The War On Covid Ends When We Acknowledge. . . .

The war on COVID ends when people in the United States realize and/or acknowledge:

  • The Covid virus does not spread asymptomatically.
  • There is no significant difference in COVID-19 transmission between those vaccinated and unvaccinated.
  • The vaccines don’t protect against serious cases of Covid or death.
  • Lockdowns don’t work and are harmful to people and the economy.
  • The mass COVID-19 shot campaign is riddled with conflicts of interest at a fundamental level.
  • Governments, the mainstream media, and Big Pharma are silencing the medical community from disclosing the truth about Covid and the vaccines.
  • Vaccine mandates and passports are unconstitutional.
  • We should stop testing asymptomatic people.
  • Natural immunity is robust and accepted as complete, and durable.
  • That Covid-19 is easily treatable at home with Ivermectin and other inexpensive early multi-drug treatment.
  • A healthy immune system is the first line of defense against getting Covid.
  • An unacceptable number of people have experienced adverse reactions from the vaccines with many dying.
  • The highly toxic drug Remdesivir is killing hospital patients.
  • The current leaky vaccines are obsolete, unsafe, and unfit for human use.
  • We are now in the endemic stage and must accept that Covid is here to stay.
  • The majority realizes Covid is not severe for the vast majority of healthy people under the age of 60.

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