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Our Deadly “Vaccinated” Skies

“Almost Every Day I Get Calls From Pilots with Cardiac Issues or Neurological Dysfunction”

Something remarkable recently happened in the aviation world, which has hardly been publicized. The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has considerably expanded the criteria for EKG abnormalities in pilots. EKG stands for electrocardiogram, popularly referred to as a ‘heart film’.

This means that pilots with heart damage are allowed to fly, putting their passengers and flight crew at serious risk. The FAA quietly passed the big change last October, shortly after the vaccine became mandatory.

US Freedom Flyers’ Josh Yoder revealed to The Highwire that he receives calls almost daily from pilots with heart problems or neurological disorders. He helps the pilots get the right help before something tragic happens.

Just One Of Many Cases

According to the FAA, there is nothing wrong, and it is not the vaccine. Yoder pointed out that pilots themselves contact the FAA to report that they have developed heart problems due to the vaccine. “And yet they don’t want to listen.”

Some pilots can no longer tell their stories. Yoder mentioned pilot Wilburn Wolfe, who flew for American Airlines. He got the Janssen vaccine and died within days from the effects of a cerebral hemorrhage. “That’s just one of many cases.”

Swept Under The Carpet

He also mentioned pilot Bob Snow, who went into cardiac arrest shortly after a flight and collapsed. Then there’s Cody Flint, who passed out while piloting his plane. Four doctors concluded that the vaccine was the culprit.

Yoder also said several pilots have become unwell in recent weeks, but you don’t hear about it because the airlines sweep it under the rug.

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