Proof Dr. Fauci Covered Up The Biggest Medical Mistake In History

The text below has been modified slightly, where appropriate, for grammatical purposes. Dr. Lee’s analysis and logic make sense to me, especially after Pfizer’s announcement, only recently, about never testing whether their vaccines stop viral transmission. Click Here To See The Original Unedited Version.

By Joseph Lee, MD


The COVID vaccine antibody has no path into the lung.

When I discovered this, I let Dr. Fauci know and I ran it by my mentor, the Director of Ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins.

  • I couldn’t believe the size of the mistake so I mulled over it and then talked to a lot of people. No one had an answer. Isn’t it ridiculous? The COVID antibody never enters the lung. Wasn’t that the whole point of the vaccine, to help the LUNG in an infection?
  • Finally I wrote a page or two letter and sent it to Dr. Fauci and several other directors, along with certified letters to every member of CONGRESS. When I had previously discussed it with my mentor, he listened quietly, and then told me I would be going to Stockholm.
  • I really thought that would end the COVID vaccine. This was about two years ago, or so before the vaccine’s approval. But, no. I received a reply from Dr. Emily Erbelding, who thanked me for sending the letter to several directors, including Dr. Fauci.
  • However, a few weeks later, when Dr. Erbelding replied, what she generally seemed to say in her email was, well, sorry but our clinical results are awesome, and here’s a 1985 paper that will give you more information on the subject.
  • I was shocked. Hadn’t I just told them that the COVID antibody will never go into the lung? I told my mentor and showed him the email. He was very disappointed and sad that they couldn’t keep an open mind. He said all they had to do was throw a couple of million $ into it.
  • So, being, wordy, but precise and detail-oriented, I wrote back a 73-page letter to Dr. Fauci explaining every aspect of this huge mistake. No reply, of course, so I sent him email after email and even one to Dr. Francis Collins who happens to be the NIH director.
  • Dr. Collins happened to be my genetic professor in medical school (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor). No reply. I couldn’t believe it, I just couldn’t. By this time, I knew there was something horribly bad going down.
  • I then tried to contact the CDC. I must have emailed at least a couple dozen directors over and over. And I must have called at least half a dozen. The massive mistake is simple, isn’t it? The COVID antibody will never enter the lung.
  • The CDC directors were very curt and short, and rude to me, but of course, not when I first call because I’m a Lasik surgeon trying to give them some important information… and isn’t it easy to explain to CDC MDs that the Blood Lung Barrier can stop water and antibodies are huge??
  • And then, invariably, they rush to get off the phone, and I often just hear a click. The coldest shoulders, I got from them. Now, I knew aargh, as my highly educated double fellowship MIT friend kept telling me, you’ll never stop it!
  • This timeline isn’t expanded. I did tons in between every tweet. But now I will fast forward.
  • I sent ALL my information to Pfizer. 73 pages, then 12 pages, and finally 3 more pages. All the stuff I’ve been writing. I even explained that the PREP act gives them legal immunity, UNLESS…
  • Pfizer, UNLESS you’re involved in WILLFUL MISCONDUCT, how will you explain this to mothers whose children had severe side effects later on? Dr. Lee INFORMED you of your HORRIBLE MISTAKE? and you continued to sell your vaccines??
  • Pfizer, CEO, and directors do you ALL want to ruin a huge company, for ONE vaccine? Why don’t you just do the right thing?
  • Fast forward again. about a week ago, I called Moderna and taped a 25-minute conversation explaining all this, and showing that their antibody has no path into the lung, that we had another way of healing, ribonucleases function, and that there are a lot of questions.
  • I told Moderna I would release the tape on Twitter. Fast forward. A couple of days ago, big news broke, and it’s huge on Twitter, Pfizer admits that it did not test for viral transmission.
  • Now, current, the day I’m writing these tweets is for teaching purposes, purely speculation about different actions organizations or companies can take, from very ethical, to very unethical as it’s hard to know the truth. So, we have to examine every possibility.
  • Speculation. Now, If I’m Moderna and they thought their vaccine saved the world, and this Lasik doc calls up and tells them about this ridiculously HUGE mistake, write under their NOSE, and it is SO simple EVERYONE can see it, they should have panicked. And then, say.
  • Speculation on Moderna still. They should have said, this guy probably talked to Pfizer too. With more lawyers, more experienced lawyers. Moderna would think we need to talk to them as we might be on the same side as Pfizer.
