Bill Hader Channels Tom Cruise

I heard about the arrival of “deep fake” videos a few months ago but didn’t think much about it.

That is until I saw the video below, which is truly amazing. Watch it closely a couple times and pay close attention to Bill Hader’s face. The transitions and likenesses are stunning, to say the least.

You are hearing more talk lately that digital Hollywood tech might replace live actors in some films—or that it could be used to bring back long-dead ones.

What is potentially VERY creepy is its use on videos of political figures to distort the truth. Be watchful as this could happen sooner, rather than later.


This was the first episode of the television show Dragnet, which originally aired December 14, 1951 when I was about to turn 8-years old. Via regular broadcast TV or via online streaming, I have probably seen every episode of Dragnet.

In it, Sergeant Joe Friday (Jack Webb), Sergeant Ben Romero (Barton Yarborough), and Chief of Detectives Thad Brown (Raymond Burr), confront a bomber in City Hall who wants to free his brother from jail.

The print is damaged, and the audio (at least to me) seems slightly out of sync, but the episode is intact. The missing audio during the end credits was solely due to a copyright notice

45 Western Stars

I remember almost every one of these “Old Western” actors.

Front row: Dewey Martin, Johnny Crawford (in tennis clothes), Chuck Connors, Glen Ford, Alan Hale Jr., Henry Darrow, Larry Storch, Neville Brand,

Second row: Denver Pyle, Iron Eyes Cody, Harry Lauter, Jeanette Nolan, Linda Cristal, John Ireland, Mark Slade, Joe Bowman, Fred Putnam,

3rd row: Pat Buttram, Milburn Stone, Dan Haggerty, Guy Madison, Rex Allen, John Bromfield, Keenan Wynn,Jackie Coogan,

4th row: X-Brands, Bill Williams, Michael Ansara, Slim Pickins, Dick Jones, Don Diamond, Ken Curtis, John Russell, Peter Brown, James Drury,

5th row: Red Cameron, Jock Mahoney, Jack Kelly, Tony Young, John McIntire, Ty Hardin, Lee Van Cleef, Will Hitchins, Terry Wilson, Clayton Moore, Doug McClure