From An A-10 To A 737

GoPro cameras were used in the cockpit of Air Force A-10s to capture scenes for the video below.

It may be close to retirement, but the “Wart Hog” remains one of the most bad-ass aircraft around.

The video was filmed by pilots of the 25 Fighter Squadron belonging to the 51st Fighter Wing at Osan Air Base, South Korea.

My son-in-law, Scott, was stationed here for a year early-on in his Air Force career. Since then he graduated from Air Force “Weapons School” and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Here is some more footage of the A-10 in action.

Now he is embarking on a new career with United Airlines and will be flying the Boeing 737. His first flight carrying passengers will be this coming June.

We are all very proud of you Scott.