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Dr. Dan Stock: The Futility Of Mask Mandates and Government Covid-19 Protocols

In Dr. Stock’s 6 minute talk addressing the Mt. Vernon School Board in Indiana, he describes, in his expert opinion, the ineffectiveness and misdirection of the current Covid disease response in schools.

I’ve read hundreds of articles and watched numerous videos on the subject and the solid facts Dr. Stock packs into six minutes is mind-boggling. (The high-quality video below is on YouTube and can be watched in 1080 HD if you select it in the settings. However, there have been reports of YouTube deleting some of his videos, so just in case they censor/delete the video, another version is provided below it.) Son of a gun, YouTube took it down not long after this was posted. Is anybody really surprised? I found another copy on YouTube and updated this post. Will this one be deleted too?

The exhibits mentioned in his presentation are provided below the videos.

YouTube Version

Compliments of UnitedWeStand.Cloud

Video: Dr. Daniel Wayne Stock CSP-Physician Indiana Lic: 010377358 – 6-minute Speech to Indiana School Board August 6, 2021 – Click on the lower right of the video for a full-screen view

Click on the links below for the mentioned exhibits:

Shasta County California

And last but not least, here is what was sent recently to county employees in a far Northern California county that one would easily consider Conservative Republican territory. It is filled with outright lies and if not that then half-truths. Click Here For Original Document

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