October 2022 Conservative Article Reference List

Below are links to primarily Conservative, Libertarian-leaning articles and/or blog posts that I have found to be enlightening with all that is happening in America and worldwide. Scan the list and read what catches your eye; for some, just reading the headlines will provide enough insight into the article’s content.

Hopefully, you will take the time to read some of them which should open your eyes to the reality of the #DeepState and those promoting the #NewWorldOrder as well as consistent #MediaBias, and ongoing #FakeNews gaslighting as well as the relentless attack on American values by Liberals and the #Progressive Left.

Liken the process of becoming better informed to working on a giant puzzle. As you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you finally see the big picture.

(FYI – I occasionally include links to articles that although not very newsworthy are so silly and/or outrageous that they need to be seen to show the level of idiocy that exists in the world these days. Additionally, some articles may appear outlandish, but are also believable so I leave it to readers to decide for themselves and many things we considered to be conspiracy theories in the past are now turning out to be true.)

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October 31, 2022

Xi’s CCP or CCP’s Xi, Which Is It? – Recognizing the nature of the Chinese Communist Party is a prerequisite for curbing its influence

Pelosi’s Attacker’s Websites Were Fakes, So Is This A False Flag Operation By Democrats? – What evidence did they have that DePape is conservative? – Two alleged websites were created on Friday and then deleted on Saturday, plus more…

The Scandal-Ridden SFO FBI Field Office Is Involved in The Pelosi Investigation –Given their highly partisan nature, there is no reason to believe FBI brass will do anything more than run a cover operation for the Pelosi’s

Tucker Carlson Discusses Leaked Documents Reflecting Direct DHS Portals to Social Media Companies

The Delusional Democrats Won’t Learn Anything on Nov. 8 as they try to make mental incapacity stylish – How many Americans don’t fit into one of the categories of depressed, frustrated, angry, or maybe all three?

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Facebook Hired Ex-CIA and FBI Agents to Censor Content That Deviates From The Official Narrative – So many ex-government workers are now employed by FB that it’s difficult to view Meta as a private company

California’s Parent Revolution Will Impact Midterm Election Outcomes – The realization that California schools had become indoctrination centers stunned millions of parents

Elon Musk Uncovers Bombshell Against Twitters Board of Directors – Twitter’s Board and Law firm may be in very big trouble for withholding information from him and the court

Sharyl Attkisson: According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans have as little optimism as they have had at any time in nearly three decades about young people’s chances of having greater material success in life than their parents

Are These Biden’s Mysterious ‘6 Republicans’? – Biden has claimed that “6 Republican senators came to me since I’ve been president and said, ‘I know you’re right, but I just can’t vote with you because I’ll get defeated in a primary”

I&I/TIPP Poll: Can Midterm Election ‘Red Wave’ Heal Divided America? – Just 28% said the nation was “united,” compared with 69%, or more than two to one, calling the nation “divided” 

Faulty FBI Data Obscures Successful Defensive Gun Use – The crime data for 2021 is a mess, with almost 40% of law enforcement agencies around the country not submitting any data to the FBI

A Bold New Campaign Ad Questions When Racism Against Whites Became OK – America First Legal is the answer to the ACLU and is committed to an unwavering defense of true equality under the law through relentless litigation and oversight

The Role of Biological Warfare in China’s Drive for Global Hegemony – Remember above all that the PRC declared a “people’s war” against the U.S. in May 2019

The War Over Ukraine: Will It Go Nuclear? – The chance that Russia will go nuclear in Ukraine is as close to zero as it can get

U.S. Marshals Arrested True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and board member Gregg Phillips for contempt of court after they refused a federal judge’s order to release the name of a confidential source for their documentary

WSJ: Higher Interest Rates Are Fueling Losses at the Federal Reserve – The central bank is now paying out more in interest expenses than it earns in interest income

Starting in 2020, DHS began meeting with Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, and more every month to coordinate “content moderation” efforts – Before 2020, it was reported that DHS also did this 

Obama struggled to make a case for the Democrats – Let’s examine/fact-check the many claims Obama made during his recent rally

A new CBS News Battleground Tracker/YouGov poll found that a whopping 79% of Americans believe the country is “Out of Control” ahead of the mid-term elections, with 21% responding that they feel things are “Under Control”

Independents’ Day: A new poll shows that Republicans are dominating Democrats with a key voter bloc – Republicans lead Democrats among independent voters 49% to 33%, a 16-point advantage, in the poll conducted from Oct. 26-28

Portland Is Facing A Homelessness “Catastrophe” – Oregon has among the highest homeless populations in the nation per capita, according to DHM Research

Scary high inflation is causing our beloved Halloween candy staples to be more expensive than ever – Twix Is Up 53%, Skittles Up 41%, and Reese’s Up 35%

Dear Supreme Court Justices, There’s No ‘Equal Protection’ If Universities Can Rate Skin Color In Admissions – SCOTUS hears oral arguments Monday in the cases of Students for Fair Admissions Inc. v. President & Fellows of Harvard College and Students for Fair Admissions Inc. v. University of North Carolina

Progressives Do Not regret their censorship of social media – Twitter is a relatively small social-media service, but it’s the playpen of the mainstream media and where journalists and other media figures go to discover the “conventional wisdom”

They’re Turning Our Kids into Orwell’s Dogs – In the US and the wider Western world, history and culture are being erased, children are taught to hate their home nation as they erase history and transform culture to conquer us

Tulsi Gabbard Endorses Kari Lake for Arizona Governor – “They used to fight for liberty, but now they put woke ideology over everything – It’s not about right or left, but about common sense solutions”

ZH: “Let’s Get Out Of NATO”: Discontent Soars Across Europe As Russian Sanctions Backfire – Sanctions against Moscow have entirely backfired, sparking the worst cost-of-living crisis for Europeans in a generation

Determined to use their oversight authority to ensure election integrity, House Republicans are deploying dozens of trained observers to key races around the country while dispatching letters putting federal and state officials on notice

January 6 Did Not Attack Paul Pelosi – But why let the facts get in the way of a good narrative after a nut job viciously attacked the elderly husband of the speaker of the House?

The attack on Paul Pelosi is falsely called “political violence” from the right, while real political violence from the left is ignored – Unlike the media narrative, the real problem is the upsweep in violent crimes and threats of crimes to the right

Independent Journalist Glenn Greenwald Explains Why Journalists Are Terrified to Question Paul Pelosi Narrative – Due to the possibility that asking questions could put their careers at risk

ZH: Five Lingering Questions About The Bizarre Paul Pelosi Attack – #3, Is it normal for glass to be on the outside of the home as a result of a forced entry into the home

Brazil’s conservative President Jair Bolsonaro has been beaten in the nation’s presidential election by the notoriously corrupt far-left socialist challenger Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the country’s closest race in decades

Governor Newsom campaigned on housing production, an issue important to many Californians, but despite some accomplishments, the housing crisis is worse now than when he took office

A Potentially Lethal New Super Strain Of COVID Has Been Created In A London Lab – Renowned Molecular Biologist Dr. Richard Ebright describes the development as pure “insanity”

Dr. Joseph Mercola: An Unholy Alliance, “Faith Leaders” Are Pushing Big-Pharma’s Fraud – According to Walmart, many of the company’s most successful vaccination clinics have been held after Sunday services

October 2022 Covid-19 and mRNA Vaccine Article Reference List

October 30, 2022

The Supreme Court Is Taking On Race-based Case Right Before Midterms – Sentiments are that race shouldn’t matter at all and that a student’s achievements should be the measure of admission to colleges and universities

Joe Biden lost no time in blaming “ultra-mega-semi-fascist-MAGA Donald Trump supporters” for the strange attack on Paul Pelosi in his San Francisco home early Friday and Barack Obama did the same,

Victor Davis Hanson: Permissible and Impermissible Incendiary Speech? – For many on the Left, what most see as incendiary and violent rhetoric is simply contextualized as the necessary talk of social justice

Sharyl Attkisson: Senators Grassley and Johnson are sharing with the DE US Attorney’s office documents and banking records they obtained during their multi-year investigation into the Biden family’s foreign business entanglements

Musk Begins Releasing Internal Notes from Twitter Executives Highlighting Their Intent to Hide True Their “Objectives and Key Results” The During Lawsuit

FB’s parent company Meta is labeled a “train wreck” by financial analysts as the Big Tech giant saw $700 billion wiped from its market value in just one year – Meta reached its peak high of more than $1 trillion in September 2021

On Second Thought, Just Throw Plastic Away – Even Greenpeace now admits the obvious, that recycling doesn’t work

A 2019 coronavirus ‘simulation’ was planned at a Davos meeting – The pre-pandemic drill took place weeks before the first COVID case in Wuhan, China

Is This Biden’s Worst Gaffe Yet? – Mortified Silence Ensued at a Major Democrat Party Event as Joe Took To The Stage and Bragged, “We Went to All 54 States”

ZH: What Happens When Inflation Hits 8%… And What Must Happen For Inflation To Fall – It would be unusual to see inflation now fall back as quickly as consensus believes over the next 2 years

Pennsylvania has allowed at least 249,000 unverified voters to receive mail-in ballots due to an odd process for verifying the identity of those requesting mail-in ballots where people vote first and verify their identification later

The Survey of Black Voters, conducted by theGrio and KFF and published on Wednesday found that only 17% of black voters say they support defunding the police

Devin Nunes: Reports of the demise of John Durham’s special counsel investigation are greatly exaggerated – Reports signaling the demise of John Durham‘s special counsel investigation are greatly exaggerated, says Devin Nunes, who believes Republicans winning back power in the midterm elections will provide the prosecutor’s endeavor a new lease on life

THE DOPE ON DePape – Neighbors described DePape as a homeless addict with a politics that was, until recently, left-wing, but of secondary importance to his psychotic and paranoid behavior

In covering the DePape story, amnesia overcomes at least 5 staffers at the New York Times – Not a word about horrific attacks on others, this is called “lying by omission”

What’s Biden hiding on the infant formula shortage? – The Biden administration doesn’t want us to know how it’s investigating the baby formula crisis, probably because it played such a big role in making it happen

October 29, 2022

A Disturbing Movement Is Picking Up Steam On The Left, Letting Noncitizens Vote – Left-wing activists are going all-in with their demands to let noncitizens vote, and Washington, D.C., just took up the charge

The FBI has asked a federal court to seal the evidence they have from murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich’s laptop for 66 years, despite previously claiming that the information doesn’t exist – The FBI refused to hand over the evidence in violation of a court order

What’s Worse: Big Government, Big Tech, or Both? – When the federal government gets together with social media giants to censor critics of the government, is that free speech or censorship?

New Twitter CEO Elon Musk is reportedly set to cut up to 50% of the workforce at Twitter after taking over the company late this week, and layoffs are expected to begin as soon as this weekend

Less than 24 hours after Elon Musk took over Twitter, a fact-check was placed on one of Joe Biden’s @POTUS tweets because… he’s lying

Be Wary of Compelled Woke Speech in Medicine – A recent study revealed that 72 percent of leading medical schools in the United States probe applicants for their views and experiences related to “diversity, equity, and inclusion”

ZH: Facebook’s parent company Meta has been ordered by a WA State court to pay $25 million in fines after it found that the social media platform violated Washington’s political disclosure law 822 separate times between 2019 and 2021

WSJ: Where Are Markets Headed? Six Pros Take Their Best Guess – Heavyweights in the world of finance describe their view of the future amid lots of uncertainty and they agree the wild ride isn’t over yet

Israeli President Isaac Herzog plans to share intelligence about Iranian drones being used by Russian forces in Ukraine when he meets with Joe Biden – There are similarities between drones shot down in Ukraine and those Iran tested in 2021

The Washington Free Beacon has compiled volume 17 of their “Joe Biden’s Senior Moment of the Week” series – “Moment” has silently morphed into “moments” as we achieve exit velocity

In Arizona, US District Court Judge Michael Liburdi declined an emergency injunction request from two progressive groups that sought to prevent ballot drop box monitoring for the midterm elections

The Simmering DeSantis-Trump feud is set to explode after rally snub – Their aides downplay such tensions, but actions contradict their words – Trump just announced a joint rally in Miami next weekend with Sen. Marco Rubio but not DeSantis

A Leaked FBI Pamphlet Lists “Misinformation” And “Disinformation” As “Election Crimes” – “DISINFORMATION” – False or inaccurate information intended to mislead others… “MISINFORMATION” – False or misleading information spread mistakenly or unintentionally

Florida Moves to Ban Puberty Blockers and Transgender Surgery for Minors – The validity of gender reassignment surgery and puberty blockers as a treatment for gender dysphoria remains deeply contested

Proof that Critical Race Theory is being taught in schools – The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research commissioned a study of a national sample of 1,505 18- to 20-year-olds who were still in high school or had just graduated

John Daniel Davidson: An Open Application To Serve On Twitter’s Content Moderation Council – Why me? Because my Twitter account has been locked since March for saying that Rachel Levine, the assistant secretary for health in the Biden administration, is a man

Toxic English Departments and the Students Who Now Avoid Them – Here is what now passes as a semester course in English literature (English 214) – (Trigger Warning: Take a deep breath and try to get through this; it won’t be easy)

Has Criminal Justice Reform Caused The Us To Be Less Safe? – Over the past two years, the U.S. has experienced the largest crime surge in decades – A former public defender and a public safety expert weigh in

Sharyl Attkisson: Analysis reveals nutrition group has close ties to food, pharma industry – “That the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics was a part owner of ultra-processed food companies should go down in the conflict of interest Hall of Fame”

Why Are Farmers Defying Bans to Cultivate GM Crops? – GM crops give higher yields, are resilient to deadly plant diseases, and can withstand tough environmental conditions


October 28, 2022

Ben Shapiro: To understand the insane Left-wing media and Democrat angst over Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, you have to understand the history of monopolistic legacy media dominance in this country – Until the 1990s… 

Save your child’s life: Vote Republican in midterms – Wayne Allyn Root jabs the CDC over their vaccine recommendation for America’s students

“Things That We Have Never Seen Before’ – Pollsters Tell Sean Hannity That Black And Hispanic Voters Are Moving To The GOP In Droves

The European Union’s Digital Markets Act will force Big Tech platforms to break open their walled gardens in 2023 – This is a new reminder that Europe has regulated tech companies much more actively than the US

Halloween Is Almost Upon Us: Seven spooky charts in a scary year for markets – With rising inflation and the cost of living crisis, 2022 has been a scary year for everyone

U.S. LNG Cannot Replace The Russian Natural Gas That Europe Has Lost – Europe has relied on U.S. LNG imports to offset the loss of Russian gas, with nearly 70% of U.S. LNG exports heading to Europe in September

A Whistleblower Details How The FBI Allegedly Made Jan. 6 Higher Priority Than Child Pornography – “I was told child pornography was a local issue and that domestic terrorism, specifically January 6th, was the higher priority”

Heritage Report: Our Military Is In Decline – Biden gets the blame for the military’s woes, and rightly so

China’s hypersonic missile program is much more sophisticated than Russia’s and is designed to directly threaten the continental US – The US lacks the early warning and air defense systems needed to detect and destroy them

Elon Begins Making Massive Change At Twitter – Brings Tesla Engineers To Re-write Twitter Code – “Hours before being fired by Elon Musk, Twitter lawyer Vijaya Gadde was photographed glaring at her new boss in an awkward meet-up”

A Federal Judge threatens “2000 Mules” investigators with jail – True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and researcher Gregg Phillips must identify their source in their investigation of the election software company Konnech by Monday or face jail

David DePape, the Man Arrested For Attacking Paul Pelosi – He appears to have a history of affiliations with nudists and conspiracy theorists, and sometimes strange beliefs that fall all over the cultural and political map

Look at the Extreme Social Decay in Many of the Largest Cities in America – To get a feel for what is going on, just walk the streets of our major cities., and you don’t even need to go to the “bad areas” to see the extreme social decay

ZH: The number of people that define themselves as unaffiliated to a party or as “politically independent” is growing in the United States, raising the question of whether the highly polarizing two-party system is still working

ZH: The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Blocks GOP Rep Mayra Flores’ Request To Join – The official website of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus gives no hint that it’s a Democrats-only club

ZH: The Island of Hawaii is on high alert as earthquake swarms continue around Mauna Loa – Scientists are worried about an eruption but not sure if one is imminent as magma churns underneath, generating dozens of quakes daily

Chief Bill Scott of the San Francisco Police Department on Friday identified the suspect in the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband as 42-year-old David DePape – No motive for the attack has been determined

An Astonishing call for censorship of Justice Amy Coney Barrett by 500 publishing industry figures – Her crime? Signing on to the majority opinion in the Dobbs case, overturning Roe v. Wade, and returning abortion to the states

WSJ: Elon Musk Moves Swiftly to Put Imprint on Twitter After His Takeover – Completion of deal for social-media platform spurs widespread reaction ranging from enthusiasm to concern

The DOJ outlined steps it will take on Election Day to ensure a fair election process, but a government watchdog is warning that the plan leaves out critical details that open the door to selective enforcement against red states

A House Democratic Aide was Fired after her Ties to the Chinese Embassy were Revealed – Representative Don Beyer, who has been hawkish on China, moved swiftly to remove her after being notified of the activity by security officials

The FACE Act Is Unconstitutional And It’s Past Time Congress Got Rid Of It – Just this year, the DOJ has indicted 22 peaceful pro-life protesters, trumping up bogus charges based on the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act

Washington Post media reporter Erik Wemple admitted that he and others at the far-left outlet lacked the courage to tell truths that might anger the left

The Kari Lake Campaign Has Questions After a Local Media Outlet Called Her Race…12 Days Early – Declaring Her Democrat Opponent The Winner

The Other Red Wave – You haven’t heard as much about the battle for the House because a GOP takeover of the House of Representatives has been almost a foregone conclusion, and this is the first House election after a round of redistricting

Elon Musk FIRES top Twitter execs as he takes charge – Musk entered the San Francisco headquarters ahead of the $44 billion deal closing, and was faced with skeptical employees worried for their jobs and the company culture

After his purchase of Twitter was completed, it was revealed that Elon Musk is preparing to reverse lifetime bans, paving the way for the return of Donald Trump, Milo Yiannopoulos, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, and others

French President Emmanuel Macron Admits Half The Crimes In Paris Are Committed By Foreigners – But Macron is still pushing for more mass immigration despite data showing the tremendous crime rate of foreign nationals

ZH: The Semiconductor Shortage Just Quickly Became An Inventory Glut – This means that the years-long hold-up for chips looks like it has officially come to an end

Biden’s Border Crisis Is Much Worse Than You Think – DHS’s CBP agency reported they “encountered” almost 2.8 million illegal border crossers in the past fiscal year, up from 1.9 million in the previous period, which is more than four times the number in President Trump’s last year in office

A 14-year-old Vermont student was SUSPENDED and her father, a coach at the school, was FIRED for complaining about a trans pupil in the girls’ changing room

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Your Digital ID of the Future Has Arrived – The ID2020 Alliance is a public-private partnership founded by Bill Gates’ GAVI: The Vaccine Alliance, The Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, Accenture and Ideo.org

October 27, 2022

Radical Gender Ideology Invades Small-Town Schools – When the school called his 14-year-old son to the principal’s office for refusing to say a female student was a boy, Matthew Duncan decided he’d had enough

Democrats Race To Save a Blue State Gone Purple – Democrats could lose a state they’ve won since the late 1980s, Oregon

Xi Jinping’s Rising Dictatorship May End Up Benefiting The US – China’s leader steals the Communist Party’s show at its National Congress

Major Crisis Begins: We were warned about the diesel fuel shortage – The U.S. is facing a diesel crunch just as demand is surging ahead of winter — with only 25 days of supply left, according to the Energy Information Administration

Joe Biden on Wednesday said that it will take time before inflation will ease for most Americans as polls show how price pressures continue to be a pressing issue ahead of the 2022 midterms

Kayleigh McEnany Declares the Only Thing That Can Stop Biden from A2024 Campaign, And It’s a Catch-22 – The escalation of congressional investigations into his son, Hunter Biden

George Soros Gave $17.6M to a Lefty Group Pushing Facebook, TikTok to Censor So-Called Election Disinformation

A new whistleblower document obtained by Project Veritas has revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is targeting election crimes relating to “misinformation” and “disinformation” ahead of the midterm elections next month

Environmentalists and trucking industry groups sparred with regulators today over a proposal to phase out CA’s big rigs and other trucks with internal combustion engines and force manufacturers to speed mass-production of electric trucks

A judge in Wisconsin on Wednesday rejected a request to allow election officials to count mail-in ballots with incomplete addresses on them

Mail-In Ballot Total Surges Past 10 Million Across US Ahead of 2022 Midterms – Another 5 million or so have voted early and in person, research from the U.S. Elections Project shows

The FBI has evidence that a former secretary for Hunter Biden was employed by the Chinese Communist Party before working for the Biden family business when it struck a lucrative deal with an energy firm…

The Biden Administration Prioritizes Migrant Movement Over Security – It is clear that neither Washington nor Mexico City is serious about a common security strategy

The China Lie Exposed – On Monday, the Hang Seng plummeted 6.4% (equivalent to a 2,000 drop in the Dow Jones index), for the largest one-day drop since November 2008, so the Hang Seng index is now officially flat since 1997

WSJ: Three Arrests, Two Superpowers, and a Secret Prisoner Swap – Detention of  Meng Wanzhou, CFO of China’s Huawei Technologies to stand trial in the US provoked a standoff between global rivals and opened an acrimonious new era

Senator Ted Cruz: While Nixon Failed in Making DOJ, FBI His Party’s Political Arm, Obama, and Biden Succeeded – They’ve turned the intelligence community into political enforcers in a way that’s never happened in our country

The Democrat-Media Complex’s “Save our Democracy” Farce – Unfortunately, the Democrats were not “saving our democracy” when they did aa of these things…

SCOTUS Justice Elena Kagan Blocks A January 6 Committee Request For Phone Records – She temporarily blocked them from accessing phone records of Dr. Kelli Ward and Mark Ward – The appeal painted the case as potentially setting a dire precedent

Public Citizen’s cowardice shows that the rules don’t apply to Stacey Abrams – She’s better at funding lawsuits than at winning them and is on track to lose the governorship in two weeks for the second time in two election cycles

The Democrats’ “Democracy” vs. the GOP’s “Republic” –  One of the Democrats’ recent sound bites is that Republicans want to destroy our democracy – If so, then how do Democrats answer these relevant questions?

The Biden Administration Is Still Using PPP against Critics of His Illegal Student-Loan Order – PPP was explicitly designed as a bailout, while the student-loan program was explicitly designed as . . . well, as a loan program

A New Democrat Conspiracy Theory Just Dropped: Poll Watchers Are A Threat To Our Democracy – If Democrats get beat at the ballot box next month, the media are preparing to pin all major election losses on nonexistent voter intimidation

ZH: Musk To Advertisers, “This Is Why I Bought Twitter” – I acquired Twitter because it is important to the future of civilization to have a common digital town square, where a wide range of beliefs can be debated healthily, without resorting to violence

Hundreds of woke Twitter employees have deserted the company and gone to work for Google and Meta over the past few months in anticipation of Elon Musk taking over the company, according to a Business Insider report

40% of Hispanics and 21% of Blacks are now backing the Republican party – The issue of inflation and the feeling the WH hasn’t done enough to address it is helping Republicans score significant inroads among Hispanic and Black voters

ZH: After Sending Out 240,000 Unverified Ballots, Pennsylvania Now Warns Of ‘Delays’ Counting Midterm Votes – Here We Go Again!

Even the New York Times Notes California’s Bullet Train Is Going Nowhere – Will this high-speed rail system do anything other than squandering more than 100 billion taxpayer dollars?

Victor Davis Hanson: The Switcheroos of the Two Parties – The old Democrats have faded away after being overwhelmed by radicals and socialists, which explains why they will lose in the mid-terms

A recent New York Times article was exceptionally misguided – Titled “Nuclear Power Still Doesn’t Make Sense,” it is, in fact, the article itself that doesn’t make sense

Where the Boys Aren’t – Culture wars over gender are obscuring the deepening educational struggles of today’s young males

Biden puts U.S. children at grave medical risk – As a pediatrician (and cardiologist) for nearly fifty years, I cannot remain silent while Biden, an unlicensed, untrained, wanna-be physician, practices bad medicine on our nation’s children

Rural areas in 24 states are to receive $759 million in grants for high-speed internet –The grants are part of the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law, with $65 billion being geared toward high-speed connectivity

The WHO Assembles Superpowers With “One Health Plan” – The World Health Organization already has too much power; this new initiative will only give it more

October 26, 2022

ZH: THIS MOVE By Xi JUST ASSURED AN INVASION OF TAIWAN  – Xi just opened the CCP conference on Monday with the statement that the control of Hong Kong is now “complete” and that “Taiwan is next”

Reuters: The average interest rate on the most popular U.S. home loan rose to its highest level since 2001 – The average contract rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rose by 22 basis points to 7.16% for the week ended Oct. 21

Newt Gingrich’s Midterm Prediction – “Pick your fights, stick to them until you have convinced the country, and then you’ll win a crushing victory”

Bloomberg: Colleges Should Bring Back Testing Requirements – Plummeting student performance shows the consequences of abandoning standards

Elon Musk Posts Video at Twitter HQ After Changing Bio: ‘It’s Happening’ – Musk’s sense of humor was firing on all cylinders Wednesday, as he changed his Twitter bio to read, “Chief Twit”

Rush Limbaugh’s Widow Confirms Death Certificate Rumor That Left-Wing Media Will Hate – Rush’s death certificate lists his occupation as the “Greatest radio host of all time”

Democrat blows the whistle on a ballot harvesting scheme – A former candidate for Orange County commissioner described a widespread vote trafficking operation in the Orlando area, authorities see enough evidence to warrant a criminal probe

Rey David Marquez-Jimenez, a 22-year-old Mexican illegal immigrant has pleaded guilty to attempting to murder a Border Patrol agent after crossing the U.S. border, according to the Justice Department

ZH: Ukraine Tells Their Refugees “Don’t Come Home Until After Winter” – At least one-third of all power stations in the country have been damaged or destroyed by Russian strikes, causing rolling blackouts

The Biden Administration Quietly Negotiates A Plea Deal With The 9/11 Terrorists – “We plead them out, taking the death penalty off the table in hopes that a military commission will sentence them to life in prison”

Democrat President Joe Biden is “complicit in six alleged white collar crimes” including “tax evasion, using nonpublic info for financial gain and illegally utilizing his alias email,” a bombshell watchdog report has revealed

Our US-UK Special Relationship Faces A China Test – Beijing’s ability to draw American allies into subordinating economic entanglements is a threat that is arguably even greater than that which the Soviet Union posed

Voting for War: Liberals are worried an election might get in the way of their crusade – Democrats have long been the party of federal client classes, and when they run out of clients they invent new classes subject to their patronage

Biden Is Destroying Our Strategic Petroleum Reserve – The Reserve consists of these four sites with a combined storage capacity of 714 million barrels of crude oil and is the largest strategic oil reserve in the world

The New Democrat Strategy Before The Midterm Elections: Deny crime exists – But there’s still one more tactic that liberals can always be counted on to use, calling their opponents racist for bringing up crime

Two prominent polls released in the past week reveal that Americans’ trust in the “Mainstream Media” is at a near-all-time low, with a significant majority believing that it is a threat to freedom

The Main Stream Media Threatens Democracy –The MSM is no longer a purveyor of truth, but rather a developer of narratives — and they’re shameless about it

Now We’re ‘Mega’ MAGA Republicans – Joe Biden would have us believe MAGA Republicans are a splinter group, ideologically possessed and willing to engage in any form of confrontation and violence to advance their agenda

What the polling tells us about the state of the races – Republicans seem to have momentum, both in House and Senate races according to Nate Silver’s models and forecasts at fivethirtyeight.com

UK-NHS: Children displaying transgender tendencies are likely going through a “phase” that they may come out of as they age and therefore most should not be subjected to transition therapies

In the New Hampshire Senate race, Don Bolduc maintained his opposition to McConnell for GOP Senate leader just days before the Senate Leadership Fund pulled millions from the race

ZH: New Home Sales Plunge In September As Mortgage Rates Resurged – August saw new home sales explode a stunning 28% MoM as homebuyers rushed to buy on the brief respite in the explosion of higher mortgage rates…

Biden and Biden’s America Compared to Trump and Trump’s America, Part 2 – Tax and Spend versus Invest and Build, Idealism versus Pragmatism, Failing versus Thriving, etc.

Politicians love to come up with clever acronyms that make bad legislation sound like something voters want – That’s exactly what they did with the so-called “SAFE-T Act” in Illinois

Oregon Voters Say They Hav Lost Patience With The Democrats – “When I drive through Portland, I’m scared”

America is in the throes of a cultural and political war over gender ideology with high-profile conflicts over everything from school curricula to athletics to pronouns – Among the most explosive battles is that over transgender children

Voters who think that putting Republicans in control of the House and Senate will make a big difference for the economy are in for a rude awakening – The Biden administration just unleashed their “10,000 Commandments” document

Why Are US Workplace Participation Declining And Fertility Rates Falling? – Amidst a downhill employment trend for men aged 25-54, employers are reportedly begging for workers, while the fertility rate is well below the replacement level

California might levy a new tax on gas companies – Here’s what there is to know

ZH: Visualizing All The Metals We Mined In 2021 – “If you can’t grow it, you have to mine it” is a famous saying that encapsulates the importance of minerals and metals in the modern world

John Soloman: Oz shines while Fetterman falters in a Pennsylvania debate critical to determining control of The U.S. Senate

The debate between Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz on Tuesday night shifted the betting odds 20 points in favor of Oz, according to PredictIt betting market

The Media’s Cover-Up of John Fetterman – No amount of spin can undo what voters witnessed on the debate stage last night in Pennsylvania

A jury found Darrell Brooks Jr. guilty on several criminal charges, convicting him of killing six people after driving an SUV into a crowd at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, last November

October 25, 2022

Joe Biden Breaks The Record for Political Lies About Economics – He is spending billions of your dollars to cut Democrat losses in the midterms

Pew Research: 95% of Americans Are Concerned About Food Prices – 73% are “very” concerned and 22% are “somewhat” concerned, while a combined 93% are “very” or “somewhat” concerned by the rise in gasoline prices

“Woke,” Twitter Employees Panic and Issue List of Demands for Elon Musk – Musk told investors in his deal to buy Twitter that he planned to get rid of most of the social media company’s 7,500 workers, leaving around 2,000

The New Gatekeepers – How the major institutions of American society all came to sing in the woke chorus, and what can be done about it – Unlike a generation ago, young Americans typically must pass through three gateways, to be economically successful

Biden’s DOJ  Announced an Urgent “National Security” Meeting Ahead of 2022 Midterms – Many are wondering if this is a move by the Justice Department to block the Elon Musk deal to takeover Twitter based on National Security grounds

New York Governor Kathy Hochul is on the Ropes in New York – If ever there was a year for a Republican to win this statewide election, 2022 would be it

The Commie “Bay Bridge” Is Here in California – The next earthquake could send it all crashing down because California politicians rejected federal funding that required the use of steel manufactured in the United States

ZH: Dr. Oz’ Odds Of Winning PA Soar After Historic Fetterman Debate Meltdown – Fetterman appeared unable to put together nearly a single coherent sentence throughout the entire debate

Herschel Walker Surges in Georgia – According to a new poll, Herschel Walker has taken the lead in the race

Sharyl Attkisson: According to a recent Gallup Poll, 54% majority of Americans say the federal government has too much power, while 39% say it has about the right amount of power and 6% say it has too little

Unilever in the United States has issued a voluntary recall of several brands of dry shampoo aerosol products due to “potentially elevated levels” of benzene, a human carcinogen

A Former Top Levi’s Executive Comes Clean And Reveals How ‘Woke’ Mob Hijacked Corporate America – People populating these companies are now led by ‘I’m not your dad, I’m your friend’ CEOs

Reuters: Elon Musk has notified co-investors who committed to help fund his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) that he plans to close his buyout of the social media firm by Friday

WSJ: Ukraine Presses The West for Billions in Economic And Military Aid After The Russian Attacks on Their Infrastructure –  Weeks of strikes have left the country struggling to produce enough electricity

At 9 P.M. ET, The Crowd Interrupted Trump to Sing National Anthem at Rally – Could This Explain It? – In 2021 Marjorie Taylor Greene revealed the Jan. 6 political prisoners sing the national anthem every night at 9 p.m. in their prison cells

The 2022 Election is the Opening Salvo in the Repudiation of America’s Elites – They betrayed and broke faith with the Americans through their infatuation with Barack Obama and near-psychotic obsession with defeating Donald Trump

Midterm ‘spoilers’: Here are the candidates who could upend key races in Oregon, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona

The governors who could be moved out of their mansions in 14 days – While some governors are assured victories, such as Gavin Newsom and Kay Ivey, other governors may have to pack up their bags if they end up losing


Dov Fischer: Inflation? What Inflation? Crime? What Crime? Porous Borders? Gas Prices? – The Democrat playbook is willful denial

Democrat candidates facing what looks like a reckoning in two weeks are struggling to find closing messages on the economy that acknowledges the deep uncertainty troubling the electorate while making the case they hold the solutions

US Business Activity Deteriorates Even Faster as Biden Touts A “Historically Strong” Economic Recovery – The S&P Global flash U.S. Composite PMI Output Index fell to 47.3 this month – A reading below 50 indicates private sector contraction

The Student Loan Giveaway Already Has Been Spent – The federal debt is on the ever increase, from $28.4 trillion at the end of FY 2021 to $30.9 trillion at the end of FY 2022, which is 127% of GDP, higher than at the end of World War II

Whatever Happened to the Antiwar Left? – Now, as we face the prospect of new global conflict, it is everyone else’s turn to say “Not In Our Name”

An Alabama Federal Judge Strikes Biden DOJ’s Burdensome Bully Tactics Against Opponents Of Trans Surgeries For Kids – The  Eagle Forum and Southeast Law Institute’s victory is proof the battle can be won

We Need an Ethical Definition of Death – The history of death determination in the context of organ donation can be described as an indoctrinating attempt to settle a moral controversy

The Democrat Dilemma, What to Do about Joe – For anything beyond a temporary removal, Congress must approve by 2/3s of both chambers and a few Republicans could oppose removal just to see the Dems squirm for a couple of years

ZH: House Democrats Walk Back A Letter To Biden Urging Ukraine Negotiations After The White House Reaction – “We’ve been very clear on the matter, Nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine”

ZH: Joe Biden Unleashes A “New Era” Of SPR Releases As Weapon In Crude Markets “To Manipulate An Election” – “Draining oil from the strategic reserve is a short-sighted and dangerous choice that imperils our energy security”

JD Rucker: 12 Reasons Why It Is Impossible For Any Rational Person To Be Optimistic About The US Economy At This Point – Things haven’t looked this bad for the U.S. economy since 2008

Democrats are now hostage to the transgender extremists, and it is going to cost them dearly – Fear of the extremists keeps veteran Democrats from openly repudiating positions that are very unpopular with voters

A national digital ID system for US citizens is becoming a reality following a vote by the US Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to advance the Improving Digital Identity Act – Digital IDs are vulnerable to attack

Why some progressive Democrats are urging Biden to rethink his Ukraine strategy – “The alternative to diplomacy is a protracted war, with both its attendant certainties and catastrophic and unknowable risks”

Biden and Biden’s America Compared to Trump, and Trump’s America, Part 1 – Globalism versus Patriotism, Dementia versus Acumen, Corruption versus Righteousness, Redistribution versus Hard Work, etc.

Voters Throw CBS A Curve – A “Face the Nation” focus group featuring a Republican, Democrat and an independent unanimously agreed that “woke culture” has become a prime concern for parents raising children in America

Violent Crime Is Driving a Red Wave – Two weeks before the 2022 midterms, fear of crime is second only to inflation and recession concerns. Both issues – personal security and economic security – affect voters directly

Falling test scores illustrate the disaster of distance learning – Chalk this up once again to Democrats’ obsession with rewarding political allies at the expense of the public

Big Banks And Credit Card Giants Just Green Lighted A Plan To Track Your Gun-Store Purchases – While the sales code itself might not be dangerous, the way gun control advocates want to use it certainly is

Republicans are mobilizing for an escalating and prolonged battle against the IRS and its Democrat-backed plans to hire tens of thousands of more employees with money from the climate and health bill signed by President Joe Biden

California Governor Gavin Newsom is spending more time and money on two ballot measures and a possible Presidential run than on his reelection campaign

“Misguided” Government Policies Worsen The US Homelessness Crisis – Ignoring untreated mental illness combined with substance use disorders, “Housing First” at best, is an expensive short-term band-aid that only addresses the symptoms

THE COSTS OF COVID SHUTDOWNS, PART 2 – The U.K.’s Daily Mail, one of the world’s top news sites, published a major story yesterday on the economic damage inflicted by covid shutdowns in the United States

That COVID Vaccines Cause Death Can Be Proven – There are various ways to show that COVID vaccines can kill people. Likely the best is conducting a very good autopsy

The head of the FDA’s vaccine division suggested that it may be time to move on from using mRNA COVID-19 vaccines – The two most commonly used vaccines, made by Pfizer and Moderna, use mRNA technology

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Do You Understand Your Risk of Dying From COVID? – Emerging evidence suggests the shots are causing immune deficiency in some people, thereby actually raising their risk of dying from SARS-CoV-2 infection

October 24, 2022

A New Email Reveals The Answer to The Establishment’s Efforts to Oust Trump – New details in the Danchenko trial exhibits suggest that the FBI intentionally targeted Trump on false Russia Collusion charges

Lawsuit: 67 federal agencies pushing Big Tech to censor Americans – SenatorTed Cruz pointed out that Obama put “hard-core partisans” into career positions at the DOJ, the FBI, and more, and that now has “metastasized under Biden”

The U.S. attorney for D.C. says he plans to double January 6 prosecutions in the coming months – Meanwhile, tone-deaf GOP politicians prepare to feed the hand that bites them

A New York State Judge Delivers A Massive Blow To New York Democrats’ Plan To Use A COVID “Emergency” For Mail-In Ballots – “Allowing New Yorkers to vote by mail due to fear of COVID-19 is unconstitutional”

Texas National Guard soldiers apprehended or encountered more than 103,000 illegal foreign nationals in the Rio Grande Valley alone since last year – They entered between ports of entry, guided by cartel operatives to cross the Rio Grande

Conrad Black: All indications now are that the Democrats are finally about to pay for using “Trump Hate” as a substitute for governing for two years, just as for four years before that they used “Trump Hate” as a substitute for normal opposition

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is on the Edge of Defeat According to the Latest Poll and Projection

Hillary Clinton already accusing ‘right-wing extremists’ of stealing 2024 election – “Right-wing extremists already have the plan to steal the next presidential election and they’re not making a secret of it”

Has Google been knowingly acting as an arm of the Democrat Party? – A new lawsuit against the Big Tech operation accuses its officials of suppressing one side of the political debate

The USArmy is spending millions upon millions of tax dollars on a variety of weapons including nanotechnology and quantum mechanics, which just so happens to be a key component of Big Pharma’s latest “vaccines”

Wind energy executives are skeptical of the Biden administration’s plan to significantly expand offshore wind power in the next several years due to rising costs and the slow permitting of offshore leases, according to the Financial Times

In their only scheduled debate, Governor Gavin Newsom and his challenger Brian Dahle clashed on abortion rights, homelessness, public schools, the state budget, and more, but neither landed a knockout punch

Stacey Abrams’ “Voting Rights” Group Was Caught Funneling Millions to Her Campaign Chair’s Firm – Abrams’ radical “nonprofit” Fair Fight Action has paid a whopping $9.4 million to the law firm Lawrence & Bundy

A new study finds Dr. Fauci’s ‘fingerprint’ on the origin of COVID virus – “All of it says, my God, there was a big, very risky research agenda underway”

A Judge Strikes Down The Vax Mandate For  New York City Employees – “The city’s vaccine mandate is unconstitutional, violates the separation of powers … arbitrary and capricious”

Joe Biden’s DOJ delays handing over court-ordered records on Biden’s executive order on March 2021 – Executive Order 14019 asked all 600 federal agencies to “consider ways to expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process.”

Maricopa County Arizona officials expressed that they are concerned over increased reports of voter intimidation at ballot boxes after two armed “vigilantes” were found outside a ballot box on Friday

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas unilaterally ruled in favor of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), temporarily halting him from testifying in the Fulton County, Georgia, 2020 election investigation

Liz Cheney’s Plan To Divide The Republican Party Has Failed – Separating Republican officials from their growing coalition of voters and the issues they care about have been the D.C. establishment’s goal for years, but it’s not working


5 Charts Expose 1 Big Pelosi Lie – “When you bring down unemployment, inflation goes up” –  A Nancy Pelosi, Oct. 18 interview

Joe Biden finally goes fully delusional and says he got the student loan bailout ‘passed by a vote or two’ – This is not just one of the lies that Joe Biden likes to spin, this is scary delusional incompetence on the part of a President of the US

One Simple Question Republicans Can Ask for Assured Victory in November – “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”

WSJ: Builders Say They’re Ready for This Housing Market Slowdown – “I’ve Learned My Lesson.” The meltdown of 2007-09 fostered less risky tactics and not as much debt

Signs of the Red Wave Approaching – The hidden conservative vote, now officially recognized by pollsters and referred to as Partisan Non-Response Bias, means Democrats want to talk to the pollsters, and Republicans don’t

Political Polling Lessons From Rush Limbaugh – Up until the final four weeks before election day, the goal of mass-market pollsters is not to provide an accurate reflection of public opinion, it is to shape public opinion

Rishi Sunak Will Be Prime Minister – Sunak is an acolyte of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and even gained the tacit endorsement of the Chinese Communist Party as a leadership candidate

ZH: European Union Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that the bloc would give Ukraine 18 billion euros next year while it continues fighting Russia

Where Most Aid To Ukraine Comes From – The United States has pledged more than 52 billion euros in military, financial, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine since the war began in February 2022

Putin’s Nuclear Paradigm – Cold War doctrines no longer explain Russia’s behavior – Conventional strategic nuclear thinking suggests Putin would never use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, but what if he is following a new paradigm?

