Frightening Stats On Illegals In California

This was sent to me by a friend that lives in the Palm Springs area of California.

These numbers especially hit home because of a personal experience with my wife’s cousin who lives in Orange County California. Her oldest child got involved with an illegal immigrant from Mexica that was living in the area and got her pregnant, more than once.

He wanted to get married, but she didn’t but made sure he paid her dearly to be able to see his children. They ultimately ended up living rent-free in his mother’s home, with the illegals brother living in their garage. After several years, they finally got her out of the house, but the brother, who never worked, refused to leave the garage and threatened them. He is finally gone now, and it is unclear how they got him to leave. My best guess is they paid him off to get him out of there.

Be sure to watch this video, it is short and to the point.