her Party And It’s All Her Fault

Eat Popcorn And Watch As Democrats Eat Themselves

Swamp Tales: Unaccountable Federal Agency Uses Tax Dollars to Astroturf Crowds and Force Airborne Wheelchairs

Pew Research: Average illegal has lived here 15 years

DHS inspector general confirms investigation into leak about planned ICE raids

July 14, 2019

‘THIS IS NOT A TYPO’: Democrat Poll Shows What Voters Actually Think Of Omar and Ocasio-Cortez

Of Progressive Carnivores and Cannibals

Franklin Graham: Democrats’ Equality Act a ‘nightmare’ for U.S.

ICE Begins Rounding Up Illegal Aliens for Deportation

Mike Pence: Congress must pass the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement

Trump Says Ilhan Omar Should Go Back to Africa: ‘You Can’t Leave Fast Enough’

Another Study Finds Trigger Warnings Are Useless, or Even Harmful

The Arrogance And The Ignorance

Trump and Barr counter-punch on the Census and illegal aliens

Acosta, the Only Prosecutor to Put Jeffrey Epstein Behind Bars, Loses His Job

Attack in Tacoma over migrant jails signals that Antifa has descended into bonafide terrorism

July 13, 2019

Trump and the Founders: Just What Jefferson Wanted?

Racial politics roil the Democrat Party

‘Gang of Eight’ Amnesty Architect Declares Victory as GOP/Dems Pass Green Card Giveaway

Nineteen Eighty-Four at 70: What Orwell Got Right

The song remains the same – The parlous state of free speech in higher education

Mark Levin: Airport Bookstores Refuse to Carry My New York Times bestseller list Book ‘Unfreedom of the Press’

CNN’s Brian Karem Cursed President Trump at Rose Garden Event Before the Sebastian Gorka Confrontation

Devin Nunes: Without jail time for Russia probe dirty cops’, no Republican will trust the DOJ for ‘generations’

Trump, the Master Troll, creates problems for Pelosi by supporting her

Racial Politics Roil The Democrat Party

Obama let Hezb’allah off the hook to funnel drugs into the USA, but MSM don’t care

The Week in Pictures: Head Exploding Edition

July 12, 2019

Megan Rapinoe Is No Leader

Rick Perry: Now that Ross Perot is gone, I can tell this story

Trump: ICE Deportations Start on Sunday and Will Focus on Criminals

Limbaugh: What the Citizenship Question Battle Is Really All About

Democratss lose patience with ‘complete fraud’ AOC, rally to Pelosi’s side

Limbaugh: The President’s Phenomenal Impromptu Press Conference

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules in favor of Trump administration in ‘sanctuary city’ case

The Corrupt DOJ Caught Hiding Evidence in Flynn FARA Case

Limbaugh: AOC Aide Admits the Green New Deal Isn’t About Climate

A change in North Korea’s constitution may mean it’s preparing for a deal with the US

Alex Acosta out: Resigns amid furor over sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein plea deal

Bill Clinton Caught in Another Big Epstein Lie – Their Early Flights Were Not for Clinton Foundation

The Pentagon races to track U.S. rare earths output amid China trade dispute

Trump Praises James O’Keefe, Diamond and Silk, Other ‘Extraordinary’ Conservatives at Social Media Summit

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Bans ICE from Police Database Before Raids

The High School Fighting to Save Women’s Sports

AOC’s Green New Deal would boost gas tax $10-$13, ‘destroy economy’

Trump trashes Paul Ryan: ‘Couldn’t get him out of Congress fast enough!’

‘Justice on Trial’ Is The Definitive Account Of Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Identity Politics and the Downfall of the Modern Left

Nancy Pelosi seeks to nullify all immigration law, urging deportees how to thwart court deportation orders

Trump Uses Executive Action to Count Citizens

Is Normalcy Donald Trump’s Second Act? – Donald Trump is enjoying some of his highest numbers ever

What Deference Does It Make? – This year’s Supreme Court theme: Know your role

Amazon caught blocking favorable reviews of Mollie Hemmingway/Carrie Severino book on Kavanaugh confirmation

July 11, 2019

Trump Hits Dems with Census Curveball, Announces Plan To Circumvent SCOTUS

6 Ways A New Congressional Budget Office Report Devastates the $15 Minimum Wage

Trump rails against ‘bias’ social media sites during summit

Pelosi Rejects U.S. Sovereignty – U.S. Immigration Subject to Laws of “A Global Society”…

California To  Give Illegal Aliens Free Health Care in Violation of Federal Law

Who will clean up America’s voter rolls?

Epstein victim testified Bill Clinton visited ‘Orgy Island’ – Contradicts former president’s claim this week

Representative Jim Jordan at Obamacare Hearing: “How Can You Undermine Something That’s Already Failed?”

Jilted Again! The Never-Trump/Left Alliance Crumbles

LA Police Chief: In an Effort to Fight the City’s Homeless Crisis, Warrants for Homeless People Will Be Canceled

Federal Spending Sets Record Through June; Deficit Hits $747,115,000,000

AOC Is the Bed Nancy Pelosi Made For Herself

BREAKING: Trump To Order Citizenship Question On Census Be Added By Executive Order

Democrats smeared all opposition to Obama as racist; now AOC is playing the race card against Pelosi

UK Bracing for Moment It Is Revealed British Intel Spied on Innocent Americans in the US for Obama!