Washington’s Whoppers on the War in Ukraine – Defenders of Ukraine might be surprised by the country’s anti-democratic tendencies – The notion that Ukraine is a democracy—much less a liberal democracy—is belied by extensive facts

Sacramento’s 50th Murder of 2022: Dangerous Times in California’s Capitol City – San Francisco does not have our gun violence and Chicago does not have our transients

Is There a Red Wave Coming to California in November? – “2022 is an opportunity for conservative and common sense voters”

Hospital Email Reports an Increase in Stillbirths, COVID-19 Vaccine Suspected – Since the rollout of the vaccines, the fetal death rate has skyrocketed from its pre-COVID-19 vaccine average of one to two every three months in this hospital alone

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s COVOD 19 Case And The Professor Of Epidemiology – This White House is too cozy with Pfizer. They spend too much time talking to Pfizer and too little time talking to experts in evidence-based medicine

Dr. Joseph Mercola: A Scandal Beyond Your Wildest Nightmare – The premise behind COVID shot mandates and vaccine passports were that by taking the shot, you would protect others, as it would prevent infection and spread of COVID-19 –  But They Never Tested For Transmission

The CDC’s Child Vaccine Move Puts Democrat Candidates on the Hot Seat – Its Committee on Immunization Practices voted to add COVID-19 vaccines to the regular immunization schedule for all children, starting at the age of 6 months old

A Swedish study has demonstrated and confirmed that the mRNA in the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid injections infiltrates cells and transcribes its message onto human DNA within 6 hours, altering a person’s DNA

October 23, 2022

There Is Less Than 1 in 100 Million Chance That COVID-19 Has A Natural Origin – The three authors examined tiny fingerprints left behind in the process in which viruses are assembled in laboratories

Military Whistleblowers Sound Alarm on ‘Devastating’ Consequences of Pentagon’s Vaccine Mandate

The US Medical Licensing Exam Gets a Woke Makeover – Switching the USMLE Step 1 from a three-digit score to a Pass-Fail grade brings up an obvious question – How will competitive specialties select their top-tier candidates now?

Dominion Voting Systems CEO Caught in Major Lie on ’60 Minutes’ on His Voting Machine Capabilities – Poulos told a disinterested and gullible Anderson Cooper that Dominion machines cannot switch votes

Victor Davis Hanson: Will “Democracy Die in Darkness” After November? – Democrats will soon be chanting that democracy is dying because they are terrified that it is thriving as never before

Crime And The Border: We should not be introducing criminals or deadbeats into our society, legal or illegal – In a return to the issues of yesteryear, once again crime is a major concern of voters -It’s like 1988 all over again

Democrats Whistle Past the Graveyard – They now insist that split-ticket voters will save them in the midterms

The Unbearable Lightness of Charlie – One last look at Charlie Crist, the Amazing Shrinking Challenger To Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX) whose district is on the U.S.-Mexico border, acknowledged that the border under the current Democrat administration is not secure

Newt Gingrich: GOP Could Gain Up to 7 Seats in Senate, 50 Seats in House – With November 8th fast approaching, Democrat optimism appears to be fading as GOP candidates close in on key races across the country

Liz Cheney Says January 6 Committee Will NOT Allow Trump Testimony to Be Televised – She Says He Will Testify Before Her Under Oath

The Crowd Erupts At Trump Rally After Trump Makes Presidential Announcement – An October poll showed that 78% of Republicans want to see the former president run for the Oval Office again

Former White House physician and current Texas Republican Representative Ronny Jackson suggests that the 46th president has turned the White House into an “assisted living facility”

Biden Gives A Four Word Answer On What He Will Do If Republicans Take Over – “Veto Anything They Do”

Why The Censors So Fear Information Freedom – Never before have we had such access to so many varied information portals, which creates a major problem for ruling-class elites who once enjoyed complete hegemony over the public mind

ZH: “There Is Too Much Debt In The World, So They Must Inflate It Away, Which They Will Do – “That Pretty Much Sums Up The Only Thing You Need To Know On This Subject”

Sharyl Attkisson: Senator Grassley has requested records from the FBI related to Biden family dealings with foreigners and companies connected to the communist Chinese regime, indicating potential or alleged criminal activity

Sharyl Attkisson: Interview With FBI whistleblower Special Agent Steve Friend – “I refused to participate in heavy-handed FBI raids on Jan. 6 suspects”

Sharyl Attkisson: Interview With FBI whistleblower Special Agent Steve Friend – “FBI managers get bonuses for domestic terrorism cases'”

California Governor Gavin Newsom officially called for the resignation of LA City Council members Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo following the leaked audio where they participated in a closed-door meeting where racist comments were made

WSJ: Boris Johnson Drops Out of the U.K. Prime Minister Race Giving Rishi Sunak the Edge – The former treasury chief could win as soon as Monday after a large number of Tory lawmakers said they wouldn’t back Boris’s return to power

ZH: These Global Cities Show The Highest Real Estate Bubble Risk – Toronto, Frankfurt, Zurich, Munich, Hong Kong…

Is A Peter Thiel–Backed Dating App Right for Conservatives? – Can the use of an app to look for a date, even a values-centered one like “The Right Stuff,” beat traditional dating?

An 18-Year-Old Formerly Healthy Tennis Player Suffers”Sudden Cardiac Arrest” – A teammate and Coach Rush to Save His Life

Steve Kirsch: A Covid Vaccine Check – This list of sanity checks provides objective evidence about the reality of what is going on

Steve Kirsch: The COVID vaccines are adversely affecting women’s reproductive health as shown in these graphs – Due to underreporting, compared to previous vaccines, the discrepancy here may be 5.4X larger than they appear

Spike Protein Disrupting Immunity in Millions After COVID Infection or Vaccination – The spike proteins cause inflammation, turn off type 1 interferon response, and reduce autophagy all of which add up to a dysregulated immune system

Video footage emerging from China’s new congress has stunned the world as it shows Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dictator Xi Jinping forcibly purging his predecessor from the room

Time to ditch Mitch – Where is McConnell spending his funds? – Why of course in Alaska on Sen. Lisa Murkowski who voted to impeach Trump and is running against the Trump-endorsed GOP challenger Kelly Tshibaka

Trudeau is placing a nationwide freeze on the sale, purchase, and transfer of handguns, effective immediately, and sidestepping legislators and political opponents in parliament

The Best Political Ad Ever – It was an ad for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and featured his wife Casey

The Great Disconnect: Will This Be the Death of America? – When I was a kid, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer at the start of each school day and most people went to church on Sunday

Why Florida’s Surgeon General Is Not Recommending mRNA COVID Vaccines for Healthy Young Men

October 22, 2022

THE COSTS OF COVID SHUTDOWNS – It was obvious early in the covid epidemic that the benefits of lockdowns were speculative and hypothetical, while the costs were large and undeniable

The Biden Pentagon Has a New Mission, The Safeguarding Of Abortion Access in America – Less than three weeks before Election Day, and yet we have another lawless Biden administration stunt

RealClearPolitics’s Senate Projection: Three battleground Senate races move to the GOP, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada – Also, FiveThirtyEight tightened its projections for the Senate amid a deluge of polling showing the Republicans gaining

Any state that requires COVID-19 vaccination to attend school will face a lawsuit from ICAN – The Informed Consent Action Network has pledged to finance up to 50 lawsuits and  financially support a challenge against any state

Putin Quietly Makes a Menacing Move – The creation of his new “Coordination Council” is an ominous throwback to the Stalin era is not getting the attention in the West that it should

U.S. military forces are “fully prepared” to cross into Ukraine to fight a war against Russia. – The Army’s 101st Airborne Division, who boast the “Screaming Eagles” moniker, has been deployed to Europe for the first time since World War II

“I will probably have to do it again,” Trump said in regards to running for president in 2024 – But first, he said, the GOP has to win the midterm elections

A U.S. District Court Judge Blocks Los Angeles County’s ‘Unconstitutionally Vague’ Eviction Moratorium – “There’s no rational basis for the County keeping its eviction moratorium in effect for nearly three years”…

ZH: Visualizing 20 Years Of Top Trending Google Searches

A Judge is About to Rule on Pfizergate Case to Hold Big Pharma Accountable for Their Covid Vaccine Fraud

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky just announced that she has COVID-19 – Walensky received the bivalent booster exactly one month ago at a CVS pharmacy – It’s time she is honest about her bad evidence and poor leadership

An Alberta doctor is calling on the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) to look into what he says is a significant jump in doctors’ “sudden deaths” after 80 doctors die following the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines beginning in December 2020

Steve Kirsch: VAERS Myths Busted – There are more reports for these vaccines because there are more events observed, which proves the vaccines are unsafe

The red wave is building – It’s less than three weeks out from the midterm elections and the polls are moving in one direction, even MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough “senses” the shift in voter sentiment

A federal judge has ordered Dr. Anthony Fauci and several other top Biden administration officials to face deposition under oath in a Big Tech censorship case – The case has uncovered evidence of alleged federal government collusion with Big Tech companies to censor users

It is easy to see why people have come to believe that the once-vaunted justice system in the US has become two-tiered; one for favored elites and one for those the elites loathe – There are countless examples of this

Decoding the sentencing of Steve Bannon and the subpoena to President Trump – More proof that the U.S. is drifting away from the representative democratic values on which it was founded

The DOJ asked Congress for more than $34 million in new funding to continue its January 6th investigation – The budget will fund 130 employees, including 80 federal prosecutors, to aid in the unprecedented investigation

Kari Lake has the media’s number – Lake, who worked in the media for 30 years, knows all the tricks and traps practiced by the modern version of the fourth estate

A Major Fertilizer Producer Slashes European Output as Energy Crises Worsens – Yara International ASA has announced  Thursday that third-quarter ammonia output was slashed due to skyrocketing natural gas prices

ZH: Despite serving as prime minister of the United Kingdom for a mere 45 days before resigning in humiliation, Liz Truss can now tap a lifetime allowance of up to $129,000 a year.

Marco Polo Report On The Hunter Biden Laptops

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: DIS-TRUSS-TED EDITION – The spectacular downfall of Prime Minister Liz Truss is the story of the week

October 21, 2022

Fauci and Baric’s Fingerprints on Pandemic Bug – Critics have long asked why the NIH would fund experiments by UNC-Chapel Hill to develop a technique for hiding evidence of human tampering in laboratory-created super viruses

Homicide rates are surging in major cities run by Soros-backed DAs – Less than three weeks before Election Day, a new study shows killings are on the rise, while polling indicates crime remains a top issue for voters

Japan Institute of Pharmacovigilance: COVID-19 Vaccines 4X+ The Myocarditis Risk than The Background Population – “Extremely High Myocarditis Death Odds”

WSJ: Biden’s Student-Loan Forgiveness Program Temporarily Halted by Appeals Court – Millions of borrowers have applied for the program, which would grant up to $20,000 in loan forgiveness for eligible applicants

Ballot trafficking is already an issue in the 2022 midterm elections – Stories of real ballot harvesting are happening, while the lapdog media focuses on discrediting the people who want integrity back in our electoral system

Biden’s Lies About Energy Can No Longer Be Ignored – Biden continually tells the American people, “I didn’t do it!” In fact, yes he did. And he still is

ZH: Internet Sting Operation – “J6 DELETED” Exposes How Twitter Manipulated The Jan. 6 Narrative “In Real Time” – As Sullivan noted, “the one who drives the narrative, drives the outcome”

Sharyl Attkisson: How important is religion in the US? – A recent Rasmussen survey found that 69% of American adults consider themselves religious, including 24% who say they’re very religious

Mike Pence hints he would NOT support Trump in 2024 if he runs for president – Says “there might be somebody else I’d prefer more” when pressed for an answer

The Department of Justice is hiding records about Biden’s order telling federal agencies to develop plans to interfere in state election administration


Fauci’s Calendar: What Was He Doing in the Months Before the Pandemic? – OpenTheBooks.com finally got the National Institutes of Health to release Dr. Anthony Fauci’s work calendar and here’s what it shows

Steve Kirsch: A new study shows that nearly everyone getting the mRNA COVID vaccines are experiencing some amount of heart damageIf the YouTube video has been banned and no longer works, click here to view it on Rumble

These Are The GOP Governors Dismissing COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for School Entry – Five Republican governors announced their states will not require COVID-19 vaccinations for children to attend public school

Much of the conversation surrounding mRNA “vaccines” revolves around their impact on humans, – A recent mass Covid “vaccination” campaign of an Australian cattle herd resulted in 35 of the 200 vaccinated animals dying immediately

Stanford tells doctors to give false information to overcome vaccine hesitancy – Here is the Stanford course used to train doctors worldwide on how to overcome vaccine hesitancy

Meet the 15 CDC Members Who Voted to Add The Deadly COVID Shots to Kids’ Vaccine Schedule – These ACIP members, people hiding in plain sight, have just condemned many children to death

The Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Former President Donald Trump – The subpoena requests Trump appear on Nov. 14 to provide testimony in Washington or by video conference

How Does This End? – Even if Ukraine wins all territory but Crimea on the battlefield and through negotiations, many of the pre-war questions remain unsettled

Congress Is Trying to Ram Through $50 Billion More for Ukraine Before The GOP Takes Control of the House – Yet another indication that elected senators and representatives no longer view the American people as their top priority

Boris Johnson is one of the leading contenders vying for the job as U.K. prime minister despite having been ousted from office just three months ago upon losing the support of his party, reports said Friday

WSJ: Federal Reserve officials are barreling toward another interest-rate rise of 0.75 of a percentage point at their meeting on Nov. 1-2 and are likely to debate then whether and how to signal plans to approve a smaller increase in December

Joe Biden’s Low Approval Rating Stings Democrat Candidates – Just 39 percent of voters approved of President Joe Biden 18 days from the election, a Civiqs poll found Friday. Fifty-two percent disapproved

Joe Biden Seems To Suggest The Wife Of Ailing John Fetterman Would Replace Him – She Would Make A “Great Lady In The Senate”

The complete and total failure of the Jan. 6 committee – Democrats say 9/11 is “nothing” compared to Jan. 6 –  No wonder their party is cruising toward an epic beating this November

Steve Bannon sentenced to 120 days for defying Jan 6 committee and released pending appeal –  Bannon was found guilty on two counts of contempt of Congress, regarding his refusal to comply with subpoenas from the Committee

How Wildly Soft Mainstream Media Coverage Keeps Democrats Oblivious to the Real Political Environment – The crowded media environment means there’s always someone willing to say Democrat candidates are doing okay

Senator Rick Scott, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman, says Republicans are on track to hold at least 52 seats and predicts the party even has a chance to gain a 55-seat majority in November

18 Days Out On Facebook: Trivial news stories trend as “TOP Stories” while the US is plagued with inflation, an illegal migration crisis, crime waves, and the deadly fentanyl drug making its way across the country’s southern border

The State Department is planning a massive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion focused event expected to involve more than a dozen federal agencies and up to 50,000 government employees ignoring a world on the brink of a nuclear showdown

ZH: The Biden Admin Reportedly Unaware Of “National Security Review” Of Musk Ventures – “It does seem fanciful that the U.S. Government would view Twitter as a national security asset”

Bans On Gas-Powered Cars Are An Attack On Working Families – In the push to compel what they say is a “sustainable” energy future, progressives are willing to hurt their constituents, even those struggling to get ahead economically

Parents need control, not just “a voice” – Public schools continue to push pornographic materials to even the youngest students, and seem more energetic than ever to teach anti-American propaganda and Marxist theories

A Virginia Teacher Reveals The Left’s Next Public School Quest For Students – Convincing Autistic Kids They’re Trans

Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group Poll: 78.7% of all voters “believe underage minors should be required to wait until they are adults to legally use puberty blockers and undergo permanent sex-change procedures”

Nearly 80 Percent of Americans—Including Most Democrats—Oppose Puberty Blockers for Minors

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III has directed the Department of Defense (DoD) to “ensure access to reproductive health care” for its service members, including paying them to travel to get an abortion

Unvaccinated Single Women Are Saying “No” To Vaccinated Single Men – Their overriding concern is the possible harmful effects of this vaccine that may ultimately enter these women once the raincoat comes off

Proof Dr. Fauci Covered Up The Biggest Medical Mistake In History – The COVID vaccine antibody has no path into the lung and Fauci, along with many other people were alerted to this fact, but they all ignored it

An NZ Funeral Director Confirms UK and US Embalmer Reports That 95% of Corpses Had Received A Covid “Vaccination” Within 2 Weeks of Death

October 20, 2022

Yes, Critical Race Theory Is Being Taught in Our Schools – A new survey of young Americans vindicates the fears of CRT’s critics

Fox News: American Petroleum Institute President and CEO Mike Sommers – “We need to have that SPR in place and at the right levels dealing with the current geopolitical situation we’re in today”

People Dying in Their Sleep Are Linked to The Vaccines, Explains Dr. Peter McCullough, Cardiologist – Sudden unexplained age-inappropriate deaths seem to be happening more than usual, both in the US and elsewhere

TikTok’s parent company in China planned to use the platform to track the location of specific American citizens – ByteDance’s Internal Audit and Risk Control department were tasked to do it according to a report in Forbes

WSJ: The Student-Loan Forgiveness Program Clears A Hurdle as a Judge Rejects the GOP Bid to Block It – Republican officials from six states don’t have legal standing to mount a challenge to the debt cancellation, the judge ruled

Elon Musk Plans To Give Pink Slips To 75% Of Twitter Employees – The company already planned a significant staff reduction, however, the $800 million planned reduction in payroll expenses  would cut just 25% of their workers

Gatestone Institute: The Green Energy Profiteering Scam – “Green” Profits Can Only Rise if Citizens’ Freedoms Fall – When governments limit drilling and mining for hydrocarbons in the ground, they manufacture scarcity

Will a GOP House Majority Put the Brakes on Ukraine Escalation? – McCarthy says Republicans wouldn’t write a “blank check.”

Kari Lake Unloads an Array of Truth Bombs Against the Jab – “You see these soccer players who have the healthiest hearts on the planet, and they’re dropping dead on the field — after these shots”

A year-long exploration of Hunter Biden’s laptop has yielded a 630-page report that its authors say documents 459 violations of state and federal laws and regulations by President Joe Biden’s son and his business partners

Computer Store Owner Sues Hunter And The Biden Campaign For Defamation – “Now that the world has a better understanding of the legitimacy of the Hunter Biden laptop story, it is clear that there was a concerted effort to kill the story by defaming John Paul and others

House Judiciary Committee: A former top FBI official will testify the Biden administration pressured agents to label cases as domestic extremism or a white supremacist threat, even if they did not meet that criteria, to match Joe Biden’s rhetoric

NYT/Siena Poll: Fully 84% of registered voters named the Mainstream Media as a threat to Democracy and nearly 60% of voters called the MSM a “major threat”

Steve Kirsch: The median IFR for kids is just 0.0003% – If your kid gets COVID, the risk is 3 in 1 million that your child will die from COVID, and that is likely an over-estimate because today all early treatment protocols are suppressed worldwide

Steve Kirsch: The ACIP committee approves mRNA vaccines for the childhood schedule 15-0 – This allows the EUA to end, but provides full immunity protection forever for the COVID vaccine manufacturers

An officer abruptly censored a Naval Academy midshipman’s questions about the Navy’s COVID vax mandate, and experimental shots documented to injure and even kill people – The scene was caught on video and posted online

WSJ: U.S. Home Sales Dropped for Eighth Straight Month in September  – The slowdown in the market is expected to continue as mortgage rates approach 7% and up from about 3% a year earlier

Biden’s Energy Advisor Admits The Regime Wants To Limit Oil Production “To Accelerate The Transition” – While asking oil companies to increase production now and tapping more reserves to bring gas prices down before mid-term elections

Joe Biden Gaslights Over Soaring Energy Prices –  Joe Biden always manages to disgust, and yesterday’s thrashing performance on energy prices was no exception

How Biden Invited His Own Midterm Rebuke – They front-loaded their agenda with their most ambitious and controversial proposals and along the way, antagonized the opposition and alienated independents, along with some Democrats

The US has ‘abundant evidence’ Russia is using Iranian drones – The U.S. joined the U.K. and France in raising the issue of Iran supplying the “kamikaze” drones at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council

John Durham Exposed the FBI’s Misconduct – It was the bureau’s malfeasance that was really on trial, and the verdict on that, emphatically, is guilty

Learning from China’s Record – Beijing’s Taiwan approach, i.e. peace as bait and force in the making, is consistent with the behavioral pattern of the Chinese Communist Party

Woke Activist Generals Are Transforming the Air Force Academy – In September, the US Air Force Academy class of 1972 met for its 50th-year reunion – Compared to our experience, the Academy of today is virtually unrecognizable

Five Republican state treasurers have pressed AT&T in a letter over its removal of the One America News Network (OANN), calling it “apparent censorship of political discourse” driven by partisanship

Tucker Carlson Calls Out Anti-White Race Hate From MSNBC Hosts Joy Reid and Tiffany Cross – He even challenged his audience to tune into the rival cable news network to see for themselves

Jeff Bezos has a grim warning about where the economy is heading – The  US economy has met the rule-of-thumb definition of a recession,  two consecutive quarters of negative growth, and has contracted at a 1.6% annualized rate

Trump Embarrasses the “Elites” – Despite the best efforts of a Deep State–supporting, fake news–peddling, globalist-puppeteering Axis of Evil dedicated to his disposal, former President Trump still stands

British Prime Minister Liz Truss has resigned and is bowing to the inevitable after a tumultuous six-week term in which her policies triggered turmoil in financial markets and a rebellion in her party obliterated her authority

Brexit leader Nigel Farage hinted at a potential political comeback on Wednesday evening following a dramatic evening in Westminster that ultimately precipitated the downfall of Prime Minister Liz Truss

Pork Producers Say California Regulation Challenged in Supreme Court Would Impose Huge Costs – “There’s no way to make it happen and there would be multiple farmers in the same situation”

ZH: “We Peaked A Little Early” – Democrats’ Hope Turning To Despair – Their abortion-issue hopes proved overblown, as a mere 5% of likely voters say abortion is their top concern, according to the latest NYT/Siena College poll

So-called “Environmental Activism” has become an extremist front for imposing far-left nihilism under the ruse of a “climate emergency”

6 Main Factors Increase Risk of COVID-19 Vaccine Injury – Varied Loads In Vaccine Batches, Genetic Factors, Underlying Chronic Diseases, Immune Deficiencies, Vitamin Deficiencies, Age, and Sex…

6 claims lodged with the CICP have now been determined to be eligible for compensation, a Health Resources and Services Administration official told a meeting on vaccines and all the claims are related to COVID-19 vaccines

JD Rucker: I’m seeing a terrible trend in which many who have fought against the jabs in the past are either being silenced completely or bowing out of the fight – It’s time to double-down instead

October 19, 2022

“A Reappraisal is Long Overdue’ – Mainstream Scientists, Doctors, and Parents Speak Out About Harms Caused By The COVID-19 Vaccines

Dr. Paul Marik: Ivermectin Is Key for Early COVID-19 Treatment – The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), which Marik helped start, features ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in its early treatment protocol

It’s Beginning: Arizona Ballot Stuffer Caught Covering Up License Plate – A War with the Mules who stuff ballot boxes is underway around the country as early voting has started, and activity around the ballot drop boxes has increased

Victor Davis Hanson: Who Denies Election Results? – There is nothing “unprecedented” about challenging election results, while for Democrats, there’s nothing unprecedented in trying to manipulate them

The Swamp’s Border Crisis Shadows and Fog – To spin, distort or conceal key facts about our immigration problems is to engage in a blatant lie. Politicians who push that lie should pay a heavy electoral price

First Lady Realizes Joe Is A Train Wreck After His Latest Public Humiliation – “Biden is so gone that he will read ANY WORDS they put on the teleprompter in front of him. “report fraud D-O-T F-T-C dot gov”

ZH: Democrat Senator Mark Warner admitted that President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package was too big and that the Federal Reserve took too long to raise interest rates

The Biden Administration’s Tone-Deaf New Labor Rules – In proposing a new Department of Labor regulation that quashes independent contracting, they are ignoring the many hard lessons learned from California

If Durham Is So Worthless, Why Is the Ruling Class Worried About His Final Report? – His critics crow over his losses but fear his future findings so much that they are already calling on the Biden DOJ to block them

Generation X to Democrats: Eat My Shorts! – We want an America that’s fun, happy, and free—the country we grew up in and that we crave for our children

There’s Nothing ‘Happy’ About International Pronoun Day – The cynical circumstance around its support is what I call the social justice industrial complex

Dov Fischer: Don’t Be Fooled,  Polls Often Are Wrong But Can Influence Elections Unfairly – When polls overestimate a candidate’s strength, they get more money, volunteers, and enthusiasm

The Don’t Even Go There – The National Institutes of Health now blocks access to an important database if it thinks a scientist’s research may enter “forbidden” territory

Award-Winning Journalist And Investigative Reporter Gordon Meek Is Missing Since The FBI “Seized Classified Docs” in A Home Raid – Rolling Stone reports that he has not been seen since agents raided his apartment in April

Bad Medicine: The Doctor Granting Fetterman Clean Bill of Health Is a Campaign Donor – Dr. Clifford Chen has given tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats, including Fetterman

Cal-Maters: Your questions about California’s gas rebate are answered here

A peer-reviewed study published Tuesday warns about the risks of exposure to radiation from 5G technology, showing existing exposure limits for wireless radiation are inadequate, outdated, and harmful to human health and wildlife

Oops, we forgot to fix the supply chain – Some experts say it never really broke

A Top cardiologist ties “unexpected” deaths and collapses to COVID shots – “I have to urgently inform doctors, patients and members of the public about my findings”

The CDC votes to add Covid-19 vaccine to ‘Vaccines for Kids’ program The 15-0 vote took place during Wednesday’s committee meeting – A vote will be held on Thursday on whether to include the vaccine in children’s immunization schedules

WSJ: As Covid Hit, Washington Officials Traded Stocks With Exquisite Timing – Some sold in January 2020 when the government began mobilizing against the threat and others bought shares as a market-rescue plan was taking shape

Putin’s three-pronged strategy to survive the winter in Ukraine – TERROR, CONSCRIPTS, And COLD: As Russia continues to target Ukrainian power plants with Iranian-supplied drones, the outlines of Putin’s strategy become clearer

The IRS Releases Inflation Adjustments for 2023 Taxes: Here’s What It Means for You – Many taxpayers may now fall into lower tax brackets

Prices at the pump continue to be a political liability for Democrats with three weeks to go before the crucial midterm elections

Democrats launched feigned local news outlets in key swing states to push party-aligned content ahead of the midterm elections – At least 51 apparent local news outlets have cropped up in the last year across 10 battleground states

Eight things that killed the Democrat Party – The old Democrat Party has been replaced by a radical Libertine Party, full of radical sexual, cultural, and economic ideas that have all but killed their chances of getting legitimately elected again

The Media Shame Durham After Danchenko Verdict – Judge: Because Danchenko’s relevant exchanges with Dolan were via email, it was true that Danchenko had not “talked” with him about the material contained in the dossier

What’s worse than an uninformed electorate?  – The single-issue (S.I.) voter – Perhaps the most volatile single-issue rearing its ugly head this election year is one familiar to all of us, that of abortion

Trafalgar/Daily Wire Poll: Kari Lake is up by three points over Democrat Katie Hobbs – This same poll also shows Republican Blake Masters surging against incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly for Arizona’s U.S. Senate race

A Supermarket Merger Is Not A Threat To Humanity – The glaring problem with big government intervention is hypocrisy –  The federal government boasts of being the largest purchaser on Earth as well as the largest employer

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Mass Monitoring: A Digital Dictatorship on the Horizon? – The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) — is now well on its way to being up and running, with a $1 billion budget from Congress

Given this bleak medical landscape, one would expect ACEP to be tackling America’s biggest health problems at their annual meeting – NOT 1. Maintaining COVID pandemic billing profits, 2. Climate change, and 3. Racism in medicine

In a rare moment, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel admitted that COVID is akin to seasonal flu and that only older people and those who have compromised immune systems need to get vaccinated

Steve Kirsch: Two top cardiologists implicate COVID vax in all unexplained heart attacks since 2021 – The odds are that the vaccines played a significant role in their deaths

October 18, 2022

An Obama DOJ official urges a Durham report “pause” as he warns the findings may “unfairly tarnish” FBI officials

Why DeSantis Should Not Run in 2024 – The hatred of Trump has nothing whatever to do with his “rage tweets,” but has everything to do with his actions in office – He fights the established, corrupt uni-party way of doing things

WSJ: Igor Danchenko Acquitted of Lying to FBI About Trump-Russia Dossier  – Acquittal of the consultant for the “Steele dossier” marks a second trial loss for John Durham’s inquiry into FBI probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election

Special Counsel Durham Will Still Publish A Report After Three Years, Two Not-Guilty Verdicts

Pacific Legal Foundation filed suit against the U.S. Department of Education to block its illegal move to cancel more than $500 billion in student loan debt

GOP generic-ballot rating jumps to 8-month high just before Election Day — Unexpectedly

L.A. prosecutors: China had back-door access to U.S. election data through an app for poll workers called PollChief – “This is probably the largest data breach in the United States history”

The Biden administration is kicking the tires on an oil-product export ban, a policy that would undermine the president’s own foreign affairs platform and that would fail to deliver the cost savings it promises

Chinese Refiners Are Betting Big On European Fuel Demand – Europe will be hoping that China’s domestic demand remains weak, as it could become a key source of oil products over the winter

ZH: China has decided to seize Taiwan on a “much faster timeline” than previously thought, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday after China’s leader Xi Jinping reiterated his intent to take the island, by force if necessary

An investigation published by The Washington Post on Tuesday shows that at least 15 retired American generals and admirals have worked as paid consultants for Saudi Arabia’s ministry of defense since 2016

A California law that provided names and other information about gun owners to researchers analyzing the effectiveness of gun violence restraining orders were blocked by a judge, who ruled it may violate the privacy rights of gun owners

As Democrats head into an election disavowing their prior claims to “defund the police,” major Democrat-run cities have significantly fewer police than they did a few years ago, a Daily Wire analysis of federal data found

A CDC committee will likely vote Thursday to deliver permanent legal indemnity to Pfizer and Moderna, through the process of adding the drug companies’ mRNA injections to the child and adolescent immunization schedules

The complex myriad of symptoms in people suspecting of COVID-19 vaccine injury has been given a new name and an extensive treatment protocol – “Post-COVID-19 vaccines syndrome”

An alarming spike in the deaths of young Canadian doctors since the COVID-19 vaccine was mandated for healthcare workers demands an investigation, a physician and cancer researcher told the Canadian Medical Association

The Science Behind Florida’s Recent Recommendation Against mRNA COVID Vaccines for Men 18–39

The Heritage Foundation’s 2023 Index of U.S. Military Strength found our military is “weak” and “at growing risk of not being able to meet the demands of defending America’s vital national interests”  – This is the first time in the index’s nine-year history that the country has been rated so low

Whatever Happened to ‘Armageddon’? – The short-attention-span theater of the mainstream media works in Biden’s favor as most people simply forget that a week and a half ago, he warned that the world “faced the prospect of Armageddon”

CBS Poll: Most Americans believe the economy is going downhill fast and that the Biden administration is to blame – 70% of voters believe Biden’s policies are responsible, with 45% saying he is to blame “a great deal”

The season of the Democrat debate dodgers – Democrats have their fingerprints on most hardships Americans are suffering, consequently, high-profile Democrats have refused to participate in debates against their GOP challengers

Meet the Real Kari Lake: Arizona’s GOP Gubernatorial Nominee’s Journey from Beloved News Anchor to Dynamic MAGA Candidate

ZH: Inflation Becomes The Leading Global Concern In 2022 – This chart visualizes just how much can change in the space of two years

Biden is about to imperil national security by draining Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower gasoline prices just before the midterms

Details revealed during the Danchenko case provide ample proof that politics, not a legitimate purpose, prompted the FBI’s launch of Crossfire Hurricane

ZH: First Images Of Blown Up Nord Stream Reveals A 50 Meter Missing Section Of Pipeline – Swedish and Danish authorities said seismic devices in the Baltic Sea region recorded the magnitude of those explosions at M2.3 and M2.1

Democrats are starting to see their trans extremism as a problem at the ballot box –  By defining themselves as change agents against “unfairness”, they hitched their political fate to greens, socialists, and especially the LGBTQ++ sexual left

A new study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that transgender women maintain physical advantages in strength and heart and lung capacity years after their transitioning

The Threat of Civil War in Europe – Europe’s wealthiest nations face rising risks of civil unrest over the winter, including street protests and demonstrations, due to high energy prices and mounting costs of living

Brexit champion Nigel Farage has said that, following the “globalist coup” against the very moderately free market conservative Liz Truss, the Conservative (Tory) Party serves no purpose

Two Algerian migrants have been indicted for the rape, torture, and murder of a 12-year-old girl named Lola who was discovered dead on Friday in the courtyard of the building where she lived

A caravan of about 2,000 migrants reportedly reached the Honduran-Guatemalan border over the weekend and is heading toward the United States – The caravan consists of mostly Venezuelan migrants

What You Need to Know About Fentanyl – For a drug dealer, fentanyl has some attributes that compare it favorably to heroin: Fentanyl is more potent, has higher profit margins, and is easier to transport…

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced an eventual end date of February 28, 2023, to the COVID-19 state of emergency on Monday, stopping the statewide order just short of three years

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The V-Safe Database Confirms The COVID Shots Are Hazards – The CDCs formula used to trigger a safety signal is seriously flawed – The more dangerous a vaccine is, the less likely a safety signal will be triggered

October 17, 2022

The Biden administration is running an elaborate propaganda campaign to “educate” Americans on the importance of getting inoculated against Covid

PayPal and all others need to stay out of the social credit business – Against all those who would use the “misinformation” as an excuse for suppression of free speech and tyranny, this must be said: It is not a crime to be wrong

The Senate’s version of the 2023 NDAA will include $10 billion in military aid for Taiwan, Defense News reported on Monday – The $10 billion would be given to Taiwan over five years in the form of Foreign Military Financing

WSJ: Brace Yourself for a Republican Wave – As voters shift their attention to the economy and crime, polls begin to indicate a major GOP advantage

Democrats All but Admit Their Economic Policies Didn’t Work – The Inflation Reduction Act Comes Back to Bite the Democrats

Public disapproval of President Joe Biden is seemingly hurting the Democratic Party and the president has scored in some polls as even more unfavorable than former President Donald Trump

OPEC+ member states lined up on Oct. 16 to endorse a steep production cut agreed upon this month following accusations from top Biden administration officials against the Saudi government

There Is No Strategic Ambiguity in China’s Approach to Taiwan – At the 20th Party Congress, Xi said, “The wheels of history are rolling on towards reunification”

Newt Gingrich: Everything Big Government Socialism touches turns into a disaster – Pick any issue, infrastructure, public health, dealing with COVID-19, and, of course, education where he cites this from Baltimore

Moderate Democrats Don’t Exist, Just Look At Joe Manchin – His “permitting reform” plan was just a sop to the “renewables” crowd who bankroll that party

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has proposed that former Trump adviser Steve Bannon serve six months in jail and pay $200,000 for defying a subpoena by the House of Representatives Jan. 6 committee

The FBI’s Million-Dollar Men – Three high-profile trials are shining a much-needed light on how the bureau uses highly paid informants as political hitmen

The United States government is actively selling potential surveillance devices to American military personnel and families on military bases that are directly manufactured by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

A major New England grid operator said it is preparing for a possible strain on the grid amid a surge in demand for natural gas that threatens to reduce supplies

Much of the world is struggling with energy supplies as winter fast approaches – China ordered its state-owned natural gas importers to stop selling liquefied natural gas to Europe and other parts of Asia so it will have enough fuel for winter

An FBI whistleblower that refused to participate in SWAT team raids on Jan. 6 suspects says the bureau is breaking its rules and using excessive tactics against people who may be innocent to ensure “the process is the punishment”

Top House Democrats Maxine Waters and James Clyburn have continued to shell out tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds to their family members ahead of the November midterm elections

Steve Kirsch: Why solar is NOT the solution to the energy crisis – Next-generation nuclear power is clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Most of the waste products can be recycled over and over and the remaining part is short-lived

“The Real Anthony Fauci,” a full-length feature documentary based on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s runaway bestseller, will be available to watch free — for 10 days only — beginning Oct. 18 at 12:01 a.m. Eastern

A new study confirms the Covid death risk is near zero for the vast majority – The Covid vaccines, mandates, lockdowns, and school closures were unnecessary

Dr. Anthony Fauci falsely claimed that he had “nothing to do” with the nationwide school closures during Covid that have caused consequential damage to the country’s youth

Boston University Created A New COVID Strain That Has An 80% Kill Rate For Mice – The scientists also infected human cells with the hybrid variant and found it was five times more infectious than Omicron

Xi Jinping’s Ideological Ambition Darkens China’s Economic Prospects Many economists predict slower growth, in part due to Xi’s focus on Communist Party control

Donald Trump, The Great Disrupter, crashed the D.C. Establishment party, and they hate him for it – Now there’s a new generation of leaders emerging, ones that will replace the RINOs and carry the mantle of Trumpism into the future

The Oct. 13 vote by the House Jan. 6 Committee to subpoena former President Donald Trump is a political ploy intended to help foster the general impression that Trump has too much “baggage” to run for office again…

The FBI has “voluminous evidence” of “potential criminal conduct” by Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden related to his overseas business dealings with China and Ukraine, as well as James Biden, the president’s brother

NYT/Siena Poll: The Political Environment Is Turning Toward Republicans – 49% of likely voters said they planned to vote for a Republican to represent them in Congress on Nov. 8, compared with 45% who planned to vote for a Democrat

A recent New York Times/Sienna College poll found that 51 percent of independents intend to vote for the GOP in the coming mid-term elections

The Official “Chuck Norris Approved TOP Choices” For The Midterms – A few years ago in a column I titled, “Why I switched from the Democrat to the Republican Party” I explained all of it

The National Debt Elephant in the Room – As President Bill Clinton’s consigliere James Carville quipped during one of Clinton’s presidential campaigns, “It’s the economy stupid” and 30 years later the economy is still an important issue

There is now a 100% probability of a recession in the US by October 2023 according to economic modeling by Bloomberg released on Monday – That is up from 65% for the same period in the previous iteration of the model

Durham’s In-Your-Face Danchenko Gambit – He exposed the malfeasance of FBI brass and exposed the organizational structure of the whole Russia investigation from the FBI’s Operation Crossfire Hurricane through to the Mueller Inquiry

Americans Are Making Huge Sacrifices As Bidenflation Rises To 12.8% – But President Biden says, “Our economy is strong as hell”

Joe Biden cost the average American $34,000 in retirement savings in 2022 – We already know that he has cost Americans an average of $6,000 in paycheck power due to out-of-control inflation

A Democrat Pollster Reveals Democrats are in Deep Trouble –  A professor’s tweet-storm on a Harris-Harvard survey shows Democrats are silent on critical matters, and noisy on nonsense issues

Sharyl Attkisson: According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans continue to lack faith in the federal government, with low levels of trust in all three branches of government

I&I/TIPP Poll: Americans overwhelmingly believe that the US has a serious problem controlling its southern border as a record flow of illegal immigration leaves many scratching their heads over whether immigration laws are enforced at all

States Seek to Depose Fauci And Other Top Officials in a Big Tech–Government Censorship Case – Emails and other documents uncovered in discovery have revealed an “enormous and far-reaching” censorship enterprise

Where Higher Education Went Wrong: Today’s colleges and universities have become credentialing factories and garner contempt for the demographically inferior – Part of the trouble is that we have lost our respect for honest manual labor

Fact Check: Obamacare Has Failed – Eight Years In And Obamacare Premiums Have Tripled – Underreported was that 90% of those on Obamacare received subsidies to buy coverage, anywhere from 1% to 100% of the premium

Kanye West has secured a deal to buy free speech social media platform Parler – Parler’s current owner announced it had reached an agreement in principle to sell the “pioneering un-cancelable free speech platform to West

October 16, 2022

A wall of legislation is working its way through state legislatures to limit mRNA experimental injections being presented as vaccines – The public is no longer buying it because it is waking up to the reality of the damage being inflicted

Team Biden displayed some rare honesty Thursday, essentially admitting President Biden is fine with high gasoline prices — He just doesn’t want them to hurt Democrats in the midterms

High Inflation Erodes Minority Support for the Democrats – These voters don’t need a government report to tell them what it costs to live

Biden, OPEC+, and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un – In His Quest For Energy Ruination Joe Biden Is Cutting Off His Nose To “Punish” The Saudis

Representative Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) skipped the debate against her Republican challenger Yesil Vega after joining a lawmaker pushing to jail parents who do not affirm children’s transgender identities

Victor Davis Hanson: The Tentacles of the Social Media Octopus – The sharper wits of Silicon Valley know that if the public sees their products as toxic extensions of left-wing groupthink, the majority of Americans will shun them

The Justice Department’s War with the First Amendment – The Justice Department and courts apply free speech precedent selectively, depending on who and what cause benefits from the exercise of the right

A phony “charity” that has been collecting donations for Hurricane Ian victims has been exposed as a shill to raise money for Democrat politicians in Florida – The scam was revealed by DeSantis’ War Room

Christine Drazan Is in The Hunt – Thanks to a well-run campaign and her Democrat Opponents’ missteps, Oregon’s Republican gubernatorial candidate is in striking distance of victory in November

Signs of a Seismic National Shift and a Red Tidal Wave Americans Rejected Impotence In 1980 – Something comparable is afoot this election year

Sacramento County Election Officials are Registering Homeless Drug Addicts to Vote – Isn’t it outrageous that they are registering people to vote who can’t even take proper care of themselves?

