Pairing Wine And Food

Pairing wine with food doesn’t have to be a fussy process. Some wines definitely complement the flavor of certain types of foods, but in general picking a great wine to go with a great meal is as simple as picking a varietal you like from a range of good ones. The chart below (click on the image to enlarge) can help you when it’s time to order. This poster is available for sale via THIS LINK.


All About Sushi

My wife and I go to our favorite Sushi place for lunch at least twice a month.

The quality there is great and Costco sells two of their $50.00 gift cards for $69.95, so we buy and use them to get a 30% discount on our meals there.

According to the chart below, I tend to eat things in the wrong order, but I don’t care. I’m drooling right now just thinking about our next Sushi lunch.

all about sushi all about sushi2 all about sushi3