Like Kaepernick, Megan Rapinoe brings dishonor to her sport and to America

Minnesota Town Just Scrapped The Pledge Of Allegiance – Guess Who Represents Them In Congress?

Report: Over 1000 Google employees sign petition to use market dominance to starve Breitbart News out of ad revenue

The ‘Ditch Mitch’ McConnell Campaign Is Just Democrats Lighting Their Money On Fire

In California, don’t call them ‘public servants,’ call them ‘the government gang’

July 10, 2019

Epstein, Bean & Buck: The Democrat Donors’ Sex-Creep Club

Open Borders Advocates Are Using Changing Narratives With Impunity, Says Expert

Flynn’s Lawyers: Mueller Team Wanted False Testimony, Possibly Retaliated When Rebuked

President Trump Signs New Law To Protect Innocent Small Business Owners From IRS Seizures

Jeffrey Epstein’s Ties to Clinton, and His Questionable Source of Wealth

Boeing Max 8 Lesson: Why Domestic Manufacturing Is Vital

Street Smarts in the White House

Running To Commit Political Suicide

Limbaugh: Dr. Christine Blasey Fraud

One Federal Department Is Now Spending $100 Billion Per Month

Obama Judge Declares that Trump Can’t Pick His Own Legal Team in Census Fight

Appeals Court Looks Askance at Obamacare – Obamacare may not be the “law of the land” for long

On Epstein case, Barr gives Democrats a new reason to get the willies

Count on Migrants from the World Over to Exploit U.S. Immigration Laws

The Absurd Attack on Alexander Acosta

Are Prosecutors Finally Taking Down Accused Child Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein In An Effort To Get Trump?

UK Ambassador to the US Kim Darroch Resigns After Criticizing Trump

785 days and waiting: Trump ambassadors face unprecedented delays at hands of Senate Democrats

July 9, 2019

Democrats Deny The True Threat of China Over Their Obsession With Russia

Mike Rowe Chimes In On Nike’s Betsy Ross Decision – His Take Is Spot On

Barr Is Right: The Trump-Russia Conspiracy Is ‘Bogus,’ And Mueller Proved It

Tired, Irrelevant Democratic Candidates Point Toward A Trump Reelection

Antifa Thug ARRESTED AND INDICTED On Multiple Charges for Brutal Beatings at Portland Protest in June

U.S. Soccer Women Are Winners, Not Victims

Megan Rapinoe says the US team will ‘happily accept’ Chuck Schumer’s invitation

The media is a major contributor to the huge crisis at the border

Illegal migrant apprehensions dropped by more than 37,500 in June

US National team: from: ‘for God and country’ to: self, political ideology and sexual proclivity

Democrats plan to demonize GOP leader Mitch McConnell

July 8, 2019

Bill Clinton Denies Knowing Anything About His Pedophile Friend Jeffery Epstein But Flight Logs Show Otherwise

Dear Megan Rapinoe, Get Over the Fact That You’re a Gay Person With a Political Opinion and Stop Ruining This

Yes, There Is A Soccer Pay Gap: The Women Make More On A Percentage Basis Than The Men Do

Dennis Prager to Testify Before Senate About Big Tech’s Conservative Speech Suppression

Donald Trump’s Fourth of July Nationalistic Reality Show

Seven Facts About Obama’s Immigration Record Liberals Refuse to Admit

How Obama Administration Policies Harmed Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault

Census Bureau Data Shows That Non Citizens Earn $9K More Per Year Than Black Americans

Five Reasons Brett Kavanaugh Was Confirmed To The Supreme Court

Democrats Double Down On Hating America

Clinton Library REFUSES to Hand Over Information on Bill Clinton’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

How Having Robert Mueller’s No. 2 Testify To Congress Will Hurt Democrats More Than Trump

New Book About Kavanaugh Hearing Reveals Trump Team Had Dirt on Blasey Ford, Astute Observation From Melania

Trump Derangement Syndrome Will Guarantee The President’s Re-Election

Why Big Tech Should Not Be Viewed as a Private Business

Starbucks Tempest in Tempe

A Democrat congresswoman is sending paid staff to Mexico to teach illegals how to cheat their way into the US?

Sunday bombshell: Pool for deportation is up to 1 million illegals who have already had due process

July 7, 2019

Justin Amash leaves the GOP before it can “leave” him

Here are the key figures subpoenaed by Democrats in Trump probes

Welcome to the Democrat Freak Show

Political Discord? The Left As Russian Agents

Iran to Raise Uranium Enrichment, In New Breach of Nuclear Deal

How Many Divisions Does Chief Justice Roberts Have?

The Worst Independence Day Villains in America

‘It’s Been A Long Time Coming’: Billionaire Financier Jeffrey Epstein Charged With Trafficking Underage Girls

Kamala Harris wants to gift $25k of taxpayers’ money to black families earning $125k to buy houses

California: A shining example or third-world state?