The Establishment is Still Terrified of Donald Trump Far from being a threat to American democracy – Trump and his movement represent an unvanquished pocket of democratic resistance to the bureaucratic tyranny of globalism

Steve Kirsch: Dr. Ryan Cole is the only pathologist in the country willing to test for Covid vaccine “fingerprints” – He’s looked at 3 cases of unexplained death so far and all three implicated the vax

Steve Kirsch: Covid Vaccine-Regrets: The Masses Are Realizing They Made a Mistake and Are Getting Scared  – These two articles need to be shared because now more than ever we have an opportunity to wake even more people up

ZH: Two weeks after Pfizer CEO bailed on EU testimony in the wake of a report highlighting a ‘secretive’ vaccine deal between himself and European Commission President, the EPPO has opened an investigation into the EU’s Covid-19 vaccine purchases

U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress bombers will lead fighter jets from Belgium, Germany, and 12 other countries across Europe’s skies on annual nuclear exercises Monday, amid reports Russia has increased the number of strategic bombers close to its border with NATO-member state Norway

Most CEOs say they are preparing for a recession in the US – 98 percent of CEOs say they are preparing for a U.S. recession in the recent Conference Board Measure of CEO Confidence survey

Worse Than Socialism? – Another set of ideas that have helped inflict considerable damage on the American economy is reemerging and is best labeled as “Corporatism” – Examples of full-blown corporatism include distinctly authoritarian regimes such as Mussolini’s Italy, Dollfuss’s Austria, and Franco’s Spain until the mid-1950s

Pritzker, Democrats and the Safe-T Act – They Are Releasing Violent Criminals Upon the People and Pretending There is No Cost

Florida’s relocation program for illegal immigrants that paused while the state dealt with Hurricane Ian’s damage will resume in December – DeSantis Now Intends To Ship Migrants to Delaware and Illinois

Elon Musk publicly expressed alarm over his name and profile appearing to have been added to a well-known Ukrainian “kill list”, following outrage from Kyiv over his “Russia-Ukraine peace poll” and  threats to cut funding for Starlink

October 15, 2022

Igor Danchenko Trial Revelations: Team Mueller’s Obstruction –The Mueller Special Counsel refused witness interviews that would have implicated itself

The FBI Ordered Informant Igor Danchenko to Erase All Evidence on His Phone Showing His Role in Their Attempted Coup on President Trump

Seven Reasons the 2020 Election Never Should Have Been Certified that Ronna Romney McDaniel Refuses to Address – A Message to GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel: Don’t Tell Republicans to Vote Early – Please Wise Up

The Courts Could Allow Chemical Castration of 10-Year-Old Son But Not A Haircut – Texas father Jeff Younger is prepared to file a federal lawsuit if his ex-wife moves to CA to take advantage of the state’s new transgender sanctuary law

Steve Kirsch: What The Data Tells Us  – This 52-slide deck presented at the FLCCC conference on Oct 15, 2022, summarizing some of the most important statistics for the vaccines on safety and efficacy and it got a standing ovation

January 6th Footage debunks the insurrection narrative and shows Pelosi breaking federal law – Curiously, Pelosi, and others concluded, even before the Capitol break-in, that Trump was to blame to prevent him from running in 2024

The January 6 Committee Ends with a Whimper – From start to finish, the committee has been an extended exercise in empty political theater

The Democrat Socialists of America-LA has big plans to take over the governance of Los Angeles – Someone from this political org is probably involved in the leaking of the LAtinX Scandal conversation, and the online site Knock-LA has just unveiled a few more

Paul Ryan: Donald Trump Will Not Be the Republican Nominee in 2024 – Ryan claimed that Trump is only the de facto leader of the GOP because “everybody’s afraid of him”

A majority of voters in Senate battlegrounds states are dissatisfied with the direction of the nation after nearly two years of Democrats controlling the administrative state, legislative branch, and executive branch of the federal government

How midterm elections influence the next presidential race – President Joe Biden is often compared to Jimmy Carter, but his best midterm election scenario is to be another Ronald Reagan

To understand the woke, you have to understand The Culture of Narcissism – The nature of the Left in 2022 is rooted more in psychology than political science. Specifically, liberalism is suffering from narcissism

New Orleans The Nation’s Murder Capital – If New Orleans wants to address its crime problem, it has to be willing to prosecute criminals, support its police officers and not look for ways to usurp their authority and endanger their lives

How Boys Learn to Become Men – Left to fend for themselves, the claws of social media, television, video games, and the internet have grabbed hold and corrupted many at a time when they are most vulnerable to outside influences

Becket Fund for Religious Liberty Poll: A Vast Majority of Voters Oppose Sexually Explicit Books in Public School Libraries

Is the Climate Being Engineered? – For a few years, researchers have collected video footage of aircraft with visible nozzles being turned off and on and even uncovered films of World War II B-17s turning off a sprayed dispersion

New research conducted by Moderna and Kaiser Permanente reveals that the company’s mRNA-based Covid-19 “vaccines” cause the immune system to turn against itself in just a few months

Sharyl Attkisson: Projections in the US for uptake of new Covid-19 booster are off by more than 90% – CDC data shows only 11.5 million eligible people have received an updated booster, less than 5% of the 240 million people who qualify

The EU has come under fire after it emerged that the bloc bought 4.5 billion doses of COVID-19 for its 450 million population – European Parliament member Mislav Kolakusic is demanding answers and blasted the deal as the “biggest corruption scandal in the history of mankind”

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: EFFING-BIDEN EDITION – You just knew that as soon as Biden got caught (deliberately?) on a hot mic saying “No one f**ks- with a Biden,” someone would go out and f**k with Biden

October 14, 2022

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Paxlovid and Heart Medications Don’t Interact Well – These five major cardiovascular drugs were pointed out as ones that don’t interact well with Paxlovid

“Vaccine Hesitancy” Is One Of The World Health Organization’s Top 10 Global Threats – But Flu Shot Data Tells a Different Story

Trump writes blistering Jan. 6 committee response, doesn’t say if he’ll testify – Trump mocks TV ratings for committee’s broadcast, defends his actions on Jan. 6

Election Integrity Experts Identify Privacy Flaw Affecting All ICP/ICE Dominion Voting Systems Across 21 States – AND NO, IT WON’T BE PATCHED BEFORE THE MIDTERMS

This Is Why Growing Racial Discrimination Is So Dangerous – The trend, spurred on by VP Kamala Harris tears at our already tenuous social fabric

There Will Be No Civil War Here – The only one that could happen is between the Left whose particular play is resentment and violence

Hiding Hunter’s Laptop – The tale of the epic conspiracy and effort the political Left and their Trump-hating friends on the Right put into hiding Hunter’s laptop to get Trump and obfuscate Biden family corruption

FBI Refuses to Hand Over Evidence on Seth Rich Murder, Thus Violating A U.S. District Judge Court Order

A “Wild Ride” Begins With A Court Clash Over The First US Law To Ban Child Transgender Surgeries – A Constitutional test of the Arkansas law will set precedent and cause ripple effects

A federal appeals court on Wednesday paused enforcement of a Texas law that restricted the ability of social media outlets to censor user content, pending review by the U.S. Supreme Court

George Soros Gave $30M to Big Tech Groups Urging Them To Censor So-Called Disinformation Before The Midterms

ZH: Elon Musk Demands Pentagon Foot Starlink-Ukraine Bill After Being Told To ‘F**k Off’ – Starlink is essential to the Ukrainian military, so one would suspect that the Pentagon would pick up the tab if the US proxy war against Russia is to be successful

ZH: The head of the American Enterprise Institute says US-Saudi relations are “likely unrecoverable,” after the White House ‘personalized’ last week’s OPEC+ decision to cut production, according to an expert cited by Bloomberg

ZH: Wawa Calls It Quits On Its Hometown City, Shuttering Two More Philadelphia Stores Due To “Safety Challenges” – They don’t see the point of staying open in a city where its stores are constantly being looted and ransacked

ZH: This Year, India Is Expected To Overtake China As World’s Most Populous Country – United Nations data is used to determine which countries have the largest share of the planet’s eight billion people

ZH: In a move that already has gun-control enthusiasts clutching their pearls, a judge on Wednesday ruled that a federal law barring possession of a gun with a removed serial number is unconstitutional

VAERS data released Friday by the CDC show 1,437,273 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 31,470 deaths and 261,738 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Oct. 7, 2022

The Unvaccinated Deserve Reparations – Those who refused Covid shots endured vitriolic attacks by their government and peers, were labeled as antisocial, and denied access to society, with many losing their means of income

End This Covid-Emergency Farce –The government’s pandemic powers just got extended another 90 days

No, the ‘Main Character of 2022’ Is Not Donald Trump – It’s convenient for the Democrat Party that publications such as Politico have decided that “Trump is the main character of 2022,” and not, say, Biden, or Pelosi, or Schumer

ZH: Putin Signals Readiness To Deescalate Russian Airstrikes On Ukraine – He said that while Russia is not seeking to “destroy” Ukraine, he still has “no regrets” about ordering the invasion

Biden Flunks Another Inflation Exam – In the 21 months since Biden took office, the Consumer Price Index has shot up 13.5% – That compares with 4% in the first 21 months of the Trump administration

ZH: The Era Of Cheap Food And Cheap Gasoline Is Over – We have entered the greatest energy crisis that any of us have ever experienced, and it isn’t going to go away any time soon

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is not reducing inflation – They knew the risks they were running when they advanced inflationary policies such as Biden’s so-called American Rescue Plan

Donald Trump’s response to the Democrats’ January 6 Committee that officially subpoenaed him to testify before Congress – Trump said  he will accept the subpoena and is happy to testify, provided he can do it on live TV

The Biden Administration’s Custom-Gun Grab – President Biden assumed the power to legislate where only Congress may do so

Biden’s Absence from Democratic Campaign Rallies Matters – Biden’s light schedule and absence from campaign rallies are extremely significant

Two leading Republicans wrote a letter Friday to the National Archives demanding communications and documents addressing the possibility Democrats pressured the institution into investigating former President Donald Trump

ZH: The FBI Paid Danchenko Over $200K: Day 3 Trial Summary – The FBI Agents and Analysts come across as arrogant,  from my reading of the transcripts

The German government set to burn nearly €6 billion worth of expired face masks during the energy crisis – What does a Green nation do when they can’t get fuel? Well, they burn chemically-laden and toxic masks of course!

Republican Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) is demanding that PayPal hands over its communications with Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration regarding the online payment service’s “disinformation policy”

Irreversible Damage – If you have a school-age daughter or granddaughter you need to be aware of what’s happening in our schools!

Sharyl Attkisson: The CDC forced to turn over ‘v-safe’ data on Covid-19 vaccines – The new data raises some alarming questions

Dr. Joseph Mercola: How Cancer Deaths From the COVID Jabs Are Being Hidden – Before eliminating the safety signal, data from the DMED showed cancer rates among military personnel and their families tripled after the rollout of the shots

Sharyl Attkisson: According to Rasmussen Reports, 92% of American adults believe homelessness is a serious problem in America, including 65% who say the problem is “very serious”

This is how much money you’ll get from the California gas rebate – Here’s who is eligible for a 2022 gas rebate, how you will get it, when and how much you should expect

A new California program to pay residents $1,000 to not have a car, a watchdog reports – “It’s going to cost taxpayers in California nearly a billion dollars, about $900 million,” Andrzejewski explained

CA’s New Water Supply Allocation Falls Victim to CRT – Three strategies. One — integrating racial equity and measuring impact, Two — creating, maintaining space for inclusion and belonging, and Three — activating BIPOC community wisdom and sharing power

It’s Not That Boys Are Dumb – A new, feminized higher education environment has changed its priorities

October 13, 2022

AOC Hosts A Town Hall in the Bronx – Jaws Drop When The Camera Turns and Exposes How Many People Were In The Audience to See Her

A Virginia Democrat’s Bill Would Criminally Prosecute Parents Who Don’t Affirm Their Kids As Transgender – Previous attempt at the bill was co-sponsored by a senator who served jail time for having sex with a teenager

Joe Biden Accused of Election Interference – Saudi Arabia said the U.S. urged it to postpone its decision to cut oil production by a month – Such a delay could have helped reduce the risk of a spike in gas prices ahead of the U.S. midterm elections in November

The Biden administration just released its 2022 National Security Strategy – It is committed to wokeness, diversity, equity, and inclusion and is fundamentally a domestic political document as it only lightly addresses China and Russia

Five Quick Things: Quid Pro Joe Needs Impeaching Plus: OPEC embarrassment, Fetterman’s fumbles, sticking it to the Yalies, and more

The January 6 Committee voted to issue a subpoena compelling former President Trump to appear before that body. The committee, seating only two members of the GOP, both of whom are outgoing, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, voted to subpoena Trump

First Task for the new GOP Congress: Subpoena the Jan. 6 Committee Authoritarianism in Congress must be dealt with

FBI headquarters not only pumped up the Russiagate scandal knowing none of the “evidence” held up but helped deep-six actual evidence of Hunter Biden crimes that tainted now-President Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election 

The Supreme Court Denied Trump’s Bid to Restore The Special Master’s Review of Classified Documents  – This order leaves in place the Appeals Court decision to remove classified documents from the special master’s review

Charles Dolan, a longtime associate of the Clinton family, admitted under oath on Oct. 13 that he lied when he said he spoke to a Republican friend about GOP drama – “I lied. I got it off cable news”

After rejecting a controversial proposal in Huntington Beach, the California Coastal Commission green lights another in Dana Point – While environmentalists raised concerns, the commission calls it a well-planned project

The FDA and CDC Authorize New COVID Boosters for Kids as Young as 5, With No Data And No Independent Review – No clinical trials complete yet, but vaccines ready to ship “immediately”

Who Benefits When The Pharma-Funded FDA Fast-Tracks Drugs and Vaccines? – According to experts, the push to get drugs fast-tracked has clear advantages for Big Pharma, but iffy benefits for consumers

Scientists Sound Alarm As Gates And The WEF Promote Gene-Editing Technology for Everything From Fake Meat to Designer Babies  – Scientists interviewed by The Defender warned about the technology’s flaws and risks

Steve Kirsch: The Israeli Ministry of Health confirmed to Reuters that the leaked vax safety video is legit – Top Israeli researchers told the Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) that they are lying about the safety of the COVID vaccines

Iran’s streets have been taken over by a sweeping revolution that erupted after the killing of Mahsa Amini at the hands of the Iranian “moral police” – Joe Biden has ended the need for a discussion by releasing $7 billion of its frozen funds in South Korea for a prisoner exchange deal with the United States

WSJ: Inflation Sits at 8.2% as Core Prices Hit A Four-Decade High – The Consumer-Price Index’s rise eased slightly in September, but the core index marked the biggest increase since 1982

The Inflation Report Dashes Democrats’ Last Hope of Changing Economic Narrative – Both the headline and core inflation readings are about 0.2% higher than expected, which might not sound like a lot, but over a month, it’s a pretty big miss

The Social Security Announces Biggest Payment Hike in 40 Years – The Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) will be 8.7 percent for 2023 – Medicare premiums are going down and Social Security benefits are going up

The Unending “Emergency Powers” Enable Authoritarian Behavior Such As Suspending Elections – The United States will be operating under a falsified state of emergency through yet another hotly contested election

An NBC News reporter faces backlash for reporting factually about Fetterman’s mental health issues resulting from a stroke – It’s almost as if they are saying, “How dare the GOP use the media to their advantage? That is our privilege only”

Following CA, the Biden Administration wants to outlaw gig work in America – Should their proposal become policy, workers must be regular employees, no longer free to continue their job as independent contractors

Eisenhower’s Warning About the Military-Industrial Complex – He told us it could endanger our democratic liberties and he was spot on

How Many Violent Crimes in the USA Involve a Gun? – To accurately gauge this, aggravated assaults (66% of violent crime) must be considered, but the anti-gun crowd ignores this because guns aren’t used 72% of the time

The Danchenko Trial Is a Window on the Corrupt Ruling Class – We will soon learn even more disgraceful details about the Steele Dossier

Galganov: Believe It Or Not, the LEFT is on the Ropes; Exhausted, Beaten, Battered & Devoid of any Hope on November 8, 2022 – They Know they will be Slaughtered at the Polls In-Spite of all What the LEFT will Do to Lie & Cheat . . .

PayPal is reportedly offering account holders $15 to prevent them from closing their accounts after the platform shamefully threatened to steal their money if they express the ‘wrong’ opinion

Moral Relativism Has Replaced The Collective Soul Of America – Moral relativism is the idea that there are no absolute rules to determine whether something is right or wrong and “progressives” are adept in using it to reshape America

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs, believe the Nord Stream pipelines were struck by the U.S. to damage the Russian economy, that sanctions have failed to accomplish

Sharyl Attkisson: The FDA has refused a FOIA request to release the autopsy results of people whose deaths were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) after receiving a Covid-19 shot

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Scientists Find Antibodies (TAU-1109 and TAU-2310) That Neutralize All COVID Strains – They  believe, with effective antibody treatment, “we will not have to provide booster doses to the entire population every time there is a new variant”

October 12, 2022

Tulsi Gabbard Sounds The Alarm on Clinton And Other Democrats: If You Go Against Them, “You’re Dead, You’re On The S**t List” – “The party is being led by people who have gone insane with this ideological fanaticism”

Possible Peace In Ukraine? – Recent statements have suggested the outlines of what such a settlement might look like, but unfortunately, those outlines are tragically like the ones that existed on the eve of the war

CNN Anchor, Jake Tapper, Asks Biden to His Face About Criminal Charges for Hunter – Watch His Telling Response

The producer price index increased 0.4% for September, compared with the Dow Jones estimate for a 0.2% gain –  Excluding food, energy, and trade services, the index rose 0.4% for the month and 5.6% from a year ago

How to Lose Friends and Influence Over People A decade of Obama-Biden foreign policy has broken the Middle East – It was the Obama administration that decided to give Vladimir Putin a foothold in the eastern Mediterranean

Sharyl Attkisson: It is assumed that Hispanic voters support open borders, but according to Rasmussen Reports and Numbers USA, 52% of Hispanic likely US voters say the government is doing “too little” to reduce illegal border crossings

The War for “Information” Freedom On The Internet Has Just Begun – Without Google, Facebook, and Twitter to corral free thought and information exchange, Information Gatekeepers could never push censorship so openly

The Pfizer executive’s admission in testimony before the European Parliament that their vaccine was never tested during clinical trials for the ability to prevent transmission of COVID-19 was completely ignored by mainstream media

Steve Kirsch: In this video one of the world’s most respected vaccinologists admits that there are no benefits to the Covid vaccine boosters – He’s not taking the boosters, so why should you?

Pfizer Taps Marvel’s Avengers to Push COVID Boosters to Kids – Marvel this month released a customized Avengers comic book urging them to become an “everyday hero” by staying up-to-date with the latest Pfizer COVID-19 boosters

Former French Presidential Candidate Shocks the World – “Macron and Most MPs Are Not Vaccinated”

Suppression Campaign – The American Medical Association asks the federal government to prosecute critics of radical gender medicine for children

California’s Misinformation Epidemic Pt. 1 – Tiger groups working for the vaccine {industry} selected CA to be the means via which to perform their aim of standard obligatory vaccinations for your complete American inhabitants (Updated)

Newt Gingrich: Tulsi Gabbard’s Departure Is Bad News for Democrats – “The fact that that she’s leaving the Democrat Party is a sign that more will depart”

InfoWars host Alex Jones’ civil trial concluded on Wednesday, with a jury ordering Jones to pay a total of $965 million to fifteen families for “defamation damages” and “emotional stress damages”

What are the chances of an exchange of ‘low-yield’ nuclear weapons with Russia? – We have arrived at the precise moment that Republicans warned about four years ago about the wisdom of fielding a new lower-yield nuclear weapon

Videos: Biden Gibbers, Drops Cheat Cards And Declares There Is No Recession – “It’s going to bring a billion, a trillion, 750 million dollars, billion dollars, off the sidelines

ZH: Biden Says Recession Possible But “Very Slight” And He Can Beat Trump Again – The NYT engaged in damage control, calling Biden’s demented torrent of fabrications and lies “folklore, with dates that don’t quite add up…

The Treasury Department inspector general is to audit DeSantis migrant flight spending to supposedly determine whether any federal money was spent inappropriately

The U.S. Government Developed A Key Green Technology And The Biden Admin Gave It To China – China is now building one of the largest battery grids in the world using the technology

CNN to Fire A “Big Name” Star: “He Does Not Have a Place in the New CNN” – The only CNN stars that fit the bill are Jim Acosta and Anderson Cooper

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was alerted to the fact that no Haitian migrants were “whipped” hours before a White House press conference and went on to describe the incident, which didn’t happen, as “horrifying”

Inflation, as measured by producer wholesale prices, came in a bit hotter than expected at 8.5% for the year ending in September, according to a report Wednesday from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

A federal judge is set to hear arguments Wednesday on whether to stop the Biden administration from moving forward with plans to cancel up to $20,000 in student loan debt for more than 40 million people – Legal experts say the case may pose the greatest threat of delaying or halting the implementation of the program

Tucker Carlson explains Tulsi Gabbard’s departure from the Democrat party – His review of her dramatic entrance to the national stage as a 31-year-old Congresswoman from the nation’s most liberal state was invaluable

A Take on Trump and Tulsi – If ever there were an awesome intersectional ticket asset, Gabbard is it, but prospects wilt if Trump and DeSantis don’t reach some kind of agreed strategic vision for a Republican future long before 2024

Europe Is Facing The ‘Worst Energy Crisis in Decades’ without Russian Oil – In December, a European ban on most crude imports from Russia will come into effect – EU leaders must find new sources of crude oil ahead of a dark and cold winter

The Media’s Misguided Love Affair with John Fetterman – Their profiles usually start with Fetterman’s height, size, shaved head, tattoos, and how he dresses. Yes, Fetterman looks like he spent his younger years working in a steel mill

WATCH: Fetterman slurs words in an interview as questions about health continue – The interview on NBC News Tuesday only raised more questions about Fetterman’s health and ability to serve if elected next month

Wasn’t Legalizing Pot Supposed To Reduce Crime? – Black market growers use banned, lethal pesticides and unchecked chemicals,” and “small farms operating legally are unable to sell their crops, pushing them closer to financial ruin

The Democrat party demonizes firearms and those who choose to own them, yet Americans are leveraging their constitutional rights to protect and defend themselves – This is clear due to the shift in sales from long guns to handguns that are designed for personal protection

Get ‘Em Young Using Predictive Programming In Cartoons, And Why Your Awareness Is Power – But My Superhero Husband isn’t the first LGBTQ cartoon, nor will it be the last, for as long as the masses allow their children to absorb the promotion of sodomy…

A Wisconsin school district passed a policy that requires parental permission for a student to change what pronouns and the name they go by at school – Critics of the policy said it threatens student’s mental health and safety if they are not ready to reveal their gender transition to their parents

New Study: Babies Born In Lockdown Are Less Likely To Speak Before Their First Birthday – Observational research finds that pandemic restrictions stunted several development milestones in children

October 11, 2022

JPMorgan Chase’s CEO issued a dire warning about where the U.S. economy is heading. – Jamie Dimon warned that America is on track for a “very, very serious” economic crisis

How Republicans Can Earn National Supermajority Status – Republicans need to make radical assertions if they want to appeal to serious conservatives and attract independents, which shouldn’t be difficult as telling the truth is a radical act.

The Sources of Chinese Conduct: Leninist Politics and Marxist Economics – Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd echoes George F. Kennan’s famous 1947 article on the Soviet Union

Kari Lake is in a Statistical Dead Heat in Arizona – The scrappy, Trump-endorsed political newcomer just might win the governor’s seat

Former President Donald Trump railed against Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s effort to cement a GOP minority the Kentucky lawmaker can control as opposed to a Republican majority that would threaten his leadership

Biden’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, Sucks This Much – Democrats show how empty their hand truly is by playing the race card over and over again

The Justice Department (DOJ) asked the Supreme Court Tuesday to reject former President Donald Trump’s bid to have the court intervene in a dispute over documents seized from his Mar-a-Lago resort two months ago

Gladstone Institute: The End of Debate – Disinformation is the ultimate ad hominem argument and has become the first resort of echo chamber establishments that have lost the ability to debate because they don’t understand how anyone can or should be allowed to think differently than they do

NBC News correspondent Dasha Burns told MSNBC Tuesday that Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman had difficulty understanding her questions during an interview

Sharyl Attkisson: Facing multiple legal challenges, the WH released a preview of the application form for Biden’s one-time student debt relief cancellation. The application, accessible on cell phones as well as computers, will be published in both English and Spanish and require entering a Social Security number

Mark Robinson: From ‘dirt poor’ to lieutenant governor via viral video – After he decided to make his views on gun control heard at a meeting of the Greensboro City Council in North Carolina, his passionate speech went viral on Facebook

ZH: NASA’s Suicide Spacecraft Changed Asteroid’s Path As Planetary Defenses Strengthened – NASA’s strategy could be a future strategy to defend the planet

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The Trail of Blood From the COVID Jabs – Two doctors claim they’ve discovered a way to test for spike protein in human tissue, and they’ve found spike protein in individuals who were injured or died from the shots

Biden’s railway deal to avert a nationwide strike spiked by the union – The Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division of the Teamsters rejected the deal on Monday, expressing discontent with the number of paid sick days

Biden Is Utterly Failing to Deter Putin – People around the world know he is weak and fearful – Nuclear blackmail must not be allowed to succeed or Russia, China, and Iran will use it to our detriment for decades to come

Biden Promises Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Advanced Air Defense Systems After Russian Missile Attacks- “President Biden pledged to continue providing Ukraine with the support needed to defend itself”

Democrats and mainstream media are now openly realizing that Biden’s dementia is a problem – Surely, Biden’s puppet masters realize harder-hitting criticism from elite media lies ahead if Biden doesn’t voluntarily give his 2nd term quest

As Trump Rallies Republicans Across The Country For Midterms, Where’s Joe Biden? – The Democrats don’t want Joe Biden anywhere near their candidates, and it’s obvious why

There Are Signs The Red Wave Is Gathering – I continue to notice that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are nowhere near the campaign trail with other Democratic candidates

The Supreme Court on Tuesday backed the Republican position when it vacated an appeals court decision that required Pennsylvania to count mail-in ballots, even if there is no date on the envelope

RNC Ads: Biden’s new IRS team would fill most stadiums – RNC spokeswoman Emma Vaughn said in a statement, “Democrats would rather fund an army of IRS agents and raise taxes rather than keep Americans safe”

Another Lawless Act by Biden: Obamacare Edition – When the Biden “fix” was initially proposed, the text of Obamacare clearly says that the affordability threshold applies to an individual rather than family insurance…

While Joe Biden may be a part of the political party that thinks gender is limitless and people are whatever they say they are, the administration doesn’t allow woke gender ideology to interfere with one thing, the military draft

WSJ: Saudi Arabia Defied U.S. Warnings Ahead of OPEC+ Production Cut – Riyadh dismissed American officials who said the output reduction would be perceived as siding with Russia, in a new blow to relations

Biden Proposes To Make The Energy Situation Worse – “Continuing Gulf Coast exports is essential to efficiently rebalance markets, reducing global supply by limiting U.S. exports will only aggravate the global supply shortfall”

WSJ: Government Officials Invest in Companies Their Agencies Oversee – Hidden records show thousands of senior executive branch employees owned stocks in companies whose fates were directly affected by their employers’ actions

What Will Happen to America If Trump Wins Again? The WP’s liberal “Experts” freak out – The DC Swamp believe they have a right to run the federal government, so no wonder they hate Trump because they hate democracy

The Democrats are proposing the Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act of 2022 – In their response to Republicans questioning 2020 Presidential election results this Democrat-sponsored bill proposes to make it more difficult to contest an election

WSJ: Crime Ads Play A Big Role in The Competitive House Race – Senate Races Voters’ public-safety concerns rise following a surge in violence since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic

The Drift Toward “Democrat Despotism” – “Popular tyrannies” seek to outlaw or delegitimize oppositional political parties

Americans Must Permanently Marginalize the Adolescents of the Far Left – Marginalizing via ridicule and isolation will cause these Marxists to crumble, so without their legions of foot soldiers they will be unable to transform the nation

New York’s Progressive Equity Agenda Creeps Forward – Ballot measures in November, while largely symbolic, would lay the philosophical groundwork for actual redistribution based on racial profile categories

New York City Mayor Eric Adams signed the Times Square gun ban into law Tuesday, just days after U.S. District Court Judge Glenn T. Suddaby issued a temporary restraining order against several of New York’s newest gun controls

A Venezuelan Gang Crosses Biden’s Open Border – The Tren de Aragua rose to power in Nicolas Maduro’s Anarchy-Tyranny, and now they’re in Florida

The Department of Homeland Security agencies issued more than 255,000 smartphones to illegal aliens during the fiscal year 2022. at an annual cost of $89.5 Million according to data on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement website

Arizona Republican Blake Masters Calls Out Democrat Mark Kelly’s Border “BS”: ‘He Deserves to Lose’ – Kelly’s words translate to “I’m not in the business of having any independence of mind, I’m a rubber stamp for Schumer and Biden”

Tulsi Gabbard’s October surprise: Bye-bye, Democrats! – She not only quit the Democrat party, she explicitly stated that she did so because the party has become so awful and anti-American that she can no longer remain

ZH: The Real Reasons Russia Invaded Ukraine – Multiple sources reported they had a deal worked out that Putin would leave Ukraine under the condition that Ukraine guaranteed autonomy for the Donbas region and never join NATO

ZH: Europe Lashes Out At The Fed For “Bringing Us To A World Recession” – “We have to follow the Fed because otherwise, our currency will be devalued – “These increased interest rates will bring us to a world recession”

ZH: Will Germany sink the EU? – Someone blew up Nord Stream The  German economy depended on this resource for nearly 60% of its industrial production, as $2 trillion of German value depended on $20 billion of Russian gas

ZH: About 70% of Europeans use NatGas to heat their homes – Some 40 million people now burn wood to heat their homes – The new demand for this heat source has doubled the price of wood pellets per ton to 600 euros in France

Republican state treasurers pull $1 billion from BlackRock over its anti-fossil fuel policies – They believe that the investment firm is placing its climate agenda above its responsibility to its shareholders

ZH: Global semiconductor stocks were hammered Tuesday in a worsening US-China tech war – Acceleration of the chip rout wiped out $240 billion from the sector’s global market value since Thursday, according to Bloomberg data

ZH: The IMF Urges Policy-Makers Not To “Pivot”- The IMF cut its forecast for global growth next year to 2.7%, from 2.9% seen in July and 3.8% in January, adding that it sees a 25% probability that growth will slow to less than 2%

PayPal Can’t Be Trusted and Shouldn’t Be Used – It’s already warned its customers that it’s contemplating outright theft of their property – In the long run, no company like that should survive

Dr. Oz’s Hail Mary: Get Black Voters to Turn on Fetterman – An ad from an outside group isn’t designed to get Black voters to give Oz a look, it’s just supposed to hurt Fetterman…… And it is

Among the provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act passed by the Democrats is an extra $80 billion for the IRS – This is the weaponization of the IRS and there is no doubt this manpower increase will be used to increase their harassment

SCOTUS rejected a petition on Tuesday over whether fetuses are entitled to constitutional rights – Alito wrote that the Supreme Court is not in a position to decide “if and when prenatal life is entitled to any of the rights enjoyed after birth”

Lancet Commission Report: 6 Reasons The COVID Response Was “A Massive Global Failure”

A Pfizer Director Admits To European Parliament the “Vaccines” Were Never Tested For Their Ability To Stop Covid-19 Transmission – The only shocking part of this video is Pfizer finally admitting to what we knew all along

The CDC has been performing abstractions on reports of post-vaccination myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation, submitted to VAERS, but the agency is saying that federal law prevents it from releasing the results

U.S. Big Pharma Partners With A Chinese University Tied To Military and Espionage Efforts – The school is the alma mater of regime leader Xi Jinping and hosts a “Marxist” journalism school

CAN WE HAVE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE COVID SHUTDOWNS? – From early in the covid epidemic, it’s obvious the shutdowns ordered by nearly all governors and many municipalities did little good and caused tremendous damage

October 10, 2022

J.D. Vance Silences His Doubters By Demolishing Tim Ryan During Debate – Throughout the night, on every issue, Vance had a counter to Ryan, showing that he came well-prepared

20 states have deployed military troops to the Southern border since Joe Biden took office – Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, and South Carolina

Trump Warns We’re Risking World War III: “Stupid People” Don’t Have a Clue – “We must demand the immediate negotiation of a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine, or we will end up in World War III”

Colorado officials claim they “accidentally” sent approximately 30,000 postcards last month to noncitizens instructing them how they could register to vote

The Lockdown queen in free-fall: Whitmer drops 30 points as Election Day nears – Republican governor candidate Tudor Dixon now just single digits behind

Veteran International Journalist: An energy crisis manufactured by the globalist agenda to rapidly transition from oil and natural gas to green energy will lead to famine and freezing across Europe – “We’re actually beyond the precipice at this point”

Biden’s pardon of federal pot possession cases is a smokescreen – Biden and his fellow Democrats face a dilemma, continue hammering the theme that law enforcement is racist or position themselves as guardians of law and order?

The PayPal Fiasco Was No Accident – Something as critical as the AUP would have to go through many layers of compliance bureaucracy – It’s likely the user protest and big selloff in PayPal stock made the crucial difference

The Evidence Was There Before FDA Approval – “If you take that vaccine, you’re [400%] more likely to die from a fatal cardiac arrest over the next six months than if you don’t” – When Pfizer went to the FDA to get their license, they failed one critical data point, all-cause mortality

A vaccinated Army pilot was reprimanded and denied promotion for questioning the Covid vax – “After a second Inspector General complaint he was exonerated and they are not removing those things,” which “will kill his career”

Waking Up The Sheep: A group exposes deadly hospital COVID protocols – Many families who have lost a loved one to COVID-19 blame hospital protocols rewarded by federal funding that ban certain treatments while promoting others

The effectiveness of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine remained above 50 percent after 150 days against BA.1, a subvariant of the Omicron virus variant, but against more recent strains, the effectiveness turned negative

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Why Is Fauci Continuing to Fund EcoHealth Alliance? – Numerous experts have called on Congress to issue a subpoena to investigate this risky gain-of-function research

Trump-backed Tshibaka projected to defeat 20-year incumbent Senator Murkowski, an election forecaster says –  Alaska Senator Murkowski has been under fire since voting in favor of the impeachment of former President Trump

ZH: Russia Launches Large-Scale Strikes On Some 20 Ukrainian Cities In Response To “Terrorist” Crimea Bridge Blast –At least 100 strikes were carried out, with many cruise missiles launched from Russian warships in the Black Sea

The Biden Administration’s Willful Ignorance About US Nuclear Capabilities – The issue is not whether Putin will use nukes, it’s how Biden will respond if he is urged to conduct a U.S. nuclear response to a Russian tactical strike

Stephen Moore, Senior Economist at FreedomWorks: 7 Ways America Is Being Destroyed – #7-Weaponize Government Agencies by Imprisoning or Punishing Your Political Enemies’

I&I/TIPP Poll: 64% Of Voters ‘Concerned’ Over Biden’s Mental Health – These worries aren’t partisan, with a majority of all political groups, including Democrats, now expressing concern

Two Minutes of Joe Biden Wandering Around Looking Lost – He does not seem to realize where he is and what is going on at any given moment and typically concludes his public appearances by wandering around looking lost

America’s energy chaos is Biden’s fault, so as we pay at the pump, will Democrats pay in the midterms? – Biden’s war on American energy has him begging foreign countries for oil instead of drilling in America

California Governor Newsom is calling for a Special Session to address “the greed of oil companies” due to high gas prices – If he were to suspend the states’ special blend requirements and allow gasoline to flow in from other states, prices would fall in California (and rise a bit elsewhere)

The Polls are Lying – Democrat media and their polling industry allies are driving the false narrative that Democrats will defy both history and their historically awful record and do fairly well in the midterms, particularly in Senate races

Herschel Walker is new to the political “October surprise,” but like past challenges he has faced, he is charging forward in his Senate race undaunted by recent media attacks

ZH: No Pivot? The Bank of England Says Rate Hikes Will Continue – Price inflation along with a slowdown in GDP is culminating in stagflation-type conditions in many countries

With ESG, Everyone is a Climate Activist – Under the thumb of the UN and WEF, the Biden administration and corporate boardrooms across America have thrown their lot behind the practice of stakeholder capitalism

The Media’s ‘Far-Right’ Obsession – Research shows the media is far more concerned about right-wing extremism than its left-wing counterpart

Star professor sacked from NYU after students complain of their poor grades for not measuring up – Students now have all the powers that leave educators with no choice but to appease the students to retain their employment

Young women increasingly identify as “liberal” – According to Gallup poll data, roughly 44% of women ages 18-29 identified as liberal in 2021, compared to only 25% of men

How the Enemy Plans Disasters – The more likely scenario is that the Plandemic originated from a globalist elite cabal comprised of the seemingly unlikely team of the Deep State, CCP, and globalists in organizations such as the WEF and Council for Inclusive Capitalism

Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn: The Pandemic Is Not Over And Excess Deaths Tell True Story – The vaccines ruin people’s immune systems and damage their blood, so people are dying from various ailments and diseases, including cardiac problems

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo: An 84% Increase In Cardiac-Related Deaths Occurred One Month After Receiving An mRNA COVID Vaccine

Covid-19 “vaccines” are injuring and killing far more people than the government is letting on – Using EUDRA and VAERS data as a base, as many as 20 million people have died so far from the shots and another 2.2 billion have suffered injuries

You know that reality cannot be denied when the New York Times runs a story about the near impossibility of California ever finishing its elusive high-speed or “bullet” train

California Senator Shannon Grove Schools Governor Newsom on the Democrats’ High Gas/Oil Costs – “Your policies have created this problem & the pain at the pump that is hurting every single California family”

Congenital syphilis rates soar across California as public health funding dwindles – The number of congenital syphilis cases has ballooned to rates not seen in two decades

California is a hotspot for catalytic converter theft – Will these four new laws make a difference?

October 9, 2022

The UN Human Rights Vote Reveals China’s Power and the West’s Decline – Reports show which countries fear China more than they respect the United States

Can the FBI’s Reputation Sink Any Lower? – Attention will be on Igor Danchenko this week, but he’s not the one who should be nervous – Comey and his HQ team worked overtime to mislead the public through sustained and deceptive leaks

Democrats Are Afraid to Debate GOP Opponents – Some are simply refusing to defend their records in any public forum

Lifelong Democrat and Former Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia Endorses Oz Over Fetterman, Cites Safety of His City – “Our city has become increasingly dangerous and Fetterman’s policies on crime will make things much worse”

Victor Davis Hanson: Ukraine and the Malevolent Legacy of the Obama-Biden Administration – The United States is shackled by a near decade of Russian reset and the aggression it invited on February 23, 2022

After the report of PayPal’s new terms allowing the company to fine users $2,500 if they deem them guilty of spreading “misinformation,” the company has now walked back the new policy and even claimed it was announced “in error”

Kaiser Permanente finds that triple-vaccinated are more likely to get COVID than unvaccinated – They are not only more likely to be infected with COVID-19, they are more likely to suffer severe illness and die from the disease

Senator Hassan Backs Out Of The New Hampshire Debate With Her Republican Challenger – Senator Hassan will only participate if it is “a stand-alone forum, not a debate”

5-years after the term “Steele dossier” entered the political lexicon, think tank analyst, Igor Danchenko, who contributed to research about Donald Trump and Russia will go on trial Tuesday for lying to the FBI about his sources of information

Those who f—ked with Joe Biden – “Beware of imbeciles who are unaware of their imbecility”

David Weiss, the US attorney who holds Hunter Biden’s fate in his hands – The FBI believes it has collected enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with crimes related to tax fraud and lying about his drug use

Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake was removed from the audience at a town hall before her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs took the stage, as Hobbs continues her refusal to debate Lake

The National Guard lost about 7,500 members over the past year and could lose even more due to potential future discharges of up to 14,000 soldiers amid the U.S. military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, according to reports

The  LA Times published an unusually candid analysis – California’s policymakers, given ample warnings about the state’s vulnerability to high gas prices, have failed to do anything to address the basic problems that cause them

Are The “Good Americans” To Join Their Russian and German Counterparts in Infamy? – Today’s Democrat party garners almost half the votes in any given national election, yet the Radical Leftists of their party make up no more than perhaps 10% of professed Democrats

Thirteen judges say ‘no’ to Yale law graduates – The storied and prestigious school, possibly the most prestigious in the country, has become a haven for woke intolerance of the most infantile sort

ZH: Here’s Where US Nuclear Bombs Are Stored In Europe – The bases in question are Kleine Brogel in Belgium, Büchel in Germany, Aviano and Ghedi in Italy, Volkel in the Netherlands, and Incirlik in Turkey

Is it time to ditch PayPal? – They just announced an updated Acceptable Use Policy that says, if you advance “misinformation” or present a risk to a user’s “wellbeing,” they can take $2,500 from your account

Joe Biden hands Mexico’s human-smuggling cartels a $13 billion “bonus” –  Have you ever wondered who gets rich from Joe Biden’s policy of open borders?

