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The Railroading Of John Strand

First, Big Pharma and the Deep State put Dr. Simone Gold, Founder & President of America’s Frontline Doctors, in prison. Now, they have sentenced AFLDS’ Creative Director, John Strand, to 32 months in prison!

John Strand has found himself at the center of a grave injustice, thanks to the sham January 6th investigations.

Please join them in rallying behind this brave soul who selflessly protected a woman during the events of January 6th, only to be unfairly sentenced to 32 months in federal prison.

John Strand’s story is one of heroism, compassion, and standing up for what is right. In the face of chaos and turmoil, he risked his safety to shield a vulnerable woman from harm, embodying the values of empathy, integrity, and courage. Unfortunately, due to the political climate surrounding that day, John has been unjustly targeted, becoming a casualty of political fascism.

FLDS firmly believes that no one should be punished for demonstrating acts of kindness and protecting others. By standing with John, you are also standing for medical freedom, Constitutional principles, and liberty.

Here’s how you can contribute and make a difference:

  1. Spread the Word: Share John Strand’s story far and wide, leveraging the power of social media, community networks, and personal outreach. Let everyone know about his unwavering bravery and the need to rectify this injustice. Use the hashtag #StandWithStrand to unite voices and create a powerful movement. For example, please share this powerful Video from John’s Twitter:

  2. Stay Informed: Stay updated on John Strand’s case and this tragic injustice. By remaining informed, you become an advocate for justice not only in this specific instance but also for others who face similar challenges for fearlessly telling the truth.
  3. Donate: By donating to America’s Frontline Doctors, you continue the mission championed by medical experts including myself who have been sounding the alarm about the toxic Big Pharma injections and medical tyranny. Donating to AFLDS today helps fund our efforts to break through the censors and Drain the Science Swamp.

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