July 6, 2019

How a climate of outrage persecuted 2 women who refused to take down Brett Kavanaugh

Feds Move on El Chapo’s $12 Billion Assets, Cruz Has Border Security Plans for the Money

WHOA! Pervert Jeffrey Epstein Flew Clintons to Orgy Island – Robert Mueller Was Involved, Let Them Off

CIA Prepares the Blame the Consultant Excuse for Screwing the Pooch With the Steele Dossier

Leftists dance around report Kamala Harris’ ancestor owned slaves

Are You Angry About Border Conditions? Blame Congress

Why We’re Still Waiting On The DOJ Inspector General Report On Alleged Obama Administration FISA Abuses

Democrats Just Had Their Worst Week in 47 Years

Proposed Interview Strategy for Mueller Including Most Important Questions That Need to Be Answered With a Yes or No

Big Tech and the Deep History of Free Speech

Not even the 4th of July is sacred to these hate-filled leftists

Infuriating: Five Police Officers Reportedly Told To Leave Local Starbucks Because Some Snowflake Felt Unsafe

July 5, 2019

Mueller’s Own Report Undercuts Its Core Russia-Meddling Claims

Democrat Congresswoman Secretly Sending Staff To Mexico To Coach Migrants How To Beat System

Trump Considering Use Of Executive Order on Census Citizenship Question

California Democrats Move To Allow Illegal Aliens To Hold Party Leadership Positions

San Francisco School District spending $600K to cover George Washington mural that ‘traumatizes students and community members’

The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

Will Amazon ban the Bible next?

CNN Fumed Over Trump’s Fourth of July Speech

US employers add 224,000 jobs even as labor market cools from 2018

Triggered Never Trumpers pout on Fourth of July; Patriots celebrate

NBA Nixing the Term “Owner” Will Only Worsen Race Relations – The race-baiters continue to look for a whistle

GOP Senator Served A Piping Hot Cup Of Shut The Hell Up To Ocasio-Cortez Over Her Phony Border Crisis Claims

Criminal Justice Reform Comes Home to Roost

American Restoration: 30% of judges will be Trump picks

How the Supreme Court will upend 2020

Trump defies ominous predictions with nonpartisan July 4th salute to American spirit

Lessons to be learned from the modern Left

Kamala Harris Has A Bigger Problem Than Forced Busing

Open Borders Mean Closed Opportunities for National Prosperity

Bernie Sanders’ Proposal For The Supreme Court Is An Unconstitutional Recipe For Disaster

July 4, 2019

College Was Becoming Cheaper – Until Politicians Like Bernie Ruined It

The World’s Tallest Building in Dubai Lights Up in Stars and Stripes for 4th of July …But ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC Won’t Show a DC Independence Day Celebration

The 1776 Flag Isn’t the Problem. Anti-American Leftists Are The Problem

Silicon Valley Is a Clear and Present Danger to Our Rights

Tucson Chief Patrol Agent Roy Villareal Posts Video of Detention Center Tour – Makes AOC Look Ridiculous

Trump is still on track to win reelection

Antifa: Terrorists of the Bourgeoisie

Expert: Healthcare for Illegal Aliens Would Drive Migration of Foreigners ‘with Serious Health Problems’ to the U.S.

The Beginning of a Nation

The eternal meaning of Independence Day

Trump Says July 4th ‘Salute to America’ Celebration Will Be ‘Show of a Lifetime’ — Here’s What to Expect

The Fourth of Ju-Liars

The New York Times Trashes America Just in Time for Independence Day

The Liberal War On You

Trump considers executive order on citizenship question

WOW! Yesterday’s All Time Market Highs and the Best June Ever Were Predicted Six Months Ago

What AOC Did On Her Summer Vacation – She discovered the definition of “potable water.”

It’s hard to say what journalists are worse at – economics or telling the truth?

A Nation Worth Lauding

Why the Left hates symbols of patriotism

Yes, you can watch the 4th of July’s Salute to America that the major networks are ignoring

It’s Time to Celebrate American Energy Independence

July 3, 2019

33 Key Crucial Questions to ask Robert Mueller when he testifies before the House committees on July 17

Dow Hits New High

The NY Times Devotes An Entire Op-Ed Tantrum to Hating Trump’s 4th of July Party

This Fourth of July – Why patriotism is worth defending

Lessons of the Declaration of Independence

Fox News Will Fly Biggest Flag For Donald Trump’s ‘Salute To America’ Coverage

Mini-AOC Deletes All Social Media Accounts After Death Threats and Harassment Of Family

Washington Military Parades and Presidential July 4th Speeches Through History

America Takes an Antifa Beating

Should Antifa Be Designated a Domestic Terror Group?

Democrats Want to Insure Illegal Immigrants – They don’t care about vets or the middle class

Why the House Breakthrough on Border Funding Matters

The American public overwhelmingly supports a citizenship question on the 2020 census

The Democrats’ Leftward Turn Was a Reaction to Hillary Clinton

President Trump hits huge home run nominating Judy Shelton for the Fed

What Are Democratic Candidates Hiding About Their Plans For The Supreme Court?

Iran Warns It Will Increase Nuclear Enrichment Within Days

8 Times The Media Said There Was No Crisis At The Southern Border

July 2, 2019

This Russian oligarch’s story could spell trouble for Team Mueller

The Five Principles That Will Power President Trump’s Reelection

2nd witness confirms Hillary was warned about email Scandal erupted over her use of unsecured system for national secrets

Why Nike’s Capitulation To Kaepernick Matters – Stop normalizing the brittle sensibilities of social justice warriors

A Leftist Mob Attacked Me in Portland -Targeted by Antifa and its allies for my critical reporting of their violent extremism

Limbaugh: The Boldly Public Anti-Americanism of the American Left

Video confirms AOC faked her crying incident – Photos also show empty parking lot, not suffering children

Boom: NY Post Editorial Torches AOC Over Her Immigration ‘Theatrics’

Hunter Biden Admits to Taking Diamond Bribe From Shady Chinese Businessman – Media Is Silent

Facebook Marches Even Further Left

Navy SEAL Found Not Guilty of Murder in Death of ISIS Prisoner in Iraq

AOC and Democrats were told repeatedly that illegal immigrants had overwhelmed the border. Now they act surprised

American Pride Hits New Low; Few Are Proud of Political System

Trump Has Already Won the Immigration Debate – The Democrats abandoned the field to the president last week

The Trump Administration Is Not Torturing Migrants – Democrats and the media have jettisoned all sense of reality about the border crisis, and offer nothing now but phony outrage.

