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A Sampling Of Truths About The COVID Vaccines

Studies And Facts Compiled by Wayne Allyn Root – 2022 –


Review these charts from an MD proving (with facts) that vaccinated people are sick…and getting sicker and sicker:

And then there’s the FACTUAL news on life insurance payouts from Lincoln National- they paid out 3x more in death policies in 2021 than 2020. Non-Covid deaths exploded in the first year of the vaccine:

Factual numbers from multiple life insurance companies:

As of June 2022, this detailed survey from Steve Kirsch shows over 871,000 dead in the U.S. directly from the Covid vaccine, with 5 million disabled and unable to work…16 million hospitalized…and 30 million vaccine injured. 90% of Americans who died from Covid had at least one vaccine:

Even Dr. Birx admits she doesn’t know if the government was lying, or “guessing” about Covid vaccine data. How does that make you feel?

Brilliant MD and pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole outlines in detail the dramatic increase in cancer after Covid vaccination:

What happens when billions of people around the globe have heart problems, strokes, and cancer?

These are the lies, fraud, and Nazi/Soviet-level propaganda being used by the CDC and FDA to recommend the vaccination of children. They are literally making up data that does not exist, and purposely ignoring data that disagrees with their evil plan. This is literally MASS MURDER.

The triple and quadruple vaxxed make up 91% of Covid deaths in the UK in 2022:

The Vaccine doesn’t work as vaccinated people are actually contagious LONGER:

The vaccine doesn’t work- it wears off quickly:

Finally, an international study concludes the unvaccinated were never a threat to spread Covid and were never a burden on the healthcare system. They beat Covid successfully with Ivermectin plus vitamins:


DRUMROLL PLEASE- the CDC, FDA, and drug companies knew from day one the vaccine did not work. 85% of participants in vaccine trials got Covid:

The early trial death rate was an unimaginable 3.7%:

Pfizer also knew the vaccine caused massive deaths of unborn babies during pregnancy:

Pfizer knew babies died and covered it up. Here’s the data:

Shocking Pfizer study data: 82% of vaccinated pregnant women had miscarriages:

No wonder Big Pharma wanted results of Covid vaccine trials buried for 75 years: This is the equivalent of Hunter Biden’s laptop for vaccines. OMG. Over 1,300 adverse side effects from Pfizer vaxx.

Did Moderna know their vaccine made people sick and that the illness would repeat again and again?

The Trials by Pfizer indicate this is MASS MURDER- in particular the results for pregnant women, babies, and breastfeeding babies:

All put together in one article:

More Pfizer trial results:

How did Big Pharma get away with the Covid vaccine trial fraud? The FDA and federal government were in on the scam:

President of giant Big Pharma company purchased fake vaccine passport. Why? What does he know that you don’t?


Latest VAERS Report – over 28,000 dead from the vaccine, over 1,200,000 injuries/adverse effects- including over 10,000 vaccine injuries among 5 to 11 yr olds and over 31,000 for 12 to 17-year-olds:

Over 20% of 27,000 deaths and 1.2 million adverse events from the Covid vaccine are cardiac related:

The REAL number of vaccine deaths is potentially 500K+ say researchers from Columbia U:

The actual study:

Another DETAILED study shows over 500,000 dead in the USA from the vaccine:

Here is a PowerPoint DETAILED look at the dramatic increase in non-Covid deaths after the introduction of the Covid vaccine:

Not only are deaths up by 40% since the Covid vaccine (according to life insurance executives), but disabilities are up dramatically too:


Stroke risk increases among vaccinated by over 11,000%:

Alabama deaths skyrocketing among under 65 crowd- actually higher since vaccine than over 65. How is this possible?

Government data (ie FACTS) from the UK, Australia, and New Zealand prove the more you are vaccinated, the weaker your immune system becomes, and the more likely you are to get Covid or die of Covid.

Triple jabbed are 500% more likely to get Covid than unvaccinated:

145 country study proves deaths go up sharply after vaccines:

1000+ scientific studies reporting the deaths and injuries from Covid vaccines:

Deaths are up dramatically say life insurance companies:

Adverse effects from vaccines getting worse in the first two months of 2022:

UK government numbers show 9 of 10 Covid deaths are vaxxed, and 80% of them are triple vaxxed:

And the UK government just confirmed those numbers are real:

Why aren’t the U.S. numbers the same as the UK? Its all RIGGED:

An 84% increase in death among Millennials (young, fit Americans) in the first year of the Covid vaccine:

30% of pilots should not be allowed to fly because of heart issues after vaccination:

40% of vaccinated suffering adverse side effects?

