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Dr. Simone Gold: The True Origins of COVID-19

When you view this short video you will soon notice that no actual words are spoken.

This video is hosted on Rumble, so Google/YouTube and other left-leaning sympathetic corporate media cannot use speech-to-text technology to discern its message and then remove it to hide its message from the public.

This technique was used to make a point. Here are the facts the Progressive Left wants to hide from you.

  • I first heard of a new virus transmitted from bats to humans weeks before America Was attacked by the Chinese virus
  • I did a quick Google search of “Wuhan” and “Virus”
  • It came back to a highly restricted Level-4 Bio Laboratory – The Wuhan Institute of Virology
  • Level-1 labs handle germs that don’t make people sick
  • Level-4 labs handle the most deadly germs
  • HIV and Hepatitis are Level-2
  • EBOLA is Level-4
  • Level-4 labs are so dangerous they have airlocks and triple sets of doors
  • The staff has to wear astronaut-like suits
  • Some countries consider Level-4 labs to be a point of national pride
  • There are about 50 in the world
  • America has 13
  • Russia has 1
  • South Korea has 1
  • Taiwan has 2
  • And in 2018 China opened 1 – Guess Where?
  • WuhanSurprise!
  • From the very beginning, U.S. scientists said the Wuhan Level-4 lab had safety breaches
  • They warned the Wuhan lab risked a new SARS-Like Pandemic
  • There was precedent
  • It was well documented
  • Prior SARS viruses had escaped many times in the past from China’s Level-3 lab in Beijing
  • Fake News reported as fact a bat from the Wet Market started the pandemic
  • They only mentioned the Wuhan lab later as a “Conspiracy” Theory
  • But if something Looks Like A Duck, Walks Like A Duck, and Quacks Like A Duck – It’s A Duck!
  • So if a new highly contagious, highly lethal virus . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Still shot showing them looking to the horizon holding two ducklings
  • The cause of the virus is probably a duck and not a bat
  • The Wuhan virus has killed hundreds of thousands of people
  • Destroyed world economies
  • Shattered American lives
  • Gutted the Middle Class
  • Devastated small businesses
  • And closed our churches

A symbolic single sheep is left to graze at the end of the video

If you want more evidence of a Wuhan origin, here are some links to articles on the subject, from oldest to newest:


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