U.S. Soccer’s Rapinoe Puts Politics Above Team and Country – What is it exactly that she has to protest, anyway?

Prager: D Is for Damaged, Dangerous and Delusional

Free health care for illegals? What about elderly American citizens?

Bernie on Kamala’s School Busing Stance: ‘Does Anybody Think It’s a Good Idea…’?

Portland Police Release Statement – Claim Mayor Wheeler Gave Police Stand Down Order During Violent Protests

The New York Times Antifa fallacy

Willie Brown’s Ex-Girlfriend, Kamala, Opposes School Choice

Arizona Governor to pull Nike plant incentives over reported Colin Kaepernick, Betsy Ross flag flap

Study shows that migrants are arriving older and older

July 1, 2019

California has the highest gas taxes in nation — and the SECOND worst roads

Insinuendo: Why the Mueller Report Doth Repeat So Much

Top Democrats Declared Border Crisis ‘Fake’ Over Past Year

The Left’s Political Hit Squads Prepare for 2020

President Trump Has China Over a Barrel

Big Tech’s Big Secret – The lords of the internet mean to defeat Trump, then reshape America and the world

Is Chief Justice Roberts the Jim Comey of the Supreme Court?

How Team Trump is keeping drug prices down

Limbaugh: The Kamala Harris Busing Myth

President Trump and the European Union Voice Concerns After Violence Erupts in Hong Kong

Trump courageously takes a bold risk for peace with Kim Jong Un meeting

Iranian media reports country has exceeded the nuclear pact fuel limit

Here’s What Republicans Should Ask Robert Mueller When He Testifies

Oh, So That’s The Issue Democrats Bring Up That Makes The Trump Team Feel Like It’s Christmas Time

Trump raises 2020 stakes by elevating North Korea, China on agenda

Europe Dupes Bartering with Iran – Lightening up on sanctions would only make war on Iran more likely

Bolton Blasts NYT Over North Korea Story: ‘There Should Be Consequences’

Where the Democrats are Trying to Take Us

Lawmakers’ Request for Audit of California DMV Killed Despite Suspicion of Election Fraud

Blue State Madness: California Officially Expands Health Care To Illegals In Latest State Budget

Trump Follows Jefferson on Leveraging America’s Economic Might – And with much greater success

Left-wing thuggery: The battle lines are being drawn in Portland, Oregon

6 Serious Counter Proposals To The Democrats’ Insane Higher Ed Bailouts

Apocalypse Now: Charles Koch and George Soros Team Up for Foreign Policy Initiative

Daniel Greenfield: The War On You

June 30, 2019

Kamala Harris is no Rosa Parks – Not Even Close

The Anti-Trump Circus

Trump plans to end Obama’s transgender rule

Trump meets Kim Jong Un, becomes first sitting U.S. president to step into North Korea

Regarding the census citizenship question

Would-Be Democrat Presidents Want to Make America a Sanctuary Country

What is Trump up to, meeting Kim Jong-un at the DMZ?

An Angry, Old White Guy Watches the Democratic Debate – What about America?

Katie Hopkins explores Europe’s predictable loss of its Homelands

New York Times publishes detailed recommendations about how to doxx Border Patrol agents

The Disciplinary Corporation

June 29, 2019

The Democrats in crisis: Schumer and Pelosi at each other’s throats

Harris and Other 2020 Democrats Want to Bring Back Forced School Busing—Parents Want School Choice

Who’s the Radical? – On Confidence and Common Sense

California’s Regulatory Hostility Prevents Building More New Homes

US, China agree to restart trade talks after Trump, Xi meeting

The debates: Democrat contempt for America and Americans was laid bare


Big tech test-marketing censorship of Trump

Democrats have an election truther problem

Infotech and Rights – Click Link Below To See “The_Donald”

“The_Donald” on Reddit

Rasmussen: Likely voters say ‘Hell, No’ to Democrats’ proposed free health care for illegals

Panic in Bidenville: Big money bundler jumps ship

June 28, 2019

Obama DOJ gave immunity to Hillary aide who deleted emails

Democrats: The Party for Illegal Immigration

The Art and Science of Cross-Examining Mueller – A few tips for Republicans during his upcoming testimony

Trump pursues smart China strategy heading into meeting with Xi Jinping

Obama-Appointed Judge Blocks White House From Allocating Military Funds to Build a Border Wall

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Donates $1 Million to Planned Parenthood to Fight ‘Draconian’ Abortion Laws

The Democrat candidates are too fake for 2020

No More Chastened Democrats

The Democrats Debating Are A Pageant Of Potemkin Socialism

SCOTUS Loses Its Census over Citizenship

Trump digs in on citizenship question after Supreme Court setback

The ‘Moderate’ Democrat Candidates Who ‘Aren’t Socialists’ Like Bernie Are Still Wildly Extreme

