Trumps Flag vs The City Coucil

Before he was president, Trump bought an estate in West Palm Beach, Florida. He put up an 80-foot flag pole and flew a 375 sq ft US flag on it.

The City Council told him that he could only have a 30-foot pole but he refused to take it down. They told him they would be fined $1250 a day until he took it down. He said fine, that’s a chump change.

When the fine reached $120,000 he went to the the city council and made a deal. He would lower the flag to a 50-foot pole if he could donate the $120,000 to the Veterans Affairs, to which they agreed.

He then took the 80-foot pole down and had a landscape company come in and build a 30-foot high hill where the pole was and put up a 50-foot pole.

That’s just one of the many reasons we Trumpsters love the guy.

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