What the heck is wrong with Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot? – Major companies and well-to-do taxpayers are fleeing the city due to the crime there

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The War on Ivermectin – The outcome could have been much different – and many lives saved – if Big Pharma hadn’t been so successful at suppressing this generic pharmaceutical that was found to work against COVID-19

October 8, 2022

The West is on the road to energy ruin Green policies have crippled Europe – If we don’t change our ways, they will do the same to America

What Lurks Below The Surface All Around The World Is A Reason For Concern – As bubble assets deflate, prices of goods and services may have started an inflationary cycle of a magnitude that the world has never experienced before

The White House is spending $265K on staff to deflect a Hunter Biden probe – Should the GOP regain control of the House their primary directive will be to run comms and defense for the administration from an approaching blizzard of subpoenas

All Of President Biden’s Disconnects – The best that can be said about him is that he’s consistently wrong

Florida Is Not Purple — Regardless of the Dems’ Wishful Thinking – GOP candidates solid in the Sunshine State

A Watchdog files lawsuits over voter registration duplicates, found millions lacking required ID – One voter with duplicate registrations, “is in a mental hospital, is a convicted child sex offender” and somehow managed to cast two ballots

FLORIDA: COVID VACCINES ARE DANGEROUS TO YOUNG MEN – Analysis found that there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination

First the Pandemic, Then the Purge – A Coast Guard technician is about to lose his job because he won’t get the jab

JD Rucker: China Stockpiled PPE Months BEFORE The Covid Release – Many have suspected that China and possibly others released Covid-19 intentionally and knew what would happen long before 12/2019, Now, We Have Evidence

State Supreme Court Rules Two Major Voting Methods Are Unconstitutional – Delaware’s Supreme Court ruled on Friday that new state laws allowing universal voting by mail and Election Day registration are unconstitutional.

ZH: Your Next Pain Will Be Soaring Electricity Costs As Energy Crisis Comes To America – The impact of higher natural gas prices, by extension, means higher power prices

ZH: These Are The World’s Most-Surveilled Cities – Los Angeles Made The List At #10

ZH: US-bound travelers who have been to Uganda within the previous 21 days will be redirected to five major American airports to screen for Ebola after the CDC issued an alert to healthcare workers to raise awareness about the outbreak

Gender Dysphoria Diagnoses for Children Soared 70% in 2021 – Was this the result of the Obama administration pushing insurance providers to cover transgender-related medical procedures earlier?

Ukraine knocked out a critical bridge connecting Crimea to Russia’s mainland – Ukrainian officials celebrated the destruction of the bridge, signaling that more attacks may be looming

Gas prices rising again and Biden’s accountability and credibility are falling again – While gas prices falling it was great and all due to Biden – Now that prices are rising again by as much as 60/ gallon in some areas last week alone, he will not take the blame

Drill, Baby, Drill –The only surprising thing about the production cuts announced by OPEC+ (a grouping consisting of OPEC and fellow travelers including, critically, Russia) is that they had not been agreed to before now

How Liberals Respond When You Try to Debate Them – It is called the Pavlovian Liberal Didactic – If pressed further after giving several PLD responses, they will respond by calling the conservative a racist, misogynist, xenophobe, transphobe…

If ordinary taxpayers fail to file returns, congressional Democrats hire 87,000 new IRS agents to punish them. Yet if the IRS destroys 30 million “tax information” returns without even processing them, they block attempts to demand an explanation

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Why Doctors Are Lying to You About The Covid Vaccines – Doctors are afraid to speak out about COVID treatment and the dangers of the COVID shots because they can lose their ability to practice medicine if they challenge the mainstream narrative

About Those Electric Car Mandates

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: PUERTO RICAN EDITION – President Biden traveled to Puerto Rico, where his tutorials in street smarts from Corn Pop came in handy

October 7, 2022

POSOBIEC: “The Biden administration made a secret deal with OPEC when they first started emptying our strategic oil reserve – OPEC reneged because it made no sense – Biden gave away all of his leverage when he cut US oil production

New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams wants $1 billion from other Americans to subsidize the city’s economic strategy of importing penniless immigrants for use by New York’s business leaders

Gatestone Institute: China is doubling down on its efforts to influence state and local government leaders in the US by exploiting the existing web of regional and local US-China relations, according to the U.S. NCSC

ZH: Several robotics companies, including Boston Dynamics, pledge not to weaponize their robots, but Chinese firms could care less and have created a scary drone that carries a robot war dog equipped with a machine gun

Ukrainian Refugees Tell Their Stories – Interviews in Kraków offer a collective portrait of their experience

A Capitol Police Officer Told Agents That Oath Keepers Shielded Him, Sealed FBI Record Shows – An FBI document kept from the public under court seal undermines the government’s seditious-conspiracy case against the Oath Keepers

Alaska’s Ranked-Choice Voting Was a Fiasco, So Nevada Should Take Note. – It forces voters to strategize like game theorists

The Post-Pandemic Proves the Left Is a Monster – Its ideology is crazed, deformed, and incongruous – The pandemic allowed us to see the true face of governments and showed they are incompetent and unable to react promptly 

ZH: Gallup conducts an annual poll to find out which high-profile federal agencies and departments have the highest favorability scores with the U.S. public – In the latest installment, only four out of the 10 agencies included were rated positively by at least 50 percent of respondents

Jeffrey Epstein Victims Put Bill Clinton On Notice, Saying Ghislaine Maxwell Has Until June 2023 To Cooperate And Reduce Her Sentence

The suspect accused of killing two people and injuring six others during a stabbing rampage on the Las Vegas Strip is a Guatemalan national who entered the US illegally – He has a criminal record in CA but is unknown to border officials

A Wisconsin judge is prohibiting voters from canceling their original absentee ballot and casting a new one- in practice known as ballot spoiling. According to a Republican election, an ‘integrity group’ it is illegal to correct a ballot

California Governor Gavin Newsom called a special legislative session on rebates to offset high gas prices funded by a windfall profits tax on oil companies. The session will be on Dec. 5, timed with the swearing-in of the new Legislature

ZH: Is Democracy In Decline? – One way to approach this question is to look at the evolution of both democratic societies and autocratic regimes around the world

The Lockdown Effect – Record numbers of children are being hospitalized with colds after their immunity was weakened by social distancing and masks, a CDC report reveals

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The FDA And CDC Urge All Adults to Get 5th COVID Shot Despite No Safety or Efficacy Data – The emergency authorizations for the boosters are based on preliminary test results from only eight mice, and that data hasn’t even been made public

A recent peer-reviewed study using a Dark-Field microscope shows blood samples develop abnormalities after people are vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna Covid vaccines – Researchers report “strange phenomena in the blood

TICKING TIME BOMB: A Swedish study presents evidence that the mRNA COVID “vaccines” progressively increase hospitalization and death risk over time

Steve Kirsch: Florida study shows mRNA COVID vaccines kill kids  – Their analysis found an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination

Steve Kirsch: Australia has solved the vaccine hesitancy problem by offering a free funeral gift card with your vaccine if you die from the vaccine, so now, you have no reason to say No right, but your next of kin still has to apply

Outrage Erupts After Police In New York Reveal The Suspect In A Woman’s Murder Had Just Been Released From Jail Despite Facing 5 Serious Charges

The FBI team that was in communication with Facebook before the social media company censored the original Hunter Biden laptop story has been identified, according to a new court filing

Democrats have set up a network of quasi-local fake news websites to spread pro-Democrat messages in swing states – The network encompasses at least 51 local news outlets across 10 swing states…,

Well-Off Young Professionals Are Fleeing CA and NY, With Many Heading to the Red States – More conservative states, with fewer taxes, lower crime, higher quality of life, and lower businesses expenses are winning out over blue states

A federal judge in Texas struck down federal guidance exempting LGBT employees from workplace policies on bathroom use, dress codes, locker rooms, and pronoun usage

ZH: Zelensky’s Call For NATO “Preemptive Strikes” On Russia Is An Attempt To Spark WW3 According To The Kremlin

THE BIDEN COVERUP – It’s not the Hunter Biden case, it’s the Joe Biden case and the rest is the saga of a corrupt and degraded reprobate – Reading between the lines, one can only see the coverup of the Biden family corruption at work

Former AG Jeff Sessions: ‘A Larger Number of Criminals’ Are Crossing the Border – In poor countries, they don’t keep people in jail for 30, 40 years, they’re glad to help them get out of their country

Kanye Accuses The Kushner Brothers of Sabotaging Trump – “After talking to them, and finding out other pieces of information, I was like wow, these guys might have been holding Trump back”

The World Economic Forum Biometric ‘Digital Identity Project’ Given $106M Boost by Trudeau’s Canadian Government – The WEF is a formal partner of the Canadian government for its Known Traveler Digital Identity Project

Plot Twist: Elon Musk Says Twitter Is Now Refusing to Accept His Offer to Buy Company – New legal filings suggest that, despite publicly accepting Musk’s offer, Twitter is refusing to move forward with the deal behind the scenes

Sharyl Attkisson: According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 62% of likely U.S. voters believe violent crime is getting worse and expect the issue to be important in next month’s midterm elections

The U.S. economy added 263,000 new jobs in September, down from an upwardly revised print of 537,000 in August, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The market had forecast 250,000 new jobs last month

CA Governor Gavin Newsom, OR Governor Kate Brown, WA Governor Jay Inslee, and BC Premier John Horgan Sign A Climate Agreement….To ‘Dominate – “This is not about electric power, it’s about economic power”

Californians have the highest gas prices in the entire nation thanks to the state’s “windfall gas tax profits” – California’s average price per gallon of gas is $6.392, so Californians are paying a $2.55 premium on gas in many locations

ZH: As Biden Welcomes Venezuela Oil, He Prepares To Block All US Offshore Drilling – Fox Business reports that the Biden administration is nearing a decision on the future of federal offshore fossil fuel drilling and hasn’t ruled out a complete block on new leases

Howard Galganov: Poland Went Hard Right, As Hungary, England, Sweden and to Some Extent France And Now it Looks like Israel’s Netanyahu will be Back in Power – So After 2-Years Of Biden You Don’t Think America’s Going To The Right?

Four Californian Water Agencies Offer Federal Government Massive Colorado River Water Cuts – They are offering to conserve 130 billion gallons, of water annually from Lake Mead for the next four years

ZH: Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams has declared a state of emergency after the ‘sanctuary city’ was unprepared to provide sanctuary to migrants arriving from Texas and elsewhere

ZH: “Quiet Quitting” Isn’t Just About Jobs; It’s About A Crumbling Economy – The movement away from putting career first and sacrificing to get ahead financially is global

A GOP Candidate Is Getting 24% of The Democrat Vote And Is Set to Win A Seat Held by Democrats since 1992 – Allan Fung is running for Rhode Island’s seat in Congress that’s being vacated by Democrat Rep. Jim Langevin

Why do union workers vote against their self-interest – Unions, as with many other disparate, “intersectional” groups, have for years been a consistent voting bloc for the Democrat party but are they better off due to Democratic policies?

Mattias Desmet On Mass Formation Psychosis –  There was silence in the press when my book The Psychology of Totalitarianism was translated into ten languages and there is the tragicomic attempt to burn me at the stake

Your Streaming Services Have a New Way to Keep You Loyal – They’re Teaming Up In a crowded marketplace, Amazon, HBO Max, and other streamers explore discounted packages and bundling partnerships with rivals

Hurricane Ian reveals another problem with electric vehicles – A top Florida state official warned Thursday that firefighters have battled several fires caused by electric vehicle (EV) batteries waterlogged from Hurricane Ian

Steve Kirsch: Kaiser Permanente admits that the COVID vaccines make you more likely to be infected after 150 days  – So you’ll likely need a shot every six months for the rest of your life or you’ll be more at risk than the unvaccinated

October 6, 2022

Intercept Report: US Special Operations Forces are on the Ground in Ukraine – The presence is part of a broad clandestine operation that includes the CIA

A leading eco-modernist disputes the widespread claim that renewables are a cheap and clean energy source, arguing it’s the complete opposite – Renewable energy production, when deployed at scale, is more expensive

Republicans Should Slowly Back Away From Ukraine – Following John Bolton toward nuclear armageddon seems like … a bad idea

At a fundraiser for the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, Joe Biden spoke of nuclear “Armageddon” in a warning about an escalation in Russia’s war in Ukraine

If Chris Wray is the chief of the enforcement arm of the Democrat Party, once known as the FBI, then Steven D’Antuono is his hatchet man – It’s no coincidence that his name appears prominently in the most brazen anti-Trump stunts conducted by the FBI in the past two years

Are Democrats Allowed to Replace Biden With a White Guy? – California’s governor is a leading contender for 2024, but there’s a problem, he has XY chromosomes, is of European ancestry, and is attracted to women

Joe Biden’s anti-drilling policies have cut oil supplies as much as the decision Wednesday by OPEC+ to slash two million barrels of oil production, an analysis by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity shows

Joe Biden’s quiet admission that the full cost of his student debt cancellation scheme will be included in the 2022 fiscal year budget and that it will be financed entirely by debt is a reckless budgetary gimmick and a “grave error”

Trump’s CNN Lawsuit Shows Freedom of The Press Does Not Include The Right to Libel – It’s an opportunity for the Supreme Court to right wrongs that enable our shameless Fourth Estate

Biden’s new State Department special representative for subnational diplomacy, who has urged Americans to “embrace China,” has worked with two prominent Chinese Communist Party front groups regarded as CCP influence organs 

Illinois police reform act will eliminate cash bail and make the streets less safe – State’s Attorney Kim Foxx could use Illinois police reform as another way of putting criminals first when the Orwellian-named “SAFE-T Act” goes into effect

The Twitter v. Musk trial has been paused to let Musk close the deal – It will be “stayed until 5 p.m. on October 28, 2022, to permit the parties to close on the transaction”

665 FBI employees left the agency after misconduct investigations: whistleblower disclosure – The allegations and records paint a disgraceful picture of abuse that women within the FBI have had to live with for many years

Jennifer Margulis examines the likely motivations of those who lied to the public about the COVID vaccines – A fish can’t see the water it swims in – They have too much skin in the game  – Their oversized egos won’t let them stop lying

Americans Injured by the COVID-19 Vaccines Have to Prove Causation to Receive Compensation – Without the development of a vaccine injury table by the HRSA, the burden of proof lies with the petitioner and not the government

Biden accuses Russia of siding with OPEC and turns to Venezuela for oil – The New York Times: This move by oil producers exposes the failure of Biden’s “Fist-bump diplomacy”

Republicans targeted Joe Biden following reports he is considering providing significant sanctions relief to Venezuela’s government to allow Chevron to resume pumping oil there, clearing the resumption of crude exports to the West

Don’t Buy the Narrative on Ukraine – The West’s party line about a struggling Russia and a resilient Ukraine overlooks several hard realities

As Nuclear War Looms: Does Russia Have a Right to its Own Monroe Doctrine? – It Isn’t a good idea to essentially tell a man who controls 6,200 nuclear weapons, and who our pseudo-elites may label  as“crazy,” you want to kill him

What caused Russia’s war in Ukraine? – NATO, Ukraine, and Borders – Putin wants to restore what he calls the “Russian world,” and, as he has approached the age of 70, he has been thinking about his legacy

LOL: Elon Musk Claps Back At RINO Senator Graham In a Pointed Tweet – After Graham publicly sparred with the soon-to-be CEO of the social media behemoth, it opened the door for Musk to step in and state his position plainly and firmly

Suddenly, Democrats aren’t concerned about the 25th Amendment – During Donald Trump’s time at the White House, Democrats claimed he was unstable and a threat to national security and wanted to use it

It Begins: “Project Icebreaker” Is the One-World Currency Test-Run of CBDCs in 3 Western Nations – They are the pathway for the Globalist Elite Cabal to achieve their coveted one-world currency that is controlled by the powers-that-be

If Democrats can hold on to slim leads in AZ, GA, and PA in November, they will barely maintain their 50-50 control of the Senate, due to Kamala’s51st vote – Looking to 2024, the odds of the Democrats keeping the Senate look even slimmer

The Feds reportedly have “sufficient evidence” to charge Hunter Biden with tax crimes and making false statements regarding a gun purchase –  Whether he will ultimately be charged is up to Trump-appointed US Attorney David Weiss

Hurricane Ian and the Ukrainian money pit expose the depths of anti-American sentiment on the left – Although this likely isn’t ground-breaking news to any Constitutional conservative, these recent events highlight how deep the hatred runs

Biden Claims Hurricane Ian Proves Climate Change, Despite Hurricane Expert’s Dismissal – The Biden administration’s top hurricane expert, however, has rebuked such claims due to a lack of evidence

Isn’t it strange that some of our smartest people are socialists? – This is more than odd because whenever socialism has been tried, it has been a dismal failure, not only economically, but also in terms of the number of innocent people killed

Covid Emergency Rule Is Killing Small Businesses – While most governors have taken steps to let their emergency powers expire, over a dozen states still live under COVID-19 disaster declarations

The family of a 20-year-old nursing student who died suddenly last week is blaming COVID-19 vaccination mandates for the loss of their loved one

The Collectivist War on the Independent Middle Class – There are two middle classes in America: the servile middle class and the independent middle class – The politicization of the servile middle class has become apparent for all to see…

Tucker Carlson: ” The Only Pipeline Attack Explanation Allowed Is The One The Biden Regime Wants You To Believe” –  “You’re required to believe that Putin took out Russia-owned infrastructure, so you must!”

ZH: The Biden administration is buying up $290 million in anti-radiation drugs for use in “nuclear emergencies” amid escalating tensions with Russia and heightened threats of a nuclear war

Biden’s Shortsighted Energy Policy Reaps Wretched Dividends – Did OPEC+ aim to weaken President Biden before the midterms?

ZH: Economic War Breaks Out As “OPEC+ Takes On The Entire West” – OPEC saw right through the Biden admin’s idiotic idea that it will somehow fund OPEC capital spending if only OPEC ignores its own best interest and helps Democrats

Under Bidenomics, A ‘Soft Landing’ For Economy Is No Longer Possible – Economist Larry Summers, who advised Presidents Clinton and Obama, said a soft landing is “really quite unlikely” – Most economists of our acquaintance agree

7 Fundamentals Before the Coming Midterm Elections – When in doubt, stick to these fundamentals for balance and clarity

The CCP Runs a Police Outpost in NYC as Part of their Global Network of Transnational Repression

ZH: Initial Jobless Claims Suddenly Jumped Last Week – Last week saw claims increase from a revised lower 190k to 219k, which up-ticked the 4-week average for the first time in 8 weeks

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals overruled former President Barack Obama, affirming a lower court decision declaring the DACA program unlawful – The court did allow the program to remain in place for existing DACA recipients

California Will Transition Kids by Force – Progressives use the state to push transgenderism and will separate fathers from sons and mothers from daughters in the name of transgender ideology – Will conservatives respond?

Amid mounting questions over an FBI warning that prompted FB to suppress a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, the federal agency now faces a lawsuit seeking to compel it to publicize conversations it had with the social media giant

FBI Agents Accuse President Biden of Pressuring The FBI to Fabricate “Extremist” and “White Supremacist” Cases

Armed and Beltway-ish: More Federal Bureaucrats Are Authorized to Pack Heat – 200,000+ federal employees have been granted authority to carry guns and make arrests, more than the 186,000 Americans serving in the U.S. Marine Corps

WHAT OUR GOVERNMENTS ARE DOING TO US IS CRIMINAL – More Than Term Limits . . . Mandate Responsible Voting

The Coming Anti-Americanism – Europeans are facing economic collapse due to the energy crisis — and many are not primarily blaming Russia

The Never-Ending Persecution Of Jack Phillips – He only refuses to create specialty items from scratch that feature any message that conflicts with his religious beliefs, but will sell other items to anyone entering his Masterpiece Cakeshop

There’s no doubt that electric and self-driving vehicles are the future – However, it’s possible that politicians and policymakers are moving too fast and, in doing so, they may be putting the public in danger

WSJ: Joe Biden Is Pardoning People Convicted of Simple Marijuana Possession – Opinion polls have found this move popular among a majority of Americans, during the final weeks of close campaigns for the House and Senate

October 5, 2022

The America First Legal public interest law firm announced they filed a lawsuit against the FBI over its alleged collusion with Big Tech to suppress information about Hunter Biden’s business dealings contained on his “laptop from hell”

Two doctors have filed a federal lawsuit against the Medical Board of California and the state Attorney General over a freshly signed law that aims to punish physicians for spreading supposed Covid-19 “misinformation” or “disinformation”

Iranian Schoolgirls Tear Off Their Hijabs And Raise Their Middle Finger To The Ayatollah – Protests in Iran grew larger and louder this week, despite regime efforts to dismiss the movement as a Western propaganda effort or crush it with force

Don’t Close the Doors to Russia’s Refuseniks – Europe is concerned about absorbing more immigrants, but trying to stop the exodus will only help Putin and hurt the West

The U.S. Secret Service insisted that no records exist of who President Biden has met with at his Delaware residences during his presidency – The New York Post requested the information as part of the FOIA but had its appeal denied

Justice Clarence Thomas has given the Biden administration until early next week to respond to a legal filing from Donald Trump asking that a special master be allowed to review dozens of documents seized in the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago

Ex-Hunter business partner Tony Bobulinski takes on the Biden machine – Biden’s “No one f–ks with a Biden” statement can be read both as a message to embolden the loyal and a threat to potential whistleblowers and other traitors

The Question That Terrifies Democrats Again – Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Two Years Ago? – Rents Are Up, Wealth Is Tanking, And Savings Are Depleting

Victor Davis Hanson: An Epidemic of Cognitive Impairment? – Why is the supposed party of youth dominated by such frail and forgetful elderly people?

Sharyl Attkisson: Reflecting on Midterm Issues with Dr. Ben Carson as he gives  reflects on midterm issues and the possibility of a second Trump term

The Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy Survey, Released Yesterday, Shows DeSantis With a Double-Digit Lead Over Former Democrat Representative Charlie Crist, as Ballots Start Going Out

Biden to continue depleting US oil reserves as OPEC slashes production – Biden said that more oil would be released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve “as appropriate to protect American consumers and promote energy security”

SCOTUS vacates controversial Massachusetts gun control law – The law places strict restrictions on the ability to purchase and possess handguns, including the need for a license to purchase or possess a pistol

Oregon voters could make political history next month in the race for governor – The Emerson College poll released Tuesday found Republican Christine Drazan leading Democrat Tina Kotek 36 percent to 34 percent

Adults Today Care Too Much What Young People Think – Desperate not to be put in the “old” category, grown-ups are unwilling to impart wisdom or exert badly needed parental authority

Joe Biden’s Big Lie About Contraceptive and Abortion “Access” – He outrageously equates it with taxpayer financing of “reproductive health care”

Global Warming to Alternative Energy Sources Is One Big Scam – Harris: The 1.2-degree temperature rise and change in CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide levels worldwide since 1880 are minor and do not represent a threat to the planet

Peer-Reviewed Study: 94 Percent of Vaccinated Patients With Subsequent Health Issues Have Abnormal Blood – The study was published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research this past August

Steve Kirsch: Why did the CDC hide the v-safe data from the American people for almost 2 years? – Because it clearly shows that these vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines we’ve ever created, that’s why

Major paper: Scientists doubt Pfizer’s claims about vaccines – Die Welt reports the scientists are demanding an independent review of the studies that led to the approval of the BioNtech/Pfizer and Moderna shots

3 New Studies Add to Mounting Evidence That COVID Vaccines May Not Be Worth the Risk – One about thyroid eye disease and one about encephalitis highlighted negative health outcomes and a third study suggested the COVID-19 vaccine provided only 15% protection against the risk of “long COVID.”

Steve Kirsch: A new study shows a simple nasal wash reduces the risk of being hospitalized for COVID by >8X – Which indicates that the entire response to the pandemic was unnecessary and harmful

Elon Musk Is Right, The Russia-Ukraine War Needs To End – Musk understands what many commentators don’t: The war will end in a negotiated settlement or it will escalate, possibly into nuclear war

WSJ: The WTO Sees A Sharp Slowdown in Global Trade, Pointing to Possible Recession and Lower Inflation – Slowing demand in the West and the travails of the Chinese economy are weighing on imports and exports of goods

The final take on the disastrous Mar-a-Lago raid and its noxious aftermath – the latest in a series of “killing blows” aimed at Donald Trump and the movement he created — is that Trump must run once again for president and must win

In a stunning interview with Tucker Carlson last night, Tony Bobulinski explained how the FBI fixed the 2020 election by hiding information on Biden family corruption from the public

The mainstream media worries as Elon Musk closes his deal to buy Twitter: “Be afraid, be afraid” – NBC News reporter Ben Collins suggested the purchase could affect the 2022 midterm elections

Voters anxious over pocketbook issues are also growing jittery about violent crime, and the FBI confirmed some of their greatest fears today by showing a jump in murders and car thefts

Can Republicans Ever Fight Big Tech? – These new bills didn’t save the world or anything; the bills the House just passed are small, procedural, and bureaucratic. Nevertheless, they are very important

Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News recently that conservative victories in Brazil, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, and more are proof that the “Great Movement” he leads is spreading worldwide

Donald Trump is suing CNN for defamation and demanding $475 million in damages – His lawsuit has nothing to do with the law. Instead, it helps Trump mobilize his supporters as he looks toward a 2024 presidential run

ZH: The WH Panics As Gasoline Prices Rebound, Mulls Export Ban, Blasts OPEC+ “Hostile Acts” – OPEC+ could be on the verge of one of the largest production cuts in 2 years, a move WH officials would undoubtedly have a “panic attack”

Senator Marsha Blackburn: Because of the Biden administration’s energy policies, and the large American debt that is held by OPEC member nations, the US has “no leverage” with the organization to urge it to avoid cutting production

The OPEC+ alliance of crude-producing countries has agreed on deep cuts to oil output, providing a likely floor to falling prices and delivering a blow to President Biden’s pleas for the cartel to boost production to help quell soaring inflation

US Refiners Urge Biden Not to Impose Gasoline Export Ban but Instead Focus on Boosting Domestic Energy Production

Convention of States and the Trafalgar Group Poll: Most Voters Oppose Efforts to Ban Gas-Powered Vehicles – Over 40% of the poll’s respondents said that “increasing domestic oil and gas production” is the best solution

After These Revelations, Who Will Defend Big Tech Now? – The Foundation for Freedom Online found that the focus on attacking domestic speech accelerated in the run-up to the 2020 elections…

SCOTUS Orders Lower Court to Reconsider Gun Control Law in Massachusetts – “The constitutional right to bear arms in public for self-defense is not a second-class right,’ subject to an entirely different body of rules than the other Bill of Rights guarantees,” said Justice Clarence Thomas in the majority opinion.

Globe Exclusive: Interview with Lanhee Chen, Candidate for State Controller – “The last thing we need as California’s fiscal watchdog is someone who extolled the virtues of socialism”

ZH: Now That Twitter Belongs To Elon, Here Is What He Will Do To The Platform In His Own Words – “Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app”

Chris Cuomo drew dismal ratings in his new prime-time show’s debut  – After returning to prime-time cable news Monday night as the host of NewsNation with only 147,000 total viewers, according to cable news ratings

This Is FAR Outside Of Medical Norms: Until You Can Prove Safety, You CANNOT Justify Vaccine Mandates – Steve Kirsch: “I did a calculation … So you killed 150,000 to maybe save 10,000 lives”

COVID Mandates Are Being Lifted But Still Continue, So End The “National Emergency” – Many companies are dropping mandates involving COVID inoculations as the fight for bodily autonomy persists elsewhere, including the armed forces

October 4, 2022

Unsettling Research Links COVID Vaccine to Parkinson’s – Studies paint a concerning chain of evidence suggesting COVID vaccine-produced spike proteins can affect brain health and Pfizer knew, here is their document

American Board of Pain Medicine: There Is A Sharp Rise in Marijuana-Related Psychosis – Cannabis products are produced to have extremely high percentages of THC

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said during a Tuesday morning news conference that three of the four people arrested on charges of looting were illegally residing in the United States

Why Elon Musk is right! – Don’t kill the messenger, but listen: America’s approach to this tragic war in Ukraine requires an urgent if not creative adjustment because Putin is not following the script the U.S. has written for him in Ukraine

Germany’s divisive “double ka-boom” on energy – Scale and timing of Berlin’s support package risks undermining EU unity

Why The U.S. Will Not Ban LNG Exports – An analysis found that curbs on exports would fracture U.S. relations with its key ally, the European Union

Meet John Fetterman: America’s Weirdest Senate Candidate Ever – Fetterman is plainly and undeniably the weirdest major party nominee to the U.S. Senate that America has ever seen

Hospital Workers Speak Out About COVID Protocols From Coast to Coast – CDC and NIH protocols were given to upper hospital administration that then handed them down to clinicians, so if nurses or doctors stepped outside the protocols, they would no longer be shielded from liability under the PREP Act

The Right Response to Mandates, Propaganda and Censorship – Dr. Meryl Nass shares astonishing figures on the blatant PCR testing and case count frauds that occurred during the pandemic

Donald Trump said Monday that the greatest threat facing the U.S. right now is nuclear war – He commented during an interview with radio host Joe Pagliarulo, who subsequently shared a video of the exchange on Rumble

A New Video Confirms That Democrats Invented Election Denial – Matt Orfalea gives a devastating indictment of the Left’s rampant, widespread, and profound refusal to accept Trump’s presidency

Why Is Putin’s Army Inept? – For 50 years Western powers have been developing superior weapons while the Russians have been copying filched weapons that, by the time they are brought back to Russia, are likely already dated

WSH: Donald Trump Asks The Supreme Court to Intervene in The Mar-a-Lago Documents Fight – The Former president’s lawyers ask the court to expand the role of the court-appointed special master

A Republican Congressional Candidate Flips the Script on The Debate Moderator When Asked, “Is Joe Biden President?”

The US national debt surpassed $31 trillion for the first time in history due to Biden administration spending, according to Treasury Department – After passing the $30 trillion mark just nine months ago in late January

Ex-Hunter Biden business partner: The FBI “altered history” in the handling of the laptop before the 2020 election – Tony Bobulinski suggested a net 21,500 voters in 3 states could have flipped the election to Trump in the absence of Hunter’s story suppression

Tucker Carlson cites Blinken’s “admission” of responsibility for Nord Stream destruction – Carlson already had speculated  it was the Biden administration was responsible for putting Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines out of commission

Fetterman cast the lone vote in a failed bid to free a man convicted in the first-degree murder of a high schooler – Fetterman’s effort to commute Alexis Rodriguez’s life sentence failed in December 2021

The Truth About Communism: What Every Person Needs to Know – Communism Promises a Utopia, but Delivers a Nightmare! – Do some of these things sound familiar in the world we are living in today?

The Globalist Climate Agenda is a Crime Against Humanity – It is more than a misguided but well-intentioned mistake. It is a brazen lie, promulgated by some of the most dangerous people who have ever lived

Criminal Neglect – Newly released numbers from the National Crime Victimization Survey confirm that violent crime in urban areas is rising dramatically

The Second Amendment Puts Safety First – People kill people, guns do not – Gun ownership by good people deters crime

Several Postal Workers Arrested In Connection To $1.3 Million Fraud And Identity Theft Scheme – Investigations into the USPS and its employees, practices, and possible corruption has been ongoing since 2020

Biden’s Education Secretary: “Students Need Access To Abortions To Thrive In School And In Life”

Two doctors call for an investigation into the Federation of State Medical Boards’ funding and whether ties to Big Pharma are behind their attacks on physicians who question the government’s COVID-19 narrative

The U.S. Air Force Academy fired instructor Sandra Miarecki, Ph.D., for “undermining the chain of command” during the academy’s implementation of what she and others believe was, and still is, an illegal COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Steve Kirsch: 12 reasons why universities need to drop their COVID mandates now – Many universities are still mandating that students get vaccinated and boosted. The scientific evidence is crystal clear on boosters: they are unethical

The CDC Forced to Reveal They Had 71 MILLION Symptoms Reported to Them Following Covid Jabs – It’s now crystal clear why the CDC fought with every ounce of legal clout they have to keep their V-Safe data secret

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has sent a warning to the United States of “possible nuclear war” if Ukraine is allowed to join North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

From Superpower to Paper Tiger: Part Two – This is a recipe for losing the next big war

Glenn Greenwald: No One Talks About Ending Ukraine War For Fear Of Being Labelled A “Traitor” – It’s a “dangerous delusion” to dismiss Putin’s nuclear threat

President Donald Trump is considering Sarah Huckabee Sanders to be his running mate for his 2024 election run, according to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who has a long relationship with Trump

A Bombshell Dominion “Error Code” Was Uncovered in 97% of Georgia Counties – Open records requests reveal 64 of 66 Georgia counties have the same unsolved “Tennessee Error” that caused seven scanners to miscount hundreds of ballots

Donald Trump: Joe Biden Is “Jailing Political Opponents Just Like the Soviet Union and Now Russia” – The former president slams the criminalization of his party by the Biden Administration

Real Clear Politics Poll: Biden Approval on The Issues Of The Economy, Foreign Policy, Inflation, Crime, Immigration, Ukraine, and the Direction of the Country

ZH: The UN Demands All Central Banks Stop Rate Hikes And Switch To Price Controls Instead

The Progressives’ 100 years of war on the Constitution would have been futile without SCOTUS’ complicity, by justices who abandon their oaths to support and defend the Constitution and, instead, reimagine it as a living document

The Ghouls Descend On Florida Only to Be Disappointed – Democrat operatives disguised as journalists blame Ron DeSantis for a hurricane

Democrats: Importing racism, sexism, and terrorism – Anyone questioning the goodness of migrants is silenced as a racist, so many don’t know the migrants themselves are a continuous source of racists, sexists, and terrorists

Democrats spit on family values –It should be abundantly clear to all Americans by now that the Democrat party’s agenda is to destroy the nuclear family by any means necessary

The Climate Crisis Of 536 AD – The left’s global warming obsession is largely based on U.N. predictions assigning unrealistic increases in global temperatures and sea level due to increasing levels of CO2 in our atmosphere

California ‘Inflation Relief’ Checks Will Go Out Later This Week – According to the agreed-upon package, those making up to $75,000 a year, or joint filers who make up to $150,000, will get $350 each

ZH: Twitter Stock Soars After Musk Reportedly Willing To Consummate Deal At Original Price – The original offer price of $54.20 a share, valued the company at $44 billion

Please Don’t Ask My Pronoun – Pronoun mania has taken over the country, with the first order of business at the start of a new semester being for children and teachers to proclaim their pronouns

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion – This 55-minute film shines a light on Covid-19 vaccine injuries and bereavements, but also takes an encompassing look at the systemic failings that appear to have enabled them

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: “We Own the Science and the World Should Know it” – That is according to the United Nations,  and “Big Tech” knows it

Retired Coast Guard Vice Admiral Pens An “Open Letter” On Covid Vaccines, Calling On Other Flag Officers To Fight The Mandate

A Chinese biotech outsourcing company (CXO) with military ties recently purchased a large piece of land in Levy County Florida to build a monkey breeding and quarantine facility

October 3, 2022

A Former Pentagon Advisor Says the US Likely Attacked Nord Stream Pipelines to Isolate Germany and Prevent Them From Bailing On The War In Ukraine – “You have to look at who are the state actors that can do this”

As the Russia-Ukraine war continues, a new report says a train transporting equipment related to the nuclear weapons division of the Russian Defense Ministry has been seen on the move

U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Sept. 30 that the Biden administration takes Putin’s nuclear speeches seriously but currently he doesn’t see the possibility of a nuclear escalation

Jeffrey Sachs: The Rest Of The World Thinks The U.S. Probably Sabotaged The Nord Stream Pipeline, But It Doesn’t Show Up In Our Media

Median home prices in the United States fell 0.98 percent in August after falling 1.05 percent the month before, marking the largest monthly decline since the collapse of the 2000s U.S. housing bubble

The Biden Administration’s Manipulated Energy Policy Demonstrates Ignorance of History – We could end up being heavily dependent on China, which of course, like Russia, would use energy policy for leverage

The U.K.’s turmoil was a warning to Republicans about what not to do – A Margaret Thatcher she is not, but Liz Truss, the U.K.’s new prime minister, billed herself to the public as that

Conrad Black: American Democracy Is in Extremis – 19 actions challenged the constitutionality of the voting and vote counting changes, particularly in the swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

Watch: The Moment Trump Catches A MAGA Hat And Then Pen Out of Thin Air – Biden Could Never Do That

Trump Sues CNN for $475 Million in Damages, Brings Receipts to Prove His Case – Saying the network is actively working against his potential 2024 campaign, Trump filed a lawsuit Monday against the network over its coverage of him

DeSantis Blows Up Latest Media Spin On His Hurricane Ian Preparedness – Perhaps the fact that DeSantis has been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate has something to do with the truly amazing irrelevant question

Doctors Speak Out Against “Medical Totalitarianism” as Newsom Signs Bill That Punishes Doctors for COVID “Misinformation”  – The  bill subjects doctors to discipline, including the suspension of their medical licenses, for sharing “misinformation” or “disinformation” about COVID-19 with their patients

Dr. Joseph Mercola: More Studies Confirm the COVID Jab Does More Harm Than Good – A renowned cardiologist calls for the immediate suspension of all COVID shots as real-world data show they cause more harm than good

The National Institutes of Health funded a malaria vaccine trial study that used genetically modified mosquitoes to “vaccinate” humans – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has close ties to this research

The U.S. Supreme Court declined MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s bid to fend off a defamation lawsuit Dominion Voting Systems filed over his claims about the 2020 presidential election

Toyota President Rains on Newsom’s Parade As He Delivers Bad News on His 2035 Deadline for Gas Car Ban – The universal use of electric vehicles will take much longer than Governor Newsom plans

Governor Newsom Calls for a Tax on ‘Windfall Profits’ on Oil Companies After Abandoning The Gas Tax Pause – Says he’s returning profits to Californians after passing “sweeping climate change” bills further restricting oil and gas extraction

I wanted to leave California before it was cool – We can’t pretend that the problems ravaging the state are anything new

A new NBC/Telemundo poll shows that Latino support for the Democratic Party has dropped by 50 percent in the last 10 years

Steve Kirsch: Proof that the CDC is deliberately ignoring the safety signals from the COVID vax – Objective proof of total ineptitude by the CDC and the medical community in monitoring the safety of the COVID vaccines

Newly obtained emails show the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made a false statement on COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring in 2021, months before agency officials gave false statements on the matter

Russia’s retreat from a key logistics hub in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region is not only another embarrassing defeat for Russian President Vladimir Putin but may also mark a fundamental shift in momentum in favor of Ukraine

Elon Musk Overshadows Joe Biden – He Offers A Reasonable 4-Point Peace Deal for Russia and Ukraine Peace

ZH: A Shocking Letter Reveals UK Blackout Fear As NatGas Supplies Could Be Cut In An “Emergency” – Bloomberg Opinion’s Javier Blas revealed a photograph of a letter focusing on technical changes in the UK electricity market

ZH: With three of the four pipelines delivering Russian natural gas to Europe out of commission, Hungary is now the only EU member state still receiving Russian gas

The Reckless Inauthenticity of Joe Biden – Obsessed with dismantling the Trump legacy, he is deliberately charting a radical course that is proving ruinous to the country – America is burning, and Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care

Aides in the Biden administration fear Hunter and President Joe Biden’s shady business activities could doom the president’s potential campaign in 2024

Oops: Biden’s student loan bailout still mostly helps high-earners, a nonpartisan analysis confirms – “The Administration’s proposal is costly, inflationary, will drive up higher education costs, and delivers the majority of the benefits to those in the top half of the income spectrum”

Battle for the House: These deep blue seats could flip red in November’s midterm elections – Republicans need a net gain of just five seats in the 435-member House of Representatives to win back the majority

‘There’s no there, there: Fetterman’s problems go beyond his health – None of his speakers, or Fetterman himself, addressed the issues that polls show to be of utmost importance to the voters in this state — inflation, increasing crime, and the drug epidemic

A senior aide for the congressional January 6th committee is a former advisor for a consulting firm tied to Hunter Biden and his work with the controversial Ukrainian energy company Burisma

Human Smuggling by Plane is Becoming More Common as Migrants “Try to Avoid Detection” – Over the last 30 days, Texas DPS has stopped three human smuggling attempts via plane at different airports in the same area of the Rio Grande Valley

The Biden Justice Department released fired FBI special agent Peter Strzok’s termination letter as part of its efforts to fight the fired special agent’s attempts to subpoena former President Donald Trump

Kanye West Steals Show in Paris, Wears ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt at YZY Season 9 Presentation – The critics on the Left are not happy with West, also known as Ye, as he continues to push back against the “woke” agenda

Warning Signs Are Flashing at the Gas Pump Once More – Gas prices are up about eleven cents a gallon in the past week or so and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is at its lowest point in nearly forty years

Gas prices hit a record high in Los Angeles County of $6.466 per gallon on Monday morning, soaring past the previous record set during the nationwide price surge this past spring

If Facebook, Twitter, And Google Hide Information On Behalf Of The World’s Rulers, Elections Are A Scam – In the name of ‘saving democracy,’ the global ruling class is making sure nobody’s votes count but theirs

Melissa Fleming, the UN Secretary for Global Communications, and a World Economic Forum member, openly boasted about how Klaus Schwab’s group works with Big Tech companies to bury information deemed to be undesirable

Big Tech’s election influence under fire from GOP members – As the 2022 midterm elections approach it’s being accused of using its power to suppress an ideology with which it disagrees again

Mamma Mia MAGA – The left loosely defines “fascist” as anyone they disagree with, from parents attending a local school board meeting to Donald Trump’s voters, and now, it’s Giorgia Meloni

The Seth Rich Case: The FBI’s Other Laptop Scandal – The tale of two laptops, one tale is very damaging to the Democrats, and the other potentially so – What they have in common is that the FBI did its damnedest to bury both


Gladstone Institute: They Are  Redistributing Wealth, Not Fighting Inflation – The Inflation Reduction Act doesn’t reduce inflation, it gooses it – The IRA is another inflationary leftist spending boondoggle that throws billions at green energy…

Air Force Academy Woes Highlight The Collapse of Military Values Under Diversity Mania – Previous values of integrity, service, and excellence have been replaced with the military’s new value system of diversity above all

NYU Students Punch Down at Adjunct Professor – Celebrated Maitland Jones Jr. had high standards, so some of the most privileged people on planet earth organized a petition and got him fired

Bombshell Texts Show Milwaukee Mayor Colluding With Democrats To Rig 2022 Election – Texts between city officials and leftist nonprofit workers indicate that the city of Milwaukee is working to “fortify” the 2022 midterms

What is the Republican B-Team Thinking? – Let’s interrogate the ambitions of Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Glenn Youngkin, Nikki Haley, and Ted Cruz

Capitalism and Anomie – With big corporations taking overt liberal political stances on hot-button social issues, many who stand on the other side have started to question the neutrality of the market economy

How SFO Can Solve Its Homelessness Problem – The city’s political class thinks homelessness is primarily caused by insufficient housing, but in truth, homelessness is more often caused by substance abuse and mental illness

The Biden Admin Showered Millions Of Dollars On The Government’s “Misinformation” Czars After The 2020 Election

I&I: Obamacare Mandates Continue To Stifle Innovation – The “preventative services” mandate is still in place, and that’s bad news for patients trying to find affordable health plans

Newly Obtained Emails Shed More Light on CDC’s False Vaccine Safety Monitoring Statements – The CDC has made false statements three times this year on PRRs, initially saying such analysis was outside the agency’s purview

ZH: The Swedish Public Health Authority has stopped recommending healthy children between the ages of 12 and 17 receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Sharyl Attkisson: A federally funded study released Tuesday reported a “positive association” between “vaccine-related aluminum exposure” and “persistent asthma” in children 24-59 months old

October 2, 2022

King Charles III has decided not to attend the international climate change summit in Egypt next month, fueling speculation that the new monarch will have to rein in his environmental activism now that he has ascended the throne

Dr. Joseph Mercola: A New Communistic Law Forces Doctors to Promote Big-Pharma Products – A proposed law in California gives the state power to revoke a doctor’s medical license if they spread what they deem as “misinformation”

The death toll from Hurricane Ian continues to rise – Authorities confirm 87 people are dead in the latest reports, as power outages have complicated rescue efforts

If you think Putin is a global threat, then we need to talk about Xi Jinping – With repression at home and aggression abroad, the imperial ambitions of China’s ‘paramount leader’ should worry the world

OPEC+ will consider an oil output cut of more than a million barrels per day (BPD) when it meets on Oct. 5, OPEC sources told Reuters on Sunday

Vice President Kamala Harris was seen ignoring what appears to be a rogue reporter at a gala over the weekend after he asked her to clarify her comments on “equity” affecting the Biden administration’s distribution of Hurricane Ian relief

ZH: Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a Friday joint press briefing that the damage and disruption to the pipelines are being seen in Washington as a “tremendous opportunity” to greatly reduce European energy imports to Russia

ZH:  Who Profits From Pipeline Terror?  – Secret talks between Russia and Germany to resolve their Nord Stream 1 and 2 issues had to be averted at any cost…

The Feds Paid Companies to Silence Trump, His Family, and Supporters on Social Media Around The 2020 Election

Here come the Hispanic Republicans – Latinos are voting exactly like an earlier wave of immigrants

Five cases to watch as a conservative Supreme Court begins its new term – Environment, Affirmative Action, Election Law, Voting Rights, and LGBTQ Discrimination

New York State’s Democratic Crime Syndicate – Could it be that the governor thought sweetheart Covid hand sanitizer deals would keep her hands clean

A Radical Step in the Right Direction – Arizona’s universal school-choice program will improve students’ educational options—public and private

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) researchers are preparing to publish a study on a set of data that identified four potential issues in elderly persons after they receive COVID-19 vaccination

JD Rucker: The FDA Quietly Released a Study on Adverse Reactions to Pfizer Jabs 14 Months AFTER They Knew There Were Problems – Big Pharma knew what they were doing and their puppets in the FDA, CDC, and NIH knew too

KTG: The Pfizer mRNA Spike Protein Found in Deceased Man’s Brain and Heart – “We know it goes to the brain, heart, it produces the spike protein, which damages those cells causing inflammation and damage to blood vessels…”

Steve Kirsch: A new peer-reviewed paper confirms the COVID vaccines kill brain cells and heart cells leading to death – It also shows the COVID vaccines, and not COVID, is causing myocarditis and encephalitis leading to death

Steve Kirsch: Elevated troponin levels post-vax – Some hospitals are now doing these tests on everyone and the numbers are surprisingly high –  Nobody is talking about this and I wonder why?