Why House Democrats caved, passing Senate bill funding emergency border care facilities

California Legislature Passes Bill To Put Trans Men In Women’s Prisons, Even Rapists

Why all 10 Democrats raised their hands last night in support of unpopular free medical care for illegals

June 27, 2019

In victory for Trump, House Democrats back down on border aid bill demands

New Google RESIST Doc Shows “Internal Beginner’s Guide To Protesting,” “Resist@Google”

SHE LIED: Kamala Harris Says She Was in Second Integrated Class in Berkeley — But Yearbook Pictures Prove She’s Lying

Why Trump Lost the Census Case

Democrat Candidates Don’t Have What it Takes to Make America Great Again

Bank of America stops financing Obama’s detention centers Amid outrage over Trump’s handling of asylum-seekers

AOC Cries Over An Empty Parking Lot

The 5 stages of homofascism now complete – Exclusive: How 4 SCOTUS rulings led to the punishment of dissenters

Supreme Court blocks citizenship question in 2020 census for now

Conservative Justices Rip Supreme Court For Interfering in 2020 Census

House Speaker Pelosi: ‘It shouldn’t be a crime’ to cross border illegally

Five Surefire ‘Woke’ Political Proposals for Desperate Democrat Presidential Debaters

Government Intrusion in Higher Education Is Sowing the Next Debt Crisis

California GOP Learns to Love Big Brother

America: Talked Out of Liberty

Robert Mueller: The Guest Who Won’t Leave

Adam Schiff’s latest scheme will blow up in Democrats’ faces

June 26, 2019

You Are Watching the Last Days of the Fake News Media

20 Times Breitbart Reported on Migrant Deaths During Obama-Biden Years and No One Cared

So when does O’Keefe get his Pulitzer?

White House to Hold Social Media Summit

‘Unmasker in Chief’ Samantha Power spewed anti-Trump bias in government emails

Climate Crusaders Defeated in Oregon—For Now

Get outraged and stay outraged!

Obama appointee confirms: Kids ‘cages’ were created ‘under Obama’

An Obama Judge Invents Sanctuary Courthouses

Dossier 2.0 — Robert Mueller’s ‘Black Cash’ Ledger

Tucker Carlson: The media’s new star witness against Trump is unraveling and only trying to sell books

Islamic Subversion in America

Project Veritas – Leaked Google Document Labels Prager U, Jordan Peterson ‘Nazis’

The Melding of Communist Party USA and Progressive Democrat Agendas

College Loan Forgiveness? – Let’s Do It! It’s an idea whose time has come, and we know just how to make it happen

Capitalism: The defining issue of the 2020 elections

The Myth and Fraud That There Ever Was an Arab Country or People Called ‘Palestine’ (Part Two of Two – Look below for Part 1)

Dershowitz: The Democrats Are ‘Shooting Themselves in Foot’ for Demanding Mueller Testify

June 25, 2019

Migrants Quarantined with UNKNOWN Disease, 10-Year Old Girl Found With 20 Types of Semen In Her

What now, for all of those who have denied there is a ‘crisis’ at our Southern border?

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Accused of Leaking Trump’s ICE Raid Now Tied to Obama & Hillary

The third Mueller scope memo proof Rosenstein was ‘scared to death’ of McCabe, Joe DiGenova says

GOOGLE EXECUTIVESS PANIC! Go Into Hiding & Delete Social Media Accounts After James O’Keefe’s Latest Exposé

The Obama administration paved the way for a ‘shadow government’

Tracing the Origins of Congressional Democrats’ ‘Obstruction’ Strategy

Everybody Thinks He Or She Is The President

Trust Trump, But Not Too Much!

Stephanie Grisham Announced as Next White House Press Secretary by Melania Trump

Trump fires back at Iran’s ‘insulting’ statement, warns any attack to be met with ‘overwhelming force’

Google Stealthily Infuses Political Agenda Into Products to Prevent Trump Reelection, Insiders, Documents Say

Our Evil Tech Overlords – You see what they want you to see

What Is Facebook?

Ambassador Friedman Exposes the Radicalism of Obama’s Israel Policies

Obama Targeted Papadopoulos Twice –To Halt Israel and Assist Iran’s Gas Pipelines, then to Stop Candidate Trump

The Myth and Fraud That There Ever Was an Arab Country or People Called ‘Palestine’ (Part One of Two)

While Pelosi’s Democrats yell about soap and toothbrushes, migrants empty out Western Unions

“Trump slump” hits mainstream  media BIG

Journalists Failed Our Newspapers

A Muslim Syrian Refugee Plotted a Black Church Massacre – He Is One of Obama’s 10,000 Syrian Refugees

June 24, 2019

What Iran Is Really Up To – Preserving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)

Conditions On The Streets Of San Francisco Are Comparable To “The Slums Of Mumbai, Delhi, Mexico City, Jakarta, And Manila”

Can Trump Actually Win the Black Vote?

What Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Actually Did

U.S. school lets Muslims interrupt classes to ‘convert’ students

The Steele Dossier Has Been Discredited—Is the IC Report Next?

Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam

Republicans Appeal To The Hero While Democrats Appeal To The Victim

Trump Dodged An Ambush By Avoiding War With Iran

James Clapper Hears Attorney General Barr’s ‘Chilling’ Footsteps

Why the Democrats Will Never Win Back Trump Voters

Wait…Trump’s Acting DHS Director Leaked Information On Planned ICE Raids To Sabotage Them?