MIT study shows a major increase in heart problems after Covid vax:

Horrible news for young adults who get vaccinated:

Study shows athlete deaths up an incredible 1700% since the vaccine:

Studies link vaccine with Prion disease:

A massive increase in shingles:

There are many severe reactions to the Covid vaccine- as many as 30% of Americans who got the jab are sick (as of now):

Vaccines cause declining sperm counts in males:


UK studies proving your immune system is badly damaged by the Covid vaccine (and each booster you receive makes it progressively worse):

Medical experts believe millions will get VAIDS (autoimmune disease like AIDS) from vaccines:

Numbers from Canada show AIDS-like results from Covid vaccines:

Government numbers show AIDS in vaccinated in multiple countries:

And maybe even worse- Prion disease that affects brain cells and is almost always fatal:

Boosted Americans twice as likely to get Covid:

We are proven correct- the Covid vaccine DOES in fact weaken the immune system:

The vaccine increases the risk of illness:

 The Covid vaccine damages and destroys the immune system:


The government is involved in a massive coverup of military deaths and injuries:

Killing our brave US military heroes- cancer has exploded 300% since the vaccine:

Not just cancer but all kinds of vaccine injuries, plus miscarriages are proven in military stats:


Over 66% of Israelis who are fully vaxxed report suffering adverse side effects from vaccines:

Israel is the most vaccinated nation in the world, yet they just set WORLD RECORD for Covid cases:

But it’s not just Covid cases in Israel that are setting records, serious cases/hospitalizations are at an all-time high in the most vaccinated nation.

Despite all the vaccines, Israel has the highest death count per capita in the world…

“Vaccine has NO significance regarding severe illness…” 80% of serious Covid cases are fully vaccinated says, Israeli hospital director:

The massive increase of heart attacks and heart inflammation in young people after vaccination:

Israeli study shows that vaccinated more likely to be hospitalized with Covid:

Israeli study showing natural immunity 13x better than vaccines:

Scientists finding extra large and strange-looking blood clots in bodies of dead:


The most vaccinated country on earth New Zealand also has the highest percentage of Covid in the summer of 2022. Gee, that vax works great, huh?

Covid-19 deaths in the UK in the Spring of 2022 are 94% vaccinated, and 90% of those are triple vaccinated:

93% of Covid deaths in Canada during the same period were vaxxed:

The number of Covid vaccine severe side effects is 40X higher than we thought.

Over 180,000 UK citizens died in the past year within 60 days after getting the Covid vaccine:

Why is heart disease exploding all over the world only since the vaccines?

How does anyone at CDC explain why more Americans DIED in 2021 with vaccines than in 2020 without them?

Internal hospital data conforms huge increase in deaths and injuries from vaccines:

The athletes are dying at a rate 500% higher than in the past year:

FIFA (pro soccer in EU) deaths are up fivefold since 2021:

Study confirms the risk of heart problems after vaccination for young men:

 Scotland government data confirms massive heart problems among young people after Covid vaccination:

According to German statistics, the death rate is 21x higher than all vaccines combined in history. Is that “normal?”

German government data shows that Covid vaccines destroy the immune system of everyone who is jabbed.

UK government stats say vaccinated dying at a rate 286% higher than unvaxxed:

UK government stats show vaccinated make up 80% of recent Covid deaths:

UK government data shows triple vaccinated getting Covid at a much higher rate than unvaccinated:  

Scotland numbers show vaxxed are getting sick, hospitalized, and dying at a far higher rate than unvaxxed. And that’s with numbers rigged:

In Canada, it is clearly the vaccinated who are dying. Isn’t this a “Pandemic of the Vaccinated”?

In June 2022 in Canada, 90% of deaths over the past month are vaccinated, and 4 out of 5 are triple vaccinated:

The jig is up. Canadian government counts anyone who is vaccinated and sick, hospitalized, or dying  as “unvaccinated”

The Jig is up in Germany too. “Pandemic of Unvaccinated” is proven to all be based on fraud.

The surge in deaths in the USA among 18 to 49 yr olds (working age- mandated to vaccinate):

Deaths up by up to 65% across the USA in 18 to 49 yr olds in 2021. Why?