  • More speculation. But that’s what detectives do, play out different scenarios to find the bad guy, if there IS one. So, don’t SUE me for clearly labeling this as SPECULATION. That’s to YOU BIG PHARMA!
  • Speculation. Now, on Pfizer. What a bad version of Pfizer might have done. If Moderna calls them again, this is a scenario. And Moderna says, hey did this Lasik doc talk to you guys too? What’s your plan? Is this a real issue? That our antibody doesn’t go into the lung?
  • Speculation again. Pfizer now KNOWS this news will break once the audiotape of the Lasik doc and Moderna conversation comes out, so they need to get ahead of it so, they KNOW they have to have LEGAL immunity and KNOWING that they did something willful will be a problem.
  • Speculation STILL. If the bad version of Pfizer only wants to protect themselves, because for a year they have known about this HUGE mistake (because that’s when the Lasik doc told them) now there is legal liability.
  • Speculation, so then IF Pfizer comes out with this “Never tested for viral transmission” which went huge on Twitter, they can say, we didn’t EVER plan to have no viral transmission, so when this Lasik doc says we are involved in willful misconduct…. (continued)
  • Speculation still. If that doc says we were involved in bad deeds, we can say, we NEVER said the antibody was in the lung, or another way of saying that they did say, we DID NOT TEST FOR VIRAL TRANSMISSION. So, now even if the Lasik DOC says, you’re doing something bad you’re off the hook.
  • Speculation still.. We (Pfizer, the bad version) can say, no. we made the vaccine to decrease severe morbidity and mortality. Then, the LASIK doc’s claim that we were doing something wrong because the antibody isn’t in the lung, doesn’t matter.
  • Speculation still. Pfizer still the (bad version). If we weren’t trying to ever get the antibody into the lung, then when this Lasik doc tells us and the world the antibody isn’t in the lung, it doesn’t matter legally for us.
  • Speculation still. Pfizer (bad version, I’ll get to the good version, but that one is short) then can’t directly say, we never planned to get the antibody in the lung. But, what they CAN say is, “we never tested for viral transmission” which is the same thing, but clever
  • Speculation again, No need for lawsuits as detective work requires imagination.
  • So, NOW the world is upset because Pfizer ADMITS that they “never tested for preventing viral transmission”. But, Pfizer gets itself OFF the hook legally because NO ONE told them to test for that.
  • Speculation. Pfizer would be off the hook because if I told them something that was a horrible mistake because their WHOLE goal was to get the antibody into the lung to protect the lung, but if they can say, that was NEVER our intention, then they didn’t do anything intentionally wrong
  • Speculation still. Now Pfizer has clever attorneys and a lot of them. So if this is why they did it, wow! Dirty. But again, I was just speculating about the bad version of Pfizer.
  • So, continuing on the subject of vaccines… Are ALL vaccines ONLY to prevent SERIOUS issues with the patient only?
  • Speculation still. See, if vaccines are ONLY to prevent serious issues with a vaccinated person and NOT to reduce viral transmission, then guess what? Pfizer, in this situation, ALL YOUR VACCINES other than COVID can NOT be mandated. Measles, mumps, rubella, you name it.
  • Speculation still. Pfizer, if this is what you were thinking, pick and choose. You are playing around with the definition of vaccines so you can escape legal liability? Why did Dr. Emily Erbelding at the NIH responding for Dr. Fauci feel the need to defend antibodies in the lung?
  • Backing up and explaining the stupidity of the COVID vaccine hypothesis. Our lung is a pocket of air and our body is mostly water, in the range of 55-75%, depending on age. If our lungs couldn’t keep water out, we would drown in our own fluids, but our lungs have this waterproof barrier..
  • This waterproof barrier can keep tiny little water molecules weighing only 18 daltons, OUT of our lungs.
  • So, COVID enormous antibody molecules are made in the blood/lymph. So to get into our lungs, they have only one option, to pass through our LUNG BARRIER.
  • These crazy big COVID antibody molecules weigh 145,000 daltons. If a water molecule looks like a diet coke, covid antibodies are the size of a mini SUV, so, the lung barrier that keeps water molecules out, will never let COVID antibodies into our lungs.
  • There isn’t a single peer-reviewed paper ON EARTH that describes an active transport system that can ferry these crazy gargantuan COVID antibodies across the very tight waterproof lung barrier, into the lung.
  • Even crazier, in 2020, NOT one person in the US who got COVID for the first time (or anyone else for that matter) had a SINGLE COVID antibody in their system. Millions got COVID and healed within a week to 10 days WITHOUT COVID antibodies.
  • To have helped anyone who recovered from COVID in 2020, the COVID antibody would have needed to actually BE there. It wasn’t. To have helped, it would have needed a TIME MACHINE. Per Fauci, follow the science? or the science fiction?