The Top 8 Takeaways From Hope Hicks’s Congressional Testimony

Something journalists, activists and other Democrats never suggest to illegal aliens: abide by the laws Congress passed!

Rare-Earths Mining Shows Exactly How China Cheats The United States Through ‘Free Trade’

Corn at the Pump – Ethanol forever, because there’s really no way to get around its powerful interests

June 23, 2019

Accuser Is Linked to Activist Attorney Lisa Bloom, Is She Getting Paid Too?

U.S. Hit Iran with Cyber Attack After Drone Takedown

State Dept. Reports Finding 23 Violations of Security Protocols Related to Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Crack-ups at the Crossroads of Intersectionality

Ann Coulter: Surprise! That ‘cheap’ illegal immigrant labor costs us a lot

New Documents Shed Light On Ilhan Omar’s Marriage To Her Alleged Brother Alex Wong

Majority of Mexicans Want Their Government to Stop Letting Central American Migrants Travel Through Their Country

Nordic ‘socialists’ increasingly opt for private insurance

President Trump Is Winning the Little Cold War With Iran

Multiple fingers point at DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan as the alleged leaker of original plans for ICE raids today

CNN’s Don Lemon Was Not the First to Make the Trump-Is-Like-Hitler Comparison

Why Scrapping the Iran Nuclear Deal Was the Right Move

Inching Back toward the Rule of Law

The Woke Olympics

Does this ‘settled science’ look familiar to you?

June 22, 2019

Officials accuse DHS chief Kevin McAleenan of leaking ICE raids plan to sabotage the operation

President Trump Delaying Planned ICE Deportations for 2 Weeks

Making Sense of the Iran Chaos

Iran: To Neocon or Not to Neocon, Is That the Question?

Here’s why Trump wants a weaker US dollar

America Elected a Black President; We Don’t Need Reparations

Islamists demand the U.N. launch censorship campaign

The Democrats’ 2020 Election Strategy: Feeding, Clothing, and Housing Your Loved Ones on a Diet of Investigations, Open Borders, Climate, and Impeachment

Reparations: Democrats Scam and Insult Blacks Again

Over 600 US Companies Support Trump’s Tariffs on China: Send Letter

Notes from a 1990s Bergdorf shopaholic: The E. Jean Carroll story about Trump just doesn’t add up

June 21, 2019

Judicial Watch Exposed FBI-Media Collusion Against Trump

How feminism creates deficient mothers – Patrice Lewis notes women often are ‘completely unprepared’ for the role

Will He Be Dragged For Treason? Obama Accepted Unsolicited Intelligence From A Foreign Source During 2016 Election

CA building fees dwarf the fees charged in the other 49 states. MOST states charge almost NO such fees.

U.K. bans gender stereotypes in ads – Forbids depicting mothers doing the housework

The Democrats’ Presidential Field and Communism

Biden Was More Than ‘Civil’ With Segregationists. He Was An Ally

Trump stopped attacks against Iran after learning 150 people might die

The Liberals’ National Popular Vote Scheme Is Unconstitutional and Dangerous

5 Things To Expect From President Trump Live-Tweeting The Democratic Debates

The New York Times tips the FBI

A Complete Clown-show, With a Few Notable Exceptions – The House Democrats stage a reparations circus

You Can’t Fix Stupid . . . Not Even The Stupidity Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

June 20, 2019

Noonan: My Sister, My Uncle and Trump

Piers Morgan: Forget The Polls, Trump Will Win Easily

1,500 caravan members had U.S. criminal convictions

Who’s coming and who’s going: California in 5 interactive charts and maps

A Court Win for China Spells Trouble for U.S. Security

Tucker Carlson Warns Trump on Tech Censorship: You Won’t Be Reelected if Your Supporters Cannot Speak Freely

Syrian refugee arrested on terrorism charges

Immigration Madness – A legal immigrant weighs in

Corrupt Mueller Gang Used Same AP Reporters to Set Up Manafort who were Also Connected to Fusion GPS

Trump tells Hannity the DOJ investigating whether his own phone calls were tapped during 2016 campaign

How the GOP Will Retake the House in 2020 – Only 18 seats separate the “Do Nothing Party” from the wilderness

K–12 = Red Ed

US Navy drone shot down by Iranian missile over Strait of Hormuz

The ticking gets louder on Biden’s corruption time bomb

Tucker Carlson: What the fight for slavery reparations tells us about today’s Democrat Party

California Government Needs a Tax Diet

Leftists Have Always Lied about Auschwitz

A million independent voters risk being irrelevant in California’s presidential primary

June 19, 2019

Trump Warns of Threat of ‘Radical Socialism’ at Reelection Rally

How Trump reversed the Obama murder surge

Republican resistance: Big Tech censorship targeted for kill

Death Threats Against Page And The Dangerous Disinformation Operation Against Trump

Democrat Staffer Who Doxxed GOP Senators During Kavanaugh Hearings Is Headed to Prison

Trump opens his 2020 campaign: Keep America Great!

The Federal Reserve Holds Interest Rates Steady

Harvard’s Capitulation to the Mob

Why Foreign Governments Are Shielding Iran – Despite the regime’s escalating aggression

Multiculturalism Is a Nation Killer – Identity politics, mobilization, and political devolution

June 18, 2019

California’s New Sex-ed Regime Is Worse Than You Can Imagine

We’re Not Holier Than Thou – But We Conservatives Better Be

A loophole in New York law granting illegal immigrants driver’s licenses could lead to voter fraud

Why Wasn’t Everyone Looking for Hillary’s Missing Emails?

