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Confidential Documents Expose Big Pharma & U.S. Government Collusion For mRNA Vaccines

After watching this overview clip, what’s been happening since the Covid-19 pandemic began will probably make more sense.

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Glenn Beck: It’s almost like they have an ulterior motive here. Okay, if by some strange chance you’re just standing, you might want to take a seat because this is gonna piss you off The Moderna mRNA technology. It’s heralded as the next great leap in vaccines, a modern-day marvel for the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Oh, did you buy any stock for Moderna? Because, boy, they hit it out of the park.

For eight years, people have been looking at Moderna, who pioneered the technology. It was said to, quote, revolutionize medicine and disrupt the pharmaceutical industry. Anyone to first nail down this tech was going to be very, very wealthy.

Are you ready? This is 153 pages of the confidential agreement between Moderna and the U.S. government, and it goes back to 2015. Jason, what was happening in 2015?

Jason Buttrill: Uhh… Frankenstein Coronavirus?

Glenn Beck: That’s right. At the same time, Dr. Baric and Dr. Shi published their paper on the new Frankenstein Coronavirus. Let’s skip down to page 104. It shows that the NIH and Moderna were collaborating with Dr. Baric. Wow. His signature is on page 106 of the material transfer agreement. But let’s get back up to the top of this specific agreement. The NIH appears to be transferring the mRNA tech to Dr. Baric. But look what they want to make clear quote mRNA Coronavirus vaccine candidates developed and jointly owned by the NIAID and Moderna. I’m sorry. I mean, I’ve seen ulterior motives before, but usually, you see them coming. Did you know that the government co-owns the vaccine?

Oh, by the way, this is not part of Trump’s thing. This is not part of that. This is 2015. The same government that is now mandating its use owns the vaccine. Is there even precedence for this? The inventor of the polio vaccine, I know, refused to patent it. The distribution was privately funded. The flu vaccine is open-source with global collaboration. You would think that this wouldn’t be patented and held by the United States government. As of April, our government has paid Moderna $6 billion to support the vaccine that they co-own. So if we own 50% of it, are we getting paid? Are we getting a discount? Where’s that money going to? And if we’re not getting money, why the hell would we, why would we have this agreement?

Now keep in mind that Moderna is a company that attempted to bring nine previous products to market, including with this mRNA technology. All were unsuccessful nine times. The most recent occurred right before COVID. Only once was Moderna even able to develop a product that advanced to the human trials portion of the development.

So this is their first success. Or is it? I mean, how many more unlimited booster shots are we going to have to have to take? I mean, in the next ten years. And this might be the biggest conflict of interest case in all of mankind. Now, okay. I thought, well, maybe the government’s smart, maybe they’re getting money, but why wouldn’t they tell you this? What does the government gain here? Well, you don’t need to look further than the great reset and their goal of public-private partnerships on a massive scale. They are now working in partnership with private pharmaceutical companies. All these all these politicians. We don’t like those big pharma. They’re in bed with them. They share ownership of intellectual property. They are now beholden to the federal government’s whims and regulations. If they jump, the only answer is how high.

This is the precedent they are moving towards for all of society, not just in America, but the entire Western world. We’re seeing it now in industries across the spectrum. The biggest and most frightening right now are banking and big tech. It’s the standard everywhere. Do you remember when we thought it was a little odd that the government shut down the Johnson and Johnson vaccine? It was really nothing to worry about. The others had the same kind of flaws. And when they shut this down when they shut down Johnson and Johnson, everything went off the rails. People stop taking the medicine. That’s when we started saying, Well, we have to have a mandate. It never made sense to me. Maybe it makes a little more sense now Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine isn’t mRNA.

The above video was just part of the much longer must-see video below.

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