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What Is A Woman?

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh’s What Is a Woman? is an online documentary about transgenderism.

In his documentary, he tours America, interviewing trans activists, various academics, and people on the street along with others, asking the question at hand, “What is a woman?”. This question usually results in evasive and confused answers on the part of his interviewees, which exposes the incoherence and contradictions of trans ideology altogether.

“What Is a Woman?” was originally released last year and was due to be re-released via the Daily Wire’s Twitter account last week to coincide with the start of Pride month, then some strange things happened.

Twitter limited the visibility of the announcement tweet showing the film which meant it didn’t show up on users’ regular timelines, so it couldn’t be retweeted, liked, or commented on.

Apart from deleting a tweet altogether, this is the most severe measure Twitter can impose on an account.

Twitter staff apparently considered the film to be “hateful” because it contains two instances of “misgendering”. Soon thereafter, Twitter owner Elon Musk intervened and overrode his company’s decision to limit access to the documentary and quote-tweeted it from his own account. “Every parent should watch this”, he said.

Soon after Musk’s intervention, Twitter made What Is a Woman? visible and it has now been watched many million times on Twitter alone.

As an aside, I guarantee that the shop owner’s “astute” observations at the 12-minute mark will make you laugh out loud.
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