Widowers Allege COVID-19 Treatment Protocols Led to Their Wives’ Deaths – “This would become the first of many lies from the hospital staff,” Matthew Cresto told The Epoch Times

Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance Was Just Awarded Another NIH Grant To Study Bat Coronaviruses – By this point, it should be getting fairly clear that Covid-19 more likely than not came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology

WSJ: Hurricane Ian’s Death Toll Rises as Recovery Efforts Begin – Conditions remain dire in some areas along the Florida coast and on barrier islands, such as Sanibel and Pine Island, according to Governor Ron DeSantis

In hurricane chaos, Florida’s Ron DeSantis emerges a leader – As Florida began to dig out from its horrific encounter with Hurricane Ian, Governor Ron DeSantis demonstrated what a real leader looks like


The Biden administration has targeted four Republican lawmakers before November’s midterm elections, arguably with mixed effect – Kevin McCarthy,  Rick Scott, Lindsey Graham, and Ron Johnson

Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck expressed concern over the looming energy crisis this winter, telling German media that the situation was extremely tense and there is a possibility that Germany may run out of gas

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has bailed on an appointment to testify before the European Parliament’s special committee, where he was expected to face tough questions over secretive vaccine deals

Informed Dissent Needs to Collide with Newsom’s Attack on Informed Consent – Let’s analyze the gift of lies and deception surrounding AB 2098

Full Moon Shining Through Arc de Triumph – The moon aligned perfectly with the monument, hanging just below the great arcades of that magnificent ode to revolutionary freedom

Sharyl Attkisson: – Judicial Watch has filed a FOIA lawsuit against the DOD asking for Air Force Academy records regarding “systemic racism,” and records related to the teaching of critical race theory at the Air Force Academy

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Why Additional Engineered Planned Pandemics Are Pretty Much Guaranteed – Francis Boyle shares his views on the latest efforts to instill fear in the public, this time about monkeypox and the WHO

October 1, 2022

Enemies list? A Fed-backed censorship machine targeted 20 news sites –  Just the News, New York Post, Fox News, Epoch Times, and Breitbart were identified among the “most prominent domains” flagged by the Election Integrity Partnership and its collaborators

Stacey Abrams loses Georgia voting rights lawsuit on all counts – In 2018, Stacey Abrams lost the Georgia gubernatorial election to Brian Kemp and then refused to concede, and then filed a lawsuit

The US Army fell 25% short of its recruitment goal this year despite an effort to make up the widely expected gap in a year when all the military services struggled in a tight jobs market to find young people willing and fit to enlist

WSJ: Elon Musk Unveils a Prototype of Tesla’s Humanoid Robot Optimus and Says It Will Cost Less Than a Car – The prototype is seen as the CEO’s effort to shape the perception of the company as more than just a car maker

Kellyanne Conway, who managed former Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, told CBS News on Friday that Trump has his sights set on the White House in 2024 and that, within weeks, he might officially throw his hat in the ring

Leftists and RINOs Start Normalizing Election Result Delays Ahead of Voter Fraud Actions – We’re being prepped with propaganda so most Americans will expect the delays that are necessary to enable voter fraud activities

A Canadian Rebellion Is Spreading Like Wildfire – Three Provinces Are Openly Defying Trudeau’s Gun-Surrender Order

It Is Time to Outlaw Counting by Race? – Reversing the stipulations of many government programs by outlawing their acceptance methodology would be a big step in ridding ourselves of such mischievous overreach

The Regret, Repentance, and Redemption of Dr. Aseem Malhotra – Back when the vaccines were being rolled out, the eminent UK cardiologist encouraged people to accept them, but further research reversed his opinion

ZH: A Deepfake Bruce Willis To Return To Movie Screens – Willis is the “first Hollywood star” to sell the rights of his digital twin in perpetuity

A Man Plugs His New $80k+ Electric Truck Into His House and Finds Out It Will Take Over 4 Days to Fully Charge – Level 2 chargers deliver much more electricity than your regular home circuit can deliver

ZH: Range Anxiety: How Far Can An EV Go On One Charge? – 33% of new car buyers chose range anxiety, the concern about how far an EV can drive on a full charge, as their top inhibitor to purchasing electric cars

Ian downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone as it lashes the Carolinas – Florida officials report more deaths

Joe Biden Was Wildly Wrong About Ian’s Death Toll And Here’s Why It Matters – No. Ian won’t be the “deadliest” in Florida’s history. And if Biden had any understanding of history, he’d have known that it wouldn’t be

This Is Not about the Migrants Bussed to Democrat-controlled sanctuary” areas – It’s about Democrats pulling out all the stops to hamstring Governor DeSantis who could well be the Republican presidential nominee for 2024

Turned on Trump: The Republicans backing Democrats candidates over MAGA candidates – Former President Donald Trump has played a major role in the midterm elections by endorsing a slew of Republican candidates

California’s Assault on the US Constitution California – Governor Gavin Newsom just signed into law the notorious AB 2098, which muzzles doctors from telling patients the truth about COVID and the vaccines

California Governor Newsom Signs Bill Forcing Doctors to Push Covid Vaccines – AB2098 declares that a physician or surgeon commits professional misconduct if they disseminate “misinformation or disinformation” about the nature and risks of COVID-19, its prevention and treatment, and the development, safety, and effectiveness of the vaccines

The Matt Gaetz Case Is Not the Only Reason the FBI Needs an Overhaul – “What the FBI did to Matt Gaetz is precisely what it did to Donald Trump”

Unsurprisingly, the House Of Representatives fails to pass a bill barring lawmakers from stock trading

Lawyers And The Democrat Party – Trying to win and push their agenda at any cost creates the polarization and hatred that now fills our country and leaves no room for common sense or legitimate debate

Durham Prosecutes FBI Informants While Protecting Their Handlers – He has investigated or indicted several unscrupulous anti-Trump informants, but he has spared the FBI agents who handled them

ZH: House Oversight Committee Republicans want to know what Attorney General Merrick Garland is planning on doing to combat the recent cyberattacks against Christian-based websites and donation portals

ZH: The Crisis That Everyone In Europe Is Talking About Is Barely The Start Of Things To Come – It isn’t just an energy crisis here, there is something (a lot) more to it: capitalism vs socialism/communism

ZH: How Do Americans Spend Their Money, Based On Their Generation? – Unsurprisingly, spending habits vary wildly depending on age

Pelosi says that DeSantis should stop sending illegals to the north because Florida farmers “‘need them to pick crops” – The video of her lurching through her remarks with bizarre hand gestures is worth watching

Giorgia Meloni’s stunning victory in Italy sent shockwaves throughout the establishment in Europe and the US –  Nearly every media report has compared her to former Italian dictator and fascist Benito Mussolini

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: CAT 5 BIDEN STORM EDITION – So let’s see: Biden wonders where a dead congresswoman is, while Vice President Harris lets slip where her real political loyalties lie—North Korea

September 2022 Conservative Article Reference List

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Hopefully, you will take the time to read some of them which should open your eyes to the reality of the #DeepState and those promoting the #NewWorldOrder as well as consistent #MediaBias, and ongoing #FakeNews gaslighting as well as the relentless attack on American values by Liberals and the #Progressive Left.

Liken the process of becoming better informed to working on a giant puzzle. As you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you finally see the big picture.

(FYI – I occasionally include links to articles that although not very newsworthy are so silly and/or outrageous that they need to be seen to show the level of idiocy that exists in the world these days. Additionally, some articles may appear outlandish, but are also believable so I leave it to readers to decide for themselves and many things we considered to be conspiracy theories in the past are now turning out to be true.)

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September 30, 2022

Friday, Joe Biden signed into law a bill that finances the federal government through mid-December and provides another $12.3 billion infusion of military and economic aid to Ukraine, averting a partial government shutdown

Kamala Harris says climate crisis aid should be given out “based on equity” to “communities of color” and women

Snowden Didn’t Flee to Russia: Obama Trapped Him There – Putin’s grant of citizenship prompts reiterations of a widely-embraced falsehood

The Feds used a private entity to target millions of social posts in 2020 – Biden’s administration gave millions to groups after the election – EIP says it had a 35% success rate in getting tech platforms to label, remove or restrict content

In June, approximately 85% of the population of Canada had had at least two shots, but 92% of all COVID deaths were in the fully vaccinated — 92% – So this is clearly a pandemic of the vaccinated

Facts And Nothing But The Facts – Under the guise of public health, the legal infrastructure is presently being laid for one-world tyranny courtesy of the fleece-garbed wolf known as the World Health Organization

Friday, Vladimir Putin signed a decree annexing four Ukrainian territories into the Russian Federation – Condemned by Western powers, the order will impact the disputed regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia

ZH: Washington’s dunderheaded intervention in the intramural spat between Russia and Ukraine and the accompanying global Sanctions War is surely the stupidest, most destructive project to arise from the banks of the Potomac in modern times

Mexico Is Losing the Fight Against Drug Violence – Closer security cooperation with the US is necessary to protect communities on both sides of the border

CCW: For Protection Of Life, But No Longer Property – If one cannot protect one’s property, is it really owned at all?

Trump scores Another Win In The Mar-a-Lago Case – Special Master Raymond Dearie had sought earlier to require that Trump substantiate his claims that the FBI planted evidence during the Mara-A Lago raid

Poll: Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz Surges, Democrat John Fetterman Slides in PA Senate Race – Independents are breaking for the Republican candidate at a substantial clip

Kari Lake is being hidden from the public’s eye because corporate media and Washington, D.C. establishment are terrified of what a tough-as-nails conservative governor could do in another crucial swing state

The Dow tumbled 500 points on Friday to end September down nearly 9% – Stocks fell in choppy trading Friday as Wall Street closed out a terrible week, month, and quarter that brought the S&P 500 to a new 2022 low

As climate change alarmists try to link the storm that hit Florida with human-caused global warming, geologist and climate expert Gregory Wrightstone refutes such claims, saying the number of storms actually drops as oceans warm up

The man who ran over a Republican teen in North Dakota is now charged with felony murder – New criminal charges against him include Murder, which is a Class AA Felony, and Duty in an Accident Involving Death or Injury, a Class B Felony

Governor Newsom Signs a Bill to Allow Millions of Convicts’ Criminal Arrest Records To Be Sealed – It is interesting timing as Newsom is also allowing 76,000 inmates, including violent and repeat felons, to leave prison

Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill on Thursday making California a “sanctuary state” for families seeking medical services related to children’s “gender transitions” as other states restrict those procedures

Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, told the House of Representatives committee investigating the U.S. Capitol breach that she has not influenced her husband’s judicial decisions

Customs and Border Protection recorded an average of 7,300-7,500 daily migrant encounters at the southwest border by the end of September – This constitutes the worst September for migrant border crossings in U.S. history

In a stunning departure from typical pro-immigration liberal talking points, Bill Clinton astonishingly admitted to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that a nation can only take so much

Senator Ernst introduced legislation Friday to prohibit federal funding to EcoHealth Alliance – NIH Director Collins and Anthony Fauci have ignored inquiries regarding a 2014 grant ultimately awarded to the Wuhan Institute of Virology

The CDC said that a possible norovirus outbreak sickened at least 222 rafters and backpackers who visited Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona recently

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Fifth COVID Shot Recommended Without Safety or Efficacy Data – It will cause 18-98 serious adverse events for each hospitalization it prevents, yet Biden just ordered 171M doses based on a study of 8 mice …

As Gates Doubles Down on Digital IDs, Critic Warns of “Gravest Technological Threat” to Liberty –  The Gates Foundation announced $200 million in new funding in support of “global health and development projects” that include creating a global digital ID system

U.S. Pension Funds Could Be About To Implode – Fed policy is a case of too much, too late as the Fed, as it always does, overshoots its mark, and does so at the wrong time

John Daniel Davidson: It’s Not Crazy To Think Biden Sabotaged Nord Stream To Deepen US Involvement In The Ukraine War – Escalating with Russia might be Biden’s only chance to save his failing administration, so don’t put it past him

A Federal judge ordered The FBI to release the contents of Seth Rich’s laptop – Rich’s death was officially labeled by police the result of a failed robbery but the secretive behavior of the FBI has continued to raise suspicions

If This Is The Democrats’ “Winning’ Message, They Deserve To Lose… Big Time – What they are telling us, vs. reality

Is California a Luddite Conspiracy? – 6 days after CARB voted to ban future sales of traditional gasoline cars, the state sent out Flex Alerts asking Californians to refrain from charging their electric cars during peak energy use hours

Islam: The Omitted Verses – Hopefully I won’t have to spend my golden years deprogramming my son from false information being conveyed by the schools. I am trying to avoid this by keeping informed about what they are teaching

September 29, 2022

Live updates: Ian weakens to a tropical storm as it pummels Florida

Florida Governor Ron Santis provides an update on Hurricane Ian – He says reports of hundreds of deaths  are “not confirmed”

Will Republican Candidates Deny America the Senate? – It’s time for a new strategy: Vote for the candidate who deserves your vote

What Is the Biden Admin Hiding on Federal Voter Mobilization? Every agency — From the Department of Justice to Defense to Agriculture — is attempting to mobilize voters

The Biden administration quietly issued an update to its student loan forgiveness plan, drastically scaling back eligibility the same day that six Republican-led states filed a lawsuit against Biden, claiming his student loan forgiveness plan is illegal

Could the TWA 800 Cover-Up Finally Come Undone? – There is “overwhelming evidence” that was uncovered by Stalcup through his Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation in Massachusetts federal court

A Judge Orders FBI to Produce Information From Seth Rich’s Laptop – “The FBI has fought tooth and nail to conceal evidence about Seth Rich, so Judge Mazzant’s order is a major victory”

It”s Time to Investigate the FBI’s Sketchy CHS Program – Confidential human sources serve an important purpose in the modern-day FBI to advance a political narrative beneficial to the Democrat Party and Biden regime

Obama 2.0 – It seems Barack Obama Is BACK…as the “Shadow President”

The Biden Admin Gives $41 Million in Contracts to a Soros-Linked Group to Help Illegal Aliens Fight Deportations

The Senate GOP Judiciary Committee to Investigate ‘Excessive’ FBI Raid of Pennsylvania Pro-Life Activist’s Home

Joe Biden is preparing to sign an executive order protecting 600,000 illegal immigrants from deportation – The move is being made in advance of a decision from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the future of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program

Jim Jordan: The FBI is engaging in a “purge” of conservative employees and retaliating against whistleblowers –  Whistleblowers within the FBI have come to congressional Republicans with allegations of FBI misconduct

Anthony Fauci’s Net Worth Has Increased Over 70% to $12.7M Since The COVID Pandemic A Report Says – YET ANOTHER MIRACULOUS SALARY GAIN FOR A SO-CALLED PUBLIC SERVANT

The “Global Walkout” Campaign Calls for “Unified Pushback Against Globalist Agenda” – Every Sunday at 8 p.m. London time, they will announce a new “step” or action people can take to extricate themselves from the globalist agenda… 

Vaccine Failure Is Not a Reason to Celebrate! – Reporting on a new study, U.S. News & World Report published an article, “Breakthrough Infections After COVID Vaccine Can Help Prevent Future Illness,” which spins vaccine failure as a reason to celebrate

Steve Kirsch: Medical examiners were told to lie on death certificates – In Massachusetts, the state DPH)told medical examiners that if the person died with COVID, to list COVID as a cause of death, which is a violation of federal law

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: COVID-19 News Round-up and Corruption in Science – “If we had only known” – There is yet more evidence trickling in that the peer review system is completely corrupted

The implosion of COVID Mania, Part 2 – Public scrutiny increases despite mainstream media stories as official COVID narratives are increasingly detached from reality

The FDA is refusing to release the results of autopsies conducted on people who died after getting COVID-19 vaccines – A safety advocate says that it could release the autopsies with personal information redacted, but they refuse to do so

European officials observed Russian ships near the site of underwater explosions that may have caused leaks in the Nord Stream pipelines earlier this week, according to reports

The Biden administration declares war on the U.S. energy sector – Whether global warming alarmists like it or not, it is not possible to replace the 60% of electric power production in the US with alternative energy sources by 2030

Joe Biden’s mental faculties are declining before our eyes – “She was at top of mind…” That’s how the WH is attempting to explain his inquiry about the whereabouts of Jackie Walorski who passed away in August

Did The Global Pivot Back To QE Just Begin? – The Bank of England has officially capitulated and started QE again. Will the Fed follow? If so or if not, what does it mean for equities?

ZH: Powell’s Plan Is Not Working As Initial Jobless Claims Plunge To 5-Month Lows – Presumably this means higher and longer rate hikes are to come…

A Final GDP reading shows the US economy shrank 0.6% in the spring, cementing the start of a recession  – Economists expected the final GDP reading to be unchanged at 0.6%

DeSantis: MAGA Understudy or Saboteur? – Trump could decline to carry the torch forward and pass it to DeSantis or he could carry the torch he lit, and DeSantis gets in line, preparing for twelve years of MAGA dominance

ZH: Searches For “Real Estate Market Crash” Are The Highest In Internet History – U.S. home prices continued their deceleration in July at their fastest rate in the history of the index

GOP Senators Baffled By Mitt Romney’s Ploy To Oust Mike Lee And Maybe Thwart A Majority – If Democrats pull off an upset in Utah it would have profound consequences for the control of the Senate

Progressive “De-Prosecutors” Disrupt Our Criminal Justice System – “They believe it is excessively punitive, racially biased, and irredeemable, so they are trying to undermine it from the inside”

The Scheming Of Bill Gates And Anthony Fauci – In a report published in Politico, US and European officials and global health specialists admitted that Bill Gates is running the global COVID response

The Inflation Reduction Act is expensive and will produce no meaningful temperature reduction – Even if it is implemented globally, and none at all if implemented mostly by the U.S., EU, and a few other countries

Controversy is swirling over a new study on the impacts of surgically removing breasts from biologically female patients as young as 13 who have been struggling with gender-related distress

September 28, 2022

Harvard/Harris Poll: 56 percent of Americans “have doubts” about Biden’s mental capabilities to serve as President, while 63 percent of people said that Biden is “too old” to be in charge of the White House

Elon Musk Puts YouTube on Notice – He hints at Possible Partnership with Burgeoning Rival Video Platform Rumble

The US Coast Guard Discovers 3 Chinese and 4 Russian Military Vessels Operating in a Single Formation Off  North of One Of Alaska’s Bering Sea Islands Earlier This Month

Victor Davis Hanson: The Thinnest Veneer of Civilization – We are in a great experiment in which regressive progressivism discounts all the institutions and methodologies of the past that have guaranteed a safe, affluent, well-fed, and sheltered America

US Military Base Schools Are Indoctrinating Children in Left-Wing Ideology – Claremont Institute: Classes from the DoDEA teach radical activism, gender ideology, and hiding gender questions from families

CA Governor Newsom Vetoed Bill to Limit his Emergency Powers – The purpose behind the bill was to clarify the broad ambiguities of the Governor’s authorized powers and ensure that these powers are limited and focused

Democrats released their proposal to ban stock trading by members of Congress, senior government officials, and U.S. Supreme Court justices, with the measure seeking to cut conflicts of interest...

After its driest three-year stretch on record, California braces for another year with below-average snow and rain – Conditions are shaping up to be a recipe for another drought year

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: The FDA is using the COVID-19 Vaccines as a “Platform Technology” for mRNA Vaccine Trials – This shows idiocy and malfeasance  as well as complete regulatory capture

An analysis of reports in a database run by the CDC and the FDA found 648 cases of side effects in breastfed infants whose mothers received the COVID-19 vaccine, including three deaths

A federally funded study released Tuesday reported a 36% “positive association” between “vaccine-related aluminum exposure” and “persistent asthma” in children 24-59 months old

A large NIH study found that women of childbearing age who got the Covid vaccine are at heightened risk of 14 different conditions including miscarriage, fertility issues, fetal cardiac arrest, and menstrual abnormality

Steve Kirsch: The data says you should never breastfeed your baby after you’ve been vaccinated – The CDC says it will protect your baby, but they have NO risk-benefit study that was ever done to prove it

Donald Trump and the Future of Western Civilization – He is the only Western leader that  pointed out that the duplicity of the globalists and total reliance on unreliable renewables would greatly weaken economies

I&I/TIPP Poll: Trump Suffers Zero Electoral Fallout From FBI’s Mar-A-Lago Raid – If anything, he gained support, while other potential challengers slipped

The final hearing of the Jan. 6 Committee show trial got postponed – The nation will soon be focused on hurricane Ian and it gives them an excuse to hold their hearing just before the November midterms

The Climate Crisis Lie – Plenty of climate scientists have doubts, but they have to keep their doubts hidden because they are employees of large institutions and they have families and mortgages

A Responsible Citizens and an Immoral Agency – Ignoring Mark Houck’s offer to appear voluntarily, the DOJ made a show of deadly force by sending 20 heavily armed agents to Houck’s residence at dawn

How Young Is Too Young for Sterilization? – An influential transgender advocacy group releases its new recommendations based on politics—not science

Sharyl Attkisson: Sen. Marsha Blackburn is asking the FDA to provide information about the use of certain puberty blockers in children who suffer from gender dysphoria and wish to resemble the opposite sex

Mask Proponents Are Not Happy With the CDC’s Updated Guidance – The new guidelines turn away from a universal recommendation that everyone wear “source control” in healthcare settings

September 27, 202277

This Student’s Side Project Will Help Decide Musk vs. Twitter – The number of bots on Twitter is a key issue, but nobody knows how to count them, but this system seems like it could help

Biden’s DOT Approves Nationwide EV Charging Network, But Not All States Are Happy

Hurricane Ian to Make Landfall Earlier Than Expected as 2.5 Million Evacuate in Florida – The Category 3 storm is forecast to make landfall on Wednesday evening

In midterm elections when a president has had more than 50% job approval, his party lost an average of 14 seats – When his approval has been less than 50% his party has lost an average of 37 seats

Morgan Stanley’s Chief U.S. Equity Strategist Michael Wilson said that he’s convinced a corporate earnings recession is coming and it could be worse than a “normal” recession

ZH: Futures Tumble After Report Apple Backs Off Plans To Increase iPhone Production – An anticipated surge in demand failed to materialize

A Pennsylvania pro-life activist’s arrest puts the DOJ and FBI’s injustice and contempt on full display –  They are guilty of unequal application of the law in the arrest of a pro-life activist in Pennsylvania

The “T” Piggybacking on the “LGB” – Polls show Americans across political persuasions have major reservations about “gender-affirming” care for minors and teaching gender-identity ideology in schools

Donald Trump Scores Federal Appeals Court Win Against Rape Accuser – The 2nd Circuit Court panel ruled Tuesday that a lower court erred when it determined Carroll could sue Trump personally

AT&T Immediately Blocks New Conservative Site, TheRonald.win – Overt censorship is not a new tactic of the left but it seems to go into overdrive leading up to an election

Will Libertarian Candidates Again Deny the GOP the U.S. Senate? – The more powerful the Libertarian Party becomes, the more certain it is that they will turn America over to the Democrats

Running for U.S. Senate, Dr. Oz reveals the reason for his Turkish dual citizenship – It allows him to retain the authority to make decisions for his mother, an Alzheimer’s patient, who lives in Turkey

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Google isn’t just censoring information via its search engine – While about 50% of our subscribers are using Gmail accounts, the delivery rate is HALF of the other email providers such as ProtonMail

A Former Vaccine Advocate Exposes Big Pharma’s Corrupted State of Medicine in a Masterful Presentation –  “The overall net effect of the pharmaceutical industry in the last few decades is very negative”

Mother Blames “Vaccinated Blood” for the Death of Her One-Month-Old Baby – “He got a blood clot instantly after receiving his transfusion, a blood clot that no blood thinner could resolve”

ZH: Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky boasted in a CBS “Face the Nation” interview airing Sunday that Washington is providing him with a whopping $1.5 billion per month for state coffers

INFLATION, BIDEN STYLE – The Biden administration has provided us with the worst inflation in 40 years – We see it every day, on top of the impact of a decline in real wages

The “Inflation Reduction Act” bill was not titled “The Green New Deal Bill” as American voters would not have approved spending $375 billion on the economy-destroying left-wing religious cult’s climate agenda

Fake charities are spending millions to help Democrats win elections – The partisanship of these “civic participation” nonprofit groups has been an open secret for decades

The FBI Seized 86 Million Dollars In A Raid On Innocent Americans’ Safe Boxes After Duping Judge For Warrant – It appears holding cash makes you a presumptive criminal, and Americans should be worried about that

Can America Successfully Isolate Anyone? – Russia, Iran, and Venezuela—demonstrate the difference between the claimed and actual capacity of the U.S. to lead the isolation of its opponents

ANALYZE THIS – The Congressional Budget Office has set forth the direct economic cost of the illegal Biden student loan giveaway in a letter to Senator Richard Burr and Representative Virginia Foxx


September 26, 2022

President Joe Biden’s approval rating sank below 40% in a poll released Sunday, appearing to contradict various reports of the president making a “comeback” among voters

Oil Prices Are About To Reverse Course – Oil prices are down because many traders and investors are bracing for a recession

The U.S. government has acknowledged for the first time that five FBI confidential informants were involved with the Oath Keepers

The FBI Changes Total Number of Documents Seized From Trump’s Estate – 63 additional documents or photographs without classification markings were taken from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort than previously listed

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The Hidden Danger of COVID Shots – Due to a process known as “immune imprinting” we could well be facing the “dark winter” President Biden warned would befall us

The BIDEN ECONOMY: Bonds are at a 49-Year Low And Stocks Are Having Their Worst Year Ever!

The country is melting down under the flames of historic inflation, rampaging crime, record gas prices, and unprecedented invasion at the border – Yet all Biden and Democrats want to talk about is “abortion rights”

Progressives only care about crime after they have been robbed – Or are about to lose an election

The Oath Keepers “had no plan” to attack the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, and founder Elmer Stewart Rhodes III also warned his members that afternoon, “whatever you do, don’t try to enter the Capitol”

Democrats Set to Bring Hillary Roaring Back as Replacement for Biden – Political consultant Dick Morris, who advised former President Bill Clinton, recently made this prediction

Investigations of the Clinton Foundation were shelved by the corrupt and partisan DOJ, FBI, and IRS leadership – This demonstrates a two-tier justice system with exemptions for the political elite

The Left’s ‘Psychological Strategy’ for Cultural Dominance – Information dominance is about controlling the narrative by volume and defining the meaning of words, thoughts, and, therefore, options…

The USPS was caught tracking mail of 2nd Amendment advocates – They “monitored protesters across the country, snooping on Americans focused on issues involving guns and President Biden’s election”

The U.S. Air Force Academy defends teaching cadets to avoid “gender-specific terms” such as “mom” or “dad,” saying that “inclusive language” is important to its mission of training leaders capable of winning wars

JD Rucker: 5 Reasons Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Worse Than You Probably Realize – Most people are aware they are very bad, but some may not realize just how bad they are

ZH: A New York judge has ruled that polyamorous relationships are entitled to the same legal protection as opposite-sex or same-sex 2-person marriages

A federal court in Texas is giving the CDC until Friday to release the first batch of data on adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination collected by the agency via its V-safe app

ZH: The Dystopian Vision Of California’s Health-Information Police – AB 2098 empowers the Medical Board of California to go after the licenses of physicians who disseminate “misinformation” or “disinformation” regarding Covid-19

In a peer-reviewed article published in the Journal of Insulin Resistance, Dr. Malhotra calls for the immediate end of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the “pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines”

ZH: Canada to Drop Vaccine Mandate at its Border – They will also no longer mandate that visitors must provide a negative test and self-report any potential symptoms of COVID-19 upon entry…

A fired pediatric nurse tearfully testifies of vaccine-induced myocarditis in kids – “I am the face of your COVID misinformation”

Incentivized to KILL: Prescribe Remdesivir, and We’ll Give You a 20% Bonus – Throughout this COVID nightmare, several backward policies crushed the Hippocratic Oath and all that it means to be a doctor

Ukraine Can Win This War – The experts said Ukraine was ill-prepared and ill-equipped because Russia’s military was simply too powerful, but they were wrong

Are you better off than you were two years ago? – Elections are not won or lost not by either of the party’s base, but rather by those independent voters in the middle

The federal deficit is now out of control – Since the CBO’s statement in late July, the deficit problem has become more acute as the United States is hemorrhaging debt

3 Strategies Democrats Will Use to Win the Midterms – Everyone knows that presidential approval is the number-one determining factor for midterm outcomes, so why are Democrats so smug

George Carlin At His Best – #11 Couldn’t be truer these days as George was always spot-on with his observations

Italy’s 1st woman premier was confirmed – Giorgia Meloni declared “We defend God, country, and family built on opposition to gender ideology and the LGBT lobby alongside support for strong borders”

Is this the end of the European Union as we knew it? – Sunday, Italy voted and Monday, George Soros’s “global order” is history as he, along with his puppets in the European Parliament, lost the election

Did the FBI Finally Go Too Far? – With the Saturday arrest of pro-life activist Mark Houck?

September 25, 2022

Sharyl Attkisson: One in three Americans gets a college degree, but has that made us better equipped to earn a living? – Some lessons to consider from the  Amish – Well worth 8-minutes of your time

Dr. Joseph Mercola: I predicted this ‘no testing required’ formula would spread beyond COVID shots, and  the executive order Biden just signed shows it is about to happen – The development of genetic engineering technologies and techniques

Special Master Gives Trump a Minor Victory – He does not have to disclose the names of lawyers and employees who will get access to documents and materials seized during last month’s raid to the DOJ

Victor Davis Hanson: Remembering Hate Speech – What we used to know as “hate speech” is now presidentially acceptable speech, and what has followed from it should be no surprise

ZH: A new Rasmussen/RMG Research poll has found that a majority of Americans believe illegal immigrants should be sent to sanctuary cities instead of forcing border states to shoulder the burden

Will There Be Further Movement Rightward? – What to look for in the new Supreme Court term

Dr. Pierre Kory: Peer-Reviewed Studies on Ivermectin Showing Statistically Significant Benefits For The Treatment Were Taken Down And Retracted “Without  Any Explanation”

Dr. Paul Marik: If the vaccines are so dangerous, why aren’t more doctors speaking out? – When he started speaking out, he was retaliated against by the medical community

A Pro-Vaccine Immunologist Gets Jabbed Then Starts Feeling Worse – A follow-up CT scan showed in only a few days, his cancer had grown so fast that lights were showing up all over his scan

Democrats appear eager for someone other than Joe Biden to be the party’s 2024 presidential nominee with 56% of registered Democrats voters and Democrat-leaning voters wanting another candidate

Cheney will do “whatever it takes” to prevent a Trump 2024 nomination – She said during the Texas Tribune Festival that she will leave the GOP if Trump wins the nomination

Trump or DeSantis? Why not both? – To allow the media to be arbiters of what is cringe-worthy is old-school fretting that will not be helpful next time around

Fair Trials Are Impossible for January 6 Defendants – Judges on the D.C. District Court have denied every change of venue motion, absurdly insisting residents of a city that voted 93 percent for Joe Biden in 2020 can be fair and impartial

California drivers are paying about $2 per gallon of gasoline more than the national average price, with prices soaring even as the national average has steadily declined from its record-high level in the spring

Governor Newsom signed a bill Friday that will remove the word “Squaw” from all geographic place names in California, declaring the term “racist and a sexist slur,” leaving the town of Squaw Valley in an uproar

Governor Newsom signed a law Friday expanding the ability of illegal aliens to obtain state identification and tightening restrictions on state cooperation with federal immigration authorities to bar even health and safety exceptions

Those who argue for censorship fear the compelling nature of the adversarial point of view –Their dictatorial game was always about whether free-thinking individuals could be herded like human livestock

Prop. 30 Will Split California’s Ruling Elite – If it passes, taxpayers will pour tens of billions into EV technology that will be obsolete within a decade or two

The Biden administration just launched the “Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights” to address what officials say are the disproportionate harms inflicted on low-income areas and communities of color by pollution and climate change

Sneaking anti-Semitism into school curricula – If Israel didn’t want to share the land with the Palestinians, they could have wiped out all the Palestinians long ago

The hidden truths about electric cars – There are no emissions directly from an E.V. itself, but there are many from mining operations for their batteries, which is not generally publicized

Aren’t we lucky that both the mainstream and social media blocked the Hunter laptop story? – Biden’s margin of victory in three swing states was less than a percentage point, making tech censorship a pivotal factor in the outcome

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla tests positive for COVID-19 for the second time in two months

September 24, 2022

Joe Biden Takes Off For Another Weekend Vacation in Delaware – Biden Has Spent 40% of His Presidency on Vacation with No Visitor Logs

China underscored its commitment to its claim on Taiwan on Saturday, telling world leaders that anyone who gets in the way of its goal to reunify with the island would be “crushed by the wheels of history”

The Alleged Oath Keepers Jan. 6 Radio Traffic Is, In Reality, A Recording of People Watching TV

US-China Strategic Rivalry Escalates Over Chips, Foreign Businesses Caution Investing in China – With the passage of the U.S. CHIPS Act, on Sept. 6, the U.S. DOC released its “Strategy for the CHIPS for America Fund”

Biden Department of Justice? – Hardly It’s going after the conservative Eagle Forum of Alabama because the group supported a state law to prohibit gender-altering medical treatment for minors

Allies of former President Donald Trump are creating a new super political action committee (PAC), MAGA Inc., that is expected to act as the key vehicle for his midterm spending on candidates he endorses

Planned Parenthood Stealth-Edits Their Website To Match Stacey Abrams’ “Heartbeat” Claim – “There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks,” said Abrams”

Over 98% of Eligible Americans Say NO THANKS to the Updated Covid-19 Boosters Three Weeks Into The Rollout – “The fact that the Wall Street Journal is even reporting this is powerful”

Vaccine Mandate Ruled “Invalid” for Police Association Members in New York City – As it applies to members of the PBA, it is “invalid” and fired cops must be given back their jobs

Government Researchers Determine That The Annual Flu Shots Are Not Effective in The Elderly, After All

If China invades Taiwan to unify it with the mainland, the United States will go to war to defend Taiwan and send U.S. troops to fight the invaders – That is the commitment made last week by Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s Old Man Filter Goes Haywire Again – “It’s Elton John’s fault we are spending $6 billion in taxpayer dollars on HIV and AIDS this month”

Joe Biden’s mistakes are no laughing matter – Biden and the Democrats declared war on fossil fuels, ignoring the fact that fossil fuels are the basis of prosperity in the USA and other countries

Biden tries happy-talk about the “transitory” economy as elections loom – When the WH is talking about soft landings while the Federal Reserve chairman is using the word “pain,” that’s not always the way to bet

Newt Gingrich: The Biden Administration May Be “The Most Disastrous Since Buchanan” – “What the Republicans in the House have done is they’ve matched up solutions against Biden’s Democratic failures”

Is Biden deliberately destroying America’s military defenses? – The Air Force Academy is offering a new fellowship program for “gender minorities” only, with straight men explicitly excluded

California is losing residents and Gavin Newsom has lame excuses – The real problem is that Newsom wants to run for president in 2024, but he has to do it as the governor of a failing state

A gay man condemns transgender education – “If I tried to teach your children about my sexuality, I would be arrested. Yet when the school board does it. it’s education”

The same ideology underlying the demands of student radicals and the university’s subsequent reformations is now forming and re-shaping American K–12 education

A U.S. presidential administration teamed up with Black Lives Matter (BLM), an unscrupulous, failed, corrupt organization that promotes violence, to carry out the world’s largest racial hoax

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: MARTHA’S VINEYARD SEQUEL – You know a political stunt has landed when the new news cycle and the more important memosphere are still obsessing over it a week later

September 23, 2022

Poll after poll after poll shows inflation is currently the voters’ top concern – It could well be that inflation, and the chain of events set off by inflation, will be the driving factor in the 2024 presidential election, too

Dr. Mehmet Oz released his health records as he maneuvers to keep questions about Democrat rival John Fetterman’s recovery from a stroke front and center in the hotly contested PA US Senate campaign

Who Is Our Real President? – Is it Joe Biden or the staffers who keep walking back his comments?

The California Air Resources Board voted to end the sale of gas furnaces and gas water heaters by the year 2030

The Israeli MoH commissioned researchers to analyze adverse event reports submitted by Israelis and the researchers presented findings from the new surveillance system in an internal June 2022 meeting

150+ scientists who worked in a top U.S. national security laboratory were hired by the CCP to do research much of which has directly advanced Chinese military technology and threatens U.S. security

John Daniel Davidson: The Border Crisis Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg – Amid record numbers of illegal border-crossers, a much larger “Cartel Crisis” looms in Mexico, with dire implications for the United States

House Republicans created a town hall to explain how their Commitment to America agenda would help Americans and earn their trust as they strive to gain the House majority

Donald Trump: The upcoming midterms are a “referendum” on President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Schumer, and the “radical left Democrat Congress that is destroying our country”

There are two kinds of voter fraud, one is obvious – Welcome to Massachusetts, World Headquarters for Insidious Voter Fraud – The Democrats are the perpetrators and the Republicans are their victims

Castrating Your Child’s Future – What sort of psychopath terminates her child’s future by chemically castrating and surgically butchering him?