California Gun Owners Feel The Repercussions Of Illegal Aliens Obtaining IDs

Want the truth? Put your money on Bill Barr, NOT Jerry Nadler

California legislators want to tell pastors what to preach on LGBT

Trump Scores Another Huge Victory with Mexico

Kellyanne Conway in Democrat Pushed Hatch firing line but Obama officials were ignored

5 Ways Michael Flynn’s New Lawyer Could Expose More About Spygate

Trump says U.S. agency will begin removing millions of illegal immigrants

Yes, Trump Can Win Again – Polls that were wrong in 2016 are repeating their mistake

Did Your Child Return From College a Better Person?

Smithsonian Disgrace – How America’s historical memory has been traduced into celebrating a communist hack and servant of dictators

Solar Power to Hit the Wall in Nevada

June 17, 2019

Trump could revolutionize the private health insurance market

AOC’s hometown folks have shocking surprise for her

Since When Are Liberals against Investigating the CIA and FBI?

Election Commissioner: Hillary Can Get Info From Foreigners, But How Dare Trump Even Think About It

Mr. Biden: President Trump Is an Existential Threat to Your Legacy and Obama’s, Not to National Security

Will The Democrats Presidential Fate Repeat Past Wins, or Past Losses?

The Iran Deal Echo Chamber’s Lies Prove Trump Is Right To Renegotiate Now

Democrats Weaponize Race And Immigration In Their Quest For A ‘Permanent Democrat Majority’

Truth about sanctuary cities

Will Roberts Get Rolled on the Census Question Case?

Florida sets an important precedent on sanctuary cities

The CIA Is Running Scared – Barr’s bloodhounds are sniffing up Langley’s skirts

Lines In The Sand: Justice Department Sides With Treasury On Trump’s Taxes

We Must Reject The LGBTQ Craziness Becoming America’s Accepted Norm

June 16, 2019

When Normality Became Abnormal

Additional Reasons on Why Mueller’s Story that the DNC Was Hacked by Russians is a Fairy Tale!

Robert Mueller: A Scary and Mendacious Man

Seven Illegal Aliens Are Suing Border Patrol With Hopes Of A Class Action Lawsuit Outcome

“Global Effort to Take Trump Down” – Obama State Department Prodded Foreign Governments to Spy on Trump Campaign

Is There Nothing Democrats Won’t Promise Voters To Get Elected?

Jordan Peterson Is Taking the Fight to Big Tech

The ‘Experts’ are wrong again: Trump tariffs have not penalized American consumers

Why senators who lobby for eliminating the Electoral College should worry

June 15, 2019

Of course Trump would consider using foreign-supplied dirt. Who wouldn’t?

The Hezbollah Cover-Up, and Bruce Ohr Connection

The Diminishing Dad

Hollywood’s shocking new ally

The Democrats’ Hypocrisy on ‘Foreign Interference’

Sarah Sanders is a class act – The leftist media are not just mean but vicious and cruel.

‘I Think I Would’ — A Clause Challenging Those Who Incite Before Thinking

What comes next after the United States?

African illegal migrants pass through San Antonio and swiftly fan out across the country

In Spite of Increasing Tariffs, US Import Costs DOWN in May — OUTSTANDING Overall!

40 years, 50 million abortions, yet the Hyde Amendment has to be repealed or poor women can’t get health care?

June 14, 2019

What Did Obama Know About Hezbollah’s Bomb Plot in London?

Why Kirsten Gillibrand Is the Most Vapid Clown in the Car

5,200 quarantined by ICE for exposure to mumps, chicken pox

Massive, Unexpected Growth on a New Free Speech Platform

Trump stops the globalist pillaging of America

House GOP Leadership: FBI Director Wray Not Cooperating with AG Barr’s Spygate Investigation – Burying Documents


So Much for the ‘Harmless Stoner’ Sales Pitch: Legal Marijuana a Boon to Illegal Cartels

Video Shows Iranian Forces Removing Unexploded Mine From Tanker in Gulf of Oman: US Military

The Left’s hypocrisy knows absolutely no bounds

‘STONE-COLD KILLER’: Name Of Potential Sarah Sanders Replacement Emerges

A Conservative Civil Rights Movement to End Internet Segregation Is Needed

Hispanics stick with Trump despite his tough border stance

A Grotesque Political Party – The Democrat Party has descended into weirdness, emptiness, and obsession

The External Roots of Spygate

Thoughts from the ammo line – A modest proposal in the form of a JUNIOR YEAR IN HELL

Democrats: The ‘Post-Truth’ Party

LGBTQ Bigotry

Trump clarifies comments on foreign ‘dirt,’ says heat should be on Democrats for 2016 spying

The flawed case for firing Kellyanne Conway

The Climate Change Trap for Democrats

Terrorism-Linked CAIR Forces U.S. Army War College to Capitulate on Raymond Ibrahim’s Islam Lecture

June 13, 2019

Inside the Supreme Court – The Media Will Not Touch This!

Two Obama-Era Officials Violated Hatch Act But Weren’t Removed from Office

Facebook’s Process to Label You a ‘Hate Agent’ Revealed

A Conservative Resistance?

