The Overblown COVID-19 Pandemic

As a retired marketing executive, I have a strong background in statics. In fact, I Aced my college stats class and used what I learned extensively in later years.

I find it interesting that the mainstream media and Progressive Left constantly use scare tactics to coerce people into getting vaccinated by reporting large numbers that are exaggerated and for the most meaningless.

What really counts is how many people actually got COVID-19 and how many of them died as a result, keeping in mind:

  • Many people acquired COVID and recovered but showed no symptoms, so we will never really know how many people actually had it to use for a data point.
  • It is now common knowledge that the approved tests to determine if individuals have COVID were oversampled which resulted in false positives. In fact, the CDC has inadvertently admitted this because it is now changing the rules on how many cycles are done for a positive rating, downward, because they want to send a message that the vaccinations are working and want fewer new cases reported. So again will never really know how many people actually had it to use for a data point.
  • While other countries have more realistic guidelines for determining actual deaths from COVID, the U.S. counts COVID as the reason if the person who died tested positive for COVID, regardless of other factors, such as heart disease, cancer, etc.

Based on current numbers taken from the Coronavirus Dashboard on 5-14-21, there have been 331,626,464 confirmed cased in the United States to date. They always report new and existing local and national numbers, along with whether they are rising or falling, but when they do report related deaths, they fail to compare the percent to the total. Don’t you think that might be important!

They are not reporting that because it shows that this supposed pandemic is a total farce and the disastrous shutdown of our economy was a very bad idea.

As you can see from the numbers below the U.S. reportedly has had 331,626,464 confirmed cases to date which resulted in 598,583 deaths, or an average death rate to the population of .18%. Look carefully, that is NOT 18 percent or even 1.8 percent, but rather .18 percent. If you falsely assume that the reported “Confirmed Case” numbers are correct the National death rate to confirmed cases equates to 1.78 percent which is a much higher rate but totally bogus because we will never know the total number of people who actually acquired COVID-19 because so many that got it showed few or now symptoms. I’m probably one of them because I had what appeared to be a bad cold with a 102-degree temperature, with 8 of the 11 COVID symptoms, but my symptoms resided in about 4-days, not the typical 7-10 days of a regular cold.

I feel sorry for the people who died, but numbers like this don’t support what has been done to America by mindless government employees and politicians with an agenda that is not in the best interest of the public.

During the 2018–2019 influenza season the CDC estimates that common influenza was associated with more than 35,500,000 million illnesses, 490,600 hospitalizations, and approximately 34,200 deaths, which equates to a death rate of about .01 percent. The 1957 Asian Flue resulted in ~116,000 US deaths or a .068 percent death rate. COVID is clearly much more serious, but our total lockdown response was still way overblown.

Here are the numbers, decide for yourself.

For those of you with EXCEL skills that want to do some sorting on your own, here is the spreadsheet I used.


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