The special master has allowed Donald Trump to identify the materials that Trump claims were “planted” by investigators and gave him until Sept. 30 to answer the question of whether or not the FBI lied

An FBI whistleblower who alleges the bureau has been diverting resources to create a false political narrative that America has a violent domestic extremism problem has been suspended

As sham investigations against conservatives in the MAGA movement begin to ramp up before the 2022 mid-term election, the Democrat machine suffered a huge loss today: prosecutors will not seek charges against Trump-endorsed Matt Gaetz for sex trafficking. The bogus allegation arose in 2020

ZH: The Fed Is Finally Seeing The Magnitude Of The Mess It Created – Powell has finally come to terms with the fact that inflation is not transitory—as the Fed long insisted—and is now impossible to deny

Republicans will immediately move to reverse the Biden administration’s hiring of 87,000 IRS agents if they flip the House in the upcoming midterm elections, the top Republican in the lower chamber says

California Withholds Release of Presumably Poor Student Test Scores Until After The Election – “California Superintendent of Instruction Tony Thurmond does not want to be held accountable for the results”

Sharyl Attkisson: US home sales record 7th straight monthly drop – The Fed’s aggressive monetary policy tightening, marked by oversized interest rate increases, has weakened the housing market considerably

Pharmaceutical giants including Pfizer and Moderna are refusing to share data and technology from their COVID-19 vaccines with researchers studying alternative treatments for the virus

Social media is filled with videos showing long lines of cars at border crossings and airports, as thousands of Russian men subject to Putin’s “partial mobilization” elect to flee the country instead

The 11th Circuit’s unconstitutional ruling against Trump – SCOTUS made clear that the president himself, not any other part of the U.S. government, has the final say over what constitutes a classified document

There is no widely accepted scientific definition of when a pandemic starts or officially ends – Ending it is a political decision, and Joe Biden has made it

Australia in 2022 has so far seen an increase in deaths from cancer, dementia, and diabetes – The findings from the ABS come after elective surgeries were suspended during the pandemic years over concerns hospitals could not cope with the volume of extra patients

The first Hunter Biden whistleblowers memos unmask lucrative gas deals with China – Internal company memos show Hunter’s effort to score American LNG ports, gas deals, and drilling ventures for Beijing

The Latest Survey About Trump Isn’t Shocking at All – The media and deep state have gone so far off the reservation in their attempts to destroy him that their credibility has been destroyed

Let’s Go Grocery Shopping To Fact-Check Biden’s Inflation Is Up “Hardly At All” Claim – Among the basic items in this shopping survey, prices were up an overall average of 70% since the Trump midterms

Biden Is Mostly Mum on Student Debt Relief While Traveling Country

The Biden administration may try to oust World Bank head David Malpass, who took office during the Trump administration because they believe he’s weak on climate

The Gift of Odysseus: Ranked Choice Voting – Subversive electoral schemes like ranked-choice voting are allowed to take root because conservatives have been asleep at the wheel

The Current Crime Wave Is Unlike Any Ever Experienced In America – No longer limited to dark corners or deserted parking lots, it’s now occurring in the middle of the regular hustle and bustle of our daily lives

Unpacking the deadly discipline problem facing administrators and  teachers in our public schools – They are powerless due to a lack of support, equity, and outright fear

Insidious Voter Fraud – The Democrat-dominated Massachusetts State Legislature passed a new law that gives drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants and automatically registers them to vote at the time they get their license

Where have all the white supremacists gone? – Democrats purposely lie about the number, reach, and threat magnitude of white supremacists just so they can stay in power

Fraudsters may have gotten away with tens of billions of dollars in financial aid during the Covid pandemic by filing claims in multiple states and using the social security numbers of dead people

September 22, 2022

A new 2022 Arizona Gubernatorial poll shows Trump-Endorsed Kari lake leading Democrat Katie Hobbs by close to five points just over a month before the November 8 General Elections

Parents want to know why California public school teachers won’t just let their kids be kids without forcing a sexual agenda on them in grade school, middle school, and high school

Republican governors have transported10,000+ migrants to Democrat strongholds this year, sparking a political firestorm over immigration policies less than two months before November’s midterm elections

The Special Master judge in former President Donald Trump’s records case has proposed that a government official swear that the government properly listed all items taken from Trump’s home in August

Trump Reveals A New Item The FBI Probably Took – His will is missing and he thinks the Justice Department has it

Sharyl Attkisson: Anatomy lesson: Redefining the word “migrant” – Today, resources are often used as tools to redefine and manipulate words to the liking of governments, corporations, or other propagandists

Democrats Continue Their Lies About Police Deaths on January 6 –  Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and Congressional Democrats fuel a false narrative intended to stoke outrage

DEMOCRATS MOVE TO CRIMINALIZE OPPOSITION – The DOJ has issued subpoenas to a large number of people who were associated in some way with the Trump campaign or his administration

Nearly half of DEMOCRATS feel less safe since Biden took office – Overall, nearly 7 in 10 Americans have that concern

EU Members Are Divided on Giving Asylum to Russians Fleeing Mobilization – The Baltic states and the Czech Republic have said they won’t accept Russians looking to avoid getting drafted

Despite numerous editorials from local newspapers across Pennsylvania, as well as the Washington Post, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s campaign still refuses to release updates on his medical condition

Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia Is Coercing Parents – In-house CHOP training videos teach staff how to coerce parents into accepting gender transition for their kids

A Canadian woman who died within 15 minutes of receiving a COVID-19 booster shot was in good health, according to her daughter – Meanwhile, Canada is lifting its requirement that anyone entering the country must be “fully vaccinated”

Fauci Blames ‘Divisiveness in Society’ for COVID-19 Policy Confusion and Admits to ‘Draconian’ Measures – Hospitals were being “overrun” and we were forced to take “draconian” steps

The Gates Foundation is funding studies on how to manipulate people to receive “future” COVID-19 vaccines despite studies continuing to show links between the vaccine and myocarditis

This Is Disturbing: The Covid mRNA Shots Could Be Weakening Peoples’ Immune Systems for Generations – “People who take the vaccines are not the same”

Is the Spike Protein Changing Our Gene Expression? – Several studies indicate they can damage human cell mitochondria, suppress the human immune system, form amyloid-like proteins, and cause abnormal blood clots

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: Suppress, Silence, Skew and Censor – HealthCare Ethics Committee Forum: Suppressing Scientific Discourse on Vaccines? Self-perceptions of researchers and practitioners

A Top Florida Democrat Endorses Ron DeSantis, Says “Too Much Is on the Line” – DeSantis is running against Democrat Charlie Crist, the former governor of Florida, in the state’s gubernatorial race

Top ICE Official Makes Harrowing Admission – From 2008 through 2016, ICE removed never less than 230,000 illegal immigrants per year, however, in 2021, under Biden, they  only deported 55,598

The Department of Homeland Security has reportedly verified that the Venezuelan government is releasing violent criminals from its prisons and sending them to the United States

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is being investigated by the DOJ over alleged identity theft and damage to a protected computer relating to an alleged breach of voting machines in Colorado, court documents show

Americans are set to fork out an extra $11,500 this year if they want to enjoy the same standard of living they maintained in 2020, according to new estimates from NerdWallet

The Bill Barr Comes to Trump’s Defense Over NY AG’s Lawsuit – “By all accounts, James’s move appears to be a political hit job”

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Rejects Trump’s Special Master Review And Instead Trust The FBI Completely – Rather than continue to fight this losing and expensive battle, Trump should pivot to the midterms and take his case to the public

Fact-checking under President Trump was a bustling business, but under Biden, fact-checkers have simply checked out in terms of scrutinizing the many ways that he is misleading the public

The “DeSantis Is Worse Than Trump” Campaign Begins – The only reason to do so now is that his recent actions have raised his profile nationally and increasingly endeared him to conservatives

Kari Lake offers a master class in avoiding the media’s ‘gotcha’ questions – “Kari, a lot of people of color feel like they are unfairly targeted by police”

Steve Kirsch: I formally asked the CDC to answer a few easy questions – I filled out the official media request form on their website and here is what I asked them

September 21, 2022

Ron DeSantis has smashed fundraising records and has now raised more money than any governor in U.S. history. This has fueled major speculation that DeSantis is eyeing a run for president in 2024

The US Power Grid Needs Trillions in Upgrades to Accommodate Future Renewable Energy Demands – Even using nuclear energy as a crutch, the cost of upgrades needed amounts to $4 trillion

Why Does The National Education Association, The Country’s Largest Teachers Union, Want Kids To Learn Butthole-Licking? – Documents show their LGBTQ caucus provides lesson plans in perversion

A POLITICAL MYSTERY – Why do Democrats insist that little children be indoctrinated in transgender ideology?

The Democrat-dominated House Oversight Committee on Tuesday shot down an effort by the committee’s Republicans to get their hands on documents about the Biden family’s overseas interests

The Federal Reserve raised the benchmark federal funds rate by 75 basis points on Sept. 21 and indicated that further big increases were likely at two remaining meetings this year

Trump Torches Biden with Truth Bomb Regarding Where He Sat at Queen’s Funeral – “This is what’s happened to America in just two short years,  No Respect!”

Clown Show: Attorney General Letitia James Announces A Lawsuit Against Donald For Inflating Net Worth – Something That’s Already Been Debunked

Trump Reveals the Moment He Knew NY The Attorney General Would Bring A Case Against Him – “I never thought this case would be brought — until I saw her really bad poll numbers”


Biden Says Deporting Illegal Immigrants to Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua Is “Not Rational” – “There are fewer immigrants that are coming from Central America than from Mexico, it’s a different circumstance”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed that more than 11,000 illegal immigrants have been bused to the cities of New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C. this year

A Grassroot Election Integrity Movement Sweeps The Battleground States – Led by the Election Integrity Network, a project of the Conservative Partnership Institute, a Washington-based non-profit

In the aftermath of an exposé by Matt Walsh, Tennessee’s Governor Bill Lee has called for an investigation of the Pediatric Transgender Clinic at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville

Mosby’s Final Insult to Baltimore – She freed a convicted murderer on her way out the door

A New Book Exposes Hard Truths About The Covid-19 Vaccines – The result of the mismanagement of the pandemic, surging infection rates, and ongoing reports of vaccine safety issues have led more people than ever before to question current public health policies

Steve Kirsch: Alarming Evidence Of Harm – Here is a short collection of evidence showing the COVID vaccines are not “safe and effective” – They are the most deadly vaccines we’ve ever produced

People With Jobs Are Becoming Disabled at Alarming Rates – Each one is a tragedy, but that’s just a tiny fraction of the actual number because there’s a significant underreporting factor in VAERS

There Is A Wave of Mainly Heart Deaths In England and Wales That Tops 17,800 But The Government Still Won’t Release Data by Vaccination Status

A Doctor Finds “Rectangles and Inverted Pyramids” in Degraded mRNA Vaccines – He used an electron microscope to analyze Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines exposed to room temperature for weeks or months

The mask and COVID-19 vaccine mandate imposed on the Head Start program was struck down by a judge who said the mandate is clearly outside the power of the agency that promulgated and enforced it

One Small Step For Man…Closer To World War III – Putin escalates his troop engagement and nuclear rhetoric, Xi continues to urge “prep for war” and Jerome Powell is hours away from continuing to raise interest rates at breakneck speed

Putin Accuses the West of “Nuclear Blackmail” and Announces Conscription to Boost The Russian Army

Vladimir Putin’s decision to mobilize a portion of the reserve forces to join the fight in Ukraine is an indication of manpower losses according to the White House

Western Sanctions Against Russia Spark Mayhem In Shipping As A New Threat Emerges – Concerns are growing that the limited availability of LNG vessels this winter may cause cargo disruptions

11 Republican attorneys general filed an amicus brief in support of former Donald Trump in his legal battle over the FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago home, denouncing the search as a “ransacking” at the hands of the Biden administration

Difficulty and Opportunity Lie Ahead – Normally, a  government fracturing from its ranks would immediately seek to forge unity and common national purpose among its zen, but not the Biden administration

Tucker Carlson: The Great Replacement Theory Was Supposedly A Conspiracy Theory – Now It Sounds More Like a Statistical Fact

Why has President Biden opened our southern border? – That wasn’t quite the question that he took on his way out the door of his remarks on the DISCLOSE Act yesterday (transcript here), but it was close

Questions The Media Should Be Required To Answer (But Can’t or Won’t) On Caring For The Illegal Immigrants Crossing Our Borders

Google Rigged The 2020 Election – A Senior Google engineer leaked 950 pages of internal documents that prove Google used censorship, blacklist, and machine learning algorithms to rig the 2020 election

The FBI just made the best case for dismantling itself – Tucker Carlson recently covered some disturbing allegations from an FBI whistleblower about their avoidance of investigating sex crimes against children

The war isn’t against ‘fossil fuels’ but rather the people – Here are several points the media doesn’t want us to see

Robert Cahaly of Trafalgar explains why his polls show Republicans competitive even in some of the bluest places

“The Pandemic is over” is not just another Biden gaffe – What about vaccination requirements requiring Federal workers and contractors being required to prove they are vaccinated…

Colleen Huber NMD: Since the dawn of COVID my patients and Substack readers have expressed dismay over how idiotic doctors seemed to have become – Here’s how it happened and who was involved

The Jab Put Me on a Journey I Didn’t Expect, Or Want – This is my COVID story, which is more about what the vaccine did to m than the virus

Healthy, Successful People Are Suddenly Dying Off Faster Than the General Population – Most of them were forced to take the jab to keep their job

Dr. Joseph Mercola: COVID-19 is a war against the public, to force us into a New World Order, a One World Government run by a globalist cabal, where “biosecurity” is the justification for the removal of Constitutional rights and freedoms

Criminals Won’t Give Up Their Guns – This gentleman tells it like it is and without using a teleprompter

September 20, 2022

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit upheld a new Texas law – HB 20 requires social media platforms such as Twitter, Google (including YouTube), and Facebook to stop censoring viewpoints they don’t like

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan: A Whistleblower Claims The FBI Is Diverting Resources from Child Trafficking Cases to Investigate Jan. 6

The U.S. Government’s Vast New Privatized Censorship Regime – Censorship of wrong-think by Big Tech at the behest of the government is government censorship, which violates the First Amendment

Ripping Off the Racial Preference Veil – Hiring a “diversity candidate” under a preference regime almost always means not hiring a more qualified non-diverse candidate

A grand jury subpoena indicates that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is conducting a criminal investigation into the activities of those questioning the integrity of the 2020 presidential election

Biden Arrives Late for Queen’s Funeral, Then Viewers Notice Where He’s Sitting – 14 rows back with the leaders of the Czech Republic and Switzerland as an apparent result of the tardiness

Special Master in Trump Case Says He Doesn’t Want to See Records Marked Classified – “Let’s not belittle the fact that we are dealing with at least potentially legitimately classified information”

Ron DeSantis Receives Thunderous Applause After OBLITERATING Biden’s Open-Border Policy – “When Biden is flying these people all over the fruited plain in the middle of the night, I didn’t hear a peep out of those people!”

Here’s How Much a New Monthly Mortgage Will Cost – Mortgage rates surpassed 6 percent last week for the first time since 2008

Why the Middle Class Is Being Destroyed – The emergence of a cognitive elite and  the almost total convergence of intellectuals with the financial elite explains the coming extinction of the middle class

This video from the South China Morning Post shows a row of electric buses in China combusting rather dramatically – Would you have a chance if it were in service and you were on board?

The use of face masks in classrooms made “no significant difference” in COVID-19 infection rates, according to a new study

Steve Kirsh: How do we sway the minds of people who refuse to see the negative Covid data? – The problem is getting people to consider the possibility that they have been lied to and fooled

After Biden Declares COVID-19 Pandemic “Is Over,” Fauci Interprets “What He Meant” – Biden”s comment to the CBS show prompted Democrats to scramble to shape the narrative around his messaging

Moderna’s updated COVID-19 vaccine was found to not be more effective at preventing COVID-19 infection, according to a new study

The “Big Guy” Resurrects Big Brother NewSpeak – The Democrats’ goal, aided and abetted by the complicit legacy media, is to resurrect Big Brother’s tyranny

13 True Facts from the “My Son Hunter” Movie – Although the movie takes some artistic liberties, many scenes portray true accounts of the Biden scion’s life

The depths of the Bureau’s depravity know no bounds – What kind of things would brand an American citizen as a possible terrorist threat? A stated belief in the Second Amendment, for one

John Daniel Davidson: Sorry, There’s No ‘Smoking Gun’ In Martha’s Vineyard, Just A Lot Of Left-Wing Condescension – The notion these migrants were tricked into traveling to Massachusetts is the height of leftist contempt for people they claim to champion

Judging by the intensity of the Left’s indignation over Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s decision to fly four dozen immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, last week, it’s safe to say he struck a nerve

The latest poll from the midterm battleground of Georgia shows most Republican candidates in the Peach State pulling away from their Democrat opponents with fewer than 50 days until the general election

Green Energy Transition Hits the Wall – The prospect of a cold winter without Russian gas in Europe seems to be the one thing that the Global Warming scientists didn’t think about in planning their glorious Great Leap Forward to the green energy transition

While Battling Sanctuary City Officials, Abbott’s Texas Lead Expands – Governors Abbott, Ducey, and DeSantis are forcing Democrats to taste a small fraction of what their failing policies have been wreaking in their states for the better part of two years

Democrats desperate to hold onto their emergency COVID-19 powers are hitting the airwaves to walk back comments made by Joe Biden over the weekend that the “pandemic is over”

Steve Kirsh: Dr. Paul Offit, one of the world’s most respected vaccine experts says to wait and see before getting the new Covid booster that has only been tested on mice

Shades of Mengele – Dr. Fauci falsely claimed that Hydroxychloroquine was ineffective against COVID-19, but while he promoted potentially lethal injections for average Americans, government elites received restorative cures

Advocates for people injured by COVID-19 vaccines are meeting with federal officials to discuss the problem and the need for compensation for vax-injured people and survivors of those who have been killed by the vaccine

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Latest COVID Shots Sold as Genetic Software Update – For each hospitalization prevented, the jab will cause 18 to 98 serious adverse events…

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Dr. Malone’s attorneys sent cease-and-desist letters to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, Rolling Stone, and The Scientist

September 19, 2022

A Natural Gas Shortage Is Looming For The U.S. – While natural gas prices in the United States fell after a railway strike was averted last week, it looks likely that prices both at home and abroad will spike this winter


The Cartoon Fall of the House of Cheney – Maybe this is a man who long lost touch as he represented a “heartland” that year after a year lost a little more heart

“It’s Not Just a Decline, It’s an Absolute Implosion” – Steve Cortes on Biden’s Devastating Housing Numbers Released this Morning

Joe Biden declared that the pandemic is over which could render his decision to forgive trillions of dollars of student loan debt unconstitutional as he used the COVID-19 emergency to legally justify the move

Biden Breaks from Decades of US Policy with Single Interview Answer – The U.S. previously retained a longstanding policy of “strategic ambiguity” on Taiwan intended to keep China in the dark 

The Justice Department Is Desperate to Conceal “Classified” Records – It’s all just another campaign of deceit—with reliable assistance from the national news media—to get Trump

These Five Senate Seats Could Flip in the November – Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona

Central Bank Digital Currencies are the Bullet Train to Digital Concentration Camps – “If you can empty or freeze  bank accounts at will, and tell people what they can and cannot spend money on, you’ve got complete control”

Trump Returns to Mar-a-Lago, Reveals ‘Place Will Never Be the Same’ After Raid – “The residence “was ‘ransacked,’ and in far different condition than the way I left it”

Igor Danchenko Confirms He Was Paid by FBI for Years – He provided information to dossier author Christopher Steele and was relied upon to build other cases and open other investigations

Marilyn Mosby: the Rise and Fall of a Radical District Attorney – Mosby faces federal charges for fraud and perjury, but her tenure provides a lesson in how the left-wing movement to “reimagine” policing and the criminal justice system has destroyed many once-great American cities

Gavin Newsom Vows to Run for President Under One Likely Condition – If Joe Biden does not seek a second term

Human Composting Is Now Legal in California – AB 351 was signed into law! It legalizes “human composting” as an after-death option

Woman Injured by Pfizer Shot Forced to Get Vaccine Despite Pre-Existing Heart Issue – Now she can’t work at all

In the wake of military setbacks, Putin threatens more destruction – “Indeed, we were quite restrained in our response, but that will not last forever,” If the situation continues like that, our response will be more impactful”

Liz Cheney Refuses to Go Away And Announces Huge Decision – She is expected to introduce a bill next week that will put up new hurdles to challenging electors and may also limit the role of the vice president

The truth about leftists is coming out – Ever since Obama crept into national politics, we’ve seen the inner workings of the left and progressives for what they are: socialists and communists, which is ultimate control by government, so that elites can rule

ZH: Biden Declares The COVID Pandemic “Is Over” – If “the pandemic is over” then all of the President’s emergency powers predicated on a pandemic, all COVID vax mandates, the emergency powers of every governor, Emergency Use Authorizations, and the PREP act should all be voided tomorrow

Cleanup1 on Aisle 46: Joe Biden makes a mess of his 60 Minutes interview – He made one mess after another, which has put his White House staff into full walk back, spin, and damage control mode

The Economy Weakness Is Broadening Out From Low-Income To Middle-Income Consumers – For higher-income households, which represent a large share of national income, financial conditions aren’t tightening, they’re easing

Martha’s Vineyard freak-out: Ignoring the real problem – Everything the Biden administration has done since Day One has been to increase the incentive for would-be immigrants to cross illegally into the U.S.

Who Is Spreading Misinformed Disinformation? – Quotes put that show just how important it is to automatically agree with whatever our masters in the mainstream media/government suggest to us, NOT

September 18, 2022

New High-Speed COVID Boosters Are Here, And Without Human Testing – Let that sink in, the new BA.4/5 bivalent vaccines have only been tested in mice, not humans – Will they work, and for how long?

The World Economic Forum’s Plutocracy Should Be Dissolved – The “Great Reset” is at its heart a program for driving political power away from individual citizens and toward the controlling interests of a small international class of financial elites

Academic Administrators Are Strangling Our Universities – A parasitic class of self-righteous bureaucrats has taken over campus life

The Political War President — Trump, Live From Ohio and he hasn’t lost a step – The other side has crossed the Rubicon. They’ve done more than insult us. They’ve threatened us

Few Trust The DOJ, Which Is Why Court Should Reject Its Request To Freeze The Special Master – That outcome will be the only way to regain the trust of the American people

Top Obama Propaganda Flunky Caught Attempting to Pay for Jan 6 TikTok Disinfo Campaign – USING A CHINESE COMMUNIST-OWNED COMPANY TO SPREAD FALSE ELECTION INFORMATION 

Times/Siena College Poll: Voters view the economy as the most important issue – Roughly 52% of voters said that they trust Republicans to manage the economy, compared to 38% for the Democrats

Americans Will See Right Through Biden’s Economic Falsehoods and Vote Accordingly – You cannot tell the public that there is no inflation when prices for food, groceries, electricity, natural gas, and cars are rising sharply

Martha’s Vineyard Newspaper Lists 50 Job Ads Despite Claims of No Work on Island For Migrants Bussed Out Of Area

Victor Davis Hanson: Equal Justice, They Said – We are now a revolutionary society in decline using the courts, prosecutors, the administrative state, and the law itself to punish political enemies, help friends, and declare such asymmetry “social justice”

The Jan. 6 Committee Released an Alleged Violent “Walkie-Talkie” Recording from J-6 Protests — BUT THEY LIED AND GOT CAUGHT – The People on the Call WERE NOT EVEN AT CAPITOL!

The January 6 Committee will hold at least one more hearing and release an early report into its “findings” before the 2020 midterm elections, in what is probably the least surprising “October surprise” in American political history

Goldman Sachs cuts its 2023 outlook for US growth – Goldman sees another huge interest rate hike coming this week, projecting the Fed will raise by another 75 basis points

One underappreciated economic indicator is deeply negative – The NAHB announced last month that homebuilder confidence has fallen for eight straight months

Dan Bongino: The left’s police state is here – Bongino raises concerns over the White House calling for censorship of free speech

WSJ: Electric Bills Soar Across the Country as Winter Looms – Rising natural-gas prices are expected to make it more expensive to light and heat homes in the coming months

A DC firm with Clinton ties is operating a ‘grassroots’ scheme in the shadows – In 2020 alone, Arabella doled out nearly one billion dollars, with a majority of the money going to “left-leaning and [other] politically active nonprofits”

The For-Profit D.C. Firm Staging America’s ‘Grassroots’ Movements – Supposed spontaneous local protests are funded and staffed to a large degree by a “dark money” network controlled by Arabella Advisors

Tucker Carlson: Martha’s Vineyard GoFundMe for illegal migrants won’t go to them – It is being added to a reserve being built up to assist situations like this in the future, like a university endowment

The NYT led its edition, on Constitution Day, with a front-page article identifying “twin threats” to democracy: not one from the right and one from the left, but rather 1) Republicans and 2) Republican-appointed judges

Retaining election records from the 2020 election – Does the number of people who voted in the 2020 general election equal the number of ballots cast?  – The AFPI says the records that would answer the question do not exist 

SHAPES OF THINGS: FACEBOOK EDITION – “Government censorship should scare us just as much as COVID once did”

Are US Firearm Deaths Overstated? – Per the CDC, only 1% of all deaths in the U.S. for all age groups in 2020 were by firearm. Doesn’t a 99% deserve an A+?

Policing in Democrat-run cities: Don’t say we didn’t warn you – Police departments in big cities are adopting an unofficial “react after the crime” policy instead of being proactive and trying to prevent crimes from occurring

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF), is now collapsing visibly, as its supporters and indeed some of its leaders distance themselves from it like rats from a sinking ship

Potty training: The transgender movement wants to change your bathroom habits – Don’t use urinals because it triggers transgender men

Why Are Schools Asking Children about Their Sexual Histories? – School surveys have become another means of indoctrination, so parents are right to push back

The Conservative Review’s Interactive Scorecard – Conservative Review calculates a Liberty Score for members of Congress based on their voting records – A look at the scores leads to despair for true conservatives

September 17, 2022

Why Does the Omicron Booster Contain the Wuhan Strain? – Overstock and Wastage of the Original Vaccines Is The Real Reason Behind Bivalent Vaccine Development

Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin sat on a report from the DOD’s Inspector General for three months – The report related to actions by the military indicating that its COVID mandates violated the law

Democrat DC Mayor Bowser: “We’re Not a Border Town. We Don’t Have the Infrastructure to Handle This Type of Immigration to Our City… We’re Not Texas”

Illinois’ no-cash bail law will turn the state into “The Purge” – The Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity-Today Act will eliminate cash bail for the majority of defendants charged with criminal acts

A new conservative website was released called The Ronald. It’s a high-tech version of the old-style aggregators, and every single post on the site is generated by its readers. It’s a genius spin-off of a forum and news site merged and a slight hint of social media with the users’ profiles

Honoring the world’s greatest governing document, the U.S. Constitution – The Constitution is the world’s shortest, with only 4,543 words, each protecting us from authoritarianism by the government

The Special Master Calls The DOJ And Trump Lawyers To New York ForA Preliminary Conference – Trump has repeatedly said he previously declassified everything in his possession before leaving office

Wish You Weren’t Here – In a single stroke, Ron DeSantis tore the mask off the hypocrisy of the smug faces of the liberal elites who love crowing about the virtues of “diversity” and the evils of “whiteness”

Governor Newsom’s Adolescent Put-Downs of Florida Governor  DeSantis – Is the United States threatened because Governor Ron DeSantis sent 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard?

A Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Social Media Companies in Free Speech Censorship Fight –  “We reject the idea that corporations have a freewheeling First Amendment right to censor what people say”

Inconvenient Data: Canada Purges the Evidence That More Shots Are Leading to MORE Death, Poof! Gone! Data deleted – They can’t allow you to make a negative association with the covid vaccines

The FDA Just Fast-Tracked a Vaccine for Alzheimer’s – Fast-tracking a vaccine that’s targeting an isolated element of Alzheimer’s disease that is not the underlying cause is destined to be a massive disaster

Putin Tells Allies “No Hurry” In Ukraine, Warns Of “More Serious” Action To Come – “We’re are quite restrained in our response to this, for the time being, but if the situation continues to develop in this way, the response will be more serious”

Patrick J. Buchanan: Vladimir Putin’s Narrowing Options – In the last week, the Russian army in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine was driven out of some 2,200 square miles of territory, whose soldiers are now two miles from the Russian border

The 9/11 Conundrum: Terrorists Who Should Be Put to Death but Can’t Be Tried – The outlines of a plea deal are easy to see but, for many of us, impossible to swallow

The extent of a years-long misinformation campaign by the FBI and Justice Department regarding the alleged main source of disgraced Christopher Steele’s Trump dossier has been laid bare by John Durham’s latest court filing

According to both current and former rank-and-file FBI agents, Joe Biden is so desperate to prove that “White Supremacists” are a huge threat to America that he’s been pressuring agents to make up cases

The 5th Circuit says tech companies can’t use the 1st Amendment to censor speech – The law held that social media companies cannot censor views with which they disagree (invariably, views opposing Democrat actions and ideas)

California Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday announced a sweeping package of what he called the country’s “most aggressive” climate measures to “accelerate the state’s transition” to non-conventional energy sources

The Conservative Review interactive scorecard gives A through F grades to every person in Congress – People with an A are highly committed to individual liberty – Those who have an F are pure statists

WHEN THE AXIS TILTS – The Martha’s Vineyard’s migrant meltdown illustrates the efficacy of a few of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals – Governors Abbott and DeSantis have put several of Alinsky’s rules in play, including…

Hold the open-borders Democrats accountable – This uncontrolled influx is a long-term project of the Democrats to inundate swing states with these migrants who, they think, will ultimately be Democrat voters

Border towns can’t foot the bill for DC-created immigration chaos by themselves – If we are going to leave the border open the obligations to care for those who enter cannot be borne solely based on a community’s proximity to the border

50 migrants arrive at Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence and 4 more buses to NYC – Kamala Harris accused Republican governors of “dereliction of duty” after previously claiming “the border is secure”

Despite the spin, Republicans do have a path to winning the Senate – They need to win five of the eight Senate races rated as toss-ups by RealClearPolitics: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: MARTHA’S VINEYARD EDITION – The spectacle of the left’s reaction to a mere 50 “migrants” turning up in Martha’s Vineyard has to be the most satisfying since Nixon’s Christmas bombing of Hanoi in 1972

September 16, 2022

The Safety of Hundreds of Millions Hinge on Data From 8 Mice?  – The FDA’s authorization of a vaccine containing the BA.4/5 subvariants based on partial data from another vaccine containing the BA.1 subvariant’s mRNA sequence is baffling

WARNING SIGNS: Estimated GDP by Atlanta Fed CRASHES 1 FULL POINT This Week! – Both the Atlanta Fed and the Blue Chip Consensus have taken deep dives in the past several days

Governor Baker of Massachusetts on Friday announced plans to deploy at least 125 National Guard troops to relocate the 50 illegal migrants that were flown into Martha’s Vineyard to a military base on Cape Cod one day after their arrival

Parmvir Singh: Say His Name – This store clerk gave the thieving thug everything he demanded, was compliant, and posed no threat at all to him, but the thug shot him simply because he, the thug, is an animal

ZH: Violence In California Reaches “Epidemic” Levels As Our Society Rapidly Deteriorates All Around Us – What is happening in California is going to happen to the rest of the nation if we do not take urgent action to turn things around

The EU is Speeding Towards Digital ID Systems for Tracking Citizens – The European Digital Identity integrates personal identifiers including birth certificates, medical documents, bank accounts, tax returns, education status, and prescriptions

Democrat lawmakers have introduced legislation that would prevent stock trades by members of Congress and their families, and it is obvious that the political moves are jabs at radical Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Donald Trump’s lawyers have rejected an offer from the NY AG’s office to settle a hotly contested civil investigation into his real estate business, paving the way for a lawsuit accusing him of fraud, according to three people familiar with the case

ZH: The US Army’s Recruiting Crisis Worsens – Disqualification rates for potential recruits jumped from 30-40% (pre-Covid) to a whopping 70% this year due to obesity, low test scores, and/or drug use

Steve Kirsch: The 10 Biggest Globalist Lies That MUST Be Annihilated – We need to focus more on the things that make a substantial impact – Lie #1: “The Covid Vaccines Are a Little Effective and Mostly Safe”

Steve Kirsch: Why the Israeli Ministry of Health didn’t share their safety data – After they learned the vaccines were unsafe in March 2022, they said it was simply a manpower/budget issue that they weren’t able to inform the public

ZH: Delivering his most upbeat message since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO, said that the end of the pandemic was finally near

Coleen Huber NMD: A Dr. Sues Medical Board that Stole His License – Paul Thomas MD dared to publish health outcomes comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children so the Oregon Medical Board stole took his medical license

Health Authorities ‘Strongly’ Advise Against Two COVID-19 Treatments – The warnings came as part of an update to the WHO’s  “living guideline” on COVID-19 drugs, published in the BMJ

A Taiwanese Study Finds The Chinese Herb Peimine (Zhabei A in Chinese)Stops Coronavirus From Penetrating Cells and Works Against Mutant Variants

This Is What We Know About the Special Master Named to Review Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Documents – He is one of the few judges who both sides want to appear in front of and is held in the highest regard by attorneys

At a summit at the White House on Thursday to address “hate-fueled violence,” President Joe Biden denounced white supremacists and urged lawmakers in Congress to end special immunity for social media companies

Secretary of State Blinken announced that the United States will send a further $600 million worth of military equipment to Ukraine – The latest drawdown of U.S. military inventory is the 21st authorized by Blinken since September last year

The Bidenomics Sham Is Collapsing – New data from the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s GDPNow data set shows the economy is tanking

WSJ: FedEx Stock Tumbles More Than 20% After Warning on Downward Shipping Trends  – The global shipping giant’s results should loom large over the coming earnings season

Trump Scores Two Huge Victories In Fight For Special Master – Trump’s win shouldn’t be a loss for the DOJ unless they played fast and loose – The “Detailed Inventory” must represent the full accurate extent of the property seized

Far-left agitators shut down TPUSA Tomi Lahren’s speaking event at the University of New Mexico – The event was canceled after Lahren was barricaded in a back room for 45 minutes, and she left under police escort

Germany seizes control of 3 Russian-owned oil refineries ahead of the looming EU deadline – The oil companies will be put under the control of Germany’s Federal Network Agency

Rasmussen Poll: Fifty-two percent of likely voters approve of Texas moving illegal aliens to “sanctuary cities” with only 39 percent disapproving

Martha’s Vineyard deports 50 illegal migrants to the Cape Cod military base after the billionaire’s haven declared a “humanitarian emergency” and went into meltdown following DeSantis’ decision to send them there

Poll: JD Vance grows lead over Tim Ryan in Ohio Senate race – The latest polling hints at growing momentum for the Republican candidate, expanding his lead from a month ago when he led Ryan by only 3 percentage points

Republican voters who refuse to vote hurt everyone else – People who advocate not voting are advocating surrender to the leftist mob and surrender to Democrats who have ruined a perfectly good country

U.S. Oil Reserves Are Disappearing – They Have Reached Their Lowest Levels Since the 1980s

Will Anyone Like It if Biden Ends Fossil Fuels? – Pursuing an “end to fossil fuels” as national policy willfully ignores an inescapable fact about air travel, electric airliners do not exist and it is unlikely they will ever be practical

ZH: US Energy Producers Send Ominous Warning To Europe – “No Bailout Is Coming, Not on the oil side and not on the gas side”

With the FBI seizing phones and computers, Congress should act – What about the people who lack the means to instantly replace a seized computer or telephone when the FBI refuses to return it for days, weeks, months, or years?

A Delaware Judge Rules Democrats’ Vote-By-Mail Law Unconstitutional And Prohibits It In November – Republicans say mail-in ballots without signatures and without any idea of where they are coming from is a problem

A plea bargain in a bribery case involving a USC official and a former local city council member could ensure that evidence implicating Los Angeles mayoral candidate Representative Karen Bass (D-CA) is not revealed

Complications due to mRNA vaccines have been anticipated going back 15 years – When the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out, it was already known that the toxicity of the spike protein and the toxicity of another component of the vaccine could cause complications such as inflammation, blood clots, and disruption of the immune system

Many More Will Die Unless We Stop The Covid Vaccinations – It is critically important for the public to understand that the COVID vaccines that the vast majority of people have taken are the root cause of increased death rates

September 15, 2022

Americans Make Enormous Sacrifices While Bidenflation Continues – Prices have risen by 12.6% under President Biden’s administration

Judge Cannon rejects Biden DOJ’s request for a partial stay, and appoints Judge Raymond Dearie as special master – Dearie’s job will be to comb through everything that was seized and suss out what is and is not admissible

ZH: Forecasting The Midterm Elections – It takes 218 votes to control the House, so if Republicans hold the seats they have and pick up just seven seats from Democrats, they will control the House

The Biden Administration Intentionally Weakening Military – Other countries recognize that the Biden administration is weak and indecisive on many issues, not just how the U.S. military left Afghanistan

The Fascist Attack on Mike Lindell – The FBI becomes the Stasi – What Facebook and Twitter did could easily be called rigging an election and Lindell is right to question all of this without fear of being harassed by the FBI

Illegals outside of Kamala’s house tell the TRUTH about the border – The border is wide open

Illinois Governor Pritzker issued an emergency disaster proclamation after hundreds of migrants bused in from Texas – Around 75 National Guard troops were activated as part of the emergency proclamation to provide resources to migrants

“Texas doesn’t own your body” – Gavin Newsom’s campaign launches new billboards in anti-abortion states

California Governor Newsom asks The DOJ to consider “kidnapping” charges after GOP governors ship migrants out of their state and investigate possible illegal acts by Gov. Ron DeSantis and Gov. Greg Abbott

California proposes a mandate to phase out diesel trucks – CA would require new trucks to be zero-emissions in 2040 – Large companies could gradually convert fleets, but truckers worry about the costs and practicality of electric trucks

The Unidentified and Uncharged Instigator in the Oath Keepers Case – With the reputation of the DOJ and the FBI in shreds, it is reasonable at this point to suspect that any unidentified participant could have easily been a fed

In the largest study to date on myocarditis deaths related to COVID-19 vaccination, researchers found that 100 people in England died of myocarditis soon after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine

Transplant recipients are rejecting their new organ after receiving a vaccination against COVID-19, adding another challenge for the vaccinated population, according to the new study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine

A 17-Year-Old Student Suffered A Serious Heart Attack After Finishing A Cross Country Race – Doctors Found Two Blood Clots That Completely Blocked His Right Artery And Are Baffled on Exactly What Happened

Fauci, the Master Bureaucrat, Says It’s Not His Fault – He appears to be the main architect of American lockdowns and vaccine mandates and was doing several media appearances a day for the better part of two years

In a report of its two-year investigation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the prestigious medical journal The Lancet concluded it’s possible the virus originated in an American lab

Senator Ron Johnson: Biden lied to Americans about COVID the vaccine – Big Tech executives silent when asked if they would censor president Biden’s misinformation

Major U.S. railroads and unions secured a tentative deal after 20 hours of intense talks brokered by the Biden administration to avert a rail shutdown that could have hit food and fuel supplies across the country and beyond

WSJ: Mortgage Rates Top 6% for the First Time Since the 2008 Financial Crisis – Already, higher rates are forcing some would-be buyers to continue renting or to skimp elsewhere

The Tide Turns in Ukraine – Over the last ten days, Ukrainians have achieved astonishing gains over the Russian army – What comes next will be critical as the history of warfare has shown that an army is at its most vulnerable in retreat

Russia abandoned “high-value equipment” during the Kharkiv area retreat – Ukraine’s 2nd counteroffensive resulted in recapturing more land than Russia had taken from April through August that occupies significant portions of the south

A recent report claims that Facebook has been spying on the private messages of American users and reporting them to the FBI if they express anti-government sentiments or question the 2020 election

90% of the Republican Party does nothing to oppose the Biden regime’s destructive policies and works with the Democrat Party to maintain the corrupt status quo from which they all so greatly benefit

Who was Behind the January 6 Events? – The target is not so much Trump and the MAGA movement, but the idea that electoral votes could be legally contested on a joint session of Congress

Voter Fraud: The Bottom Line – Why does the Democrat Party oppose free, fair, and credible elections?” –  The short answer is that Democrats are much better at cheating and rigging elections than Republicans

Chuck Schumer privately told other Democrat senators he expects their party will lose the House, contrasting Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s public optimism about maintaining a majority

Democrats vs. Democracy Biden’s warning that democracy is under threat is a projection – The US is not a democracy but a constitutional republic whose citizens employ democratic elections to choose their representatives

By Backing MAGA Candidates, the Democrats Embrace High-Stakes Risk – They will probably beat them in the general election, but with Biden’s approval rating so low and inflation high there’s never a 100 percent chance of victory

Americans Are Piling On More And More Debt – Americans cope with rising prices and prop up the sagging economy by using their credit cards to borrow at an excessive rate because they don’t have any other way to make ends meet

Putin will be meeting Xi Jinping in person next week to solidify Russia’s relationship with China –  The meeting is notable because it is in person, and because Jinping “has not left China since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020”

ZH: “Where Does The Buck Stop” As Yuan Tumbles Below 7 Per Dollar – If and when heavyweights China and Japan fully commit, that could be enough to finally stop the buck

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Federal officials in the Biden administration held secret illegal meetings with social media companies to suppress free speech and to ban or de-platform those who share opposing views about COVID and the vaccines

An Iowa judge ruled on Tuesday that a teenage human trafficking victim must serve five years of closely supervised probation and pay $150,000 in restitution to the family of her accused rapist, whom she stabbed to death

A Woman Escapes COVID-19 Hospital Treatment Protocols, And Says Others Not So Lucky – She is one of the few who has lived to tell her story about what she witnessed on the inside with COVID-19 hospital treatment protocols

MonkeyPox FearPorn Update – Overhyped pretty much as predicted. Yet again, when will they ever learn?

