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Pathologist Explains Impact Of COVID Vaccines On Human Organs

Presenter: Dr. Ryan Cole, MD, FCAP, AP/CP/DP

Where are the autopsies of people who have had COVID vaccinations and why is this information being hidden?

Dr. Ryan makes several observations, asks key questions, and shows solid evidence of what these COVID vaccines do to human organ tissues.

  • When you do an autopsy you get all of the tissue, and you find all the answers too.
  • If you are not looking for answers you are not going to find them.
  • What about the spike proteins?
  • The spike proteins are toxins. They enter your bloodstream and land in your organs.
  • The vaccines also dysregulate your immune system

Below the video are relevant screengrabs of key slides used in his presentation.

And there is also the recent article below:

First Autopsy of Dead Person Vaccinated for Covid Found to Contain Spike Proteins in Every Organ of Body

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