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The Trump Doctrine

Recently Dov Fischer authored an article titled “The Trump Doctrine: On Zig-Zagging, Keeping Hands Off Our People, and America First.” It is a masterful piece and should be read by everybody who loves America.

In my mind, it probably describes what President actually thinks, with No Holds Barred. Below I show the key points he made for your viewing. To see his complete article, click on the article named above.

  • I want American boys back home.
  • I want our ground troops out of all the foreign entanglements that have cost us trillions with no discernible results.
  • I don’t care what the experts and smart people say, because the one and only thing that history teaches us is that America’s experts and smart people are morons.

The Bay of Pigs. They were the last ones to find out about 9/11.

They misread Afghanistan. The experts and smart people blew it on the Iranian revolution.

The fall of the Soviet Union.

They advised that China would be a fair player in trade in the World Trade Organization.

They told us that ‘The Arab Spring’ marked a breakthrough that would see Western-style democracies emerge all over the Arab Muslim world.

They told us that the West Europeans in NATO never would increase their payments.

They told us that a World War and an Armageddon would erupt in the Mideast if we recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved our embassy there from Tel Aviv.

They took a beautiful eternal war between Iraq and Iran that killed half a million warriors on both sides over eight years, with no end in sight, and managed to unite them against us while we spent trillions to make it happen.

Who was the idiot who had the bright idea that there beats in the heart of every Iraqi a burning desire to adopt the Bill of Rights? Where did that come from?

What expert decided that regime change in Baghdad would create a liberal democracy? The only part of the whole Bill of Rights that they ever wanted was a variation on our Second Amendment: the right to bear rocket-propelled grenades. So we sent brave boys to liberate them from one tyrant so that they could veer towards another?

They yearn for free speech, for a free press? They yearn for habeas corpus?  They yearn for freedom of religion? They yearn for eminent domain? They yearn for a Griswold penumbra derived from emanations of rights? Who came up with this beaut — Clapper? Brennan? Comey? Or was this another doozy from the Bush–McCain–Romney wing of the Democrat Party?

  • “So I want American boys back home. I want us out of these places. To the degree that we have alliances — frankly, I don’t trust the friendship of almost the whole damn lot of them. Saudi Arabia is our friend? Gimme a break. As long as they face obliteration from Iran, they are our friend. And on other days, they impose crippling oil boycotts against us or educate their kids to grow up and take down our Twin Towers.
  • Or Germany is our friend? So how come they are building a pipeline to Putin’s Russia to buy energy from him, which bolsters his pathetic economy and finances his ability to arm Iran, Syria, and our other enemies?
  • And don’t tell me that the Kurds are our friends. Sure they are — now, while they face destruction from our enemies. So, other than maybe England, Canada, Australia, and Israel, don’t talk to me about ‘friends’ — because we cannot count on them in the United Nations, cannot count on them on anything, even to join our sanctions on Iran.

“I have been in business — in the real world — all my life. Everyone is in this thing for themselves. When I made money for NBC, they loved me. Once I gave the show to the muscle guy, and he tanked it, they turned on me. So don’t tell me about loyalties other than family. If you don’t believe me, just look at Biden and Pelosi and Schumer.

For every single damn thing they say against me today, they said the exact opposite 10 and 20 years ago when the president was Clinton and Obama.

So don’t tell me about ‘friends.’ And don’t tell me about what they say.

“Here is the thing: Life is about shared interests. You want to make money, and I want to make money, so we make a deal. That’s how it works. At this particular moment, we happen to have certain shared interests with Saudi Arabia and the Kurds. Iran wants to kill them and wipe them out, and they don’t want to be wiped out. So now they are our friends.

OK, so we have given or sold them billions and billions of dollars’ worth of highly advanced weapons, and we have sent our people there to train them how to use them. We did not send them that stuff as Ramadan presents. The idea is that we gave them the wherewithal to protect themselves, and that is now on them. Use it or lose it. Iran bombed their oil wells? Not our problem — now that Obama is gone, we have more oil and natural gas than we can use, so we sell the stuff abroad. And when the courts finally let me have that Keystone XL pipeline and Dakota pipeline and all the other stuff in a small section of ANWR in Alaska — Who knows? Maybe we will be giving the oil away for free.

So if Iran and their surrogates are going to take out Saudi oil fields, let the Saudis respond with all that advanced weaponry we sent them and reciprocate by taking out Iran’s oil fields. Pretend that every Iranian oil pump and derrick is another Khashoggi. But I am not going to send our boys to do Riyadh’s fighting for them. Let them take those thugs they are teaching in their elementary schools and madrassas with their anti-Christian and anti-American Wahhabi Islam, and let them redirect their focus from our World Trade Center and point them at Tehran.

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