The Trump-Hillary Double Standard: For Her, the FBI Helped Obstruct Its In-House Investigation – The leniency accorded to Clinton contrasts with recent moves by Attorney General Merrick Garland to aggressively investigate Donald Trump

A Whitepaper Shows Durham Isn’t Bringing Collusion Hoaxers To Justice – His team has known of these discrepancies for years but has failed to hold responsible those who used the CIA to target a political opponent with false smears

Why Hispanics are leaving the Democrat Party – The Party’s soul has new ownership that is the property of atheistic, wealthy, woke white people and has moved so far leftward and so fast that no one in the country can keep up

California’s Senate passed a bill that, if signed into law, will give CA courts “temporary emergency jurisdiction” over any child who travels to the state seeking gender transition surgeries and cross-sex hormones, regardless of state residence

Attention Conservatives: They’re Coming For Your Podcasts Next – The liberal Brookings Institution just released what it calls “a tool to monitor political broadcasts” on increasingly popular podcasts – To combat supposed “misinformation”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent two busloads of illegal economic migrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ official home in D.C., just days after she insisted that “the border is secure”

Candace Owens Threatened With CPS and Misdemeanor Charge – This is more situational ethics and there is little concern over these medical issues from the people who claim that women have a choice over their bodies

I’m an NCAA champion female swimmer and we have to protect girls and women from Biden’s destruction of Title IX – I saw a 6’4″ biological male with male parts in our women’s locker room, which  confirms Lia Thomas is a male

A non-partisan ethics watchdog group demanded an investigation into PA’s Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, who is running for the open U.S. Senate seat, for allegedly failing to properly disclose all of his assets, which he is legally required to do

Californians Adjust To Their New Life In Texas – Our oldest daughter and her husband escaped California and moved to West Texas a couple of months ago – They are not woke or Liberal, so I know they will get a kick out of this short video

September 14, 2022

A Federal Judge Releases New Portions of Mar-a-Lago Affidavit – Biden’s DOJ Went After Trump’s Video Surveillance Cameras – They demanded approximately six months of footage, from Jan. 10, 2022, to June 24, 2022

Donald Trump has said that Mike Pence will not be his running mate should he run for the presidency again in 2024 – Trump is expected by many observers to launch a third campaign for the presidency in 2024

Trump-Endorsed Karoline Leavitt Runs Away with New Hampshire’s District 1 Primary Win Despite $5 Million in Smear Ads by Kevin McCarthy and GOP Elites! – Trump Congratulates Her!

The Energy Market’s Next Crisis: Oil Tanker Shortages – Demand for tankers has been on the rise since the European Union slapped sanctions on Russia in the spring

NOT Building Trump’s Border Wall Will Cost Taxpayers $5.4 Billion This Year Alone – The Biden administration has been spending around $3 million a day to pay DOD contractors not to finish construction on the southern border wall

Joe Biden’s Transportation secretary wants feds to ban gas cars nationwide ASAP – “We’ve got to make sure that this happens quickly enough to beat climate change”

Electric Cars Are Not “Zero-Emission Vehicles” – The notion that electric vehicles are “zero-emission” is rooted in a deceptive narrative that ignores all pollutants which don’t come out of a tailpipe

Florida governor DeSantis sent two planes full of illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, a state that has supported the Biden administration’s open-border policies

Lori Lightfoot, the GOAT of Hypocrite Sanctuary Mayors – If Chicago’s mayor is truly committed to her city’s sanctuary status, then she should welcome arrivals from Texas without complaint


COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Is Estimated to Turn Negative Over Time in Children – Effectiveness peaked at 60-70% several weeks after the first dose, then dropped nearing zero at week 18 for previously uninfected children

Denmark ends COVID vaccinations for people under 50 – Berenson reports that Denmark did not explicitly say the risks of mRNA jabs now outweigh their benefits for healthy people under 50, but that view “is implicit in the announcement”

Steve Kirsch: I found an honest vaccine scientist – He said that for medical intervention, you have to show the benefits outweigh the risks – These mRNA vaccines don’t meet this bar for people under 70

“Conscientious Objection” Is Reason Enough to Refuse mRNA Vaccines as Preventive Treatment for COVID-19 – These experimental formulations are closer to gene therapy platforms rather than the long-established and familiar vaccines”

The FSMB has taken a stand against what it refers to as “the dissemination of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and disinformation” by healthcare professionals going so far as to recommend disciplinary action and state policy changes

ZH: Ukraine wants a “NATO-Esque” bloc to call upon to defend their borders with Russia – Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev warned it is “really a prologue to the Third World War” if it gets enacted and a nuclear holocaust would be the result

The Biggest Looming Crisis You’ve Heard Almost Nothing About – Starting sometime Friday U.S. freight-rail workers could go on strike or experience a lockout, and the economic consequences for Americans could be far-reaching

WSJ: Railroad Union Says Workers Voted Against A Proposed Labor Deal As A Strike Looms – Freight railroads, union leaders are meeting in Washington to avert a possible strike

Why does Biden want to sell warplanes to unfriendly nations? – Increasingly, however, the Biden administration seeks to do just that

As the sweeping Inflation Reduction Act seeks to spend some $369 billion toward energy and climate programs over the next 10 years, those green initiatives will mostly benefit family members of top officials with ties to the Chinese regime

As if inflation brought on by government overspending weren’t high enough already, a new study shows that Joe Biden’s illegal migrant surge is costing taxpayers $20.4 billion a year, or the equivalent of $9,232 for each illegal migrant

Joe Biden shrugged off the latest unexpectedly high inflation numbers on Tuesday even as they triggered a sudden plunge in the stock market – “I think we’re going to be fine”

Trafalgar Poll: Coward Congressional Republicans Are Focused On The Wrong Issues – American priorities for  the 2022 midterms are #1 Border security, then China threat, then more oil production, Police funding, and a fix for Biden inflation

Disturbing Footage Shows Camouflaged Group Descending Southern Border Wall to Enter US – The Border Patrol has apprehended more illegals at the border than in any other year of American history in 2022

The Global “Green Energy” Push is Causing Fertilizer Shortages and Threatening The Human Food Supply – Over 80 percent of the global sulfur supply currently comes from the desulfurization of fossil fuels

A survey conducted on behalf of the Swedish online newspaper Bulletin found that 79% of people who arrived in Sweden as refugees, supposedly fleeing war or persecution, have returned to vacation in their home country since arriving there

Justice Delayed Is Justice Debauched – On Valentine’s Day 2018 Nikolas Cruz entered his Parkland, Florida, high school, systematically executed 17 classmates and staff with a semi-automatic rifle, and wounded 17 others, three critically

Attacking the Rule of Law – The mismatch between constitutional and particular incentives provides an opening for the ideological opponents of the Rule of Law to gain allies among those who can profit by undermining it

Joe Biden’s FTC Is Out of Control – Khan and fellow leftist crusaders to abandon the quantifiable agency standard of protecting consumers for a vaguer goal of protecting “the public” – This allows them to pursue Biden’s woke agenda

Sharyl Attkisson: A Pentagon watchdog opens a review of Afghanistan vetting failures – The Biden Administration evacuated 324 individuals into the US who appeared on DoD’s watchlist, which includes known suspected terrorists

ZH: Germany Calls For A “Refugee Summit” As New Migrant-Wave Strains Cities & States – A leaked report shows a 47 percent increase in illegal migration to Germany so far this year

How Big Tech Helps To Turn Kids Trans – Digital spaces are ever more designed to promote sexual and transgender content

Gallup Poll: More Americans are now smoking more marijuana than cigarettes – Only 11% of Americans surveyed said they smoked cigarettes compared to 45% in the mid-1950s

September 13, 2022

Ron DeSantis Is Conservatism’s Future – The Florida governor’s speech at NatCon3 shows that common-sense populism is where the GOP must stand

The Golden State is losing its luster – A troubling new report labels physical and sexual violence in pandemic-era California a statewide “epidemic” Indicating violence is on an alarming rise

U.S. stocks finished sharply lower Tuesday, with all three major indexes posting their worst daily drop since June 2020 –  High U.S. inflation has proven hard for the Fed to tame. The DJIA fell about 1,276 points, or 3.9%, ending near 31,104

Larry Kudlow: The highest inflation in 40 years is deeply embedded in the economy and spreading – This is due to several years of excessive federal spending, regulating, taxing and money-printing

A rail strike shutdown looms large even as Congress steps in – A “Cramdown” remedy has little chance of resolving the impasse according to John Brennan III, a former senior counsel for the Union Pacific Railroad

Tucker Carlson exposes the crime levels in Chicago and other inner cities, saying Democrats need to be held responsible for the collapse of law and order on city streets  – “The federal government also played a role”

The FBI seizes My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s phone – The seizure of Lindell’s cell phone comes amid a rise in the agency’s targeting of Trump allies, and this is not the first time his records have been subpoenaed

Brave Whistleblowers Are Exposing How The FBI IS Out To Get Trump – Senator Ron Johnson says the allegations shared with Congress indicate a level of “corruption” within the FBI and Department of Justice that needs to be ‘exposed

The FBI Paid For Russian Disinformation To Frame Trump, Plus 7 Other Takeaways From Durham’s Latest Court Filing – They made Danchenko a confidential human source, providing him and the FBI’s use of him “national security” cover

Biden’s White House Takes the Bait on Lindsey Graham’s Proposed Abortion Bill – Its denunciation of the bill reveals its extremism

The Supreme Court will consider the challenge to the University of North Carolina and Harvard’s race-based admissions procedures – The arguments will be heard on Oct. 31 by the nation’s highest court

22 Governors Are Fighting Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan – “Only 16-17 percent of Americans have federal student loan debt, and yet, the plan will require their debts be redistributed and paid by the vast majority of taxpayers”

The city of El Paso is increasing its program to send migrants to New York City – The contract was approved Monday and calls for as many as four buses a day through December 2023, with most going to NYC

Sharyl Attkisson: The Military illegally denying religious exemptions for Covid vaccine – The military “reviewed” and denied 4,500 applications for religious exemptions in one 90-day period – Federal law and policies require individualized reviews

Dr. Joseph Mercola: US Life Expectancy Falls Again in a “Historic” Decline – Even small declines  of a tenth or two-tenths of a year mean that on a population level, a lot more people are dying prematurely than they really should be

The COVID mRNA Reckoning Is Long Overdue – The damage done to children is manifest

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Natural Immunity Protects You More Than Three mRNA COVID Shots – Yet, health officials and Big Pharma are committed to a never-ending rollout of boosters, and now “updated boosters” coming out in Fall 2022

Vaccine-Linked Myocarditis Deaths for First Time – Myocarditis is defined as inflammation of the myocardium, the middle layer of the heart muscle – The CDC has not publicly spoken about death as a possible outcome of myocarditis

The Rockefeller Foundation, the NSF, and other nonprofits are pouring millions of dollars into “Behavioral Psychology Research“ to increase the uptake of COVID-19 vaccines by countering supposed misinformation and disinformation

Ken Starr, whose investigation of Bill and the Whitewater scandal that uncovered Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky and led to his second impeachment, died Tuesday at a Houston hospital due to complications during surgery

Tucker Carlson Goes There: Runs Entire Segment on John Fetterman’s Weird Neck Lump – Is this the reason John Fetterman always wears bagging hoodies?

JD Rucker: John Fetterman’s Radical Marxist Wife Is the REAL Play In PA –  They’re Looking ahead at the possibility of having a mentally impaired Senator, so some believe the Democrats are crazy – In reality, they have a very ugly plan

Malia Cohen, a Democrat running for California State Controller Studied Socialism in Venezuela on a Trip in 2006 – “The last thing we need as California’s fiscal watchdog is someone who extolls the virtues of socialism”

The Democrats’ Empty Celebrity Candidates – The GOP and the Democrats have celebrity candidates, but if defeated, the GOP’s celebrity candidates are likely to go away – Can Democrats say the same?

WSJ: U.S. Inflation Remained High in August – Consumer prices excluding food, and energy rose sharply, showing broad price pressures strengthened

Thousands of Biden supporters will join the president at the WH to celebrate the passage of the “Inflation Reduction Act,” the same day the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report showing inflation had continued to rise in August

The demonization of Americans continued on the anniversary of 9/11 when DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas suggested the biggest terror threat was ‘domestic extremists’ radicalized by “false narratives propagated on online platforms”

Tucker Carlson warns that Biden is actively criminalizing political opposition – As all totalitarian regimes do, Biden is using the instruments of government to persecute his political opponents

The January 6 Pipe Bombs Get Curiouser and Curiouser – The DNC has two CCTV cameras that surveil the area, so making the recordings public from these cameras on January 5 and 6 would make clear what happened

Who Will Save Americans From A Weaponized IRS? – The IRS is more than a mere revenue collector for the federal government. It has often been used as an instrument of intimidation, even terror, against political foes

Republicans, don’t get rid of Trump – In 2025 and thereafter, a second-term Trump should rely on his VP to drain the swamp and focus on making the MAGA program a permanent fixture of the freedom-loving American people

Claremont Institute Delivers Historic Remarks on the Virtues of President Donald Trump –  He is a fighter and that is what you need when dealing with cut-throat Democrats that will do almost anything to gain and maintain power

Why Trump will run again – He views this as his obligation to the greatest country on Earth that supplied him with so much. He made America great again, and now needs to finish flushing that nasty national toilet and Take America Back Again

Senator Graham’s Preemptive Surrender on Abortion – Graham would make that triumph short-lived and impose a one-size-fits-all Washington solution that would pull the rug out from under the pro-life movement

Twitter shareholders approve Elon Musk’s bid to buy the company – The vote comes as Musk seeks to scrap the deal alleging the company was not as forthcoming as it should have been with its explanation of the fake account calculation

Super-lawyer Leslie McAdoo Gordon calls out our broken legal system – Our legal system is costly, inefficient, unfair, and at the mercy of judges more interested in politics and ideology than in justice and following the letter of the law

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan called the leaking of the draft abortion opinion “horrible” and signaled there will be an update by the end of the month on the high court’s efforts to track down the leaker

ZH: US Consumer Prices Rise For 27th Straight Month – This tug of war between goods moderating and services remaining strong and both moved up. .. The Fed is going to be looking at this with a lot of concern

For The Love Of God, Would You Please Stop Being Stupid? – Republicans did not fight in Alaska to prevent ranked-choice voting, so the Democrat who got 40% votes won over the Republican candidate who got 60% of the vote

The Man Accused of Beheading A Woman Is an Illegal Alien Previously Convicted of Child Rape – Jose Rafael Solano Landaeta, 33, was arrested and charged after killing his ex-girlfriend, 27-year-old Karina Castro outside her apartment

When you are sick, do you want Dr. Woke or Dr. Smart? – Nearly three-quarters of these institutions — and 80% of the top 10 — ask applicants about their views on diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and other politicized concepts

California Governor Newsom launched a new abortion website Tuesday that will serve as a one-stop shop for those seeking to end their pregnancies, whether they are residents of the state or not, and even if they are illegal aliens

Something Is Seriously Wrong With John Fetterman – Tucker eviscerated him for being a man who lived off his parents for decades and managed to do what so many Democrat politicians have done over the years, and that is to fail upward

ZH: Germany’s Power Grid Faces Collapse As Millions Stock Up On Inefficient Electric Heaters For The Winter – Europe will be short on natural gas supplies this winter and over the next several winters

Nearly every major fact-checker has completely ignored Karine Jean-Pierre’s statements since taking over for Psaki –  PolitiFact has done just two fact-checks, while others have done zero

The FBI Refuses to Release Documents Detailing Their Relationship with Dead Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein – It’s likely the records might embarrass them as the DOJ and FBI have been known to abuse the FOIA law to their advantage

The CDC Admits It Gave False Information on COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring – The CDC did not analyze certain types of adverse event reports at all in 2021, despite the agency previously saying it started in February 2021

Mom Demands Autopsy After Her Healthy 18-Year-Old Son Dies Suddenly – He was a lifeguard and reportedly a healthy young man with a normal lifestyle

The CDC has issued an alert to doctors and parents about a rare respiratory disease that is affecting children – The enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) virus has similar symptoms to influenza or the common cold according to health officials

September 12, 2022

‘Who Could Have Foreseen This?’– Oregon Decriminalizes Hard Drugs And Has A Massive Increase in Overdoses – In February of 2021, ballot Measure 110 decriminalized the use of hard drugs in the state

I&I/TIPP Poll: By 2-To-1, Voters Call Biden MAGA Remarks Divisive – Most Americans think President Biden’s rhetoric is divisive, threatens free speech, and misuses his office

Communist China’s Plot for World Domination – Ian Easton sounds the alarm about an existential threat to our way of life

Trump and the Secret Documents – Whatever they amount to, FBI raids and likely indictments of the former president are political actions as bogus as the efforts to impeach him

Oz Opponent’s Commutation of Convicted Murderer Becomes an Issue – Pennsylvania Senate race: Fund the police — but release the convicted killers?

A 5-point plan to secure a Republican majority come November – Kevin McCarthy’s “Commitment to America” is going to be a wonderful contrast with the negative attacks and failed performance of Biden and the Democrats, so talk about it

ZH: A Perfect Storm Is About To Hammer The Dollar – The coming Fed pivot will come not because an “inflation target has been hit” but because the dollar is soaring, and recently hit an almost daily all-time highs

The U.S. annual inflation rate came in at 8.3 percent in August, higher than the market forecast of 8.1 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is slightly down from the 8.5 percent reading in July

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has agreed to one of the special master nominees proposed by former President Donald Trump’s legal team to review documents seized by FBI agents from Mar-a-Lago

Tucker Carlson, obtained a copy of the DOJ subpoena issued to at least 35 Trump allies – With this information fresh in hand, he let America know what was contained within it on his show Monday night

The DOJ escalates Jan. 6 probe, targets Trump allies ahead of midterms – They subpoenaed several Trump associates as part of an ongoing probe that critics describe as an intimidation campaign meant to instill fear in Trump supporters

A Troubling clue emerges about Biden’s ‘secret’ election-takeover plan – Biden’s directed the heads of all government agencies to send the White House their “strategic plan” to actively promote “voting rights”

Joe Biden Gets Lost Again, Has No Idea Where to Go After Cancer Moonshot Speech – Biden’s speech was full of gaffes and awkward moments

Dobbs Was Definitely Worth It – There’s little evidence the Dobbs decision is sinking Republican chances as we continue toward the mid-terms

There Is A Need for a Gubernatorial Debate Between Gavin Newsom and Brian Dahle –  A debate would allow Californians to hear perspectives they don’t usually hear

Age is the most important risk factor associated with deaths in individuals who have received COVID-19 booster shots – Compared with a 50-year-old, the “hazard ratio” or “HR” for an 80-year-old individual was 31.3 percent

EIN Presswire Shuts Down Naomi Wolf’s Account Without Notice, A Closer Look at Their Background Is Very Revealing – The Chairman of Newsmatics, which owns EIN served as a political strategist for deep swamp radical Democrats

Alabama Prepares to Use A New Execution Method on a Triple Murderer – Nitrogen hypoxia causes death by replacing oxygen with nitrogen has also been authorized in two other states for executions but never used

The tide has turned in Ukraine’s favor – Military experts are gushing over Ukraine’s military advances over the past 72 hours – They broke through Russian lines in the Kharkiv region, reclaiming 1,200+ square miles of occupied territory

WSJ: Russia Withdraws More Forces From Northeast Ukraine as Kyiv Presses Advance – Following strong gains in recent days, Ukraine’s progress slows as it begins to consolidate control

The Danger from a Wounded Putin – Every Russian defeat makes Putin and his cronies more desperate to salvage something out of this wide-ranging military debacle

Joe Biden’s Trip to the Queen’s Funeral Gets Complicated as British Officials Tell Him He Has to Take the Bus Along With Other Visiting Dignitaries

On 9-11, In Response To A Question From Liberal Media Host Chuck Todd, Kamala Harris Compared the Islamists Behind the September 11 Attacks To The Threat Of Trump Supporters

Defensive gun use is 4 times more common than violent gun crime, according to a comprehensive survey – This survey once again proves that the right to bear arms in self-defense is a clear net positive for society

Joe Biden’s DOJ Doesn’t Want To Disclose ‘Classified’ Mar-A-Lago Documents, Except Through Selective Leaks To Leftist Media – Their latest motion suggests the Biden administration is all-in on pursuing a criminal case against Donald Trump

The National Archives REFUSES to Turn Over Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential Records on Meetings with Hunter and James Biden – The SAME National Archives behind the raid on Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago – The Swamp is deep and wide

Biden Quietly Loosens The Tech Export Rules Relating To The Chinese Communist Firm Huawei – This Was Done Just Days After Their Lobbyist Tony Podesta’s Brother John Podesta Joined The White House

Childish voters get what they deserve – The willingness to wait “Marshmallow Test” turned out to be an extraordinarily good predictor of children’s life outcomes

Fired CNN host Brian Stelter lands a new teaching job at formerly prestigious Harvard University – He will host discussions on “threats to democracy,” the university announced Monday

Electoral Fraud Goes Mainstream – The Heritage Foundation recently added 9 new cases to their Election Fraud Database, bringing the total number of entries of proven instances of voter fraud in their database to 1,374

The House returns to Washington facing the prospect of a funding bill crisis to avert a government shutdown – Some Democrats refuse to approve the Schumer-Manchin deal easing oil and gas permitting

The Democrat establishment wants a one-party system – Their most audacious election-denying disinformation campaign was the Trump-Russia collusion hoax

Why Joe Biden can’t change course on greenie madness – For the past two decades, the career of Biden’s newest political appointee, John Podesta, seems inextricably tied to the reclusive foreign billionaire Hansjörg Wyss

Could This Be What Putin and the Mullahs Are Cooking Up? – Within a week of Putin’s visit to Iran, Gazprom announced it would reduce “the daily throughput” of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany to 33 million cubic meters…

It’s Presidential Poker And The Intelligence Community Is Playing For Keeps – Without revealing the documents’ contents the DNI gets to say how bad things could be, and your role as the public will be to believe them and vote accordingly

ZH: The US Navy’s “Death Star” Destroyer Will Be Armed With Laser Guns And Hypersonic Missiles – “They will be commissioned in the mid-2030s and will launch us into the next generation of ships”

Obama Says We’re “Better Off” Under Biden – Let’s review just how much “better off” we all are thanks to Biden and his fellow Democrats

ZH: Why This Recession Is Different – There are now various structural dynamics that won’t go away in a few months or years

ZH: Swiss Social Media Abuzz Over ‘Rat Out Your Neighbor’ Energy Use Posters – There are new drastic measures to reduce its gas use this winter, including fines and up to three years in prison for citizens who violate new regulations

The world is grappling with the worst energy crisis in generations however the U.N. has warned Europe that a return to fossil fuels in response to soaring prices and winter shortages must not be considered under any circumstances

ZH: A meeting of European Union energy ministers on Friday has suggested that each EU country implement strategies to reduce overall electricity consumption by a minimum of 10 percent

ZH: Europe’s Newest Nuclear Reactor Eases Finland’s Power Problems – The reactor in the Olkiluoto #3 plant exceeded the landmark 1,000-megawatt power mark on Friday, easing the strain on Finland’s electricity grid

Musk’s lawyers sent a 3rd termination notice to Twitter to end his acquisition deal, objecting to Twitter paying a severance package to its former security head Peiter Zatko in June because it violated a clause in the acquisition agreement

The Woke Plot Against Academic Freedom – Today, if an academic says the “wrong” thing, they can be fired or even physically attacked

Governor Newsom Pays Unions Back for Saving Him From the Recall – He is rewarding labor with hundreds of thousands of new members (Fast food workers), and signed legislation providing tax credits for union dues of its members

Ranked Choice Voting Leaves Behind A Rank Odor – Alaska’s experiment in voting had its intended result, the defeat of  Sarah Palin and the election of the first Democrat member of Congress from the state in more than 50 years

Oberlin College has finally agreed to pay out over $36 million in damages to Gibson’s Bakery for defaming the small family business as racist because they dared to stop an underage black student from stealing bottles of wine

Dr. Joseph Mercola: A Data Leak Reveals Disturbing Facts About mRNA Instability – Health officials don’t want individual vaccine vials examined by independent scientists because they are all different and the mRNA in the shots is not intact

Lawsuits were filed on September 7th against three California health care providers on grounds they used failed Ebola drug Remdesivir on patients without getting informed consent, resulting in the wrongful deaths of several patients

According to a recent “World Economic Forum” (WEF) article – “As scary as chip implants may sound, they form part of a natural evolution that wearables once underwent”

From AOL To Google: Visualizing The Most Popular Websites From 1993-2022 – This stunning animated graphic provides a historical look at the evolution of the internet, showing the most popular websites over the years

September 11, 2022

Can California make its power grid 100% green? – Tuesday’s test of the power grids came just days after SB1020 passed at Governor Newsom’s behest to speed up California’s conversion to a carbon-free electrical grid by 2045

What Trump Should Do Now – To achieve greatness, he needs to step aside and indicate he will make an endorsement after the debates. He will then become the founder of a movement, not just another ambitious politician

GOP Leader Says Homes of Trump Supporters May Soon Be Raided by FBI – The FBI is ready to serve warrants – “Three of our clients … did either get search warrants or subpoenas, and these subpoenas are extremely broad”

In October 2020 and January 2021 General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called his communist Chinese military counterpart and provided him with warnings of U.S. military intentions and actions

As global threats grow, concerns mount that Pentagon is deprioritizing war fighting – China cares very little about whether its sailors have access to educational opportunities or whether their spouses can transfer their work skills…

U.S. military prosecutors are reportedly negotiating potential plea deals with 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other conspirators imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay – The timing of this news, today, should be alarming to many

Residents of Seattle Washington’s Chinatown are fighting back against city officials over their plan to build a homeless megaplex in the center of their neighborhood

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released new data suggesting that cases of post-COVID-19 vaccine-linked heart inflammation among young males have risen

A Canadian Nurse Details Dangers of Covid Vaccines – We quickly started to see issues such as miscarriages and myocarditis. We’ve seen Guillaume Barré and Bells Palsy before with other vaccinations, but not at this level or rate”

9/11/2001: Do Americans Know All That Happened This Terrible Day? – Do our schoolchildren know or understand the attackers were Islamic jihad terrorists and what jihad is, or what the objective of the 9/11 attacks was?

September 11th – Never Forget – On September 11, 2001, 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda hijacked four airplanes and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the United States

9/11- Never Forget – We are hated by fanatic Muslim extremists, but unfortunately, we cannot identify many of them who walk among us, or on their way through our porous Southern border

How the TV Networks Hid the Twin Towers’ Demolition on 9/11 – 36 Mainstream Media Voices Reported Explosions That Betray Narrative of Fires Bringing Down the Towers

Republicans push to restrict mail-in voting ahead of November – At least 18 states, most of which are run by Republican-controlled legislatures, have placed new limits on mail-in voting in an attempt to fight voter fraud

The Biden Administration Is Engaged in a Massive Censorship Campaign – In a federal lawsuit, discovery reveals a multi-agency effort to censor and suppress voices that disagree with the Biden administration’s policies

The DoJ Argues that the Intelligence Community Overrides the Judiciary – Why is the DOJ so desperate to prevent a Special Master, even one with security clearance, to view those documents the department asserts are classified?

Americans are fed up with Biden and a majority want him impeached – It matters that a Rasmussen Reports survey shows that 50 percent of Independents would like to see Joe Biden impeached

Could It Be The Covid Shots? Deaths are soaring in an area with a 95% COVID vaccination rate – Australia drew global attention for its strict Covid measures

“Nothing To Do With Man” – Astrophysicist Says Climate-Cultists “Are On A Gravy Train” To Make Money as climate and weather are dictated primarily by cyclical activity on the surface of the sun and not carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

September 10, 2022

Joe Biden’s Justice Department is proposing that a Democrat donor and former Clinton-appointed judge serve as “Special Master” in the Trump Mar-a-Lago investigation

A Huge Twist in Eliza Fletcher Case – It’s Beginning to Look Like She Wasn’t His Only Recent Victim

Tulsi Gabbard: The Biden administration is “weaponizing” federal agencies against political opponents –  That problem has grown gradually over several years, from Obama all the way through to the current administration

ZH: Twitter Ramps Up Its Wrong-Think Apparatus Ahead Of Midterms – Twitter will be “pre-bunking” election claims during the 2022 midterms and expanding their “Birdwatch” fact-checking program

Massive Increases in U.S Natural Gas Exports are Driving Up U.S. Energy Prices – The author accurately refutes the notion that exports do not drive-up domestic prices

23 House Democrats Request $50 Million to Cope With The Illegal Immigrants Bused From Texas and Arizona

“Unethical” and up to 98 Times Worse Than the Disease – A team of nine experts from Harvard and Johns Hopkins has published research about the COVID-19 vaccines and why mandating vaccines for college students is unethical

The FDA Refuses to Provide Key COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Analyses – In their most recent response, the FDA records office indicated that it would not provide any of the analyses, even in redacted form

The Department of Justice and attorneys for Donald Trump submitted a list of potential nominees to be appointed as the special master over the investigation into classified documents found at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home

“Irrefutable Proof” That mRNA Vaccines Cause Vascular and Organ Damage – mRNA vaccines don’t stay at the injection site, but instead travel throughout the body and accumulate in various organs

The COVID policies—shutdowns and lockdowns; “stay home, stay safe;” mandatory masking, social distancing, testing, and vaccines; and so on—perpetuated by the American left and those like-minded were the greatest demonstration of fascism the United States has ever known

ZH: Rigged, Pfizer Clinical Trial Hid Injuries – Maddie de Garay signed up for Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot trial when she was 12; previously a healthy preteen, her life has been forever changed due to health problems caused by the shots

Why are Children Coming down with Monkeypox? – Monkeypox sores anywhere on a child are a clear indication that sex with minors has occurred — but it is being effectively censored by the mainstream media

A Woman Was BEHEADED In Broad Daylight In California and The Suspect Was Known To Law Enforcement – The man, who appears to have been in a relationship with the victim, fled but was arrested blocks from the scene

It’s (Almost) Always the Feds: How the FBI Fabricates Schemes To Entrap Would-Be Radicals – The FBI’s long history of using informants and manufactured plots to prosecute perceived extremists

Inside the saga to uncover who spilled Supreme Court’s Roe secret – It’s been 131 days since a Supreme Court draft opinion signaling the overturning of Roe v. Wade leaked to the press with no signs as to where it originated from

Credit card firms will code gun and ammunition purchases, making them easier to track – The decision comes a week after NY and California asked American Express, Mastercard, and Visa to support a new merchant category code

Governor Newsom Signs The Extreme Heat Warning and Ranking System Bill into Law – “It isn’t about climate change – it’s just simply about hotter temperatures and putting out a system to help warn people”


September 9, 2022

The disturbing news that there were ’35 FBI raids’ on Trump allies yesterday amid a nearly complete media blackout is even worse than we thought – A new Tucker Carlson report out Friday night puts that figure potentially even higher

European governments, citizens gear up for worsening energy crisis – Protests over high energy bills have erupted in several European cities

Federal Reserve Governor Christopher Waller on Friday echoed recent sentiments from his colleagues, saying he expects a big interest rate increase of a .75 percentage point later this month

ZH: The “Scariest Paper Of 2022” Reveals The Terrifying Fate Of Biden’s Economy: Millions Are Predicted To Lose Their Jobs – “To bring price increases down to 2%, we may need to tolerate unemployment of 6.5% for two years”

More than 185,000 illegal immigrant arrests were made at the U.S.–Mexico border in August, according to provisional U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics

The California Air Resources Board has bolstered its climate roadmap with several new strategies, including offshore wind development, climate-friendly housing construction, cleaner aviation fuels, and reducing miles traveled in vehicles

Why doctors aren’t speaking out Written by a doctor – Everyone should read this. We are headed for a perfect storm with escalating health needs and a shortage of doctors because of how we treat them

America’s Frontline Doctor Simone Gold Was RELEASED From A Florida Prison EARLY After Being Imprisoned For Walking Inside The US Capitol on January 6

Big-Pharma’s Criminal Business Model Benefits The US Government –  The DOJ has levied billions of dollars in fines against pharma companies that support government budgets but dose nothing’s done to reform their criminal behavior

Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, said that Fauci’s comments about having no time for clinical trials on new Covid vaccines were “reckless” since regulators didn’t rush to have vaccine companies update the vaccines during previous periods, such as when the Delta variant was dominant in 2021

The Heritage Foundation released its inaugural ranking of the states concerning school choice and educational outcomes on Friday – Florida came in 1st place, followed by Arizona…

In their court filing arguing against the appointment of a special master, The DOJ claimed former President Donald Trump’s team may still be holding onto allegedly classified records following last month’s raid on his Mar-a-Lago

WSJ: King Charles III’s Reign Dawns as Britain Mourns Loss of Queen Elizabeth II – Under leaden skies, thousands gather at Buckingham Palace to pay respects to U.K.’s longest-serving monarch

Are Democrats looking to provoke riots by arresting Donald Trump? – They need an incendiary event to cause normally calm Republicans to riot, so they may arrest the former president and march him in leg irons in front of TV cameras

One of Trump’s longtime allies now seeking to boost other 2024 contenders – The Club for Growth conducted polling to examine how Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) would fare against Trump in a GOP primary

The Media Give Democrats A Pass On Utility Failure Disasters – Too many in the media are willing to lament infrastructure problems and issues like “environmental racism” right up until that discussion involves Democratic Party culpability

ZH: The Fed Is About To Start Losing Money; What Does That Mean? – The most obvious impact is the US government will see a reduction in revenue which will increase the federal budget deficit

California’s Net-Zero Energy Model Is Already A Disaster — So Why Should The Rest Of The U.S. Copy It? – What business would want to relocate there or expand there if it can’t be guaranteed a steady, reliable supply of reasonably priced energy? 

The GOP’s Unifying Midterm Strategy Should Treat Democrats’ Green Agenda As A Culture War – The left’s agenda is increasingly entangled with the interests of elites, from environmentalism to student loan bailouts to marriage to policing

WEF Globalists Crown a ‘Great Reset’ King in England – #TheGreatReset initiative is designed to ensure businesses and communities put sustainable business practices at the heart of their operations 

Welcome to the Green New Deal, California – California is following in the footsteps of Germany, which over the past 10 years closed down most of its nuclear power plants and engaged in national decarbonization of the economy

A Legal Immigrant’s Defense Of The MAGA Vision For America – An uplifting and unifying vision of America

September 8, 2022

The Florida First Freedom Alliance presented evidence to election officials and law enforcement officers that more than a thousand mail-in ballots were voted from undeliverable addresses in Orange County in the Aug. 23 primary election

CDC Data Show ‘Local and Systemic Reactions’ Were Reported in More Than Half of Children Following COVID-19 Vaccination – The CDC collected the information with the help of a program called V-Safe

Joe Biden and his handler Dr. Jill traveled across town to sign the condolence book for Queen Elizabeth at the British Embassy in Washington DC – His handlers wrote down his message on a card before he signed the condolence book

WSJ: The DOJ to Appeal A Judge’s Order Appointing A Special Master in Trump Mar-a-Lago Probe – Prosecutors also ask the judge to put on hold part of the order blocking the government from using seized materials in a criminal investigation into the alleged mishandling of classified documents

William Barr: The New Alyssa Farah – The ex-AG wants to portray himself as an expert in all things classified and pre-judge Trump’s guilt. But when he could have shown that mishandling classified material is a serious crime, he punted

The FBI Raid Backfires – Trump Celebrates After Document Shows Precisely What He Has Said – In a new statement, Trump revealed that among the seized items were his medical records, which show he is in excellent health

Adam Kinzinger Hit With Cease And Desist For Abusing His Position To Attack A Private Citizen

Environmental, Social, and Governance: The Left’s Latest Destructive Tactic to Bully Business – Rating corporations by their adherence to wokeness is an outrage, any way you look at it

The Biden Administration Rolls Back Trump ‘Public Charge’ Green Card Regulation – The rule rolls back regulations considering supplemental public health benefits such as Medicaid and nutritional assistance as part of the public charge 

A new peer-reviewed study concluded that the mortality rate in people who used ivermectin regularly was 92 percent lower than in non-users and 84 percent lower than in irregular users

Jan. 6 Prisoners and Families Expose The Brutal Truth About The Jail Lockdown And Guard Attack Because An Inmate Didn’t Wear A Mask When Leaving His Cell To Get Medications About 25-Feet Away

Parents sue to block schools from secretly “transitioning” kids Class poster – “If Your Parents Aren’t Accepting of Your Identity, I’m Your Mom Now”

Donald Trump Mourns Death of Queen Elizabeth with Stirring Message

Trump and Biden Both Released Statements on Queen Elizabeth’s Death, But There’s a Shocking Difference – Unlike Trump, in his statement on the Queen’s passing, President Biden failed to mention God once

WSJ: Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96 – Britain’s longest-serving monarch became a symbol of stability in a fast-changing world

Who is in line for the throne after Queen Elizabeth II’s death? – Her son Prince Charles is the immediate heir followed by Prince William, then by Prince George. After that, it’s Princess Charlotte, followed by Prince Louis of Cambridge

Will King Charles III do his duty and abandon politics? – The royal family’s immediate problem is that his comfort with political intervention, ie. global warming, is incompatible with his new responsibility to stand aside from politics

The Strange Case of Ghislaine Maxwell – Are we as a people willing to ignore our government’s complicity in protecting the anonymity of the powerful and elite they know to have participated in the sex trafficking of children

ZH: Moments ago the ECB hiked its deposit rate by 75bps from 0% to 0.75bps – This is the first time European rates are positive in over a decade (since July 2012)

Australia Is The First To Warn A Pivot Is Coming – RBA Governor Philip Lowe said further rate increases would be needed to contain inflation but the RBA Board was not on a pre-set path and was aware rates had already risen sharply

Joe Biden Is Now Compromised: A Hunter Email Surfaces About Introducing Business Associates To Top CCP – Details like this about the Biden family would cause anyone else major problems

End Biden’s suppression of oil and gas leases – According to WSJ analysis of Interior Department data,  Biden has leased fewer acres of federal land for oil and gas production than any other president going back to the Kennedy era

The Political Party Built On Lies – The Democrat tower of lies have been constructed with the help of the media, which are mostly no longer objective, or even pretend to be, and are instead now propagandists for the party they are loyal to

If You Want to Win the Midterms Listen to Ron DeSantis – DeSantis is no Elmer Fudd hunting wabbits – He’s smart, tough, relentless and he’s right on the issues that are important to most Americans, that’s why he wins

John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee in the state’s high-profile U.S. Senate contest, on Wednesday said he’ll debate Republican rival Mehmet Oz after a Pennsylvania newspaper questioned if he was not fit enough for office

Restaurant owners took steps to block AB 257 law on Wednesday, California’s new fast food worker law, by filing a referendum request with the California Attorney General – Wages could rise to as high as $22 an hour under the law

Will Californians Freeze In The Dark? – A major problem will arrive around the winter solstice, as solar energy plants can’t provide full “installed generating capacity” due to the low elevation of the sun at LAN and the shortened daylight hours

ZH: Elon Musk got a huge boost from former Disney CEO Bob Iger, who revealed he backed out of a 2016 deal to purchase Twitter because a “substantial portion” of the social media platform’s users were bots and “not real”

Citizens for Sanity Ad Attacks Woke Leftist Politicians – They released a powerful ad on the devastating impact woke leftist politicians have had on so many of America’s big cities

The 1776 Project PAC Triumphs Yet Again – This group is helping to flip school boards’ red

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Scientists Recreated The World’s Deadliest Flu Virus – They wanted a more dangerous version of the Spanish flu so they can make better vaccines for it, even though it no longer existed in nature

Conservative Country Music Star Jason Aldean CANCELED By His Publicity Team Over His Wife’s Comments – “I want to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase, as I love this girly life”

After Denying Student Learning Loss, UTLA Opposes Teaching Days to Catch Kids Up – The same teachers’ union that kept L.A. schools closed, denied learning loss exists – Now, it stands in the way of helping students catch up

More States Move Toward Banning Gas-Powered Vehicles – Oregon will update its Advanced Clean Cars II law proposal to include a gas-powered vehicle ban in 2035 and Washington will adopt a version of California’s rule by year’s end… outright ban soon

September 7, 2022

The Energy Transition Could Be Derailed By A Looming Copper Shortage – If copper shortfalls follow projected trends, climate goals will be “short-circuited and remain out of reach

Young Adults Are Dying in Record Numbers, but Not From COVID-19 – One-off news articles about high-profile athletes, actors, and celebrities dying only tell part of the story.