California moves to let felons serve on juries

What’s Wrong with Asking about Citizenship on the Census?

Conservative Principles Do Not Require Us To Roll Over For Big Tech

Why Are the Western Middle Classes So Angry?

China’s Threat to Hold Rare Earth Minerals Hostage Is Actually Our Opportunity

Are you tired yet of how DC works?

Fake News Media Claims Notwithstanding, Trump Is Favored To Be Re-Elected

US Attorney Durham Is Interviewing CIA Operatives on Trump Spying… Better Lawyer Up John Brennan!

Another Pane of Glass – Climate Change?

Leftism Makes People Meaner – Reflections on the torture of Paul Manafort

Beating China: The New Cold War

Elizabeth Warren surges. Why?

Hiding behind ‘Islamophobia’

Is Joe Biden losing It?

June 12, 2019

Colorado sued over their end-run around Electoral College

Representative Devin Nunes Details Flaws in Mueller Report, Compares It to Steele Dossier

Biden Claims There Wasn’t A ‘Hint of a Scandal’ During the Obama/Biden Administration, Here are Ten

Tired of Waiting for a Federal Fix, Border Sheriff Tackled Cartel Crime With Bold Action

More Tech Manufacturing Companies Exit China – Nintendo and Sharp Plan Exits…

Hey Joe Biden, Here Are Some Scandals You Forgot

The Lessons of the Mueller Probe

Trump urged to make serious play for California

More Than Half a Million Illegal Aliens Expected to be Freed into U.S. This Year

Republicans Aren’t Funny

Obama’s State ‘coordinated’ with Steny Hoyer on dossier

The Democrat Outrage Mob Is Out In Full Force Over Trump’s Interview With Stephanopoulos

“It Will All Start Coming Out Soon” — Trump Outs Obama for Spying “on a Rival Presidential Campaign Using Federal Agencies”

Khamenei: The US Could Not Stop Us From Developing an Atomic Bomb

State Department Emails Show Coordination Between Obama State Department and House Democrat Leader on Christopher Steele/Russia

Politicians Must Face Consequences For Crimes They Enable – Malfeasant politicians must find no “sanctuary.”

John Dean Testimony Blows A Hole in the Democrats’ Impeachment Push

Deal Or Not, Mexico Can’t Stop The Border Crisis On Its Own

Glaciers are Outliving the Environmentalist Who Predicted Their Doom

June 11, 2019

Resisting the Politics of Victimhood

Judicial Watch: Terrorists’ route through Mexico confirmed

Google’s Internal Emails Will Reveal Hatred of Christians and Conservatives

U.S. reveals the way to plague Google, Apple, Big Tech

The FBI Tragedy: Elites above the Law

Trump Destroys Democrats By Pointing Out the Obvious on Border Security

The Real Lesson of Watergate Ignored in John Dean’s Testimony and Med

Dear Chairman Nadler

Liberals latest Supreme Court scheme? You won’t believe this one…

Cycles, not carbon dioxide, control climate

UCLA’s Daily Bruin Censors Facts About Student Links to Terrorists – Dereliction of duty when faced with controversy

Calls to break up Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple get louder

Minority Kids’ Spelling Bee Dominance Proves Racism Is Far Less Important Than A Strong Work Ethic

June 10, 2019

Ilhan Omar Refuses to Comment on Terrorist Recruitment in Her District

Mark Meadows: ‘There’s a Cover-up Within Certain Realms at the FBI’

Fear of Ebola adds to U.S. border emergency

2020 Has Echoes of 1996 for the Opposition Party

Why I do not celebrate ‘gay pride’

To Beat China, Recognize Taiwan

Don’t Minimize Conservative Concerns About Big Tech Censorship

Trump drops the biggest hint yet that he’s coming after the big tech ‘monopoly’ with potential billion-dollar fines

The Open Border Extremists

Representative Mark Meadows: Don’t expect the IG Report this month, but do expect indictments

FISA’s License to Hop –  How the FISA warrant on Carter Page enabled Obama Administration surveillance of the entire Trump team

If We Act As If Free Speech is Over, It Will Be – Self-censorship is the worst censorship

Ignore The “Never Trump” Losers Who Are OK With Liberals Winning

PragerU: Who Does the Media Most Want to Silence?

The Media Press Democrats for Impeachment Porn

Time for the LGBT Movement to Leave Kids Alone

June 9, 2019

Conservatives, Re-Think Your Giving

The 2020 News Cycle Will Look Very Different

I’m Not A Hyphenated-Anything

Trump victory with Mexico leaves Democrats sputtering — and looking stupid

Why Trump Is Winning

The House of Representatives launches pre-impeachment agenda this week

Mueller Gang and Deep State Suspected of Covering Up an FBI Flynn Related 302 – Pertinent to the General’s Case!

Colbert Reports – Senator Warren embraces dirigisme

Many Voters still don’t like Trump — but does it really matter?

The End of Legitimacy and the Collapse of Democracy – What else have we been experiencing?

The Harvard Harris poll reveals a shocking level of public indifference to the Democrats’ presidential field

rom ‘Impeach’ to ‘Lock Him Up!’ – Democrats want to impeach because they think it will be a political winner

FBI Dumps More Hillary Related Emails – Providing More Evidence to “Lock Her Up”

When John Dean testifies, the real Watergate analogy should be made clear

June 8, 2019

NO! We DID NOT ‘owe’ Iran that $1.7 billion ransom payment