The Global Elite “Covid Hoax” To Take-Over America Is Happening

This blog post appeared originally yesterday on the website and is such an excellent piece of work that I am reposting it here to assure wider coverage. is an excellent source of information for people who love America and all that makes it the best country in the world. If it is not yet on your radar, I urge you to visit it regularly to learn the truth about what is happening in America.

Americans Must Defend Our Freedom Globally.

Americans must wake up and get busy now, because:

  1. The majority of Americans are vaccinated, but Covid deaths in 2021 are greater than before the VAX was available in 2020. The VAX does not work, it removes natural immunity, and spreads Covid.
  2. Covid is not a deadly disease, it is similar to Influenza. Only the health-compromised and elderly are at risk. Most Covid deaths can be prevented (and infections cured) with already available Therapeutics.
  3. Some State/City/Local Governments along with the Federal Government, Big Medicine, Big Tech, and the Mainstream Media have warned about new Covid variants and imposed actions to follow or face sanctions for almost 2-years. They said: get boosters, stay home, wear masks, don’t socialize, avoid your family, be fearful, you cannot work and support your family unless you do what we say, etc. They only focused on VAX for prevention (which does not work), instead of Treatments to cure Covid and save lives. (e.g. California, New York).
  4. Some States have low levels of Covid with no restrictions on their citizens, similar to the pre-Covid era (e.g. Florida).
  5. Australia’s Federal and State governments conduct propaganda initiatives; issue anti-dissent regulations and fines; use aggressive intimidation tactics; employ severe and potentially lethal physical force; make arrests without trials; force involuntary vaccinations, and force involuntary detention of unvaccinated citizens for extended periods.
  6. Large numbers of Concerned Global Citizens March in Protest. (UK, France, Germany, Benelux Countries, Austria, Italy, Australia)

Many Americans do not know much of the above information due to the American Mainstream Media and Big Tech news blackouts, government propaganda, and business false narratives.


  • Support your Local Government, National, and Global Freedom initiatives;
  • Welcome others to join the cause (Accept some have different views that must be respected);
  • Don’t waste your time fighting with the opposition (Your example may later change their mind to join);
  • Recruit law enforcement and military supporters with the goal of saving the Country by peacefully preserving Citizen Freedoms. (Show them you are human, remind them you are a fellow citizen, and ask them to support you. Angry mobs do not win support, they compel adversity. You want their support to prevent needless violence);
  • Actively participate in Elections, Peaceful Protest Marches, and Peaceful Strikes to build support momentum and to get your message known;
  • Donate; and
  • “Walk Softly”, but be confident with an American and Global Freedom Fighter Citizen Base of millions you will carry a “Big Stick”.

Global Freedom March Video — Weekend November 27, 2021

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