The Menopause Song

As an old fart with a wife I love dearly and three mature daughters I love with all my heart, this parody grabbed me right by the heart.

After watching my wife struggle with menopause over the years, I simultaneously found it funny, sad and emotionally moving.

It is definitely worth watching.

Dr. Charles Hoffe: Covid Vaccines & Mandates The BIGGEST Disaster in Medical History!

Dr. Charles Hoffe is a family doctor that lives and works in Lytton, Canada. He is a graduate of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved to Canada. He has worked as a rural family physician and emergency room physician for 31 years

In April 2021 he went public with a strong warning that  Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine had caused injuries in many of the 900 patients he had administered it to in his native American community.

As a result, his hospital practice was suspended by the local health authority for causing vaccine hesitancy‘, in effect halving both his income and the capacity at the local clinic.[2].

In a curious turn of events, his entire community of Lytton, British Columbia, burned to the ground in July 2021.[3] When the community burned down, he lost his medical practice, meaning the rest of his income. His patient data records were also lost.[4]

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