Deaths up by 40% says life insurance exec, over 100K per month in excess deaths:

UK/Wales official government stats show deaths are 3x higher than normal among working-age citizens:

Male teen deaths up 53% since vaccine in the UK:

We are killing young children:

UK study shows the risk of heart disease doubles with vaccine:

Denmark, 90% of those infected with Covid are vaccinated, and only 8.5% are unvaxxedYou are 50% safer if you’re unvaxxed:

In the USA, CDC says 80% of Omicron Covid Cases Found in Fully Vaxxed:

Shocking Oxford Study- 1 in every 100 vaxxed citizens admitted to hospital or died with heart problems:

The nurses know what’s happening:

The airline pilots know what’s happening:

Two New Studies Provide Evidence Vaccines Cause More Illness Than They Prevent:

Pathologists doing autopsies find 14 of 15 heart attack deaths were directly from the Covid vaccine:

Ivermectin Can Prevent 68% of Covid Deaths:

The US govt KNEW Ivermectin kills Covid- just as I’ve reported to my fans & listeners for almost 2 years. They badmouthed, slandered & banned it while Americans died.

It’s all about the money- $100,000 Covid bonuses for hospitals:

Denmark government numbers show higher Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths among vaccinated than unvaxxed:

 “Significant” cases of neurological disorder:

In Australia, overall non-Covid deaths are up 10% since the vaccine:

In Canada, 80% of those dying from Covid are fully vaccinated, and 70% are triple vaxxed:


If death doesn’t scare you, how about unimaginably painful shingles. The vaccine increases the risk of shingles by almost 5,000%:


The children who are vaccinated now have a higher rate of Covid than unvaxxed children.

 The death rate is 52x higher among vaxxed children vs. unvaxxed. But why worry, right?:

Up to 90% of pregnant women who were vaccinated lost their babies?

Shocking Pfizer study data: 82% of vaccinated pregnant women had miscarriages:

Death risk for babies when pregnant mothers are vaxxed:

Based on fetal deaths already recorded by VAERS, how many children under age 6 will die from the Covid vaccine?

Data from the CDC database shows 57% of all the baby deaths from vaccines in history, died from the Covid vaccine:

Pediatrician says data is irrefutable- Covid vaccines dangerous for children:

The covid vaccine is dangerous for kids, but to mention it could get you suspended, or banned from social media:

Studies show vaxxed children suffering from autoimmune disease:

Study shows vaxxed toddlers are more likely to get severely ill from Covid:

Children 137 times more likely to die of Covid if vaccinated:


Justin Bieber’s face is paralyzed and his young wife had a stroke:

Not only have all these studies proven the vaccines make you sick, but here is solid proof the Unvaccinated are MUCH healthier!


Extensive detailed PROOF that masks don’t work…and never worked during the entire pandemic…

The death rate is higher with more mask use:

                              New Study: Mask mandates increased Covid deaths:

Microplastics from masks found deep in lungs of the living:

Australia vs Singapore PROVES masks do not work:


And after ALL of that…

Whether the vaccines work or not (they clearly don’t)…

Whether they are killing and crippling people or not (they clearly are)…

Let’s put that aside for the moment…

The REAL story is…

We never needed the vaccines…

Ivermectin (or HCQ) plus mega doses of vitamins work effectively versus Covid.

And our government and CDC denigrated, slandered, and banned it.

Costing hundreds of thousands of lives.

Why? Because if any therapeutic (drug) works, drug companies cannot get emergency approval from the FDA for their experimental vaccines.


90% reduction in death:

365 Studies:

The NFL treats players SECRETLY with Ivermectin:

Congressmen are secretly treated with Ivermectin…but not the American people?


***The AMAZING story of how India literally killed the Covid pandemic almost overnight with Ivermectin…

The US govt KNEW Ivermectin kills Covid- just as I’ve reported to my fans & listeners for 2 years. They badmouthed, slandered & banned it, while Americans died. 


Then there’s my (Wayne Allyn Root) PERSONAL story with Ivermectin…

And don’t forget Vitamin D3…

In the end, it’s all about money: the politicians, bureaucrats, mainstream media, and doctors are all bribed…

 ***My DETAILED sum up of the entire Covid and Covid vaccine scam- written in May 2022:


I wrote this column all the way back in December 2021, and STILL, the mainstream media won’t publish one story about the massive tsunami of Covid vaccine deaths…

If the Vaccine is So Great, Why Are So Many People Dropping Dead? Heart Attacks Skyrocket, Children Suffer Heart Problems, Soccer Players Dropping on Fields, ICUs Overwhelmed From Coast to Coast

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