After a federal judge required that a special master be appointed to oversee the documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago, the contents of those documents were leaked to the Washington Post

Eyes Are On Newsom as CA Looks to Pass A Law to Punish Doctors for COVID “Misinformation” – AB 2098 awaits his signature and will subject doctors to disciplinary action, including loss of their licenses to practice in medicine in CA 

THE UKRAINE GRIFT –We know plenty of aid is going to waste, but we don’t know how much we have already or will yet commit. However, some estimates can be made

A new nuclear deal between the US and Iran is off the table and will not be signed in the “foreseeable future” – This message was conveyed to Israeli during recent conversations with President Biden and other US officials

Victor Davis Hanson: The World Wants No Part of Woke, But It’s Glad Our Military Does – China can likely sink any $12 billion American aircraft carrier and its 5,000 diverse “they/them” crew that dares to venture into the Taiwan strait

Europe is importing over a million barrels of Russian oil per day, before the EU-wide embargo on Russian crude imports comes into effect – Oil prices have fallen and Europe is taking advantage of those lower prices to stock up now

California Praises Residents for Reduced Energy Use Following Their Emergency Text Message Tuesday – Energy supplies have been limited by state carbon-free goals that have shut down a lot of necessary energy plants

The Washington Free Beacon reports that the Biden administration is spending $3.6 million “to deploy vending machines filled with drug supplies in rural Kentucky” – The goal is to “reduce stigma for drug users,” the report explains

The CA Teachers Union Did Opposition Research on Parents Who Wanted Schools to Reopen During COVID – “Dedicating personnel to politically target moms and dads protecting their children is startling and disgusting”

A federal judge ordered Biden administration officials to hand over all relevant emails sent by either Dr. Fauci or WH press secretary Jean-Pierre to social media platforms regarding misinformation claims and social media content censorship

“We Need More Details” – Fauci Emailed Collins About The Chinese Laboratory Before A Secret Call – Fauci repeatedly stated he thought the virus started naturally

Lake Mead Is Draining, Not Climate Changing – The media is promoting disinformation on the cause of the reservoir’s record-low level

A study by well-known American and British scientists has found the experimental mRNA Covid shots are nearly 100 times more likely to cause a student serious injury than prevent hospitalization with COVID-19

How FEMA Tried to Bribe Ernest Ramirez to Change His Son’s Death Certificate to COVID – The autopsy showed heart enlargement – The teenager’s heart was twice the size expected for his age. He died within five days of the shot

Vaccine injury is very expensive: Vaccine injury in children roughly doubles educational costs and vaccine injury in all ages massively increases healthcare costs –  That’s why it’s Big Pharma’s business model

The UK Government BANS COVID Shots for Children 11 Years Old and Younger – Why? perhaps because Amy Kelly exposed the shots “literally harm the chances of your little boy to grow up normally as a male human adult”

Apple Is Killing the Password: Here’s Everything You Need to Know – With iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, Apple is introducing passkeys—a more convenient and secure alternative to passwords

ZH: A majority of Americans, 56.8% think Biden’s declaration of war on Trump voters was a “dangerous escalation in rhetoric” which was “designed to incite conflict amongst Americans,” according to a new poll by the Trafalgar group

Did The Trump Raid Make Bill Barr Forget About All The Deep-State Deceit? – Barr’s opinion rests on the assumed veracity of leaks, spin, and misleading narratives

A Judge Orders Fauci And Other Top Officials to Produce Records for A Big Tech–Government Censorship Lawsuit – Some of the officials refused to cooperate, among them,  Fauci, who serves as director of NIAID 

Today, the highly anticipated theatrical film My Son Hunter has opened to rave reviews and leftist panic, as the movie’s trailer has crested to over 4.5 million cross-platform views and climbing

PA Senate Candidate John Fetterman’s Fitness for Office Is a Legitimate Issue – He still has trouble speaking as a result of his stroke and has used closed captioning to help understand what media interviewers are saying to him over Zoom

The IRS Commissioner’s Warning of Audits to Come – Instead of fixing our tax code we’re empowering the IRS to step up its enforcement game

U.S. Border Patrol agents caught 10 illegal immigrant sex offenders, four gang members, plus a murderer, and seized a slew of deadly drugs in the last three days, according to the latest report from Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz

Democrats Copy The Tactics Of Famous Fascists – The Biden administration’s threatening, intimidating, and jailing of its opposition set the backdrop for Joe Biden’s extraordinary speech on September 1, when he stated, “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic”

How Bad Is It And How Bad Is It Going To Be? – What The World Badly Needs Now Is A Two-Fisted Street-Fighter and the only person with that type of Attitude & Ability . . . Is None Other Than Donald J. Trump

January 6 was Not a Real Insurrection, I Know Because I Lived Through One – What distinguishes a true insurrection from a riot is the end goal. An insurrection, by definition, has a goal of dismantling the ruling government

FNC’s Carlson: ‘Our Entire Country Will Be Memphis if We Don’t Put a Stop to This Insanity’ – We should respond with as much force as is required to protect innocent citizens

The Real State of the Consumer – Many consumers’ real wages are declining, so to compensate they are increasingly relying on savings and credit which both have limits. Unfortunately, many consumers are likely at or near those limits

Behind the “Grid Emergency” – The ideology that has captured politicians and regulators is climate change. CA has been more aggressive than any other state in setting renewable energy targets, currently aiming to be 60 percent reliant on renewables by 2030

Days after signing a greenie law mandating that Californians buy only electric cars by 2035 and calling it a model for the nation, Gavin Newsom pleads with Californians to turn off their electricity to prevent the electrical grid from blowing out

Donald Trump’s Rally in Pennsylvania – A Pivotal Moment In History – Maybe now more than ever, it’s clear to him — and all of us — that he is fighting to protect every one of our little Mar-a-Lagos

Dopes and Dupes – In immigration, perhaps more than any other policy issue we get to consider the relationship between bad actors and sheer stupidity, as the American immigration system is, in its current makeup, irreparably broken

Is the tide turning in Holland In Favor Of Dutch Farmers? – We are getting strong graphic evidence that the entire green agenda is deadly and will leave us sweltering in the heat, freezing in the cold, afraid in the dark, and, invariably, starving

According to a WPA Intelligence survey, 22% of Democrats think that “some men can get pregnant” and it is not surprising that 36% of White, college-educated Democrat women think men can get pregnant

“Civil Rights” and community leaders refuse to address the disproportional abuse and injustices of Mayor Bowser and  D.C. schools via mandated COVID vaccines – Community leaders’ silence confirmed injustice is typical

A Teacher In Ireland Arrested And Jailed For Refusing To Use Student’s Preferred Pronouns – The self-described devout Christian teacher was first suspended from teaching for not using the pronoun “they” instead of “he” for a student

September 6, 2022

Higher Educations’s New Woke Loyalty Oaths – A ballooning number of hiring and tenure decisions require candidates to express written fealty to favored political doctrines

A Former Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Says Climate Change Based on False Narratives – “The environmental movement has become more of a political movement than an environmental movement” he said

What, exactly, is the Biden administration’s purpose? – What is its agenda besides a haphazard rehashing of Absolutely Everything Progressives Have Ever Thought Of?

8 hours of torture: Jan. 6 prisoner repeatedly maced by “bully guard” – There have been many reports of abuse unleashed against those arrested for something nothing more than being at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021

World Economic Forum Futurist: “We Just Don’t Need the Vast Majority of the Population” – Klaus Schwab’s eugenicist lieutenant, Yuval Noah Harari – the Himmler to his Hitler – said the quiet part out loud in a recent TED interview

EVs Facing Total Scarcity of Their Most Critical Component – Spells Disaster for Biden Goals – “There’s going to be a real crunch to get lithium. We don’t have enough in the world to turn that much-needed production in the world by 2035”

More embalmers report they have seen the emergence of bizarre “fibrous” clots in a substantial portion of their cases since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines – Preliminary research suggests they are produced by spike proteins

Adults Aged 35–44 Died at Twice the Expected Rate Last Summer According To Life Insurance Data – Death claims for adults aged 35 to 44 were 100 percent higher than expected in July, August, and September 2021

U.S District Court Orders Biden Officials to Turn Over Big Tech Collusion Docs, Including Dr. Fauci’s – More than 50 Biden officials in 12 federal government agencies were exposed for colluding with Big Tech to censor their political opponents

College Aid Could Top $270 Billion A Year – Biden’s student loan bailout is likely to be $1 trillion over the next decade, on top of the massive amounts of money taxpayers already fork over each year to subsidize college education

Canadian Policy Would Reduce Global Emissions by One One-Thousandth of a Percent And Cripple Their Agriculture Industry – Trudeau plans to cut his country’s fertilizer emissions by 30 percent by 2030

International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors find damage to Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia buildings housing “fresh” nuclear fuel and radioactive waste  – The UN report details the threat to Ukraine’s nuclear security amid the Russian invasion

A Body Found in Tennessee Confirmed as Missing Heiress Eliza Fletcher – This development comes after Cleotha Abston, a 38-year-old male, was charged in connection to Fletcher’s kidnapping and tampering with evidence

Tuesday Trafalgar Group Poll: Fifty-six percent of general election voters view President Joe Biden’s speech, where he cast Republicans as “threats to the foundations of our republic” as unacceptable

Special Counsel John Durham Must Choose: Risk A Russia Hoaxer’s Second Acquittal Or Expose More Deep-State Dirt – Will Durham highlight the complicity of the deep state in the Russia collusion hoax? If not, it might cost him

Joe Biden was behind the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid all along – Page #2 & #3 of Judge Cannon’s ruling cites a quote from the DOJ’s legal filing that Biden ordered the NARA to provide access to the FBI to review the Trump records

Special Master Order Reveals Biden’s Direct Involvement In Trump Raid And Six Other Bombshells – #1. President Biden Was Directly Involved – #2. The Timeline of the Trump Targeting Is Suspect

Trump’s rally in PA, was a pivotal moment in history – Supporters came not only from around the Commonwealth but from across the country – When Trump came out on stage faces lit up as we listened in rapt attention

As in 2020, Trump speaks to tens of thousands while Biden speaks to tens – Trump is still filling stadiums, and Biden, with his supposed “81 million votes,” still can’t fill a high school gym

Senator Lindsey Graham suggested Donald Trump could be posed to make “one of the greatest political comebacks in American history” should he decide to run for president in 2024 and has a “pretty good chance” at winning the election

ZH: “Putin Has Pushed Europe Into An Inflationary Depression And Currency Collapse” – Russia has made it clear that unless sanctions on it are dropped, no gas will *ever* flow through Nord Stream 1 again

Will it be a long, cold, lonely winter for Europe? – Will America observe and learn from the European’s folly or foolishly follow the same failed energy path?

ZH: 12 Numbers That Show We’re Getting Close To An Economic Crash As The Fall Approaches – That we are seeing so many parallels between what is transpiring now and what transpired 14 years ago should deeply alarm all of us

Amazon has put a halt to some of its planned facilities in the US and Europe, according to a consulting firm – In April, Amazon reported its slowest growth in roughly two decades as revenue fell by 3%, the worst performance since 2016

Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” achieves a new, unenviable level of deception – It increases inflation rather than reduces it as the bill is primarily a further expansion of Washington DC’s regulatory control of healthcare

Money Trouble at the Fed – M2 was moving steadily along until a little uptick around 2009, but ever since it has increased faster than before the Great Recession – What will be the consequence of suddenly holding M2 constant?

Earnings Decline: There Is Likely A Ways To Go Before We Are Done – We previously noted that earnings estimates were overly optimistic and would need to come down to align with economic realities. That process has now begun

WSJ: Schools Are Back And Are Confronting Severe Learning Losses – States have directed billions to tutor students and other efforts to reverse the pandemic declines in reading scores but have little sense of what works

A plea for help from Chicago comes although only two buses have arrived from Texas, totaling around 125 people who illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border and were then processed and released by Border Patrol

The FERC Gaslights America – Our power grid is in shambles, and our ability to consistently meet changing demand has been weakened as intermittent sources like wind and solar have steadily displaced ultra-stable sources like nuclear and coal

Title IX Expansion Tramples The First Amendment – New federal guidelines curtail speech with one little phrase, “creating a hostile environment”, The DOE is using Title IX to curtail freedom of thought and speech in educational environments

President Biden’s Student Loan Debt Relief Is Just the First Step – The Democrats’ long-term goal isn’t just to cancel the debt, it is free higher education for all who want it

The economy appears headed for a hard recession landing – To achieve its goal, the Federal Reserve must thus continue to raise rates aggressively, another 150 basis points and more

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis holds a commanding lead in his reelection campaign against Charlie Crist – “The governor led 50-42 among the 94% of poll respondents surveyed in English, and 38-29 with the 6% surveyed in Spanish”

The Slight, Slow Improvement in the Prognosis of Dr. Oz – If recent polls are accurate, Oz finds himself in the odd position of winning self-identified independent voters, but still trailing overall because he hasn’t unified Pa Republicans behind him

CA’s new law regulating fast-food wages will destroy jobs – It’s a targeted bill that sets a fast-food industry minimum wage, and it’s a big one: almost $7 higher than the regular state minimum wage

The CDC passed misinformation to Facebook as the partners worked to combat misinformation, according to newly released emails, in the most recent example of CDC officials making false or misleading claims

A new lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on behalf of parents seeks to immediately halt any plans to bring back an indoor mask mandate on school children, claiming that the Department of Public Health “is using erroneous hospitalization metrics”

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The New COVID Vaccines Have Only Been Tested on Mice, Without Safety or Effectiveness Data Based On Human Trials – Antibody levels tell us nothing about its effectiveness

Biden officials say annual COVID-19 shots are now the norm with the latest boosters – Current NIAID director Fauci said COVID-19 shots updated for new variants would be recommended once a year rather than every six months or so

29 MORE Reasons (Not) To Inject Your Child –  Inspired by Margaret Anna Alice’s  “50 Reasons to Give Your Child the COVID Shot” 

A first-in-in-the-nation bill that would protect kids’ privacy online passed out of the California Legislature – Here’s what it does, and what happens next

Why Federal Legalization of Cannabis Is Finally Here – On July 21, 2022, three senators sheepishly launched federal cannabis legislation into the future, with the introduction of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act

September 5, 2022

Studies show blood damage in those who got COVID vaccinations – Frightening research results are coming out of Italy and Germany – If you have had a COVID vaccine/booster, what this article presents may cause you stress and anxiety

Federal Judge grants Trump’s Special Master request for review of the material confiscated by the FBI/DOJ during the Mar-a-Lago Raid – Parties have until September 9th to submit a filing that includes special master candidates

FBI agents in August seized medical documents and financial information from former President Donald Trump when they raided his Mar-a-Lago resort, a new court filing revealed on September 5th

Federal agents who are investigating former President Donald Trump may still be working on the case despite being exposed to potentially privileged information, according to a new court filing

Former Feds Give The Justice Department a Bad Name – The nonstop partisan gaslighting justify accusations by Trump and his supporters that the Justice Department largely exists to criminalize political dissent in America

No, Trump’s Presence In The Midterms Is Not “Risky” For The GOP – Without Trump, The GOP Struggles To Turnout Voters

Maryland Democrat Representative Raskin Admits Democrats Are Fascists – Two of the hallmarks of a fascist political party are one, they don’t accept the results of elections that don’t go their way, and two, they embrace political violence

Industry And Infrastructure Are Collapsing By The Day Across Europe And The US – Three of the pillars that allow modern society to function are being severely crippled by economic sanctions and sky-high energy prices across Europe

The Prominent Investigative Reporter Who Spearheaded Coverage of the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre Was Found Dead Outside His Home – Jeff German was found stabbed to death and his killer remains at large

Governor Newsom Signs Legislation to Unionize CA’s 556,000 Fast Food Workers – A new “Fast Food Council “will set minimum health, safety, and employment standards across California’s fast food industry

ZH: The Commodity Crisis Has Unfolded for Europe. Who’s Next? – On Friday, G7 nations announced they had come up with a worldwide scheme to impose price caps on Russian oil

Constitutional law professor and commentator Jonathan Turley: Conservatives law students fear losing their freedom of speech  – “A question I never heard from students is now routine”

TIPP Poll Asks: Does America Have A Two-Tier Justice System? – Many Americans, mostly in the center and right, believe they are treated unfairly by the media and the law

Sharyl Attkisson: The federal government is spending billions to promote electric vehicles, but most Americans still view them as impractical – Recent Rasmussen polling shows only 28% of American adults think electric cars are practical

Joe Biden doubled down on his ‘Battle for the Soul of the Nation’ speech from hell last week, tweeting on Sunday that “MAGA proposals are a threat to the very soul of this country”

It Seems Like Biden Wants To Reelect Trump – What we need is a president who wants to do the hard, necessary work of uniting

Joe Biden Has Spent 40% Of His Time As President On Vacation – He’s been away 23 days just in the past month

The Missing Laborers – The U.S. economy is in the peculiar situation of relying on a shrinking workforce to serve a growing population

ZH: Europe’s Energy Crisis Was Created By Political Interventionism – An energy policy that bans investment in some technologies based on ideological views and ignores security of supply is doomed to a boisterous failure

An Australian Bank Chain To Stop Lending For Gas-Powered Cars In 2025 – Loans Will Then Only Be Available For Electric Vehicles

California Goes Over the Edge – 1st it was the electric auto mandate with an inadequate electrical power grid and now it’s the Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act

TikTok is now a marketing tool to coax children into the “trans” abattoirs – The agenda to mangle our youth is brazenly promoted, particularly on social media – Children are to be cherished and protected

John Daniel Davidson: The Transgender Movement Isn’t Just Targeting Kids, It’s Targeting Families – The point isn’t just to break down the “gender binary” it’s to break down the family toward the goal of reshaping society

Mayor Lori Lightfoot lashes out at Texas Governor Abbott after 50 more migrants are bussed to Chicago – Lightfoot accused Abbott of using the illegal migrants as human pawns and said he is “manufacturing a human crisis’

Students at colleges in Washington, D.C., are facing significant COVID-19-related restrictions compared to their counterparts in Virginia and Maryland, even as the coronavirus continues to recede from the public consciousness

Challenge Big Pharma and Go to Jail – At least 83 governments worldwide have used the Covid-19 pandemic to justify violating the exercise of free speech and peaceful assembly, according to Human Rights Watch

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Four large systematic meta-analyses show that low vitamin D levels raise your risk of COVID while higher baseline levels and/or supplementation lower all risks by 1.5 to three times

Victor Davis Hanson: What One Had To Believe To Believe Jussie Smollett’s Story – During a speaking engagement, he let loose with a two-minute comedy riff that had his listeners convulsed with laughter

September 4, 2022

California Extends Its “Flex Alert,” Warning Drivers Not to Charge Their Electric Cars – The alert has been in effect for several days in the midst of a heat wave that is slated to last through Labor Day

50 Reasons to Give Your Child the COVID Shot – A handy list of reasons you’ll want to rush your child to the nearest injection site stat, NOT!

The Origins of Woke – A forgotten satirical book from the nineties predicted our current “cancel culture”

ZH: Biden Puts The ‘Total’ In Totalitarianism – America has come perilously close to the edge of the point of no return…

Glenn Greenwald’s Prediction in October 2020, ahead of the elections and after the mainstream media and Deep State takedown of the Hunter Biden laptop story Is Spooky Accurate – He Nailed it, unfortunately

BIDEN KEEPS HIS PROMISE TO SCREW AMERICAN MOTORISTS – WSJ chart shows the Biden Administration leased far fewer acres for oil-and-gas drilling than any other administration in its early stages dating back to the end of World War II

The Biden Administration’s Border Cover-Up Becomes A Border Standoff – A reporter and the WH press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre get in a row over the administration’s denial of the crisis

Donald Trump: “This election is a referendum on skyrocketing inflation, rampant crime, soaring murders, crushing gas prices, millions and millions of illegal aliens pouring across our border, race and gender indoctrination…”

Anticipation for Trump 2024 Run Builds up at PA Rally – An energized crowd packed the 10,000-seat Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday night as Trump arrived in the battleground state to rally for Republican candidates and his supporters

COMPARE AND CONTRAST: Trump and Biden Both Hold Rallies in Wilkes-Barre — TRUMP FILLS THE ARENA WITH AN OVERFLOW CROWD – Biden Can’t Even Fill A High School Gym

China Moves to Buy Off Africa – Here Is more evidence of its “world-island” ambitions

Margaret Thatcher-Style Leader Likely to Become The New UK Prime Minister – “She is a limited-government, low-tax politician who believes in reining in the role of the state”

More Than Half of Babies, Toddlers Surveyed Had ‘Systemic Reaction’ After COVID-19 Vaccine – Parents reported 6 percent of young children were unable to do normal activities after the second dose

The Bed Bath & Beyond CFO Plunges to Death From NYC Skyscraper Following Mass Layoffs – On Friday police responded to a 911 call and found a 52-year-old man dead near the building who appeared to suffer injuries from a fall

The Bed Bath And Beyond Executive That PLUNGED To His Death From A NYC Skyscraper Faced A Massive Lawsuit For Stock Price Manipulation

Taiwan warns that China aspires to open a “naval outpost” in Nicaragua as part of a plan to dominate the Indo-Pacific – Taiwanese Vice Foreign Minister Alexander says “They have a very large plan”

WSJ: Federal Oil Leases Slow to a Trickle Under Biden – The President cites climate change and spurns resources his predecessors, Donald Trump, relied on to boost U.S. energy production

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday revealed that FBI agents “rifled through” former First Lady Melania Trump’s closet and “even did a deep and ugly search of the room of my 16-year-old son, Barron”

WSJ: Consumers Feel Worse Now Than They Did During The Covid Lockdowns – Sentiment has fallen to levels typically associated with worse financial and economic conditions than today’s

So was it presidential historian Jon Meacham who wrote Biden’s Mussolini Meltdown speech? – The visuals and speech didn’t help Biden any politically, and the internal polls must have been horrific

The recipe for a Democrat October surprise – The corrupt mainstream media are already working overtime to set the stage by playing up the “civil war” potential and predicting violence from “white supremacists and far-right extremists”

Never has the “buck stopped” with Biden as he’s always had a scapegoat for his disasters. First, it was Putin; now, it’s MAGA Republicans, but in reality, it is his failed policies and incessant WH disinformation

Biden Sr. Advisor Keisha Bottoms: The so-called “MAGA Republican agenda” has “no place” in American democracy – “The MAGA agenda has been about misleading people, it’s about putting out information that inflames people”

The Rise of the Unprincipled Left – The left’s principles are not grounded in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Leftists regard those documents as mere quaint relics of a bygone past

Another BLM Leader Is Accused Of Fraud – Black Lives Matter leader, Shalomyah Bowers, purportedly siphoned more than $10 million of donors’ money

A Heartbroken Grad Watches The Woke Descent Of The US Naval Academy – There is so much wrong with having midshipmen, future naval leaders, indoctrinated with woke inclusion and diversity

The Latest Attack on Proposed “Sites Reservoir,” Not Enough Water – Drawing 1.0 million acre-feet or more from the Sacramento River to fill the Sites Reservoir during wet years, and over a half-million-acre feet even in dry years, would not significantly reduce the flow of water into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

The Curse Of Cultural Marxism – Pat Condell makes the point that Progressivism is Marxism attempting to wear a liberal mask, and failing – His analysis is excellent and very thought-provoking

September 3, 2022

Canada’s rules for tourists entering Canada are being cited as a reason Americans are not visiting  – The focus of concern is the ArriveCAN app, according to CBC as Canada requires visitors to be vaccinated against Covid for entry

Dr. Joseph Mercola: A hospital study published in June 2022 revealed that hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) mouthwash, gargle, and nasal rinse protected against COVID-19 better than the jab

Russia Shuts Down Nord Stream 1 INDEFINITELY – The entire western world is going to start feeling massive pain thanks to weak, ignorant, narcissistic European leaders who balked at sensible advice given to them by President Trump

Tim Pool, the host of the popular “Tim-Cast” IRL podcast, heralded the production of My Son Hunter as an important example of creating cultural content to compete with and dissent from the woke corporate entertainment establishment

ZH: California Governor Newsom Reaped $10.6 Million In Campaign Cash From 979 State Vendors Who Pocketed $6.2 Billion – Newsom has embraced the highly unethical practice of soliciting campaign cash from state contractors

Judge Denies Steve Bannon’s Request For New Trial – He was on trial in July for two misdemeanor charges related to him not showing up to testify before the committee in charge of investigating the Jan 6th events at the U.S. Capitol

Embalmers across the country have been observing many large, and sometimes very long, “fibrous” and rubbery clots inside the corpses and are speaking out  – They have been seeing them starting from either 2020 or 2021

SHEDDING CONFIRMED: mRNA-Generated Covid Spike Proteins Found in Skin Lesions MONTHS After “Vaccination” – Did Pfizer and Moderna create ZOMBIE injections that simply do not die?

17 states with vehicle emission standards tied to CA rules face weighty decisions on whether to follow CA’s strictest-in-the nation new rules that require all new cars, pickups, and SUVs to be electric or hydrogen-powered by 2035

Biden’s great walk-back only manages to remind us again “who he is” – It is pretty clear that his “soul of the nation” Independence Hall speech didn’t go over the way he thought it would go over with American voters

US Treasury says the request for Hunter Biden records must come from a Democrat-led committee, not Republicans – That could change if Republicans take the majority in Congress this November in the Midterms

The Green Surrender – I sometimes wonder which policy of President Biden‘s has been or will be the most destructive of them all as there are so many possibilities, but at the top of the list is his Progressive energy policy that weakens America

Winners and Losers in the Ukraine War – Perhaps we ought to invest as much time and energy trying to end this war as we do to defeat and humiliate Russia

WSJ: Enough, Bosses Say: This Fall, It Is Time to Get Back to the Office – After more than two years, corporate leaders say time is up on avoiding in-person work

Claremont Review of Books Essays: Why Are We in Ukraine? – A steep bill comes due for decades of democracy promotion

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: LENI RIEFENSTAHL EDITION – Who thought the setting and lighting for Biden”s speech was a good idea? The millennials who run the WH may live in a media-academic bubble, but can they be that clueless?

September 2, 2022

Police Captain Identified Who Beat A Woman with Metal Baton Nearly to Death and Bashed Her in the Face on Jan. 6th – Not once does the DOJ report describe the brutal pummeling she received at the hands of the Capitol Police officers

Steve Kirsch: Israel didn’t start to gather safety data until a year into the vaccine program – They gathered 6 months’ worth of data and found that the vaccines weren’t safe … so they lied to the world about it

CA Lawmakers Just Passed Two Bills to Punish Physicians and Curtail Free Speech,  AB 2098 and SB 1018 – Physicians would be punished for doing what they believe is best for their patients and sharing legitimate information

Joe Biden’s “Ghost” Gun Ban Lasted Less Than 1 Minute – Retailers require separate component orders or refuse to sell all four component packages to the same customer so that no single retailer ever actually sells a “firearm”

Civiqs Poll: 69% of Voters Say Joe Biden’s Economy Is Fairly Bad or Very Bad – The Civiqs tracking model captures the shifts in attitude of various groups over time across all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

CNN White House Correspondent Leaves The Network Just Hours After Strongly Backing Biden’s Aggressive Rhetoric – John Harwood has been described by multiple outlets as having a significant pro-left bias

Sharyl Attkisson: Senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley want to know why the FBI has interfered in their investigation of Hunter Biden – “The FBI has consistently failed to respond in full to requests and provide critical records”

According to Virginia Democratic Representative Elaine Luria, the Inflation Reduction Act is in reality a huge environmental bill that includes a lot of things, such as the tax credits necessary to make these kinds of developments

Minutes Before Biden Gave His Vile Speech, Bannon’s House Was Swatted – The practice of calling officers to a home under pretenses in the hope that harm will come to them has become known as “swatting” 

ZH: CNN Caught Color-Shifting Biden’s Hell-Red Rant Mid-Speech – The optics were so bad that CNN shifted the color from blood-red to a ‘less Hitlery’ pink in the middle of Biden’s speech

Watch: Kari Lake Epically Shuts Down Journalist in 90 Seconds – During her response to Biden’s national address Thursday, she was asked by a left-leaning reporter about the results of the 2020 election

Democrat Hobbs formally refuses to debate Kari Lake in the Arizona governor race –Hobbs’ campaign says she wouldn’t participate in something that will make Arizona “the butt of late-night TV jokes”

Biden Gives Clinton and Obama Insider John Podesta Control Over Nearly $370 Billion in ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Funds – He will chair the President’s National Climate Task Force

Fossil Fuels Are Vital to Human Flourishing – Oil, coal, and natural gas have enabled billions of people to climb out of poverty and enjoy longer, higher-quality lives

There Is no longer evidence to suggest anyone should get the COVID-19 vaccines, a British mathematician said as the UK government rolls out another booster campaign ahead of the winter season

Covid-19 “Vaccines” Reprogram the Immune System to ATTACK Important Organs – Science continues to prove what many have speculated about – Will corporate media, Big Tech, and government continue to keep people in the dark?

A secondary analysis of the data from the original clinical trials for the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines has found that those vaccinated were at higher risk of serious adverse events than the unvaccinated placebo group

ZH: These Are The Most Popular Fast Food Brands In America – A graphic uses data from a report on America’s top 50 fast food chains by Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Magazine

Over 1,000 reports of adverse events have been lodged with U.S. authorities following COVID-19 vaccinations being given to children aged 5 and younger

Former President Donald Trump reiterated Thursday that he would pardon some Jan. 6 defendants and revealed he’s “financially supporting” some of them. “I mean full pardons with an apology to many,”

In a rare primetime address, President Joe Biden accused former President Donald Trump and so-called “MAGA Republicans” of having an “extreme ideology” that effectively threatens “the very foundations of our republic”

Biden’s “Democracy” Lecture Reminds Americans How Relentlessly Democrats Undermine It – Biden and Democrats are guilty of all of the sins against democracy he blames Trump and “MAGA Republicans” For

Joe Biden Isn’t Qualified to Lecture Us on the Soul of the Nation – He and his handlers are hard at work tearing the country from its moral base

Hours before Biden’s broadcast that declared anyone who disagrees with him to be a violent extremist, his Press Secretary told reporters that those who do not agree with “the majority” are exhibiting “an extreme way of thinking” and must be treated as a threat

America: Amid a Communist Revolution – Following the playbook of past communist revolutions, erasing our history began immediately with the destruction of historical statues and monuments by Antifa and BLM mobs, the unofficial paramilitary arm of the DNC

“Let’s Go Brandon” Chants Grew Louder as President Biden Attacked MAGA Americans in A Dark Philadelphia speech – “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic”

Donald Trump responded to Joe Biden’s bizarre speech, in which he angrily denounced over 74 million Americans as ‘extremists,’ by suggesting Biden “must be insane or suffering from late stage dementia”

Biden’s hateful rhetoric against Americans presents the GOP with a sterling opportunity – Whenever political leaders lose all political capital due to their misgovernance and have no real issues to campaign on, they often resort to the symbolic

While Republicans have roundly criticized President Biden’s so-called “soul of the nation” speech as unnecessarily demagogic and divisive, many Democrats and liberal commentators have praised it as an optimistic and inspiring pre-election battle cry

The FBI Used A Phony Photo to Try and Frame “Neatnik” Trump – Who removed those documents from whatever container they were in and spread them all over the floor to mislead the public?

Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski reportedly fears the recently departed former FBI agent Timothy Thibault buried the information he conveyed to the FBI about his Chinese business dealings with the Biden family

5 Times The Anti-Trump FBI’s “Trust Us” Promise Fell Apart – After the lies exposed during SpyGate, the DOJ and FBI’s current entreat to an angry public to “trust them” will be rightly ignored

When candidate Joe Biden promised that he would unite the country if elected, did he think he could do it by alienating roughly half the population? Or he would unite the Democrats and independents against the “MAGA Republicans”?

FBI agents seized over 11,000 documents and photographs without classified markings from the home of former President Donald Trump, according to an inventory released on Sept. 2.

ZH: The WH received Tehran’s awaited response to prior US stipulations regarding the final text of a restored nuclear deal – The initial reaction strongly suggests that negotiations are once again in peril even as the deal is at the “finish line”

Over 50 Biden Administration Employees Across 12 US Agencies Involved in Social Media Censorship Push – They publicly pressured social media companies to take action against a group of officials dubbed the “disinformation dozen”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday said that illegal aliens apprehended along the U.S.-Mexico border are now also  being bused to Chicago in addition to New York City and Washington as a result of Biden’s “open border policies”

Democrats across the U.S. are using the proceeds of the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to pay for things not intended – Democrats across the U.S. are using the proceeds of the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to pay for things not intended

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, at least 1.1 million incarcerated criminals were given checks for COVID stimulus money as a result of Joe Biden’s stimulus bill, with the final total amounting to about $1.3 billion

This New Ivermectin Video Is A Must See – It is only 13-minutes long and shows how NIH deliberately twisted the facts to make it look like the drug didn’t work while the media slammed it with repeated claims of being a horse de-wormer

Ivermectin Vindicated Two Years Too Late: Horse Paste Has Officially Been Listed as an Antiviral COVID Treatment on the NIH’s Website – The suppression of this drug “is one of the greatest stories of our lifetime, and we’re not going to let it go”

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Emerging statistics on excess mortality rates paint an alarming picture – Far more people died in 2021, after the rollout of the COVID shots, and in 2022, than during the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020

ZH: Around 22,000 households in Colorado lost the ability to control their smart wi-fi connected thermostats after the power company seized control of them during a heatwave

A California Backlash over Order Not to Charge Electric Vehicles During Heatwave – Electric car and zero emissions supporters say car buyers are looking elsewhere

September 1, 2022

Does the Republican Party have the courage to fight – It’s become clear the DOJ and FBI are little more than politicized, corrupt, and weaponized agencies of the government that exist to go after the Left’s political opponents

630 Days Later: Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday that Florida is suing the Biden administration as a last resort so that it can implement a plan to import prescription drugs from Canada

Why Did the FBI Raid Mar-a-Lago? – Trump’s ‘stash of supposed nuclear secrets’ is this summer’s Kremlin collusion conspiracy, but this latest chapter of Russiagate may end with a bang

The Florida judge presiding over Donald Trump’s request to appoint a “special master” did not issue a ruling after the hearing but plans to unseal an inventory of what agents took, as well as a status report from the investigative team

WSJ Opinion: American Federation of Teachers chief Randi Weingarten Flunks the Pandemic – National test results reveal the damage resulting from school closures

The COVID-19 Vaccines Didn’t Work, so CDC Changed the Definition of Vaccines – Tech companies quickly censored and de-platformed doctors who discussed potentially-effective treatment options as any scientific debate was silenced

The FDA authorized updated COVID-19 vaccine booster shots despite no clinical trial data being available for the modified formulations – They granted emergency use authorization to Moderna and Pfizer for the updated boosters

We Beat Big Pharma on Its Home Turf — A California Grassroots Movement Stopped The Teen Vaccine Consent Bill – Senator Wiener will not put his teen vaccine consent bill up for a vote because it does not have enough support

China’s Forced Organ Harvesting Demands A U.S. Response – Although China announced that it banned this hideous practice in 2015, transparency is lacking and mounting evidence indicates that it continues

Amazon Is Under Investigation for a String of Warehouse Deaths as Scrutiny Grows – Warehouse deaths are worrying in light of complaints over high heat and the pace of work, advocates and workers say

Former US Intel Chief: The FBI ‘Didn’t Find What They Were Looking for’ in Trump Raid – The DOJ’s arguments against appointing a special master “tells you that the government didn’t find what they were looking for”

The Biden administration is blocking DeSantis from letting Floridians access cheaper medication – The governor’s office has been waiting 630 days for approval from the FDA for its proposal to import cheap, safe medications from Canada

WSJ: Service Is Slow – Luggage Is AWOL – Blame the Influx of New Hires – The U.S. economy has recouped the 22 million jobs lost early in the pandemic, but the tight labor market is burdening many employers with unseasoned staff

After Alaska, where ranked-choice voting is headed next – Ranked-choice voting allows voters to list a second choice and third choice (and beyond) on their ballots rather than forcing them to select one candidate but is complicated to tabulate

Inflation remains the top issue for Americans heading into the 2022 midterm elections, while only one percent of voters said the economy is in “excellent” shape, according to a Wednesday Quinnipiac poll

The cost of attending a four-year college has more than doubled over the last two decades, along with student loan borrowing – Experts are skeptical the loan forgiveness plan announced by the Biden administration will change things

The top schools in the country are weeding out applicants who are NOT sufficiently devoted to the leftist creed of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), according to a new report released by the non-profit organization, Do No Harm

Arizona’s leaders blow off Biden, and build the border wall themselves – Texas has been leading the charge, and now Arizona is stepping up to the plate

A recent court filing submitted by former President Donald Trump’s lawyers said the Department of Justice (DOJ) never contacted his lawyers after FBI agents took documents during last month’s raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence

ZH: There’s No Alternative but Total Systemic Collapse – Nearly a month after Jerome Powell said, “We have moved to the neutral rate,” the Fed is now singing a different tune. What’s behind the switch?

ZH: A Fed Paper Admits The Central Bank Can’t Control Inflation; Finger-Points At Federal Government – In plain English, the central bank can’t stop inflation when the federal government needs inflation to survive

The Stock Market Rout Has Only Just Begun – “Mean reversion,” the rule that all things eventually revert to normal, in the case of the stock market means it will be “painful” at best due to previous QE & Zero Interest Rate Policies

Nikki Haley Reveals Who Leaked Her Group’s Donor List to Press – The same liberal that is targeting Donald Trump, New York Attorney General Letitia James

Border Patrol agents have described White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as “extremely dumb” or flat-out lying following her claims earlier this week that migrants are not “walking across” the southern border

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) announced numerous new gun controls going into effect in her state Thursday and made clear her belief that good guys with guns do not stop bad guys

More Bad News For The Eco-Radicals – For the first time in more than 80 years, the Atlantic Ocean hasn’t produced a named storm between July 3 and August 31

California Democrats in the State Assembly and State Senate have advanced legislation that would make the state a sanctuary where out-of-state parents can take their children to undergo sex change procedures

A California School District Textbook Claims There Are EIGHT Genders – The different ‘genders’ that the book lists include agender, androgynous, bigender, cisgender, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning

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A Legal Immigrant’s Defense Of The MAGA Vision For America

Recently, Alma Ohene-Opare, a legal immigrant and U.S. citizen listened to Joe Biden’s speech. The one that was supposedly about unity but that, instead, showed an enraged Joe Biden, against a blood-red background, castigating at least half the nation for being extremist threats to America’s democracy.

He was so disturbed by what he heard that the next day he took to TikTok to give voice to his reaction via an uplifting and unifying vision of America.  Subsequently, his video went wildly viral, soaring on TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

Here is the video so you can listen to it yourself, along with a full transcript in case you prefer reading.


Hi, everyone. This message is for the President of The United States so, if you know someone close to him, please tag them so they can bring this to his attention.

My name is Alma Ohene-Opare. I’m a person of faith, a husband of 16 years, and a father of four wonderful children. I am also an immigrant to the United States of America.

I came here at the age of 19, full of hopeful optimism, and a willingness to do what was necessary to achieve the American dream. After 18 years of waiting and hoping, I was finally granted the privilege of becoming an American citizen in 2021. Today I am a proud American, a law-abiding patriot, and a man willing to defend the principles and values that made America great and brought people like me here.

Mr. President, I am also a conservative Republican, or what you have recently labeled a “MAGA Republican.” Over the last few days, you have looked into the camera and called me and millions of other people like me extremists. You have told me and my children that we don’t matter to you because of our beliefs. Your spokespeople and the media have labeled us as dangerous, full of hate, and a threat to democracy. You went as far as to suggest that we would not stand a chance against the government’s F-15s in defending our country from tyranny. Your party leaders have taken your cue and called us terrorists, and all this without taking any time to acknowledge our humanity, listen to our concerns, or seek to understand our fears.

I was born in a country where my rights were not always guaranteed. And to hear the president of America and the leader of the free world dismiss more than 70 million of his own countrymen as fringe and extreme and not worth listening to breaks my heart and makes me wonder what I should tell my children about the future of this once great shining city on the hill.

This is the reason many of us embrace the call to make America great again. It is because we believe our great nation is under a moral fiscal and spiritual assault.

We are MAGA because we want to restore the promise in the hearts of our children that this is the place where their efforts will be rewarded and where their true potential can be realized.

We are MAGA because we believe in freedom of speech, and the freedom to exercise our religion. We believe in limited government and the rule of law.

We are MAGA because we love the Constitution and believe our Founders established a means for We The People to defend it from enemies both foreign and domestic.

I am MAGA because I want to be able to look into the eyes of my four black children to assure them that they’re not victims and that they hold inside them what it takes to achieve anything they set their hearts on.

We believe our leaders should put America and its interests first, before any other nation.

We believe our government should not saddle our children and grandchildren with insurmountable debt chasing after a misguided idea of controlling or changing the course of the climate.

Millions of us were horrified to witness what happened on January 6 and believe that justice must be served, but we also see through the attempt to paint all Republicans with a false moniker of insurrectionists and to conflate the genuine misgivings of those who feel disaffected and disenfranchised with an unfounded accusation that we are somehow against democracy.

We are MAGA because we love law enforcement but doubt whether the Justice Department or the FBI can be trusted to deal fairly and impartially when they have given us clear and repeated evidence of their political bias against half of the country.

As a new American this November, this will be the first time I get to exercise my right to vote, a right I have waited nearly two decades to earn. I understand the urge during an election season to attack those you see as political opponents but, Mr. President, I am not your enemy and the tens of millions of MAGA Republicans are not filled with hate towards anyone. We love this country. We are heirs of the great legacy of freedom this country has afforded us and wished to exercise our rights to be heard and not demonized.

So, I ask you, Mr. President, to tear down this wall of divisiveness and division that seeks to pit your fellow citizens against one another. Heed your own call for unity and lay off the rhetoric that seeks to demonize and defame millions of people who would give their lives and fortunes to defend these United States.

If you believe in the redemption of America, then give my children a reason to hope; a reason to believe that our best days are ahead of us in spite of the challenges we face as a country.

Thank you for listening.