Why Georgia H. Walked Away From The Democrats

Georgia H. contributed her story of why she walked away from the Democrats to the #walkaway series that is posted on YouTube. She says that Teach for America made her “abandon the racism of the left and AOC made her abandon the left altogether.”

The video below has already registered more than 844,000 since it was posted on 9/20/2020.

So who is Georgia H?

She is a young, very articulate and intelligent woman who was part of the Teach for America nonprofit organization and then became a nurse to escape the public “education arena.”

She talks about her painful journey from her childhood roots in a progressive community to arrive finally at the plain truth that she had been brainwashed throughout her young life. Now she totallly rejects the Democrat Party and aligns strongly with the GOP and generally supports its candidates. And yes, she definitely supports President Trump.

Her compelling personality is earnest and fierce but without bitterness. This video is quite powerful, so please listen to her sincere outporing.

Here is the video.

Here are the notes that Georgia H herself has added in response to all of the comments she has received on her video:

I am a bit overwhelmed with the way this video has blown up (despite persistent shadow banning from YT!), and I really appreciate the thoughtful comments I’ve received. I noticed a few themes in the comments and i continue to get the same questions, so I want to address them here!

  1. I did not jump from blind loyalty to democrats to blind loyalty to republicans. I simply came to the realization that i am not represented by leftism (which has overtaken the dem party), and I align better with conservatism. Typically that means i prefer the republican candidate, but I have no strong party loyalty. as many of you mentioned there is plenty wrong with the GOP as well. I purposefully did not include a ringing endorsement of the GOP for that reason.
  2. I have specific and compelling reasons why I am conservative vs libertarian or moderate etc. and I arrived at those reasons through a lot of introspection and research. I am less concerned about the superficial issues of today and more concerned about the enduring principles we stand on, as well as procedural adherence to our founding documents. I’ve read a lot of Burke, Scruton, Sowell, etc. and I was impressed with their arguments. I  did not expound on those arguments in the video because I  didnt want to babble on for hours. If you want to understand conservatism, those writers are a wonderful place to start (try Sowell, he is  all over YT!), or check out Ben Shapiro. the point of this video is not to make people conservative, but rather to explain why some people choose not to be leftist.
  3. I do value biblical morality, and I find the truthfulness and wisdom of it very compelling. I prefer to avoid appealing to religion in discussions of politics because iIthink it can alienate nonreligious people.
  4. I am very certain that nowhere in the video did I say “racism doesnt exist,” but if that was your impression I will clarify. racism exists, it’s an endemic human evil, and we ought to do our best to fight it any place we see it. My intention in this video was to shine light on an overlooked element of racism that is running rampant under the guise of “morality”. I think the stealthy way this type of racism works is particularly dangerous and insidious. I believe telling a child they are hated by their society and doomed to fail is the most oppressive form of all. anyone who hates racism should be up in arms about this with me. we ought to fight it as ferociously as we fight other forms of racism.
  5. I am very aware of the marxist influence on society and I have been monitoring this trend for the past 2 years since waking up. It is clear to me that there is a persistent effort afoot to divide us along color lines. The true intention of this video was not to sway voters in the upcoming election, but rather to undercut the divisive marxist messaging that now pervades the west. I want people to see that compassion run amok can be weaponized, and it can take us further from healing, not closer. The internal cancer that is marxism is much bigger and broader than this election or even this country.
  6. I am not a russian bot! nor am I an actress (as flattering as that is!). the reality is I posted this video on my facebook and it blew up. Trust me no one is more shocked than me.
  7. This has been hard on me, socially. a lot of people I care about would prefer I take this video down and I often think about it. At this point in my life I don’t have a strong enough support system to get further involved with politics, much as I would love to, because it would cause strain on my relationships. I have the most wonderful family you can imagine, but this is just the reality of being the black sheep during a tense time. Considering how much they disagree with me my loved ones are heroically supportive. However, I dont want to do things that will jeopardize my most important relationships.
  8. I WILL probably make more videos in the future, because I have more thoughts, but frankly I dont want to become overly involved with social media. I am deeply interested in ideas and thought movements, much more so than elections, so I will likely make occasional videos when I have something I am ready to discuss, most likely after the election when things cool off.
  9. I love and respect a LOT of dems, and I dont want to bash them. I just wanted to make this video so people would understand our side a little better. Also, I have a lot of love for REAL liberals who think for themselves, even if they come to different conclusions. I dont think the dems represent them very well at the moment either.
  10. I would LOVE to get out of LA! Holy moly I think about it every day! My dream is to meet a SENSIBLE guy and hightail it to Texas. Yeehaw!

Ms. H’s video deserves the widest possible audience, so do what you can to spread the word.

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