Kara Dansky: Everything You Need To Know About The Transgender Phenomenon

A women’s rights activist appeared in an interview on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday where she slammed a women’s prison in New Jersey that houses several biological male transgender inmates, one of which impregnated two female inmates.

Kara Dansky of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign told Tucker Carlson that the situation happening in New Jersey is happening in most states and Washington, D.C.

“The story that’s happening in New Jersey is obviously horrible for so many reasons. We need to not have men being housed in women’s prisons,” Dansky said in the interview.

The state is not getting away with this by telling its residents that they are housing men in women’s prisons. What are doing, of course, is they are telling the residents that they are housing so-called ‘transgender women’ or ‘trans women’ in women’s prisons, suggesting that there is some sort of subcategory that is called ‘transgender women’ or ‘trans women’ and it’s not true. The fact of this story shoots a hole right through the trope that ‘trans women are women,” Dansky added.

“Obviously, that is not true, because the individuals that are the focus of this story impregnated women and every thinking adult, no matter what the president of the United States has to say on the matter, knows that there is no category of women who can impregnate women,” she continued.

Dansky shared that the issue of transgender women being housed in women’s prisons is a problem across the country.

“As far as I know, 49 states, plus the District of Columbia, have some form of law or policy in place that mandates the housing of men in women’s prisons,” she said.

Watch the interview below.

Before this most recent interview, as part of his Tucker Carlson Today series, he conducted an in-depth interview with Kara Dansky, where she explains EVERYTHING you need to know about the transgender phenomenon.

The full interview is provided below, in five separate segments.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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