  • So, the COVID antibody would have needed a time machine to have helped anyone in 2020…. and when the antibody FINALLY arrives late to the party, either naturally or via vaccine, IT CAN’T GET THROUGH THE LUNG BARRIER, or it can,  VIA A TELE-PORTER compliments of Fauci’s science fiction?
  • Very importantly, SOMETHING saved us in 2020, and it was NOT the COVID antibody. So, whatever that certain SOMETHING was, it’s important to identify it, because if we know what it WAS, we can FACILITATE IT.
  • That SOMETHING that saved us in 2020, I call it the LEE Enzyme (For fun). It’s the ribonuclease enzyme. Why wouldn’t this be it? IT was actually THERE in the year 2020. Not the COVID antibody. It was actually IN our lung cells, NOT the COVID antibody.
  • The FUNCTION of a ribonuclease enzyme is to DESTROY RNA, not just OUR RNA, COVID viral RNA TOO, very interestingly, COVID VACCINE RNA TOO. Does anyone wonder why the COVID mRNA vaccine was FROZEN, because of this LEE ribonuclease.
  • Yeah, the mRNA vaccines were FROZEN because this “contamination” (or what Pfizer and Moderna feel is a CONTAMINATION) chews through ANY RNA. Irony? Pfizer considers this enzyme CONTAMINATION and this enzyme is what SAVED HUMANITY. Scientists are so clueless sometimes.
  • So can you trust anything someone says when they call the REAL HERO of the day a “contamination”? The solution to COVID WAS in their vials, it JUST WAS NOT THEIR VACCINE’s mRNA. You can’t make up stuff this crazy, as sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.
  • Now, this LEE enzyme that saved the world from COVID in 2020. Why would it STOP working in 2021 and 2022 and forever in the future? It probably IS the reason why we survived in 2021 and 2022. It probably was NOT the COVID antibody, EVER.
  • See how logically the COVID antibody wasn’t the hero? Fauci wanted it to be the hero. Maybe because the path from any VACCINE to MONEY had been vetted MANY times? Well, he should have checked the path from the blood into LUNG for the antibody. Follow the Money Much Fauci?
  • “But the mRNA vaccine clinical trials showed such good results”. Ha. Can we clearly say it was NOT the antibody that can’t enter the lung? Maybe.. it was the SIDE EFFECT of the vaccine, tricking the body into making chemokines and interferon, giving us muscle aches?
  • So, I told money Fauci, repeat the clinical trial. Compare the COVID mRNA vaccine to the FLU vaccine. What? Why? The flu vaccine doesn’t make a covid antibody. It DOES ALSO have the main similar side effects of muscle aches and tricking the body into making chemokines.
  • If the FLU vaccine ALSO works just as well as the COVID vaccine, against COVID… hmmm. just maybe the side effects of tricking the body into producing interferon (anti-viral by the way), is what resulted in the good results??? (even tetanus shots protect against COVID).
  • So then, the COVID vaccine works, very temporarily, AS A MEDICINE??? It’s NOT then a VACCINE? Cuz the reason why it’s working is the induction of chemokines by the BODY? holy cow. Then, should you REALLY give people a Medicine when they don’t have the illness??? hmm.
  • I guess? you can’t mandate a “medicine” when you don’t have the illness? Silly scientists can’t keep their definitions straight. and .. once people start re-defining things.. you know, they’re lying.
  • That was just a side trip for all the idiots who want to say “the vaccine works, who cares how it works”. Yeah, well, in science, IT DOES MATTER HOW SOMETHING WORKS. That is almost the DEFINiTION OF SCIENCE.
  • Back to what saved us in 2020. The ribonuclease. The SECRET and the CURE is HOW to activate this enzyme to destroy RNA. FASTING. Fasting activates this ribonuclease and ACTIVATES MORE of these ribonuclease enzymes. FASTING FOR TWO DAYS IS THE CURE.
  • In layman’s terms. Viruses do NOT grow on their own. They grow within OUR cells and when OUR cells are growing more slowly during fasting, guess what? the virus grows much more slowly and our cells are less sick, we cough out less virus, and the pandemic over.
  • Here is the biochemistry behind it. Fasting increases reactive oxygen species, which oxidizes 6 sulfhydryl groups on the ribonuclease inhibitor, which then releases the ribonuclease which is extremely efficient at destroying RNA.
  • The anti-vaxxers were right (of course, any time someone wants to poke the boundary between nonself and self, your skin, tell them to fuck off), their instincts were spot on. The pro-vaxxers? their uppity logic, “any bit of good is good”, is pure stupidity.
  • So, on a positive note (for now), your elderly relatives and at-risk friends, can worry a LOT less. Stupid masks, STOP the virus from replicating AT the source. FASTING FOR TWO DAYS. Just know, when infected with COVID, next two days, FOOD CAN KILL YOU.
  • I’ve been canceled everywhere online before. I really can’t believe I’m not canceled yet on Twitter. My comments wouldn’t show up on doximity. On FB, comments are gone in a day. My Lasik forums canceled me. LinkedIn, said I’m gone for life. So, can we do this fast?

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