COVID-19: A Second Opinion – Updated

Recently, Senator Ron Johnson moderated a panel discussion with various medical professionals to discuss several topics related to the Covid pandemic and how it is being handled by the Biden Administration.

A group of world-renowned doctors and medical experts provided a different perspective on the global pandemic response than is being presented by the mainstream news media regarding:

  • The current state of knowledge
  • Early hospital treatment
  • Vaccine efficacy and safety
  • What went right and what went wrong
  • What should be done now
  • What needs to be addressed in the long term

Here are a few short videos that show what some of the doctors had to say.

This is an overview of the information provided in the complete video that follows below.

The video below shows the complete panel discussion and starts around the 40-minute mark. For more on this go to

Capitol Punishment 2021 – Updated

“When the government fears the people there is liberty; When the people fear the government there is tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

Capitol Punishment tells the truth about January 6th through the eyes and voices of the people who were there and contains shocking footage of how the American government is using the FBI and DOJ to terrorize, demonize, and stigmatize decent, law-abiding Americans who dare to disagree with their government.

This documentary will force you to answer one question: Is This The Way Americans Should Be Treated?


Rumble’s Offer To Joe Rogan

It’s a serious offer. There are questions as to whether Rogan could even take the offer considering the deal he made with Spotify for roughly the same amount. But then again if he gets canned, all bets are off.

Joe Rogan Thinking About All The Haters At Spotify Right Now