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Who Do You Resonate With?

Which of the 21 little people in the tree below do you most resonate with?

Look at the picture closely and choose one number before going further.

This simple psycho-emotional test inspired by Pip Willson’s methodology can be used to reveal interesting points about you. Pip Willson is a psychologist and trainer known worldwide for the way he helps people find their maximum potential and balance in life. He also invented the Blob Tree method.

  • If you chose 2 or 3, then you are an ambitious and confident person. You know you will usually succeed and positive circumstances will always come up to help you in your endeavors.
  • Number 1 is a self-assured intelligent person who is content with life and is optimistic.
  • Number 21 tries but does not know how to find the best solutions for life. This person must learn to ask for help from those around them and to give up their suspicious nature.
  • If you chose 9, 19, or 4, it defines you as a non-social, suspicious, and yet confident person.
  • Number 19 can have narcissistic inclinations and is envious of the success of others.
  • The number 4 person gives up too quickly and does not believe in their extraordinary potential.
  • The number 9 person will do anything to prove they are wonderful and has a general mistrust of others.
  • Person 7, 11, 12 characterize communicative people who know how to offer solid support to their friends. These people are exhibit high emotional intelligence that helps them successfully deal with life situations. They have team spirit, always see the bright side, and always find solutions to problems that arise.
  • The number 5 person is creative, loves life, and enjoys every moment. They are loving and are grateful for all the good things around them, which helps them to maintain a positive outlook.
  • The number 6 person needs to feel loved, protected, and safe. They are the kind of person who always falls in love with the wrong person because of their unfulfilled need for affection and love. They must learn to look more carefully for those who can help them in their evolution, and not those who do not understand their vulnerability.
  • The number 13 person is filled with despair and the loss of hope. They must do their best to recalibrate themselves with the tree of life to regain confidence in themselves again and seek the support of their loved ones!
  • Number 16, 17, and 18 are optimistic, full of life, with team spirit, perform in any field, and look at challenges with detachment.
  • The number 18 person likes to feel loved and appreciated, and when they feel it become your best friend!
  • The number 14 person has a solid soul, is a philanthropist, and would do anything to help others. They have a lot of empathy’. This type of person should learn to take care of themselves, not just others!
  • The 10, 15, and 20 people are winners.  They love the taste of success, even if everyone has different ways to achieve it.
  • The number 20 person is ambitious, confident, and full of life, is an innovator, and is not afraid to take risks. Their detachment and passion bring them many achievements and much satisfaction.
  • Person number 10 is ambitious, but also very cautious. They are hardworking and determined and that’s why they are successful and able to get pretty much anything they want. Their ideas always stand out and they are appreciated in any environment.
  • And the number 15 person is motivated by the beauty of the road to success rather than the success itself. They want to understand new things, have new experiences, meet people, and learn something from everyone they meet.
  • The number 8 person is a dreamer and romantic. They like to have some moments just to themselves. This is how they regain their energy and zest for life and socialization. It is helpful for their loved ones to understand their need for isolation and not to misconstrue it, to understand it, and to give them the space they need.

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