Farm Murders – More Proof That Marxism Kills

Plaas Moorde, that is Afrikaans for “farm murders.”

The hills of Polokwane, in South Africa’s Limpopo Province, are dotted with over 2,000 makeshift white crosses. A cross is added for every South African farmer who is murdered.

South Africa is clearly on the road to a genocide of its white farmers. After all, the first step toward dehumanizing a minority group — the white South Africans are a minority in that country — is to deprive such groups of their property. From there, it becomes increasingly easier to reduce such groups to nothing in the eyes of the rest of the country’s populace.

Bubbling up along with these trends has been the rise of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). A neo-Marxist revolutionary group led by the firebrand populist Julius Malema, this growing national movement has pushed the country’s politics to the far Left.

For his part, Malema has vowed to die for the cause of forced land redistribution. He has also spun wildly anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about “Jewish agents” training white farmers in terrorism tactics, so as to gin up the rabid anti-Semitism that dominates most Marxian movements.

Things will continue to deteriorate in South Africa, the more the economy collapses. And, the economy will only worsen as Malema’s programs are enacted.

South Africa is just the latest historical example proving that Marxism kills.

The text above was taken from portions of the article “Marxism Runs Amuck in South Africa” authored by Brandon J. Weichert.

If you really want to understand what is going on there, watch the video below.

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